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Shawn Zobel is tweeting that Carson Palmer wants to play in Seattle and that such a move is a possibility. There’s been a lot of speculation linking the Bengals QB with a move to the North West since Palmer made it clear he would retire rather than remain in Cincinnati. The lack of a CBA restricts such a move taking place, but teams can still talk.

Mike Mayock reports from Blaine Gabbert’s pro-day. Is it possible for a quarterback to have a bad pro-day? I don’t think I’ve ever heard a negative report on a top prospect throwing in shorts. Mayock has some views on Aldon Smith and makes a great point on his potential fit in a 4-3 scheme.

Gabbert speaks to Todd McShay after his work out:

KC Joyner’s draft lab series was essential reading last year. It’s great to see Joyner delving back into the draft analysis and he has an interesting piece on the quarterback class: “(Ryan) Mallett has shown that he is capable of operating a vertical-based NFL offense right out of the gate. His combination of size, long pass ability and a willingness to take chances in the vertical game are very reminiscent of Ben Roethlisberger. That Day 1 readiness is why Mallett should be considered a better pro prospect than (Blaine) Gabbert.”

Joseph Barksdale is a later round option if the Seahawks are looking for a right tackle.

If you haven’t had a chance to get a good look at USC offensive tackle Tyron Smith, here’s his tape against Virginia from 2010:


  1. Matt

    Tyron Smith is just a freak of an athlete. It’s almost like he is too quick for the college game where it gets him in too trouble sometimes. Easily the top OL in this class though. Solder, Carimi, Costanzo do absolutely nothing for me. All 3 are very one dimensional players that in my opinion don’t have any aspect of their game that I would define as “great.”

    Only 2 OL I would touch in round 1 are Pouncey and Smith. I am very much intrigued by Will Rackley. Rob, have you been able to see or hear much on Rackley? I’ve heard references to a poor man’s Ryan Clady.

    • Rob

      Rackley gets a good press. I’m going to ask a couple of small school experts on whether the hype is warranted, but his name has lingered around ever since Todd McShay touted him as a sleeper. He looked good at the combine but I don’t have Lehigh tape to form a legitimate opinion and even then you’d have to question the level of competition. We know the Seahawks spoke to him in Indianapolis.

  2. Charlie

    I know with the cba unsolved trades cant occur, but do you think a change in scenery could help palmer? it helped for orton. And how much do you think it would cost us to get him if say the cba was solved? And what are your thoughts on Randy moss speaking of Seattle? I know hes old, but he can definitely still play at a high level, maybe with the right motivation he could really help us out

    • Matt

      I personally wouldn’t mind seeing Palmer in Seattle at the right price. No way I’d give up a first or second rounder for him, but I’d see if a pair of 4ths would do it. Sure, that seems cheap, but Cincinnati really doesn’t have any sort of leverage. Palmer is still a talented QB and definitely a big upgrade to Hass IMO.

      • Dan

        Think about how much the identity of the Seahawks team would change if Palmer and Moss were brought in. That would be very strange indeed.

        I agree with you about Palmer, I’m not so secretly hoping a deal gets done for him. As for Moss, I don’t really think he’ll end up out here – especially considering when he went on waivers last season, Pete Carroll essentially said the Hawks don’t need him and are going in another direction. You never know though, things change. He’s a talented player.

        • Rob

          I doubt the Bengals would do the deal for anything less than a first round pick. At 31 I’d avoid that deal in a big way, but I think that’s what it would take. They’ve been quite strict here that they aren’t accepting this stance from Palmer and if he wishes to retire, then he will – but no deal will be done. I can see that viewpoint because while turning your nose up at free picks doesn’t seem like a good idea – you have to make a point sometimes. You can’t let players think they can work you that easily. Forcing Palmer to retire sends out a major statement that the organisation means business.

          I suspect Palmer may have played his last down in the NFL, because this CBA situation is not getting sorted anytime soon.

  3. NateDogg

    Is it just me or did Tyron Smith look mostly terrible against Virginia? I don’t know that he gave up a sack (the sack in the very beginning looked like it might have been on him) but he was consistently giving up pressure to some pretty weak competition. He looked decent in the run game but I didn’t see anything that said “first round pick” to me, especially as a RT.

  4. Dude

    Smith will go in the top 15 because of teams like Detroit and Dallas. He is far less impressive than the tackles that came out last year. If he slips past Detroit, then I could see him in Indy.

    Rob, we see a lot of mocks that have 3-4 of these tackles going in the late round one. I, however, feel because of the depth of D-Line talent that we may only see one or two tackles go in the first. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Rob

      It’s a premium position so I suspect it may get over rated. I’m not a big fan of Solder or Castonzo. Carimi shouldn’t be a first round pick in my opinion. Smith is a top-15 pick but after that I’d really only feel comfortable grading Derek Sherrod in that first round region.

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