Friday notes: Murray, Jones, Simmons, Fant

— After tonight I’ve watched every Oklahoma game from 2018, focusing on Kyler Murray. I think he’s arguably the best draft eligible prospect for 2019. He is an incredible talent — underrated from a NFL perspective purely because of his size and the uncertainty over whether he’ll choose baseball over football. I’m struggling to find limitations. Watch the throws he makes. Downfield shots with perfect accuracy for big touchdowns. Touch-passes over the middle, fitting the football between defenders to find a tight end running the seam. Quick-hitters in the redzone to capitalise on a certain coverage. He extends plays, improvises, makes good decisions, he’s a dynamic threat as a runner. Kyler Murray is the complete package and any team in the top-10 needing a quarterback should consider drafting him (if he declares). Nick Bosa is near enough a complete defensive end prospect. Kyler Murray is right up there in terms of talent. What a player. One of the best we’ve seen in college football in recent history. It will be a shame for the NFL if he doesn’t turn pro and if he does — one team is going to be extremely lucky. There is no doubt in my mind he’s a top-10 talent even if he goes later. Absolute stud.

— I’ve been a little harsh on Ohio State’s Dre’Mont Jones. It’s true there are some issues with run defense. He’s 6-3 and about 285lbs. His calling card is an athletic pass rush. He’s slippery to block, capable of winning with great quickness and get-off at the snap. He creates a lot of pressure in the backfield. He recorded 13 TFL’s in 2018 — a lot for a non-edge rusher — and 8.5 sacks. None of this is new — he’s long been a well-regarded interior pass rusher. My concern was run defense. There are times when his aggressiveness gets the better of him. There are also several examples where he’s too easily jolted off balance creating running lanes. I think I’ve overstated how much of an issue it is, however. I went back and watched three more Ohio State games yesterday, including a review of the crazy game against Maryland. It wasn’t as much of an issue as I recall. And after all, he’s not a 300-310lbs space eater who absorbs double team blocks and dominates in the run. If you’re drafting Jones, it’s likely to act as an inside/out type. Put him at the five-technique on early downs and kick inside as a pass rusher for the rest. There were concerns in High School that he disappeared in games too often. There’s been a bit of that at Ohio State too (and 2018 is really his only one year of production). That said, there are things to like here and I’ll give him a boost in future projections.

— I also spent a bit of time watching Mississippi State’s Jeffery Simmons. ESPN’s Todd McShay mocked him to the Seahawks earlier this week. We discussed the likelihood of the pick here, given Simmons’ incident pre-college where he was filmed beating a defenceless woman. Teams will investigate, question and study the situation since that incident occurred. Some likely won’t include him on their final draft board. It’ll be a highly charged topic during the draft season. Simmons has, really, had his second chance in college and seemingly taken advantage of the opportunity. Others will consider what the ramifications of his previous actions should be. Does he deserve to be an early pick? Does he deserve to be drafted or play in the NFL? Or does he deserve to progress with his career, if indeed teams discover that he truly has learnt his lesson and made amends in college? I watched more of his tape over the last 24 hours. Simmons had to handle a number of double teams last season. In a lot of games he had to fight and try and control two blockers. It made for quite a frustrating watch. On the one hand, you were waiting for a play where he flashed something special — found a way to shake off a double team and make a sack or TFL. It never really happened — yet he still did an admirable job holding his position against two linemen. You don’t see a ton of splash plays. He only had one sack in 2018. This is probably due to the attention he received inside — there just wasn’t the space to swim/rip, take on a 1v1 or shoot a gap. He couldn’t even really get a proper bull-rush in because of the double teams. You’re kind of left wanting a bit more. Let’s see something special. That said, he did record 14.5 TFL’s. And that plays to his ability to be strong against the run and handle those blocks up front. There aren’t many explosive highlight-reel plays. There are examples of containing, reading the play and dropping the running back for a loss. So while he hasn’t been that penetrating sack-artist like Quinnen Williams and doesn’t quite have the upside of a Derrick Brown, Dexter Lawrence or Christian Wilkins — there’s certainly a player that teams might decide can provide some solid every-down reliability with the potential to be more of a playmaker when he isn’t having to deal with double teams.

— I tried to find some tape of Iowa tight end Noah Fant today. He’s long been considered a potential early pick at tight end. It’s a difficult position to project. All of the top TE’s in the league are a little bit different. You have dynamic athletes, glorified slot-receivers and players who do a bit of everything well. Travis Kelce, Zach Ertz and Rob Gronkowski may share a tendency or two but they’re all very different at the same time. And then you have a guy like Evan Engram running a 4.4 and going in round one — but George Kittle, arguably the best performing tight end in 2018, lasted until round five despite an equally brilliant combine. So onto Fant. He’s intriguing because of the physical profile. Bruce Feldman listed him at #6 on his annual ‘freaks’ list this year. Feldman noted he was able to jump a 42-inch vertical and a short shuttle of 3.95 seconds. He can also, apparently, run a 1.48 10-yard split. These are freakish numbers at an estimated 6-5 and 243lbs. That said, Mike Gesicki also had a terrific workout at the combine in 2018 and lasted into round two. So there’s no guarantee here for Fant. The tape was a frustrating watch at times. The quarterback play at Iowa wasn’t good this season and it means in several games Fant is simply ignored or a total non-factor. He had one catch for zero yards against Northwestern and one catch for 12 yards against Nebraska. Fant had seven games where he had fewer than 35-yards receiving. He did, however, score seven touchdowns to go with the 11 he had a year ago. There’s some fluidity and mobility in his routes to the second level. When they get him in motion and then sprinting across the middle — you really see that 10-yard speed. He’s dynamic and able to separate. It’s just a shame Iowa didn’t endeavour to make more use of it. Fant’s very effective in the red zone but it’s more down to his quickness than his size. He doesn’t really box-out defenders and win 50-50 passes in the red zone. He runs precise routes and creates separation with his speed. At the next level he’ll be a threat any time you can get him lined up against a linebacker. His blocking appeared to be pretty good although nothing spectacular. When combining with a tackle to drive a defensive end out of position in the running game he had some success. There aren’t many TE’s with his speed and quickness and he separates better than a lot of the highly touted receivers in this class. For that reason I suspect he’ll have a shot at round one if a team is looking for a receiving threat at the position.

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  1. DC

    Sweat was a beneficiary of Simmons’ work. I watched a vid of those two and Jeffery seemed very good natured, playfully ribbing Montez a bit. Simmons definitely let Sweat know where his freedom to rush came from. He seemed like a good kid. Hopefully for his own sake he is that, with one glaring major mistake in his past, never to be repeated again.

  2. FresnoHawk

    100% some teams will pass on Murray because of his height. 100% Seahawks will not pass on Murray if he falls to them.

  3. Andrew Taylor

    Glowing review of Kyler Murray. The last player I saw you give such a glowing review of in spite of others saying negative things (short etc) was Aaron Donald. That pick sure worked out for the Rams. Would love to the Seahawks to pick him it would sure give them flexibility in the future even though it would be a huge luxury pick in a year they have limited draft capital. Certainly if front seven defensive studs were gone the players you think would have immediate impact Kyler Murray could be a home run pick in the long term.

    • JimQ

      Kyler Murray has “elite” speed for a QB (4.38/40 in 2017). And that is likely a modest # that could be even faster, According to:

      Also of note, it seems the vast majority of his snaps come from the shotgun, with only a few plays under center. This obviously allows him to see the field better on pass plays & also get up to speed quickly as a runner. The negative is the potential reduction of plays in the play book for QB under center plays. With Murray’s talents, that may not be a big deal at all. Murray is a dynamic & unique player and a TD machine, so I doubt that makes much, if any, difference to teams considering drafting him. 51-TD’s in any major college season or system is really exceptional for any QB, ever…..

  4. Gohawks5151

    Kyler is great. Such a change that a 5’9″ guy could go in the top 10. For me it’s just as much about the arm and pass game as it is about the movement skills. He has a sliding, cutting, off time element to his game that really only Russ and Mahomes have. Baseball guys.

    I’m not sure what to think about Simmons. I guess Im expecting more of a pass rusher from this spot. Is he special enough? Have a specific trait (length)? How much untapped potential does he have? Not sure on all those. To me he looks like he could be a Chris Jones on the high end and a Arik Armstead on the low

    • Volume12

      Hate to be this guy, but there sure is a lot of ‘yeah but’ and ‘he doesn’t do this well’ on here alot. I’m glad Dre’Mont Jones was touched on. Teams aren’t drafting guys for what they can’t or don’t do.

      • Gohawks5151

        My questions are more asking those who have watched more tape than me. I have only watched one live game of Simmons vs Alabama in which he was active. You got to be special in some way to be a first pick in Seattle.

        • Volume12

          I agree and I should mention that it wasn’t in direct reference to Simmons either.

  5. EranUngar

    A few remarks:

    Murray – “One of the best we’ve seen in college football in recent history” – I fully trust your evaluation Rob. The strange thing is how all the draft experts with time and resources totally ignore a talent n that level. The guy won the 2018 Heisman. He is not exactly hiding under a rock.

    Simmons – “beating a defenseless woman” – I do not like that distinction. Would it change anything if she assumed a defensive posture or if he had to go through 5 of her/his friends trying to defend her?

    “In a lot of games he had to fight and try and control two blockers” – Isn’t that the case for most/all round 1 level DTs? (Unless they all play on 1 team…)

    • Rob Staton

      “Draft experts” get a lot wrong. We had two years of Connor Cook being projected in R1.

      I think the distinction is perfectly fine. She wasn’t in any position to put up a defense or help herself. It’s a horrible video.

      It’s not the case at all that a lot of highly talented college DT’s face constant double teams. Dre’Mont Jones, Quinnen Williams, Derrick Brown —- don’t recall any of those trio facing double teams. And you could never double anyone on Clemson’s loaded line.

    • Jake

      I just watched the video of Simmons. He and another women(whole is twice the size of the victim) beat this 120 pound women while she was on the floor in a survivors position(curled up with hands covering face and head). I really don’t think this dude is getting DRAFTED much less first round once this video is seen by public. WAY worse then Nixon a couple years ago.

  6. EP

    Jones, Simmons, Fant, at first I thought this was a post about our fantastic Oline depth.

    • Sea Mode

      Lol. You win the comments section today, man. 🙂

      P.S. It’s no Fluke either that this excellent article was written by a Britt, not some Sweezy blogger Hunting for clicks…

      • mr peapants

        nicely done!

  7. Trevor

    Rob agree 100% about Murray! My favourite QB prospect since Deshawn Watson. If he makes it past the Giants in RD #1 then Dave Gettleman should be fired instantly.

    Can you imagine Murray in the backfield with Barkley! Wow then thowing to Beckham, Shepard Engram. That could be the most explosive offense in the league.

    • Volume12

      Behind that O-line? Yikes. Murray plays behind the best O-line in CFB.

      • AndrewP

        Man, if only there was evidence OLs could be rebuilt quickly…

        • teejmo

          Ironic you should say that, considering the Seahawks o-line rebuild is thanks in part to the Giant’s old o-line coach… and old right guard…

      • Trevor

        Great point Vol but if they have a QB on a rookie deal they can use that extra cash to fix the OL with proven Vets not rookies. Look what Russ did for years behind the worst Pass Pro OL in the league. Russ has a lot different build I realize but still. I would take my chances.

        • Volume12

          This is true.

        • DC

          If only it were that simple. Building a decent OL is the Rubik’s Cube of modern times.

          • NotCableThanos_

            So you’re saying it can be done in 4.22 seconds? Perfect!

            • DC

              Ha! Not for this kid. I had to disassemble and reconstruct the whole thing to get the colors back.

              That’s John Ross speed!

  8. Volume12

    One of the guys who watches D2 football said not only was this guy an NFL prospect but that he loved watching him play and he ain’t never lied. Highlights I know, more of the HUDL variety, but I think I’m in love. 😍

    Towson S Monty Fenner:

    • Sea Mode

      Wow, that was intense! He’s definitely not hard to watch, that’s for sure.

      • Volume12

        Hasn’t missed a game in 4 years. Needs to add some weight as he’s 194, but one to watch for sure.

    • teejmo

      Slight correction – Towson isn’t D2, but FCS. But yeah, impressive highlight film – though I was also equally impressed by the two wide receivers who managed to hold on despite being demolished by Fenner.

    • H

      I can dig it, and Field Marshall Monty is a great nickname for any history buffs out there.

      • Hawk Eye

        oh, is he a very sensitive egomaniac who is difficult to get along with?

        • H

          I just thought it was a fun pun…

          • Hawk Eye

            i know, and it works, I was just adding a little history 🙂

  9. Volume12

    If Oklahoma OL Cody Ford isn’t a top 10 pick something is wrong with the league. That dude is an a** kicker. Guys that size aren’t supposed to be able to do what he does.

    Let Barkley run behind this dude for the next however many years.

  10. Kenny Sloth

    Kayvon Thibodeaux #2 overall player just committed to Oregon over Alabama, 40 others

    • DC

      Can’t the Ducks just let it go? Stop trying so hard. Strive for Pac 12 mediocrity.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Too much money in that school to let anything go

  11. Ishmael

    I wouldn’t want Simmons anywhere near the team, leave him to some deadbeat franchise like Washington or the 49rs. Revolting video, says everything you need to know about him.

    As for Murry, if the teams do their usual thing and get spooked by size, and if he decides to play football, then the Hawks should go for him in a heartbeat. Leverage in the Wilson contract negotiations, potential for a Favre-Rodgersesque transition. Get a chance at a guy like that just take it.

    • Elmer

      The Hawks are likely to trade back in order to get more draft picks. I can’t see the Heisman Trophy winner falling into round 2 or 3. Hell, Johnny Freaking Manziel was drafted in the first round.

      • charlietheunicorn

        I have this funny feeling he might not make it out of the top 10 picks. Giants and Jaguars would be prime spots for him to land and have a successful rookie campaign. Raiders would be worst case scenario, since they have limited talent on the offense.

      • Ishmael

        Lamar Jackson fell to 32, funny stuff happens. And I’m not even talking about using a second, I’d straight up use the first.

        The Hawks are absolutely more likely to trade back, with four picks they’d almost be insane not to, but in my infinite wisdom and extreme armchair expertise I’d take a quarterback of this calibre when you have the chance. Would really rather not get stuck in a situation where I’m relying on the glorious Alex Smith – Colt McCoy – Mark Sanchez experience for my Sunday sanity.

  12. Ishmael

    Nice to see the Browns beat the Donkeys in Denver!

    Chubb put in a lot of work, I was dead wrong about him at the start of the year, and the defence totally shut the Broncos run game down. Glad to see such a joke franchise turning things around, not many fanbases deserve what they’ve had to go through.

    • icb12

      I can’t help but root for the browns when I watch them play.
      Young guys are growing up and learning how to win.

      I really liked the browns last couple drafts. Other than taking ward over Bradley chubb….. Man bradley and Garrett would be such a dynamic young pass rushing duo. Not that ward hasn’t played well this year.

      • charlietheunicorn

        There was a time, prior to 2004, that the Seahawks were no better than what the Browns have been the last 15 years…. if a fanbase understands, it would be Seattle’s.

  13. clbradley17

    Another big fast DB is CB Isaiah Johnson of Houston, 6’4″ 203, followed the Richard Sherman model and converted from WR to CB. At least in the 3 min. highlight video below, looks to have great closing speed to at least deflect the ball and very good tackling ability – seems to have the size and speed that Pete looks for to coach up for the Seahawks, and may be available on day 3.

    Had 2 int. and 7 PDs each of the last 2 years. Found this from an Aug. 2018 article after his junior season when he switched from WR to CB: “Johnson played in all 12 games last season, making five starts, and finished with two interceptions and tied with a team-high seven pass breakups. While All-America defensive tackle Ed Oliver is the main draw, scouts have visited preseason camp for a glimpse at Johnson, who was rated the fourth-best NFL prospect in the American Athletic Conference and the No. 14 cornerback in the 2019 NFL draft, according to”

    • Sea Mode

      Thanks for the info. Some tweets I remember seeing a while back:

      @JimNagy_SB Oct 14

      While @UHCougarFB junior DT Ed Oliver (@Edoliver_11) gets all the media attention, NFL scouts also focused on intriguing long-bodied CB Isaiah Johnson (@_bigplayzay). This tall and fast former WR fits the traits profile that most teams look for at CB. Just scratching the surface.

      @JimNagy_SB Nov 29

      Congrats, @_bigplayzay! Johnson is the prototype “Seahawky” corner that most teams are looking for these days. He fits the 6-foot, long-armed profile for press-man teams and scouts say he could run low-4.4. NFL teams can’t wait to see him in WR/DB 1-on-1’s in Mobile.

      But IIRC, Vol. 12 has watched a little bit of him and thinks he’s a long ways away, huge project. (maybe I’m confusing guys though, so feel free to clarify, Vol)

      • clbradley17

        Have to see how he does in Mobile and at the combine or UH’s pro day. The reference to #14 CB was before his senior season and from 1 scouting web site, he’s probably closer to 30’s to 50 or lower CB after so many others like Baity of KY. have excelled this year, and he’s still a raw convert from WR. Maybe if he’s available and we acquire late day 3 picks he’s a possibility. 2 good early choices would be Bryce Hall of VA or the 6’2″ CB from Penn St, but they’re probably early day 2 picks where we would likely still take a pass-rushing DE if we trade back. CB Baity of KY and S/CB Mike Bell of Fresno St. are possible early day 3 picks according to Tony Pauline (on Bell), also have the 6’3″ size and are less raw than Isaiah Johnson, would rather have them if available. Hopefully if we trade back and get an extra pick we can get at least one at each D position with speed from them all for getting to the QB, coverage, etc. – DE, DT, LB, CB and S, in whatever order JS/PC find the best players for the Seahawks.

  14. charlietheunicorn

    Rob (and the gang)
    With the Browns win on Saturday. How do Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray stack up for draft and projection purposes? Are they similar or different? In the end, Mayfield went #1 and a suspect Murray might go top 10….. and if he puts on a show against Alabama, watch out… draft stock will rise.

    Murray to the Giants or Jaguars would be ideal. Strong rushing attack with a solid defense.
    If he went to the Raiders, it would be a total disaster for his career.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they have differences. Clearly Murray is the superior athlete. I think he’s a more natural passer personally — but then that’s more a review of how good Murray is vs any review of Mayfield. Murray is exceptional. Love him. Mayfield is also a bit taller which will matter to some. I’m not concerned about Murray’s height. I think he’s too good to think that way. Sensational prospect.

  15. Zxvo3

    Hey Rob, I just wanted to get your opinion on these two prospects: TJ Edwards (Wisconsin) and Rashard Lawrence (LSU). Both are really underrated prospects and I think they would be nice players for the Hawks to get with their other picks.

    • Rob Staton

      I like Edwards. Tough, physical, quick to the ball. Athletic testing is key though. Looks like an AFC North type defender. For the Seahawks he’d have to have some trait-y aspects. Keep an eye on the short shuttle at the combine, his forty and his measurements.

      I haven’t focused on Lawrence watching LSU.

  16. Sea Mode

    Wow, did you guys see this from Bucky Brooks a couple days ago!? Calls PC “no brainer pick for COY”!

    It’s pretty surprising that Carroll has never earned Coach of the Year before. But if this award is really supposed to go to the leader doing the best coaching job in the league, Carroll should win in a landslide.

    Good to see some love from at least one of the national media guys. #Respect

    • Ishmael

      He loves the Seahawks, one of the few big national media guys who does. He’s a good analyst as well, not afraid to have his own opinion

    • cha

      I agree 100%.

      The Hawks lost tons of Pro Bowl experience, ate their cap charges, filled their spots with non-first round/top FA talent, changed coordinators all on the fly. And are doing it successfully, and without blowing too much draft capital or cap space. That’s coaching.

      But I am keeping my expectations in check, as COY is the weirdest award at times. Might as well be ‘most talented roster of the year’ or ‘our superstar player who was hurt last year is healthy this year’ award.

      I want to see what happens in 2-3 seasons with Chicago. What happens when say, Mack gets hurt and Nagy doesn’t have a shiny rookie 1st rounder because they traded them for Mack?

      Or in LA when they have to make decisions about who to let go to pay Goff’s massive extension?

      • Volume12

        Nagy is winning with a, up to this point, perfectly average QB in Trubisky.

    • Pran

      I wouldn’t care abt that award. Pete is bigger than that…it’s usually given to unexpected, unknowns etc. Pete is HOFer!

  17. Kenny Sloth

    Would I take Murray #1?

    ….. Maybe. I’d probably trade it for a dozen day 2 picks tbh.

    If I took anybody at 1 Murray is a fine choice.

    OL class is worse than you want again.
    Tytus Howard Alabama St OT -senior bowl invite
    Nate Herbig Stanford G -huge guy best Olineman at Stanford
    Jawaan Taylor Florida OT -why the silence on this guy???
    Cody Ford Oklahoma OT/G – ^ditto^
    Max Scharping NIU OT/G – I’ve liked him for a few seasons.
    Andre Dillard WSU OT -he’ll be solid at the next level. Good job WSU
    Dennis Dalley SCAR OT/G -JUCO transfer. Senior bowl invite
    Michael Jordan OSU G/C – might go earlier than expected Tall C trend?
    Elgton Jenkins is fine

    There’s also another Connor McGovern in this OL class.

    • Volume12

      Big disagree.

      All the Wisconsin and Oklahoma guys are fantastic. ‘Bama’s Jonah Williams. W. Virginia’s Yodney Cajuste. USC’s Edoga. BC’s Chris Lindstrom. NC St. has a couple solid guys.

      Cody Ford is the best of the bunch IMO.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Everybody but Lindstrom and Ford you mentioned is overrated.

        • Volume12


          • Kenny Sloth


          • Kenny Sloth

            David Edwards might be a fit from Wisconsin. Cody Ford is good.
            Jonah Williams is straight overrated dude. Yodney Cajuste looks like a pro, but we see the learning curve is especially steep from systems like WVU’s. Edoga has chicken legs. Quick check shows he’s only 295, too. Deeper check he has various leg injuries.

            NC st. Does have some guys

  18. Rob Staton

    Frustrating start to the Niners game

    • Rob Staton

      Defense getting gashed

  19. Volume12

    Safety becoming a bigger and bigger need.

    Tedric Thompson ain’t it chief. Fine player, not a difference maker in any way shape or form.

    • Rob Staton

      But I keep coming back to the same thing whenever this comes up.

      Point me out the difference maker. There are some decent safety’s in this class. All of them run similar forty times to Tedric and most of them aren’t rangy FS’s.

      Today isn’t even on Tedric. He’s the new scapegoat. Seattle’s game plan is being torn to shreds. They can’t stop anything, run or pass. The Niners are having their way with us. Even on offense, everything is hard work today. Poor performance across the board.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Both sides of the ball have been out-coached midway through the 3rd

      • Volume12

        All of them run similar 40 times. They had the combine/pro days already?

        • Rob Staton

          DB’s don’t tend to run 4.7 at SPARQ and then 4.4 at the combine.

    • Volume12

      Might have that guy on the roster in Delano Hill. What a game from him!

  20. Ishmael

    Look like a lazy team who bought into their own hype today. Made of slop, Shanahan has their number. The Niners are deeply ordinary which is the only reason they aren’t miles in front. Janikowski refusing to even try and tackle on that TD return has summed up the day for me so far.

    Bigger issues than Tedric Thompson

    • Volume12

      Hilarious that hey stayed establishing the run all the way into OT. ‘We play for FGs over here pal.’

      This team shoots itself in the foot more than I care to count.

  21. Volume12

    Chris Carson is better than 90% of RBs in this league.

  22. Donovan

    Carson TD – “an extraordinary effort”

    Dang right! One of the more impressive things I’ve seen on a football field, with a heads up assist to Duane Brown.

  23. Volume12

    Hill played that damn near perfectly. Terrible call.

  24. AlaskaHawk

    What a tight game. Both teams are playing hard.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I like the way Reed and Quinton Jefferson are playing together on stunts. Poona Ford has made a few plays too.

  25. Rob Staton

    This game has aged me

  26. AlaskaHawk

    Where is that two minute offense RW??? Seems like it was waste time with runs and then throw deep and pray.

    • Rob Staton

      The holding call shut down the drive, after the special teams penalty put them back.

      No penalty on ST + avoid yet another holding penalty = more than enough time to stay on track on that drive and set yourself up for an attempt at a game winning field goal.

      Even just the hold by Pocic. They had 1st down at midfield with just under a minute to go.

      • line_hawk

        One holding call should not make you lose the entire drive. Especially in the last two minutes. They were not even trying to make the second and long. This is a shortcoming of the offensive scheme and it’s been that way for the entire year. The two minute drill has been unbelievably putrid.

        The issues are masked by running the ball but underneath this is a terrible pass offense. If you have a dominant defense, you can keep running even when it is ineffective. However, when your defense is not dominant, your pass offense is exposed. I’m not sure if it’s Wilson or Scotty: but the issues with the pass offense from the first two games have reappeRed in the last two games. Which makes me think that this is a fundamental flaw of the scheme or the personnel. Let’s see how they Adjust; otherwise it’s gonna be brutal next week.

        I was just watching Dallas today and they have a same issue. In fact their team is a carbon copy of the Seahawks. Their defense is probably better but they have a verse quarterback. Everything else seems similar. They have been winning games lately but they struggles today when the Colts went up by two scores. Very similar struggles the Seahawks .

        • Rob Staton

          I see a lot of people reacting to these situations on twitter. Here’s what people forget. It’s not a shortcoming of the offensive scheme. This is Pete Carroll-ball. You keep things tight, limit the opportunity for the opponent to make game-changing plays and focus on efficient football. Whenever the Seahawks ‘give up’ on a drive, it’s not the scheme or the offensive coordinator. It’s Carroll. This is his type of football. ‘Move on to the next opportunity’. And it’s fine to complain about it — but this type of play also kept Seattle in a lot of games they had no business competing in this year. It’s got them to the brink of the playoffs. So perspective is required.

          It’s not a terrible passing offense. Wilson has been putting up career numbers.

          And I’m going to reject the comparison to the Cowboys. Seattle hasn’t lost a game all year by more than a score. The Cowboys just lost 23-0.

          • line_hawk

            We have seen Wilson being fantastic in 2-minute drill in past years. If it was Carroll, then it would be evident all throughout his career. This is 2018 Seahawks special. I can’t imagine big balls Pete dink and dunk with under 2 minutes left.

            See, I understand Wilson is putting up career efficiency numbers. However, if he only throws when the risk is minimal, then his efficiency numbers are bound to improve. The issue is that under when the defense is expecting you to throw, he is not throwing the ball. This sure increases his efficiency number but it also makes the Hawks 2-minute offense terrible.

            Seattle hasn’t played a top-5 team on the road yet (except Rams but come on divisional games are always different). If they play well-balanced teams like the Saints/Colts/Chargers on the road, I am pretty sure they will lose big. (I am a bit high of Colts that most but they are a very dangerous team with an underrated defense and an offense with gerat minds at QB and coach.

            • Rob Staton

              Trust me, it’s Carroll. You probably didn’t notice this as much the last two years because they lost their way. They have re-established their identity. This is his style.

              It’s not Schotty. It’s not the scheme. This is Pete saying…. ‘time for my way’.

  27. Donovan

    Frustrating – 2 times offense given ball w chance to win in the 4th needing only 3 points and come up with zilch.

  28. Sea Mode

    Unbelievable, refs. Unbelievable.

  29. Ishmael

    That’s a dumb and bad loss

  30. Volume12

    Undisciplined football is the worst. However, those calls on Delano Hill and Shaq Griffin were 2 of the worst I’ve seen thrown on this team all year. What’s a DB to do? I can’t even imagine trying to teach that position let alone at the NFL level.

    Shoot that officiating crew into the sun and get f***’d.

  31. Bhamdawgfan

    All this talk about Murray declaring for the draft, and I keep thinking “am I missing something?” What about the 3 years out of high school draft rule. Murray isn’t eligible to come out until after his junior year! or am I really missing something!?

    • Rob Staton

      Murray is eligible to declare. He transferred from Texas A&M.

  32. Hawk Eye

    I was against the hawks signing Josh Gordon, even though he is a great talent
    I was jealous when I saw him produce for NE, wondered if he work out for Pete, and the team really use him.
    My gut was right, Josh is “taking some time off”
    probably suspension coming…….

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