Friday thoughts & small school sleeper to monitor?

I still have a hunch about this guy...

I might do this a couple of times before next week, but I just woke up today and wanted to change my mock. So I did. And here it is minus the graphics:

#1 Kansas City – Luke Joeckel
#2 Jacksonville – Dion Jordan
#3 Oakland – Sharrif Floyd
#4 Philadelphia – Eric Fisher
#5 Detroit – Lane Johnson
#6 Cleveland – Dee Milliner
#7 Arizona – D.J. Fluker
#8 Buffalo – Matt Barkley
#9 New York Jets – Tavon Austin
#10 Tennessee – Jonathan Cooper
#11 San Diego – Star Lotulelei
#12 Miami – Ziggy Ansah
#13 New York Jets – Geno Smith
#14 Carolina – Sheldon Richardson
#15 New Orleans – Barkevious Mingo
#16 St. Louis – Kenny Vaccaro
#17 Pittsburgh – Jarvis Jones
#18 Dallas – Chance Warmack
#19 New York Giants – Datone Jones
#20 Chicago – Tyler Eifert
#21 Cincinnati – Alec Ogletree
#22 St. Louis Justin Pugh
#23 Minnesota – Bjoern Werner
#24 Indianapolis – Desmond Trufant
#25 Minnesota – Manti Te’o
#26 Green Bay – Jesse Williams
#27 Houston – Robert Woods
#28 Denver – Sly Williams
#29 New England – Arthur Brown
#30 Atlanta – D.J. Hayden
#31 San Francisco – Matt Elam
#32 Baltimore – Margus Hunt

So yeah, that’s a offensive lineman going early. Part of this thought is based on what Tony Pauline reported last night. Part of it is me wondering why Miami are suddenly being aggressive in pursuit of Brandon Albert. One logical reason is if they don’t even think they can secure D.J. Fluker (the fourth best tackle apparently) without moving up, why not spend one of those two second round picks on Albert? That makes sense. Trading up likely costs them one of those picks anyway if they want to get into the top 5-6. It could be the reason they’re looking into that deal with a little more aggression all of a sudden.

Here’s a version containing a handful of trades (traded picks are in bold):

#1 Kansas City – Luke Joeckel
#2 Jacksonville – Dion Jordan
#3 Oakland – Sharrif Floyd
#4 Philadelphia – Eric Fisher
#5 Detroit – Lane Johnson
#6 Atlanta (from Cleveland) – Dee Milliner
#7 Arizona – D.J. Fluker
#8 Buffalo – Matt Barkley
#9 New York Jets – Tavon Austin
#10 Tennessee – Jonathan Cooper
#11 San Diego – Star Lotulelei
#12 Dallas (from Miami) – Sheldon Richardson
#13 New York Jets – Geno Smith
#14 Carolina – D.J. Hayden
#15 New Orleans – Ziggy Ansah
#16 St. Louis – Kenny Vaccaro
#17 Pittsburgh – Jarvis Jones
#18 Miami – Tyler Eifert
#19 New York Giants – Datone Jones
#20 Chicago – Chance Warmack
#21 Indianapolis (from Cincinnati) – Desmond Trufant
#22 St. Louis Justin Pugh
#23 Minnesota – Bjoern Werner
#24 Cincinnati – Alec Ogletree
#25 Minnesota – Manti Te’o
#26 Green Bay – Jesse Williams
#27 Houston – Robert Woods
#28 Denver – Sly Williams
#29 New England – Arthur Brown
#30 Cleveland – Blidi Wreh-Wilson
#31 San Francisco – Matt Elam
#32 Philadelphia (from Baltimore) – E.J. Manuel

In terms of Seattle, I’m still struggling to identify the defensive tackle who would interest them at #56. I really can’t find that guy. I’m not sold they’ll take Kawann Short if he’s there. They want length, size, run stopping abilities. Who is that? I think it’s going to be a struggle to see them target this particular need in round two. Short, Brandon Williams, John Jenkins — I’m not sure any of that trio will fit the bill in terms of what they’re looking for.

The two players I keep coming back to — for now — are Quinton Patton and Khaseem Greene. I think personality wise they fit like a glove. They’re both ultra competitive types who will light up a meeting room. Greene takes the field immediately and would quickly establish himself as a leader on the defense. Patton would be forward planning, albeit not an immediate need. Neither is a brilliant, dynamic athlete. However, we can get caught up a little bit too much with that sometimes. First and foremost I sense the Seahawks want competitive players who will ’tilt the field’. And it’s not like these two are lethargic sloth’s who sail around the field at a snails pace. Patton has certainly grown on me the more tape I’ve watched. He’s not an incredibly consistent production machine, but he’s got a spark to his game. A playmaking spark.

(Update) I’ve just watched the Utah State vs Louisiana Tech game from last year to watch Patton again. Will Davis the corner at Utah State did as good a job covering him as anyone I’ve seen so far. I’ve not watched any of his game’s specifically. That’s a guy I need to look at before next week. He’s from Spokane, too.

I can see a situation where a lot of other guys leave the board and Christine Michael becomes a greater option. I suspect they’d like to stock pile running backs. The offense will continue to feature the run prominently. At USC Pete Carroll found a way to do that by bringing in 5-star recruits and letting them share snaps. I could be wrong, but that might be an idea they return to in Seattle. Marshawn Lynch is an elite runner, but he won’t last very long under his current heavy workload. If the right player was available, I think they’d take him and feel pretty happy about it.

I also think they’ll look at the offensive line and it really depends who’s there. We might see a bit of a run on the group in the early second round. Kyle Long, Terron Armstead, Menelik Watson. If they go early, it maybe limits the options that fall to #56. They might feel like they can get some tackle depth later on with players like Luke Marquardt, Brennan Williams or Jordan Mills. Or who knows, maybe another defensive tackle from NC State they can convert to the offense?

I agree with those suggesting there’s likely to be a quick run on cornerbacks and running backs in round two. It seems like almost a formality based on the needs of teams picking in the first quarter of day two.

The Seahawks re-signed Steven Hauschka today. That perhaps makes it less likely they add a kicker in the draft.

And what about later on for Seattle? Jayson Dimanche is an intriguing prospect based on the video below. Remember – this is a highlight session and not tape. It’s also against a certain level of competition. But he gives off a ‘Seahawks’ vibe. One to monitor, perhaps…


  1. david dobson

    Good analysis Rob. Hawks picking from position of strength after trades/free agent signings. Schneider will surprise us again no doubt

  2. Wes

    Considering the needs we’ve addressed in the offseason, I think Greene would be the perfect guy. I always thought he should be a second round pick. Sylvester Williams, Zach Ertz or Deandre Hopkins being there would be the only 3 that would give me pause about drafting Greene. If we got any of those 4 I’d be just ecstatic.

  3. Michael

    It would crack me up if Cleveland made the exact same mistake twice, by trading with the exact same team in the first round… Please Cleveland, we have to go to Atlanta this year, so just take Milliner for yourselves and don’t get to cute again.

    • Xo 1

      Funny. I like the move this time – assuming they get another first and other goodies. I don’t think milliner is that special. And as the second corner, Milliner is a luxury the hole-ridden Browns can’t afford. Dropping back gives them a chance to plug several places this year while building.

      • Nolan

        I really hope the Falcons don’t get Millner.

  4. Bobby Cink

    Holy run on offensive linemen in the first 10 picks, Batman! 5 of the first 10 seems a bit farfetched. I think 3 is more likely, 4 tops.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve added a reasoning under the first mock for this. I’m trying to work out why Miami are suddenly going after Branden Albert. And it dawned on me that if what Tony Pauline is saying is true, they might be locked out of the tackle market at #12. Getting Albert with a second rounder is probably wiser than spending a second rounder to move up. And maybe when they let Jake Long walk, they felt good about getting D.J. Fluker at #12. It’s a theory that makes at least some sense IMO.

      • Bobby Cink

        Oh snap. I never considered that. But then again, there is probably a lot of misinformation out there. Folks could be trying to get Miami to misappropriate their resources.

  5. Attyla the Hawk

    I kind of think that Michael may be the 2nd round guy. He’s a prospect that pops on tape. Measurables are all there. Style is compatible. Size and physicality we love.

    One question. I don’t discount the idea that Greene is a likely Seahawk WLB prospect. But I think we agree that his measurables give us pause. When we link him to Seattle, we have to qualify the notion — almost apologize for his 4.7 speed. I liked how he performed at the Senior bowl week and his tape shows a lot of production.

    One name I’ve not seen linked to us is Sio Moore. And I’m wondering if there isn’t a grain of ‘right position, wrong guy’ here. Moore is graded similarly to Greene. Both hail from the same conference and both show very good production on tape.

    Moore’s measurables are more in line with what we know the Seahawks prefer. His explosive quality physically is undeniable and it’s not a case of looking good in underwear. You see that explosiveness on his footage. This is a guy who plays in space, attacks the LOS extremely well and has a very good ability to blitz. He really pops on tape as a LB that plays downhill.

    We don’t really know how this defense is going to differ under Quinn versus how it worked under Bradley. It may be exactly the same. Maybe it was part of Pete’s requirements. Or maybe that’s how Bradley rolls.

    Quinn seems to exhibit a more aggressive blitzing style. If he is given creative license with how the defense is called, then this LB corps is going to need a blitzer because it doesn’t currently have that in it’s bag of tricks. And that’s not something that is a strength of Greene’s. He tends to play to daylight and avoid contact rather than work through it.

    I’d be curious to discuss your thoughts on Moore. It seems a bit like a case of really liking Greene early in the process (which I do too incidentally), resulting in Moore kind of getting lost in the wash.

    • Rob Staton

      With Greene, the thing I keep coming back to is the production. There isn’t a linebacker in college football with a record that can hold a candle to Greene’s. We’re talking about one of the leading players (any position) for TFL in the NCAA the last two years. A guy who made impact play after impact play. Forced fumbles, interceptions, sacks, tipped passes. Greene did it all. That will hold a lot of weight in Seattle’s front office I think, that and the character which really is off the charts for Khaseem. The speed? Well, you could argue it’s comparable if not slightly better than K.J. Wright’s. And they started Leroy Hill for three years without elite speed at the WILL.

      • Nolan

        I like Kasheem Green out of all the guys we have talked about on this board for the Hawks in the second. I would rather have Sly Williams if he were to fall. Of course I would really love Darick Rodgers but I no the opionins of many on this bored about him.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        I can’t deny that.

        I guess I’m just wondering if we’ve given Moore his due dilligence. If the pro game is indeed a game of inches, then Moore’s advantage in length, speed, quickness and burst probably should be considered. Because there are enough inches at every measurable to be as much as a foot difference.

        Honestly, I have no problem singing Greene’s praises. But I don’t know that Moore’s aren’t worth singing either. I watch his tape and am increasingly impressed. In general, I really try hard to not allow combine numbers be the reason I regard prospects as options. And as I watch Moore’s tape, I don’t think that would be the case.

        Moore was productive statistically. Moore logged more sacks and tackles for loss, despite playing one fewer games. Greene was outstanding at creating turnovers and Moore was conspicuously absent in both picks and fumbles.

        Greene looks much better at play recognition. And I suspect that has a lot to do with the genuine surprise at his poor combine. Even his pro day numbers are mundane to bad when you compare them to other deflated pro day numbers for Greene’s peers.

        I can’t deny his production. And I would stand by the pick if it’s Greene that is called. But I can’t help but think, that Greene may have issues in the pros, when his competition has more equivalent instinct and skills, but now also has a physical advantage on him.

        I think there’s a reason we like fast guys. And while the comparison is valid to KJ Wright, we took KJ in the fourth round. Not in the second. Seattle seems to abide by a more rigid physical requirement for their first and second round picks, than they do for their third round picks and later.

        I do think the right measurables will matter a great deal at 56. If the pick goes like every other first/second round pick we’ve made.

        I won’t harp on this any longer. But I think the precedent is there to suggest that Greene would be an outlier pick based on Pete/John’s available history.

        • Rob Staton

          I thought Moore was fairly good when I watched the tape. A solid R3 type. If you feel like we haven’t given him his dues, I will go back and re-watch the games I have for a second viewing.

          However, I don’t think there’s any precedent that says Greene wouldn’t be an obvious pick purely because he ran the time he did at the combine. It’s not like he notched a 4.9.

          • Attyla the Hawk

            Not necessary Rob.

            The hour is kind of late. That’s like trying to go out on late on Christmas Eve to get more last minute presents for this kids for the morning. It’s getting close to the time where you take some time for yourself. Kick back and breathe a contented sigh at another year of good work completed.

            This is such a strange draft. And without a first round pick, there really isn’t any consensus on even which side of the ball we’ll draft for, much less position.

            I think there are a dozen guys I’d be happy hearing us get. And a few I’d really be excited for. I’m just anxious for the final reveal to see who Seattle liked.

      • Leonard

        I think Greene is a much better prospect but there is one other LB that I can think of that fills the stat sheet in a similar way. Phillip Steward from Houston had a great year: 128 tackles, 19 tackles for loss, 11 sacks and 5 forced fumbles. He also adds a career 10 interceptions and 28 passes defended. If they don’t get Greene early on, Steward might be an option later in the draft.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not sold on Steward. Looked to me like he was given carte blanche to rush on pretty much every play, little orthodox responsibility. Think his production was very manufactured.

          • Leonard

            I see what you mean but with all of those INT’s and passes defendeded he had to have spent a decent amount of time in coverage. The Hawks seem to like to coach up raw players with upside. A guy that can pack a stat sheet like that has to have some upside as a playmaker.

          • Phil

            Steward has played in 52 games in his full 4 years at Houston, with 47 consecutive starts. So, he’s an experienced guy and I think it’s true that he is given carte blanche to rush more often than he would if he wasn’t as experienced. But, the guy is a play maker. See him in action vs. UCLA.

            In 2012 — playing OLB — he was 14th nationally among all players, with 11 sacks. At the same time, he had 128 tackles with 19.5 tackles for loss coupled with 5 forced fumbles. In 2011 — his Junior year — he was 1st nationally among LBs with 6 interceptions. Here’s an interesting assessment of his skills

            In the only interview I have heard with Dan Quinn, he explained that his approach to defense is to assess the individual skills of his players and then design his defense to take maximum advantage of those skills. Is this the same as “manufacturing” production? Without a better definition, I’d say it is. And, if that’s the case, the new Seahawk defensive coordinator seems to embrace the idea of manufacturing production, particularly if an improved pass rush is what is being sought.

      • Caleb

        I wonder whether the addition of Winfield may chew away at the importance of the WILL, in terms of snap count. I mean, the guy had a 100 tackles last year at CB. Unless the front office sees a huge improvement over KJ in Greene, I would question taking him or any LB as our first pick in the draft. And with the fluidity that is bound to develop in rotating Avril, Irvin and Clem, It does make me wonder how orthodox of a 4-3 they will continue with.

    • Madmark

      If Khaseen Green is here I’d take him the numbers he has speaks volumnes for his game. If he isn’t there I’d grab Christian Michaels.

    • Madmark

      Does anyone believe in omens? I just got the creeps and its really influenced my 2nd round pick at 56. In one article on Khaseem Green in the 1st and I remember saying I pick him in the 2nd and then I said I wouldn’t mind seeing a picture of Green and E.T. standing with each other. Then the article for Christian Michaels came out and right at the beginning of it. A tweet photo of Christian standing next to E.T. This is my pick for 56 and I know I’m not changing it.

    • williambryan

      I think Sio Moore has been connected quite a bit as a possible target for the Hawks, just not here. Both Rob Rang and Mike Mayock have posited that Moore could be the guy at 56… Though, in my opinion, Moore isn’t close to the player Greene is.

  6. James

    Rob, there seem to be two schools of thought on Khaseem Greene. The school you appear to be in considers him a high quality Will LB, athletic, instinctive, aggressive and a leader committed to excellence. If so, he would certainly be an outstanding pick in R2….plug him in as an immediate starter and watch him go. The other school argues that Greene is a step slow in getting to the edge, lacking the quicks to jump past OLs, or the muscle to emerge from the pile, and his productivity was a result of the Rutgers scheme that left their LBs with clean lanes to make the plays. What is the best case for the first school?

    • Rob Staton

      I think he could be a very early second rounder, but might drop a little due to positional value and scheme. That is the best case for the first school. I’m not sure I buy the second school argument, given his production was off the charts and when you watch the tape, it’s easy to see why. I don’t see Greene’s production as manufactured. After all, I can’t name one defensive lineman at Rutgers from 2012.

      • James

        Good point. If some argue that he was being protected….protected by whom? His on-field performance seems legit (like a certain R3 QB) and he should not be over-measured.

  7. James

    The pressure never lets up on John & Pete, that’s why the make the big bucks I guess. No sooner have they constructed a near-perfect team, before they can even enjoy watching it play and win, they must begin to find replacements for Lynch, Rice, Miller, Mebane and Bryant over the next couple of years. And we are not talking about backups for these guys, but players who can replace these Pro Bowl caliber players with the same level play. The next two drafts, if not for immediate need, are critical to keep the machine humming. There is no such thing as a laid-back draft if you are in a #Championship Offseason.

  8. Scott Allen

    I thought Davis Hsu’s mock posed an interesting idea about the WLB position and that with DEs that may shift into SLB from time to time, you could also foresee shifts from SS to WLB on certain downs as well, down playing the need for dedicated WLBs. Its an interesting thought and sets us up to draft one of the athletic SS players like Cooper Taylor or Kenny Tate in later rounds. Davis seems to have sense and so I take the thought with consideration.

    What do you think of this notion?

    on another matter,

    In the tweeted photo’s Christine Michael really seemed happy to be hangin with Hawks. What do you think the odds are we pick him?

    • Rob Staton

      I think the fact Michael had a visit is encouraging for anyone hoping he’s drafted by Seattle. I don’t think it’s any surprise they brought in guys with character issues to maybe get to know them better, see what they’re really like.

      I see the idea of moving around the formations and trying things, but I keep coming back to the fact that they had the opportunity to do this in the previous three years and kept Leroy Hill at the WILL when it would’ve been very easy to replace him. So I’m a sceptic in that regard.

      • Scott Allen

        I agree but they’ve never been so loaded at the DE/OLB hybrid position either. Perhaps this new wealth is opening new scheme options.

  9. Maz

    Thinking for a sec.

    Christine Michael
    B. Williams
    Will Davis
    Kyle FB/TE Harvard
    Aaron Malette
    Quinton Dial
    Taylor Cooper
    Jayson DiManche
    Jordan Campbell
    Jordan Rodgers

    • Maz

      Would we be happy with this draft? Already thinking round 3 pick would be a OL. I really like B Williams though.

      • Train

        Would take that draft in a heartbeat. Lot of small school guys but only half need to pan out. The more film I watch, it seems like there are a ton of good mid to late round DTs. Might even be a couple of UDFA gems (ala Michael Bennett) that could hang on. Havent seen much of Rogers- can he run a little read zone for practice?

        • Maz

          Yeah, he’s as mobile as Aaron Rodgers. Not RW or anything, but ok mobility. We also have Portis on the roster. He could end up on the practice squad again. As far as the DT’s go, B. Williams is the type of person we like. A hard worker.

  10. David

    According to Rob Rang from CBS sports, there alot of People happy or High on Toomer at the Vmac, so i wonder if they trade the second pick going back and picking up extra picks, i wonder if Toomer and Howard had a redshirt year last year, i know some coaches (Quinn and Norton Jr.) were liking toomer and howards potential.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not optimistic about Howard at all. To be inactive every week even when Jason Jones went down was not a good sign.

  11. Hawkfin

    I absolutely LOVE K. Greene… He’s my top rated LB out of everybody and it’s not close.
    This was before I came here and saw the glowing reports out there from this site too.

    I think he’s faster then his combine speed! I have him as an explosive playmaker, great in coverage, hard hitter, athletic, great stats, smart.
    He’s by far #1 pick for #56. Well, him or S. Williams. It’s really a toss up there.

    I also like S. Moore, and he has in fact been talked about by a few of us here. He’s my #3 LB after Teo. Chase Thomas is the guy not talked about. I know he ran slow, but watch him put pressure on QB’s. He reminds me of C. Matthews.

    Oh P.S.
    Will Davis/CB – 6’0, 182, 4.51 speed. 74 Tackels, 17 PD’s!!!!!, 5 Int’s!!! – I agreed with the tape, that he shut down Patton, but he also held a lot I thought. He’s good in coverage. Little weak on the bump and run, but does it unlike others. He shows some speed. He holds sometimes, but he works and battles hard from what I saw. Great nickel corner.
    I had a “like mark” on him for a late prospect like. I put him in the 5th round on my board.

  12. Train

    Dimanche has rare burst and balance. Fast twitch and uses hands to set up blockers. Seems like Toomer athletically with better production. I had him going in the 7th in my mock but starting to think he could go as high as the 5th. Who would reach that high to take him?

  13. Robert

    What do you guys think about a late round pick of Josh Boyce. 4.38 40 YD, 5’11” 206LBS. In the short term, he could be our return specialist. I think Harvin’s greatest value to our team is the attention opposing defenses must give him on EVERY play, which opens up everything for everyone else. I would prefer to let somebody else handle the dangerous return duties…

    • Hawkfin

      🙂 – I actually gave J. Boyce a 4th round grade on my board. In other words, I like him. Very fast, decent production, compact and small and benched 22. Small school concern so we could get him later maybe.
      I liked his tape. I have him in the same round as Harrison.

      I’d rather have somebody with more size personally, but with that speed I like him! I think he could become more then just a kick return type.
      Love him way over somebody like Gooden who isn’t even on my draft board.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a decent shout.

  14. Robert

    Check this out: Kwame Geathers the 6’6″, 340 pound sprinter chasing Eddie Lacy 30 yards down field! This video reveals some very intriguing footage of Kwame Geathers against Alabama’s mighty OL. Nobody, including double teams is casually pushing him out of any plays. Is Kwame on our radar for good mid-late round value?!?

    • Attyla the Hawk

      I don’t know if anyone knows about who is on the Seahawks radar except the scouts themselves.

      I singled Geathers out as my most underrated DT in this draft on .net. I personally think he’s better empirically than his team mate Jenkins. He is disruptive and in particular that Alabama game was a real showcase of his talent. He was just unstoppable. Great pad level. He really made that Alabama OL look pedestrian and I give him a ton of credit for that.

      • williambryan

        After watching that video, I can’t believe Jenkins is rated higher than Geathers. I would love to have him in the Alan Branch role on 1st and 2nd down. Also more importantly on the third or fourth and shorts. There is no running at him. None.

  15. jdtjohnson

    I wonder if Greene is this years Upshaw. I, along with a lot of other SDB followers, was convinced Upshaw was to be our pick last year(thanks a lot Rob for getting my hopes up like that 😛 ). The only question mark we all had last year was the speed issue. Feels like an identical situation this year with Greene. I wanted Upshaw badly last year, as I do Greene this year, but there are a lot more players this year I would be happy with as well. Last year it was just Upshaw and only Upshaw I was hoping for.
    Guess we’ll find out soon enough. Thanks for all the effort this year guys. Been coming here for a few years now and each year I visit more frequently. This year it has been a minimum of once a day. It has made me excited for deeper rounds I would normally not pay attention to, so thanks for all the extra information on the deeper guys.

    • A. Simmons

      I read Pete’s seminar on defense. He puts a real premium on speed at the WLB. Using KJ Wright as an example of a slower linebacker we drafted doesn’t take into account that KJ fits Pete’s profile for SLB. He wants an SLB that set the edge and runs with TEs. He likes him to be a bigger guy like KJ is.

      For his WLB, he wants speed. “The Will linebacker can be a smaller player. He is generally protected in the defensive schemes and will not see as many blocks. All you want him to do most plays is flow and chase the football. We want our fastest linebacker at this position.”

      Whenever I think of who Pete will draft, I always go back to this article for defensive personnel.

      • Rob Staton

        He also says in that piece that the three technique should be the premier pass rusher on the team. And for three years we’ve started Alan Branch and Colin Cole there. So I think it’s open to adaptation.

        • Miles

          Well yeah but you also have to bear in mind that although three-technique pass rushers are valued, it’s also very hard to find them. You can count on perhaps two hands the effective 3-technique players in the NFL. Just because the Seahawks haven’t found one yet doesn’t mean Pete isn’t always looking for it. At the same time, I do think Pete rolls with the punches in terms of his philosophies and how reality plays out.

    • Hawkfin

      I was one that hated Upshaw last year. I did not want him at all. I was high on W. Mercules/DE and Hightower if we went LB.

      I think Greene will be gone. But if he’s there, I’m all on board with that pick and in favor with the majority/site!

      • Madmark

        I had us trading down and getting Donta Hightower in the late 1st round.

  16. Lenny253

    At this point at

    56. OLB Greene or Sio Moore

    • Hawkfin

      I agree with those 2… Add in S. Williams too.

      I would be in favor of moving up for Greene if we don’t have to give up to much. But, he could drop to us anyway though? Even S. Williams maybe could. Hard to say.

      But yeah, I’d hate to miss out on both Greene and S. Williams. It would be worth the move up I think if it was only like 4-10 spots.

  17. Lenny253

    Also If Greene is the Guy we want why not pull the trigger and move up. How many starters are we gonna get out our 4th and 5th rd picks anyway this year. Given how deep we are at every other position.

    56. OLB Greene or Sio Moore

    87. DL Depth or OL

    3rd rd OL Depth DL

    Use the remaining picks to snag a RB and BPA

    • Madmark

      I think they may trade back into the top 3rd round and try for another 4th round pick. Its something I heard. I kindia think if they pick up a 4th and with the Top of the 3rd round they could get Michaels if he gets here or Patton who should be here. They always seem to have 2-4round picks all the time. 1 works out and the other doesn’t. Example K.J.Wright and Kris Durham or Turbin and Howard hehe.

  18. HawkTease

    2. WR – Ryan Swope or Quinton Patton
    3. RT – David Quessenberry
    4. TE – Kyle Jusczyzk or Ryan Otten
    5a. DE – Mike Catapano or David Bass
    5b. CB/SS – Duke Williams or Cooper Taylor
    6. OLB – Cooper Taylor or Jayson DiManche or Craig Wilkins
    7a. DT – Stefan Charles
    7b. RB – Latavius Murray or Jeremy Wright
    7c. OLB – Jayson DiManche or Rufus Johnson
    7d. QB – BJ Daniels

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