Further digging on Christine Michael…

Michael was the #3 High School running back in 2009 (according to Rivals) behind just Bryce Brown and Trent Richardson. He was a 5-star recruit. Among the teams expressing an interest in his services? USC.

Pete Carroll discussed the advantage of his college experience when he arrived in Seattle. It played a part in the decision to draft Bruce Irvin 15th overall last year. Carroll tried to recruit Irvin to the Trojans before he opted for West Virginia. A few years later, it helped the Seahawks find a level of comfort with Irvin’s background. Other teams feared certain character red flags dating back to his upbringing in Atlanta.

This knowledge hasn’t always led the Seahawks down an obvious path. Pete Carroll reportedly once referred to Arthur Brown as the best linebacker, “he’d seen in seven years.” The Seahawks passed up the chance to draft Brown with the #56 pick this year, trading down so Baltimore could do the honours.

Yet it appears Carroll has some previous with Michael. There’s no way of knowing how deep USC’s interest was during his high school days. Carroll loved to recruit 5-star running backs, making multiple players share snaps as part of an electrifying run game. The chances are he already knows a fair bit about this guy. And that probably factored into the decision to draft him in round two.

I’ve included an interview he conducted with ESPN 710 this week. Below that you’ll see an example of the kind of athlete Seattle added to the roster over the weekend.


  1. Lenny253

    Michaels was a good addition. I actually think we are going to run the ball even more this year. Harvin may not even get 1000 yards recieving, which is ok. His pressence will allow us to run even more effectively.

    And that play action will be out of this world. We signed udfa Austin Coleman his tape is entertaining. A cheaper Tayvon type from a small school. University of St Francis. I hope he makes the team, very explosive. Where does Pete find these guys? U have to question the level of competition but Coleman is stupid fast!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tomahawk

    Wow, he seems like a really good kid. Both humble and confident. Love it!

    • glor

      Ditto, love that attitude

  3. Jon

    Well, he is certainly excited about football. So much energy.

  4. Maz

    Really like his skill set, especially returning kicks. Looks stouter than Tayvon Austin. Like the pick up. Are we trading Baldwin this offseason?

    • Rob Staton

      There’s almost no chance they trade Baldwin IMO.

      • Maz

        There has to be a chance. Odds may not be high, but he is like 4th on the depth chart with a year or so left on his contract, right? I think we try to get a 3rd rounder for him. Have to wait to see how this roster shakes out. I like Baldwin a lot myself. Don’t want to see him go, but Tate is a more explosive playmaker.

        • Davison Phipps

          No one is giving up a third rounder for one year of a #3 WR. Davone Bess, a similar player in a similar situation, was traded along with a 4th and 5th for a slightly lower 4th and a 7th.

        • shams

          A third rounder for a small UDFA receiver with like 600 career yards. Honestly, what is in the water, Maz?

        • Colin

          Maz buddy… you are high if you think Baldwin fetches a 3rd.

          If he’s leaving this team, it’s because he’s getting cut.

          • Maz

            There we go though. Like you all mention. Maybe not for a third. What for though? There is a chance. That is the point I was making. He’s the 4th receiver currently. We picked him up as a UDFA. I would take a 5th and a 6th or 7th for him. Whatever we could get, really. What would you take for Baldwin?

            • Byron

              Whatever we could realistically expect to get for Baldwin (6th or 7th) wouldn’t be worth losing him. He’s cheap depth.

            • pqlqi

              One more year of play/production at a rookie contract salary, and to be able to negotiate with both him and Tate at the same time so we can get tthe best value (talent/$) of the two.

              If we lose either or both in free agency, it’s likely we get compensatory picks the following year.

    • Kip Earlywine


      But I bet Seattle puts a 2nd round tender on Baldwin next year and goes fishing.

      • pqlqi

        That’s a smart thought. I can’t see the Hawks showcasing him enough to draw interest as a 2nd round pick – but it would be lovely, and a cheap way to keep him around for one more year.

  5. ivotuk

    Holy Batshit Robin! “He did that in full pads?! It looked so effortless! I listened to his interview on mynorthwest and it was amazing and I can’t help but wonder where the “issues” with this kid lies. As long as he stays healthy, we will have a top 10 running game and defenses will hate to play us.

    • glor

      I think the issues were his ACL and broken leg. Hope he stays healthy

  6. Cameron

    Turns out Christine Michael has a few of Barry Sanders’ moves.

    • maxnote

      Wow, that was awesome.

    • DavidinBellingham


  7. A. Simmons

    Damn. That was incredible athleticism.

  8. A. Simmons

    Rob, do you think Chris Harper’s QB experience influenced the pick? Are we looking for receivers that can throw the ball well because we had success with WRs passing? I wonder how much of a factor that was.

    • Beanhawk

      Harper cannot, I repeat, CANNOT throw the football. He had one of the worst arms I had ever seen at Oregon; and I mean worse than you or I throwing the football in the backyard. Check out some of his “highlights” when he had to come in vs. Boise State when he was at Oregon. I think he had some sort of shoulder issue that exacerbated the problem. I would much rather have Rice or Tate throw those gimmicky WR passes than Harper. Even on his radio interview on 710 when they brought up the idea you mention above, he tried to practically admit on air that he couldn’t and wouldn’t want to do it.

      That said, his experience as a QB (and a smart one) could still very well have been meaningful for the Seahawks brass. A little more familiarity reading defenses, recognizing coverages, etc. are all appreciated bonuses at the WR position.

      I still very much like the Harper pick- I’m a fan,

  9. EranUngar

    Michael and Harper – The “skill” picks…

    Many years ago, when sex was dirty and the air was clean…ok, ok, a few years ago, when teams didnt need to worry about the Cap and structuring the roster accordingly, it was common wisdom the skill players should take 2-3 year to fully mature and growing them within the team was a wise thing to do.

    Some people seem to think it’s still that way, that drafts should only be evaluated after at least 3 years etc.


    With the cap as it is every team should have it’s portion of rookie contact players and cant afford to pay all starters not to mention quality backups, rotation players etc.etc. etc.

    Teams can no longer just sign every player they like to a 2nd contact. They have to let some go…just because…

    So, the right to draft a skill player, grow and train him slowly for 2-3 years and just when he reaches his peak – letting him go in trade cause you cant pay this guy too – makes much less sense then a decade or 2 ago.

    In this NFL you want contribution from your top draft picks, impact contribution, not later then on his 2nd year.

    Having that contribution is in part up to the player and his performance but it also has to do with the team around him. We dont expect major contribution from whoever NE took as QB since he wont get on the field when Brady is there right ?

    and this brings us to Haper and Michael…

    With Rice, Tate and Harvin out there at WR and Lynch’ Turbin at RB – As good as those guys are – they have a big hurdle to clear just to get any chance of showing thier stuff.

    In that regard – the common sense for those picks is not the same –

    Christine is there with similar skill set to Lynch and Turbine, he is there to keep Lynch fresh and share some load without any drop in performance. He is there in case the back forces Lynch out. He is there if age crips on the skittle beast.

    Harper is there cause his skill set is different then all the others. He is physical. He has great hands, strong, can get the ball with a CB riding on his sholder. He is there for those cases were they actually preffer him on the field then one of the others.

    Both therefor will have thier chances on the field to show thier stuff for different reasons.

    By the end of the year – we’ll be able to grade those picks.

    As much as i learn about them since the draft i grow more fond of those picks.

    They’ll be keepers.

    • A. Simmons

      Good to see you like those players. I don’t at all agree you can’t have developmental players on the roster. You never know how a player will develop. You can’t get rid of players, even high draft picks, just because they don’t work out their first year. It’s great when a player hits the field and is ready to go in year one like Earl Thomas or Bobby Wagner. It’s also great when a player develops into something after a year of seasoning like Kam Chancellor or Golden Tate. I think you have to be able to build your teams with both types of players. If you only rely on fast starters, you may be getting rid of quality developmental talent.

      Look at Green Bay, they have successfully developed quality players that were backups for years. Aaron Rodgers rode the pine for a few years behind Brett Favre. That worked out fine. I believe a couple of their receivers did the same thing. I think the quick start applies to certain positions with short shelf lives like RB though. You generally want to get a RB out their as soon as possible to maximize their value. They don’t last long in the NFL. Receiver you can develop slowly and still get a lot of productivity from them.

  10. Michael (CLT)

    Well, I’m late to the party. Seems like a good guy. Find Wilson, Michael, and don’t leave his side. Be his BFF. You will make great money and a better man.

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