Further thoughts on the Frank Clark trade & more

1. Why did the Seahawks trade Frank Clark?

Because they clearly weren’t willing to make him the third highest paid defensive player in the league (behind Aaron Donald & Khalil Mack) and they received a great trade offer (a first and second round pick). Whether you agree with the deal or not — it’s hard to argue with their logic.

2. What kind of pass rusher will they try and draft?

Pete Carroll highlighted the importance of ‘pressure percentages’ recently. I couldn’t find data for the entire 2019 draft class but here’s what we were able to discover:

Josh Allen — 29.1%
Anthony Nelson — 23.5%
Oshane Ximines — 23.5%
Jaylon Ferguson — 23.4%
Joe Jackson — 21.7%
Chase Winovich — 21.7%
Montez Sweat — 20.2%
Brian Burns — 19.7%
L.J. Collier — 19.2%
Clelin Ferrell — 18.5%
Jachai Polite — 18.4%
Sutton Smith — 17.6%
Zach Allen — 17.1%
Justin Hollins — 16.8%
Quinnen Williams — 16.7%
Rashan Gary — 15.8%
Ben Banogu — 15.5%
Christian Wilkins — 14.0%
Jalen Jelks — 12.3%
Greg Gaines — 12.2%
Jerry Tillery — 12.2%
Dre’Mont Jones — 11.4%
Ed Oliver — 9.6%

If the Seahawks really are focused on pressure percentages, this is a list to study. While nobody is talking about Jaylon Ferguson much these days, his pressure percentage score would suggest he’s a possible target. The likes of Chase Winovich, Montez Sweat, Brian Burner, L.J. Collier and Clelin Ferrell scored well here too.

It’s also important to remember how much the Seahawks value traits and athleticism. They’ve drafted four defensive linemen in the first two rounds during the Carroll era — Bruce Irvin, Malik McDowell, Jarran Reed and Frank Clark.

Bruce Irvin
The best pass rusher in college football for two years, he ran a 1.55 10-yard split, a 6.70 three cone and a 4.03 short shuttle at 245lbs and was described as the ‘ideal LEO’.

Malik McDowell
He ran a 1.69 10-yard split, a 4.53 short shuttle and a 4.85 forty at 295lbs. McDowell was unique — capable of rushing the edge with speed/power one snap and then handling two blocks at nose tackle on the next.

Frank Clark
Clark ran an incredible 4.05 short shuttle at 271lbs. That’s the kind of time you’d expect from a small defensive back. He also jumped a 38.5 inch vertical. He’s a phenomenal athlete.

Reed is the only one of the quartet with unspectacular testing numbers. However, his ability to anchor vs the run was among the best we’ve seen from any defensive tackle entering the draft in recent history. They clearly saw some value in that.

Whichever defensive lineman they draft early, he’ll probably be a great athlete. That’s why I think Rashan Gary (if available) is a strong contender. He ran a 4.58 at 277lbs, jumped a 38-inch vertical and ran a 4.29 short shuttle. The Seahawks will always back themselves to bring out elite potential.

Gary isn’t the only one with a sensational athletic profile though and Montez Sweat and Jeffery Simmons both have a top-level of athleticism (although clearly that’s only a projection with Simmons given his injury has prevented him from working out). Brian Burns is also incredibly dynamic.

3. What type of defensive linemen do the Seahawks need?

I think ideally they come away with someone who can act as a base-end and play any down/distance plus someone with great athleticism and quickness to be more of a specialist rusher.

Adding a defensive tackle at some point would also be appealing.

They now have to replace three 2018 projected starters — Shamar Stephen, Frank Clark and Dion Jordan. They will sign some veteran free agents after the draft having protected their 2020 comp picks. The Seahawks could be major players at that stage because trading Clark just freed up $17m in cap space for 2019.

There are lots of combinations you could run through. Rashan Gary early then maybe one of Chase Winovich, Ben Banogu or Justin Hollins later. That would be your base-end and your high-upside type. If they took Montez Sweat early maybe you look at L.J. Collier, Anthony Nelson, Charles Omenihu or Keke Kinglsey later.

Or, as suggested earlier, you go for a draft steal reminiscent of the Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril free agency heist by drafting Rashan Gary and Jeffery Simmons.

There’s a lot of work to do on the D-line and it’ll take more than one high pick and a couple of veterans to fill the holes.

4. Trading down is still likely

The Seahawks still only have five picks. That’s not enough. It’s a nice thought to imagine landing two big-name players at #21 and #29. The bigger picture demands you collect more picks and fill out your roster. They need depth and competition.

The Clark trade simply opens up the possibility of using #21 if the right player is available. It’s still fairly possible the right player won’t be available and that the Seahawks will trade down. Even if they use #21 — that would simply put #29 in play for a trade back into round two.

A lot of fans won’t like this thought but the value of this draft class is day two. Turning #21 and #29 into multiple day-two picks could be the target and could be Seattle’s way of controlling the meaty area of the 2019 draft.

5. The Seahawks are well placed to trade down

Make no mistake — teams will want to get ahead of Baltimore at #22 and Green Bay at #30. The Ravens have big needs at receiver and the offensive line (as do several other teams in the 20’s and 30’s). The Packers are expected to try and draft a weapon for Aaron Rodgers and some believe they may even target a quarterback late in the first. There will almost certainly be offers for Seattle’s two first round picks.

6. Get your pass rushers early

In his pre-draft press conference yesterday, John Schneider commented that while it’s a great draft for defensive linemen, he expects a drop-off after round three.

Here’s something else to consider — according to Bob McGinn’s scouting sources, next years draft will be ‘the year of the receiver’.

Every draft is a puzzle. You’re trying to find positional value points. Do they decide it’s better to target (for example) Gary Jennings in round four at receiver and focus on the D-line early? Can they get a defensive back in round three (Marvell Tell, Amani Hooker)?

7. Could they trade for a veteran?

The Seahawks are currently projected to own 12 picks in 2020 including five in the first three rounds. The Chiefs traded Dee Ford to San Francisco for a 2020 second rounder. I can’t imagine who they might be interested in but would the Seahawks make a similar move? Would they trade a 2020 pick for an unwanted veteran elsewhere?

8. What are the other positions to consider early?

A run on receivers is going to start in the 20’s or 30’s. Last year the Seahawks kicked off a run on running backs by taking Rashaad Penny at #27. Will history repeat at a different position?

N’Keal Harry, Terry McLaurin and Parris Campbell all ‘fit’ the Seahawks. They value a combination of quickness, athleticism, grit and character.

You can’t play in Seattle’s offense if you expect 10 targets a game and to be the focal point of the offense. They need guys who understand the situation — you’ll not get monster stats. Tyler Lockett and Doug Baldwin are rare individuals. Either would be much more productive playing for other teams. You never ever hear them complain about it though.

Harry, McLaurin and Campbell fit that personality mould.

It also helps that Harry is productive as a downfield playmaker (22% scoring rate on deep passes), McLaurin loves to block, play special teams and he ran a 4.35 and Campbell ran a 4.31 and looks like a sturdier Percy Harvin.

Whether it’s at #29 or after a small trade down — acquiring an extra pick has put the Seahawks in a great position to land a receiver they really want.

They could also focus on the secondary. With Carroll having so much success coaching defensive backs they’re less inclined to spend high picks on this unit. However, there are a couple of sensational athletes in this class who could be of interest — Juan Thornhill and Darnell Savage. It helps both players collected turnovers in 2018.

They’re also very versatile and capable of playing nickel, ‘big nickel’ and safety.

There are other defensive backs you could mention. Byron Murphy is a class act but is he athletic enough? They met with Justin Layne and Sean Bunting but it’d be a turn up for the books if Seattle drafted an outside corner early.

One of the early picks will almost certainly go on a defensive lineman. Unless they double-dip, the strong money is on receiver and defensive back being their next two priorities.

9. Scouting quotes

Courtesy of Bob McGinn. Each quote is from a separate anonymous scout.

Montez Sweat

“I think it will be a pure judgment call for every medical staff… We’re meeting on it this week.”

“(Josh) Allen and Sweat are very similar guys… One-year big production guys. Long and lanky. Look the part. Are they Pro Bowl-caliber players? I don’t think so. They’re going to get drafted where Pro Bowl-caliber players get drafted. I like him, but he’s not Von Miller.”

“He’s a gangly athlete. He gets beat up at the point of attack. As a rusher, he’s not a fluid-moving guy. He wins with his length. Just kind of a one-trick pony. He’s scary. He does play hard. But his workout numbers and what you see on the field are two different things.”

“Inside stab. Inside move and he gets his arms under. He’s got such great arm length. I don’t like his person, but with that length and that speed he can develop if he’ll take coaching.”

Clelin Ferrell

“He’s one of my favorite players… His production is unbelievable. He knows how to play. He’s not an elite athlete but he maximizes everything he has.”

“He’s kind of that tweener pass rusher, those guys that look the part physically but just don’t have the twitch and the traits that make you a really good one… I don’t see where he wins consistently. He’s not going to win with his strength or power on the inside or bull rush and he’s not fast enough to consistently win on the outside. In college, they had those two first-round D-tackles that were taking up three interior (blockers) so he was blocked one-on-one a lot on the outside. I like him. He just doesn’t have that twitch.”

Brian Burns

“He’s got a basketball body… Has a legitimate chance to be one of those up-down guys. A rusher on third down and play as an off-the-ball linebacker. He can drop and cover. Ran like a scalded dog

“He’s better coming out as a pass rusher than Leonard Floyd… More productive. Got a more natural knack for it. You’re checking the pass-rush box with him. Somebody will probably take a chance. It might be late 1.”

“The weight obviously was manufactured for the combine… I think he plays in the 235 range. He’s just not that big of a guy. You’re going to get bounced around a lot if he’s 235, 240. He’s very nimble as a pass rusher. He’s got some bend to him. He’s got a nice spin move inside. He can work the edge. He’s a six, seven, eight sack guy.”

“Not very tough or physical… Weak against the run. He’s got to win with his get-off. After that he doesn’t have moves and isn’t strong. Doesn’t have finish. He’s an athlete, not a football player.”

Jaylon Ferguson

“He had 44 sacks, which is pretty impressive… You can’t have 44 sacks without having some skill. He’s fluid. He has a feel for it. If a guy’s overplaying him he comes underneath. A lot of them were when the quarterback was running around and he cleaned up and got him. He will have to work to be more of a complete player. At this point you’d look at him as a designated pass rusher. If you teach him to play the run better you might have a heck of a find.”

“Sacks translate… He doesn’t have the twitch to be a true DPR. He will have to be a guy that wins with power. He played LSU and Mississippi State this year and had like three, 3 ½ sacks in those games. He steps up when the competition steps up.”

Oshane Ximines

“I got a little bit intoxicated with his person… I think he’s going to will himself to win. He’s going to be a situational pass rusher. Not a good kid. Great kid.”

“He’s a yoked-up guy… He’s got some body armor. He has better play strength than weight-room strength even though he looks like he hasn’t missed a day in the weight room. I know he doesn’t have elite long speed but he has short-area quickness, agility and contact balance. At the Senior Bowl he looked great. He’s got a great motor. His sack production looks like it can translate because he has the tools to build a repertoire of moves and make them all work.”

Chase Winovich

“What a (bleep) wild horse rider guy he is. He is going to play 10 years in the NFL. I don’t give a (bleep) what anybody says. He must be in the huddle when they call the plays because he gets to the ball. Some 3-4 team might try him as a linebacker but I don’t see that in him. Forget all that height-weight-speed (bleep). Put on the film and see who makes the plays.”

“He’s kind of a big-time millennial guy… He really started to feel himself in the branding. Some of that stuff bothers me. But then he is a good football player. All the Michigan tape was Chase Winovich making plays.”

“He plays his butt off. He’s a complete player. He refuses not to be. He’s one of those guys that has the heart of a lion. His intensity is infectious.”

“He’s like a big, dumb puppy… He wants attention all the time. He could polarize teammates that way. The older guys will roll their eyes at him and the younger guys think he’s the man … he’s not super-gifted but he’s not a stiff, either. At pro day he did outside linebacker drills and looked really good. I think a 3-4 team will pick him higher than a 4-3 team.”

Rashan Gary

“He plays along the line on his feet, he’s explosive, he’s got twitch, he’s got a great get-off and lean… His skill level is in the top 5 to 10%. His production is in the top 40%. We see him as a 5-technique but he could be a 3-technique. With that speed he can play on the right side.”

“His whole life he has been the biggest, fastest person… With that you don’t have to strain and do the extras. I think that’s what happened to him. Everything was just so easy for him that he hasn’t incorporated that internal high motor to match his physical gifts. The production is not there… You see him anchor and toss people. You see him bull rush and stab guys. Then you don’t see it. He and Ed Oliver have a chance to bust. He’s just always been so much better than everyone else that he never had to try to kick your ass.”

“I wish I had him… When he’s visible, he’s visible.”

Jeffery Simmons

“He’s kind of a combination of (Dexter) Lawrence and (Christian) Wilkins… I have them Wilkins, Simmons and Lawrence. He has better athletic ability than Lawrence. He can play anywhere from 0- to 3-technique. He might even be a 5-technique. I don’t see him as a great anchor on the inside. Where Lawrence is more of a pure anchor I think Simmons is a good anchor that has better pass-rush ability.”

“He’s a pretty complete player if he can get back to healthy… He’s a tremendous kid. He had that one incident.”

N’Keal Harry

“He ran a lot better than he played… He’s got really good hands. He has a chance to be a No. 1 (WR). He’s not one to take the top off, and that’s what all the coaches want. They want a speed guy to run as deep as you can. He goes over the middle and runs slants. He’ll be a good player.”

“He’s a good possession receiver… He’ll be one of those 60 catch a year guys. Not a big red-zone threat. Not a big-time difference-maker. You’re still going to be looking for better.”

Terry McLaurin

“It’s hard to find receivers that play good on special teams. This guy does.”

“He is like the anti-wide receiver… Zero diva. He understands special teams, and that’s how you get on the field. It’s just his whole mindset. Some guys say that and it’s bull—-. This kid really gets it.”

“He’s sharp. He’s at a different level. He’s so far above most college players when it comes to how he presents himself. There’s no way you miss on this guy. I don’t know if he’ll ever be a Pro Bowler (at wide receiver) but he’s going to be a really dependable player for a long time. There’s no downside.”

Parris Campbell

“He is electric with the ball in his hands… He’s really fast, and he plays every bit of that when he’s got the ball. His hands are the least natural of the (top receivers) but he’s worked pretty hard to improve them. High character. Played the same position that Curtis Samuel played and Percy Harvin played for Urban (Meyer) in Florida. Kind of a hybrid receiver-running back. He’s going to need some work with routes to play a conventional wide receiver position but the guy’s a big-time playmaker. Golden Tate is a lot like him.”

“You’ve seen the run after the catch that you know will easily transfer to the league… At least you know he can do that really well. The way the game is played now with all this quick stuff, he fits right in.”

10. Predict some scenarios

The conservative prediction
#21 Rashan Gary (DE) or Montez Sweat (EDGE)
#29 Trade down and select a receiver or defensive back

The dominate day two prediction
#21 Trade down and select BPA at DL, WR or DB
#29 Trade down and select BPA at DL, WR or DB

The Hail Mary
#21 Rashan Gary (DE)
#29 Jeffery Simmons (DT)

Maize and Blue
#21 Rashan Gary
#29 Trade down and select Chase Winovich

Pressure percentages
#21 Montez Sweat (EDGE) or Brian Burns (EDGE)
#29 Trade down and select Jaylon Ferguson (DE)

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my final mock draft to be sent for Huddle Report scoring. I’ll consider doing some kind of video too — maybe a live Google Hangout.

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  1. JaviOsullivan

    Time to mock draft.

    Pick 21. Give me Brian Burns
    *Pick 29. Trade down with Bengals for #42 and #72.
    Pick 42. Darnell Savage
    Pick 72. L.J. Collier still available??? or Terry McLaurin.
    Pick 92. Max Scharping
    Pick 124. Blake Cashman
    Pick 159. Derrek Thomas

    And I think it’s likely that we have another trade down with #124 to get more late picks.

    • ZB

      Deja Vu?

      • Troy

        21: R1P21
        29: R1P29
        92: R3P28
        124: R4P22
        159: R5P21

  2. j

    With so many picks next year we can’t rule out that they trade up from 21, using a 2019 pick. I don’t believe it is particularly likely but could happen if the right guy is there near 21.

    • Ely

      I’d like to see a Trade down on both 21 and 29. Get Trystan Hill and Chase Winovich and then best available combo of WR and hybrid DB with acquired picks. Either way the draft just got more exciting. They fairly easily pick 7 times now and I expect that they will do that one way or another.

      With Kyler all but for sure going to AZ do you think that puts a higher priority on these super athletic hybrid DB’s? They now have to combat both The Rams and Kyler will throw a whole new dimension to Defending AZ. I would be totally okay if they double dipped on both DL an DB and waited on WR

  3. Saxon

    Great job by Schneider and Carroll. They got good value for Clark.

    But now I know why Pete looked so morose in his interview yesterday. Ultimately the team just got worse. Rookie pass rushers take time to develop so even if we land a couple studs we’re going to have to blitz more. DB just became even more important.

    • Rob Staton

      I thought Pete looked refreshed and energised.

      • hawkdawg

        I agree. Pete looked fine. Jacked and ready to go, as ever…

      • KD

        He can take his mind off this distraction now. He knows full well that he and the rest of the NFL face constraints. I think he, JS and the rest of the staff really wanted to keep Clark as well as Wilson, Wagner and Reed, but you have to deal with constraints. Wilson, at least in hindsight, was a no-brainer. Wagner is just too established as, IMO, the best LB in the NFL and Reed is now bursting with potential at a position that they have been starving at for years. I’m sure they all wanted to keep Clark around, and we all did, but then reality hits you in the face and you have to make a choice. Given the contract that Clark was seeking, i’m glad PCJS made the decision they did and learned from their past mistakes with Thomas and Sherman.

        Of the big 3 contracts left, I’m glad that they prioritized Wagner and Reed over Clark. Pass rush is now the clear hole on the roster, and Thursday is going to be a thrill-fest now.

        GET DAT HYPE!

    • AlaskaHawk

      At least Pete doesn’t have to answer any more questions about the likelihood of Clark being traded.

  4. Volume12

    😂😂😂 Man I ‘m dying over here.


    • Sea Mode


      • Volume12

        Where u been bruh? Everything good?

    • cha

      That is brilliant.

  5. GauxGaux

    just putting this out in the universe… Bark Mingo taking a “sophomore” leap?

    • mishima

      He’s been in the league for 6 years.

      • GauxGaux

        clarifying… taking a “sophomore” leap within our system? or are we writing him off?

        • Kenny Sloth

          Maybe a minute improvement, but he’s currently our 4th best LB and probably will only get worse from there

    • FlappyHawkLord69

      Barky Mingo is a human missile comin off the weak side. His leap will be more of a nitro boost

  6. Volume12

    Trade 21 for a late 1st and a 3rd, trade 29 for a second rounder and another 3rd? 4th?

  7. cha

    Rob is there something you’ve read that the Hawks are definitely moving on from Dion Jordan? Or just the fact that they haven’t re-signed him and you feel if they valued him they’d have already locked him up?

    He feels like the CJ Prosise of the defense. Tantalizing talent but always banged up. Still I’d look at bringing him back for the minimum after the dust settles from the draft and secondary FA.

    • Rob Staton

      If they were going to keep Dion he’d be signed by now. Not even a whisper.

  8. charlietheunicorn

    I’ll be honest, I can’t recall the Seahawks getting this much ink from the national press, for the last 2 weeks, since…. well… SB49 and if Lynch would talk to the press…. but prior to that…. EVER.

    • BobbyK

      Or the previous couple of weeks before this when the Russell Wilson contract crap was all over.

      • BobbyK

        So thankful that weird saga is over.

        Wonder how much of trading Clark had to do with getting nothing for Sherman or Thomas; having all these guys and know you can’t pay them all; or what.

        When Pete says something, it’s usually true. He seemed rather adamant for quite some time that Frank would be a Seahawk in ’19. Didn’t happen.

        • Tecmo Bowl

          While it pains to see Clark go, getting serious draft compensation is refreshing. Have to think getting burned with Earl, Sherm, Kam, Avril etc. had to play a role in making todays trade. This is JS/PC tenth draft together, time flies!, it seems like theyve grown in that time. In yesterdays presser it looked like JS had to bite his tongue a couple times. Past years perhaps he gave too much to the media. Ditto for PC.

  9. GauxGaux

    Trade 2020 2nd pick for Jacoby Brissett… 😉

  10. Volume12

    Juan Thornhill is gonna be a Seahawk by the end of the weekend.

    • Coleslaw

      Agreed. Hes the perfect fit.

      21. Rashan Gary
      30something. Juan Thornhill

      My dream scenario

      • RealRhino2

        Just going to put this out there, I’m not really a fan of Gary. Do we know what weight he played at? On film he looks lighter than what he weighed in at at the combine, bodies don’t seem to bounce off of him, instead he seems to two often get swallowed up by blockers.

    • ZB

      That’s what I thought about Byron Jones and Obi Melifonwu.

      Every year I write down the top players I really want the seahawks to draft…..Every year I’m wrong. But hey, that’s just me.

      • Volume12

        Lol. Nah. It’s not just you. We all have our hits and misses.

        • DCD2

          True. I was on the Obi train as well as Kevin King and Joel Bitonio. Last year I was all about Mo Hurst (pre heart condition). Going back to my first year as a serious draft follower, I broke my remote throwing it on the ground when we passed up David DeCastro for Bruce Irvin.

          It happens to all of us. At least we all were in the know on Shaquem and Dissley last year!

          This year seems tougher to peg than the last couple, in my opinion. Especially now with how many ways they can go in terms of trade-downs or stand-pats.

      • laphroaig

        Don’t you dare write down the names of any of the players *I* want. No, I’m not telling you which ones. You’ll jinx ’em!

    • Kenny Sloth

      I absolutely also think so.

      I’ve been considering that they might camp on the DB class and see what shakes out.

      Take a DL or two and a WR in the second and early third and see what’s left

      • Hawktalker#1

        Torn between him and Chauncey Gardner-Johnson.


        • Kenny Sloth

          I like them both a lot. I think CGJ is more physical but Thornhill has an extremely high ceiling. They both play a ton of nickel back,

          CGJ might be better right now, but I think Thornhill will go earlier.

          Wouldn’t be mad about either for the Hawks. This is a deeper safety class than most recent years

          Nice big bubble of safety talent through the second round. I expect well pick a DB before day 2 ends

          • Kenny Sloth

            Whether they get ahead of the pack and pick at the start of the expected run on rd 2 safeties or wait to see what trickles down later on day 2 will be hugely revealing for me

  11. ZB

    Rob….How different would your articles have been the last few months if you knew we had 2 fists instead of one?

    • ZB


      • Stuart

        I don’t know, I kinda like fists.

        • HawksBill

          Two fists are always better than one.

    • Rob Staton

      Well we’d have talked more about options at #21 because now they can trade down from #29. But generally speaking everything else would’ve been the same.

  12. DCD2

    “I can’t imagine who they might be interested in but would the Seahawks make a similar move? Would they trade a 2020 pick for an unwanted veteran elsewhere?”

    What about Gerald McCoy from TB? They’ve been shopping him pretty hard and he’s definitely not happy there. He might be had for a later 2020 pick, I would think. Could be an option.

    • cha

      That is what I was thinking as well. A Reed-McCoy-Poona interior with Green, Martin and Draft Pick on the edges could be very passable.

      Bonus: None of McCoy’s next 3 seasons are guaranteed. If he doesn’t perform or has a problem they can cut him loose with no cap hit.

  13. HawksBill

    If Clelin Ferrell is there at #21 I think the Seahawks will jump to the podium to draft him. They would be lucky to get him there and he certainly won’t last to #29.

    Otherwise I expect them to trade out of the 1st altogether.

  14. zpsi

    Thoughts on Noah Fant possibly falling to 21? Seahawks definitely have a need at TE.

    • Rob Staton

      Not for me — too early for a TE and I can live without another highly drafted move-TE needing his targets to justify the investment.

  15. Coleslaw

    No promises as this is all for fun but here’s my “final” mock draft. I’ve got a couple options depending on where we want a TE and if we want 7 or 8 picks. Half dream scenario, half trying to be realistic.

    1.21. Rashan Gary DE Michigan
    2.38. Juan Thornhill DB Virginia
    3.92. Oshane Ximinez DE Old Dominion
    3.98. Jace Sternberger TE Texas A&M
    4.124. Gary Jennings WR WVU
    5.159. Greg Gaines DT UW
    7.236. Alec Ingold FB

    Trade 29 to Jacksonville for 38, 98 and 236


    1.21. Rashan Gary DE Michigan
    2.38. Juan Thornhill DB Virginia
    3.92. Oshane Ximinez DE Old Dominion
    4.103. Kaden Smith TE Stanford
    4.124. Gary Jennings WR WVU
    5.159. Greg Gaines DT UW
    6.174. Jamal Peters CB Mississippi State
    7.236. Alec Ingold FB

    Trade 29 to Jacksonville for 38, 98 and 236
    Trade 98 to Arizona for 103 and 174

    • Dog

      I dunno about Gary at 21. The characterization of him in Rob’s article (especially as compared to Winowich) is exactly how I saw him last year while watching M games. “High bust potential” was used in the article, because he has never had to work hard. The guy just worries me that way, despite his elite athleticism. I would take Chase all day long.

  16. VashonALL

    Question Rob,
    If I can crank out the framework of a sdb draft competition tonight and email it to you would you be willing to give it a dedicated thread?
    It would be fun for us to do something, provided that it doesn’t increase your current work load.

    • SoCal12

      I’d be game for this if it pans out. I love entering stuff like this cuz I think it’s fun to see how far off I am with what NFL teams are thinking

    • Hawktalker#1

      Go man go

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure I’ve got time to run a competition on top of the writing.

      • VashonALL

        If you are willing to cut & paste from the email onto a new dedicated thread your involvement would be complete. It’s all set and drawn up. Give the green light & I’ll send it to your listed address for this site. It would be fun.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I really want to do a community big board or a draft pool, but I would want a lot more prep time, personally.

          We should start talking about a seahawksdraftblog fantasy football league for next season tho! I always mention it way too late and everybody’s already in one!

          • VashonALL

            Got to start somewhere. I’d like to get one going now and with all of the feed back it will evolve, grow & improve when next year’s big draft rolls around.

            • DCD2

              I’d be in for that as well. Happy to commish/set it up if no one else wants to. I’ve done it in my other league for years. Finding a draft time that fits everyone’s schedule is always the hardest part.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Projecting just the Seahawks selections or all the 1-32 round one picks?

      • VashonALL

        Just the Seahawks. Short version is that we each get 12 picks. You get points for a correct player selected plus a bonus if you gave the correct round. A couple of tie breakers. No explanations required.

  17. John_s

    Hypothetical – NY Giants trade back in to the 1st to draft a QB be it Daniel Jones or Will Grier. Seattle gets 37, 108, 143

    21 – Burns / Sweat / Simmons / Gary / Farrell
    37 – Savage / Thornhill / Harry / Lindstrom
    84 – Hardman / Gary Jennings / Collier / Omenihu
    108 – Joe Jackson
    124 – Marvell Tell
    143 – Drew Sample / Trevin Wesco / Foster Moreau
    159 – Drew Lewis / Justice Hill / Martez Ivey / Samia

    If we could get any combination I would be happy

    • HawksBill

      I don’t think Joe Jackson will fall to the 3rd. Nfl size, strength, and proven production.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I think he will. Dude is a tweener, not an explosive tester, but his tape is really nice.

        In such a loaded class someone’s gonna fall. I could see him go in the late 2nd for sure. He looks like a solid rotation piece. I wouldn’t mind him for Seattle if we didnt already have Green in that mold

  18. kevin mullen


    Too many scenarios to handle!!!

    Seriously, really bummed about FC being traded, I think his proclamation that it’s “his defense now..” rant was worth more than most people think. But in the end, the offer was better for us in long run.

    I’m rooting for us to draft N’Keal Harry now.

  19. GerryG

    For me I’m drafting two DL in the first rd, which could still mean trading down from 21, but stay in the first for the fifth year option. I think the fifth year option has value, you could have one more year of Franck Clark (twice if you draft well).

    Then I’m selling that new second rd pick and something else for a second this year. We need top talent this year. I’m fine with only having ten picks next year. We probably trade down next year anyway.

    • Rob Staton

      It’d probably take both 2020 second round picks to get back into round two this year. Hard to trade up from #93 into round two. I can’t imagine any way at all they pull a stunt like that.

      If they trade up it’ll be a lot more modest — and it’d have to be for a top player who maybe fell into round three (something like their trade-up for Lockett). What’s more likely IMO is they use some of their 2020 stock to trade for a veteran.

      • GerryG

        That works for me as well.

        I feel the DL is lacking so much, they need that new second rd pick to become an impact this season

  20. no frickin clue

    A question on the Seahawky DL prospects with injury issues, Gary and Simmons:

    – if the Hawks were to draft either of them in rd1, is that a signal that they are prepping for 2020? Maybe moreso for Simmons since his injury recovery will probably take longer.

    – wouldn’t any team thinking of taking either of these guys prefer to trade into the bottom of rd1, since it brings with it an extra year of team control, assuming they go ahead with the 5th year option? If Simmons were to fall into rd2, and his first year being a wash, that leaves only potentially three productive years before you might lose him. That could play into the hands of the Hawks who still only have 5 picks this year.

    • Rob Staton

      I think you can equally prepare to be highly competitive and 2019 while also spending a first round pick on someone with immense talent who might not contribute right away.

  21. Madmark

    Frank Clark’s last twitter has me believing that he didn’t want to be here anymore. He said that Seattle used him to get what they wanted. Maybe I’m reading to much into it but I think there was more going on behind closed doors and that we lucked out this time by getting something in return before everything went to hell and a hand bag. Bring a Nick Perry in at the right time, resign Reed and Wagner, and make the next 2 drafts great ones going forward. Sunny Days I hope.

    • Hawktalker#1

      It’s easy to make assumptions now that he’s gone. Just because he’s gone doesn’t mean he was a problem or they thought he was going to be a problem. Most likely was just as Rob stated, they just we’re not willing to pay him what he was worth.

      • ZB

        Nah, I think were willing to pay him what he was worth. Just not what he thought he was worth.

        • Hawktalker#1

          Naw, He was worth what someone paid him. They weren’t paying that.

  22. MJL

    After that scouting report I want Chase Winovich on this team.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I am a big Winovich fan as well. I think if he could be a target for them maybe you trade back at 21 and just select him at 29. Most likely you could go further back and get him but if you really want him dont mess around and just get him.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I saw a CBS Sports mock having the Seahawks take him at 29 and a Walter Football mock take him at 92. Pretty big gap there.

        • Hawktalker#1

          Those variances are very common. Still some crazy mocks/big boards out there too.

    • Dale Roberts

      A few UDFA names to consider:

      Jazz Ferguson – WR – NW Louisiana St. – 6’5″, 227, 34 1/4 arms, 4.45, 37″ vertical – Why no hype?
      Olive Sagapolu – DT – Wisconsin 342 LB run stuffer
      Alec Ingold – FB – Wisconsin
      Dax Raymond – TE – Utah State
      Donald Parham – TE – Stetson – More receiver than TE but he’s 6’8″ and can catch
      Isaiah Mack – DT – Chattanooga – 6′ 2″ 305, 4.94, 32.5 vertical, conference defensive player of the year
      Johnny Dwight – DT – Alabama – 6′ 2″, 301
      Chris Johnson – S – North Alabama – 6′ 2″, 200, 4.45
      Kyle Phillips – DE – Tennessee – 6′ 4″, 277, 4.65
      Daniel Wise – DT – Kansas – 6′ 3″, 281. 3-tech performed well at Shrine game.
      Dion Harris – CB – North Dakota – 6′ 3″, 201, 4.59, 34.5 vert, 10-1 broad

      Malik Carney – Rush LB – North Carolina
      B.J. Autry – G – Jacksonville State – 6′ 3″, 350
      LaDarius Wiley – S – Vanderbilt
      Vitas Hrynkiewicz – OG – Youngstown St.
      Michael Onouha – DE – Texas A&M Commerce – 6′ 6″, 260
      Lanard Bonner – OT – Arkansas St. – 6’5″, 330lbs.
      Olisaemeka Udoh – OT/G – Villanova – 6’5, 327lbs that could add weight. Enormous person.
      Jordan Sims – G – Ole Miss – 6’3″, 330lbs
      Jesse Aniebonam – DE – Maryland
      Oluwole Betiku Jr. – DE – USC grad transfer – highly athletic but very, very raw
      Keelan Doss – WR – Cal Davis
      Derek Mahaffey – DL – Chattanooga
      JJ Holmes – DL – Kansas
      Jay-Tee Tiuli – DL – Eastern Washington – 6′ 4″, 310
      Josh Lewis – CB – Eastern Washington – 6′, 190, 4.25, 37.5 vert

  23. Michigan 12th

    Give me Chase Winovich. That dude tested good and is a football player first and foremost. I will be ecstatic if we leave this draft with him. I really like McLauren as well. I am just tired of all the drama lately. Just get us some people who want to ball and other teams worry about the high profile flashy drama players that put up big numbers. Just give me guys that produce at a high level and put the team first.

    • FlappyHawkLord69

      Totally agree. Winovich and McLauren would be perfect Seahawks. It would be nice to land them for the right price. I’m thinking late 2nd to early 3rd. Trade out of 21 for a 2nd and 3rd, take a strong D-end/pocket collapsing type at 29, and then go get Winovich and McLauren. From what the scouts are saying, however, those two might not last very long.

  24. Madmark

    So in the interview with Pete Carol he mention about not always looking at the fastest or physicals attributes or you will miss out on some really good players. I think with all the gifts Clark had you think Seattle decided to keep Jaren Reed with 10 sacks in the middle for 13 to 15 million instead of keeping Clark with his 13 sacks at 21 million?

    • Hawktalker#1

      If it were only that simple . . .

    • Jacob Gebauer

      Hes telling us were drafting Waylon Ferguson

      • Madmark

        When I first started looking at the Seattle draft I was completely lost but I made my mock draft with other sites early in 2008. Thank god for this site which I found in 2010 and I’ll tell ya I didn’t know as much as I do now. My best sleeper draft pick was Travis Kelce instead of Michael Christian. Still upset about that one. I’ve learned a lot from Rob on evaluating players. I’m not saying I’m always right I just saying is every year I draft someone for Seattle even if we don’t draft them I will watch them in the NFL. I will tell you there are a few all pros. I even got lucky on a few UDFA picks last couple drafts. It could be Jaylon Fergusion but think about trading down with 2 1st and getting 4 picks in the 60 to 125 range to fill out the roster and bring a Nick Perry who I think would work in a more 4-3 scheme than 3-4 green bay ran. Come on rob I need a mock draft trade to due one before the draft.

  25. charlietheunicorn

    I respect Bucky Brooks, he actually was a scout for a living for a number of years.

    I thought this was very interesting from him on a recent NFL.com article….
    rating PROBOWL/ALLPRO potential of some of the draft picks.

    (I whittled out some of the guys who are not in contention or very likely top 20 picks)

    ALL PRO (7 GUYS)
    3) Jeffery Simmons, DT, Mississippi State

    PRO BOWL (18 GUYS)
    8) Montez Sweat, Edge, Mississippi State
    15) Rashan Gary, Edge, Michigan

    2) Taylor Rapp, S, Washington
    3) Darnell Savage, S, Maryland
    5) Jaylon Ferguson, Edge, Louisiana Tech

    • Barry

      Defiantly something to consider giving a nod to.

  26. SamL

    Here it goes, my prediction on the unpredictable draft…
    Trades: Trade with Cincinnati #29 to #42 for 3rd and 5th

    Pick 21
    – Clelin Ferrell Edge. The Seahawks are desperate for defensive line help and get a steal at 21 by drafting Ferrell who is consistent and has a high floor.

    Pick 42
    – Darnel Savage S/ NCB. This is the pick that really stumped me. Do they go d-line again? Do they grab Terry Mclaurin? Here I have them adding a playmaker to the defense and a good Justin Coleman replacement and eventual Bradley Mcdougald replacement.

    – Jace Sternberger TE. Next year is going to be a good wide receiver class by some accounts so the seahawks decide to address the need at receiver next year and grab Sternberger to take some targets if something bad happens with Baldwin.
    – With their second 3rd I have the Seahawks trading up with some of next year’s capital and selecting DeAndre Walker Edge. Walker can easily take over BM role and set the edge against the run and then compete with Jacob Martin on passing downs.

    – Armon Watts DT. Seahawks grab a good run stuffing DT to rotate with poona.

    – Yearly corner convert
    – I have no idea maybe a WR

    • HawksBill

      No problem for me with your first 4 picks.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Good stuff.

  27. FallbrookHawk

    Really like the Clark trade. Seahawks have a lot of 270 lb. to 290 lb. defensive players on the roster. Would like a very large DT in the 320 lb. range early and a draft that favored bigger players weight wise early with our 2nd and 3rd round picks.

    So, after 2 or three trade downs and maybe first pick around 31 or 32 that gets us about 8 picks:

    Get big defensive tackle over 320 lb., ,an every down defensive end, and a large blocking TE. Then maybe a 4.3 speed WR, a 4.3 speed DB, a coachable OL about 330 lbs., finally a couple of projects, maybe another DE and an RB?

    Thursday will be fun. Go Hawks, get those trades!

    • RealRhino2

      I like the big DT. I’d be good with Dexter Lawrence either at 29 or after a small move back if you thought he could lose 10-20 lbs.

    • hawkdawg

      We already have a large blocking tight end–Will Dissly. The only reason to spend a mid-to high round choice on another one is if we have significant doubts Dissly can come back….

  28. Alcohawk


    With the cash savings could the Seahawks sign Ziggy Ansah? Would that count against the comp picks?

    • Hawktalker#1

      This Q has been asked so so many times.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Asked and answered . . .

    • Rob Staton

      It won’t a few days after the draft.

      Ansah is injured all the time and lacks heart.

  29. Eli

    That anonymous quote about Sweat and Allen being one-year production types was weird to me – Allen has 31 sacks over the last three years (though 17 did come last year) and Sweat had 10.5 and 12 the last two

  30. line_hawk

    This is the most exciting moment of PC/JS reign since Bennett/Avril signing. For once, they are thinking about the longer term instead of short-sighted trades for overpriced players. They need to sell high and this is exactly what they did here (unlike Sherman/Thomas). Kind of a New England type of a move.

    Also, for as good a player as Clark is, he is not a game wrecker. Imagine Sherman and Thomas single-handedly changing the opposing team’s game plans. Giving them top of the market deals was a no-brainer. Clark is not them. He is a good player but he is not worth breaking the bank on. Glad this is over. Now, go get some young players.

    Among all the chatter about the Dline, do they consider Hockensen if he is there at 21?

    • KD

      >he is not a game wrecker

      I agree. There are very few defensive players who are absolute game wreckers. Aaron Donald is one of them. No argument there. JJ Watt? When healthy, yes. Khalil Mack, no question.

      Is Clark’s value so high that it warrants that kind of contract? To someone else, yes, as KC has clearly shown. But not to this team as opposed to Wagner and Reed, if you can only keep two of those three.

      This was the right decision, and I just hope that they make that first pick with the same gravity that they made the decision to trade Clark with.

      • Hawktalker#1


        • KD

          Thanks very much for the +12. My reasoning is that Wagner is a HOF level LB, and Reed is that DT that the Hawks have attempted to draft for in the past, have looked for for a very long time, but now they have him. An edge rusher is easier to find than it is to a HOF level LB and a stud pass rushing DT. Considering the circumstances, replacing Clark is relatively easy, and i do stress the word RELATIVELY.

          • Hawktalker#1

            I’m sure the trade was a difficult decision. But it has been made, so now the hole that was left needs to be properly filled.

  31. 6x2 stack monster

    I see best 5 technique run stopping MOFO pass rush guy. Was supposed to be McDowell. Who now? Gary? Trade up for Q. Williams? Trading Clark puts them in position to finally find “that guy”. To me, that’s the missing piece on defense to get back to being the bully on defense.

    • KD

      There are two realities that have to be faced here:

      1.) Hawks still have only 5 picks total. They need to negotiate those 5 into more than that.
      2.) By trading Clark, the Hawks have a massive pass rush hole that needs to be addressed.

      Essentially, the Seahawks have traded UP to the 21st pick. Everyone already expected them to trade back from 21, but now that they have 29, they can still target the player they have been watching by trading back from 29 but still keep #21. They can just as easily do the opposite by trading back from 21 and keeping 29 if they are confident.

      Dude, day 1 is going to be lit as hell! Can’t wait.

      • Nick

        Can’t wait either. Go Hawks.

  32. James

    Rob, you are amazing. You have outdone yourself with your comprehensive analysis of the Seahawks draft scene, many thanks for helping all of us enjoy this process so much.

    We just added an extra R1, which is the equivalent of adding three mid-round picks. If John wanted more picks, he got them. The total number of picks is far less important than where the picks are. After all, who wouldn’t rather have two R1’s rather than nine R7’s?

    I guess we will learn about the Seahawk’s draft board, if they have a large group bunched together with little difference, all with R2 grades. If they have 5 or 6 WRs equally rated, then I suppose they can trade down into R2 and gain an extra R4, and still get one of their guys. The same with the DEs. I kind of suspect they may move down a few slots from #21 but stay in R1, and so have two late picks on the first day, because I think there will be guys on their board rated well above the ones available twenty picks later. My hope is John and Pete will stay in R1 and pick their top DE and WR. They can land more than enough depth in R3, R4 and R5. Next year, they can basically restock the entire team.

    • Rob Staton

      This is what people need to remember though. You might want them to pick at 21 and 29. If they have 40 guys graded in the same block and can draft four times on day two that is better than making a pick just so the wazzocks on Twitter can tell us how it is.

  33. Darnell

    Rob, are you just not a fan of the Oline options in the early to mid 2nd round?

    McGary, Cajuste, Risner, Jenkins, Lindstrom would all be nice additions to a unit that has long been an issue for Seattle.

    • Hawktalker#1

      OL is just not the biggest need/priority.

      • Barry

        Yes but you never know with our FO and we have a RT not getting re-up’d.

    • Rob Staton

      O-line not a priority need

      • Barry

        Was Christine Michael?

        • Rob Staton

          Yes definitely.

          They were ready to move on from Lynch. People better believe that. They got tired of his act a lot longer than before he departed.

          And they’re a running team.

  34. James

    I am now seeing so many mocks with DK Metcalf (and all the WRs) falling into late R1. Rob, what are your thoughts about DK? Can you imagine Russ with a 6-3.5 WR who runs a 4.3?

    • Hawktalker#1

      He has previously responded that he is not the best fit. I have also seen him on the list of most likely draft busts as well. Crazy great athlete, but to date is kind of a one trick pony (go route).

      • Sean

        Point taken, although that is a pretty good trick to have.

  35. KD

    Hang on a minute here. I might be an American, and I listen to a lot of British youtubers, but Maize and Blue is a new one to me. I’ve heard the proper way to pronounce twat as tw+@, but Maize and Blue is new to me.

    I listen to a lot of youtubers from the UK, and I have never heard that term before. I can kind of get the context from your post but I have never heard a British or Scottish person ever say the phrase “Maize and Blue” before.

    Would you kindly translate English into English?

    • HawkfaninMT

      Really never heard of Michigan referred to as “Maize and Blue?”

      • KD

        Is that what it means? I guess so. posh as hell! j/k

        Even though he does not fit the profile, I’m still 100% on the Winovich train.

        • Grant G


        • Grant G

          (All in good fun, of course)

      • KD

        Sorry, I was just poking a bit of fun. Honestly though, there is a Scottish youtuber that I listen to frequently, and he is a really funny guy. However, someone suggested to me to turn on CC for his videos, and the CC is funnier than the videos themselves because the closed captions can’t understand what he is saying.

        • Saxon

          I’m guessing the Scottish YouTuber is Count Dankula. Dude rules. His ‘Mad Lads’ series is brilliant.

          • jujus

            US guy here,

            Love Dankulas comedy and support the free speech movement in the UK.

    • Rob Staton

      Oh my 🤦‍♂️

      • KD

        lol. you went full posh on that one.

  36. Kenny Sloth

    Wooo Rip City baby!!!

    Damian Lillard ends another teams season with a buzzer beater hahaha 🏀

    It’s been a good day y’all

    • Gohawks5151

      Yooooo. I thought I was the only one watching while reading this site. Dame Time! Bye bye with the wave. Paul Allen is smiling!

      • Kenny Sloth

        Absolute dagger with PG on him. That was a good a**comeback

        • VashonALL

          I celebrate the ousting of the Zombie Sonics every single year. Thank you Portland!

    • SoCal12

      Still can’t believe that shot went in! One of those moments that makes life feel scripted.

    • DCD2

      That was amazing! Dame straight up carried them to that win.

      Total stud and quickly moving up the ranks of all-time great Blazers (if he’s not there already).

  37. DCD2

    If we are looking at what John has done in the past as a means to project what he might do on Thursday, this thought came to mind.

    Last year we took Penny with our 1st overall pick. He had zero character concerns and a clean bill of health. John even mentioned that they had the highest medical grade their staff had ever given out. Did this tip the scales over Sony Michel and Nick Chubb?

    We also took Shaquem Griffin, who was the poster boy for overcoming the odds and having a great attitude.

    Prior to that, they took a traits guy with some character concerns and we know how the Malik story goes.

    Miles Jack, Rueben Foster were guys with injury concerns that had high 1st round grades. We passed on both of them in 2016 & 2017.

    Simmons has an injury concern and an off-field issue. If it’s one or the other, like Frank, maybe they overlook it. I have a hard time seeing him being our first pick though. Gary has an injury concern and low production for his skill set. Again, I think he’s not our guy. Similar story with Sweat in that he has a heart condition, but not the second strike so to speak. Lawrence had the failed PED test, so he’s borderline too IMO. D’Andre Walker has the injury, so he’s borderline to me too (as much as I like him).

    Ferguson, Collier, Winovich, Ximenes, Nelson on DL. Harry, McLaurin, Campbell at WR. These are names that I’m thinking will be higher on the Hawks board. I think many these guys, if not all of them will be available in the 2nd. I think they trade down with both of their picks and try to get 2-3 of these guys and maybe a Thornhill/CGJ/Savage.

    • Rob Staton

      They also took Rasheem Green after JS admitted he dropped due to injury concerns.

      And two years ago they drafted McDowell.

      So there’s lots at play here.

      • DCD2

        I must have missed or forgot that about Green. Too early to tell if they are concerned that he’s already missed 6 games due to injury, I suppose.

        My thought on McDowell is that they took him despite the red flags and it didn’t pan out. I’m just thinking that they may be more risk averse than in the earlier years.

        • Rob Staton

          Maybe but they’ll judge every case on its own merit.

          And if they rule everyone out this year who’s any good they’re going to be stuck with two picks they don’t want to use.

      • j

        In the third round

    • McZ

      Of the five DL names, if we come out of day 2 with an assortment of two of them (which is pretty much possible), I think we will have something to celebrate. Maybe plus Rennell Wren or Khalen Saunders early day 3.

      I’m not sold on those three WR mentioned, I really like the Georgia and WVU guys. If we could gain two out of Ridley, Hardman, Jennings and Sills V, I think we would’ve nailed it. If we only get one, we should target Isaac Nauta, TE, Georgia and then sign Olamide Zacchaeus, WR, Virginia in UDFA.

      On secondary, I’m sold on the Taylor Rapp and Jordan Miller Huskies douple dip.

      Phil Haynes from Wake Forrest at G, Jahlani Tavai from Hawaii at LB, and I think we would have had an A+ draft.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Ferguson has character red flags DCD2

      • DCD2

        Didn’t realize that. I read a comment of yours below regarding his combine numbers as well (terrible), and that his production came mostly in one game.

        Color me convinced. Ferrell would be my replacement, but I fear he may be gone by the time we decide to take our first guy.

  38. millhouse-serbia

    So Tony Pauline at John Clayton:

    1. Juan Thornhill is option for seahawks as press corner(I just dont see it and i am little confused that Tony insists on that so much)

    2. Jaylon Ferguson is late 1st earlyb2nd round edge target

    3. Nkeal Harry really helped himself with 4.53 40y and is option atvstart of 2nd round

    • Barry

      Haven’t checked out #1
      #2, yes
      #3, yes his name seems to be really heating up. Might be one that makes a team move around after pick 20.

  39. Troy

    Hey Rob, you had 2 #7s above. Thought I encountered a glitch in the Matrix 🙂

    The first round will be so fun to watch! I can’t wait, between that and the new avengers movie this weekend will be awesome.

    • Hawktalker#1

      That was by design.

      Making 10 different sections would have been excessive.

  40. Michael Matherne

    What kind of deal does Ziggy Ansah get once the comp pick is no longer an issue?

  41. Michael Matherne

    You can snap your fingers and add either Thornhill or Savage to the roster – who you taking?

    • Hawktalker#1

      Chauncey Gardner-Johnson?

    • Sea Mode


  42. Duceyq

    Today was a great day for the Seattle franchise and Frank Clark. Frank got the contract he deserved and Seattle has the pieces and cap flexibility to add top tier DL talent a hopefully long termed Reed and Wagner.

    As you know, I’ve been on the record about both the Russ signing by his deadline and the trade of Clark. I figured a deal with sweeteners and a pick next year could get a deal. This off season has stayed on script.

    -No off season drama with Russ
    -get much needed draft capital with your best chess piece
    -set yourself up in a draft to replace that piece with comp talent
    -sign KJ and Kendrick’s in a weak draft for LB’s
    -Have cap flexibility to extend Reed and Wagner along with other FA that don’t cost comp picks
    -set themselves for next years draft class of top WR’s with 12 picks.
    -Can possibly use some next years 12 picks as trade capital in this years draft
    -upgraded the LG position with a team friendly contract

    Remarkable off season so far.

    Rob, do you think Seattle might look at TE earlier than expected with the trade capital they can create now after the trade?

    • Rob Staton

      No I don’t think TE is an option until R2 at the earliest and only if they trade down first.


        Too many solid options in the middle rounds. They can come away with a very Seahawky TE anywhere before the 6th round, no rush.

  43. Coach

    Exciting times!

    This is the scenario that I am rooting for:
    1. Ferrell – DE that can also set a strong edge as a run defender
    2. Trade back into second and pick Winovich DE and get an extra 3, 6 and 7
    3. Savage Nickel
    3. Hill DT
    4. Jennings WR
    5. Wesco TE
    6. Thomas CB
    7. Ingold FB

    I think 7 out of 8 would contribute right away and Thomas would be our cb to develop for the future!

    Let me know your thoughts!

    Go Hawks!!

    • Coach

      Then after the draft sign Corey Liuget as a free agent and all of a sudden our DL looks formidable!

      Ferrell, Reed, Liuget, Winovich with Poona and Hill rotating inside and Marsh and Martin rotating outside!

      Go Hawks!!

      • Spencer

        Don’t forget Rasheem Greene! Don’t think they’ll write him off so early. Also, I like Jackson and QJeff over Marsh as guys that have inside/out flexibility and experience inside of the system.

        DT: Reed / Poona / Liuget / Hill
        DE: Ferrell / Winovich / Martin / Green
        Inside/Out: One of Jackson / QJeff / Naz Jones

    • D-OZ

      With Wesco on board you don’t need Ingold. I would rather have Miller @ 7…

  44. Barry

    A trade that could make sense for both teams involved would be the #29th pick to the browns for #49, 80, and #144. The Browns would end with a first, forth, two fifths, six and seventh. We would get the obvious round 2, 3 and 5. The plays that could last until the back of 3 makes me drool.

    • bigten

      For the Browns trade, I would rather take 2nd 3rd and 2020 2nd. Value chart matches up better that way. We are getting fleeced at 3rd and 5th to move down that far. Let’s just keep loading up on 2020 picks lol imagine the fun this time next year.

  45. Barry

    A player I’d love to have and I haven’t check his physical profile which is something that is telling when matching players to the hawks, but I’d love to have CB David Long from Mi at the end of 3 or later. Love to see him take over the slot for us. Reminds me of a Hawk CB. Gritty

  46. Barry

    Something about Gary, Clark and McDowell all freak athletes …. The later two fell, rightfully so to round 2. I Put Gary in the same ranking. That being said pick #29 if he’s still there and we have already moved back to say later 20’s or a second and two three’s then I’m good with taking him at #29.

    • Barry

      Also what the Hawks like they often take, they have profiles. Also Bladwin’s health to be considered. I can’t help but see the Hawks trading #21 back. There will be trades up and good players being pushed back as others are over drafted(Qb’s)

  47. SilverHawk

    We’re drafting Brian Burns in the 1st. I guarantee it. Will be sure to revisit when it happens.

    • Rob Staton

      Please promise you won’t put money on this.

      • Michael (CLTJ

        Awesome 😀

        • Saxon

          I called the Penny pick about 3 weeks before the draft last year, so I’m kind of a big deal, and I can confirm that Burns will be one of our picks.

  48. millhouse-serbia

    What do you think about Nick Perry?

  49. GoHawksDani

    Based on this, I hope they pass on Gary and Sweat. I want Ferguson, Ximines, Winovich, McLaurin and Campbell. I hope they trade down from 21 and with 29 they pick the WR, and with early second Ximines or Ferguson

    • Kenny Sloth

      Ferguson is terrible against the run.

      Ximines is gonna be a good pro.

      Rashan Gary is better than all of these guys. His best play will come at the next level. He might have a higher ceiling than Frank Clark did coming out

      • H

        +1 Gary hate has been amongst the laziest and most annoying takes of this draft season.

      • GoHawksDani

        I want good run D# but I also want good passrush. Maybe Ferguson is not an every down guy, but he produced well. Ximines, Omenihu and Winovich might not be the sexiest picks but for once I’d like them to not reach for ceiling but take the safer guys. If it was more of a scheme thing with Gary, I’m fine, but this team doesn’t need a lazy dude

        • Kenny Sloth

          I think it’s super lazy to call any elite athlete lazy, with respect.

          I never use that phrase in evaluations.

          So assuming he isnt lazy what don’t you like about Gary? He moves better than Ferguson. Ferguson had a horrible pro day and the lack of flexibility is really concerning on tape. He struggles to turn the corner and really doesn’t hold up at the point of attack.

          Ferguson has those character red flags nobody wants to talk about.
          Dude got ina fight outside a mickey D’s and was disinvited from the combine.

          If you want a hustle guy at DE let’s target Clelin Ferrell. Dude chases the play downfield. It brings a tear to my eye. He also has insanely fast hands. Might be my favorite DE at this point when considering Gary’s injury

          • Group Captain Mandrake

            Outside of possible shoulder issues with Gary, I’d say the problem I have with him is production. I’d never call him – or any athlete playing at that level – lazy because it takes a ton of work to get to that point. My issue with him is that for all his insane physical skills, it hasn’t seemed to translate to the field (we’ve all seen it lots of times with other players). I have a hard time believing that his production is going to go up against what will be an even higher level of competition.

        • Kenny Sloth

          10 of Fergs sacks came in 3 games

  50. red

    I think we can pair up with philly and swap 21 for 25 wr run will start here. Eagles have 2 fourths so if we can get a 4 and 5 to fall i would.

    I think 29 to redskins for QB before NE pic for exchange for pics 46 and 76

    1 (25) Jaylon Ferguson EDGE 6’5″ 262
    2 (46) Zach Allen DL5T 6’4″ 281
    3 (76) Emanuel Hall WRF 6’2″ 220
    3 (92) Jamel Dean CB 6’2″ 208
    4 (124) Sheldrick Redwine S 6’1″ 195
    4 (127) Foster Moreau TE 6’4″ 253
    5 (159) DAVID EDWARDS OT 6′ 6″ 308
    5 (163) MICHAEL JACKSON CB 6′ 1″ 210

    • D-OZ

      I would slow your roll on Ferguson. I have watched a lot of game tape on him. Very telling is the LSU game where Moreau handled him quite easily all game long. I’ll take Winovich over Ferguson. Mr. Hussel.

  51. rad_man

    the ‘third highest paid player’ distinction is relatively meaningless in a league where that changes every few months. And let’s wait and see what they end up paying Wagner, who will spend virtually all of his next contract in the decline phase of his career. Yes, even MLBs decline after age 29. Mosley is making 17.5. So, the Seahawks might save a few million on a player 4 years older. Sure, Wagner is better, but he’s older and won’t be a whole lot cheaper.

    I’m not saying they did, but an argument can be made they traded the wrong player.

    • Rob Staton

      1. There’s no way they’re getting a first and second rounder for an inside linebacker, however good Bobby Wagner is. So it’s not a case of ‘trading the wrong player’. There was an offer for Clark that was attractive. There weren’t offers for Wagner and Clark and they opted to deal Clark.

      2. People need to give this ‘Bobby Wagner is on the decline’ stuff a rest. He’s just had the two best seasons of his career. And it’ll take you about four seconds to think of a middle linebacker who played at a top level well into his 30’s. The Seahawks can find a pass rusher, especially in this draft. Take Wagner out of the defense and you’ll notice the impact.

      3. The third highest paid player distinction is not meaningless. This isn’t like quarterbacks, who jockey to be the highest paid constantly. The defensive pay rankings don’t switch as often. Frank Clark is earning more money than any defensive player in the league other than Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack. Just consider that for a second. Imagine if you knew that as fact a year ago. It’s incredible. I loved Frank the player. But to write this off as a ‘nothing’ fact isn’t right.

      4. People are constantly complaining about the Seahawks. ‘Run the ball less’… ‘trade players for value’… ‘don’t trade players for value’. This franchise has the best GM and HC combo they’ve ever had and probably ever will have. And all we do these days is piss and moan about the decisions they make.

      • Look Who's Hawkin?

        Rob, in regards to your 4th point….AMEN!!!! I 1000% AGREE.

        It boggles my mind how much Seahawks fans complain about the way the team is run when all PC/JS have done is succeed and turn this franchise into a perennial playoff contender. Am I saying that I am satisfied with 1st round exists every year? NO! I want another Super Bowl as much as the next fan, but it seems like way too many Hawks fans forget how good we have it. Take a look at 2/3 of the league and how they struggle to even make the playoffs. The NFL has a lot of turnover for a reason, it is hard to maintain status as a contender. And yet people LOVE to complain.

        Sit back and enjoy the ride. Someday we won’t be so fortunate.

  52. EranUngar

    Having two close picks at 21 and 29 will enable JS to upgrade his trade strategy.

    Until last year, the Seahawks trade back strategy looked to me like the following:
    Find the group of “almost similar” players at the position you want.
    Trade back in small steps as long as the run on that group did not start.
    Once the first players from that group started going off the board, use your coming pick to get best of whats left from that group.

    It maximized the trade back value at the cost of possibly missing on the 2-3 players you liked the most from that group.

    Last year I saw a change in the trade back method. Last year it seemed that JS targeted the player he wanted out of each group and once he reached the position where he believed the run on that group was about to begin he pulled the trigger picking his guy first and letting others pick from the rest. I saw it happening with the first pick (Penny) starting the run on the RBs and again with Dissly. He even traded up just to make sure he gets the first punter of the board.

    This year, with two picks at hand, close to each other, he can trade back like he did in the past, jumping 2-3 picks beyond his next pick and repeating the process till the first player is off the board knowing he is always near with his next pick to get the next guy.

    It should help maximizing his day 3 haul without risking missing all the top players in his target group.

    • Rob Staton

      In 2014 there was a lot of noise after that they were always targeting Paul Richardson. It was revealed they had his name ready to roll before the trade down. They were clearly targeting Malik McDowell in 2017. We could all see before 2016 they wanted Ifedi. And last year we spent an entire draft season talking about running backs and fixing the run — and they traded down into a range where they could get their guy.

      I’m pretty certain that every year they do their homework, target specific players and get into a range to secure who they want. It’s highly likely that sometimes there are 2-3 targets and they trade into a range where they can guarantee one of the group. It all depends on the grades. If there are 2-3 players at positional needs all with identical grades you have flexibility. Sometimes you have one player superior to the others and you have to be more decisive. Sometimes you see an opportunity (eg Jarran Reed) and trade up.

      I don’t think anything has changed over the years. They’ve been quite consistent. They’ve made mistakes in the way they judged certain players but that happens with every team.

      • EranUngar

        Rob, I am not saying they missed on those picks. I am saying there was a risk. Richardson was picked in the middle of that 2nd round rush during that great WR draft. Maybe he was indeed their top candidate and maybe he was one of a few.

        My point was that there is always that risk unless you pick the first guy on the group and start the run yourself. Having two close picks allows you to play that game on a higher level.

        One way or another, it should be a very exciting Thursday.

        And, I know I owe you and the rest of the blog a huge apology for my reaction regarding the RW/Frank trade rumors…

        • Rob Staton

          The word on the street was they had Richardson’s name on the card before trading out of R1.

          No need to apologise it’s all good 👍🏻

  53. jb9

    Let’s trade down guys!

    Round 2
    *Pick No. 35 Overall: *Defensive End Malik McDowell, Michigan State

    *Pick No. 58 Overall: *Offensive Lineman Ethan Pocic, LSU

    Round 3
    *Pick No. 90 Overall: *Cornerback Shaquill Griffin, Central Florida

    Pick No. 95 Overall: Safety Delano Hill, Michigan

    *Pick No. 102 Overall: *Defensive Tackle Nazair Jones, North Carolina

    *Pick No. 106 Overall: *Wide Receiver Amara Darboh, Michigan

    Round 4
    *Pick No. 111 Overall: *Safety Tedric Thompson, Colorado

    Round 6
    Pick No. 187 Overall: Safety Mike Tyson, Cincinnati

    *Pick No. 210 Overall: *Offensive Lineman Justin Senior, Mississippi State

    • Rob Staton

      Also players acquired after trading down:

      Golden Tate
      Richard Sherman
      Bobby Wagner
      Chris Carson

      If only Seahawks fans were in charge of the draft instead. Would’ve had a team full of Hall of Famers by now.

      • jb9

        In recent times, it’s pretty telling you only managed to come up with Carson, who was pick #249! They traded down risking losing Wagner to the Eaglles and they traded down for Moffit even though Sherman was likely going to be available to them regardless since they had their original pick a pick two spots later and picked Mark Legree. The Redskins may’ve picked Sherm, who knows.

        Now do a list with all the players they missed out on…

        An abundance of HOFers with me in charge!

        Risking losing their guys for failed later picks. Not worth it.

        Also, relax, it’s not meant to be taken so serious.

        • Rob Staton

          One thing I can’t be bothered with is people complaining about trading down when they’ve had no choice for two straight years and half the people they ‘passed’ on they wouldn’t have even taken had they stood pat.

          • jb9

            You think they’d pass on a talented guy with high character and genetics like TJ Watt to take a very talented headcase like McDowell? Yeah versatile 3tech I get it, but c’mon…

            • Rob Staton

              Yes. If they wanted Watt they would’ve took him.

              They wanted Malik.

              Seahawks fans online are all play call experts and masters of hindsight these days.

    • Georgia Hawk

      Cherry picking is fun, but the money making season deosn’t start until early June over in Eastern WA. Suggest saving it for then.

      • GerryG

        They quit doing camp in Cheney years ago.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Terrible, take a lap

      • jb9

        Take a lap says the guy with 80 posts on each topic.

        I’ll take a lap if you step outside for some fresh air, how about that?

        • Kenny Sloth

          Fair. I’m not gonna do that though.

        • Kenny Sloth

          In fact I think I’ll comment 160 times per post in preperation for the draft.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Also do you think people can’t use message boards from outside?

          I don’t even use a PC.

    • cha

      Your take is bad and you should feel bad.

      • jb9

        I’ve only got a few months to live so nothing else can really make me feel much.

  54. H

    I actually really like the idea of drafting Gary and Winovich, they complement each other very well and know each other’s games. Plus we all know PC has has an affinity for taking Harbaugh’s guys.

  55. Trevor

    Medical issues aside if Rashan Gary, Clelin Ferrell and Montez Sweat are on the board at 21 who is a better fit for the Seahawks?

    • Rob Staton

      Gary based on athleticism and upside. Got to think Pete wants that type of athlete to mould.

      Sweat is a great athlete too but quite a big concern with his health by the sound of things and Gary is going to win in more ways than speed rush.

      Ferrell isn’t the same athlete but if they want a solid leader who produced in college he’s an option.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Ferrell might be one of my favorite pass rushers in recent memory. Love the effort, the hand usage, the leadership, the intensity. He has hand speed like a DB haha

      • Barry

        I love athletes as much as the next guy but that didn’t go the best with Irvin. If PC and JS want him then I hope it’s because they knew something and that he might be in the second. I’d prefer to not rely on hoping. We haven’t done will with high upside guys vs not over thinking and taking the player who can contribute.

        • Rob Staton

          Who are these average athletes they over thought and passed on, who became great players?

  56. Georgia Hawk

    I really doubt JS trades down from both picks. He’s made some comments in the last couple years about getting too cute and missing his target.

    My prediction is they only trade out of one of the 1sts, and use the other to restock the cupboard a bit. There is undoubtedly one or two players PC/JS value higher than most any other team, and have them pegged as a 1st rounder (like Penny) that they think the can wait on and get at the bottom of Rd 1. If I had to guess, I’d say #21 is the most likely to be traded down. Whichever is higher of #29 and the returned pick will be used to get their guy, then they play out the board as intended from there. At least 2 more trade downs, and maybe a trade up on day 3.

    However it plays out, Rob nailed it with the BAMF comment. I think they want to get back to that smash mouth, punish anybody that touches the ball kind of team. I want an Edge player that is going to wreck the opposing teams day and send them to the tent during the game. Who that player is…..?

    • AlaskaHawk

      I was thinking they would trade down #29. I think there will be a top defensive end available at #2 that will be too good for them to pass by. Clelin Ferell from Clemson is my best guess.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Clelin Ferrell at #21- fingers aren’t working this early!!

  57. GerryG

    Thanks Rob! Exciting off season covered superbly. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

    GO HAWKS!!


    Gotta like the commentary on Ximines, that sounds more like a Pete Carroll guy. A bit unheralded, but with a great motor and athleticism. Someone to develop, with the drive to turn out.

    • Rob Staton

      Just wish he’d tested better. Hard to pull the trigger on Seattle with an EDGE when they aren’t great athletes.

      But the pressure percentage is there.


        What’s his range, 3rd round-ish?

        • Kenny Sloth

          Haven’t you heard? He’s going in the second round along with 60 percent of the draft class

          • Look Who's Hawkin?

            Ain’t that the truth haha seems like I’ve heard “could go as high as late 1st or early 2nd” for like 100 different players.

        • Rob Staton

          Apparently R3

  59. SamL

    Rob, I’ve been thinking about trading for a vet after the draft as you’ve pointed out they might do and thought Gerald McCoy could be a nice option and allow us to focus more edge this draft after trading Clark. Could Cameron Jordan be an option? The one thing I don’t see us doing is trading for a very expensive player after trading Clark because we didn’t want to pay him so much.

    • Rob Staton

      Jordan would cost too much, probably a first rounder.

      McCoy’s a locker room lawyer. Anyone they bring in has to fit a young, hungry unit.

      I’m thinking more along the lines of someone younger who hasn’t worked out somewhere. Something more lower level like Clemons, Coleman than a huge splash for a big name.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Locker room lawyer?

        • mishima

          Like Jimmy Smits, only bigger and with pads.

          • Kenny Sloth

            That’s really funny, but I still don’t understand, really

            • hawkdawg

              A potential troublemaker as an organizer of rebellion and dissent.

      • Rob4q

        McCoy has been a team leader for TB for years and still has a lot left in the tank. Seahawks haven’t shied away from guys like him in the past. He would be a great mentor for a young draft pick like Jeffery Simmons. And they could limit his snaps in a rotation to keep him fresh. Reed, Ford, McCoy, Jefferson and then Simmons once healthy would be a pretty nice DT rotation.

        Yes, McCoy will have to restructure his contract, but I would bet he’d be more than willing to do that to get out from under Arians and play for a contender! And what will it cost to get him? The entire league knows they have to trade him, so TB will have to take the best offer out there…maybe a swap of draft picks that equals a 3rd round pick? The only question is will Arians be willing to deal with us since he likes Seattle so much! Haha!

        • cha

          Does Arians have personnel control? I thought Licht was still the GM.

        • Kenny Sloth

          But how you gonna trade Frank and then add a high priced veteran?

          It needs to be bargain bin and draft additions if you have aby respect for your team

          • cha

            Apples and oranges. Clark got $60m guaranteed. McCoy has $0 guaranteed on his deal and if they wanted to acquire him they’d rework his contract.

          • Rob4q

            Arians would not have taken the TB job without some control over players…I’m sure that Licht & Arians have a good working relationship and are on the same page – McCoy is done in TB!

            McCoy would have to agree to restructure his current deal – the Hawks are not going to trade for him and pay him $13 mil a season. But if he restructured it to a team friendly 2-3 year deal at around $10 mil per with a signing bonus and some playing incentives? Well, I think they would be all over that.

            I get the whole “let’s get young and athletic” and it’s totally the right way to do it. JS/PC are very smart guys and have a master plan. However, it’s tough to have all young guys with no veteran leadership at all. Reed has started to move into that role on defense and Wagner is more of a lead-by-example guy. Adding someone like McCoy to this defense has so many positive implications that go beyond the field and this season. Especially if they draft another young DT this year…

            • Rob Staton

              They do have veteran leadership though.


        • Rob Staton

          If McCoy was such a good leader they wouldn’t be dealing him.

          • Rob4q

            Rob, we’re talking about Bruce Arians here! It’s all about him coming in as the new sheriff in town!

          • Kenny Sloth

            If Frank Clark was a leader we wouldn’t have traded him?

            Gerald McCoy has been a consummate professional and teammate through some really crappy years in Tampa. I don’t think this a fair point, Rob.

            If Bruce Arians was a good leader McCoy would be in camp imo

            • Rob Staton

              Frank is gone Kenny because he’s now the third highest paid player in the NFL on defense and someone offered a haul.

              McCoy is a locker room lawyer. Well known.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      The draft will uncover names on the trade block. The Top 2 names right now are probably McCoy and Chris Harris. Both are high priced vets-that just dont fit the direction of the team.

      The Patriots have been exploiting the league, especially the last few years, with trades of a pick for a player+pick. I look for the Hawks to emulate this structure in the near future- now that our draft capital is at a healthy level. It also aids in getting comp picks, by getting a player in the final year of their deal. The Trent Brown trade in particular is an A+++ deal, considering they’re set to get a 3rd round comp too! Damn Patriots. The years of picks below is a mess and didnt include them. The point remains:

      #127 for Martellus Bennett+204
      #215 for Van Noy+#239

      #137 for Dwayne Allen+200
      #64 for Kony Ealy+72
      #183 for James O’Shaunnesy+207

      #95 for Danny Shelton+159
      #205 for Jason McCourty+219
      #159 for Cordarrelle Patterson+210
      #95 for Trent Brown+143

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Looking at that list the Patriots are doing the pick for player+pick deal more often. Have to think Belichek has uncovered a major market inefficiency.

      • Barry

        Spot on.

  60. CaptainJack

    My favorite is trading back with both picks and getting Winovich Furguson and Collier

    • Rob Staton

      You’ll probably need three second rounders to do that.

  61. Salemhawk

    Just came by this morning to throw out my vote for pick no 21.

    Dexter Lawrence. If he’s even available.

    Pretty tired of the run defense myself. He has some ability to rush the passer too.

  62. MJL

    I’m excited to see what C. Marsh brings to the team this year. He kind of broke out last year with S.F. (5 1/2 sacks, 14 qb hits, 38 total tackles). Would love to see him continue building on that with the Hawks.

  63. CaptainJack

    It’s official.

    My two draft crushes are Jaylon Furguson and Terry McLaurin.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Ferguson uninvited from combine due to character red flags.

      Ran a 4.8 something at his own facility for his pro day.

      Ran a pathetic 8.08 3cone

      Not explosive super stiff. 10 of his sacks came in 3 games.

      You should get on the Clelin Ferrell bandwagon

      • Michigan 12th

        No jump on the Winovich wagon.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I’m super good off that.

          Can’t wait to see him in Baltimore thoo 😉

          • Michigan 12th

            Bro you’ve been taking too many laps. Winovich is the man and he will have a very solid NFL career.

            • bigten

              Im an Ohio State alumn and still think wino would be great for us lol ferrell at 21, trade down into mid 2nd and grab Tmac/wino, with an extra 3rd and are original 3rd, grab Wino/tmac and Hill (all 3 of which i think could last a little longer than we expect, because people arent as smart as Rob when evaluating prospects).

  64. CaptainJack


    Rams GM Les Snead has come out and said that the rams won’t be resigning Ndamakung Suh.

    He claims he wants to stay on the west coast.

    Are the Seahawks a fit? Do the raiders still have the cash to sign him? Are the cardinals or niners in the mix? Or does he opt to stay in Los Angeles and sign with the Chargers?

    • Sean-O

      I’d expect the Hawks to sign a couple of veteran FA’s (Nick Perry? Danny Shelton?) after the date in May where FA’s don’t count against the comp pick formula. Personally I don’t see Suh on the radar for them though. His play just doesn’t warrant the type of money he’ll likely ask for in my opinion. Even on a one-year deal.

    • cha

      For having the supposed Greatest Interior In the History of the NFL last year with Donald+Suh, you sure didn’t hear Suh’s name very much. Fluker and Simmons handled him fairly well.

      The attitude and stupid penalties were far easier to take when he was a beastly wrecking ball. Does he have anything left? Miami wanting him gone so bad they still have $13m dead $ on the books for 2019. He’s made something like $130m in career earnings. Does he still have the fire to play?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think Suh is a fit at all. Might not be a fit anywhere TBH.

  65. CaptainJack


    Sorry to ask another question, but do you like Maxx Crosby as another option for an EDGE guy later on?

    • Rob Staton

      He has a good profile but I didn’t think ‘Seahawks’ watching him.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Felt the same way when I first watched Crosby, with the thought being Frank Clark would be a Seahawk next year and beyond. After rewatching some tape, with Clark’s spot up for grabs, I feel like he could be a steal in the 3rd round. You’re probably right that Crosby doesn’t fit what the Hawks normally look for,as he reminds me of a player who we passed on a couple years back.While Crosby isn’t as physical or strong at the POA, the playing style and production match up, his athletic testing is eerily similar to TJ Watt. The last 2 years Crosby had 35.5 TFL’s, 18.5 Sacks,8! FF’s, 3 FR, 1 pick 6. Those FF’s stand out, and it’s clear on tape he has a knack for punching the ball out.
        Vs Purdue link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvy3PDC7lYg

        Stats link+profile:


        6047 255 32.88 9.75 81 4.66 2.72 1.62 4.13 6.89 18 36 10.17


        6044 252 33.13 11.00 78.875 4.69 2.71 1.59 4.13 6.79 21 37 10.67

  66. ZB

    I would love to see 2 D-linemen taken with our first 2 picks but I’m finding it hard to believe we would do that.

    I still think our 2nd pick will be a pass catcher. Maybe our 3rd pick we go back to D-line.

    • ZB

      I would be stoked with this:

      1st: Gary
      2nd: McLaurin
      3rd: T. Hill or D. Samia

      • Kenny Sloth

        +100 then Marvell Tell

      • Tecmo Bowl

        I would be doing backflips if we got Gary, Mclaurin and Hill!

    • AlaskaHawk

      My vote is for Clelin Ferrell, DE Clemson and then Dexter Lawrence, DT Clemson. That would be an awesome rebuild of the defensive line.

      • Rob Staton

        Ferrell could potentially last. Lawrence will be long gone.

        • AlaskaHawk

          One of the sites I look at said that Lawrence failed a drug test and that he is dropping on some boards. I don’t know! But if he isn’t there in the second round, I would also be happy with a receiver or tight end or cornerback. Lots of options.

          Boy does that Clark trade open up the board for the Seahawks!

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Absolutely getting Lawrence and Ferrell, and their 4 rings, would be awesome!

  67. Trevor

    On the idea of a draft day trade using the the 2020 2nd round pick we obtained from the Chiefs as capital what about Chris Harris who is rumored to be on the block with Denver?

    You would need to give him a new deal in the 8-10 mil APY range as well.

    I have always been a fan and thought he was the best slot CB in the game. Would be a huge addition to our secondary and allow the Hawks to focus on DL / WR early in the draft.

    I know we let Coleman walk for similar $ but I think Harris is better and we have the $ to do it now. Wondering what people think.

    • Sean-O

      I read he already makes 8.5 & wants 15. That’s a huge difference. He’s a stud but I don’t see SEA spending that high of pick for a guy who will want top of the market kind of money.

    • ZB

      He is one my favorite CB’s in the league and I think he would be a stud on our D.

      However he will be 30 years old by the time the season starts. Not sure I would want to pay him
      15 mil and give up high draft picks

    • cha

      No no no no no.

      The Seahawks develop super cheap talent into expensive corners for OTHER teams to splurge on. Not the other way around.

      Trade that 2020 pick for DL help. That will make the corners we have better.

  68. Volume12

    I think this needs to be said. Rashan Gary is not my favorite prospect in this class. Not even a big fan honestly. He has traits for days. Things you can’t teach or coach, whether we like it or not that’s what Seattle likes. Meat and potatoes tend to come a bit later from them.

    • Volume12

      It’s why he’ll go earlier than Chase Winovich. I love Winobich. This is probably pretty well known. He’s not a traits guy and I ‘ok be shocked if he goes earlier than late 2nd-early or mid 3rd.

      • Logan Lynch

        I’ve just got this feeling it’s Gary if he slides. Same thing for Campbell, maybe after a trade back. Like you said, they’re so enamored with traits. That’s why they loved Harvin, and I could see them lusting after Campbell.

        That being said, I think someone will still take Gary before #21 and take it off the table for us. One of the Ohio St WR also feels like an inevitability to me. Good thing I have very bad takes.

        • Volume12

          No, you could be right. Parris Campbell is a realistic option. Ya gotta manufacture his touches though. That’s the trend in the NFL though isn’t it? Constant motion and big slot recievers. I.E. N’Keal Harry.

          • Logan Lynch

            RAC would be an awesome addition to the offense that we haven’t really had since Tate. Is that by design though? Seems like pounding the rock on the ground and then working in some PA shorter routes to get a guy like Campbell in space could be fun.

          • Group Captain Mandrake

            That’s the trend in the NFL, but is it the trend in Seattle? They seem to be doing things their own way, which is not the way the rest of the league is going. And Schottenheimer hasn’t shown the will to do that.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I can totally see that.

      It’s clear why he’s not the #1 DL in this class.

      I kind of feel this way about Wilkins a little.

      I just love the violence of Gary. He’s also really professional from what I’ve seen.

      It’s just funny that people will suggest Jaylon Ferguson instead of Gary. Like. 1 of these things not like the other

      • Volume12

        It’s the production with Fergy. I’m not a Ferguson guy at all.

        I fell that way about all the Clemson guys. Just have never been wowed by them. That’s not to say I don’t think any of them will be good pros, just not my cup of tea.

        The thing that intrigues me about Gary is the untapped potential. If there’s any coach in the league who can take into that it’s Pete Carroll. And while the NFL is a whole nother animal, he routinely did this at USC.

        • Kenny Sloth

          10 of his sacks came in 3 games.

          I need tor watch his games against p5 opponents again. He got manhandled at times. Plays a lot smaller than he weighs

          • jj

            If we look at one of the Clemson guys I want Lawrence.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Sounds like he’ll be long gone. One of my favorite draft prospects

          • CaptainJack

            Sorry, but I don’t see how having a lot of sacks in three games is a bad thing. We’re going to knock him down for those sacks?

            He also had two against Mississippi state.

            I could care less about the testing numbers. He looks great on tape.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Considerimg they were against teams like UTEP and USM and UNT

            • Kenny Sloth

              And against Mississippi St. He got absolutely stonewalled by the left tackle and didnt even register a tackle until midway in the 2nd when he got flipped to the other side of the line.

              You have to take the testing numbers with the tape and on tape He’s stiff and has slow feet. He has good power and an ok get-off, but one has to assume his ceiling is super freakin low.

              • Kenny Sloth

                He has the potential to be a 10 sack guy in the NFL I suppose. But lack of elite traits and explosive testing coupled with his character red flag makes him not my cup of tea

                • Tecmo Bowl

                  Saw this after posting below. Fair enough. We can disagree a bit. Can’t wait for tomorrow! Go Hawks!

              • Tecmo Bowl

                I’m not advocating for drafting Ferguson early, but I think you’re undervaluing him Kenny. His tape vs. LSU is excellent. The second half LSU exclusively ran away from him.You’re right though Ferguson’s athletic profile is awful, and can’t be ignored. Nor can his elite production. Jaylon doesn’t look overly explosive on tape or during the Senior Bowl, but the poor 8.8% athletic profile surprised me. Polite’s even more so. How far does it push him down the board? We’ll see.

                • Kenny Sloth

                  Can’t wait to have these questions answered.

                  I don’t think I finished his LSU tape He’s got decent hand usage but even that lowers his ceiling imo.

                  Like I said it’ll be fascinating to see who goes where this weekend. Jachai Polite, Simmons, and Ferguson. Sweat and Gary lots of potential fallers.

                  A good year to have two late firsts

        • Gohawks5151

          Agree. Pete has the gift man. He gets the absolute best from people no matter what. From Blue chippers like Bobby, Frank and Reed to projects like Browner and Jordan. That’s why they took Mcdowell too. I would feel great if they took Gary.

  69. VashonALL

    Hey Rob, I sent the email for the SDB fan competition in the event that you change your mind. If you don’t want to use that can we get a dedicated “Post your mock draft here” type of thread so that they can all be herded into one place for ease of viewing?


  70. RWIII

    Brock Huard has serious questions about Rashan Gary. First of all he questions his 1)heart 2)production 3) his labrum tear. Plus his wonderlic score was only a 9. Too many serious questions about Rashan Gary.

    • Rob Staton

      People need to stop mentioning the Wonderlic.

      Teams are very aware why he scored a 9. He has severe dyslexia. It’s not an issue at all.

      • RWIII

        Rob: Lets throw out the wondelic score. Huard has questions about his 1)heart 2) production 3)labrum tear. That’s good enough for me to question Rashan Gary.

        • Rob Staton

          No issue with production. All scheme.

          I don’t know anything about his heart.

          Labrum will be down to the doctors.

    • cha

      The Pro Bowl list is littered with guys who had questions about them on draft day. I would trust this FO to have done their homework, and if they draft Gary there’s enough to work with that they like.

    • MJL

      I personally would hesitate to draft any player who skipped their last bowl game. I totally get why players do it..but it speaks to where their heart is (individual vs team goals)…

      • Kenny Sloth

        He said that was one of the hardest decisions of his life. Harbaugh endorsed it when they sat down with his family. Rashan was crying.

        “Three years at Michigan, I laid everything out for my brothers, my coaches, the fans and everything. Michigan is always going to be a part of me. Having that decision and going to coach Harbaugh and having him agree with me, that made it better.”

        Pretty superficial to say it speaks to where their heart is. Life is complicated.

      • Gohawks5151

        I find it hard to understand as I’m a bit old school, but that’s the culture now. I’m not sure it says anything about the player though. Would you question Christian Mccafrey’s heart for skipping his bowl game?

        • MJL

          Yeah..I would have probably passed..as well as I would with Grier this year..which is probably why I’m not an NFL GM.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I worry about his production, but of all the things you listed, only his labrum tear would concern me. I think he has plenty of heart, and as Rob has pointed out, he has pretty bad dyslexia. Just to get through school having to deal with that says a lot about his heart. My kids have learning disabilities and school is pretty damned hard for them.

      • MJL

        what’s interesting about looking at R Gary’s game logs is he’ll have some big splash games (like vs Ohio State his Junior year..or Indiana his Senior year)..and then weeks and weeks of virtually nothing. That would worry me greatly as a GM thinking of using my first pick on him…

        • Kenny Sloth

          He’s not been a senior. The scheme really held him back there.

          • Kenny Sloth

            He declared early*

            • MJL

              sorry..should have said 2017/2018 instead of Junior/Senior. What was it about the scheme that held him back?? One thing I did notice was he missed all of October (four games) in 2018..so it’s possible when he did come back he wasn’t 100%.

              Anyways..somebody surely will take him early just on his potential…but to me if you’re talking a top 15 guy you would want to see more consistent production over his college career.

  71. Willamette

    Schneider said there are so many different options on the DL this year “you know what kind of flavor ice cream you want?”. Personally I’m hoping for an orange sherbet

  72. Kenny Sloth

    Harbaugh said this about Gary on his podcast which he apparently does.

    “I see people trying to put out a negative thing about a player. Rashan Gary runs in the four-fives, he’s 280 pounds. He’s going to get drafted in the top 10. These people that are trying to kid themselves that he’s not, it’s comical to me.” Harbaugh said on his podcast. “They are trying to get someone to not pick him in the top 10 so he could fall. There are some people out there who would love to see him get into the 20s so they can get him. It’s fairly transparent and the way I think the pro teams go about it is that. They try the ‘I don’t know, I wouldn’t take him there or I wouldn’t take him here.’ Watch on draft day. He’ll get taken in that spot.”

    Came out two days before the labrum issue was reported

    • RWIII

      Obviously: If someone takes Gary early. Then they are the one throwing out the negatives on Rashan Gary.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Very interesting stuff Kenny! The timing is eye opening too.

      It was head scratching first hearing of Gary visiting the VMAC. Personally I agree with Harbaugh Gary’s a freak talent, but is that shoulder issue legit or fabricated? Now we know JS/PC will be prepared in the event he does fall.

  73. RWIII

    BTW: When Pete Carroll/John Schneider made the deal with the Chiefs. To get a first round pick in this years draft and a 2nd round pick next. No doubt they were giving each other high fives.

  74. H

    I watched Jeffrey Simmons bowl game against Iowa today and I regret not doing earlier. Holy smokes he was dominant, opens the game by single handedly destroying all three downs in three different ways; knifes through the blocking to get a tackle for a loss, absorbs a double team and sheds to stop the run for a short gain, then destroys the guard right off the snap and gets a sack.

    I may be on that train now.

  75. RWIII

    BTW: Why is no one talking about Johnnie Dixon? Five reasons Johnnie Dixon is an NFL Draft sleeper


    Johnnie Dixon gives non-stop effort

    Johnnie Dixon is a clinical route runner

    Johnnie Dixon doesn’t need the ball to make plays

    He sounds like a high-quality person. He might be someone that JS/PC has an eye on.

    Johnnie Dixon is a deep threat

    Johnnie Dixon is a leader by nature

    • Rob Staton

      I wrote about Dixon in my big piece two days ago

      • RWIII

        BTW: Rob: You mentioned wide receiver is a strength of the draft next year. Beside WR what else is a strength of the 2020 draft?

        • Rob Staton

          Nothing stands out yet apart from receiver.

  76. James

    Garrett Scott, 2014 R6 draft pick by the Seahawks, OT from Marshall, one of the most sparq’ed-up players ever drafted by Seattle, never played a down due to an enlarged heart. There is no way I would risk a R1 pick on Sweat unless several different doctors take a blood oath that he was mis-diagnosed. The Seahawks were badly burned by Malik McDowell, and cannot afford another risky pick with their top choice. There is a motherlode of DEs available, go with someone safe.

    And speaking of DEs, there is almost an embarrassment of riches. Look at the Leo types: Burns, Winovich, Gary, Benogu, Williams, Ximines, Walker, Crosby, Polite, Hollins, Jelks, Omenihu, etc. And how about the bigger Michael Bennett types: Ferguson, Ferrell, Tillery, Collier, Nelson, Jackson, Cominsky, etc. Rare talent is available all the way through R3.

    And the WRs… the SE/X-types: Metcalf, Harry, Arcega-Whiteside, Boykin, Butler. The 4.3 Ohio St demons: McLaurin and Campbell.

    We have been watching John and Pete draft for ten years now, and isn’t DK Metcalf perhaps the most-Seahawky player ever? 6-3, 235, 4.3/40 (!), new numbers had to be invented to record his sparq scores. If he is there at 21, John and Pete would have to violate every principle they have ever lived by to pass on him.

    • James

      Re DK Metcalf, a must at R1.21, because the Ravens would almost certainly grab him at 22. If the Seahawks like Harry equally, grab him at R1.29, because several teams at the top of R2 are poised. But if Butler, Arcega-Whiteside or Boykin are comparable, there mid-R2. Pete may never again have his shot at satisfying his lust for an X.

    • James

      …and Boykin actually has the best overall sparq scores of all the WRs, ahead even of the Ohio St speed demons and DK.

    • H

      I have been thinking about the possibility of DK, now that we have increased flexibility in the draft. Would probably have to take him at 21, but we could trade down from 29, and still pick up multiple dlineman on day 2. Metcalfs potential is absolutely through the roof, I think he could take our offence to new heights. Just imagine Russ having that kind of a weapon on play action. People talk about building around Russ now that he has this contract, this is the way to do it, by getting a player that accentuates his best qualities without needing to change your identity.

      You do also have to remember that next year is supposed to be a good WR class, but I’m never one to advocate getting too cute and passing on a player you think can be great.

      • James

        Knowing of Pete’s long-standing wish for a tall SE/X receiver, I have tried to keep an eye on these guys over the past half dozen drafts. It seems to me that there is an incredible opportunity to land a good one this year. DK Metcalf is probably faster than any 6-3 WR ever. Hakeem Butler is 6-5 and runs a 4.45! N’Keal Harry is a proven winner and 6-3. sparq does not like Arcega-Whiteside, but he makes a lot of plays downfield. Conversely, Boykin comes in #1 at sparq. Only Rob among us has actually watched all the game tape on all these guys, but after viewing multiple highlights of each one, it is still not clear to me which would fit best with the Seahawks, but any one of them would be a big boost to Russ. To me, Harry seems to make the most downfield plays, DK is clearly the fastest, Boykin has the sparq but his speed does not show up on tape, and the gem to me is Hakeem Butler. He is much taller at 6-5+, runs a 4.45, is impossible to bring down in the open field, and cannot be stopped with a well-placed off-shoulder or fade route, which Russ throws better than anyone. If Butler is the guy, I would not allow him to be plucked at the top of R2, so I would grab him at #29. Trade down the #21, because there are a number of comparable DEs available mid-R2.

        • James

          If we did go WR @ #29, but traded down with #21, the draft value chart below shows that John should land 3 picks in the top half of each of these rounds: R2, R3 & R4. That would be quite a haul to add to our existing R 3,4,5. Get the DE in R2, and another in R3, and the DBs with the rest, with maybe a TE and DT thrown in for good measure.


  77. Eli

    Deep sleeper prospect that has piqued my interest:

    CB Stephen Denmark, Valdosta State
    6’3″ 220 lbs.
    33 3/8″ Arms

    Pro Day Results (@Kennesaw State)
    40 Yd – 4.46
    10 Yd Split – 1.48
    Vertical – 43.5″
    Broad Jump – 10’10”
    20 Yd Shuttle – 4.27
    3-Cone – 7.40
    Bench – 19 Reps

    The 3-cone wasn’t very good, but without having watched it with my own eyes I can’t make any judgements (could have slipped, etc.). Guy has elite physical traits, a lot of these numbers would have been Top 5 @ the combine. Has only been playing CB for one season. He is so very very raw but as a late round/UDFA type he could be something.

    • Happy Guy

      He been I my mock for more than a week. Gotta think they are gonna take a flyer on this guy.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      The Hawks resume of UDFA success and training CB’s would work in our favor if Denmark went undrafted.

  78. JD

    With the advantage of potentially being able to stay put at 21, what are your thoughts on who will/might be available for the DL by looking at what other positions will be coming off the board before pick 21?

    DL (All 10-11 would be a great pick at 21 IMO)
    1. Nick Bosa
    2. Quinnen Williams
    3. Josh Allen
    4. Ed Oliver
    5. Christian Wilkins
    6. Clelin Ferrell
    7. Dexter Lawrence
    8. Brian Burns
    9. Montez Sweat
    10. Rashan Gary
    11. Jeffrey Simmons

    Need 10 players from other positions to go
    1. Kyler Murray
    2. TJ Hockenson
    3. Devin White
    4. Devin Bush
    5. Jawaan Taylor
    6. Drew Lock
    7. Cody Ford
    8. Andre Dillard
    9. Jonah Williams
    10. Dwayne Haskins
    11. Garrett Bradbury?
    12. Erik McCoy?
    13. Greedy Williams?
    14. Noah Fant?

    Of course there can always be surprises but looking at worst case scenario (All 11 DL go off before our pick), we can be hopeful at least 1 elite DL will slip to us and potentially utilize 29 to fill out the board.

    At the minimum, it looks like the following:
    3 Qb’s, 1 TE, 2 LB’s, 4 OL = 10

    Anybody have other thoughts on potential locks for the top 20?

    Let’s all hope for a ton of QB and OL in the top half of R1!

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Cool way of looking at it. This makes it seem likely that at least one of those top DL fall to 21, regardless of injury question marks. (insert slow smile Grinch style haha)

      Noticed you didn’t include Daniel Jones- he’s been getting a ton of buzz. Don’t get the hype, but you never know.

      It’ll be interesting to see when the DB’s and WR’s start going. Murphy, Greedy or Hollywood Brown(most likely imo) could go before 21. Abrams could be a wildcard.

      Combine standouts Metcalf and Fant’s draft buzz has quieted down, but both have elite traits.

    • robert Las Vegas

      I am not sure why but for some reason I think the Seahawks will draft Jeffrey Simmons at 21and trade back the 29 pick his tape so good and they are loading up for 2020 with 12picks . even if you redshirt him next how loaded would they be in 2020.he is top 10 talent if heathly he would be top ten pick

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Love Simmons as a player. Top 10 talent in virtually any draft.

        I’m wondering how much input Jody Allen has. That JS/PC presser they both mentioned they were going to meet with her later in the day. Boom Clark’s gone. Maybe she didnt really want Clark. Maybe she doesnt want Simmons. I would not hold that against her in the least, if that is the case. Jody could be just signing the checks too. Hard telling not knowing.

        • MJL

          maybe she wasn’t thrilled at the idea of writing $80 million in bonus checks (RW + FC) in the same week… ;<)

  79. Volume12

    Man, this story is incredible. Can relate having gone through the same thing (different form) in regards to his dad.


    • Volume12

      * not my pops, but my mom

    • Kenny Sloth

      He plays like he doesn’t take anything for granted.

      Handfighting like a cat boxing a snake

      • Nick

        I would loooooove Ferrell. But do you think his lack of testing will turn Seahawks off?

        • Kenny Sloth

          I’m not sure what range they would consider him, but he’s not exactly their type. He plays really explosive, but I think other teams will have higher grades.

  80. VashonALL

    Hey Kenny,
    Did Lillard’s game winner look like a travel? I know that hasn’t been called in the NBA for decades so it wouldn’t matter. I watched it about 6 times and it looked a little wonky but I still couldn’t tell. What range!!! Holy night.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Egads! Blasphemy!

      Don’t ever talk to Damian Lillard or his son (Westbrook lol) again

      • VashonALL

        Haha. It was an incredible shot regardless. It’s funny how a lifetime of despising USC, the Lakers & the Denver Broncos I now hold the Thunder, the Packers & your Ducks in my top 3. I will ALWAYS root against those teams! I like to pump my rivalries full of piss and vinegar.

  81. Pran

    Chiefs get Frank instead of Earl from us for the same pick…looks John has a good trading partner in Chiefs!

  82. Matt

    I don’t think they’ll do it, but man, what if they could come out of this draft with both Simmons and Gary.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Yep, two huge picks that would likely change the Seahawks defense.

    • Troy

      I would be more than okay if the chips fell that way… anytime you get a top 10 talent outside of the top 10 you take it, if lightning strikes twice… You ain’t gotta threaten me with a good time!

  83. HawkfaninMT

    Funny story…

    My brother had to do some work at the VMAC today. He was all around the facility and doing his business there. He was able to get a tour of the facility and all that good stuff. Close up look at the Lombardi trphy… Cool stuff. He noticed that they were very strict about not being allowed on the 2nd floor. Come to find out… Scouting department and draft room are on the 2nd floor. Seahawks draft security is on high alert!!

  84. JD

    Rob (and everyone),

    Out of those predictive scenarios you listed, what would you most prefer? If it’s the dominate day two, could you give a quick example of what those 5+ picks would look like?

    To me they are all great, but would probably prefer “the conservative” to get an elite talent and have a little flexibility filling out the draft.

    • Aaron

      I’d prefer they use one of their first rounders and trade the other one into the second round. Hopefully they’d come away with a 2nd, 4th, and 6th or 7th for it. They need eight picks somehow.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I agree with Aaron. If someone falls to them at 21 like Ferrell or Gary, maybe even Sweat then pull the trigger. If they dont then trade that pick back and use 29 on someone you want. Keep one, trade one.

    • MJL

      I’m in the trade both first rounders camp…try for Winovich and McLaurin in the 2nd..then maybe something like Tell, Thompson, Walker in the 3rd…

  85. Greg Haugsven

    So if we stick at 21 and maybe trade down from 29 who would you want at 21? If we do the opposite and trade 21 and keep 29 who do you want there?

  86. Just a thought

    All this talk of trading down for picks. Trade value chart shows we can trade UP and still acquire picks. Example: 21 & 29 to Denver for 10, 71, 125, and some late rounders. Perhaps not our MO, perhaps not our preference – but possible.

    • Rob Staton

      That would be a horrible trade.

      Sure, you’re moving up 11 spots from 21 to pick in the top ten (why would you want to though?).

      But you’re also moving down 42 (!!!!) spots from 29.

      And all for one extra late rounder.

      Hard pass.

  87. Dale Roberts

    Dale Roberts says:
    April 24, 2019 at 6:34 pm
    A few UDFA names to consider:

    Jazz Ferguson – WR – NW Louisiana St. – 6’5″, 227, 34 1/4 arms, 4.45, 37″ vertical – Why no hype?
    Olive Sagapolu – DT – Wisconsin 342 LB run stuffer
    Alec Ingold – FB – Wisconsin
    Dax Raymond – TE – Utah State
    Donald Parham – TE – Stetson – More receiver than TE but he’s 6’8″ and can catch
    Isaiah Mack – DT – Chattanooga – 6′ 2″ 305, 4.94, 32.5 vertical, conference defensive player of the year
    Johnny Dwight – DT – Alabama – 6′ 2″, 301
    Chris Johnson – S – North Alabama – 6′ 2″, 200, 4.45
    Kyle Phillips – DE – Tennessee – 6′ 4″, 277, 4.65
    Daniel Wise – DT – Kansas – 6′ 3″, 281. 3-tech performed well at Shrine game.
    Dion Harris – CB – North Dakota – 6′ 3″, 201, 4.59, 34.5 vert, 10-1 broad

    Malik Carney – Rush LB – North Carolina
    B.J. Autry – G – Jacksonville State – 6′ 3″, 350
    LaDarius Wiley – S – Vanderbilt
    Vitas Hrynkiewicz – OG – Youngstown St.
    Michael Onouha – DE – Texas A&M Commerce – 6′ 6″, 260
    Lanard Bonner – OT – Arkansas St. – 6’5″, 330lbs.
    Olisaemeka Udoh – OT/G – Villanova – 6’5, 327lbs that could add weight. Enormous person.
    Jordan Sims – G – Ole Miss – 6’3″, 330lbs
    Jesse Aniebonam – DE – Maryland
    Oluwole Betiku Jr. – DE – USC grad transfer – highly athletic but very, very raw
    Keelan Doss – WR – Cal Davis
    Derek Mahaffey – DL – Chattanooga
    JJ Holmes – DL – Kansas
    Jay-Tee Tiuli – DL – Eastern Washington – 6′ 4″, 310
    Josh Lewis – CB – Eastern Washington – 6′, 190, 4.25, 37.5 vert

    • Trevor

      Nice list!

      I really like BJ Autry, Alec INgold, Kyle Phillips and Daniel Wise as fits for the Hawks. I tend to think all 4 will get drafted but if not I would love to see the Hawks target them as UDFA.

      Autry looks like FLuker 2.0 and Phillips is a guy would I think could end up being a decent rotational DL player as a former 5 star recruit.

  88. DCD2

    Good news SDB. I’ve cracked Carroll’s first clue. He was playing Lean on me, which of course was a movie starring Morgan Freeman in 1997. One of the most iconic scenes from that movie is when Freeman’s character finds a group of boys hanging out in the restroom and makes them sing the school song.


    Upon hearing that they were singing a version of the song, Mr. Clark marches the boys into the music teacher’s class to confront her about changing the way the draft, I mean song has always been done. Ms Powers (played by the hyphenated: Sandra Reeves-Phillips) confesses that she did change it, and he says: “Take a bow Ms. Powers. You’ve just re-written our Alma Mater.”

    Since ET, the Hawks have never spent a high pick on a CB. That changes with the hyphenated Chauncy Gardner-Johnson.

    The other take is that Lean on Me, would have an acronym of LOM. This of course is short for Lommy, the boy from Game of Thrones who was killed in Season two by the Character Polliver, with the sword Needle. I thought that perhaps Polliver rhymes with Tolliver, as in Cy Tolliver from Deadwood, who of course stabbed a junkie named Leon (Leo), but it felt like a thread that you keep pulling and in the end the original piece just unravels. The it hit me that, that was the point. The Needle and Thread, which we all know is a cocktail bar in Seattle. The quirky thing with this bar is that it is accessed through a bank vault in the Tavern law pub. Bank vault – lock down. No, too easy. What’s the biggest ‘bank vault’ in the country? Everyone knows it is Fort Knox. After chasing down some dead ends, it hits me! What is stored in Ft Knox? Gold! Who is the only borderline 1st round pick that fits our needs and wears a helm of gold? Jerry Tillery.

    So there you have it. It’s either CGJ or Tillery. On to the next.

  89. Thomas Wells

    Not really on topic for the hawks, but something I’ve been wondering all draft process: what separates Dwayne Haskins from the other quarterbacks that have come out of Ohio Stateunder Urban Meyer? That system has churned out quarterbacks that put up huge numbers. What makes Haskins a better pro prospect than Braxton Miller, JT Barrett, or Cardale Jones? Serious question, I have no scouting aptitude whatsoever.

  90. Ben

    My takeaway from the presser was that they wanted to trade down a few more times, hoping that LJ Collier would be available at the start of the second round. I agree with you Rob that the idea they missed on their first choice by trading down doesn’t feel right.

    JS mentioned that they were hoping for a more chaotic draft and that teams were picking mostly DL with an OL run not materializing like they hoped. All of these things make it harder for the seahawks to trade down multiple times and still get their guy.

    • Rob Staton

      To me it’s clear they wanted those extra day two picks and didn’t get any (just swapped a R1 for a R2). They probably hoped to gain a haul in day two. Thus looking mildly dejected.

      But trust Seahawks twitter to carve out theories about ‘missing out’ on Jerry Tillery and Montez Sweat.

      It amazes me that people still think they would’ve picked at #18 last year (and then not again until ROUND FOUR) if Derwin James was there. They were trading down 12 months ago and taking a running back. 100% nailed on.

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