Geno Smith (QB, West Virginia) vs Clemson

This was a record breaking performance in last seasons Orange Bowl. Smith shined on the day, but there were other times last season where he wasn’t quite as polished. He has a lot of talent and will continue to put up big numbers in 2012 in Dana Holgorsen’s offense. However, will teams see through the system to grade him as a possible pro-passer? Smith is ranked at #39 in our top 40 watch list.


  1. AlaskaHawk

    Yeah – Finally covering the QB that the Seahawks may take a flier on next year. Why? Because he will be ranked 4-6 in the QB list so he will be available to us when we pick mid-round.

    Second because it is highly unlikely that any of our QBs will blow us away and seal their spot as a starter. To do that would take a 13+ win season and division championship. That is unlikely with a new QB (or TJ).

    Based on that we have to continue drafting until someone proves they are a great starter. Geno Smith would be my number one choice as a mid first round pick!

  2. Phil

    If one of our QBs has to win 13+ games to “prove they are a great starter”, it’s going to be a long wait.

    Do you have any idea how ridiculous it is to expect that?

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’m simply saying that there will always be quarterback controvery in Seattle until we have a great QB. Just on this board we have had gigantic discussions about TJ, Flynn and Wilson. Who ever is put in there, unless they excel, there will be a group of fans who say we made the wrong choice.

      Lets say we win 9 or 10 games next year and don’t win our division. Is that a good enough performance to seal a spot as starting QB? Or will there be another open competition next year?

      Unless someone can quiet the fan group and settle the question for PC, we will continue down this path of competition. Which means that we also have to consider drafting a QB next year because it is the strongest group of QBs that we have seen in a long while, and because there is not a strong group of receivers (which would be my first choice).

  3. Brian

    Seems to have a similar style of play to Keith Price, who I’d say looks a bit more accurate than Smith. Hard to evaluate reads, etc. because they play in different offenses.

  4. Jake

    i think price will develop a little more and become vince young on his good days. and i think thats exactly what he wants in a qb. if flynn can become more mobile then flynn would be a great fit. and if that doesnt work then all they have to hope for is russel wilson to get more accurate and become an at best younger version of drew brees with a year or two playing. but i think they will get price in the 2nd round next year. Tjack will be gone and our qb depth will look like Flynn, Wilson, Price. i can only imagine the amount of drool that was spilled out of PC/JS mouths over Newton and RG3.

  5. AlaskaHawk

    The West Virginia running back Tavon Austin had a great game. We should keep an eye on him.

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