Has it really been a week already?

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  1. bigDhawk

    I am still no where close to grasping it all. It might take until we win a second Lombardi until I have full perspective of what this first one means.

    I completely understand that we can and should talk about everything to do with going forward, but let’s not forget that the whole point of drafts, free agency, player development, etc is to put together a team that can win a SB…and we just won OUR FIRST SB EVER!! As we move on to ‘What’s Next’, let’s take time – regularly and often – to talk about, reflect upon, and bask in the sports glory of the first SB victory for the team most of us have rooted for our whole sports lives.

    That is an exquisitely delicious video, and thanks Rob for giving us this tremendous outlet to talk about the team we love. I bought all my SB swag using your NFLshop banner ad. xD

    • Rob Staton

      I think this is a good point. The debate has almost immediately turned to, “how do we stay at the top?”.

      Let’s also remember to enjoy the fact Seattle just won the Super Bowl, in the most emphatic fashion possible.

      These are historic times.

      • dave crockett

        I’m experiencing it as “slow burn” euphoria.

      • CD

        I am a bit more relaxed and not wanting to rush into FA or the Draft this year. I think its mostly to do with how good we looked in the SB, to crush a team in that way.

        Up until the SB I had such high expectations of this team that weren’t really being matched. I felt they could play better than they had all year. This was based on the flashes we saw last year vs Chicago/Wash/Atlanta, the 150 points in 3 weeks and again this year at times vs the Cards/Saints.

        They finally put it together in the SB, in front of all my non-Seahawks friends and family. What a perfect time to put it all together, they played like I thought they could play. I am in no rush to move on from perfection.

        I remember watching SB past and thinking how great it must be to be a fan of ‘that’ team. Not only are we SB winners, but we kicked the living crap out of the ‘best’ O ever, this will remembered.

  2. cade

    Can you help me understand why all the “experts” think success isn’t sustainable over a long period of time?

    I get it that guys will have to be paid or let go.

    What prevents PC/JS from continuing to do what they did to build this team? Why cant they continue to draft and develop talent to replace the parts that move on?

    The only change I see is in money distribution. They will have to pay secondary and QB and will have to draft(instead of paying out the nose) to replace positions like TE, OLine, DL.

    Any thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s pretty clear the so-called experts don’t understand the Seahawks.

      Considered underdogs against the hottest team in football (San Francisco), and then they were going to struggle against Denver.

      They don’t understand the way this team has been built, what it tries to do and the foundations surrounding the vision of Carroll.

      All they see is a QB who doesn’t put up 300 yard games every week and that’s that. The modern NFL has turned the media into a bunch of folks looking at only one aspect of the game. We should celebrate the fact Seattle has opened so many eyes in that regard.

      The Seahawks face new challenges now — mainly how to stay hungry having become champions. But there’s no reason why they can’t keep the core together and I’ll say this. There’s no reason why this team can’t be even BETTER next year.

      • Mylegacy

        Rob – their number one challenge remains the same as it always will be. They have to be at least a bit better (or luckier) than the 49ers, Rams and Cards. All three of those teams look to be very impressive in 14. Whomever is last standing from the NFC West – will most likely win the SB next year.

        While I see our Hawks as the best team now – my fear is that a season spent brawling with the true heavyweights in football will have damaged us (or the eventual winner from our division) too severely to dominate the AFL Champ.

        • cade

          Given what just happened, why in the heck would you have that fear? The competition just improves each team and we were clearly the more battle tested.

          On the subject of the 49ers, I think we are better than we looked in our last two games against them.
          Last game they only really had success with a few QB run wrinkles ( I know its Kaep but these were new looks ) and one risky yet successful pass to Boldin over ET. In the game at Candlestick Seahawks would have likely won if not for one poorly played run.

          Neither of those games did we have Harvin which has proven to be a game breaker and at the minimum opens up opportunities for others.

        • Rugby Lock

          The NFC West will just make them into tempered steel… The more you fold the metal of a blade the stronger it is.

        • MRB

          This – setting aside the talking heads blather, there were a number of close games last year, some which we won and some that we lost. Injuries played a roll, but they often do and may again next year too. The niners may have Crabtree all season. How important in hind sight were those wins in Carolina and Houston? Or not not winning against Tampa and Saint Louis? Or taking the lead and holding on in the NFC conference championship? Expect the same roller coaster next year, and it is clear that home field through the playoffs will be the first goal again.

          So, I don’t see roster issues as the primary challenge – just a long season in a very competitive division in a game of inches.

    • bigDhawk

      The ‘experts’ who doubt the sustainability of what the ‘Hawks just accomplished usually follow it up by claiming that PCJS merely ‘got lucky’ in having so many late round and undrafted players turn into top performers and pro-bowlers. The obvious implication is they will not be lucky again and therefore will not sustain that success. This is answered by Rob point about the lack of understanding out there concerning the foundations of Carroll’s vision and how that has built the team and will continue to build the team.

      Also to Rob’s second point, the media is somewhat, by design and necessity now, slanted toward a fantasy football perspective. Analysis of how to win real football games has been tainted by what it takes to win at fantasy. That line has been blurred somewhat, probably on purpose, to appeal to the fantasy perspective, which drives an enormous amount of interest in the game. The ‘Hawks just simply administered a reality check to that narrative without anesthesia, and the fantasy world is recoiling accordingly.

      • JW

        Well, it’s only really “answered” by continuing to do it it. That’s the only analysis that matters, everything else is just talk.

        We’ll see.

  3. Dave

    I believe that Pete and John will take a page from Phil Jackson ‘s book. He was able to challenge MJ and Co year after year. Assuming we know the character of this group, they will not slow down. They will find a challenge to lift them!

  4. Stuart

    Yesterday I met with a huge 49er fan who grew up in the Bay area. He asked me what I am up to this weekend, I calmly told him that after last weekend, WINNING THE SUPER BOWL, maybe I will just relax this weekend, watch some SUPER BOWL highlights or something…

    Is it Re-Pete or Repeat? In order to become a dynasty, you have to win one first, YEAH BABY!

  5. Michael Kelly

    Love this highlight clip. I hope you will keep the link handy through the long off season so we can comeback and watch it a few more times. Can’t wait to order my Seahawk NFL Superbowl swag (from the link on your site of course 😉

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you Michael 🙂

  6. RJ

    Great Vid! Little appetizer before the main course, the final edition of the rain city redemption. How long do we have to wait for that one?

    • Rob Staton

      Unfortunately it’s a long wait…. pre-season estimate.

  7. Jeremy

    Don’t know if this has come up or not….but did Bruce Irvin lose snaps as the season went on? I have nfl replay, and I don’t really remember seeing Irvin a whole lot down the stretch, and especially in the playoffs.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure if his snaps decreased, I suspect they did against Denver with Malcolm Smith playing a lot. He seemed to be very involved against San Francisco.

  8. EdC

    I’m so excited we won. Yet, I’m so excited for next year already.

    1. Would love to keep, but I don’t want to overpay for Bennett or Tate
    2. Maybe would overpay a little for Giacomini (don’t think we will have to though)
    3. Would like to see Clem back on the cheap (started to be himself at the end) and split time with Irvin
    4. Cut Miller/Rice
    5. Restructure/cut either Red/Mebane
    6. Need to gage Sherman. I love Sherm, but if he wants over 10 million, might be better to look at trade. Thomas/Wilson/Avril/Okung/Maxwell/Wright/Wagner have contract issues in the next 2 seasons

    • JW

      I don’t get the ‘overpay’ for RT logic. If it comes down to re-signing Bennet or Tate vs Breno, it’s not even close.

      A difference making pass rusher is almost immeasurably more important than a moderately above average Right Tackle. You can say pretty much the same thing about Tate. He’s much more unique and important to an offense than a Breno type player.

      • EdC

        The “little” overpay with Giacomini will still be cheaper than Tate or Bennett. And BG plays all the time and really is our tough guy. Bennett is a rotational player and Baldwin takes Tates place. Bennett and Tate are probably looking and getting over 6 million. BG made 3.2 this year, can probably get him around the same.

        Maybe we have the same luck and get Tuck/Allen/Starks to play on 1 or 2 year deals 4million each. Wouldn’t Tuck and Allen at $4 each be better than $7 for Bennett

        Also, what about Incognito. Pair him next to BG and run right all day.

        • Jeff's

          I’m glad PC is making these decisions because I’m reading more posts like this on SH blogs. Every dlineman on sea is rotational but only one finishes as a top 10 lineman in advanced metrics. Only one provides consistent collapse the pocket pressure on a consistent basis. How quickly we forget last years playoff loss. I for one don’t want to go back to that day. I would gladly sacrifice Breno to keep a healthy Bennett 10 out of 10 times. Fortunately, this will likely come down to keeping Clemons vs MB. I know the answer to that.

          Don’t suddenly go cheap on one of the best players in the nfl PERIOD when he proves the impact to your defense. Pay him his market value and go work on your other problems in other ways. As far as toughness goes, a player who blows up the pocket against heavier olinemen is pretty tough to me.

          • EdC

            I agree in principal, but overpaying is what makes teams one hit wonders. I am in no means saying BG is worth more. I am saying the overpay with BG (if we have to) will be a lot cheaper than overpaying for MB. I have been saying all season MB is a beast. But, we could survive being without both. Avril and Clem provided our entire pass rush in the Superbowl. Clem looked the part again and I hope will take a cheap deal to stay another year. I think we get 1-2 veterans to take smaller deals like Avril/Bennett did a year ago and that will be more valuable than just Bennett.

            • JeffC

              It depends upon the overpay. If you’re talking about Julius Pepper’s money, then yes, that is too steep. If it’s a little more than what Clemons is making (500,000 to a million)? Then if I’m Schneider I’d be willing to do it. You can line Bennett up at 3 positions on the line, where Clemons fits one spot. I agree with Danny Oneill’s assertion that you can’t let Bennett reach FA. If he does, a bidding war likely develops and you lose him.

              If other veterans are available, I think you sacrifice Clemons, not Bennett. If you can get Jared Allen for peanuts, which is all speculation, at least with Bennett he can play different positions and excel everywhere. Clemons is strictly a leo. The only question would be Melton, but I have to see it to believe it that he would come cheap. Bennett and avril were signed after the market dried up on them, and I have to see it to believe it that that would happen to Melton, despite the injury. If Clemons is willing to come back for peanuts, I still say you resign Bennett because the bulk of the money from the savings will be there.

              Michael Bennett is special. He reminds me of a modern day John Randle. I’m hoping JS is talking to his agent right now and if it comes out at 3 year 27 mill before he hits FA, I will be ecstatic and not worried about our pass rush next year.

              • EdC

                He is all that, I just think 3/27 is too much. Especailly with Thomas, Sherman, Wilson, Okung (all at least 7-8 million), Maxwell (3-4) all needing deals before that 9 million is over.

                If you say 2/16 with 12/14 guarteed, ok. That way it ends up being 2/6-7 and it comes off the books in 2016.

                I would still want Clem back so he can split time with Irvin. He was drafted to get to the QB. Using him as a LB dropping in coverage (while he improved) is a misuse of his abilities. Unleash him like the GB game. I think he could be an 8-12 sack guy easy.

                • Siva

                  2/16 will not get it done…Bennet has this only chance at getting a big contract….so he would be looking at longer term deal…4 years i would think.. because most contracts the last year def is not guaranteed and most of them get cut/restructured in the last year esp if you are in 30s, similar situation as clemons(he got a 3yr/22mil contract when he was 29)…hopefully something like a 4yr/27 mil will get it done with a hefty signing bonus(8-10 mil) and decent guaranteed money.. …Hawks can protect themselves by back-loading the contract a little….the only leverage we have is that Bennet may find it difficult to reject it coz of the exp he had last year in free agency.. contrarily Tate may feel to test it as he is relatively young and this is his first free free agency.

  9. Cysco

    I was bored last night and watched the game again. I couldn’t believe it. We won the super bowl. Again! We’re now 2-0 in Super Bowl games I’ve watched. lol, I’m kinda afraid to watch it a third time, I’d hate to jinx them.

  10. Stuart

    Interesting about Irvin. We have a very nice rotation going with Irvin, Wagner, KJ and Smith. When Irvin plays less, who is playing more? Our LB is so good and so underrated. Well maybe not so much anymore…

  11. Nolan

    I have watched the Super Bowl three times already and the sound fx version twice I can’t get enough.

  12. Nolan

    Do we think Irvin goes back to Leo if we lose Clem?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s an option, especially with the depth at LB.

  13. Andrew

    Honestly, a lot of those “experts” were really just guys who needed to fill airtime with their voice. I stopped watching any ESPN programming because opinions were valued higher than any intelligent analysis. Speaking of opinions, please check out this little goldmine of an article. It made me laugh when I read it 4 years ago, and it is hysterical now. ESPN sure knows how to pick em. http://sports.espn.go.com/los-angeles/columns/story?id=4818077

  14. Cysco

    Hey Rob,

    Just wondering if you think Davante Adams might make it to our second round pick.

    What are your thoughts on the guy?

    Good size. Good speed. Nice hands. Seems like a quality kid. Is it just a testament to how deep this WR class is that he’s not getting more talk?

    • Rob Staton

      I think he’s a second rounder at best. There’s good and bad tape, he plays in a prolific stat-padding passing offense. He’s 6-2 and probably runs in the 4.5’s. So we’re not talking about explosive size or speed. But he can make plays, he’s a very personable character guy and a good team mate. Plays with some fire. I like him, but round two would the region I look at him closely.

      • Cysco

        That was my take too. If you’re looking for things to write about perhaps a piece on the two potential plans we could see the Hawks follow in the draft.

        1st Round WR
        2nd Round DL


        1st Round DL
        2nd Round WR

        Great stuff as always Rob!

  15. Barry

    Rob I have a question for you. If Anthony Barr fell to us, do you see the front office taking him? I love his production after playing offense his first two years and athletic ability but he’s still raw (missed tackles ect) . I’ve seen him all over boards but to me he’s a top 5 talent. What are your thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      If he lasts all the way to #32, then yes I’d be very interested. I doubt he’ll get that far, but technically he’s a way off what some people have projected. He’s an athlete but needs to develop at the next level. His hand use is poor, he needs to learn a bull rush and how to disengage and get off a block. I think he’s a mid first round prospect and have him going #11 to Tennessee right now.

  16. AlaskaHawk

    Why I have hope that Seattle Seahawks will build a dynasty.
    1. Pete Carroll, not only is he an awesome coach but he has also built an awesome coaching staff.

    2. Our defense is ranked #1 and looked great all season. They will be just as great next year. I expect a few more draft picks to supplement the DL and corner positions.

    3. Our offense looked average all last season, they really only put a good performance together for the superbowl. They have a lot of room for improvement next year. I expect draft picks for big WR and OL.
    4. Special teams was awesome by end of year. I expect more of the same next year.

    Given that we excel in two of those three areas and there is no reason our offense can’t take off and excel next year, I see a dynasty in the making.

  17. Ben

    *yawn* Hey guys I’ve been asleep for a week or so, what’d I miss?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Nothing 😀

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