Henry Melton visiting Seattle today

Henry Melton is exactly the type of opportunity this team looks for.

His market is stalling because of a previous ACL injury. A year ago he would’ve been a prize free agent.

Now? He’s having to wait for visits.

When healthy he’s among the best three techniques in the league.

He had 13 sacks in 2011-12 after switching from running back in college. At the Texas pro-day in 2009 he ran a 4.64 (at 269lbs), jumped 34.5 inches in the vertical and managed a 10.1 in the broad jump.

He’s not just a pass rusher either, he can play the run too.

The Seahawks need to keep adding depth to their defensive line. It’s fair to imagine they’ll make at least one more acquisition before the draft.

Aside from Melton, Oakland defensive tackle Vance Walker is also making a visit (EDIT — he signed a 3-year deal with the Chiefs before he even got on the plane).

If Melton is willing to gamble on himself, he could be the next great project for this team.

The sales pitch is obvious.

Come and be the next Michael Bennett

Like Bennett he’d turn 28 during his initial season in Seattle. This time next year, there’s no reason why he can’t command a similar contract if he proves he’s fully recovered from knee surgery.

It’d be a perfect fit, for team and player.

Seattle can line up Melton alongside Tony McDaniel, with Avril and Bennett on the edge.

They wouldn’t need a Red Bryant on that line. It’s plenty strong enough to act as a four man front on early downs.

So if it’s such an obvious fit, what are the stumbling blocks?

Firstly, the Seahawks need to check on his knee. The main purpose of the visit was probably to do a medical. If there’s any concern there, they’ll run a mile. This isn’t like Bennett and his torn rotator cuff.

There are some character red flags too.

Melton was arrested and charged with ‘intoxicated driving’ as a junior in college. He was arrested again in 2013 for assault and public intoxication.

Yesterday reports suggested he could be sued in relation to that incident in December.

So there’s not just an injury risk. You have to do your homework here.

Melton is due to visit Dallas next having already spent time with the Vikings.

The Cowboys have around $13m in cap space while Minnesota is at $16m. Seattle has an estimated $14-15m remaining.

Dallas in particular have to do something. They’ve lost Jason Hatcher and cut Demarcus Ware. Their line is decimated right now.

They might be willing to pay Melton as a bona fide starter now. No prove it deal. That’s how desperate they could be.

If the Seahawks are willing to clear his knee, the Cowboys would be too. And he is a quality starter when healthy.

It’s also his home-state team. He played for the Longhorns in college.

A longer term deal with the panicking Cowboys makes just as much sense as a one-year prove it contract in Seattle.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

Having been pretty quiet so far, the Seahawks are due a signing or two.

They might have to play the slow game with Melton (as they are with Jermichael Finley) but it could pay dividends in the end.


B.J. Raji has signed a one-year contract with the Packers worth $4m.

That pretty much sets the market for one-year ‘prove it’ deals at defensive tackle.

Jason Hatcher was paid big money in Washington to avoid needing to take a short term contract.

We’ll see if Melton gets lured away too.

If not, a $4m deal for one year in Seattle makes sense.


  1. JeffC

    You mean on early downs it would be McDaniel at the 5 tech, Melton, Mebane, and Bennett at the leo.

  2. TJ

    This slow approach by Seattle’s FO should be expected, and certainly should not be a cause for concern. What I have learned to appreciate about Schneider and Carroll’s measured approach is how they use free agency to find players who fit specific roles, and they place an exact value on those roles. The Super Bowl team was not built by rushing out and overpaying for big-name free agents. It was built through shrewd drafting of conerstone players like Wilson, Thomas, Chancellor, Sherman and Okung, one very important trade for Lynch, and the acquisition of a lot of undervalued talent through free agency. As strange as this sounds, I am thrilled that there has been very little news regarding Seattle signing free agents. Although I wish Tate and Giacomini were still here, I have to believe that the FO knew exactly what they were doing, and have either made plans to fill those spots with comparable, but less expensive talent, or didn’t find the players as valuable to what the team wants to do as we the fans did.

    • bigDhawk

      Losing Tate might really hurt, especially if Percy is always injured. He was supposed to be our version of Harvin, before we ever acquired Harvin. And if he can’t stay healthy then we’ll have neither.

      For a cheaper Tate comp, though, I like Jarvis Landry. There are mixed stories about his ostensibly injury-effected combine results, but here’s a pretty good BR article about him that reminds me a lot of what we loved about Tate.


      • Rob Staton

        “a pretty good BR article”

        Words we never ever expected to read….

        • bigDhawk

          Yeah, I know. I paused while typing that, but thought, ‘what the heck’, give credit where it is due.

      • Cameron

        I like Jarvis Landry, he kind of reminds me of Anquan Boldin. Not the most explosive guy in the world but tough as nails. I hope he falls well into the 2nd round. Would be a definite value at 64.

        • Kyle N

          Kennan Allen fell into the 3rd round because of “lack of explosiveness” and was commonly mocked as a late 1st type of guy. I hope Landry falls even farther!

      • Hay stacker509

        You sir should never link BR to this site unless it’s that retard saying how Seattle is an idiot drafting Russell Wilson. J/k but BR is a joke of a website. What Rob has created here is way more in depth with what the Seahawks are doing and could be doing in the future. Rob doesn’t even love in the states and has a better grasp and concept of what the hawks are about then that godless heathen of a website

        • Hay stacker509


        • bigDhawk

          Just do a blind taste test, cover up the name on the masthead and read the article. It’s actually not that bad.

      • Ben

        I’ve said this time and time again, I’m not trying to be biased either. If Seattle ends up with either Landry or OBJ, they will be adding future Pro Bowl WR’s. Both play better in my opinion than Golden Tate. ODJ is much faster while Landry is more of a physical specimen that can make the hardest most ridiculous catches look easily smooth. If we landed Jarvis Landry I would be doing f%#$ing cart wheels going into next season!! Lets get as many of my LSU boys up here on the Seahawks as possible!!!

        GEUAX 12th Man!!!!!

    • James

      The Seahawks have an astonishing six guys playing at a Hall of Fame level: Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Russell Wislon, Percy Harvin and Marshawn Lynch. Now, they will have to play at this level, or better, for another half dozen years to make the Hall, and Beast won’t have the stats, and Percy has to stay healthy, but the fact is that six guys are currently playing at this uber-elite level. Another significant group is playing at a Pro Bowl level, and PC/JS would be hard pressed to replace them: Okung, Unger, Wagner, Bennett and Avril. The elite guys have to be paid over $10 mil/yr, and RW much more. The next level guys are in the $7/8 mil range. That is a lot of very good talent that must be paid. It necessarily means that you have to let all others, if they can reasonably be replaced, go as they hit their 2nd contract. The Seahawks are doing exactly what they have to do to retain this pool of core players that are the best in the league, as much as it hurts to say goodbye to Big Red, Golden, and the others.

      • Arias

        I’m not sure you can say Okung played anywhere near a Pro Bowl level last year, but I agree that he’d be hard to replace. Okung really only played at that level for one year in ’12 but I hope he returns to form.

      • TJ

        You are correct, and that was exactly my point in my original post. We all like Tate, and wish he was still a Seahawk, but the reality is, we can’t keep them all, and keeping Tate for anywhere near the money Detroit is paying him would mean not having the ability to re-sign one of the many players you just listed. We have too many exceptional players who will eventually need to be re-signed to pay out big bucks to a WR who, while talented and fun to watch, is not elite. The front office has a plan, and that plan doesn’t include paying big money to two wide receivers in a run-heavy offense. I also have no doubt that if Harvin can’t stay on the field, he won’t be in Seattle for long, for the exact same reason.

        • James

          I agree about Percy Harvin. The “kind but ruthless” approach from PC & JS means that Percy must earn his money, and the only way to do that is to be on the field. If he isn’t able to be the primo WR they are paying him to be this season, they won’t pay for a third year on sick leave, much less beyond that. The money is necessary for the other guys who are winning games week by week.

      • James

        The immediate need is to sign one or both of Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman, and then Russell Wilson’s $20 mil/yr kicks in next year. Avril will also have to be re-signed next year, unless Benson Mayowa becomes the next miracle find from JS; but Avril already has a cap hit of $7 mil, so he can be re-upped with little extra cap hit. Likewise Okung, whose cap hit is already $9 mil/yr, so he can be re-upped for no additional hit. Mebane and his $6 mil will likely come off the books after this season. Beast Mode and his $6 mil will come off after this season or the next. Most of that cap money will go to re-sign Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner, and then maybe guys like Doug Baldwin, Greg Scruggs and Byron Maxwell, if they continue apace. The point is, we will continue to lose guys we love, who have helped us win championships, but so long as PC & JS remained disciplined, they can retain this amazing core group they have put together, while adding to it year by year. No team has a core of players entering their prime as good as ours….enjoy the ride.

  3. glor

    Would like to see them lock up Earl before doing too much more. He is critical.

    • williambryan

      Isn’t Thomas’ cap number only going to go up marginally at best with an extension? I don’t think the timing of his extension and potential free agent moves are related. No signings will prevent the extension from happening, and with some precedent with the Chancellor extension, that happened in late April, I think…

      • Turp

        william is correct, any extension would likely not change his cap hit for the first year. You can check that on Davis Hsu’s twitter, as he’s referenced that fact over and over for any long term extension like that with multiple players.

        • glor

          it all depends on how it is structured.. you bump his base this year way up, so that future years are less. I don’t want to mortgage the future with some crazy low cap number this year and the be crossing our fingers that the cap will keep going up by 8% a year.

        • Darik

          That is true. I would like to see them lock him up before much else, though. Some have brought attention(I think Brian Nemhauser) to many of the players feeling like the front office is trying to pay new guys to come in, and letting the foundation that’s been here walk. He said he would have liked to see Earl’s extension before free agency for that reason. I can’t help but agree looking at Thurmond’s twitter page and what Golden has said since leaving. It seems like the players are not thrilled about the way things have played out so far, and locking up Earl long term would mitigate that to some extent.

          • Kyle N

            I think there are a examples of “not taking care of their own guys” like paying Harvin big bucks, but not Tate. However, they have taken care of their own some. Yes – Red Bryant, Chris Clemons, and Sidney Rice were part of the core of this team, but they’ve already been paid big contracts.

            However, what does Thurmond have to complain about? He hasn’t been reliable by any means with getting hurt and his drug suspension. Why would the Seahawks go out of their way to give a huge deal to him even though he’d only be our nickle corner?

            And they did take care of their own with Bennett. He came in on a cheap prove it deal and he really earned the contract that he got.

            Giving Earl an extension would definitely be nice for morale (especially Earl’s morale lol), but it’s not like the Hawks are cutting all of their players and signing a hole bunch of new guys to big contracts (Taylor Price has been basically our only free agent signing for goodness sakes!). They are just trying to assemble the best roster possible, and part of that means keeping your best players, but also having to let other players go. It’s a sad, but unavoidable part of the business.

            Unfortunately for the player the NFL is first and foremost a business. While “taking care of your own” is a nice boost in morale, what’s most important are wins.

            • Rob Staton

              Thurmond marked his card somewhat by taking a suspension at a crucial time in the season, with an opportunity to win a starting role on the line.

              That’s dumb. It’s selfish. And it’s not putting the team first (one of PC’s big points).

              Sometimes you need to set an example to the other players. Thurmond might be that example.

              • Kyle N

                We love how so many of our players have “chips on their shoulders”, so we shouldn’t be surprised when they have another chip on their shoulder that “the Seahawks disrespected them with a low offer”.

              • Arias

                I agree it was a doofus move but isn’t it true he didn’t really have a choice when he was going to take the suspension since it was handed down so late in season? Presumably it it was for a drug test early in the season and the league handed it down when they did. His choice was to take it right then, and come back in time for the playoff run, or appeal it and possibly get the suspension during the playoffs.

                But yeah, I agree totally with the sentiment that he’s hasn’t been reliably able to play an entire season since his rookie year before he was even starting. This was supposed to be his contract year to stay healthy and on the field for an entire season and he couldn’t even come through with that.

          • Chris

            If the players had their way this team would be in cap hell and a bottom-dweller within two years.

            Their interests are in line with their pocketbooks, not the W-L column.

          • plyka

            Do you seriously think that it’s wise to make contract decisions based on the current emotional makeup of your players? “Oooh, Tate didn’t like Percy coming in.”

            Well, Tate is a marginal player and Percy is one of the best in the league. The trouble with championship teams is that they think like this –we need to pay Tate because we need to “keep our own” and make the players feel good. The idealogy of this team is rightly –always compete. If you’re not the best player, then you won’t play or get paid. And the feelings of player X have no say in the matter.

            • Arias

              I think it’s more like “Tate actually played last season and was an essential piece to this championship team while Percy only played a few games and couldn’t be relied upon”. If the latter weren’t true then it wouldn’t be so difficult to watch our leading receiver and PR last year walk.

              • AlaskaHawk

                On a pass friendly team both Tate and Baldwin are worth 6 million a year. Harvin is potentially worth 10 million per year but only time will tell if he can stay healthy. Likewise with Okung, worth a lot if he was healthy.

              • Meat

                I see your point. Tate is probably the only player to be considered in that context. WT’s suspensions would not be something I would rush to reward.

                Also, Plyka- Tate is much better than “marginal”, and I see you post this frequently about Tate.

  4. Bill Bobaggins

    I think it’s an interesting conundrum for him. Go play for a team like Dallas and get a decent contract on a sub-par team. Or go play for a team like Seattle and get a sub-par to average one year contract on a SB contender…and prove yourself.

    What matters more to him? I think each player in the NFL is different here. Vets seem to want the latter…a chance for a ring. While the younger guys want their money and want it now. I think it’s also a good gauge of how competitive a player is. Are you aching inside for that ring you’ve wanted since you were a little kid? Or are you here for the money first and foremost?

    PC and JS want a kid who’s hungry for a ring. Let’s hope Melton is that kid.

    • Arias

      When was the last time you remember a young player in their prime prior to their big contract sacrificing major money for the chance for a ring? Prove it deals tend to be taken by the younger because they have to, not because they want to, in order to put themselves in position to land that money contract.

      There seems to be good reason why security is chased before glory.

  5. cha

    Rob, do you have a resource that updates the cap real-time other than overthecap.com?

  6. Turp

    This is the perfect opportunity for a Bennett deal…if healthy, our D-line will be just nasty good. Huge get for the Hawks if it happens. Please please please. Maybe the biting incident lowers his price a little too!

    • Robert

      Probably doesn’t lower the price that desperate and foolish Jerry Jones is willing to pay. He will consider it a victory over the Superbowl Champion Seahawks if he outbids us for Melton. JJ is a shallow fool. But that bite and this photo will be brought up in Melton’s interview with PCJS: http://www.wfaa.com/news/crime/Chicago-bears-player-arrested-at-grapevine-bar-236947311.html Nevertheless, I hope we can get a deal inked while maintaining our prudent CAP management priority. Melton is awesome and would thrive around our great players!

      • Turp

        I saw that picture too, terrible. I am sure you are right though; if Melton doesn’t do the Bennett deal here, then JJ will throw stupid money at him.

  7. Brandon

    Feels like a kick the tires type situation, though, obviously the guy would be a tremendous fit. Tough to compete with his Texas roots, and the more money that Dallas will probably offer. It still seems like Allen’s the guy we’ll eventually bring in, as far as bigger name free agents go. Unless he’s going to retire, there really aren’t any other 4-3 contending teams with a spot for him. Melton will draw more interest, and maybe more money.

  8. CC

    I trust the FO to make good decisions and I appreciate that they won’t overpay for FAs. Melton could be a nice pick up if healthy, but if the price isn’t right, I understand it.

  9. Cade

    PC/JS approach FA similar to the draft.

    They go for value. Splash signings and big names just doesn’t seem to be their style. That is why I cannot see Seahawks going after anyone hard. They go after them but wont overpay in a bidding war.

    When they do overpay (in the draft particularly) its because they see something specific about the guy they think provides special value to the team. They rate him high but general public or other teams may not think he has that same worth.

    Its the anti – Elway approach

    • Robert

      LOL and the press laud Elway as the geniussssssss…

    • Colin

      In fairness, Elway HAS to go for it. You have an end of the line Peyton Manning who wants to win a Super Bowl more than anything. And Elway can relate, as he didn’t win a Super Bowl until his final seasons.

      I’m not arguing that what he is doing is right, as they are going to be in salary cap hell in 3 years and probably one of the worst teams in the league. But in this situation, they HAVE to go all in. You can’t waste a talent like Manning.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Even though they are big signings for Denver, it won’t be he’ll because in two years Elways will be gone and then they may cut some high price free agents. My only question is who their receivers will be.

  10. bigDhawk

    The whole Josh Brent tragedy is still kind of an open wound around here in Dallas for the Cowboys. It will be interesting to see what they might do with a situation like Melton given what they just went through, and are in some ways still going through, with Brent. There has been some buzz that they would be willing to take Brent back when he gets out of jail so who knows how they currently feel about taking on more character concern risk.

  11. mrpeapants

    anyone word on this vance walker guy from Oakland? what about the big man from Baltimore, cody? any thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      Wasn’t a fan of Mount Cody going into the draft and it hasn’t worked for him in the NFL.

      As for Walker — he’d be a fair addition to the rotation. Not as explosive as Melton, but someone who can contribute.

      • mrpeapants

        thank you rob for the quick response. I don’t know much about either of them but I do know we need some more dl. any news on haushka yet? id hate to lose him. I haven’t heard much about how jwilliams is progressing. I remember reading somewhere before the draft that his knees were so bad he might not play football again! is he getting healthy?
        on another note just wanted to say how much I enjoy your write ups. go hawks

        • Rob Staton

          Walker has now signed a 3-year deal with the Chiefs. Never even got on the plane to Seattle.

  12. Matt

    If we offer a healthy Melton 1/$5 mil do you think he becomes a Seahawk?

    Saw that the 9ers signed Chris Cook to a 1 year deal. Any news on Thurmond? Would love to have him back!

    • Rob Staton

      I think this makes Thurmond to San Fran unlikely. They’re running out of cap room. He might still end up in Jacksonville, but he talked to Seattle this week according to reports.

  13. MarkinSeattle

    Congrats to Brandon Browner on his 3 yr, 18m contract! Glad to see he was able to sign a nice contract, which he thoroughly deserved. Hopefully he takes that money and places it in a stock/bond fund, then lives off the interest.

    • bigDhawk

      I am genuinely happy for him. He overcame some insurmountable odds to get back in the position he now finds himself. Hope he terrorizes the soft AFC and shows them what the Boom is all about. He will also get to play Breno twice a year, which will be kinda cool.

      I’m also so very gratified to watch the rest of the league clamor to try and create some semblance of the defense that destroyed the best offensive team ever in the SB, something none of them came close to doing all year (well, maybe Indy did a little)…AND mauled the second most physical team in the League behind us in the NFCCG. Two gargantuan tasks on completely opposite ends of the defensive spectrum, something not lost on the Belicheks and Paytons of the world, as they break the bank for ex-LOBers or LOB wannabes. Delish.

    • Kyle N

      I’m really happy for Browner too. He’s made some mistakes, but he is a fierce competitor on the field and is really fun to watch. I think he’ll fit into the Patriots really well as he is just about getting down to business (less talk than Sherman), but he might also bring them some serious toughness that I think the AFC really lacks.

    • Steve Nelsen

      There is a reason that the Patriots have stayed competitive for a decade and won three championships. I prefer Sherman over Revis and Maxwell over Browner but you have to admire how they put together a championship caliber pair of corners to deal with Manning. I am happy for BB.

    • diFuria

      Let’s here it for the attorneys! The league wasn’t gonna budge on their indefensible insistence on imposing on Browner a felony punishment for a misdemeanor offense. After endless negotiations went nowhere) and Brandon had to watch his best buddies win a super bowl from a couch in San Diego) they said the hell with it: tell it to the judge, Goodell. And that apparently did the trick. A 4 game suspension allows him to pursue his dreams in NE. You can’t literally destroy a players career and his financial future for smoking a joint. That’s absurd. Good on BB!

      • Michael M.

        “You can’t literally destroy a players career and his financial future for smoking a joint.”

        I’m pretty sure you can. As “absurd” as you might think it to be, there are plenty of companies out there with far stricter drug policies than the NFL. Maybe you’ve even heard of some with a “zero-tolerance policy”? I work at such a place. If I were to walk into work on Monday and fail a drug test, I would be walking out the same day with my things in a box. Companies are – and should be – able to enforce whatever drug policy they see fit. What IS absurd was that the NFL was attempting to circumvent the spirit of their own well established policies by escalating his level in the drug program unfairly. Had Browner legitimately reached “phase 3” of the program by failing multiple NFL drug tests, a year long ban would have been warranted and Browner would have no real ground to stand on.

        I’m glad BB was able to reach an agreement with the league, since it is bullshit to expect a person living in a different country (or anywhere for that matter) to continue taking drug tests for his FORMER employer. That said, as long as the NFL informs their employees of the policy and then FAIRLY adheres to/enforces that policy, they can suspend/terminate anyone found to be in violation and I won’t bat an eye. Keep in mind that the drug policy, like anything else, is subject to negotiation in the CBA, so the rules in place are there because the players union voted yes to them.

        • diFuria

          I totally agree with you, MM. An ex employer was mailing drug test notices to his ex girlfriend. So glad it all worked out. And it seems like because of some good negotiating by his agent (also probably an attorney), it won’t end up costing him.

  14. mrpeapants

    just saw browner signed with the pats 3 yr 17 mill what kind of compensatory pick will we get? happy for browner

    • Rob Staton

      It’s hard to project comp picks. We’ll get some though next year. I just wouldn’t expect really high picks.

      • Meat

        Hard, nigh impossible. πŸ™‚
        Maybe someone can explain the process better, but it is a bit strange. I suppose the “heads” involved have some method to the madness?

    • Kyle N

      From wikipedia

      “In addition to the 32 selections in each of the seven rounds, a total of 32 compensatory picks are awarded to teams that have lost more or better compensatory free agents than they signed in the previous year.[58] Teams that gain and lose the same number of players but lose higher-valued players than they gain also can be awarded a pick, but only in the seventh round, after the other compensatory picks. Compensatory picks cannot be traded, and the placement of the picks is determined by a proprietary formula based on the player’s salary, playing time, and postseason honors with his new team, with salary being the primary factor. So, for example, a team that lost a linebacker who signed for $2.5 million per year in free agency might get a sixth-round compensatory pick, while a team that lost a wide receiver who signed for $5 million per year might receive a fourth-round pick.

      All compensatory picks are awarded at the ends of Rounds 3 through 7.

      If fewer than 32 such picks are awarded, the remaining picks are awarded in the order in which teams would pick in a hypothetical eighth round of the draft (These are known as “supplemental compensatory selections”).

      Compensatory picks are awarded each year at the NFL annual meeting which is held at the end of March; typically, about three or four weeks before the draft.”

      • mrpeapants


  15. Belgaron

    After the Browning signing:

    Teams can earn a maximum of 4 compensatory picks. They are based on salary, playing time, and post season honors.

    Average Annual Value (AAV) vs round:
    *****9-12M – end of 3rd round*****

    *****5.5-8.5M – end of 4th round*****
    +Golden Tate Detroit Lions 5yr $31M ($6.2M AAV)
    +Brandon Browner New England Patriots $17M ($5.67M AAV)

    *****3.5-6M – end of 5th round*****
    +Breno Giacomini to New York Jets 4yr $18M ($4.5M AAV)

    *****2.5-4.2M – end of 6th round*****
    +Clinton McDonald to Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4yr $12M ($3M AAV)

    *****less than 2.3M – end of 7th round*****
    +Chris Maragos to Washington Redskins 3yr $4M ($1.3M AAV)
    -Taylor Price from Jacksonville Jaguars ???

    • mrpeapants

      two extra 4th rounders sure would be nice. ty for the breakdown

      • Steve Nelsen

        Thanks, Belgaron.

    • Jon

      These are not completely solid numbers. It seems quite flexible based on how FA pans out over all. I could easily see Tate as a 4th, but Browner even though his is technically in range may be a 5th as well as Giacomini. McDonald is correct, as is Maragos.

      The problem with Taylor Price is that if we pay near league min then he may not qualify. The numbers are quite difficult to actually know, and they change slightly each year it seems.

      Also something to be mindful of is that someone can be signed and then released, at which point the comp picks are not valid. Ex. Taylor Price does not make our roster (which is very likely) then he will not count in the comp equation.

    • Meat

      Thanks- I have seen some of those variables. The playing time is an interesting and I wonder what the values placed on each one? If the Hawks sign Melton that will probably negate the Breno I suppose.

  16. EranUngar

    Compensatory picks are also reduced by the players we sign. I assume that now that the FA frenzy has calmed down we’ll get 2-3 guys at a Costco rate. probably one key player at the Bennett rate <5M and 1-2 others at a lower cost. It should leave us with at least 3 compensatory picks. If Tate and BB do well with their teams they could be a 4th and a 5th plus a 6th or 7th.

    With the long list of players about to become FA by the end of the season, the contracts impact of Thomas, Sherman on the 2015 budget and new contracts for the likes of RW, Wagner, K.J. Sweezy, Thomas(LB), Maxwell, Baldwin, Kearse – We'll need every one of them plus nailing it this year with 2-3 starters.

    A lot will depend on what we already have at hand. If 3 out of Bailey, Bowie, Hill, Boatright, Brooks, Jesse will rise to be effective starters/contributors we are on main track ahead.

    It's not going to be easy but in PC/JS we trust.

  17. Steve Nelsen

    With the Harvin injury concerns and the loss of Tate and Baldwin currently just tendered for one year, I am beginning to wonder if there is a scenario where the Hawks go WR & WR in rounds 1 & 2.

    If there is a playmaking kid they love at 32 with something extraordinary (like Cooks) and a big, fast, athlete at 64, it could make sense.

    • Rob Staton

      It’d make a ton of sense. Especially if they see good depth on the OL later on.

      • Matt

        I highly doubt the Hawks will spend their first 2 picks on WR’s, but could see 1 early and 1 later. We could go Oline with our first 2 picks too. Our roster is still pretty deep, so who knows how the draft will play out. It’s a safe bet that JS/PC will add some great athletes with high ceilings into the mix that will fight for playing time.

  18. Chris F

    This may or may not mean anything…

    Source: DT Henry Melton is still in the Seattle-area, as of this early morning. At this time, the plan is (cont) http://t.co/EIPj0IEmAQ— Josina Anderson (@JosinaAnderson) March 15, 2014

    As of 8:36 PST

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