New podcast & how the Earl Thomas situation will play out

Here’s how this situation is probably going to play out…

1. Earl Thomas, as per the tweet above, holds out into the regular season.

2. As has been the case so far, no team will offer to trade for Thomas with his contract expiring at the end of the season.

3. Equally the Seahawks won’t be forced into extending his contract and will wait this out.

4. Thomas will have to decide if he wants to return in the opening few weeks of the season having made his point. Or he can wait it out. Yet he has to be active in at least six games to accrue a season. If he doesn’t, the 2018 season won’t count towards his contract and he’d be locked to the Seahawks through 2019.

5. In the meantime he’ll be costing himself millions. When Duane Brown held out a year ago he missed out on roughly $3.87m in salary. He also faced the prospect of $1.5m in fines for skipping training camp. Brown’s base salary was $9.3m last year and Thomas’ number in 2018 is $8.5m. So he’s due a similar number in fines and missed salary.

6. For all this point proving, Thomas will sour his relationship with some Seahawks fans and be out of pocket. Alternatively he could play the final year of his contract and cash in during free agency. Which is probably what will happen anyway, even if he holds out. Because so far nobody has shown any real interest in trading for him.

Here’s this weeks podcast. It’s an Earl Thomas free zone. Training camp preview and some running back talk. Check it out:

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  1. Georgia Hawk

    I dont blame Earl for wanting more money, I don’t blame the Hawks for not giving in. What really ticks me off about this entire thing is Earl talking about how detrimental Kam’s holdout was and how much it cost the team a year ago, and now he is on the other side. Its hypocritical at best and at worst shows he has completely bailed on the team (I doubt that). I love Earl and he has been one of my favorite players since moment we drafted him, but I can’t stand people that talk out of both sides of their mouth.

    • Rob Staton

      Fair points. 100%.

    • Trevor

      + 1

    • C-Dog


  2. Ty the Guy

    Earl is a legend without leverage. That is sad, but part of professional football.

    If he does hold out or get traded, what will the secondary look like?

    FS- McDougald, SS- Hill/Alexander, Thompson, Tyson, Quiem Griffin?

    This feels like before 2012, when we had seen flashes from the young guys, but they hadn’t had their shot yet. I am hoping for similar results.

    • Jason

      Have we seen flashes from the Hil, Thompson, Tyson?

      • Shadow

        No, but how much of a chance did they really have to flash? None of them really stood out in preseason last year but we hardly saw any of them after that, except on special teams. Honestly, I’m glad that Thomas isn’t here for training camp (though I hope he’ll report in time for the regular season) because that means more reps for the young kids in camp and preseason. Hopefully somebody steps up and flashes in Earl’s absence.

  3. j

    If he comes back mid-season, it won’t necessarily be as the starter. If the replacement is playing well as the starter I’d Wally Pipp him. Good luck getting a big contract coming off a season in which you didn’t play, and a prior season in which you missed time for injury.

  4. Trevor

    I am really excited for this training camp. Lots of competition and new faces for the first time in years. Should be a fun pre season with lots of energy. Hope fans focus on this an not Earls ridiculous hold out.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Are all holdouts ridiculous? Is there anything about earls hold out that makes his more ridiculous than others?

      We should take a lot of pot shots at Earl. He doesn’t want him at training camp and playing with the team? However, this is seriously a business for these guys and they’re just trying to figure everything out as they know there are very few times they have the ability to control their financial destiny. They also know that a team could discard them at a moments notice are we out of the league forever due to one unfortunate injury.

      Do I like everything that’s happening with Earl right now? Nope. But bagging on him endlessly is not the answer either.

      Go Hawks

      • LouieLouie

        Hey Hawktalker. I agree with you about Thomas. I do think he would have liked to finish his career in Seattle. His time is running short and he wants to maximize his earnings between now and the end. I would like to see him play this season, than hit the free agent market. I wouldn’t be surprised if he returns for regular season game one.

  5. Largent80

    To me, his antics of the last few months are dreadful and tarnished his career with the Hawks. Quit buying Lamborginis Earl and maybe you would have some of the over 50 FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS already paid to you.

    It was great growing up in SoCal with the LA Rams being my team as a kid. Merlin Olsen was my hero and made $12,000 per season and was loyal to the Rams for every one of his 15 years. Learn a lesson Earl, also take a look at the Kam holdout, how did that end up. He’s being a Dumb A**.

    • Rob Staton

      The worst thing is there’s absolutely nothing for Earl to gain from holding out. He’ll simply cost himself money. It’s a futile exercise and will not end in a trade or new deal.

      So it’s pointless.

      I like Earl. I respect Earl. He’s one of the all-time great Seahawks. But this is a pointless act akin to throwing your toys out of the pram. And while there will be fans willing to back him, more will be turned off by this. And that should matter to players. Why piss off the fans and potentially tarnish the good feeling and love they have for you to have the opportunity to lose two or three million dollars? He’s months away from being a free agent, being able to negotiate freely and pick his next team. In the meantime he can earn $8.5m for a seasons work.

      Just roll with it.

      • Gr8sparky

        He already has turned of many fans with his antics after the Dallas game. Then you here a report of a similar situation with Oakland. Wrong way to go about getting traded. He dissed his team pretty bad in doing so. I hope they can trade him for at least a second round pick, but I’d take a guaranteed third rather than a possible third if we lose him in free agency. Grat player, but he’s completely turned me off.

    • Trevor

      Agree completely.

      Love Earl the player but he is the prototype Egomaniac / Narcissist. I mean seriously who wears a crown to get married and then in his tribute to Kam posts a picture of himself. I think he clearly has a much more inflated view of his worth that it really is. This confidence helps him as a player but as a team mate and negotiator it is not at all helpful.

      Personally after he went running to Jason Garrett right after a game last year when the Hawks were battling for a playoff spot I wanted him gone. People said that was just Earl being Earl, but that it the problem.

      Unlike most fans I think Earl holding out is the ideal situation for the Hawks if they do not plan to re-sign him. He should have been traded early in the off season but there was clearly no market for him . He clearly does not get this.

      So now the Hawks get to check out their other options (Mcdougald, Thompson etc) during training camp pre season giving them start snaps. If someone steps up great then play ultra hard ball with Earl. If someone does not step up than they can either try and extend Earl or sign a guy like Eric Reid.

      The Hawks hold all the cards in this scenario. If they were a legit SB contender next year then I would say get Earl into camp but they are not so I say let it play out and let the chips fall were they may. I know one thing I think Earl is going to get a big wake up call when he hits the open market and finds out the true value of an under sized 30 yr old safety who relies on speed and playing with reckless abandon.

      • Coleslaw

        Idk man Tedric did say that Earl is still helping him from afar and says how good of a dude Earl is. I dont think Earl is like that, he just feels slighted, and I would too if I were a HOF safety in my prime. If a 5 INT middlefielder FS only gets $1.5M (Tre Boston) then safeties are just getting SCREWED right now. I dont blame Earl for being pissed.

        However, as Rob and many other states, holding out doesnt fix the problem, just creates more for everybody. At some point Earl will come to realize these are the cards he’s dealt, and maybe he just walks away from the game at that point. He’s openly stated hes considered retirement and probably just doesnt want to give his body up for chump change (compared to what he already has) and probably also doesnt want to stop playing. I could imagine it’s a stressful spot to be in, inbetween a rock and a hard space.

        • Pedestrian

          Also think of the shift in average team salary cap allocation. Offensive lines are being paid more and it’s gotta devalue a position somewhere. Ice cold free agent market for safeties shows that

  6. FresnoHawk

    I’m angry other teams won’t give us fair value for Earl and I hate it when players bad mouth Seahawks. Seahawks should stick to their plan and sign who they value most 1st. Lots of injuries will happen during camp and pre season I think it’s wise to be patient!

  7. Largent80

    There’s only one Earl Thomas, but he is a legend in his mind. He’s going to be replaced and it is inevitable. Age and football are a short relationship.

    Have fun sitting Earl, and thanks for giving our youngsters a chance to play…..See ya bro.

    • hawktalker#1

      Perhaps, but neither you or anyone else really knows for sure. More pot shots at a Earl, love it.

  8. Logan Lynch

    With McDowell officially waived, at least we can close the book on that chapter a bit. My only hope from this situation is that PCJS learned from it and readjusted their drafting philosophy that had been steadily broadening since 2012. It seems they’ve done that this year. Hopefully, this was the kick in the rear that they needed before it’s too late.

    • TatupuTime

      I don’t think there is a “learning moment” that comes from the McDowell incident. There were a ton of red flags around McDowell but we never got to see whether the Seahawks were right or wrong with him. Yes he did a dumb thing not wearing a helmet – but the Seahawks actively encourage guys to live their lives in the off-season.

      “Our guys aren’t scared. We don’t want them to be afraid of what’s going wrong — we want them to go enjoy their lives,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said in an interview with The Ringer. “Jimmy Graham is in fighter jets, whatever. I don’t even want to put the thought in their heads of ‘Don’t do that, we don’t want you to get hurt.’”

      It’s unfortunate that he likely won’t ever get to play. We’ll never know whether they were right or wrong on that pick.

      • Logan Lynch

        The learning moment comes from not expanding their board and including guys they wouldn’t have in the past. Pete and John have already addressed that this was the case and reduced the number of guys they looked at in the 2018 draft. McDowell likely wouldn’t have been on their board this year. That’s the lesson they learned.

        • Hawktalker#1

          Yeah, but hindsight is 2020.

          What if . . . McDowell does not get hurt and ends up being an incredible player and the front office is praised for years after for the guts and Intuitiveness behind making such a great pick.

          What would we have learned in that instance?

          Continue to take risks and the chances are good they will pay off?

          • Logan Lynch

            I understand your point, but we also can’t change reality. The reality is that McDowell DID get hurt and will never suit up for the Seahawks. My point isn’t solely based on McDowell either. I want them to learn from every pick. If their board had expanded too far, they were possibly stretching themselves thin and not digging fully into each guy. With a smaller board, they theoretically should know each player inside and out and make fully informed decisions. I just want SEA to keep refining their draft process and get “their guys”. Whether that works out or not is a different story. Pete is clearly resetting the team to fit the image he wants and I think that’s a good thing. He’s going to win his way or die trying and I respect that.

            • Hawktalker#1

              Nice reply – good points and I agree. Minimizing risks on picks is important for sure, but there will always be the value assessment, risk vs reward. Thanks.

              • Logan Lynch

                Any time, I always like reading your posts as well. That’s why this is such a great site and community. We’re able to have actual discussions and make points/counterpoints without having a lot of negativity towards others (for the most part).

      • Hawktalker#1

        +12 Nice post.

  9. Drew

    Both McDowell and DeAndre Elliott waived and Kam to PUP. Unfortunate for Elliott, I thought he had a good chance to compete for the spot opposite Quill if he was healthy.

    • FresnoHawk

      It sucks when you root for a guy (Elliot) and he doesn’t make it. I had Elliot as the back up slot

  10. Matt

    Good stuff Rob.

    Regarding Earl Thomas…disappointing. That’s all I can really say. I really don’t blame either side, but considering the Seahawks are not winning a Super Bowl this year – I think it’d behoove the long term health of the team to swallow their pride, trade Earl (even at a discount), and reboot this thing with people who want to be here.

    In no way am I suggesting that Earl is easily replaceable, but we saw what internal dysfunction did to this team over the past few years. It robbed them of several Super Bowl opportunities. This allows team leadership to send a message and trust the process that brought them to 2 super bowls in the first place. You either buy in or you’re gone.

    I’m really hoping the 2018 season brings a lot less drama and politics to this team.

    • Volume12

      There will never not be drama with a PC coached team. That’s why they tried to change the players they targeted this year, but a tiger can’t change its stripes.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Trading Earl for relatively nothing would not even be on my list of options. If we don’t get a good trade offer from another team he’s not going anywhere. The market is ice cold. If he doesn’t figure that out, he can just sit and not get paid and it won’t cost us anything. When he finishes his contract, I’d just franchise tag him. He can either play, or sit some more and not get paid again.

      • Matt

        I totally respect that opinion, but the malcontents really ruined this team over the last few years. I’m over it. I’d like to see them get rid of the rotten elements and roll with lesser talent that actually wants to be here.

        At this point, we are going to get little-to-nothing for Earl. He won’t net us any sort of comp pick considering our cap space next year. I don’t mind letting him sit out the entire year, but at this point, I’d rather just let him walk in 2019.

        I’m ready to move on from the drama and politics of this team. I want to get back to smashmouth football where guys are fully buying in. We have too good of a QB to let this BS derail the team.

        • Hawktalker#1

          I also dislike all the negativity and Herman’s antics always rubbed me the wrong way anyway.

          However, Earl is not one of those.

          We should just leave this alone until a decision is made or he does make some comments that are really over the line. To date he just wanted to get paid what he’s worth. No insulting comments or disrespect in any of it to date.

  11. Volume12

    Anyone checked out Texas WR Collin Johnson (6’6, 220 lbs ?)

    That’s an NFL weapon right there. Can dominate press coverage, aggressive physical blocker, excellent body control. Needs work running routes but many college WRs will. Not nearly as dominant, but there’s a little bit of Calvin Johnson there.

    • Sea Mode

      That’s our V12 right there, already getting a head start on this year!

      BTW, no relation between those Johnson’s, right? Just with a similar frame I thought maybe…

      • Volume12

        No relation. A Cali boy from a school that Seattle has taken an apparent liking too these past couple seasons for whatever reason.

        It’s a great group of WRs this year. The BIG 12 will be fun in those regards.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Feels like the best WR all have bums at QB this year

    • icb12

      My man! Back with the college football goods.

      I don’t much pay attention to the NFL drama these days. But love talking college.

      Johnson looks like a monster. But I got my eyes on JJ Arcega Whiteside from Stanford. 6-3, 220, and can jump out the building.

    • FresnoHawk

      I definitely see us drafting a tall #1 receiver next year round 1 or 2

      • Rob Staton

        DL all the way next year with the first pick I think.

        • icb12

          Absolutely agree 100%

          It would be folly not to. It’s stacked with talent coming out.

          Joe Jackson from Miami is one of my way too early favorites

        • jdk

          Yeah, no chance Seattle would take a receiver with a first round pick with this regime.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Will Grier connected with David Sills V for 18 teeders last year, although none came against Okla, OSU, or Texas.

      Both returned to WVU!

  12. Nick

    Most interesting insights from the first day:

    Starting OL appears to be: Brown, Pocic, Britt, Fluker, Ifedi. Fant is LT2, apparently. If Ifedi doesn’t perform, however, you can imagine Fant getting looks at RT.

    Pass rush injuries: Clark and Jordan are going to miss time this training camp. Not ideal–especially for a unit that is lacking depth already. Time for Martin/Jackson/Green to be the next man up.

    CB2 is the most intriguing competition: Pete called out Neiko Thorpe as someone to keep an eye on. It appears like Maxwell is the stop-gap plan for this year, and they’re hoping for someone to surprise. Tre Flowers?

    Tedric Thompson getting his shot at FS: Here we go! I am really rooting for the kid. His college tape was so much fun and with Earl sitting out, he now has an opportunity to shine.

    • DC

      Thanks for the eyes on camp.
      Here’s to hoping there are no significant injuries on that OL. The offense has a chance to come together this year in a way they haven’t for several seasons.

    • Georgia Hawk

      There was a photo floating around a couple weeks ago on twitter (Condotta maybe?) of Fant in a RT stance getting work. I’m holding strong to my dream of Brown-Pocic-Britt-Fluker-Fant!

    • Sea Mode

      Thanks for the good info!

    • Kenny Sloth

      I’d imagine Odhiambo-Fluker on the right before they flip Fant.

      He’s gonna have to show so much if he’s gonna get on the field at RT.

      The expectation that he’ll see any time at RT is so farfetched for me.

  13. JimQ

    Regarding ET, on NFL network TV today, I heard the “commentator” say 2 things that weren’t correct.
    1. ET is 30 years old, = wrong, he is 29 and doesn’t turn 30 until May, 2019, so he’s 29 ALL season.
    2. ET was the QB of the LOB, = wrong, that would have been KAM who kept everyone in position and moved players around as necessary. ET has always been great at getting into position to help his DB teammates with his speed, but IMO, he wasn’t ever the QB of the DB’s. I’m not knocking ET, he is one of the best FS’s ever, I’m not sure he has ever shown the acumen to be a coach on the field like Kam is/was. Additionally, there may be a few sharper tools than ET in the shed (as he is now showing to the world).

    Interesting, seems like some media guys aren’t on board with ET’s value by exaggerating his negatively perceived “over the hill” age but at the same time exaggerating his perceived role & playing abilities. Hopefully the ET saga ends soon, one way or another (I’m hoping for a post preseason “player trade” that lands the Seahawks a player like a young pass rusher with additional, lesser draft picks going either way.) – Not likely, yet still at least – remotely possible?

    • Sea Mode

      That kind of trade might be one they could pull off when training camp cuts are made and some team has too many guys at one position.

      Not sure if it would be better though to wait it out and see if a contender will cough up a R2 pick at the trade deadline.

  14. Frank

    They sure did a lot of trying to find that jump ball specialist this year to replace Graham, Brandon Marshall, half the team being TE right now. I wonder if Hamm is actually playing Te or if he’s getting reps at receiver. Earl has to know his demand for a record setting contract make him near impossible to trade.

  15. EP

    I think more than anything this season above everything, no matter who’s on the roster and who’s starting, we need an injury free season from our top dogs. Praying for it.

  16. Jusjamn

    He’ll play most if not all of this year and be a good teacher for the young guys. Then franchise him next year. So far nobody’s offered anything of value for him, and he works well in the Seahawks scheme. He doesn’t want to be here, but he sure did when he signed the contract for the highest paid FS in the league.

    • Rob Staton

      I think this a very optimistic scenario. If he’s not happy now because he wants long term security a franchise tag isn’t going to be a solution. That’s if he backs down and actually turns up before he technically has to.

      • FresnoHawk

        If I was in Earls shoes I’d hold out until I get an extension or long term deal! That’s how you get paid in the NFL.

        • Rob Staton

          And if I was a team I’d wait until about week eight when the player has to return otherwise they don’t accrue a season.

  17. Coleslaw

    Any DEs out there we could trade Earl for? Lol

    • Sean-O

      I actually think it might be worth exploring. Instead of just a pick, I wonder if SEA would settle for a 3rd or 4th from DAL along with a DE of some sort? A 3rd or a 4th & Tyrone Crawford for ET?

      With Gregory back, maybe DAL feels like they have some decent depth there.

    • FresnoHawk

      We just drafted an inside out DE

      • Coleslaw

        Where have you been? Hes raw and undersized, cant count on him this year, he needs time like Pocic. Dion is unreliable. That leaves Clark and a bunch of nobodies.

        We need more DL, no doubt about it.

  18. C-Dog

    Very interesting words out of Pete today talking about safeties, recognizing their special traits and tweaking the system to put them in positions to succeed. Also some interesting early praise from Coach towards Tedric Thompson running with the ones at free safety. I thought the tone suggested that they are fully prepared to play Seahawks football post ET era.

    Just my opinion, but I actually think could end up being one of the more interesting training camps we’ve seen in some time. Looking forward to seeing how it shakes out.

    • Saxon

      Carroll is a genius developer of DBs. I mean defensive backs, not douchebags, though based on the recent comments he’s had his share of those too.

      I think the next iteration of the LOB is going to surprise, though we may have to retire LOB moniker since it’s toxic right now.

      • C-Dog

        I actually wouldn’t mind seeing the LOB moniker retire. It’s kinda like seeing Deep Purple play without any of the original members. Are you really watching Deep Purple at that point?

        If this defense is building its foundation on new blood, Reed, Jones, Clark, the Griffins and whoever else along with Bobby, let them earn a new moniker.

        • Logan Lynch

          C-Dog, did you see Bobby’s presser? He got a little salty when someone brought up the LOB moniker. He really seems to have taken on the leadership role of the defense. My favorite part was when he said something along the lines of “Y’all looking for a new leader, but you don’t need to look any farther. You’re looking at him.”

          He just seems so ready to shut people up and I love it.

          Also, going back to what you said about the DBs, specifically Tedric…I can’t remember where I saw it, but one of the guys said that Teddy boy had the most INTs of any DB during practices last year. That’s what he did in college too, so it would be nice to see that show up on the field. I’m really interested in this camp for sure. Pete made it sound like they’ll be running some substitution games with the safeties and possibly bringing on that “big nickel” that everyone talks about.

          • Sea Mode

            Love that from BWagz!

          • Rob Staton

            It was a great press conference with Bobby. He came across totally different than he has in previous years. Very much appears he’s stepped up to the plate as the definitive leader on defense.

            • Logan Lynch

              Very much agree. In the past, he seemed a bit shy and had that quiet confidence. Yesterday, I saw a leader who was ready to prove SEA still is a contender. Seems like his off the field demeanor is starting to reflect his on the field confidence. Have to start calling him B-Swagz.

              • Rob Staton

                Bobby is a BAMF

            • FresnoHawk

              We definitely want the MLB as the defensive leader.

        • FresnoHawk

          Green could be a star

  19. Saxon


  20. EranUngar

    Kam was my favorite Seahawk before 2015. I never forgave him for holding out and sitting at home when his brothers played at GB and RAMS.

    I know all the “business” excuses and injury risks. I understand that wanting to get paid more is an honored tradition even after you made your first 50M. I do not agree or I don’t care.

    If Earl is not ready to play on game 1 of the season, the Seahawks should use this opportunity to make a statement – We will not stand for players holding out on season games.

    They should be very vocal about it, wait him out till he loses as much money as possible and then when he crawls back to ensure the year counts, trade him to the worse place possible for whatever they can get.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure that’s a good idea. Yes, this is a futile holdout. And while caving in wouldn’t be the right thing to do, treating Earl with utter disdain and trading him to a crappy franchise for a conditional 2020 seventh round pick isn’t a good look either. The Seahawks would seem bitter and risk damaging their reputation within the existing locker room and to any future players.

      This is the only thing they can do. Concentrate on the players in camp. Prepare without Earl. And if/when he comes back, assess the situation. They might need him, just as they needed Kam in 2015. They may not. We’ll see.

  21. H

    Love PCs response to a reporter suggesting new contact rules will force them to reduce physicality. References rugby tackling, and how its extremely physical they just don’t use their head to make contact. I also enjoyed his focus on the positive about how proud he was of Kam when he came back from his holdout when asked about what he learned from that compared to the ET situation.

    I really love Carroll, such a pleasure having him coach my team.

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah I think Danny O’Neil should go and watch some rugby when he’s in London in October! They are tackling at full speed and it’s every bit as physical. As Carroll noted, they just can’t block or use their heads/helmet as a weapon.

  22. no frickin' clue

    Maybe this holdout is really a signal that (1) he knows a long-term deal from the Hawks is not forthcoming, and (2) he wants to minimize the chance of injury before he can get a long-term deal with someone else? So he sits out the first 6 games and shows up in week 7 in order to accrue a full season?

    It’s a bit cynical to say that, but what if his 1st priority is simply to ensure that his 3rd (and probably final) contract lasts him for the 3-5 years he still has left in the tank? If this is what is going on, it does not say much for how he values helping the Hawks win another championship since he wouldn’t be around for much of it. But I’m unable to come up with another explanation that makes any sense. He’s costing himself short-term money, he’s costing the team, and if it keeps up, he’ll be alienating himself from his fan base.


    • Rob Staton


  23. Hawk Eye

    and for all the Earl angst in Hawkland, the Rams have a bigger situation with Donald.
    They are paying everyone but him so far (Cooks, Suh and Gurley), and he has let it be known that he will not play this year without a new contract. Some “experts” have explained the Rams can just franchise him for the next 2 years after this and then let him try to get a big contract when he is 30 years old and it will be cheaper than paying him what he is worth. I bet his agent has figured this out too, maybe even before the “experts” did.
    I think he is looking to be paid as highest defender and does not want to lose his leverage while he has it.
    I think Russell supports him sitting out the whole year if he has to…..

    it’s all just business, but the owners play the PR game much better and let the fans help fight their battle for them. It’s almost like they become billionaires because they are good at manipulation or something.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not really anything to do with the owners though. The GM’s and football execs are the ones doing the business here.

      The Donald situation is somewhat irritating because apparently he wants $25m a year and they’ve offered $21m. I understand why the Rams are sticking to their guns there. And the tag works for the Rams in this situation and they are absolutely 100% correct to use it in negotiations. I’m not really sure why $21m APY isn’t worth taking to avoid all this drama. People are commenting that the Rams are paying other guys first but what choice do they have if Donald is refusing to accept an exceptional deal? They can’t stand still and wait for Donald to change his mind.

      And the threat of sitting out the season is a futile one. He’d end up being a restricted FA in 2019 and the saga would just continue. I have very little sympathy with Donald’s reps here. Sometimes I wish agents would give their clients better advice.

      • FresnoHawk

        21 million is a lot of cheese! You gotta have big balls to offer that to a non QB. As a defensive player you have to take it

    • Volume12

      It’s a car crash sport. Can’t blame these guys at all for wanting to get paid. It’s ridiculous how much they get paid in general but that’s a topic for another day.

    • DC

      Donald has been the best defender in the league for years and remains it’s best bargain. I’d be just fine with him sitting out Oct 7 & Nov 11.

  24. Volume12

    How long until Bobby Wagner is recognized as the rightful face of this franchise?

    • mishima

      For me, yesterday.

    • DC

      Certainly the rightful face of the Defense. Gonna be hard to bump Russ.

  25. Nick

    Just got back from training camp day 2. Anybody have any questions?

    • Rob Staton

      What stood out (positive and negative)?

      • Nick

        The positives:

        -Chris Carson. The dude looks massive, runs with purpose, and flashed great hands out of the backfield. Penny was rotating in with him and taking snaps with the first team. He is also a very, very big back—but at least from my view not as explosive.

        -Tre Flowers. To me, this is the big takeaway. He was regularly RCB2 (after Maxwell) and he looks the part. His footwork appears to be heading in the right direction. He kept all the receivers in his pocket all day long.

        -David Moore. He made one contested catch down the sideline and the crowd loved it. He has great speed, but doesn’t look tiny (like Lockett). He has a very real shot of making this team.

        -Sebastian Janikowski’s accuracy. After last year, it was so nice seeing a kicker nail three points. Also, Michael Dickson was holding snaps for him—and he clearly didn’t do too bad of a job.

        -Shaquem Griffin. He gave up some passes over the middle—he definitely needs to work on that aspect of his game. But his blitzing, positioning, and amazing effort are intriguing. You could tell the guys really like him.

        -Shaquill Griffin. He may not be Sherman-level dominant, but he will be a star in this defense. He has so much composure and so much speed.

        -Bobby Wagner’s leadership. He was barking all day for both good and bad. He’s the D leader. No doubt.

        The neutral:
        -The fullback is back. They ran out of I-formation and offset I all day long. It’s going to be a focal point for this offense.

        The negatives:
        -Germain Ifedi. He false started twice and was rotated out with Isaiah Battle. What more is there to say? It’s hard to tell anything about the OL in these practices, but it’s not encouraging.

        -Pass rush. Mingo was rushing the passer because of the injuries. We’re just so thin there. If the D really fails this year it will be because of this position group. Martin appeared like he could be a factor this year. Big boy.

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks man!

        • H

          Thanks for the great info man, more detailed summary than you can get from any of the guys getting paid for this.
          Appreciate it a bunch, please keep it up 🙂

        • Kenny Sloth

          Was Quem at Will and Jacob Martin at SAM2?

          What numbers were getting looks at FB?

          • Nick Cassella

            Yes and yes. And no, I didn’t see what numbers were playing at FB. Sorry!

            • Kenny Sloth

              Thanks for replying. Go Hawks

        • Hawktalker#1

          Hey Nick

          Thank you!!!

          Please keep more of that coming!!!!!

          Seriously valuable stuff.

          Honestly I have been wondering about Ifedi. Hope someone can coach that beef eater out of his crap performance patterns. Else sit the bench until you figure yourself out.

          • McZ

            They should end the experiment of Ifedi at T, he is better at G.

            • JimQ

              I read that Ifedi led ALL players in the NFL last year. IIRC, Ifedi had 20 penalties last year with 16 accepted. That is a lousy stat for an offensive lineman and MUST be corrected, one way or another. I’d hope that Ifedi gets told that after a 2-nd penalty in any game, he goes directly to the bench and next man up. Ifedi also always lines up in a poor stance with a too wide base and lunges forward, I guess trying to time the snap, if so, Ifedi needs a new clock.

              • John_s

                Yep and for the most part it’s a mental and maturity issue. Condotta did an interview with him and he said a few false start penalties were because he didn’t know Russ was hard counting thought it was a regular count and he thought they were in silent count when they were on verbal count.

                That’s basic elementary stuff you need to know and he had troubles with

        • Coleslaw

          Curious if you got a look at Neiko Thorpe as well, Carroll praised him so hes on my radar big time for pre season.
          How would you compare Flowers to Shaquill Griffin? Is Flowers obviously a ways away from being where Quill is or closer than we think?
          Thanks for the info, as H said, better than all the pro writers lol

        • McZ

          Thanks a ton, dude.

          Did Myers have some kicks? If yes, how do both kickers compare? I ask, because his number apart from his last season at Jax were competitive, and he would be definitely the lower cost and longer term solution.

          • H

            I think i read that Seabass was 3/3, Myers was 2/3

            • Nick Cassella

              Yes, that’s what I saw too.

              • Volume12

                I’m shocked to hear that Ifedi still hasn’t broke his bad habits. Great notes BTW.

                • Kenny Sloth

                  I’m hoping they were just being extra strict with him.

  26. Hawktalker#1

    Anyone have any feedback any of the new guys we recently signed?

    Let’s get this party started . . . .

    • Old but Slow

      My view is they are camp fodder. Practice players to fill out teams. If one of them sticks it will be a shock.

      There should be a good deal of roster shuffle in the coming days, with cuts, signings and the like, but most of the meaningful stuff will be apparent. This is the intrigue of training camp and the preseason, as the team begins to take shape, and we find out who the starters and main players will be, but also who is going to be in the reserve to help if someone goes down.

      I know that some discard the preseason games, but I love them. Not like regular season, but for a chance to look at young and developing players that we may not see much of in the regular season. And to watch potential.

  27. Coleslaw

    LOL Frank Clark is awesome. Extend that dude now!

    • Volume12

      Frank should’ve been extended like yesterday. Dude just turned 25 last month and already has 22 sacks and 5 FF. His rookie year he was a rotational DE and last year had a broken hand?!?

      • Coleslaw

        Amen. Plus he’s handling himself very well, focusing on the right things and bringing excitement to camp. That’s how you ask for an extension

  28. Calgaryhawk

    What I find interesting is that no one is mentioning that after this year if this does not get settled, the team can franchise tag him and pay him less than he collects this year (without fines,etc.). The tag would be based on base salary not base salary and bonus salary allotment. His base salary for this year is only 8.5 million. Am I missing something here?

    • FresnoHawk

      Seahawks don’t treat people that way! There are many ways to win Seahawks refuse to win that way; furthermore I don’t think any team wants to be remembered as the organization that miss treated Hall of Famer ET. Seahawks told ET they are not going to extend him this season. Cards are on the table. Eventually a few FS will get hurt this season.

      • Calgaryhawk

        Walter Jones- franchised twice. Just saying.

  29. RWIII

    Rob said it best. Earl has NOTHING to gain by holding out.

    By Earl acting the way he is. It makes you wonder how much this guy has left in the tank. Remember a couple of years ago he was thinking retirement. Now he wants a long term deal.

    In my opinion E.T. is making a colossal mistake of epic proportions by holding out.

    E.T. is NOT going to recoup the money lost from holding out.

  30. Kenny Sloth

    Duane Brown just extended by Seattle

    Earl Thomas cuts off middle finger and mails it to VMAC in Van Gogh-esque show of disdain and petulant contempt.

  31. Kenny Sloth

    With McDowell clearing waivers and reverting to Seattle’s IR, what does that mean for their club control of him? Is he still contracted?

    Does his injury prohibit a come back?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s safe to say he’s likely set to retire

  32. Hawk Eye

    all the talk of how Earl is making a huge mistake.
    do we know the end result yet?
    Do we know what he really wants?
    Do we know what the Hawks really want?
    Just a disagreement between 2 parties during a contract negotiation and each side is doing what they think they need to do. These are just starting positions, maybe it ends badly for one side, maybe for both, maybe it ends well for both sides. But too early to make judgments on a situation that is still fluid. As for Earl, pretty sure his agent has a plan and is well aware of the current safety situation.

    R E L A X

    Duane re-signed, now lets hope we get competent play from RG and RT. I am pretty confident about LT and C, and I think Pocic is at least average at LG. The right side I am hopeful, but not overly confident.

    on D, just hoping I see speed, speed, speed, lots of guys flying around the field and lots of green jersies swarming on tackles.

  33. Hawktalker#1

    What are the salary cap implications to the brown extension?

    • Rob Staton

      Seemingly none this year. It’s an extension to the existing deal.

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