I am concerned about Sunday

Russell Wilson is likely going to need to do it all against the Niners

This was always going to be the testing period of the season. A self-inflicted loss in Arizona is a bad start to a run of games that could define the 2020 Seahawks.

After all, they started 5-1 a year ago. Then they lost at home, badly, to the Baltimore Ravens. It was a reality check that told us all we needed to know about the 2019 version of the team.

The title of my instant reaction post after the game was this:

‘Seahawks’ luck runs out, they drop to 5-2’

Doesn’t it sound so familiar?

Here’s an extract from the piece:

It seems they’re solely dependant on their offense. If they can’t run they need Wilson. Sometimes they need both. When teams win the LOS battle they struggle. The defense simply isn’t good enough to compensate on those occasions. Not enough pressure, not enough discipline, not enough big plays. Not good enough to contend seriously.

It feels like little has changed in 12 months.

I fear another reality check might occur on Sunday. The season could be exposed for what it is — a repeat performance. A flawed roster with glaring issues on defense and players who aren’t elevating their play — carried along by an elite quarterback.

The 49ers have had a difficult start to the year losing numerous key players. Yet in fairness to Kyle Shanahan and Robert Salah, they’ve righted the ship. They controlled the Rams and then hammered the Patriots.

Once again they look like a team that can cause you problems. They dominate with the perimeter run game, misdirection and outside zone. George Kittle needs to be accounted for on every down. Shanahan designs blocking schemes and wrinkles better than anyone in the league.

On defense they fly to the ball. They clearly miss Nick Bosa and the secondary is nothing to write home about. Yet collectively they are difficult to score against and they manufacture pressure well. The Dolphins game was an anomaly and their last two defensive performances have been very impressive.

The Seahawks were quite fortunate early in the season. Firstly, as it turns out, the schedule was powder-puff. Atlanta (2-6), New England (2-4), Dallas (2-5) and Minnesota (1-5) are not good teams. Secondly, Seattle made hard work of three of those games and easily could’ve lost to the Patriots and Cowboys. They probably should’ve lost to Minnesota.

The Dolphins are 3-3 and deserve credit for the way they are building gradually. Their performance at San Francisco was a statement win, even with Jimmy Garoppolo clearly not healthy and off the boil. The win in Miami was a good one for Seattle — although the Dolphins are in a period of transition.

Overall the first few weeks look like a comfortable introduction to the 2020 season that Seattle made trickier than it needed to be. They risked losing winnable games and eventually their luck ran out against Arizona.

The unbeaten start was a bit of a mirage. It was easy to wash away the defensive concerns or the streaky play because Seattle was winning. Here’s the thing though — Chicago, Arizona, Cleveland and Buffalo also have five wins. There’s nothing particularly special or indicative about being 5-1.

Seattle has glaring flaws and without the protection of ‘wins’ those issues are put under the microscope. More people are willing to examine problems after a defeat. The simplistic ‘yeah but they won’ retort doesn’t work.

Their pressure percentage is dropping week-by-week. They’re now at a measly 20.1% for the season. I spent three weeks explaining how blitzing will manufacture QB knockdowns and hits and that the higher numbers earlier in the season were a reflection of that. Since they reduced their blitzing, their knockdown percentage has dropped from 11% to 8%.

The big issue is and always has been their horrendous sack percentage which dropped back down to 3% this week. When they were blitzing 36% of the time it was 3% and now that they’re blitzing 26% of the time it’s still 3%. Neither plan has created sacks.

Trading for Carlos Dunlap was a necessary move to try and change their fortunes. The trade itself was an A+ in terms of value. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

Yet Dunlap is unavailable this weekend and the Seahawks have a concerning list of injuries. Jamal Adams still isn’t practising and seems destined to miss out again. All of the running backs apart from Deejay Dallas are hurt. Shaquill Griffin is in concussion protocol.

There’s a real danger the offense will become one-dimensional as it did at the end of last season when all the running backs were injured. The defense is bad enough without losing starters.

My fear on Sunday is Shanahan will move the ball with ease. The Niners’ running game will dominate and the Seahawks, like most teams, will struggle to contain Kittle and Jimmy Garoppolo’s impressive ability to drop, set and throw quickly.

Garoppolo has struggled when pressured and harassed. The Seahawks have to find ways to do that and so far, this defense hasn’t found any answers there. I don’t think they will do this but they might have to be more aggressive than ever in terms of blitzing. What’s the alternative?

Yet this is the crux of the problem. The staggering decision to rely on Benson Mayowa, Bruce Irvin and Darrell Taylor to fix the pass rush this year has left them in a total and utter shambles on defense — where they’re having to go against their scheme and philosophy to desperately find something (anything) to stop the bleeding.

This is no way to be.

It will be left up to Russell Wilson to throw counter punches and yet in the last two games he has lobbed four ugly interceptions and had moments of toil and struggle.

And while the offense is prolific and explosive — it’s also incredibly boom or bust with terrible third down numbers. The Seahawks are 31st in third-down conversion, only superior to the winless Jets. Wilson has been horrible on third down so far and it’s contributing to the streaky nature of the production — best highlighted by a record-breaking first half against Arizona and then a shuddering, feckless second half.

The Seahawks also have to play cleaner than they are. For too long they’ve made mistakes and kept teams alive. Last Sunday could’ve been a comfortable win but for a series of individual errors — from Wilson’s picks to Mayowa’s bonehead penalty to missed tackles to Damien Lewis’ botched assignment to their inability to find a way to get D.K. Metcalf involved to David Moore’s holding penalty and the rest.

Pete Carroll likes to make light of the near constant closeness of Seattle’s games but it might be more beneficial to look into why the Seahawks have seemingly lost all ability to play a good, consistent four quarters that eliminates the need for so much late drama — particularly against inferior opponents.

I said in the podcast this week that I think this is the biggest game of the season. Fall to 0-2 in the division before you’ve even played the Rams and it’ll be increasingly difficult to win the NFC West. You’d then have to go to Buffalo, LA and host Arizona trying to address a two-game slide.

From 5-0 you could suddenly be close to .500.

If they come out of what is clearly the toughest stretch of the season having dropped a few games — what does that say about their chances in the post-season?

A 7-3 or 6-4 record in the future isn’t out of the question — which arguably would be a better reflection of where this team is. It’d also be a major disappointment after a 5-0 start.

Win against the Niners and it could galvanise the team again. I think Buffalo are beatable — especially if you run the ball effectively and challenge Josh Allen to play with patience. Two victories would take some of the pressure off against LA and Arizona — although an ideal worst case scenario has always been 3-2 from this stretch (meaning 3-1 the rest of the way now).

I fear an unravelling though. I’m concerned that Seattle’s striking flaws are going to be exposed against proper opponents and the defense will ask too much of Wilson. The cavalry (Dunlap and maybe another) might arrive too late.

This is a pivotal game on Sunday. The Seahawks need to prove the doubters wrong (I know I’m one of them). This isn’t a Niners team at full strength and that makes it all the more important to win and prove a point.

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  1. Uncle Bob

    All of your concerns seem valid to me, the Seahawk injuries are at critical assignments for the design of the team. Our coaching staff doesn’t seem to have the resiliency that the Niners have shown. It seems that any body who can carry a ball is a successful HB in a Shannahan offense. Who is going to keep Kittle under 150 yards? I think I’m more negative than most, seeing 0-6 in division, yes improbable, but not impossible. Bad weather in Buffalo and that could end up a loss as well. I so want to be wrong.

    • Ok

      And that’s just it, isn’t it? The Seahawks and the 9ers are both very injured, but one of those teams is able to scheme success, and the other relies on superior talent and motivation. I am a Pete fan, I want to believe in the good, the positivity, and it’s early yet in the season, but even these wins have felt like kicking the can down the road again, and not definitive statements. The promise of something better just hasn’t shown itself to me. The every game is a close game and Pete loves it is infuriating, too much smelling of ones own farts. Pete doesn’t have competition from above. There isn’t a GM or owner demanding better. The media would prefer to be ….pleasant, and that was always the thing about the region: pleasant, but not winners.
      And just like that Bob is your uncle

      • Rob Staton

        IMO — Pete needs to appoint from outside his bubble in the off-season.

        He is best positioned as a motivator now. A leader. A figurehead.

        He needs people who can run schemes with detail, organisation and execution. Experts. Not his buddies from USC/Seattle.

        • Uncle Bob

          We are, yet again, closer in agreement. I was thinking about those infamous “Coaching Trees” and how barren Pete’s is. The best I could come up with off the top of my head is Orgeron, Kiffen doesn’t count for me. In the Pros Bradley and Quinn have not succeeded, and Richard, if WIKI is to be believed, is sitting on his couch. Richard has had a couple HC interviews, but no cigar. You might count Saleh as a potential, but he was only part of Pete’s crew for a short while. Pretty slim pickin’s. I don’t recall hearing Norton or Schotty touted much, though Schotty has gotten a little noise from this season’s more open calling.

          The most successful recent tree is the Parcells mighty oak. His guys are everywhere, just as happened a couple decades back with the Walsh tree (which actually has a couple branches extant today). It’s probably Pete’s biggest failing as far as selecting and elevating coaching talent. They’re not awful, but they’re not highest skilled either. Some of my proudest memories are of folks I mentored in my various business enterprises having gone on to business building success, just as those who mentored me must have felt. Pete deserves credit for climbing to the top with the SB win, but his legacy doesn’t appear to travel very far.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I agree with you on this one. I really don’t think Pete’s contract should be renewed without major changes in his role. That does require finding other coaches and draft scouting though.

          • Edgar

            Ive said this for 2 years. Pete is Joe Paterno. Carroll can’t gametime outcoach my 10 year old. He needs to be our bobble head and someone like Schneider hire our actual coaches.

    • Uncle Bob

      The slightest ray of sunshine I can hope for against this Niner team is turnover ratio falling in the Seahawks favor. It’s the wild card for this defense.

  2. Chase

    Rob, for the record I am concerned every Sunday.

    • Elmer

      I’m concerned every Sunday too. This team can lose to anybody and the Niners aren’t just anybody. We could be looking at 6-4 after ten games and trying to find a way to the playoffs in the last 6 games.

  3. Big Mike

    I’m so lacking in confidence for a Hawks win Sunday, I’m likely to go on a motorcycle ride that afternoon rather than watch the game as it’s going to push 65 degrees here with full sunshine. It’ll probably be April before I see a day that nice again. It just doesn’t seem a quality use of a beautiful day to sit in the living room and watch what is very likely going to be a loss. I can record it and if they actually prove me wrong I can watch later in the day.

    Yes, I am discouraged (looking at you Jamal Adams).

  4. AlaskaHawk

    Yes there are lots of concerns, starting with an overall team decline that began in 2015 and has steadily gone downhill. I won’t bemoan the lack of elite defensive linemen or the inferior cornerback play.

    But I am concerned about all the injuries. This seems to be a constant theme in derailing the Seahawks season. When we get to the end of this season, the question has to be asked. How do Adams, Dunlop, Irvin, all the starting running backs, and other players, end up on the injury list?

    What is the use of keeping this running back crew when they can’t field their best 3-4 backs??? Clearly the defense is weak this year and the offense needs to step it up. But the offense is relying on a passing attack now, and not wholly by choice. Where is our healthy star running back that can support the effort?

  5. BruceN

    I agree with you Rob. This is going to be a tough game. No defense and a banged up running game will likely result in a loss against a well coached and schemed Shanahan team. May be similar to the NE game when the game just blew open when SF got into a rhythm. Having released Rush I guess Snacks will play but we won’t have Jamal and Shaq (Wednesday’s DNP list looked scary). I’m assuming we will lose this game but I don’t think the season depends on it. When we get our running game back healthy, with Snacks, Dunlap, Jamal and Shaq we will have a good chance against CHI and BUF and even the Niners and Rams. But for now, without any of these guys we’ll be hammered by the Niners unless we get to JimmyG. Our only advantage in this game is RW over JG.

  6. cha

    You’re short on RBs you say?

    Need to keep your defense off the field you say?

    Let me sing you the song of my people.


    H back options

    2 TE heavy sets with roll out options

    Quick passing game options

    Screen pass to TE options

    If the Seahawks don’t heavily incorporate TEs into their game plan for this one, they deserve to lose this game.

    • Uncle Bob

      From your keystrokes to Schotty’s eyes………….please!

    • Simo

      The people love that song, play it frequently on Sunday!!

    • TomLPDX

      That’s one of the things that has been infuriating, they haven’t taken advantage of their TEs at all so far. Sure would be nice to see them heavily used this week. Think any of them, besides Sully, can play on the D?

    • Elmer

      No Beast Mode this time. Good TE ideas.

  7. Rob Staton


    Looks like no Carlos Hyde for Sunday.

    • cha


      Replying to
      Says Homer will be back. Said Adams getting sick in the middle of the week set him back.
      8:23 AM · Oct 30, 2020

      • SteveLargent80

        Homer coming back is great, I doubt Adams comes back though

      • Big Mike

        What well be the setback for Adams next week?

        • Elmer

          Yep. Beginning to wonder…

  8. James Cr.

    Things I am preparing for on Sunday that will drive me nuts.
    Run up the middle Homer for loss of 1 yard.
    Rushing three and dropping a lineman into coverage.
    Soft coverage on Kittle letting him catch 8-10 yard completions with his eyes closed.

    • dcd2

      Equally terrifying:

      DeeJay Dallas in pass pro
      Sending the house and not getting home
      Kittle… well, I have no idea how we’ll slow him down.

      • Lewis

        Yeah, I like Dallas, but he appeared to have no clue what he was doing pass blocking.

      • C37

        I get the concern about Kittle – dude is awesome. But he’s also “hit and miss” – at least this year.

        Week 1, vs. Arizona: 4 receptions on 5 targets for 44 yards and 0 TDs
        Week 4, vs. Philadelphia: 15 receptions on 15 targets (!!) for 183 yards (!!) and 1 touchdown
        Week 5, vs. Miami: 4 receptions on 8 targets for 44 yards and 0 TDs
        Week 6, vs. the Rams: 7 receptions on 10 targets for 109 yards and 1 TD
        Week 7, vs. New England: 5 receptions on 7 targets for 55 yards and 0 TDs

        So, basically every other week he has a “bad” game. Unfortunately for us, he had a bad game against the Patriots last week so he’s “due” for a good one this weekend. Personally, I’d be “mostly okay” with him getting 7 catches on 10 targets for 109 yards and a TD; just don’t let him get 15 receptions on 15 targets for 183.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m sorry… where’s the bad game there???

  9. Jawbreaker

    I wonder if our defense may have some serious personnel issues that weren’t addressed in the offseason…

    • Chase

      Buh buh.. JS got the best safety in the game!!!!

  10. Bmseattle

    As much as I can’t stand the 49ers, it is amazing how they are playing while dealing with so many injured starters and star players.

    I’m envious of their depth, and even more of their coaching and team management abilities.

    The fact that we are all so concerned about this game, when we have a monumental advantage at QB, says everything about how we feel about the depth and quality of our roster.
    Not to mention our lack of confidence in our coaching staff to get the best out of our players.

    • MoondustV

      The fact that many fans still have confidence that the Seattle coaching stuff can get the best of their players is astonishing. They had been outcoached for years. Horrible draft choices, wasted cap space in offseason, nearly zero player development, deplorable time management in game, nepotism in almost every position of roster and coaching…The only thing keeps this team intact is RUSSELL WILSON.

    • Rob Staton

      Fair points

      • Bmseattle


        You are correct, and it’s discouraging to see it all stated so bluntly.
        To make matters worse, we have few resources to rectify the situation going forward… and as you say, our confidence that management would use the resources wisely (even if they had them), is low.

        This season is what it is. They’ve made their bed. But how they are going to find impact players at the key positions of need over the next couple of years, is beyond me.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Two first round picks for an injured Adams is going to haunt the Seahawks.

      • Scot04

        To me the trade made no sense for a healthy Adams. Now it’s just worse.

        • Bmseattle


          I tend to agree. Even if we get Adams at what we imagine is his best potential, and he stays healthy, it can be argued that it wouldn’t be worth what we gave up for him… at least when considering the current state of the roster.

          It would be one thing if we had a 2012/13 level roster, and were adding the final piece of a well constructed team.
          Unfortunately, we are in need of talent at positions that are difficult to fill… LT (of the future), Rush end, CB, and possibly a FS (Diggs does not appear to be a long term solution at this point).

          As Rob has written many times, the Adams trade felt like a desperate move.
          I would strongly consider trading him this off season if we can recoup a couple of high picks for him (ie, a 1st and 2nd).

          • SeanMatt

            Look at who we’ve drafted with our last couple of first-round picks. For example, I’d trade L.J Collier and Germaine Ifedi for Jamal Adams. The teams is so bad with first-round draft picks that we should view a trade like this in a different light than normal. Adams is better than the busts we would have drafted.

            • Rob Staton

              Incompetent drafting isn’t an excuse for avoiding doing it.

      • 12th chuck

        we still haven’t recovered from the McDowell pick

        • Sea Mode

          BobbyK here to mention TJ Watt in 3…2…1…


          Oh, and also: Budda Baker was taken the pick after we took McDowell…

      • Elmer

        Look at the bright side. The 2 first round picks probably wouldn’t contribute much anyway based on the track record.

  11. Chase

    Thinking about what you said Rob, how every game is closer than it needs to be. There is never a game when we put it all together for four quarters, and never a game where we can put our feet up when we have a 2-3 score lead. Looking back on our 2013 sb run, we had some closer than needed to be games, some comeback wins, and a couple of games of just being the better team. But week 13, the 9-2 saints come to town, and get absolutely manhandled by our hawks. 34-7, the definition of a statement game. When was the last time we went out and beat a team, not hung around and won, but BEAT a team that was at our level or better than us. When was the last signature win? Last few I can think of are the 2018 Chiefs and the 2017 Eagles. Other than that we have lost to the elite tier of football teams, and most of the games weren’t close. Going on a tangent here but just made me think a little about the story that keeps writing itself.

  12. Hoggs41

    I cant stress enough how important this game is. If you lose this one you have the Bills and Rams next on the road and could be starring at a possible 5-4 record. We need to win this one and split the next two to get to 7-2 and we should be fine.

  13. icb12

    What do people think the results would be if John Schneider didn’t “work” for Pete? If JS was the GM with full control and didn’t have to necessarily do Petes bidding.

    I honestly can’t make up my mind, the 2 of them are tied together now. It’s hard to say how much is Pete and how much is John.
    It would be interesting to see the results if Petes handcuffs were taken off of JS though.
    Let JS build the team, and the coach coaches. Curious about peoples opinions on that.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think there’s any handcuff.

      • Bmseattle

        A couple of years ago, we were all frightened to death that JS would leave us for the Green Bay GM gig.
        Funny how things change after a couple of terrible off-seasons.

      • Simo

        Agreed, no handcuffs on John, but he definitely doesn’t have full control over personnel either! Who knows if things would be better, or worse, its a moot point anyway. Still, it is a different GM and Coach relationship!

        • Rob Staton

          I think John has almost all control over personnel.

          Carroll clearly trusts him implicitly and while he offers input, for the most part John and his team are left to get on with personnel.

          That’s how I see it.

          • Simo

            That’s good then, much better than having to get Pete’s approval before pulling the trigger on a personnel move.

            John takes a lot of heat for poor drafting, but he also executes some amazing trades, and routinely finds diamonds in the rough in the form of late round picks or UFA’s. I suspect every GM in the league has their fair share of draft misses, its just not an exact science!

            Thanks for what you do, love reading the content!

  14. James Z

    Pete as a figurehead with a stable of dynamic coaches sounds like a winner to me. But I doubt Pete’s ego would allow it especially now with a figurehead as owner, too.

    I live in Hawaii and a trip to the beach sounds more enticing then watching SF slice and dice the SH’s ‘defense’.

  15. Schrub

    Thanks for the ongoing content, Rob. After last week, I’m inclined not to put myself through the live version of this game. Looks like good weather for an afternoon hike.

  16. Adog

    Seahawks 31 niners 21 Wilson cooks without burning the beans. The running is dreadful, yet looks ok against a bad game plan by the number defense…think second half of last year’s Superbowl. Metcalf has big game with big catches and drops. Lockett gets all the attention this week. The Seattle defense scores it’s first points all year when jimmy g hands it off to bobby Wagner. Seattle wins this game with superior special teams and D performance from Jimmy g.

  17. pdway

    At the risk of drawing ire here – can i poke a little sunshine into things?

    Agree that ATL is not good, but we did beat them by 13 pts. When we played the Pats they were 1-0 coming off a win against Miami, Cam hadn’t yet tested positive (which derailed them), and they were feeling good about themselves. Beating them in NE at that moment in time was nothing to be ashamed of.

    Same w the Dallas win – at the time we hit them, they’d lost by 3 to the Rams, beaten ATL, and still had their franchise QB flinging the ball.

    Miami a comfortable win. Agree w you that we probably should have lost to the Vikings; but I’d counter that we had to do five things wrong to lose a game to the Cards that we should have won.

    Not disagreeing that the injuries this week look particularly bad, and I share your concern that we may well lose this one – but I’m feeling good about the reinforcements that are coming .. Adams, Dunlap, even Kendricks and Harrison should be useful.

    And while the 3rd down performance is a concern – – we can still celebrate an offense that is #1 in the NFL in ppg and ypg..

    Health always the wild card, but at full strength vs full strength, I think the Hawks can play w any of the NFC teams.

    • cha

      Agree there’s definitely an element of “it’s not who you play but when you play them” to it.

      That said, the concern Rob mentioned is valid. It’s not about a skin of your teeth win, so much as living up to challenge of beating teams that threaten you. That’s what the playoffs is all about.

      This week’s game shouldn’t even be a question. The Niners are a banged up MASH unit. The Seahawks have a top QB and should handle this team without major trouble.

      Instead we’re questioning the offensive game plan, getting out-coached and wringing our hands because the guy we traded for won’t pass COVID protocol in time to play. If we are talking about this now, what is the picture going to look like come playoff time? Even if they squeak out another win, it’s not building much momentum.

      The team come playoff time should be looking at a convincing win vs the Niners as a reason for confidence. And as things stand, there isn’t much reason for that.

    • Sea Mode

      No matter how you paint it, the inability to hold a lead and put away games in the 2nd half is unacceptable. Almost like PC has an under-the-table deal with the television networks if he can manage to make every game a nail-biter until the final whistle, as many 4th down miracle situations as possible, etc….

      Health always the wild card, but at full strength vs full strength, I think the Hawks can play w any of the NFC teams.

      I don’t think so. Not with our current defense.

  18. Trevor

    The Rams ans SF are an awful matchup for the Hawks because of coaching and scheme. The cardinals have a Dynamic QB in the mold of Russ I would be estatic if they can go 3 win / 3 loses in the division.

    Hawks win 31-24 despite SF dominating the time of possession and running for 200 yd +. Jimmy G throws two INt and Russ gets back on track hitting Will Dissly for the game winning TD late.

    • Uncle Bob

      You are correct about in division match ups. Above was some discussion about losing to AZ because of a pile of errors, that is true to a point. However, most of those were forced errors, not unforced, which goes to the match up comment. Vance Joseph started the game comparatively conservatively in his alignments and players. My guess is he wanted to see how Russ/Schotty were going to call it. The Hawks did well against that alignment. As the game went on VJ dialed up the intensity of pressure formations and calls, culminating in high pressure in OT. The more he dialed up, the more the Seahawk errors accumulated. It shouldn’t have been a surprise as he did some things in similar fashion against Dallas. He had one alignment with no D linemen, 6 “linebackers”, and 5 DBs. Yeah, Dallas is a hot mess, and their O line is a shadow of its former self, but the point was he adapted his calls and players to exploit what was across the line. If we see that from the Seahawks it usually only comes after halftime, not on the fly, and usually only slight variations from the first half stuff. Don’t think that the other DCs aren’t seeing that on video. And VJ is probably the second or third best DC in the division, with the new guy in LA his equal or slight better, and Saleh in SF the best. Without some improvement in game prep and in game defensive play calls and hopefully returning skill players, the Seahawks are not even getting to the hind teat.

  19. James Johnson


    One hundred percent in agreement with statement that Pete needs people who can run schemes with detail, organization and execution. It is good to let people be themselves but there also needs to be a healthy, effective accountability and I don’t see this right now in the Seahawk organization.

  20. Doug M

    I am anticipating a loss this week, but I also still expect them to win at least 12 games. I think all 4 teams in the NFCW will have double digit wins and the title will come down to the Seahawks/Cardinals game on 11/9.

  21. Trevor

    The way this roster was constructed they needed six things to happen for them to be successful.

    – Adams had to play at an all pro level.
    – Bobby had to return to playing like he did before he signed his extension.
    – Griffin had to take another step forward after last years moderately successful compaign.
    – Bruce and Benson had to have a repeat of the career sack years they had last year.
    -Green or Collier had to step up and be a legit 5 tech
    – Reed had to return to his 2018 form.

    Not one of those things has happened. If most or a couple were happening then the D would be ok but with not one of them taking place we have one of the worst if not the worst defense in the league.

    If Snacks, Adams and Dunlap all come back after this week and play great I think the best we can hope for is average which sucks but would be a lot better than what we have seen so far.

    Why is no one asking what is wrong with Bobby Wagner? Where is the dynamic play making LB that signed his record deal?

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve mentioned it a couple of times and Brock & Salk did a podcast on Wagner this week.

      The media, however, asked him about whether pro NFL players could win a basketball game against members of the press.


      • BruceN

        I’m down on Wagner too. But it’s hard to tell how much of his poor play is due to having a swiss cheese of a DL in front of him. The fact that he’s playing 100% of the snaps (compared to someone like KJ at 85%) and has so many tackles is not a good thing. Spielman (Lions) set the NFL record for most tackles in a season with 195 in 1994. Bobby is on pace for 229 tackles. That can’t be a positive. Right?

    • cha

      I took a shot at BW in my Cardinals review about not taking Kyler down after blitzing and getting a hand on him.

      I think we’ve gone beyond “he’s just isn’t playing well because the DL stinks”.

    • BobbyK

      Adams doesn’t even play.

      If Bobby was playing at his ’18 level, he’d be earning his keep. But he got paid and has regressed. He’s the highest paid but he’s not the best anymore.

      Griffin is good. He’s not great. He is what he is and that’s nowhere close to his predecessor at that position, understandable though considering that guy will be in the HOF one day.

      This was the biggest disaster. BY FAR. You don’t take two bums removed from their “prime” years and expect them to do what they did (sacks) when they were in better situations the previous year. Especially when their sack numbers from two years prior were pathetic. This was their biggest brain freeze of the off-season. So stupid with PREDICTABLE results.

      This was probably the most realistic thing to hope for given the age of these guys and the fact Collier was going into his second year (surprisingly, older than Green though). Collier is okay stopping the run but this guy is not a first round pass rusher. He’s not a seventh round pass rusher either! Had he been a sixth round pick, I wouldn’t hate on him so much. I’d be fine he sucked rushing the passer but was decent stopping the run on early downs. Instead, we have two guys who really aren’t that good.

      2018 Reed will never be seen again. He is what he is and that is a solid DT who is best suited to be the third or fourth best DL on a team with a good DL. Instead, he’s the best player who sucks at being a “best” player on a unit. Not his fault the team paid him all that money to not be great though.

      So, Trevor, you’re right. Nothing went as hoped defensively. No Cody Barton development because he’s still terrible. Brooks didn’t/couldn’t come in from day one to be an impact starter. Flowers didn’t take a leap forward. We hoped for big things from Blair and he tore his ACL. We thought Diggs might even be better given he wasn’t joining the team mid-season, but that wasn’t the case and he’s not much above average (if at all).

      About the only positives I can see from the defense is that:

      KJ has more left in the tank than I think any of us thought.

      Ugo is better than we thought.

      Poona has held up better than I thought he would as a guy who too many snaps is expected from, but that’s from a lack of any quality depth so 4th quarters when teams want to run – our interior DL really sucks because they’re exhausted.

      The only other positive is that the Dunlap trade was big even though it took almost half the season to get someone. I’ll be excited to see him play next week!

      • Trevor

        Agree on all points Bobby you summed up the situation well.

        • TomLPDX

          Ditto to what Trevor said. Pretty much sums it all up.

          When Diggs got going last year he made a difference…what happened?

    • McZ

      At this point, IMO Bwagz is a 2021 FA trade target. Gives is back at least a bit of draft shot. Nobody will take Adams to watch him sit out his next contract.

      • Rob Staton

        I think people are more likely to take on a younger Adams than they are an ageing Wagner on $18m a year.

  22. Pran

    This team goes from avg to poor. guess our roster is best suited for AFC west not NFC west.

    Bad draft and development is forcing the team to band aid and blow the picks year after year. You do not even have free cap to show for.

    with no picks in 2021 and assuming they do something in 21 off season and 22 draft (with no rd 1 pick).. 2022 is your best shot. how long can Pete continue if they do not have a future roster by 2022 season start.

  23. Denver Hawker

    Legion of Infirmary Room.

  24. cha

    Bob Condotta
    Seattle lists three players as doubtful including Carlos Hyde, who it turns out appears to be the most injured of Seattle’s three injured running backs. Also doubtful are Mike Iupati and Ugo Amadi.
    Bob Condotta
    Seahawks list Shaquill Griffin out for Sunday, but he’s the only one declared out. In encouraging news, both Chris Carson and Jamal Adams are questionable, raising hope they can play Sunday.

    • Chase

      I am not expecting Adams or Carson to play fwiw. Also awesome that our back up nickel is out the game we play kittle. Wilson is going to have to put on a show for us to have a chance to win (what else is new), as there isn’t a Clowney to go nuclear and save the day this time around.

    • Lewis

      They have really missed Amadi out there

  25. cha

    Friday Press Conf w PC

    [bob condotta] Adams Q Sunday? “worked today, got some work, that’s a good sign.”
    [bob] What need to see? “Out of time, have to figure out, right up to gametime. Number of guys.”

    [corbin] 2 weeks of Snacks? Sunday? “Best week without Q. Best he’s looked. working to get himself back in there.”

    [tim booth] Shaquille concussion or hamstring? “Don’t know. Long shot with hammy. I don’t know the answer. Couldn’t practice this week. Not sure about protocol.”

    [curtis crab] RBs? Carson? All others? “All the way to game time on all 3. Did not practice them this week. Give htem every single chance to get back. Sunday game time.”

    [jen] Sullivan see from him this week? “Getting close to be getting out there. Picked up a bunch of stuff in technique and style. A lot depending on who’s up and who’s down.”

    [gregg bell] Snacks look like he did before? “This week make you think he’s ready to come back and play. First couple weeks didn’t look like it. On his stuff, knows what he’s doing. Fired up competing to get on field.”
    [gregg] Full rotation or limited snaps? “This week or next he’s ready to play. Whatever game plan allowed him to. No snap count. Situational player inside. Our guys doing OK there. Really made a big step forward this week.”

    [brady] Adams concerns 1 day practice? “Big concern. A lot to ask. Miss a couple days threw a wrench into works. Game time.”
    [bracy] Groin sports hernia? “No. In his leg”

    [chris] Niners injuries, played well, what did you see? “Well, looked sharp. Game plan for NE clicked. Moved the ball well, throwing game and ground. Last two weeks. Playing good FB.”

    [ben] Neal and Ugo? “Game time, Ugo’s going to have to make a pretty good comeback. Neal good.”
    [ben] Taylor and Penny practice next week? “Not yet. Haven’t talked about next week yet.”

    [michasel shawn] Mayowa? “Ankle sore this week. Didn’t practice today.”
    [ms] Linden Stephens snaps? “Ready to play FB.”

    [john boyle] DJ practice this week, ready? “Excellent week, right in the middle of the plan. Excited to carry load. Week wore on took care of him. Ready to play.”

    [gregg] Adams illness separate? “Testing process and he’s OK. Came back yesterday in building.”

    [curtis crab] DJ Reed work, ready to help this week? “Yes, ready to play. Exciting FB player. Quickness, savvy, understanding of the game. Excited to get him. Gets opp ready to roll. Extraordinary quickness. Bright FB player, nickel, corner, safety. Learns easily, anticipates well.”

    [bob] Rasheem Green? “Ready to go next week. Not back until next week.”

    [maz veda] Niners play well w injuries, your key to maximize opp? “Couple things. First off, general attitude about program. Coaches prep. No backtracking. Niners do a nice job on that. Guys feel they can play. And then, built in factor in locker room. Guys really receptive to guys coming in. Draw in, comfortable about fitting in. Feel support in bid to help out. And good coaching too. Combo of things.”

    • Rob Staton

      A small point… it’s nothing major.

      But would it really have been too much trouble for someone to ask… are you still considering any further trades before the deadline or is Dunlap likely to be it.

      • cha

        I would have liked a question on Dunlap. Get him in the building, pass physical, have you talked to him, etc.

        Last thing the Hawks need is him popping up on the Wed injury report next week and “we’re trying to get him up to speed on our playbook and it looks like he’ll be ready to go for us the following week.”

        • dcd2

          Nothing to worry about. People have been getting on our team Dr. for the Taylor situation, but I found a video of him doing surgery, and we sounds incredibly knowledgeable. He can probably can get by with an ocular assessment of Dunlap via Zoom meeting.


          • cha

            HI, EVERYBODY!

            • BHawk

              H! Dr. Nick!!

      • DAWGfan

        Pete would of given his standard “We look at everyone and anyone we think could help our program.” They never show their cards on trades, even when everyone knows we need help with the pass rush.

        • Rob Staton

          It doesn’t matter.

          You don’t not ask questions because you assume the answer.

          I’ve done 1000’s of press conferences. Do you not think I’ve anticipated an answer like that? It’s on you to find a creative way to ask the question.

          • RugbyLock


      • SeaTown

        Yea but are the Hawks Voting Tuesday?

    • Henry Taylor

      DJ Reed making his debut against his former team is a cool story, possibly primed for a big role with Ugo out.

    • DougK

      Maybe I missed but I didn’t hear any news this week on Kendricks. Last week it sounded like he was possibly going to back this week. Anyone with any more recent news or do we wait until the Active/Inactives are announced on Sunday?

      • Rob Staton

        I suspect with Brooks back he’s now just an emergency option.

  26. Sea Mode

    This should put all your concerns to rest, Rob:

    Gregg Bell

    Pete Carroll on rookie TE Stephen Sullivan working at defensive end for the first time in these last few weeks “He’s getting really close to being able to be out there” at defensive end. “He’s done some really good stuff.” #Seahawks

    • Rob Staton


      • James Cr.

        Over/Under for Sullivan sacks this year? 5-6?

        • BobbyK

          Grand on the over! You accept credit cards!

          What a joke.

          Maybe Collier can be moved to guard?

          • James Cr.

            Kristian Sokoli flashbacks.

          • AlaskaHawk

            My as well use Metcalf as a cornerback. What? Your going to let him sit around when the offense is off the feld?

        • Scot04

          @James. Lol definitely under

    • CaptainJack

      This is insane

    • jujus

      Like Im a pessimist at heart.

      But what if… He pops off and gets a sack… Or 2?

      What kind of crow will we be eating…

      Im literally praying something crazy happens.

      • cha

        Completely missing the point.

        Just trying to make light of an awful situation that was completely avoidable.

    • Gohawks5151

      Its sad that this kid has turned into a joke. Good athlete and a great personal story

      • TomLPDX

        I’m probably the guiltiest about joking about Sully but I for one love this kid and hope he takes the league by storm.

      • Sea Mode

        For me, the joke’s not at all on him, but on the front office. What’s sad is that the Seahawks allowed it to come to the point where they need to convert a rookie TE to DE just to try something, anything to help their pass rush.

        • Gohawks5151

          Oh I’m not accusing anyone. It just sucks that this is the narrative for him right now

          • TomLPDX

            I got that vibe from you but I also agree with Seamode’s assessment as well. The joke is on the FO, not Sully. He’s just doing what is asked of him.

            • Big Mike

              Definitely on the FO. Absolutely pathetic
              oh wait, he was an awesome DE in high school! Never mind, All-Pro city babeeeeeee………

  27. pob12

    Split the NFC West games, go 4-1 vs. Buf/Phi/NYG/Was/NYJ and you end the season 12-4. That gives the Hawks an outside shot at the #1 seed + the bye and is likely enough for the #2.

    Currently, Football Outsiders projects the NFC as 1) TB 2) Sea 3) GB 4) Phi 5) LAR 6) NO 7) Ari

  28. BoiseSeahawk

    Hopefully by the time we play the niners again, Aldon Smith is lining up on the edge alongside Dunlap.

    • lil’stink

      I’d be surprised if Dallas trades Smith, or it would at least take more than chump change. They’re not going to contend this year, but Smith could be a gem for them the next couple of years. Yeah, he’ll be a FA after this season and can sign anywhere, but if he’s traded I doubt he ends up back in Dallas.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t even know why people are getting their hopes up on this.

      Aldon Smith hasn’t been rumoured to be available. He’s one of the few players who actually fits their new defensive scheme. He’s presumably a player Dallas would like to have back next year and he’s one of the few non-liabilities they’ve had this season.

      I don’t know why anyone thinks they would trade him, just because they’ve started dumping some under-performers and poor scheme fits.

      • Simo

        Dallas may, or may not trade Smith and other pieces and spare parts, but they might clearly be in a bit of tank mode right now. With Dak out their season is pretty much lost, so why not acquire more picks for players who might not be part of the team next year? At the same time, why not try for high draft picks and call this a mini rebuild year. They have a lot of work to do to repair their defense as well!

        • Rob Staton

          Moving players for high picks? Yes.

          Moving players who are underperforming and/or are poor scheme fits? Yes.

          Moving a player who has been good for you, costs nothing, wouldn’t get much of a return and will ideally be part of your team next year? Someone who’s one of the few bright spots this year? Let’s be realistic about that.

  29. Pran

    Coaching makes a great difference, this is more profound on the defense comparing Hawks and 9ers

  30. Hawksince77

    I have hesitated commenting because this site has developed an official line and anything contrary gets quickly slapped down.

    But I love this site, and have for years. The general quality of articles and commentary are the best in Seahawk land, IMO.

    What confuses me is the continuing negative tone about the Seahawks, day in and day out, and ubiquitous in the comments. As if this were the Jets.

    Living in New York, I can’t imagine how a Jets or Giants fan would react to the bulk of the content here. Or pick any one of another half dozen disfunctional organizations: Cowboys, Washington, for instance.

    As a Seahawks fan, this season has been the best, most entertaining, and exciting ever. Is the team flawed? Absolutely. No team is perfect. But the Seahawks may be one or two players away from a championship, if Carlos Dunlap isn’t quite enough. Even with their flaws and injuries they will put on a show.

    Will they crash and burn against the Niners? Maybe. Might they lose? Of course that is possible. Will they play a heart-stopping game from beginning to end, as they have done just about every week? Most likely.

    Maybe they win a super bowl, most likely not, but they have a decent chance of making the game. Will they make the playoffs? Probably. How many fan bases are blessed with such a team, a coach, a QB? Very very few.

    • Scot04

      I haven’t noticed a negative tone. Maybe a realistic point of view. We can be fans, enjoy wins; but still be critical of what went wrong and what needs to be fixed.
      It’s sad some think just because some of us want a team built to win a Superbowl and aren’t just satisfied with getting to the playoffs that makes us negative.

    • Ok

      Politely, why? I just do not understand your take, really at all. The loss to the falcons in 2012 excited me more than any win this season.
      Why do you think people are worried and discussing their concerns for this team, in this season?
      For me, yes I’m glad when ‘we’ win, but I cannot ignore the warning signs that present themselves, culturally within the organization (lack of coaching diversity/nepotism), and on the field of play, defense.
      I do not feel like this makes me less of a fan.
      There are some bright spots in the team, no doubt.

      • Ian Warne

        Tbh to an extent I agree. I don’t post much but I love this site and Ron’s writing.

        Rob has been hammered this year, unfairly. he has written fairly and with insight all off-season. And been abused for it.

        But I do feel that now there has been a counter swing. Where any alternative perspective it shot down immediately. Without discourse.

        The discourse on this site is the element I have always loved.

        Anyway, just constructive criticism not a complaint.

        Rob, you’re a complete legend, love you fan output and you should Patreon your podcast.

        Cha, thanks for your updates and insight also.

        • Rob Staton

          “But I do feel that now there has been a counter swing. Where any alternative perspective it shot down immediately. Without discourse.”

          I’ll only repeat what I said to Hawksince77.

          If people challenge my views I will defend them robustly. Anyone who is a regular on this blog will be able to tell you how much time I spend debating my opinions. This idea that people are ‘shot down’ is ludicrous. The key to strong discourse is not total capitulation when your views are challenged. I haven’t kept it a secret at any point on this blog — I am always happy to answer a challenge but you better believe I’m going to have a robust response.

          I also go out of my way to write about the things I get wrong (unlike most). I don’t hide from that either.

          You get honest, thought out views and forthright discussion on here. I don’t cheerlead. I don’t have agendas. I judge every move, every performance, every prospect on their own merits.

          And I only ever get pushback when I dare to criticise or challenge the Seahawks.

          Funny that.

          But increasingly I’m wasting my time replying to stuff about being negative after a poorly executed off-season or voicing legit concerns ahead of a game and it’s grating. This place won’t endure much more of this.

          • Ian Warne

            As ever your response is considered and fair.

            I wasn’t trying to attack you, more the general conversation in the comments.

            Which, I appreciate, is not in your control.

            Anyway I wanted to lend my voice to try and instill a more respectful level of discourse. Especially at a time when we all support an obviously flawed team.

            This was not a criticism of you Rob, or your labour of love. I respect your dedication as a fan and your analysis.

    • Rob Staton

      “I have hesitated commenting because this site has developed an official line and anything contrary gets quickly slapped down.”

      Nope. I spend a large chunk of my time answering questions or challenges to my articles on here. For some reason people don’t like it when I defend my views or this site. Like you, they seem to think that anything other than complete capitulation on my behalf is ‘being slapped down’.

      “What confuses me is the continuing negative tone about the Seahawks, day in and day out, and ubiquitous in the comments. As if this were the Jets.”

      I have had to put up with this for months. Seemingly I’m not allowed an opinion any more on my own personal blog. Or I’m only allowed a certain quota of ‘negative’ articles. What shall we say, 10 a year? Then that’s my lot. If I have any concerns going into a divisional contest after that, I better keep them to myself otherwise people like you will feel like you’ve got to come on here and accuse me of being overly negative.

      Nothing about anything written on this website is akin to reviewing the Jets. It was perfectly plausible during the off-season to criticise a lot of their moves. When people complained I wrote ‘too much’ about the off-season, I tallied how many articles I’d actually written about it compared to pre-season draft prospect studies, positional reviews, season previews, all of the interviews I did this year etc. It was around 32% of the articles. So approximately a third of my off-season pieces discussed what the Seahawks had done during the off-season. Fancy that.

      Let me also remind you that this is my personal blog. I write it in my spare time. It costs you absolutely nothing to read and I gain zero monetary benefit from it. So if I want to voice some concerns, I will. And if you don’t like it, go and read one of the other websites.

      “Living in New York, I can’t imagine how a Jets or Giants fan would react to the bulk of the content here. Or pick any one of another half dozen disfunctional organizations: Cowboys, Washington, for instance.”

      So what you’re saying is I’m not allowed to raise legitimate concerns about the Seahawks simply because they aren’t the Jets or Giants? Concerns that you yourself admit are realistic in your subsequent own words.

      “As a Seahawks fan, this season has been the best, most entertaining, and exciting ever”

      Not for me it hasn’t.

      “Is the team flawed? Absolutely.”

      But we’re not allowed to talk about why and in what ways, clearly, without you complaining about it.

      Let me be absolutely clear with people. I am on the brink of closing this website. Not because I don’t enjoy writing any more. Not because, despite having greater working responsibility and a growing family, I don’t enjoy writing any more. The reason is because the joy is being completely sucked out of it by people like you.

      Maybe people think this is a full time gig because of the frequency of articles and this is not a multi-writer website. It’s not a full time gig. I work for the BBC. This is a hobby.

      Imagine if you did something for a hobby for 12 years. A real labour of love. And then someone like me came along and said, ‘well I like what you do but actually your opinion on certain things no longer chimes with my own view so I’m going to complain’.

      Sometimes it’s as if I’m charging you all $50 a month. That you’ve invested in this and expect me to deliver for you, like you’re a customer and I’m reliant on your business.

      Nope. It’s my personal blog. Something I started on a whim during a crappy 2008 season. Something that has somehow stood the test of time and wasn’t planned this way. I never imagined doing this for over a decade.

      I cannot believe the nature of some of the comments I get these days, purely because I’ve dared to criticise the Seahawks and then dared to… actually talk about what I want to talk about on my own blog.

      • BruceN

        “As a Seahawks fan, this season has been the best, most entertaining, and exciting ever”

        Not for me it hasn’t.


        Come on Rob, as far as entertaining and exciting you can’t tell me you haven’t been on the edge of your seat for every game 😊 They should be named the Cardiac Kids. I may not survive the season at this pace.

        • TomLPDX

          You know Bruce, during the game last week at the end of the 4th QTR and in OT, I sat and watched the game and held my emotions in “neutral” with a sneaking suspicion that they were going to lose…and I have never done that. I’ve always expected them to pull it off at the last second, just like the Patriots and Vikings games. I want them to have a definitive, we kicked your ass kind of game and we haven’t seen that for years.

          I think it is a copout for Pete to say he “fricken” loves close games…no he doesn’t…none of us do. Hey Pete, try kicking some fricken butt on the opponent next time we play. Beat the 9ers 34-10 and enjoy it for once.

          • BruceN

            TomLPDX, I was just trying to add some humor. I’m with you and prefer a boring and convincing win once in a while. But that how this year’s team rolls. The defense just can’t get off the field and the high scoring potent offense scores quickly and puts the defense back on the field. Pete is happy sunshine guy and will say anything to put a positive spin on things. I seriously doubt he likes all these close games.

            As for the game, I must tell you, when I was watching the game go back and forth I really thought they were going to pull it off. Russell is truly a once in a life time QB. He will fight until the last second on the clock. As long as we have him we always have a chance.

            p.s. recently I went back and watched his tape on Gruden’s QB Camp before the 2012 draft. It is worth watching again.

        • Rob Staton

          This hasn’t been the best season or the most exciting for me.

          2012 and 2013 were far better.

          • hawkdawg

            Agreed. Not even close. In those years, you got the feeling that the Hawks were a balanced team, with lots of juice, a young QB who had a future, and a management that was on top of it.

            What we have now is far, far different. It’s agonizing to watch their games now. That defense is just painful. And the contrast makes that pain even worse.

            Of course, it’s better to be 5-1 than 1-5. The season hasn’t lacked for thrills. But the future does not look great, this season or next. And that’s frustrating.

      • david


        I have been an avid reader since 2009, and have never commented until now.
        I feel compelled to now when presented with the specter of you shutting your blog down (which of course you are completely entitled to).
        Over the past decade+ no seahawks related site, or sports writing in general for that matter, has delivered more consistent entertainment and education about the team I love. So in case the worst comes to fruition, I just wanted to take this chance to say thank you, truly. Thank you for all the years that you have made being a Seahawks fan more enjoyable.
        Through SPARQ, and TEF, from Cortney Upshaw to Joel Bitionio, I just have to say you’re an amazing fucking writer.
        In addition to just the pure gratitude, I hope that this comment can be at least one voice that isn’t raging against you for having the audacity to rationally question the absurd moves the Seahawks have been making.
        All the best, and once again, thanks for the articles, and thanks for your time and effort.

      • Edgar

        Rob…..I stay in the background as far as posting but please know this. As a vested longtime Seahawk fan, I come to your site first for real takes. My friends that are big fans also follow SDB and absolutely find solitude in the fact that you strive to win a super bowl, not just have fun on most Sundays. The average fan could watch a game where the Seahawks were down 28, kicked 4 successful onside kicks and won by a 2 point conversion and then think that’s how you get to a super bowl. Keep doing what you are doing…..its real

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks Edgar, I needed to read a message like that this week. Much appreciated.

          • RugbyLock


            This blog is my first stop for Seahawks news and has the ONLY comments section that I read anywhere. What I know is that you never sugar coat anything here and it is appreciated. I may not like it but I know it’s your honest opinion so keep going as we all appreciate the hard work you put in here!

            • Rob Staton

              Thank you 🙏🏻

    • Frank

      I don’t mind a bit that it’s no ray of sunshine, I’d rather have a real assessment for what essential is a war room preparation station since it’s a draft blog. It varies in scope as personal decision free agent, trade, resigning, affect the draft every year, and honest assessment although it kills me when it’s negative about a draft choice or trade I am holding out hope can affect the team positively. It does feel a little echo chamberish this year, but the obvious flaws are so strikingly bad, there seems little patience with outside of the box thinking when there’s a giant neon sign saying this defense might derail a season.
      I don’t share the disdain of some about the offseason, I saw decisions that made sense from what I know about PC/JS method of roster construction. Injuries certainly have made what they attempted infuriatingly futile, but perhaps they did play it a bit loose in addressing the situation sooner. We are all blessed to be fans of a team you expect in the playoffs every year, and I was a fan back when wins where a rarity. I value getting to the playoffs every year and at least having a chance, maybe more because of enduring the many years of the team being a punchline. We are lucky to have Carroll, but as mentioned above it’s time for him to hire outside of his box and just be that master motivator. I think our defensive roster is more talented than we are seeing because of poor defensive coaching and wonder if a few of these bad drafts of the last couple years is a coaching issue.

    • cha

      Hawksince77, I’d ask why you say you like the site so much?

      If it’s for any of the many valid reasons (detailed analysis, draft prospect and team building discussion, challenging fan discourse, using it as a Seahawks news resource), I’d just say that this is where honest discussion about the state of the franchise regularly takes place. And there aren’t many places like it available.

      The media, Seahawks Twitter, general fans, and a whole lot of the blogosphere seem perfectly content with being fed positive tropes from management, stories about how wonderful RW is or what a great place Seattle is to play, to the exclusion of the VERY serious obstacles the organization faces (and has at times seemed woefully disinterested in seriously addressing) in the pursuit of another Super Bowl win.

      Those who discern those challenges aren’t going to have a lot of time for ridiculous trade theories, strange justifications, “look on the bright side of life” delusions, or any other nonsense that doesn’t advance honest discourse in any meaningful way.

      And just speaking for myself, if there is ANY sense of negativity it is because this site is so wonderful it’s practically morphed into a ‘therapy room’ where we can come and laugh about the ridiculousness of things said or done by the organization at times.

    • Gary

      I would like for your team to be “blessed” with our coach.

    • Starhawk29

      Hawksince77, you’re not mistaken that the tone has been negative. However, I see it as a difference in perspective between you and Rob. It is clear, from your post, that you love this team and enjoy watching the weekly drama unfold. You are right that we are in the midst of a very exciting time for the team, with a HOF QB. Enjoyment appears to be your primary goal, and that’s your prerogative.

      Conversely, Rob’s perspective, to my eyes, focuses on the success of the team. His view that this team should be in position to contend for a superbowl is fair, and is that is why he is so critical of late. We have a HOF QB, such opportunities don’t come along often, and maximizing the number of championships he brings in is a legitimate priority.

    • Sea Mode

      As a Seahawks fan, this season has been the best, most entertaining, and exciting ever.

      (note: please read this in a calm tone. I’m not shouting.)

      Are you serious??

      I mean, that’s your right and your opinion, but man, I don’t know how anyone could enjoy watching us give up 450 yards on defense every week (sometimes to quite average QBs/offenses) and constantly shoot ourselves in the foot to the point where we need a miracle to steal wins from teams we should be beating handily. (and just because RW can sometimes bring about such miracle doesn’t make it ok or entertaining in my eyes.)

      On offense, I might agree with you that this is the most fun ever (although it’s hard to top watching prime Marshawn and budding Russ), but I can hardly even enjoy the offensive fireworks knowing what’s likely to happen once the other unit steps back onto the field. The offense and special teams are ready to compete for a Super Bowl, and the defense is clearly holding the team back from doing that.

      If you see that as a “negative” view that we shouldn’t really talk about, then I don’t know what to tell you, cause that’s simply what I’ve been seeing every game. I’m not making any extra effort to be “negative” or trying to prop up some “official line” from Rob. (btw, really…?) That’s just what I see and how I interpret it. For me, that’s more frustrating and deserves to be discussed more than just flat-out sucking like the Jets. We have a HOF QB and a talented team that should be winning convincingly and setting themselves up as a legit contender, but instead risk wasting the potential of all the offensive talent because the front office failed to put together anything that remotely resembles pass rush even though they had confessed it as their top priority and had the resources to do so this very off-season.

      I feel like trying to ignore that reality and just “enjoy the wins” is living in fantasy land and just setting myself up for huge disappointment later on in the season/playoffs. IMO, it’s better as fans to try to understand and accept the way it truly is as well as question both what the front office did to get us here as well as what they might do to get us out of here moving forward, both personnel wise and coaching/scheme wise.

      It’s better to bring up the elephant in the room and face it than to try to look past it for the time being only to be stomped by it later on.

      Are we as Seahawks fans blessed with team, coach, QB? Absolutely, I don’t think anyone would deny it.
      Are the Seahawks making the most of that blessing or squandering it? I think that’s a fair question for any Seahawks fan to ask right now.

      • Rob Staton


    • McZ

      What is this team without Russell Wilson?

      And you cannot really compare it to a team like the Jets, who had just started another raze to the ground, which happens to be the way back up in this league.

      At least, they are trying.

      And this season was such exciting that watching Justin Herbert kicking the tires was my greatest pleasure (as a guy bleeding purple an gold). He played four top ten defenses and lost by one last score three times, averaging north of 300ypg. That is fun.

      The Seahawks are playing all the same shit, smashing RBs behind a subpar OL wondering how people go broke. Even watching RW burn out his soul to get to the playoffs and having nothing left in the tank is not exciting. It’s heartbreaking to watch.

      The franchise has become stale, and the quality downgrades, slowly.

      I think this team needs a rebuild. And if it takes half a decade, be it so. I wanted them to do it after 2016. So the last four years have been a waste, IMO.

    • pdway

      I think I also trend toward pointing out the upsides – and maybe like you that is borne out of suffering through such a long stretch of crappy years in the pre-Carroll era.

      But I think the ground rules around here are fair enough to parse – which is this – don’t tell Rob what to write about on a blog that he writes for free, and don’t shut down reasonable conversation from anyone w the premise that we’ve got it better than others, and should therefore refrain from any complaints about the team.

      I can live with that. I sometimes post thoughts about upsides that I think are valid and not getting their due – and at times I take some lumps for it – but I don’t think anyone ever suggests that I should go away or stop posting.

      It’s a smart/informed/invested fan group here, worth the time to engage, even when you disagree w the general sentiment.

  31. Nick

    Best article of the year.

    “Yet this is the crux of the problem. The staggering decision to rely on Benson Mayowa, Bruce Irvin and Darrell Taylor to fix the pass rush this year has left them in a total and utter shambles on defense — where they’re having to go against their scheme and philosophy to desperately find something (anything) to stop the bleeding.

    This is no way to be.”

  32. Aaron Bostrom

    Rob, you do an amazing job. Your opinion and analysis is the one I’ve come to trust and depend on more than any others out there on the Hawks. I look forward to your posts everyday, and have deepened my knowledge, especially on scouting players. I don’t understand the negativity. For one, it’s your blog and you can write whatever you want. Second, you’ve been spot on, especially regarding our d line shortcomings. Of course, I’ve enjoyed the games so far, but I’ve never felt like we’re a legitimate contender, which is frustrating, considering we could be if we had played our cards right. We appreciate your work!

  33. BruceN

    Feel so much better. Actually quite pumped…

    • BruceN

      Not sure how it happened but this was in response to Sea Mode above.


      This should put all your concerns to rest, Rob:

      Gregg Bell

      Pete Carroll on rookie TE Stephen Sullivan working at defensive end for the first time in these last few weeks “He’s getting really close to being able to be out there” at defensive end. “He’s done some really good stuff.” #Seahawks

      • Pran

        If Sullivan ends suiting up as a DE in a game, i would consider that as an indictment for starting OL besides front office.

        • BruceN

          Agreed. I was being sarcastic about feeling great that we’re”” starting a TE as a DE. The first time they tried these switches was intriguing. Now, it’s more like WTH.

  34. Gohawks5151

    What an entertaining Minnesota-Maryland game. V12, your boy Mafe looked good and flashed a lot of athleticism. That Minnesota RB Ibrahim looks interesting. Kind of reminds me of Eno Benjamin. Maybe one to watch. Tua’s brother looked good and made himself a moment

  35. AlexG

    This is the best site for honest insightful hawks talk where your passion for the team and the game bursts through. I’ve learned so much about the game here. Love this blog we appreciate you Rob!!

  36. HawkMock

    Don’t post a lot but visit the site multiple times a day in hopes of new articles or just to read through the comments to get everyone’s insights on what is going on in Hawkland. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the time and effort you put in to write such great content Rob. Best draft analysis around. I truly wish the Hawks would have had you as a draft consultant since I started reading – we would be stacked with talent across the board if they would have drafted even half of the blog favorites over the past decade! Keep on keepin on for all us Hawk fans that truly love this place and feel lucky to have a guy out there doing this as a hobby for their favorite team!

  37. Sea Mode

    This is prompted by Starhawk29’s spot-on comment above, but I wanted to start a new conversation because that one was already getting long and I feel this is a really important topic for us all to understand. Here is the comment I am referring to:

    Actually, what Rob has mentioned before about escapism and leaving politics/covid out of sports reporting had already sparked this reflection, and Starhawk’s comment helped me conceptualize it better.

    There are clearly two types of fans, or ways of living one’s fandom if you please. Neither is right nor wrong and they are not always clear-cut or permanent in each person, but it can (and I feel has) contributed to the misunderstandings between us fans regarding Rob’s writing and the general tone of the discussion here on SDB this year.

    This is only a first, broad attempt at describing them, so please help me if you feel I’ve characterized them incorrectly or painted them in the wrong light. Actually, this apply to more hobbies/interests than just sports fandom, and it has a lot to do with personality types as well.

    First, there is what we might call the “casual fan”.

    [Oxford dictionary: “casual” = relaxed and unconcerned.
    (not meant at all in a belittling way or in the sense of “disinterested”) ]

    Like any fan, they prefer winning, but that is not the primary goal. They just want to enjoy watching world-class athletes perform each week and live the excitement of that moment, the atmosphere and community that comes with the whole experience of rooting for a team. The bigger picture/long-term goal of contending for Super Bowls/building a dynasty are not as important. If the team wins, great. If not, oh well, there’s always next week/year. Why concern myself too much about the details of what is supposed to be a fun escape? Worrying or digging too deep into it just ruins the fun of it.

    Second, there is the “invested fan”.

    [Oxford dictionary: “invested” = devote (one’s time, effort, or energy) to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result.]

    They could be said to enjoy the big-picture success of the team more than any individual win. They find excitement in the team-building strategy behind the on-field performance, and digging deep into that is a big part of how they live and express their fandom. For them, you play the game to win Super Bowls, and not getting there is not good enough, especially when you feel you could have been in a position to do so. Just like for the casual fan, fandom is an escape, but delving into the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ is just as big a part of it as the on-field product each week. If the answers to those questions raise concerns, they express those concerns as part of their fandom, regardless of the standings. The fun isn’t just in playing or winning, it’s in working towards winning it all and knowing exactly how the team did it.

    Once again, these are just broad strokes and I hesitate to even give them names them because this can easily be misconstrued and used as labels (“you’re just a ‘casual fan’, i.e. you don’t really care that much about the team”), which is not true at all.

    In short, one might say that the casual fan focuses on enjoying the process just as much or more than the result and doesn’t want to allow anything to hamper that enjoyment, even if that means turning a bit of a blind eye or just focusing on the positives when necessary. Whereas for the invested fan, the process is only worth it if a worthwhile result follows and questioning that process is important, even if it is not always enjoyable to do.

    I think it’s pretty plain to see this lived out on SDB. Rob and many others here are heavily-invested fans. When the results don’t come (not just wins, but level of play), we try to dig into the causes and point out the negatives that need to be fixed. When they are not fixed or even addressed by the team (media role here too…), we become even more frustrated and talk about them more since they are not discussed elsewhere.

    When a more casual fan shows up to the discussion, he/she might perceive the negative points brought up as ruining the joy of their fan experience. Thus, the many “why so much negativity?” accusations. As has been mentioned before, 2020 in particular is a year where more people fluctuating in the middle/lightly-invested crowd might tend towards hoping their fandom would for now just be more of an escape into positivity in the midst of a lot of negativity around us in the world.

    I guess we’ll just have to work towards understanding and respecting each other’s approach, even if that means that, for the time being, the casual fan may prefer not even to engage in discussion with the invested fans, on this site or on any other. Not sure if there is really any other way around it.

    • Rob Staton

      I think this is an excellent review of the situation.

      • Sea Mode

        Thanks, Rob.

        I’m more than happy to brush up this and my earlier comment into a little guest article if that’s something you would want to entertain. Might help clear the air moving forward and maybe an occasional guest article (even built out from the comments) could give you a little breather from time to time.

        • Lewis

          There’s a third type, the obsessed fan. This has two subtypes, positive and negative. This fan isn’t capable of evaluating their team objectively. Everything the team does is rationalized as either great or terrible.

          • Sea Mode

            Hard to argue against given the evidence…

    • JamesP

      Comment of the year. Absolutely spot on Sea Mode.

    • Trevor

      Great post Sea Mode!

    • TomLPDX

      Nice job, Seamode.

    • cha

      Well said

      • Big Mike

        Ditto from me

    • Scot04

      Well thought out SeaMode. Thanks for posting it.

    • Gaux Hawks

      well played, seamode.

      but don’t forget about us causally invested fans… the “dreamers”

      [Oxford dictionary: “dreamer” = The dreamer, the visionary seer, not only sees, but does something, makes something.]

      ; )

      • Sea Mode


    • Starhawk29

      Thanks for the shout out Sea Mode, fantastic diagnosis!

      • Sea Mode


        You spelled it out better than me and in less words too…

    • AlaskaHawk

      Very well written. Thanks Sea Mode.

  38. Trevor

    Rob was just early in identifying the incredible flaws on the defensive side of the ball. Now the National media are all piling on. Rob was not being negative just way ahead of the curves as normal.

    Here is just a sample of how the narrative is changing on the national websites.


  39. Rob Staton

    Hawksince77 posted another reply. I’m not interested in being lectured on how to run my blog. He’s welcome to visit other Seahawks websites if he doesn’t like this one any more.

    I’m staying on topic.

    • Tree

      With all the injuries we should be nervous (5th string strong safety, 3rd string nickel, 2nd string CB who has been torched, pass rushers out, etc). Since SF needs to run the ball to win, I am hoping that if they all can play Snacks/Adams/Brooks can slow down the run. In 2-3 weeks the talent level on this defense could be much improved. I hope the defensive coaching can take advantage of that.

  40. Denver Hawker

    Categorizing fandom is tough business. Even my own has morphed over the years. I’m reminded of one of my favorite Waking Life quotes,

    “As the pattern gets more intricate and subtle, being swept along is no longer enough”.

    For me, 2012 and 2013 were bliss. At the time, I only watched the games and the only news I followed was ESPN. The product on TV was excellence and I wanted to go deeper to understand it more. Then I got turned on to Field Gulls. I never paid attention to the off-season before except for maybe the “who are these guys” article on who we drafted. That of course spun me here, where I now spend 10x more time studying the team than I do watching the games.

    There is no part of this fan journey that hasn’t been a joy and I’m grateful for this blog continuing to add to it.

  41. Submanjoe

    Rob puts himself out there for the world to see. He takes time to write his thoughts and views on what is going on with the Seahawks. When he puts himself out there like this, its an opportunity for anyone to judge what he he is writing, saying, doing. Many people are inclined to take that chance and to judge Rob (what he is saying, writing, thinking). And that is a very very rude thing to do. As Rob states, this is free. It is his site. It is his thing. Who are any of us to judge?? Rob knows that I do not agree with everything he writes. But, what of it? Grown people can disagree. I do appreciate Rob’s time and effort. Thank you Rob. And in reference to Seamode, I am more than a casual fan. As far as the seahawks, this FO (pete and john) have made many baffling decisions for several years now. Some good ones too. But this team with Russell, is in danger of becoming like the Rodgers led Packers of this past decade. Great qb, brilliant play by him. But doesn’t win the big one. It would be a shame if ten years from now, we are looking back wondering how this Seahawks team only won one Superbowl…

  42. TomLPDX

    Do you guys think we’ll see anymore trades before the deadline?

    • Hoggs41

      I hope so. I hope a guy like Takk comes in and Hollister goes out.

    • Rob Staton

      I would imagine it’s still possible given the reports earlier in the week but things have gone a bit quiet in that regard.

      • SeaTown

        I’m curious. Why do so many think the Falcons would want a TE for Takk? Hayden Hurst has been ok for them.

    • Scot04

      A few more trades for sure. Unsure if anything major.
      Be nice to see one more addition for us to help the pass rush.
      I just hope it doesn’t come as a result of watching another pooer defensive performance and loss.
      Big game. Hoping to squeeze out a win and have 2 new defensive additions ready for Buffalo.

      • JJ

        I was kind of hoping for a trade with atlanta to bring in takk on Friday.

        • TomLPDX

          Yeah, I was too. At this point anyone they bring in won’t be available until after the Bills game right, or am I off on that calculation?

          • cha

            Technically I suppose if the guy got on a plane today and was in Seattle by night, they could start the protocol and get him cleared for the Buffalo game. But that’d be with 1 day or no days of practice with the team. Hard to think that would be a successful course. So yeah, probably the Rams game would be the first one they could play in.

  43. pdway

    and what of Josh Gordon? no word at all? Do we think they’re going to make him sit out the full season?

    • Rob Staton


      I’m of the opinion now that there must be more to this than meets the eye.

      • RugbyLock

        Must be if they’ll reinstate a “stellar” citizen like AB and JG is still out…

    • Sea Mode

      Wasn’t it week 10 that will mark a full season out for him? I’ll wait till then and if it goes longer, yeah then something else is afoot.

    • JLemere

      So after digging around a little bit, not sure if it is really legit, but since Josh Gordon has more than 3 violations of the substance abuse policy, Gordon can be suspended up to two years. He was officially suspended on December 16, 2019 so he can be suspended until December 16, 2021.

      • TomLPDX

        That would really be a shame if that came to be. If Josh is honestly trying to get past his demons, a 2-yr suspension would basically kill any hope of playing at all.

  44. DougM

    Philadelphia has 12 players with cap hits of 10 million plus for 2021 and 6 players in 2022 which is about the right number. If Bobby Wagner’s contract were restructured to make a light hit for their cap next year do you think both parties would be interested in a straight up trade for Fletcher Cox. Extend KJ for 2 years to play along side Brooks.

    How about another TE trade with Pittsburg? Hollister for one of Pittsburg’s 4th round picks.

    • Scot04

      They’re not trading Wagner period

      • DougM

        Probably not. Just a thought. He is getting elite money and has not been performing at an elite status for the last 2 years.

    • Sea Mode

      I’d take a R4 for Hollister in a jiffy. Right now, we only have a R2, R4, R5, and R7 pick to our names. We will need to find ways to add more.

      Maybe even see if they would be interested in swapping Hollister and a R5 for their R3 instead.

      Also note Pittsburg is projected to receive a R4 comp pick for losing Javon Hargrave in FA. (as well as a R6 for Finney and a R7 for Vannett!)

      • Scot04

        I think the Seahawks would take a 4th for Hollister as well.

  45. Volume12

    I know we’ve talked about Kwity Paye, he’s legit, but his partner in crime? Aidan Hutchinson? My goodness. Active, aggressive, moves extremely well, good size, long, he can bend, great UOH, can play him anywhere on the D-line. He might be special.

  46. Hawks_Gui


    We were interested in aldon smith, but cowboys wont trade

    • Sea Mode

      I’m ecstatic that we’re still trying to acquire another player and being aggressive about asking, even if they won’t let Smith go.

      • Scot04

        I just wonder if the Seahawks inquired before the Dunlap trade. Would be great news if they inquired afterwards.

      • Hawks_Gui

        Exactly!! I just wish they were agressive like that in the offseason about the pass rush, but it`s never too late, if we could add anyone with some speed and a little ability to get to the QB, i think we could get a lot better and become a contender

      • Rob Staton

        Are they though? Or was this last week, possibly even before Dunlap?

        • Sea Mode

          I think they are. At least I want to believe that.

          Besides the Caplan and LaCanfora reports, there was also the Ken Norton comment about “We are in an urgent situation right now. We need as much pass rush as we can get right now.”, and PC in the Dunlap acquisition presser said:

          “We’re always looking… there’s other guys that were out there we’re al… we’ve been looking at as well… …in all spots, that are available. The names start to pop up here at this time of year.”


          Nothing concrete, of course, but the way he corrected himself twice just gave me a vibe that they’re not done yet. And we didn’t have to give up much of anything to get Dunlap, so there’s still enough to get another move done.

    • Rob Staton

      Wonder why that info was planted.

      • Sea Mode

        Cowboys leak it to say: “we appreciate you and want to work something out long term”.

        Seahawks leak it to tell fans: “we are trying”.

        Seahawks leak it to tell Aldon’s camp: “we’re interested in FA”.

        Aldon’s camp leaks it to tell the Cowboys: “get ready to pay us, there’s gonna be a bidding war”.

        I’m going with door #3 given the reports went out of their way to single out that the Seahawks were “amongst the teams that checked in with the Cowboys”. why are we the only team named when, just like with Brown, there are supposedly several other teams interested?

        • Scot04

          If your Aldon’s camp you already know the Seahawks don’t pay Pass Rushers so pay it no regard.

  47. Volume12

    This EDGE class is loaded!

    Azeez Ojulari & Adam Anderson – Georgia
    Kwity Paye & Aiden Hutchinson- Michigan
    Jayson Oweh & Shaka Toney- Penn St.
    Patrick Jones- Pitt
    Quincy Roche & Jaelen Phillips- Miami
    Jordan Smith- UAB
    Kingsley Enagbare- S. Carolina
    Brenton Cox- Florida
    Sam Williams- Ole Miss
    Christopher Allen- ‘Bama
    Ali Gaye- LSU
    Joseph Ossai- Texas

    And we havent even seen the PAC12 guys yet

    • Volume12

      * Boye Mafe- Minnesota

      Others I’m sure I’m forgetting

      • Gohawks5151

        Your boy Mafe looked good last night. I love Phillips but his injury history makes me nervous. An injury free season would go a long way. Just scratching his potential. Ossai could be a guy in our range. With the start of the Pac12 got to rep my guy Hamilcar Rashes. Keep an eye on Addison Gumbs too. He was the starter over Rashes before he tore his ACL.

        • Volume12

          I’m pretty high on Rashed too.

          Mafe is extremely intriguing.

    • Trevor

      It is a really good class. Depends who comes out of course but there will be some options even in the 2nd round. I really like Jones and the two Miami kids a lot.

      • Volume12

        Agreed. There’ll be options.

        Jones just looks like a Seahawk D-lineman doesn’t he?

        • dcd2

          Jones has been a favorite of mine for 2 years. He absolutely looks like a Seahawky dude to my eye. I am not optimistic that he’ll be around by the time we pick though.

    • BobbyK

      Sadly, when you don’t pick until the end of the second round it’s really not going to matter.

    • SeaTown

      And the Hawks have no draft capital to capitalize. Well done PC/ JS!

      • Big Mike

        Hey wait a minute. We got Adams for 40% of the team’s defensive snaps this far.


  48. cha

    Anyone remember what it was when Albert Breer tweeted the “eyes wide open” emjoi?

    He just did it again.

    • Rob Staton

      Think it’s at the college football

      • cha

        Maybe it’s this. Fun play.


        • C37

          That was an AWSOME play. And it put Boston College up by a bunch on the next play. Too bad that ended their scoring for the day . . . and Clemson came back for the W.

    • Simo

      Don’t keep us in the dark, what does it mean?

    • cha

      Stand down red alert

      Albert Breer
      Sorry for alarming anyone!
      Quote Tweet

      · 20m
      Replying to @eaglestalk_ and @AlbertBreer
      Lol. He’s an Ohio state fan and Michigan is about to lose as 22 point favorites to Michigan state

  49. cha

    Brady Henderson
    The Seahawks are bringing up DB Jayson Stanley from their practice squad, a source tells me. He figures to play quite a bit on special teams tomorrow against San Francisco.
    12:47 PM · Oct 31, 2020

    • cha

      Cornerback D.J. Reed and tight end Colby Parkinson were both activated from the non-football injury list and placed on the 53-man roster, while defensive end/tight end Stephen Sullivan and cornerback Jayson Stanley were elevated from the practice squad.


      • cha

        Snacks getting another week apparently. Probably not the best fit against a fly sweep, in motion type offense SF runs anyway.

        • TomLPDX

          Yeah, probably not. Was hoping to get him back though so he could clog up the middle…all he would need to do is stand there.

          Bringing Sully up to the 53! Wonder if they will actually play him on the D or make him inactive.

          • cha

            Sullivan doesn’t count toward the 53. He’s just a practice squad activation.

            • TomLPDX

              The tweet says he was elevated from the PS. The only place to go is the 53. The other 2 came off of NFI.

              • cha

                No. Practice squad players can come up and be activated for a game but return to the PS after the game without any roster move being made.

                • TomLPDX

                  Educate me, Cha. So we can have 55 available to sign to the 53? I thought those had to be offensive linemen only. I get the PS elevations to the active roster and then reverting them back (max 2 times) before having to go through waivers. What did I miss?

                  • Rob Staton

                    That’s all it is Tom.

                    They elevated Sullivan for this weekend from the PS.

                  • cha

                    53 man roster (no change to before)

                    2 practice squad call ups eligible to play on top of the 53. Individual player can only be called up for two games this way, and can’t be used on consecutive games in this manner (if you want to use a PS player two weeks in a row, need to promote him to the 53 and cut or IR a corresponding player if you don’t have a roster spot open).

                    Game day actives: 47 eligible to be active, can have 48 active if 8 of the 48 are OL.

                  • TomLPDX

                    Thanks for clarifying that for me gents. Got it!

        • Rob Staton

          Starting to wonder what is even the point.

          Are we paying him to do a diet programme?

          Can’t he just try keto?

          • cha

            Sure seems odd when Sullivan gets an invite to the show after a month of practice at a new position, and Jayson Stanley will no doubt get about 5 snaps at Special Teams.

          • CaptainJack

            The entire Snacks situation seemed ridiculous. Bringing in a past his prime run stuffer who hadn’t worked out all offseason to fix the worst pass rush in football. Now he’s still too out of shape to see the field.

      • CaptainJack

        So FIVE tight ends on active roster now?

        • Rob Staton

          It’s vital for the 2-3 targets per game they get

        • cha

          Luke Willson getting paid to DJ Techno Thursdays.

          • Rob Staton

            It’s ludicrous that he’s still on the roster.

            • CaptainJack

              Dunlap doesn’t count against the roster until next week. I imagine they’ll cut Willson by then and perhaps trade away Hollister.

      • Henry Taylor

        I know its stupid and an indictment of the team that Sullivan is actually getting called up to play DE.

        But I’m low key excited to see if he can do anything, if for no other reason but for how whacky it’ll be. Like yeah let’s call up a college wideout and stick him over a LT, see what happens.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not excited at all.

          It’s absolutely desperate.

          • Big Mike

            Now wait just a minute here Rob. He was really really good at DE in high school! (2 “reallys”)

            • CaptainJack

              He showed a lot of promise that ONE game he played at DE in high school!

        • Pugs1

          I’m with you. Don’t have a lot of faith it will work but what do they have to lose?

  50. SteveLargent80

    So looks like Snacks will be left in the cupboard against San Francisco, if I’m not mistaken

    • Big Mike

      No one said a word about your pun. Tough crowd it would seem. 🙂

  51. Rob Staton

    If Stephen Sullivan takes snaps at DE this weekend…


    How the hell did it come to this?

    • cha

      Same if the TEs aren’t used or targeted.

      This offense is seriously in jeopardy of becoming one dimensional.

      Here’s the current playbook

      a) bomb it deep
      b) find a WR 13 yards downfield
      c) run it for 3 yards and a cloud of dust

      • Rob Staton

        I fear tomorrow could get ugly.

        Really hope I’m wrong.

        • Gohawks5151

          Perhaps this will be one of those games where we rise to the occasion. Like the Houston, Pittsburgh, KC games of the past

          • Rob Staton


            Or maybe it’ll be like the Rams in 2017 or the Ravens, Saints, Rams or Cards from a year ago.

      • TomLPDX

        Our TE1 and TE2 are exceptional players yet they are never used. Hollister gets more action. I can’t believe that they are still babying Dissly at this point.

    • Hawks_Gui

      Totally agree with you Rob, but at this point all i can do is to laugh, because its so tragic thats become a comedy

  52. Gaux Hawks

    someone said 5 TEs… i count 6.

    : (

    • Gaux Hawks

      …and 1 RB

      • TomLPDX

        Maybe Sully can also fill in as a RB! Yeah, that’s the ticket! (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

        • Big Mike

          But did he play RB in high school?

          • TomLPDX

            Does it matter! He is Super Sully!

  53. cha

    San Francisco 49ers
    The #49ers have activated RB Tevin Coleman and CB K’Waun Williams to the active roster

  54. cha

    Seahawks PR
    injury report update: CB D.J. Reed is listed as questionable (hamstring).
    1:05 PM · Oct 31, 2020

    I’m sorry. What?!?!

    You promote him to the active roster and he’s questionable to play???

    And you’ve got Snacks declining offers from other teams and eating chicken broth to make weight?

    • Rob Staton

      Starting to look slightly shambolic

      • Big Mike

        Naw, Sullivan at DE was their plan all along.

      • cha

        PC said he was ready to play. Just so strange.

        They’re trying to mess with Shanahan. He’s now going to have to tear up the offensive game plan and account for Reed on every single play.

      • CaptainJack

        Better get ready for the Demarious Randall and Jason Stanley show!

  55. Rob Staton


    Not now, Russell.

  56. Frank

    In all of the injury trouble, I think missing Penny is underrated? Is the lack of optimism a reflection of what Penny is viewed as player, or concern he won’t be the same guy coming back? He was the only real threat to score from anywhere in the field, and those splash plays are usually the difference in stingy NFC west games.

  57. Gohawks5151

    I’m an optimistic guy. This season has no clear cut number one team. It has all the signs of a season where the winner will be the hottest team at the end of the year. Like Baltimore in 2012 and the Giants both times they won.

    In that way I would say we have a chance because of the late schedule. The defense needs not only to get healthy but also time to gel. I’ve bemoaned the time the secondary had has together already. Brooks, Dunlap, Snacks and hopefully another rusher need reps in the system. There have been a lot of assignment errors. Part of that is the early changes on defense. They seemed to have settled into this conservative approach. Fine, whatever. Eliminate errors and add in wrinkles as you get comfortable.

    Plus we have Russ. That alone is an advantage over any team. Identify counter punches to the blitz. Please God use the Tight ends (I feel you Cha). Get through this second third of the season, and close out the season like a Mofo. Go into the playoffs hot and hopefully ride that momentum.

    This is not a statistical analysis. It’s soft science at best. What I’m hoping will happen.

  58. CaptainJack

    Rob, if you can net a 7th round pick for Hollister do you make that trade?

    • Sea Mode

      Not Rob, but I think he brings back a R5 at the very least.

    • cha

      Probably get a big clue that he’s being traded if he’s a healthy scratch tomorrow.

    • Rob Staton

      I would want more than that

      • Jordan E

        Hollisters not a bad player.. plus hes young. Def worth more keeping around then a 7th imo

  59. KennyBadger

    I know I’m late to comment here, but thanks again to Rob for another excellent article.

    And thanks to SeaMode, cha, and the other regular posters here for making the blog an everyday read. It makes me ill to think this site would go away for any reason, much less candor being misconstrued for bias and/or negativity.

    But enough with the cum-bay-ah: I share robs concerns but I think Russ has a career high in attempts and delivers again- Sea 38, SF 32. Stone Cold Lead Pipe Lock of the Century. Of The Week.

  60. Sea Mode


    • Big Mike

      Perfect example of what happens when a DB doesn’t turn his head.
      Amirite Quinton Dunbar?

      • Gohawks5151

        Shaq is way worse

        • Big Mike

          Concur. Went with Dunbar because of the TD he gave up last week so more recent.

  61. C37

    From Snacks, himself earlier today:


  62. Sea Mode

    Ok, I’m getting tired of this guys Tweets (many of them stolen anyways), but this one got me…


  63. Sea Mode

    Just like we drew it up… 😂🤣



  64. Jeffers

    Rob, this website means a lot to me, it’s one of like 4 that I check every day. While I too would be sad if it was gone, I would really hope that you would not consider continuing it if it is negatively impacting the quality of your life. You matter dude.

  65. vbullen65

    According to Blogging The Boys, the Seahawks tried to acquire Aldon Smith but were turned down.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes, this has been reported by Mike Garofolo.

  66. Trevor

    The difference between the quality of the Ravens and Hawks rosters boils down to not only trades like Calais Campbell but more importantly drafting.

    Ravens’ 1st round picks since 2016:
    * Ronnie Stanley: All Pro, $98.75M extension
    * Marlon Humphrey: All-Pro, $97.5M extension
    * Lamar Jackson: MVP
    * Hayden Hurst (traded for pick that became RB JK Dobbins)
    * Hollywood Brown: 8 TD in 20 games
    * Patrick Queen: rookie tackle leader

    Compare that to the Hawks 1st picks and you might throw up.

    • Scot04

      I’m more upset about how nearly 60m was spent and the defense actually got worse. They misread Clowney and their entire offseason.

    • Mike


    • DougM

      Agree 100%. There draft strategy has created problems that keep getting worse with each year. If they had drafted best player available over the years they would not have the gaping holes that they are desperate to fill now with players such as Calais Campbell.

    • Hughz

      I agree they drafted well but it’s not a fair comparison since most of those were higher draft picks. Not saying JS has been good.

      • DougM

        He’s asking you to compare those with the Seahawks first picks. This is were they have failed the most by not taking the BPA, picks such as Stephen Tuitt, AJ Cann, Miles Jack, Sidney Jones, Alvin Kamara, Harold Landry, Maurice Hurst.

  67. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Seahawks’ RB Chris Carson, listed as questionable for Sunday due to a foot injury, is expected to test how he feels in pre-game warmups, and one source said it is “a true 50-50” chance for him be able to play against the 49ers.
    8:47 PM · Oct 31, 2020

  68. charlietheunicorn

    I think there will be another trade. Aldon Smith was one player I had considered, but found unlikely. Takkarist McKinley warrants keeping on the radar. Arden Key might also be worth kicking the tires on. And an old Seahawks favorite… Jacob Martin. Another guy worth keeping an eye on down the trade deadline stretch.

    Hollister, Willson both are obvious trade targets to send packing….

  69. Sea Mode

    I was waiting for Collinsworth to share the 10-person team like he said he would on broadcast, but it never happened. (Or I just missed it…)


  70. Sea Mode

    Damon Harrison Sr.
    · 11h

    Working! All of these theories of why I’m not playing are funny as hell 😂😂 y’all reaching. Mone and Poona are playing really well what did y’all expect? You think I didn’t know the situation before I arrived? I’m here because I WANT to be not because I HAVE to be. #GoHawks

  71. Sea Mode

    Via Rapoport just now:


    The Falcons won’t have a fire sale, but they are open to dealing pass-rusher Takkarist McKinley and they’ve had talks to make it happen. Seattle appears open to adding more on defense, and the systems are the same. That would make sense. Anderson from Washington would also make sense for Seattle.

    Among the other possible names who could get traded if the right situation arises: Dolphins RB Jordan Howard has been the subject of some calls, while Bengals WR John Ross re-iterated his request to be traded this week. The Seahawks could part with TE Jacob Hollister especially if they need to shed some salary.

  72. Sea Mode

    We need to make the trade today though for them to have any chance to play next week though, right?

  73. Rob Staton

    Nothing sums up the Seahawks better than this IMO — plus the difference in coaching.

    San Francisco are without Nick Bosa and Richard Sherman, plus a laundry list of other players, plus their QB has missed time and is probably not 100%, not to mention George Kittle’s injury issues and the receivers and running backs taking turns to be out.

    The Niners are currently ahead of Seattle in DVOA (#8) and have a top-10 offense and defense (both ranked #8).

    The Seahawks are #9 in DVOA with the #2 offense and #4 special teams unit but they have the #28 ranked defense.

    The quarterback is propping up the team.

    The defensive minded Head Coach and his staff, unlike in San Fran, are not elevating the unit at all and have no answers or solutions to the problems they face.

    • Adam Boyd

      I was talking to my friend about this. Can anyone equivocally say that San Francisco has superior personnel to Seattle? At best it’s roughly equal. And yet they’re completely outplaying us on defense to a staggering extent. The defensive unit has a rot to it that can’t be fixed merely by adding veterans to it and hoping for improvement. Truly disappointing to see Russell’s prime wasted like this. Very concerned for today.

      • Rob Staton

        It comes down to what the Seahawks are and have been under Carroll — reliant on players over scheme.

        The Niners are decimated and still fielding a top-10 defense.

        The Seahawks, despite having a defensive minded HC, are 28th.

        The Seahawks rely on their stars on offense to carry the team.

        And for me it’s why they’re susceptible to being outcoached by Shanahan and McVay so often.

        • Pran

          Thanks for bringing attention. It can’t be more obvious than this.

          Many of us are calling out this glaring difference in coaching for a while. Pete has mentioned the other day Ken calls the game on game day and he provides inputs sometimes. Ken’s lack of ingenuity, Pete’s stubbornness couple with FO’s ineptitude take the blame more than players.

          To put it the other way, players are not positioned for success, they are just meeting their individual limits and some possibly underperforming due to surrounding circumstances.

        • BruceN

          “ And for me it’s why they’re susceptible to being outcoached by Shanahan and McVay so often.”

          Very true Rob. Shanahan is a master at scheming a game. His scheme made JG look very good last week without throwing a single risky pass. I’m very afraid they will run thru our D with ease. Their RBs are decimated and Debo is not playing but don’t sleep on JaMycal Hasty. He’s a powerful and fast runner who runs hard. In that scheme he can do serious damage. One bit of good news, K’Waun Williams may not play. If not, we’re looking at Jamar Taylor defending Lockett. Will take that all day and twice on Sunday…

    • Edgar

      This is a great summary of the up to the moment situation in Seattle.

    • Sea Mode

      RW is the undisputed master of the deep ball. (+20 air yards)

      SF vs the deep pass is:

      28th in completion % allowed
      27th in pass yds allowed
      24th in passer rating allowed

      With our RBs banged up, let’s hope he can make it happen…

  74. Rob Staton

    Ian Rapoport is linking Seattle to Takk McKinley and Ryan Anderson and says Jacob Hollister could be moved.

    That seems like the likely dominos to fall before the deadline. A cheap pass rusher added and Hollister moved to free up salary.

    • TomLPDX

      That sounds like a winning scenario either way. Hope it comes to pass.

    • Rokas

      Mckinley would be a very welcome addition, much more than Anderson imo. Beggars can’t be choosers of course. Wonder if 6th rounder would be enough for Takk? In theory it should be, but some desperate teams might to drive their prices up.

  75. Big Mike

    He may be wrong, but I heard Clayton say that is a trade was consummated and the guy traded for was able to get to Renton by Monday he could play the following Sunday as the protocols could all be satisfied in that length of time.
    True or not, it’s unlikely a trade would be made early tomorrow morning to pull it off within that time frame so if we do trade for either gut they won’t play vs. Buffalo.

  76. Sea Mode

    Imagine having to play Aaron Donald in your first NFL start coming off a career-threatening injury… 😱

    Also, this makes sense from the Dolphins’ perspective:

    Adam Schefter

    Sources: Miami Dolphins’ trove of NFL draft picks factored into the decision to start Tua Tagovailoa today vs. the Rams.

  77. ROCK

    Rob thank you for all you do. I’ve been a reader for the past 10 years. I’m just amazed at the amount people think you are being negative. Thinking back to a few ago when people wanted Beval’s head and you were a strong supporter of him and the team. All your comments are ALLWAYS supported by FACTS.
    It’s very interesting when you submit the facts, and how people will try to dissect your facts with crazy statements with no facts of their own. I for one I’m thankful for your articles that I can read with confidence that there is no homer bias. You bring an honest perspective about the Seahawks. This is very rare these days!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you — it really means a lot to read those words.

  78. Sea Mode

    Schefter confirms basically the same names as Rapoport, including Hollister, but adds that Kerrigan has actually requested a trade:

    Washington Football Team defensive end Ryan Kerrigan has requested a trade, but Washington has told teams that it won’t deal the star pass-rusher, a source told ESPN.


    • Rob Staton





      • Sea Mode

        No need… 🙄

        Stephen Sullivan

        Blessed! 🙏

        • Rob Staton

          Oh dear lord.

          I can’t believe it’s come to this.

          I’m pleased for Stephen but embarrassed for the Seahawks.

          • Pran

            Get ready for Sullivan’s time if Mayowa can’t make it.

  79. Happy Hawk

    I agree with Rob. Get Kerrigan and bookend with Dunlap which allows Mayowa, Green, and Robinson to be fresher rotational rushers. This just in Kerrigan is good: Add Snacks to Mone/Reed to shore up interior rush defense which will free up Wagner, Wright, and Brooks to stay clean and tackle downhill. Get Adams and Griffen back to pair up with Dunbar and Diggs and we can hold our own and then some IMO.

  80. Rob Staton

    New article posted with thoughts on all the trade deadline stuff.

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