I’m not buying this Baker Mayfield tweet

My opinion on this is… ‘whatever’

Here’s the reality with the Baker Mayfield situation. It’s not going anywhere at the moment. We’ve heard about the Panthers’ interest but they can’t work out an arrangement with the Browns.

Conveniently, this tweet suddenly emerges. The Seahawks are highly interested and want to extend him.


Why would that make any sense for the player or the team?

The Seahawks would have to take a look at Mayfield to even see whether a player who had everything in Cleveland — offensive-minded Head Coaches, a running game, weapons, an O-line — and still posted an 87.8 passer rating, is worthy of more than a mere closer look.

For Mayfield, why would he commit unless the money was obscene? He can play out a year and then hit the open market.

The very mention of an extension sets alarm bells off that this is little more than a ‘smoke-out’ from the Browns or whoever to get something moving. And the Seahawks are a convenient pawn.

I have no doubt that if he’s released Seattle would have interest in bringing him in to compete. Trading for him and extending him? I’m not having that in the slightest. And don’t see it happening. If I’m wrong, I’ll hold my hands up.

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  1. Big Mike

    Seems like a pretty obvious negotiating ploy by the Browns to try to get Carolina to accept their most recent offer of paying half his salary in ’22. Bet the Panthers don’t budge, but I do think they’ll eventually take on 2-3 million of his salary to keep him from the open market where as you said, Seattle would then have interest.

    Also, it is Josina so consider the source. Seriously, when was the last time she actually broke something for real?

  2. cha

    “I’m told the #Browns and Baker Mayfield’s agent have a high-level of interest in him playing elsewhere in 2022 and behind-the-scenes are starting to panic. I also know that the process of spreading disinformation on a potential market for Mayfield to try and pry some movement loose is still ongoing.”

  3. Gaux Hawks

    too bad though… not a big Baker fan, but would rather see the below trade/scenario than nothing at all:

    Baker Mayfield
    Curtis Weaver

    Gabe Jackson
    L.J. Collier

    not sure what the “costs” would be, but obviously we would only do this if Cleveland ate most of the difference.

  4. Strategicdust

    I’d agree with you Rob that this is most likely a smokescreen. But, as your last post mentioned, this front office doesn’t always act rationally with contracts, particularly with extensions and overvaluing the worth of JAG’s. That’s what makes me concerned.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t worry on this occasion

  5. Ashish

    Josina is back.. People just want to sell Mayfield to Seattle because brown can’t keep him. Hey but everyone knows that 😀 eventually they will cut him no matter what.

    Rob you got a point with such a good supporting cast both offence and defense he was able to deliver nothing why any one would trade him?? If he is cut may be he can be competition in camp that’s the best.

  6. Tomas

    Many have forgotten that Baker’s star was ascending until his injury last season. Most of Cleveland loved him, then the wheels came off. But I don’t think he makes sense for the Seahawks, and agree his mention is likely a ploy to motivate Carolina. If we wanted a reasonably priced QB upgrade for 2022 I’d favor a trade for Minshew – but again, I think Rob’s exactly right: let’s take our medicine this year, then look to next year’s draft.

    • Rob Staton

      Was his star really ascending though?

      Or was he just a big name with an amazing support cast?

      His numbers are consistently meh

      • Chuck

        He had a good 2020 season, his last one healthy. Baker Mayfield had a passer rating of 95.9 with 3,563 yards, 26 touchdowns and 8 interceptions in 16 games in 2020. He wasn’t incredible, but I’d certainly say his stock was rising. And while I don’t want to dare even consider extending him, I feel sure he’d be an upgrade over anyone currently on our roster for this bridge year.

        • Rob Staton

          Well, saying he’s an upgrade isn’t much of a leap.

          And a QB rating in the 90’s is nothing to write home about with that supporting cast

          He’s way overrated by many. Limited physically

          • Chuck

            Are you thinking the plan is to tank this season? Just doesn’t seem Pete’s MO to me.

            • Blitzy the Clown

              Carroll won’t intentionally tank. That’s well established.

              But as Rob has been saying since the subject first came up, if Mayfield is available as a FA acquisition (or in a trade where Seattle give up nothing and Cleveland eat his salary), then I expect Carroll to try to bring him aboard.

              Otherwise, this Josina tweet like so many others…not very informative.

            • Rob Staton

              People need to stop viewing the decision not to add another bang average quarterback as competing and anything else as ‘tanking’

              • Chuck

                Lock/Smith are just SO bad. I’d argue there’s no team in the NFL with a worse QB situation than the Seahawks right now. I don’t love Baker or Jimmy G but either would likely make for a more watchable season.

                Just for the heck of it I ranked all of them and I put Baker at about the 15-17 spot of NFL QBs. Jimmy around 20th, if I recall. Lock/Smith didn’t crack the top 32. I just want us to have a fun season of somewhat competitive football and can’t see the guys we have at the most important position in the game doing that for us.

                I appreciate your perspective and love the Rebuild podcast, Rob. Noticed not much has come out since the draft, but I understand that’s where your focus is. I’d love to hear your thoughts on our team as currently constructed and what you expect from position groups if you ever feel the desire to!

                • Rob Staton

                  But why do you need a more watchable season in 2022?

                  I will do new content soon

                  • Tyler A Jorgensen

                    3800 dollars in season tickets?

                    • Rob Staton

                      Those $3800 worth of tickets will be even more unattractive if you’re paying it to watch a crappy team for a decade.

                      Wouldn’t you rather draft an exciting QB and spend $3800 to watch a wild adventure?

                  • Tyler A Jorgensen

                    I’ve long wanted Pete gone, modernization, better clock management and Sunday decisions, etc.

                    I’m all for an exciting QB, I want Geno gone already and would be happy to not win a game next year. My fear is more of the game, albeit new variation.

                    Expensive middle class. Mediocre QB unable to bail us out, wasted opportunity to truly rebuild afresh.

                    It is what it is. Just sucks that I finally got the seats and it’s gonna cost me 2-3k of putridness to weather the storm. And there’s no chance I hold them a decade. The wrong choices a draft from now, a status quo of Pete in charge but the wrong choices and I’m going to have to move on, sadly.

                    My ideal world is we lose almost every game in the late 4th and go like 3-14. I want the dogs licking at Pete’s heels forcing change, and a new era that isn’t trying to recapture a part era that is gone forever.

                • Mel

                  I don’t see how anyone could rank our QB situation the worst when we exist in the same league as the Falcons. Mariota hasn’t started a game in over 2 years and their only other option is a 3rd round QB who played in the AAC and looked downright bad against Alabama

      • Tomas

        Rob, fair question, of course, but I believe Baker’s overall stats deserve a closer look. Thanks to NFL Gamepass, I was was able to watch Baker’s rookie debut, when he came in cold in game 3, late second quarter, for an injured Tyrod Taylor. Baker hadn’t played a down, as coach Hue Jackson intended to start Taylor for the entire season. Down 14-O to Darnold’s Jets, Baker instantly energized the team, leading 4 scoring drives e route to a 21-17 victory — Cleveland’s first win in 635 days. He went 17-23 for 201 yards, with a passer rating of 100.1. He also caught a pass for a 2 point conversion. It was f’g electrifying ( unless one were a Jets fan.). He ended that season, which included the firing of Jackson, with 27 TD passes and 3725 yards. The TD tosses were most ever by a rookie. Baker finished second in Rookie of the Year voting behind Saquon Barkley. 2019 was a disappointing year for the Browns and Mayfield – much blame must rest with new coach Freddie Kitchens, who was universally deemed incompetent (though a nice guy.). In 2020 under new coach Kevin Stefanski, and yet another new offensive system, Baker threw for 26 TD’s, 8 int’s, as the team prospered, and Baker improved as he became more comfortable with the new system. IF WE NARROW THE FOCUS TO MAYFIELD’s LAST 8 2020 GAMES, AND FIRST TWO 2021 GAMES (pre-injury), WE HAVE A 10 GAME STRETCH IN WHICH BAKER THREW 12 TD’s, 3 int’s, WITH A PASSER RATING OVER 100 AND TRENDING UPWARD. Not counted is the Browns 48-37 playoff win vs the Stealers. In game 2 of 2021 Baker sustained the separated left shoulder and torn labrum which clearly impaired his throwing motion. Many observers said Baker should have called it a season, or perhaps his coach should have so insisted. This failure remains a source of much consternation in Cleveland. I think, assuming complete healing, that there’s an excellent chance Mayfield will have a long career as a very good NFL starter, perhaps in the Joe Theismann mold.

        • Rob Staton

          That’s a lot of work to find one stretch in his career that didn’t suck

          • Tomas

            I thought your question was asked in good faith. You don’t have to be persuaded of anything.

            • Rob Staton

              It was asked in good faith. I’m not sure the answer to ‘Was his star really ascending though?’ is to identify a 10 game stretch where he threw 12 touchdowns in 10 games, three years into his career. All the while having a supporting cast that would be the envy of most QB’s in the league. Massive investment in weapons, massive investment in the O-line, superb running game, good offensive Head Coach, a defense that features Myles Garrett.

              And then a year later he’s injured again, doesn’t play well and the team spends a fortune in picks and money to replace him.

              I’m not convinced that is enough to suggest he was ‘ascending’.

  7. James C.

    Was there any reports about Mayfield’s teammates not liking him? He just comes across as a total douche.

    • Felipe

      Quite the opposite. Baker is very well liked by his teammates. Unlike RW.

      • Rob Staton

        And yet how many have gone to bat for him this year?

        Can’t think of any

        • Ted

          I remember Chubb speaking up for Mayfield a few weeks ago, and I believe a few others around the same time. I wouldn’t say the support has been vociferous and constant, but it’s been there.

          • Rob Staton

            Well, one player when asked a question (he didn’t do it unprompted and may have given a politically correct answer to avoid controversy). Given he was called a child by his own team, it’s not exactly what I’d call ‘support’.

  8. Ukhawk

    You had me at “whatever”. 😂

  9. Al U

    If the Browns and 49ers can’t find trade partners I reckon the most likely scenario would be that they trade quarterbacks: Mayfield for Garoppolo. Both teams seem likely to need a QB this year but not the ones they currently have. And given that they’ll be paying a decent salary if they cut their QBs they might as well swap them and get some value for their money.

    • cha

      Jimmy has no guaranteed salary this year. The Niners can gain $25m by cutting him loose or trading him.

      • Al U

        Thanks, I thought they were on the hook for $25m regardless, so that changes the equation somewhat.

  10. L80

    Whomever plays QB for Seattle this year should just have MEH as their name tag. That way we can all be doing what we should be and watching the “new” defense and rookie tackles learn the trade for the future.

  11. Tom L

    Hi Rob,

    Long time lurker.

    Have you had the chance to Study K.J. Jefferson? I think he could be in the same category as Tyler Van Dyke. A QB that could make a sleep to a Top 3 QB. Think he is similar to Will Levis, him and Treylon Burkes really elevated the Razorbacks last year in a hard conference.

    • Rob Staton

      I will study him further but I watched a fair bit of Arkansas last year because they had three players I was tracking. Personally, I would say as of today Jefferson is a long way off Van Dyke. I don’t see him as much of a NFL prospect. But, we’ll see how he does this year.

      There’s a clear ‘four to watch’ for me — Levis, Van Dyke, Stroud and Young.

      • Chuck

        Have you watched Coastal Carolina’s Grayson McCall yet? Small school player in the Sun Belt so isn’t getting any press except from Kenneth Arthur, but I’ve been pretty darn wowed by his play in games I’ve been able to find.

        • Rob Staton

          I have and wrote about him in my early review of the class. A fun player to watch but not someone I would expect to be a big time NFL prospect

      • Tom L

        Awesome! Thanks for the reply. Big Hogs Fan, just wanted to get an experts opinion!

  12. Joshua Smith

    I think the reason both Carolina and Seattle are content to wait on Baker is because they also know Jimmy G will be available later as a fall back plan (assuming both teams want one or the other). If given a choice I think Jimmy would prefer Seattle. Experienced leadership, similar offense style, and the chance to stick it to the Niners twice.
    I wish we would just take our lumps this year and then get your QB next year when we hopefully have a better, younger team with a little bit of experience and growth. A young QB behind a young O-line, a young WR group led by Lockett, a young potential stud RB. And a defense full of young players with a few high priced veterans at key spots.
    Not spending 30-35m on Mayfield who won’t move the needle …how many wins Does Baker get you? 1, possibly,2 maybe? So instead of 5-6 wins this year we get 7..? Mayfield, while better than what we currently have, is only good enough to take us to the playoffs 2 out of 3 years IF he has talent around him.
    Baker may make us slightly better this year but he does NOT benefit us as a franchise whether he plays well or not.

  13. Happy Hawk

    Leave Mayfield alone and go with what you have this year. Compete like hell and build culture while enduring a painful and losing year. Draft your stud in next years draft.

  14. Roy Batty

    Hard pass on Mayfield.

    Poor leadership ability. Erratic performance. Already accumulating injuries that could become chronic.

    Have any of his teammates come out in support of him?

    No thank you.

  15. cha



    • Gross MaToast

      May our Dark Decade Plus finally be drawing to a close.

  16. line_hawk

    May be they learned from the Jamal Adams trade. Extend before you trade for a player 😛

  17. Gross MaToast

    Baker Mayfield is not now, nor will he ever be, a franchise quarterback, if you measure franchise quarterback by traditional measurements of on-field ability and success. Being that we are in mid-June and have seen no movement, it seems safe to say that the league largely agrees.

    As they have elected to sign a serial sexual abuser to a long-term, fully guaranteed contract, coupled with the very real probability that he will be suspended from the league for some period of time (8 games? A year? Indefinitely?), it would seem prudent for the Browns to retain Baker Mayfield for the time being. Whether he would play for them, who cares?

    If I’m a QB-needy team, there’s no amount of Mayfield’s contract that I would be willing to assume or draft pick I would be willing to part with to get him, and absolutely no possibility of an extension before he takes a snap. This report is absurd…probably…

    • Rob Staton

      The Browns destroyed all leverage they had when they did the Watson deal

      The NFL is going to wait until they’re ready to eat virtually all of that salary because they know they have no choice but to cut him. It’s a matter of when not if

      • Gross MaToast

        Agreed. It’s the deal for the Coffee Cup on steroids x 2. The Browns, as an organization, are incredibly unattractive right now, from owner to Face of the Franchise.

        I don’t think it’s out of the question that Cleveland ends up eating the Watson contract, as well.

        I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Pete for not acting on his overwhelming urge to always compete and give a second chance to Watson by trading the ‘22 and ‘23 drafts for him. Way to go, Pete.

  18. Chuck

    Gotta love reports that start off simply with, “I’m told…”

    • Gri94

      This particular language is called a qualifier. They lend credibility to the lie while creating plausible deniability for when they are caught. It also shuts down debate, as it implies they have evidence. These are the phrases liars use to make up a source, which is used to support another lie.

      “I’m Told”
      “The rumor is”
      “People are saying”
      “People are talking about”
      “People have told me”
      “I’ve heard”
      “I’m hearing a lot of buzz about”
      “Most people agree that”
      :A growing body of evidence suggests”
      “A lot of people know ”
      “A lot of people agree”
      “A lot of people do not think”
      “It’s widely accepted that”
      “What I am hearing on the street”
      “Somebody told me that”

  19. 509 Chris

    I really like Baker, but have we not learned our lesson about trading for wildcard players with only a year left under contract? If we trade for him and he has an above average season it ends up being the worst case. Now we have to fork out 30 or 40 mil a year for the guy. The goal can’t be to just find a signal caller, Seattle’s goal must be to replace Wilson! If we fail to do that after a few years then fine, we settle for what we can get. I’d rather see if Lock can be someone. In that scenario if he’s not the guy you walk away from it without having spent almost 20 mil in 22 and potentially wasting a draft pick. I’ve been stupidly optimistic about the leadership of this team since the Russ trade bit if they go trade for Baker that will be too much. Folks we could be heading toward 40 years in the desert.

  20. Old but Slow

    The only way I can see to trading for a QB is if you are adding a potential or actual franchise player. Otherwise, what is the point? Baker and Jimmy G do not fit in that category, so…pass.

  21. Jordan

    I really don’t have much interest in the Seahawks aggressively addressing the QB position until the opportunity to take that shot for the right player presents itself in the 2023 or 2024 drafts.

  22. Bankhawk

    “I heard a rumor that….”
    Okay, I’m watching ‘Umbrella Academy’ : I’ll fess up…. 😂

    • TomLPDX

      Me too, and so far season 3 is totally off the wall!

  23. HawkfaninMT

    Question for the resident journalist that is ok asking tough questions:

    The Sounders have a young DM named Obed Vargas. He was diagnosed with a stress fracture in his back this week and will be out 4-8 weeks (probably longer to regain 90 minute fitness). The team says he started feeling pain and discomfort a couple months ago, but the team continued to play him until this diagnosis. On the SounderatHeart site (think FieldGulls) the fans want the question of “If he was having these issues a couple months ago why wait and aggravate the injury?” asked. The insiders are pushing back saying you can’t send every ache and pain to a specialist.

    The insiders should ask for a more clear answer, right? Or is it a fair pass to give the coaching staff?

    I know not Seahawks related but would be curious as to your thoughts

    • Rob Staton

      Absolutely. You’re not doing your job if you don’t ask that question.

      • HawkfaninMT

        Was met with this from the “insider”:

        “Coach, some dude on the internet used google so we have a question for you”


        • Rob Staton

          If a player has been nursing an injury for some time, then that injury leads to a more significant injury, a reporter is well within his/her rights to ask about it. And it’s his/her duty to do so.

          The response could easily be logical, explainable and there may be no blame to be apportioned. But you still ask. That’s the job. If you’re not asking about that, what exactly are you there for?

  24. cha

    What do you guys think happened in the locker room at halftime Week 2 vs Tennessee?

    The Seahawks were coming off a handsome win on the road vs Indy and were handling the Titans 24-9 at the half.

    They’d held Derrick Henry to 27 yards rushing, Alton Robinson had strip sacked Ryan Tannehill at the 6 to set up an easy touchdown, and RW had hit Lockett for a 63 yard bomb TD.

    It was the first game back and PC stayed on the field for an extra minute cheering on the fans instead of going straight to the locker room at halftime.

    Then the second half happened. Henry rushed for 155 yards, Alton Robinson barely saw the field again, they forgot they employ running backs, and they couldn’t tackle.

    After the game PC had no answers. He actually blamed the poor play on ‘getting the guys too jacked and pumped’ which is some kind of world record. When asked how on God’s green earth Al Woods, Rasheem Green and Benson Mayowa got damn near 60 snaps while Alton, Taylor and Carlos Dunlap couldn’t break 30, he said they had substitution issues.

    Jamal Adams strutted up to the podium and plunked a $2000 coffee cup down and threw snarky answers at the press, who wanted to know why the defense had collapsed so tremendously.

    The season went downhill after that.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I remember that distinctly. Their performance from the previous 6 quarters fell off a cliff and I kid you not I wondered if their gatorade had been spiked, which is funny considering Carroll thought they were too jacked. I didn’t see that at all.

      And because there was that change in how they rotated defenders in the 2nd half, and young guys like Robinson didn’t play much, makes me wonder if there was some sort of disagreement among coaches/coordinators. Btw, those head scratching personnel decisions persisted through the season. Not that Carroll hasn’t made plenty before. “Always compete” has been a hollow slogan for a while now.

    • HawkfaninMT

      I was at that game and had very similar thoughts. I was also at the Cikings game where a very similar situation played out…

      I will take the hit for this one! The blame lays at my feet!

      • cha

        Well I was in the stands to see Russ shred his finger vs LA and Jamal doink a ball of his facemask vs Pittsburgh so I think I got you beat.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they were exposed

    • McZ

      You’ll have a hard time finding a Seahawks game in the last five or so seasons, that features two halves of competent football.

      PC has lost his mojo long ago. And all this talk about having a good draft (I hereby bet Cross will bust, Lucas will turn in a premium year and the rest will sit on their arses) and getting a new franchise QB next season… Rob himself posted often enough, that the chances are 1 in 4. I wonder if PC wants that risk that late in his career, and even if he does… this franchise is the official career cemetery of the NFL.

      So, back to topic…
      You’ll have a hard time finding a better QB than Baker M in next years draft.

      • Rob Staton

        I think it’ll be fairly reasonable to expect to draft someone better

  25. Sea Mode

    Per Aaron Wilson yesterday:

    The interest between the Seahawks and Mayfield is mutual, according to league sources.


  26. cha

    Everyone is wrong about Jamal Adams.

    This guy tries to teach us that Jamal Adams is good.

    I watched it so you don’t have to.

    Apparently his thesis is the Seahawks changed their defense in 2021 and it’s much better now. Okay.

    I guess we’re ignoring that they fired their defensive coordinator and were one of the worst teams in the NFL in forcing punts.


    Some quotes from the piece…

    “There are still pressing questions about his ability to cover, and what his true value really is.”

    “He will have an issue sometimes hesitating to shoot his shot when he’s playing in the middle of the field. He can struggle to trust what he’s seeing.”

    “His ball skills are certainly questionable. Honestly not sure what the hell even happened here.”

    “In this new position he can do that a lot, he just won’t get a lot of tackles for loss as we’ve seen in the past.”

    “Obviously, we have to talk about what’s on everyone’s mind: that’s his 1 on 1 coverage ability, which to be honest at times is spotty.”

    “Can struggle with lazy technique.”

    “Poor technique. It’s doesn’t matter how good you are, you’re gonna get burnt. He’s just inconsistent with it.”

    “Technique issues will pop up on film, and allow receivers to create separation.”

    “He just needs more experience playing in this new part of the field in the Seahawks’ new defense.”

    “His whole career has been built around playing in the box, which in today’s NFL just isn’t quite as important anymore.”

    “But when looking at what Seattle gave up to get him – two first round picks, then $70million dollars, $38 of that guaranteed, I’m not sure I can get on board the idea he is worth all of that. He is a good – to at times very good – safety who’s been asked to radically change his play style this last season. He’s definitely impactful, it’s just how impactful is he?”

    “The coverage stuff is completely overblown, but when looking at how the Seahawks are paying him, that’s where I question if he’s worth that.”

    “IF he can..(do this well)….IF he can.(do that well)..and IF he can..(do a third thing well)…Jamal Adams will shut a lot of people up and his perception will change.”


    Gee fella, you turned me right around there. I’m convinced.

    • Rob Staton

      Sounds like a really well thought-out vid…

    • Big Mike

      I’ll give it 2 more seasons before the rest of the football world, including Seahawk fans catch up to those of us that already know who he is. And it may only take one more.
      But hey Desai, get him to a place that proves me wrong. I’ll happily chow the crow. Oh and while you’re at it, find a way to keep him from making “business decisions” because those are the most maddening thing about him in a long list of maddening things.

      • UkAlex6674

        Opposite camp for me. He was good at NY and I think he will come good at Seattle this season. I’ve still no idea what it means, but there will be plenty of crow on the menu at the end if the 22 season.

  27. Olyhawksfan

    He sucks, but he might not suck as much in the future. Like my video please.

  28. samprassultanofswat

    Rob. I get the feeling it was Pete Carroll who pushed for the Jamal Adams trade. What do you think?

    • Rob Staton


  29. samprassultanofswat

    This is just my opinion. But the Jamal Adams was a nightmare trade. Two 1st round picks and all that cash. Especially when cap space is so valuable. The Jamal Adams trade so far has been a disaster.

  30. Sea Mode

    Well, off topic, but since the discussion has slowed down here, Rob just tweeted about it, and I just saw it yesterday:

    Top Gun: Maverick was freaking awesome!

    • Sea Mode

      If you can watch it in IMAX, absolutely do!

      Unfortunately, I missed it there and had to settle (first world problems…) for a normal screen, so I just moved up to the second row to immerse myself as fully as possible.

    • Rob Staton

      One of the best films ever

      No over exaggeration

      Go and watch it

      I’d go again

      • Big Mike

        I went in thinking it was going to be “meh”. I was wrong. LOVED it.

    • Ashish

      Yes I watched in Boeing IMax (seattle) awesome experience.

    • Olyhawksfan

      Tom Cruise has really solidified himself as a national treasure. Love this clip:


    • Robbie

      I’ve seen it twice now! Incredible.

  31. Paul G

    Not sure the validity of this


    • Rob Staton

      I looked at that guys profile

      And immediately knew it was a load of nonsense

      • Rob Staton

        And any Seahawks fan or media member who quote tweets it should be forced to do 200 push ups like they do in Top Gun

      • Rob Staton

        24 hours on and we can now officially call BS

        I don’t know why these people do it. Make up rumours hoping to strike gold. Or, for that matter, why Twitter verifies anyone to add to the whole shambles

        • Sea Mode

          Is this real or just some Browns fans trying to will it into existence?


          • Rob Staton

            I’m pretty sure the NFL isn’t keeping this a secret apart from them telling someone on the NFL.com shop account who accidentally revealed it to the world

            It’s fake. As someone pointed out in the replies, the smaller jersey at the bottom says ‘Diggs’

        • Rob Staton


          750 quote tweets

          750 RT’s

          Including from some in the Seattle media

          We shouldn’t be encouraging this nonsense

  32. Paul G


    • Rob Staton

      What’s done?

  33. Paul G

    200 push ups

  34. cha

    Corbin Smith walking away from his job as beat reporter for SI. That’s unfortunate it isn’t a sustainable job for him.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Damn. He’s a good sports reporter.

  35. cha

    Congrats on the Avalanche.

    I’m happy for them but Kroenke holding the Stanley Cup and the Lombardi at the same time isn’t my favorite of things.

    • Big Mike

      Some people just win at life, don’t they?

      • cha

        I still can’t believe what Kroenke did with the St Louis settlement. So slimy.

  36. Sea Mode

    Why do I have a feeling this is going to lead to some baffling decisions in the future…?

    Seth Walder

    The Seahawks are making two analytics hires, per sources.

    They’re bringing in Becca Erenbaum from the Knicks as a Senior Football Research Analyst and Peter Engler from the Charlotte Thunder and the 33rd Team as a Football Research Assistant.

    • Matthew

      How can you form any opinion at all on this? You actually know who these people are, and their qualifications?

      • Sea Mode

        Ok. Sorry. I read “Senior Football Research Analyst” coming from the NBA and imagined we were going full moneyball or something. I guess she’s just a nutritionist with a fancy title. My bad.

        • RyanL

          Analytics only go so far until Pete can override any opinion on what should happen during the game in certain situations. All signs so far have pointed to Pete being more open minded (or was directed to be as such by his bosses) but that’s all well and good until the fire is on and he’s the one pulling out the challenge flag or deciding whether to punt or not.

          I don’t see how it could hurt, though, getting data-minded smart minds into the building.

  37. JimQ

    Below is a rather optimistic appraisal of the Seahawks roster & season record. I think I may agree with this analysis more than I disagree with it. The Seahawks, –IF– everything goes well — indeed may win as many as 10 or more games & a wild-card slot. This would likely be a huge surprise to all of the medias but is well within the realm of “possibilities”.


    • DC

      I think that’d be worst case scenario as it would put us out of range of the top QBs in the next draft. I’d prefer a competitive season without any expectations and able to snag a QB next year without having to trade up.

  38. Sea Mode

    Film session with Waldron on Blythe. Was hoping to learn a bit more but it seemed pretty generic to me. Maybe someone else will notice something that sticks out.

    2022 Film Session: Austin Blythe

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