Instant reaction: Banged up Seahawks record superb win

I voiced concern on Friday ahead of this game and to be honest, when I saw the inactive list that concern grew.

The Seahawks were suddenly decimated. One fully healthy running back. Penny Hart, a receiver, in reserve. They had a tight end rushing the passer off the edge. They were missing numerous defensive starters.

Meanwhile the 49ers were rolling despite their own injury crisis — having destroyed the Rams and Patriots in the previous two weeks.

Halloween was last night but this had all the makings of a terrifying afternoon.

Yet in the biggest game of the season so far, the Seahawks delivered their best performance.

Russell Wilson and the offense recovered from a difficult start by feeding D.K. Metcalf who was practically unstoppable. The passing game moved the ball just enough to help set up some balance later on. Wilson was at his creative best as he re-gathered momentum behind his MVP campaign.

Bobby Wagner had the performance he needed to have. He was everywhere. He was intense. He blitzed expertly and led this unit like he needs to. This was a statement performance from Wagner who has been under par in recent weeks. He finished with 11 tackles, two sacks, three TFL’s and four QB hits. He was outstanding.

He was well supported by a rag-tag cast of characters with backups filling in. Collectively the group did enough to help the offense establish a lead good enough to defend.

It was seriously impressive how they dealt with the Niners run game. Nobody is better than Kyle Shanahan at designing run plays to beat you with backup runners. He got nothing today — 52 yards on 22 carries. That was the key to the game. The Seahawks were ready for them.

Special teams also played its part as usual — with a good all-round performance including a turnover forced by Nick Bellore. The only blip was a missed extra point by Jason Myers.

I’m happy to admit that I was wrong about this game. Seattle’s coaches came up with answers when they were needed and in what was close to a must-win situation, while suffering genuine adversity, they avoided dropping to 0-2 in the division.

They got one they had to have.

Of course with this being the 2020 Seahawks, they couldn’t deliver a complete performance. The edge was taken somewhat off the defensive effort once Jimmy Garoppolo limped out and backup Nick Mullens delivered 20 points, 238 yards and two touchdown passes in one quarter.

It does make you wonder if San Francisco’s wretched offensive performance was more on the clearly injured Garoppolo than Seattle’s defense. Frankly, it’s ridiculous that we should even have to waste time contemplating that. There’s no way this defense should’ve blotted their copybook with that final quarter. At 30-7 it should’ve been game over with bells on.

Such is the current season though. Perhaps it’s for the best? The trade deadline is on Tuesday and they’ve still got work to do.

Nevertheless, this was a game they could’ve easily dropped with all the injuries. They didn’t and on a day when the Rams and Packers were beaten it’s even sweeter.

They needed this win. They got the win. They deserve immense credit for that.

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  1. SteveLargent80

    Bobby Wagner was incredible today

    • dj 1/2 way

      Agree. So sweet to see that. Had me thinking about the veteran Bobby Wagner “saving himself” for the most important games and the playoffs.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        That’s an amazing display of strength. He trucked a running back WITH the guard.

  2. Rushless pass

    Great win!!! That prevent is horrible!

    • Dougk

      Yes! So horrible we got the win. Listen to Pete, he alluded to the rope a dope strategy awhile back. May not be pretty but Wins are infinitely more valuable than defensive stats. Look at the big picture.

      • Rob Staton

        Listen, we can all enjoy the win. We all will.

        But the only dopes being roped are involved on our defense.

        They need to get this fixed pronto.

        • Jeremy Brewer

          I just feel like you need a hug! 6 and , homeboy!

          • Jeremy Brewer

            6 and 1, sorry.

          • Rob Staton

            No, I don’t need a hug.

        • Bigbill

          Will you do an artical on what this D would look like if they spent 20 mil on Clowney like you strongly recommended all off season?

          • Rob Staton

            The D would probably look like it did last year, which was still nowhere as bad as this.

            • B

              It would be just as bad and they’d have $20 million tied up in a mediocre at best player.

              • Rob Staton

                Let it go

              • God of Thunder

                Clowney not got a sack this year, yet. That’s a somewhat shocking stat. Good player, but hardly transcendent.

      • Duceyq

        The “Rope a Dope” gave Ali a brain injury too and watching them “not” close out games properly will give me one soon. It needs to be addressed.

        You go up 30-7 with a back up QB in the game in the 4th QT and it should be time for the defense to hunt! Pad your stats so at least during contract time you have something to point too. The hunger just seems to just escape their loins when they get a lead of 10 or more. It’s painful to watch.

        It’s a coordination issue mainly.

  3. Glor

    Woot woot!

  4. ABCinco

    All we needed was Stephen Sullivan. Game changer

    • drrew76

      He got credited for a tackle! I don’t remember seeing it, but I’m excited about it.

      • Tony

        Wasnt it the blown 3rd down trick play early?

        • ABCinco

          Yep he got in there after Damontre Moore blew it up

  5. Kyle

    Great take, Rob. One reason why I like this site so much is that it’s truly a fan site. Other places seem to be really invested in being right all the time. As a fan I’m glad to be wrong when the Seahawks win.

    The Seahawks were doing some interesting things on defense for the middle part of the game, with zone rushes and odd-man blitz fronts. It’s no coincidence that when they went back to their vanilla D they got torched. That’s got to be hard for Pete, who likes his base D cover 3.

    • dj 1/2 way

      Yes and yes. Great take by Rob, as usual. The best. Also great take by you. Fascinating game. Look forward to the analysis over the next few days.

  6. drrew76

    This game epitomizes why Pete Carroll and his never ending fountain of positivity is perfect for this team.

    Today was all set up for the 49ers to just manhandle the Seahawks, and not only did that not happen, Seattle kicked their asses.

    I don’t really care about the 4th quarter, it brought back up some of the same old issues, but the defense was really good when it mattered.

    Excited to see Dunlap play next week. Hope Adams is back. Hope Snacks has worked himself into shape. If they can bring in one more edge body among the names being mentioned, this team is as good as any in the NFC.

    • Rohan Raman

      So weird to think that the 4th quarter wasn’t all that important in a Seahawks game…..

  7. SoCal12

    If the defense can keep playing like that with Jamal coming back and Dunlap reinforcing, I think we have a good shot at winning the NFC. Big IF, but the only teams I see challenging us when we’re on are the AFC trio of KC, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh. Tompa Bay might be a weird matchup, but I think we’re looking strong in the NFC.

  8. Tony

    I wouldve taken any win let alone a cotrolled, non gut wrenching win. We avoided major injuries and played well. Not a flukey win. I will take that every week. Plus rams, pack lose! Huge standings week.

    Now add another player or 2. I want to double down on this season.

  9. Trevor

    Bobby coming out and looking like the 2014-2017 version of himself was absolutely huge. If he can build on this performance when Adams comes back they might be able to use a combination of the two blitzing enough to offset the desperate pass rush. Hope to see Snacks, Dunlap and Adams next week and hopefully the defense will start to turn the ship around.

    • Sea Mode

      Yup, hopefully Carson too.

      • SandJuggler

        Sure…if Sullivan can play D, I’m sure Chris can too!!

  10. BobbyK

    Nice. Very nice. Excited to get Adams back and add Dunlap.

    • Sea Mode

      Gregg Bell

      Pete Carroll on #Seahawks blitzing more today vs 49ers: “The pressure that we threw at them helped everybody. We just decided to take a little turn.

      “And with Jamal (Adams) coming back next week, it’s going to happen more.”

      So there’s a word Adams is playing at Buffalo next wk

  11. Dougk

    Not worried about the the yards and points at the end, like Pete alluded to earlier in one of his press conferences, it was rope a dope defense. Yes, not good for stats, but all you need for a W. And a W is all that matters. I’m surprised as as anyone with this win but the defense gets some credit IMO stopping them when it mattered, using up the clock when that was called for.

  12. pdway

    Playcalling better today too – when we needed to convert 3rd and shorts, we put the ball in Russell’s hands.

    Will be even stronger when Carson comes back – he’s a real cog in our machine.

  13. lil’stink

    Situational football. When you’re up by 20+ in the 4th quarter you don’t play the same way. Yeah, our prevent defense was simply not good enough. But people complaining about our defense this game, or saying that Nick Mullens would have ripped us apart and beaten us if he started? C’mon, guys. You like this team and this blog enough to come here, enjoy the content, and post comments. But you wanna complain about or simply don’t understand basic football strategy that pretty much every team uses?

    Jimmy G is who he is. He’s not going to beat you by throwing downfield. Quick passes, screens, not making game changing mistakes. Could his ankle have been bothering him? Perhaps, but I’m not sure how much it limited him from the few things he does well. The defense deserves some credit for not letting their offense get into any sustained rhythm when the game was still within their reach.

    Wagner played out of his mind. SF couldn’t get anything going in the run game. Russ was his usual all-star self. DJ Reed came in and gave an ailing secondary a shot in the arm. We put up 37 points on the #8 defense (by DVOA). We had 7 key players on the inactive list, including 3 DB’s. It was far from perfect but it was a quality win. Enjoy it.

    I would love to see a breakdown of exactly why our prevent D struggled so much (other than the obvious talent/execution). They definitely gave up a few too many chunk plays. I’d like to think a healthy secondary would have been the difference. I still love the Quandre Diggs trade, but he’s been a bit too inconsistent this year.

  14. CaptainJack

    Well, I am worried about Carson. And I don’t love all the garbage time points.

    But Jamal is coming back. Carlos Dunlap is going to play in a week. We can still make a move for one more pass rusher.

    This defense needs to take what they did in the first three quarters and build with that. Wagner needs to play like he played today the rest of the season. DK had his best game ever and Russ is still Russ. We have a shot.

  15. pdway

    If you’re the Niners, what do you do w Garrapolo? Maybe he’s injured – but I’ve always thought the guy was bottom half of the league – and never makes plays in the clutch. He looked terrible today.

    I think you look very hard at moving on from him.

    And if you’re a Niners fan, you likely feel like you just took a beatdown, the garbage time scores/yards don’t erase a gameful of getting you a** handed to you.

    Great bounceback win. Reinforcements coming too.

    • Hoggs41

      Not sure what they do. Id guess Mullen gets the start on Thursday but he isnt the answer either. Either way its good for us if they dont have a QB.

      • Jordan E

        I hope they resign him. If anything hes not worth the huge QB salary. Could put the 9ers in a hole and produce some cynicism within the team and fan base for the loaded contract lol.

    • TatupuTime

      The 49ers should move on from Jimmy. They can get out from under his contract next year with minimal dead money. At best he’s average and possibly he’s worse than that. Finding a QB is mission number 1 for the 49ers. Being a very good team (like the healthy Niners) without a very good QB is NFL purgatory. Too good to draft a QB and not good enough to win.

  16. Trevor

    I think the Hawks May have found their slot CB in DJ Reed.

    • Sea Mode

      He looked quick today.

    • dj 1/2 way

      This will be a significant issue going forward. Less expensive contributors are always valued, but at a position of need it could really make a difference.

    • TomLPDX

      He played amazing today! I kept asking myself…”who is that guy wearing Earl’s number!” He had an excellent game.

    • Sharky

      I don’t care if he can play slot too much, my question is after Umadi comes back can he be plugged in for Shaq or Dunbar if one of those guys can’t go. The difference between Reed and Umadi is a “whatever”. The difference between a league average CB and Flowers is significant. I do want to add Flowers did seem to play better yesterday, but that might have been due to the quality of SF receivers more than anything.

      If Reed can sub in for any of those CB positions then that was a huge pickup, and all the sweeter since we plucked him from the 9’ers roster after they made a mistake.

  17. cha

    Grading my SF Watch Points

    Fantastic win, puts the Seahawks in a great position in the division. Game was not without some warts, but there is definitely a strong element of rebounding after an awful loss in Arizona last week that the Hawks can build on. SF was banged up and the Seahawks took advantage.

    RW & the offense – we need a clean game.
    Grade: A-

    Great rebound from the Arizona game, RW and the offense. Zero turnovers, zero interceptions and only 2 sacks. Great mix of calls to mitigate the loss of their badly banged up RBs. Good, heads up play calling and play for the most part.

    Defense: This will be a chess match, and you’re playing against a master. Know yourself and adjust.
    Grade: B-

    Three quarters of great football (A-), and one quarter of typical Seahawks defensive football (C-).

    DBs, get up on your man.
    Grade: C+

    Would have liked to see much more physicality at the LOS. Lots of quick passes and players roaming free. But about par for the DBs, and give them a bit of extra credit due to the shifts in personnel and the great play of DJ Reed.

    Grade: B+

    Far more effective blitzing than in recent games. Big ups to a ticked off Bobby Wagner for having a great game in this area. Blitzers actually affected the play, even if they didn’t get home. Jimmy G got bullied, pressured, harassed and lost his cool.

    And then don’t blitz.
    Grade: C-

    Sniffing out that misdirection play to Kittle and making JG throw to the other way for a loss was a thing of beauty. But when Mullens came in they immediately called off the blitz dogs, which allowed him to chop the defense right up, and we’re back to allowing a huge amount of yards and time to find open receivers. But they did get a key pass defensed by KJ Wright, and limited Kittle’s effectiveness by keeping an eye on him.

    Offense, apply scoreboard pressure.
    Grade: B+

    Kept the pressure on Jimmy G as they needed to. Kept the defense off the field at times and moved the ball well and creatively. Points off for some ineffective situational awareness on the next to last drive (before the kneeldowns). Dissly casually running OOB to stop the clock, and RW for attempting to bomb it to Lockett, when draining the clock is the only worthwhile goal of the offense late in the game with a big lead. But that last true drive was well executed. Schottenheimer made some smart play calls, Russ was smart with the ball, and Dallas ran tough. Nice rebound from the poor play in this area vs Arizona.

    Contain Kittle.
    Grade: A

    4 targets, 2 catches, 39 yards. Looked like he was injured and SF pulled him to protect him for the TNF game, but with all their weapons off the field, Kittle needed a big game to make JG look good. SF had him pass protect and he got blown up a couple times. That snag over Neal was a thing of beauty, but the game was out of hand and he’d been contained to that point.

    Return on Investment.
    Overall Grade:D-

    Jamal Adams – provide at least one game-changing play.
    Grade: F

    Can’t provide a game changing play if you’re not playing. That’s now 4 ½ games missed. A quarter of the season lost to injury now. Graded him an F instead of “Incomplete” because when you trade 2 first round picks, a third and a player the expectations are extremely high.

    Quinton Dunbar – make a play.
    Grade: D+

    Had a ball hit you right in the hands and couldn’t make the INT. Aiyuk faking you out of your jock for a late TD is not a good look either.

    Greg Olsen & Jacob Hollister – the Seahawks aren’t getting the bang for the buck.
    Grade: F

    6 targets, 1 catch, 6 yards. What is going on with Olsen? On consecutive plays, he ended up in the same spot as a WR and confusion ensued. Is he aware of the Seahawks’ playbook? Has he retired already and just decided to take the $7m the Seahawks offered as a retirement gift? Do the Seahawks need to bench him and start Dissly and give Parkinson some reps?

    • Rob Staton

      Trade Olsen to Washington for Kerrigan.

      • cha

        What an idea.


      • BOHICA

        You ain’t gotta threaten me with a good time!!!

      • Andy heck 66

        This is a good idea and seems possible

      • Duceyq

        Kerrigan would be a great addition.

    • TomLPDX

      In fairness, Cha, you said Olsen AND Hollister. Hollister had a typical TE day for us and was involved on several plays. I’d give it a D+. The pass to Olsen was a bullet behind him as well.

      • cha

        The stats I quoted were for both TEs.

        $10m. Not too much to ask for more bang for the buck.

    • Elmer

      Dunbar D plus might be a bit generous.

      • BruceN

        True. On the TD to Aiyuk he was left in the dust.

        • Rusty

          There was more than one play today

    • Brian Thiessen

      Dissly’s casually running out of bounds didn’t stop the clock. Outside of 5 minutes the clock still runs after going OOB. The announcers screwed up. He went out with over 7 min on the clock and while the announcers were berating him, you could see the clock running LOL

  18. Uncle Bob

    Glad to be wrong on the Hawks taking an L on this one. Wrong on Kittle getting 150 also, contained him reasonably well up to the injury. My ray of sunshine was saying that if the Seahawks won the turnover battle they’d have a chance…….and to their credit they did. I also said that opposing DCs would note the speed/prevent rush that the Cards used in the latter half of that game and that’s what Saleh opened with and did well on the first two drives forcing 3 and outs. When he let up, for whatever reason, the scoring began. Agree that this was Wagner’s best showing of the season, and the best for the D in the second and third quarters. Did they let up on the gas in the third quarter, getting too conservative? For whatever reason, we bring out the best in Mullen and Bourne………they did that stuff last year too. Extra nod to Reed with his first game of the year for Seattle, and looking respectable in his role. Diggs looked better too. Even Flowers didn’t look the disaster he’s been of late. The offense did reasonably well without much of a running attack, though Dallas started looking better toward the very end of the game. Getting his rhythm, or defense tiring?

    Weather played a significant role in Buffalo today, so might be an issue next week for our gang. We’ll see.

  19. Noah Parker

    112 yds and 7 pts thru three quarters. Ohhhh yaaaa

  20. Chase

    My takeaways from the game.

    Great win, again they had a slow start offensively, and it seemed like they were really missing Carson’s physicality. Despite a good performance from Dallas, you can definitely notice the drop off in talent, but the Seahawks worked around it and made SF respect the run game.

    Once Wilson settled down he played near perfect, and as Rob mentioned, a performance that he needed to have to keep us in the game. I’m scared of the contract we are going to have to give DK in the coming years, he was exceptional today.

    Jimmy G had a poor performance, and it looks like he reinsured his ankle. However, the defense came through with some very timely sacks and seemed to get more pressure than they have been able to in previous weeks. But it was too good to be true, as the defense we know came back in the fourth quarter. Mullens looked like the second coming of Joe Montana the 15 minutes he was on the field, and if you started him for some reason in fantasy you wouldn’t be disappointed.

    One thing I noticed was the energy the hawks were playing with, as they’ve seemed flat without Adams out there. Today Bobby took on that role and elevated the unit to play 3 quarters of solid defense. Once Adams and Dunlap are out there, I expect us to be able to make a couple more big plays, but without consistent pressure, the defense will continue to bleed yards.

    Very proud of the way we handled the game today, with the laundry list of injuries giving cause for concern. On to face the Bills, which will be IMO a test to see if we can handle another solid opponent. We’ve put ourselves in a great position sitting atop the NFC, and it’s the Hawk’s to lose at this point.

    Rob and others, I have a couple things I’m interested in hearing your opinions on.

    -How did you feel about brooks today? It seemed like when he was on the field he was flying around, but it looked like the game plan was more of a nickel approach.

    -Is this going to be a one time performance from Bobby? Lately it’s been a disappearing act from him, and is this what we should expect going forward from him?

    -How much does this team miss Jamal Adams? We had a small sample size with him on the field, and once he got injured it seemed we changed our approach defensively. What can we expect from the defense schematically once he returns?

    • GoHawksDani

      Loved how pumped up Bobby was after a catch from DK. He jumped on the sideline and hit him in the chestplate. It’s great when D and O guys pumped for each other. Elevate the whole team’s moral.

      I liked Brooks to some extent. He seem raw and the game is too fast for him (not physically but mentally). He’s a rookie with good physique but limited exp. I loved the double tackle with Bobby. We need that. I think he can be a valuable guy, even a really good one but he’ll A, needs to stay healthy B, will need a couple more years

      As for Bobby, I think he might do a rollercoaster act. He was amazing the first game and disappeared and now amazing again. No idea what it is with him…maybe some minor injury, or they asking too much from him, or else… It’s weird because we blitzed a ton in the 1st game and blitzed again and it helped him a lot. He’s an effective blitzer so I hope even if we won’t blitz this much they lett Bobby loose 3-4 times a game and let him destroy O-linemen and get a sack 🙂

      I was not a fan of the Adams trade then started to like it then not a fan again 😀 if they use him well I think they miss him a ton, but misuse him and he can even be a burden. I hope we’ll play 4-2-5 and 3-3-5 a ton when he returns. He doubles as an LB or EDGE sometimes, so 4-2-5 is almost a 4-3 (Adams as an LB) -4, and 3-3-5 also 4 (Adams coming from the EDGE) -3-4. I hope they’ll use him for 3 things:
      1, as a passrusher/blitzer coming from the LB spot or around the LoS. Do some stunts with him, use his speed on the outside, his agility to start outside then jump inside and bully the OG
      2, as a spy for agile QBs. He’s probably our best suited guy for this
      3, as a run defender. Line up anywhere between the LBs and the LoS and either set the edge or run blitz and blow up the play in the backend.

      +1 maybe against some better TEs in coverage, but he had issues with that, so not sure how keen I am putting him that spot.

      I don’t need ton of tackles and pdefs from him. I want sacks and TFLs. To me he’s Kam without that heavy punch but better athletic profile, so I’d play him mostly close to the LoS.
      Even if he’d play as a cover safety, I wouldn’t play much man with him. mostly probably cover-2 when he can read and react. I think he’ll help with our prevent defense too. But I really hope he won’t push Neal out from the starters

  21. David Ashton

    As a fellow UK fan i like it when i stay up late for a good outcome and get a broadly satisfying performance!

    Dk continues to look special

  22. Nathan

    Is a late round pick for a running back trade completely out of the question?

    • cha

      Yes. They signed Alex Collins and one of Homer, Carson and Hyde will be back next week. In 3-4 weeks Penny will be on the active roster. And they can always give Lynch a call.

      • dj 1/2 way

        Yes yes. This. Penny will have fresh legs and is really a veteran now. Best case scenario. The Seahawks will get some more from Carson, and Hyde, but it might be Penny that brings them to a higher level.

    • Sea Mode

      I brought up Jordan Howard the other day but didn’t get any takers…

      • Nathan

        He’d be handy in the 4th quarter when we have a lead.

    • Ashish

      Don’t forget Penny will be back sometime soon

  23. Sea Mode

    Hmmm, this should be even more fun this year:

    Tony Pauline Retweeted
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    You asked. We listened!

    Introducing 𝗦𝗜𝗠 𝘁𝗼 𝗨𝗦𝗘𝗥 trade proposals in the PFN Mock Draft Simulator.

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    Let’s draft:

  24. Tien

    Happy for a relatively easy win because I was worried about the Niners’ physicality coming in also.

    Deejay may be a fine RB some day but he was just adequate today and we clearly only ran to keep the defense honest. Can’t wait to get Carson and Penny back at full strength!

    DK was a monster and he dominated the game. I’m a little worried that last week, Russ mostly focused on Tyler and this week it’s DK. It’d be nice to have them both be cooking together each game.

    I also don’t understand why we hardly ever throw to the TEs, especially since we kept four on the roster. Even in today’s game when the WRs were not open, Russ would throw to Deejay rather than a TE (for the most part). Do we just keep them in to block on most plays and if not, why aren’t we using them? Short passes down the middle to get first downs and sustain drives are what we need to close out games.

    Looking forward to Dunlap next week and still crossing my fingers that the Hawks make one more trade for a pass rusher!

  25. Jordan E

    Let’s go HAWKS!!! Great win!

    Let’s skill make 1 more trade before the deadline, but great bounce back win. Loved how they got DK the ball and how the defense was actually competent today.

  26. steele

    Great team win. Russell MVP, DK is my pick for best WR in the league, and what a job by Deejay Dallas. We were all afraid of the D, but they came up big today.

    As for Mullens, he is better than Jimmy G at many things, even when G is healthy. In a backup situation like today vs. a prevent, Nick will look like a legit starter. Hawks should have done a better job closing out, but thankfully the margin was enough.

    I still believe that this team has potential for a deep run this season, even with the problems. I like what I see on offense. If Dunlap plays well, and they bring in someone else to bolster the pass rush, their chances are even better.

  27. charlietheunicorn

    CB Reed made multiple big plays throughout the game. Underrated imo… need to keep him on the field when the “regular” CBs play again.

    CB Dunbar had a few bad plays, but made some really nice ones along the way. Active. Tracking WR/TEs. Loved it. (Diggs worked well with both Reed and Dunbar for some nice coverages and break-ups.)

    LB Wagner answered the bell big time. Active. Makiong playing in the passing and running game. His stick on the goal line which stopped the RB in his tracks was awesome. Reminds me of the “good ol days”.

    QB RW was …. beautiful. MVP road is open.

  28. pdway

    here’s a question – how many wr’s in the nfl would you trade DK straight up for?

    julio maybe? Hopkins?

    it is a short list – and i dont think i’d even do those….

    • dj 1/2 way

      True. Maybe trade him for nobody, especially considering salary. Also brothers w/Russ and devout Christian. It has got to help the relationship.

    • Darnell


      Given age and upside there isn’t an offensive skill position player I’d trade him straight up for.

      Kittle would probably be the closest.

    • MountainHawker

      None. Dk is younger and cheaper.

    • CaptainJack

      I’d trade him for Aaron Donald, maybe. That is it.

    • AlphaDK

      hard to say… I think CeeDee Lamb is special, tall, fast, and amazingly quick for size, but he’s probably giving up 20lbs to DK. AJ Brown is pretty damn special, quicker than DK, with similar speed. Hopkins, Adams, and Thomas are probably the best WRs in the league. But…

      DK {This] is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

  29. James Z

    A rousing shout-out to DeeJay Dallas! He held is own even if the numbers don’t sparkle. He’s not a 3 down RB and yet when he strapped ’em on, he got the job done.

  30. SeattleLifer

    Solid analysis Rob, agree with all your points. Good to get a complete team win today.

    CB play was the best of the year. Metcalf with a big game and no bad drops. I thought WR Moore had a really nice game as well and of course Wilson was stellar – obviously took last week’s play to heart and came out in MVP form today.

    Interesting that we had the best pressure today from our d-line with Mayowa out (even just rushing 4)….

    As others have noted Jimmy G played really poorly (which I’m sure was something the coaches saw and why they brought extra pressure so often) and we are left to wonder what might have been if Mullens played the whole game – much less how we would fare against a higher tier QB.

    Hopefully we can pick up another DE or a 3rd down penetrating type DT, coupled with Dunlap and a returning Adams we might actually see some light in the tunnel on defense before long.

  31. Big Mike

    Imagine my surprise when I got home from a long ride on my motorcycle, turned on the TV and saw a 30-7 Seahawks lead. Didn’t much care for what ensued. As my dad said “I wasn’t worried but I was disgusted” (with the 4th qtr D).
    Just finished a large helping of crow for dinner. Will watch the game from start soon.

    A REALLY big win today.

    • Rowdy

      It was a great game. They looked confident, calm and Composed. Often times this season they looked frantic at times but not today. They definitely passed the body language test

  32. Rowdy

    On top of all the positives of this game, my Saturday night pick up of Dallas got me 30 points to net me a win in my dynasty league.

  33. Tree

    Brooks appeared to miss a tackle but was physical and fast. I felt humbled when Bellore showed up big (a guy I could never understand why they kept). The off-season was not perfect but seeing this war of attrition in the NFL, the cap going down next year, shortened offseason, the performance of DL free agents throughout the league, I think the strategy of doubling down on positions, short term deals, veteran OL except for a stud you drafted, and getting Dunlap and Snacks (who said he isn’t playing because he hasn’t beat out the other guys-love that!), I am giving the brain traits some kuddos for a 6-1 start. Now let’s go get Takk if we can or pray for D. Taylor.

  34. Rob Staton

    The podcast is now live and available at the top of the article and on my YouTube channel.

  35. BobbyK

    Video games are rarely translated to real life but DK Metcalf is like having a video game character who can do things nobody else can. Drafting him really helped change the fortunes of this franchise. Over 99% of NFL WRs would have gained about 15 yards and that’s in on his first TD catch/run. He’s unreal. To think the Seahawks drafted LJ Collier and Blair both over him is unbelievable. And to think no team took a chance on his freak talent in the second round (until the Hawks traded up for him with the last pick).

    • BobbyK

      DK will be getting well over $20 million per year in a couple years. Having him this good now is like having a rookie QB on a cheap contract like the Hawks did in the early years of this regime when Wilson was on his. He’s going to get paid but thankfully he’s got over two more years of team control.

      • Alex H

        The team should plan ahead for that big contract. If he keeps this up, he’ll be the second coming of Megatron. He is a must sign core player. Frank Clark was a core must sign that we let walked due to the cost (that we’re still trying to replace today). With hindsight being 20/20, that cap space was best used on Clark (instead we dumped 50 million this past offseason on….. a bunch of non-impact players).

        • charlietheunicorn

          He IS Julio Jones and Megatron… except he is maturing (making plays) faster than either one did.
          Think of it this way… he is the next DK in 15 years at this clip. He has a shot at an All-Pro selection at WR is he can keep up the TDs and get in the 1400-1500 yards range. Imagine that, a Seahawks WR able to be an All Pro type of talent. That is crazy.

  36. Seahawcrates

    I thought David Moore was very good. Solid punt returns, some crafty strong running on fly sweeps, and his hookup with Russell for the touchdown was beautiful.

    • Darnell

      Awesome WR3. Only 25 years old and catching 80% of his targets.

    • GoHawksDani

      He find his niche really well.
      He’s an OK/good returner and he’s pretty good with screens and sweeps. He can also catch some nice passes but with DK and Lockett ahead of him he won’t do that much 😀

    • AlphaDK

      I understood the position of the team when they applied RFA tag, giving more a one year contract at $3.259m. But i thought it was too much to pay. I wasn’t too concerned about spending money there though, because I knew the money wasn’t guaranteed.

      His performance this year is definitely worthy of the RFA tag the team applied, yet the Seahawks negotiated his $3.3m salary down to $900K.

      Just shows how often I can miss the boat, on both long term potential and on player (e)valuation.

  37. Hoggs41

    After watching this game again Im not sure it was our defense that played so well as much as the Niners stunk it up.

    • Rob Staton

      The fourth quarter suggests you might be correct

      • dcd2

        It’s not like their backup QB came in and put up 238 yard and 2TD in a quarter though… oh wait.

        • Hoggs41

          If you just watch Jimmy G throughout the game he looked like a disaster. Yeah the blitzes got home but a better QB might end up torching us. Dont want to be negative nelly but we cant just be a blitzing team all the time. The Bills offense hasnt been good lately so maybe we can pick up some confidence when it comes time to play the Rams. Very interested to see if Dunlap can inject some life into our 4 man rush.

  38. RWIII

    D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett are awesome. And I know that Russell lives throwing the ball to the dynamic duo. With that said it would not hurt my feelings if the Hawks did throw to their tight-ends more often. Would like to get Dissly/Olsen/Hollister more involved in the passing game. I don’t liked seeing Metcalf/Lockett taking many hits.

  39. Frank

    That CB bouncing off DK was such a holy crap moment. Looked like he came up and tried to smack a brick wall 😳. The pass rush, and defense scheme looked so much better today for three quarters and so horrible in the fourth. I agree on wanting to see Robinson get more snaps, and really wish we knew what we had some idea about Taylor. I’d rather see LJ get less snaps, and maybe just play Dunlap play Leo in obvious running situation. As much as I see LJ as having a value in the run game, I just don’t see him becoming a 3 down player. As conversation about trade options are discussed, who are the players that really need to see less snaps for this defense to turn the corner?

  40. charlietheunicorn

    The Bills

    This should be a very tough game. I expect some points to be put up in this game by both teams. Should be a good weather game…. so RW can bring out the BBQ grill and continue cooking.

  41. Jeremy

    Please please consider putting your podcast on iTunes

  42. Mark

    I noticed Cody Barton punched out the ball on that kickoff fumble recovery. Given that there’s been talk on the podcast questioning why he’s still on the roster, I’m wondering what you think Rob about his place on team going forward. Does this play change anything about your perspective? Maybe he’s serviceable if relegated to special teams?

    • Hughz

      He’s a worth keeping around for sure as a backup and special teams player. He’s just not lived up to the expectations of a 3rd round pick. We expected a starting LB and he’s just not there yet.

    • AlphaDK

      I think Barton has still played fewer than 300 defensive snaps in the NFL, and missed preseason games in his second year. The sample size so far is miniscule, especially for snaps for linebacker. To my eye, Barton looks like a player who is finally adapting to the speed and violence of the NFL game. He’s definitely no Brooks, but that is the difference between a 1st round pick and a 4th round pick, but Barton is getting better the more he is on the field.

  43. cha

    PC post game

    “Really great game, fired up about this game. Inspired by toughness and guts and how they handled it, when you look at our Inactive list. Deejay Dallas scoring twice is sweet. Homer sucked it up and got out there for a couple plays for us. Best thing about the game is defensive play. Kenny called a great game. Bobby was everywhere. We gave them a couple hundred yards late. But we’re getting there. RW played great, did a great job throughout the day. WR targeted today was DK. Dominant player. 3rd down good for us, 9 for 14. Running out the clock too. Really fired up about being 6-1, coming off the loss.”

    [john boyle] Wagner harsh assessment of D, he steped up? “Kenny gave them more opps to see if they can create problems. Bobby had 3 or 4 other rushes where he was a factor too. Great leader. Never said anything to the team he wouldn’t ask of himself.”

    [curtis crab] DJ Reed play? “Excited about him, great film when we first acquired him. Great quickness. Not surprised he played well. John figured out he would be a really good guy to add. Competition at the spot will be just like we like it.”

    [tim booth] Metcalf performance? “So freaking tough. Blocking, catching. Guys smack him and they are down on the ground and he’s standing over them. Lucky to have him, emerging into a dominant FB player.”

    [joe fann] Blitzing an adjustment from last week? “Game plan.”
    [joe fann] Plan well executed? “Pressure we threw at him helped everybody. Put it on the fellas. Want to play tough and physical. Jamal back next week, similar.”

    [maz veda] Change D when backup QB comes in? “Stay aggressive. Didn’t execute as well as we needed to. Missed some contain. Give Mullins credit, did well. Ball hit 85 on sideline extraordinary throw. See why they put him in there. He’s a good player.”

    [bob condotta] Sullivan active saw of him? “Benson couldn’t get ankle to go. Thought it might happen. I don’t know how he did, can’t wait to see the film. Willing to change position. Today he got to play. Just to do that is a cool thing. Needed him, ran out of guys. A lot of guys had to step up.”

    “I thought the OL was great today. Pass pro, gave him time. Run wasn’t asked much. But pass pro, really fired up. Better than we’ve been in recent years. Not even halfway through season.”

    [gregg bell] Decide to blitz? Opponent? “Game matchup, style of team. A lot goes into it. Remember how we started the season. Jamal 10 pressures each first two games. Got closer this week. Wanted to make sure giving guys chance to play. Reeling a bit with guys coming in and out. Really get better in stretch. Halfway not here yet. All expectations in the world that we can complement this offense and make us tough to beat.”

    [brady] 2 big time WRs a luxury? “So fortunate, those guys awesome about it. 20 targets last week, this week other way, everyone’s fine about it. Personality there. Very fortunate. Both so unique. Wish RW would have connected with that bomb out of the EZ.”
    [brady] Jamal next week? Chris? “One day at a time. Jamal got sick thsi week, missed Wed and Thur. Hoping he could make it back, just didn’t practice. Ready to go though. Excited and pumped up. Extraordinary individual.”

    [art] Stopping Niners run game? “Played scheme well. Only time they got yards is when we’re pressuring. Popped a couple on us. Our guys did great in the run game. They didn’t have all their guys there either, but technically guys great.”

    [jackie] Alton ? “Can’t wait to see the film. Right in the face of their running game, against best TE in FB. Can’t wait to see what it looks like. Did a good job in general, don’t know specific. As good a test as a guy in his position can face.”

    [larry] Injury fill ins what say about character? “It is a statement. Into this week, inspiration. Who would come back and pull their end of it. Says tremendous amount, didn’t matter who was playing. Love seeing that. Really excited about that. Think it says a lot.”


    • Gohawks5151

      As always thanks Cha

      • RugbyLock

        This! Thanks Cha!

    • Sea Mode

      [sea mode] Do you feel you still need to add anyone before the trade deadli… Coach, wait, come back… Coach…?

  44. Duceyq

    Major props to the teams depth on both sides of the ball. PC/JS have done an amazing job in upgrading the overall depth of the team so that rash injuries can have minimal affect.

    The secondary has been decimated and they played well. The philosophical change to be more aggressive on defense is something they should continue. This team has a serious Prevent Zone problem and that needs to be coached up. Additions of Dunlap, Adams, Snacks, and Quill should help but only if this aggressive philosophy continues.

    OL continues to shine!

  45. BruceN

    Great podcast guys. Thanks. Let’s give some love to the OL too. They have played beyond my expectations.

  46. Michael P Matherne

    Sometimes I have these sort of weird waking dreams where in my mind DK is not on the Seahawks because there’s no way he actually fell to the 64th pick, and we must be in some sort of alternate timeline and we’re bound to snap back to reality any minute. Then he catches another touchdown and I realize that he’s real and he’s spectacular.

    • Nathan

      I was having a look at that draft a few days ago.

      Go back and check who picked with #63.

      And think of what may have been.

  47. Matty

    Great win,
    a deserved 6-1 team
    this is a better team than last year and with the return of Adams and the introduction of Dunlap & Snacks, keep rolling those W’s

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a better offense than last year with a better idea of what it needs to do offensively.

      • Simo

        Agreed, better offensively for sure, and a chance to be much better with a healthy corps of RB’s! Still a work in progress defensively, perhaps they can take a big step forward with a healthy Adams, Griffin, the addition of Dunlap and another??

  48. CaptainJack

    Josh Allen has been underwhelming for the last three weeks…

  49. GoHawksDani

    Awesome win! I said after the first 1-2 drives that we’ll be totally destroyed. But after!
    Such a nice complimentary football. It wasn’t without issues or mistakes, but overall a really nice job.
    Moore had that double tackle which was awesome. Bobby destroying OLers like it is nothing, Reed had that nice pick, Flowers had the FF and some nice tackles, KJ blowing up the screenpass, Robinson had some good plays, Russ had an MVP game, Dallas had a TD catch, DK is a greek god, Lockett has some nice complimentary catches, David Moore had a nice sweep and some good catches, screens, Brown is crazy good still, OL did a good job. Defensive play and playcalling was superb for 3 quarters. DK’s first TD was amazing.
    Yeah, JimmyG was hurt, they had a ton of injured players, but so does the Hawks. And a hurt JimmyG is still better than a ton of other QBs (although I don’t think he’s that good just the overall QB performance is mediocre in the NFL), they had Kittle, they have a solid OL, they have Aiyuk, and most importantly they have Shanahan.
    As for the Q4…I think it’s partly on the players loosing up a bit too much (“we’ve got this in the bad”) and the defensive playcalling fumbled, too much preventive stuff.
    If Carson, Hyde, Iupati would’ve been back, and Adams, Green, Dunlap, Griffin would’ve been healthy this might would’ve been an even better, more dominant game.
    They need to build on this, put pedal to the metal, hopefully sign another passrusher, and they might win NFC, go to the superbowl and win it. Not a given thing, but with a great playcalling, guys rise to the opportunity, and added talent/depth it might just work.
    And wow…Metcalf…if he stays humble, keeps getting better, he could be one of the best all time receivers…just wow

  50. Rokas

    Not that this game lacked entertaining moments, but strangely the most entertaining moment for me has been that Cody Barton “like a boss” reaction after forcing the fumble.

  51. GoHawksDani

    Ohh…and do I remember correctly that DJ Reed completely destroyed an OT on a blitz? Seemed like he rushed and the OT fall straight to his back. That is awesome as Reed is 5-9, 193lbs and if I remember well it was McGlinchey who is 6-8, 310 :-O

    And Barton deserves credit too throwing his body onto the returner and forcing that fumble. Not a good LB, don’t know how good he is on ST, but it was a nice play and he gave all what he had to cause that fumble.

    For Dallas…I loved him smiling that was a cool moment. And he had some nice runs and a nice TD catch. But he’s awful as a pass protector and he’s totally unable to break even an armtackle. If Carson, Penny, Hyde, Homer would all stay healthy he wouldn’t have place on this roster

    • RugbyLock

      You talking about this play? Bobby trucked those two dudes

    • DougM

      There is a certain aggression that comes with confidence. I am holding out hope that Barton will gain confidence at the LB position.

  52. Rob Staton

    Quick word for the trolls sending me messages last night and this morning:

    1. I want the Seahawks to win every game.

    2. If you don’t believe me ask my wife who has to suffer through the 10am/1pm games in the same room as me.

    3. There aren’t many people as passionate about the Seahawks as me, or as desperate to see them succeed.

    4. The points I made throughout the off-season have almost exclusively proved to be legitimate and worthwhile when it comes to the defense. Nothing I’ve said so far has been contradicted. When the team wins, you don’t have to act like I predicted 4-12.

    5. I’m always happy to admit when I’m wrong, as I did in this article and in the podcast (twice).

    • Ashish

      Nice article on instant reaction. I agree on your points and appreciate your hard work.

      • Rob Staton

        Thank you

    • Big Mike

      There comes a point when if I were you I’d just lock them out. You’ve said these things numerous times yet you still get the same crap. You’re probably a bigger man than me (and I’m 6’6″ LOL)

      • Rob Staton

        Just under… I’m 6-4

        • Big Mike

          :thumbs up:

    • BruceN

      Rob, Ignore the trolls. 99% of this blog enjoys the podcasts and the content. Just ignore the 1%. Can’t please 100% of the people 100% of the time.

      The Niners blogosphere is in a melt down. They were ragging on JG and blame him for the loss. On to Buffalo now. The MVP candidate (!) Josh Allen has shown his early stretch was fool’s gold. Changing my preseason prediction of a loss on the road to a winnable game. Specially with all the reinforcement coming by then in Jamal, Snacks, Dunlap, Carson/Hyde (?) and possibly Shaq.

      Great weekend all around with GB, Rams and CH losing.

      • Rob Staton

        49ers tears are a delicious beverage

        • Big Mike

          And NEVER not thirsty for another pint of that.

        • BruceN

          When you have a chance check out JD W/HawkHater TV on YouTube. He is a diehard Niner YouTuber. Earlier in the week he posted a video talking about loving this upcoming game with the Hawk to see the Niners smash the Hawks. He was so looking forward to it. His post yesterday, after the loss, was a beauty as he was having a melt down. 😂

          • Rob Staton

            Sounds fantastic!

      • cha

        Bang Bang Niner Gang

        • BruceN

          Melt down city. Catch the guy I mentioned to Rob on YouTube. He’s a diehard Niner fan and a big time Seahawk hater. Pretty funny.

          • cha

            I didn’t see so much a meltdown as a passionate fan acknowledging they got their tails kicked.

            And at the end he says he’s going to get flack for saying that. So Rob it’s not just you being targeted for being straight up.

    • James Cr.

      Rob – anyone with half a brain knows all these things are true. With the time and effort you put into writing this blog I don’t know how anyone could doubt it. Thanks for all your hard work and please keep doing what you are doing.

    • downtownjewelrybryan

      ignore em Rob…they dont have anything worth saying so they resort to the “told you so” crap.

    • Jeffers

      I mean we’ve had one of the worst defenses in the entire nfl, three good quarters in one game doesnt change that. You were clearly right about much of what you were saying. People are exhausting.

  53. Martin

    Rob, I was convinced we were going to take a heavy loss. Your stating that the outcome of the game was better than you anticipated; “I’m happy to admit that I was wrong about this game” demonstrates how you call it as you see it. I’ve never taken your directness as ego. You offer great and much appreciated insight. You’ve raised legitimate concerns over the last few months and (unfortunately) the results on the field have demonstrated the truth regarding our defensive problems and puzzling personnel decisions. I like to come to this site as it provides a balanced view of where the Seahawks are at. Thank you.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you Martin.

      For some reason people conflate critical analysis with an agenda or an attitude of ‘knowing better’. When in reality it’s just an assessment of what they do on and off the field —- good or bad. Regulars know I’ve been plenty positive over the last 12 years. This year was different because what they did warranted a critical eye and we’ve seen it play out as expected on defense.

      But it doesn’t mean I or others aren’t desperate to see this team lift the Lombardi again. Quite the opposite, in fact.

      • Frank

        I don’t understand anyone pulling an “I told you so”. Sports aren’t absolute, especially when talking about a single game, there’s a range of possibilities and the concerns where valid and remain valid even after a surprisingly good performance. Momentum and blind luck make being truly deterministic impossible, so talking a bunch of guff seems like a good way to be stuck having to back track later. I’m not confident that someone gets added before the trade, or that there are any players available to us that constitute a marked improvement. I hate not having had the preseason, to get excited about up and comers and with so many late season additions, and injuries I don’t feel I know what’s on the roster well enough to know if a trade is beneficial in the long run. At least it’s more fun to postulate the trade dead line than watching the s show that is American politics, so cheers to you Rob and thanks for the pleasant distraction!! Selfishly I hope you start charging for the sight, so there are less trolls for the purpose of being trolls. Seriously how is anyone to remain patient in sharing their knowledge, while being forced to have the same conversation over and over. It’s like talking to flat earthers. Disagreement is fine, asking the same question someone just had asked a couple paragraphs before and has already been addressed is just a lazy jerk move. So thanks Rob, for the patience and insight.

  54. KennyBadger

    It’s always good to beat the 9ers.

    Perhaps DK can play DE? We sure missed BM yesterday 🙄

  55. UKHAWK

    Propose starting a new campaign alongside ‘Let Russ Cook’

    Naming it “2-way DK” and hoping he can become our own Isaiah Simmons. Hey if Sullivan can do it…

  56. AlexG

    Penny for Ryan Anderson or Kerrigan? WAS could use a future RB right?

    • DougM

      They drafted Antonio Gibson in the 3rd round and he’s doing pretty well.

      • Ralphy

        We are already thin at RB and we all should remember how that worked out for us at the end of last season. We need Penny healthy for the playoffs.

        • Big Mike


      • DougM

        They also have JD McKissic, solid pff scores especially the 80 in pass blocking

    • Rob Staton

      You might be able to get Anderson for a 2022 seventh.

      • BOHICA

        I firmly believe the value of Anderson now greatly outweighs the upside of a 7th RD pick in 2022. If this happens and you’re able to trade say a 6th RD pick this year for Takk McKinley you would have to feel pretty good approaching the rest of the season and make a serious run in the playoffs.

        • BC_Hawk

          Absolutely! And with the leg up to secure them to a reasonable extension next year to fill the rotation, a 6/7th is minuscule.

  57. Denver Hawker

    Glad to see the blitz got home yesterday. Have to wonder if that had more to do with the QB play of Garapolo, he was not good. Goff plays similar under pressure, hopefully we can build on the momentum.

  58. 12th chuck

    if you are the Washington football team, are you more inclined to do some trades after the dumpster fire on Sunday night football ? I liked the idea of trading Olsen for Kerrigan straight up.

    • hawkfanforetenity

      I don’t see Olsen being okay with that. He delayed retirement to play in Seattle, not for a no-where team. I think if you try to trade him there he might decide to retire mid season.

      • BC_Hawk

        I agree…even with the RR connection, he postponed retirement to play in Seattle (in reality, with Russ). My only objection is 7mill vs. 3-4m, but that is water under the bridge at this point.

    • DougM

      If I were going to pick a team to win the division it would be Washington. They have said that Kerrigan will be a depth piece in the rotation and won’t be available for trade which makes sense if they feel they can win the division and I’m sure they do.

  59. Simo

    Nice podcast guys, with a good assessment of the team’s performance against the Niners. Always good to beat SF no matter how it happens, but scoring 37 on them and showing better defensively (for much of the game anyway) is even sweeter! It’s also nice to see Shanahan confused, and frankly out coached!

    I hope this win doesn’t give Pete and John a false impression that the pass rush is good enough! They still need more as you indicated in the podcast. I don’t think they should count on Green coming back from injury and being ultra productive, or for Taylor to make it back and actually contribute anything.

    Go get another piece. It’s not often that you’re 6-1 and in control of the division and the conference, now is the time to push a bunch of chips to the middle of the table. If it takes trading Hollister, then do it. If you have to trade Moore in order to have enough, then they might have to consider that as well.

    I’m not convinced McKinley or Anderson are big upgrades, but they are likely better than what the Hawks have been rolling out there each week. They are young, playing for their next contract so should be highly motivated!

    Don’t rest now John, get something else done and let’s put the pedal down!!

    • Big Mike

      I’m gonna say no to trading Moore. He’s quietly a solid piece for this team. His number one value is not fumbling punts (NO JINX!!) Hollister though, yes.

      • BC_Hawk

        I would agree Mike; he is the perfect WR3, and even more so at his $. With Dorsett and Gordon’s uncertainty, Moore should be untradeable for 2020 in my opinion.

      • Simo

        Agreed, not sure what they could get for trading Moore would be worth it. He’s quietly been a solid punt returner and third WR. I was just looking for possible trade chips since we have so few draft picks to use!

        • BC_Hawk

          As evidenced by the current trade market, unless we acquire a world changer (not likely), a 5-7th will get it done. The issue will be cap space, and since it is not going to be a “world changer”, 6-7m space should do it (ie. Kerrigan). This could easily be accommodated by cutting/trading Hollister and signing Lockett to his inevitable extension (~1.5m and ~4-5m respectively).

  60. God of Thunder

    I like that we’re not talking about the OL. And I like 6-1, with potentially crucial contributors coming back from their injuries. There’s a lot to be happy about.

    • pdway

      The fixing/re-building of the O-line is the unsung story of this season. Four new starters out there yesterday (and it’s been 3 to 4 new starters every week) – and for the most part, Russell is getting time to throw this year. Add Shell, drafting Lewis, and Pocic blossoming, has changed things for the team this year.

      As much as we’ve criticized the D-line (and rightly so) – we should be noting the O-line improvement. For how many years in the RW era has that been the achilles heel of this team? Great to see it being played w competence.

      • Jhams

        Pocic’s progression reminds me a lot of Britt. Hopefully he can keep up a high level of play now that he’s back at his original position.

  61. Big Mike

    Rob: COMLETELY agree with your statement that Pete should hire an in charge DC this offseason and go “figurehead” “leader” and get hands off the D like he’s done with the O.
    Now about that drafting for d-linemen…………………..

  62. cha

    Pete Carroll Show

    [q] Thorough performance by team? “Closing drama was not good but overall great game. Started slow, setbacks w field position. But 6 of next 9 times scored. Great D. Flying to the FB. Couldn’t get their runnin game going.”

    [q] DJ Reed INT and blitzing? “Reed a good FB player. John picked up on DJ, really a big time move. Project 6-8 weeks from now he’ll be a factor. Sudden, instinctive, aggressive kid. Nice addition.”

    [q] Excited about seeing? “Inspiration more than excitement. Guys not playing much so far, gonna play. RBs banged up, didn’t know what to do if Deejay got hurt. Nick Bellore! [laughs]. Inactive list looked like an All Star team. Homer looked like he needed a cane but when called on to play, played. SF looked like best team in division last couple weeks.”

    [q] Gush about Wagner? “Angry in pregame. Challenging guys. Does what he says, held himself accountable. Unblockable. Phenomenal blitzer. Keep getting Bobby pissed off, that’s a good thing.”

    [q] What makes BW a good blitzer? “Natural athleticism. Coordination, quickness, long arms. Very creative, just reacts to it. Takes what they give him, what good PR’s do.”

    [q] Game plan blitz? “Time to get to a different level of calling on the fellas. Nature of crew, want to play aggressive. Started season that way, drifted away from it due to personnel.”

    [q] Gush about Metcalf TD? “Looked like he was on the track. Once he gets going, he’s so fast. Maybe one of those plays, outran everyone. Great block from Hollister, safety mis-evaluated. Extremely fast particularly in long speed.”

    [q] DK tough? Absorbs hit and just stands there? “Looking like he’s standing on top of a mountain there, pretty cool.”

    [q] RB injuries? “Carlos hamstring, won’t know until late in the week. Chris sore foot, gotta get through, feels a lot better today, just won’t know though. Homer made it out there, should be ready.”

    [q] Adams? “Full practice this week. Back in action. Gonna try last week, got ill. Won’t know until Thur/Fri. Needs the work to get out there on the field. So pumped up to come back. Dying to get out there.”

    [q] Dunlap/Snacks? Depth? “Green too. Practiced all last week. Been a starter for us. Trying to hold on to this thought these guys coming. So excited John figured out Dunlap. Stephan Sullivan, got a hit. Gotta get Shaquille back, likely fine w concussion but hamstring too. Wednesday we’ll see.”

    [q] Trey Flowers well? “Did fine. Dunbar at goal line. Diggs knocking the hell out of people. Tough kid.”

    [q] How long Sullivan been in works? “Necessity. At least 4-5 weeks. Didn’t know anything other than what he’d done in HS. Looked at HS film, looked good. Took a shot at it. Picked up a ton of technique. Had none. See what happens. Can’t get a better looking athlete. Runs quick and natural. Whole other level of attitude and mentality. He can play TE. I know that.”

    [q] Any other players move across? “Sometimes I wonder what DK look like on edge in pass rush. They can’t block him. Haven’t said anything to him.”

    [q] Gush about Metcalf? “Makeup will make him great. Physical ability, talented as can be. But mental, serious nature of his competitiveness. Learn, grow. Watching something unique. He’s humble. Not in the clothes [laugh] but a wonderful makeup. Blast to see what he does next.”

    [q] Humble, gave props to Hollister for block? “He’s smart.”

    [q] How did offense get in rhythm after bad start? “Couple mistakes. Nickel coming off slot, I don’t think we saw him. Just by the way it fit, we missed it. Flinched and went offsides. Crappy start. RW settled it down in his brain, looking for slot, OL did well. Settled pressures allowed down. Cleaned it up and put it to rest.”

    [q] Penny coming? “Great shape, strong as he’s ever been. Getting over the hump. Pushing all the test. Changing directions, bang on that leg. Just the final push to get through there.”

    [q] OL with a strange offseason, come together? “Really good job by John, Brandon Shell. Thought he’d be consistent. Iupati banged up, Jordan Simmons finally chance to play regular FB. Dissly our top blocker. Good front, really solid. Fewer mistakes as we go.”

    [q] Defense late awful? “Throwing every down as they’re down. 4 man rush has not been effective enough in those situations. Need to help them in our coverage. Stopping them on 3rd down is crucial. Sometimes 4th too. Hard. Defense played terrific FB but we need to help them some more and we will.”

    [cha ed: perfect opp to ask about trade market there swing and miss by danny as he gushes even more…come on guys]

    “Best performance as an offensive staff. Fantastic, red hot SF defense. Great job of calling it, not losing our cool when backed up early. Use our personnel so well. RW take advantage. Brian S doing a great job.”

    • Gaux Hawks

      very much appreciate this, thanks

    • cha

      Totally agree. Like I’ve said, if that’s the way you’re going to approach it, just turn the mic on and let him gush. Get out of the way.

      I wanted a follow up on that “the defense sucked late and we couldn’t get pressure with 4. But we’ll help them.”

      “Coach, what do you mean ‘you’ll help them?’ Are you talking about in terms of the scheme? Or the snap distribution? Or finding more outside help?”

      I wanted a follow up on how DK is a physical stud talk with a question on the rules.

      “Coach, we saw DK take a couple helmet to helmets and even though he come out the better, they’re still dangerous hits and they didn’t get flagged. Are you sending the tape to the League Office and asking for an explanation on the no flags? Is it just because he’s such a big guy?”

      No questions about Olsen or the Tight Ends not being used this year.

      “Coach, there were back to back plays there where the TE and the WR both ran to the same spot and didn’t know who the pass was for. What happened there?”

      “Coach, you now have 5 active TEs on the roster. So far they’ve had X catches on X targets. Are you comfortable with their roles and use in the offense?”

      • AlphaDK

        I think part of the answer to the 5 TE question is how many RBs were out, and what the Seahawks emergency plan might have been.

    • Volume12

      IDK about anyone else but I’m fascinated by this. Seriously.

      • Sea Mode


      • Seahawcrates

        Yes. Rob, you put your finger on a number of things here. I don’t think Pete is at his most thoughtful with patronizing questions. He cares about communicating complex ideas clearly and it’s never interesting when a question starts with, you were special today, talk about being special.
        Equally unnerving but for different reasons I get exasperated when the questioner makes last assumptions about why things happened the way they did. Inserting intensity into the question means Pete CAN’T answer the intended question because it’s based on a premise Pete would never agree with. The framing of the question forces Pete NOT to answer it.

    • pdway

      interesting stuff – thanks

    • Big Mike

      Still won’t commit to Adams playing this coming week. That is ominous to me. Dying to be wrong.

    • ok

      Yo! Really well put. The show in question has become brutal, and that sucks, for the hosts, the listeners, and the team.

      I was really sure this last game was going to go poorly/ugly. So pleasantly surprised! 3 quarters of really decent defense. I am a fairly uneducated fan, did not watch an all-22, would not know what to look for anyway, but was stoked that some different, young players got out there and showed fairly. Alton Robinson, Jordyn Brooks, Dee Jay Dallas, Ryan Neal, DJ Reed will all benefit from the time on the field. When this regime (PCJS) created their legendary rosters, there was a lot of churn, and young players seeing the field, and since it feels as though they have been more conservative with young players getting run; we need the juice!

      Rob. Thank you. The quality in thought in your comment above is really cool.

    • Scot04

      I 100% agree on the way questionsare being asked, and the questions.
      I truly hope they’re still active looking to improve the Pass Rush.
      I also hope by the end of the season I’m proved wrong on the Adams trade and he shows he’s worth the draft capital we sent to the Jets.

  63. Happy Hawk

    Good solid win – one thing about the JS/PC era is that the Hawks have owned the Niners 14-3 since 2014. Desmond King traded to the Titans and Kwan Alexander to the Saints already today. Next weeks games:
    Green bay v SF on Thurs, TBay v Saints, Miami v Ariz, and Bears at Titans all could further our #1 seed cause if we can somehow win in Buffalo. Need to add another piece on the DL. Thanks Rob for the great content!

    • Volume12

      That’s a good get for Tennessee.

    • Volume12

      Pitt just got a fantastic ILB to add to that defense.

  64. Rob Staton

    With the Kwon Alexander trade, the Saints are currently about $100m over the cap for 2021.

    • James Cr.

      I am not an expert on the cap by any means – but that seems less than ideal.

    • TomLPDX

      I guess they are all in on this year with it being Drew’s last season.

  65. Rushless pass

    Darrell Taylor looking like he shrank!

    • Rob Staton

      I’d forgotten what he looked like.

      • CaptainJack

        This guy gives me big “not too serious about football” vibes. Having a leg issue is excuse for letting your upper body go?

        • Big Mike


        • Rushless pass

          That’s the word. Supposedly didn’t commit to the rehab process. I hope it’s a rumor. I can’t imagine a guy who played an entire season of football on a stress fracture isn’t a “serious about football” type!

          • DC

            Certainly not “ripped” or “huge” but go to the 3rd pic and he still has some muscle on him. He never was a larger DE. He looks like in the mold of DK, just not as tone. I’m not worried about it, not like he’s going to play this year anyways.

          • Sea Mode

            idk, he looked like he was moving pretty good a few months ago. Must have had a major setback though. (who knows, maybe even from pushing it too hard…?)


            • Spencer Duncan

              Wish we got clearer answers or more succinct questions about this. We have been certainly kept in the dark.

  66. cha

    Sullivan with 22 snaps as a defensive WR

    Neal and Diggs with 100% of defensive snaps

    I’d like to see Alton Robinson keep getting more snaps. 49 yesterday.

    Whew. Luke Willson with his 3 snaps. Nice work if you can get it.

    • cha

      Just noticed Dissly out-snapped Olsen for the first time this year.

    • Pran

      Cody 2 snaps on D…guess he is done save for emergency backup

      • TomLPDX

        Cody is truly a backup LB at this point and will contribute most on ST.

  67. KS Hawks Fan


    Listening to Colin Cowherd and he’s talking about the Titans. He said they’re a great team being hurt by a lack of pass rush, “just like Seattle”. I thought that was pretty ironic, considering Tennesee landed Clowney. Is it fair to say at this point that Seattle knew something the rest of us didn’t, and made the right choice not to sign Clowney for anything more than “their number”? I’m not absolving them of the failure to land Ngakue or Campbell, but it sure would be frustrating to watch an $18 Million Clowney not do anything to fix the problem.

    • Rob Staton

      Not necessarily, no.

      Clowney’s PFF grade is currently 75.3 which puts him among the leagues best in terms of edge defenders. He’s never been a sack specialist but as we saw a year ago — his ability to blow up plays, impact games in a big way and draw near constant attention is a big benefit.

      And while Seattle’s pass rush wasn’t good last year — the defense without Clowney has reached a whole new level of bad this year.

      So I wouldn’t assume he’s playing poorly in Tennessee or that they ‘knew something the rest of us didn’t’. They literally tried to re-sign Clowney and called him a priority. People act these days like the Seahawks simply passed on Clowney. In reality they offered him a big contract, they kept the door open for him all year, Carroll said at the end they were in it ‘right the way through’ and they immediately signed Damontre Moore when he chose Tennessee. There’s little evidence that this was some glorious insight from the Seahawks so much as a truly unpredictable situation where Clowney basically took himself off the market. I don’t think anyone saw that coming and as I’ve written in detail several times — I think they believed they had a steer on his market and thought they could recruit him at a cheaper price, which he rejected.

      Can I also say, while we’re discussing this, that we need to move on. We can’t bring up Clowney every week. And it was never about just Clowney this off-season. It was about fixing the pass rush — with or without him. Personally I think the easiest way to do that was to re-sign him, put someone like Calais inside and then get some speed off the edge. I wrote an article detailing how that was possible given the money they spent. They went in a different direction, the defense has looked rubbish and here we are.

      But just as we shouldn’t talk about Clowney if he has a three-sack game next week, we shouldn’t talk about him on what some have called an off-day yesterday (I didn’t see the game personally).

      • Scot04

        Initially they thought he was going to miss the game do to injury with his knee, but ended up playing through it after practicing friday. The guy sounds like he’s doing for them like he did us. Can’t ask for much more.

  68. cha

    Just in case any of you haven’t seen the Mina Kimes celebration when the Seahawks nabbed DK in the draft…

    • Simo

      Love it, Mina is special…a notch or so above Josina, lol!!

      • Big Mike

        No. Josina is the queen of……well……the world!!

    • Volume12

      Love her

  69. CaptainJack

    Stephen Sullivan played 22 snaps…:

    Trade for another pass rusher NOW

  70. Sea Mode

    That’s more like it!

    Brady Henderson

    From @ESPNStatsInfo: The Seahawks pressured 49ers QBs on 17 of their 45 (38%) dropbacks. That’s the highest pressure percentage by a Seahawks defense since Week 6 of 2018 against the Raiders. Seattle got two sacks from Bobby Wagner and one from Alton Robinson.

  71. Sea Mode

    Watch DK from field level:

    • Volume12

      lmao, unreal. Different speed man.

      • pdway

        bet he could have been so good as a 200M track athlete. once he opens up, seems like nobody can run w him.

  72. Sea Mode

    Niners got Kiko Alonso and a conditional R5 for Kwon and his $13.5/apt salary.

    Tom Pelissero

    The #Saints are trading LB Kiko Alonso to the #49ers as part of the trade for LB Kwon Alexander, per source.

    • Sea Mode

      Ian Rapoport

      The Niners likely would have traded Kwon Alexander after the Super Bowl last year, but he ended up having surgery. Now that he’s healthy, they do it now. Shed the salary and move on.

  73. Big Mike

    C’mon Hawks, get in on the trade fun!

  74. cha

    Javon Kinlaw, you’re embarrassing yourself.

    As for me, I can’t stop watching this on loop.

    • Sea Mode

      Yikes. Not a good look at all. Can players get fined for that like in the NBA?

      • cha

        I’ve never heard of that.

        Maybe the NFL needs to look at adopting a penalty for flopping like the NHL did.

    • Volume12

      Did the Ric Flair flop

      • Scot04

        Great clip

    • Jhams

      Remember when he was going to step in and effortlessly fill Buckner’s shoes?

      • Rob Staton

        Who says he hasn’t?

        Kinlaw has played well. Flop or not. He’s not the reason they’re 4-4.

        • Jhams

          Are you arguing here that he’s been one of the best interior D lineman in the league?

          And no, of course one guy is not the reason a team with among the most injuries in the league and a terrible quarterback are at 4-4. That has nothing to do with what is actually being discussed here.

          • Rob Staton

            No I am not arguing that.

            But the requisite for Kinlaw coming in and filling Buckner’s shoes didn’t mean he had to immediately play at an elite level.

            And if you’ve noticed, the whole line is decimated. It’s him and Armstead against the world. Buckner wouldn’t be lighting the league on fire in this environment either.

            But Kinlaw has had a positive start based on what I’ve seen.

  75. Sea Mode

    Jon Machota

    Cowboys VP Stephen Jones when asked on @1053thefan about not trading Aldon Smith to Seattle: “I think we’re in this to still fight (in the NFC East). … We just have to stay the course here.” Doesn’t sound like the Cowboys will be sellers before tomorrow’s trade deadline

  76. Sea Mode

    Huh, interesting. Was this maybe part of why he never seemed to have enough strength to hold off bull rushers?

    Also, why wouldn’t he get this done then back when he was sitting behind Britt and Hunt…?

    Gregg Bell

    Pete Carroll on @710ESPNSeattle again praising Ethan Pocic as the #Seahawks’ new center. Says his offseason surgery corrected a sports hernia issue he’d had for 4-5 years, back to LSU.

    • Volume12

      Interesting for sure. Good questions.

    • Mac

      I still have a hernia going on 11 years, it can be difficult to decide to get it corrected. If the hernia extends deep enough there is a possibility, albeit a low one, that your spermatic cord get damaged by the mesh or surgery itself. Combine that with a relatively high chance of a re-tear and it’s a hard decision. You have to talk to your DR and family. Personally, I plan on waiting until after children, it’s bothersome but not a complete hindrance to physical work.

  77. Rob Staton

    At least he celebrated his catch.

    Kittle out for eight weeks says Schefter.

    • Big Mike

      Bummer for SF

    • Jhams

      That’s a huge loss, he’s the most important part of their offense after Shannahan.

  78. WALL UP
    A possible precursor to a trade?

    • Sea Mode

      If anything, it sounds like quite the opposite for Kerrigan at least. I think he would have to force his way out from an org. that doesn’t want to trade him ala Dunlap.

      • JC3

        I think Rivera just tries to squeeze more draft capitals from DE needing teams. He will be traded tomorrow and I hope is Hawks.

        • Sea Mode

          Could be. Let’s hope so.

  79. Hawks_Gui

    Dont think Jimmy G is coming back to the 49ers next season

    • Ukhawk

      Matt Ryan to 9ers?

      • TomLPDX

        Or Aaron Rodgers. Could you imagine having Rodgers on the 49ers?

        • Jhams

          I wonder how he would get along with Shannahan?

    • Hughz

      Nope. The dead money is only 2.8M according to OTC. They may restructure the contract for a one year deal, but I think they’ll go after a veteran QB if a good one hits the market.

  80. Rob Staton

    Damontre Moore is done…


    • Sea Mode

      Bummer, but maybe at least that becomes the final straw that pushes them to make sure they come out of the trade deadline with one more pass rusher.

    • Rusty

      Simplifies the roster juggling with Dunlap and Green coming in ….

      But is indeed a shame

      • TomLPDX


    • AlphaDK

      that might explain the Seahawks trying to transition Sullivan to DE… seemed like a rash decision to make midseason.

  81. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    #Seahawks pass-rusher Damontre Moore is suspended six games without pay for violating the NFL policy on performance-enhancing substances. Moore will be eligible to return to the active roster on Dec. 14.

    12:50 PM · Nov 2, 2020·

    • DC

      Sad. Was on his couch and got a call and was making the most of it. Seemed to be a decent contributor and ST guy. Maybe it was only because of the performance enhancers that he was even making a contribution?

      Well at least we know what roster spot Dunlap is taking now.

  82. Rushless pass

    Damontre Moore suspended 6 games for PED

  83. Big Mike

    Schefter also saying Jimmy G out a minimum of 6 weeks, maybe longer if surgery is needed

    • Sea Mode

      They’re absolutely in shambles with all the injuries this year:

      Tom Pelissero

      A partial list of #49ers players on injured reserve or likely headed there soon:

      QB Jimmy Garoppolo
      RB Raheem Mostert
      RB Jeff Wilson Jr.
      WR Jalen Hurd
      TE George Kittle
      TE Jordan Reed
      DL Nick Bosa
      DL Dee Ford
      DL Solomon Thomas
      CB Richard Sherman

      No Deebo either yesterday…

      • BruceN

        Sad. Last year they were injury free for the most part (got healthy toward the end) and made it to the SB. We were decimated and had to go to GB and lost a close game. Scaping the injury bug is half the battle in order to make it to SB.

  84. 12th chuck

    Of all the things that happened this year, I hope the owners get hooked on the somewhat flexible roster rules and I.R changes. Looks like we need another D.L. now, what a bummer

  85. Scot04

    Hopefully Demontre Moore thing helps the Seahawks brass push another trade through for another defensive end.

  86. Chase

    Do what you will with this information, but Tre Flowers was the second highest grade on defense, 20 points behind bobby.

    • Rob Staton

      Ugly grade for Jordyn Brooks.

  87. Sea Mode

    Wow, BB telling it like it is. Honestly kind of refreshing tbh, and he’s obviously right.

    Bill Belichick on @OMFonWEEI: “I mean, look, we paid Cam Newton $1 million. It’s obvious that we didn’t have any money. It’s nobody’s fault. That’s what we did the last five years. We sold out. We won three Super Bowls, played in a fourth and played in an AFC Championship Game. This year, we had less to work with. It’s not an excuse. It’s just a fact.”

  88. cha

    JS: “Hey Pete, cha has been pounding his fist on the table for us to use our TE’s more. Can you get him off my call sheet?”

    PC: “Say no more.”

    • Sea Mode

      Hey, how else could we manage our victory formation? The season would be lost! 😂

      • cha

        Just FYI Luke Willson recorded 3 snaps on offense yesterday….*cough*….

    • HOUSE

      PC/JC: Cha better be watching this!!!

  89. HOUSE

    Craziness that he hasn’t been reinstated yet… What’s the holdup at this point?

  90. DE

    Per his Instagram story, Carlos Dunlap seems to want to wear #43. Which is…… disgusting.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m going to be sick.

    • cha

      Well he is going to be playing TE so what’s the harm?

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Mot sure I understand the disgust here. It’s a strange number for a D lineman, but other than that, what’s the issue?

      • Rob Staton

        It’s just a bit of a joke really. It does look a bit weird sometimes when a player has an uncommon number.

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          Whew. Thought I was missing a place for a little righteous indignation. It is a strange number though.

          • Gohawks5151

            It makes him look like a Fullback. At least it’s better than single digit numbers on the D-Line. That’s sacrilege

  91. Rob Staton

    Tua looked horrendous on debut.

    Absolutely dreadful.

    Yes, a first start. But that was really ugly.

    Dolphins fans have to be a little anxious watching Justin Herbert.

    • James Cr.

      I think it was a huge mistake to go to Tua at this time. What was the rush? Would be really tough to switch back to Fitz now.

      • Big Mike

        According to Schefter as I heard on the radio today, the idea is to see in the next 9 games if he’s their QB of the future. If they determine he isn’t they will draft another guy in April. Remember they have Houston’s first,
        Cold hearted shit but I get it.

  92. Rob Staton

    Scratch Takk McKinlay off the trade target list…

    • BruceN

      That’s why they are the inept franchise they are. He’s going to walk next season so they might as well get something in return now. Unless they plan to keep/extend him. Which they still could sign them next year and keep the draft pick.

      • Scot04

        Could be they figure they’ll get a higher 2022 comp pick. Maybe the best offer has only been a 2022 7th.

        • BruceN

          Possible. Comp picks are tricky when you have to sign so many FAs of your own to plug holes (which ATL has many). Plus, he needs to sign a good contract to pump up his comp pick value (I could be wrong but in the top 15%-25% percentile for a 6th round pick or 10%-15% percentile for a 5th Using a very convoluted method to calculate). An injured player who’s not getting much playing time on a 2-6 team will be hard pressed to get a good contract.

    • Sea Mode

      Everyone replying “source?” in the comments… 🤣

      • charlietheunicorn

        I have a source he is getting moved by the trade deadline.

  93. cha

    Monday Press Conf w PC

    [john boyle] Filled in players, how play? “Really proud. Played hard, not too big for them. Deejay in particular, lot of resp, in the middle of game plan. Fine job. Exciting to see that happen. Sullivan did his stuff, Hart tackles on kickoff team. Good day.”

    [ben Arthur] Stephan Sullivan film? “Looked like his first time playing. Missed some assignments. Complex game plan. Didn’t help him much. Tackle in first play of game. Juiced up having fun. I said to Clint ‘just leave him out there, let him get snaps’. First time out, did fine.”

    [joe fann] Snacks & Dorsett? “Philip not doing well. Foot not responded. Not ready. Snacks best week, competing looking for his opp, has to be a spot for him on the roster. Guys doing good inside. Readiest he’s ever been. Can’t wait to see if he does more this week. Opp jumps he’ll be ready to go.”
    [joe fann] Do you have space in your closet for your Coach Vote Nikes? (cha ed: oh, Joe…)

    • cha

      [Curtis crab] Defensive perf? “Played best running teams in NFL. Perimeter stuff we handled it. Well on edge. Alt Robinson and KJ worked really hard to keep from breaking down edges. 3 sacks, more alive and active. 4th Q didn’t make progress getting off the field, 3rd downs. Have to do better there. Take pride in day.”

      [corbin] Duane Brown workload, best play? “Been so consistent, I don’t know if best. Manage prep evenly and consistently, no setbacks. Really good solid ball. Gifted on perimeter and edge. Excelling. Felt the most consistently well.”

      [bob condotta] DJ Reed good idea healthy by now? “John hit this exactly on point. Talked about getting him, he’d not be ready, but could jump in quickly down the schedule. Loved look on film in eval. One game to get with team and next week played. Really big factor. Moreso John than me.”

      [Art] Election day tomorrow? [cha ed…nope]

      • Rob Staton


        “Pete, Duane Brown has been amazing, is this his best ever season?”

        Please… someone… better… questions..

        • Rob Staton

          Two election questions.

          I could not care less whether Pete Carroll will be watching the election coverage tomorrow.

          Someone find a creative way to ask about the trade deadline.

          Kudos to Joe Fann for asking about Olsen.

  94. KennyBadger

    If Damontre was on performance enhancers, he should fire his dealer.

    Get a DE John! Then get another one!

    • CaptainJack

      Damn, that was pretty funny. Dunlap and please Takk or one of the Ryans.

  95. cha

    [jen mueller] Dallas confidence growing? “Guy’s got a spirit about him. Great worker, obvious from start. Early for everything, asking Qs, curious in all the right ways and sent good messages. Not surprised he handled this. Big role and it could have. Now know we can win a game with him playing. Tough, consistent, wasn’t worried, having a blast playing FB. In character and comfortable.”

    [neko] Jamal Adams monitor his week and get him ready? “Pitch count WEd & Thur leading into Friday and see how he responds. See what happens. Really don’t know until we get through it. High confidence. Monitor daily activity, won’t overdo it. Might have to count plays in the game.”

    [maz veda] Patience of team, 2 early drives not well, ST teams missed PAT/punts? “Kickers have great confidence, earned through work habits and consistency. If they miss hit somewhere they’re upset about it. Competitors. Watched Jason as he came off and he was pissed. Made a 48 yarder later. Not gonna miss the next 10.”

    [brady] Dunlap intake practice? “In building tomorrow. Able to check in on day off. In communication in study with the guys. In prep for Wed, will be with us throughout the week. A personal bye week. Looking forward to him jumping right in. Communication with Clint.”
    [brady] Dorsett more time or surgery? “Not ready to be disclosed yet. Not looking good for near future. Doing everything he can, frustrated. Next couple days.”

    [tim booth] Hyde and Carson? “Hamstring, hard to do in a couple weeks. We’ll see. Carson, sore foot. Look at him on Friday, see how he feels Saturday after running Friday. Don’t know yet.”
    [tim] Election, game plan or watching election coverage? “4 monitors going all time.”

    [Gregg] Alton earn more snaps? “Yes! Beautiful job. Played against most accomplished blockers, in Kittle and Jusczyk, disruptive, tough, aggressiveness the way he played. Wasn’t perfect but very good. Scheme and approach great. Made progress. Very confident he can play against anybody.”
    [Gregg] Have a punter like Dickson at USC? “No. Competitive mentality. Loves being in the challenge of kicks. Great mental outlook in the game. Everyday ball player. Great talent, confidence level right there.”

    [joe fann] Greg Olsen? “Doing good, solid, been there when we need him. Ball gets mixed around. One guy gets 20 targets one week, 15 next, ball not available always. Counting on him to make clutch catches in every game. Sometimes get chance, sometimes don’t.”

    [Curtis crab] Iupati? “Don’t have update. Jordan Simmons doing good enough job to buy time. Get to Wed and see where he is.”
    [Curtis] Benson and Ugo? “Benson determined to get back, likely happen. Ugo hamstring like Carlos might be 2 weeks. We’ll see.”

    [bob condotta] Switching CB sides Sunday? “Dunbar moved due to his experience. Comfortable on both sides. Really like watching this guy play. Doesn’t make every but nobody can. Got some big plays in him later this season, we’ll see.”

    • Rob Staton


      How do you not ask one question about the trade deadline?

      • Big Mike

        Election questions are more important?

        • Rob Staton

          I can’t tell if you’re joking or being serious Mike so I’ll merely say… whether Pete is watching the election, having a bath, learning to play the sax or indulging in the all time number one solo activity for a male human being…

          I am not bothered in the slightest.

          • Big Mike

            It was totally a joke and complete sarcasm.

            • Rob Staton


    • Rob Staton

      Wait a minute…

      Did anyone ask about Damontre Moore??!!!

      • cha

        Nope. But we found out PC isn’t going to keep his Coach Vote Nikes in his closet.

        • Rob Staton

          I just don’t get it.

          I don’t understand the people who attend the press conferences.

          • cha

            So, so soft…

            Wednesday it’ll be

            COVID protocols in Buffalo
            the 10am start time
            asking how inspirational Stephan Sullivan is and when will we see him play again
            his take on the election results
            why isn’t Josh Gordon reinstated for the 15th time
            Asking about Snacks’ weight

            • Rob Staton

              The Joe Fann question was an example of how it should be done.

              A direct question, no opinion inserted. He simply asked for PC’s thoughts on how Greg Olsen was playing. Spot on. It made Carroll answer the question that a lot of us want to hear an answer to.

              All this, ‘so and so played amazing just how good is he’ stuff can get in the sea along with any question about the election.

  96. cha

    Chris Mortensen
    NFL competition committee expects to present a resolution to owners based on a contingency of having a 16-team playoff season (8 in each conference) if games are lost due to the pandemic, especially as bye weeks disappear, according to league sources. Committee met by zoom today.

    3:22 PM · Nov 2, 2020

    • cha

      Eliminating the first round bye for the top seed would be a really strange move.

      • Scot04

        Hope they just keep things as they are

      • Rob Staton

        Also more or less makes the playoffs a crapshoot with no fans.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Eliminating the incentive to get the #1 seed.
      It would be turned into a Mexican standoff … team with deepest bench wins.
      Younger “average age” teams would have slight advantage over older “average age” teams.

      They must be worried about more cancelled games in the near future.

  97. Trevor

    What a weird year of football and life in general I guess.

    The Hawks are a Benson Mayowa brain cramp from being 7-0 and hold the #1 seed in the NFC despite having the worst defense by a wide margin in the Pete Carrol era.

    If you had told me in the LOB era that just 3-4 years later the Hawks would be a dynamic passing offense with a garbage defense I would have laughed and told you that you were crazy. Would be interested to get Sherm and Doug’s opinions on Russ now. It is amazing how he has evolved from elite game manager to arguably the MVP in the league along with Mahomes.

    If this defense can just improve a little and keep turning the ball over then they have a shot to get the #1 seed and with the new playoff format that is huge!!!

    • drrew76

      Not just Mayowa. If Lewis doesn’t miss the audible call they run out the clock. If Moore doesn’t hold, the drive is extended in OT.

      For such a flawed team, they’re several improbable moments in that AZ game from being undefeated and having a couple game lead in the division.

  98. Coach

    If they were thinking that maybe we have enough pass rush with our current roster to win the Super Bowl, hopefully the news with Moore and the timing of the news will give John the little extra motivation he needed to get a deal for another DE done before the deadline.

    The question is who?

    I’d be just fine with bringing Atkins in! I know he’s a DT, but he can definitely push the pocket!


    Go Hawks!!

    • 12th chuck

      Hopefully it doesn’t make the price go up, but yes, we need more pass rush

    • downtownjewelrybryan

      atkins and throw in john ross

  99. charlietheunicorn

    Watch DK from field level

    Seamode, here is when you know he is moving… when his head starts moving forward and back ever so slightly. In running, it shows he is relaxed and near top end speed. 22.6 was the run down in Arizona…. he didn’t look like he was moving “that” fast in the clip you posted, but might have been around 21 MPH.

    As for what he could do, he looks like a natural 400M sprinter/hurdler to me, like Edwin Moses (for you old timers). He would also rock at triple jump imo.

  100. CaptainJack

    I’m actually going to be sick if we don’t make a trade for one more pass rusher.

    • CaptainJack

      Or if we keep five tight ends… Olsen and a late draft pick for Ryan Anderson PLEASE

      • Ballhawk

        Olsen is untradeable.

      • dan

        I can’t understand why people keep suggesting that Washington would want to have Olsen? He is retiring next year he’s making 7million this year, don’t think that Washington is making a push for the superbowl this year. Why would Washington want Olsen?

  101. charlietheunicorn

    Seeing the talk about uniform numbers.. remember the brew haha over Brian Bosworth and #44 or #55…… NFL sure has changed.

  102. Ballhawk

    The pass rush is looking better with a mid-season bargain aquisition, Green coming back, Robinson gaining steam and Darrell Taylor on the horizon. Not to mention the blitz happy all pro Adams. At 6-1 with better things coming from the defense, its looking like the (overly) persistant criticism of a botched team-building effort by the front office may have been a little off.

    • Rob Staton

      Darrell Taylor isn’t even changing direction yet.

      I wouldn’t expect him to play this year.

      • cha

        Right. We’ve got to wait for him to get all the way back around the earth.

        • pdway

          nice …

  103. Paul Cook

    I admit it. After hemming and hawing back and forth, I would give up our 2nd round pick next spring in a package deal for a edge rusher. You only live once. Let’s go for it.

    We”l work everything else out later.

  104. Jordan E

    So is something going to happen lol? Been watching trade rumors all today.

    Hopefully the Hawks can make one more move before the deadline. We have a legit chance for a SB this year.

  105. BobbyK

    Would be nice if an insurance DL could be added to the mix.

  106. Big Mike

    If I’m a Giants fan, I’m ballistic right now. The refs pick up a flag after a long consult that would’ve given NY a second chance to tie the game. Replay shows it was a DPI.
    It makes me wonder if they were getting the call from the league office to give Brady the win because it’s a great “story” (i.e. ratings) if he gets to a Super Bowl.

    • Big Mike

      It’s one thing to not throw the flag but it’s another to throw the flag and then get together and talk about it and decide to just go ahead and hand the win to Tampa Bay

      • Darnell

        Objectively, seemed like the correct decision.

        Good, clean play by Winfield. Bad throw by Jones. No need to reward that piss poor throw.

      • DougM

        The ball deflected off his arm before contact

        • Hoggs41

          I agree. As much as I wanted NY to win the game he arrived the exact same time as the ball, no PI for me.

  107. Gohawks5151

    I wrote this weekend that this season looks like it is one of those seasons where there is no dominant team and the hottest and healthiest team at the end of the season is going to win. After watching Tennessee, GB, Tampa and the Rams I feel even more encouraged. The fact we are getting people back and the way the last third of the season sets up it could be us.

  108. jopa726

    Seahawks rookie guard Damien Lewis’s strength is beyond your comprehension! You want proof, I submit the following example:

    Behold as he flicks away 319 lbs of 49ers Javon Kinlaw.

    Note: This play happen in the first quarter and Fox somehow missed it.

    P.S. Rob, can you please give Javon Kinlaw’s hilarious flop (it didn’t draw a flag) your expert grade?

  109. Pran

    if only it pans out…

  110. Sea Mode

    Breer says deals have stalled because asking prices are still too high. Mentions the Texans have received calls on Jacob Martin. Do you all think Seattle would want him back for the speed rush element, even though he’s a much better fit in a 3-4? We know how much they liked him as a person too.

    I’m told that fourth-year receiver Will Fuller has drawn the most interest from other teams, with 24-year-old linebacker Jacob Martin standing as another who’s elicited phone calls.

    • ReconUK

      Obviously it depends on the compensation, but i`d have him back. Speed is what we need and this team knows Martin well, they know what they can expect from him. I don’t think the defence will have changed too much since he left, so hopefully he could easily fit in and get up to speed quickly. Would be a good pick up.

    • TomLPDX

      I’d take him back. He was just getting started when we traded him and I was bummed that we had to include him the Clowney deal and lose him in the first place. He shouldn’t cost too much either.

  111. ReconUK

    I really hope we see some activity at the deadline. I hope the 49ers game hasn’t lessened the urgency to improve this D-Line.

    We have Snacks and Dunlop coming in. Taylor hopefully before the end of the season. We have Green, Mayowa and Adams all coming back. Wagner and the pressure is getting home. All great news, but now isn’t the time to be conservative or hesitate.

    I don’t expect Jacob Martin or Ryan Anderson to be the difference alone, but this D-Line without any stars, needs to have a “Strength in Numbers” mentality. The group has to be greater than the sum of it’s parts. Hopefully with good depth and rotation, we can lower the snap count for guys like Mayowa and Reed and get more production as a result. The only way this D-Line is going to do enough is to improve the collective performance of the unit.

    I hope we get at least one more pass rusher in today. 6-1 let’s not waste this chance!

    Also credit to Special Teams, all these years of middling and frustrating performances. It is great to see almost every area is doing great. Turnovers, coverage, Myers and Dickson. I would just love a big return or too, but this unit cannot get enough praise. It is so nice to watch special teams and expect to see them consistently make big plays.

  112. cha

    Dianna Russini
    After speaking with a few GMs around the NFL, I’ve learned multiple teams who have called the Patriots about CB Stephon Gilmore were told by New England they want a first round pick and a player in exchange for the 2019 AP Defensive Player of the Year.
    4:45 AM · Nov 3, 2020

    • Jordan E

      Oh wow, not worth. Price still too high.

  113. CaptainJack

    Carrol said yesterday that Dorsett is “not doing well for the future”….

    What a busted free agency period. Greg Olsen, Dorsett, Finney and Ogbuehi all seem like big misses right now. Jamal Adams can’t get on the field, Carroll still coy about his timeline back. Carlos Hyde has been injured every other week and when given carries has been more average than good. One guy we hit on was Brandon Shell.

    It’s insane how we’re 7-1, after messing up the draft and free agency. But when you have a strong passing game you can win in this league.

    • Henry Taylor

      Did we mess up the draft?

      Brooks wasnt a need but he’s looked good when healthy, Lewis has been great, Alton looks fantastic for a 5th round pick so far, Swain has made plays and has proven a decent contributor for where he was selected, Dallas looks fine. Jury is still out on Taylor and Parkinson (you can ding them for trading up for a player with injury flags but he could still work out).

      I think they did a lot with the picks they had available tbh, some things I would have liked for them to do different but on the whole I think this class is our most promising in years.

      • Rob Staton

        I didn’t agree with the draft plan personally. A backup or future WILL with your top pick and then trading up for an injured DE felt like further squandering of resources especially with really good players at other positions.

        But it’s also true that Damien Lewis was a really good pick.

    • Big Mike

      “Jamal Adams can’t get on the field, Carroll still coy about his timeline back”
      Yep. I am not in the least expecting him back for at least several more weeks.

      Agree with your assessment of the mostly misses this offseason. Shell isn’t amazing, but he is most definitely a step up from Ifedi. It should also be noted the drafting of Lewis was a hit too.

      • CaptainJack

        Agreed Lewis was a hit. Trading up for Darrell Taylor right now feels like two big misses because of the lost third round pick. And then spending pick one on Jordyn Brooks feels like a meh. Not really a miss or a hit at this point, but feels like they could have benefitted more from going in so many different directions. Overall D grade for the first three picks.

        • Darnell

          D for the first three picks?

          Two of the three are starting as rookies for a 6-1 team. Lewis has a shot at pro bowl consideration as a rookie, and Brooks is looking really good upon return from injury.

          • CaptainJack

            I was factoring in the pick we traded away to move up for Taylor as one of the first three, but could have been the fourth pick we had. My mistake, and sorry I was less clear.

    • JC3

      Can’t stop thinking what if they select Chase Claypool in the second round, this offense will be un-stoppable for next few years.

    • Trevor

      As rob said maybe a thousand times leading up to the draft it was stacked on offense particularly WR, RB and Interior OL. It was incredibly weak on at DL and TE.

      So instead of focusing on the strength of the draft and focussing on Offense the Hawks targeted defense out of desperation and then drafted two TE.

      They could have had 3 blog favourites and future pro bowlers in CEH, Claypool and Lewis who all fit both scheme and character wise.

      Instead they for some reason I will never understand drafted a LB and moved up desperately for an injured DE. Shame really because this offense could have been stacked with young talent for years to come.

  114. Big Mike

    Trade deadline 1:00 PM correct?

    • Sea Mode

      4pm EST, yeah

      • Big Mike

        Thanks SM

    • Robbie

      Things seem awfully quiet right now. Hopefully just the calm before the storm!

      • Sea Mode

        Deadlines spark action, so I think we’ll see the asking price come down a bit on a few guys at the final hour.

        • Rob Staton

          It all seems pretty dead to be honest. Not sure much is going to happen.

          • Turp

            Mike Sando said about as much on the radio today. 3 trades was his guess. With Willson cut, Rob is probably right – Hollister is here to stay, which means no easy cap manipulation for a deal.

  115. cha


    5T-Collier, Bullard (Green on IR)

    DT-Reed, Mone, Poona (Snacks, Lattimore on PS)

    LEO-Dunlap, Mayowa, Robinson (Taylor on NFI)

    I don’t know, guys. I just don’t know.

    • Sea Mode

      Has Bullard done anything since the first week he made some plays?

      • Gohawks5151

        I think he graded out well vs Arizona before falling off this week. Go figure.

    • Rob Staton

      Said last week… I think they should do something and they did (Dunlap).

      And the trade was a good one.

      But I do not think one ageing pass rusher is the difference between this defense been crap and a non-liability. You writing the D-line out like that is still pretty scary.

    • CaptainJack

      Rasheem Green will be off IR within two weeks and can hopefully take up a lot of Collier’s snaps. Robinson will continue to play more.

    • dcd2

      I look at that list and how PCJS have approached the DL this year and think we don’t make any more (DL) moves.

      Frankly, I think that the fact that Dunlap was available for a 7th and a guy we weren’t playing is the only reason we did anything.

  116. Rob Staton

    A quick note for later (new post on the way when the trade deadline passes).

    Please no election talk on here.

    • CaptainJack

      Thank god

    • Tony

      Dang, i had a huge kanye rant ready to go. Guess itll have to wait till next time.

      But seriously, no politics. We get our fill everywhere else.

  117. Happy Hawk

    Wish list today: One of this 4 in this order of wishing:
    1. JJ Watt – difference maker, leader, if added would make Seattle an instant NFC Champion #1 seed favorite
    2. R Kerrigan – veteran, leader, situational quarterback eater and proven track record of consistent pressure
    3. S Gilmore- With Adams, Diggs, Wagner, and Wright would add a shut down corner to our SB run
    4. M Ingram – They already moved D King – Maybe Ingram if healthy and that is a big if

    Superbowl window deserves bold moves. Plus it is not fun to sit idle and watch others add pieces!

    Bargain Bin adds:
    1. Takk McKinley
    2. U Nwosu
    3. R Anderson

  118. Trevor

    If your a guy like JJ Watt and you see your team going towards a complete and total rebuild I think I would go to management and push to be traded to a team like Seattle, GB, TB, Tenn or Baltimore.

    Would it be even possible for the Hawks to accommodate a trade like this? Could they swap a guy like Hollister to clear some cap room? Even then would it be enough?

    How do teams keep adding players when they are going to be way over the cap next year? I read somewhere that NO were like $100 mil over the cap next year or something crazy like that.

    • Gohawks5151

      I agree but there are tons of dudes on all sports who just want to stay in one place even if its caving in on them. Some also don’t want to get that “ring chaser” stigma though its a little less obvious in football. Sadly JJ seems overly loyal. I hope I’m wrong only if he goes to Seattle.

      Also, yes I’m lost on the cap and how you can be over this season.

  119. Hoggs41

    I have to say I think Im more interested in if we can trade Hollister and get a pick back than I am for acquiring another player.

  120. cha

    Rob since you’re in media I thought I’d ask.

    How much freedom do you think the Seahawks beat reporters have to pursue stories? Are they “assigned” to write about specific topics by their editors?

    I ask because a lot the guys ask one of those inane questions and then pop off a whole article that is the journalistic equivalent of celery: it contains zero new or interesting information based on a two-sentence answer by PC. For instance, Corbin Smith asked that question about Duane Brown’s workload and now he’s built an article around that, with basically no useful information. Anyone looking at the daily injury reports and watching Brown’s play can come to the same conclusion the article does.

    Articles like that crumple into dust even before the next PC press conference, and no one will ever google it looking for some trenchant insight on Duane Brown getting rest days.

    Is there some kind of editorial limitation that I’m not grasping behind the scenes? Is there pressure to pop off articles so frequently they just shoot fish in a barrel with these extremely soft topics? Or maybe the general public in the Pacific NW really does prefer these puff pieces to real journalism and these sites nowadays fighting for clicks?

    • Rokas

      I am no Rob, but wanted to add that, it would be a great article if Rob would be willing to write it. Also about how the questions asked are wrongly formulated, which Rob already noticed in a comment yesterday I believe. We have been spending a lot of time on this blog discussing the need for the questions to PC to be asked, namely for a meaningful questions, based on the fact, that they went opposite direction from their self stated priority, which is to address the pass rush, etc. I honestly believe it merits a separate blog piece, which obviously Rob is more than capable to write. Especially the timing is perfect for that, since we are counting the last hours of trade deadline, so this is basically the last chance to try to fix some issues on the roster, and we can count some chickens.

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t speak directly to each individual but from my experience there will be zero input from the editors and they certainly won’t be asking for bland, boring articles nobody’s interested in.

      There might be some internal pressure at the flagship radio station (710 ESPN) not to rock the boat too much but for everyone else, it’s fair game.

      I hate to say it but I think a lot of ‘journalists’ these days just feel grateful to be doing the job. They get to go to live sport, do something that is kind of cool and their first thought is to get through the week without having done anything that noticeable. It’s quite lazy really. The point of being a reporter is supposed to be to press and push for answers, write stories people want to read, to inform and entertain. In the past a review of what was said at a press conference might’ve been beneficial but these days we can watch the whole thing for ourselves on YouTube. We don’t need that review any more.

      Some reporters will also try to protect certain contacts and won’t want to cut off their source by pushing the wrong buttons but I’ve always felt like that challenges your integrity. Unless you are breaking every story first, what are you actually getting out of it? And you run the risk of becoming a mouthpiece.

  121. cha

    Banished to the shadow roster…

    Adam Schefter
    With the Seahawks activating rookie TE Colby Parkinson, and having extra TEs on their roster, Seattle will be releasing TE Luke Willson today to get down to four TEs, per source.

    10:20 AM · Nov 3, 2020

    • Rob Staton

      And it means Hollister isn’t going anywhere and that’s the end of trade deadline hopes.

      • Robbie

        Very possible but I also assume they know Willson can be brought back anytime. No other team is going to go out and sign him.

        • Rob Staton

          They’re not going to remove two TE’s in one day though. I think this just signals the offers aren’t appealing and/or there are no viable player for player swaps.

          The writing was probably on the wall when Takk McKinley said he wasn’t going to be dealt.

          • Gaux Hawks

            why wouldn’t they ship takk… frustrating.

            • Derek Hermann

              Unless they plan on bringing Stephen Sullivan up to get back to 4 TEs?

              • TomLPDX

                I fully expect them to do just that.

            • Scot04

              Atlanta probably figures they can do better than a 7th with a comp pick. If iwas them I’d take the 7th. Very possible he signs late next year and they get nothing. But he’s only 24, they might want new GM to make decision on him.

      • TomLPDX

        Has Colby Parkinson been activated to the 53-man squad or is he still in that 3 week activation window?

        • Rob Staton

          He played on Sunday

      • cha

        Corbin Smith

        Source indicates #Seahawks did call around about moving Jacob Hollister. But they didn’t get any offers they felt were worth making a deal. Barring a last second deal coming together, he’s staying put. Hence the Willson release.

        10:52 AM · Nov 3, 2020

  122. Volume12

    Is Winfield jr DROY at this point? Serious question. I’m trying to think of someone else and I can’t.

    • Volume12

      Maybe Chinn?

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Patrick Queen is filling up the stat sheet.

    • HOUSE

      That’s how I kind of see it. Patrick Queen has done alright in splashes, but I think Winfield has shown up weekly

      • Volume12

        Queen, maybe Chase Young.

        OROY we can name the top 3 no problem. Burrows, Herbert, and CEH.

        • pdway

          Simmons an early disappointment in AZ? High pick for a defensive player. Thought he’d splash.

          What’s the story?

          • Tony

            Theyve hardly used him i believe.

          • Volume12

            Like Tony said, they hardly use him. But this is why I wasn’t high on him and thought he’d struggle. That versatility he showed in college will take years, if at all, to cash in on. He’s not a safety & he’s not really a LB. Hence, where do they put him & do w/ him?

            • DougM

              You put him in the middle and use his speed to go sideline to sideline. He showed his speed on that Wilson pic.

  123. Gaux Hawks

    two years in a row… crickets at the deadline.

    • Volume12

      They just made a move last week.

      • Gaux Hawks

        if i recall, there was also a lot of hope floating around this blog at the deadline that they’d make another move…

        • pdway

          dunlap an excellent value move – we can all want for more – but they did do something positive. we don’t know the real availability of Kerrigan or the other folks we’ve mentioned on here.

        • Volume12

          Sure. I’m not disagreeing there. They did make a move though. Just not the day of.

          • pdway

            yep – was agreeing w your point.

  124. CaptainJack

    Sullivan must have really impressed!!!

  125. cha

    All of Stephen Sullivan’s snaps from the All 22.

    Anyone else find it hysterical that the Niners had the TE chip him on 2 or 3 plays?

    • CaptainJack


    • DC

      Man he looked terrible rushing, so stiff. It’s quite sad really, him playing DE with meaningful snaps is the perfect picture to sum up on badly PCJS messed up this offseason.

      • CaptainJack

        Going to be difficult to sniff another Super Bowl

      • Derek

        Man so many wasted steps running around, tried a spin move even. Gotta give him A for effort though

      • Rob Staton

        Carroll didn’t hide how poor the performance was either.

        Glad that it helped for one game… but let’s hope we don’t need him to do it again.

    • Hughz

      Oofda… that was bad. His feet were moving fast but they weren’t going anywhere. Needs to stay lower too. Looked ok dropping into coverage.

  126. Chase

    Rob, I assume Dunlap would be the Leo, but on obvious passing situations would Mayowa or Dunlap kick inside to 5t? Just curious at what the rotation will look like.

    • DC

      Neither. Collier/Green

      • Chase


        • Gohawks5151

          Playing over the Guard, Green was OK last year.

          • Chase

            I thought Green wasn’t expected to play?

            • Gohawks5151

              I just meant whenever he comes back.

              • Chase

                Oh I see, so for example, however unlikely, if we traded for takk, kerrigan, anderson etc. would they slide in at 5t?

    • Rob Staton

      I think you rush both off the edge.

    • pdway

      Honestly, Collier one of the biggest disappointments of the season. Didn’t really know what to make of him last year w the injury and lack of field time.

      Has gotten full oppty this year, and has been pretty much invisible. Mayowa hustles and does what he can – he’s been more effective, and is just a utility player. You expect more from a 1st round pick; I’d expect more if Collier was a 2nd round pick. Looks like a real miss. Unfortunately.

  127. Gohawks5151

    One hour left! Come on someone flinch!

  128. cha

    Looks like Dorsett had surgery.

    • Sea Mode

      Brady Henderson

      Seahawks WR Phillip Dorsett had surgery today on his right foot. I’m told part of the issue was he had bone spurs that needed to be cleaned out. There’s some hope he can be back at some point this season, but that hardly sounds like a sure thing.

  129. SteveLargent80

    Falcons wanted a fourth for Takk, but didn’t get it from anyone, per Garafolo

    • Sea Mode

      Yeah, that’s pretty rich for a guy on an expiring contract whose also been injured.

  130. cha

    Albert Breer

    3 problems with trade talks to this point (18 minutes to the deadline) …

    1) Asking prices have been relatively high on veteran players.

    2) ’21 cap makes it tougher to take on guys due or asking for big $ past this year.

    3) Looming cap shortfall = Value of draft picks is higher

    12:42 PM · Nov 3, 2020

    • DC

      Doesn’t make sense to me. If value of draft picks is higher teams wouldn’t be holding out for too high of asking prices, they’d take the best offer they can get.

      • Sea Mode

        It’s the offering teams that won’t part with a high enough pick to make it worth it.

        • DC

          1 would think that if draft picks are more valuable next year due to the cap restrictions, a 4th would have the value of a 3rd, 5th as a 4th, etc…

    • Sea Mode

      Albert Breer

      Another factor an exec just raised to me I hadn’t heard: Cap shortfall also means you can’t count on a comp pick for a guy on an expiring deal. Comp pick formula includes how much guys get paid.

      And with the FA market expected to be down (lots of players cut, cap down, etc

      • DC

        Again, why wouldn’t you take the whatever draft picks you can get?

  131. Sea Mode

    Welp, pretty anti-climactic deadline this time around.

    Ian Rapoport

    Will Fuller won’t be traded. The #Texans and #Packers couldn’t agree on value.

  132. cha

    Sunday on the mic: Myers, Jennings and Brock(!)

    • Big Mike

      No Schlereth with Myers this week. Good news. He’s fine as like a studio guy but color commentator, not so much.
      Brock is always a welcome voice.

      • TomLPDX

        Totally agree. Schlereth is not one of my favorites but I do like Brock, so glad to hear this.

        • RugbyLock

          Guess I’m in the minority as I really liked Stink! Haven’t watched Brock do a game yet so hope you all are right!

          • Rob Staton

            I like Schlereth too.

    • Rob Staton

      Good — Brock Huard is absolutely terrific.

      • DC

        1 day he’s going to getting the prime time games.

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