Instant reaction: Hahahaha! Niners

Join Rob & Robbie now to have a good laugh at the 49ers…


  1. pdway

    If you want to get ‘what if’- y about it – but for that easy drop/flukey INT on the Everett TD play, and then again his totally unnecessary fumble on 1 – – we sort of win this game going away.

  2. Scot04

    Everett should have just been wearing a 49rs jersey the way he played today. 3 giveaways.

  3. Paul Cook

    We out rushed the 9ers on the ground 146 to 71 yards. I only bring this up because some commentator had the 9ers as a team to watch the rest of the way because they were running the ball so well.

    • BobbyK

      It was more like our offensive team outrushed their offensive team 73-71. I hardly call a 73 yard rush on special teams as insinuating our OL was dominant in the run blocking game today.

      • Les Thomas

        Good call Bobbyk! Seattle was pretty much awful today, from hilariously bad defense to blowing timeouts because the Coaches can’t get plays called fast enough, to not being able to get your defensive substitutions figured out, this was a team in disarray….

        But they beat the Niners! WTF?!

      • Paul Cook

        I only brought this up because our D shut down what this commentator said was going to make the 9ers an interesting team to watch the rest of the season.

        • Roy Batty

          No Debo Samuel today.

          He’s become a major part of their rushing attack. Fast, elusive and great vision. He would have been a handful.

        • BobbyK


  4. BobbyK

    Lots of positives. Lots of negatives. But a win is a win, especially against a hated division rival like SF. It was 3 hours I actually enjoyed for the most part.

    I wonder how much Everett had on the 49ers in Vegas? Another example of a waste of $6 million. Instead of Irvin, Olsen, Everett, Mayowa, etc. types – can we please just overpay some OL guy who’s legitimately one of the best at what he does at his position and actually get a good player?

    And WTF was Pete thinking giving up an opportunity to go up by 2 scores? I don’t get that. I didn’t get that even at the time. He got lucky the D bailed him out late. Dunlap hasn’t done much this season, but when you get to the end of games – that guy just simply shows up. Thank goodness.

    Nice to know the Jets lost and our 4th rounder becomes a bit better and to know that our #1 becomes a bit worse for them. Love how the defense ended up winning the game and Jamal was nowhere to be needed. Such a waste.

    • Les Thomas

      To be fair, Everett has been a stud when given a chance before today. I’m fine with signing him, just pissed we haven’t utilized him. Today was Twighlight Zone bad for him…hope it’s an aberration.

      • Roy Batty


        If we jettisoned players who had one horrendous game, we wouldn’t have a single player on the roster. Not a one.

        The guy is a tackle-breaking machine. I would love to see Wilson target Everett consistently against the lowly Texans, especially on a 7-yard crosser or seam route. Hit that man in stride and enjoy the carnage.

        If he shows a turnover pattern next week, bench him. Otherwise, feed him the ball as it only helps everyone else against coverage.

        • BobbyK

          He’s a waste of $6 million before today. Unless “helping” a team to a 3-8 record prior to today is good. I know he didn’t suck before today but I’m tired of millions spent on these guys who really aren’t difference makers. Give me a stud for a lot of money over some overpaid clowns.

          • Roy Batty

            In this league, $6 million isn’t a lot for a starting TE. It may seem like it, but it isn’t. Jimmy Graham is 35, makes $8 million, and he still can’t block.

            And don’t blame the player for bad management of the TE’s. Blame the coaches, the QB and the horrible Oline.

            As for Everett’s horrific night, try to imagine him not making his first two turnovers and how that would have made the game pretty much over by the 4th quarter. He doesn’t have a chronic turnover problem. It was a fluke game. He holds onto the ball like he normally does and his stat line would look fantastic.

            And as for getting a “stud” TE, well then you have to cough up near $15 million a year. Does anyone here want them paying that much for a neglected position group? Does anyone want to take money away from acquiring real, Pro Bowl caliber talent in the trenches? I would love to have a Kittle, Kielce, Henry or Smith, but not unless the Oline is complete. It would be pointless without proper protection.

            The real measure of Everett’s worth will be seen in the next 5 weeks. Does he bounce back and have a strong finish? Will he become a headcase? Will they completely ignore the TE’s, once again, for multiple games?

            I think the Texans, Lions and Bears games give them the chance to put more focus on the TE’s, in general. Get a lead and start scheming them into the flow more often. See what Parkinson can really do. They know Dissly’s worth. They know Everett’s strengths. Let the kid from Stanford have a chance and then they can make an informed decision on the TE group.

  5. Paul Cook

    Imagine if we had lost this game, that the 9ers had tied it on that last play and extra point and then beat us in OT? That fumble on 3rd down by Everett at the goal line would have loomed Godzilla-like huge in retrospect.

    • BobbyK

      If ever there was a guy who looked like he was trying to throw the game…

      • Paul Cook

        No kidding. Worst game of his career? Life? Especially of we had lost?

        I wanted a TD at the end way down there in their territory, but I was going to be just fine with a FG. Just fine. OMG! I couldn’t believe it when he fumbled it. It was in that INT in the SB category for doing the one thing you didn’t want to do there. But of course the stakes were much higher then.

  6. 12th chuck

    well, my guess is pc isn’t getting fired tomorrow

    • STTBM

      He would if I were owner, and he deserves it for blowing all 3 timeouts in the first half due to not having their crap together on offense or defense. That was a fireable offense!

      • Ashish

        They took timeout to avoid delay of game. After time out we had a delay of game. Seriously.

        Pete should leave on winning note tomorrow.

        • Roy Batty

          That penalty was something I never thought I would see happen live on TV.

          Well, that and Green’s 2-point conversion.

        • 12th chuck

          i could swear that’s happened before while pc was coach of the hawks

    • Matthew

      lol even if they lost he’s lot getting fired. You don’t fire a guy in the last half of a seemingly lost season that’s got the resume of PC. It would be ham fisted. He deserves playing out the season no matter what happens. Thankfully the team obviously hasn’t quit on him, and we can end this the best way possible.

      • Jordan E

        Agreed. Yeah PC has been bad this year but he is still a class act and deserves to at least move on after the end of this year. He has been the best coach in Seahawks history. Lets not forget that fans.

      • 12th chuck

        I personally would, your franchise qb is getting hit hard, and BARLEY has time to throw the ball most drop- backs. Not just this year, same as the last few years. They squandered away 60 million last year, threw away 2 MORE 1st round draft picks for a player that isn’t any better than the player that was included in the same trade. I will concede that the players are still playing for pc, but it’s far from the “every blade of grass” mentality

        • CHaquesFan

          How is any of that going to change by firing your coach with 5 games left in the season? Just wait until the offseason and fire him/let him retire.

  7. Peter

    Defense tightened up after a blah start.

    And if this is on pete, waldron, russ, or whomever hats off to the person who realized when you’re run game is stuck you could be a ball control offense through passing.

    Un-game ball: everett, the paper soft oline, and Adams whose presence wasn’t missed.

    Still season mvp: lockett

    • TomLPDX


      • Big Mike


  8. Sean

    Glad to see you doing games for the BBC, Rob. Do you think the NFL will actually expand to London in the next 5-10 years like some people are saying and is would London be remotely viable as an NFL city?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it would’ve happened pre-covid. Now? I think it’s less likely. But major international expansion is coming eventually. The sport has grown so much in the last 15 years over here.

      • Silly Billy

        If the Seahawks didn’t suck this year and get flexed out.. would you have covered this game tonight?

        • Rob Staton

          No — we cover a 9pm (our time) window game

  9. MychestisBeastmode

    Rob, did you see OC Joe Brady got let go by the Panther today?

    • Rob Staton

      I did — we discussed it on the live stream

  10. ElPasoHawk

    Biggest thing to me in this game was Russ taking a ton of the shorter routes he seems to have been bypassing most of this season. I know people will hate this but I’m on the keep the band together wagon and hope they extend Russ, keep Pete, and make some tough decisions on letting older players (Bobby, Duane, etc. ) go and focus their resources on the trenches.

    • BobbyK

      You’re not improving next year without Wagner and Brown – though you may be helping the organization for 2023 and beyond.

      You’re suggesting to focus resources on the trenches, yet you say to get rid of their best OL. I know age is a factor but the OL isn’t getting better next year without Brown back.

  11. Big Mike

    Is there any WR better at adjusting to the ball in flight than Tyler Lockett

    • Roy Batty


      Quandare Diggs.

      • Ty the Guy

        HA! PAY THE MAN! Q Diggs has been far more impactful than Jamal Adams. His acquisition was a classic example of Schneider’s ability to find undervalued assets.

        The Adams trade is proof that desperation breeds destruction.

        Tyler Lockett is a baller and I just wish his teammates would try to model his professionalism.

        • Scot04

          Sadly the Adams deal is likely to cost us players. Diggs/DJ Reed>Adams.
          Once again Neal shows Adams importance. 2nd half no Adams, 49rs kept out of endzone.
          What a waste.

  12. steele

    In a dismal season, this was crazy fun. Felt a little like the old days, didn’t it. If not for the two near-goal line turnovers, obviously it should have been a more comfortable victory.

    • MattyB

      Crazy fun, like the old days – this is why a luv sport – fingers crossed we can win a few more this season to gain momentum for the end of the season and next.

    • Troy

      Hahahahahhahhaha…..(deep breath) hahahahahahahha

      • Roy Batty

        Kinda reminds me of the way McVay looked after dealing with Goff’s goofs.

        Needless to say, this is Jimmy G’s last year as a Niner.

        • GoHawks5151

          His QB is in New England

          • Roy Batty

            I still wonder who made the call on picking Lance over Jones?

            To think of them rolling with Trey Lance next year is just cringe worthy.

            I have a coworker who is absolutely dreading the situation. The kid is raw and will be a turnover machine, unless he has some kind of miraculous Josh Allen off season maturation.

            He won’t.

            • GerryG

              Lets not forget Allen’s remarkable off season came after playing 2 years. Lance isnt even playing. Playing kinda helps in getting better imo

  13. Paul Cook

    Denver needs a QB so bad I would be shocked if they didn’t try to make some kind of big play for an established QB to take the reins of their offense. If RW wants to move on, Denver will come calling, methinks.

    • Roy Batty

      They will need to get in line behind multiple teams with multiple first round picks in 2022.

      The Giants could go all-in by selling the farm with 4 firsts through 2024, and let Russ know he will be in on the hiring of a new HC. That’s a lot of clout and power for a QB. Being traded fo four firsts and change, plus helping guide the future of the franchise. Becoming a hero in NYC would be hard for him to pass up.

      I still believe he stays if Jody Allen reassures him after Pete retires by including him on the HC search. Even as a simple advisor he would still be shown a huge amount of respect.

      • Paul Cook

        Denver could throw in a Bradley Chubb or another player along with a few top picks. That might move the needle

        We know nothing about Jodi Allen and the Hawks ownership group in relation to the Seahawks other than they re-upped PC/JS and empowered them to keep doing what they were doing. For all we know she couldn’t name half the starters on the team. I highly doubt she’s involved much at all in the day to day operations of the team. I think I would have heard of it if she was from local and national sources. We had a tweet last week. Wow.

        It’s almost impossible to speculate what her and the ownership group is thinking now, other than they are probably not happy that they are losing and not making as much money as a result.

        We just have to wait and see.

        • Roy Batty

          I won’t ever fault her for not being a constant presence in the Hawks org. She was handed the leadership of almost all of her brother’s assists. That is a huge undertaking. She was instrumental in Vulcan Inc. becoming the force that it has.

          That being said, she will definitely need to hire an outside presence to help her make some really tough decisions. The day you hear about Vulcan Inc. hiring some professional sports franchise organizational guru is the day you know the shite is going down.

          • Rob Staton

            How do you know she was ‘instrumental’ in Vulcan Inc becoming what it is?

            What even is it? It’s just the company Paul Allen used as part of his moves to buy two sporting franchises.

            • Peter

              Apparently she was the one who convinced Paul Allen to start vulcan and reportedly convinced him it was a great idea to buy the Seahawks, brokered the deal for lumen field, and in Seattle vulcan much to my chagrin heavily developed the real estate in and around the area known as the “denny triangle.”

              Perhaps if she really helped prod Paul Allen into ourchasing the seahawks maybe she really is more involved/a fan of the team and wants them to succeed.

              • Rob Staton

                Where is this coming from?

                Seems a bit, far fetched. Almost implies Paul Allen was virtually disinterested and was cajoled into this. I never got that impression.

                • Peter

                  Convinced is not the word. Advised is more appropriate. But i think that she has a greater concern for sports than people realize. She doesn’t just have the seahawks. She sit’s as the vice chair of “first and goal.” Which umbrellas all of mr. Allen’s teams.

              • Paul Cook

                Do you have links or sources for this? I don’t remember this as being how you (or your sources) said it was here.

                Vulcan is just a holding or umbrella company to conglomerate most of Allen’s business interests, isn’t it?

                • Peter

                  I can’t make the link work on my phone. But it’s a citation from june 11th 1997 by a staff writer of the seattle times.

                  I got it from her wikipedia but there is a verifiable citation link on it.

                  As per vulcan. The two if them started in 1986. Initially to cover charitable giving but it has since morphed into a big arts, science, and real estate entity.

                  I think a lot of fans assime Jody Allen “just got,” the seahaws. Etc. And don’t know they had been partners and collaborators on projects for 30 years.

                  • Paul Cook

                    I know that Jodi Allen has been actively involved in the family business for a long time. But when I think back upon that time I remember it being Paul Allen who called all the big shots about the purchase of the franchise and the building of the stadium and the V-mac and the setting up the front office and bringing in of Holmgren and the like.

                    I don’t know. I think of Paul Allen not Jodi Allen when I think of these things.

                • Paul Cook

                  When PC signed his extension through the 2025 season, I don’t even remember Jodi Allen or the organization making a personal press release about it, something to the effect of…”we are happy to announce signing Pete to a contract extension…blah, blah, blah…and are looking forward to…blah, blah, blah…”

                  It was odd to me how disengaged with the public they were about such an important franchise matter.


                  • Paul Cook

                    The reason why I have been carrying on about this Jodi Allen/Paul Allen thing has much to do with things like the last off season. When the PC and RW thing came to full boil, there wasn’t a *peep* heard from Jodi Allen or the ownership group about it. To me, if you’re heavily involved in the franchise you don’t let something like that get that out of control.

                    I just don’t believe for a minute that Paul Allen wouldn’t have stepped in back then, if not before, and had a long pow-wow about the direction of the franchise at that time.

                  • Peter

                    Paul Allen was one of the best owner’s a fan could have. I think he was 100% responsile for this team’s greatness. Saving it for Seattle. I’m just hoping Jody Allen is more vested than we think. She oversaw the moda center build. And in 2019 there are a decent amount of articles about her enthusiasm for resigning Wilson.

                    The worst thing and the one i am hoping against is that she in fact does not care.

                    As per future owner I see a lot of posts about bezos. But Bezos has never really shown an iota of interest in Seattle or anywhere. The guy i’d look to since he’s crazy is Steve Ballmer.

                  • Paul Cook

                    Paul Allen was a great owner. Saved the franchise from being moved. Made the Clink happen. Built the awesome facility of the V-mac. Brought in effing Mike Holmgren as HC. Then brought in PC/JS which led to the greatest era of Seahawk football.

                    Great owner. Heavily involved. Though not in that Jerry Jones or Mark Cuban kind of way.

  14. Hawks4life

    Really wish we would’ve drafted Javonte Williams

    • Jordan E

      Jonathan Taylor was basically begging to be a Seahawk. That was a worse miss then when we picked Penny over Chubb.

      • Hawks4life

        Taylor would’ve been fantastic as well as chubb, I forsure thought we’d pick Williams after failing to grab them two but honestly wasn’t surprised when we didn’t.

        • Henry Taylor

          Well he was drafted well before we picked so it’s not like they passed on him. Just that they already blew their draft capitol on a box safety.

          • Hawk Finn

            Hawks selected Brooks at #27. Taylor was selected #41. Jamal trade didn’t happen until July.

            • Henry Taylor

              I meant Javonte.

            • CHaquesFan

              referring to Javonte Williams

      • Ashish

        Cred Humphrey as a center and list goes on

  15. Jordan E

    I think not enough blame is getting put on the offense line. Alot if not the majority of issues can be blamed for them. When Russ does have time and has a clean pocket looks like his accuracy is better. Hes constantly rushing things and under insane pressure. Hes been great his whole career. Dont sell low, especially when he has proven track record of success. Keep Russ. Try to get a great QB head coach. Number one thing is to improve the offensive line. Maybe we can resign Duane on a team friendly deal since his play has declined (he is still at least average). We gotta resign or tag Quandre too.

    • IHeartTacoma

      Totally agree. Russell took a beating today. He should be livid, but he’s classier than that.
      The people responsible for fielding this offensive line need to be fired. And I mean the people in charge, not a scapegoat assistant coach.
      On the positive side, nice to see previously marginal players like Penny, Eskridge, Homer, and Neal get more playing time and contribute. And that Peterson kid had a couple nice plays too.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I agree that the offensive line is affecting both passing and running. They need to be better. But this isn’t just a one season problem, the Seahawks have been skimping on the offensive line for years now. Every season they bring in a few new guys, every season the offensive line looks weak. Time for a change.

      • CHaquesFan

        They haven’t been skimping on it. Ifedi was a first rounder, they traded a second for Brown, Lewis is a third rounder, Pocic a second, Jackson was traded for a 5th, and Shell got a moderate contract

        • AlaskaHawk

          Ifedi hasn’t played for the team in years. Lewis is – or was – good. Brown is good but getting old. No one else you mentioned is worth building a team around. Maybe some of the new guys that played last night like Forsyth can step up.

    • GerryG

      How in the living hell can Kyle Fuller continue to get playing time? He had zero business starting yesterday, and if he didnt hurt is ankle I am legitimately wondering if the offense ever gets their crap together. Q1 was abysmal, and he was a big part of that.

      So bizarre how they can be so off with OL self assessment for years now, multiple coaches. Drew Nowak, Soloki, Pocic, Ifedi, Fuller. I am sure I am missing others.

  16. Mick

    Let’s not fool ourselves, we only won because we met a team who’s as messed up as ours. Kudos to the D for the second half, but any decent team would have finished the game in the first half. And if I’m Russ I’m livid about the way the OLine looks.

  17. God of Thunder

    This might’ve been Penny’s best game in a Seahawk’s uniform. It definitely, indubitably was his best game this season. He looked pretty good. And he had a fine block.

    Eskridge had his best game (not saying much) as a pro. He sidestepped defenders twice. I’d still rather have Creed H.

    Everett, yikes! It can barely get worse.

    • GoHawks5151

      That game vs Minnesota a couple years ago after the Eagles game was Penny’s best stretch of football. He looked good today. I will say you hardly see NFL RBs reverse field and get outside with the regularity Penny does. He does have another gear when he needs it. Fighting to stay in the league though

    • DC

      Penny definitely showed his shiftiness and acceleration and why he has very enticing talent, if only he could stay healthy and they not try to use him to run up the gut.

    • jujus


      Penny went for 9.0 YPC, 1td 108 yards on 12 runs in a loss to the LA RAMS.

      I remember him being electric and hyped af for him after that game.

      Do you think this week was better then that performance?

  18. RyanL

    Not sure if confirmation bias, beer, or what… But Stone actually looked serviceable at RT from what I saw. I didn’t watch every snap twice, but did on important plays and he seemed to do okay against Bosa on the edge and drove Armstead back at least once on short yardage. Since he was a specialist and spent most his time at LT in college I did not think it would go that well. That experience can only help him going forward.

    But, since I was spending all my time watching Stone, I didn’t see how Curhan did at LG. Both out of position but didn’t look rattled.

    • Hawkdawg

      Curhan struggled on inside power rushes. Might be better at RT, but we won’t know that for awhile…

    • Mick

      If Stone’s a LT and Curhan RT, why did they play reversed?

      • Big Mike

        I think though I’m not sure, Curhan played G and Forsythe played RT. I know wherever Curhan was he got destroyed on one play. I am looking forward to seeing their PFF grades. Forsythe may have at least been serviceable.

        • Rob4q

          I saw Curhan get blown up on 1 play for sure, but I also saw him hold his own a few times. And Forsythe got help on almost every pass play from a RB or a chip from a TE. But he did okay for sure…and the Niners have a really good DL too.

          Now Duane Brown seemed a step slow on a lot of plays and also had a false start, then looked like he tried to blame Russ for it! I know he’s supposedly our best OL, but man he’s not played great this season.

  19. Gross MaToast

    Jimmy Garoppolo would be hard pressed to win the Halftime Dr Pepper Scholarship Challenge. Not saying he couldn’t beat some people, but it’s not a slam dunk. Everyone with the 49er organization involved in the Trey Lance decision should never work in football again – although I wouldn’t mind having Shanahan as an OC.

    Interesting how poor QBs make some pretty decent offensive minds look bad – who could have imagined that Joe Brady wasn’t going to ride first round talents Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Darnell to a couple of Super Bowls? Without Brees, even Sean Payton is, meh. Nagy in Chicago is not an idiot, but the Red Rocket isn’t going to save anyone’s job. The Seahawks cannot let RW walk out the door without one of either Rogers or Watson coming back. His leaving means they have re-entered that very special hell where Clipboard Jesus seems like a good idea.

    This win should not change anyones views on what the Seahawks need to do moving forward. Even if he manages to rally the team to a 9-8 finish, Pete should be congratulated for the season and the team then move forward with new leadership. Nothing good is coming out of this current regime, particularly if the status quo is simply reinforced. These guys cannot x infinity be allowed to either draft or sign another free agent class again. The people responsible for this roster should never work in football again. And we know who that is.

    Also, Rashaad Penny – he looks like one of those players from the 50s – basically just guys with big butts and guts and no real muscle definition that didn’t some from some physical labor in the offseason – maybe a Marlboro dangling from their lips as they line up to run the next play. If he wants a career beyond this season, he should follow DK around for the next nine months and do everything DK does and then do it again. He looked like Roger Bannister crossing the finish line after the first four-minute mile, conquering the peak of human endurance, when he pulled himself following the 20 yard dash today.

    Finally, does anyone know if the Oline either practices regularly or has any kind of makeshift plan going into a game? Just curious.

    • Big Mike


    • Luis Guilherme

      I’ll take old jerk diva Rodgers, sure. But I wouldn’t want Watson even in a try out, until he clears his name and is proved innocent, which is not happening (at least, not soon).

  20. Mick

    After watching the highlights again, it’s amazing what a game Lockett had and how awful of a day Everett got.

  21. GoHawksDani

    Can we talk about the 4&6 fake punt in our own territory? Izzo has something on Pete? Or did someone held down Pete while they called that play? One of the most uncharacteristingly ballsy move at least in recent years from this team 😮

    • Big Mike

      I think that was planned all week. I believe they saw on film study that the 9ers line up too many men on their left side, likely to set up blocks for the return making it pretty easy for us to seal their right/our left.

      • Robert M

        If memory serves, that’s more or less right – they identify a look in the other team’s punt coverage that is exploitable and if they see that look, the call is automatic. They’ve run a fake punt late in a blow out win, I think that’s where Pete discussed it.

        • GoHawksDani

          Yeah, I guess you’re right, but still. It’s super early and deep in their own territory…didn’t think PC has the guts to go with something like this

  22. Big Mike

    If he ever got the chance for a couple of seasons, Gardner Minshew could be at least a mid-level starting QB in the NFL.
    And yes, I’m biased cuz I’m a Coug fan but he looked good overall for Jax last year and again yesterday (admittedly vs. the Jets).
    No I don’t want him to replace Russ. Just throwing it out.

  23. Peter

    As the season winds down and uncertainty is still everywhere these are my current thoughts:

    1. PC retires. Seattle trades no one and hopefully uses two picks from 2-4 round on center and guard. Wilson is obviously aging and yes gives up too many sacks. The oline has been a years long problem and the best way to get a run game going and help Wilson to win moving forward us an oline. Which sucks because there are a lot of defensive players in this draft that caught my eye.

    2. I’m probably going to puke a little in my mouth if Seattle trades Wilson and spends any of that (all of it?) To trade for Rodgers or Watson. Rodgers is great…duh….but he is in football terms A LOT older than Wilson. Would probably require nearly all of the Wilson picks or most of them to get him and any problems on this team would still be here.

    3. Rationally i think trading DK is the best move. I get Wilson won’t like it. When DK is on he’s amazing. I don’t know about paying him 20+ million a year to a guy who I think will never dog-it but is never quite taking over games the way it seems he could. Also i think the WR is way out of whack relative to how much a WR can change a team in terms of wins and losses.

    4. I like maulers over technicians on oline. And prefer defense to offense more so now that the game has become pretty goofy. To that end my new favorite player in the draft. In a position no one but me cares about….

    Darrian Beavers, LB, cincinatti. 6-4, 255lb. Started out as a safety. Covers like a much much faster Wright. Tackles to send a message. Has very good pass rush skills having played a light weight DE. And has that edge of someone totally overlooked having been a skinny WR in h.s. Butkus Finalist.

    • Jordan E

      Im with ya Peter. All except the trade for DK. Maybe trade him when he is on his contract year and if he demands to be #1 paid in the league. Any elite WR will demand money nowadays. Even mid-tier WRs will require 12+ M/Year. One DK is better than a mid-tier WR plus an aging vet (8-10M).

      DK is capable of producing and has the tools to be a top 5 WR. Plus he is super young. All of our opponents discuss how they fear DK. Yeah, hes a firey guy, but Hawks were also at their best when they had guys who were willing to fight and talk smack (e.g., Lynch, Sherm, Doug, M. Bennett). Let’s not forget how violent football is as a sport and how you need ‘Dogs’ to win.

      We cannot miss out on offensive linemen… No more cheap crap deals offered to olinemen. We need to bring one or two elite ones.

      • Peter

        Love DK. And do not want to trade him. Just coming to terms that if they trade him tjis year another team gets him in his rookie deal which might mske him more appealing.

        Again do not want to trade him just thinking it might make sense.

        It’s super boring but if no one gets traded ad pete is still here i want the best center and guard probably back to back in round two and three.

        Not some “well he’s more of a late second round pick…..” none of thst. That’s great when the team is great to pick thst way. Unless it’s a much better dlinemen or corner. Even if it’s ,and this breaks my heart, a great running back vs. a very good but not great center/guard. I sm going with the oline

  24. Denver Hawker

    The Chiefs/Broncos game was maddening to watch as an SDB follower.

    Chiefs rebuilt their line on the fly starting Creed and Trey Smith. The latter is graded 77 as a starter this year and picked after Stone Forsyth. Joe Thuney with a ho-hum grade at 75-76.

    Broncos of course starting Javonte Williams who finally got a full workload, Quinn Meinerz, and Baron Browning.

    Broncos are a solid QB away from contention and Chiefs are right back to form.

    • Peter

      I could see Elway and co. trading for Rodgers. The Afc west is a tough out but they do feel like a qb away.

      I don’t know what dark arts the chiefs are doing but it’s really starting to bother me. Qb on a monster contract? No worries, we will just use the draft to stay in contention. It’s sort of like we should have been doing that for the last five years.

      • Rob4q

        I get what you are saying and there are plenty of misses on the OL for the Seahawks, but in fairness Trey Smith will never play OT and had his own issues that caused him to fall in the draft. They needed to draft an OT and only had 3 picks so they identified Forsythe and then made sure to get him. He didn’t look bad yesterday in limited snaps and getting some help, so there’s hope there!

        Yeah, not drafting a OC or a RB like Williams or Taylor sure looks dumb now…especially when the last couple of drafts had quality at those positions! I really wonder if two decisions made differently could have had a huge impact on the Seahawks this season – drafting Williams at RB and signing Alex Mack to play OC. Having a vet OC who can still play and make the calls to get the OL straight would have helped this OL a ton. And then a RB like Williams who breaks tackles and runs through contact…wow, could have solved a ton of problems.

        Seems like Rob was advocating for something like that for a long time…

  25. Henry Taylor

    If we were to trade Wilson to the Eagles for their 3 1sts and a QB.

    Would you prefer Hurts or Minshew?

    I think as far as stop gap QBs they both offer the potential to at least be more fun than a Bridgewater or Dalton.

    • Denver Hawker

      I’ve seen some discussion among Philly folks on this topic, often cited with Roseman’s longtime interest in Wilson stemming from the draft.

      No consensus opinions on whether this is good for the Eagles (current state) or not- I’d argue not.

      However, I think if you’re going to rosterbate on it, 2 R1s in 2022 plus players is probably more likely (perhaps picked in 2023 as well). Eagles would need to shed cap somehow also so would need to toss in players. Dillard has been mentioned in a couple places over there.

      I’d much prefer Hurts for a Pete-style team. Minshew does nothing for me.

      • Scot04

        Yes likely their top two 1sts this year, a QB, a player like dillard and possibly an additional 2023 1st. I also can’t see all three 1sts coming this year.
        Really though I think it depends where all 3 of thos picks are at when the season ends.
        Hopefully we won’t have to worry about it and Wilson will be staying.

        • JimQ

          An Eagles trade proposal I worked up, I think this would be fair value on both sides, but may be a little bit optimistic, but then, the Eagles have the ammo & do need a true franchise QB. I could live with something like this or some variation – post June to minimize Cap hit of course. I’d hate losing RW, but if he wants out, …… so be it. IMO- 3 firsts are perhaps a little too much for RW, but 2 firsts & 2 seconds and change sounds about right in the real world, however, this to me represents the -MINIMUM- that the Seahawks should accept in any upcoming RW trade.

          –QB-Russell Wilson, & C-Ethan Posic (yea!) Toss in Collier the never active DT (double yea!) – for free.

          FROM EAGLES:
          –QB-Gardner Minshew; A Stop gap, game manager, placeholder until they find better – Substitute Hurts if you see him as a better option.
          –C-Jason Kelce, they drafted his replacement last year = expendable? Maybe he has a couple yrs. left?
          –1 2022 1-st. round pick (we’ll want their highest of 3)
          –1 2022 2-nd. round pick,
          –1 2023 1-st. round pick, (A new rookie QB coming in this draft?)
          –1 2023 2-nd. round pick,
          –1 2023 3-rd round pick (Minshew) or a 6-th. round pick (Hurts) – being the traded QB.
          This sounds to me like a fare enough –value trade– for both sides, but again, this is a minimum trade.

          • Matt

            Eagles get: RW
            Seahawks get: Minshew. 2022: two 1sts, one 4th. 2023: one 1st, one 3rd. 2024: one 2nd.

            While the 2022 draft looks terrible – I think you have to get two of their 1sts in this year. The big reason is that you absolutely know what those picks will be.

            Punting anything into 2023 and beyond is a complete crap shoot. I’m fine with trading those 2022 1st rounders for future picks, but I’d like that to be under the Seahawks control rather than simply hoping the Eagles suck in 2023.

  26. Scot04

    Sorry guys needed to do a little Adams venting.
    I remember may on Twitter saying the Adams trade was fine because both picks would be low 1sts.
    Well i was thinking how the 49rs traded two future 1sts with pick #12 to get up to pick #3
    So with our pick currently at #4 would that be similar to trading our assumed lower 1st plus two future 1sts.
    So if our pick stays top 5 wouldn’t that be similar to a Lance trade only much worse.
    In other words we basically gave up Four 1sts & a 3rd plus a player for Adams and a 4th.
    It’s like Rob said if we truly wanted Adams they should have traded for him before the draft; so we knew atleast what the value of the 1st two picks were.
    If Russ was severely injured last season it could have been two high picks.
    (To me this only proves Rob’s point of what a true desperation trade it actually was.)
    And now his contract will likely cost us one or two quality players this offseason.
    Atleast beating the 49rs helped for a day.

    • Rob Staton

      Whatever the value, it was a horrendous, desperate trade by a franchise that had lost its way.

      For discussing this properly I received a ton of abuse.

      Don’t get that same abuse now…

      • Scot04

        Definitely sorry you had to go through that.
        I didn’t understand the trade even before the compensation was announced.
        Your right ups after were spot on, and greatly appreciated.
        I will never understand how anyone could have thought this was a great trade; or evena good one. Epecially after the compensation was announced.

      • Big Mike

        See his 28.9 PFF grade in cha’s post below…..

    • cha

      Bob Condotta
      Seahawks top 5 defensive grades via PFF: Dunlap (76.1), Mone (70.2), Ford (69.7), Mayowa (69.7), Jones (66.3). Dunlap’s came on just 7 snaps but he had a sack for safety and the batted pass in those snaps. Bottom 3: Amadi (28.8), Adams (28.9), Hyder (34.0).

      • Rob Staton

        What a trade

        • TomLPDX

          The gift that keeps on giving!

          • bmseattle

            On top of everything, the guy had 2 badly injured shoulders last season.
            I’ve been concerned that injured shoulders never really fully heal… especially when your job is to use them to tackle and hit people.
            It could be a big reason why we see him turn down contact at times, especially at the goal line.
            He likely knew his shoulder(s) was a ticking time bomb.

            • Tomas

              He may never be the same … thinking Brian Bosworth, though no evidence Adams is a steroid user. Shoulders are tricky, and “ticking time bomb” is likely an apt description.

  27. TomLPDX

    Looks like Oregon lost it’s coach. Cristobal going to Miami on a 10 year, $80M deal.

  28. Malc from PO

    I really enjoyed that we were willing to let the game get messy and chaotic and then control that better than the Niners. I hope that was a deliberate tactical response to all the losses we’ve had trying to make the game predictable, and the coaching staff realising we don’t have the OL and DL talent to do that. I think we have the difference makers to come out ahead in messy games, and I hope we play that way moving forward particularly against the Rams and Cardinals.

    • Scot04

      I noticed DL coach Hurts on the sidelines with headsets on. I wonder if that was part of the improvement & if he will again be on the field for the remainder of the season.

  29. Matt

    While I’d like to see us keep RW – I think he’s gone. So here’s my rebuild plan – the idea is to punt in 2022 by building the trenches and letting young guys take their lumps. 2023 is the puzzle is all together. 2024 is when you are competing for the playoffs/more:

    Eagles get: RW
    Seahawks get: Minshew. 2022: two 1sts, one 4th. 2023: one 1st, one 3rd. 2024: one 2nd.

    Seahawks trade DK Metcalf for two 1sts.

    Picks: 2022: 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 4
    Picks 2023: 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 3, 4
    Picks 2024: 1, 2, 2

    Highest R1: Best Pass Rusher or LT. Premium position, Premium talent. Can’t mess around with this one. If neither are available – then you get the best game changing talent that’s not a WR, LB (non-pass rusher), RB, TE.
    Second R1: Trade Down and target an interior OL or a CB.
    Third R1: Interior OL or CB – depending on what you did with the previous pick.
    R2: DL
    R3: John Metchie (value pick bc of the ACL)
    R4: OL/DL

    2022 Goal: Load up in the trenches and grab one playmaking CB – this is a nice draft (I’d love to see McDuffie or Gordon)

    2023 Goal: Draft Bryce Young (whatever you need to trade) and a game changing RB.

    Wishful thinking, of course – but I think what you have here would be very exciting and more importantly, lays out a rational plan to play a particular style. I think you have to punt on QB in 2022, sans a mid round flyer, but the focus should be on building the most dominant set of trenches you can. All those guys get playing time and in essence you are setting up a rookie QB to enter in 2023 and have a roster that can protect that player. Most people scoff at a high end RB, but I’d love to have such a player so that we can lean on the run game.

    All of this would build towards a real playoff contender in 2024.

    I think Bryce Young is the guy that you can really build around. Of course, life is easy at Alabama, but he has a lot of fantastic traits to succeed. He seems to process the game very well, while having a live arm and good mobility. Simply put – I think he could be the perfect QB for the modern day NFL.

    • Peter

      Edit: posted my reply indstead of replying to your post. Apologies.

    • GoHawksDani

      Sorry but that is too much for those 2.
      DK might net a late 1st, but I think a mid 2nd is more likely.
      Russ won’t return 3xR1, 1xR2, 1xR3, 1xR4 and a player. Probably 3xR1 and a player or 2xR1, 1xR2, 1xR3

  30. Peter

    The only thing slightly disagree about….

    Is the part where you say game changing talent that is not “wr, lb, rb, te.” I kind of agree with three of those but contrary to reports of the positions demise I do think as the game changes freaky LB’s are going to be valuable. Guys thst can do regular LB stuff plus have superb coverage skills and some pass rush.

    The other tweak for me is you say ” if none of position x is available then go for position y….” nothing agsinst you’re ambitious but well crafted post is, just for me, positional/board value is irrelevant with this team. If their picks were high to middle round firsts but the best center is “only,” worth a high second and the team can’t deal the pick a little bit is the team really in a position to pass on players because the value isn’t right?

    Not for me. Especially with oline. If they do this crazy trade i want the best olinemen they can get. Not “well he’s good but is more pick 28 good or is he really pick 17 good.” Do. Not. Care. This line is trash.

    • Matt

      I agree with all of that.

      My intention isn’t for them to get cute; it’s more of the idea that mid-late R1 seem to be sweet spots for iOL. And I’m really talking in context of a top 10 pick. If you’re at 17-20; absolutely no reason to get cute.

      • Peter

        Makes sense. For me that’s where the DK trade works. Pick 15 on down in the first round to hopefully get the best guard or center they can.

  31. cha

    Offense PFF

  32. Pran

    Just like that, Patriots are taking AFC for 100th time.

    • BobbyK

      I’ve always hated the Patriots, but I like them without Brady. I’d be perfectly fine with them winning the Super Bowl. We know it won’t be our Seahawks.

  33. TJ

    Interesting comments about Jody Allen at the end of this video.

  34. GlastoHawkUK

    There couldn’t have been a better game caller for that match than Kevin Harlan. Such a fun game, the Football equivalent of an Advent calendar, want to watch the replay every day up to Christmas

    • Rob Staton

      Well described

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