Instant reaction live stream: Seahawks defeat Lions


  1. BobbyK

    Take that, Jets!

    Moving forward, I would say right tackle is our best position when you factor in productivity and salary cap spaced needed for that player. Curtain is the real deal. That guy is a masher in the run game and while he’ll never be Walter Jones in pass pro, I think he’ll be good enough in that area to be an overall really good offensive tackle in the NFL.

    • BobbyK

      Stupid spell check… Curhan, Curhan, Curhan, not frickin’ curtain.

      • Big Mike

        Agree Bobby. Guy seems like a real find.

    • Elmer

      I wonder about Forsythe’s potential. Agree about Curran.

  2. 12th chuck

    this d we have is so terrible, I wouldn’t be able to handle another season under pc/ knjr.

  3. Denver Hawker

    I would love to see what Fangio can do with this defense. He doesn’t tolerate any divas though- him and Jamal would be interesting pair.

  4. Gross Amon Ra St. MaToast

    This game was (largely) just a nice marker for the end of an era. That’s all it should be.

    Hopefully Jody Allen realizes that and makes the necessary moves.

  5. Rob Staton

    BTW — apologies for no instant reaction article today

    I was hosting the national radio coverage in the UK of Cardinals @ Cowboys so didn’t see a single snap from the Seahawks game

    • TomLPDX

      Don’t you just hate how work gets in the way of fun every single time! Just kidding.

      The offense looked good and DK stopped pouting after his 3rd touchdown. Eskridge still couldn’t make a play and Penny was lights out! What a game for Penny!

      The D, well, they still suck, but at least we didn’t have to watch Bobby and his walker in the middle of the field. (I love Bobby but I can still needle him! Hope he is ok).

    • Big Mike

      No biggie. Not like it was a meaningful game anyway

    • God of Thunder

      Spoiler! Seahawks won big!

  6. Ashish

    One more week before the change? I hope the decision is made in favor of keeping Russ and at least let Pete and ken are let go immediately. Nor sure about John.

    • Don

      Yes, Kick John out also. His draft picks from 2015- present were terrible, with very few players ever reaching the level of talent equal to the round they were selected. Just the last trade of throwing two first round picks for Adams should make one question his discussion making skills.

      • Don Logan

        Agree. Pete out, Schneider out, keep Russell, rebuild OL and defense. Yes! Yes! Yes!

        • God of Thunder

          Presumably Ms. Allen knows who made the final decision on draft choices and the trade for Adams?

          If it was Pete, he must go. Arguably he must go anyway.

          If it was John S., he must go.

          • JimQ

            Maybe the PC/JS’s “scouting department” is crap? Evaluation of talent hasn’t been at even league average for the last few years. Also, I have to wonder if PC/JS perhaps don’t always really listen to their scouts and go with their own thoughts and prejudice’s? The cure? Coaching staff change needed.
            It’s time to join the “modern” NFL game, (with or without RW), and thank PC for his “prior” service as he enters retirement – Next week.

  7. L80

    Brooks was flying around out there playing Mike. Bye Bobby, or take a gigantic pay cut.

    Ken Norton, the door has your ass in it’s sites, GTFO with your soft zone and if it’s Pete’s soft zone, y’all kind ride tamden straight the F**k outta here.

    Penny, too bad it’s in a contract year but he really never got right after that late season horrific knee injury, he looks right now however, running tough.

    • Starhawk29

      I was at the game so I may have missed some details, but it looked to me like he was still at OLB with Barton at Mike.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        That’s how I saw it too with Barton at Mike. And the LBs looked fine, good at times, and did not look like a noticeable downgrade sans BWagz.

        I love Bobby. It’s time to shift resources to younger, cheaper, faster. Even if it comes at the cost of losing his experience and leadership.

        • L80

          Yeah my bad on the Mike designation. He did play there a few snaps however, and his quickness looked a lot like Wagner 10 years ago. Barton played decent as well.

  8. Gross MaToast

    Forgot that the announcers mentioned during the game that Pete told them he viewed today as the first game of the 2022 season – that it started today. He has no apparent plans to leave.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m sure he has no plan to move forward without Wilson either.

      And Wilson will have other ideas

      • Gross MaToast

        The warning shot that Russ fired in the press conference about this perhaps being his last home game in Seattle, but not in the NFL, left little doubt that he has zero interest in the status quo.

        Honestly, I have so little faith in the Pete/JS that whatever package they manage to wrangle for RW hardly seems to matter because I fully believe they will fritter away most of it on trade-downs, reaches and being far too cute with whatever their pick is, more interested in surprise than need.

    • Big Mike

      I’m sure he’s fired up for another season. 🙄
      I wonder how fired up he’ll be with Drew Locke at QB or Sam Darnold or….

    • BA

      This has been my concern since early in the season. They’ve done the bare minimum necessary to feed Pete’s delusions with some blowout wins against bad teams and there’s continued inaction from ownership. I’m concerned Pete digs his heels in, a tired and disengaged Russ buys in to another offseason of empty promises, and we get the exact same thing next year. Hope I’m wrong

    • Ashish

      I fear the same. Jody the owner should say thank you Pete for your service you resign or you are fired. Russ i believe kick started the conversation Jody should read the tea leaves.

  9. Mick

    Glad we got the win, didn’t make stupid mistakes, D looked good, all weapons got involved in the O. But we don’t play the Lions every week. Give me 51 points against the Packers and I’ll be enthusiastic.

    • Seattle Person

      I think the defense looked ok but mostly looked how they did all season. In the first quarter, they were great. The Lions’ QB missed a lot of throws most QBs would make. I don’t know if he’s the QB 2 or the QB 3 but he was still able to pick us apart at times. The middle of the field is still a big time concern. St. Brown was really good and tore us a new one. He’s a promising young WR but he’s not Cooper Kupp. He looked a lot like him today…There were some individual stand outs today on defense but it’s a very iffy defense regardless of what the stats indicate or rank us.

      • Hoberk Unce

        The defense was terrible. They gave up 29 to one of the worst offensive teams in the league starting a back-up QB.

  10. Whit21

    This team is in trouble..

    If you move on from PC AND JS.. Or just PC.. you have to hit a home run on who you bring in.. You have maybe 6 guys on defense that you can work with that look porimising.. everyone else is vets..

    -ugo amadi is lost in man to man coverage.. couldnt even run straight with the ball without fumbling..

    -jordyn brooks still struggles in coverage and gave up that ridiculous facemask for first n goal

    -no real talent on the bench at CB.. reed can be a #2.. but no #1 on the roster..

    -darrell taylor is the only flashy dline player thats not old… eveyone else beside carlos dunlap, is just a guy..

    -Cody Barton and jordyn brooks showed you how bad bobby wagner has been as a vet.. they had coverage issues.. but both double teamed tackles at the LOS multiple times… showed some potential there…

    I still think they need to pick RW over PC… but if they dont knock ot out of the park.. there still isnt enough talent here to realistically compete next year..

    The deciding factor has to be watching the Jets pick twice in the top 10… 5 years of piss poor drafts and having an overpaid safety that hasnt played a whole season… MUST be the end…

    • Seattle Person

      The offense with a solid trio of WRs, they can resign/should Everett. Ditto about RB. I have no idea what they’re going to do or should do there. But for the Oline:

      1) Please get a legit Center. This team needs one that’s at least in the top 10 or 15 in the league.
      2) Please pursue a younger option at LT. You can’t justify paying this season’s version of Brown.
      3) Guards seem fine but I argue we should move Lewis back to the right side.

      For the defense, you’re right…It’s a mess. Where do we start? Our D-line needs help. Our FS, both CB spots are FAs, and our MLB is aging and regressing.

      If there is any consolation, like Rob have mentioned before this draft is not pretty in the first round. You should be able to find a good player in the top 2nd and 3rd rounds that might have equal talent.

  11. Mike

    Watching penny play the last few weeks it makes me sad we never got to see him and carson as a 1/2 punch.

    Would of been Pete’s dream of remaking Reggie bush/lendale white.

    That Vikings game a couple years ago where they both had great games was one of my favorites. We need to get a consistent running game again.

  12. Peter


    Not like you don’t have enough to do but…

    Maybe a breakdown of seahawks FA’s?

    Specifically DK. I know he is not a FA yet. But he feels like an important conversation. Adrift player. Frankly doesn’t seem dominate. But when you look at the stats they are eye popping. Sign, trade, tag? What’s next for him?

    • Sea Mode

      We can analyze their performance and what kind of contract they might fetch, but it’s really hard to discuss who we should actually keep until it’s clear what the plan is with JS, PC, RW.

      • Peter

        You’re not off but we should all remember that while we feel the pc/russ drama is the highest of priorities for the other players whether they are making 500k and incentives, blowing up like penny, or in metcalf’s case a possible top three WR….the players probably care about their next contracts as much as we care about the drama unfolding.

        Further this just validates the need to get this squared next week.

        Metcalf is fascinating either way though since his cost vs. value vs. trade are all options that could be fleshed out regardless of who is in control. Regardless who is in control he is still going to cost a ton and there’s the odd wrinkle that it seems like he doesn’t want to play with Russ yet puts up great numbers with him.

  13. Mike

    Also I agree with rob chandler Jones would be a great signing, or bring back clowney, maybe frank Clark gets cut. A bigger end on the other side of Taylor would be so good for the defense.

  14. Rob Staton

    I’ve watched the game in condensed mode.

    I have no idea what Detroit was doing defending the run. Appalling discipline.

    I thought Seattle’s defense were too easy to play against, as they have been all year.

    Wilson, to me, looked sharper but was admittedly playing a weak opponent.

    Enjoyed the Darrell Taylor hit as probably my favourite play of the game.

    • cha

      As is tradition, nobody is talking about how Cody Barton filled in for Bobby Wagner and at times it could be argued he and Brooks were a fairly effective combo.

      • RugbyLock

        Have to agree with your assessment there Cha.

    • Scot04

      Like Detroits HC said. It wasn’t that Seattle ran the ball so well, as much as they played bad, undisciplined run defense.

      • Rob Staton


    • Sea Mode

      That Taylor smack was tasty! 😋

  15. Roy Batty

    The game was fun to watch, but I have to be “that guy”.

    The Lions were severely depleted, looking clueless, at times, on defense. Guys out of position. Guys lacking true starter ability. Guys hanging their heads all over the place. Just a demoralized group. It’s fun to watch our side destroy such an epileptic squad, but it did the exact thing I thought it would: embolden Pete Carroll even more.

    I’m hoping Allen had already made up her mind prior to this game, not letting the flogging of a downtrodden team sway her. I guess the Cards game will be a good measuring stick. If they play this soft zone type of defense against a Kyler Murray team looking to secure the #2 seed, then it could get ugly. Wilson and the offense would have to have a near flawless night against a much, much better defense in order to keep up.

    But, in the short term, I will happily enjoy this beat-down.

  16. Sean

    It was nice to see Russ not missing easy throws. It looks like he is continuing to get his touch back. He did miss a couple, but still looking better.

    On Penny, I am still not convinced he could be useful in a Pete Carroll offense. Yes, he can run fast through enormous holes that occur vs. really bad teams. But we don’t run an offense that usually creates those gaps vs decent teams. He has so many games the last few years where he seems not to see the hole or goes down at first contact. I think he broke a couple tackles vs the bears, but other than that, he looks like the same guy. If we had a scheme that could use his talents, then great, but we have not shown we can do it. We should not resign him if the plan continues to be running between the tackles.

    • Peter

      Penny was fun to watch. But he’s also the same guy who ran seven carries for seven yards against jax.

    • cha

      Just some facts:

      Penny’s 3 big games in 2021:

      vs Houston (32nd ranked run D)

      vs Chicago (24th ranked run D)

      vs Detroit (28th ranked run D)

      Two games with more than 10 carries where he did very little:

      vs LA Rams (6th ranked run D)

      vs San Fran (10th ranked run D)

      • bmseattle

        Penny is quick and fairly elusive, but he’s just not a guy who is going to grind out tough yards against a defense that clogs up the running game.
        Give him some space and he is a big threat to make a move and get a big run.
        He isn’t going to break tackles or get you the tough 3 yards on a play that should have been a 1 yard loss.

      • Big Mike

        Appreciate the breakdown cha. Do not be fooled Seahawks. Do not re-sign this guy

  17. cha

    Adam Schefter apparently assumed the Seahawks had lost to Detroit.


    • bmseattle

      How in the world did the Jets lose to the Bucs?
      The Giants should be “ahead” of them in the draft order today.

    • 12th chuck

      maybe a loss to arizona?

  18. rick earp

    well they looked pretty good against THE LIONS ,now PC is thinking all is not lost with the s hawks but it is .WE need just a few twecks here and there but sadly this is not the case with this team.Please do something with PC and is old school way its not working any more every team knows whats coming,just saying

  19. cha

    PC Show on 710

    Salk being insufferable in his runup comments. He’s trying to frame the debate still as ‘does Russ want to play the run to set up the pass game. This is successful so it’s just what Russ wants’.

    [q] What got into the running game yesterday? “Extension of going back to Houston, last few weeks run very well and blocked well. Emergence of Penny.”

    [q] AP impacts Penny, what new or improved? “Uptick in everything. All movement in practice field. Flying around, taking snaps serious. Not knocking what did before, but everything stepped up. Play where Penny hops over LOS, never seen that before, we talked about it. Showed up in game. Overall feel.”

    [q] Good comp for Penny? “Both runners in Indy are fast guys, quick in whole, getting to next level. Escape issues other guys get caught up in.”

    [q] Quick feet, good size? “Subtlety to him. Very quick. Weaves through second layer of defense. Bounces right off guys. Juked safety with ease. 236lbs. Big load. Couple with speed making impact.”

    [q] Predict health moving forward? “Looking at all indicators. All information get a sense for it. Guys come back from major injury, issues with other parts of body. Balance part of recovery. Get to workout phase, full speed reactions, body responds if you’re out of balance.”

    [q] Run game helps Russell and offense? “Run the FB, play pass of same actions, help each other. Russ pick away at it, keeping game going. Bootleg pass off run game, makes them softer slower to respond.”

    [q] Helped OL as well? “Of course. Guys blocking really well. LOS solid and consistent left or right side. Adapted to new running stuff put in this year, take adv. Saw with Collins, Penny picked up taken it to extreme. Consistency.”

    [q] Move pocket, what do for Russ? “Was. Bunch of keepers, got out on edge. Away from trouble. Gives him freedom to see field, make plays.”

    [q] Russ reports, play elsewhere next year? “(laughs) I don’t mess with em. I don’t have to. I know what’s going on. I don’t have to follow somebody’s agenda to create and stir stuff up. Go about it after the season. It doesn’t affect me.”

    [q] Bobby? “Sprained knee. Slipped and did splits, torque on knee. No major damage. Sprained knee capsule. All will be about swelling. A little bit of swelling. Not a serious injury. No surgery. Take him a bit.”

    [q] Not next week? “I don’t know yet.”

    [q] How awesome is Bobby? Meant to organization? Leadership? [cha ed – I just cant]

    [q] Young LBs yesterday? “Cody jumped in did nice job. Played best he’s played. Downhill, on attack. Jordyn playing really well.”

    [q] Darrell Taylor one play jumps out hits like that? “Natural athlete, quick, striking ability. Classic shoulder punch hit. New game without helmet. Perfect illustration. Slashing off backside, saw opp, took great shot. Explosive player.”

    [q] Three questions on John Madden? [cha ed – we already spent an entire press conf talking about Madden last week]

    [q] Most important characteristic of modern coach? “Authentic, genuine. You’ll get found out if you don’t have your act together. Comfortable with who you are, confident to go for it. Ability to relate to coaches and players. Understand what you represent to fans and players. Clear cut approach. Can’t be a hodgepodge of people you work with. Mainline of consistency be there. Know what you’re getting.”

    [q] How much time in your break from coaching was focused on X’s and O’s? “Most important thing getting my act together. Helping others excel. X’s and O’s not most important thing. Plenty of brains out there. Guys can put that together. Get it to fit, but without philosophy doesn’t matter much.”

    [q] Effort level yesterday? “Championship effort. Locker room, pregame, guys really on board to go for it. Expected to play well. Carried out. Just like in playoffs. Prepare for all year, end of season. Let’s play like we are in playoffs. Lost a couple mins in Chicago game, but playing well overall. Houston game, our running game. Will play hard in Arizona, win going out.”

    [q] Scorigami? “No it’s not that important. Dave Pearson pass message. Couldn’t do it.”

    [q] Penny sidestep? “Really fun to see.”

    • Peter

      I’ll spare salk. Every QB plays better with a good run game.

      His framing is pathetic. Crying baby voice: does russ want to play the run to set up the pass?

      Sure, salk, sure. But where is the run game when not feasting on bottom of the league run defenses. What did salk say about playing the run when seattle totalled 34 yards on the ground a few weeks backs.

      • RugbyLock

        Well, Salk does have a highly inflated opinion about himself I would say so you’re probably correct.

  20. Blitzy the Clown

    Several interesting/annoying tidbits from Carroll’s post gamepresser.

    Q:You’ve said all along how important the need for balance is for your offense and what you want to do. How has the last 4 games [inaudible] kind of illustrate that…

    A: I don’t really need to show you guys, but that’s what it looks like.

    Uh, yeah Pete, you do really need to show us. Isn’t that what it all comes down to, showing us in games that your offensive strategy works by winning games?

    Q: How much does this reaffirm the blueprint here, especially offensively…

    A: Hey you guys, you be the judge of that. I don’t have to reaffirm it. This is what we’re supposed to look like. This is the way we’re supposed to play football.

    Uh, again, yeah you do have to reaffirm it. That’s what winning is all about. Reaffirming your winning strategy week in, week out.

    And you reaffirmed it in the second to last game of the worst season in your tenure, and against the worst team in the League.

    Also, whoever asked that ridiculously inane question should be embarrassed.

    And then finally, this little bone to JS when asked about the depth at DB. I think it’s been a while since Pete felt the need to praise JS like this.

    John had the foresight to realize that we’re gonna need some extra guys. And he was right.

    That’s some amazing foresight. I can’t imagine another GM being that savvy.

    • cha

      This is just like last year. Everyone gets to crow about beating poor teams and selectively forget about getting your tail kicked by good teams.

      No mention of Penny getting 9 yards on 6 carries in a loss against New Orleans. Could’ve used a running game with ‘the guy who beat Sean Mannion for the spot’ quarterbacking this team.

      No mention of Collins being the leading rusher with 41 yards in Russ’ first game back in a loss against the Packers.

      No mention of the team getting a total of 34 rushing yards in a loss against Washington.

      But yeah, it’s Russ that is holding the system back and he should be so grateful to play PeteBall.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I’m so tired of Carroll’s gaslighting. I think he’s one of the worst coaches in the NFL for blowing sunshine up the fan base’s collective arse. And it’s why I’m losing respect for him.

        You don’t hear Belichick or Tomlin talking nonsense like this.

        Part of me wonders if Carroll believes his own gaslighting. I kinda think he does. And I’m becoming more convinced I was wrong earlier that he’s already decided to walk away. Now I think he wants to stay, is planning on staying. And I think he’s convinced himself that he can convince Wilson to give it another go. Give it a little of that ol’ Carroll rah-rah magic.

        • Aaron

          Pete is in the inception mode of delusions right now. He has delusions within delusions within delusions that only he and the truly gullible people actually buy into. The fact of the matter is that if he stays Russ leaves. I don’t trust Pete and those around him to use the draft capital obtained by trading Russ and/or a couple other vets wisely. For me, Pete has to step down to really begin to see the change this organization needs.

        • cha

          Gaslighting is the perfect way to describe it.

          You tell Russ you’re giving him 17 games of what we saw yesterday and he’ll say ‘sign me up, let’s do this.’

          To frame it all as ‘Russ hates the running game and wants to throw 50x a game and have it be all about him’ is so disingenuous it’s sickening.


          I’m tempted to completely steer into the skid and go the other way.

          ‘Hey coach you’re winning games without your $70m, two first round pick safety. That means you don’t really need him. Which means completely blew that play right?’

          ‘Hey coach your running game is oh so fabulous without Chris Carson. Which means he was a luxury, not a necessity. That means you shouldn’t have given him a contract extension right?’

          If everything’s great and there are no problems now and Pete wants credit for that, doesn’t the shoe fit on the other foot as well?

          • Denver Hawker

            I think his schtick works on impressionable young players- he is RaRa Pete after all. He’s had Russ and Bobby anchoring his philosophy as well as leaders in key positions on both sides of the ball.

            It grows tired on men though. Vets from bad teams probably welcome it for a short bit. But look at the FA acquisition over the last few years. They’ve had to trade for vets to get them on the roster. The Seahawks are only one notch ahead of the Jets/Jags level of needing to pay a premium for FA, they can’t get a discount like Chiefs, Ravens, and other top teams. This can only work with successful drafts.

            A related topic is how many FA they have this year. Do we really try to run it back with them? Do they want to run it back with Pete? Might start to see more roster turnover with Pete at the helm.

            • CHaquesFan

              His message is great in college. Always compete, impressionable young men, they filter out every 4 years so it never gets repetitive

  21. cha

    Pete said 90 minutes ago they weren’t sure whether Bobby would play Sunday but his comments sure sounded like he won’t. Rap has a source that says for sure no.

    Ian Rapoport
    #Seahawks Pro Bowl LB Bobby Wagner suffered sprains to the MCL and PCL in his knee on Sunday, source said. Minor injuries that should heal on their own. Wagner won’t play in Week 18, but no issues going forward.

    • Roy Batty

      Imagine him blowing out his knee in the last game?

      What would the injury release money be, anyway?

  22. Call Me AL

    My thoughts on how Jody Allen could proceed at seasons end.

    Let’s start with what we know about Jody Allen. Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network reported that Allen has become “very involved” in the operation of the team, that she’s “not happy” with the Seahawks results and that she doesn’t regard their struggles as just a one-year blip.

    The key take-away from this is “has become”. This would indicate that Allen sees the performance of the team as having degraded to the point that she feels the need to be more involved in the operation of the team.

    Pete Carroll when asked what level of involvement does Allen have in the day-to-day stuff and offseason decisions?

    Pete: “Yeah, she works with her advisement, and they keep track of what’s going on. John does most of the communicating on a regular basis with reports, updates, decisions that were faced with. She stays on it. She’s strong in her awareness of what’s going on and in her opinion on what she wants to see done. She’s involved. She has a real feeling about the organization, the fans and the community that surrounds our team and how she wants that to go.”

    The next question was – What percentage of the big offseason moves might she be involved in? Do you have to run everything by her or the huge, sort of big-picture roster moves?

    Pete: “She’ll know what’s going on, on everything, yeah. That’s what John is doing. John is making sure their communication and their ongoing conversation about stuff is to keep her abreast of what’s happening. I won’t call her up. John will call her up to let her know what’s cooking and what’s going on. If she’s got questions, we connect and we meet and we do all of those things.

    Key take aways from this, these may be recent changes instituted by Allen and may in fact define her having recently become very involved. This may also suggest that she now has final say in the decision making process and not Carroll. As Schneider is keeping her abreast of what’s happening and if she’s got questions we connect, would suggest. It is also interesting to note that Schneider is the one responsible for doing all the communicating with Allen.

    So the big question on everyone’s mind is what if any changes might Allen make at seasons end?

    But first, lets consider a statement made by Carroll 710 ESPN. “not for one reason at all am I thinking that we have to restart this whole thing and create a new philosophy and a new approach. I think we have the essence of what we need.”

    When asked if Jody Allen has blessed his don’t-need-to-restart belief following Seattle’s first losing season since 2011. “We’ve been on the same page about everything that’s going on since she took over,” Carroll said.

    This in fact may be true, Allen may not feel a restarting the whole thing and a new philosophy and a new approach is necessary to some extent. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel change is necessary

    So, based off of what we have been told of Allen, what changes might she make at seasons end? If she intends to retain both Carroll and Schneider, which appears might be the case, it quite possible that she removes Carroll from the position of Executive Vice President of Football Operations. Thus, removing Carroll’s having the final say in decisions regarding coordinators, position coaches, the draft and FA acquisitions. This wouldn’t be an unprecedented move, as Paul Allen removed Mike Holmgren as Executive Vice President of Football Operations. Which proved to have been a good move. If she does in fact do this, I don’t believe she would just hand the keys to Schneider to do as he pleases. I think she would either retain final decision making authority or more likely hire a new Executive Vice President of Football Operations to oversee the operation of the team.

    But if she does go this route, it’s quite possible that Carroll would not be accepting of the changes and both sides may agree it’s in their best interests to just move on. And the search for a new head coach would ensue.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t read into a few quotes

      • Call Me AL

        Well we don’t have much else to go on and I could be way off base here. But I was just considering what Allen might do if both Carroll and Schneider both stay on and she doesn’t plan on firing them.

      • GerryG

        Especially from PC

  23. BobbyK

    Pete is really losing me (lost me?). He’s never been more cynical with the media and fans than he has this year. It’s really a turn off.

    When he goes on Good Morning America to explain the Malcolm Butler INT, he was being a leader. Through the years, he’s been a great leader and that’s why he’s built such a good culture. But you can tell everything (criticism, losses, etc.) has gotten to him this year. Even yesterday when they clinched the win and took his headset off, he wasn’t the normal Pete Carroll after a win. That guy used to be happy. The version yesterday just seemed to be happy the game was over. Granted, there’s no reason to celebrate after defeating the lowly Lions, but still…

    The worst thing about Pete’s arrogance is that he won’t take ownership of any mistakes. There’s an excuse for all of it. There’s no way he’s going to publicly say the Jamal Adams trade was stupid, at least while Adams is still on the team, but the arrogance of it all really rubs me the wrong way. Pete would rather talk about how great Adams is and insult our intelligence by saying it’s us who are too stupid to realize how great he is on film. That really irks me.

    There are a number of good coaches out there who simply need a chance of scenery and Pete is one of them. If he switched spots with New Orleans or Pittsburgh, the Seahawks would be better off and so would the team Carroll went to (assuming he’d still want to coach somewhere else).

    • Call Me AL

      Agree with most everything, but are you sure the other team would be better off with Carroll? 🙂

      • Roy Batty


        A lot of young talent in need of direction from a legend. Regardless of our current feelings, Pete is a legend. The list of coaches with a college national championship and a Super Bowl win is very, very short. The guy would be an instant hit with the players and fans. He would energize the entire franchise.

        And he wouldn’t be the Seahawks head coach, anymore.

  24. Aaron

    If Pete stays any longer here he may very well become the villian or at the very least tarnish his legacy of a winning team and culture. It’s time to exit gracefully Pete. There is a time and season for everything, the season of you as the head coach of the Hawks is over.

    • 12th chuck

      I think he has already done that. He should have left after 2019

  25. Sea Mode

    So I guess Russ does have a record to play for next week…

    Seattle Seahawks

    No QB in NFL history has won more than @DangeRussWilson in their first 10 seasons.

    He joins Peyton Manning with 112 wins.

    • Matt

      It was my understanding that RW isn’t very good. At least that’s what people on Twitter who think they are friends with Doug Baldwin tell me.

      • Peter

        First of all….people on twitter who think they are friends with doug baldwin… is funny as hell.

        People on twitter started with Wilson is good but is it the rest of the team? Lynch, LOB? Maybe russ is just a game manager?

        Then it was okay he’s good but is really good. He’s not quite Rodgers but are we sure he’s not more like Andy Dalton? Let’s discuss.

        Then it was he’s too expensive that’s why the team sucks while expensive QB’s kept winning. (So did russ btw for the fans in the back)

        Now they can go all the way around the bend to the logical and absurd endpoint with this debate….okay, okay that’s a lot of wins. But are wins really that important?

        • Matt

          Yep…it’s a truly broken crowd.

      • Rob Staton


        Shots… fired

        • Matt

          Lol…dude – these people are ridiculous. Yes, Russell Wilson was never very good – he just owns every record for the first 10 years in an NFL career or is in the top 5. The only reason he has his incredible TD:INT ratio or high passer rating is because if the LOB or something.

          My new favorite is that “RW doesn’t want a good run game.” I cannot believe what these allegedly brilliant minds constantly say on Twitter. I find myself questioning my own sanity with these people.

          • Rob Staton

            There is so much of this going on

            A LOT of prior confirming

            I hope people aren’t falling for it

  26. Sea Mode

    Not that he needs the money or doesn’t have bigger problems to deal with, but still…

    · 23h

    Antonio Brown needed:

    8 more catches to unlock a $333,333 bonus.

    He also needed 55 receiving yards to unlock another $333,333 bonus.

    He also needed just 1 receiving TD to unlock another $333,333 bonus.

    This was a costly outburst.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Where Russ is playing next year, AB has a home….

  27. cha

    Jason La C correctly says yesterday’s win doesn’t change anything

  28. jed

    Thanks for the post-game show. I just had time to listen to it. Great stuff again guys. Rob, I hope you’re enjoying the BBC/NFL gig.

    Also, thanks for providing an outlet where I can share a couple thoughts beyond hoping nobody over-reacts to the performance vs. a terrible Detroit team.

    1. I think the way to get Sean Payton would be to offer him the title/responsibility Pete has. It worked getting Holmgren and Carroll to Seattle and maybe it would work a third time.

    2. I can see how Pete thinks this team is really close with a healthy Russ & a typical Seahawks season. They wouldn’t have blown the game vs. Tennessee. They would have beat the Vikings because they always beat the Vikings in a 100% bonkers Seahawks style game. They would have won 3 of the 4 against NO, PIT, CHI, & WAS – all 1 score games that a healthy Russ wins, but they always blow one of those games. It puts them at 11-5 with the same chance to win the SB they have now, but Pete thinks is a SB contender.

    3. If Jody decides to blow the whole thing up, you could have a Detroit style awful team but with a ton of draft capital. Trade Russ to NYG for 4 1st rounders. Trade DK for 2 1’sts (KC, Buffalo, Philly, Cincinnati, San Diego, TB, LV seem like reasonable trade partners). Trade Jamal & Tyler and take the cap hit next year when the team is crap and there is cap space. Release Bobby, Myers, Carson, and trade Jackson, Poona, and anyone else that will get you a mid-to-late round pick. Don’t resign Quandre or any other FA that costs actual $. Lots of picks over the next couple years & plenty of cap space going into 2023. Jody would need to nail the GM/Coach hiring or the Seahawks would be terrible for a real long.

    • Scot04

      At this point I’ll just be happy to know what she decides; & hope that decision comes soon after our last game.

  29. JimQ

    RB-Rashaad Penny:
    Rushing history as a Seahawk. IMO, Penney has shown that he needs carries to perform well. Note his stats when he has been allowed more than 10 carries in a game! I think PC has used him incorrectly in trying to make him into a straight down hill, physical Lynch clone, (when that is NOT his strength,) while impacting his health with minor injuries in his first & second years. Of course, his ACL cost him a season +, but to my knowledge that is his worst injury with other injuries being more of the nagging injury type, also I think PC was reluctant to bring Penney back too soon from nagging injuries & tried to protect him for when Carson had his “annual” injury. For those that love Lynch, even he OFTEN started games with a 1-to- 3 yd. average until he wore down the defenses and busted some nice runs later in the games. Many good RB’s will often need to get into the flow of a game with lots of carries and I think Penney is one.

    Also, Penney holds the all-time NCAA record for KO return TD’s (6), but I don’t think he’s ever been used in that regard and as I recall, JS, on draft day said that he had “great field vision” as a KO returner and that was part of why they selected him (for that added value). IMO, Penney on most other teams would have been given an opportunity, –> as a day-1 pick, to play —entire games– using his actual skill set rather than trying to make him into a battering ram (that likely caused nagging injuries and has impacted his career).

    —-2018: 12 games played (active for 14) only 1 game with >10 rushes = 12 rushes for 108-yds. with 6.07 carries average for ALL of the other games.
    —-2019: 8 games played (active for 10), 2 games with >10 rushes = 14 rushes for 129-yds & 15 rushes for 74-yds. with 6.00 carries average for ALL of the other games.
    —-2020: 3 games played in, 11 carries total, 3.66 per carry avg. —-> then major ACL injury for 1 year +.
    —-2021: 9 games played so far, 4 games with >10 rushes = 69 carries for 481 yds, 6.97-YPC, with 5.4 carries average for ALL of the other games.

    Career: All >10 carry games = 7 of 32 games played – In those 7 games – 110 rushes for 792 yds. A 7.2 yd. average per carry in those games. Approximate # of carries for ALL other games played = 6.0 +/- carries per game. No Bueno.

    I think the Seahawks need to resign him and give him a chance to be used PROPERLY by their NEW COACH. He should be happy to get a “prove it” deal paying him something similar to this year and that would be a good thing for both him and the Seahawks going forward.

    Stats PER:

    • TomLPDX

      Good post, JimQ! Penny’s injury history has kept him out of the lineup and limited his effectiveness. I would like to see a 1-year prove it deal that doesn’t overpay and at the same time give him a real chance to prove his worth to this team. The one thing I noticed the most yesterday was Penny’s patience before taking off. He did it time and time again…wait for the hole and then decisively go through it.

      Favorite play from yesterday was when he broke through, saw open field ahead, put his head down and started truckin! That was so cool!

    • GerryG

      The guy clearly has put up some nice numbers recently, really elite numbers actually. We have zero clue if it is sustainable, but the explosiveness, shiftyness, and smart reads are tempting. Problem is, the health track record. Considering the numbers, would have no problem with a one year prove it deal, low guarantees, with performance escalators. But anything more 3M, nah.

    • STTBM

      Yes, he did return a couple kickoffs for us. He looked pathetically clueless. His lower level college conference is a long way from NFL special teams…

      He hasn’t done anything against a top-20 defense in three years, since he tore his knee. I’m happy to see him doing well, but I’m not ready to blame all his struggles on others, not revise history.

      Seattle’s Online has sucked, but Carson ran well behind it, while Penny hasnt–until very recently, playing 24-32nd ranked defenses.

      I’d like to see him back next year, but he hasn’t earned a big risky contract.

  30. GerryG

    Delusional Pete, says “I know what’s going on. I don’t have to follow somebody’s agenda to create and stir stuff up.”

    J Heaps, who is buddy buddy says “I think it’s a real possibility, I mean, I’m not going to shoot it down at all. I think it’s a very real possibility.”

    • Rob Staton

      If it were left up to Pete with his fingers in his ears, we’d spend the next three years watching the same crap with no chance of winning a Super Bowl, while he uses the same slogans we’ve been hearing for 11 years

      • BobbyK

        And by the time we got to the 2025 draft we’d have a total of three mid round draft picks and nothing else. The Browns would probably own our 3rd overall pick.

      • GerryG

        It’s like the Vince Vaughn line in Old School, when he has the kid with him, WIll Ferrell uses a swear word, and Vince’s character says ” Whoa. Whoa. Why the F-ing? Why in front of the kid? All ya gotta do is say “earmuffs” to him, and you can say “F***, s***, b****.”

      • Trevor

        The tide has turned with everyone clamouring for Russ to be traded but the single most important thing that has to happen this off season if the organization has any chance of starting to turn things around its that Pete has to go. This is not even debatable IMO.

        Love what he has done for the organization but his expiry date is well past due. Hope he retires and rides off gracefully into the sunset but I don’t see that happening.

  31. SeaTown

    I’ve been a fan of the Seahawks since 1977. I feel now how I felt in 1994 at the end of the Behring/Flores Era. I can no longer tolerate the press conferences. I can no longer tolerate the JS
    Schtick. They have run their course. Time for a change.

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