Instant reaction: round one

Sheldon Richardson is one of the better value picks in round one

Best day one team – New York Jets

John Idzik appreciates the job he’s taken on. Yes, they could’ve splurged on offensive frills like a quarterback (Geno Smith) or a tight end (Tyler Eifert). Instead, they selected the two players I personally thought were the best in the draft. They simply had no choice but to trade Revis, cutting their loses. They couldn’t franchise him next year. They had no bargaining power. And yet they still got a first round pick out of Tampa Bay. It doesn’t matter how good Revis is, that wasn’t easy. Now they’ll swap in Milliner — a complete cornerback in my view — and add Richardson, who could be the next Darnell Dockett. They could still draft a quarterback at #39. They had a superb first day accumulating talent — the way a rebuild needs to be done.

Pick-by-pick thoughts

#1 Kansas City – Eric Fisher T
The Dolphins are unlikely to trade for Branden Albert after moving up in round one. So I’m not convinced this isn’t just a sideways step. However — surprisingly for a team picking first overall — they didn’t have a ton of needs.

#2 Jacksonville – Luke Joeckel T
The Jaguars now have expensive book-end tackles, but no pass rush, very little offensive threat and a porous secondary. There seems to be very little immediate improvement here.

#3 Miami – Dion Jordan DE
I like the aggressive move. They’re rock solid up the middle and now have two players capable of causing havoc off the edge. It’s a costly move, however. And they still need to rebuild their secondary and find a left tackle.

#4 Philadelphia – Lane Johnson T
Great fit for the Eagles and more of a need for Philly than Fisher and Joeckel were at #1 and #2. Pure technician with major athletic upside.

#5 Detroit – Ziggy Ansah DE
His lack of experience and polish could be masked playing alongside Suh and Fairley. However, how much better are the Lions for swapping Cliff Avril for Ansah?

#6 Cleveland – Barkevious Mingo DE
As a fan of Jabaal Sheard, I don’t get this. They clearly don’t like Sheard in the 3-4.

#7 Arizona – Jonathan Cooper G
Love the player but how much better are the Cardinals today for drafting a guard at #7?

#8 St. Louis – Tavon Austin WR
A bold move up the board. My fear with Austin is he’ll be a gimmick. However, it seems the game is evolving and shifting towards players like this.

#9 New York Jets – Dee Milliner CB
The first of two terrific picks for the Jets. Bravo.

#10 Tennessee – Chance Warmack G
They’ve placed an unusual amount of stock in the guard position this off-season.

#11 San Diego – D.J. Fluker T
Long arms, but struggles against speed.

#12 Oakland – D.J. Hayden CB
An eye-opener. Hayden has been rising. They did well to get back a second round pick from Miami.

#13 New York Jets – Sheldon Richardson DT
An inspired choice. John Idzik is off to a great start. If Jets fans don’t like these moves, they need to get a grip of reality.

#14 Carolina – Star Lotulelei DT
The obvious choice given their huge need at defensive tackle.

#15 New Orleans – Kenny Vaccaro S
They still need a pass rusher, but the Saints really couldn’t go wrong whatever defensive player they drafted.

#16 Buffalo – E.J. Manuel QB
A mind blowing pick. I just don’t understand the thought process. Two Florida State quarterbacks have gone #12 and #16 in the last two years. Are they using hypnosis at FSU?

#17 Pittsburgh – Jarvis Jones OLB
The perfect fit when it comes to scheme. Love it.

#18 San Francisco – Eric Reid S
I don’t get it personally. Reid is not the type of player I’d move up for. I think there were better options here.

#19 New York Giants – Justin Pugh G
They were always destined to draft for the trenches and clearly bought into Pugh’s character and versatility.

#20 Chicago – Kyle Long G
I think they probably would’ve liked Pugh, but this isn’t a bad consolation for the Bears and fills a huge hole.

#21 Cincinnati – Tyler Eifert TE
It looks good on paper, but they now have two highly drafted tight ends and an elite receiver, but only a rank average quarterback.

#22 Atlanta – Desmond Trufant CB
Good for him. The Falcons moved up to acquire a needed cornerback.

#23 Minnesota – Sharrif Floyd DT
Mental note – never let the media write a mock draft for you.

#24 Indianapolis – Bjoern Werner DE
The most bizarre pick of the first round. How does he fit into a 3-4? Will he add weight to fit at the five technique?

#25 Minnesota – Xavier Rhodes CB
I’m not a huge Rhodes fan but this makes sense.

#26 Green Bay – Datone Jones DE
Great pick for the Packers. They needed a defensive end with some speed and mobility. He could be a star at Lambeau.

#27 Houston – DeAndre Hopkins WR
Just a really solid get for the Texans. He will win them a game or two this year.

#28 Denver – Sylvester Williams DT
Nice player, very technically educated and understands his role. Sounds like he enjoys film study.

#29 Minnesota – Cordarrelle Patterson WR
They needed to do something after trading Percy Harvin. That offense needed a spark.

#30 St. Louis – Alec Ogletree LB
I’m a fan of the player, particularly his performance versus Ole Miss last year. However, the character concerns are very real.

#31 Dallas – Travis Frederick C
I know a Dallas fan and he told me months ago to pencil in a center for the Cowboys. If only I’d listened…

#32 Baltimore – Matt Elam S
I really like this guy and once against the Ravens make a really good pick.

What’s left?

The answer is plenty. Terron Armstead (T), Arthur Brown (LB), Khaseem Greene (LB), Jesse Williams (DT), Quinton Patton (WR), Christine Michael (RB), Eddie Lacy (RB), Matt Barkley (QB), Geno Smith (QB), Tank Carradine (DE), Margus Hunt (DE), Zach Ertz (TE)… to name a few. The Seahawks are going to get a good player at #56.


  1. G'd Up

    Great work Rob. I’m especially liking the talent at TE and LB on the board, plus some solid bi Wideouts if we want to go that way.

  2. mjkleko

    Well, when you have 7 time All-Pro guard Mike Munchak as your head coach and 10-time All-Pro guard Bruce Matthews as your offensive line coach, the interior offensive line is going to get a little more emphasis then usual. I expect the Titans to have Levitre and Warmack act as the primary focus in the majority of their run blocking. Finding a way to slow down the rate of possessions and keep Locker from throwing more than 15-20 times a game will be key to their success. Keeping things tight will keep interest in the team and lend credence to the hard-nosed style the coaching staff undoubtedly wants to bring to the franchise.

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I was pretty darn relieved when San Fran went with Reid over Carradine, Hunt or Floyd. If I cared about that franchise in the least, I would have been very intrigued to have another high ceiling d-line prospect come in to learn behind Justin Smith. Adding a hard-hitting, so-so cover safety is just fiiiiine by me. Let’s just hope I’m not eating my words come September.

    • xo 1

      Agreed about SF moving up to get Reid. When Richardson made it to Oakland, I couldn’t believe that they didn’t spend the picks to go get Richardson. With as many needs as Oakland has, I can’t believe they wouldn’t have been open to dropping down further.

  3. Nolan

    Vikings made some moves

    • Belgaron

      Time to reload Seahawks PS

    • Hawk Soup

      I just wish they would have picked a player I wanted to see a Hawk after he develops into a pro-bowler. I do not think Patterson is that guy. The ‘media’ is loving the vikings moves but I think they left better players on the board and gave up an way too much to the Patriots for Patterson. Especially when the 49ers only gave up their 3rd and swapped the first to move up into the middle of the first round.

  4. Chris

    agree that the Jets killed it with those two picks.

    That said, I bet their fans are losing their minds right now… Remember how many Hawk fans tweeting and calling sports radio were expressing outrage in SEAs lack of offense in last year’s draft? Haha this Jets offense is way worse than that SEA offense was two years ago…

    Stoked for tomorrow! Go Hawks!!!

    • Rob Staton

      The Jets offense is awful but then I suspect in 12 months Idzik will be ready to move on from Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan… start afresh. And when that happens, Richardson and Milliner will be the two starting points.

      • Madmark

        I imagine they might have gone with Tackle if all the good ones weren’t already gone.

      • Hawk Soup

        I really really like what the Jets did yesterday. I am so surprised that the ‘media’ and both major networks were talking poorly about the Jets picks. I suspect they get a QB in round 2 and if their guy is not on the board they drop back (if a partner is found), and draft a playmaker instead.

  5. mjkleko

    While I doubt he lasts much longer, how would people feel about Geno Smith coming in to learn behind Wilson for a season or two? He certainly didn’t get nearly the experience Russ did throwing the deep ball in college, but really fits the point guard QB role, an upgraded version of Portis if you will. Would fit the mold of a QB to come in, learn, perhaps get a game or two of experience then act as bait for a first rounder down the line. Plus, he certainly would give the team a shot in the arm offensively over Quinn or Portis should the unthinkable happen.

    I’m confident the team has a very well thought out board when it comes to d-line prospects on day two and three. It’s no secret that it is rather imperative for JS/PC to hit on a defensive guy in the trenches to balance out cap numbers down the road- although unfortunately this team has had only marginal success in that regard so far. I’ve been preparing myself somewhat for the chance that the team stays true to it’s board and selects a player at a perceived position of strength with their first pick hat will ultimately get little time only to break through in 14′ or 15′, at say receiver or O-line, heck maybe even QB.

    • Glor

      After seeing Geno’s cry baby attitude (not showing up for day two) I wouldn’t be surprised if he fell a lot further. Don’t want him anywhere near my hawks.

    • Belgaron

      56 should be a guy that plays and makes a difference on the field.

    • Leonard

      With the way this draft is going, would anyone be shocked if Matt Scott was the next QB picked?

    • Rob Staton

      I suspect Geno will go before #39. As we’re discussing here, there will be teams saying, “Let’s bank this guy”. Tampa Bay at #43 is probably his floor.

      • Hawk Soup

        I agree with Rob. I suspect he will be picked in round 2. Perhaps by Oakland, Jets, Jacksonville, or Tampa Bay. I think less likely to Jacksonville personally and see him as a Raider or a Buc.

  6. Misfit74

    I’d be thrilled with a guy like Justin Hunter or Keenan Allen should they fall far enough.

    • Don

      They won’t be there at 56, which is why I would like them to trade up.

      • Jon

        Wow the way that 1st round just went, you are going to stake a claim like that.

    • Rob Staton

      They might do. In fact I think there’s a pretty good chance Allen will after a car crash off-season.

      • xo 1

        Allen is an interesting case. I thought he was starting to get some buzz the week before the draft, but that may not have been real. I’m also not certain how the Hawks would stack their board for wide receivers.

  7. JW

    So C. Patterson, Hopkins, Ertz and others were available at the Hawks pre-Harvin trade pick… anything happen in this draft that makes you think you’d rather have had the pick?

    For me, no…but interested in what others think.

    • Brett

      Hmm, let me think… nah.

      • Don

        Patterson….. younger, bigger, just as fast, and not as injury prone as Harvin

        • Leonard

          Also worse hands, not quite as explosive, not anywhere near as good a route runner, not as good at reading defenses and only one year of real competition. Patterson might develop into a great reciever but he is probably going to have a bit of a learning curve.

        • Michael (CLT)

          In my opinion, Patterson will struggle to pick up the intricacies of pro football. He does not run quality routes, misses assignments, and has lapses in concentration that causes drops in big time moments.

          Percy Harvin may be crazy, buy he is dedicated, works hard as hell, is most likely the fastest guy on the team, runs tight routes, has great hands, is a great teammate, has already proven himself… and he is 24.

          This is a no brainer.

          • Don

            Those things you mentioned are teachable, and patterson will learn them in his rookie year. I just looked at Patterson’s YouTube highlights again and I would still take Patterson as he is now, knowing he will improve his route running and drops with coaching this year.

            We will see who does better next fall.

            • Jon

              Drops are not necessarily coachable, and mental capacity could stop his progress at any point. These are not dismissable points, and it also takes years, not just a couple coaching moments to become a good route runner.

              Next 2-3 years Harvin certainly has the edge. Patterson after that could be the better player. But even at that he would have to likely be a top 2-3 WR in this league to make much of a difference over Harvin in my mind.

            • Hawk Soup

              There is no way to tell if he will improve his route and hands with coaching. He may explode in two years and be an all-pro, but it is gamble. Youtube highlights don’t tell the entire story. Now if he does become a number one than I will be happy because by then he will be a Seahawk. 🙂

            • Michael (CLT)

              Go watch Percy Harvin draft youtube highlights. Mayock gave a report from Harvin’s pro day where he basically said that Harvin was the best prospect in the draft minus his off field issues.

              Harvin is a top 10 player. Patterson is a prospect.

          • Eran Ungar

            Of course you’d pick Harvin over Patterson or Hopkins. That’s an easy one.

            Will you pick Harvin over one of them plus 10M a year to resign a starter or get another player in FA plus a 7th round this year and a 3rd next year ?

            How about Just over Tayler Eifert and 10M to spend ? (I.E. using the extra picks to trade up a few places and get him)

            Those questions are a bit Harder to answer arn’t they ? the extra 10M could land you a tie breaker talent…

            • Jon

              Not really, when you have a #1 TE under contract for 3 more years. I don’t like the outside money spent on Harvin, but he is an elite WR. These draft picks are far from proven. Patterson has years before reaching his potential, and Eifert, realy, there are a lot of TEs left on the board.

              Hopkins could have been ideal though, given I believe he is actually game ready. I think we need to get over it, and accept that the Hawks FO is smarter than we think we are people.

              • Curlin

                I think you’re selling Eran’s point short … in fact I think Eran is selling his point short. That $10M isn’t just a tiebreaker, it’s the key part of the deal. From a theoretical perspective, the notion of paying siginificant capital for the opportunity to pay somebody market value is insane. You could just spend that money on the open market instead, and keep the additional capital. The league has a salary cap … the game is to fit as much production under that cap as possible. It doesn’t matter how good a player is, if you have to pay him proportionally for that production then that player is a net-zero asset. Now, in reality it’s not quite that perfect of a model, but the theory still has merit and is why draft picks are so valuable. It’s not that the guys you draft are guarantees to be the best players, it’s that the guys you draft will most likely give you more production than you have to pay them for … and that cost savings allows you to go buy more good players.

                Percy Harvin is a fantastic player. But if we hadn’t signed him for $10M we could have given that money to another player … and for $10M that other player would have been fantastic as well. So as Eran points out, it’s not just Patterson vs Harvin. It’s Patterson AND an elite $10M/yr NFL player AND a couple other picks vs Harvin. That’s a different equation.

                I’m not opposed to the trade. It’s not a perfect market and perhaps they didn’t like the other options to immediately make that splash so they over-paid in order to align that value with our competitive window and roster structure. I can live with that. As long as it’s viewed as a conscious decision to over-pay based on specific circumstances, not a underlying view of how to build a team.

                • Michael (CLT)

                  Why is everybody in Seattle so freaked out about the cap. Seattle will manage their cap just as well as Pittsburgh did from 2004 – 2012. They will go for it for ten years, and then simply pay it back and start over.

                  Our window is now.

                  This is going to come off wrong, but man, people need to realize this is it. You go for it now and pay the bank later. We can push the cap bubble out ten years and ride Wilson to the end.

                  10M means nothing right now.

            • Bruce M.

              Harvin is the very definition of a a “tie-breaker talent”.

        • Colbster

          Patterson is also just a prospect right now and while he may turn out to be a stud, Id much rather have the proven NFL playmaker over a prospect, especially at that stage of the draft.

        • Hawk Soup

          No way to Patterson. Raw, not as skilled as Harvin, and I question if he will develop into anything beyond an average WR. There are other WR’s that I would rather have in this draft than Patterson.

    • Rob Staton

      I would also say no. I think if the draft comes before free agency they maybe think about Datone Jones at #25.

      • Madmark

        I’d san no I’ll take Harvin after all he’s only 24 and has proven he can play in the NFL.

        • JW

          Nice discussion, thanks guys.

          The point about the money involved is a good one, and I meant to bring that up in my original question…however..

          I am in favor of the trade for 1 primary reason- Harvin is seasoned and ready to go NOW. The window to win a super bowl in the NFL is pretty narrow..and I think the Seahawks’ best chance to win is when Russell is on his rookie contract. Once he gets paid like a star QB, this team will have to re-tool somewhat and that will take them into some more challenging times. Not dark years, but let’s face it…this defense is around for a bit and then cap issues will hit, like it does with all teams.

          In that light, this season and the next 2 are the premium years, and what a C. Patterson or another WR might become once he learns the game is of less significance as what Harvin is today, this season, and next.

          But it’s a fun discussion.

  8. Nigel

    What if Blidi Wrey Wilson was still there at 56? I have a feeling we are going to get a steel at 56. For me a great consolation prize would be Jordan Reed or John Jenkins. I think Reed will be there, Jenkins not so much. Jesse williams would cause me to lose it… it a good way.

    • Rob Staton

      Blidi would be a nice pick. Not a major need but talented.

  9. Don

    I would like to see the Hawks be as agressive as SF, Miami, Min, and move up 10-15 picks and have more quality players to choose from. The Hawks don’t need quantity, they need fewer, specific players that will make an impact. Don’t need backups.

    If they wait to #56, the players with 1st rd grades will all be gone. Just because they got lucky last year findng diamonds in the mid rounds, doesn’t mean they can count on being successful year after year.

    • Leonard

      Actually they have a pretty good track record the last few years in the mid to late rounds and FA. Sherman, Chancellor, Baldwin, KJ ect. I think they are confident enough in their approach to take as many swings as possible, strike out a few times and hit a few home runs rather than put all of their hope in one guy.
      Most of the value in this draft is supposed to be in rounds 2-3 anyway. The talent at pick number 25 isn’t supposed to be much more valuable than the talent at pick number 75 this year. I suppose it all comes down to who is making the pick.

      • Don

        Yes, I agree thee isn’t much difference between the bottom of the first round and the middle of the second round. But the 56 is down there where the better players that can make a difference will be gone. Adding a late round pick to move up 10 picks could be the difference between a future pro bowl starter or a consistant back up.

        • Don

          Also, trading up allows you to make sure you get the guy that you want, or target, rather than picking whatever is leftover.

          • Belgaron

            Not necessarily. The Seahawks traded down to acquire the pick used for Sherman. After three years of spectacular drafts, you gotta believe they will walk away with at least 4 starters or heavy contributors regardless of the round they were acquired.

            • Nolan

              Where would these 4 starters play ?

              • Curlin

                Good teams draft with an eye looking ahead. There are plenty of starting positions that will likely need to be addressed in the next few years. CB, WLB, DT, DE, OT, FB, TE, possibly RB, possibly WR (for sure depth) … possibly others I didn’t think of. Drafting guys a year or two ahead of time also reduces our risk because it allows us to evaluate players with the team before we put ourselves in a position to have to rely on them. Also depth matters. A lot.

          • Ray graham

            They already traded up to get the guy they wanted, he just happens to have played in the league for a few years. I’m pretty sure that this front office knows what they are doing and didn’t just ” get lucky” last year. The value at 56 as opposed to 46 or so is simply not worth giving up mid round picks to aquire. Have faith in JS/PC

    • Carl

      Their formula has been to draft a higher quantity of unique players who fit their team. It’s worked thus far. Why change that?

    • Rob Staton

      They did wait for Golden Tate at #60 though and they said he had a first round grade. I think there’s enough talent on the board to sit tight.

    • oz

      I don’t think luck had anything to do with it.

      • JW

        I think luck has a lot to do with it. I think most GMs will admit that.

    • Hawk Soup

      Depending on how the round develops if they find a trade partner it may be good to drop back a few slots and still get their guy. There will be a nice pool of talent to choose from in rounds 2-3.

  10. PatrickH

    I wonder if there will be another run on offensive tackles in the 2nd round. It looks like Miami, Arizona, Detroit, and San Diego still need OTs. It may impact Seahawks’ chance to get quality depth behind Okung and Breno.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Menelik Watson and Terron Armstead will go pretty quickly on day two.

  11. Eran Ungar

    All my “crush” prospects are still there !!!

    Yes, there may be many better candidates at thier positions or better alternatives at other positions but those are the guys i fell for during the past months.

    1. He’s too old, just played football for 2 years etc. etc. etc. but….you just cant beat east European athlete training…..The perfect physical specimen to play DE/DT tweener – Margus Hunt.

    2. He played Rugby and basketball, one year as as a DT/DE and one at nose tackle, He can be a DT, he can be a new Mebane or a new Red, he is Jessie Williams.

    3. He is fast, smart, great hands, dedicated blocker and would make a perfect no. 2 receiver. He is Ryan Swope.

    4. He is a touch mean blocker, he can catch the ball, Tom will love him and he can be our new Miller….last but not least….Kelce.

    I know that late tonight they will all be selected by other teams. I know that i’ll have new guys to like and admire. I am sure JS/C will work thier wonders again and get the best guys for us.

    Tomorrow i’ll hate those guys in other team’s uniforms so this is the last day of our sordid affair.

    thanks guys, it’s been real, next time we meet we’ll crush you….

    • Leonard

      I don’t really care what round they go in but a few guys I REALLY want to see in Seattle are:
      QB- BJ Daniels, J. Tuel or R. Aplin
      TE/FB- K. Jusczczk or K. Reed (Nebraska)
      RB- C. Michael, L. Bell, D. Robinson or M. James (very underrated)
      TE- T. Kelce, Z. Sudfeld or TJ Knowles
      WR- T. Goard, J. Boyce, M. Wheaton, T. King or R. Shepard
      OL- L. Warford, T. Armstead, M. Watson, D. Baktihari, D. Quessenberry or L. Marquant
      DL- Q. Dial, M. Hunt, E. Okine, N. Williams (Samford) or G. Foster (Illinois)
      Leo- C. Schreibis, B. Sharpe (Syracuse), A. Bryant, Q. Smith, or E.Martin (Nebraska)
      OLB- K. Greene, S. Moore, J. Dimanche, J. Cambell, J. Bartu, C. Wilkins (Old Dominion) or P. Stewart
      MLB- J. Bostic or L. Batton
      CB- S. Commings, B. Butler, W.Davis, R. Alford, T. Mathieu or T Hawthorne
      S- S. Thomas, C. Taylor, D. Williams, E. Wolff or CJ Jones (A&M)
      Wow was I guessing on spelling.

    • Rob Staton

      Great post!

      • JW

        really nice post.

        I know G isn’t a need, but man, I really like Warford. He looks like a very under rated pro bowl for years kind of player. Somebody is going to get a nice Guard for cheap today.

        • Jacob Stevens

          I really like Warford, too. Not in the same class as Cooper but the gap between where Cooper & Warmack went and where Wardford will probably get taken aren’t the same in my view. I would be fine with a Warford pick, most likely.

    • oz

      I would love Margus Hunt although I don’t think he will be there at #56.

  12. David

    Looks like Quinton Patton at 56 might happen.

    Is there a snowball’s chance in hell Matt Barkley would fall to us, and, if so, would we take him there?

    • Rob Staton

      It could happen. I wouldn’t rule it out. I just cannot see three quarterbacks going in the first frame of round one.

  13. A. Simmons

    Buffalo’s QB pick was mind blowing. I’m glad quite a few DTs were pushed down the board. I hope we’re able to grab one of the better ones tomorrow.

  14. Clayton

    I liked the jets picks as well. But the first thought I had was, “hmmm I wonder if Muhammed Wilkerson is on the trading block?” He’d be a great three tech on our defense.

  15. John

    It’s good to know you think the Jets had a good draft too. It gets kind of annoying to hear Greeny bash Idzik because he didn’t get pure offense. But then I remember them bashing the Seahawks every year. Idzik really learned from PC/JS.

  16. Eran Ungar

    A great 1st round for the seahawks !!!

    A great day indeed laying the foundation for the 2017 team.

    While the main Seattle branch was taking a well deserved rest, the secondary seahawks branch (You know, that place that matures talents until they are ready to join the main branch like Rice, Harvin, Winfield etc.) has landed 2 major talents to groom for us – Floyd and Patterson.

    They will of course have to compete now for 4 years to be welcomed to the 2017 main team, always compete. Still, they have a bright future to look forwards to. (They can keep Rohdes)

    Just call it – The fruits of the poison pill…

    • Rob Staton


  17. Madmark

    I thought Minnesota did pretty good so far they replaced there WR and CB that we got and picked up a Good prospect DT and did it all in the 1st round.

    • Hawk Soup

      Only time will tell, but I am not a huge fan of whom they picked and what they gave up to pick. They work in the F.O. so they know what they want, but the trade with the Patriots is what I thought was a poor decision. Teams never learn, you don’t trade with the Pat’s first round pick. You always get screwed. 🙂

  18. James

    My cairn terrier is high strung and gets upset easily, so I hope he isn’t watching when Kam Chancellor separates the 5-8, 170 lb Tavon Austin from his immortal soul.

    Several “experts” project Kawann Short to the Seahawks, but his scouting reports uniformly question his work ethic and accuse him of taking far too many plays off. Have John/Pete ever drafted a player with a history of questionable effort?

    In addition to Short, the DTs with R2 value still available are: John Jenkins, Jonathon Hankins, Jesse Williams, Brandon Williams, Montori Hughes and Bennie Logan. If that is the position that the Seahawks are targeting, they should have at least a couple of these guys to pick from.

    The 3 QBs who should go early R2 will help other players to fall to #56. A couple of the Will LBs should be there, but they don’t fit the speed template. Q Patton would be the sexiest pick and if he can return punts also, he might have the biggest immediate impact, despite being only the #5 receiver. It could be anything…TE, S, CB….I love it. Go John Go!

  19. dave crockett

    Good Lord are Jets fans idiotic. Millner and Richardson in the first? They should build a statue to Idzik. But what’s going to happen is that idiots like Adam Schein — who, by the way DOGGED Seattle last year — are going to set the narrative.

    I hate the Jets and thought they had a fantastic first day.

    • Hawk Soup

      Yes, the ‘fans’ and ‘media’ are upset because they did not get anyone to improve the offense yet. It seems shortsighted as there are a TON of talent in the next few rounds that will be good pieces to add to their offense, and the picks they made are quality talent. I loved the Jets first round and I was surprised how they are being bashed.

  20. Ed

    I’m not a huge fan of the Jets draft. While Milliner is good, he has major questions and Richardson is not a 3-4 Nose or DE and they already have Coples and Wilkerson who were 1st round picks. They need offensive weapons and oline, the back 7 played well without Revis. They could have built for no Rex Ryan as well by drafting the best OG (Warmack) and and OLB.

    Who cares about the Jets though.

    Hawks go Patton/Greene/Williams

    • Rob Staton

      I suspect the Jets might already be looking beyond the Rex Ryan era with the picks. They might be using a 4-3 from next year.

  21. Jrockrichards

    Good moves by the Jets and Vikings, I’m excited to see who is left at 56. Maybe another couple of “upsets” happen and the Hawks will be grinning from ear to ear and then draft someone who makes an immediate impact.

    Go Hawks!

  22. Aaron

    I think the Rams did well with their two picks. I’d just note that IMO those two picks should have switched places in the draft to accurately reflect their true value to a team. Once Tavon Austin was clocked as running a 4.2 forty at the combine, everyone’s perception of him changed from unique, versatile, weapon to unprecedented, game-changing phenom. Problem is, he didn’t run a 4.2, that time was significantly corrected like an hour later, placing him in with a bunch of other fast players.

    Alec Ogletree was very highly rated on this blog for a long time, and I’m of the opinion that that was the correct evaluation. The Rams should be thanking their lucky stars for his ill-timed DUI and poor combine performance. Whereas they will have to work extra hard to find ways to get Austin the ball, Ogletree will impact the game on a far more regular basis IMO.

    The most positive development to me was the lack of impact the Niners made yesterday. They filled their need at safety. That’s fine with me. Eric Reid could be a good player, but he’s somewhat of a risk. Charles Davis loves him, and I respect his opinion, but a lot of other people are lukewarm at best.

    Now I just hope teams can keep Zach Ertz, Margus Hunt, and some of the other high impact players out of their hands tonight. That’ll be pretty hard with all the picks they have, but so far the pain has been pretty minimal visa vie the Niners. Everyone construct your Harbaugh voodoo dolls and proceed accordingly.

  23. Nolan

    I still think the best pick in the first round was Percy Harvin

    • Hawk Soup


  24. Phil Dert

    I think that right tackle is one of Seattle’s needs, along with defensive tackle and weakside linebacker.

    If Menelik Watson is available at 56, I’d snag him in a heartbeat, limited experience, fantastic physical specimen, fast learner, he’s be your starter by mid 2013 or earlier, don’t believe that Giacomini is a real short term, much less a long term answer.

    Defensive tackles and linebackers are easier to find than a dominate offensive tackle.

    I like Jerrod Johnson better than any QB available in this year’s draft, and we didn’t have to spend a pick on him.

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