Instant reaction: Russell Wilson saves the Seahawks

In 2018 the Seahawks regained their identity.

A year later, they’ve lost it again.

Pete Carroll’s spent a decade in Seattle talking about closing the circle. The objective is to connect your offence, defense and special teams. He believes running the football with authority works hand-in-hand with explosive offensive plays and a tough, physical defense.

Going into 2018 they had to repair a completely broken running game and they pulled it off.

At the end of the current season they’re going to have to completely repair the defense and special teams.

The Seahawks are 7-2 and it’s 100% down to their MVP candidate playing quarterback. Russell Wilson is a genius. At the exact moment his team has needed him to take yet another step forward — he’s pulled it off.

He’s been consistently brilliant since 2012. This year, somehow, he’s found another level. His five touchdown performance today dragged this team kicking and screaming to a seventh win. He now has 25 total touchdowns for the season.

The weird pick-six against Baltimore is the only blot on the copybook.

And where would this team be without their QB working alongside the equally excellent Tyler Lockett and emerging receiver D.K. Metcalf? It’s terrifying to consider when you look at the state of the defense.

The tackling is awful. They can’t rush the passer. They lack impact players in the secondary. The linebackers are playing well below expectations. They aren’t creating any pressure or forcing turnovers. They’re too often bullied at the line of scrimmage.

It’s a toothless unit.

Even with the advantage of the Century Link crowd — they just look bad. Today the defense gave up another 319 passing yards (it felt like 500). Jameis Winston had the freedom of Seattle to seek out Mike Evans and exploit his best weapon to the tune of 180 receiving yards.

Where was the pressure? The only true sack came on a Bobby Wagner blitz. The only turnover was a Winston special — somehow dropping the football as he set to throw.

Coming into the game they were ranked 30th in yards per play. They’ve legitimately performed as poorly as any unit in the league.

And sure — Tampa Bay’s offense is erratic but has the potential for great games. Just ask the Rams. Winston tore them apart not so long ago in a road win for the Buccaneers.

Yet we’re nine games into the season now. This isn’t a one off. The criticism isn’t based solely on today. Last week it was Matt Schaub.

They’re not showing any sign of improvement and it’d take a serious optimist to believe things are going to change now.

It’s frustrating too because it’s holding the team back. Just look at Wilson’s sheer brilliance today. Imagine if he was being supported by even a modest defense? A league average unit? Heck maybe even the 20th best defense?

The circle is incomplete. Thus they’re not building on the 2018 season — they’ve actually created new problems.

No wonder Wilson is reportedly pushing them to sign Antonio Brown. He knows he needs to pull off a miracle to make this team competitive.

Thankfully they have the cap and draft picks to perform major surgery in the off-season. It’s needed. This will be a significant repair job in the new year and unfortunately the issue could waste the best season of Wilson’s great career.

The defense isn’t the only problem of course. Special teams wants in on the act too.

Jason Myers is officially a problem. He missed two more field goals including one to win the game and he’s now 3/8 on +40 yard attempts. Last year he was 17/19 with the Jets. He also missed an extra point.

The Seahawks have been trying to find a replacement for Stephen Hauschka for years. He picked the worst possible time to have a down season and put them off extending his contract. They’re now onto their third kicker in as many years and based on what we’ve seen so far — they’ll be looking again in the off-season if not sooner.

Even if he’s guaranteed $5.5m on his four-year contract — you can’t carry a kicker who misses this number of kicks. We’re drifting into Blair Walsh territory now. Cutting him would cost you $3m but it might be necessary. At the very least he either improves or he’ll be off at the end of the season. They might have to draft someone cheap as they salary, such as Georgia’s Rodrigo Blankenship.

They thought they’d solved this problem but sadly they haven’t.

There was one final issue today — Chris Carson had two more fumbles. One fortunately rolled out of bounds — the other fell right into the hands of a defender. It’s still a problem and if he’s ever going to truly realise his potential he needs to get this right. He can negotiate a new contract in the off-season. This is going to start costing him money.

The Seahawks are somehow 7-2. The next game is against San Francisco. Against the top team in the NFC, it’d be nice if Russell Wilson could get a little more help.

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  1. Sea Mode

    The mental side of his game is next f*n level. Gives me hope that he can find the way to pick apart the 9ers.

    • Paul Cook

      (cut and paste)

      It’s unbelievable. Hear I am in need of a priest, a shrink, and an EMT unit, and he just walks out on the field and goes 75 for a TD in overtime. Ice water.

      • Brashmouse

        You could see that Schottenheimer Identified 35 as tired after the Metcalf TD. He then proceeded to run him to death the next two drives. Bucs didn’t adjust from man coverage to help. Wilson had it easy in the 4th quarter and OT because of this.

  2. Trevor

    It is fun being a Hawks fan. Always drama.

    • Spireite_Seahawk

      Is it fun? Its entertaining and exciting but I’m not sure fun is the word.

      It’s not fun when your body contains 90% adrenaline and stomach acid.

  3. Sea Mode

    Chad Forbes

    2015 Draft #Texans sitting 70th overall preparing to select Slot WR Tyler Lockett.

    #Seahawks traded #Redskins Picks 95, 112, 167 & 181 for Pick 69 then selected Lockett.

    Texans turned in card on Jaelen Strong at 70

    Example of Scouts doing a great job and a GM getting his guy

    Nov 4, 2019

    Chadwick Fab

    True @JimNagy_SB??

    Jim Nagy

    Yes. Area scout Aaron Hineline did a great job on Lockett eval and John Schneider wanted him. Didn’t hurt that John was with Tyler’s dad, Kevin, back in the day when he worked for the Chiefs.

    • Volume12

      If Hineline is the Southwest uthwest scout that means he found/eval’d Lockett, Flowers, Carson, Dickson, Hunt, David Moore, Collier, etc.

  4. Volume12

    RW has to be MVP with how bad this defense is. No f***ing way they should have 7 wins.

    Don’t look now but Seattle might have the best young duo at wideout in the league. And they get to add ‘Flash’ Gordon? 🔥🔥🔥

    Meyers is booty juice.

    Seattle should spend like 1 pick in this draft on an offensive skill position, WR or preferably TE, and load up this defense. Almost have to. TE Jacob Hollister stepped up big though.

    And Seattle remains undefeated when Christopher Carson rushes for 100 or more.

    • Trevor

      But Vol Metcalf had a slow short shuttle time 🙂

      Agree completely about Russ. He has taken his game to another level. 7-2 with this defense is amazing.

      I never thought I would see a Pete Carrol defense look like this. They are flat out awful and don’t show any signs of improving which is the biggest surprise. I am with you on this draft the focus has to be on getting younger and faster on D.

    • JC3

      and that one pick on offense should go to a kicker.

      • smitty1547

        Id really like to see Barton play some, KJ seems a step slow. Time to put some more speed into the lineup even if it means we lose some experience.

        I’m not opposed to drafting a WR in round one of the draft because it seems to be loaded and a real play maker could fall into are lap. However we really need to load up the defense because as it’s been mentioned they stink and have forgotten how to tackle or play discipline scheme.

        I hate to say it and I hope I’m wrong, but i see a beat down coming in SF to something similar to what the rams did to us a couple years back.

    • Sea Mode

      Gonna sound crazy, but starting to get an eerie feeling that if Josh Gordon sticks, a trade down and an early RB pick is coming. Taylor, Dobbins, Swift. Keep the stable full when the talent is there.

      No TE, DL, S talent worth it early on. Been going veteran OL and CB in later rounds. What’s left? Just take the best player available.

      • Trevor

        I am hoping they can land Raekwon Davis at DT in Rd #1 and then let Reed walk. Use that $ to go towards signing Clowney and another pass rusher.

        • Sea Mode

          I could see a DT slipping through the cracks just because they tend to go lower if they aren’t 3 tech types.

          Not sure they will be eager to move on from Reed, though. We’ll see how he fares the rest of the season.

          And honestly, Rob might be ahead of everybody with the thought that they might trade their R1 for a proven pass rusher.

      • Volume12

        He might not have the size they want at TE, but if Hunter Bryant is there Id think long and hard about pulling the trigger on him. Showed great versatility yesterday.

        I don’t have a problem with them taking a RB, but would hope thats more day 3.

        • Volume12

          And if it is a RB? Add Etienne’s speed and pass catching ability.

          • Sea Mode

            Thinking mid-R2 might be the sweet spot for RBs. Might have to maneuver around if they want a top one.

            Honestly, I can’t say who I would take yet, because I haven’t watched them.

            I haven’t studied Hunter Bryant in depth, but is he that much of an upgrade over Hollister if we’re looking at undersized TE’s?

            If they are looking for mainly a receiving threat with a little blocking thrown in, I find it hard to look past Purdue’s Brycen Hopkins. First non-undersized TE I’ve looked at so far with eye-opening athleticism. Does have some frustrating drops though. He seems plenty able to block: understands how to position himself and has the quicks to get there, but how willing is he? He usually does enough in that department, but is that “enough” for the next level in general and the Seahawks in particular? However, as far as non under-sized route running and a receiving threat, he might be TE#1 along with Oregon’s Jacob Breeland for me.

            More TE discussion to come in the next couple days as I’ll post the 2nd part of my TE deep dive.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m not sure Gordon can do anything between now and January to make them turn away from the receivers in this draft.

        • Sea Mode

          Fair point. May simply be too talented not to bite into.

        • Bigten

          This may be stupid, but if all pans out with Brown, and he’s signed to a modest couple years. What then? Still WR early even with developing players like Ursua and Jennings on the roster and staples like Lockett, DK, Brown/Gordon? To be fair, not against signing AB since Russ says he wants him, but a prove it 1 year would be nice and then get the comp for him walking

  5. Canadian Hawk

    What can you say about #3?


    As long as he plays, we’re not out of any game – it’s that simple.

    Wonder if our friends in the NY studios still don’t think he’s the MVP.

  6. Jeff

    Uk-based Hawk fan who is now too wired to sleep. There are some stars stepping up on this team, and what was that in the fourth quarter? Was that a pass rush? I would never wager anything of value on this team, but I would never go to sleep on them either. Go Hawks!

    • Sea Mode

      Fellow sleepless fan in Europe. I don’t think that was a pass rush as much as some all out blitzing late in the game to try and fluster Jameis. The only sack came on a blitz by Wagner. Winston converted the 4th down because Kendricks blitzed on a stunt and vacated the left side of the field. Whenever we just sent 4, it didn’t happen.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        You in Europe Sea Mode? Never would’ve guessed 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. Aaron

    The 49ers game is gonna be the game of the year, but unfortunately called by the worst second worst ESPN crew ever after last year’s all time bad trio.

    • Volume12

      What? ‘Booger’ McFarland is Tony Romo esque with his insight and analysis.

      • Aaron

        Sarcasm or no?

        • Volume12


          • Ely

            More like Jason Wittenesque

            • Aaron

              Man, that Jason Witten and Joe Tessitore MNF combo was so SOOOOO BAD!!! They don’t deserve a matchup like Seahawks at 49ers.

  8. millhouse-serbia

    I am just speachless. RW, Lockett, DK…and I need to say, Ifedi is better every game…pay him, we won’t find better…

    Cut Myers. He is just mentally weak , and he can’t come out of this hole.

    • All I see is 12s

      I know you don’t want to hear this, but he made a real clutch kick last week against Atlanta. Today was rough though…

    • Johnham

      Really excited by Hollister, if Dissly can come back strong that looks like a great position group for us next year.

      DK Metcalf was the steal of the draft.

      Tyler Lockett is a top 5 WR.

      Amazed at how bad the defense is, really shocking.

      Carson running well, the fumbles are v concerning.

      I miss Hauschka so much.

      • TomLPDX

        +1 to everything you just said

  9. no frickin clue

    Holy effing Christ, I need a drink. What a game. We need a new kicker, but what a game.

  10. SoCal12

    I don’t know if there’s a better joy right now than watching DK Metcalf 1 vs 1 against man coverage. You simply can’t catch the guy.

    • Sea Mode

      And when you can, he says “get off me!” Marshawn style!

    • Pickering

      The Sherman – Metcalf match could be fun.

      • SoCal12

        Bet it’s going to be a very handsy physical wrestling match. I’m predicting at least 1 penalty on each of them for interference or facemask.

      • Sea Mode

        I want Lockett to burn him too, but we’ll probably stay away or at least be cautious because we know he will have a point to prove.

    • John_s

      His 3 cone wasn’t supposed to allow him to adjust to that back shoulder on the GW drive.

      It’s amazing how people (not here!) who called him a bust after watching some twitter videos of him running routes in the offseason

  11. Hawkster

    Two game winning drives in a row for #3, with the FG of the first being pushed right. Movement in and out of the pocket prescient, the one hander by Carson, DK acting like an OROY in the 4th/OT with some clutch stuff.

    And a dumpster fire for a defense. Amazing.

  12. Robeetle12

    What a fun and frustrating game to watch at the same time. One needs to remember Tampa has had a tough schedule. 2 vs. Car. One vs Rams, Saints, 9ers, and one at Tenn. plus us.

    Obviously not as bad as advertised.

    No need to ice our kicker, dude is a lizard on a flat cold rock. Zero confidence, He left 7 points out there.

  13. king.

    The Seahawks have found their identity.

    They are a passing team that is complemented by Chris Carson, may he never fumble again this year.

    Whether we like it or not, that is the only way Seattle wins this year. We will see if that is good enough to win against the teams down the road, but the identity is unmistakable.

    • Rob Staton

      No, they haven’t found their identity.

      They’re getting by thanks to Wilson having to be Super Man nearly every week.

      This is not a choice it’s what they’ve stumbled into.

      And it’s not sustainable.

      • king.

        It’s what they are and it’s the only way they can win. Other teams have done it. I suggest they embrace it.

        • king.


          I am not suggesting that they are complete. I believe that Seattle should accept that they are a great passing team complemented by their running game.

          But they are completely Wilson’s team at this point and they should look to build based on that reality.

          They will only be better if they build on OLine built around this identity.
          Of course they want to be better defensively, on special teams, and in the running game, but they should be looking to build around their one true strength, not trying to remake themselves in their prior image.

          • Rob Staton

            Nobody’s saying remake them in their prior image.

            You’re not winning playoff games if your defense is THIS bad.

            What you’re proposing will keep them as a one-man team and waste Wilson’s prime years.

      • LouieLouie

        Hey Rob: I don’t think the personnel is a bad as the defense looks. I’m also looking at the DC. In the past, if the 1st half didn’t go well, they would adjust at halftime and shut down whatever was working for the opponents. They don’t have that ability any more. Evans was running free way too often. They made Jameis look like DangerRuss.

        Do you think maybe Ken Norton Jr. may be a big part of the problem? When (not if) Dan Quinn gets fired in Atlanta, maybe the Hawks should hire him back at DC.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think I can take 6-7 weeks of people talking about Ken Norton and Dan Quinn.

          This is Pete’s defense. If you want to point a finger, point it there.

          As for Dan Quinn — Atlanta’s defense is one of the few performing as badly or worse than Seattle’s. I have no idea why people want him back so badly. He doesn’t get to play with Earl, Kam, Sherm, Bennett and Avril this time.

    • cha

      As the piece said, their identity about all 3 phases of the game. And 2 aren’t even functioning, let alone having any kind of characteristic. That doesn’t mean you say the one that is working, even brilliantly, is your identity.

    • John_s

      Seattle was 6-2 prior to today with a run first scheme. That is not going to change. The reason why they threw more is because Tampa Bay is the #1 run defense so they smartly adjusted their scheme. When you get in the playoffs, outdoors you have to run the football. You also need a defense which right now they do not have

  14. Nick

    Agree that Russ is caring this team, but I am also very pleased with how the O-line has played so far this season. They’re giving him clean pockets and solid protection. Ifedi played super well today against some talented rushers.

    • Nick

      Ugh, *carrying.

    • SoCal12

      I really wonder how much Ifedi is going to cost to sign. Don’t feel like he warrants a big contract, but I feel like there’s finally a bit of cohesiveness to O-line and I don’t want to lose that. I don’t see any free agents that would look like a better investment, and I’m not sure if we like drafting replacement starters on the O-line.

      • Eli

        Probably something between $7m-$9m. Just below the tier of top right tackle salaries.

        • Miami Hawk

          I think Ifedi is going to cost a lot. My guess is 11-13 million. A lot of teams are desperate to fix their O lime and he is a decent experienced starter and can step right in and he is an upgrade over a lot of guys. For all of his faults there is a reason he has been starting all along.

          • Rob Staton

            I would seriously consider paying him what it takes to keep him.

            Ifedi has barely been noticeable for weeks now and that’s a good thing.

            It’s so hard to fill in offensive linemen. Another rookie with all the growing pains isn’t a good idea.

    • Rob Staton

      The O-line definitely played well today.

      • Ely

        Big props to Hunt. He came in and the O-line not only didn’t lose a step they may have taken a step forward. That’s a fearsome D-line the Bucs have too. Vita is looking like he could be Haloti good.

        • TomLPDX

          Thank you Ely for acknowledging Joey and the job he did today. I thought he had a very solid game

      • LouieLouie

        The O-Line was excellent. I know Fluker was back and I heard Iupati’s name called so it’s nice to have the grizzly old vets back.

  15. Madmark

    At halftime I told everyone around me that RW would need a MVP game and we’ll he did it. I would love to steal I loss in California on Monday night. With that win I would make up my loss against Ravenna’s and get back on track. The Division game are always close so Seattlle on the road at this time is not impossible.This is the year for RW to pound the drum for MVP. This team will absolutely follow Russel Wilson when it’s time to win. Can Bobby Wagner get the defense to do enough to hold the other team enough. That’s the Question? Go Hawks.

  16. Justin Mullikin

    Defense was bad. I’ve always been a trust the system guy but it seems that the defensive system is not working. Russell Wilson was his MVP self. The Chris Carson fumbles are concerning. Why did he not have the ball in his outside hand on his long run? On a positive front we cannot defend the pass but we can defend the run. We got a chance against the 49ers. Go Hawks!

    • Rob Staton

      Even on run D we have weird moments where we lose contain and our tackling is so poor.

      • Sea Mode

        Is it maybe because we are blitzing LBs too much to try and create at least some kind of pressure?

  17. Vince

    Rob – You’re 100% right, I had similar thoughts during the game. But this was a game to just enjoy. During the lows of this game, I took some advice you gave and stopped thinking about what this poor defense means for our chances this season, and just enjoyed the game. That helped.

    This kind of reminds me of the Houston game from 2017, an instant classic in a disappointing year. Hopefully not quite as disappointing this time.

    • Rob Staton

      I admire you for that approach Vince. I mostly enjoy the games regardless. It is only sport after all. But my enjoyment is tempered because to me they still feel like a team that is hurtling towards an inevitable sad end because the defense is so bad.

      • Bluenlime

        I feel the same way Rob. But are we maybe accustomed to win the defensive way. What if we gonna out gun teams this year. Because from the looks of it. The defense are what they are. There’s no waiting for them to turn the corner. I say play our best hand and let the chips fall.

      • SoCal12

        Given the general expectation was a 10-6 season, would you say the team is outperforming that or about on par? It’s such a strange 7-2 we are sitting on. Feels like it could fall apart at any minute, but it also feels like Russell would be there to catch it.

      • Duceyq

        But Rob, you’ve said many times that this year and this team wasn’t a SB contending seems to be going accordingly based on your own thoughts prior to season…that this team was another offseason away…so why the angst?

        I think Seattle is a SB contender now but I also understand it took Seattle 3 off seasons to build the 2013 defense..this year two in that defensive rebuild…but they seem to be a DQ and another offseason away from really being being a defensive juggernaut. At 7-2 anything can happen. As long as you make the playoffs you have a shot.

        The Packers just got blown out by a 2-5 LAC team…the same Ravens that needed 2 defensive scores to beat Seattle just blew out the undefeated Pats…Seattle has just as good of a shot of winning the SB as they have of getting blown out today by the Bucs…

        Football, most times is a war of attrition, and sometimes the team that wins limps across the finish line and may not run away with it by 10 lengths…it’s a game of survivor and that identity has been here since PC arrived and I don’t think it has left.

        The best QB, a lot of times, covers a lot of warts…Brady has done it for that Pats many times but maybe Seattle has the best QB this year who can will his team over the finish line, warts band aided….let’s just enjoy the ride.

        • Rob Staton

          I have no angst.

          Simply because I’ve suggested they are an off-season away doesn’t mean that I can never be critical. Especially when the defense is playing this poorly. I also take exception to the idea that this is simply angst… like a teenager who’s had his Metallica CD’s confiscated.

          I didn’t expect the defense to be elite but we’re watching a unit that is as bad as any in the league. That’s not acceptable and I’m not going to shirk talking about it.

          • Duceyq

            This is the “angst” I’m referring to.

            “It’s frustrating too because it’s holding the team back. Just look at Wilson’s sheer brilliance today. Imagine if he was being supported by even a modest defense? A league average unit? Heck maybe even the 20th best defense?”

            Your angst in that Seattle’s defensive problems could be wasting an MVP year by Wilson…I’m only saying you predicted that the pass rush and other parts of the defense could be patchwork heading into the season. So then why be “frustrated”? The guy they broke the bank for is performing at an MVP level and this defense is performing around expectations when you throw in they traded their best pass rusher and their second best one missed 6 games due to suspension.

            Offering fair criticisms is always on the table and I believe you highlighted them accurately but being “frustrated” by them is where I was perplexed…just because this was’s why many didn’t have Seattle making the playoffs this year or not bring 7-2 at this point of the season.

            The Bucs put a 50 burger on the Rams in LA so they’re not defunct at offense…the Pats just got ran over by the Ravens, Seattle in retrospect played the Ravens offense better than the #1 ranked defense…I think, and agree with you that Seattle’s defense is an issue but I do differ from the aspect of being “frustrated”.

            This is still a rebuild and as you highlighted after the quote I referred too, is that next offseason Seattle will have a war chest to address some of these defensive liabilities along with another draft.

            But it should be exciting not frustrating to see this team at 7-2 and a chance to really be in the mix for an SB run.

            • Rob Staton

              I predicted the pass rush would be patchwork. I didn’t predict that the defense would be utterly abject.

              I don’t have to justify anything I write. I’ve done this for 11 years and people know by now that I call things as I see it. I write about what I believe is important to this team.

              • Duceyq

                I don’t understand why this getting you a bit riled up..that’s not my intention, seriously. I’m sorry if that is how that was coming off and i didn’t ask you to justify anything you wrote either.

                I think, as you predicted, that the pass rush would be patchwork. I’m acknowledging you were correct. The “abject” failure part, is in due, a large part of that patchwork defensive lines fault. I feel there is a cause and effect at play here. Considering this part of the defense is underperforming, which is leading to the other deficiencies on the defense, I was only pointing out that your offseason prediction of the team being a year away was correct and that this surprise 7-2 “I’m” enjoying which is where I thought you might be too…sorry for the unintended messaging..

  18. fotoeins

    To speak of what you stated about a lack of identify and punch on the defensive side here are the Seattle Seahawks defense rankings from ESPN NFL (after SEA’s win at home vs. TB, but before SNF NE @ BAL).

    Total Yards: 26th
    Yards Per Game: 23rd
    Passing Yards: 30th
    Passing Yards Per Game: 27th
    Rushing Yards: 18th
    Rushing Yards Per Game: 16th
    Total Points: 25th
    Points Per Game: 20th

    • Rob Staton


    • SoCal12

      I’m starting to feel like Ken Norton Jr. might need replacing. His defense wasn’t good in Oakland either, and I just don’t see him as anything more than a good rah rah motivational guy (which unfortunately might be what Pete wants). Would rather see someone else like Clint Hurtt get a chance.

      • Eli

        Wisconsin DC Jim Leonard would be the first guy I call

        • Rob Staton

          It aint happening dude.

          This is Carroll’s defense. The guy he gets to ‘coordinate’ it isn’t having a big say.

          If people want to point a finger it should be at the HC.

          • Eli

            I never said it was? Just thinking out loud…

      • Sea Mode

        Ok, maybe. But Clint Hurtt’s DL isn’t exactly lighting the world on fire right now either… And not sure how much of a role DC really plays in a PC coached defense anyways.

        Either way, I’d definitely be open to a reunion with Dan Quinn if the Falcons move on. Make Norton “assistant head coach- defense” or something fancy like that if you have to. Plus, I think Norton is back where he wants to be right now in Seattle with PC and his favorite LBs, so a demotion might not cause that much of a fuss from him as long as pay remains the same.

        • Miami Ha

          The defense is just puzzling me. It’s like there is nothing they can do and no concrete explanation. Obviously losing Clark has hurt them but Clowney seems to be an upgrade. Losing Coleman hurt but Griffin and flowers are playing much better. And now Blair is playing good at safety and Reed and Kendricks are back.

          Yet they aren’t consistently good at stopping either the run or the pass. This makes me think that Pete thinks that better safety play is the easiest solution and that is why they went after Diggs.

          They can and do generate pressure on blitzs but you will get eaten if your safeties don’t step up and the scheme is simply not designed to blitz a lot. They really can’t do.much about the pass rush other than hope that Reed gets back to form.

          Whatever it is rea improvement wiloule a combination of Reed and/ Ansah/ and/ or Riggs to step up. And show something.

  19. Trevor

    Pete really has to step up and take control of this defense and come up with some scheme adjustments to overcome the deficiencies they have from a talent standpoint. The base defense they are running is simply not working. They simply don’t have the pass rush or speed at LB to play this way.

    Love KJ but he is a step slow and Wags despite his #s does not look like the same player. They need to figure out a way to generate pass rush and cover the short to intermediate routes that are just eating us up when we play zone. Teams are scheming to play this defense and Pete / Norton are not adjusting.

    That has to change against SF next Monday or it could get ugly because we know Shanahan is going to have that offense ready to exploit this scheme.

    • McZ

      He has lost control of the old pals in the locker room in 2018, and it is happening again. They play, because they are old, not because they are good. KJ currently is the sole exception in the front seven, and even he has his lapses. I think, Matt Patricia made a statement trading Quandre Diggs, and this is what PC should do, too,

      Ansah was no help the whole season. (Btw, his superb replacement at Detroit is Da’shawn Hand, whomwas regarded an underachiever by the pundits; half the time, I wonder if they even watched a single game)
      Kendricks is a distraction, he keeps the nickel frommplaying and is constantly mismatched.

      Fire the lot. Play the young guys, Amadi, Burr-Kirven, Barton. Give the future a chance. Let’s role that crappy Niners.

      • Rob Staton

        How do you know any of this? PC has lost the old pals in the locker room? Come on.

  20. Paul Cook

    I can’t argue with anything your analysis had to say. I’m just happy as shyt we won today, but underneath I know we could get crushed in a few of these upcoming games if we don’t get something resembling a defense together.

    Reed has been pretty damn nonexistent since his return by my eyes (not the best eyes, but…). Clowney is predictably double-teamed all the time and no one can take advantage of it. The line is a mess.

    I agree with you about the LB too. I’ve been posting of late that they haven’t nearly been the crack unit they were billed as heading into the season.

    We are so soft on D it’s painful to watch most of the time.

    I know you kidded me at one time by calling RW a BAMF. He’s Eddy Haskell on the outside and a cold-blooded assassin underneath. MVP!

    Is it possible that the offense and RW can embarrass the D into stepping up? Possibly. But, like you said, stepping up into mediocrity/average would be like the heaven’s opening up at this point.

    Lastly, I noticed something about Myers recently. He looks scared now, and almost broken now. Just a drag that it’s happened with us.

  21. Paul Cook

    PS> Can we give BBK a chance in certain situations? What have we got to lose?

  22. Rob Staton

    This is weird

    • Volume12

      Oh no

      I dont even shave that many times in a week. Of course I have a beard so…

      • icb12


        I don’t shave that many times in a YEAR!

        Give it a little trim beginning of summer, but then ..

        Well a guy can’t shave in salmon season, and then hunting season rolls around and a guy can’t shave the lucky beard, and after that you have duck, steelhead and ski seasons and need that face warmer for sure ..

        Pretty soon summer is back around and it’s time for a trim again.

    • Sea Mode

      🤔 hmmm

    • Kenny Sloth

      What a strange dude.

  23. Trevor

    Talking about impact players in the secondary. How good is that Steelers trade for Fitzpatrick looking now. He has been playing lights out for them and they have team control for 3 more years after this one. Those are the type of players you can afford to trade a 1st round pick for.

    • Rob Staton

      Well it depends.

      Fitzpatrick has played well. If they lose a load of games and end up in the top-10 and miss out on a young QB with Roethlisberger pushing 40 it aint a great trade.

      • Jamho3

        RS is spot on I think. Yes Fitz is good, but you’ve got to consider other factors as well.

        • McZ

          They have a young QB. I don’t know, how people can ignore that.
          Fitzpatrick elevates this D by a degree, that would be enjoyable for the Seahawks side.

  24. Trevor

    We are the 2019/20 version of last years KC Chiefs. All world MVP QB with a cupcake defense.

  25. Volume12

    This Ravens offense is so much fun to watch. Wishbone, pistol, option, use like 4 TEs

  26. cha

    Gregg Bell

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @gbellseattle
    Asked LB Mychal Kendricks how “torn” #Seahawks defense seems to be knowing blitzing may be only way to get constant pressure on QBs, at the cost of leaving wide-open receivers. Long pause. “That’s a tough question.” And one for which he says he has no answer. @thenewstribune

    5:33 PM – 3 Nov 2019 from Seattle, WA

    • Rob Staton

      Well they carried Ziggy ‘Eddie Lacy on defense’ Ansah again today.

      • Sea Mode

        I say we give Shaquem a shot on passing downs. Not much to lose at this point and he made it happen in college.

      • cha

        He’s so awful at this point they have him dropping into coverage and rushing KJ or Kendricks. And that’s not good for anyone.

      • SoCal12

        Pete and John have a real bad ‘reclamation project’ addiction that they need to kick. Lacy, Joeckel, Mingo, Marshall, Ansah etc. They never seem to work out. Could put that money towards younger hungrier guys.

        • Rob Staton

          In fairness some of their other projects have been absolutely fantastic.

          Without that addiction do they trade for Marshawn? Do they sign Michael Bennett? Do they draft Frank Clark?

          Sadly Ansah has just been awful. And the plan to replace Clark hasn’t really worked for 2019. They’ve lost a dynamic EDGE and the pass rush went with him. In 2020 they’ll need a new plan.

          • Sea Mode

            Was day dreaming the other day of a hypothetical: if KC offered Frank back this off-season for our R1, would you do it and take on his $20.8m/apy deal with the way he has under-performed so far?

            If so, would it just be out of desperation for lack of better options or because you think he opposite Clowney would be something special?

            • Rob Staton

              They need some quickness off the edge. They’re not getting that from anyone. Frank troubled tackles with his quickness. He’d be an ideal partner for Clowney. Off-season priority #1 will be to find that pass rushing quickness.

              • Duceyq

                Sad to say but I wish Seattle had included another pick instead of Martin. He really was developing into that “quick twitchy” edge that would’ve complemented Clowney.

                Needless to say the drop off in pass rush has coincided with Jefferson being out. Maybe his return may help some.

          • SoCal12

            Fair. I guess I consider those more to be ‘developmental projects’ on guys that just had a bad fit. I consider guys like McDougald and Clowney somewhat in that category.

            The reclamation guys I’m talking about are the first round busts coming off injuries that clearly did not have much left in the tank, but we try desperately to siphon something out of them.

      • Aaron

        That’s the perfect comp for Ziggy Ansah. Dude is legit doneski in this league.

  27. Donovan

    Besides RW, plaudits to Lockett and Metcalf.

  28. Kenny Sloth

    Which is worse Seahawks fans or Arsenal fans?

    • Sean

      Bandwagon Seahawks fans are one of the worst fanbases in the NFL. Its sad but its true.

  29. Sea Mode

    The vets are like Rob, not fooled by the W column:

    • Gohawk5151

      To me this alone is reason for optimism. Player performance is something they can improve as well. Good leadership goes a long way. I’m interested in what changes they may make, particularly after the bye week. Seattle had a propensity to to surprise like bracketing Diggs and Thielen last year or playing a little zone blitz at times last year. Necessity may force this change

    • Jamho3

      The answer is always process.

  30. Kenny Sloth

    Seahawks: 7-2

    Seahawks Twitter: *Kills Self*

  31. Bmseattle

    “They’re not showing any sign of improvement and it’d take a serious optimist to believe things are going to change now.”

    A serious optimist?
    I’m trying to think if there are any of those in the organization. 😉

    • Rob Staton

      The supreme serious optimist!

      • Kenny Sloth


  32. Kenny Sloth

    Worse teams than this have won the super bowl.

    Who needs HFA when you’re this good on the road xD

    • Rob Staton

      It’s been a while since a defense as bad as this won a SB.

      • Robert Las Vegas

        First of all I have many concerns about the defense like can we actually stop these in fact Tampa 3rd down conversion rate was way too high . There was a lot of huge plays but Winston fumble was huge Huge props to Kendricks to shove the tackle right into Winston.

      • Kenny Sloth

        D wins championships and we are not very good at D rn

  33. Jopa726

    So to everyone, who is convinced, that this Seahawks team is a lousy team, with a 7-2 record; There a simple course of action. Bet everything on the San Francisco 49ers. I mean pull out the kids college fund and take money out of your 401k. The 49ers should expose this awful Seattle offensive line and defense right? Every good team that the Seahawks have played has beaten them this year so, this should be a no brainer.

    On the hand, you can join me and fighting the “nattering nabobs of negativism” (RIP William Safire) and root for the Hawks and the upset against the Santa Clara 49ers.

    Go Hawks!!

    • Rob Staton

      I think we’re all firmly rooting for the Seahawks to beat the Niners.

      It doesn’t mean we should ignore the flaws on the team and not discuss the areas that are underperforming.

    • Jopa726

      Sorry if my tone came out overly snarky or harsh but I have been reading too many comments on Twitter and Fieldgull. It is probably not good for me.

    • cha

      I’m flying to SF to see the game. That’s my level of commitment.

      But we can all acknowledge the Hawks have warts. And they are extremely concerning.

  34. Quv

    I wonder to what degree the defensive problems are personnel, and to what degree they are scheme. 4-3 does well against the run, and we’ve been average, but it hasn’t been good covering underneath routes and preventing mismatches. Is that on the scheme, or on the oft-shuffled secondary? I wonder if part of the reason routes have been given up is because there hasn’t been time for a consistent back 4 to gel. TT is injured, Doog has missed time, and Blair is getting up to speed after being thrown in the deep end. Maybe if they had time to stick with each other the coverage would improve, and give the pass rush a break. But that’s ignoring the massive whole in an effective EDGE rusher. I wish we signed Shaq Barrett, but there isn’t time for regrets. This defense is more questions than it is answers.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s a combination of things. Lack of pass rush, key players underperforming, players Ansah looking washed out, scheme, youth. It’s a mix of everything.

  35. Denver Hawker

    Road hawks > Home hawks- still a strange phenomenon.

    Next Monday will have some intriguing matchups and a good test for both teams.

  36. MStill

    This defensive unit is not full of scrubs, there are some really big names on it. Our front seven on paper is in line with any unit in the league. I get that our safteys are an issue, but our CBs are no that terrible. There is really no reason for this unit with the talent level it has to be this bad, so I wonder, how much of this is the fault of coaching?

    • McZ

      The safeties played well yesterday.

      But you have that vast area of space to defend against what is an elite WR corps, and still we play three LBs, because we need to blitz, which is strangely our sole way to get to the QB.

      The coaching staff is perhaps not even part of the problem, but they finally have to become part of the solution. They stubbornly play a scheme, that is outdated, and they lack speed on the edges and at LB.

  37. Trevor

    I think the expectation was for Ansah, Collier and Green to makeup for the loss of Clark.

    Ansah has been awful, Collier invisible and Green only marginally improved. Without any pass rush the rest of this defensive scheme falls apart. JS was lauded for the trade but Frank Clark was a difference maker.

    Funny as Hawks fans we talk about missing Clark and Chiefs fans think they paid way too much for him based on his play this year.

    • cha

      We miss 2018 Clark, not 2019 Clark.

      • Edgar

        Exactly! I think John and Pete were worried what a paid Frank Clark would look like-

  38. cha

    Can we please give Schottenheimer some love for today’s game plan? That was masterful. Containing the pass rush, and tweaking the balance a little more to favor the pass in order to attack the Bucs’ defensive weaknesses.

    Flog the defense, sure, but let’s throw a cheer for the OC.

    • Trevor

      Great point! Agree completely. The offensive scheme and game plan today was superb.

    • Sea Mode

      Absolutely. And huge shoutout to the OL for making it possible to execute.

  39. Paul Cook

    We do have to prepare ourselves for the fact that our level of opponent is going to be on a higher plane than it’s been so far this season by a noticeable degree. We could EASILY go 3-4 the rest of the way and limp into the playoffs at 10-6. If I had to make a guess, some team is going to flail us like a raggedy Ann doll in a pit bull’s mouth in the coming weeks. We simply are a bit of a house of cards as we’ve currently been playing from a three unit perspective, offense, defense, and special teams. The stats and eye-test don’t lie.

    We’ve got to prepare and game plan with this in mind. We’ve got to Belichick it some more from here on out. We have to game plan each of these coming opponents, methinks, play to our strengths and their weaknesses as much as possibly can.


    • McZ

      I think, this is wrong.
      The Bucs may not have the results, but they have the top pass rusher in the league, a good enough OL and RB, plus a superb WR corps. They have a flip-flop QB, which Garroppolo is the prime example for.

      The NFL is a league of margins, and I think Kittle and Breida are much of the difference between TB and SF. Their WR corps is a bit weaker. The DL needs to step up their game, for sure.

    • Rob Staton

      I would urge all fans to stop saying anyone has to Belichick anything.

      He’s the greatest coach in NFL history.

      If it was as simple as just doing what BB does, Detroit would be in the playoff mix.

  40. Valentts

    With the performance today, I can easily virtulize the script for SNF:
    Seahawks lose the battle of LOS ugly, with sacks, TFLs, big QB hits and Penalties;
    49ers running game easily torns Seahawks front 7 apart;
    Garropolo makes clutch third down conversions;
    Seahawks are down by two possessions for most part of the game, and lose by 6-7 points owing to garbage time comeback.
    Another week passed, nothing new.

    Damn, I hope it’s not true.

  41. DC

    The good news is you can build a defense fairly quickly vs building an offense. Open up that wallet and get the guy(s) we need to rush the passer when opportunity knocks.

    The team has a fatal flaw for this season. We’ve seen an echo of it before when the OL was flat terrible and the rest of the team was rocking. You knew it wasn’t going to end well. That’s where we’re at again. For whatever reason I’m not nearly as pissed off about it this year as I was back then. I still think we could make the NFC title game before we bow out if we’re playing at our best.

    • McZ

      At no point yesterday I thought we would loose this. To be able to build on RW magic having the most efficient WR, a major draft success, a halfway competent OL and an in-your-face RB is making that warm feeling in the guts.

  42. Paul Cook

    Edelman is one of the toughest, raw-boned little effers in the NFL. In spite of that last fumble.

  43. Easthawk

    Man. It’s just weird watching a terrible Seahawks D under Pete. *ahem* Russell Wilson is 1337. His passer rating I mean. 133.7! Seriously, he better win MVP this year. Though it’s looking like Lamar might be his biggest rival at this stage?

    • Coleslaw

      If Carolina keeps winning, CMAC would be high up there.

    • Kelly

      Lamar will get it due to beating Russell head to head.

  44. Tony

    It’s all pass rush. I’ve seen bad pass rush but this might be the worst I’ve seen week to week. Especially from the dline. And at some point its a domino effect. Whether play calling to compensate or stressing the DBs to cover longer. I’m not sure how they fix it or if they can. I do think that if they figure out a solution, that will solve the Ds issue. I really think that’s the only thing screwing up everything.

    • 12th chuck

      the pass rush is so horrible, I swear it ruined a screen pass attempt .no penetration, and Winston thru it to the ground

    • DougM

      I hope that they will see after bringing in Clowney how inadequate the rest of the line is and will put more priority on speed and quickness than size and power.

  45. Gaux Hawks

    On a QB run in the 4th (or OT), RW3 had the opportunity to run out of bounds but opted to deliver a little (but calculated) hit on a defender.

    I loved this. He just looks like he’s having so much fun leading this team.

  46. WALL UP

    Judging from the tenor of the reactions many, you’d think that the Hawks lost the game. They won! It was an exciting game at that! And yes, they have not played well, that’s true. But they won!

    It’s always easy to look at the negatives that are plaguing this team. But, it better to look at the positives that are developing with this young team. DK & No E are becoming unstoppable. They ran the ball for 145 yds against the #1 defense in the league.The defense held the Bucs to under 100 yds. Yeah, they gave up over 300 yds passing, and they have yet to field the starting back end together due to injuries, in which Diggs has yet to play one snap.

    Pete is quite aware of how the defense is playing currently. You can see the adjustments in personnel being made to halt the bleeding from the “base D” on 3rd downs. I’m eager to see the McDougald/Diggs/Blair nickle package, or dime with Taylor, or Amadi being deployed on passing downs.

    I wouldn’t sell Pete short. He knows the importance of these games coming up. I would not be surprise that he shows somethings that he’s not shown all year, if his pieces are healthy.

    The most important thing to remember is that they are 7-2, and have yet to play a complete game as yet. Hopefully, they will begin to do so Nov. 11.

    • WALL UP

      Also, the (2) teams that they lost to are probably going to contend for the NFC & AFC championship games in BAL & NO. NE was undefeated until they played the Ravens. The same could happen to SF. We’ll see.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s nothing to do with it being easy to look for negatives.

      Here we talk about the issues that matter. Perspective when others won’t offer it, realism when that is required too.

      Today was a day for this level of honesty.

    • Matt

      The goal is to win a Super Bowl. That’s all that matters. The easiest way to win a super bowl is to have a large margin of error in order to win. Right now, the Seahawks is razor thin. It *literally* requires the QB to be perfect.

      That is not a sustainable model for success. As Rob said, find a way to just become an average defense. Everybody is happy to be 7-2; there are many of us trying to point out that 7-2 doesn’t necessarily mean we are that close to a super bowl run. In fact, we are not really that close when you dig into the numbers.

      • WALL UP

        We shouldn’t discount Pete’s abilities to alter his approach on defense. He’s an excellent defensive mind in that respect. Perhaps we should put more trust in the fact that he knows what he’s doing, and he’ll make the necessary adjustments at the opportune time. Staring Nov 11, we should begin to see this, beyond this “rope a dope” 1st half of the season.

  47. Aaron

    We already know this, but them Ravens is good.

  48. DejaHawkOC

    The $s on D is dedicated to the least valuable position, LB. That is a problem because Wagner isnt playing up to his salary this year. We need an MVP performance from him like we’ve gotten in years past. Need more plays from him.
    Secondary is young and not that far away from being good if we get some pass rush. This secondary will get more confident once they can play off a pass rush.
    I’d prioritize pass rush in FA and a new D coordinator in the offseason. Pay some $s to get to the QB and play the youth at LB.

    • Trevor

      Agree 100%

  49. neil

    Question, ” where would this team be without Lockett ” ? I just don’t understand why they keep putting him at injury risk running back kicks. Surly they have someone else to do it.

    • Jamh03

      100% agree!!! PC’s concern is ball security, & TL16 wants to do it but I think it’s bad business.

    • Michigan 12th

      I used to agree with this take, but after watching Locket this year, he seems to not take big hits. He doesn’t push anything, if its not there he is not taking chances. Makes me wonder if Carol is putting a leash in him.

    • Volume12

      lmao. Those tweets did not age well.

      ‘hE’s LiTeRaLlY TeRrElL pRyOr’

  50. Nathan

    Did you see the report about one team was very persistent, and offering a very attractive package of picks for Quinnen Williams.

    Any suspicion that maybe that team was us?

    • Rob Staton


  51. Pran

    Hope Pete has some magic up his sleeve… how can Hawks score 40 against SF DL.

    • Aaron

      I think the first to 30 wins that matchup. 49ers D is for real, and with backup QBs Shanahan tore up this defense last year.

      • Michigan 12th

        The good news for us is that the backups we play are not any worse than the starters we play. All the QB’S we play look like MVP’s so I’m not sure it matters the quality of the QB, whoever is throwing the ball is going to get 350+ yards. So at least we don’t have to worry about that:)

  52. Dale Roberts

    I love the 2020 receivers and that may in fact be where the value is in the upcoming draft but how can we stash seven receivers on our roster, get the production we’ve gotten from Lockett and Metcalf then draft a first round receiver when we’re so obviously desperate for defensive difference makers?

    • Sean

      Well, Gordon will probably be gone next year, so we are still looking for a good number 3. Plus we can get a receiver and still go heavy Defense in the draft.

      • McZ

        Watching the Chargers rolling over the Packers, I cannot help bit thinking, we picked up the wrong Gordon.

    • Rob Staton

      Well what’s the alternative? Waste a pick on a defensive player for the sake of it and have them not contribute?

      The Seahawks can rely on Lockett and Metcalf at receiver. The rest is either a bunch of lower round potential or average. Adding one more receiver won’t be an issue if that’s what they choose to do.

      • Matt

        Exactly. If the strength of the draft is at WR – you go with that. 3 high end WRs on this offense can play on every down, if they want to. Also, 3 perimeter threats helps the run game. You are also not handcuffing yourself if/when the inevitable injury occurs.

        I don’t see any player currently slotted to be available in the draft at our picks that really looks like they will upgrade the defense in a meaningful way. Rely on FA to get that done.

      • Dale Roberts

        You could:
        – package draft picks to move up for an impact player,
        – sell picks to move down for the numbers approach John favors,
        – sell picks for future draft stock in a draft year that plays to your needs, or
        – trade a frist for someone like Yannick Ngakoue if the Jags have trouble resigning him.

        There are alternative approaches.

        “The rest is either a bunch of lower round potential or average.”
        If Jennings and Ursua are unworthy why have the been kept on the active squad all year?

        • Rob Staton

          Possibly because they’re redshirted with the acceptance they need time and seasoning? Like a lot of rookies.

  53. Neil

    Why is the tackling so poor? It might be time to get the tackling dummies out and start working on it instead of just “Discussing” it.

  54. Guyinfrony

    Folks… we don’t have a strong defense. Period. We didn’t before the year we don’t now. We can whine and bitch and moan that years past we were able to establish our “identity” or we can recognize what is happening before our eyes… a team with competent offensive players capable of adhering to a protect the ball mentality and a grit unseen from our franchise. Our offense may be the new grit of our team. Get over the past… D has a ton of problems but god damn that offense is savage

    • Rob Staton

      I have no idea why I keep reading this.

      Nobody is looking whimsically at the old defense and, as you put it, ‘whining and bitching’ that the current group aren’t as good as the LOB years.

      The point is twofold and it’s nothing more than this…

      1. The defense isn’t good enough. Period. It’s one of the worst defense’s in the league statistically and it looks that way on the eye test. It’s incredibly difficult to contend in the NFL when one entire unit is as bad as this. Highlighting and discussing that is perfectly reasonable. On this website we offered perspective when everyone thought the sky was falling a year ago and now we’re offering perspective on a 7-2 record and the reality with this team and how it needs to improve. We discuss the things that actually matter and are true. No hot takes. No cheerleading. No silliness. There’s nothing to ‘get over’.

      2. The Head Coach has spent 10 years talking about his vision. That includes connecting the three phases of the game and defense is a major part of his vision. The offense isn’t the new grit of the team. It’s simply propping up the defense and special teams. And I can guarantee that the one person most uncomfortable with that will be Pete Carroll.

  55. Georgia Hawk

    It is truly perplexing to me how Shotty can have a game like this, well designed and planned, called exceptionally well, and executed to perfection, then throw out complete duds in other games. Its like the Hawks historical propensity for slow first halves (both in games and in season) trickles up to the coaching staff in their play calling and game planning.

    Either way, I hope this newfound Offensive wizardry stays the course for the season. Defense certainly isnt going to help out, and the ST is actively taking points off the board.

    • Rob Staton

      Because it’s the NFL. Nobody’s game plan works perfectly every game.

      Schotty has been superb for this team the last two seasons. Just look at the numbers. There haven’t been many duds.

      • Georgia Hawk

        I mean I get game plans are like that and nobody is perfect every time. there are just weeks that I feel like the Hawks email their game plan straight to the opponent…like the Bengals game. Or they get so stuck in their identity, they refuse to budge and just stick with it, whether it is working or not….like the second half of Atlanta.

        Either way, a bad day of offense vs. the Bengals still = 21 points, so I’ll take it. It is much easier on my blood pressure and overall well being if more offensive days are like this. We won’t talk about the Defense, you’ve done enough of that already 😛

        • Rob Staton

          I do think the Bengals game was a typical regular season opener though. I think if we played the Bengals next week, even with what we know about the Seahawks, they would win comfortably. Week one you have weeks to prepare and plan and Cincy could review our tape. We couldn’t review theirs with a new HC and staff.

          • Georgia Hawk

            You have a point there.

  56. Robeetle12

    I would also like to point out that Taylor has been a major liability in the slot.

  57. Pran

    6 quarters 764 yards 54 points
    Nothing is right with Hawks D.. Of all secondary is performing slightly better due to lower expectations. Duds in order are coaches, LBs, DL, Secondary

  58. Michigan 12th

    I know Carol always preaches defense, and he has absolutely delivered for the vast majority of his time her. He has given us fans something to be proud of by compiling maybe the best defense if the History of the NFL.

    It seems though like right now the offense is the better unit and they are just focusing with what they have. I would like to take an O-lineman with our first pick if a beast is available. We will have some holes on the O-line next year with Iupati being a free agent, as well as Ifedi. We could pay them, but I think Ifedi is going to get priced out of our liking, and move on. So if we could draft another tackle that might be best.

    We are really close on offense to being dominant. Of course we might see how far away we really are next week against the 49ers. The defense is not that far off. I believe we are a stud D-end and a legit safety away form being really good. Perhaps upgrading Flowers would be good as well. We have always gotten by with big run stuffing DT’s. I really think we are not that many pieces away, if we can resign Clowney that is. He has really shown in the last few games. I don’t know who is out there on defense to grab in free agency or trade, but if we can pick someone up, a lot of our troubles will be eliminated.

    • Michigan 12th

      I guess I should have proof read before posting, many many typos. Sorry about that. Rob I appreciate all the work you put into this site. It gives me something to fill my time.

    • Rob Staton

      They’re rolling with the offense this year because they have no choice. The offense is propping up the rest of the team.

      I can’t believe we’re still focusing on the O-line to be honest. The defense is a train wreck.

  59. Sea Mode

    Adam Schefter

    WR Josh Gordon passed his physical with the Seahawks on Saturday and will practice this week with the hope of playing Monday night against the unbeaten 49ers.

  60. Sea Mode

    Hmmm… bravo Joey Hunt-led OL!

    Next Gen Stats

    The Buccaneers blitzed Russell Wilson on 76% of dropbacks, the highest blitz rate in a game in the NGS era (since 2016).

    Wilson finished 19/32 for 221 yards & 3 TD against the blitz, having been pressured 5 times on 35 blitz dropbacks (14% pressure rate).

    • Denver Hawker

      Whoa. Too bad Niners probably won’t need to blitz.

      • Rob Staton

        The Niners blitz the second fewest times in the league. They rarely need to.

  61. Denver Hawker

    I know he fumbled out of bounds, but Carson’s longest run of the year seems like an underrated key play on the game. He only posts a 3 yard average without it and it setup the game-tying TD.

    • Sea Mode

      It was an incredible, Beast Mode-like run. Shame that they happen to have one of the only LBs in the league fast enough to chase Carson down from so far behind like that. Would have liked him to find pay dirt.

  62. mishima

    Scheme, coaching, personnel…

    IMO, it’s personnel. Carroll/Norton are coaching a slow defense in a league where speed kills.

    No speed off the edge; no LBs that can cover in space and/or defend sideline – sideline; no slot corners that cover/stick.

    You have rentals in Clowney, Ansah, Reed, Kendricks; aging core in Wagner, Wright, McDougald; a young, ever changing secondary that is doing as well as can be expected without a pass rush. The only questionable move they can make is to give more playing time to BBK, Barton, Diggs, Shaquem Griffin. Ouch.

    Good offenses will take advantage and give them a run. If Pete thinks he can scheme his way out of slow, he’s wrong.

    Try, try again. Off-season plan should be speed, disruption, twitch, takeaways and more speed. I hope we don’t resort to trading for it (desperate times, desperate measures = bad organizations), but find it in the draft and free agency.

    • Rob Staton

      They definitely do need more speed up front. That is very true.

      But the issues based on the post I’ve just published are not scheme or some of the players listed above. It’s purely and simply, based on what the numbers reveal, a situation where the bad DL is holding us back.

      • mishima

        Agree. It all starts up front.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if JS/PC are scouring practice squads for any/all DL. Down for any roster add, esp. if it comes at the expense of Ansah, J. Brown, Hill, Thompson and not Jennings, Turner, Ursua. Hell, I would have probably kept Dekota Watson over Ansah. /smh

        Switching from espresso to Tulsi tea for the remainder of the season.

  63. Paul Cook

    I know it’s been mentioned already, but you’ve got to give the Hawks props for adjusting their offensive game plan and becoming a pass-first team against a team that was strong against the run and weaker against the pass. They can be stubborn abut such things, but weren’t yesterday. RW usually throws the ball somewheres about 26-30 times a game on average. Yesterday…43 passes for 378 yards and 5 TD’s.

  64. Sea Mode


    • mishima

      Love it.

      New to the CableThanos. He engaged me on FGs, last week. I should have been nicer.


  65. Cody

    Why is no one giving kendricks praise, he literally walked the tackle back into winston and the tackles flailing arms knocked the ball out of Winston’s hands. That’s a coverage Lineback doing DE stuff, it wasnt a Winston special Kendricka manufactured that fumble and he deserves credit. We all knew coming into the season that the LB’s were going to have to contribute to the pass rush they get 2 sacks a FF, 2 PD and Bobby and Kj lesd the team in tackles at 11 and 10 a piece in this game. Yet they were underwhelming? C’mon rob I expect that shit from the average fan not someone as knowledgeable as you.

    • Georgia Hawk

      Mostly because it is akin to me praising my dog for crapping on the tile floor instead of the carpet. Kendricks’ horrible tackling and suspect coverage has been a big reason why they even needed the game saving play from him.

      • Cody

        I guess he has to wear his underwear on the outside and fly around like superman to get any recognition. Yeah he’s missed tackles and has been asked to cover more than most linebacker but you’ve got to take the good with the bad plays. Hes good for atleast one great if not game changing play per game. He’s played pretty well but yet you compare him to dog shit. Lol that’s the definition of a spoiled fan base.

    • Sea Mode

      Yes, Kendricks pushed the OL back and as the OL moved his left arm to try and reset his hands he may have grazed Winston’s elbow. Kendricks certainly gets credit for that. (And I too missed that even after replay: that’s how light the contact was)

      Here’s a better look:

      But that little graze, if it was at all, should not have been enough to knock the ball out of his hand. That is something he’s been doing on his own since college. Thus: “Winston special”. The guy literally leads the league in turnovers.

      ESPN Stats & Info

      Jameis Winston has lost 22 fumbles sine entering the NFL in 2015, most in the NFL over that span.

      Mark Bergin
      Oct 28

      Here are the players with the most giveaways since 2015:
      🏈 Jameis Winston: 98
      🏈 Blake Bortles: 87
      🏈 Eli Manning: 83

  66. Paul Cook

    I’m just spit-balling here, and certainly not a defensive expert, but my mind toys with the idea of going to a 3-4 defense up front and adding a LB to the front 7. I know they often drop a lineman into coverage, but how about just dedicating another LB in certain situations and become a little more unpredictable about where the potential pass rush is going to come from? I’d rather see one of our young LB’s on the field than any number of DLmen we throw out there.

    Okay…dump on me now. LOL

    • Rob Staton

      Pete aint switching at this stage of his career. Unfortunately I think they’re stuck with this unit and Pete knows it. Which is why they’re looking at Josh Gordon and Antonio Brown. They know they need the offense to bail them out.

      • Paul Cook

        I know in all likelihood you’re right. Like the rest around here, I’m at a loss on what they can possibly do with our lack of pressure up front knowing that we’ve got to go with what we’ve got from here on out.


      • Georgia Hawk

        Probably a good reason they keep Ursua and Jennings on the active roster rather than risk losing them to another team. Defense is already suspect, might as well keep as many weapons available as possible just in case somebody on that side goes down.

  67. Paul Cook

    I can’t express enough what a bust Ansah has been so far. I can’t imagine how bad we’d be now up front if he had been our only major FA acquisition. The thought frightens me. LOL

  68. Trevor

    Listening to Pete talk about Josh Gordon today it is pretty clear that this is a glorified tryout as Rob said and he could easily be gone in a couple of weeks. Would be sweet if they can light a fire under him though. A motivated Gordon with Locket and Metcalf could be scary good.

    With the way Russ had been lobbying for Antonio Brown if he gets his legal issues sorted out ( huge if ) Could he realistically be a Seahawk next year and would you even want someone that crazy near your organization.

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