Instant reaction: Seahawks beat Bears

Road issues? What road issues?

This team keeps you guessing.

Last week, a demoralising defeat in Miami that should’ve been a win. This week, a fantastic road win against the Bears. Yet despite comfortably deserving the victory, Seattle still found a way to freak everyone out. The game was over with just over 20 seconds to go. Golden Tate and Russell Wilson had won the game. And then the defense put on a red suit, found a sleigh and delivered a great big early Christmas present to the Chicago Bears.

For the most part the defense did OK. It was very much ‘bend but not break’. Once again the front four failed to get anywhere near enough pressure and that has to be a concern. Anyone expecting a sea-change in scheme will be disappointed – Pete Carroll wants to create pressure with a four man rush to maximise the opportunity to create turnovers. Yet there’s still too much reliance on Chris Clemons in the base. If the Seahawks can’t get pressure with a four man rush, it’s going to be a long day for the secondary. We saw that at times today, although credit Jay Cutler for keeping multiple plays alive.

It’s getting to the point where it shouldn’t even be a debating point anymore – the team’s number one need is an early down, pass rushing defensive tackle. They need a legitimate three technique. It’s not necessarily something that has to be addressed in the first round of the draft in the off-season, but they have to find an answer there. Randy Starks is a free agent in Miami and the Dolphins might struggle to re-sign both Starks and left tackle Jake Long. If he hits the open market, I suspect the Seahawks would be among his suitors.

If they can’t get at a player like Starks, it puts the emphasis back on the draft. Last week I mocked Sylvester Williams to Seattle in the first round. It’s way too early to make any kind of legitimate projections, but the depth at defensive tackle this year will present an opportunity to solve this issue even if the Seahawks make the playoffs.

There is one player who looks almost too ideal for this role. Missouri’s Sheldon Richardson has the attitude that fits this defense. He’s sparky, he’s a relentless player. How many defensive tackles sprint to the sideline to make a tackle on an extended play? I’m going to do a longer piece on Richardson tomorrow. His tape from the Florida game was outstanding. This is the kind of player the Seahawks lack right now and could make this a more consistent defense going forward.

More on the draft tomorrow… let’s concentrate on a great win.

Russell Wilson is playing at an elite level right now. Why try and play it down? The two drives to put Seattle in position to win the game were befitting anything Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are capable of. Yeah, I said it. I watched back the final drive and realised I’d seen it before. I’d seen it for about ten years in Indianapolis and New England. That situation where there’s nothing you can do but watch the slow death of one team at the hands of a quarterback. He was ice cold. Nobody was taking this game away from Russell Wilson.

He had one risky throw against a Bears defense adept at taking the ball away. He lofted one pass a little too much in the final drive and Major Wright probably should’ve had the interception. In fairness to Wilson, he was hammered just before releasing the ball. It proved costly, as it was Chicago’s only chance to win the game late on. He converted on fourth down with the game on the line. He made big time third down completions. Wilson looks like a seasoned vet. These are exciting times for Seahawks fans, because by rights he’s only going to get better. There are no gimmicks here that’ll be found out with tape during the off-season. The insane work ethic is paying off and the game is slowing down. Put a red shirt on the guy and he’s back at Wisconsin.

Sidney Rice and Golden Tate are benefiting greatly from Wilson’s development. Zach Miller and Doug Baldwin aren’t matching the production, but they’re making key plays on crucial downs. I still watch the offense and wonder if there’s room for one more great weapon. Going back to the draft (briefly) – if the likes of Brandon Coleman or Zach Ertz are off the board when Seattle picks, there’s probably going to be good options in round two. Markus Wheaton and DeAndre Hopkins are two of the most underrated players in college football and there’s a chance both will last beyond the first 32 picks.

A word of praise too for Darrell Bevell. He’s an easy target for fans when the team doesn’t win. The conservative play calling in Miami last week was more a product of Carroll’s vision for the team than anything else. Bevell called another good game today and some of the criticism he’s faced this year has been incredibly unfair. Wilson isn’t playing this well on his own. And one of the worst things you can do to a young quarterback is change the coordinator every year. Time to give credit where credit’s due.


  1. Stuart

    The play calling was exactly what was needed, playing to win-not to lose! Now moving forward I hope the play calling will be more like it was today. There is no denying how good our Quarterback is anymore. I have been a hard core Seahawk fan from day 1 of this franchise but never have we had a Quarterback like this,ever!

    If you are a non-believer in Russell Wilson you must have serious issues in your life…By the time this season is over and you look at our season record, performance in the playoffs and the season statistics for Russell Wilson, I predict an off-season of more excitement and anticipation than ever before!

    As a road team our Hawks are now 2-5 but we have been in every road game played in fact our biggest loss was to San Fran by only 7 points. I would rather be peaking at this point in the season, ask Arizona how that hot start is treating them now.

    I am estatic about the win today. It seems that nearly every call went against us too but we overcame it all. Congratulations Seahawks!

    • Michael

      Man that QB situation in Arizona is bad… Can they really start Ryan Lindley another game? His QBR this week on is just a dash, and I have to assume that is only because putting a negative number up there is too mean.

      • Rob Staton

        I hope he starts next Sunday.

        • ben-jammin


        • Rugby Lock

          Hear Heat!

          • Michael

            Max Hall the sequel!

  2. Michael

    great read as always Rob. I have been very critical of Bevell this year, but you’re right, he had a great game today. Russell Wilson is so damn fun to watch, and I can barely contain my excitement thinking about the next decade plus of him as our QB.

    The one thing about the game that was still a point of frustration (aside from the obvious fifty something yard pass) was the untimely penalties. That long time consuming drive would have been a quick 3 and out if not for that hands to the face flag. Am I imagining things or did I see Irvin a little more today, and on earlier downs?

    Great win, and we again got the help we needed from the rest of the league. God bless the Rams. If the ‘Hawks can win out with 3 of the 4 coming at home, and the Pats can knock off the Niners at home in week 15 we’re looking at a division title.

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure on Irvin – I’m sure someone will publish a snap count soon though. He did appear to be featured earlier on some drives. I think less so – if memory serves me – after the roughing penalty.

      • Phil

        Rob – I agree with everything you’ve said. #1 need is to increase the pass rush from the base defense.

        On offense, I’m intrigued with the thought of drafting a kind of hybrid guy — someone that might play RB on 3rd down, catching the odd screen pass, running draws, maybe even playing RB on the read option. Then, the same guy might play the slot on other downs. And, he might return punts and kickoffs. Sound like Leon Washington? I’m thinking Tavon Austin. If he was still available when the Seahawks pick, I’d grab him so long as we could fill our #1 need through free agency or via a later pick. As much as I like Leon, he’s not getting any younger.

        Has anyone seen a statistic on how many first downs the Seahawks’ opponents have converted via penalty? I think the answer is to have a big sign that PC can raise over his head on 3rd downs that reads, “DON”T DO ANYTHING STUPID!!”

        • Kenny Sloth

          Too bad Austin’s frame couldn’t support more weight. He’d be a great weapon in our zone scheme. At RB, I mean. If he could put on 20 lbs. I’d put him at halfback.

        • Darnell

          Phil, these guys kinda come to mind

          Andre Debose from Florida might fit that bill and could be had late in the draft.

          Chris Thompson from Florida State is really talented but has severe injury issues.

          Theo Riddick, ND, makes plays as a runner and a receiver.

          With the likely changes in KC I’d inquire about the availability of Dexter McCluster.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I noticed. Irvin was playing the LEO at times today!!!

  3. kevin mullen

    I think we need to lose the Red Bryant experiment as teams are figuring out how to isolate him out of the play and his lack of pass rush from a position that’s suppose to generate in a 4-3.

    You’re right, we’re playing a bend don’t break defense but when one player is so one sided in regards to skill set, it puts a disadvantage to a team that can’t afford. The LB’s aren’t blitzing, and I don’t think the scheme is designed for blitzing LB’s.

    I’d almost say either we push Red back in the middle or drop him and find a replacement, we need an element of surprise and we aren’t getting it when Red is in there.

    • Michael

      I wonder if they would be willing to try moving Big Red back inside? I honestly don’t know why he wasn’t cutting it there to begin with, and don’t understand why a man that big can’t play inside. If he could do his run stuffing without occupying a spot that could conceivably be filled with a pass rushing threat, that would be huge for this team.

      Rob, if Red continues to play as he has so far this season, would Pete consider moving him off the end spot to give him another crack at DT where he belongs? I don’t think they are are too stubborn to try it if they think it will improve the team. They only saw Carpenter at RT for 7 games before moving him to guard…

      • Rob Staton

        Nobody should expect to see Red Bryant moved.

        • Michael (CLT)

          Red was outstanding today.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Regardless of the impossibility of it. It’s a very intriguing concept. Maybe put Jones at LE. Or Irvin. Or Draft Sheldon Richardson and put him there. Crazy stuff. Could keep the scheme and but put little tweaks into it. A heavy Elephant (Bryant). A medium Elephant (Richardson). A small Elephant (Jones). A tiny Elephant (Irvin). The RT would be baffled trying to adjust.

        • ben-jammin

          Love how people are bashing Red as he’s been playing through injury, clearly not himself. At beginning of year he was dominant.

      • Rugby Lock

        Carp was brought back way too soon. Should have sat out the year…

    • Rob Staton

      It won’t happen. Pete is committed to this aspect of the scheme. He was willing to move Branch there if Bryant couldn’t go and put Scruggs at the three technique. Even if you take Bryant out, they’ll put size there. We shouldn’t expect pass rush from Big Red and he does do an effective job in other aspects. I’m comfortable with his role as long as they draft a three technique who rushes the passer.

      • kevin mullen

        Not bashing the guy whatsoever, I feel that with the limited positions (4) that can rush the passer, Red’s position is prime real estate to upgrade. Red was great today, but he was non existent in Miami.

        If the pressure lies solely on the DLine, DE should be looked at as a position to upgrade.

        • ben-jammin

          He was struggling with an injury in Miami.

          • AlaskaHawk

            There are other positions that could be upgraded – like Irvins position. Not much pressure from him again.

            • Rugby Lock

              Or anyone else for that matter…

            • Sea meat

              The pass rush is nonexistent. I hope Irvin can learn some more moves, a spin would work wonders for him. Jones has helped the line and looks great, but getting to the passer is not working out. I would love to see a d-lineman with pass rushing skills and run stopping ability drafted. A playmaker on offense second, and linebacker to replace hill at weakside.

          • NickW

            He likely was dealing with the injury yesterday too. Anybody that knows anything about Plantar Fasciitis knows that it is not a quick healing injury. It is very common for it to take a year or more to heal from it. I currently have this injury from running and have been dealing with it for about a year. I am finally on the upside of this injury and nearly healed, Red unfortunately, is in the beginnings of it if it really has only been bothering him for the last few weeks to a month. Maybe he and the trainers caught it early enough for him that he will be able to heal quickly, but with having to train and play it is likely to get worse and aggravated from use before it gets better for him.

            • Michael

              just look at what it has done to Antonio Gates over the last couple years.

  4. Justin M

    After all the criticism of the coaches last week I am glad to see them pull out a win.

  5. Michael

    Rob, given this front office’s penchant for reclamation projects, what are the odds they kick the 23 year old tires of Rolando McClain (once he gets cut) this offseason? I know he doesn’t have the great speed the PC/JS apparently want in their LB’s but he sure was good in college (haven’t really seen him much since). Could he be a fit schematically if he gets his head on straight?

    • Rob Staton

      I think he’s too big for this scheme. His best fit is to find a 3-4 team. Even then, one of his big issues at Oakland was poor run defense – a major shock if you saw him at ‘Bama. But I don’t think the Seahawks will look at Rolando.

  6. Colin

    I was not happy to see us go away from Marshawn in the 2nd and 3rd quarters after his first 3 carries netted 37 yards.

    Glad we got the win, but this pass rush issue is really going to hurt us sooner or later.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it already has hurt us – which is why Seattle is 7-5 instead of 8-10. Rushing the passer is just something you have to do, it has to be automatic. You can’t expect to dominate every week, but you need pressure. But this is the kind of thing you have to deal with in a major rebuild. And it’s why fans have to be patient. You can’t solve every issue immediately. It’s incredible that two and a bit years in Seattle has a QBOTF, a shutdown corner and a running game.

      So that has to be one of the priorities next off-season. And I’m sure it will be.

      • Rugby Lock


        • rrrhawkout

          I’m assuming Rob meant having between 8 and 10 wins instead of seven.

      • Rugby Lock

        They did try and address the pass rush issue this offseason but it really hasn’t worked so far.

    • Sea meat

      It hurts them and has been an serious issue the past month. It is still the biggest glaring weakness in my opinion.

  7. Michael (CLT)

    Great article. Much appreciated.

    • Rugby Lock


  8. Stuart

    Funny, I though it was the priority this past off-season. Do you think Bruce Irvin will ever be a starter or will he always be just what he is?

    • ben-jammin

      Funny, thought their sacks are way up from last year.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Irvin is a guy who is playing out of position. Irvin is the heir to the Leo position. It’s an everydown position. He is going to platoon until Clem can’t produce anymore or he just earns the role outright.

      We need interior pressure. Jason Jones was providing it well early — I’m thinking his injury may have sapped his effectiveness on his return. But really, we need a 3 tech who can both play the run and rush the passer.

      Richardson is a guy that can get to the QB and make the drive killing play. Although I’m not convinced we need an 8+ sack 3 tech to be effective. We need pocket collapse. I’d rather have a 2-3 sack player at the three, who consistently collapses the pocket and either forces the QB to throw incompletions or to try to force balls that turn into mistakes — or to flush a QB out to our speedy ends who can seal the deal. Right now, pocket passers are killing us because we cannot penetrate the pocket and force the issue.

      We don’t need sacks. We need to speed up the QBs clock. Richardson is a decent pass rushing three. And if he fell to us, I’d be ok taking him. I do see him in our scheme as another specialist type player. A guy we’ll rotate in on passing downs.

      I do want to see more of Richardson. What I’ve seen is both tantalizing but potentially miscast for what we really need. Maybe I’m wrong on him. I’d value consistent pressure that doesn’t necessarily get there than getting there more often, but being a non factor otherwise.

      This defense is so talented elsewhere, that we don’t need the three to end a drive on his own. Just forcing the throws before those longer developing patterns can complete would have drive killing results too.

      • Rob Staton

        The fact they were willing to play Suggs at the three technique if Bryant couldn’t go suggests to me they are open to a 290lbs three technique on early downs… as long as he plays the run competitively. I think Richardson would do that.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s hard to say. I think the LEO’s always going to be at a disadvantage in base when he’s the only pass rusher in the front four.

  9. Stuart

    Yes, the sacks are way up and Irvin leads all rookies with 7 sacks. Those are great things. I just wanted to know if he could become full time someday. It’s worked out well for Aldon Smith in SF but he plays linebacker. If’s, if the Seahawks had drafted say Chandler Jones to be their full time DE, couldnt they have moved Red to DT? As far as a players mind set it should work especially with that huge contract but maybe not with PC’s scheme?

    Just read an article by Richard Sherman stating how he believes Russell Wilson is better than Andrew Luck and RG III. RW is the man! Did any of your here his press conference after the game? Russell thanked his offensive line, all recievers by name and even thanked Matt Flynn for his excellent work on the coin toss call. That man is so humble! His teamates love him! If last years draft could have a re-draft based on what we know know, do you think he would have been chosen at 8 instead of Tannehill (duh) or do you think maybe even 3rd overall?

    • Rob Staton

      Hard to say with hindsight. I think there’s a few teams out there though that will banish the conventional thinking on height if the talent matches up. That’s good news for guys like Aaron Murray.

  10. A. Simmons

    Great win! Russell is the real deal. I’ve believed it for a long while now.

    I believe that an elite every down three tech will do for this defense what Russell is doing for the offense: make everyone on the defense look better. We don’t have a monster on the defensive line that demands attention. We have some above average defensive tackles that can stuff the run well enough most of the time. We don’t have that one guy that rips into the offensive line that has to be double and triple blocked down after down. We gotta find that guy next year or at least close to that guy.

  11. adog

    Mebane seems to have faded as of late. I think it’s hard to equal\maintain his level of excellent play in the first four games. Not sure if he’s seeing some doubles, or teams are scheming away from him, but just have not saw much of him as of late. That being said, asking our front three on the D line…excluding Clemons, to put consistent pressure on the qb might be a bit too much in this scheme. They will always play run first and foremost, and on third down they seem to get decent push. I believe that all fingers for the lack of pressure should be pointed at our linebackers. They are young and they are struggling. Wagner is good one play and horrible the next. He over-pursues much too often, is out of position, and is nowhere to be found when the qb leaves the pocket. He is playing well for a rookie, but is below average for a middle linebacker. Wright has been amiss since his concussion. I think this defense sinks or swims with the play of Wright. He is a key player to this defense. If he regains some of his form, this defense will improve from the dline to the safeties. Not sure if he is still dinged up, or if he is just under achieving, but he plays a very important position on this scheme of defense. With that in mind, i think the seahawks should draft a linebacker with pass rushing potential in the first. One who could challenge\compete with Wright. As for Hill…he is perfect replica for what the seahawks can hope to grab in this draft…that is a Leroy Hill in his first three years. Malcom Smith has succeeded so far replacing Hill. They need a pass rusher and linebacker hybrid…that is their biggest need.

  12. AlaskaHawk

    I would like to make one point about our defense. They had a bend but don’t break philosophy today, and really played the Bears pretty well in the second half.

    The main thing I wanted to say, on the long pass that Chicago made just before the tieing field goal, we only rushed two guys (Irvin and ?). Naturally Chicago took one look upfield and then double teamed both guys. There was zero pressure from our line. A third linemen had dropped back into the middle, and when Cutler ran up to the line of scrimmage, that third linemen ran forward and put some pressure on him. Then Sherman misjudged the interception attempt. Anyway- dropping nine guys back and rushing two guys- didn’t work very well.

    As far as drafting, a DT would be great, but I suspect we are going to have to get some better energy from more than one position. A young DE would be good also.

    • A. Simmons

      This is the kind of trash I’m tired of seeing from Bradley. You don’t do this kind of trash playcalling when you have a QB like Cutler and receiver like Marshall that can get it into tight windows. You rush the passer and get pressure on Cutler. That is what messes him up. Bradley is being outcalled at the end of games. I hope Pete does something about it soon.

      I heard Monte Kiffin is leaving the college ranks to come back to the NFL. I hope he is coming to Seattle to assist Carroll and get Bradley trained up.

      • Rob Staton

        I hope we aren’t going to flip-flop between coordinators here – one week it’s Bevell, the next Bradley. Both are doing a good job IMO. They were playing prevent defense on that late play, just like any coach in the game would’ve done.

        • Rugby Lock

          Yeah… the “prevent” you from winning defense…
          Good Lord I hate that….

        • A. Simmons

          If it were just the Chicago game, I would be ok. But so many games all season we are getting out-called in the fourth quarter. It’s infuriating. I’m not saying fire Bradley, but it would be nice to get a guy who’s seen it all to work with Bradley. Monte Kiffin knows both men. I think he would let Pete focus on the overall team, while assisting Bradley in making adjustments and adding to the experience pool of the team.

      • Elijah

        If Sherman had made the interception on that play this argument would be moot. We were in prevent defense as the game dictated it, and Sherman made the wrong call. Gus Bradley is a great coordinator, and shouldn’t draw ire for that play. We won, end of story.

    • Rob Staton

      Firstly… Jason Jones needs to sack Jay Cutler on that play. He completely whiffed on the tackle. Secondly, Sherman has to bat the ball down aggressively, not try to make the interception. Big error by Sherman there. I don’t have an issue with prevent defense on that play… but you have to execute.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I have an issue with a prevent defense that allowed them to make a pass that far downfield. It isn’t just about the Jason Jones whiff, at least he got close enough to make Cutler dodge him. The other two rushers were totally overwhelmed and not even in the play. To put zero pressure on the QB like that….. We my as well have dropped 10 players back and left Jason Jones up there. And Sherman, come on your better than that!

  13. Nate Dogg

    If Seattle is serious about generating pressure with their front four, they wouldn’t be playing Red at DE. You can upgrade the pass rush at DT all you want, but at the end of the day you’re not going to generate pressure effectively rushing three from your base package. I mean, look at this pass that Chicago ran on their first drive:

    It’s a half hearted play fake with the tight end releasing clean into a route and the running back releasing into a route after chipping on Red. The chip is the only block Red gets, allowing Chicago to block the three other defensive linemen with 6 (6!) guys! How much pressure can you expect any DT to get in that situation?

    If Seattle is married to this scheme and/or to Red that’s fine, but we have to realize there are going to be ways to exploit it at times. And if a great DT drops to Seattle in the draft and they select them, that’s great. But I don’t know how we can come away from a game where Seattle’s defense held a playoff team to 17 points at home and needed OT for their offense to crack 20 and say that their number one need is clearly on the defensive side of the ball. Prioritizing a DT over playmakers like Patterson or Austin would be a mistake.

    • AlaskaHawk

      The problem with our defense is that know one strikes fear in the opponents heart. Our fiercest players are in the secondary. We need our version of Urlacher and Peppers. Did you see Peppers knock Carpenter on his ass? That’s what we need times four on our defensive line.

      • Sea Meat

        Agreed. Hawks not getting to the passer when playing against this Bears O-line is a huge problem. More times than not allowing the QB as much time as the front 4 are allowing there will be a play made and positive yardage.

        It is discussed that only rusing with the front four to capitalize on turnovers is the goal of Pete, but I do not see this working out as planned. I think even an upgrade will only do so much and blitzing needs to be used more often.

        • glor

          Last couple years when we played the Bears, we had a lot of exotic blitz packages and were able to absolutely manhandle their o-line as a result.. now, no more blitzing?

  14. Phil

    Anyone else note that lots of crucial calls are not going our way? It seems like whenever there is a close call, the officials are ruling against the Seahawks. For example, the replay that overturned the touchdown call at the end of the first half. The call on the field was TD and there is no way that the replay could have provided “incontrovertible” evidence that the catch was not made. Also, there was a personal foul for the Seahawks hitting Cutler after he had started his slide. But, when the Bears hit Wilson after he had started a slide — there was no call. Last week it was the personal foul against Earl Thomas that cost us the game. It’s almost like the league is trying to make up for the call made by the replacement officials at the end of the Green Bay game.

    • AlaskaHawk

      The hands to face against Irving should have been a no call. Another play happened where our blocker was face masked. One non call where Tate pushed the defender down. A false start that I couldn’t see. Biggest one was the second scrum for the ball that we got after Chicago muffed punt return.

      • Sea meat

        Exactly. I noticed Irvin getting held on a few plays and zero calls. Just some bad and missed calls

        • Michael

          The worst was by far the one where the guy got called for a low block, when actually he was thrown to the ground by his face mask and then the guy tripped over him. Terrible call.

          • Sea Meat

            Ha, you are right. I remember that play! Some horrible calls. I get a bit frustrated watching the last two games and the bad calls and then I read an article about Russell Wilson on NFL network and a ton of people are commenting the Hawks should be 5-7 and the “BAD call” in the Green Bay game. If the Hawks make the playoffs we will hear more of this. The games flow much better with the regular refs, but the bad calls are made every game regardless.

  15. Phil

    Another observation on the play calling in this game — the read option was really killing the Bears. On the last drive, their defense looked really frustrated at the way that RW was gouging them with his running. But, I was impressed that Bevell seemed to save the read option until the game was on the line. I don’t want to see RW taking any more hits than he needs to. In contrast, for example, the Redskins have had great success with RGIII running the read option, but he’s already had one concussion this year. So, let’s limit RW’s designed carries (not his scrambling) until the game is on the line.

  16. Cysco

    Rob, I would love to see an end of the regular season re-draft. Call it the “Seahawks Draft Blog Hindsight Draft”. After seeing all the rookies play for a season, how should the draft have played out?

    Great post as always!


    • Rob Staton

      I can do that, sure.

  17. Joe the Jarhead

    “Go Hawks.” -Russell Wilson. ‘Nuff said.

    • Sea meat

      Haha. I love that. I listened to only one interview he did not leave with “go hawks”

  18. Snoop Dogg

    Hey Rob! Do you still view the Receiving core as that big of an issue? I honestly feel pretty good about them.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s an area that could use another addition, but upgrading at the three technique is the biggest need.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      I think receiving is probably one position, like defensive backs, where they should be brought in constantly. Receivers tend to really have a limited shelf life. One only has to look at a three year old roster to see just how quickly the productive names on the list roll over.

      It really looks like receivers typically have careers in the same length as running backs. Except that for elite receivers, you can see them play much longer. But the typical receiver career looks like it’s 4-5 years. The main difference is, you often carry 6-8 receivers, but only 3-4 running backs.

      I’d like us to settle in to a WR in the 2nd to 4th round every year pattern soon. You can’t get the next Torrey Smith, Jordy Nelson, Mike Wallace type player without taking some shots on them. And for every Greg Jennings in the league, there are half a dozen or more Kris Durhams. You have to keep plunking away at them till you hit.

      Golden Tate is really now closing in on a Jordy Nelson type of talent. Especially if you consider the inflation of stats that are the result of catching passes from Aaron Rodgers. Tate can probably be safely considered a hit in the second round.

      I always felt like the QB was close to 80% of the total effectiveness of a passing game. I think that might be a conservative number even. Good QBs consistently show the ability to spread passes to multiple targets year after year, with no regard to annual receiver roll over.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I like your thinking to keep drafting away at the wide receiver spot. Not necessarily in the first round unless an exceptional person comes your way.

        To repeat what I said in another thread. Last game we had major (almost 100 yead) contributions from Rice and Tate. In addition we had 3rd down catches on the last two drives from Baldwin and Miller. In contrast Chicago only had one great receiver = but what a receiver.

        Anyway – last play of the game, Rice takes a hit from Major Wright and ends up laying on the ground while the medical staff gathers around him. Was this the end of his season? Possibly the end of his career? Do we want our passing game to depend on Rice? Tate and Rice are a good duo, but they are not enough. We need to find at least two more great receivers. Then we can throw 6 guys at a team, either together or in rotation. We will have an awesome receiving corp.

        So lets continue to draft in that 2-4 range. Lets give Wilson players to throw to. It will pay off.

      • Phil

        I really like what Tate is showing and he seems to be RW’s “go to” guy. Rice is making some great grabs, too. Then, Baldwin stepped up and made a couple of key grabs on our last possession. So, I didn’t think we had a good receiving corps at the beginning of the year, but I do now. Still not sure about TE — Miller made a few catches and was overthrown on a sure TD and was wide open in the end zone on the next two plays, too. On those plays, RW didn’t have the time to make his full progrssion of reads and he never got to Miller. So, this all leads me to believe that part of our lack of production at TE is due to scheme — I don’t think we have a lot of plays where the primary target is TE. Or, if we do, we haven’t been using them. I would like to see more downfield throws to a RB, but I don’t think we’ve got the right kind of RBs to make those plays work. I can’t see Lynch running a wheel route, or even Turbin.

        • AlaskaHawk

          We have a good receiving corp but you can always use more. The latest news is that Rice has a concussion and may not be playing for awhile. That always has to be taken into consideration at every position. Need four receivers – you better have 6 ready to go!

          • Sea Meat

            Rice out is bad for the offense. I agree that better have 6 WR ready to go at any moment. I love that Tate is playing so well especially when the media and so many were down on him the past two years.

  19. Brandon O.

    Hey Rob, what do you think of Jesse Williams from ‘Bama? If they draft him they could let Branch walk and upgrade the position. I know he’s not regarded as a very strong pass rusher, but I think he could really help collapse the pocket. He seems like a mean mother****er too!

    • Rob Staton

      I like Jesse. Like you say, good mean streak. Hard to shift vs the run and I sense there’s some pass rush in there somewhere, it just needs to be harnessed. He could be on the radar.

  20. glor

    Is Cam Newton having a sophomore slump? Bradford had one, Sanchez has really sucked the last couple years.. any concern the same thing happens to Wilson?

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