Instant reaction: Seahawks beat Niners, move to 7-4

If ever there was a game to sum up Seattle’s season so far, this was it.

The sloppy first half on offense, the toiling running game, keeping an inferior opponent alive, a vastly superior second half and a Jimmy Graham redzone touchdown. All features to perfectly illustrate the 2017 campaign.

The good news is it’s a win — and at least something to take into a difficult looking meeting against Philadelphia where the Seahawks are looking to avoid a third straight home loss.

If they’re going to become a dark horse in the playoffs, however, this type of football offers little cause for optimism.

A slow start in a game like this against a one-win team isn’t costly. We saw what a rough start meant in the last game though. Atlanta were spotted 14 early points in a contest lost by three on a missed field goal at the end. If the Seahawks have to go to New Orleans or Minnesota or Philadelphia in the post-season (providing they get there), such a lethargic opening could be lethal.

Eddie Lacy had 17 carries for 46 yards — an average of 2.7 YPC. The Niners came into the game with the 30th ranked rushing defense. J.D. McKissic offered more of a spark on his five carries (22 yards) but still seems more of a compliment than a feature.

It’s quite something that a team that used to be able to run the ball with relative ease is now left praying for Mike Davis, a player recently plucked from the practise squad, to get healthy and be the saviour.

Thomas Rawls, from memory, had one snap. He’s officially in the Christine Michael commemorative doghouse.

Thank goodness it’s a deep draft for running backs in 2018.

The pressure on Russell Wilson these days isn’t so much from the opponent as it is the situation. Seattle is completely dependant on their quarterback on offense. In the last four games he has four interceptions and a fumble returned for a touchdown. He had four picks in his previous seven games.

It’s indicative of his need to do a bit more. He’s throwing more passes, needing to take more chances early. His second pass of the game against Atlanta was a bad pick. His first pass against the Niners was a bad pick.

Not that this is a cause to criticise Wilson. He’s keeping Seattle’s season alive. And in this one against San Francisco he took things over in the second half with another great performance.

There are two things he can rely on at the moment that are new and of real benefit.

Jimmy Graham is the touchdown machine in the red zone this team traded for. It’s taken three seasons and perhaps a removal of the internal desire to make Graham a ‘complete’ TE — but this is the player Seattle wanted and needed.

Do not underestimate this sudden and regular impact. The Seahawks had a horrible red zone offense for a long time — even with Marshawn Lynch on the roster. Now the Wilson-to-Graham hook-up is almost automatic. They’re scheming to isolate Graham and taking the 1-on-1 opportunities. He has eight touchdowns in seven games.

They’re also using Wilson as a runner smartly in the red zone. He has rushing scores in back-to-back games too on the kind of run-pass option that would’ve looked great in the Super Bow….. let’s not go there.

Graham’s production is a huge boon for a team that simply cannot run the football for a score. Seattle has one rushing touchdown this season from a running back. It’s an incredible stat.

The other big plus on offense is Paul Richardson. He’s become a consistent, dynamic weapon. When you consider the Seahawks will always be able to rely on Doug Baldwin too — Wilson has some options now.

Richardson is finally healthy and showing why he cost a second round pick in 2014. Both he and Justin Britt have flourished over time — changing the complexion of how that draft class will be viewed.

Graham and Richardson are both upcoming free agents. Considering how discombobulated other parts of the offense are currently, you almost feel like it’d be a huge step backwards if either player walked in the off-season.

There were some other good moments today. Nick Vannett got his first touchdown. Bobby Wagner was again exceptional and possibly only second to Calais Campbell in the DPOY race. Marcus Smith and the backup D-line players stepped up.

With the Rams, Falcons and Panthers winning — not much changed today in terms of the playoff race. Seattle’s margin for error is tiny. With the Rams going to Arizona next week (a team they hammered in London a few weeks ago) — the Seahawks likely need to beat the Eagles to stay in touch.

It’s not just about that, however. The Seahawks also need a win to prove a point. They need to beat the best team in the NFC. They need to avoid losing an embarrassing third straight game at home. That’s about pride more than anything else. Seattle losing three in a row at the Clink? Shouldn’t happen. Not with this team. They need to stop it happening next week.

If they defeat the Eagles (and it’s a big ‘if’) it will ignite the season and provide fresh life to a fan base badly needing hope and a reason to believe this can still be a year where the Seahawks challenge.

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  1. Forrest

    Good game, but sadly it looks like the Rams are gonna win their game. Let’s just hope the Hawks can topple the Eagles and win out. Go Hawks!!!

  2. Nick

    A good game, but man, it just hurts knowing we could easily be 8-3 or 9-2.

  3. Isaac

    I don’t get why our offense is so bad. During training camp we were all so excited by the depth of this team. It was so deep we cut Karsen Williams and traded jermaine kearse. When you take into account the eye test this offense stinks and we struggle to get anyone open. Was kearse (the security blanket) really that big of a loss? Is the offense struggling because we can’t run the ball? Has Darrel bevel been around to long and the league has caught on to how he calls plays? Or are we just not good enough?

    • Nick

      I’m not saying it’s all on coaching, but you look at how the Rams have completely gone from a mediocre offense to a great one and it makes you wonder…

      Our inability to run the ball is the biggest culprit, tho, and I’m not sure how much of that you can pin on the OC.

      • Rob Staton

        One thing on the Rams — they are making life very easy for Goff. They’re scheming him easy passes. Some teams have cottoned on to this (Seattle, Minnesota). Next season most of the league will have. And it’ll be up to Goff to take steps forward to become a better passer. I’m not convinced he has it in him. He, to me, looks like another Nick Foles.

        • Nick

          Fair points. Here’s to hoping you’re right.

        • SeaHusky

          Do you see our this as a failure of the coaching staff to scheme our players open, Rob? I’m higher on Bevell than some fans are, but it seems to me like our offense is extremely vanilla in terms of playcalling, with the exception of some genuine gems from Bevell occasionally. Would some fresh faces on the coaching staff make our offense better, or do you think it’s more due to lack of continuity on the OL, ineffective RBs, and just bad execution overall?

          • Rob Staton

            I think we have a very creative offense, that is just out of whack in the running game. Better RB’s (via the draft) and more experience on the OL should get us back on track.

            • hawkdawg

              What’s establishing disturbing to me about the running game is that the left side of that line now, with Brown and Joeckel, has “experience” up the wazoo. And they still can’t run block even decently. Those wide zone runs to the left side were a complete disaster most of the time today, and I don’t think that was all Lacy.

              • Kemoarps

                But ‘experience’ and experience playing together are two very different things. And the offensive line is arguably the single most important position group for players to have experience together so they know their line mates tendencies etc. The only pairing I’d put next to it is just the timing between a QB and his receivers.

                Joeckel and Brown had literally never lined up next to each other before. Not in a game, not even in practice. Not saying that that makes the continued struggles of the run game more palatable, simply advising not to judge our long term status by this early result.

            • LouieLouie

              Totally agree with you on that, Rob. The O-line is inching towards adequacy. Lacy just seems not to have that spark that a good running back should have. Rawls looked like that guy in his rookie year, but injuries can un-track the most promising rookie. Imagine what DangerRuss could do with a decent o-line and a solid running game.

      • John_s

        Another thing the Rams are doing to help Goff is that they break huddle with about 25-30 seconds and it allows McVay to call in an audible to Goff since the radio cuts out at 15 seconds. Similar to college where players look to the sidelines.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s the running game. Simple. They can’t run the ball at all. One rushing touchdown all season by a RB.

      And it’s a combination of problems. O-line changing a lot, running backs getting hurt, running backs who are healthy not being good enough.

      The good news is this SHOULD sort itself out in the off-season. The O-line will get a year older and more experienced and they will have a chance to draft at least one good RB.

      • C-Dog

        Absolutely. At the time they traded Kearse, and cut Kasen, they were overloaded at WR, and probably felt good about what they had in Carson mixed with Prosise, Rawls, Lacy, and McKissic. Tough to foresee losing Carson early, Prosise never able to stay healthy, and Rawls unable to settle in.

        This offense is a bonafide every down back away from being really explosive again.

        • Nick


          • Isaac

            To go along with what you guys are talking about. The o line will be a year older and hopefully better. I wonder if George fant gets released or switched to the right side. I think he’s to athletic to play guard and now that Duane Brown is here. I see money heading his way and solidifying the LT spot for the next couple of years.

            Richardson gets sent packing really the hawks the don’t have the money to pay him. Richardson moves on after this year aswell. The hawks keep graham and brown. Richardson squared is to expensive to keep. Watch out this year for some possible big time trades for draft picks. Could this be the last year for the injury prone Jane?

            • C-Dog

              I could see them maybe move Fant to RT and Ifedi back at RG. Although, Ifedi had himself a really nice bounce back game today, and he is continues that kind of play, he might have a home there in their minds. They have Brown through 2018. It might be nice for Fant to play behind him as a swing tackle for a year.

              I think they find a way to hang onto Jimmy Graham, Sheldon Richardson, and possibly PRich.

              • Nick

                Luke Willson is sent packing in this scenario?

                • C-Dog

                  Probably. They have Vannett. I am a Luke Willson fan, but they may have to let him walk or test the market again.

            • Tyler Jorgensen

              There is zero chance barring inability to recover from the ACL that Fant gets released.

  4. hawkdawg

    Slow starts on offense, once again. Wilson’s interception on the first play of the game was horrific. LIne still can’t run block, including our first rounders on the left side. We now have three first rounders and two second rounders on that line, and it still cannot run block.

    Rawls must really be in the doghouse, because Lacy showed very little–although trying to figure out how much of that is bad run-blocking is difficult.

    Wilson caught fire in the second half, but if we play anything like this overall on offense next Sunday it will be a long, long day.

    • Sean-O

      Makes you wonder how & the hell Chris Carson averaged over 4.0 YPC this season with this line.

      • C-Dog

        Patient decisive running with strength, and enough explosion and quicks is how. All things they don’t have with any of these current backs.

      • Rob Staton

        Part of the reason Carson averaged over 4 YPC behind this line is because he actually did what he was supposed to do, unlike some of the other RB’s.

        • STTBM

          To be fair, if some of the OL did what they were supposed to do, even a mediocre RB could get some yards. Rawls looked fantastic a couple years ago with our line, now he looks terrible. Yet its obvious he has less room to run and poorer blocking. So whats the real problem?

          • C-Dog

            He hasn’t shown the patience needed to follow his blocks. The other backs have. Rawls was a healthy scratch against the Falcons. He was the third option against the Niners and saw the field only once. Clearly, there is a trust issue with the coaches.

          • Rob Staton

            The line is much less of a problem than I think people realize. Rawls in particular just isn’t reading it for some reason. Why do you think he’s currently in the doghouse? Inactive last week and one snap yesterday. There’s a reason for that and it isn’t a lack of talent.

            Seattle’s running game was working fine with Chris Carson and it looked good with Mike Davis last week. This is much less an O-line problem and much more a Rawls and Lacy problem.

            • Ukhawk

              Obviously it’s both RB & OL that needs to improve. Let’s see how they do in the next 3 weeks against some tough DLs

              • Rob Staton

                I think the RB problem is much more significant than the OL problem. We look like a competent running team with Carson and Davis. Not with Lacy and Rawls.

    • H

      I don’t agree with the implication that the draft position of the players on our line means they should be playing better than they are. When you consider that, one is a rookie, one is a second year player, one is a first round bust for another team getting a second chance and one is a veteran that’s had hardly any chance to practice with the team.
      They’re not playing well, but their relative draft positions isn’t really that relevant.

      • SeaHusky

        If nothing else, their high draft statuses dispel the myth that Cable doesn’t have the talent to run his scheme. If they continue to struggle mightily, we know that coaching is the main problem, not personnel.

        • hawkdawg

          Bingo. Exactly right. The talent, and the money, are now there. But the results have yet to come, to put it very kindly.

        • H

          Thats kinda the exact opposite of what i was trying to say there…. that their relative draft positions does not automatically mean the line should be playing well now. Maybe down the line a little.

      • Thorson

        I think it’s fair to say that a successful O line communicates effectively and executes well as a unit. This is something that comes primarily from working together over time. Even though the current iteration of the Hawks’ O line sports multiple high draft picks, today was the first game they had actually played together as a unit. They’ve only had a week to practice together. It will certainly be interesting to see what they become over time, provided they stay healthy. In the meantime, I’m prepared to cut them some slack.

    • SeaHusky

      Most of Wilson’s INTs this season have come from him hunting the explosive play by forcing the ball to a covered receiver. He had two open receivers today on the INT that he didn’t even look to. I think his increased INT rate is a byproduct of the offense relying entirely on him to make plays. He feels the pressure to constantly perform, and his increased usage rate is making him force some throws.

  5. Pran

    Is it fair to wonder we could have been in soup if Garapollo started

    • Hawk Eye

      prevent D with lots of back ups playing, I doubt Garapallo would have made a huge difference

    • Rob Staton

      Not really, because Beathard wasn’t the problem today. He may well have scored that TD himself at the end.

      • Pran

        Well, we gave something for 9ers to cheer for rest of the season then

    • SeaHusky

      We took out some starters on that last drive, including Thomas and Wagner. No worries.

  6. Hawk Eye

    anyone think McFadden has anything left?
    Has Seattle ever had a Scottish RB????

    • no frickin' clue

      No, but Marshawn did visit Scotland once, so we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.

    • Volume12

      No, but he did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

  7. Sean-O

    A win is a win. 4-0 in the division.

    Just need to stay hopefully at least one game within the Rams over the next two weeks. It’s a tough task vs the Eagles & Jags but the Rams have to play the Eagles in a couple of weeks so you never know…

    • SeaHusky

      That win over the Rams in LA was absolutely huge. If we can manage to beat them at home, the division is locked up.

  8. AlaskaHawk

    One of the reasons the first half was slow was the numerous drops by receivers and tight ends. I’m not naming my anyone, but when all you have is a passing game and your best receivers drop the easy ones it kills the whole drive. The only receiver I consider unreplacable is Baldwin.

  9. Seahawcrates

    Pete’s post game presser was a bit unsettling even for a cock-eyed optimist. Said the running game showed improvement and mentioned Lacy in particular. 2.7 yards per carry Lacy.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Pete was just choosing to be positive.

      • Seahawcrates

        Oh, I think so too, Rob. I truly do love that about Pete and understand that he views positivity as a discipline. That his outlook is not so much Pollyanna as training. I occasionally get concerned this discipline might make him less apt to adapt. Though to be fair he also clearly demonstrates a willingness to adjust and/or move on.
        I’m just concerned that the necessity to run is so deeply drilled into the core of his philosophy he might be inclined to see hope when it might not be there.
        I think they never wanted to be in a position again of calling on street free agent running backs so they created a seemingly sure fire hedge against injury with a stable of backs. And now here we are. The most anemic run game in the league.
        But I’m also hopeful he saw gaps and space I’m not trained to see and that a corner in a very unLacy like way might be being turned.

  10. Totem_Hawk

    Only bright side of Lacy, Joeckel signings are they are 1 year deals..Pocic looks promising!

    • drewdawg11

      Roughly $11-12 on the books for those two stiffs. Lacey can’t even carry the ball without falling on his face. It’s emabrrassing to watch. Also saw Luke whiff a couple of times to allow a free run for a defender. He’s just never been good. Ever.

      • Totem_Hawk

        Ya, I couldn’t believe Lacy fell on his ass almost every play..crazy

    • STTBM

      Pocic looks like a bust. Dont know what game you were watching. He looks confused, weak, and totally out of his depth, just as he did at LG. Sad thing is hes no worse than Glowinsky…

      • hawkdawg

        Pocic is just out of position as an NFL guard at this point. He’s got the feet and movement, but he is regularly overpowered by NFL DTs. So, to make him a plus force on the line, either they get him out in space at tackle, or he beefs up something fierce.

        • Sea Mode

          Yup, off-season to bulk up should be huge for him. But IMO worth it for him to take his rookie licks now and be ahead on the mental side + gel process with the guys next to him. Physical part is the “easy” (straight forward, at least) part of his game to fix.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            His upside will be tremendous… he is getting live action play time his rookie year. Nothing can replace that…. and in year #2, he will know EXACTLY what it takes to be a PROFESSIONAL.. from his diet, his training, to his studying. He has shown alot for a rookie… playing multiple spots at the NFL level. He definitely has not been an embarrassment with all things considered.

      • cha

        Good Lord, Pocic is 5 1/2 games into his NFL career. Can we reel it back in a little?

  11. C-Dog

    A few thoughts.

    1. 4 drops of some pretty catchable balls in the first half skewed the passing game numbers. Had a few of them been caught (like PRich’s deep crossing route that was $ and hit him in the hands), I think this would have felt like an easier win, and we would be talking about how RW threw that stupid INT and then went on to have another signature stellar game. Another reason, IMO, why Seattle needs to find it’s a dependable every down back that it can lean on. Wet windy Fall weather does not altogether bode well for passing games.

    2. I’ve been bullish on PRich and Graham. Didn’t love that draft selection, and then wasn’t wild about that trade. Now I want both of them to remain Hawks for a long time. Get it done JS.

    3. Sheldon Richardson is a beast on that DL. He’s a complete player at 3 tech against the run, and the pass. It’s really rare. He’s had a number of stops and QB hurries since he came back from injury. IMO, Seattle has got to keep that guy. Especially if life without Kam and or Cliff is around the corner.

    4. I think Bobby Wagner is only getting better every season. I think he’s fine wine. I thought he was the player of the game, and I also think that this is becoming more and more his defense.

    5. Bradley McDougald had a great game.

    6. Lane, Maxwell, and Coleman all faired well. Nice like Sherman-esque pass break up from Neiko Thorpe, though. I’m feeling better about the Eagles game with Griffin coming back. The Maxwell signing could prove huge if Seattle carries forth to the playoffs.

    7. I’ve been digging the #$% out of Bevell’s play calling the last few games. Most under appreciated coach on the team, IMO.

    8. I said it after the Falcons loss, and I will say it again. I like this team, the head coach, and this quarterback when their backs are pushed into a corner. I would not bet against them. They have been there before.

    9. The Seahawks NEED a RB.

    10. Mock Draft Post Santa Clara Edition.

    19: R1P19

    Seattle needs a tough physical, tough minded, dependable every down back. Harris is an explosive insider runner, willing pass blocker, and strong personality. Wouldn’t you love to see him in Seattle? Bonus, IMO, he comes with little tread on the tires.


    Seattle needs to keep him around and build off of what he and Jarran Reed bring inside.

    121: R4P19

    Sherman in a contract year and coming off his first serious injury. I’d expect them to look for a corner.

    148: R5P10

    Seattle could add to the front seven with a rush backer. Haynes has talent if not measurables.

    150: R5P12

    Seattle might have some really hard decisions at WR. Can they afford PRich and Lockett?

    168: R5P30

    Seattle might genuinely want better assurances at backup QB, and someone that would be under club control cheaply for a while. I do think Seattle would be interested in Luke Falk mid rounds. He isn’s perfect, but is tough as nails, can make the throws, and might have just enough athleticism to handle the naked bootleg. IMO, I think he would probably love going to a team where they run the ball a bit more, as well.

    231: R7P9

    Seattle has been looking at someone from this school. Malik McDowell hasn’t played a lick of football yet, and they have no idea what they have with him yet as a player on and off the field. Might be good to get a hedge at the 5 tech.

    241: R7P19

    Seattle drafts another tough runner.

    251: R7P29

    Seattle add depth at OL.

    254: R7P32

    Seattle drafts a Husky LB.

    • AndrewP

      Luke Falk is damaged goods. Do not waste a pick on him.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Good post Cdog. If you could only have 1 or PRICH or Graham who do you want? Money also being an issue.

        • C-Dog

          Graham, hands down. Darboh could take that next step next year, and they still have Lockett in a contract year and a year further removed from serious injury. They got nobody else like Graham.

          • C-Dog

            Money shouldn’t be an issue to take care of Jimmy Graham and Sheldon Richardson. Both players are rare, and not as easily replaced.

    • Sea Mode

      Nice mock. Feels wierd projecting a pick in the teens!

      You might as well just include the trade-down from this point on and pick in R2+R3 instead of R1.

      • C-Dog

        I think that is probably course of action to take when it is all said and done. It looks like this is going to be a top heavy draft. They might want to try to get two picks in top 70 if they can. Maybe drop back with the first pick and them move up for the second one. I think the situation is so dire at RB that if the right player is there in R1, this may be a rare year they don’t trade back.

  12. Forty20

    My scattered thoughts after the win:

    Was today the breakthrough game for Nick Vannett? Had one tough drop in heavy contact but Wilson looked pretty comfortable going his way.

    Ifedi continues to have zero form barometer. He bounced back fairly strongly from the funk he was in previously. Is he good or not? Even a league average right tackle would be a huge boon to this team but until he finds consistency in his week to week efforts it will only fuel the frustration of the fan base.

    Our secondary held up really well today. Lane was only burned once and Thorpe had a nice pass defended. When the game was seccured it looked like we trotted out some of the young guys to give them a few real reps and that was when Garropolo posted the late TD. Of course the success of the depleted secondary was probably due at least in part to our d-line feasting today in one of their most dominant showings this, in my opinion.

    We desperately need to get healthy (relatively speaking) if we are any chance of upsetting Philly. Griffin and Jordan would be big inclusions should they prove good to go.

    • C-Dog

      There has been some Vannett sightings in the passing game here and there through the season, but this one stands big because of the TD catch. I thought that they’ve been using him ahead of Willson lately as the inline TE.

      Personally, I’d love to see them move Ifedi back to RG. Might just be me, but I think his ceiling is higher there than at tackle.

      I think if they can minimize mistakes on the offseason, and do what they do defensively, I like Seattle’s chances a lot against Philly.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Agree about Ifedi moving back inside. Not necessarily because he’s struggled at RT, but because I think his ceiling is higher at RG. I keep remembering him in last year’s Divisional round vs ATL, before his injury. He was obliterating his opponent and opening up monster lanes.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Ifedi wasn’t picking up stunts at right guard. Defenders ran past him untouched.

          • Sea Mode

            Yeah, I’d be hesitant to move him back inside. Whiffed soooo much.

  13. michigan12

    Rob what do you think about UCF QB McKenzie Milton, I don’t know how old he is, or if he has a big arm, but he has a little speed and athleticism, and can run the option when called on at UCF. Could he be a possible UDFA backup QB?

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve not had access to UCF yet, hopefully will in the Bowl season.

      • Michigan 12th

        I am only a novice, but watching him play against USF he looked like a decent back up to Russel who could run our offense with little adjustments, of course no one can do what Russel Wilson does, but at least we could still utilize the play action, which no one is scared of anymore anyways.

  14. STTBM

    Man, what does it take for Cable to get some analytic criticism instead of excuse making?! They guy has been given more than the Cowboys line over the last half decade plus, and has the leagues worst line to show for it.

    No matter how you twist it, blame must fall on the OL Coach.

    No clearer light has been shown on this fact than vs the SKins, who had ONE player who started the year on the O Line, and THREE who hadnt been on the team more than a week, yet they vastly outplayed Seattles line–and thought the Skins D line is good, they certainly arent as good as Seattles. Callahan is an O line coach who is still relevant in the NFL. Cable and his scheme no longer work in the NFL, not since they outlawed the old cut-blocking. Cable has not been able to adjust his scheme, despite being given so much in terms of Draft Capital via trades and picks. He-s a monumental failure and appears done in this league.

    Its mind boggling how anyone can watch Seattle time and again send multiple players to double team multiple DL on a four man rush, with two more more rushers getting immediate pressure, and have them blame the players rather than the Coach or Scheme. Unblocked rushers when your O line outnumber the DL rushers is a total disaster, and its a regular occurrence here. And that doesnt even touch the hilariously inept run blocking scheme that has even the worst couple of run defenses in the league holding Seattle RB’s to 3 ypc or less!

    Cable is washed up, his scheme is outdated, and everyone in the league knows how to beat it. Yet Carroll benches Rawls for….Feast Mode. And he gets praise from Carrol for 2.7 ypc!

    Is this a joke, or is Carrol losing it too?!

    • Ed


    • Tyler Jorgensen

      But, what do you REALLY feel about Cable?

      • Sea Mode


    • Trevor

      Have been saying the same thing for years! When a coach has failed to put a quality unit on the field in 7yrs perhaps a change could be considered.

    • Rob Staton

      The O-line was not a problem against San Francisco. I have no idea why you’re clinging to this narrative.

      • Scraps


  15. STTBM

    On the plus side, its nice to see Seattle finally stop making it look so hard to complete a pass to Graham in the Red Zone. And no one seemed to notice Graham was clearly hobbled by a bad ankle.

    Richardson is finally showing why Seattle drafted him, but hes always dinged up and is severely limited by his tiny stature. To say nothing of his drops tonight. Funny to think we might not be able to afford to resign him…

    Graham has to be resigned. And they have to move on from Pocic and Glowinsky/Aboushi. And Ifedi seems to have lost all confidence…Not sure he can be salvaged, though he played better this week than he has in a month or more. COuld be because he wasnt one v one on a good pass rusher much tonight…

    • BobbyK

      Ifedi actually have a very good game today.

      • C-Dog


        • Greg Haugsven

          As long as they keep throwing the ball to him in the end zone with some zip we will be OK. #stopthrowingthefade

    • Brashmouse

      Why would you move on from a 22 and 23 year old lineman in their first and second years? Offensive line typically takes several years to reach a high level out of college due to the strength and speed of recognition required at this level. only top ten picks (and the 1-2 each year that should have been but weren’t) can play decently in their rookie year. Pocic shows a lack of strength while Ifedi is still adjusting to the speed of the game. I see the help via chip block seems to come on the left side of the line so obviously the staff feels confident on Ifedi’s agility.

  16. BobbyK

    I think the OL is going to be fine moving forward this year. You can’t expect both guards to be different from last week and be dominant right off the bat.

    Brown is really good. If Ifedi plays like he did today – we have good bookend tackles.

    Getting Joeckel back (remember, he’s never played next to Brown before) means LT/LG/C is going to get quite solid moving forward.

    Pocic isn’t much of a run blocker, but he’s good in pass pro. That’s more than they have had at RG all year (someone who is actually good at something, as opposed to being below average at everything). The one play where Pocic gave up a big time pressure was mental. He didn’t know who to block. I’m not as concerned about that moving forward because it was his first game there.

    This team could use a Lorenzo Neal, but before this OL of starting 5 – we didn’t need a good blocker at FB because it was worthless when the OL is/was terrible. But now we’ve got our five.

    I’m not going to sour on the OL because the left side got blown up on a 3rd and 2. I saw lots of reasons for optimism from today. Granted, it was against the 49ers – but it was certainly better than the first time we played them in Seattle.

    I hope the season isn’t too far gone by the time Carson comes back because he and improvement on the OL could get this team peaking at the right time. This Philly game is huge, but the Rams play the Eagles soon, too. We just need to be one game from striking distance when the Hawks host the Rams on Dec. 17.

    • Rob Staton

      Agree, Bobby. I think for the first time in a long time we’re seeing a competent line that we can move forward with.

  17. LouieLouie

    One of the gaping holes is the field goal kicking. Walsh missed another one today. He missed three in the six point loss to Washington, and one in the three point loss to Atlanta. The fake field goal at the end of the first half against Atlanta was a cluster f-bomb, but I wonder if it was partly due to a lack of confidence in Walsh.

    • Icb12

      Yeah, you can expect that to happen when you out decide that the 3rd or 4th best kicker in NFL history isnt worth 3 million dollars.

  18. Robert Las Vegas

    I keep thinking the seahawks will just draft or find one in free agency I think Blair W. Might be a one and done guy I could be wrong my confidence on anything over 40 I have concerns about.I wonder how 49ers paid a price for Jimmy G and have not started him yet they are not tanking are they.

    • Greg Haugsven

      The question also is, who next? A retread thats been on 10 teams or the draft. Seems like the draft hasnt been that good recently. The Chiefs landed a beauty with 3-4 years club control. That would be nice.

    • Gohawks5151

      Take whoever Oakland lets go this offseason. Janikowski or the young guy they replaced him with. Of course if anyone would keep 2 kickers on the roster it would be Oakland.

  19. J

    Hawks win and… she said yes! I’m now engaged. Great Sunday all around!

    • Old but Slow

      Good day, indeed. Congratulations and best wishes.

    • Sea Mode

      Congrats, J!

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Now your life is over ; )

      Grats J

      • Greg Haugsven


        Good deal J

  20. Mancunian Dave

    Well its always great to win a divisional game! Wilson superb in the second half again, it was nice to see Vannett and McEvoy more involved. Teams that compete need to see some production from further down the depth chart. I’m not sure why, if they’re going to persist with Lacey, they are running so many runs around either side, he’s just not quick enough to get around. Just use him as a bulldozer down the middle. And McDougald had a great game as well. Can the Hawks hold on to him, sudden touchdown monster JG, and both Richardsons?!? Can they find the offers to keep them all?

    Looking ahead it’s all to play for. The Hawks have a tough schedule but so do the Falcons for instance. They can beat the Eagles if they play to their potential and get out of their own way. Home defeats to the Redskins and Falcons were self-inflicted. The Falcons are a strong team, and look how close the Hawks still were to them despite giving them a 2 touchdown head start. Run defense will be key to next week I feel. And for once they need a strong start…well even an average start will do…

  21. CharlieTheUnicorn

    The rushing attack was spotty vs the 49ers. Everyone can see this…..

    I however was very encouraged by the use of Lacy out of the backfield to catch passes. I thought he looked fast and showed some nice hands on 3-4 of these types of plays. I was down on Lacy since the beginning of the season, but he appears to be turning a corner to my eye. He also brought some nice YAC and physicality on some of rushes and the ends of the pass catches.

    The major problem has been the blocking of the OL…. guys blocking the wrong targets… for lack of a better term. I thought the left side looked better….. did anyone notice if they were rotating Tobin and Ifedi by series at RT? I saw Tobin in more in this game than I recall previously. Pocic had a rough game imo…

    • Sea Mode

      I noticed Tobin came in as an extra lineman in jumbo packages. Didn’t see him ever take Ifedi’s place. (though I could have missed it if he did).

      • Greg Haugsven

        90 yards isnt very good but for me at this point its not about the rushing yards as much as its the attempts. If they can go 30 for 90 Ill take it.

  22. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Someday, when RW has retired….. he will have one hell of a NFL highlight reel to show the family.
    Every game, he pulls off some crazy play (or 5). True greatness is when…. you make the impossible look routine.

    • Sea Mode

      So bummed he wouldn’t be adding that awesome escape and throw that went right through Jimmy’s hands last Mon. Would have been yet another to add to the career reel…

      • Hawk Eye

        how frustrating is he to the other team?
        must drive them crazy, at least I hope so 🙂

        • Greg Haugsven

          I was at the game this Sunday and watching the Niners fans right next to me watching Wilson escape was priceless.

  23. PowerPeanut

    Seems to me that Lacy’s way of running is to just find a spot, charge in, hope for the best, and fall over. Thank god he is a 1-year contract guy.

  24. Rokas

    Do not underestimate Carson. He was not just a competent back. He was second in the league based on broken tackles % before injury. Our O-line still has a lot of work to do before becoming average in terms of run blocking. Let’s hope Brown Joeckel Britt Pocic ifedi is the final rotation this season, so that we can get some consistency.

  25. Hawk Eye

    best case scenario for this year

    O line stays as is and improves with some time together. Pocic is still young and not strong enough to match up against powerful DT’s, but he is better than a lot of their past options and i expect a big improvement next year. For all the whining about Ifedi, I think he is ok, and only his 2nd year. He will be ok. I know the line is not great, but it is better and has a lot of reasons to believe it will continue to improve

    Carson comes back from IR for last game or two

    Chancellor comes back for last 2 or 3 games

    Avril makes it back also

    All this is possible, maybe not likely, but how different is this team if that happens??

    I sure see a lot of “experts” writing them off, and maybe I see the team through green coloured glasses, but still reasons to hope. Let’s see what happens in the next 3 games, Eagles, Jags and Rams. That will decide the season probably.

    and how about BWags for Defensive Player of the Year!! I will put him above Earl right now as most important player on D, and not because Earl has slipped. Bobby just continues to get better and better.

    • vanillatoast

      Kam ruled out for the season per Pete today.

    • Hawk Eye

      so I guess we can change the scenario to Avril and Kam both retire,
      and now we look at 2018 cap implications.
      Avril is only $500K on the cap, Kam is $7.5 dead cap, but not sure how it works if he retires
      I am sure they look to trade or cut Lane, and still not lots of cap space, especially when looking at all the free agents they will have
      This will be an interesting off season

      • Greg Haugsven

        Im betting they both retire or both come back. I could see the two of them having deep discussions. As far as a fan, would you want the $9.8 million in cap space of those two on the roster. Tough question but I think I would like them both for 1 more season.

  26. Hawk Eye

    don’t know if anyone watched the Grey Cup last night. I caught last 3 minutes, was probably a better game than Hawks and 49’ers. Calgary trying to become Canada’s version of the Bills, best team keeps getting to the big game and losing. I don’t watch the CFL much anymore, but a lot of more exciting football than a lot of these very bad NFL games. To think that in the 1970’s the difference in pay was about $2000 per player, now some NFL QB’s make almost as much as the entire league. No one plays in the CFL for the money, have to love playing to do it.

  27. 503Hawk

    Pete just confirmed that Kam is done for the season!

    • KingRajesh

      Giving Chancellor that extension could quite easily go down with extending Marshawn after 2014 as one of the dumbest deals that Schneider has done.

      Chancellor was oft-injured before his extension and was getting older and slower at a rapid rate. Did you really think that Chancellor was going to play at a high level when he was 30? 31? Defensive backs fall off a cliff at that point even with all-pro levels of talent (see, e.g., Revis). Expecting Chancellor to all of a sudden play all 16 games in a season (something he hadn’t done since 2013) while getting older was inconceivable.

      Kam will be on the books until 2020, wasting $15m in cap room over the next three years, including $7.5m next year when we need to resign Graham, Sheldon Richardson, Paul Richardson, and/or other players.

      • vrtkolman

        It does look like a case of keeping a player a year too late rather than letting go a year too soon.

        • Greg Haugsven

          If Kam plays next year his cap hit would be $9.8 million. If he retires the cap hit would be $7.5 million so we would actually gain $2.3 million in cap space.

          • 12th chuck

            I’m glad Kam got the contract. You can’t ask players to put it all on the line and hope for a good life after football. Pay the man. He has earned every penny. Productivity is also on the shoulders of Richard as well

  28. 503Hawk

    And Avril is having disk surgery.

    • Hawk Eye

      so just ignore my best case scenario above…..

  29. vrtkolman

    I’m really liking how the O line is shaping out. Brown/Joeckel/Britt is a very good left side. Ifedi had a great game I thought, but he’s so up and down who knows how he will fare vs. Philly. Pocic needed a red shirt year IMO. His technique is great but he’s just not strong enough to go toe and toe against NFL defensive tackles. If we don’t re-sign Joeckel, I would love a relatively early draft pick spent at guard to fill in his spot.

    Go hard after Alshon Jeffrey in the off season, one can dream right?

    • Volume12

      Thought Pocic, and the O-line in general, had a nice showing yesterday. Pocic gave up 0 pressures. I agree that he does need to get functionally stronger, but that’s the nice thing about NFL off-season training programs.

      • Greg Haugsven

        and HGH

      • Trevor

        +1 the best pass pro from our OL in quite a while.

        It is clear a dominant Vet LT can really help fix an OL. Look at Whitworth’s impact on the Rams. Brown looks real solid for a guy with no TC and an injury. They have to lock him up. Guys like him and Whitworth make the whole OL unit so much better.

        As another example. That vaunted Cowboys OL was awful when Smith was out.

        • Hawk Eye

          no TC! But he has a Tom Cable!

  30. FuzzyLOgic

    Seems like we should expect to be in the 18-25 first round pick area. Been watching a bunch of tape this week on RB’s and my favorites are D. Harris, N. Chubb & K. Johnson. I really hope we pick up one of those guys because if not we will have to rely completely in Carson. Which is scary.

  31. FuzzyLOgic

    Anybody see Ronnie Harrison, the SS from Alabama? He would be a legit Kam replacement. He’s listed at like 215lbs and 6 foot 3 inches. Smart and hits hard. Maybe we should go that route in the first round.

    • Volume12

      He’d actually be a perfect replacement for Kam, but they just invested a 3rd round pick on a SS and absolutely have to get RW some help.

    • Trevor

      Harrison and James from FSU are the ideal SS to replace Kam. We have bigger needs and spent a 3rd on Hill but that is an important position on this team. I would be happy with either guy in RD #1.

      I wonder if Sherm could be converted into a SS? He likely looses a step with the Achilles but he is a great tackler and so smart I think it should be considered. Look at the impact Charles Woodson had in GB.

      • Hawk Eye

        i think RB is top need at the moment, and then CB, LB. They drafted 2 safeties, and maybe McDougal re-signs. They just don’t have the draft picks to spend one on SS with no 2nd or 3rd this year.

        • Trevor

          I think there is zero chance the Hawks end up not picking in the 2nd or 3rd. More likely they dont pick in the 1st.

          I do agree with RB, CB and LB being areas of need.

          • Hawk Eye

            with no 2nd and 3rd this year, I agree, but I do put the odds at 1% they keep their first, but only for the right player

      • Logan Lynch

        If I remember correctly, Sherm acknowledged the possibility of him switching over to safety later in his career. It was during one of his press conferences. It really extended Woodson’s career and I could see it doing the same for Sherm. He’s not a thumper, but he’s so smart at reading plays that I think he could be a great fit there too. Plus, he’s always been known for his communication skills and those would be put to good use as a safety.

        • Trevor

          He is not a thumper but one of the best CB in run support I have ever seen. He also has the length to cover TE’s.

        • Rob Staton

          Great shout — and he plays the run really well.

  32. Logan Lynch

    What a weird team this year. I still choose to be optimistic, but it seems equally likely that this team will go 5-0 to finish the year as it would be to go 0-5. If, and that’s a big IF, they could ever play a game where all 3 phases are clicking and the penalties are kept in check I think they could beat anyone in the NFL. Frustratingly, that hasn’t happened yet this year and we’re nearly 3/4 of the way through the season.

    I said this a few weeks ago and I still find it to be true. If they can run this gauntlet and make the playoffs, they deserve it and I would be confident in them against anyone. If they don’t, then they will have proven to be the consistently inconsistent team we saw all year. We need our best players to play their best football down the stretch.

  33. Alex Higgins

    Coaching. Is anyone else starting to lose faith in the coaching staff? Slow starts. Sloppy play. Comments by DBaldwin about everyone, including the coaches, paying more attention to detail. I feel that the PC era is on the decline. I hope Paul Allen is as impatient as I am. He can afford the best coaching staff money can buy. No need to settle for anything less than the absolute best.

    • Ed

      Yes. But it’s because PC has set the bar high. Funny that’ 10-6 and the fans are unhappy. But for me, it’s not the 10-6 record, it’s the failure to change the same problems year in and year out. Penalties, slow starts, red zone offense, etc… PC is overly optimistic and overly faithful to his coordinators.

    • Rob Staton

      So who’s the absolute best?

      Because I’m struggling to think of anyone.

      • Alex Higgins

        Rhymes with Smellicheck.
        After that, I think Mike Zimmer, Mike McCarthy and Mike Tomlin are better.

  34. Totem_Hawk

    Cliff Avril counts 8 million in cap space next year but ONLY $500k in dead cap if cut..soooo thanks for the memories Cliff…

  35. Trevor

    I really would like to see Deshawn Shead and Carson come back for the game agaist Dallas to see if they can offer anything for a playoff run.

    Both guys could be key pieces in 2018 /2019 if they can come back healthy.

  36. Trevor

    Proposed 2018/19 Hawks Secondary

    -Kam Retires
    -Lane Cut
    -Mcdougal wants bigger deal

    RCB Q.Griffin
    LCB Shead (Extension if comes back healthy)
    Slot Coleman
    FS Earl (Extension +Restructure
    SS Sherm(Extension +Restructure)

    Backups: Thorpe, Maxi, Hill, Thompson, Rookie CB

    • SeaHusky

      I think Sherm’s natural decline (assuming he returns fully healthy) will be more graceful than other CBs who rely more on athleticism and speed. Sherm makes his living on technique and craftiness, and I think he has at least a couple more good years left at CB (again, if he returns fully healthy).

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t expect Sherman to switch to safety in 2018. He’s still too good at corner and will fight to return from his injury like Earl did a year ago. It could happen in the future though.

      • Hawk Eye

        agreed, Sherm has at least 2-3 years left at corner before he switches over to safety.
        With Earl and hopefully Hill, safety is not a weakness, but corner without Sherm would be

  37. Trevor

    I really hope the Hawks spend their FA $ on offense with Sheldon Richardson being the one exception.

    Proven offensive talent (Brown, PRich, Graham, Hyde) via FA and young defensive talent in the draft would be ideal IMO.

  38. Ground_Hawk

    Top offseason resigning-priorities have to be JFG, both Richardson’s, and McDougald. Honestly, how much steam would be lost if these 4 aren’t on the roster? These guys have become focal points on both sides of the ball, and are demonstrating that they are important to this team winning. Alas, they must sign at an affordable price.

    • Trevor

      Agree about the first 3 but Mcdougald is JAG for me and will likely want a big raise. If they can get him on a team friendly deal great.

  39. Gohawks5151

    I don’t think there is any chance that they get rid of Kam, for better or worse. Think they let Mcdougald walk and Delano Hill is their guy but man there are some good safety’s in the draft this year. Got a lot of confidence Sherm will return and be Sherm. I am a firm believer in Fant at RT and Ifedi at RG with Pocic at LG and Joeckel out is future. Ifedi did whiff a lot inside but a lot of that can be attributed to Rookie mistakes/lack of strength. Pocic is going through that now. Look at how Ifedi or Fant’s body changed from year 1 to 2. Even coming off surgery i trust Fant far more as a pass blocker than Ifedi. His run blocking was OK too. Shedon Richardson is a must keep. It takes a bit to adjust to our style but he is on a tear now. JG is a keeper too and i actually think they get him done too. Don’t discount the Russell Wilson friendship factor. Maybe just me but I don’t see Paul Richardson getting paid big. Pretty average stats that lump him in with a ton of other WR’s in the league. Lots of potential but injury history is a lot. I think we may be over valuing our own guys a bit. How much would you pay for a 3rd receiving option who has still been hurt more than he has played after 4 years? I would think we could get him back on the type of contract we got kearse for. Got a gut feeling Pete and the DL coach Hurt turn Mcdowell and Jordan into studs.

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