Instant reaction: Seahawks compete and that’s alright

Fans went into this game fearing the worst. Even in defeat, there should be a renewed sense of optimism afterwards.

The Seahawks were competitive. They played their style of football. Last time these teams met the final score was 42-7. They were missing key starters (Earl Thomas, K.J. Wright).

Everything was set up for a Rams win. And they won. Kudos to them. They’re a good team. They ought to be too — they spent an off-season preparing to make this the year. And while LA added stars, the Seahawks cut and traded some of theirs.

It’s frustrating not to win because they had a shot. But ultimately this was a step forward. And the lasting thought should be — imagine how good this group will be?

Seattle’s O-line was shoved around and abused by Aaron Donald and co. for years. Today? they were finally a match. The O-line set the tone up front, continuously opened holes for the running game and protected Russell Wilson.

The line is a team strength. Take that in. The offensive line is a strength.

They’re tough, physical and will take you on.

The Seahawks ran the ball with authority. They committed to it, played to the way they’ve been built up front and it certainly aided Russell Wilson. This was a dynamic, explosive offense — with a running game at the heart of everything.

Rushing yards — 190
Passing touchdowns — 3
Commitment to the run — 100%

If anyone tries to tell you the run is overrated, outdated and a commitment to it doesn’t work — just walk away. Afford them their echo chamber.

Wilson looked a lot more comfortable this week and it’s fair to say — time is a healer. It’s perhaps unsurprising that the offense took a few weeks to get going. When has that ever not been the case in the Pete Carroll era? Throw in the fact this is Wilson’s first change of play caller. This style will do for me. Onto the Raiders.

Seattle couldn’t compliment their dynamic offense with equally good play on defense or special teams. Against a team like the Rams, all three units have to play at a high level. Too often the Seahawks conceded good field position on kick-offs and they just couldn’t make enough stops on defense. Tackling was also an issue.

Even so, there’s a positive to be had here. The defense didn’t capitulate. They were competitive. They just lack numbers. Add a couple of pass-rushers in the off-season and they’ll be even more competitive. Carroll is playing a blinder with this group.

They just need help.

They will get it. It’ll come in March or April. For now, we have to accept what’s available.

In this form, nobody will look forward to playing the Seahawks. They will punish opponents. They won’t win every week but they’ll give you a game. And if they win in London next week to get to 3-3, they’ll go into their bye believing they can make a post-season run.

That’s all we could’ve asked for this year.

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  1. Elliott

    Run game looked good today, which was a big positive but I can’t help but sorta feel bummed that Rashad Penny I don’t think got a single carry the entire game. Just can’t help but feel like it was a wasted pick.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know why people are worrying so much about this.

      The Seahawks spent that pick because their #1 priority was to fix the run this season. And one way or another, they’ve fixed the run.

      Plus we’re five games into Penny’s rookie season. Let’s take a step back before we start clasping our hands together about that pick. Remember the last two years? Running backs falling away. Carson only missed a game a week ago. By the end of the season, Penny could be the lead runner for all we know.

      • OP

        I don’t really get the logic there, Rob. For example, if a team’s goal is to fix their CBs and they draft one in the first round who barely sees the field, yet they end up a top 5 pass defense, would that mean it was a good pick for that year? The team, however, is weak on the interior OL and chose to select a CB instead of picking one of the good OG prospects. Seems like using the results to justify the process in an overly simplistic way.

        Now, I’m not really worried about Penny long term, but it is a little disconcerting that our first pick is the third string RB. Most RBs, even highly drafted ones, start off slowly, but I’m hard pressed to think of one that was a third stringer. The majority of them have been starters. Kamara technically started off at third string, so maybe there’s hope.

        • Rob Staton

          People are worrying about this too much

      • Chris

        Agree with poster below. Couldn’t disagree with the logic more.

        If all that matters is we get good play out of the position group, we might as well use our 1st round picks on quarterbacks every year to have them go sit on the bench behind Russell.

        All choices have an opportunity cost. A 1st round pick used on a RB sitting on the bench is a 1st round pick that could’ve been used elsewhere at an actual position of need. If the Seahawks want to make it back to a superbowl, throwing away that amount of draft capital isn’t helpful.

        • Rob Staton

          That is not the point I’m making at all.

          People need to get off this bandwagon on the Penny pick. Five games into his career 🤦‍♂️

    • Darnell

      You can’t worry about who was drafted where. Every week the touches should go to who gives you the best chance to win, that’s Carson and Davis.

  2. MyChestIsBeastmode

    Pete is a moron for that TO. Punting team was out there and he gave them a chance to reconsider for a high percentage play… I have always stuck up for Pete, but that TO just made me blow my lid. What a waste of a great effort by the team.

    2TOs and nearly a minute is more than enough to get into FG range…

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      I want to clarify since many others who are on my side of the fence are also calling for Pete’s head. I’m not in that boat. What I do fear is that he loses that locker room by brushing aside his choice to call the TO. That team left their hearts on the field today and definitely could have, and maybe should have won that game. Pete’s scheming and motivation enabled that. BUT AND ALSO, Pete’s TO took away our offense’s opportunity to win that game. I guarantee at least some of those players feel wronged by the coach’s choice in what was much more so a “championship” game relative to other regular season match-ups. I hope it does not lead to more locker room dissent which plagued us last season and led to the purge.

      • hawkdawg

        I left the game thinking the same thing. AFter more thought, I’m less sure.
        I’m not sure McVay would not have let the clock run down to the 2:00 minute warning, THEN pull the punter off the field and go for it on fourth down with 1 foot to go. If that was his plan, Pete’s timeout there didn’t make any difference. It’s only if you think that McVay changed his mind during the timeout that the call was a bad one. That might be true, but it also might be false.

        • MyChestIsBeastmode

          You’re right, it could be true or be false. I hate to nitpick but some of your facts that you’re basing your premise on are incorrect.

          -We were inside the 2:00 minute warning (1:33ish I believe) and the Rams had zero TOs. No way to stop the clock.

          -It’s been debated and I haven’t seen anything confirmed, there was a 25 second play clock after a measurement, but may have been 40 seconds. Either way, that’s a moot point for me as 45 seconds or 60 seconds left with 2TOs is still enough time to get in FG range assuming they punt.

          -The Rams punting unit was on the field prior to the TO (and this is the crux of the argument- calling the TO when you’re likely to get the ball back via a punt — unless they fake it, which I argue would have better odds of failing than a 4th & inches QB sneak). If they did do a switch to their offensive unit after having the punting team out there then the refs have to hold play until the Seahawks sub in their proper defense which would take roughly 10 seconds. Which means if there was a 25 second play clock then the Rams would have had to do it pretty early in the play clock to avoid a delay of game. (If this had happened then a Seahawks TO is totally justified to ensure the Hawks D is ready for 4th & inches).

          I don’t see the Rams switching out punt team for offense if there’s no TO. Plus, if my memory serves me correct, I believe Goff had his helmet off on the sideline when the Punt team was out there. The Rams were not prepared to do a quick switch.

          Lastly, I think the time allowed Rams coach to reconsider or some staff member to whisper in his ear “hey, we have better odds of winning by attempting a 4th & inches conversion than we would with Russel having 2 time-outs, 1 minute, and 40-60 yards to gain (depending on the Rams punt) for a game winning FG.”

          OK. I’ve made my peace. I will now do what the Hawks do. Allow myself 24 hours to stew on this and then get back to work. Overall, I loved the way we played today. And yes, many things contributed to the GOOD close game and also to the loss. Obviously the O-Line penalties on the last drive were a killer and sounded suspect from Pete’s POV. Minimal consistent pass rush will be a thorn in our sides for as long as it remains as such. The pointless roughing the passer to bail out the Rams earlier in the game.

          Positives were great though. OLine was beastly. Lockett was putting on a clinic at WR for the few grabs he had, while admittedly a bit hit & miss on special teams. Moore needs more passes going his way. Carson — sign me up. The guy is a stud. Teddy Thompson laying the thunder. Flowers with multiple PBUs. No quit against Gurley even if he did manage the 3 TDs. Wish we had Kendricks or KJ, but I’m also glad we have Calitro on spot duty as he’s no slouch. Would loved to have seen a healthy Green and how he might have helped the pass rush today. McDougald, just wow (shout out to Schneider for signing him cheap even when at the time we had 2 all-pro safeties because now that those 2 all-pros/HOFers are gone, I believe we still have 1 all pro in B-McD). Tricky Dicky is awesome (even though that last punt left something to be desired). In a nutshell and in my opinion, if we can generate pass rush, we will be an above average team with a true shot at the playoffs this year (barring major injuries of course). And with a showing like this, we’ve proven that we can go toe-to-toe with the best and win (or almost proved it). Which means Super Bowl is not out of the running IF we make the playoffs. Go Hawks! (Gah, that TO still stings though).

          • Mavrk

            That was the last timeout. The Seahawks would have got the ball back at their own 15-25 with 55 seconds and no timeouts. No time to run, 99 and 93 and 90 on full pass rush mode. Every NFL coach would call it there. You can run out of bounds or clock the ball on O, you use timeouts on D if needed. In my opinion not a single player will doubt that decision.

          • Mavrk

            Edit: That was the last timeout. If they don’t use it, would get the ball with 55 seconds and still 1 TO obviously, sorry for the bad math.

            • MyChestIsBeastMode

              Yes, 1 time-out, not 2. I’ll eat that crow.

    • 80SLargent

      McVay had burned ALL 3 of the Rams 2nd half time outs with more than 9 minutes left in a one score game. Why aren’t we seeing anyone calling boy genius dumb for doing that?

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        Ya, I’d be irked if we used all of our time-outs early. But we didn’t. I’m not calling McVay a genius or dumb. I think he did the logical move in going for it on 4th and inches. I went from being relieved that they were electing to punt… (which we can debate if they were or weren’t going to punt, but that is definitely more fruitless than this debate as we’ll never know) …and that we’d get the ball back, then that relief switch to pissed of that we called the TO only so the Rams could realize the error in their ways and rectify it by putting their offense back on the field.

        And yes, I can see why a TO also has merit in that situation. But, my fears were made true when it backfired in our faces. The punt team was on the field. Then they weren’t because of a choice Pete made. Facts. It wasn’t the only reason we lost. And overall Pete had our guys ready to go to battle today. Nevertheless, it was a blunder on Pete’s part in my opinion. One that cost us a chance at getting our offense the ball and driving to win.

        If given the option for a chance at a 60 yard drive with 1 timeout and 50-60 seconds or a 4th & inches defensive stop, based on this game’s performance and inability to slow the Rams down, I’d take the punt and an offensive drive 8 days a week.

    • JC

      If Pete’s such a moron, why was McVay a moron for not leaving Goff out in the first place? The mental gymnastics involved with thinking if I call a timeout, I’ll save 40 seconds, which is great, but the other coach might change his mind is hard to fathom. And if he did, why wouldn’t you want to stuff Goff on the sneak and have an easy chance to win the game vs trying to go 50+ yards when the Rams know you have to pass. The defense demonstrated they could contain the run much of the game, just not the pass.. on that run play, the Rams converted, that’s football. I cannot think a single coach in football would not have used their final timeout in that time remaining situation, only if they had the benefit of hindsight, the benefit which is being abused by fans and some snarky sports reporters.

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        I’m not upset because of hindsight. I had this same feeling right when I saw the punt team out there. I felt like we dodged a bullet by the Rams (McVay) electing in the short period of time they were allotted after the 4th & inches measurement to punt to us – a bad choice on their part in my opinion. Then we called the time-out and right away I felt like we stepped right back in front of that bullet. That relief turned to consternation when I saw their offense come back on the field because 4th & inches with either a QB sneak or a RB handoff (with the best RB in the league IMO) is not to our advantage. Gurley did have 3TDs. Our run defense was OK, but not in any way dominant.

        Calling the TO to stop the clock is one thing. Calling the TO upon seeing the punting unit on the field is a whole different animal. If it was 4th & a long 1 or 4th & 2+, then no, there’s no need to be upset about a TO because odds of converting that are significantly less. But 4th & what looked to be 3-6 inches is prime territory for a successful QB sneak/Run play and we opened ourselves up to that fate. We walked away from what was likely going to be a punt because of a TO that Pete called. And I’ve said in other places that is not the only reason we lost, and Pete deserves credit for getting our guys ready for today’s game, nevertheless, it was a pivotal point in the game, and it was a pivotal blunder in my opinion. It was self-inflicted.

        And yes, sure we could have stopped them. We didn’t, but we could have… but we didn’t. So, I say why take that risk when they were punting and we were virtually assured a fighting chance to win that game. 1:30 with no time-outs or 1 minute with 1 time-out are nearly same anyways. What’s objectively different is with the punt, we get the ball, but with 4th & Inches on QB sneak, we have a much lower chance of getting the ball. And we saw how that played out.

        And thinking more on it, I believe the reason I’m so pissed is because I think we do have a damn good team (minus a consistent pass rush) and thought going into today that we had a real chance to win this game regardless of the pundits. I’m not happy to just see a good performance or positive play here or there. I wanted that victory and feel like that call in particular robbed us of one last fighting chance to obtain the W in a game that was otherwise decided by grit and heart from both squads.

  3. Ben Ft. Worth

    Before I read this article, I basically said just about everything you covered, to my spouse. And am glad you saw that Polite from LSU is a force to be reckoned with. I’m still crossing my fingers on D. White, just like I was when I thought we should have traded up for ODB. Great read Rob. Thank you.

  4. Burner

    Why call a time out at the end when the Rams were punting? We shot ourselves in the foot.

    • Rob Staton

      No we didn’t.


        I tend to disagree… unless that was going to be a fake (which I would have preferred to defend over the QB sneak) we got the playcall we were looking for and gave them a chance to rethink it. I’m one to usually defend Pete, but his use of timeouts has been baffling at times for years now. That was like the opposite of icing the kicker. We iced ourselves there.

        • Rob Staton

          So we need to second and third guess their coach?

          Come on guys.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      The time out there was the right call every time. By taking the TO PC is dictating the Rams action-either they go for it on 4th or they punt it it, giving Russell Wilson 1:30 to get points. Mcvey made a bold move going for it, and it paid off. Goff finished the game looking like Tom Brady on the sneak. If we stop them on 4th every one would be saying how Mcvey made a huge mistake, and gave Seattle the game.

  5. Tony

    Love pete. But God damn does he do some dumb s**t. Another missed opportunity. So tired of constantly trying to overcome our own dumb mistakes. This whoopsie doodle type of coaching has to end.


    We were 100 times better on offense today and a punishing run game that plowed over the rams dline. Who would have thought that back when they first signed suh. I expected a loss. But never expected to compete and be so close. Mcvay (after some extra time to think) did not want Russell getting that ball back. A stop on 4th there basically hands us a fg opportunity.

    • Rob Staton

      Come on Tony. What are you talking about? Pete had that team ready to play. They played a hell of a game. I’m staggered at the number of people second guessing that time out at the end. It made perfect sense. Save the time. It’s too easy to sit here now and say they should’ve wasted all that time. McVay made a brave call, they executed. Good for them.

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        Rob, I can definitely see your point and that of those who agree with you. But I wholeheartedly disagree. That TO cost our offense a chance to get the ball back and go win that game.

        Here’s how I see it
        1. Punting unit on the field pre-time out. They either punt, fake or quickly do some weird stuff and switch the offense in there to go for it as the Rams had zero TOs themselves.
        2. I would argue that if all things being equal, I would much rather face an ‘expected’ fake punt than an ‘expected’ QB sneak or run play (especially considering the Rams are the #1 offense in football). And I have to believe that QB sneaks are much more effective than fake punts — I don’t have stats to back that up, but would be shocked if it was not true.
        3. Given that the punting unit was on the field, if there is a non-zero chance that they change their mind and bring in the offense given the time afforded to them by a TO, then in NO WAY (caps for emphasis) do you call that TO (see point #2 as for why).
        4. IF they punt, we have 40-50 seconds and 2 TOs to get to the 35-40 yardline. Totally doable.
        5. Most important, IF they punt, our offense actually gets a chance to go win the game. It’s a shame we will never know.

        You can call this hindsight 20/20 if you’d like, but I truly believe this is the much more logical way to view that TO at the end and why so many people are so pissed. Many people in my circle are putting it up there with the Superb Owl pass. And this is coming from me, a huge Pete supporter. But damn, I cannot support this one.

        • hawkdawg

          It’s not the Super Bowl pass (or at least not the particular Super Bowl pass that was called.) We don’t know McVay was not planning to run it down to the 2:00 minute warning and then come back out of that warning with the offense and go for it. If he had done that, we’re screwed with or without Pete’s timeout. If Pete’s timeout caused McVay to change his mind from punt to go for it, then it was not a good call. But we don’t know that one way or another.

      • Edgar

        It did not make sense. How much time runs off on a 15-20 yard pass in the middle of the field before next play or spike can happen? Between 15-25 seconds around about, but with a timeout….none. So 1:30,no timeouts, and giving McVay extra time to change mind to a play to gain 2-3 inches was not better than 1:00, the ball, and 1 timeout. Pete wasted a great great game by bumbling the most important part. The one he repeatedly says is where you win, in the 4th quarter.

        • Rob Staton


  6. Burner

    Why call a time out at the end when the Rams were punting?? We shot ourselves in the foot there, I’m seething about that which is a shame because otherwise we were excellent and it was a really enjoyable game.

    Can’t wait to see the ‘Hawks in London next week.

    • Rob Staton

      No No No.

      People, please stop overthinking that time out. You save the time. It makes sense.

      Kudos to the Rams. Bold call, it worked. They executed. Sometimes you have to take your hat off to the opponent.

      • Hawkmonkey

        Have to politely disagree, Rob. When the Rams sent out there punting team I was relieved, as 4th and 6″ is basically automatic. Pete killed himself twice with clock management. Should have called timeout before the 2 minute warning, and shouldn’t have called that last time out.

        Rams gave us a chance, and Pete’s pre-analytics, uninformed, old school thinking removed the chance.

        The Rams almost pulled a Jeff Fisher, and Pete gave them the opportunity to come to their senses. Going for it there wasn’t bold at all. It was statistically the smartest move.

        • Rob Staton

          Going for it was bold. It was brave. Don’t convert and you lose.

      • Sean-O

        Agreed. The Rams won the game, the Hawks didn’t lose it. The Hawks competed with what most consider the best team in football (even if they didn’t have two of their best WR’s for the entire 2nd half).

        I absolutely loved seeing the Hawks push around the Rams in the run game. Very encouraged even in a loss.


        Perhaps the logic was sound, but I bet he wants that timeout back… I would. McVay won that battle — he decided he’d only punt in exchange for 30 seconds of clock. When he didn’t get that bargain he went for the kill. Yeah it was gutsy, but still. Hindsight being 20/20.

      • Mavrk

        +1 with Rob. You use your timeouts on D cuz you can clock it or run out of bounds on O. It makes perfect sense to use it there.

      • Ben Ft. Worth

        I don’t know what football game y’all were watching, but there are some horrible football views in here. Either McVay runs the fake punt, and runs a ton of time off the clock, or gets ready to punt then doesn’t and runs time off the board, “NONE OF YOU” or me for that matter know what was going to happen!!!

        The fact is Rob is right. Carroll had this team ready to play. That was an awesome game!! It took some pressure off his job if you ask me. The Rams played a hell of a game. McVay has some BIG NUTS for going for it right there. Because he was a Frank Reich away from looking like a fool. Good analysis Rob.

  7. Trevor

    Awesome write up Rob and agree 100%.

    If it is possible to feel good about a loss this is perhaps one. This OL bullied the bullies (Suh and Donald) in the run game and who would have believed that was possible this off season.

    With that OL along with Carson and Davis this run game is elite and if Wilson continues to get comfortable then the offence could be the strength we thought it was going to be.

    I think you nailed it they are D pass rushers from being a really good playoff caliber team. Imagine adding a Burns or Ferrell along with someone like Clowney. Plus another year of growth with this young secondary. How can you not feel good about the potential of that unit.

    They really do need to get Frank Clark signed ASAP however as he is getting more expensive by the day.

  8. Aaron

    Pete is getting absolutely ripped apart on Twitter, and once again I’m thankful for a voice of reason in the midst of this mudslinging. Thank you for your levelheaded analysis Rob. I’m quite excited for the rest of this year. This is the team we’ve hoped they’d be for months here on SDB. They’re competitive fighters that may not win more than they lose but will be fun to watch every week. It’s taken the usual time to get going but man oh man are they fun to watch now.

    The running game has been in tatters for two years and now it’s a strength. The o line has been more or less a mess for years and now it’s a strength of this team. Carson is a great back, Davis is a solid backup, and even Penny is coming along. Fluker is an absolute beast. Did you see him pancake Suh on that Davis TD? I about jumped out of my seat. The interior three of the line are maulers. Brown is a stud and even Ifedi is coming along. So excited to see what happens next for this team. I was about to write PC and JS off, but today gave me renewed confidence that they are slowly rebuilding this team. Go Hawks! On to London!

    • Matt

      Field Gulls is awful. Just awful.

      • Jujus

        It doesnt help every one of them is a SJW progressive with no tolerance for any difference of opinion.

      • Scott

        I just logged off of Field Gulls for the last time. It used to be a great site, not anymore. I’ve never really read tis site much, but I’m ready for the change.

  9. Uncle Bob

    Barring further serious injury issues, if the guys play like today for the rest of the season they should do better than many of us expected. For all that the ETIII fans expected doom and gloom, T2 played fine, better than fine. The rest of the guys as well, though they were a bit too soft in the center of the field, and of course the pass rush is probably one or two studs short of where we’d like them to be, played good ball.

    You’re right Rob about RW looking more comfortable even though he’s only got one consistent and reliable receiver with Lockette. Doug is obviously not able to play to his historical ability, why we risk more serious knee damage to him I can’t comprehend. Moore is shaping up so improvement may be just a short ways off. Fluker is a bulldozer for the running game when they need the yardage for the most part. Carson and Davis are ballin’. The other guys are doing okay.

    We didn’t expect a win at all, and if most are honest another blowout was probably expected. So kudos around for the entire team for producing the best game of the week…………with one serious and repetitive exception. I don’t know if others saw it on their screens at home, but when whomever the bonehead was that called the last time out with only 1:39 left and only a yard to go, one of those comic speech bubbles popped up over McVay’s head. It said, “Really……..are they THAT stupid??” Yes Sean, you are free to rule the division for the duration.

    Thanks for an entertaining game guys.

    • Rob Staton

      The timeout was the right call. Unless you want about 40 seconds to play with at the end. I’d rather operate with 1:30. And if the Rams want to go for it — stop them and win the game. Kudos to the Rams for executing on that play. It’s a positive for them, not a negative for us.

      • Uncle Bob

        I see you’re having to push back a lot on the angst over the last TO and get your point. They lost the game by going scoreless in the last quarter not capitalizing on any possession. You could almost feel the momentum shift to the Rams early in that quarter. But, I still contend that the TO call took the chances for eking out a “miracle” victory from a remote possibility to not a chance. I’d rather they left the field on a roar rather than a whimper.

      • Edgar

        It would have been a minute with a timeout. 4th and 2 inches is not 2 feet, or even a yard. Saying hats off to the Rams for boldly going for such a high percentage play taking into account Goff’s height and their success all game long against our D to just move the ball a smidge is absolving Pete of once again being out mentally coached in a close game.

  10. marc tardif

    Great performance by the team. But man, those penalties and that timeout at the end were daggers.

    • Rob Staton

      Timeout was the right decision.

      The penalties on the final drive were frustrating.

      But this isn’t a night to focus on negatives.

      • RugbyLock

        The TO didn’t cost us the game and I don’t disagree with the call. What cost us the game was an absolute lack of a pass rush! Which is something they will fix in the offseason. Goff was sitting back there in a lawn chair sipping one of those drinks with an umbrella in it for Heaven’s sake… This team was never going to make a deep playoff run this year or probably even make the playoffs. For this year I wanted to see how they were going to improve. After watching this Oline look like hammered crap for the last two years seeing one that is just smacking people in the mouth is great! Fluke pancaking Suh was awesome!! We appear to have two quality backs and Penny should come into his own… hopefully. You hardly hear Tre’s name called which is spectacular for someone who played safety and not corner in college! I don’t hear Ifedi’s name every other play like last year either so that’s good. Let’s also not forget what an absolute steal we have in MacDougald either. Lockett is stepping up and Moore looks good as well so we could end up with three good receivers when ADB comes back. The first two games I didn’t see much but the last three have shown me some stuff I really like. Finally, we’re only five games into a season that was realistically only be one that helps them build for next year and so far so good IMO. Thanks for all the hard work Rob!

        • Doug

          Agree RugbyLock, although I think there was another critical turning point: 3rd and 7 in the red zone for the Rams, PI on Griffin when he played through his man instead of keeping his eyes on the ball. The pass was likely an incompletion anyway, setting up 4th and 7 with a short field goal try. The score was 31-24 at the time. Who knows if the kicker makes the FG (since he missed the extra point a minute later). Still, 31-20 vs 31-27, if the FG were made, is still a different situation than 31-30.

          That PI was needless and it really put the Seahawks in a bad situation. Chalk it up though as a learning experience for Griffin, who is only going to keep improving as CB1 in Carroll’s system.

  11. H

    Cant say enough about how well they played tonight. So proud of them. Gutting not to get the win in the end but what are you gonna do, this Rams team is extremely good.
    That said, I felt Goff had it easy with all those clean pockets, this team needs help at pass rush in the worst way. But i think i read somewhere that theres a few nice options in this draft?

    One last thing before i go to bed… i really like a lot of FG’s writers, but holy smokes i dont know why i read the comments over there still. Theyre all calling for Pete to be fired for calling a timeout before the rams changed their minds and went for it on 4th down… like what do you want? He’s not a mind reader. that was the right thing to do in that situation, the rams just made a bold call and it paid off for them. Jees.

    • Matt

      Field Gulls used to have the motto of “the stupidest name for smart analysis.”

      Now it should be “where hot takes and idiots congregate.” It takes after their leader.

    • H

      Posting delay strikes again. And apparently FG is not the only place pushing this ludocrous take.

  12. Group captain mandrake

    I am impressed. I was expecting a beat down and they took it right to the strength of the Rams D and went toe to toe with them. They are just a few pieces short on defense, but there’s some real cause for hope. Great game to watc made even better by they play exceeding expectations.

    • RugbyLock

      Got to agree with this one!

  13. Volume12

    Great game. Entertained throughout and quite a few positives to take away.

    Did Penny die? Don’t matter anyway. Love the next up man mentality because Carson and Davis are a fantastic 1-2 punch and the superior runners.

    Clark may be inconsistent but the plays he does make are impact plays. Tough to get pressure on Goff as is, even more so with only 1 legit pass rushing threat.

    Lockett continues to prove he was worth that extension.

    • Bluenlime

      Rob doesn’t like us criticizing Penny. “There still bringing him in” whatever that means.

      • Del tre

        I mean everyone has been acting like he has been given a role as a starter, the truth is he’s played well but there are guys with more experience that PC is going to trust more, by the end of the season we might be seeing some games where Penny breaks 100+, but i think the Hawks want to make sure he is a well rounded back, because right now he is really a work horse runner and occasional pass catcher not an every down NFL back. Have faith in Penny, it took Mike Davis 3 or 4 years to get it going.
        PC is also notorious for riding the hot hand, I’ll remind everyone that Reggie Bush was splitting carries, PC has always been more of a 2 back system guy.

  14. 80SLargent

    This is just about the kind of ball I expect to see from this team. They’re going to struggle for awhile on defense, especially against teams like the Rams. Lack of pressure was/is an ongoing issue. They’ll stock up next offseason, and let the secondary talent “marinate” and learn to play together in Pete’s system.
    It was noticeable that Penny basically didn’t see the field the whole game. Cue the “wasted pick” 1st round pick brigade.
    My take on it: coming into this season, neither Carson nor Davis has ever really proved to be a stay healthy bell cow guy. Whether or not in the 1st round, they needed help there. What kind of offseasons do Carson and Davis have if they don’t draft Penny? Do those guys look as good as they do now if they were just “given” their spots?
    I actually don’t see Penny not playing today as a huge indictment of him, but how well Carson and Davis have been playing. It’s a long season, hopefully they all stay healthy because they’re due for some good luck there, but…it’s a long season. I still think Penny is going to get more run as the year goes on, and it’s pretty obvious how important the run game is to this team.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s really simple on Penny — today was a huge game and they went with the two more experienced runners who both performed extremely well in their previous games. No biggie.

    • Tien

      Great post 80s and I totally agree with your take on the RBs. The Hawks had to fix the running game and depending only on Carson & Davis to be there all season AND be effective was too big a gamble. Penny is talented and if it takes him until next year to be that stud starting RB, I’m okay with it since it means that our running game did great without him. Look at Melvin Gordon from the Chargers. He had a very underwhelming first season and since then has been one of the best RBs in the league. No reason to think Penny won’t have a similar career progression.

      Also, I’m bummed as everyone else about the loss but I totally expected a blowout today so the close loss is not terrible. And the fact that we can pound the ball right down the Rams dominant DL’s throat like we did today gives me a lot of hope for the potential of this team!

  15. EranUngar

    A week ago, in the midst of the gloom and doom instant reaction to the ARI game I wrote the following:

    “The Steady improvement in the runing game is real and I dare say that is has probably been the early focus by a new HC under PC (and probably consumed much of the training time). The OL looks to be finding it’s identity both in the run game and better pass protection. The scoring drives in the 3rd quarter showed me a glimpse of how this offense can play when they are less predictable (run run pass), when RW makes the zone read real and when using the play action passing game.If Schotty is indeed learning (jury still out) and can mix and match the game plan better, we could see sustained growth with this unit. they may even convert a few 3rd downs by mid season.

    We all cringe knowing that the Rams are coming to desecrate our home field and hand us a serious ass whooping. It may happen exactly like it did last year or it could be a team in transition playing to level of their opponents.

    I think we will loose the Rams game but it will be closer than most believe it to be.”

    I think it applies even more now.

    There is a process and a way. We may not have the talent to implement it to the highest level this year and we are still along way from making the best of we do have but we should all acknowledge that we see a re-set team going on a right course.

    The OL and the running game are leading the curve. I hope the rest will row to match and compliment it.

    Pete Carroll’s championship football vision is build on 2 foundations – The running game and a hard heat ball hawking defense that can take control over football games.

    After 3 hard years with the run game deteriorating from year to year,we suddenly have a scary run game supported by both talent at RB and a physical dominating OL. All that’s left is domination and physical defense. Does anybody here doubt that Pete Carroll can and will create that unit by 2019?

  16. mishima

    Well said.

    IMO, the Seahawks reset/rebuild looks ahead of schedule.

    Good game.

  17. SoCal12

    What’s your opinion on that last time out? People are calling for Pete’s head over it and I dunno. I think it was a dumb time out, but if anything that game proved to me why Pete SHOULD stick around.

    • Rob Staton

      I think we should all stop talking about the time out.

      It made sense. Rams were bold. They executed. Good for them. We played hard.

    • Group captain mandrake

      Shot himself in the foot. If they don’t call it, la punts but they wed up with one to think it over. Don’t punt and you still have about a minute plus a timeout to get in FG range.

      • Pickering

        I wish people would stop talking about the timeout, but if you’ve read Richard Dawkins you know what a ‘meme’ is and via social media how quickly one can replicate and mutate. Ad nauseum.

      • red

        If pete calls TO and we stop them on 4th is he then a genius?

        • MyChestIsBeastMode

          No. Pete did not call a TO to invoke a QB sneak on 4th & inches because I’m sure he knows as well as you and I that the odds are not in his favor. This whole argument is messy enough without hypotheticals (ironically the argument is based on hypothetical, though with an empirical opportunity to make a choice that would change history… forever, as history is widely believed to be unchangeable). In my opinion (and many others) he had a critical game changing choice and he whiffed. Had they stopped them on the QB sneak, I would have thought “phew, we overcame the odds and dodged a huge self-inflicted wound by calling that TO.” But, alas, we did not stop them. Which is why them punting would have been better. Them punting is what likely was going to happen prior to the TO and would ultimately and definitively give us the ball back on offense with a chance to score.

          In your opinion (and many others) he made a sensible call with the TO to save 25-30 seconds of game clock. You can have that opinion but I don’t think its right to think you can have it both ways by discounting the effect of Pete’s decision on the outcome of the game. And when I say you, I don’t really mean YOU per say, but all that are in your corner. And why ask antagonistic hypothetical questions? It doesn’t have to be rags or riches. Pete did a lot of great things to get this team right for this game. He also did one egregious error near the end that cost us a chance to win.

          We agree to disagree.

          • Rob Staton

            No he didn’t. There was no error.

            Can’t believe this is a thing

            • MyChestIsBeastMode

              These boys at Yale with too much time on their hands show that QB sneaks on 4th &1 or less are 82% successful in the NFL. No guarantee, but damn good odds. And I’m guessing McVay weighed that 82% against the analytics of our chance at a game winning field goal if they punted to us (during the timeout that Pete called) and ultimately decided the QB sneak was a significant enough advantage for his guys to put the offense back on the field.

              I love your work Rob and I think I have literally been following this site since your first few weeks back in ’08. I’ve always found this to be a place for reason amongst the crazies on the internet. Not thinking it was a mistake is certainly reasonable, I admit. But I must also posit that I struggle to see how you can so readily write this off as being a correct choice and not an error. I say that with love! Promise I won’t push this subject anymore. Go Hawks!

              Here’s the link that I referenced if anyone cares to peruse:

              • Rob Staton

                I take all that on board. Including the data on QB sneaks. But here’s the thing. What are we actually proposing here? That the Seahawks, having already called a TO when the play was stopped, then change their mind when presented with the opportunity after the measurement? We’re asking Pete Carroll to, in a split second, second guess his own decision to call the TO immediately and then second guess what Sean McVay is going to do.

                And then after all that, the Rams have to execute. If they fail, game over. If they succeed, they win. If anything I was disappointed with the way we defended the sneak. But not the decision. It is what it is.

                • D-OZ

                  You are exactly right Rob!!!! 🙂

                • LLLOGOSSS

                  It does seem to shed a different light on it when you realize the timeout had been called before the measurement.

          • mishima

            What are the odds of a team driving 80 yards in 45 seconds? 20%? I would assume less.

            Further, 80% success on 4th and 1 doesn’t tell us anything about when/why/how the choice is made. For example, 4th and 1, on the 50, in the 2nd quarter, while trailing by 30 will yield different results and consequences than 4th and 1, on the 1, while trailing by 6, at the end of regulation. In short, the success rate will be affected by everything from field possession, score, time, personnel, home/away. So, 80% success rate for QB sneaks on 4th and 1 should be taken with a grain of salt.

            Good example of the misuse of stats in isolation. Context is everything.

            I find no fault in Carroll’s decision and applaud McVay for going for it. If he had failed (adjusted, say 35% failure rate), the Seahawks would have had time and field position to win the game.

            Some of this results-based analysis and manipulation of stats is bunk.

    • JC

      Can you think of a coach in the NFL in that situation, would let 40 seconds go off the clock vs having a timeout and the chance that the other coach would change his mind, and that you couldn’t stop a QB sneak if he did? Again, if it was such an obvious and brilliant decision, then why didn’t McVay leave Goff out there in the first place? They did stuff Gurley at the goal line a few times, it wasn’t some automatic thing they’d convert.

      • BK Matty

        Its not 40 seconds, its 25! The play clock is 25 seconds after a measurement NOT 40!

        The TO call is the 2nd worst call of PCs Seahawk coaching career.

        • Rob Staton

          Don’t be silly

  18. Coleslaw

    I really hope that if we get a top 10 pick we grab one of the legit top DL. We need an impact player or 2 in the front 7, I honestly wouldn’t mind drafting a guy like Burns or Jackson or Davis then trading up into the end of the 2nd for another DL or a LB. Then use the cap space to extend Clark, Coleman and Fant. Also could bring in some mid priced vets for depth, we’ve had a lot of luck with that tactic.

    Is there a “big fish” from another team we could actually go for? They could possibly wait till next year for someone too, although I wouldn’t because of the rising market.

  19. Josh

    I like the team and can’t wait till the Russ and Schotty relationship is in full stride. I have been enjoying watching them. The line is playing well right now. It seems Sweezy and Britt are working quite well together and Fluker is so fun to watch. Can’t remember when Aaron Donald didn’t wreck one of these games for the hawks. Keep getting better!

  20. Bluenlime

    Rob doesn’t like us criticizing Penny. “There still bringing him in” whatever that means.

    • mishima

      Don’t be a baby.

      • Bluenlime

        I don’t know man…you know when you first see a rookie and you’re like this kid has it. Especially on RBs since it’s easier transitioning compared to other skill groups from college to nfl. I haven’t seen first round talent from Penny. That’s
        just my two cents. No need to get worked up about it. And why is Procise still on this team? Cant we use that roster spot for a DE?

        • hawkdawg

          I have been wondering about your last two questions myself for awhile now…

    • Kenny Sloth

      Imagine going on someones website and calling them out by name on it.

      Imagine thinking your opinion was that important.

    • icb12

      There’s literally nothing TO criticize.
      It’s 5 g ames into his rookie season and we simply haven’t seen enough of him to criticize anything.

  21. John_s

    So do you think the anti-run mob will talk about the top 5 yards passing QB’s for this week all lost?

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      John – I’ve got to ask, how did you get a picture in the box? I’ve asked multiple times over the years for the random few who have one, but it seems like the best kept secret as nobody has shared. Thanks!

      P.S. Even though Russ is my fantasy QB, I LOVE that we are getting back to smashmouth running game. Now, if that D can manage a way to generate a consistent pass rush then we may definitely get back to the glory days.

  22. SamL

    That game was awesome. To think we were only 2 penalties away from beating the Rams is pretty cool. I totally agree, just a few pieces away on defense before we can be competitive. My only worry is that we will be too good and get a pick in the 15-20 range and won’t be able to add one of the superstars of this draft. On that note how far do you think Devin white will fall? No player that I want more.

    • Rob Staton

      White is a top 12 for me

  23. BK Matty

    Our D gave up 465 yards and 3 rushing TDs. We couldnt stop them at any point in the entire game. we gave up 33 points. We had no sacks and very few qb hits or even hurries. This was not exactly a stellar defensive performance for us by any stretch. Anytime the Rams needed 10+ yards on a pass they got it. Going for it after PCs boneheaded TO was a no brainer, I was shocked they didnt try to go for it to begin with given how easily they sliced thru our D all afternoon.

    We need help on the DLine, we need help pass rushing, we need help in the secondary. We have a long way to go on D folks. This game was close due to our Offense.

    • Rob Staton

      They were also missing key starters and playing the best offense in the league. That’s the least number of points they’ve scored this season.

  24. Alaskahawk

    My thoughts on the final timeout. Besides the benefits of saving time – there is also the benefit of getting the defense prepared for a fake punt. The rams have pulled a fake punt on SeahWks before. Nice snap and run would have gotten them the first down anyway.

    My gripes are more about not making a final drive. Where is that killer instinct RW? Seahawks played well but ended with A whimper instead of a bang.

  25. Whit21

    I feel bad how many times Rob has to reply to posts calling out the Time Out on 4th n 1… Letting the clock run down under a minute to play would have almost been just as bad of a dagger to the Seahawks chances.. they can let the play clock run down and take a delay of game and then pin the hawks deep..

    Yall need to really think about more than what you saw. If we stuff Goff and get into great field position with a 1:20 on the clock, everyone on here would be saying how dumb a move that was on McVay..

    Same thing goes for a team that opts for a 2 point conversion with no time on the clock when they’re down by 1 point.. if you go for the win and get it, you’re a genius. If you dont convert and lose, everybody wants you fired..

    • Tecmo Bowl


      posted above ,basically the same thing you said Whit, before reading all the second guesses of the TO. Watching the game I didn’t even realize that decision was in question. It was the right call every time.

  26. BobbyK

    Pete Carroll is not stupid. He’s one of the best coaches in the NFL. Anyone calling for his head because of a timeout or something like that is incapable of critically thinking about the bigger picture, in my opinion.

    That being said, can he be “hormonal” at times? Yes. He’s admitted it. Sometimes it works, and other times it doesn’t. If you’re willing to call for him to be fired based on a timeout or something like that – look inside yourself because there are probably more issues with you and your life than anything else. Personally, I would have called a time out in that scenario, too.

    I’m not perfect. I’m a proven failure at many things in life, yet in the big picture, I’ve had some success, too. Where is the balance?

    Bill Belichick once drafted Dominique Easley and traded up for Chad Jackson. He also made a questionable call in the Super Bowl against the Giants and, really, was outcoached by Pederson in the Super Bowl last year. Should he be fired?

    Do you want to fire Pete Carroll because of a timeout? Really? If you were a Rams fan, did you notice McVay called a few, seemingly, stupid/unorganized timeouts in this game, too? I only bring him up because he seems to be the gold standard for what teams want now (young and innovative – and no playoff wins on his resume).

    Seriously, Pete Carroll and John Schneider are professionals who are successful. Am I still mad in an unhealthy way that they passed on TJ Watt and traded down for Malik McDowell? Yes. I am. I need to grasp the bigger picture and admit failure, too. I thought Gabe Carimi would be a Pro Bowl RT and was happy the team drafted Rick Mirer. I was happy when they signed Nate Odoms and Sidney Rice as well.

    This team has been in every game this season and has played, arguably, the two best teams in the NFC up to this point. Are they good enough to win it all this year? I don’t think so. Are they that far away? No – they’re actually not. They could be 4-1 (but could be 1-4 too).

    They need an off-season to acquire a pass rusher or two (TJ Watt anyone?).

    My only complaint/worry is that this is also the same organization that had historic talent in 2013/2014 and, basically, drove the talent base into the ground with less than stellar drafts (to put it nicely) for over a half decade since (which has brought 13-3, 12-4 teams to a .500 level). A good pick here and there doesn’t make a good draft. And, if you want to nitpick, they haven’t driven the team “into the ground” to the point of 2-14… but you get what I’m saying.

    Although they had a great three year stretch when they started this thing, they followed it up with mostly crap. No Pro Bowler on offense or defense has been drafted since. As good as Frank Clark is – he’s never been to a Pro Bowl and he’s the gold standard in terms of a good player they’ve drafted in the past (seemingly) 193,483,983,388,103 years (and there’s no second round pick this year either).

    Welcome to Seahawks purgatory 2018. The season that will get you around .500 with an upcoming off-season that will get them to 12-4 with a great draft and get them to 4-12 with another crappy draft. Can they recapture their magic from 2011-2013? Or will they continue to draft non-Pro Bowl talent like they’ve done for 6 years now? It’s a big off-season coming up. If you have a franchise QB, which they do, you can change things in a hurry…

  27. SeahawksForLife


    Always appreciate your great insight.

    I thought the Seahawks battled admirably. Frustrated at the outcome, but it was a much, much better performance than the last Rams visit.

    Two questions if you would:

    1) Why do some coaches (including Pete) wait until AFTER the two-minute warning to start calling timeouts? The Seahawks let a lot of time burn off before the two-minute warning today. This is a coaching philosophy seen elsewhere too, but I don’t understand it.

    2) I understand trying to protect our QB, but I don’t understand why he doesn’t run at all. They do the read option, but I think it would be much more effective is Russell just ran a little bit- maybe 2-4 times a game. Or have a run-pass option from the read option. He can hook slide. I think it would really open things up, but it seems the team is very reluctant to have the QB run at all. (I think it actually sets him up for greater injury potential from getting sacked.) Not too long ago, Russell was an extremely dangerous runner. That option seems to have been taken out of the offense.

    Thanks Rob!

    I will root for the Seahawks forever.

    • Rob Staton

      1. I thought they would’ve used the TO’s before the TMW but hey, it nearly worked for them.

      2. I think Wilson’s hamstring is worse than we know about.

      • Bmseattle

        2. I wondered the same… but if true, would he be running down the field, blocking for his running backs, like he has multiple times this year?

  28. GerryG

    Good grief people, never read to comments on any article anywhere on the web that isn’t a little oasis like here. It takes years off your life.

    Great write up Rob, my feelings are exactly the same.

    Watching this game I wanted to walk away knowing the OL was indeed going to work. It does.

    I also feel pretty good today (and next season) about them, and RB, WR, CB, SS.

  29. Darnell

    Admittedly, Pete isn’t the greatest in game coach. But the number of coaches in the world that would have that Seattle group of talent compete within two points of that LA group of talent is probably less than 5. Any perceived upgrade at HC already has a job.

  30. HENRY

    Due to all the picks JS has wasted what do we have to look forward to next draft since this season seems like a wrap? Trading back and stocking up with mid level potential? The darbohs, cmike and Chris Harper of the world? Even when the Seahawks offense played it’s best game we still couldn’t beat an injured Rams team at home. If it’s not talent holding the team back it’s the horrendous playcalls on crunch times.At least I got to go to the SB parade. It was good when it lasted. Now back to mediocrity.

    • GerryG

      Save incessant negative whining for Twitter please. Let’s try and leave this place a reasonable spot to discuss football. And if you are going to go all burn the house down, at least come with a legit take.

      Your points aren’t even that good. Yes the Rams are injured. The Seahawks are injured too. They barely have a functional TE, their best WR is on two bad legs and was invisible today. HOF safety out for the year and replaced by a JAG. Pro Bowl LB out replaced by a JAG.

      The Rams have the best roster in football, Seattle’s is nowhere even close to that. They have exactly one proven pass rusher on the entire roster. Somehow, (despite employing a method of play deemed “extinct” and “unimportant”) they stood toe to toe. Some, mistakes at the end doomed them. I can’t believe they even had a shot with zero pass rush.

      If all is as doomed as you say, they will pick top ten, in which case moving down to the teens gets them a second rd pick and they get two front seven guys to add to Rasheem Green in year 2 (hopefully with Clark) and the team is a playoff contender.

    • Rob Staton

      Enjoy being miserable

  31. Rad_man

    Great game for the Seahawks. Without Earl and KJ they competed on D and executed on O.

    Carson is a stud. Star in the making.

  32. teejmo

    Is it just me, or have there been a ton more overtime games this season?

  33. Donovan

    Gotta love Fluker’s attitude & passion:

    We all played hard for each other, and we’re going to see them again. I can’t wait for it,’’ Fluker said. “We played with passion, played with heart, played with some charisma, and everybody played together. I think we played as a team on fire, and we didn’t stop until the bitter end. … At the end of the day, they got lucky.”

    Fluker said he told a referee before the game, “It’s going to be a gang fight today. It’s going to be a hard fight. We’re going to play hard, they’re going to play hard. At the end of the day, we’ve got to play harder.”

    “The thing about it is, everybody gets terrified with 99 (Aaron Donald) and 93 (Ndamakong Suh). We weren’t terrified. We weren’t scared,” Fluker said. “We’re offensive linemen. We’re built to do this. We go out there and grind, every single day.

    “They haven’t seen a team that plays physical. They want to be pass-rushers. They haven’t seen a team to actually go out there and take it to them every single play. They haven’t seen that. … We’re going to keep grinding, keep building our foundation, and keep going.”

    • Trevor

      Love Fluker! His pancake of Suh on the Davis TD was one of my favourite plays so far this year.

      I have been a little over the top in my praise for Fluker but the difference in the OL with him and Seeezy at the G spot has been staggering. I truly believe if he plays game #1 and 2 that the OL pass pro and run game would have been much better and that at last one of those would have been a win.

      Can’t believe it but as Rob said above the OL is a strength of this team now.


      Live this. A little Red Bryant to him.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Love it! Exactly what I want to hear from a 6’5″ 350lb behemoth RG. His play backs up that talk.

      Trevor- leading into the season you’ve been all about how Solari and Fluker were going to be difference makers. We’re seeing that happen now, good to see!

  34. sdcoug

    Schotty with a good game. O was legit against a D that has had its way with us, at least up until that last drive.

    After the 50 posts last week ripping him a new A, I’m surprised not person has even given him the slightest tip of the cap today.

  35. C-Dog

    That was the most enjoyable offensive effort since they played the Texans at the CLink last year. Enjoyed it more than the effort against the Eagles in December. Seeing Carson and Davis running that way, Fluker plowing people, and RW working off that with the explosives was just beautiful. If people can’t appreciate that, I wonder if they also hate puppies, ice-cream, and Side B of Abbey Road.

    If I were John Schneider, I would strongly consider extending Fluker and Sweezy.

    This team needs pass rush help big time. Dion Jordan feels like a non factor, Rasheem Green is hurt and developing, Naz Jones was a healthy scratch that seems to be in the doghouse, Branden Jackson and Q Jeff are more run stopping 5 techs than anything else, and the best interior rusher is Jarran Reed. Can they dump Brandon Marshall, and bring in an edge rusher off the street?

    Love the combo of Carson and Davis. Crazy thought; Do they consider trading Rashaad Penny for a veteran pass rusher?

    David Moore looks like the breakout player on the offense. Just feels like that thing is around the corner.

  36. SackFly

    It’s so frustrating to see such negative comments from people bashing the run game, or saying Pete has lost his touch, or saying how Penny is a wasted pick, even after a game like today. GOOD GRIEF please find a new scapegoat already. Half of Seahawks Twitter is unbearable right now.

    The takeaway from today is, although we lost, we just went blow for blow with the Rams, ran the ball amazingly well, and looked like a team with a lot of promise going forward.

    Rahsaad Penny not getting any carries 5 games into his career is not the main storyline here. It’s barely even a storyline at all. The main storyline is just like Rob said; we have an O Line that can be counted on, and 3 good running backs to hand the ball off to. That’s the first time we’ve been able to say that in far too long.

    Stop it with Penny bashing, at least until we have a much bigger sample size, and be happy we’ve had 3 games in a row with a 100 yard rusher.

    • Jujus

      I like penny. I’m patient for him. But in contrast Harold Landry would be very helpful right now

      • SackFly

        I just think it is so unproductive to play the cherry-picking game with Rashaad Penny, 5 games into his career. Would Harold Landry, or any other non-RB taken in ANY round of last years draft who is playing well so far be a nice addition to this team right now? Obviously. But why even bother thinking about that? They traded down, took Penny, got Rasheem Green in the process, and played to one of the strengths of the draft, which was early running back talent. You can play the ‘I wish we took player X instead of player Y’ game forever, and it’s pointless. At least at this point in their careers it is. For now, we need to stop jumping to conclusions so quickly and accept the fact that although he hasn’t seized his opportunities just yet, there’s a reason they drafted him ahead of 200+ other guys. Give him more time than 5 games to prove that.

    • Rob Staton

      Well said. Can’t believe all the pissing and moaning.

  37. NickW

    Normally Rob, we see eye to eye on most everything. This is the second time this year we have not. Earlier in the season when you were displeased with Pete and the slow start, and now the timeout. People keep saying it was 4th and 1. No, it was fourth and about 4 inches. That is way different. Especially when you have a high octane offense. Dont give them a chance to change their friggen mind! They had to their punt unit on the field. The only thing they would have done was waste 40 seconds amd punt or waste 40 seconds and fake punt. Take the damn minute they leave you and let Wilson do his thing. Thats where he is his best. By taking that timeout he not only left the offense nothing for a safety net for time if the Rams didnt make it, but he took the ball for sure out of Russells hands. You can say its after the fact and over thinking, but I screamed the second he did it and called what the rams would do. He tried to over think it and get cute. This is the first time I am legitimately pissed at Pete. I didnt mind losing to the Rams. What I minded was Pete taking the ball out of our best playmakers hands. If we lost going down swinging with Russ and 59 seconds, I would have been ok. Instead, on 4th and a matter of inches Pete got cute and gave McVay a damn timeout to clearly think about what was going on and his choices. That’s why so many of us are mad about it. I bet the players are pissed too. They could have won, but that chance was taken out if their hands.

    • Rob Staton

      And if you stop the QB sneak Seattle wins right there.

      They executed. They won the game on that play when they could’ve lost. Well done Rams.

      • NickW

        While that is potentially correct, it can also be said if he doesnt call the timeout out and give Mcvay more time to think about it, the Hawks win. Neither of us know for certain which way crap would have really gone. We both have differing ideas and thats ok. I saw lots to be happy with in that game and really am very happy with how the team played. People keep ripping the D, but that team as its constructed tear everyone up and scores lots of points. Which is also why I wouldnt have given mcvay more time to think about it with that time out. He remembered he has a team that can move the ball probably 90% of the time, and 4 inches is nothing to that team. He gambled on a higher percentage choice for his team to win rather than hoping his D could stop Wilson. Anyhow, thanks for everything you do with the blog. And just for the record, I was never calling for Petes head. That one play just pissed me off and in my mind (and many othera) cost the Hawks a chance at winning.

        • Rob Staton

          I think this best sums it up on the TO issue. It’s a reply I posted to another comment earlier today:

          What are we actually proposing here? That the Seahawks, having already called a TO when the play was stopped, then change their mind when presented with the opportunity after the measurement? We’re asking Pete Carroll to, in a split second, second guess his own decision to call the TO immediately and then second guess what Sean McVay is going to do.

          I just think it’s a non-issue really. A distraction of sorts. The most important thing is the game could’ve gone either way. And who among us expected that?

          • Largent80

            Maybe kicking the field goal (62 yards) would have been a better choice. Seabass already has a 62 and we saw Carolinas kicker hit a 63 Sunday.

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t think that would’ve been a good idea. Clearly the holding call on Fluker had a huge impact. If they don’t call that, Seattle likely has a lead to defend at the end.

              • Largent80

                So calling time out and losing is a better idea?

                Its a gutsy call but better to lose that way than the way they chose.

                • Rob Staton

                  The timeout is irrelevant in this situation. You’re asking them to attempt an unlikely 62-yard field goal with about 4-5 minutes left in a two-point game. Miss and the Rams are almost certainly at least guaranteed to be in FG position themselves with no real pressure.

                  Kicking a field goal was not a good idea.

                  Again, the holding call was a kicker and, IMO, a flag they didn’t need to throw. That was decisive moment. Not the timeout, not the lack of a field goal.

    • neil

      Their is no guarantee if the Rams had punted, we would have won. Wilson’s last drive magic may be waning with his age. For me the game was lost with the two offensive penalties on the last drive that took the Hawks out of field goal position.

      • NickW

        Nobody said anything about a guarantee. We all know this year our defense is not as good as in the past. Its not bad, but its not great like it once was. I prefer to go out swinging. Felt like we flopped to our side and showed our belly. Mcvay saw that and gutted us where we lay. Thats not me. I’m a fighter and I believe Russ and the offense is still our best chance at winning this year. Go with your strength and fight back. The Rams moved the ball at will all night. We couldn’t stop it. We rolled over.

  38. Ashish

    @Rob Thanks for the blog. I was super pissed for last timeout call from PC. After reading blog plus PC post game interview understood probably we would have 65 seconds left. Anyways I still see lots of positive after the game more importantly it was fun watching the game.

    Dissly, Moore, Tre Flower, Dickson we are in process of finding new core players

  39. UKAlex6674

    Great effort against a top 3 team this season. No need for concern over our D as the Rams are lighting everyone up so far.

    Rob – I know there is a lot of anti-run sentiment on Field Gulls, but is KA saying that RB’s shouldn’t/don’t need to be drafted high, or that the run game is less important? If it is the former, then he has a point as Carson and Davies were low round picks. If it is the latter, then I can’t see how he can even consider arguing against it after the last couple of weeks.

    • Rob Staton

      Kenny says all sorts about the run game. That’s not my concern. It’s the anti run crowd who constantly talk nonsense about the run game being overrated or not being capable of providing an offensive foundation. The draft stuff is irrelevant to me but anyone who wants to go down that route can also discuss the last handful of SB winning QB’s and where they were drafted.

    • FresnoHawk

      Schneider said NE called to trade picks so NE could draft Penny. Why didn’t Kenny mention that? I don’t understand how people can ignore Schneider’s comments. Why aren’t people criticizing NE? They used close to a 1st round pick on a RB?

  40. KHawk

    Im really amazed at the transformation of the offensive line. If you get the defense a pass rush and someone prolific in the receiving core we could have a real team.

  41. millhouse-serbia

    Great game for us last night. The biggest plus for me is Moore and OL play. Now we have to WR for future. Tre will be great.

    We need 2 pass rushers for next season.

    The only question marke for me is T2. Can he be legit starter?

    Rob, if T2 doesn’t show that he is cabaple of being good and productive starter, what would you do with first round pick?

    1. Draft DeionteThompson ( if he is available)
    2. Draft pass rusher

    • H

      I was super impressed with Tedric yesterday, and i dont see safety being anywhere near our list of top priorities.

  42. SwissHawk

    What a difference a week makes! After feeling totally miserable last Monday, I haven’t enjoyed a Seahawks game this much in a long time – despite the loss. Yes we weren’t perfect but there was a lot to like and for the first time maybe since Marshawn we were punishing a Defense for being on the field with us. Fluker seems to be setting the tone on the line and our D continues to positively surprise me, though I would sleep better with Frank Clark having a new contract. Thanks Pete – it’s great to have the Seahawks I know and love back again.

  43. McZ

    Proud 12 today! That was a fantastic ride.

    Couple of thoughts about the run game. Yes, it was awesome, for most of the game. Having Davis as a different type of RB to CCarson’s power rushing style is making this offense hard to calculate. We were running to keep things multidimensional, to keep the defence guessing. And this ultimately led to less pressure on the pocket. One has to wonder, why they didn’t use Penny to keep up pressure, when they lost a tack late 3rd. I stand by my opinion: if you are no day 1 plug-n-play starter, you don’t belong into R1 of the draft. And if we don’t use him as a RB, why not giving him a returner role in our piss-poor special teams?

    Still, I think, we are overemphasizing the run. For sub 200yd passing, we could also start a rookie QB.

    I’m also very happy about how this evening turned out for Moore. He got his deserved chance, and he delivered big time. I wonder if we have found our stable WR1-3 combo. Marshall is a distraction for this team, but I also wonder if he is that guy who plays a dozen bad games and begin to blossom, when it really begins to matter.

    Vannett showed up as another butterfinger. The situation at TE is really nasty without Dissly.

    Tedric Thompson IMO was a viable ET replacement. No, he didn’t was as good as ET in his first outing, but he was playing really hard, he didn’t gave up. He will learn a lot this season. Re ET, I think, this is the time to market him to other teams. Injured or not, he still is a pro bowler, and there are teams out there that maybe want to get him before it takes them into a bidding war next spring.

    It feels like this was a winnable game. We lost it, because the DL bar Frank Clark wasn’t playing good. Robs stance has been once again validated and reinforced.

    Plus, they didn’t let Seabass kick that damn field goal in 4th with the Rams out of timeouts. That was the main coaching error, not the timeouts.

  44. Largent80

    I don’t seem to see anyone mentioning a problem that has been ongoing for a LONG TIME.

    And that is wasting time outs for failure to get the play into the huddle in a timely fashion. Wilso had to use 2 timeouts yeasterday and one was in the 2nd half for this. While I wish Pete had not called that TO at the end, we wouldn’t have had to if the Hawks get the plays in quicker.

    Very proud of the way the team played. We’re missing KJ in a big way, and I thought McDougald and Thompson played great. Coleman had some tackling issues, and Griffin arrived a nano second too early for that killing penalty.

    The offensive line was really out phisicalling the supposed juggernaught Rams. That Fluker holding call may actually have been what cost the Hawks the game.

    • Rob Staton

      The use of timeouts has been an issue for a while (and anyone who listens to Brock and Salk regularly, as I do, will be aware of this!). However, it’s something that happens to a lot of teams. The Jim Harbaugh 49ers mastered the art of the wasted time out. Andy Reid couldn’t manage a time out even if a big sandwich was on the line. So it impacts the best.

  45. Drew

    Tedric Thompson had a couple missed tackles, but people need to remember Earl has missed his fair share of tackles over the years. I like how he played getting his first start against the #1 offense. Shows physicallity and his penchant of creating turnovers. Excited to see him more.

    Tre Flowers continues to improve. Had his hand in on another turnover and didnt look like the worst DB (Coleman).

    Extend Frank Clark and DJ Fluker. Maybe Sweezy but his back is more worrisome.

    Outside of Dickson, special teams was garbage.

    How does Tre Madden still have a roster spot? He gets about 6 plays a game and is a complete non-factor.

    • jujus

      The fact taht Tre Madden is here continue to infuriate me.

  46. Ben Ft. Worth

    To summarize the ending of this game, would be to say it was “Check”, then “Checkmate”!!

  47. Trevor

    He is not getting talked about but I thought Tre Flowers was awesome again yesterday. That kid is legit. Imagine a converted safety coming in and starting day #1 on a team lacking pass rush and still competing and playing well. The job Pete has done with him is apparent. The two guys Pete had take a personal interest in the last two off seasons Carson and Flowers are both potential stars IMO.

    Some other reasons to be excited about the future.

    – The OL which was once the Achilles heal of this team is now a strength and they are becoming bullies on offense again. Hope they lock up Sweezy and Fluker.

    – The RB group of Carson, Davis and Penny is a talented, young, cheap and deep position group now. Carson and Davis run as hard as any RB in the league and I still think Penny is going to be really good.

    – The CB trio of Griffin, Coleman and Flowers has the potential to be a top 3 unit and are all young and cheap.

    -David Moore looks like another late round gem at WR and could become a bigger version of Golden Tate

    – Frank Clark is a legit beast and game changer that needs to be extended ASAP.

    – Bradley McDougald was extended and is a top 5 Safety in the league right now.

    – Found an elite punter for the next 15 years in Dickson.

    • Rob Staton

      Agree with all of that. 100%.

      • D-OZ


    • Tecmo Bowl


      That’s the third straight game Flowers has forced a turnover. 2 tipped passes 1 strip on run support. He’s exceeded my expectations no doubt. Very promising!

  48. Trevor

    2109 off season.

    Option #1
    -Extend Clark
    -Sign Clowney as our big ticket FA
    -Draft Christian Wilkins ( between picks 15-25) incredible character and leader who will combine with Reed to give them 2 legit 3 down DT.

    – Extend Clark
    -Sign Grady Jarrett as our big ticket FA
    -Draft and elite edge rusher like Ferrell, Burns or the kid from LSU that Rob hilighted yesterday.

    I think if they can pull off option #1 this defense could be elite again next year.

    • Rob Staton

      Either works for me. Although I think Christian Wilkins will go MUCH earlier than some are projecting. He is fantastic. And if he performs as expected at the combine, he’ll go very early.

    • Hawk Eye

      I can’t see them signing Clowney. He has an injury past, and after Kam, Sherm, Earl and Cliff, they are looking to avoid predictable injury situations. That was a defining factor in them selecting Penny as opposed to other backs. I could see them giving someone like Fowler a 1 year prove contract,
      I do not understand the Jarrett love on this site, he runs hot and cold, is not a pro bowl talent, but will get paid like one. They need young, underpaid studs on D.

      I agree they need pass rush, if they resign Clark they still need 2 more guys who can get at least 8 sacks.

      what happens to KJ? I think he is a very good player and a great fit, but age and injury will play into what kind of contract they offer him. He has been almost injury free until this year, but his knee is an issue that may not go away

      pretty much agree with your above post, but would be cautious about Sweezy and Fluker about anything more than a 1 or 2 year contract, and not over $2M for Sweezy and $3M for Fluker. They won’t have great demand, have injury histories, but are worth more than they are making this year.

      I would also love to see Prosise play WR. I don’t see him getting into the mix at RB, and I don’t see Marshall or Brown making a big contribution or display any game breaking talent. I also don’t see Prosise being on the team next year unless he does something this year.

      curious to see how TT develops, if Hill can actually play, how Flowers and the Griffins improve, if Green can provide any kind of pass rush, and wtf happened to Naz? Seems like he in the doghouse.
      The kids will determine if this team can contend in the future

      • Elmer

        Agree completely. They need young, underpaid, HEALTHY studs to rush the passer.

        I too would like to see them give Prosise a shot at WR. With McKissic potentially coming back from IR, that RB roster spot is in jeopardy.

        I would also like to know what Reynolds and/or #10 on the practice squad could maybe contribute at WR. Doug is hurt, and Brown & Marshall are not looking like big contributors.

        I wonder too about Naz Jones. He was a healthy (as far as I know) inactive for week 5. Something is going on, I don’t know what.

        Great game against the Rams.

  49. STTBM

    The timeout made sense. The Rams just made a great decision, and executed the play. A much bigger deal is the defense; they did their usual prevent d late in the game, resulting in–gasp!–the usual outcome; collapse. This is a fault in Carrols defensive philosophy, as well as a spotlight shining bright on Seattles total lack of pass rush outside Clark.

    The prevent d, added to the defenses problems with tackling and assignments doomed this team on a day when the offense ran for nearly 200 yards and made big plays in the passing game seemingly at will.

    But many feebly fixate on the late timeout…

    I am encouraged by the run game, but with the game on the line, Wilson couldn’t muster a point on two drives. Somehow, Schotty has taken the best late-game qb in the NFC and turned him into one of the worst late-game qb’s. And while I blame Schotty for this, Wilson earlier had guys open and did his usual by waiting way too long to throw the ball. I saw several plays where the ball is supposed to be thrown when the Receiver begins his break, but Wilson didn’t throw the damn ball soon enough. The result was two drives stalled.

    That said, it was a much better performance than I expected, and shows a ray of hope for the team.

    Oh, and why the freak out over Penny? He’s doing well, just has been beaten out by two experienced backs. The pick was not made to instantly fix the run with one guy, but to ensure depth and fix it long-term. Personally, I’ll be happy if Carson and Davis keep him on the bench all year and rush for 1500-1800 yards. Let him earn his snaps, not have them handed to him. We saw too much of that due to Carrols meddling early in the season, and we lost in large part because of it.

    • mishima


      I would rather have depth at running back than win some bogus argument. Penny will be fine and needed if Carson/Davis go down.

      I think PC/JS have earned the benefit of the doubt.

  50. Matt

    What a weird, weird team. Seattle football (UW and Seahawks) has been incredibly hard to figure out, this year.

    First off…great game. Great effort. I was positive that we were going to get smashed, but boy was I wrong. The nice thing about this game is that it really showed what we are capable whilst also showing where our holes are.

    1. We are absolutely a running team.
    2. Running teams can still win in 2018.
    3. OL run blocking is great.
    4. OL pass blocking is sufficient enough considering how good they are at run blocking.
    5. Competitive talent on defense despite holes.
    6. Some great young talent.

    1. Pass rush is nearly non-existent.
    2. Offensive scheme, pass game, still leaves a lot to be desired. Watching McVay create easy throws with avg WRs was tough to watch.
    3. Still a very undisciplined team.
    4. Playing for the FG, not playing to “win.” I’m not talking about being reckless – but I’d like to see us stay aggressive and not be satisfied with a 49 yard FG attempt.

    Random Thoughts:
    1. Rashaad Penny – he’s now not even getting touches. Yes, it is way too early to write him off but you typically don’t draft RBs in Round 1 to hide them. As of right now…it looks like another wasted R1 pick. We can’t keep doing this. Davis/Carson looked incredible.
    2. Pass Rush has to be a priority. I think you need to sign at least 1 pass rusher and draft one highly.
    3. Russell Wilson Offseason Hypothetical: NY Giants continue to struggle and the Eli Manning era comes to a close. NYG ends up with a top 5 draft pick. What if the NYG offered two 1sts and two 2nds (and change) for RW? You could hypothetically draft his replacement and be on a significantly cheaper contract allowing for this team to go even harder in FA. I love RW…this has ZERO to do with him. But if you only want him to throw 20 times a game – what are the reasons to pay him $30M/year? I know many of you are going to say, “you’re an idiot, etc” but what I’m really trying to get at is allocation of resources.
    4. DJ Fluker is incredible. We have to hang onto him long term.

    Regarding point 3 – if you simply want to call me an idiot – please refrain from commenting on my post. I’m really posing a question regarding spending resources and if it makes sense to dump that much money into it. Again, I’m not going with part of Seahawks twitter that thinks RW is bad. I think he is outstanding.

    • Aaron

      If any team picking in the top 5 in 2019 offers a 2019 1st and 2020 1st and a 2019 2nd and 2020 2nd for Russell Wilson I would take it immediately and draft Montez with that top 5 2019 pick. Chances that happens are slim to none imo, but it’s always an interesting thought experiment.

      • David

        I would take Justin Herbert plus an additional 1st and 2 additional 2nds in a heartbeat.

    • Bluenlime

      RW wouldn’t survive the east coast media when shit hits the fan. Pete has done a great job protecting his qb out here. That SI article made a lot of sense. But I’m with you with being confused on using a first round pick to draft a bench warmer when all the other teams are starting their rookie RBs. The only similar situation is in Tampa where the predraft phenom Ronald Jones is benched because he hasn’t picked up the game yet.

    • GerryG

      IF you choose to move on from your expensive QB so you can reap the benefits of the rookie QB salary window I think a team needs to do it like KC did. They went out and got their guy, but made sure they had a season to evaluate before pulling the plug on Smith.

      If Seattle wanted to bail on Russ, I cant see doing it without having somewhat of known quantity in hand. In your scenario you get a bunch of picks, but you dont even know if there will be your guy available to pick.

      • Matt

        100% understand your point here. And it is extremely valid.

        Unfortunately, I think PC/JS have misplayed this scenario much like they did with Earl, Sherm, and Kam. I will be curious to see how this plays out because for how PC wants to win – he has to have a lot more resources in pass rush, which is hard/expensive to acquire.

    • mantis

      This year reminds me of Russell’s first year, loss against Atlanta in playoffs, what were we missing?
      A pass rush! PC/JS signed Bennet and Avril and the rest is history! Hawks have lots of cap room to resign Fluker and Sweezy, we have 2 good blocking/catching tight ends in Dissly and Dickson, lots of RB quality and depth. Defensively sign Clark, UFA DE or DT, draft DE or DT and we are in great shape.
      That year 49ers went to SB as the Rams probably will this year, next year we will compete with Rams all year, history will repeat

    • Matt

      I sincerely appreciate the thoughtful comments.

      It’s a weird scenario because I love RW and think he’s outstanding. Admittedly it’s a situation where I think you are damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    • Volume12

      I absolutely agree on Penny. Can I say this?

      No one is saying he’s a bust, maybe he does end up being good. Hope he does. But why spend a 1st on a guy who’s giving you nothing more than a day 2 or day 3 pick would be giving you? They didn’t know what they had in Carson or Davis?

      ‘Well, Chris Carson hasn’t remained healthy’ So you spend a 1st on the same position that gets hurt more often than not?

      If Carson and Davis continue to play like they are how is he impacting the game? Catching a couple balls?

      It all goes back to something PC said. ‘The learning curve for every draft pick is the same.’ That’s a huge reason why their day 3 picks end up contributing much sooner than their day 1 picks. Did Pete say why he took him off KO’s?

      His growing pains have been rough to say the least.

      • Rob Staton

        People keep forgetting one important thing. The RB class. It was the strength of the draft. And the good ones WERE gone early as predicted. Seattle had a chance to get their guy and took it — knowing full well the chance was gone by R3.

        Considering their CLEAR #1 priority was to fix the run, it was perfectly understandable.

        • Matt

          Rob – I agree it was understandable but I still didn’t like the move/player. Not sure if that makes sense.

        • McZ

          No people don’t forget this. Some people knowing basic economics would say, having ample supply and no preconditions are ideal to buy cheap. Broncos did that, and they came out great. Penny to me is the right player the wrong time. I was all in with Kerryon Johnson.

      • cha

        “Did Pete say why he took him off KO’s?”

        Yes. He said Lockett has more experience handling wet or knuckly kicks. Stressed that it was not a reflection on Penny, they just wanted Lockett’s experience back there. Which makes sense, since they got into a chess match of kicking short.

  51. Rowlandice

    I had thought we were going to see another 42-7 game and was both surprised and entertained with the game. I thought Fluker’s holding call was bigger than the “timeout”. One thing I noticed – where was Angry Doug? A couple big plays from him might have made the difference. I’d like to see more from the whole roster like using Penny and Procise as wideouts. And as everyone has said, except for Frank Clark, the whole D line had a quiet day. KJ Wright and even Kendricks would have made the D even tougher for the Rams. I can’t wait for the rematch in LA – would LOVE to “42-7” them!

  52. New Guy

    Loved the game yesterday. It bodes well for the future of the team, near and far. It’s hard to hear those who are questioning Pete for in-game calls, the nature of the reconstructing of the team, and thinking of jettisoning Russ.

    Are you not entertained?

    Rob, I look forward to hearing you question the Seahawk staff this weekend in GB.


  53. neil

    Tough loss! I just hope the Hawks do not have a big emotional let down next week. With 6 of the last 10 games at home, if they get to the bye at 3 and 3, they could go 8 and 8 . Which is good considering all the flux they have been through.

  54. D-OZ

    Here are some stat’s for you arm-chair GM,s out there. Penney against the Cardinals= att. 9/ yds.49/ avg.5.4 with a long of 15. Rec.4/ 35yds. with an 8.8 avg. They are not throwing Penney into the fire and he will be better off for it. There is no need…. Procise looked good with the one touch he had. I have a feeling they are going to showcase Procise in the UK. GO HAWKS!!!!

  55. Robert Las Vegas

    My thoughts are I thought Pete. Game plan was solid .we ran the the ball when was the last time we played the rams and Mr Donald was basically non factor.we got turnovers .by the way the rams always get a big play on special teams it seems that way.we sure could use some help with pass rushers I think are biggest need

    • Volume12

      Isn’t Donald always a factor though? You have to game plan for him and they did a good job with that yesterday.

  56. Trevor

    When the Hawks drafted Penny I will be honest I was not a huge fan because the Hawks had so many other needs but I liked him as a player and prospect. Pete wanted to fix the run and it was an organizational focus this past off season so in the context the pick made sense.

    All this bashing of Penny and the pick 5 games into his primarily because Carson and Davis have performed well is baffling. Give the kid a break. How many rookie RB in recent years would be starting over Carson and Davis the way they have been running. For me it is not an inditment on Penney as much as it has been a credit to Davis and Carson.

    Pete clearly wants to run the ball approx 30 times per game and do do that in today’s NFL you need at least two solid RB to rotate ( Ingram/ Kamara) (Freeman / Coleman) have been the best examples of this in recent years. Look at what has happened this year to the NO and Atl run games when one of the two RB is hurt or missing. There is a huge drop off!

    The Hawks now have 3 legit starting RB so if Davis or Carson gets dinged up they still have 2 solid RBs to rotate. How can is be a bad thing for a team that wants to be run focucsed?

    Instead of bashing the pick why not be excited that the Hawks are re-establishing their identity as a run focussed team and bully on offense and the best part is they now actually have the depth they need at RB to be consistent with this identity?

    • FresnoHawk

      I’m a big fan of Penny and I love that we picked him. I think it’s gonna take a couple more months to get him going. He’ll do ok for a while then put together a couple of good games and before you know it he’s a star.

  57. Kenny Sloth

    You know what I really wish?

    That George Fant was playing RT. Too bad we havent traded Pete Carroll and fired Russell Wilson yet.

    Ban John Schneider for missing in the early rounds

    WASTED TIMEOUTS !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Volume12

      We can trade HC’s ? 😉

      You think the Ravens would take Russ and send us Joe Flacco in return? We can throw it like 50 times a game and still only have 200 yards through the air.

  58. Nick

    What a game! Really proud of the team’s effort. Trevor, Rob…I agree with your takes thus far. The core of this team is becoming visible, and quite frankly, it’s exciting.

    Tre Flowers is a stud. Frank Clark is a stud. Germain Ifedi was fucking awesome yesterday. So, too, was Sweezy. And Carson’s running style is just vicious.

  59. Volume12

    What the hell did Arizona do to Haason Reddick? They’ve switched his position twice in 2 years and wonder why he’s failing to pick up their defense?

  60. Brandon

    Very very encouraged by this game. I’m with you in having no quibbles about the timeout. I was only hoping we wouldn’t get completely blown out. After the first TD and they responded, I thought we’d slow down but we didn’t. If we can hang with the Rams we can hang with any team. Add 2-3 pass rushers in the offseason, another LB, and hopefully an Earl replacement (T2 played decent but also had some bad plays. I don’t think he’s the future at one of the most important positions on this D) and this D will be dominant once again. Griffin had a bad game but I expect him to bounce back. Flowers has been very encouraging and could be a solid combo with Griffin going forward.

    • Volume12

      Yesterday was much more indicative of how I thought they’d look this year. The offense only missing 1-2 pieces, the defense keeping them in games but only haven a few proven pieces.

      Was nice to see them playing to RW’s strengths with the RO and play action. The past couple weeks have finally felt like ‘talk about it, be about it’ in regards to the run game.

      Maybe it’s been brought up, but Mingo has been a good signing and Poona Ford got quite a few reps and didn’t look outta place or outmatched at all.

  61. Volume12

    Find you someone that loves Jachai Polite as much as me.

  62. Scott

    I’m new to your site, this was a very good read. Looking forward to reading more of your content. All in all, I was pleased with this competitive game, and I think Pete made the right call with the TO. There’s a real danger as fans to fall into the results based analysis trap. I know it catches me from time to time.

  63. Trevor

    Last off season fixing the run game was clearly priority #1. I really wanted the Hawks to sign Fluker in order to bring and edge and toughness to the OL in the run game. I was so excited when they signed him on cheap deal and if he stays healthy I pray they extend him and Sweezy.

    This off season it is pretty obvious that the priority will have to be the pass rush. Last time this was the case the Hawks double dipped in free agency and struck gold with Avril and Bennet.

    This year I think one name to monitor is Ziggy Anzah. He signed the franchise tag with the Lions and has been hurt almost all year. He is taking a ton of heat in the local media and you have to think he would not mind a change of scenery. Anzah has had injuries so medical would be the key obviously but I think he would be the ideal speed rusher in the Cliff Avril mode opposite Clark. If he has a down year because of injury and can be picked up below market he is the guy I would love to see the Hawks take a flyer on. Anyways just and guy to keep an eye on if he struggles to get on the field and looses some market value.

    Some other guys they might take fliers on are David Irving (huge off field flags) and Dante Fowler who has had his own issues. Both are incredibly talented and we know Pete loves his reclamation projects.

    Imagine if the Hawks added Anzah in Free Agency and Wilkins or Burns in the draft to go with Reed, Clark, Green, Jordan and Jefferson. That would be a really talented and young DL.

    Anzah and Wilkins seem realistic given our cap situation and likely draft order.

    • Ground_Hawk

      I liked the idea of Seattle going after Anzah over the offseason, but the Detroit tagged him, and now he’s making 17mil. Clowney is making around 7mil, so it’s going to be interesting what they end asking for in the offseason. If his medical clears, I would like Seattle to go for Anzah, because his resume is better than Clowney’s. If the Seahawks FO could figure out a way to keep Clark and sign Anzah that would be an ideal scenario for me.

    • Ground_Hawk

      His name should read *Ansah*, so my bad for those mistakes. Cheers!

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