Instant reaction: Seahawks pull off a miracle

There will come a time when it isn’t like this. It may even be more relaxing, especially when you’ve stayed up until 4:30am to watch a game.

Yet for now, let’s take it. Embrace it. Enjoy it — if possible.

This crazy decade of extreme highs and heartbreaking lows. Just when you think you’ve seen it all — something else happens.

The Seahawks got their arses kicked tonight. The Vikings marched into Seattle and beat them up.

They set a new record for drives with 10 or more plays. They had 31 first downs, 449 total yards, a time of possession advantage of 39:28 versus 20:32. They ran the ball for 201 yards despite only having Dalvin Cook for a half.

The Seahawks were blown away in the trenches on both sides of the ball. They basically had one minute and 46 seconds of the game at the start of the second half and the rest, until the final drive, belonged to Minnesota.

Seattle didn’t convert a single third down (0-7). Russell Wilson played like he often does in the rain. The Seahawks started slow, in the season where they’ve started fast.

They were out-coached, lacked energy in the first half and looked like they were searching for an umbrella rather than a ball-carrier.

Yet somehow Wilson summoned something to drag Seattle into the winners enclosure. A hopeful heave downfield, completed on fourth down to D.K. Metcalf. He scrambled to avoid pressure. He rediscovered Tyler Lockett. Another throw to Metcalf in the end zone for the go-ahead score with the game on the line, moments after one slipped through his grasp.

A win.

A MVP statement.

On an off-night, with everything going wrong, Wilson delivered in Prime Time.

That, along with the mad one minute and 46 seconds at the start of the third quarter, was unbelievably enough to go to 5-0.

This is the ideal time for the bye week because let’s not kid ourselves, this is a team with massive flaws that need to be fixed because they might not be so fortunate down the line.

For tonight though — let’s enjoy Metcalf’s two touchdowns, K.J. Wright’s interception, the fourth down stop delivered by Cody Barton (of all people) and Bobby Wagner at the end that ended up being so critical and the turnovers of Kirk Cousins.

The defense is terrible but somehow they keep making big plays in big moments.

We can worry if it’s sustainable or not tomorrow.

This was one for the collection. Another ending you couldn’t even begin to imagine.

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  1. James P Kupihea

    What…a legend.

  2. JLemere

    WTF did i just watch for the last 3 hours.

    • DC

      Classic Pete Carrol cluster f&$k

    • Aaron

      A wonderful disaster

    • Donald

      Carol: ” Can you win in the fourth quarter?”

      Team: ” Yes!”

  3. 12th chuck

    a win is a win, but I don’t want to go thru that again.

  4. Brett

    That game is in every way what this team is this year so far

  5. CaptainJack

    5-0 into the bye.

    But feels like a mirage.

  6. Aaron

    How the *bleep did the Hawks win that game???


    I’m exhausted…

    • James P Kupihea

      That’s where I am to be honest. Just so #%*(#$ exhausted by being a fan of this team. But man do the W’s feel good.

  7. DC

    Make sure your heart is healthy enough to watch Seahawks Football!!!

  8. DC

    RW not just MVP, but Hall of Famer. DK is killing it, and still has so much room to grow. Hate they didn’t run Carson more and Lockett was mostly invisible 2 weeks in a row.

    Defense makes me want to puke.

    Dickson + Amadi = downed inside the 5, which the D needs it every time

    • DC

      Stick your finger down your throat!

    • GoHawksDani

      To me it didn’t feel like Russ played even a decent game (compared to his standards).
      He missed some reads, took some unnecessary sacks, and overthrow guys sometime and that INT was ugly (he could’ve/shoudl’ve seen that Carson was pushed out of bounds and the LB is in prime position to go for the ball).
      Maybe it was also the playcall AND he did have some amazing plays too, but just 3 solid drives doesn’t cut it if you wanna be MVP.
      And Vikings defense isn’t even that good

      • Hawkdawg

        Russ won, and produced under pressure to win the game for his team. That’s MVP stuff. That last drive keeps him squarely in the lead.

  9. pdway

    pulling out wins when the whole team feels off their game – it’s a good sign….NFC is wide open this year.

    so that’s 5-0, and we get a bye and our best defensive player back. it ain’t always pretty.

    • Mark Dickinson

      I don’t know the Rams look pretty tough and no longer in a super bowl slump. We will have to see how we do against the bills.

      • Steve Nelsen

        The Rams would look real good…if they played in the NFC East. We will see if they are in fact good in the next month.

  10. pdway

    I also think DK is now our WR1. what a monster.

  11. dream22

    Instant reactions can’t be wrote until after the final whistle with a Pete Carroll team, you never know how it is going to end 🙂

    • dream22

      Anyone else think DK’s catch on first down for a TD should have been reviewed?

      • pdway

        totally . . .he was out of bounds by the time he fumbled. at least review it.

        shades of the Hollister PI in the last game of the year last year, that somehow wasn’t review-worthy.

      • Tallyhawk

        Yes. One of the most illogical things to me. If a runner sticks the ball over and it gets knocked away it’s still a TD. Two feet and possession in the end zone should end the play right there. TD

        • Donald

          DK’s catch was not a “completed” catch. Every catch must consist of having control of the ball through all phases from securing it with no visible spin or movement (check), both feet inbounds (check), making a “football move” of 2 steps, or control immediately after the tackle (Fail). The ball got knocked out of his hands without enough time elapsed to make a football move or maintain possession after the tackle.

          Good call. Look at it like this: if this was a Vikings receiver would you feel the same way?

        • Donald

          One other thing. What you are describing is when a RB or QB has the ball and leaps over the endzone line and gets shoved back. Yes, that is a TD. They already have control and possession established before they crossed the line. If DK caught the ball outside the endzone line, ran two steps and reached the ball over the plane of the endzone, that would be a TD, even though his feet doesn’t have to cross the line.

          • Tallyhawk

            I understand how the rules of a catch work. It makes no sense though. It’s not logical when it comes to the end zone (or anywhere for that matter). Once the ball crosses the plane of the goal line it’s play over. When it comes to a catch there all that should have to happen is possession and 2 feet down, that’s a catch it’s in the end zone play over TD. There should be no football move or falling down to complete the catch. It makes no sense at all, but that’s the NFL and what a catch is or isn’t.

        • Mike

          Anyone else notice at about 5:30 left in the game that the clock kept running even when they ran out of bounds? Seems like a rookie mistake.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I totally agree. What was the rush that they couldn’t review what was a split decision in reffing.

  12. Hawks_Gui

    Rob, i think the best description for the open thread would be: i need 5 minutes to breathe
    GO HAWKS 5×0 baby

  13. charlietheunicorn

    Sadly, get to wait 2 weeks to see the team again. Need the A game however, Rams and Cardinals are heating up in the division. “C” game offense won’t cut it. “A” game at finishing however.

    • pdway

      I think the Cards are dangerous, but a step below – Murray is scary, but still throws picks; and they now are without Chandler Jones.

      The Rams on the other hand – are rolling – and I shudder to think about how many points/yards they’re going to put up on our D. One game at a time though …

    • cha

      Speaking totally for myself, I’m glad we get a break next week.

      I need a week to do some cardio and lower my blood pressure.

  14. Pete Carroll

    Yeahhh Baby!

  15. jopa726

    I am proud to be a grown man who owns one football jersey. That jersey is #3 Wilson.

    • charlietheunicorn

      I own a Chancellor jersey. Only one with a name on it.

      You need to wear that jersey out more (#3) because RW is fire.

  16. drrew76

    Defense is getting their asses kicked in every game, but it’s worth pointing out that in three games now (NE, DAL, MN) when it came down to one play, they stepped up and made a play when it mattered most.

    Cody Barton doesn’t seem like an NFL player, but fuck me if he didn’t stone wall that lead blocker. I didn’t think he had it in him.

    • Pran

      May be needs a lot of confidence and strength.. till then, game tape is out there and every play will come at him and Trey

      • Jeffm108

        14 tackles. That’s on tape too. He took giant strides tonight.

        • Mike

          Yeah i saw him improving this game and making some good plays. I hardly think the jury is out on him. Let the guy grow from playing experience. he’s trending upwards right now.

        • Rob Staton

          Giant strides?!?!?!

          I am happy to praise Barton for playing his part in that titanic fourth down stop at the end.

          But come on.

          • Morgan

            I thought his best play was slicing between the lead blockers to nail the runner on an early screen pass. Very KJ, at least for one play.

    • Denver Hawker

      He was slow to shed a couple blocks and saw a couple more bad angles, but I thought he had a great game overall.

      • Hughz

        What game are you watching, he is way too slow to see the play develop. Feet are stuck in mud.

        • off.grid.iron

          I was watching the same game. Barton showed up a number of times. Maybe he’ll turn a corner. Maybe not. But tonight, there was hope!

    • Tallyhawk

      That same D also gave the O two very short fields when it wasn’t playing its best. Also gave them a shot on a very short 4th and 1. It’s not a good D but they deserve some credit. They’ve made some plays when they’ve needed to.

    • Jeffm108

      He was around the ball all day. Played in coverage as well. 14 tackles. He is an NFL player. Young player and the team is giving him a chance due to injuries. We will see if he improves.

  17. Pran

    This is one of the worst offensive game.. as much as they fought for the last TD, defense and special teams spotted 21 points to be able to do that. Defense is trash as usual but at least made it look like a ugly fight.

  18. dcd2

    I feel like someone needs to make a GIF/meme of Jeff Goldblum’s Jurassic Park Character:

    ‘Russ finds a way’

    DK with that 4th down catch and then another 4th and goal… What a game.

    So great, and so painful. In the end, we’re 5-0. RW looks like an MVP (*knocks wood) and the bye week is here.

  19. Justaguy

    Russ in the rain makes those poor Vikings cry all the way home

  20. Jordan E

    Damn!! I legit got chest pain watching this.

    Always gotta have faith and believe we can win. When theres Russ theres always a chance. And D.K. is legit. Hes really about to become an all pro. Onpy 22 years old!!

  21. Trevor

    I would love to see the Vikings win percentage odds when the Vikes were 4th and 1 at the 6yd line with under 2 min left.

    Then the most unlikely of 4th down stops and a sick final drive with Russ and DK.

    Say what you like Pete and Russ have these guys believing they always have a shot,

    • charlietheunicorn


    • JLemere

      according to nbc sports, 94% chance of winning on 4th and 1. If they converted 4th down, it would have been 100%. If they took the field goal, it would stay at 94%. When they failed to convert, it dropped to 79%

      • Trevor

        That’s crazy. Wonder if the odds take into account who we have at QB?

  22. Volume12

    Yes, this defense is bad. But the games are like this because Pete Carroll teams play good football. They’re never out of any game.

    The potential DK has is scary to even think about.

  23. SeahawkGenX

    Seahawk Game plan didn’t immediately exploit Vikings weakness vs Vikings had a great game plan. Vikings showed everyone where the Seahawk defense needs overhauling. KJ is the best SAM in the Carroll Era that’s a positive development, setting aside HOF RW, Carson is really developing into something special & the OL is solid which I’m sure all of us are great full for. Looks like most teams will have to reconstruct contracts next year the good news is Seattle has players they want to keep that could use back loaded extensions. 2021 will be RW chance to really help Seattle out so we’ll see how bad RW wants to win.

  24. Mark

    Dear Seahawks, please have a care for poor Rob’s heart. The man has a family to provide for. Thanks.

    • Lewis

      Don’t tell him the first question to PC was Sean Michael Dugar asking about DK’s mental makeup

  25. spartacus

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen a better interception than KJ’s. Unreal

  26. jopa726

    How about that point differential? Lol 😆
    The Seahawks went 0-7 on Third Downs in this game. It seemed like the Vikings had the ball for 3 quarters of the game. The Vikings ran for more than 200 yards on the Hawks. How did the Seahawks win? Turnovers+4 down stop+DK+Russell Wilson = Win

  27. Tony

    I mean, at this point who isnt surprised at these games. This is what they always do.

    Im more interested if they continue this allowing of 500yds of offense as part of there new style of winning. Atleast they are getting some big plays on defense to counter some of it.

  28. Isaac

    Anyone interested in a Dan Quinn reunion? Ken Norton has been terrible since he came back. It’s time to stop the bleeding.

    • Lewis

      Not unless he’s going to get on the field and rush the passer.

    • BobbyK

      Norton is not the problem. He”d be a lot “smarter” if the Seahawks somehow traded for someone like Joey Bosa tomorrow.

    • Steve Nelsen

      I would like to see Dan Quinn come back as a defensive line assistant. He was great at helping player development early in his career. He knows the Carroll system and it would be good for him to have something positive happen.

    • James

      Come on man…if you think you can manufacture more pass rush with this front four…lack of talent, lack of depth due to injury. Not to mention getting no help from the offense for most the game.

  29. charlietheunicorn

    Moore and Bullard got some pressures I noticed….. which was welcome to see.

  30. charlietheunicorn

    Should have went to the 2 TE offense sooner, my only beef. Once they started getting Dissly in the passing offense….. TD!

  31. Hoggs41

    You just cant make this shit up. Just when you think youve seen every way to win you get this game. What a stat NBC threw up where that we have given up 25 points in 10 straight home ganes for an NFL record. Barton had 14 tackles today which was solid. I wonder when/ if we start talking about resigning KJ again as he keeps balling. Reminds me of Thomas Davis a little. Shout out to Travis Homer for making a unbelievable block on that longer 4th down. I dont know how us Seahawks fans keep surviving these games. 5-0 with a bye. Now we need a trade.

  32. cha

    Post game Press Conf w PC

    “I have a major regret that the 12s weren’t’ here to see this one. Speaking to fans, hope you had a ball at home. Hope you believe like our guys believe. Hard, tough, poor first half. Second half the avalanche just hit. Unfortunately they did a nice job, got back into it. 95 yards at the end of the game, didn’t matter. Give RW 4 downs and he’ll find a way. Not playing the way we want to play on D the whole game, but making plays when we have to. Character, getting stops. Undefeated at bye, get stronger.”

    [michael shawn] DK mental makeup? “Hard work, committment to getting right. Totally believes in himself. Building up a resovoir of reasons why he can be great. Great partner in RW. Keep getting better.”

    [art thiel] Final TO dialogue between you & RW and Schott? “Final drive so poised. Talked through instance as it happened. Measured what we’re doing, we’ve been through this. Thought we scored in 3rd down, have to try it on 4th, more dramatic.”

    [john boyle] RW is awesome in 4th? “34 fourth Q comebacks. So much character, that much poise, function like that. Don’t know how anybody could be better.”

    [curtis crab} Run D 200+ yards tonight? “Didn’t play as cleanly as we wanted to. Running plays they do, but we got blocked. Tonight we had some problems, some issues.”

    [larry stone] Belief come from late success or grow upon itself? “No. One element of all complexities getting to why guys trust each other and able to answer the call in those situations. Moving parts and lots of functioning aspects. Need shared clarity. Took it back to camp, stopped practice and said ‘we’re going to refocus’ and get the guys not to overtry. Need to be patient. Mentality it takes is a discipline that takes a long time to develop. Build on success.”

    [gregg bell] Empowering the D knowing RW comeback, make a stop they can come back? “Answers last question. Feed off and support one another. Deep seated belief they can get it done. You watched them move down the field on us, why would you think we could stop them? They did. Just getting started, great start, so much to do.”
    [gregg] Mayowa play? “Continues to make things happen in special way. 2 plays last week. Again tonight, finds a way. Great job, happy to be back here with us. Mainstay so far.”

    [jackie] 1:53 in 3rd Qtr two TDs and Turnovers? “Thrilling, reminiscent of games in past. Avalanche surge hits. Just what we needed. All of the sudden we’re cooking. KJ missed a couple last week, to do a full Spiderman, so classy. Had another big night.”
    [jackie] Said at halftime? “Set stage coming back. Minds together. Patience needs to be there. Can’t score 13 pts on first drive. Once it starts happening I want them to know it can happen so feels success building.”

    [bob condotta] First half offense? “2 big sacks, 3 long third downs. Out of luck on those drives. Didn’t get a chance. Not doing well on defense, letting them hold the ball so long. Don’t get impatient. Let it go, start over in 2nd half.”

    [brady henderson] Like games down to wire why? “So much frickin fun! Way more than that. I like to feel the way I did in the 4th Qtr. Chill, expectations to rise and win. Making memories. Experience guys have, fortifies why they believe. Why they should keep hanging on and outlast the other guys. developing a discipline based on the process of mentality of a successful team.”

    • Ryan Purcell

      Thanks so much for these recaps!

      • Steve Nelsen

        Thank you cha!

        • timon


  33. Denver Hawker

    The tone of this piece is perfect Rob.

    My quick takeaways:
    – DK is now officially a star in the league
    – KJ is having a fantastic season, game ball goes to him tonight
    – Dickson is a pro bowler thus far, nice turnaround for him this year
    – Barton made up for early mistakes and had a great game overall
    – Ugo showing up each week, like his progression
    – Going to have find a way to keep Neal on the field when Adams comes back

    – Griffen made some plays but he got owned by Thielen. Griffen is a #2 corner. Hawks need a solution at #1 and Dunbar can’t stay on the field enough to prove he’s the guy either. This is a top 3 offseason issue.
    – Dline needs help (understatement of the year), not enough rotation, just tired looking.
    – First game this year that I thought Shotty playcalling stunk, forced too much downfield when Vikes we’re taking it away.
    – Shell was not good again, Simmons got abused also in pass pro

    • Big Mike

      Agree about Schotty and Shell tho really the whole o-line wasn’t great. Easily their poorest game of the season.

    • BobbyK

      Don’t get me wrong, Shell isn’t very good. But my eyes tell me I’m so much happier with him over Ifedi (regardless of “grades”).

      • Big Mike

        My eyes tell me the same thing

      • Denver Hawker

        I’d like Shell more if he was being paid what Ifedi is making. Admittedly RT is a thankless job in the NFL, but he’s getting blown off his spot regularly. I need to watch more tape, but something is not right in pass pro on the right side. Could simply be needing time to better communicate on chips or how they get into their sets.

        • Mike

          Missing iupati had an impact. Saw one sack where both pocic and simmons just handed of the rusher to each other. Guy basically went through untouched.

      • pdway

        same. not saying he’s a pro bowler – but he’s a signficiant step up – more athletic than Ifedi ever was – and pass plays aren’t getting blown up from the outset nearly as often this year.

  34. charlietheunicorn

    Time of possession ass kicking

    39:28 20:32

  35. Malc from PO

    I have a theory. Our defense is so monumentally bad, we force teams to be one-dimensional based on their preference for rushing or passing, because whichever they want to do works. Eventually our defence figures it out enough, and our opponents are so exhausted from catching passes or breaking off 10+ yard runs, that we make a vital stop.

    • BobbyK

      Hahaha!!! That’s funny!!! And awesome!!! And perhaps partly accurate!!! Hahaha!!!

    • Big Mike


    • cha

    • Lewis

      Look at the bright side: maybe we can dispel the notion that the run defense is top tier.

      • clbradley17

        Snacks will be a big help, he was graded in the 90s for his run D 5 of the 6 years before this last subpar year with the Lions.

  36. BobbyK

    The trash defense (not that Wagz, Wright, or Reed are ‘trash’) seems to make plays when they need. I don’t know how because they are down right embarrassing for a lot of games they play.

    Tonight it didn’t even matter our punter pinned them at their goal line several times. It only gave the Vikings more time to march the length of the field with relative ease.

    This defense does have heart though. They don’t give up. They may not be good, but they’re trying. The famous Babe Ruth quote is, “It’s hard to beat a person who doesn’t give up.” It’s kind of like Rocky vs. Apollo Creed in Rocky I and Rocky II (get your ass kicked most of the time and yet somehow remain the last one standing). There’s something to be said for that. At least they are getting an injection of Jamal Adams in a few weeks (not that they were dominant when he did play).

    Schneider needs to work some magic the way he did with Diggs last year. They need an edge somehow. Even if it’s situationally. I actually think the interior DL is better than I have given them credit for (that’s not saying much) but perhaps an 0-5 Falcons team would like to trade Grady Jarrett for a 2nd round pick? I know he’s not an edge, but he’s good. In all honesty, if I’m Arthur Blank – I’d be up for the trade because my season is over and Matt Ryan is getting old. I’d do what I could do for Trevor Lawrence (and you could still get something pretty decent via trade for Matt Ryan next off-season… don’t think the 49ers wouldn’t want to reunite him with Shanahan).

    But, man, what a rush… and what about the maturation of DK? To think he was the last pick of the second round. I wonder how many owners are questioning why their team didn’t draft DK prior to pick 64? And even Pete and John for taking Collier and Blair before him? DK is unbelievable!

    5-0! I’m going to smile thinking about that going to bed soon… may the pass rush help come in the next 3 weeks prior to the trading deadline.

    • Big Mike

      Yeah I do think with a stud pass rusher (even Collinsworth mentioned that we don’t have that “one guy”) and a healthy Adams for the rest of the year (please God!) the D has a chance to be middle of the road. How awesome would that feel after 5 games of this shitshow?

    • SeahawkGenX

      It’s a good Defense with glaring holes! The combination of lacking a shut down CB & a Frank Clark is killing us. If we had 1 of the 2 things would be half as bad which in 2020 is definitely good enough to win the SuperBowl, possibly go undefeated. Snacks will definitely help the DT rotation it could end being the best in the Carroll era “could” being the magic word. Currently our NT’s are not consistently taking the double team. It certainly looks like this is a down year around the league for defensive performance so whoever wins the Super Bowl is going to do it with an average D. COVID-19 has been a blessing for the Seahawks & were so lucky Brady decided to leave NE. In a way winning while your weaknesses are consistently being exploited can be a good thing this way we can’t get away with covering crap up & developing a delusional mind set in the future.

      • Rob Staton

        “It’s a good Defense with glaring holes!”

        It’s a terrible defense that, thankfully, has a knack for making vital stops and creating turnovers.

  37. Gohawks5151

    In January when the seeding is done this will still be a win and that’s all that matters FOR NOW. With teams all taking their turn having down weeks and stubbing their toe (San Fran, KC), we found a way to win. One timely stop and an MVP drive. The warts are still their but they fought like crazy. Can’t question their heart. Neal, Simmons, Bullard and even Barton made plays in relief. Mainstays like KJ, Bobby, Reed and Russ kept the wheels on. The much debated Mayowa did his best Avril impression. DK may have leveled up.

    The bye will help see the return of some real talent and give these guys a break. Maybe a deal will be had as well. They will hopefully have time to review what works best for the defense. I’m thinking Brooks and Jamal on early downs, and Neal in for Brooks on passing downs with Jamal dropping down close to line. Also review the offense that has stalled too many times.

    Every year, all Seahawks fans knew that the team builds in September and October in order to peak in December and January. This hasn’t happened lately but they deserve the chance to figure it out. The off-season was hard to watch especially since many of us were home all the time. But we are in the foxhole with these guys now so we are just going to have to hang on for the ride.

    • SeahawkGenX

      Clay Mathews should be a priority! Shaquem didn’t get it done today, Mathews would have gotten a sack today. More than anything I think what we realistically need to do is root for other team’s WR’s to go down. Looks like things are a little messy in the Saints organization with their #1 WR so if Devante Adams gets hurt we could be sitting in a real good spot.

  38. Noah Parker

    I’ve seen a lot of people giving Barton praise but I would say that he ABSOLUTELY DID NOT pass my eye test.

    • Rob Staton

      He played a big part in the fourth down stop at the end (which was huge).

      But generally I thought he looked absolutely rubbish.

      • Noah Parker

        Do you bench him? Kendrycks? Shaquem?

        • Rob Staton

          Well hopefully Brooks comes back but if not, I would consider Kendricks.

          • SeahawkGenX

            I think we should bring Kendricks onboard ASAP depending on a rookie & praying KJ doesn’t get hurt is not worth it. If we sign both Kendricks & Mathews it could be enough to slow offensives down so we can out score them.

        • Noah Parker

          Congrats to the lucky ball! HUGE win for the lucky ball!

          • Rob Staton

            Big night for old orange ball.

    • SgtPeppy

      Pretty sure Barton got that last stop by accident. He sure has a knack for running straight into a blocker :-p

      • Mike

        He had those reps. He also knifed between 2 blockers for a nice open field tackle with the perfect pursuit angle. Yes, i just complimented his pursuit angle, for once. Im not saying he was flawless, but he had good reps this week mixed in with some ugly ones.

    • SeahawkGenX

      I’m miffed too about Cody. I expected him to be stronger & more stout at the point of attack. Boy are we lucky to have Brooks or we would be completely screwed right now. It would be wise to add Kendricks ASAP.

  39. Rob Staton

    Will note that although I take no satisfaction saying this (because I want the Seahawks to be great more than I want to be right) but today emphatically proved the ‘run game is amazing’ thing was a total mirage.

    Teams didn’t need to run because they were throwing for over 400 yards a game on Seattle’s D.

    Teams were running their RB’s 10-15 times a game.

    Tonight Minnesota committed to the run, ran it 37 times with their top-two RB’s, even managed losing their stud for a half, and still got to 200 rushing yards.

    Snacks — get in shape pronto big fella.

    • SeahawkGenX

      Teams made huge mistakes by not running against Seattle that’s why we’re 5-0 & MN made a huge mistake trying to run on Seattle’s short yardage run defense. I will say I’m enjoying our goal line defense at least we’re good at that. Setting aside RW our Special Teams is really something to admire this year they make it look so easy.

    • Steve Nelsen

      Yes. How many times did you hear Poona Ford or Brian Mone’s name being called with all those run plays against them? Very disappointing. I thought it made sense for Minnesota to try to win with ball control and running the football rather than trying to beat RW in a shootout. And I expected this game to be their biggest test of the season for run defense. But, I thought they would do much better than they did.

      • SeahawkGenX

        I love both Mone & Ford but we’re asking too much from both of them. Mone is not consistent enough yet & Poona is more of a penetrator. We are so lucky Snacks wants to play for us adding him will allow us to use our DT’s in ways that focus on their strengths.

    • Troy

      You mean to tell me giving up 200 yards at a clip of 5 yards a carry isn’t a stout #1 run defense?

      Adams and Snacks, you are our only hope. (also please trade for a pass rusher from the cap strapped eagles/saints/falcons(

      • SeahawkGenX

        I doubt they make a trade they need that 2nd round pick for a CB,TE,LG,DT,DE,RT,FS, & they have to figure out LT’s future next year.

    • Hughz

      I can only hope that adding snacks, Adams and brooks will clean things up again. They literally picked on Barton at the end of the game. They all looked where 57 was lined up and ran it at him.

      • Rob Staton

        They certainly need less Cody Barton and a better EDGE rush to improve IMO.

        There’s no speed off the edge. Nobody threatening to win 1v1.

    • Jawbreaker

      This one game proves the run D narrative was a mirage. The inverse being that the pass D only allowed 248 yards and forced the QB into 3 turnovers….

      • Rob Staton

        But that’s the point Jawbreaker.

        The pass D didn’t ‘only allow 248 yards’. What happened is the overall defense gave up its usual 450-500 yards and the Vikings simply transferred a big 200 yard chunk to the running game.

        Next week it might be back to a 400-50 split.

        Either way, the unit isn’t good at defending anything.

  40. GerryG

    Totally agree about the seeding. This team has major defense issues, but for now they are doing what we have all been clamoring for them to do: win the division. Tons of work to do there still, but 5-0, regardless of the warts is the first step in doing that.

  41. Pran

    200 yards by Run D, qt least it gave a break to pass D with <300 yards

  42. Troy D

    Who are some pass rushers we could conceivably get before the deadline? Were 5-0 and the last 3rd of games all look winnable meaning even a .500 run here in the middle and we are likely looking at 12-4 or better. Surely since we already went go all in if you can? So who could we possibly get that makes sense (I know, we should have never gotten to this point with the pass rush)?

    Also, we have do business being even close in this game. 0 3rd down conversions…countless 10+ play drives against… I mean man thats nuts and tells you that as is we are close. That is why I feel if we can…we gotta make a move for a pass rusher. If we were 3-2 or something I would probably say lets just play it out. We’re not though.

    • Jujus

      Check out the eagles roster and the Falcons roster imo

      • charlietheunicorn

        Vikings as well

  43. Rob Staton

    Podcast now live — at the top of the article.

    Please check it out.

  44. charlietheunicorn

    Cha that is a good idea…

    lets call the 2020 Seahawks defense the “rope-a-Dope” defense.

    • cha

      • charlietheunicorn

        He did win the Championship 😉

  45. SeahawkGenX

    The biggest threat to Seattle’s future Super Bowls was Jimmy G in SF, after today we can be definitely sure he’s not the guy in SF. Jared Geoff is a choker so all we need to do is hope the guy in AZ never develops.

    • Big Mike

      If the D is as bad as last night, Goff will never have to throw a pass against the Hawks. The Rams will run for 400 and score in the 30s.

  46. Brian

    Hey Rob,
    Thank you for taking the time to write these instant reaction posts, Rob. It’s nice to have some instant gratification with regard to game analysis immediately afterward, win or loss. Much appreciated!

    • Rob Staton

      My pleasure. Thanks for reading.

  47. steele

    In this, the strangest year and strangest NFL season there will ever be, why not believe in these crazy deeply flawed but heart attack exciting Seahawks? Hell, to win it all. It could happen, folks. Look at the “great” Chiefs losing to the mediocre Raiders, the “great” 49ers getting flattened by the horrible Dolphins, etc.

    If the SB were held today, is there really any team better than the Seahawks even in this state? Look around. Think about it.


    • Big Mike

      Dolphins are not horrible. Not playoff caliber yet but making excellent progress under Flores.

  48. Darnell

    Mayowa looking really really good the past two weeks

    • Rob Staton

      “Really good” is a stretch.

      But it is true that he’s made some plays and contributed in a way he didn’t really in weeks 1-3.

      • Spencer

        Interested in his PFF scores this week. Saw some more push from him for sure.

      • GerryG

        He made some really solid plays last night. Helped to have some push up the middle, their OL is not good.

        It’s not his fault he is a one man show. The guy has the same, or less support than Clowney had last year, with half the physical talent.

        • Rob Staton

          Sure — I haven’t argued to the contrary.

  49. SeahawkGenX

    I’m watching Pete’s press conference, I’m happy we won, but watching Pete whose as happy as can be saying he wishes fans could have been there etc…. I really want to tell Pete “you were a 7 point favorite & didn’t cover the spread, my brain told me to bet on the Vikings but my loyalty to the Seahawks wouldn’t allow it” Pete needs understand “cover the dam spread”!

    • Darnell

      You should be sitting pretty though if you bet the Seahawks the previous 4 weeks though 🙂 As I believed that they covered all 4

      • SeahawkGenX

        I am but those were smart bets laying 7 at home against the Vikings was stupid!!!

  50. Nathan W.

    Another unicorn that I saw tonight: did Pete Carroll win a challenge?!

    • Uncle Bob

      And he managed the final time out respectably.

  51. matty

    the best teams can win ugly

    * 5-0 * W-5 L-0 *

    all of the floors need to be considered with this team, but this TEAM is 5-0 (starting to think big)

    keep it rolling

    • Henry Taylor

      Tbf the best teams can also win pretty,which we cant seem to do atm.

  52. GoHawksDani

    This was an awful game in my opinion. Highlighted how flawed this team is. But 5-0 is 5-0 so at least that’s good.

    – KJ…what the… man? Is it switching to SAM? He’s playing really-really well. Kudos to him, probably best defender in last 2 games
    – Reed in first half (nice TFLs and push)
    – DK had some good catches and game winner
    – Dissly finally showed up nice with a TD
    – Carson on his long TD run breaking tackles, protecting the ball (defender went for it)
    – Griffin playing pretty nice lately
    – Neal didn’t have big flashes and players broke some of his tackles but I still think he was OK and had some nice plays
    – Barton was not awful, even had 1-2 good plays

    – Offensive playcall (why? why only long throws so Russ gets sacked… Why run up the middle around midfield or opponent’s 40 for like 3&26. Why not throw a 10-14 yards pass and figure out if they wanna go for it or try a longer FG, etc)
    – Defensive playcall (3 men rush is just rubbish as SEA secondary can’t cover)
    – Flowers (just bench him and play anyone instead of him)
    – Russ was all over the place not making good reads bad INT, missing Lockett in the endzone for 3&10 and the end, holding the ball too long
    – Lockett was non-existent in this game…did he and Russ broke up or wth?
    – Inability to do anything for the entire first half (and basically 50-55 minutes in the game), too slow to make adjustments
    – Reed got lost after strong start
    – Bobby Wagner feels like a weakness in the defense lately (which is weird to write down…but he takes bad angles, get blocked out of the play constantly, not as sharp as a tackler)
    – passrush was weak again

    This game was one by Zimmer and that Cook got hurt. Probably the worst decision to go for it on 4th down for Zimmer and while other RBs run well too but Cook is a different kind of player.

    This team needs heavy infusion of talent on the D# OR Russ needs to play amazing (73%+, 4-5TD, 0 INT) every week. This D cannot mask offensive mishaps. They need one or two good passrushers and maybe even a CB

    • DC

      Griffin had 1 pbu, other than that Thielen abused him. He was good last week but he has not been good this year at all.

  53. GoHawksDani

    I criticised KJ a ton. Wanted him to be traded or maybe even cut. He seemed slow, awful in coverage, really not agile…but he seems really good lately. Not sure if it’s switching positions or what, but maybe he should be extended instead. 3 years 8m APY 10m GTD? He has now 10m CAP hit.
    3-8-13 (GTD: 3-5-2). It would be a +2 years with an easy out after next year. It could gave us +7m CAP relief which could move towards a DE. And for him a solid extension and maybe a chance to finish his career in SEA. Financially he previously signed a 2 years 7m API, 6,5m GTD deal so it would be a minor bump for him but still a better deal AND if he hits FA because the CAP will be lower he wouldn’t really get a better deal elsewhere. Feels like a win-win situation

    • Wade

      I’d love this. If you’re JS/PC you’ve got to restructure as much as you possibly can this winter to lower cap hits for next year. Russ is in his prime now, and deals for vets are going to be great this coming offseason. I think (hope) we’re going to see a team full of backloaded veteran contracts this coming offseason, especially on defense. I’d like to see similar deal reworks for Russ, Bobby, and Adams too if they’re interested.

      Then again, we’ve never seen this front office dig themselves into future cap hell before. But I believe the time is right now, and would love to go all-in for another chip over the next couple years.

  54. millhouse-serbia

    Wasnt that faul on Wilson interception? I realise he was out of pocket, but still… I think you cant push and pull recievers when QB is out of pocket… Maybe referies judge it as run play for Wilson?

    • Wade

      Couldn’t figure that out either. Did he think he saw a PI opportunity? Weird to force a pass to someone who wasn’t just not open but had clearly given up on the play he was so far from being open.

  55. Chris

    More evidence for the “Cody Barton is not very good” thesis

    Maybe Ugo would have got run over as well, but he has been pretty good at setting the edge since coming in.

  56. Trevor

    I thought Ngakoue looked good last night. Maybe he will be an option this off season if the Vikings don’t have the cap space.

    Also something that never gets mentioned but I think should next off season. Bobby Wagner’s cap hit is over $17 mil next year. The way he is playing right now that looks like an awful lot of money for an aging MLB who’s play is certainly not on the upswing. I think the cap savings is about $10 mil and you have to wonder after spending a 1st round pick on Brooks if that $ would not be better spent on the DL. Then they could add a guy like Micheal Kendricks pretty cheap as well.

    • Big Mike

      I’ve felt all along that Brooks was drafted as Bobby’s replacement. Whether that’s next year or the year after I do believe it’s going to happen.

      • JimQ

        What if the answer to the EDGE/DL problem, without many draft picks for trade negotiations, is to trade Wagner for a player(s) and a 1-st round pick and change? So, perhaps a trade could be structured that would net a decent EDGE/DL guy(s) and some extra draft picks? I’d sure hate to see BW go, but what other major assets does the team have to trade & fix their problem areas? “The NFL is a business” is the common excuse to trade a player that is on the back end of their careers. Without a 1-st and 3-rd in the coming draft a trade may be the only way to turn things around on the defense.

        • Rob Staton

          Nobody is offering a R1 for Bobby Wagner.

          And I’m telling you now — Bobby might not be playing as well as his contract demands. Take him off the field though and you will notice the difference.

    • AlaskaHawk

      It’s hard to criticize a linebacker pick when they do need help, and it is one of the most critical positions. But could they find a player that doesn’t get injured? That’s 3 for 3 in top draft pick injuries. Jeez.

      The way Wagner is playing, maybe he has a hidden groin injury? There is probably something we don’t know.

      • Rob Staton

        I thought the Brooks pick was weird at the time and still do.

        A WILL of the future was a total waste of resources. Especially with KJ Wright playing as well as he is. I mean let’s be right here — how the heck do you move on from him after this season?? He’s arguably their best performer on defense.

        So what does that mean? Your top pick in 2020 was a backup linebacker??

        Terrible plan.

        • Hoggs41

          You just cant move on from him at this point. He is playing to good. Maybe just have to keep playing him at SAM I guess to keep him fresh. Hopefully Brooks comes in after the bye and shows something.

  57. Trevor

    All these crazy wins will only help the team build confidence that they can win no matter the situation. To Pete and Russ’s credit that is the culture they have built in Seattle. If they can actually fix the D by adding Snacks, Adams, Blair and some other as well adding even one guy on the Edge who can provide some speed and win a 1v1 matchup then this team has a legit shot in a year when no team seems to really be a juggernaut.

    • Big Mike

      Blair out for the season

  58. Big Mike

    Rob said on the podcast:
    “… helps you feel alive but at the same time ages you.”
    God if that isn’t the truth! The perfect description.

  59. Hoggs41

    Another stat that we had no business winning this game. Pete’s formula of 50 (rush attempts + completions). We had over 50 in the first 4 games. In this game it was only 36. Somehow they just find a way. We can criticize all day about certain things but being battle tested isnt one of them.

  60. Rob Staton

    Does anyone have the PFF grades for last night via the usual link?

    • millhouse-serbia

      It was night game so probably it Will be later today.

      • Rob Staton

        As soon as anyone spots it, send over the link.

  61. Kingdome1976

    An incredibly frustrating game. We really could have used Adams in that game but what a finish. If we use most of next years available cap on defense I think we are SB contenders.

    • Rob Staton

      They’ll need to use next years available cap — which isn’t much — retaining or replacing out of contract players unfortunately.

  62. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    lmao. Let Dalvin Cook …..Cook…..🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Simo

      Yep, prior to his injury Dalvin “Cookie” Cook was really cooking!! Collinsworth is a tool!

      • Big Mike

        I usually like Collinsworth but he was flat out shit last night. Stating as fact that the loss of Cook energized the Seahawks was utter rubbish. Turnovers energized the Hawks. Once those stopped it went back to the same 97 yd drive stuff.

        • GerryG


          He is usually a bit more spot on about the performances of players too. He was gushing about Griffin, who did play well last week, and last night, but who was awful the previous two weeks. I thought that was a bit strange. He made it sound like he’s been a pro bowler all year, which is far from the case.

  63. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    5-0 is awesome. Hope our front office makes some moves cause that’s gonna make or break our season. Unless we improve our talent on defense. Minnesota showed last night we have no business hanging with Green Bay or LA Rams.

  64. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Another point I dont want to make but 18 million a year for middle linebacker seems alot. I love Bwags definitely is the heart and soul of our defense but I see a tough choice next year. I hope I’m wrong and addition of snacks helps Bwags play. But I gotta admit he been a little not as dominant. Just saying.

    • Rob Staton

      They are not going to move Bobby Wagner.

      I agree with you that the contract is a nonsense. But ultimately they’re stuck with it.

  65. Steve Nelsen

    I have to be honest. The poor play by Seattle during the first half of last night’s game was my fault. You see I had just received my new Let Russ Cook t-shirt in the mail and I joyfully wore it even though I absolutely KNOW you never wear new Seahawks merchandise on game day. My bad. When I realized what I had done, I changed shirts during halftime into the same plain old non-branded t-shirt that I wore week 1 and have been wearing every other game since.

    Was I the only one who made a change at halftime? This is a safe place to share.

    • Big Mike

      Nope I stayed with the T I’ve been wearing the whole season. It doesn’t lose its mojp until we lose a game when I have it on.

  66. Hoggs41

    I still feel like we need to get Carson more involved. Right now we are passing about 65% of the time. If we could get that closer to 55% and even out the time of possession maybe we could keep the defense off the field an extra drive and lower some of these numbers. Right now we are winning games on average 34-27. If we could get this down to 30-23 I think it would help us in the long run.

    • Big Mike

      Agree completely

    • AlaskaHawk

      With how thin the running back squad is? When Carson goes down they put Homer in.

      I was glad to see this offense open up with more passes this season – just like a modern offense. Save the running for when it is needed. When Wilson’s performance spirals downward, then they need to crank up a strong running game.

      However it isn’t just about having running backs – the line has to block for them. I don’t think that it can be assumed this line will block adequately.

      I like the pass offense, and it has won them 5 games. But I would also like the team to be competent enough to run the ball as needed. Most especially on third and ones.

      • Hoggs41

        I still think Dallas should be getting these carries and not Homer. Homer did have an excellent block on that last long 4th down play if you watch carefully. Dallas though could probably make that same block plus give you a little more in the running game.

        • Rob Staton

          The Seahawks seem to be rewarding Travis Homer for his special teams and pass pro with carries — and yet every time he runs the ball it seems to be a negative.

          • Wade

            This is what I’m seeing, too. He’s by far the best pass protection RB on the roster. Carson is often a turnstile. I’m guessing Dallas would be even worse.

            My best guess about his occasional carry is that they feel like they need to run him a couple times a game so they’re not tipping their hand that they’re passing when they have him in the game. Can’t have a backup RB who can only block–or you should just go with a TE.

            • Hoggs41

              DeeJay Dallas strongest skill coming into the league was his pass blocking. He would also give more upside at running or catching the ball in my opinion. I think its only a matter of time before Homer’s reps becomes his. Who knows thought what will happen.

  67. cha

    Grading my watch points

    Offense: Prove you are ready to ascend to new levels.

    Grade: C-

    Atrocious first half. Whatever game plan there was couldn’t even get off the ground. No throws to the TEs in the first half. Safeties supporting the weak CBs deep, there were plenty of options in the middle.

    And RW, let’s break the streak of a “wonky INT per game” you have going vs Minnesota.
    Critical mission failure. What were you thinking on that throw Russ? If Carson wasn’t OOB when you let the ball go, he was on his way out.

    3rd & 22 from the Minnesota 42. You need 9 yards for a 50 yard FG try. That’s not too big an ask of this offense, and a Viking defense likely to oblige. Nope. PC chose to wave a white flag and give the ball back to the Vikings. He said as much postgame. Terrible call. At the very minimum, why not try a deep pass to draw a PI? If the defense INT’s it, that’s your punt. Terrible call.

    Grade only better because of The Drive.

    OL: Prove your versatility by being a good run blocking unit.

    Grade: D

    66 yards from the RBs on a rainy, windy night. This OL unit definitely not the aggressor last night. Allowed Kendricks a free shot at Carson on 3rd & 1 to kill the first drive out of the half.

    Run defense: Prove your high statistical ranking among NFL defenses.

    Grade: D

    201 rushing yards conceded. Vikings ran 43 plays in the first half alone. Your night was best summarized by the play where Cody Barton met the RB squarely, and then was bulldozed for 5 more yards.

    Only reason this isn’t an F is two critical drive killing stops in short yardage situations, including the 4th & inches to turn the game around.

    Pass defense: Prove you can be consistent. Keep reducing the explosive plays.

    Grade: C

    5 passes of 13 or more yards. About par.

    Quandre Diggs, Trey Flowers, Cody Barton: Prove you belong in the Seahawks’ long-term plans.

    Diggs Grade: C
    Nothing noticeable to speak of. Wondering if the Hawks are squandering his ability by making him be the deep safety valve.

    Flowers Grade: C-
    About par performance. He’s going to have to get used to subbing in for Dunbar when he’s banged up, which is all the time.

    Barton Grade: C-
    Improved from the D I gave him last week. Still several head scratching plays. Doesn’t look like he grasps the defensive concepts at times. Little to no aggression. Got pushed back for 5 yards after contact by a RB. But still, had 14 tackles and a key disruption on the 4th & inches play.

    Bonus Prove It: Front Office, prove you know and understand how special this team can be.

    Grade: TBD
    Snacks was a start. Yes, they do badly need him in the middle. Now. You know what you need to do.

    • Rob Staton

      Fantastic write-up and review. Top notch.

      Cha — the MVP of SDB.

      • cha

        Wow. Thank you for the kind words.

      • Steve Nelsen

        Cha I love these write ups.

        How do you think Seattle won with a C- grade? I wonder if sometimes we focus too much on individual “fringe” players and not on some big picture trends.

        Russell Wilson made a big step toward changing the narrative that he can’t play well in the rain. That will be important to watch since we have a lot of potentially rainy home games in the future this season.

        KJ Wright is playing at a very high level since switching to SAM.

        The Seahawks defense has been covering up shortcomings by generating turnovers. Is that sustainable?

        Seattle set a season high for sacks with 3 and all 3 came from defensive linemen. The continuing positive development of young defenders like LJ Collier Alton Robinson, Moore, etc. will be key; particularly if Seattle does not trade for another player.

        • cha

          How do you think Seattle won with a C- grade?

          Great question. After I posted that I gave them C’s or D’s on all my watch points I thought ‘how did they win the game then?’ The easy answer is RW. But the turnovers, the bad decision making/execution by the Vikings (the 2pt conv and the 4th & inches) and the pass rush making key plays were all factors.

          Is any of this sustainable? Through 5 weeks, the answer is yes. Through 16? Through 19? Harder to say.

          I think in the absence of a vastly improved defense, we’ll be asking those questions every week until the season is over.

          • Steve Nelsen

            I think you are right.

            My optimism about a trade for a potential defensive lineman is not high. I’m thinking the plan is create an inexpensive rotation and count on improvement by young players and blitzing to generate pass rush.

          • GerryG

            Turnovers won the game. The INT (all KJ) and the fumble recovery (KJ and Mayowa forced the fumble?).

            Those two plays won the game. The offense couldnt enough. The 4th down stop at the end doesnt matter if those 2 turnovers dont flip the game.

          • pdway

            Had this thought re the defense – –

            At the least – they prevented the big plays last night. The Vikings did have those long drives, and that’s obviously a negative – but for as dominant as they were in the 1st half, esp w the way their D shutdown our offense – they only came away w 13 points. And part of that is b/c we mostly limited to short yardage, i.e. made them earn their scores w those 10+ play drives.

    • Gohawks5151

      Good write up! Hard to get the run game going when they were behind the sticks so often. Too many early down sacks.

    • Lewis

      I don’t think you are giving the Pass defense quite enough credit. Not arguing they are great, but they did reduce explosive plays, against an offense considered among the most explosive in the league coming in. (Aren’t explosive pass plays usually considered 16+ yards?). They forced long drives instead of giving up massive chunks. Now if they can just improve on 3rd down (an edge would obv help) and get off the field occasionally. You also don’t mention the interception. Maybe the grade is still a C+ or something, but credit should be given where due.

      • cha

        You’re correct I was thinking of the run explosion being 13 yards. Passes 16 yards or more are considered explosive and the Vikings had 4 of those.

        But the pass D rated a C in my mind because explosives dropped due to the play mix more than any improvements by the D.

        Vikings passed 48% of plays last night. Previous weeks:

        Atlanta 72%
        NE 64%
        Dallas 73%
        Miami 67%

        So about a 30% drop in pass % will drop their explosive play rate proportionally and it did. You could also argue Cousins doesn’t have as good an arm as RW and so deep throws in the wind & rain probably aren’t the best idea, and why would you when your ground game is gashing?

        If you want to grade it C+ I have no issue with that, but I didn’t see much improvement.

    • dcd2

      Nice write-up. Personally, I thought Flowers was a mess last night. He seems like a liability that is regressing and has no confidence.

      I’m not sure what to make of Barton. I actually thought he improved and this was one of his better games. That’s a low bar to be sure (slightly better than awful).

      If Cook isn’t hurt, I think we lose that game. Mattison is a great backup, but Dalvin would have got that 1st down.

    • charlietheunicorn

      To be fair, the OL only was on the field for 35 plays or so.
      The offense is general didn’t seem to have much rhythm until 2 flashes in the second half.
      But during these drives, they held up in pass protection pretty well and the Carson TDS they created a sizable hole right up the middle to get Carson to the second level and do work. I would argue 3 of the 4 sacks were on RW holding the ball too long, more than the OL. Also, they were not using the mid range 5-15 yards down field much during the game, so RW was having to hold the ball a bit longer.

      I would give them a C at the minimum for the game.
      They also have cut down the bone headed penalties 2020, so maybe I should give them a B so far through 5 games.

  68. AlaskaHawk

    Tough game to watch. I had hopes that the offense could put up enough points to support the weak defense, but this is just ridiculous. Last two games the offense is regressing. Where are you going Wilson? What are you thinking? Where are those short passes that gain 5-6 yards, with more yardage if tackles are missed?

    Defensively, they bent and bent. Lets just call this the Flex and Seal Defense, because they flex and bark like a bunch of seals = har.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I did love the two defensive turnovers. Great going there KJ – who would have thought he would be the best linebacker on the squad this year?

    • Rob Staton

      It is somewhat concerning that the prolific nature of the offense has regressed — increasing the likelihood that Seattle’s flaws elsewhere get exposed. They need to be scoring in that 35-40 range and they’ve shifted back into the 25-30 range.

      The defense needs an injection of talent. It did anyway, before the season. They need to add a couple of players — on top of Snacks.

      • SeahawkGenX

        They’re playing cautious! They’re saving Carson for the playoffs! I really don’t know what to think other than it really sucks that their not scoring 35-40 points. Obviously this isn’t the 1st time they’ve been on a SuperBowl run so you know they’re trying to do something different from those years. Rams game will tell us what we know & don’t know. Adding players is a must if they’re willing to part ways with Hollister or Finney they could add a really good player. They have players they can get rid of to increase cap space & possibly trade options are there but the trade option is too risky for Seattle in my opinion.

      • GerryG

        last night’s the offense struggles could have been mitigated imo, not the best job by Schotty. The replays they did on freeze/rotate frame after halftime were quite damning. All these players running routes deep into the stacked coverage, and no quick dump off check down option for Russ, who then held the ball and got sacked.

        I’d like to see Josh Gordon get back, he was so good on those chain moving slants last year on limited opportunities, I think that could be a big help for the bad 3rd down conversion rate.

        Getting some healthy RBs back will help I hope. Need to be able to run more when the weather is awful.

  69. Hoggs41

    One other thing about getting Carson involved more. Our defense is out there on average of 76 plays a game. That is way to many when average is closer to 60. Yeah its great to be explosive on offense but if you continue to score to quickly it will just tire out your defense even more. If Carson could be more involved this could slow our scoring drives down a little and hopefully get our defense out there more around 65 plays or so.

    • Simo

      Understand your point, but I’ll take quick TD scoring drives all day long! The defense just needs to play better, period!

  70. Mark

    The end of this game reminded me a lot of that Arizona game in 2012, except this time he completed the the final attempt.

  71. cha

    Pete Carroll Show on ESPN

    (Danny put it well in the leadup, Seahawks got dragged for 56 mins and 2 mins in 3rd and 2 mins in 4th pulled it out. Now say that to PC’s face).

    [q] Sleep last night? “Funny you bring that up. Another way to have a crazy finish, found another way. Great to see guys come roaring back after halftime. Classic change of momentum, avalanche. Great going into bye, take adv of bye to come back and start again.”

    [q] defense 4th and 1 stop? “Awesome. Great moment in the game. Whole game relies on foot and a half they have to make. Going crazy knowing we have a chance to win the game.”

    [q] KJ one handed INT? Juggs machine? “Got great hands, great catching ability. Such a cool statement, everyone on his butt all week about his hands. Even thought about talking about it with coaches. To make that catch, let’s everyone know Spiderman is back.”

    [q] Momentum changer? “So much fun, so exciting. Feel all of it happening. Know what it means, too. Made a big deal about being patient. Team (laughing) said ‘no we’re getting it all in 1:50.”

    [q] DK awesome? “Consistency with RW. Kept going back to him. 4th and 10 big time play there. Belief in the player/QB really important, you can see it. RW wanted that play at the end to give him all the options. Incredible play to get the ball to DK, lineman right in his face.”

    [q] Down 2 scores at half? Locker room like? “We have a way to talking about it when we look like garbage in the first half. Kicked right into it. Stuff we say, expectations we set, style we go about it. Take adv of opps. Not let score effect the way you operate. If anything, kick us back to fundamentals. Worrying about 13 pts is a waste of time. mentality right to handle. Always worrying about guys overtrying.”

    [q] Don’t want guys overtrying, calm, confident? “Championship poise. Illustration of coming out after halftime and turning it around. Both sides of ball had to find a way and they did. Calm, quiet mind allows you to function at a high level. RW phenomenal at it. Good as anyone in sports. Comes from confidence, being there, Poise allows you to be there.”

    [q] Getting fans back in C LINK? “Nothing officially or specifically. Conversation. Wait and see how it goes.”

    [q] 0-7 on third downs? “Hitting a lot of big ones if you’re going to win that way. 3 3rd and longs. Why game like it was? In those situations. Answer drives they had. So much TOP only had 13 pts. 2nd drive on offense 8mins in 2nd qtr. They played perfectly against us, keep firepower on sidelines. Really good team, hard to deal with. Not a surprise. Sacks killed drives. You don’t even evaluate first half, just throw it out of window.”

    [q] What better 2nd half? “Everything! Moved ball, turnovers, complementary ball. Great suddenness, 2 TDs send a statement. As good as the Vikings played, happened so fast that we scored. Let them know why we’re hard to play.”

    [q] Damontre Moore play and ST tackle? “Great motor. Plays so darn hard. Izzo had him on kickoff team as DL years ago, specifically for that. ‘this guy, keep him out there he’s gonna make a play.’ Bolo shot! Plays really hard and special effort.”

    [q] Ryan Neal blitzing? “Played well again. See us activate him a bit, calls to come off the edge. 4 or 5 times he pressured, we got good results. Jamal did it early season, big factor. Ryan doing well. Had a couple plays he wants to do again, but all in all marvelous job off bench for us.”

    [q] Metcalf on GWTD Collinsworth said ran route like he wanted the ball, competitor? “He now knows they’re coming. In the thick of it. QB that loves and trusts him. Coaches getting him in situations. Just has to grow into it. Jerry Rice once struggled, Walsh believed in him. Dropped balls early on, Walsh kept him in. DK has had his plays, disappointments. Have to deal with those, they’ll become less and less. Real factor for this team. Obvious how RW connected with him last night.”

    [q] Jarran Reed performance? “Call yourself out. Spoke to D Saturday. Challenged guys. Really good guys know they’re always challenging themselves. Bobby does too. Unique that he did some talking and said some stuff. ‘why not us’ kind of thing. Set stage for yourself. Have to live up to it, was. Terror all night long.”

    [q] DK didn’t finish catch, challenge, explanation? “2 minutes can’t challenge (cha ed: Duh Bumpus). Caught the ball, couple steps, ref said TD. Back judge saw differently. Had they just stuck w TD, would’ve been reviewed, might have been upheld. Which they would have decided let replay take over. Actual decision they could have made. Let booth review it.”

    [q] 4th and 1, how players view it? “Those are the moments, just like NE goalline. Everything is at stake, on line, intensity, energy juice focused. Cody made a great scrape, phenomenal job by Mayowa. Let it rip and go for it, take your shot. Mentality we preach. Don’t hold back, they only have to make a foot.”

    [q] Bye week pandemic? “Crucial time for us, first time a week on own. Still have to test every day. Guys I imagine will work out and be at facility every day. First for us in COVID season. Orchestrate, guys need to have a conscience. Can’t put themselves in harm’s way. Work to get accomplished.”

    [q] Nights after game like this? “Made a real rookie error. Get home, watch O and D on iPad. First half sucked so much I ripped through it. Time wasn’t balanced right. Do it in the morning, which I NEVER do. 2:45 I get up and watch D on the couch. Have to resolve it in my mind. Good or bad, have to do it. Tormented. About 4:40 back in bed. Good nights’ sleep? I don’t give a crap. So I’m tired, what the heck, go for it.”

    [q] Dan Quinn fired, come back to Seattle? “Haven’t talked to Danny yet. Just heard news, don’t know what he’s thinking. First thought, what’s good for him. Tough deal. 0-7 start last year, he’ll be the first to tell you. 0-5 this year, unfortunate that’s what it comes down to. Wish him the best.”

    • SeahawkGenX

      Jarren Reed & Snacks is going to be tuff to stop for any OLine! I wouldn’t be shocked at all if Poona can play 3 Tech & if he can watch out rotating Ford & Reed is going to drive interior OL’s crazy. My biggest concern is our CB play & I don’t understand why Diggs isn’t doing a better job covering that weakness. 2nd concern is DE & 3rd concern is WILL. Brooks & Kendricks would be special at WILL & KJ & Matthews at SAM would be special.

  72. JW

    What a game, thought the Vikings would get one more chance, didn’t think that was a fumble but ill take the call. Couple of things,

    1. How can the coaching staff possibly be ok with sending Barton out there? if i was the opposing OC i would design runs to go right at him every play/ no stopping power whatsoever…until the last play!

    2. forget about let russ cook, when are we going to get the power run game going again? it’s like schotty came out of half thinking that, then ran 3 runs plays almost identical. we need to get back to trap game, pulling guards ect. be creative. we have an athletic enough O-line that straight gun runs gets old after a bit.

    3. I dont know how bad griffen got hurt on thielens last TD but Damn, if you can walk it off get back to the sideline. thankfully that TO waste didn’t hurt more.

  73. Steve Nelsen

    Thank you cha! MVP

    • cha

      Thanks Steve, very kind.

      But just keep this between us, eh? Don’t tell RW I got an MVP vote before he did.

      • Steve Nelsen

        Too late my friend. He’s on the blog.

  74. millhouse-serbia

    Lools like Pocic had another solid game becauae hisngrade is 69. 1 (67.4 before this game).

    Griff went down to 61,Bobby and kJ are great with 81 and 85.

    • Rob Staton

      Where are the grades?

      • millhouse-serbia

        I have only basic account , so cant see grade from each week, only overal… Then i compare with grade before the game…

        Guy from reddit didnt post grades yet…

      • millhouse-serbia

        Rob, reddit account “sniper1154” posting those grades. You dont even need to be registered to see his posts.

        • Rob Staton


  75. Chase

    Good teams find a way to win ugly. However, the rams and 49ers run games are going to eat us alive, and it will be bombs away on play action if we can’t get pressure. The script for beating Seattle is writing itself at this point.

    • dream22

      I don’t know about that, you would have said the same thing about this game be the hawks did a good job of not allowing anything over the top or deep.

      I didnt think the pressure rates were too bad this game from the eye test. We just need it to be more consistent. Hopefully they find a better balance of blitzing and coverage with their current personnel to make it work better than it is now.

      I don’t know if i have ever seen that many 90+ yard drives from one team with such little resistance.

      • dream22

        * I meant the pressure rates were not too bad

    • CaptainJack

      Agree in regards to the Rams. Not worried about the 49ers this year, they have fallen off of a cliff.

  76. millhouse-serbia

    For the third straight week in a row, Ethan Pocic allowed 0 pressures according to PFF. He was the highest graded OL in pass blocking against the Vikings. #Seahawks

  77. cha

    PC Monday Press Conf

    [jen] Scout are of game bye week? “Everything. This is our chance to do that. Full week of evaluations. Great time for us, to be where we are and have a chance to look back and fix things. Get healthier.”
    [jen] Damontre Moore on ST? “drafted by Giants, covered kicks for them. Always been a guy w great energy, great effort player. Lends to ST. Lit one up on the hit. Sideline 10ft off the ground. Favorite play of the game.”

    [joe] Practice sudden change moments? Takeaways/Giveaways? “We do practice that. Move the ball periods in camp. Maybe not quite half the time but 4/10 times. Sudden change scrimmage to practice routine. We’ve found it made us better at it. Comes from routine, everyone off bench, feel they are connected. Guys drinking Gatorade, talking about game, then bang out there, we practice it.”

    [bob condotta] Message to players about COVID? “Rule one is protect the team. This week about that. Conscience and staying connected to team and who you represent. Out of normal routine, can’t practice it. I love practicing it and we can’t. Guys will test every day in the morning, stay connected in that manner. Hoping they stay in facility and work out. Concerned about errors. Wrong people, wrong place, become vulnerable, change the bubble.”

    [ben Arthur] Damontre Moore, he & Mayowa growth from last stint in Seattle? “Two totally different relationships with our program. Benson from Idaho was a raw kid then. So much experience playing now. Smart FB player, game awareness, scheme awareness, personal awareness about preparing every day. Happy to be part of it. Damontre here a short time. Been in a lot of programs, run ins haven’t worked out. Made a real statement about how important it is to him to put his best forward. Family and baby now, prospective changed. Hoping he can hold onto it. Loves the game, loves to play. Different outlook, hope he continue to make good decisions to make himself available. Like the heck out of the guy.”

    [john boyle] ST overall, punting, Moore return? “ST have been lights out. So clean, so disciplined. Execution terrific. Kicks almost perfect, both guys. Mike almost had a perfect game punting last night. Didn’t always take adv of the field position they gave us. Whole function of all was great. No penalties in 5 weeks, don’t think we’ve ever done that. Attn to detail. Izzo great job.”

    [corbin smith] LJ Collier progress, first sack, 2pt conversion light switch on? “Since we’ve been back. Great shape, mentally right, effort excellent, technique wise getting better. Gonna have a great season for us. Had to play a lot, Rasheem not in there, playing more than we’d like. Not had the benefit of being fresh. Really thrilled chance to contribute counting on him.”

    [neko] DK keep focused? “A lot going with this. Expectations, pressure, outside influences, all kinds of stuff DK dealing with it. Has to balance and sort it out. Been through the ascent of players that get a lot of attention. Lessons I’ve learned that I can help him with as he’s going through it. Stay focused and clear on what’s important. RW mentor. Get along incredibly. Rapport off field too. Has made mistakes, still all out there for him. People noticing his presence. Physical presence obvious, fast, strong, tough, gets after guys in blocking. Find consistency. Rhythm of what that takes. Hasn’t had enough success to know that. Bright, beautiful kid.”
    [neko] 5-0 keep momentum through bye? “One day at a time, one step at a time. One moment at a time. Discipline hold to present. Hype all week, will address it in meetings. One championship opp at a time.”

    [Curtis crab] Penny, Taylor, Parkison, Reed, Dorsett, Green? “Every one of those guys are on their own schedule. Checked before for updates before I came down, don’t have updates on guys. Two weeks away. Use all the time. I know it feels good to know guys coming back, we just don’t know yet. This week vigorous, next week marks tipoff to game week. Gonna get stronger. Just when is question.”

    [Gregg bell] Consider hiring Dan Quinn? “Can we give Dan a chance to ….we love Dan. I’m not thinking about that right now. Enormous undertaking to let go of all the program like that.”

    [tim] Rush injury? “knee swole up had fluid taken off, unable after 11 plays to play. No major injuries out of game. Cramping and different things, but nothing major.”
    [tim] 200 yards rushing? “Good. 13-0 at half. Running team, they run the FB. Don’t rely on pass. Perfect game going for themselves, RW on the bench. This is the game they wanted to play, and they had it for a half. Developed a rhythm to it. Not going to happen very much. I was impressed with their LOS. Played into their hands. Other 4 games, they’ve not been able to utilize the run game. Played right into their strength.”

    [michael shawn] D timely plays, forcing more punts instead? “Best night on 3rd down. Moving in the right direction. 3rd down stops have to continue to work on. Transitioning, changing. Dunbar played terrific last night. Player that’s going to help us. Jamal gets out there. Improvement happening. I don’t care what’s already happened. Yards, plays, nothing. Focus on what’s coming up. We gotta improve, gotta get better. Lot of injury changes. Overcome those, better for it.”

    [art thiel] 2nd poss 3rd Qrt, 4 play drive, 3 explosive, different? “Didn’t hurt ourselves, fall behind the sticks, couldn’t even evaluate us. 3 3rd and longs, can’t evaluate. Throw that one out. Wasn’t 3rd, was 1st and 2nd.”
    [art] Talk w Schott about particular plays? “No.”
    [art] What did you talk about? “Can’t tell you. Other than “GO”, means RW in the middle of everything. RW never got a chance to make plays. Some his own, got sacked. After that lights out.”

    [brady Henderson] Schott job 5 weeks? “On fire. Great job. Changes in offseason, adj, Zoom season remarkably effective. Seeing culmination of 3 years’ work with RW and coaches. Functioning at high level. Even when we get shut down in first half, we can rip and score points. Everybody needs to know we can do it, because we’re going to need it again. Schotty right in the middle of it. RW playing great, means coaches are too. OL better than it’s been. Don’t even need to look at numbers, they’re better. Chem with Olsen, DK”
    [brady] Up in box changes your communication? “Not really, not noticeable. Enhanced every aspect of what we’re doing.”

    [maz veda] 3rd down 0-7 teachable moment? “Stay out of 3rd and 20. Comes from plays that happen before. All connected. Stay out of negative plays. 3penalties fantastic, just execution issues.”

    [bob condotta] Snacks Harrison progress? “Didn’t get a lot done, setup for the week. Walked him Wed, didn’t’ put on pads at all. Got some work to do, big man, get in shape before we see him at his best.”

    [Curtis crab] Bullard fared last night? “Remarkable able to play that much, came in Wed. Statement about his background and game. No big errors scheme wise. Can’t expect much more of a guy coming off somebody’s PS. Bodes well for his future. See ya next week.”

    • CaptainJack

      Adams Brooks and probably Carlos Hyde seem like the only three we can really be confident on in terms of coming back after the bye.

      Penny hopefully before playoffs. Green and Dorsett don’t seem encouraging in regards to playing again this season. At this point Taylor probably isn’t going to contribute this season.

    • Rob Staton

      “Hey Pete, super cool to see you”

      What was that all about?

      • cha

        Joe Fann is a FANN

        • Rob Staton

          To me it perfectly encapsulates what is wrong.

          ‘Hey Pete super good to see you’ is not an appropriate way to introduce yourself into a press conference. Neither is it necessary. You don’t need to say hello or ask how Pete is or say it’s cool to see him. Just ask a question when it’s your turn.

          This isn’t a ‘super cool’ opportunity to ‘hang with Pete’. It’s a press conference, to ask proper questions that the fans want answers too.

          • cha

            I love Pete’s reaction to that. “thanks for that” holding an eye roll as hard as he can.

            Joe Fann has a weird energy about him. Once in a blue moon he makes a good point or asks a good question. But mostly it’s just stenographer-ing, and usually when he tries to make a claim it just comes out weird (I’ll never forget his article about Clowney when Griffen signed for $6m. “That’s the new ceiling for Clowney and Seahawks have the leverage now!” Except…three weeks later he signed for $12m and incentives up to $15m )

  78. GerryG

    Just watched the Baldy breadown of the second half comeback.

    Travis Homer’s pass pro is a secret weapon, and most of those 4th down, and td plays happened because of his blocks.

    • Trevor

      Glad he is a good blocker because he is not an effective runner at all.

  79. Volume12

    Anyone else still on a high from that game last night lol?

    • Steve Nelsen


  80. charlietheunicorn

    “Pete Carroll said the Seahawks suffered no major injuries Sunday.”

    That is the best news out of the game.

  81. charlietheunicorn

    Homer may not be a traditional RB for Seattle, but he averaged (on limited carries) 4.7 yards vs the Vikings. That is not bad for the 3rd/4th string guy. He has also been performing the kick off return duties (keeping Lockett off the field for these) AND if he has been stoning guys in pass protection, that is all bonus. Valuable role player.

    • BobbyK

      I’d say that getting the ball on a 3rd and 20 draw plays inflates the stats a little. No?

  82. Ukhawk

    Trade deadline Oct 29 so 2.5 weeks away and here’s hoping they get on the case and “compete” to improve the team.

    PFN Recently put out their power rankings and it underlines an interesting point:

    Upside – Seahawks moved up to 6th ahead of teams like LA, NO & TEN.

    Downside – There is a gulf when looking up at the top 5 teams. Chiefs, Packers, Bills, Steelers & Ravens all arguably boast (much) stronger defenses. To underline this, 3-4 of them were ranked in the top 5-10 for defensive DVOA this and/or last year. The Hawks were 21st.

    Need to improve to compete with the elite this post season!!

    • Rob Staton

      I would agree with PFN in that regard.

      If Big Ben has an off-day, you’d back the Steelers defense to step up to the plate.

      Seattle doesn’t even have an Ok-ish defense. They have a historically poor one. Might not matter right now but it could/should down the line when it comes down to who wins the division, who gets priority seeding and who wins playoff games.

  83. L80

    This game had me worried from the get go. Knowing Minny played 3 good teams before beating houston.

    The supposed great Seahawks run defense was ripe for the picking and proved how much they need a big run stuffer in the middle last night.. they resembled human marshmallows.

    Barton was a pile of infected buttholes before running into the lead blocker on 4th down.

    Moore made a few nice plays forcing a fumble and completely jacking up the runner on special teams.

    Not much else to say that hasn’t been said already.
    Except damn I’m glad Russell Wilson is a Seahawk.

  84. Tree

    Let’s hope Snacks, Brooks and Adams can stop the run. Dunbar needs to stay on the field and Diggs needs to play better. In a vacuum, bringing back your best defender, a first round pick to replace your weakest link (Barton), last year’s sack leader (4 sacks-ugh), and a former all pro NT is exciting. I think losing guys like Blair, Irvin, and Adams has hurt us against both the run and pass (and overall strategy with our big nickel/dime packages) and Green could have helped a little with the pass rush. Exciting to think we have reinforcements coming at RB, TE, and even the OL. PC teams always seem to play better as the season goes on.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a red herring that PC teams do better as the season goes on.

      Check the way they’ve ‘finished’ the last few years.

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