Instant reaction: Seahawks run to win

There are two key takeaways from this game:

1. Running the ball still matters

A lot of people want to tell you otherwise. They’re wrong. There isn’t a statistic you can slap an acronym on to portray what the Seahawks did today. They controlled the game and physically wore down the Dallas defense. Committing to the run is a viable way to structure your offense. Sometimes it won’t work. When it doesn’t, those committed to trying to argue ad nauseam that it isn’t important any more will rush to their twitter accounts. But this is all that matters — there are multiple ways to win, multiple ways to lose and execution and talent are the deciding factors. Not ‘ideology’.

2. It’s far too early to write off Pete Carroll

After an 0-2 start and some bizarre moments (Earl Thomas, Chris Carson being ‘gassed) — it’s understandable why some people were wondering if the end of an era was forthcoming. Not so fast. Carroll has had to patch together a new defense. Look at the results. They’re playing their arses off. They’re turning the ball over. Bradley McDougald looks like a star. The unheralded D-line is making plays. They’re getting performances out of rookie Tre Flowers and linebackers brought in off the street. It’s not the LOB. It’s a Pete Carroll defense. And that’s worth hanging on to.

It’s only one win and there’s still a lot of work to do. Russell Wilson was much improved but still seems somewhat restricted at times. Is this deliberate? Can they be even better by loosening the strings? They also miss Doug Baldwin and other teams won’t be as generous as this average Dallas group.

This was still a crucial victory rich in positives. The energy was back. Frank Clark looks thoroughly deserving of a second contract. Mychal Kendricks needs to stay in Seattle as long as possible. McDougald as noted looks fantastic. Jarran Reed had two sacks. The offensive line is playing very well. Chris Carson had Seattle’s first 100 yard rushing game for 23 games. They were better on third downs. Earl Thomas, for all the drama, made two tricky interceptions. Tyler Lockett is scoring a touchdown per game at the moment. It took three weeks but they finally stayed true to their chosen identity on offense.

This was a big one. Fall to 0-3 and the knives were going to be sharpened. Big questions would be asked. It’s funny how one game can change the mood. For the first time this year, this looked like a group with some potential.

Now the Seahawks can legitimately target a 2-2 start at Arizona next week. They could be facing Josh Rosen too — he came in for Sam Bradford in a desperation act to avoid 0-3. It didn’t work.

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  1. SoCal12

    Rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated. Hope this game can at least calm the fans down a little bit.

    Big question still remains with Earl. Certainly looked worth the big contract today though.

    • Rob Staton

      Earl had a couple of iffy moments I thought — but the two picks will make the headlines. To me the revelation is McDougald. What a find by Schneider/Carroll.

      • SoCal12

        The only iffy Earl moment that stood out to me was on that Zeke near-TD that was luckily turned over. Seemed like a miscommunication. Otherwise Earl was Earl.

        McDougald has been a revelation though. Super stoked to see him step up. I think we can credit Carroll too who might go down as the greatest secondary coach in of our generation.

        • Doug

          The thing about that play though… did the miscommunication occur because of ET’s absence from practice? Frankly, I will be happy if he is traded tomorrow. His performance today may have upped his value.

          • Clayton B. Russell Jr

            I thought that would happen after the Dallas game and posted within the boards too. Performance by Earl was enough for Dallas to up the ante.

        • Rob Staton

          There was another play where Earl had an issue I thought — although my memory is letting me down a bit here. He had a terrific game though.

      • C-Dog


        The McDougald extension now looks like a brilliant move.

      • mishima

        Might be confirmation bias, but I thought he shied away from contact, pulled up a few times.

        Am I seeing things? Happy to be wrong, here.

        • Jordan Johnson

          I didn’t notice this personally

        • Hughz

          I agree with you. Earl isn’t hitting the holes either like he used to. He’s still playing at a high level but it’s not the Earl I know and love. Still balling better than most just seems to be protecting himself.

      • Jordan Johnson

        This might be a controversial take, but I think McDougall has been better through these three games then Chancellor was (in previous seasons obviously)

        • Rob Staton

          I think it’s a very interesting point you raise. And you might be right.

          • Largent80

            Earl is in full protection mode and it’s why he skipped practices. He can’t have anyone “come get him” if he’s injured.

            He’s still balling but lets face it, he really doesn’t want to play in Seattle and is getting long in the tooth.

            • Rob Staton

              Well at least he’s comfortable with the forthcoming severe fines.

              ‘Protection mode’ doesn’t exist and by now, Earl needs to see this situation for what it is. Nobody has traded for him. Keep playing at a high level and you’ll get what you want eventually.

            • Jujus

              if he was in full protection mode he would have never attempted a return on the INTs / fumbles.

              • Largent80

                So, him saying he’s skipping practices because he feels like it isn’t full protection mode?…Sorry, it just is. I don’t care what the guy brings, it’s time to jettison his ass.

                • Mark Souza

                  I don’t think his holding out of practice is “full protection mode.” I think it’s Earl sticking it to the Hawks for not resigning him or trading him. But I also think he’s slitting his own throat. Who’s going to sign him to a big contract knowing how disruptive he can be in the locker room? He’s affixing the label of malcontent to his chest.

                  Even without this, I think Earl is headed for a shock in free agency. He’ll be 30 next season, and there really is no market for safeties. The 10 million he’s making this year might look really good in light of what he gets offered next year.

          • LLLOGOSSS

            Kam was nicked up enough through the years that he wasn’t as good in coverage in the latter years.

            I don’t think it’s a like-to-like comparison, though, even though they both play SS for the Seahawks. They aren’t asking nearly the same things from the player.

            Kam changed the way you could use a safety, and he excelled at so many things you would never think to evaluate a safety for. He’s one of the greatest at the position of all-time. You can’t say that about McDougald.

            That said, the type of player that McDougald is, is a playmaker. He’s dynamic in coverage and around the ball. He shows up in big spots when the football is 50/50, and seems to always be near the action. Great instincts, and a hell of a finisher.

            Super lucky to have him.

            • Matt B.

              Seems like Kam excelled at covering the Gronk type TE’s and was a beast in run stopping while McDougald’s a better all around player, better at coverage, closer to a FS/SS hybrid than a Kam who was more like a linebacker.

              • BobbyK

                Come on now. I’m not saying Kam will end up in Canton, but there will at least be a discussion. There will never be a serious Brady McDougald discussion by the Hall of Fame committee. Can McDougald do some things better than Kam such as play in space, well – yes. But is he really better in the grand scheme of things? Seriously?

                • Eburgz

                  Yeah this is a funny thread. Let’s see if McDougald can have another nice game before we anoint him the chosen one.

                • LLLOGOSSS

                  Yeah I stop short of praises like “better all around player.” The phrase “all around player” epitomizes Kam Chancellor to a T. McDougald is a nice piece, I’m stoked to have him, but Kam Chancellor is a legend. It’s not even fair to Bradley to compare them.

        • SoCal12

          Bradley is much more well-rounded and better in coverage than Kam was. Kam was a thumper. Hardest hitting safety in the league, but he was often burned hard by faster receivers. I wanna see Bradley go a few more games at this level before I put him on the same level as Kam though. You’re right I don’t think Kam ever had a concentrated three-game stretch of awesome like this, but Kam was consistently great over the seasons.

          • Barry

            Very true. Bradley is comfortable playing as a starter and it shows. Always around the ball and when the play is there he is making them. Great to see and it’s obvious everyone giving props. It’s cool to see.

          • BobbyK

            SoCal – I agree with you… Some seem to want to ignore Super Bowl 48 and how great he was. And the two play-off games prior to that and how he had 15 tackles and 20 assists in that post-season to go along with his multiple play-off interceptions, one of which helped lead to an eventual Super Bowl landslide win.

            McDougald is playing well, but lets not conveniently forget how great Kam was because we’re not wearing the rose colored glasses of a guy who took his place (who is better in coverage) on a 1-2 team.

            Heck – Kam led the team in tackles over the last two regular season games of that Super Bowl winning year and had a pick to boot.

            We could even talk about Kam in the season they lost the Super Bowl, but it was Kam who was dominant in the play-offs again, highlighted by his INT return of Cam Newton when it looked like Caronina was going to potentially get back in the game late to pull off an upset. Not on his watch.

        • Chad W

          I think with coverage and getting in the way underneath routes Bradly Mcdougald is definitely outplaying Chancellor’s last few seasons up until he was injured.

  2. KHawk

    If running the ball still matters then we should have lost this game. Zeke averaged almost 8 yards/carry and took chunks out of our defense while Carson was under 4.

    • Rob Staton

      Oh my days.

      Nobody is saying running the ball better than your opponent means you guarantee a win. The point is the run still matters and that you can win football games featuring the run. Saying ‘Zeke ran well and Dallas didn’t win’ is not a counter considering Seattle also ran the ball well and were deeply committed to it.

      One day people will stop trying so bloody hard to fight for a crap narrative.

      • Jordan Johnson

        We found Ben Baldwin’s burner account

        • VegasHawkFan

          You sure this isn’t Kenneth Aurthur’s burner account?


        *slow clap*

    • Volume12

      If Dak ever did anything besides throw checkdowns maybe they would’ve of.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        In fairness to Dak, his WR/TE core is chock full of JAGs. Cole Beasley is their best WR. Ouch.

        Thought Aikman nailed it when talking about Dallas trading for Earl, saying “Does he(Earl) run routes too?”

    • C-Dog

      This big difference, IMO, is that Dallas had Dak Prescott at QB and not Russell Wilson.

    • Doug

      If you want to understand Pete’s mindset about running the ball, I highly suggest reading his book, Win Forever. It is all laid out right there. Balance is what he wants, and he strongly believes in an old-school formula of completed passes plus runs great than 50 means you win the game more than 80% of the time. Today? Pete referenced this in the presser after the game: 39 runs. There were 16 completed passes. Total, 55! Dallas had 19 runs and 19 completed passes, 38 total. Seahawks win!

    • cha

      Kenneth Arthur? Is that you?

    • Matt B.

      Carson was under 4 partially because of how much garbage time running he did where the Defense ran run blitzes and with no worry about us passing could just focus on stopping Carson. I thought Carson ran great, our O-Line was fairly solid blocking for the most part. The ability to run the ball and pick up 4,5,6 yards makes defenses have to respect the run and opens the door for more effective/efficient passing. No question that Zeke was the better RB; however, Dak couldn’t take advantage of that in the passing game. Gotta have the balance especially when you are trying to win with this philosophy.

      • Barry

        Yes, the Dallas D was going to blitz those end of the game runs, exactly.

        But want to give love to that third down run Carson got at the end where it was all him and bounced to to the outside. Pretty much sealed the win after Dallas has gone down and scored in relatively little time. Amazing effort!

  3. Trevor

    I really enjoyed that game and the energy on defense in particular.

    My 5 takeaways from a really enjoyable win.

    #1 Earl is not a great team guy in fact he is an awful one but is a first ballot HOFer who can flat out play the game.

    #2 Mcdouglald and Coleman are two incredible JS acquisitions playing at a pro bowl level this year.

    #3 Frank Clark is a Must Must Must extension sooner rather than later.

    #4 The biggest key to our run game is the health of DJ Fluker. In both the pre season and now regular season the OL run blocking is just flat out different when he plays. If he and Carson can stay healthy which is a big if then this run game could develop into a really solid unit.

    #5 Griffin and Flowers under Pete’s tutelage have the chance to be a special CB duo. They have great attitudes and awesome physical skills. Pete truly is the best DB coach in the NFL and has been for a long long time.

    Great Hawks win and even better coming against the Cowboys.

    • FresnoHawk

      #6 Pete Carroll should get credit for our LB unit on its way to being best LB unit in the league, Mingo got a sack once they get that unit humming its lights out.

    • Patrick Toler

      I agree 100% with 2, 3, and 5. Flowers looked shaky at times, but has been a nice positive overall. Legit potential for sure.

      I’ve heard many fans have the “Earl isn’t a great teammate” take over the years. I’ve never heard that from any of his actual teammates. He’s a different guy to say the least and doesn’t fit the narrative of what we look for in a team guy, but I’m loathe to label him as a bad teammate until I get some indication of that from anyone who would actually know. His teammates all seem to love him, from what I can tell.

  4. Rad_man

    39 rush attempts. Carson in the I formation.

    That’s the ticket.

    • Rob Staton


      • Drew

        My question is why are we waisting a roster spot on Tre Madden? Fullbacks play 20% of the offenses snaps, and it seems everytime I pay attention to him hes missing his block.

      • Naks8

        Although madden still misses so many blocks. We need a true fb.

        • Rad_man

          I don’t think madden is great shakes or anything. But this team needs to do more power sets and I formation plays, and has needed it for a long time. Having a good FB is nice but they are oddly rare in the NFL now given the state of college football.

          I just like the commitment to the power run scheme that gives the o line a few more beats to work their blocks and the RB a running start instead of the standstill of shotgun/ read option.

          • Naks8

            I saw him be the lead blocker in the hole yesterday and completely whiff the lb. guess who made the tackle. It isn’t the first time because he’s not willing to get physical. Not saying we need an all pro fb, we just need someone willing to make contact.

            • Rad_man

              Well you describe it as a whiff. Just because he missed doesn’t mean he isn’twilling.

            • Mark Souza

              Naks8, what you describe is how I often feel about Ifedi. For a big powerful guy, it’s amazing how often he whiffs in run blocking, and how often he just wanders at the second level without touching anyone. I know he can do it, as witnessed in the Minnesota preseason game where he was a devastating run blocker at times.

              To be honest, I haven’t reviewed his performance against Dallas, but I will.

  5. Volume12

    That was much more like it. Yeah Dallas ain’t great, but impressive win on all 3 phases.

    Reed in for breakout season pushing the pocket?

    Clark and Lockett are both showing why they desereved 2nd deals.

    Chris Carson is a star waiting to shine. Not the most efficient stuff today, but he’s the real deal. Penny has a ton of work to do. Not impressed with him at all. Maybe it’s a case of him trying to do too much?

    Schotty called a much better game although his late game, clock killing stuff is the sh**s.

    McDouglad and Earl are a top 3 safety tandem in this league hands down. Pay him. You have the money next year to. Imagine not. If they built this team from the backend to the front, and they did, why would you ever risk a core of those 2 and Shaq Griffin?

    Hunt was fantastic. Britt needs to be looking over his shoulder IMO.

    • Group captain mandrake

      I’ve never understood the argument that Hunt is too small. I’ve always thought he was a pretty good center.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I’ve seen Hunt get knocked on his butt by a strong bull rush. But I’ve also seen every other linemen the Seahawks have used get knocked on their butt once in awhile. I would put Hunt in the category of “how the heck do the Seahawks choose and develop linemen?” category. He seems okay when he gets a chance to play. But apparently the Seahawks have him relegated to second string or practice squad. Player development on the offense line seems random and capricious, and it shows in the beginning of the season with a sputtering run game and offensive pass blocking. Hopefully the new coaches will get a handle on that.

    • C-Dog

      Yes, on Jarran Reed breaking out. His sacks were flashy today, but he’s been balling all throughout these first three games.

    • teejmo

      I wonder a bit if the coaches and/or front office gave Penny some bad advice to bulk up. I mean, he’s not the first RB Seattle’s drafted in recent memory who looked slow after putting on weight. The other one ended up almost having a 1000 yd season last year in Baltimore.

      • Hawktalker#1

        That thought has been on my mind for a while and I really think you hit the nail on the head. I think he’ll be more productive and we’ll see some of his breakaway speed when he’s closer to his fast college weight. Nice post.

        • Hawk Eye

          yep, the kid is slower, needs to trim down and get some quickness back

          watch the Raiders, it looks like even Marshawn has lost weight since he left Seattle.
          I heard Lacy lost weight this year also
          – Kidding, sure he has time for extra cheeseburgers and Chinese food now

          is it just me or does Russell look a LOT SLOWER?

          • jujus

            since the Fat Season (2015) RW has not ever recovered the amazing speed he had 2012-2014.

            I dont think its the extra weight like before I think its just injuries and Father time.

      • dylanlep

        Totally agree. Penny’s combine numbers at 220 lbs were outstanding. Why would you have him change that up?

    • icb12

      I’m not sure how can be impressed or unimpressed with penny.

      He played what 6 snaps? And had 3 carries?

      It’s really not enough to formulate an opinion.

      • Rad_man

        It’s a worrisome start for a first round RB. I’m still willing to wait and see, but I didn’t get the pick then and I get it even less now. Carson is the stud they were looking for.

        • 80SLargent

          If the team is actually going to commit to running the ball, they need AT LEAST two good backs to do it. Right now, they’re just easing Penny in, as he only played part of one preseason game due to a broken finger. Carson hasn’t shown he can make it through a full season (yet) either.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Maybe Penny was on some enhancement drugs in college – that he no longer finds available in the pros.

  6. Uncle Bob

    Pretty good performance for the most part for 3 quarters, the defense does look like it’s coming into shape. That fourth quarter was not encouraging for the most part, and reminds that this has been a trait of this team for multiple seasons. They just seem to sit on a lead and do the loose defense thing that in some cases allows a very good competitor an opening to take charge. Dallas is not a very good team, they’re different but still comparable in general outcome to the Hawks…………middlin’ teams. After the London game the Hawks schedule gets fairly tough if opponents stay on their current track.

    I was encouraged by Carson clearing 100 yards though his yards per was not scintillating. Wilson getting rid of the ball quicker was a necessary and welcome fix. The one time he reverted he got sacked……hmmmm. I particularly like on sideline shot that showed PC run over to Schotty, presumably to give him “ideas”, and Schotty did an effective flip of the wrist as if to say to his boss, “I got this, chill.” I hope you’re right about the Az. game, a road win would be nice.

    • Rad_man

      Carson’s yards per carry was up around 4 until later in the game, though. Carson looks electric, to me. And seems the only player on offense able to break a tackle.

  7. Sea Mode

    What a breath of fresh air. Credit to Shotty for sticking to the run (and to PC if it meant giving him full control or whatever). RW looked a lot more decisive and put some zip into his throws cause he finally had a pocket to work from.

    Two huge momentum swings IMO:
    – Elliot barely stepping out and nullifying that touchdown.
    – Forced fumble by McDougald was huge and really sealed it.

    I think we need to credit a lot of unsung guys for today’s win. Tre Flowers with his insanely long arms set up the first INT, BWagz set up the second INT recognizing and breaking on the ball, effort on the fumble recovery by Coleman, Fluker on Carson’s TD run, OL actually drawing praise from the announcers (!), and probably many more.

    Pete’s lips easy to read after Shaquem ST tackle 🙂 : “that’s the way you f*in tackle!”

    Hopefully Earl (don’t really want to focus on him over the team effort) just upped his trade value with yet another great performance, cause a kiss and make up looks beyond impossible at this point.

    • Volume12

      You won’t find many throws this season better than the one to Marshall down the sideline. 🔥🔥🔥

      • cha

        It was a gem, but the TD to Lockett last week was an absolute dime.

  8. SB~2013

    I’m impressed with how our defense looked without major stars across the board. Pete really does know how to coach defenses. I really feel like we have some nice pieces still….Wagner, Thomas, Clark, Wright, Griffin, Mcdougald, Coleman, Reed and maybe Green. That’s not bad at all. A few more pieces and we’ll have a legit defense.

    • BobbyK

      I think Green is a legit piece for 2019 and beyond.

  9. New Guy

    Joey Hunt was an unsung hero today. I’m not sure if he was ever mentioned on the broadcast. He did his job.

    I’m glad the Seahawks hung on to him this year.


    • Tecmo Bowl

      +1 I didn’t notice Hunt at all, which is a great thing! Looks like the Hawks suddenly have quality depth on the OL. Imagine that! Haha

  10. SebA

    Rob, as a fellow Brit, can I ask where / how you watch college football over here? Is it all online or do some TV channels show it?

    • Rob Staton

      BT Sport’s ESPN channel. They show a ton of games.

      • SebA

        Brilliant, thank you!

  11. CTseahawkfan

    Glad we got over the hump but is it just me but I really don’t think Marshall brings much to the table – did he missed more than he caught – I’d love to see Moore play more! Marshall is too predictable.

    Kudos to the team and their well deserved win!

    • Magmatizer

      Marshall did cough up two passes that got into his frame (albeit against decent coverage), which did stall a couple of drives. At this point in his career, route running savvy and jump balls are his greatest assets. I agree on David Moore! He’s too dynamic at WR to not see some touches each game.

  12. Coleslaw

    Look for a Frank Clark extension within the next month. Just a hunch

  13. Volume12

    This new QB rule they got going on might be the worst thing I’ve ever seen. I’m all for player safety, but these calls can be game changing. When you have a former QB who had his career shortened because they didn’t protect the QBs in his day, be so upset about it he doesn’t even wanna discuss it you know it’s bad.

    At this rate the QB will have a flag around his waist.

    • bigten

      I actually happen to disagree with this narrative. The rule is exactly how it should be, and there is clearly a difference between a clean qb hit, and one that is flagged because they put all their weight into. The intent is that the quarterback is defenseless when he is throwing the ball and after. Its not soem “qbs are sissies” thing that everyone is driving. The NFL wants more points in the game, so qbs need to feel better about sitting in the pocket to throw. A qb cant necessarily brace for impact when they are throwing and get hit, the way a wr or rb can when running the ball. S Matthews for instance is just being dumb and trying to prove a point in his hits, he drives his should with his chin tucked in to deliver a hit, after the qb has clearly gotten rid of the ball, and there is no real point to do that except to hurt the qb, who already went through a throwing motion, standing upright. The question “what are they supposed to do?”, well they need to roll off, or concentrate more on batting down a ball thrown instead of hitting a qb after they have thrown it. A good example of a clean hit i can remember was from reed or jeffersom last night, he hit prescott, but rolled off instead of driving his shoulder or belling flopping on him, which both are clearly unnecessary to do. Then the flag on reed for the push on prescott more had to do with prescott being an actor and really selling the flop, than anything else. lol

      • Mark Souza

        I think the easiest way to clean this up, and the way the league is headed, is to revise the rule such that touching the QB with the ball still in his hands stops the play and is considered a sack. That should greatly decrease the number of QB injuries, and we’re so close to that now.

  14. Pickering

    Dickson punted 8 times. 4 returned for 20 yards.

  15. BobbyK

    Fluker is a man among boys in run blocking. He’s Pro Bowl good in run blocking (not saying his overall game is going to get him a Pro Bowl berth, but he’s looking like a big bargain). Look how good the OL looked in run blocking with him in the preseason and look how terrible they looked without him the first two games, in comparison to today. Look at how terrible the Giants were in the run game last year in comparison to when Fluker took over at RG. This is no coincidence.

    Joey Hunt looks like he’s just as good as Justin Britt, except Hunt makes a little over 600k and Britt has a cap his over 6M this year, almost 8M next year, and over 11.5M the following year. Or is part of the reason Hunt looked good because he had a mammoth in Fluker demolishing defenders by him?

    Ifedi looked pretty good today.

    As Rob alluded to, lets not question Pete Carroll and his defensive wisdom. He gets results from those guys on that side of the ball. How many other teams would Flowers be starting on? Probably none.

    That being said, this is not a great Cowboys team and lets see progress next week. Then there’s the showdown with the Rams. How much better are they going to be than the Seahawks? That’s the true measuring stick. I’m thinking this Rams team is so good, that I’ll be surprised if they finish anything below 14-2. Unless they lose a couple of major guys, I see them dominant (albeit with different offenses) like the ‘Hawks of ’13.

    Even before the Rams game, I’m sure the knives will be sharpened if they lay an egg in the desert next Sunday. And deserved, as this Cardinal team looks pretty inept.

    The real downer is this Earl Thomas cloud hanging over everything. We could go from having the greatest player in the NFL at FS to it potentially being our biggest weakness heading in to the draft next year. Tough to get better when you’re drafting others who won’t be as good to plug in holes created when generational players leave. While additional salary cap space will be saved, you rarely see free agency as a main reason teams become great and go to Super Bowls as much as you do with teams drafting well. The main question for me is what’s going on behind closed doors? If the last few days are any indication – I don’t think they’re well (though winning solves a lot of problems).

    At least with this win and the manner in which they won – there is a glimmer of hope. All would have been gone with another loss today, especially to an average team at home.

    • Naks8

      Another huge difference was pocic was out. I havent reviewed the game film, but there seemed to be a lot of pressure from the left interior isn’t eh first two games. My thought was pocic was getting bull rushed, but I didn’t confirm.

    • neil

      Hunt is a little undersized but he is on the team for a reason. It is said he has a high football IQ and is good at reading the defense and adjusting blocking assignments. He may very well be the reason the o line had a better game today. One other thing, I hop Carroll files a complaint with the league over the ” roughing the passer” call in the 4th qtr. It was so obvious Prescott did the “flop” and the officials let him get away with it. Is this what football has come to now?

    • Trevor

      Agree 100% Bobby. It is no coincidence that they could finally run the ball today as soon as Fluker came back into the lineup. Look at Carson TD run. I think he also helps Ifedi. Now if he can just stay healthy. I think his health is why he was a bargain.

    • Pedestrian

      I don’t mean to be a wet blanket, but expectations should be tempered (IMO) until the OL shows consistency and against better opponents.

      I do think Fluker will be an upgrade in the run game, remains to be seen what he can do in pass pro.

      Ifedi needs to show that performance week in and week out – credit to him for playing as well as he has against great opponents. He still isn’t an above average tackle, but does not deserve as much criticism as he’s been receiving. It will really depend on how he progresses this season, whether he would be a sneaky good extension.

      Joey Hunt had a great game. We won’t face a good dline again until week 5. If Hunt gets the start through that game, and shows well, then we will have a very interesting conversation on our hands about what to make of Hunt vs Britt.

      Brown looked great, everything as advertised. Nothing more needs to be said.

      Sweezy stepped up and played well after a poor showing last week on the opposite side. Pocic is the future at that position though. He continues to take strides towards improvement. My gut feeling is he will be a pro bowler in his third year after more experience, strength conditioning, and consistency at one position with one group.

      The run game finally looked good. A lot of credit is due to the offensive line. Again, both units need to show consistency week in and week out. If they face the Rams and put up at least respectable numbers, they’ll have my attention. Cowboys and Cardinals are not exactly great barometers to measure this unit – both teams are a hot mess, more so than the Seahawks.

      • Matt B.

        I think asking for consistency is fair but the “against better opponents” part isn’t. Dallas’ one bright spot so far this season was their defense, especially their Run D which was really good against both Carolina and NYG. Our O-Line was solid against a very solid group. Expecting them to play at that same level against LAR who seems to have a generationally amazing interior D-Line is a extremely high bar to measure them against. Maybe I’m being a pessimistic fan but I don’t expect us to win that game or it to be very close at this point, doesn’t seem like we’re in their league at this point. I’ll be happy if we get wins at AZ and in London against OAK.

        • Pedestrian

          You make a fair point, Matt. Dallas doesn’t have the worst defensive line in the league for sure. At the same token, NYG may have one of the worst o lines in the league. I can’t speak for the Panthers o line, but I know they lost one of their key guys to NYG coincidentally (I think). If the Dallas d line went up against the Eagles and the Rams, I might be favoring your point more.

          I think the ultimate test for any unit is to face off at least a few times against the top 10 opposing units. The Rams will be one, the Cardinals will not. Following the Denver and Chicago games, everyone was saying “well, what’d you expect? They faced Mack and Miller”, and I just don’t think it does justice to say your unit isn’t that bad after one good performance out of three – two of which were against top 10 opposing units.

          I think this team needs at least a middle of the league offensive line to compete (provided other players are producing). It’s currently hard to tell if our unit is league average since Wilson scrambling from the pocket makes it impossible for any offensive lineman to block a guy now running in the opposite direction to sack Wilson.

    • Barry

      Hunt reminds me of Colts great Jeff Saturday. Smart, able, not going to beat you physically. Just few mistakes and smart football player.

      • Mark Souza

        Hunt is undersized and not long. He looked fine against Dallas, but if he plays on a regular basis, someone is going to test whether he is the weak point in the O-line and put a big D-tackle right on his nose.

        We had another center like him in Blair Bush, undersized but quick with incredible technique. Then Joe Klecko line up directly over his nose and shoved him end over end into the backfield play after play.

        Once that gets on film, everyone will start doing it. If Joey can stand up to that, then maybe we have something.

        • Barry

          Yep. Hope he can continue playing at a pro bowl level.

  16. Sean-O

    Nice to get the win today! A lot of positives! Love seeing Lockett stepping up. The Hawks should be able to get to 3-3 before the bye & hopefully with ADB & KJ coming back soon this team will continue to improve.

    Also, after today it’s clear SEA sure has some tough decisions on what to do contract wise with ETIII, Clark & Coleman.

  17. BobbyK

    Earl’s post game comments kind of put a damper back on things.

    • cha

      True, but at least he acknowledged that Dallas has played a significant part in all this drama by not reaching an equitable trade with the Hawks. At small dose of balanced perspective goes along way.

  18. C-Dog

    A few thoughts.

    1. Seattle beat Dallas playing Dallas style offense. The difference was Seattle had Russell Wilson at QB and Dallas had Dak Prescott. Give Russell Wilson a run game and he does what he is best at, and that is efficiency with the ball. 16-26 192 yard 2 TDs INTs are very Super Bowl era Russell Wilson.

    2. Chris Carson has to remain THE GUY featured in the run game. Penny is not ready yet.

    3. I’m in love with what Pete Carroll is doing with this no name defense. This is the reason why I don’t want Mr Paul Allen to do anything rash is the team falls short of the playoffs.

    4. People have been taking a lot of shots at John Schneider and the front office, but the Bradley McDoguald extension is starting to look brilliant.

    5. I am ready to buy a Jarran Reed jersey. I’m buying what Carroll and Norton are selling about him being the heartbeat up front on the DL. His sacks today were flashy, but he has been balling throughout all three of these games. Would love to pair him with one of these young interior DLiners coming out in the draft. Can you imagine him with Christian Wilkins, or Derrick Brown?

    6. IMO, I think what this offense really needs is to get Doug Baldwin back.

    7. On the Earl front, man does this guy know how to tear at me, or what? Hate his intentions of missing practices, but love how he has been balling out. Is there a deal that can be worked out between the sides? Going to be very interesting if this performance today moves the needle for Jerry Jones or some other GM.

    8. If Seattle can commit to running the ball, if RW can stay healthy, if they either keep Earl or trade him and get acquire a player that can mitigate the loss, I wouldn’t be shocked if Seattle is in playoff contention at the end of the season. San Fransisco likely just lost Jimmy G for the season, and the Cardinals don’t look like any serious threat.

    Go Hawks.

    • Nick

      Great comments. Agree on all fronts.

      • UKAlex6674

        C-Dog this is what we need to avoid – last week everyone was ready to lynch PC after the 0-2 start. We just beat Dallas but it’s not right to start making play off predictions based on a bunch of what if scenarios. What we need to do is look to the Arizona game and see if we can show some consistency. Give me 3 or 4 games of doing the same and then let’s see where we are at.

        • C-Dog

          Fair points.

          I’m not really predicting or even expecting playoffs for 2018. That’s not how I am measuring success. But I will say that this game is probably the formula for how this team can succeed this year, and IMO, if Seattle would have kept with Chris Carson and the run game in the second half of the game in Chicago a week ago, this team might well be 2-1 right now.

  19. seaspunj

    loved the commitment from PC to run the football throughout the game. enjoyed watching Seahawk football again. Ground n Pound turnovers on D

    I do not want RW3 having 40 to 50 pass attempts moving forward lol

    the 12s know what the Seahawks identity is which is grind out opposing D running the ball D

    create turnovers play tough D

    this new Seahawk D is learning on the fly.

    I hope PC will stay the course with similar playcalling running the ball

    felt like the LBs were noticeable having Bobby Wagner back was huge and Kendricks has fit in so well for just 2 games!

    McDougal was electric sign him long term now!
    ET3 was his ball hawking self

    some areas to nitpick
    Carson 3.2 avg isnt going to cut it but I liked his hard running and getting that 1st down in the 4th quarter on 3rd and 12 showed his toughness and hunger

    can we have a better start on opening drives?

    Dline stopping the run?
    8.7 yards avg rushing Seahawks D

    final thoughts
    I am hoping PC just sticks with Carson as his #1 RB and just keep pounding the ball throughout the season. hopefully CC holds up and brings his AVG up

    this game can be a rallying cry for the 12s and Seahawks.

    Go Hawks!

    • mishima

      “Carson 3.2 avg isnt going to cut it…” Saw something similar on Field Gulls.

      I would argue that you run the ball for wins not stats. YPC does not measure the amount of hurt Carson put on the Dallas D in the first half, the affect TOP has on both defenses, the chill effect on RW3 and the passing game, the confidence of the OL, etc.

      Stats can sometimes be stupid.

      • JamesP

        Reply to mishima. Agree – just about to comment this. Carson set the tone, ran hard and with purpose, and let them get into favourable down and distance positions on 3rd down. Having a functional running game enabled the offense and set up play action pass, regardless of YPC. Even if you do want to look at it, he was about 4 YPC for most of the first half, a couple of stuffed runs after the break pulled it down to 3.2. He was consistent, almost always good for 4 or 5, with no really long runs. If he’d broken one for 30 his YPC would have been above 4 so it was fine margins.

      • Rob Staton

        If you’re a slave to stats you’re also willing to be wrong an awful lot of the time.

        • 80SLargent

          “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

          -Benjamin Disraeli, 19th century British Prime Minister

    • McZ

      Carsons 3.2 yard per carry are just enough to have 3rd and three, a.manageable position to get a first down, allowing the Seahawks to stay on the field and control the clock. If the D gets accustomed to rushing, you harass them by quick intermediate passes.

      The real problem is Carsons style, which will expose him to a higher injury risk. I’ve come to hate this power rushing hurdle sprint crap. I like guys like Jordan Howard or Kerryon Johnson… great vision, run balance, patience, and instant acceleration.

      Currently, I feel we are in 2017 reloaded. May be mistaken, but against the better run defenses, this offense needs to have a plan B.

  20. Coleslaw

    Is there anyone playing either safety spots at a higher level than Earl this season? I would argue not. Likely he gets another All-Pro nod, which would seriously help his HOF chances

    • Rob Staton

      Bradley McDougald might be

      • Del tre

        Which to me is amazing because his development after a season in this scheme was like the jump a year 2 cb makes, he looks like a legit all pro. Fantastic coverage, great tackling, he is a great strong safety

        • EBurgz

          Yeah he looks awesome. I was totally wrong about him.

          • FresnoHawk

            I wasn’t sold on McDougald until the Denver game this year, I’ve been saying BMag is a serviceable SS but when I saw him play Denver this year I was saying OMG this guy is a monster! He’s no Bam Bam Kam but he is the “Spider Man” he just makes plays all kinds if plays. What a great standard to set for Hill and the whole secondary.

  21. sdcoug

    Let’s give a little credit to Schotty too. He was blown up on this board last week, but called a decent game today. Just enough variation to keep Dallas from stacking the box. Russ also had a few more quick throws or hot-routes than I can previously remember

    • Matt B.

      Even more than the newfound emphasis on running the ball, I think this may have been the biggest change in the game. Our execution against the blitz in the 1st two weeks was atrocious, whether it was bad play calling, bad throws from Russ, drops, and/or bad overall execution, the ability to convert some 3rd downs and hit the dump off when they tried to blitz makes so much of a difference in keeping the chains moving.

  22. Drew

    I know we say its Pete’s D and it is, but Ken Norton needs some recognition. Most people thought it was a terrible hire and he’s ran Pete’s D without star talent really well. Im pleasantly surprised.

    So what happens with Earl? He said that he’s choosing how to protect himself (sitting out of practice to prevent injuries) and will continue to do so going forward, meaning more missed practices. He also expects to be fined by the Hawks for doing so (apparently can be up to his game check?).

    How does a player that deliberately misses practice not get benched? Was he not benched to show him off to the Cowboys? If a trade isnt announced, Pete needs to take a hardline stance and send a message.

    If it continues and he’s not benched that sends a terrible message to all the young guys. I feel for Tedric Thompson, he does everything right, works his tail off and earned the starting spot in the offseason and preseason, only to see Earl not practice but still gets to play (although Im loving that hes getting on the field in 3 safety packages).

    The rules are clearly different for the superstars, but then again has Pete ever disciplined his players?

    • JimQ

      Lynch was allowed to dictate if and when he practiced or even played in games, often citing health matters or that he “just didn’t feel right”, but he wasn’t ever fined IIRC for any of that. Is ET not allowed such behavior when it was okay for Lynch? No superstar exceptions for ET? Seems like ET said he had a headache and wants to protect his body (ala Lynch) from injury – or some such excuse. Obviously, different rules for different players are the result of PC as the head coach “selectively” allowing dissimilar treatment of players based on superstar status. This type of treatment would seem to be going somewhat against PC’s always compete rule, but I guess some superstars get to skip such nonsense due to their status, at least in PC’s mind.

      • Mark Souza

        JimQ, yes and this was the problem that helped the Hawks run off the rails. Last season was a house cleaning ridding the team of malcontents. If you weren’t all-in, you were gone. Tolerating Earl’s behavior is letting the cancer get a start again and sets the precedent that you can get away with this kind of behavior and even possibly be rewarded for it (if Earl continue to start or gets an extension).

  23. Hawk Eye

    and we are tied with the Pats at 1 and 2

    looks like Geisel was playing qb tonight, TB 12 had just over 100 yds passing

    I wonder what Pats twitter will be like tomorrow?

    and Miami is 3-0, same as the Rams

    however, I think the Rams are a real 3-0 and I have a hard time seeing the Fins in the playoffs

  24. Nick

    Well, that’s more like it. This team now has an opportunity to become 2-2, go 1-2 on the road, and then face the division leading, Rams. That game will tell us a lot about this season. Nonetheless, some very positive long-term trends:

    -Dissly is a TE1 for the foreseeable future.
    -Carson is a workhorse who (when healthy) can carry this team.
    -Dickson is a very, very good punter (even on his bad days like today).
    -Joey Hunt shoutout?!
    -Tre Flowers looks like he’s going to be our CB2 with Shaq for the foreseeable future.
    -Bradley McDougald is playing incredibly well.
    -Kendricks/Calitro are really stepping up in KJ’s absence.
    -As is Tyler Lockett with DB sidelined.

    • bigten

      I know its been alluded to throughout the comments, but I wanted to bring it up more pointedly. Have the line troubles that we have seen since Unger has gone, been maybe a result of Britt more so than the ones around him? I actually had this thought after last game, and this game kind of brought it to light, with Hunt being in and the line seemingly playing much better. I know Britt is a pro bowler and all, and seen as solid, but the center is the one directing the rest of the line. Being a center is more than what can be seen as a viewer. We don’t have a lack of talent on the Oline, with high picks and proven talent in other schemes, so could IFedi’s problems be in part do to his general (the center) not giving him the right calls and assignments? It just looked so much smoother and with less assignment mistakes today with hunt in there. And yes Dallas isnt a great all around team, but they do have a solid D-line that was second in the league for sacks coming into the game and having a lot of talent on the line. Yet, our line played arguably the best game in a while. Maybe Fluker is that big of a difference for everyone around him, and if that is the case, then he should be a pro-bowler. I have been leaning more towards Britt, and granted i wasnt a huge fan of Hunt, and questioned why we gave him a roster spot even, but he had a little swagger when i saw him and was getting after the defense in a way i have never seen from britt, it wasnt the same. I really enjoyed it. Its also worth highlighting that he is shorter, which allows RW a better view.

  25. Donovan

    Things are looking up. A very Seahawk win. And the Niners without Jimmy G means the Hawks could/should win all four against the Cards and Niners.

  26. Kyle

    Earl said cowboy coaches asked if he was ready to be traded Monday? When did he say this?

  27. Old but Slow

    Not much complaining about Ifedi. Fluker matches well with Ifedi, like a security blanket. False starts, nope, holding, nope, and basically just doing his job. Sweezy is a welcome addition, and versatile, seemingly, but he’s never been a standout, and was just cut by TB. Fluker is a grader, and Ifedi has no need to worry about helping him. Just do the job.

    No Pocic, no Britt, and this was as good an OL performance in a while.

    Also, I appreciate that Russell was not holding the ball too long.

    Good game.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      +Dissly staying in to pass block more. They looked solid across the board.

  28. teejmo

    As much as Seahawks fans are celebrating the arrival of a ground game, their cheer probably pales to that of Lions fans who no doubt were delighted to see a 100-yd rusher for the first time in seventy games.

    • Volume12

      God. That’s totally gonna be us when we score a TD on an opening drive isn’t it? 2 seasons w/o one.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      It was deeply satisfying to watch Detroit run the ball down the Patriots throat, and beating BB and Brady. Johnson looked promising.

    • McZ

      Kerryon Johnson would have been my pick. But the reason he could deliver was Frank Ragnow finally getting a grip, and the team slowly coming together.

  29. Lil'stink

    Earl’s trade value might be as high as it ever will be right now. PCJS would be fools not to trade him this week if they have no plan to extend him. Trading him to the Chiefs for their 2 second round picks next year makes sense for both sides.

    It’s not about giving up on the season, but about planning for the future.

  30. All I see is 12s

    Haven’t read any comments. So I hope this hasn’t already been touched on. But in light of the recent general douche baggeryof the Dallas Cowboys, this game was such a fun stick it to them-revenge game. As if Earl getting two interceptions wasn’t bad enough, it was especially fun watching Jaran Reed get a sack on Connor Williams. Supposedly the guy they chose to draft instead of trading for Earl Thomas back on day two. It was also kind of fun watching the Xavior Woods not know at all what to do on that double seem route which gave up a touchdown. I have a feeling that Earl may have had a better read on that situation. So, I go to bed with the warm fuzzies my mind. So much for the Kris Richard revenge game…

    • Sea Mode

      Actually, I was wondering to myself if our team’s knowledge of Kris Richard’s tendencies didn’t play a subtle role in knowing how to attack certain weaknesses in the DAL defense. I don’t have any concrete examples, but would be curious to know if they prepared a couple plays specifically knowing they would be facing him on the opposing sideline.

      • Sea Mode

        Wow, no comment delay in Chrome on phone! First time to in ages! It still does not, however, save my username and email.

      • Sea Mode

        Aaand the celebratory comment I posted reporting no delay was… delayed. 😥

      • Hawk Eye

        just a notch below watching the Seahawks win, I derive pleasure from watching the following teams lose

        1. Pats
        2. Rams
        3. 49’rs
        4. Cowboys
        5. Steelers
        6. Panthers (Cam)

        always willing to add a new one to the list. Would add the Cards, but they are in the pity section now, where the 49’rs were for a few years. Rams should have been there, but they seemed to play well 2 times a year and give up on the other 14 games.

  31. Georgia Hawk

    My observations this week:

    – Who was the OC this week and what did you do to Shottenheimer? Im convinced Shotty doesnt actually know you can scheme people open…or at least I was until this week. As pointed out above by Seamode though, I wonder how much of that could be from knowing Richard and what the Dallas defense was going to do.

    – More Carson please.

    – The roughing the passer penalties are getting out of hand. I think it was QJeff that gave Dak a shove, who played it better than a fiddle at a ho-down, and was flagged. Clay Mathews has every right to be pissed IMO. Its out of hand.

    – Earl is still one of my favorite players ever, but I’m over the drama. Either trade him or extend him. Do SOMETHING.

    – Bradley McD is having an incredible year. What a freakin steal of a signing.

    – When KJ gets healthy, I think this D has a chance to be scary again, even with a hole at RCB. The pass rush is developing as Frank comes into his own.

    – I don’t know what changed on the O Line but I like it and more of that please. Fluker was a huge upgrade, but at the same time Sweezy on the left side seemed like a big upgrade as well. throw in Hunt at C and its difficult to tell where the improvement comes from. Either way, more of that.

    – As satisfying as the win, mostly cause I hate Dallas being shoved down our throats on “America’s game of the Week” every week, there are still some concerning pieces. Offensive rhythm is a huge question mark for me. Defense gave up the run in favor of shutting down Dak, and Im not sure that is sustainable against a better QB. Teams like the Rams are going to exploit that to the tune of another 40 pt beat down if it isnt fixed.

    Seriously though, are we going to have to live in fear of bad Shotty coming out at the worst time all season long?

    • Mark Souza

      I don’t see a hole at RCB, I see rookie new to a position who is serviceable now while he gets experience to learn the position, who has a chance to be really special in the next couple years.

      • Rob Staton

        The fact Flowers hasn’t been abused in either of his starts speaks volumes. He is performing way above expectation. Good QB’s might get him down the line, but this is a very positive start. And we know this team can develop CB’s.

  32. sdcoug

    Falcons free safety Ricardo Allen out for the season, this after already losing Neal. Will be interesting to see if they have interest in Earl. I know, I know…more tiresome earl speculation, but with the clear need and our connection to Quinn/Manuel, one has to wonder.

    • Pedestrian

      Valid point/speculation. It may make sense for the chiefs to also make a bid for Earl. Berry (moved to SS a year ago) is taking longer to get back from injury. They got beat bad over the middle this weekend and clearly need to address the issue.

      If they are going to make a super bowl run, it would be the exact move that could help them get there.

      • Rob Staton

        Can’t see it at all.

        • Pedestrian

          Do you think Falcons make more sense?

          They may be further from contention than the chiefs, and have two starting safeties already. It would purely be a rental if they traded for Earl.

          • Rob Staton

            I don’t think the Falcons make sense at all.

            The reason being — they have just paid one safety and only just drafted the other in R1. So unless they’re willing to pay a high pick on a rental, it makes no sense. If the Seahawks were giving him away, sure. But they aren’t. The Falcons made their bed with Alford and Neal. Two really good players. It’s unfortunate for them but they’re going to have to look elsewhere (eg Eric Reid).

    • AlaskaHawk

      That has been my speculation: if Earl gets traded it will be to a team who thinks they are in contention for the Superbowl, who just lost their starting safety.

  33. Kurt Z

    I posted this over at Hakblogger after reading the write up there.

    Thought for awhile there in the first half I was watching the two worst teams in the NFC, holding on to each other on the ropes, like those boring old heavyweight fights from back in the day, where the only weapon seemed to be the illegal kidney shot as the ref was pulling them apart.

    This was the kind of football game that led those non-diehard fans to the moniker
    No Fun League. After a couple first downs we have a couple runs into the line, everyone falls down, a third-and-five pass to the tight end after he chips on the blitzing DE, he juggles the ball as he is hit by the late arriving LB and there is another punt. Again.

    That Pete Carroll wet-dream football, circa 1994, circa 1964, circa 1944, isn’t gonna play in the 21st century era. Young fans left in droves only to return when they got hooked on fantasy football. THAT is what really saved this game we slavishly follow. FANTASY FOOTBALL.

    Sorry I thought the game was a nightmare. Two BAD teams showing their badness to a national TV audience. Now everyone is validating that PC is a genius and we ought to all slouch back to 1994 with him.

    I feel good this morning that the homies won at home (not sure that would have held in Dallas) but the only reason I might move off of my 5-11 prediction is the knee-injury to Garrappolo and Arizona is in full mutiny against their head coach.

    Brian Nemhauser is the only voice I read that got this game right. Everyone else is out of their hometown minds. Here is his last paragraph –

    “The Seahawks did not prove they were good on Sunday. They did rediscover a formula that should keep them in nearly every game, and allow Wilson’s late-game heroics to be in pursuit of victory instead of avoiding a blowout. The coaches were rightfully criticized for the decisions that were made during the first two losses, and should be commended for admitting their mistakes and finding their footing. Now we watch to see if they can repeat the process next week in Arizona.”

    • Rob Staton

      Who said Pete was a genius? Who said the Seahawks are suddenly good? The point I made was that for the first time they a.) actually played to their chosen identity on offense and b.) showed some potential. Both are undeniable IMO.

      And why is there suddenly only one way to win? The Seahawks won a Super Bowl playing this very brand of football only 5 years ago. They didn’t beat Denver in 1993. It was 2013. When Denver won the Super Bowl they basically played without a QB. Manning was shot. They ran the ball and played defense. That was 2015.

      Just because the Chiefs started hot. Guess what? They did last year too.

      Just enjoy the win.


        In 2013 we annihilated the team that played the way you’re suggesting we play now. The most revolutionary, 21st century offense the world had ever known!

        Crushed by fundamental “do right longer” disciplined football.

        • Rob Staton


          Spread concepts, relentless passing.

          Crushed by great defense and a commitment to the run in the biggest Super Bowl beat down in ages.

    • H

      I just read Hawkbloggers write up. And it was basically the same take as Rob’s. Recommitment to the identity and a significant improvement overall.

      • C-Dog


    • Pedestrian

      I’m sorry, but Brian Nemhauser is a big time homer. He tends to be more on the optimistic side rather than seeing things as they are. Just my opinion. Otherwise like what he has to say. “A formula that should keep them in nearly every game” Really???

      I agree with you here, Kurt. The sentiment in Seattle seems to be overly optimistic after being overly pessimistic the week prior. Beating a bad team like Dallas does not mean we are suddenly contenders again, and won’t be the case after we beat an even worse team in Arizona.

      Russell Wilson heroics, as Brian put it, is something he excels at. BUT he does not have the weapons. Gone are Tate, Harvin, Graham, Rice, Lynch, etc. What Russel has to work with is Marshall (on his swan song year), Lockette, Brown, Moore (both Brown and Moore are less than proven 7th rounders to this point), Dislly, Carson, and Penny.

      That latter group is hardly proven, all new to the scheme/coaches/QB, and lack explosive traits (compared to their peers at the top of the league). In other words, there just aren’t enough pieces around Wilson to compete. Couple that with the fact Wilson hasn’t exactly been playing his best ball.

      Optimistically, Seahawks finish 8-8
      Realistically, Seahawks finish 6-10
      pessimistically, Seahawks finish 4-12

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t think Brian is a homer. I think he calls it how he sees it, positively or negatively. I don’t always agree with him but I respect him for sticking to his guns and not following a crowd. He says what he truly feels.

        • Pedestrian

          To be clear, I am not saying Brian isn’t knowledgeable. Both you and Brian bring a lot of knowledge/insight to fans about the game, I’m willing to admit, I don’t have.

  34. H

    What a fun time last night was! After such a poor first couple weeks that spurned alot of negativity, im gonna revel in my optimism for a while.
    So last nights big stand outs:

    Carson had over 30 carries (how the hell did he not get gassed??) Dude looked like the bell cow we’ve been waiting for.

    My guy RW reminding everyone that he’s still an elite QB. That throw to Marshall down the sideline was unreal! so long as he’s not hamstrung by terrible playcalling and leaky OLine play he’ll get it done. Especially when complimented with a run game. Hopefully the “Russel Wilson’s not a good pro” crowd will crawl back into the shadows after this one.

    Schotty called a great game, committed to the run, mixed it up fairly well. Good job Schotty, super proud of you!

    Frank Clark made Tyronne Smith look like Bradley Sowell out there, his get off was beastly. Dude could be in line for a big season in a contract year.
    Reed was pretty good too.

    And look, i know Earl’s antics have been childish and you don’t want to reward that behaviour. And i know you’ve been burned by third contracts in the past.
    But guys, just pay the man. He’s just too good to let walk. Him and mcdougald are the strength of this team tight now. Shaq and Tre not playing bad either. LOB 2 is already on the roster, dont break it up. And fwiw T2 fans (myself included) i noticed him out there an awful lot on D so he’s getting his chance to play too.

    So im feeling good about Football again, its rare that my confidence waivers being the eternal optimist that I am. And it did last week. Now lets go to Arizona and beat the crap out of the worst team in the NFL.

  35. AlaskaHawk

    I won’t be able to watch the taped game until Tuesday night = but wanted to join in the celebration.

    Earl balled out, he is way above his usual interception ratio. I had thought that his hands were too beat up to catch balls, but I was wrong on that one. If he plays like that all season I’m going to change my mind and wish for a third contract.

    So I’m just enjoying reading all the analysis and comments until I can watch the game.

    Go Seahawks!

  36. Tecmo Bowl

    This game was a prime example of what PC was saying about Russell Wilson trying to do too much. The last few seasons, without a consistent sometimes nonexistent rushing attack, we’ve become accustomed to Russell the magician. Yesterdays game it was Russell the game manager, and it was this version that ascended the team to a SB title. Don’t get me wrong I love watching RW the magician, but enjoy seeing the Hawks win more.

    Go Hawks!

  37. Gohawks5151

    Good win yesterday. Much of the good things i saw have been discussed already. Carson, Up tempo play, Mcdougald and Earl. Clark and Reed. Fluker. A lot to build on and quite frankly the development of young guys and vets was the most interesting part of this season to me. only thing that irked me was Dickson line driving some punts. 1st home game jitters I’m thinking. Weirdly not mentioned much but I thought Russ had a good day. He is such a creature of habit or OCD that i think it slows him down when he is not comfortable. I think he is starting to come out of uncomfortable things he is feeling with a new offense. Much is made of him needing a run game, but the truth is a run game makes the game easier for all QBs. Also, I continue to say, who is he throwing to? Marshall had some drops, Brown had a TD and vanished, Dissly and Vannett are advantageous. Only Lockett has been kinda consistent. Speaking of, a pretty cool article about Russ over at hawkblogger. Reinforces the things floating around here particularly his pre snap reads, Offensive line and the offensive play calls.

    • Volume12

      Dickson has such a unique punting style and Tavon Austin can be such a weapon in the return game, I wonder if they tried to not kick to him but with the way the ball comes off Dickson’s foot it led to some of what we saw. Might be something he needs to learn or it could’ve very well been home jitters.

    • Volume12

      ‘Marshall had some drops, Brown had a TD and vanished, Dissly and Vannett are advantageous. Only Lockett has been kinda consistent.’

      Everything could change, but right I see pass rusher and a WR as the 2 big needs. Followed by some competition at DB and on the O-line. Still missing that X.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m very much against a WR early. This has never been a team that is very good at featuring a specific WR. I can’t handle weeks of ‘X only got three targets and he was a R1 pick’. It was grinding with Jimmy Graham. They won a Super bowl with Baldwin, Kearse and Tate. I’ll role with something similar.

        • Nick

          Couldn’t agree more. Would be devastated if they went WR in Rd 1 this year. Has to be on the defensive side of the ball IMO.

          • dylanlep

            Yeah if I gleaned anything from the Seahawks during the golden run of 2012-2015 ish – as a fan I way more enjoy a suffocating kick ass defense over a high flying offense. Id like to see us get back to that to the extent that we can – by drafting defense instead of offense.

        • Volumes12

          TBF, hasn’t that been the case with RBs for this team as well? Taken 3 in the first three rounds and all were outplayed by late rounders or UDFAs.

          • Rob Staton

            That’s different though. Very few people complain about those RB’s getting totes. We never stopped hearing about JG’s targets. And they don’t feature WR’s well in this offense.

        • Matt B.

          I wouldn’t mind seeing them take a late round 2nd or 3rd round swing at a WR (assuming they trade down out of the 1st round). It’s such a highly paid position right now and I don’t see us spending what it would take in FA to get a more than another JAG. They won’t hit on every one (Darboh), but when Dougie’s gone it’s noticeable that we don’t have enough depth. I had a lot higher hopes for Marshall but the drops were pretty rough and he’s definitely not a long term solution. We could really use another possession WR, almost makes me miss Kearse. I’d also like to see them give Moore some additional playing time and see what he can contribute.

          • Rob Staton

            I’d rather them build up the front seven on defense.

  38. nowa9500

    It is exciting to see a win. And I appreciate the Seahawks sticking to their values. I worry about our passing offense moving forward. We mostly passed in predictable situations. I would like to see a little more play action sprinkled in. It would also be nice to see the Seahawks be good at the thing (running) they’re going to do 40 times a game.

    • Rob Staton

      We need to get out of the habit of judging whether something is ‘good’ or ‘works’ based on a box score or spreadsheet.

      • nowa9500

        You make a great point! I am curious you feel like the Seahawks had a ‘good’ running performance yesterday? What should I like at when trying to determine that? Are you worried that yesterday might encourage them run more than they should? I love the win, but if it weren’t for some miraculous turnovers, our offensive complacency might have come back to bite us as the Cowboys had a comeback in the works.

        • Rob Staton

          I thought they committed to the run and it helped them win.

          Simple as that and no need to over analyse it.

      • FresnoHawk

        If we’re getting important 1st downs by running and you see defensive players being helped off the field after our running plays, that’s when you know we are having a good running performance IMO.

        • Mark Souza

          And moreover, I don’t care about yards/carry. If you stick with the run and when you fake a hand-off it freezes the D-line and brings the LBs closer to the line, then it’s worth it.

  39. SB~2013

    Rob – I was wondering if you could write an article on what you might do if you were the GM over the next 3 years or so. thx

    • Rob Staton

      I’d look to build a fantastic D-line.

      • Hawk Eye

        D line for days
        great D line covers up a lot of other defects

        • Matt B.

          Good D-Lines are wonderful, although with the way that roughing the passer is being called, the advantage of having a great D-Line might not be the same as it used to.


      Not a bad idea.

  40. Volume12

    One of my favorite, LOL moments yesterday was Seattle calling a TO and coming outta that TO with 12 men on the field. That’s galaxy brain stuff.

    • mishima

      That was cherry. Also loved Hunt baiting knucklehead Gregory.

  41. clbradley17

    I get PFF’s free weekly e-mail, and today contained it’s first mock draft, with us at pick #8 taking DT Ed Oliver of Houston. Need to scroll down past the ads to see it.

    If we are early in the draft as they predict, would you prefer us to take DT Oliver from what you’ve seen so far, or one of the other defensive lineman they have a few picks later, Dexter Lawrence of Clemson at 10, Quinnen Williams of Alabama at 15 or Dre’mont Jones of Ohio State at 16, or someone else – Rob, anyone?

    • Rob Staton

      Ed Oliver is a strange one. Very quick, looks like a monster when he gets running. Not sure he can play inside/out though. You have to believe he can play early downs to go that early. Will be the talking point in many scouting rooms. Terrific talent but will warrant a lot of analysis.

      It’s a horrible mock IMO. Quite dreadful. But in this unlikely scenario, and it’s still very early, I’d be looking at Clelin Ferrell or Oliver.

      • Gohawks5151

        I like Oliver a lot. Sometimes it is hard to judge the lower FBS teams competition wise. I don’t know who they have on their schedule. I do think he can play inside/outside. He is a size, weight, speed clone of Solomon Thomas. I think he could be better. Coaching makes a lot of difference and i think Clint Hurtt is a real good one. Assuming we get some more picks i’d like to double dip and get Gerald Willis from Miami. No Ferrell torpedos this drafts cred.

        • Rob Staton

          We saw more range from Thomas — and I think Solomon was more explosive than quick (while Oliver is the reverse). Really not sold on Oliver playing end and worry about him inside vs the run. He’s very good but these are doubts that are legit and nobody talks about them.

          • Mark Souza

            I watched a couple of Houston games last year, specifically to gauge Oliver. He has the size, strength and speed you’d like to see, however, the red flag for me was he didn’t dominate, and this was against smaller schools. If you are truly an NFL prospect playing at that low level of competition in college, you should utterly dominate and he didn’t. He seemed to disappear for most of the game.

            • Rob Staton

              He’s very, very quick. Is he explosive and powerful and stout? Not sure. He’s good but the next level is unforgiving. And he’s not a big dude.

    • SoCal12

      Wow they don’t even have Clelin Ferrell in the first round? What the hell even is this mock?

    • Volume12

      Williams and Dre’Mont are awesome, but Brian Burns or Raekwon Davis.


    Great win.

    Re: Earl, I posted this in the soap opera thread:

    September 24, 2018 at 9:50 am
    Throughout this process the team has continued to protect the relationship to the player. Pete never throws people under the bus, and his comments like, “we want him here forever” suggested — to me — that in some scenario the team has a price its willing to commit to Earl if he accepts it. It was reported that the Seahawks were willing to waive his fines for holding out when he finally reported, and even his teammates were defending him (publicly, who knows how they really feel) to the media after the game.

    Altogether, this suggests to me that the team envisioned a slim chance that Earl could be brought back on another contract once they take care of Frank Clark. They did nothing to burn the bridge, and in fact, worked to put out all the fires as graciously (I think too graciously) as possible.

    I think this latest incident regarding practice not only proves that a future contract isn’t possible, but also now that it SHOULDN’T be possible.

    When the going gets tough, can you count on Earl to work hard for his teammates? Can you count on him to be a professional? He’s no more than a hired gun at this point in his professional life, and I think that every other organization should take notice. Signing him means perhaps two years of bliss, followed by acrimony. That’s likely enough for some lucky team in a super bowl window, offering guarantees for only two seasons.

    But that ship has officially sailed here.

    As such, it’s time to stop pampering him. We’ll gain nothing by shielding him from his own actions. It’s time to collect the holdout money, and it’s time to impose fines and discipline for his actions. In short, it’s time to treat him like an employee. Catering to a diva only makes sense if you are courting them; assuaging the relationship because you need it to go well in the future.

    By now that is impossible. Not just unlikely anymore — impossible. You can never trust Earl Thomas in this organization again, Super Bowl ring and Ring of Honor notwithstanding, he cannot be offered guaranteed money here moving forward. As crazy as it is to say this: he hasn’t earned it. He hasn’t earned the trust. That used to be true, but it isn’t now.

    He also cannot be allowed to leave on his terms.

    That would empower and vindicate his actions, and at this point it’s about organizational control. Pete and John need to reestablish who is in charge and who plays for whom.

    People may not like to hear this, but letting Earl go to Dallas of all places for less than your stated price would be devastating to the concept of organizational control at the top. It can’t happen. That’s a loss. A big loss. Not in draft capital; not in All-Pro players; in belief in the coach and organization.

    This isn’t about Earl Thomas anymore. It’s not even about the draft next year. To me, the main casualty are the 53 other players on this roster. They need to see strength and conviction at the top.

    It’s a zero sum game now.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      I’m reposting my response to your post in the last thread which was ‘So Keeping it Real’.

      When I didn’t see my response to this post initially I thought Rob had erased my comment and was thinking ‘what did I say now’?



      – 29

      Hear Hear, LLLOGOSSS!

      Damn Fine Post and very well Worded.

      Earl Thomas did it to himself, he did, and that’s why it really hurts. He did it to himself, just him. Him and no one else, He did it to himself.

      He did it to himself, his self.


      Go Team First !

  43. Paul

    Listening to Pete on Brock and Salk this morning, his fundatmental philosophy is evident in how the team is dealing with Earl. Basically, it’s unconditional positivity and support for his players – always.

    I would have sat Earl given his latest nonsense – me first, not team first. My coach always used to say; “one bad team player will ruin the best team ever put together.” But Pete’s is a collaborator, not a top down leader. Fascinating to see how it plays out. I’m pulling for him; it is a genuinely radical approach in my view.


    I agree that this mock draft is bad, Bosa should be 1st and Ferrell isn’t to be seen in the top half, even though he’s probably the 2nd best DE.

    • Volume12

      PFF doesn’t have a stat guy in the 1st? Wow!

      Great run defender, powerful, show me some flexibility.

    • Volume12

      He’s absolutely a 1st rounder though. Am 100% shocked that PFF doesn’t have one of the nation’s sack leaders in the 1st.

  45. john_s

    Listening to Pete Carroll show on 710.

    Interesting note about Carson, Pete said that he looked over at Carson in the 1st quarter 4-5 carries in and he was gassed. Pete said nope not going with you this time you’re staying in.

    • Aaron

      Why does Carson get gassed so easily? Thoughts?

      • Hawk Eye

        he looks to be in good physical condition, and a hard worker, but he may have some sort of condition like undersized lungs.

        Wayne Gretzky was one of the worst physical testers in the NHL, except that he had exceptional lung capacity, which allowed him to play longer and not get tired. And he had a little hockey sense too.
        Stands to reason that some guys will be at the opposite end of that spectrum also.

        or maybe the “gassed” thing is being overblown

  46. Pedestrian


    How is the WR class shaping up in your opinion? I know they will be looking to add a player there with Marshall leaving after the season.

    • Rob Staton

      Not great at all.

  47. Volume12

    Dolphins DE William Hayes’ season is over due to trying not to put his weight on QB Derrick Carr when sacking him. I guess he got his foot caught in the ground?

    Gotta wonder if the NFL didn’t know that defenders could get hurt with this stupid rule or did they not care?

    • C-Dog

      Almost unwatchable. Guys are tapping QB’s in the chest and are getting flagged. Even QBs are saying that this is stupid.

  48. Nathan

    Trade to Atlanta maybe with both safeties gone for season?

    As we know, those super bowl windows don’t gently close, they slam shut.

    • cha

      For what it’s worth, Dan Quinn said they won’t be looking at a trade or even FA help to fill their holes at safety.

      • Matt B.

        You’re not going to give up a 2nd and a 3rd for a 1 year rental at Safety when you’ve got guys that will be coming back next year that are your franchise guys.

  49. STTBM

    Well well…Carroll stopped micromanaging the offense, and Lo! It worked! I stand by my criticism of the staff through two games–the players win tha those games with 90% of the coaches/staff in the league. But there is now hope where I saw none, and boy, am I glad to be wrong!

    After watching Clark be nearly invisible more than 90% of the time through two games, I’m still wary of paying him what he wants. More consistent pressure is needed.

    Told ya Tyler Lockett was a star waiting for his qb and coach to catch up.

    The big runs to Zeke are a real concern; do that with a great qb playing you and it’s a sure loss.

    Trade Earl to the Bills for whatever they’ll give, with the promise they’ll tag him too!

    • cha

      “After watching Clark be nearly invisible more than 90% of the time through two games, I’m still wary of paying him what he wants. More consistent pressure is needed.”

      Huh? 3 sacks in 3 games and 6 tackles. He’s way ahead of his career pace. And without Bennett, Avril and Sheldon Richardson drawing any double teams.

      Hawks are correct to be prioritizing him over Earl. He’s out there getting it.

      • Hawktalker#1

        ET is on pace for a career season. Currently rated by some as the #1 safety in the NFL. So he’s not out there “getting it”?

        • cha

          I was referencing the reports that the Hawks have prioritized Clark over ET as far as an extension goes.

          You can speculate on the Hawks’ motives but Clark is younger, more likely to outproduce ET on his next contract, and pass rush is more of a premium position than safety.

    • C-Dog

      Clark has had a sack in each game and is on pace for a 16 sack season. He also gave the business to Zeke on a few occasions. I don’t think that’s invisible.

      • STTBM

        I said Clarl was invisible through the first TWO games. Didn’t watch the Dallas game yet. But while 3 sacks in 3 games is good on the stat sheet, his performance overall has been less so. I’d rather have a bunch of hurries than a lone sack. Disrupting the qb regularly is far mor valuable than a sack. Perhaps Clark steps it up and becomes more consistent; to me, even if he continues to get a sack a game, he’s far less impactful to the game than Chris Clemons was. Hopefully he builds off this last game…

        • cha

          Clark hurried Trubisky into bad throws several times in the Chicago game.

        • John_s


          Here are some players who have 11 pressures on the season to date, per SportRadar:
          -Frank Clark
          -Demarcus Lawrence
          -Sheldon Richardson

          Only 6 players have more than 11

  50. Trevor

    These roughing the passer penalties are getting ridiculous. Why not just put some flags on the QBs and make sacking the QB flag football.

  51. Hawk Eye

    Looks like Fitzmagic ran out of magic potion. Just like his last 6 stops…..
    although he is getting close to the Peterman prize for first half ints.

    • john_s

      He showed up in the 2nd half. The interceptions in the first half were not all his fault. I wish he tried to force the ball to Mike Evans in the redzone though.

      • SeaHusky

        He was pressured at like a 14% clip in the first two games and then got blasted at something like 42% against the Steelers. He’s playing like a starter lol, and I want the train to keep rolling as long as possible. The league is better when stories like Fitzmagic are around.

        • SwissHawk

          I agree…we all know how this probably ends but it’s great tv in the meantime.

    • 80SLargent

      Yeah, love him or hate him, how many other back up QBs are able to come in and play as well as he has?

      • Hawk Eye

        i like him, he is a talented journeyman who can win a few games for you.
        But he can have these hot stretches where he is amazing and then he falls back to earth quickly.
        he is better than a back up, but not good enough to be a consistent winning starter.
        The media falls in love and then the warts appear, he is in kind of a qb purgatory.
        But I give him credit, he came back in this game and almost pulled it out.
        He is certainly a better leader than Jameis, will be watching to see how that plays out

  52. coach

    Did you see this on What would you think of Earl and a rb for Bell? Go Hawks!

    Seattle Seahawks: This sounds improbable, because the Seahawks just drafted Rashaad Penny in the first round, but a deal involving Earl Thomas (and a runner?) going to the Steelers for Bell actually makes sense for both sides. The Seahawks are not afraid to make bold trades — see Jimmy Graham, Percy Harvin, Duane Brown and Sheldon Richardson. They obviously value the running game more than most teams, and Seattle desperately needs some playmakers that can create on their own. This is an organization that takes big swings, and obtaining Bell fits with that mindset.

    • Georgia Hawk

      I dont see how this helps the Hawks specifically, but really it does nothing for either team. Trading one year rentals and/or high end contracts does nothing to help the situation the Hawks are trying to preserve.Tthey want cap flexibility and/or draft picks. They just spent a 1 on Penny, which means Carson is the “traded” RB in this scenario. By trading him away, we give up the 3 years of cheap control left for 13 games of holding out, just from a different position, only so we can stash the 1st rounder on the bench even longer. If they were to work an extension with Bell, you’re talking closing in on $20m/yr dedicated to two RBs. Thats insane in today’s cap.

      I’m sorry, none of this makes sense to me on any level. Seems like the writer at just came up with this to get clicks based on the names.

    • C-Dog

      It sounds nutziod, and highly unlikely, but there is precedent in Seattle for crazy trades like this.

      If I were GM and looking at a player for player trade and sign situation, I would be more inclined to pursue an Earl for Grady Jarrett with Atlanta.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      That deal is lateral at best. Hard pass. Our RB core is set up for 3+years. There’s no reason to mess with that.

      • Volume12

        This ain’t it. That’s a terrible deal.

    • Rob Staton

      Why would we trade for Bell?

      And why would he play for Seattle without a huge new deal?

  53. Isaac

    Can anyone give me some insight on how Joey hunt played? It seemed like the line played far better with Brown, Sweezy, hunt, Fluker, ifedi starting. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    • C-Dog

      Wasn’t glued on the center, but I thought Hunt played pretty well. Dave Wyman was giving him a lot of love post game saying how smart and steady he is, that he might be the smartest guy on the team in recognizing how the defense is scheming and then adjusting. Interesting stuff.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      You never heard his name called until he goaded Randy into a penalty, so that’s always a good thing for a lineman. Seemed to control the line pretty well too. I’ve never really understood the “too small” knock on him. Dude weighs 300 pounds (give or take a couple). The average center is just a little over 300 pounds so he’s not far off.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Hunt played really well and deserves a lot of credit, as does the entire OL. Solid positional blocker, who fights and stays in front of his man. Not a mauler but a C doesn’t really need to be if they can anchor well. Blitzes were consistently diagnosed and protected accordingly. Dallas’ DT core lacks talent, but their edge pair of DLaw and Taco were largely held in check too…

      Ifedi made a huge leap forward in week 3. Matched up with DLaw he fought all game. The one sack was not Ifedi’s fault at all. FLaw got took a nasty chip from Mike Davis, which pin balled him into Fluker knocking him over. DLaw then had a clear path to Russell. The difference between the 2 elite edge rushers we faced in Miller and Mack, and a DLaw is huge. Now its Chandler Jones, we’ll see how consistent Ifedi can be.

      This game highlighted improved playcalling and design. The mix of zone and power run blocking made a difference as well. Sweezy looked comfortable pulling on traps and power runs. Was happy to see less empty set on 3rd/short, which begs for a blitz. Carson is a 3 down RB. The defense needs to respect that growing threat, and I think Schotty is coming to that realization as well.

      Go Hawks!

    • cha

      The focus of the tweet was Ifedi but my eye kept driving to watch Hunt. Looks very solid.

  54. H

    So… who’s excited about Nick Bosa in San Francisco next season???

    • Bigten

      Speaking of Bosa, Rob, do you think that if he does not return for the rest of the college season, he may drop a little (at least not #1 overall) due to a sort of recency bias in favor of other players?

      • Rob Staton

        I doubt it. It’s a minor injury. Worst case for Bosa is top-five instead of #1.

    • Rob Staton

      Let’s not go there…

  55. Volume12

    Why is Miami DT Gerald Willis not getting more national love? They’ve played 16 quarters of football and he already has 10 TFL. He’s dominant.

    • Gohawks5151

      I mentioned him above as well. Got some trouble on his record I guess. That and Miami is not loving up to expectations I think. Agreed. If he survived to the late 2nd or early 3rd I think would be ideal for Seattle draft needs. I would take him earlier personally. He’s a beast

  56. Largent80

    It’s no coincidence that the O-line looked better. Couple of factors….Fluker and RW getting the ball out a LOT quicker. Only 2 sacks allowed and not a lot of pressures. Part of that was also the play calling. Our WR’s need to start getting separation. Missing Baldwin really hurts.

    At this point we certainly have to be happy with the way the defense is currently playing. That pass rush was pretty decent. Reed was going off in the middle, but the run D seemed a little soft in the middle and they were without their all pro center.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they went a bit too vanilla at the end, dropped an extra man in coverage and that led to some of the bigger runs. I think Seattle thought Dallas would have to throw and they didn’t… they gave the ball to Zeke. So not too worried there. It’s unusual to run in that situation when you’re chasing the game. I was more encouraged that we bottled up their run game early when it was tight.

  57. SB~2013

    I think with a top 12 pick and a lot of cap space we should be able to stack our d-line next year.

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