Instant reaction: Seahawks thump Cardinals, move to 11-4

In what was dubbed the biggest regular season game in Cardinals history, they were given a spanking. An absolute spanking.

We have seen magic tonight by the Seattle Seahawks” — Cris Collinsworth

Penalties kept it close for a while — and several uncharacteristic misses by Steven Hauschka. In fact that’s pretty much the only negative tonight. How will Hauschka respond? Green Bay kicker Mason Crosby had a night like this once and it spiraled out of control. Is he the type to put it behind him quickly? Who knows. We’ve never needed to ask that question before given his success-rate in Seattle.

Apart from the missed field goals it was just a magnificent display from the NFL’s true top dogs. They’ve fought through the drama. They’re united. And they’re ready for January.

Final score: 35-6

— Russell Wilson was the ultimate playmaker on just an incredible night. He will be a $100m quarterback in the off-season and Seattle can celebrate that fact with gusto.

— Let’s all plead with the Seahawks front office — don’t cut Marshawn Lynch. Keep him. Pay him. Enjoy him. Enough said.

— The offensive line — minus Russell Okung and Max Unger — was superb. For the most part they kept Wilson clean (one sack conceded) and pushed around a formidable Cardinals D-line in the run game. Justin Britt had a much improved performance which is encouraging. In fact he was excellent on first viewing. Alvin Bailey just looked so comfortable on the left side in relief of Okung. They took Lemuel Jeanpierre out as a backup to the injured J.R. Sweezy but he wasn’t needed. Patrick Lewis who did start at center was unnoticeable — which means he played well. Anyone who doubts Tom Cable should always come back to this game to see what a brilliant coach he is. Remember, this is a Cardinals defense that has destroyed so many teams this year.

— You could list the penalty issue as a negative. But this is Seattle under Pete Carroll. They’ve always been penalized. The best teams just get more penalties for some reason. There were some real bonehead flags today (Michael Bennett’s back-to-back offsides) but it didn’t impact the game with the Seahawks dominating so much.

— Luke Willson has everything you want from a playmaking tight end — apart from consistent hands. Today he schooled Larry Foote. If the Seahawks can get him in mismatch situations like this he’ll make more plays. He’s a potential X-factor and a big play artist even if he isn’t Mr. Reliable and the orthodox reliable possession receiver with size they need (and want).

— We’ve talked about Michael Bennett a lot over the last few games. He is legitimately playing as well as any defensive lineman in the league not named J.J. Watt. Tonight he chewed up double teams to allow other linemen to run free. Arizona picked their poison and chose to try and stop Bennett but they couldn’t stop the Seahawks as a unit. He got a sack with three minutes to go and it was thoroughly deserved.

— Jordan Hill has five sacks in his last five games.

— The Seahawks had 596 total yards (a franchise record) compared to Arizona’s 216. The defense now leads the league in yardage and scoring. Only three teams have done that back-to-back in NFL history, including the ’85 Bears. This is a defense for the ages.

— Pete Carroll has lot one game in prime time since arriving in Seattle. One game in five seasons.

A victory against Shaun Hill and the Rams next week will secure the NFC West title and homefield advantage (unless Green Bay and Detroit tie). The Pete Carroll Seahawks are playing as well as they ever have. What a scary thought for the rest of the league.


  1. David

    im not complaining but kind of confused. did anyone notice the placement of the ball after haush’s kicks? when he kicked his 50,52 and 47. the LOS for the hawks would be the 32,34,29 correct? but it seemed the Cards would get the ball around the 40 i just imagining things or what? thanks in advance if anyone else noticed this. again good win! and onto next week! woohoo! GO HAWKS!

    • Philip

      After a missed field goal attempt, the opposition takes over where the kick was spotted, not the previous line of scrimmage. So the Cardinals would have taken over seven yards ahead of where you were anticipating.

    • Corey

      On a missed FG the ball is given to the other team at the spot where the kick was attempted from.

      • David

        Wow really? i always thought the LOS was where it was. but alright makes sense. thanks guys.

        • Geoff U

          That’s the way it used to be. They changed it to the spot of the kick sometime in the 90’s. NCAA still spots it at the line of scrimmage.

  2. Forrest

    I don’t see them losing to anyone if they have home field advantage. Also, playing at Arizona is reminiscent of the game last year (at Giants)…could be considered a good omen.

    • Matt


  3. Cysco

    What a win. When things are clicking on offense, this team is unbeatable.

    I have no idea what’s up with Lynch and the FO, but going from the elation after his run to seeing Michael Robinson’s tweet was just a gut punch. How can you part with the heart of your offense?

    Not sure how to imbed tweets, but right after the run Robinson tweets “Enjoy it while you can!”

    • Beanhawk

      Yeah. The Seahawks’ willingness or unwillingness to pay Marshawn Lynch next year may be a moot point. If he does go though, it would be nice to send him out as a back-to-back champ!

    • Arias

      I wouldn’t read too much into mrob’s tweet because seriously, how could he possibly know what’s truly up? He’s Marshawn’s best friend, not management. He has no idea what their current thinking is.

      It sounded to me like maybe management had come to a conclusion like that but had backed off somewhat given some of the statements made to the press by Pete about a month ago. And since he’s the one that has final say I’m not sure how mrob could possibly know.

    • John_s

      What if MRob means that Marshawns back is so bad that Marshawn decides to hang it up?

      There’s so much we don’t know at this point.

      Enjoy the ride and worry about next year on Feb 2

    • CestrianHawk

      An equally valid interpretation of the tweet, and indeed all the goings-on this season, is that Lynch has already decided that (for medical reasons) this will be his last season playing. If this were true then I imagine that PC/JS would also be a party to this situation.

      • Volume 12

        Sometimes as fans I think we read too much into things. Could he of just meant’ enjoy it while you can,’ because Lynch won’t play forever and may not be here beyond a couple or few years? He also could of meant that with injuries and everything else you really don’t know what tomorrow may bring. Look at MRob, I’d imagine he didn’t think he’d be retired already.

        • David M2

          Agreed Volume 12.

          I think folks are just overly sensitive because of the all the media drama that has surrounded Seattle and Lynch this year with all of the fallout over Harvin.

          IMHO, Bobby Wagner and Russell Wilson are the next priorities, but the Hawks will have enough cap space to work out a front end loaded deal that keeps Lynch with the team over the next 2 or 3 years.

          Essentially, Irvin is under contract for the next two years because of his 5th year option. Okung, maybe a priority, but with Alvin Bailey playing well, will they reward Okung with a big contract? (He may be priced out).

          If Lynch and the Hawks do sadly part ways though, RB will be a high priority in the draft. I think drafting depth for the OL is a priority too. With a few comp picks coming our way let’s also find a big target for Russell Wilson in the 3rd or 4th.

          Rob, your thoughts?

          • Rob Staton

            I wonder whether Lynch is ready to call it a day. For health reasons if nothing else. In fact I’d lean that way as a likely outcome at this stage. Which is a shame but also so Marshawn Lynch. Leave everyone wanting more and ride off into the sunset. It would make running back potentially Seattle’s biggest need in the off-season IMO.

            • Chris J

              I think you may be right. I can’t help thinking back to when i first started watching the Hawks when Shaun Alexander was at the peak of his game. Got his new contract but unfortuantely for all his body just couldn’t continue at the pace it was. Lynch is a whole different character but he can only take so much punishment.

  4. Tj

    Gotta love how dominant the Hawks were today, on all phases. Offense blowing out one of the best defenses, Kam smashing people on defense, and our dline causing havoc. Can you imagine, back to back super bowl champs? Man how sweet that would be.

  5. Beanhawk

    I must admit being really impressed with Alvin Bailey. Whether or not Bailey is the long-term answer at left tackle is unclear, but it does put Okung’s long-term future (I know he signed next year) into jeopardy. At the very least he could provide a decent fallback option should Okung’s cost get too high.

  6. lyon

    Remember when people were asking if we should sign Russell to that $100mil deal? And yes please please please solve your issues with Marshawn FO.

    • Johnny

      I was one of the pundits who argued that Wilson should garner slightly less because he hadn’t proved he can consistently deliver an accurate ball from inside the pocket. No longer. The balls he delivered tonight were perfect; touch, accuracy, velocity- all of the boxes were checked. While I would love to see the passing offense revolve primarily around Wilson passing from the pocket, I think he proved his ability tonight.

      • Jake

        Russell COULD be a pocket passer, but why limit his skills? He can do things no other QB can do.

        He can let the team keep a low cost OL full of very good run blockers with subpar pass blocking skill.
        He can let the team have low cost WRs that block well and are capable of winning one on one’s occasionally.
        Most of all, he can let the team pay their defensive players who keep the opponent from scoring much. End result: The team rarely have to rely on pass blocking or WRs – but when they do, Russell makes them look good.

  7. JeffC

    Absolutely no complaints. Too bad about simon. I’m sure they’ll IR him Monday or Tuesday. Now beat the rams and get the first postseason week off.

    • Arias

      What makes you think the injury is that serious? All I read was that his shoulder was poured back in by trainers after the game.

      • Arias

        popped back.

        • Jon

          dislocated shoulder. Could be to IR, could be a few weeks out depending on what damage actually occurred.

          • JeffC

            A lot will depend on how far it got popped out. A lot of people probably have seen too many riddick films where he pops it out at will to escape capture and never is affected by it. Tendons get pulled and after it’s jammed back in there will likely be severe swelling, tissue damage, and painful inflammation. I still have to account for it to this day.

            I hope it wasn’t severe when he came down on it, as it appeared he almost came down square on his ass then grabbed at his arm. With my injury, I got slung at an angle with ninety lbs of dead weight ripping on the shoulder. I’m hoping his wasn’t so severe. Either way, I’d be shocked if his season didn’t end.

      • JeffC

        The way he was holding his arm. I had the same injury two years ago descending Everest. Didn’t get full mobility for five months. Of course, he’s a twenty something and could have miraculous healing powers, but i wouldn’t count on it.

  8. Ed

    Best our line has played ((without Unger or Okung)I know we disagree Rob)).

    Wilson to Wilson opened up the outside.

    Richardson can play. He catches everything.

    I was a bit perplexed why we tried those long fieldgoals (even if Haush was making them). We would have given up 0 if we don’t give them good field position both times. Rethink going forward Pete, punt and pin them.

    Go Hawks

    • JeffC

      It seems a mystery why Pete wouldn’t let hauschka kick one last week before half and then kept trying them this week, but he picked a good time to have a bad game

  9. AlaskaHawk

    A really nice win. Wilson to Willson for a touchdown has a nice ring to it. Nice to see the offence get going with 3 subs in the line. Against a good defense. That guy lynch played okay too! Hah Sherman what are you doing letting that guy catch the ball over you? You had position. Double hah, nice interception later in the game.

  10. Matt

    Check out Petes post game press conference. When he talk about MARSHAWN and why he didn’t play the first quarter he starts stuttering and then finishes it off with a nice big gulp. Stomach issues my ass. It’s a shame that these problems are going on, but luckily it doesn’t seem to be affecting our play. I find it hard to believe that the great and totally unique MARSHAWN comes back next year, but like beanhawk said above, let’s send him away being a back to back champ!!! Go Hawks, we are rolling and everyone better get out the way

    • Phil

      At the game, I noticed Marshawn leave the pregame warmups and run back into the tunnel by himself while everyone else was still doing their pregame drills. At the time, I thought maybe he had tweaked something. On the other hand, maybe he was ticked off about something.

    • Arias

      What are you trying to say? That Pete was lying? NFL highlights of the game show him puking into a garbage can on the sidelines. Whatever problems might out might not be going on, Marshawn is not Percy Harvin. He’s not going to refuse to go into the game. He’s a team guy and doing that would be Leung his teammates down.

    • Bill Bobagins

      I was at the game. Marshawn was puking on the sideline and everyone saw it.

    • Nathan

      I don’t think it’s a co incidence that 2 big contracts were handed out to other players this week.

      • Dregur

        So Marshawn got sick because of those contracts? Okay.

  11. Michael M.

    Small pet peeve of mine:

    The Roman numeral M is equal to 1,000 so…

    $100M = $100,000

    $100MM = $100,000,000

    It’s really just nitpicking, and everyone knows what you mean anyway, but still, better to get it right. Great work as always Rob. So glad you’re a ‘Hawks fan on such a glorious night to be one! It’s all lining up the way we hoped.

    • Grant G

      M is a standard international metric abbreviations for million. It’s commonly used in just the fashion Rob has, although in journalism its use is dependent on which style guide a publication follows (AP, Chicago, etc.)

      • Michael M.

        Ah, metric. It’s really too bad that the US never had the balls to go through with converting over to it. Maybe you would be right if Rob had used a capital “M” which I guess would act like the prefix “Mega” which is million. If, as you say, it’s commonly used in just the fashion Rob has ($100m – lowercase), then according to the prefix “milli” Russell Wilson is looking forward to a nice fat ten cent paycheck…

    • shams

      M is for million. It would be kind of badass if we used Roman numerals that way but we don’t.

  12. Colin

    AZ talked the talk and couldn’t walk the walk. What a sorry ass performance. You couldn’t ask a better performance on offense and defense. Simply outstanding.

    • neil

      remember the Cardinals were playing with a 3rd string qb. If Palmer had played it would have been a closer game.

  13. Phil

    Just left the stadium which was packed with Seahawk fans. Really great to see young guys stepping up. Jordan Hill was so quick off the ball and so powerful that he was eating up double team blocks. PRich had a big catch where he ran straight back to a scrambling RW. Willson showed really good speed and some impressive hops.

    Great to see the Cardinals fans leaving the nest in the middle of the 4th qtr.

    First time to a game in AZ. Nice venue — hope to return for another game in February!

    • seaspunj

      Jordan Hill looks like a solid contributor for the D Lines for years to come. I am happy to see him develop and play so effectively. I was concerned with Mebane out for the season but the D Line has held up well. Here’s hoping Hill can keep this up for the playoff run!

      • Nathan

        Is Mebane definitely gone for the year?

        Remember we still had a lot of work to do just to make the playoffs when that announcement was made.

        There’s another 6 weeks before the big dance, and it was 5 weeks ago that he did the injury.

        • Rob Staton

          I believe Mebane was put on I.R.

  14. CC

    Well Haush got all of his misses out for the year in this game! Crazy, but I’d rather have it happen now, than later.

    I love Marshawn and I agree – we absolutely have to keep him around next year. He’s under contract, so let him play it out and we’ll go from here. One of the best runs ever – ’bout that action, boss!

    • JeffC

      I guess we’ll have to wait and see but we need him and he needs us. What a public relations nightmare for the front office if they choose to part ways. I’m guessing that if someone leaves it will be marshawns choice not the other way around.

      • Jake

        Let me preface this with a personal note: Marshawn is my favorite player, I have his jersey and tell everyone that asks which jersey they should get that they should get a 24, even if he might be gone after this year. But, I wouldn’t say we NEED him. I’m not suggesting that Turbin and Michael could REPLACE him, but their production would likely be able to replace his production. It’s cold, and I LOVE Marshawn, but its true. On Sunday, Turbin looked very good. Michael and Turbin had more success than Marshawn in the game, until Beast Quake 2 happened. It won’t be as much fun, but Michael’s so explosive he might have taken that ball up the gut and just beat everyone to the endzone, no “baby stiff arms” needed.

  15. mrpeapants

    no complaints here. we looked awesome! anyone notice lynch doing his same td dive that he did in beast quake 1. awesome. thought cm looked good till the fumble. hes got the talent. turbin showed up tonight too and ran hard and seemed faster tonight. great game, am sooo happy! go hawks

  16. Connor Jackson

    Probably the most fun I’ve had watching a Seahawks game all year.
    Just one thing that bugged me other then Hausch’s off night & all of the presnap penalties…

    C-Mike fumbled the ball yet again and I don’t think the 2nd rd. Talent is going to stick on a Pete Carroll led football team where a key principle is to protect the football. Its really frustrating and honestly quite a bummer.

    • Dawgma

      He also dances and takes negative plays all the damn time. What a waste of a a cond round pick.

      • Radman

        he’s averaging almost 5 yards per carry in all of 51 attempts for his career. To say he takes negative plays all the damn time is pretty absurd.

        I thought C Mike ran tough and showed his explosiveness yet again.

        • Volume 12

          Absolutely agree Redman. The kid has that rare ability where every time he touches the ball he can take it the distance or make a big play. His problem may just be that he makes one too many cuts. Once he figures out how to plant his foot in the ground and get upfield, we’ll all see why they took him in the 2nd rd.

          • Radman

            yep. Running backs are very stylistic. Every one of them has his own style, or instincts.

            C-mike has a style that is probably never going to change. He’ll probably always be a multiple cut, slashing and darting runner. I’m ok with that. Everything I see shows me he’s tough and explosive. He’ll lay a hit on a defender and he can also jump/juke with the best of them. He’ll probably never be a one cut type. I think that’s ok. The first cut is the most important, anyway.

            • DakotaHawk

              C-mike is very limited. He can only run to the right. He can’t hold the ball on his left side. I think the only run he ran to his left against Arizona he fumbled. Defense’s will figure it out.

              • Volume 12

                That’s something they’ll continue to work on him with. Indiana HB Tevin Coleman has the same problem and the kid is getting top 50 buzz right now. You’ll take your lumps and flaws when it comes to these types of backs.

                • Radman

                  yeah. I just can’t believe this front office would spend a second round pick on a dude who physically cannot run to his right and can’t hold the ball with his left hand.

                  • Connor Jackson

                    I like C-Mike and his explosiveness don’t get me wrong guys. I just fear that Coach Pete won’t have much more patience with the fumbles. I don’t know I hope I’m wrong because I’d love to see the guy blossom into a real x-factor on this team.

        • Meat

          Agreed. 51 attempts the entire season and still almost averaging 5 ypc is great. So little time touching the ball I would expect lower ypc. Also for anyone to state he is a wasted pic probably said the same about Irvin…now look.

          • Connor Jackson

            Haha again this has nothing to do with ypc, his playmaking ability, or any of that. He just always seems to put the ball on the ground and that is something that makes Pete want to pull his hair out. Having said that, I hope they keep him and he becomes a star because I see that kind of playmaking ability in the dude.

  17. PatrickH

    Man, I thought I would never see something similar to the BeastQuake run again in my life. It’s fantastic to see that run tonight! Also, it’s funny to see all the 12s there in the stadium. I guess the Cardinals don’t have enough local fans to sell out their stadium?

    • Phil

      I think most 12s bought their tickets from Cardinal fans early in the season — before they knew how good their season was going to be. Even then, we paid quite a premium on the ticketmaster resell site.

  18. CC

    I have been tough on the O line and on Bevell’s play calling, but tonight both were very good. I think it helped that Russell was getting the ball out quickly. But, I’m happy to say that the play calling and line play was much better – and better than I expected. Well done guys, well done!

  19. Adog

    Bailey reminds me of Larry Allen the great gaurd/tackle who played for the cowboys. What I see is a big guy with twinkle toes. His footwork is exceptional. It allows him to seal off the edge, and pivot that size to the inside with ease.

    • Radman

      yep. At this point I think Bailey is just as agile as Okung, who in my eyes, is nowhere near what he used to be pre-injuries. Whatever specialness that Okung had as an athlete has left him, at this point. Maybe he’ll get it back, but I think his injuries have changed him.

  20. Arias

    Watching Luke Willson made me wonder why he hadn’t been used more as the big red zone target they’ve been trying to find. The dude is 6’5″, isn’t he exactly
    what they’ve been looking elsewhere to find? Yes he’s had an inconsistent season, but so has Coby Fleener who it could be argued has a much worse set of hands, yet they tried to trade for him. Maybe they’ve tried to use him in the red zone and he’s been invisible? But I seem to recall times where they should have tried to use him to take their shot with a designed play for him, with the KC game coming immediately to mind and the failed non called Baldwin being the target against a corner four inches taller than him. Russ doesn’t seem to target him in the red zone in spite of his height.

    • CC

      Willson had a good jr year, but he didn’t catch a lot of passes his senior year. He was sharing time with the other TE Vince MacDonald. Willson is still learning – he’s been hurt a bit, so he’s figuring out how to play well every game, every down. We’ve all seen the games he has dropped passes. Maybe seeing Moeaki showing up and taking his plays made him realize he needed to work harder and better. Moeaki has likely shared his story of how hard it is to be in the league. Willson being involved in the offense is a good thing – keep it going guys!

  21. Ted

    One of the most encouraging things to me is the continued play of Paul Richardson. He was targeted 7 times last night and seems to be gaining a good rapport with Wilson. Now, he only had 5 catches for 52 yds which doesn’t seem like much, but the fact that he’s coming back to the ball and beating press coverage shows good improvement. We all know he’s capable of making huge plays downfield from his college days, and I’m sure he still can, but the fact that he’s getting these 10 yd comeback catches since the defense has to respect his deep speed is a huge factor. Easy yards.

  22. Meat

    Only checking in to repeat. KEEP MARSHAWN ANOTHER YEAR…AT LEAST

  23. Olychris

    What did mike robs tweet say? Looks like he deleted it

    • Cysco

      He tweeted right after BeastQuake 2.0 “Enjoy it while you can!”

  24. Radman

    Great game by Wilson. The O line did play well. And Cable deserves credit for that. We also have several years of evidence of bad evaluation, and bad O line play in several games, and I’ll weigh that into my opinion of Cable as well. One game doesn’t define a coach or a player.

    On another note, Russell Wilson is the most dynamic play maker in the league. Period. He’s the mobile QB the league has been waiting for. He is a legit passer who can destroy defenses and defenders with his legs, his arm, or his mind. Anyone who doesn’t see that by now is willfully blind to the obvious. He’s an absolute superstar.

  25. Jason

    Just wanted to point out how cool that sack must have been for Schofield against his former team. That made me happy seeing him freight-train the QB

  26. Alaska Norm

    I fully realize how important of beast Mode to this team, he can do things that very few running backs in the history of the game have ever been able to do. With that said, while he was out in the first quarter Turbin and C-Mike looked pretty good. They both had solid runs and looked like they could carry the load for the entire game if Lynch was not able to come back. Turbin converted a few third down runs and looked very explosive. C-Mike had a 220 pound scat back look to him. He danced a bit but was able to make a few nice runs in limited opportunities. My point is, with this offence and run blocking it just feels like even if Lynch moves on after the season our running game will still be in good hands. Yes I saw the fumble but many young running backs have had to learn to protect the ball. Britt and Baily were beasts in run blocking and I did not see them get beat at all in pass pro. I guess I’m hoping that with these guys improving we can focus on the big receiver and a DE pass rusher this draft.

    • Volume 12

      Agree on with ya on the draft aspect there Norm. PC sounded pretty excited about the draft and or picks this morning. I’d take a WR with size, but with blazing speed as well. Speed, speed, and more speed. You just can’t teach it. I’m really hoping for Auburn WR Sammie Coates. Even though it’s not a Greta draft for TE’s I’d still take one. RW is so much better with effective TE’s. The pass protection helps too.

  27. Volume 12

    I think A dog said it, but that’s a great comp. Bailey does have some Larry Allen esque qualities about him. I was so impressed with Bailey last night. Especially for a 350 lb. LT! He may just capitalize on his opportunities going forward. I’m a big fan of Okung and there’s no reason to cut or get rid of him, but we know this FO isn’t afraid of cutting ties if a guy isn’t getting it done. Bailey is such a unique (350 lb) LT. For his size he moves so well. Thought Britt was much improved last night as well. They still need some depth, but hats off to them and coach Cable.

    How sweet would it be if TE Luke Wilson becomes the offense’s version of DT Jordan Hill? I know they worked with a lot this off-season as that big/move TE and it may be finally starting to pay off. This is only his 2nd year, and catching the ball should be one of the easiest thing to coach up. Yup, P-Rich is really coming along. It was cool to see a couple designed plays for him last night. He’s going to be a good one. How about ‘Angry Doug?’ 7 rec., 113 yds. And if Luke Wilson finishes his block, I think it was in the 3rd quarter, Baldwin would of been gone up the sideline and probably ends up with 7 rec., 130 yes., 1 TD. Dude is just clutch.

    Last night was the first time I thought Turbo and C-Mike looked like they could carry the load. Obviously we’d still need another guy, but they both looked good. That Beastmode run was AMAZING! He’s not only the last of a dying breed and a generational talent, but he’s a generational personality/character as well. This D feeds off him. With the elite athletes that PC/JS collect, last night you got the feeling of watching a college football dynasty loaded with 5-star talent. If this offense gets going…WOW! Scary thought for the rest of the league.

    What another great performance by this D. They are playing at an all-time great level right now. Just totally dominant. Did anyone else notice newly signed DL David King get the game ending sack? Further proof they absolutely need another interior pass rusher to go along with DT Jordan Hill. I’ve said it before, but that Jason Jones or Datone Jones kind of guy. As well as 1 more edge rusher. Lane was fantastic last night too. Feel bad about Simon. He’s become a real contributor and a big part of our future. Next Browner?

    I apologize for ranting guys, but I’m still fired up about last night. So impressed with where we’re at right now. Championship level football and peaking at the right time. Crossing my fingers that Kearse and Simon are o.k., probably wishful thinking but still. I will say this, St. Louis may be the toughest test of this late season gauntlet or whatever you want to call it. Glad were at home

    • CC

      Nice analysis!

      Pete was on the radio saying he wants Bailey to lose weight and has talked to him about it.

      I thought Turbo ran well and keeps earning a bit more playing time – CMike, while he did okay needs to just run straight through the hole and stop the dancing.

      Kearse sounds like he may be out next week along with Max – Simon is day to day. But Lane played really well yesterday. A week off would do us very well! Now beat STL!!!

      Go Hawks!

    • Alaska Norm

      Right on about C-Mike and Turbin, 103 yards in the first quarter without beast mode is testament to that. Of course a big chunk of that was RW’s long run but that’s part of our game…. can’t ignore that as part of our rushing attack. Totally understand the rant, I’m with you….. GO HAWKS!

    • neil

      The D looked great but remember they were playing a 3rd string qb. If they had done that to Palmer I wold b e more elated.

  28. Volume 12


    • CC

      Go Hawks!

  29. SimonM

    I has a bit of sympathy for Mr Bennett on the second offside. Although MB ought to have noticed it, the Cards centre actually lined up with the ball nearly a yard beyond where the officials spotted it. I know they NEVER call the centre for this stuff, but in this instance, it went beyond reasonable variance

  30. smitty1547

    Traveled to game, I love the way 12’s travel it was a great night. If u would have told me before the game that beast would be sick, that we would have started the OL we did and we would miss 3 FG I would have for sure thought we would have lost, what a game!

    I don’t see TE being as weak as a lot of the rest of u do, I think when healthy its becoming a strength.

    • Alaska Norm

      This week you are right on the TE situation but with Miller most likely gone I think another TE is a must. There were games this year we pulled guys right off waivers to start. It appears to be a position that we cannot stay healthy in. Willson had the game of his life yesterday but he has also had games with too many dropped passes. If Seattle passes on Fuchess in the early rounds Ben Koyack might be a target in the 3-4 range. Notre Dame has turned out some pretty solid TE’s the last few drafts.

  31. Tomahawk

    Rob and all you visitors of the site, did any of you see the post game show with Cris Collinsworth and Josh Elliot? That little boy that was on the set with them was my son!!!

    • Rob Staton

      I didn’t Tom — is there a video where we can check this out? We don’t get access to the post game show over here.

    • Alaska Norm

      Did not see it but thats pretty cool. Another life long Seahawk fan.

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