Instant reaction: Seahawks win fourth in a row

I can’t recall ever feeling better about a second half offensive performance.

The Seahawks started off playing a very conservative brand of football. I suppose it wasn’t a bad idea. Arizona’s tricky, blitzing offense can cause problems. We’ve seen that. Avoiding the potential for chaos isn’t a terrible plan.

When they were leading by three points it was fine to tick along, too. Yet the pick-six both changed the game and made a bit of an issue of Seattle’s predictable high-percentage pass plays, with most of Geno Smith’s throws not even reaching the line of scrimmage.

Having talked about unlocking Geno after week two — and it succeeding — they’d suddenly put him back in the box.

At 14-10 you could be forgiven for feeling some concern. Could the offense suddenly shift through the gears?

The answer was an emphatic ‘yes’.

Seattle subsequently took Arizona’s soul with three drives that can be filed in the ‘masterclass’ territory. Smith — calmness personified — just controlled the offense. He didn’t panic. His throws were on time and accurate. He made things tick. They sprinkled in power running. Their blocking was textbook, including downfield.

I might be mistaken but it’s always felt like the McVay offense has succeeded against Arizona. The tight end running across the formation play is a focal point of that scheme and the Seahawks milked it dry here.

How many times have we seen opponents do that against Seattle? Keep going to the well with no answer? What a joy to witness the Seahawks do that to Arizona today.

I can’t speak highly enough of Smith for what he showed after that pick-six. For me, that’s the highlight of his already outstanding season. That took some balls. But it also required maturity and calm.

His attitude and personality in that moment was infectious as everyone did their jobs — O-line, running back, tight ends, receivers.

The Seahawks looked like a powerhouse at the end. How joyous it is to write that.

Meanwhile the defense once again complemented things. Yes the tackling wasn’t great today and the drive at the end was a bit too easy when it would’ve been nice to finish things off. Yet they made enough plays on the day.

Uchenna Nwosu now has seven sacks with a full eight games still to play. Shelby Harris had another big play for a sack. Bruce Irvin got a sack. The young cornerbacks showed well again.

It’s four wins in a row heading to Germany and what an opportunity now to genuinely achieve something this season. You want to keep your hopes and expectations in check but increasingly, it’s difficult to do that.

See you in Munich.

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  1. UkAlex6674

    And the Rams just lost! What a night for the 12s.

    • Mr Magic

      Game shouldn’t have even been that close. THat was a bs PI call that took back our pic on the goal line. It was also really dumb of Waldron to use the same 4th down TE pitch in the first half, Zona had that dead to rights. You cant use the same 4th down play 2 weeks in a row. Waldron was brilliant…BRILLIANT… all day, but that was a dumb mistake. Game could have easily been a 3 score win.

      • Jason Nelson

        The illegal contact penalty was 100% legit. It *sucked* for us, since it was far away from the play and did not affect it, but it was absolutely an accurate call by the refs.

  2. Peppapig

    What a game that was. Geno like ice.

    • Twoteams04

      I honestly feel like they left both defensive and offensive points in the field. I bet Pete will say we could play better.

      I love the “team” rushing when ol’s and te’s push Walker into the end zone. I loved that!

      • clbradley17

        That was Colby & Gabe pushing walking into the end zone.

        • clbradley17


  3. cha

    Great choice for your YT thumbnail. That sad old Cards fan is about to be memed around the world.

  4. lil’stink

    And to make things that much sweeter –

    The Rams just choked the game away 😂

    • Roy Batty

      It was hilarious watching the Rams inept offense do absolutely nothing in the 2nd half. Horrifically bad final few drives for them.


  5. TomLPDX

    Seattle is going to go to Germany and make every German fan a Seahawk fan! They will win and win big. They are rolling and today showed us that. So excited for next weekend and the fact that Rob will be there in person to ask a tough question.

    • Hawkdawg

      The question is, will there be any real need for a tough question any more?

      • Rob Staton

        Yeah let’s be right here there are no tough Q’s to be asked at the moment

    • schwefelfell

      Seattle‘s already got a huge fanbase here. Football became popular in Germany during the peak of LOB.

  6. Roy Batty

    Rob, that image of the Cards fan with face in hands was the funniest moment of the game for me. My wife walked into the room and asked how the game was going. She saw that fan and walked out yelling, “ANOTHER WIN!”

    I had the good sense not to tell her there was still a lot of football to be played.

    On another note, I’m over the moon with this teams ability to respond to in-game adversity. They are for real.

  7. Hoggs41

    Great W today. All around good team win. It is getting concerning though that we have essentially gave the other team points now in 5 straight games. Need to stop that.

    • Mr Magic

      I LOVE being wrong!! I thought this team had 1-4 wins in it tops and after the first 3 weeks it looked that way. Credit to PC, credit to the staff, and credit to the players most for really turning it up. This is the most fun ive had following this team in a few years. Feels for real again!!

  8. KennyBadger

    Is the guy they just signed- JO- Barton’s replacement?

    • Palatypus

      I think it’s worth mentioning that Barton’s play has improved the last few weeks. Yeah, I know, it had nowhere to go but up.

      • Mr Magic

        If we nail another draft like this years and can get just 3 more starters in key roles this team is in a great position

  9. Mr Magic

    We need to make an effort to sign Geno immediately!!! Geno is no dummy, I’m sure his agent wont let him sign now but the team must make the effort. We run the risk of the market getting away from us. Ever game he plays at this level his market gets stronger and more expensive. I can count 10 teams that would want his services without ghought. I can even imagine Baltimore eyeing him if Lamar goes.

    Management probably couldn’t get it done and they have shown they prefer to leave contract talks way to long into fear times then doing the safe thing, but it really makes sense to try to get him locked up now.

    • Rob Staton

      You also run the risk of overpaying now.

      Let the league set his market. He’s not going to be cheap in the middle of this run.

      • bk matty

        you also run the risk of the market getting away from you. But I do grasp that not many teams that fall in the ‘win now’ space have the cash to drop on Geno that would drive his price up significantly.

      • RealRhino2

        Agree. Wait and pay fair market value. If he keeps playing well and you pay more, that’s an okay problem to have. If he comes back to earth and you pay him bridge QB money, fine. I also just think there will be a limited number of teams that feel they need a win now quarterback who also believe in Gino enough to pay him.

        • Alfred

          Tom Brady will be a free agent as well if TB fail to resign him, so Geno may not get all the attention from the win now teams.

  10. Trevor

    Sounds crazy but the thing that excited me most about the game was the way Geno bounced back after that pick 6. For a moment some doubt crept in but he extinguished that quickly. Very impressive and shows just how much he had matured and developed.

    I am sold and really hope they extend him down the stretch.

    • Mr Magic

      That comeback cemented my feelings on him, hes our guy now and PC loves him. They are a great tandem too. Generally when a QB and coach hit it off they stick together, its in both of their interests more than taking the risk away, unless the money is ridiculous away, which it may be at this rate. Lock him up now if we can!!!

    • Palatypus

      I’m not sold. I’m rented with a two-year lease, though.

      • Mr Magic

        gonna get tricky on that front if he keeps playing all pro football.

        Washington, NO, Carolina, Indy, Atlanta, Detroit, Bucs and possibly Baltimore could all have real strong bids. All think they can compete now with the right QB other than maybe Carolina.

        • TomLPDX

          This is interesting. How do you think those teams would view him? A bridge QB to the next big thing or a bonafide starter? I think Seattle views him as a starter.

          • Mr Magic

            Houston, Carolina Detroit could very well have the first 3 picks and I think they go with a draft QB, probably wouldn’t pay Geno. NO, Indy, Atl, Bucs, Wash, and adding Tennessee could easily look at Geno as someone who they can bring in and win now with. THey believe they have the rosters to compete and would be in a win now position. Again, dont overlook Baltimore if they lost Lamar, Geno would be perfect for them too.

            Im clueless, I admit that, but I see a very strong market for Geno if he plays this well the rest of the way which I expect he will.

            • Spencer

              But the only one of the teams you mentioned has more cap space than Seattle next year and it’s Baltimore…and I don’t think that they avoid paying Lamar to spend almost as much on a much older Geno. NO and Tampa have NO money. They’re so over the cap. I know they always pull off some cap magic to get under the cap every year, but they’re $55-$65M over. You can’t sign a top quarterback playing the cap game that they are. And I don’t see Geno going to one of these other teams for a little more money when everything is clicking here. Don’t know why he’d go to Indy and I don’t know why anyone would want to go to Washington and Tenn is over the cap by $25M next year as well.

            • RealRhino2

              The thing is, Tennessee just drafted a rookie. Are they going to give up on him already? And is Indianapolis really going to go the veteran stopgap route for a third Street time? And as much as Arthur Smith likes to run the ball in Atlanta, is Gino really a better fit for them than Mariota? And does Washington really believe they’re close enough so that by adding Gino may become a strong playoff contender? I just don’t think there are many teams where he fits. New Orleans and Tampa Bay might be it, and they might be looking for a younger QB in the draft rather than a 2 to 3 year bridge quarterback.

              • Mr Magic

                Well he is cheaper today than he will be in the offseason and the Seahawks will only be negotiating against themselves which is to their benefit. Its worth trying to lock him in now if we can on a deal the team finds right.

                And yall keep talking Geno like hes a 2-3yr bridge. Hes 33 only next year and he is playing like he could be a legitimate top tier qb for 5yrs to come. If he finishes this season the way hes started it I dont get how anyone could still say hes a 2yr gap/rental, etc.

                • Rob Staton

                  Well he is cheaper today than he will be in the offseason

                  I have no idea why you’ve come to that conclusion

                  Geno Smith stands to benefit from a competitive market

                  Accepting an offer now would be of no benefit to him financially

                  • Matt

                    Geno risks injury every week. Hawks need to put life changing money on the table now. It may be less than what the market would offer, but it is guaranteed money. Finishing an NFL season is like going to trial. Take the guaranteed money if you can’t afford the risk of not getting it.

                    • Rob Staton

                      That’s football

                      He knows he’ll benefit so much from a competitive market

                      And he’ll be well aware of that. I sense some Seahawks fans are basing their views on this based on what they want, rather than what is realistic

                  • Marcus

                    A deal now would likely have to be ludicrous to get him to not want to test the market.

                    Preaching to the choir here but set a price, see where market takes things, and be prepared to walk away if the cost exceeds the value.

                  • Mr Magic

                    If we offer him say 15mln a year f now its cheaper than when he hits the market and gets a 25mln yr offer elsewhere.

                    Aaron Judge is gonna make a lot more than the deal the Yanks offered him that he canned preseason.

                    It is worth the shot, maybe he decides the money now makes more sense than waiting. Worst case he says no and we negotiate in free agency.

                    • Rob Staton

                      He isn’t going to accept $15m a year now

                      That’s not happening

                  • cha

                    Hawks have $3.5m of cap room currently this year.

                    They tried to pick up another million by trading Sidney Jones, and then putting him on waivers instead of cutting him outright, but they didn’t have any takers.

                    They essentially have to bank that money for injuries and performance incentives.

                    The punchline is they have no money to sign a Geno extension this year without restructuring some contracts.

                • Peter

                  Well time is a real thing. Who are these qbs people think play great as they age? Brady in a perfect system(s) and Rodgers til he fell off a cliff. Big Ben sucked but the steelers are loathe to change. Both mannings got pretty crappy at the end. Matt Ryan, cooked.

                  Just because he hasn’t played is not the same thing as having “tread.”

                  Seahawks should wait til the off-season. Is geno a bridge? Probably. Hopefully here in Seattle but somewhere else. Feels like two more very solid years of exciting play are easily in store. 5 years? I doubt it.

          • Palatypus

            Well, TomLPDX, Tony Dungy made it a point on Football Night in America to say that the Seahawks are playing better football than the defending Super Bowl Champion Rams.


            I’m thinking other teams are taking him seriously. Or at least the coaches are. The owners and the general managers are a can of mixed nuts.

  11. Palatypus

    Okay, so here is my evil thought for the day.

    Remember when the New York Post trolled Tony Romo by having a Jessica Simpson impersonator behind the Cowboys bench during a Giants game? Here’s the article.

    I’m wondering if we could find a Gisele Bundchen lookalike in Germany to scowl at Brady for 60 minutes.

    • 12th chuck

      and hold up a cheater sign, that would be great

    • pdway

      could either: a) backfire; or, b) be a move of sheer genius.

      • Big Mike

        One way or the other it’d be funny as hell.

        • Palatypus

          Isn’t 1-800-DIVORCE a sponsor for KJR?


    • KD

      Good lord, Jessica Simpson. Sometimes I think about what the hell happened to these early 2000’s celebrities, not that I care because i never bother to look, but Paris Hilton was last seen lobbying congress for domestic violence legislation or something. She looks like she is 50 going on 30. Yikes.

    • Roy Batty

      Nah, just have Sherm waving to him on the sidelines.

  12. Saxon

    Pete and his staff, after wandering aimlessly in the desert over the last five years, deserve tons of credit. I know many here and elsewhere will withhold that credit – not unjustifiably considering many of this regime’s blunders – but they’ve made incredible strides considering the massive turnover this offseason.

    This is a resurrection story, not just for Geno, but for a franchise that was buried by the media and many fans. The incredible rookie class, the stellar free agent signings like Blythe and especially Nwosu, the draft haul we got for Wilson, the prescient faith in Geno, the timely defensive adjustments that have us streaking – all objectively brilliant moves by Pete and staff.

    I don’t know how long this lasts. Has Seattle beaten a truly quality opponent yet? I wonder. Nevertheless they are masterfully playing the cards they’re dealt. Props to Pete and John!

    • Peter

      But who is a quality opponent?

      The chiefs barely with the win against a team without a qb?

      The bills this allegedly unstoppable juggernaut until they run into the jets of all teams.

      Serious question. Is it the eagles both in record and in style that is the lone serious opponent?

      • Elmer

        It has not been proven yet that there is a truly dominant NFL team this year. This could be a year of relative parity where strange and wonderful things continue to happen. Except, stick a fork in the Panthers. They’re done.

        • TomLPDX

          I wouldn’t even count out the Panthers on a week-to-week basis. Any given Sunday holds true.

    • Jason Nelson

      Whether you like them or not, the Giants were *6-1* when we played them, the second-best record in the entire NFL.

      It would take some serious pretzel logic to try to convince yourself that they were not a “quality opponent.”

      Chargers are also a playoff team as of this week.

  13. Mr Magic

    Outside of @KC which Ill book as a loss just to be fair and balanced, we can win every game we play the rest of the way. Ok, to also be F&B lets say we lose at least one to the Rams because that’s what we do… Toss in a 3rd loss somewhere, this team is 11-6. THat should put us near top of division and at least a wild card team.

  14. rowlandice

    Wow, Geno and the team after the pick six were very impressive to close this win out. Is it realistic to see 4 more straight wins before the 2nd 49er game?

  15. Hawkhomer1

    I, for one, am having the most fun as a fan I have had in years. Today the team hit what I realistically thought would be their win total for the season. The most impressive thing to me so far this season is how they are playing team ball. No egos. Just a bunch of young men out there giving their all toward a win. So much fun to watch.

  16. Nick

    Noah Fant had a DAY. 5 catches for 96 yards.

    Really love how we’re using the tight ends this year. Makes QB play so much easier, it seems. Or at least, they’re making it look that way.

    And Fant, Dissly, Parkinson are all on the roster for next year. Exciting times.

  17. Nick

    I would love to see Zay Flowers in this offense.

    • Rob Staton

      I really like him but I kind of prefer the idea of a bigger WR3 — and there are some good ones in this class

      • Nick

        Oh really? That’s great to hear.

        Bigger as in a sort of Anquan Boldin BAMF type? And/or bigger as in taller?

        • Rob Staton

          There are some big, athletic receivers in the 2023 class

          • Elmer

            Is Eskridge starting to look like toast to you?

            • Rob Staton

              Well it’s not encouraging

              • DJ 1/2 way

                Agree on that, and also on the UW QB. Not really a pro prospect. But what about his wide reciever Rome Odunze? That dude caught my attention in that game, especially when the QB overthrew him early and instead of taking a shot he delivered one to the OSU DB.

                • Palatypus

                  I might be the only one who notices this, but Eskridge is a good blocker.

                  • Seattle Person

                    He is. It just blows my mind they can’t seem to get him going. The very best thing he does is run very fast. They can’t manufacture touches for him? Then again…the team has so weapons, they don’t need to get Dee involved.

                  • Group Captain Mandrake

                    He is a very good blocker. Unfortunately, that skill seems to be superior to actually playing receiver at the moment. I have yet to figure out why they can’t or won’t manufacture touches for him.

  18. Mr Magic

    One other point I wanted to make and something we saw in all of the last 4 wins. We absolutely dominated the LOS on both sides of the ball in all 4 games. Today more than ever. We were all over Kyler and we ran the ball at will! this team is getting back to the days of being physically dominant and its a sight to see!

    • IHeartTacoma

      With two rookies at tackle playing lights out. Unreal.

  19. Palatypus

    Meanwhile, I think Derrick Henry is determined to destroy the Chiefs tonight.

    • Mr Magic

      6’3, 250lbs. imagine that barreling down on ya top speed…..

      • DJ 1/2 way

        Love that big, fast running back. Penny gave the Seahawks a flavor of that. I would like to see them pick up somebody like that in the next draft.

        One guy that caught my eye was CJ Donaldson at West Virginia. He is listed at 6’2″ and 240lb and looks fast in a straight line. Alas, he is only a freshman so maybe a later draft?

        Maybe Zach Charbonnet? He is listed at 6’1″ and 220lbs.

        • Palatypus

          Penny is injured more than Deadpool. Tackling Henry is like tackling The Hulk.

        • KD

          As much as I love the bigger RBs who are super physical and can smash through lines, Jahmyr Gibbs always pops out so much for me. His speed burst is other-worldly once he hits the hole. Not only his speed, but his agility and ability to change direction is absolutely insane. This is a very good RB class.

  20. Ashish

    Malik Willis QB looks good

    • Hawks4life


      • Palatypus

        No, he does. In this very limited offense with a full week of practice, yeah.

        • Hawks4life

          I beg to differ, but he’s young and I hope he makes something of himself

      • Palatypus

        BUT, this does highlight what Rob was saying about Anthony Richardson and Malik Willis being completely different athletes. Both are freakish athletes, but Richardson is much more freakish. And Richardson can go through reads and make good decisions. Vrabel isn’t stupid. He knows at this point Willis can’t handle more than an RPO offense (Collinsworth alluded to this in pre-game), so his game plan is RPO, run the hell out of it with Henry, and beat the crap out of Mahommes with the defense.

        The man was a Super Bowl MVP.

      • Ashish

        He looked good earlier later he refused to throw and wants to run all the time. He needs some coaching.

    • KD

      He has connected on 1/3 of his passes.

      • Palatypus

        And that is what he is being asked to do.

        • KD


          • Palatypus

            Patrick Mahommes has thrown the ball almost 70 times. They have 20 points.

          • Palatypus

            68 attempts, 446 yards, 20 points.

            And a VERY limited rookie quarterback went on the road and took the chiefs to overtime.

            • RealRhino2

              Right now Malik Willis is terrible. The last two plays in overtime he missed open throws that would’ve got them the first down except his head was down and he was scrambling around in the pocket like the very worst of Russell Wilson. Their only chance to win that game in overtime was to alternate between running Derrick Henry and designed runs for Malik Willis with no intention whatsoever of throwing the ball. He looks like he’s three years away from being a viable quarterback.

  21. KD

    Rob, by any chance are you left handed? I have to ask because your cap is always off centered whenever I see you on stream. I’m left handed myself and not only do I do the same thing, I noticed that the overwhelming number of left handed baseball players have their caps off center as well. I don’t have a good explanation for it, but it is a consistent thing that I have noticed

    • Rob Staton

      I am not I’m afraid

      So I must just be bad at wearing hats 😂

    • Palatypus

      I am left-handed and do the same thing.

    • One Bad Mata'afa

      My cap always feels like it’s on striaight. Every single time I look in the mirror it’s off center. I’m left handed. I didn’t realize this was a thing!

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I’m a leftie and my hat is never off center that I am aware of. But I also take pains to make sure it is on straight. Have you noticed right handers doing the same in the opposite direction? If not, I wonder why it’s a leftie only affliction. We don’t need this. We already have enough problems with scissors.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      My fellow lefties!

      But I don’t wear a cap, so…

      Go southpaws!

  22. no frickin clue

    Wow am I enjoying being wrong about my team! This season is like a breath of fresh air.

    My favorite play tonight was the 3rd and 12 where Geno connected with Lockett over the middle (and picked up the extra 15 for unnecessary roughness). Down 14-10 after the ugly pick-6, just got a delay of game penalty, crowd is boisterous, it really felt to me like the wheels were about to come off and before you know it, we’ll be down 28-10. Instead, Geno with the bullet down the middle.

  23. Ghost

    My opinion, more than half the penalties thrown at Seahawks were BS. The P.I. ess definitely BS. Cardinals got by with well over dozen no-flag plays; facemask, holding, horsecollar tackles.. they also were given yards they didn’t earn.
    Gotta be honest, my opinion, Smith still struggling with his panic attacks.. throwing passes that clearly should not have been thrown. Cardinals, I noticed the the defender punching locket rite in front of the ref.. no flag.. wtf is up with that?!? Cardinals also committed targeting several times, no flags. Another, my opinion.. both sides of the ball.. Seahawks were sloppy.
    Another opinion; Smith has been concentrating on his passer rating and trying or hoping to break a record that he has been closing off the run game.

    • Marcus

      I don’t see Geno panicking at all. Quite the opposite. I see him navigate the pocket in chaos rather than bailing. I see him make decisive throws. I see him calling the right protections (mostly). I see him respond to a pick-six with three touchdown drives.

      Those poor throws had more to do with the actual throw than the decision. He’s occasionally throwing a laser when the pass needs to arc over a defender.

      Also, what makes you think Geno’s focused on the stat sheet?

      • Peter

        It’s not just navigate the pocket. Sometimes he’s just getting swallowed whole by incoming defense and still makes the throw.

        It’s quite the sight to behold.

    • Big Mike

      The ruling of no fumble that would have sealed the game for Seattle was straight out of New York to keep viewers engaged. Bullshit call. He took a half step before it was punched out and that IS a football move.

      • 509 Chris

        I agree he had that ball clutched hard in his hands.

  24. GoHawks5151

    Classic clutch Dunlap sack right there. Glad to see him doing good

  25. KD

    I was just at my mom’s house for dinner and we watched Top Gun: Maverick. Geno is full-on “It’s not the plane, it’s the pilot” 🙂

  26. Trevor

    Watching the Titans / Chiefs game my first thought was that the University of Tennessee has better QB and WRs than the Titans. Willis is not ready to be an NFL QB yet and they still took the Chiefs to OT.

  27. Romeo A57

    I felt bad for Willis in overtime. Dropping back in the pocket and having no chance due to the lack of receiver talent or his just not being ready to be an NFL QB. It reminds me of the Tebow experiment. Obviously Willis is very young and more talented than Tebow.

  28. seaspunj

    i am so impressed with the offensive play calling from Waldron

    the run game looks viscous
    the passing game looks amazing with so many deceptive pass options

    Geno definitely showing so much poise and even noticing his leadership from the pick 6 was very encouraging

    Years past you would see Seahawks fold and collapse but this team rallies together and keeps pushing their way through.

    i do wish we had more depth at RB wish we had Penny as a backup
    also hope our Dline holds up because we need Al Woods and a backup option

    • Seattle Person

      It’s really cool to see the offense attack the defense in so many ways. The Hawks can throw a 4.3 RB at you and then bring out a 3 TE combo package. You still have to contend with the 2 WRs.

      The best thing about the McVay/Shanahan offense is its ability to build off each other. You present one look and then there’s a counter because of the movement/motion/eye-candy. I’m excited to see what plays Waldron counters with as the season goes on. There is a ton on film and there’s no doubt there will be counter-punches.

      • Big Mike

        Let’s hope that shuttle pass on 4thg and 1 isn’t pulled out again, at least for many weeks.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          It would’ve worked if Phil Haynes hadn’t completely missed his block.

          Not a Gabe Jackson fan, but if he’s in, he makes that block and Seattle get the first down.

    • RealRhino2

      I think Waldron has done a fantastic job overall this year! I have to say though, I was very disappointed in our playcalling in most of the first half. I felt like we had reverted back to the first couple of games where the staff didn’t trust Geno to get the ball down the field or they didn’t trust the office of line to give him protection enough to do so. And then at some point, maybe after the pick six, I think they took the training wheels off again and let him have more chances to pick up those medium chunk plays.

      I really like how Waldron is giving him options on those bootleg plays and is using motion and other Icandy to draw defenders away from the action. And frankly, the whole thing doesn’t work unless Gino is very accurate and our receivers are very shorthanded. In particular I love our tight end group. They seem to come through with first down after first down, and when they are not catching it they are blocking down the field pretty well.

      This is part of a separate discussion from above, but another reason I feel like Gino isn’t going to get the kind of free agent bidding war payday that people think is that I think he’s more a product of watts around him than a difference maker at quarterback. He reminds me of the good Andy Dalton when he was leading the Bengals to all those playoff berths. When he’s protected and has decent past catching options he can really run a good functional offense. But I don’t think he’s the kind of quarterback that can transcend a poor supporting cast. I might be one of the bigger Geno Smith fans on here, but I think if you put him on Carolina or Washington, for example he’s not nearly producing the way he has so far this year.

      • UkAlex6674

        But that won’t stop teams wanting to sign him if he is still the hot hand.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s still the risk you have to take because signing him now you simply bid against yourself

          • Mr Magic

            bidding against yourself is to the teams advantage not against. You can lowball a bid and no one will raise the market on you. THe Yankees tried it with Aaron Judge last offseason. You are the only buyer in sight therefore you dictate the market.

            Again though, I highly doubt Geno would sign now, his agent should be fired if he allowed it. THat being said if its a number both sides are comfortable with knock it out now.

            One overriding thought I have is when coaches and QBs win together they stick together, its in both of their best interests. GIven the overall cap situation league wide I think Geno is staying no matter what.

            • Rob Staton

              It’s not to your advantage Mr Magic

              Because unless the player just bows to you, which he won’t, you have no market perspective

              Lots of people are saying ‘give him $30m a year’. Ok. What if the best offer he gets next off-season is $18m?

              You’ve just blown $12m which would be huge.

              It is what it is. This isn’t as easy as some people think

              • Marcus

                Rob (or anyone else), how do you do the fancy green quote text in a reply?

                • Rob Staton

                  I have a box quote thing in the admin area

                  • Marcus

                    I’ve been reading the site so long that I feel silly asking… You have an admin area? Where?

                    Started poking around and nothing jumped out.

                • Big Mike

                  Don’t feel bad, I’ve never been able to get it either.

                • TomLPDX

                  Marcus, you can use an html tag to do it. Check out this page:

                  Not all of these work but the one you want that does work is the “blockquote” tag in between the characters. To end the quote just use

                  Search around the internet to see how to use these.

                  • TomLPDX

                    This always happens…the special characters were interpreted and removed. The chars are the “less than” sign and the “greater than” sign.

                  • Marcus




                    I’ll give it a try.

            • Marcus

              “Again though, I highly doubt Geno would sign now, his agent should be fired if he allowed it. THat being said if its a number both sides are comfortable with knock it out now.”

              You’re arguing against yourself. Just like Seattle would be bidding against themselves.

              The time to buy low and get a discount was last offseason when they paid $3.5m for one year. He’s (rightfully) going to want a bag this coming offseason.

              • Hoggs41

                All depends on what you sign him for. It would be nice to sign him for $15-$20m with some incentives to take it higher. Da gles a carrot for him and protects the team.

                • Marcus

                  Not sure if he wants a carrot right now. He’s playing for a steak dinner.

                • Peter

                  If geno has an agent with a brain and access to the internet he could easily look at current contracts and get nearer to 27 mil a year.

                  • Peter

                    15-20 mil?

                    That’s Darnold money.

                    If do nothing Wentz, big moment/bright lights choke artist Cousins, and hot/cold Tanehill are all making much more than that….watch out if Geno wins one, singular play off game…he’s gonna vault himself into a pretty solid payday.

                  • AlaskaHawk

                    But Geno has never had a good payday, and he is risking losing everything right now. One big injury and that’s it for him. No one is going to pick him up if he has to do a year of rehab.

                    Offer him 60 million fully guaranteed for 3 years play. He may take it, for the same reason that people take the lottery payout in one big check instead of over 20 years.

                    • Rob Staton

                      People are wearing the blue tinted specs wearing this though

                      Oh Geno will accept anything because he might get seriously hurt

                      Geno just as likely thinking if I get this team in the playoffs and have a run I can ask for anything

                      There’s nowhere near as much pressure to accept any old deal here

                  • AlaskaHawk

                    It’s a negotiation with their most important player. If the Seahawks aren’t offering something right now – then they aren’t doing their job.

                    • Rob Staton

                      Come on Alaska.

                      It’s perfectly reasonable for this team to need the market to help set a reasonable price

                      Don’t know why this has become such a hot topic today

                  • AlaskaHawk

                    It’s probably because we been down this road before. Looking forward to your analysis when he actually does hit the free market.

          • Chris

            All else equal, less bidders is better than more bidders.

            • Rob Staton

              For Seattle sure

              For Geno he sees a chance to hit the market at the most opportune time in March

  29. Mick

    So next week Woolen gets to intercept Tom Brady…

    • 509 Chris

      U mad bro?

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        Not as mad as Brady’s gonna be. Too bad they can’t bring Sherm to ask him.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Our defensive backs are better than Brady’s receivers this year LOL

  30. Ukhawk

    Impressed by the response when going behind and how they handled the Cards.

    Way beyond expectations this year. Feels fresh and exciting again.

    You can see the team growing and maturing with each game.

    Whilst excited, the next step will be able to perform and compete against a playoff caliber team.

    • UkAlex6674

      Agree with everything UKHawk says.

      No one outside if the organisation would have thought this was possible up to this point.

      And the best bit for me is they are having FUN while doing it. The last 4/5 years became so stale and dull.

      Big Balls Pete certainly let them hang out when they traded RW3, and he ain’t showing any signs of tucking those bad boys back in.

    • Peter

      The next time they show against a playoff team will be in the playoffs.

      They’ve already beat the Giants and the nfc east might send three teams to the playoffs.

      They’ve already beat the Chargers and there’s still a chance that they get in.

      It’s only the Chiefs for me that are ahead of the Seahawks on the schedule.

      The jets are playing well and that defense looks tough. That offense is imminently beatable. And national pundits keep telling me the niners are better than the hawks. To me that’s starting to feel like a name recognition pick.

      • Big Mike

        I’m on the other side of you with the Jets my friend. That defense is totally legit, much like the Titans (who will be much better with Tannehill of course). Yeah their O isn’t much, but if Wilson can manage properly like he did yesterday, as the season wears on, they have a chance to make the playoffs. The biggest issue they may have is their division is really tough with NE and Miami.

        • Peter

          That division is much trickier than I think anyone would have thought.

          Losing Breece Hall has stymied them a bit. But the defense looks very hard.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            I watched the entire Bills Jets game and the Jets defense is LEGIT.

            But I wouldn’t expect less from Rob Saleh

            • TomLPDX

              I agree, I thought they were legit as well. Wilson also had a decent game…there is hope for him still.

  31. Peanut

    I feel like this was the wrong year to just follow from the headlines and looking at the record. Also didn´t want to cash out on the kidna expensive game pass this year, huge regrets now! Geno, in my opinion, is proving once again that if you have a QB that can make the expected plays + a few baller plays here and there, you can go far. The defense is also playing solid, truly a good feeling heading into what I think is going to be a decade deciding off-season. Playoffs or not, following this team this year has been a much needed happy surprise!

  32. STTBM

    I was dead wrong about Geno Smith and Pete Carrol. They are a perfect match, and it’s working. We’ll see how the year goes.

    Still, Geno is not MVP of the league, though he surely is on our team. And I am not letting Carrol or Schneider off the hook for 7 years of bad drafts, failed Free Agency, and utter hubris that ruined the team while they blamed the mismanagement on Wilson. They needed a kick up the ass, both of them, and I think behind closed doors they got one. JS’s reaction on the sideline as we put the game away was more relief than joy, and for good reason. They brought the Ship back from the rink, and their careers with it.

    And Wilson looks washed up. So moving on, the future is suddenly wide open for Seattle.

    I’m shocked at so many things: Nwosu is an absolute star, a FA signing up there with Avril and Bennet already. Woolen, Lucas, Cross, Bryant and Walker get all the mentions, but Mafe is playing ok, and Young and Melton are on the team still as well. This was a Draft for the ages. Now they got to do it again…

    But nothing surprises me more than Geno, unless it’s Carrol giving him the reins most of the time. I called for Carrol to let him loose last year, figuring anything was better than a stifled high school offense. But I never dreamed of this!

    Crow tastes great, let me tell you! Watching the Seahawks is fun again, and that’s the best thing to happen this year, other than my sleep apnea machine lol!

    • Big Mike

      I 100% agree with everything you said here. GREAT post.

    • Spectator

      “while they blamed the mismanagement on Wilson”

      Isn’t what is happening right now, maybe showing this statement was correct? To be fair, PC and JS best drafts were right before and right after Wilson lol

  33. STTBM

    As pissed as I was about the chicken crap boring offense in the first half, I think it was in Seattle’s game plan all along to open it up in the second half. They set up AZ by running plays that made the D run back and forth every play, they milked the clock with more plays for short yards while still pushing tempo and keeping them off balance. Then, when they saw evidence that AZs D was tired, they jumped on it and attacked. It worked, though things got hairy for a minute.

    PeteBall is working, though I kinda hate it.

    • Big Mike

      Going for it on 4th at the Cards 38 isn’t Pete ball. Punting from there would be. I was impressed that he did, even if it didn’t work.

      • Big Mike

        But otherwise, I get your point. And look, watching KC last night made wonder if they’ll ever get another title not being able to run the football. Balance is so important and our team has it. As tough as the AFC is perceived to be, Tenn, KC and Buffalo lack balance. Philliy has it, Seattle has it, Dallas has it, Frisco has it. Those are all NFC teams.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I wanna know, though we probably won’t for a while (if ever), how ‘Saban’ has Carroll become this season.

        I think, just my opinion, that he’s giving his coordinators more leash as it were. And I see this as a relatively recent development,

        I have been wrong about Carroll this year. To be sure, my criticisms of how he communicates to the media and the fans are valid.

        But my criticisms of his coaching chops…well my previous assessment of his demise was, uh, greatly exaggerated.


    NEWS FLASH! this team is the reincarnation of the 2012 team!!!

    that beat Washington in the playoffs….so Im officially saying HERE a lot of people shying away from Super Bowl talk …like 2012 that window just opened. We are most likely another High pick draft and a year away
    BUT like 2012 that window just opened …we don’t have depth at runningback and receiver or D line (like 2012) but IF we stay healthy we can beat ANYONE

  35. Mr Magic

    While we do have a 1.5 game lead on SF they have 9 games left, 7 of which are at home and only 3 against teams with winning records which is very advantageous to them. THey also added McCaffrey and their D is stout.

    We have 5 home games, 2 real road games and Germany left. We also face 3 teams with winning records.

    It should be a pretty tight fight to win this division and never sleep on the Rams from waking up.

    • Big Mike

      For us to win the division, beating them on that Thursday night game seems imperative. Obviously other things would need to happen too like oh, actually not losing to the Rams twice.

  36. cha

    Indy just fired Frank Reich

    • TomLPDX

      Seriously? I like Frank, hope he can be successful somewhere.

  37. cha


    • Big Mike

      Oh now that is goooood

  38. Dingbatman

    My favorite play of the game was the Genius (was going to change that autocorrect error but maybe it knows something?) Smith read option in the 4th quarter. What a ballsy play and the first down was a dagger in the heart. You could see the defense deflate after that.

  39. cha

    Pete Carroll Show

    [q] Formula completions + runs 60+ record? “I don’t know. That’s coach Lombardi’s.”

    [q] 7 straight 3rd down conversions? How? “Lot of stuff, one on one wins, pass pro, route, throw, catch, yards. All comes to one on one for somebody. But you saw trust yesterday. Ball coming out on time, Tyler, Geno. Design too. Third and 2 and 3’s get you rubs in the flat, Dissly had, worked great. Ultimately comes to Geno, guys gotta throw it.”

    [q] Elaborate on trust? “Work together, routes right depth, splits right. If all right, QB stays on rhythm. Sees as supposed to happen. Can deliver the throw. Geno remarkable.”

    [q] 7 in a row third and 12 after false start turned the game? “Perfect execution, timing of throw, catch Tyler makes, big time. One to DK a week ago 3rd and 13, timing perfect. Have to trust. Ball out before guy ends route. If not, won’t get it off clean.”

    [q] Offense this year better suited to third and long conversions? “Timing, guys be where supposed to be.”

    [q] Geno mentality after pick 6? “Smooth as can be. First play he’s faced as a real shocker. Could’ve put the ball up higher. But he handled it. Prepared to face stress and problems, he handled it. Ready to go.”

    [q] Geno’s operation, getting to LOS with time, command and poise, how? “Long relationship of watching the scheme and concepts in his background. Putting it together with Shane’s communication. He’s getting everything he can out of Shane. Helps him all the way through the 15 second point. Convo goes on, they work it out. Geno takes adv of that. Wristband big help. Smoothed out, cleaned things up. All elements together, with trust, Shane says something Geno doesn’t doubt, just goes with it. Clock with 5 seconds working it out still, get ball snapped, he’s really good at it. Really comfortable regardless of circumstances.”

    [q] Who invented the wristband? “I don’t know.”

    [q] Does Geno have more that we haven’t seen? Ceiling? “No I don’t think that. We’re functioning right now. We’ll be more consistent, things we haven’t emphasized as much. But Geno fully functioning. Halftime Geno said ‘they’re giving us stuff, let’s take it’ couldn’t hear anything better from QB. Experience, command of game itself, exemplified again.”

    [q] Jeff Hostetler a comp for Geno? Accurate, tough, benched for years, SB winner? “Good team, he didn’t have to do a lot, function. Geno handling everything so well, just keep it going. Has given us the confidence – hit 75% again – always something we’ve talked about. Will be hard to hold that. To be in that realm for this long really special.”

    [q] Do you have a name for get the ball with 4 minutes need to kill? What makes successful? “4 minute offense. Kills it is penalties. Want to run the FB, convert, make first downs. Depends on score and opp timeouts. Execution. Pound about finishing. Doing right longer than the other guys. Keep executing, outlast those guys. they’re screw it up and bust a gap and we’ll make a first down. Trust crucial. QB part big. Sometimes you have to take a sack to keep the clock going. Challenge for OL. Run the ball. Victory formation favorite.”

    [q] OL coach Dickerson praise? Two rookies, new center? What doing behind scenes? “Brilliant job. Part you’d love to see is continuity with Shane. Relationship for years, communicating at high level. Always makes sense, ahead of the game. Relationship between players and coaches best it’s been that I can remember. Two young pups showing.”

    [q] Ken Walker finishing the game, what makes him special? “Tough as hell. Doesn’t want to come out. Always wants more. Highly competitive, physically tough. Strength and power. Over and around tacklers. Instincts, can sneak between tacklers, looks like he’s going to pop every play. Ladanian Tomlinson comp.”

    [q] Draft call with Ken, he so calm and ‘let’s go’ ? Nothing overwhelms him? “I don’t even remember so insignificant. His outlook and confidence, knows it’ll be ok. ‘Give me the ball. You want me to block? ok.’ Strong leadership makeup. Won’t say a lot. But he’ll be a guy who others jump when he does.”

    [q] Uchenna Nwosu how good? “Tough, consistent, creative, feisty, sacks and hits at the LOS. Taking on blocks, attacking stuff. Pro Bowl season you’re looking at.”

    [q] Know he was that good when you targeted in him in FA? “I didn’t see it in his play w Chargers. Not as much on attack as he has been. One thing we gave him freedom ‘do what you see, take shots when sense it’ and he has gone off. Strict on edge in LA, he did fine with. Needed edge to be starter. Did not see dynamic play he’s making. Six sacks last year opp Bosa. But this is a whole new level.”

    [q] Who else on defense is a factor? “Al Woods, huge factor. Brooks a remarkable FB player.”

    [q] More on Jordyn Brooks? Grown this year? “Grabbed in locker room told him come so far, in command of so much. Learned so much. Makes calls, comm with coaches. In offices all the time. Quiet, unassuming. Tell he has such great pride. comes back wants more, meet with coaches. Hasn’t solved it all yet. Getting really close. He’s helping other guys play well. Really fast, tough, strong, instinctive. All elements working, no minuses. Just a matter of time before he commands it all. Incredible FB player.”

    [q] How good can this team be? “One game at a time. Not really projecting anything out. Do know we’re in the right spot, brain-wise as a team. Preparing well, caring tremendously. No distractions. Not holding back and playing safe, we’re going for it. Having as much fun on the road as you can. Not a factor, going on the road. Not an issue.”

    [q] Germany? “We’re going to Europe this week. Never been to Germany. Tremendously structured plan. Advance crews there. Marshawn is there. Guys travel so well, team gets things organized. Won’t sight see much. Little time Friday evening.”

    [q] Eat a German meat turnover for me? “Donkor native German. Huge moment for him. Leading the charge. Bucs are tough as hell. 3 million requests for tickets!”

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Who invented the wristband? “I don’t know.”

      I think Pete’s loosening up, control-wise.

      Going a bit Saban as it were.

    • Erik

      Thank you, Cha, for these transcripts. I read and appreciate them.

  40. Blitzy the Clown

    Wow Jeff Saturday is named Indy’s interim HC

    • Big Mike

      “Jeff Saturday” = Irsay’s Puppet?

      • TomLPDX

        I guess Irsay will call the plays now.

  41. John

    We were extremely fortunate with the DJ Dallas fumble and the two dropped interceptions. That easily could have been a game in which we dominated but still lost due to turnovers. Going to have one of those every season, just happy it wasn’t this one. I feel like every win now is pivotal somehow. Whether it’s playoff odds, or wins against divisional opponents, or wins against good teams, or just banking wins to stay ahead of SF. Every win is locking in something special….

    …and every Broncos loss…

    • Volume12

      tbf though, Seattle had 2 TOs come back due to bad calls. Diggs has a right to his space/zone. Plus Murray was outta the pocket so why cant the DB make contact?

      And Coby’s aka young Peanut Tillman punchout should of been a fumble. Been saying it for years. The NFL has no idea what is or isnt a catch anymore.

      • Rob Staton

        Definitely was a fumble

        Bad error by the refs

        • Big Mike

          Or New York so they could keep viewers engaged. Horrible call.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            The WR made the catch with both hands, had full control of the ball with both feet on the turf, and his football move was securing the ball as he turned to run. And Coby made a brilliant play to knock the ball out.

            • Big Mike

              This is 100% correct. A case could be made that he even took a half step after doing all that you described.

      • Ashish

        That was a fumble, was shocked it was over ruled. Coby should have 1 interception and 1 fumble both calls were terrible. Important here is defense held it well so did Geno after the pick, sign of well coached team and good players.
        On other side watch kyler

        • Volume12

          Defense has definitely turned things around. Really only gave up 14 pts yesterday. Shelby has stepped up big these past few weeks and Nwosu was a homerun of a FA signing.

          I’m just blown away by how good K9 is already. Dont get me wrong. I thought he would be, but he looks special. Has all the makings of a top 5 back.

  42. JimQ

    WR-A.T. Perry, Tulane, 6-5/205 – currently considered a 3-rd round pick. Looks to be a very tall, contested catch WR, his speed is hard to pin down, so I’m sure the combine would be important for him. He has had ++ production last season & is doing okay so far this season. Thoughts if he were available Rd-3?

    • Volume12

      Is there 2 A.T. Perry’s? Thought he was @ Wake

      • JimQ

        You are correct, it was a brain fart, sorry.

        • Volume12

          No worries

          I’m not opposed to them going for a Quentin Johnston in round 1. Think that’s an intriguing possibility. And I’ll be somewhat surprised if they do, but I’m beginning to wonder if they go DB early this year too.

          • Rob Staton

            I can’t see DB early

            We’re 14 years into this now and I don’t see this DB group as the one where they’re going to take a corner in the first

        • JimQ

          I’m 8 months younger than Biden, maybe that makes it more sense, the slow decline of mental acuity is a real thing. Anyway, I’ve watched some tape of Perry & think he is a legitimate Rd-3 with some upside.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            Please no political posts

            • TomLPDX

              This cracked me up Blitzy! Thanks for the laugh.

  43. 12th chuck

    LB Cullen Gillaspia going to miss the rest of the year from a non-contact knee injury. The turf in arizona strikes again

    • TomLPDX

      Crap. The gremlin is alive and well in AZ

      • Big Mike

        God I hate that place

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