Instant reaction: Seahawks win, somehow, again

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The Seahawks defense deserves immense credit.

Not for the 472 yards they gave up to Dak Prescott. Not for giving up another 20 passing first downs. Not for the 75-yard, 45-second touchdown drives they conceded.

However — at the end of that game the unit was decimated. No Jamal Adams. No Quinton Dunbar. A laundry list of other players hurt. Replacements drafted off the practise squad and thrown in.

Shaquem Griffin roaming the field just finding someone — anyone — to cover or hit. Ryan Neal trying to replace not only Adams but also filling in as basically the fourth string safety. Alton Robinson getting his first career sack at the absolutely vital moment — making a total mockery of the decision to make him inactive last week so that Luke Willson could play zero snaps. Ugo Amadi playing his heart out.

Players who were clearly exhausted, elevating their play to win the game.

That was a fantastic last stand and everyone involved deserves huge praise. As a consequence, the Seahawks survive for the second week in a row and move to 3-0.

That only tells a tiny part of the story though.

There were problems before and new ones are emerging.

We’ve seen three weeks of this passing defense now and we know they are not remotely good enough. Teams can do what they want. Prescott’s 472 yards go alongside Matt Ryan’s 450 and Cam Newton’s 397.

We’ve also now seen how critical offensive production is. Today Russell Wilson was jittery behind poor pass protection and every drive in the second half — until the vital drive at the end — was exhausting to watch. Even when Wilson had time, nobody uncovered. A 17-0 scoring run for Dallas made it a game and neither unit had answers.

Nevertheless — there’s nothing they can do. I’m not sure why they’d bother signing Snacks Harrison personally. Their issues are pass rush and coverage — not an interior run defender. No opponent is running the ball anyway — they don’t have to.

They’re going to need that final stop spirit for a few weeks. The pass protection is going to have to be better so Wilson can continue to put up 35-45 points.

We’ll see if they can keep going. They’re 3-0 and that is a positive. This doesn’t feel sustainable though especially with the injuries.

I’m not going to linger on D.K. Metcalf’s error. He just needs to learn from that. Prescott’s interception before half-time and two missed extra points more than made up for it in the error stakes.

I do want to reflect on what looked like a bad injury for Chris Carson. He’s a fantastic player. Ideal size, physical, tough and skilled. Yet his career has been plagued by injury. The Seahawks are going to rely on Carlos Hyde and hope Rashaad Penny can come back at the earliest opportunity. Beast Mode? Don’t rule out another cameo.

I’ll finish with this. If you want to be the MVP — you have to deliver in the big moments. This was far from Wilson’s best performance but ultimately he delivered a scoring drive when it was needed. Job done.

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  1. Volume12

    Pete Carroll 13-0 when an opponent throws for more than 400? I get that right?

    Throw to score, run to win. That’ll never change. Even if your not getting picking up yards in the run game, you control the clock & dictate the tempo. And if teams don’t wanna run against Seattle, RW will play shoot out

    • Trevor

      That stat and the fact that the Hawks are now 57-0 when leading by 4 or more at the half are two of the craziest stats I have ever heard and kind of go hand in hand.

      When the Hawks get up teams have to focus on the pass and they do move the ball but ultimately turnovers and giving Russ more chances does the opposition in. The stats clearly don’t lie in this regard.

      • Volume12

        That too. Great point.

        Literally facts. Or as Shannon Sharpe says almost every morning, documentation.

      • 12th chuck

        cant forget the 60+ games they had for having the lead in a game

  2. Volume12

    Carson & Adams should sit next week. Seattle’s good enough to beat the next 2 teams w/o them, and then our bye.

    • Jason

      Yeah, that was really dirty, and I’m amazed that none of the 28,413 refs on the field saw it.

    • Volume12

      That’s BS. Blatantly tried to injure him like Sea Mode said. Why was that not a personal foul?

      • bootfall

        Had Hill been ejected, he wouldn’t have also gotten the roughing the passer called on him, which wouldn’t have extended the drive, which may have kept the Hawks from winning.

        Life, uh, finds a way.

      • Gohawks5151

        Then helmet to helmet on Russ. Dirty

    • rowlandice

      Did Pete point at Hill while he was out there after Carson was injured? Like, we see you playing dirty.

  3. Nano

    Thanks, Rob. Great stuff.

    And it should be noted that Russ just set a record for most TD passes in three weeks.

  4. SoCal12

    Covid Season really seems like it’s going to come down to who has the least amount of talent injured. Really hoping what Alton Robinson flashed today is a sign of more to come.

  5. Jordan E

    Great analysis Rob. Yes the defense was terrible but with all the injuries its understandable. I hope the Hawks make some major defensive signings this week. I think we need another safety in there as well. Thank god were playing the dolphins next week.

    • Spencer Duncan

      Are you ready for Fitzmagic to throw for 400 while Shaq and Flowers jog around?

      • Mike

        Yeah dont sleep on the dolphins or Fitz in the first 4 weeks of a season. Game will be closer than you may think.

        • Jodan

          Oh man, really hope you two aren’t right. Hopefully we don’t get torched this week by the Dolphins. That would really show how bad the defense and pass coverage is.

  6. rOGER Davis

    Adams groin injury. I’ve had a few, they can really linger…shite…

    • Denver Hawker

      In the war of attrition that seems to be the 2020 season, offense prevails. I don’t think it feels sustainable because the Hawks offense has never looked like this.

      With a better D, Hawks would be up there with the Chiefs IMO this year. We’ll have to settle for the edge of the seat every week.

  7. Donovan

    Great write up, Rob. Perfect encapsulation.

    This is not the perfect team. But man are they a great 3 hour watch every Sunday!

  8. Volume12

    How good would Najee Harris look in this offense? 🔥

    • Trevor


  9. charlietheunicorn

    There is going to be a ton of roster juggling this week across the league.

    Seattle might make a move this week, for pass rush help, but if they can keep DT rotation strong, then they can work out the pass rush later. 49 really did flash… brought a lot of energy to the defense once he was in the game. Made multiple plays that really stood out.


      Closed really well in coverage too, on that last drive.

  10. Justyn Grant

    Fair that you didn’t focus on it but Metcalf worries me and did last season too. He’s overrated IMO, people rave about him but Wilson makes him look good. He drops a lot and is very mistake prone. I hope he has a 1000+ season and then trade him immediately for some draft capital.

    • John

      I don’t think Metcalf is overrated just mistake prone.

    • RC3

      Lol, he’s 22 and already I wouldn’t take 10 receivers over him if I was building a team. The defense absolutely has to account for him on every play.

    • Jace

      DK is emerging as one of the leagues top receivers. Does he have an occasional drop or mistake? Sure, but this is his second year in the league. You can’t just coach that size/speed/strength combo. He also seems the polar opposite of a diva, which is far too common in good WR’s now. Be happy he is on the Hawks and that so many other teams passed on him in the draft.

  11. no frickin clue

    Heroic effort from the defensive line on that last drive. Robinson shined even before that play – blew up that reverse and helped yield a 5-yard loss.

    If our depth is such that Flowers has to be out there, it’s a problem. He looked like a liability both in coverage and in tackling.

    • pdway

      couldn’t agree more – he’s terrible . . .

  12. Uncle Bob

    Agree, it was an heroic final drive. It takes a lot out off a man to do that, those boys are going to have a lot of off time this week. Good that they don’t have to travel tonight, small thing. Just to add another log on the manpower burn pile, Lewis carted off on the wagon with an ankle injury also looks bad.

    It’ll be a big temptation to take the next two games too lightly because of record and meme…………..don’t believe it. MIA is better and ascending, probably have confidence which helps when going against a team decimated by injuries. The Vikings are probably very embarrassed now and have enough talent and quality coaching to make them dangerous as a result. All that said, we are where we are, and there aren’t any easy fixes. Lookin’ good, for the moment, if you’re a Cards fan tough.

  13. cha

    Post game Press Conf PC

    “Another terrific crazy game. Gotta keep hangin with us. Incredible job by offense. Receivers came through. Lockett career game catching TD passes everywhere. Guys kept going in, down to last guys. Good team win. Got areas all over to get better with. Pass D continues to be a problem. Gotta finish our sacks again. Mone and Poona push on safety. Great pick by Shaq. Gotta get better. Grateful to be 3-0.”

    [jackie montg] RW 2nd straight game w 5 TD passes. What clicks? “Great player. DK huge and Tyler, great FB guys to work with. Knows system. Taking advantage of arrays. Great FB player doing what he does bset.”

    [AJ] Defensive fill ins? Alton/Shaquem/Neal ? “Excited. Not just to get out there but do something. Alton great to get all that playtime. Reed some really nice plays today, forcing some things on pass rush. Ugo continues to make things happen. Really stepped up. Great INT by Shaquille.”
    [AJ] NFL Injuries last week, change depth chart in practice reps? “Cognizant of each guys situation. Did stuff anticipating this is a big burden right now. Slew of guys get banged today. Obvious it seems challenge to make it through early weeks in season.”

    [John boyle] DK back from fumble to GWTD. Show bounce back? “Rock solid. Such a hard lesson for him. Exquisite play. Execution protection and then we give them the FB. Terrible play for us to endure. Fortunately overcame it, didn’t wreck game for us. Terrible play, really is. Celebrate in the paint. Talk about it all the time. Really hurt. Came back, of course he did. He’s pissed like everyone esle.”

    [gregg] Injuries? “Lano hill back, Dunbar knee, Neko groin. Scrambling. Lewis ankle sprain X rays negative. Regular lateral ankle sprain. Jamal groin sprain. Chris Carson knee twisted. Sprained knee. Brooks sprained knee. Pocic (knee?) finished game. Iupati knee finished game.”

    • cha

      “Lano told us today we had a problem, didn’t know at all. Woke up w it, real surprise. No info leading into it.”

      [tim booth] Deficiencies in pass coverage? “Beat deep over the top. Regular getting beat deep. Great execution. Too loose. 60 yards rushing again. Zeke 2 yards per carry. Those things are working. Not a big opp to give them the run so they can stop the pass. Have to keep working.”

      [brady] Alton Robinson game today? “Good aggressive game for him, pushed the pocket. Showed his competitiveness.”

      [gregg] Horses on D to make changes you need? “I don’t know answer to that. Always looking. Feel like we can get better with what we’re doing. Dak threw 57 times today. A lot of passes. You don’t run the FB it’s really hard to win. You gotta live with a little of it.”

      [bob condotta] RW last drive see? “65 yards 4 mins left. Terrifically executed. Greg great play on 4th down. Accustomed to it. We’re going to score.”

      • Volume12

        Awesome stuff cha aka our Hawks beat reporter. TY 👍

        • Big Mike

          Ditto. Really appreciate it cha

        • God of Thunder

          Great stuff cha, much appreciated

          • Bankhawk

            I’m right there with the others, Cha! It’s a great service to the community you do.
            Cheers, man!

      • Trevor

        Pete’s reply to the Greg Bell questions regarding having the horses made it very clear Pete knows they just don’t have enough talent on the DL I think.

      • Trevor

        Thanks for doing this cha

        • Volume12

          Trev, Pete saying, ‘you don’t run the ball, it’s hard to win.’ Facts my guy. 😉

      • cha

        [Art Thiel] New guys up from PS, like last drive sideline mgmt? “Changed things on last drive. Ken adjusted well. Watching clock, timeouts. Kept everything underneath us, waited it out. Ryan Neal ate one up for us. Shaqeum had a really good drive. Really active. Adj something on the fly to make sure he could help out, worked well.”

        [joe fann] 2 TD drives less than a minute. Busts or guys getting beat? “Got beat 1on1. Crossing route, I suggested a call that didn’t fit the situation. Trying hard, too hard. Want to get off the field too. Have to find hte right balance. I’m not gonna spend a lot of time on this right now – I know this is what you guys want to be asking.”

        [corbin] 2 weeks big last second stops? “Mentality about it. Last time 3-0 games just like these. Hard to be ahead at the end of hte game. You’re probably looking at 6 or 7 more like this if we’re to be successful this year. Great about us is mentality. Starts w me, but filters through coaches to team. RW won’t accept anything but coming through to win. Embedded in us now, clawing and scratching. Terrible for fans, tearing hair out but let me tell ya – this is the way we do it. Sound sick, but I like it like that.”

      • Chavac

        To echo Volume12, these transcripts really are money. Really appreciate them 👍.

      • Steve Nelsen

        Thank you, cha!

  14. Trevor

    Pete is clearly pumped to be 3-0 but as a defense first coach he must want to throw up when he watches the tape.

  15. pdway

    injuries are really crazy – – of course it’s not just us. really hope Carson is a sprain (that’s the early reports) and no more.

    What a huge play by Robinson, and then also Mayowa on the next play even though he didn’t finish the deal. Goes to show – you just can’t win end of games without SOME plays by the defense, and it really does have to be pass pressure, b/c no defensive backfield can cover forever.

    strangest 3-0 start i’ve ever seen . . .

    • Doug

      The 2013 season included (first game) the 12-7 over Carolina, and game 4 was the 23-20 OT win in Houston.

      This is just the way it is with the Seahawks. Love Carroll’s comment about mentality… you have to be mentally tough to get through games like this. And the energy that comes from being on the winning end of the last two games can carry a lot of weigh–think about how it feels to be Dallas. The game in his hands, Prescott throws the INT. Special teams cost them big-time also.

      • Rob Staton

        The Carolina game was just a hard-fought battle. The Houston game was a legendary comeback.

        This is a very different feeling. This feels nothing like 2013.

        And as much as I’m happy to be 3-0 — this team is banged up and delivering what can only be record breaking bad pass defense currently.

        • Doug

          Record-breaking great offence though, too. This IS different from 2013 in that the winning formula has changed. The mentality though is the same–Carroll’s remarks post-game made that point.

          Aikman was right that Russ wasn’t totally “on” today–there were missed opportunities. But still: 5 TDs! A very efficient 315 yards, and enough of a run game to make play action work.

          The 2013 team found ways to win games and so far, this team has as well.

          • Rob Staton

            The 2013 roster was a complete roster.

            This team has a massive glaring weakness.

            It’s no comparison.

  16. Matthew Still

    Injuries piling up, but entire league dealing with it too. We will be winning a lot of games this year 38-low 30 something, get use to it. Part of giving up those kinda yards comes with an O like this. Teams get aggressive when opponents O scores, nature of the game.

    Im a Cuse grad, so fired up for Robnison, loved his signing, he had a motor in college, get the kid some snaps already!!!

  17. Jojo

    So shocked with the sack and almost sack last two plays we got pressure when it counted , we have given up over 1300 yards so far that’s deplorable , only hope is the emergence of Alton Robinson and a trade for another pass rusher or if Antonio Brown is allowed to play just go all offence and score 40+ a game .

  18. Ely

    Rob I agree that Wilson didn’t have his best game but it’s hilarious to me that wilson not having his best game is 317 yards and 5 teeders. He was showing a little of his jitters. Aldon has had his number.

    • Mike

      Yeah ill take his off day over most QBs on days. Duane got soundly beat to the inside by aldon on the first sack, and seemed to be a force. May be that he is just ascendingly good. If duane is getting torched by someone, thats the one guy russ really counts on, so it makes sense.

  19. charlietheunicorn

    Seeing some young guys out on the field taking their lumps and still making big plays gets me fired up about the future. Just wish they could settle the DL down and tighten up the secondary CB play….

  20. Steve Nelsen

    Clutch win. Arizona drops a game to Detroit and we are 3-0 in sole position at the top of the division. If Seattle takes care of business against Miami and Minnesota, we go into the bye 5-0.

    The postgame comments by PC about injuries didn’t sound like anyone will be out for the season. But, I am anxious.

    Another questionable pass call by Schottenheimer on 2nd and 3 and a clutch stop by some of the young defenders at the end was just like last week.

    I don’t think we need Snacks. They kept Zeke in check even when Dallas was trying to run in the first half.

    • Rob Staton

      “Another questionable pass call by Schottenheimer on 2nd and 3 and a clutch stop by some of the young defenders at the end was just like last week.”

      You’ve got to remember though — Russell Wilson has different reads there. Schotty might not be saying ‘throw it deep’. Russell might be seeing that as the best matchup or going to it as a second or third read.

      • Steve Nelsen

        Could be Russell’s mistake but either way, it is the exact same mistake 2 weeks in a row to save a timeout for NE and Dallas. Both plays should have been runs.

        • BobbyK

          But if they were runs – then you can’t have the 4th and 1 TD bomb to DK against the Falcons in week one.

          I also remember last week on that 4th down bomb that Russell (or Pete) specifically said that was his third read, meaning their intention wasn’t to go for a bomb in that short-yardage scenario.

          When you have Russell Wilson, a HOF QB in the prime of his career on his way to having a potential MVP season – you let him cook. Not just when it’s convenient after a play has been run and didn’t work. This team can’t afford to be conservative or play things by the books right now. They need to keep the peddle to the floor. The defense is too bad to rely on them (but props to them for making that stop at the end today!).

          • Steve Nelsen

            The offense (Russell or Schottenheimer) needs to help the defense. If they had run it last week or this week, they would have forced NE and Dallas to use timeouts which would have made their final drives a bit more difficult. If the ran it this week on 2nd and 3, and got a first down, Dallas might never have got the ball back at all. I’d rather put the game on our kicker making a 30-40 yard FG than on our defense making a stop at this point. And, I’d rather have a 2-point lead as time expires than a 5-7 point lead and giving Dallas the ball with 1:45 left.

            The 4th and 1 against Atlanta was a different game situation altogether.

  21. BobbyK

    These injuries are something else. For LOTS of teams.

    I think the Seahawks should accept the ball to start the game every week. After they score a TD – they should let the other team run it back for a TD. Then they start another drive and score a TD (even if they have to go for it on 4th downs). After they score, then let them run the kick-off back for a TD. Do this on repeat until early in the 4th quarter. I would feel much better if this defense didn’t have to take the field until 12-14 minutes left in the game (go for an onsides kick to start the second half). If they can have a 45-2 (or something TOP advantage, the defense could be fresh and not sustain anymore injuries either).

    I’m only kidding. Mostly.


    If the year 2020 was a football play, it would be the one when Dak decided to play pitch and catch with Flower. But Tre apparently thought he was playing soccer and trapped the ball off his chest and then juggled it with his feet into the hands of the Dallas receiver. Smh.

    • Rob Staton


      • CaptainJack

        That reminded me of the dropped almost pick flowers had in the niners win last year. He just doesn’t have the hand eye coordination/body control to be a starting corner.

  23. Matthew Still

    It looked like they got good pressure today, the ends were compressing the pocket all day and the line held with a few sacks tossed in, thats just the eyeball view, will be good to see some advanced stats on that. The problem seems to be the zone coverage more than anything, DBs just dont recognized what the QB is doing or anticipate the WRs moves, comes with experience.

    • BobbyK

      They were playing a team with two undrafted free agents at offensive tackle. Lets not pretend the pressure that was caused was by going against quality opponents. I agree with the advanced stats part and so good to see a few plays get made (like the Robinson sack).

  24. Denver Hawker

    Hawks gameplan: our QB is better than yours so we’ll let you just throw and we’ll win.

    Wonder if teams will deploy the Chiefs strategy and try to keep the ball out of Wilson’s hands.

  25. MyChestisBeastMode

    Rob – “This was far from Wilson’s best performance”

    Its crazy that even with 5 TD’s today, your statement is true and a testament to how damn good Russ has been.

  26. Lewis

    Can we stop a moment and give kudos to special teams, who went out and played a monster game today without their team captain?

    • Gohawks5151

      Dickson a beast

    • Rob Staton

      Yep — special teams was on point again today.

    • Big Mike

      Tipped XP too. Excellent day. Does anyone think it’s cuz Brian Schneider isn’t running the STs? Is that rude?

  27. Aaron

    Trade the entire defense minus Wagner and Adams. Put all practice squad dudes to fill the 9 missing spots cuz I don’t give a (bleep). Invest the capital you get all on offense. Let Russ Cook and move every obstacles out of his way.




    • Daniel

      We’d probably only get back two 6th round picks and a 2022 7th.

  28. Gohawks5151

    Great win. Scrapped it out. Got to have games like that in a season. I think the tight ends have to be a bigger part of the game plan. You have 2 good and another serviceable guy there. They are easy throws on early downs. Thank God for Carlos Hyde. Gonna need him. Ufo balled out. If he keeps it up maybe they let Diggs walk and move Blair back there long term. Diggs has looked bad all season. I don’t know what’s up with him but at this point they may let him walk. Shaq too. Hopefully Lewis is ok but Simmons looked ok. Alton Robinson looked good! He needs to stay on the field. Eagles lost. Redskins lost. Both trades in play still, maybe growing in likelihood.

  29. JLemere

    The FO is going to have a harder time this offseason because there are too many question marks on the roster and there are not enough resources to overcome those question marks.

    First question mark is at RB. Chris Carson gets hurt again, Rashaad Penny is stilling recovering from his injury last season and is one more injury away from being injured prone. Then we have Carlos Hyde who gives you small chunks of yards, but is 30 years old and might start to decline later this season. Then we have two unproven young guys who has been active first time this season but didn’t get any action (Deejay Dallas) and another guy who is really on the roster for special teams (Travis Homer). FO might need to take a RB committee approach next offseason with Penny being the first guy and then have a cheap FA compete with Homer and Dallas for the remaining snaps.

    The next two question marks is on the offensive line, specifically LT and LG. Duane Brown got beaten bad by Aldon Smith in the first half, but recovered in the second half for the most part. But the FO has to wonder how much Brown has left in the tank. This could be Brown’s final year if he does continue to struggle later on in the season. For Iupati, I have no idea on how longer his body will last. Jordan Simmons might be a full time starter by the time we reach the half way point in the season. Fans might not want Pocic @ C or Shell @ RT, but the FO might need to delay focus on their potential replacements in 2022.

    The next question marks is the edge rushers. Benson Mayowa is on a one year deal and he can’t rush the passer, at least on his own. Alton Robinson showed some promise today, but it was against backup OTs. I want to see how he does against an average/ above-average starter. Darrell Taylor is becoming LJ Collier 2.0. Speaking of LJ Collier, he has been inconstant and wasn’t trusted for pass rush on the Cowboys last drive (PC trusted Mayowa, Griffin, Moore, and Reed).

    Final question marks is the Corners. How much is Shaquill Griffin going to be worth on the market? Will the FO give an offer to Dunbar? (Right now, I believe the answer is yes due to Flowers performance today)

    The FO has a 2nd round pick and 30 million in cap space (might be 35 if FO doesn’t spend any more money this year) to answer all of these question marks.

    • AlaskaHawk

      They better pray for a large UDFA market.

  30. James

    Of course for RW3, not his best day includes breaking team records and tying NFL records…

    • Rob Staton

      Sure. I’m not trying to diminish his efforts. I think it’s fair to say it wasn’t his best day.

      • CaptainJack

        Might be unfair. His day looks a lot better if receivers were getting open more and DK doesn’t have his big blunder.

        • Rob Staton

          He was still jittery and let’s be right here — I said it wasn’t his best day. Does anyone think today was genuinely Russell’s best day? I doubt it.

          • Gohawks5151

            Russ going deep on 3rd and short is ending poorly too often

            • Rob Staton

              It worked going long on fourth down in week one.

            • CaptainJack

              I appreciated the aggression there, I actually thought DK’s effort on that play was lacking. If that play clicks we are all singing praises to the aggressiveness. Not trying to go out of my way to defend russ that’s just how I felt about it.

          • Lewis

            Not even close. So many balls were thrown low that didn’t need to be and he seemed indecisive at times. Scary how good he is when not 100%

      • Big Mike

        Absolutely fair

  31. CaptainJack

    I don’t see the dolphins game as an easy win, especially if Brooks and Adams will be out.

    I actually see it as a trap game… would be big for the dolphins to take out a 3-0 team and gain some confidence. We know Fitzmagic can pull out crazy performances here and there. He probably throws for like 500 yards or something.

    Anyways, I just feel discouraged after this game. Yes, we won. Russ had five TDs. But so many times we could have really separated and then we go 3 and out on offense and collapse on defense. I am just tired of it coming down to the last drive. I acknowledge that to some extent the injuries are bad luck, but still: we had the chance to just keep scoring when its was 30-15 and never let Dallas to get back in on it. We didn’t take advantage of that.

  32. BobbyK

    This team can be up by 2-3 TDs in the 3rd quarter and you fully know for a fact that they are going to need to score more if they are going to win. #seahawks2020

    • BobbyK

      The Seahawks are going to score 40 or 50 points at some point this season and lose.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s what bothers me.

      You get to 30-15 and 35-23… just finish the damn thing. In back to back weeks they didn’t.

  33. CaptainJack

    Wanting to claw my eyes out reading tweets saying being on track to give up over 7000 passing yards this year doesn’t matter because we’re 3-0. Do these people not understand how unsustainable this is?

    • Rob Staton

      Anyone saying that is either caught up in the moment (which is fair enough) or deluded.

      • Bob Johnston

        The way I see it is that the defense can only get better… if that happens and the offense can continue firing on all cylinders then the sky’s the limit.

        • Rob Staton

          Have you seen the injuries?

          I think they can get worse!


    I think this is the highest number of negative post I’ve ever seen after a win. I get the team has some problems, but seriously.

    • CaptainJack

      It is fair for fans to be emotionally exhausted right now and depressed about the growing injury list and historically bad defensive stats.

    • Rob Staton

      You don’t get to police the comments section.

      Or deny people’s rights to talk about the serious issues that need to be addressed — even in the glow of a fun victory.

      • HAWKTALKER#1

        Not denying anyone anything. Just commenting.

        • Rob Staton

          No you’re trying to police the debate and we don’t do that here.

          • HAWKTALKER#1

            Rob- Actually, I wasn’t. I’ve been following and positing here for a long time and know the rules. It was just an observation.

            • HAWKTALKER#1

              I feel and ride the emotional rollercoaster with the ups and downs of the team, their strengths and weaknesses just like everyone else and sometimes feel compelled to be critical of the team and sometimes supportive. I meant no harm and had no intention to police anyone.

            • Rob Staton

              You’re complaining about what other people are talking about. And what people are talking about is a fair, legitimate talking point.

              • Patrick Clayton

                ha, policing the debate from the guy who polices the debate! The team that scores more wins and that is that. Who knows how it all shakes out, there is no formula outside of Bill Belecheck. We got as good a chance as anyone and that is all a fan can ask for. Props to PC/JS for a successful start to the season and a succefull off season to put is in the race!

                • Rob Staton

                  I moderate the site Patrick. If you want to call that ‘policing’ — feel free. One of the rules in this place is you don’t complain about people talking about legitimate, relevant points. It’s my job as the moderator to make sure that doesn’t happen. I don’t know why you’d want to visit a site that didn’t operate this way.

                  As for this:

                  “Props to PC/JS for a successful start to the season and a succefull off season to put is in the race!”

                  Nobody believes you. If you want to troll, do a better job. Not even Pete Carroll and John Schneider would say they had a successful off-season.

  35. Daseanwilliams

    Sorry boys hate to bring it up, people are kinda dogging at Carson being hurt but can we please mention that it wasn’t his fault this time, he got intentionally gator rolled on that play. Just watch the replay. Was scanning through the comments and didn’t see it so thought I should bring it up. Crazy game, crazy win, love the heart. Love you all

    • Rob Staton

      Yes it’s a horrible move by Trystan Hill.

      I’m not dogging him either. It’s a fact he’s been hurt a lot. Yes — this was a POS move by Hill.

      • CaptainJack

        That was just gross… Greg Williams-esque trash.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I hope the league fines the guy that grabbed his leg.

        Thank goodness the Seahawks signed Hyde. Maybe next week we should try out those young running backs.

        • dj 1/2 way

          Grabbed the leg and then used the foot for leverage while he “gator rolled”. Looked like he was trying to yank a leg off a Costco Chicken! If Pete get $100K for insufficient mask then this guy should get ten times that for trying to end Carson’s career!

  36. Huso Liszt

    It’s amazing to me that the last drive of the game was won by two guys from the practice squad and a fifth rounder who had just suited up for his first NFL game, and it makes me think that in a full season where teams are decimated by so many injuries across the league, which is where we appear to be headed, it will give a tremendous advantage to the Seahawks with their team culture. Also, aside from RW of course, our special teams were the different makers in this game.

    • dj 1/2 way

      Well put. Also, there are players that just do not get hurt. We can count on them to do their jobs and keep going. Players like Russ and Bobby are worth even more when they can play every game.

  37. Big Mike

    Not sure the focus will be on improving the defense necessarily at this point but more a focus on fielding a defense. Street FAs incoming I’m guessing.

  38. Rob Staton

    I thought Pete looked drained during his press conference.

    No energy even after a win, which is unusual.

    The injuries and the defensive performance — he knows. Thus the basic refusal to talk about the defense.

    • Matthew Still

      Hes also 103yrs old.

    • Pran

      He is running out of troops and excuses.

    • dj 1/2 way

      There is a five game stretch from the end of October to the middle of November that will be tough. Bookended by away and home games with the Cardinals, the Seahawks will also face the 49niners at home and the Bills and Rams on the road.

    • Simo

      This may be why Seahawks beat reporters aren’t asking Pete tough questions about the pass defense, the lack of pass rush, the historically poor defense overall. He’s surly when he gets asked a questions about these trouble spots because he knows how poor this part of the team is right now. He probably also knows there’s no good options available to fix these problems. So he’s just not going to answer these kinds of questions, and the reporters won’t ask for fear they may get on Pete’s $hit list.

      • Rob Staton

        They shouldn’t care.

        I’ve interviewed loads of managers who are surly and get pissed off with certain questions.

        Here’s an interview I did with a player recently and he threatened to end the interview:

        You still ask the questions. You don’t second guess the answers and then don’t bother.

        It’s your job to ask the questions.

  39. Matthew same Still

    when do we get Taylor in there. He and Alton Robinson, CUSE!!!, could have an effect frosh year!!!

    • CaptainJack

      Robinson has some juice for sure.

    • Spencer Duncan

      He’s on the PUP so after our bye in week 6, they’ll have 3 weeks to evaluate him to see if he’s ready or if he’ll have to be changed to IR.

  40. Big Mike

    I would like to see the league come down on the guy that caused Carson’s injury to the point that he be suspended without pay for as long as Carson can’t play. There’s plenty of video on it step up and let players know that kind of shit will not be tolerated. I know what won’t happen but I wish it would.

  41. Rob Staton

    Podcast is live now at the top of the page.

    And I’m off to bed.

    • Big Mike

      By my calculations it’s 3:00 a.m. across the pond. Good luck getting a couple of hours sleep at least.

    • cha

  42. Darnell

    I agree with Rob re: Snacks Harrison.He’s a name, but do they actually need him? The run d, especially amongst the DTs, has been solid. Mone is good might be really good.

    Guys that address more pressing concerns:Eric Reid, Earl Thomas, Damarius Randall, Cam Wake, Clay Matthews, Jabaal Sheard, Prince

    • Rob Staton

      The fact is Seattle’s run defense is irrelevant right now.

      Nobody is running the ball because they don’t need to.

      Signing Snacks might help you rotate a bit more but he’ll just be eating up cap space on a player who doesn’t improve your pass defense — which is a disgrace and Carroll knows it. He looks absolutely shellshocked by how bad they are on defense.

      • GerryG

        It’s not all pass rush either, secondary is awful.

        • Rob Staton

          Everything is awful, yes.

      • Spencer Duncan

        I don’t think it should be so easily dismissed that RBs are averaging 2.98ypc over 65 carries in 3 games. They may not need to run, but they’ve still done well so far.

        • Gary

          Bobby Wagner agrees with Rob:

          “I think a little bit of that, too, is offenses are starting to change their play-calling and starting to call more pass plays. We have to do good at something, so it’s good to hold teams under 50 yards or 75 yards rushing, but when we’re still giving up as many yards as we’re giving up, it doesn’t matter.”

        • Rob Staton

          Read what you just wrote.

          Teams are not running and they are gashing us in the passing game.

          It’s a huge stonking mirage that this is a positive.

  43. GerryG

    I think the run D deserves some credit. Zeke is a beast, and Dallas tried to be balanced in the first half. Run D did it’s job. It doesn’t matter since teams can throw for 400/game, but those guys are doing their job when the ball is run. Seattle could easily have been down at half if Dallas was able to be balanced on offense.

    Ugo gets a shout out, made a two third down plays on the ball.

    I’ll echo the sentiments on Alton not being active first two weeks, facepalm AF

    • Rob Staton

      The run defense is a total irrelevance Gerry.

      Dallas didn’t even attempt to establish the run, even in the first half.

      Zeke ended up running as much as New England’s runners did last week.

      People are absolutely kidding themselves if they think the run defense is worth even a seconds thought. Teams don’t need to run. They get 400-500 yards in the passing game. They give up so many explosive plays. Opponents are marching 75 yards in 45 seconds for touchdowns.

      It’s no different than flipping the scenario and saying the pass defense was good on a day where a QB had 120 yards but the opponent ran for 300 more.

      If you can’t stop a team in one area — they will attack it. And succeed. And the fact they aren’t attacking the other area and just virtually ignore it doesn’t make it a strength.

      • AlaskaHawk

        On the other hand, last game the defense made a goal line stand and won. So it’s not all bad.

      • Steve Nelsen

        Rob, that just isn’t accurate. You posted before the game that if Zeke had 14 carries for 70 yards and they were able to pass, you wouldn’t call that a good run defense. Zeke had 14 carries for 34 yards.

        You can rightly criticize the porous pass defense but saying run defense is irrelevant is nonsense. If Dallas or NE had been able to run, they would have. Chewing up the clock to keep Russell off the field is a strategy many of our opponents will no doubt try because getting into a shootout with Seattle hasn’t won a game yet even when teams have scored.

        • Lewis

          Any idea how many of those carries were short yardage? I do think they have played against the run better than the pass, but it is also to they haven’t been tested. I believe we now lead the league in run defense. What Rob is saying is that this is misleading because teams don’t need to run when they can pass at will. Now, if they can tighten up the pass defense and continue to perform that way against the run? That would be awesome

        • Rob Staton

          Steve this is a complete waste of time.

          I’ll just repeat myself. If Dallas ran for 380 yards today and only passed for 100 nobody would say: “golly gee the pass defense was good!”

        • Zane


      • Bob Johnston

        I’m not sure I agree with this. Last week the Hawks stopped the Pat’s run game and won despite Cam having a career game through the air. This week the Pats got it rolling on the ground and won while their passing game was a no-show. There’s no way to know for certain but if the Pats run for 300 yards and 4 scores on the Hawks to we still win the game? No way to know but it’s fun to think about.

        • Rob Staton

          I can see this is the thing I keep having to reply to.

          The Seahawks are on pace to give up 7000 yards in the passing game.

          Teams are not running on them (lowest RB runs faced in the league).

          Bobby Wagner admits it’s an irrelevant factor.

          They aren’t ‘taking away the run’. Teams are taking it away for them by only running for the odd short yardage situation and then throwing for a billion yards with ease.

          This is not a thing people. If they’d given up 380 running yards today and Dallas only passed for 100 nobody would praise the passing defense. We’d simply say they didn’t need to throw because they ran for 380. The reverse is true here.

          • Belka

            If Dallas rushed for 380 yards we would’ve lost for absolute sure. So yeah it’s a thing.

  44. ABCinco

    Pete really leaning into the fact that teams can’t beat the hawks when they give up 400+ passing yards

    • Daniel

      Until they do.

    • GlastoHawk

      Was he wearing the Emperors clothes when he said it

      • Big Mike


  45. Michael P Matherne

    1. It’s amazing that even when Russ looks rattled he can throw for 300+ with 5 TD and no turnovers. Congrats to him on the best start to a season that any QB has ever had.

    2. Trysten Hill looks like a dirty player. Carson had been down for quite a while when Hill decided to ‘alligator roll’ him. Then he follows it up with the high hit on Russ. Rob covered how he lost his starting job in college after falling out of favor with the coaches, so it’s not like we’re talking about a guy with a sterling reputation and zero red flags. This is just an opinion, but I know what I saw. Fuck that guy.

    3. I can’t believe how bad our defense is. We all knew the D line was going to be bad, but watching our secondary fail to cover even the most basic routes for the 3rd consecutive week is almost more than I can bear. If Geno Smith were our starting QB we would be battling the Jets and Giants for the #1 pick. Russ (and Lockett/Mercalf) are the only things keeping us afloat. How the hell did we become one of those teams that is essentially just a great QB? (rhetorical question, I know exactly the moves that have lead us here)

    • Huskyboy

      #3 The thing is “big plays” change games & are just as good as TD’s. DK messed up big time! You can play crappy defense all game but if you make big plays on defense at the right times it makes up for all of it. I’m not saying I prefer this way, I’m saying our payers have a lot of moxy & we’re afford time due to the wins to fix the chaos, so it’s not as bad as it seems, we’re in training for the playoffs with the ability to add a great player.

  46. cha

    Bob Condotta
    One injury sigh of relief for Seahawks — hearing Chris Carson’s injury isn’t thought to be significant.
    7:23 PM · Sep 27, 2020

    • charlietheunicorn

      Perhaps give Hyde and DJ Dallas a bigger role in the offense and keep Carson in reserve this next week, to get him right. Well, if the injury new is good on his knee.

    • Big Mike

      My gut tells me he’ll be inactive this week giving him time to fully heal. That may extend to after the bye as well.

  47. jopa726

    How about a little love for the Seahawk’s Special Teams!

    • Huskyboy

      +1 No way we would be 3-0 without it & if it gets better it will impact the playoffs & Super Bowl.

  48. Ashish

    Agreed hawks DL is bad but look at Gb vs saints is 37 -30. So what are their Defense is also garbage? Since there is no crowd offense has advantage. Not saying our Defense is good but they hold on more than once so its not fluke.

    • Huskyboy

      As long as we rack up wins & avoid major injuries it’s good enough! Playoffs is an entirely different situation but we have plenty of time to figure it out. No way Quill or Dunbar is gonna cost big $$ next year & it will be interesting to see what Richard Sherman does next year. Flowers is still developing so I don’t hold it against him I’m just happy he got a blocked kick & a tipped pass on a blitz. Factoring this stuff in I really hope Fletcher Cox is a fit.

  49. Steve Nelsen

    I LOVED this podcast. You guys were so relaxed and conversational. Rob’s dog made a guest appearance. And I laughed out loud when Rob was say, “please! I have kids. I can’t take a whole season of games like this.” And Robbie, “I know how I’m going to die; having a heart attack while watching a Seahawks game.” Well done guys.

    • Rob Staton


    • cha

      My Apple Watch senses when I have a high heart rate when I’m not exercising, just sitting there, and sends me an “are you ok?” Message.

      It did it in the 4th quarter drive last week and again on the last drive of the game this week.

      • Steve Nelsen

        Ha! My Apple Watch asked, “Did you have a fall?” when I jumped after the interception at the end. They may need a special setting for, “It’s OK, I’m a Seahawks fan.”

  50. cha

    Bobby Wagner’s press conf, you’d have thought the Hawks lost by 20.

    He is ticked. Angry. John Boyle asked about what it’s like to make a stop at the end to win the game, a very rah-rah question and smacked it down. “Fun but we shouldn’t have been in that situation.”

    Asked about the run defense, he spoke the truth. He said teams are calling bunches of pass plays. And when pressed about what’s working in Run D he said ‘you gotta be good at something’.

    • Huskyboy

      Take 1 game at a time and try to get to playoff caliber football by playoffs without significant injuries. I loved the way the D stepped up at the end of the game & it’s obvious teams do not want to run against our D Line with marginal OL personnel. Well have to wait a while before our run defense is tested but so far it’s looking good. I felt that once up by 15 points the play calling on the offense was on a crappy stretch but they made up for it with the game winning drive & they showed them whose boss with the 2 point conversion. If we can get to the half way point of the season with only 1 loss & no major injuries, I’ll be super excited. We get to add at least 900k back to this years cap with the loss of Bruce Irvin & we’ll have to see if Schneider can save some $$ on injury settlements. Fletcher Cox is an attractive player that I hope is a personality fit for our team & I really think there’s a chance he could be acquired cheaply because Eagles need to get rid of him by the trade deadline because they need to roll over 2020 cash into 2021. I love Poona Ford but due to his size & the size of Reed I do not see the Hawks resigning him next year unless they plan to trade Reed. Worst case scenarios they trade Ford & a draft pick for Cox or trade a mid round pick for Cox then trade Reed to a team like Chicago. Prefer adding Cox to Reed, Ford, & Mone this year & then waiting till 2021 to decide if Reed or Ford should go.

  51. mac

    Russ had a good game, but he should of had about 7-8 tds. I get barked at on twitter anytime I suggest that this game should never of been as close as it ended up. We looked completely dreadful in the second half, play calling wasn’t as good and receivers had a hard time working back to the ball. It is not that Russ isn’t worthy of praise, the game shouldn’t of been this close.

    I’m just hoping that schotty can keep a game consistent from beginning to end, comebacks when you were up two scores are just too much to take.

    • Mike

      A bit melodramatic? We slowed down offensively, like teams do. Dallas does have a pretty complete defense. Decent defenses can stall good offenses for a quarter or two. Dallas made halftime adjustments that the O had to adapt to, which they eventually did.

      Expecting perfection like this is a Madden game on rookie difficulty isn’t realistic.

  52. Lewis

    Just noticed that on our last drive, after Olsen makes the catch and turns to run upfield, Diggs punches him right in the facemask. Presumably he was trying to punch out the Ball, but yeesh

  53. charlietheunicorn

    Is “Snacks” Harrison good at collapsing the pocket / interior of the OL?

    If he is, then he could really spring Reed to life… with 2 dominant interior lineman, one can hold up vs the run game while the other can give some interior pass rush. This would allow Reed to get off the field some and have Ford play in his spot on running downs, trying to keep him fresh.

  54. charlietheunicorn

    I think PC is shell shocked at all the injuries piling up to key players on offense and defense.
    When you build a decent part of your defense around #33 and #54 performing like all pros…. hurts when you lose one of them.

  55. Pran

    If there is anything proven today. We need to be up 3-4 scores going in to 4th to have a good chance.

  56. pugs1

    I feel the frustration with the D and the injuries are troubling but on a positive note I do like that they are making plays when they have to be made. last week it was Collier and Hill this week it was Robinson and Reed and Griffin on the last drive. I love the fact that everyone on the roster including recent PS call ups are bringing something to the table. They need to improve by a ton but I’m digging the scrappy nature of this D and have my fingers crossed the coaching staff can fix the problems. The Hawks are 3-0 and they are on to Miami.

    • Pugs1

      BTW I really have enjoyed the podcasts keep up the good work! I also have to know where Robbie got that Chuck Knox era Seahawks hat?

      • Robert Las Vegas

        I say this if it’s fourth down you should definitely go to Greg Olsen.the guy is clutch.

    • McZ

      The problems the coaching staff will have to fix in a season with already numerous injuries is adding speed and persistence to the edge rush, and a big leadership problem up front. Call me a sceptic.

      This team lives off their franchise QBs ability to make just another play and keeping his turnover numbers clean. It depends on a balanced offense using the run game to keep the other team off the pitch, winning the time battle. They are starting faster, and are forcing the adversary to catch up.

      And until now, it works.

      But the total yardage differential is unsustainable:
      Atlanta 383 : 506
      New England 429 : 464
      Dallas 412 : 522

      There is no world in which a consistent negative yardage will not have consequences. There is no road to the SB with this kind of numbers.

  57. Brazilian Hawk

    What this offense is able to manage this season is overwhelming. Russ in not one of his best days and Metcalf fumbling one of the most unforgivable touchdown fumbles I’ve ever seen… Pass protection being overwhelmed… 5 passing TDs. Bizarre.

  58. Trevor

    Saw this on twitter and I think it says it all.

    No defense in NFL history has allowed more passing yards in the first three games of the season than the Seahawks. It’s not close.

    1. SEA 1,292
    2. NE 1,131 (2011)
    3. SF 1,107 (2005)
    4. HOU 1,106 (2010)
    5. TAM 1,088 (2018)

    • Rob Staton

      Says it all

    • millhouse-serbia

      Doesn’t change anything but hawkblogger said 2018 Miami gave 1,298.

      • millhouse-serbia

        My bad, it was about total yards.

    • Lewis

      Of course, Pats went to the Super Bowl in 2011…

  59. fransgeraedts

    Random thoughts after three games.

    1. Winning at the end is indeed like Pete said in the pressconference part of the culture in Seattle. That is invaluable.(it is one of the many examples of the misuse and misunderstandings of statistics around football: winning with less then a touch down is luck and therefore will regress to the mean: for most teams it is luck, for some it is the outcome of culture and strategy -and therefore will not regress -the seahawks have done it season after season.)
    2. The defensive play in the last drive was the best i have seen this season. It was consistent, next man up, gritty, a team effort, Wagner directed, tight, intelligent, kept everything in front. It was how we should have played all drives when the other team is desperate to make up points. It was very seahawky. Jamal Adams was missing. Was that a coincidence? I think not. Jamal Adams is fantastic. He is the key to Pete Carrols next great defense. But he is in many ways not yet a seahawk. He plays as if he has to do it all alone. Which was true with the jets…and probably in college? It is however not true here. He has good people around him. He plays within a great defensive scheme. He still has to learn how to use that. He can pace himself a little, threaten to do things without doing them and let the offense make the mistake, lurk more and then do the unexpected subtle thing, take a receiver out of the play by taking away the throwing lane. He does not need to try and make a play on every snap. It is Diggs that elevates everybody around him. Adams scares the opponent and that helps everybody indirectly. But for now, could it be that his way of playing is making the secondary overeager, a bit undisciplined, nervous? Will that pass? Yes. He will figure it out. More importantly Pete will figure it out and the rest of the secondary. With Adams in the team the rest has to play can play more conservatively, let the game come to them, stay on task.
    3. Russel is amazing. This was a lesser game: 5 touchdowns. Russel-Locket is amazing. Detcalf was cocky. I understand. He is great. Will not happen again. Tight ends will get even better. Running game will get even better.
    4. The oline has depth.
    5. We are 3-0. This was not an easy stretch of the schedule.

  60. Tree

    Positives: We had 2 turnovers which led to two TDS plus a safety. Run defense is good. Amadi a baller. Robinson has juice. Reed showed up. Russ and the offense have that vibe of a MVP and SB team.
    Negatives: 4 out of top 6 secondary players are hurt (there goes the idea of building from the back to the front to make up for not a great pass rush). We spent $10 million on KJ and although he still is one of the best at sniffing out screens and playing the run, his speed on coverage is embarrassingly slow. I don’t care if it’s Shaquem (he played like Rob described him after the draft-he would be an excellent spy on Kyler Murray), Brooks, or Barton/BBK, but we have to be faster at LB. Despite his INT Shaq is not playing well and I would be worried about extending him for big $. Flowers is playing with 0 confidence. We now need to save some $ for a veteran safety?

    • Aex

      That many more negatives after a victory huh? I think the net Positives outweighs the negatives based on that. Look, not trying to say the defense didn’t play like trash, but what will “do it” for fans, consistent blowouts? We should all know that’s not the way this team rolls.

      Every year for the past 5 years the offense struggled, defense keeps us in the game and the offense usually cobbles together a drive to win at the very end – or they fail on the last drive. This year the script has totally been flipped and it’s the offense that gives you the lead and it’s been the defenses job to not allow the final touchdown. It’s frankly a humorous turn of events. Given the rules that make it easier on the offense, is this a better framework for overall success? I don’t know – open ended question.

      One more thing – the defense is 19th in points allowed per game right now. Not good – but the way it’s constantly talked about in general I would have thought they would be bottom 5 for sure.

      • Rob Staton

        This defense is abysmal.

        The negatives are fair and legitimate talking points.

        I have no problem with people preferring to bask in the glow of 3-0. That’s admirable and good for anyone who is doing that.

        What I do have a problem with, and won’t tolerate, is people having a go at those who want to talk about the clear negatives.

        • Alex

          Not having a go at anyone – simply commenting on things I see in general and trying to keep perspective. The defense is far worse than we’d ever hope to see under Pete Carroll. I agree – but you don’t need to clap back at me personally just because I disagree with the general doom and gloom with regards to the team in general.
          It’s your site – you can ban opposing views if you want, totally at your prerogative. This place has become intolerable of other views. Criticize where it’s due, but try and keep perspective.

          • Rob Staton

            On this forum we discuss important subjects. We don’t have people come on here and accuse people of being ‘doom and gloom’ for holding valid concerns about the team and discussing them. We don’t accuse the host blogger of ‘banning’ opposing views because you offer no counter and just start complaining about what other people are saying. I disagree with lots of people and engage debate all the time. What you are doing isn’t debating. It’s undermining the conversation to try and stop it. “You’re all doom and gloom” isn’t a counter to a valid discussion about the pass defense. It’s an attempt to shut down conversation because you haven’t got anything interesting to say as a counter.

            Other sites might go for that basic nonsense but we don’t.

            So it’s your choice how to proceed.

  61. millhouse-serbia

    Good news.

    #Seahawks RB Chris Carson is believed to have suffered just a knee sprain Sunday, source said, one that should have him back on the field shortly — pending today’s MRI. Meanwhile, #Cowboys DT Trysten Hill will likely be fined, but not suspended, for rolling with Carson’s leg.

  62. GerryG

    Take away my personal fandom, and the dichotomy of this season is fascinating. Russ, and the offense are putting up absurd numbers, I mean they basically scored 45 points. The inability of WRs to get open in Q3/4 was a little concerning, but this has been an historic start to a season.

    At the same time, this is the worst pass defense anyone has ever seen to open a season. This is more laughable than any ragtag team we have seen. The NYJ are not this bad at defending the pass.

  63. Big Mike

    Hey Rob,
    The line about having kids and heart attacks at age 36 was funny. Good ‘cast as usual. Oh, and try being 64. I’ve already had to use the defibulator on myself twice this season.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Mike!

  64. DC

    Just re-watched a lot of the game on defense. Biggest thing I noticed was that due to the increase in blitzing they have to play man a lot more. Corners terrible at playing man across field and KJ is a huge liability, dude is way to slow to cover anyone. I love the guy but he should not be on the field in passing situations.

    I think Diggs isn’t looking as good because he’s got 2 corners that are playing terrible so he has a lot more to worry about than just the post and the seam. It’s definitely impacting his play.

    Amadi looked great! He gave up a few catches but he was right there every time, made some nice plays on the ball. He’s only going to get better. He’s really the only bright spot of the secondary.

    Quem got swallowed up a lot but just having his speed on the field was noticeable. His spin move doesn’t do anything. He needs work on how to turn his shoulders with a stutter step of some sort and get skinny. Going straight at the OL without a plan most of the time.

    Can’t even tell that Bobby is on the field. The DL is negating his All-Pro talent.

    • Huskyboy

      Ugo played great 2 games, Bobby has been great but FS,SS,Will, & both CB’s have been giving up big plays over the top. Lining up wrong, poor communication, etc…. they are a mess! Watching Shaquill’s interview really bothered me!!! Year 2 Shaquill said he bulked up to much in the offseason, carrying to much weight, he ran out of gas during the game. Shaquill is our speed CB why does he have 5 pounds of hair sitting on his head? You cant give NFL WR’s that kind of advantage!!! Plain stupid!! Clearly Shaquill is not happy looking like every other NFL player for some reason it’s not good enough & he has to stand out. Ego is going to cost him millions & in a way as long as we win it helps us build our dynasty because he has zero leverage in his new contract.

      • Mike

        If you think his hair is what’s holding him back..c’mon man.

        Ill agree ‘quil has been looking like his typical milktoast form. His one interception gift from Dak aside, he isn’t a guy that plays the ball. He plays the receiver and plays to stay close and get tackles.

        He feels more like a #2 than a #1. Not a liability, but not dangerous to pass against. Ive never seen him bait a QB. I’ve never seen him hang back and jump a route. He just stays sticky and tries to be close to the receiver. If you focus that much on the receiver, you aren’t paying attention to the ball.

      • Big Mike

        Hair comment COULD be construed in a way I truly hope isn’t the basis for what you said. His hair is irrelevant unless you think Richard Sherman’s hair kept him from being an All-Pro………….oh wait, he was an All-Pro. C’mon man.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think he was being racist but I do think it’s a pretty weird thing to say. Shaquill isn’t struggling because of his hair. He’s struggling because he isn’t that good.

          • Trevor

            I think you nailed it Rob he simply is not that good. He is an average at best NFL CB with good speed but does a terrible job tracking the ball in the air and seems to have a low football IQ. Rarely do you see him show good route recognition. That is why is interception on Sunday was such an rare thing.

            The only CB who seems to have a high enough skill level to extend is Dunbar but his injury history and off field crap is a real concern.

            Amadi was easily the best DB yesterday I thought.

          • Huskyboy

            Your dead on but he had advantages too learning from Carroll & Sherman. Sherman was a 4.5 guy but he was the smartest guy on the field & always was prepared. Ugo is 5.8 & barely fast but he put in the time & now it’s showing on the field. Sherman understood that being #1 CB is a huge responsibility & he didn’t let his team down. As the #1 CB you don’t get to make excuses. The brothers seem to be finicky players kinda like Hasselbeck, everything needs to be precise.

        • GoHawksDani

          C’mon now guys…how would be hair a racist thing? Maybe different cultures has different taste in hair, but if it’s a huge hair then it is a huge hair.
          And hair is not the issue with Griffin. I get it. Swimmers remove hair so they can be as fast as possible, and probably in other sports also, but if you’re running currently like your forty would be around 4.65 (because being slow to react and slow in general) trimming your hair won’t make you a 4.35-4.45 runner. He’s just slow, sloppy and never was a true pro bowl corner. Never played the ball and lately also regressed in speed and technique. He could be a pretty good backup, but not a starter and definitely not a CB1

        • Huskyboy

          We can agree we hope he fixes his issues ASAP. However if he continues to give up big plays this year I’d be willing to wager $$ that he shaves his head before the season is over, of course it’s only fair that you give me odds 3 to 1 sounds fair to me. If Quill becomes a lock down CB the bet should be voided but if he has somewhere between 2 to 4 more games like the Dallas game the wager is live, if he gets a huge hair cut I win if he has 6 inches or less you win.

      • CaptainJack

        I don’t think his hairstyle has any effect on his play. That being said, for an NFL DB he looks very physically underdeveloped and I have always felt this about both twins.

        • Huskyboy

          Racist? What’s the matter with you guys? The CB must cover super fast WR’s! If I’m a CB I want to be aerodynamic & carry the least amount of dead weight as possible!!! I’m not the one who claimed I put on too much weight year 2 as the reason for a sophomore slump. I not the one who has 4.3 to 4.4 speed that is constantly trailing WR’s when he should be on their hip. Athletes do all sorts of things to gain advantages why would any athlete leave anything on the table especially in a contract year? I truly believe I’m closer to the truth than anyone making a Samson argument for Shaquille.

          • CaptainJack

            OK, where did I say ANYTHING about racist

            • Huskyboy

              Sorry CaptainJack you didn’t say anything about racism. I clicked on your reply because your in this conversation box. I’m not singling anyone out I’m just denying I’m a racist & denying I should know long hair has anything do to with culture or ethnicity & even if it did I think it’s ridiculous that someone in the USA which is the most diverse country in the world must know about every culture that inhabits the USA which is an almost impossible standard to measure up too.

      • ScandicHawk

        His hair is slowing him down? This is the craziest post I’ve ever read anywhere on a site outside of the Qanon pedophile HS. Nobody has more hair than Sherm, by the way.

        DC, couldn’t agree more on KJ. He’s old. Hard to watch him in coverage, overpaying him big time but of course, I love the guy like you based on history. But man, we need to get more lb speed on the field. Ben Burr’s fast and good in coverage, not a good run lb because of his size but KJ shouldn’t be on the field on passing downs. Which is, what, about 80 percent of the time? Our defense is expansion-defense-bad, all we need is Efren Herrera running a fake field goal for a touchdown to remember those hapless defensive days…. Russ is the new Jim Zorn, the entire season rests on his shoulders. d’s got nothing. Hard to believe this is a Pete Carroll defense.

    • Simo

      I think Shaq Griffin is a perfectly acceptable corner, not great and not terrible. He’s certainly not a star but also not the biggest problem on this defense, or even in the secondary! Personally, I think Tre Flowers is a much bigger problem. When he plays bump and run coverage he is very susceptible of getting beat over the top. So to counter getting beat for big chunks he plays very soft, with a huge cushion, and then gives up easy completions underneath. Also, he rarely catches the ball even when its thrown right to him!

      • Huskyboy

        I agree with much of what you say but disagree with your conclusion. Quill claims to be a #1 CB but he’s not. Flowers is year 3 playing CB it’s not his fault he’s still learning. We need a #1 CB & there’s no way we can risk paying Dunbar big $$. We need Sherman back next year to teach our CB’s how to play, hope he spends some time with Marshawn & is willing to swallow his pride on RW & Carroll’s coaching style. Sherman is definitely smart enough to have a future as a coach it would be a wise move on his part to give Carroll whatever play he has left in the NFL back to Carroll.

  65. NotThatJordan

    Could Ryan Kerrigan be had for a fourth round pick and some change after week 6? Seems like for 10 weeks of play that isn’t impossible.

    I just think Schneider is going to have a very hard time parting with his 2nd rounder knowing he’d have no pick in rounds 1-3. And my guess is they think they can find a way to beat the Dolphins and Vikings with what they have and make it to the bye week where prices hopefully are lower.

    • Rob Staton

      Maybe. I don’t know how the market will play out with a lot of teams facing massive cap problems.

      But in the case of Kerrigan there’s little reason for Washington to move him unless it’s an attractive offer.

      • GerryG

        It will be very interesting to see if the trade deadline is more crazy than usual. It used to be a big nothing, and has had a little more action the past few seasons.

        With the number of injuries, the number of bad 0-3 teams, the expanded playoffs, and the disaster many teams are facing on next year’s cap, we may see more action than normal… or maybe not. Teams rarely give up and sell off assets in the NFL.

        • Chris

          I’m no salesman, but if i’m selling something and the buyer is desperate, i’m going to hold until they make a ridiculous offer.

          Chase Young also has a groin injury so that’ll make any trade for Kerrigan a tad more pricey.

          • dcd2

            See how well that worked out for us with Earl. John wouldn’t budge on his asking price and we ended up getting nothing.

            Conversely, for all of the ridicule BoB endures (often with merit) he dealt Clowney for a 3rd and a couple of players. Everyone thought it was a steal, as we would surely get a 3rd round comp pick back if we didn’t sign him. Well, no one signed him during the window (and we signed far more than we lost) so we didn’t get anything. Texans wouldn’t have got anything either.

            A bird in the hand. Gambling on a comp pick is risky business these days, and you get it a year later. If you’re Washington and the deadline is here, you take the best offer on the table unless you plan to try and re-sign him, or that best offer is a day 3 pick.

            • Chris

              I can see the comparisons you made but it’s a tad different this time in my mind. Earl and Clowney were two very disgruntled players playing for their teams and wanted to get out. I haven’t heard that Kerrigan is a disgruntled player and wants to get out or leave via free agency next year. So why should the WFT trade him away to a desperate team without a heavily biased offer? Seattle is dead last on their DL per PFF. You can’t get more desperate than that. The stats are public and teams know how bad the Seahawks need to improve their DL.

              • dcd2

                We’re over a barrel for sure. Just depends on if Kerrigan is in their future plans or if they are contenders for a playoff spot in their minds. If the answers to both questions are ‘no’, then they’re best off taking what they can get.

                With all of the DL injuries across the league, we aren’t the only team looking for help. We unfortunately are the team with the least trade capital (draft picks).

      • NotThatJordan

        If they lose to the ravens and the rams and are sitting at 1-4 in two weeks, it would seem like they would be motivated to get something back in return.

        This is where not having the third round pick hurts. A 2nd feels rich and a 4th feels light. As you say, Washington would need to feel it’s attractive and I think they’d be motivated by a third round pick. Plus it gives a veteran who’s been loyal to the franchise a chance to go to the playoffs and compete for a Super Bowl.

        • Ashish

          We can give 2nd in return of 3rd and Kerrigan or something like that. If both parties are interested it can be worked out.

  66. cha

    “Giving up that deep ball, that’s something I don’t do,” he said. “I need to continue to stay locked in. I feel like teams are starting to try and get me to calm down and fall asleep on that back side where we go through a whole quarter where I’m not giving up any targets or anything, and I get to a point where I’m falling asleep on that back side. So I have to do better on my part, stay consistent and staying in tune to the game each and every play. That’s something I’m going to work on, on my behalf. I have to do a lot better, I have to.”

    Right Shaquille.

    The Cowboys intentionally flayed Trey Flowers for a quarter so you’d fall asleep and give up a big play.

    • dcd2

      Not being able to create pressure with 4 has us blitzing at a (Pete tenure) record rate. That forces man-to-man more often on the back end. That isn’t ideal for Flowers or Shaq, and isn’t likely to change soon. It also put KJ in man on a WR a few times with terrible results. KJ should only be in man when it’s a TE, and a slower one at that.

    • Huskyboy

      I’m tired of his excuses!! I don’t give up the deep ball after giving up the deep ball is not what I want to hear, in fact it raises red flags in my mind. He did a great job using the side lines yesterday but he consistently trails WR’s & uses his closing speed to bat away passes, that strategy will not work against deep & fast WR units like Dallas who also have an accurate QB. There is substance behind RW’s believe I’m going to do it world view and it’s hours & hours of study & practice. When I see BW, DK, RW, and Ugo flourishing because of their commitment Then I remember Quill suggesting this off-season he’s ready to play slot I’m not seeing congruence with Quills statements & his actions. Quill is suppose to be our shut down CB

  67. millhouse-serbia

    Tnx God.

    Sigh of relief for the #Seahawks: An MRI confirmed RB Chris Carson’s ligaments are intact and it’s just a minor knee sprain, source said. In fact, he’s got a chance to be ready for this week’s game at Miami.

    • Ashish

      Great news, please rest him we have opinions DeeJay and playing dolphins

  68. millhouse-serbia


    #Jaguars DT Timmy Jernigan is being waived today, per source.

    • Trevor

      Any idea why?

  69. CaptainJack

    How can countless 12’s on twitter continually dismiss anyone who brings up the historically bad defensive stats. Here are the excuses I have heard:

    1. We got ahead in the game, and therefore it’s justified for the defense to suddenly have the resistance of tissue paper as the other team tries to catch up.
    2. We were just playing all-pro qb after all pro-qb, such as matt ryan who just blew huge leads in consecutive games, and Cam Newton, who was just cut by the panthers.
    3. Covid-19 means the defense couldn’t gel.
    4. This is fine, because the league is moving away from playing defense in general.

    • Big Mike

      First of all, denial (De Nile) not just a river, yadda yadda yadda
      Secondly, why bother with Seahawks twitter? Not meant to be a putdown man, just a serious question. They’re, from all I’ve heard cuz I don’t do social media cesspools, lacking in football knowledge and a bunch of overreacting twits (Twitter, twits, oh hell yeah…….OK so it wasn’t that funny but I try).

  70. AlaskaHawk

    Just watched your podcast. It’s funny but you two are like a battery, one positive and one negative, which forms a powerful current. heh

    After yesterdays game, I’m thinking that besides needing a pass rush, they have to replace Flowers as soon as possible. They can’t go on like this. From here on out, other teams will pick on him. They got to make a change there.

    • CaptainJack

      My hope is that Dunbar being out is not a long term thing.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve said plenty that is positive.

      I also don’t shirk away from the negatives.

      That’s how I would expect any serious analysis to be.

  71. millhouse-serbia

    More good news…

    #Seahawks LB Jordyn Brooks suffered an MCL sprain Sunday, source said. The first-round draft pick likely will miss a couple weeks, but great news it wasn’t worse.

    • CaptainJack

      Not a great sign to see him get injured in his first start…

    • Big Mike

      Back after the bye I’d guess. Good news for both he and Carson. Waiting to hear about Lewis. Need the young stud back ASAP.

      • Big Mike

        Ah I see below P{C said Lewis has a “sprain, normal………has a chance to play……..
        PC speak means he’ll miss at least the upcoming game 🙂

  72. cha

    Pete Carroll Show on 710

    [q] teasing about last play again

    “Good finish. Common format for games. A lot of offense, way too many big plays on D. Were able to get the ball 4x and that’s playing winning FB. Gonna get a lot better.”

    [q] RW is awesome

    “Doing graet job. Yesterday was harder than last 2. Big time rushers. Navigated way through it, held up. Took adv of defense. Scored sudden changes, really good in red zone. Banged up again, got stuff to work on. Ryan Neal, Trey, etc.”

    [q] 34 rush yards. Seen?

    “Consistent. Teams trying to come out and mix game. 57% throw first Q, 4th Q 88% of time. Ahead, making teams throw. Running game D steady for us. Give us a chance to play winning FB.”

    [q] DK redemption with winning TD?

    “Effort because RW time in pocket, just kept going, saw RW’s eyes. Ran way into winning TD. Effort finish. Play (fumble) horrible play. Lesson for all of us. Phrase ‘celebrate in the paint’. Covered so many times, unfortunate so significant. Learn that lesson and get better. Won’t happen again.”

    [q] How do you coach that?

    “Frustrating such an emphasis for us. Frustrating to see something we work on so many times. Looked at DK as he came off and “..ahh…” we get it. Will come up in films today. Getting pounded all over the league. More important that everyone else fixes it. Point it out when other teams do it. Gotta do better.”

    [q] “Stay on top” defense? Coach that?

    “Obvious when it happens. Big emphasis, when we don’t respond properly, all we can do is go back at it again. Shaq beat deep, backed up situation, both corners bailed to care for deep ball. Guy ran by us anyway! Got outplayed on the play. Got to make plays when time comes. Good play by Dallas, great throw. Gotta live w it, gotta move on.”

    [q] Moment in camp thought offense could be explosive?

    “Yes, question was could the OL hold up. camp can’t tell with QB not being hit. RW being able to take advantage of. It has.”

    [q] Conviction on RW throws strong? Decisiveness?

    “Play 3rd and 4 on last drive. Throws slant to DK. Exactly what happened pre snap. Ripped it by DK. Hot ball. TD to Greg Olsen at goalline vs Atlanta. That’s conviction. Nice throws. Commitment – he knows ahead of what should happen and he’s got it. High level of execution coming from knowing system, prep working out. Gotta be able to be flexible and adjust to defenses.”

    [q] 2 4th down decisions, what went into in?

    “First one (trying to draw off), worked out worked time down. On Olsen play we were in 4 down mode, let the offense make a play instead of kicking deep. Schott fundamental call for us. Ability to execute allows us to go for it. Not guesses, counting on it, allows us to choose moments.”

    [q] Communication between PC and RW on GW drive?

    “RW and I were just face to face, I said ‘FG wins it’ but we looked at each other and both said ‘but a TD wins it’ said it in unison. Couldn’t be more in synch with him in that sense, beautiful job of finishing drive.”

    [q] Injuries Lewis?

    “Sprain normal, pretty sore after game. Has a chance to play, see how he responds. OL better chance than skill guy. Simmons nice job filling in.”

    [q] Injury Brooks?

    “MRI most part everyone had the more minor injury. Brooks first degree strain, depends on how he responds. Whacked on knee by Elliot on cut block.”

    [q] Injury Jamal Adams?

    “First degree strain on groin. Day by day.”

    [q] Injury Chris Carson?

    “Really pissed about htat. Guy hurt him. Likewise first degree strain. RB more issue than big guy.”

    [q] Injury Dunbar and Hill?

    “Chance for both this week. Lano particularly. Serious hip injury in past, same area. Related? no. Dunbar working on see how he bounces back. Thought he’d make it through the week and didn’t improve.”

    • cha

      [q] Guys stepping up to fill in?

      “Accomplishment guys step up, to contribute to win, big sack, big INT, 2 pt play. Really exciting, will be a challenge for us, but that’s FB.”

      [q] Griffin got beat, 11 tackles and INT? Best game this year?

      “I don’t know about that. Need to play better on back end. Fact so active and playing so hard, making terrific plays. But throwing 57x there’s going to be plays on the other side. INT before halftime perfect, gave us a chance to get into end zone. Plays on D helping us, but have things to clean up. Things to emphasize day after game.”

      [q] Scoring up across NFL, why?

      ‘We’re seeing huge commitment to throwing game. Distraction that there’s so much throwing going on. Offenses ahead of defenses. Fortunate we’re staying ahead and winning. Half of games game down to last drive. Fortunately we’re geared for that kind of football.”

      [q] Stadium sound not same, exciting, we’re pumped for team?

      “Excited about it, glad we got 2 games at home. Better than last year. Pumped about that. Now going across country, looking for a win in Miami.”

      • AlaskaHawk

        Cha, thank you so much for adding to the blog. Very interesting stuff.

  73. cha

    Hawkblogger posting some PFF grades

    Brian Nemhauser
    Bryan Mone once again leads the team in pass rush grade at 68.2
    Brian Nemhauser
    Surprising to see Shaquill Griffin at 68.1. Not surprising to see Tre Flowers at 38.8.
    Brian Nemhauser
    Ugo Amadi had an excellent grade at 77.3
    Brian Nemhauser
    Ryan Neal had an excellent grade at 80.8 in his 29 snaps. Good sign.
    Brian Nemhauser
    Shaquem Griffin was the highest-graded Seahawk on defense per PFF (85.6). Great to see.

    • cha

      Brian Nemhauser
      Mike Iupati had his highest grade as a Seahawks by a long way at 85.2.
      9:47 AM · Sep 28, 2020

    • Rob Staton

      I’m going to try and get the whole list again. Even if I have to pay for a sub.

    • DC

      I’d like to see Ryan Neal take Lano HIll’s spot.

    • Steve Nelsen

      The Brian Mone pass rush grade caught my attention. I thought Mone was getting some push and I was wondering how it would translate into PFF even if it didn’t result in any sacks. He seemed to take care of business as a run-stuffer too in the limited plays where Dallas was trying to run. He looks like he can be our Al Woods DT replacement. I think we can hold off for now on spending limited draft and salary cap resources on a DT.

      Rob pointed out in the podcast that Shaquem was much more effective in a “spy” or underneath cleanup role than as a body in the edge rush rotation. Alton clearly looked like he could join Mayowa and Collier in the pass rush rotation. He’s a 5T that can rush from edge or kick inside. But, we need at least one more. I didn’t see much from Moore. I’m curious if PFF agrees. He is probably the guy until the trade deadline unless/until Green or Taylor gets healthy. JS usually has a good feel for other teams’ PS and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them make a move if they feel Moore is not the guy.

      I am really warming to the idea of adding Antonio Brown for the end of the season when he becomes available. His strength was getting separation with his quickness. He would pair nicely with Russ and could add a “take it to the house” element to the underneath stuff that the Seattle TEs can’t. There isn’t a secondary in the league that could handle Tyler/DK/Antonio with Russ throwing to them.

    • Huskyboy

      My gut tells me we we’re stacked at slot CB, Linden Stephens is no slouch! Ugo has looked as good if not better than any Slot CB in the Carroll era. I really hope the rest of the secondary recognizes Ugo is dedicating more time to his job than they are & they begin to shadow BW like Ugo does. BW has got to be wondering why Ugo is the only guy arriving early & staying late.

  74. cha

    Michael Bumpus asking PC if that was Shaq’s best game of the year?

  75. hawkfanforetenity

    It seems like we are consistently giving up pressure off the right edge every game. I’m curious how Shell grades out, to my eye he looks slow out there.

  76. James Z

    PC stated that at this point the offenses are ahead of the defenses league wide and there is no need to dispute it. But the question arises what happens when the defenses begin measuring up to the offenses? It seems, based on the current iteration of the SH’s offense, as good (great?) as it is there will be some regression. What happens when the ‘Hawks are only putting up 27-28 points in a game? Will their current defense be able to measure up to other offenses? Methinks not…

  77. cha

    My pregame points to watch

    Is a pissed off Adams an effective Adams?

    Better than the Pats game, not as good as the Atlanta game. Did have some plays affecting the QB and brought his typical energy to the defense but not a dominating performance.

    Grade: B-

    OL play

    Duane Brown looked awful vs Smith early. He did adjust though as time went on. RW had time when he needed but for sure was scrambling more than the first two weeks. The pressure gave him jittery feet at times. The two guards filling in kept them at par which is about what you can expect.

    Grade: C+

    Offensive playcalling and gameplanning is (and will be for the rest of the season) critical

    Seahawks had a 30-15 lead and the ball with 11 minutes to play in the 3rd Q. Dallas offense had just had a very shaky series, after another series where Dak was strip sacked that led to a TD.

    Time to go in for the kill. The offense responded with 3 drives that gained 3 first downs and ended with 3 punts. Dallas responded with two TD drives and a FG drive to take the lead 31-30.

    Was it specifically due to playcalling and gameplanning or just not executing? Or Dallas D stiffening? I don’t know. I’m not quite there yet analyzing things. But I said the offense will need to get a lead and then protect the lead with long drives, and they failed to do that.

    TEs 8 catches for 67 yards and 1 TD. I know Hollister had a TD and Olsen a key catch, but why aren’t they being utilized more? After those Lockett/DK bombs Dallas was vacating the middle of the field to double cover and the Hawks didn’t take advantage.

    Grade: C

    Special Teams has to continue being a top unit

    Michael Dickson is back to being a weapon. The Cowboys re-emphasized how important good ST are.

    Grade: A

    DL get pressure. Something. Anything.

    Great to see Reed with a strip sack, great to see Alton actually active and getting his first sack. Some blitzes got home and altered the play. But several blitzes got burned for long gains. How many times did a blitzer disappear into the mass of bodies and Dak find a streaking WR for a 10+ yard play?

    This Dallas OL was a Frankenstein’s Monster of body parts sewn together. A complete MASH unit of backups and guys playing out of position. Dak should have been running for his life all day. It’s entirely possible this OL is the worst the Seahawks will see all season. And they still couldn’t muster very much.

    Also Mayowa, if you want to be called the starting pass rusher or whatever, you bring the QB down on the final play. For God’s sake man, wrap up.

    Grade: C-

    Personnel inactives and snaps

    I don’t have the snap counts yet, hard to grade. But points for finally activating Robinson and benching Luke Willson.

    Grade: Incomplete

    LBs vs Zeke

    Brooks looked comfortable and assignment-correct on first watch. Zeke didn’t have much impact, in fact he looked listless. I didn’t see as many missed tackles as we have in the past on first watch. Credit to Kellen More for getting KJ isolated on a WR and letting him run away from him.

    Grade: B-

    • Gohawks5151

      Good watch points.

      Brown got better as the game went along. I wonder if he still isn’t nicked up. Shell is really streaky. Seems like he was mostly good when it counted. Simmons looked pretty good in relief as he has in the past. Pocic will die vs Aaron Donald.

      I agree on the play calling. Russ on 3rd and short with the deep shots is weird. It seems like he is trying to win the mvp every time. They did have a few coverage sacks but he has to know when to check it down too. I thought he had Olsen underneath on one of those 3 punts. Give a guy a chance to make a play. They had Smith spying him too so there is one less pass defender as well. He’s always gonna take a few bad sacks i suppose. I really do think they are saving some TE stuff for the more difficult parts of the schedule. Dissly’s health may be part of it too.

      Robinson looked great. 5th round steal? Brooks looked good too, but he’s not a pass rusher. Zeke looked uninterested. On one play he saw KJ in the hole and basically let him hug him. No one went to the ground. No drive.

  78. Ukhawk

    Couldn’t agree more

    I’ve stopped listening altogether to D&G and only tune in to hear Brick/Salk and Dave Wyman.

    I also think they were very constructive both in terms of insights and criticism.

  79. Big Mike

    “syncophanatic” nice!

  80. Henry Taylor

    I really dig this practice squad call up rule, and not just because it really bailed us out this week, is it here to stay or just a covid thing?

    I like how much extra roster flexibility it gives you from week to week and, as with Ryan Neal or Shaquem this week, it creates an opportunity for an unlikely hero on game day.

    • GerryG

      I really hope they keep it. I have thought for years the NFL needs to adjust its roster rules, and this is a good start.

      • Lewis

        Agreed. Really positive thing along with loosening up injured reserve. The ability to call guys up then put them back on the practice squad reminds me of how they can designate guys for assignment in baseball. It lets young guys get more experience without risking losing them as easily.

  81. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    It’s a biceps tear for Jurrell Casey, source said. His 2020 is likely over.

    • Hoggs41

      These 2020 injuries are rough. You have to think the shortened off-season has to play a part in it.

  82. Darnell

    The Hawks definitely need to add to their edge rush; be it Clay, Wake, or Sheard. But man, if Everson Griffen’s performance is any indication, these elderly pass rushers might not have anything left in the tank.

  83. Rob Staton

    Benson Mayowa is now grading at a 49.7 for the season (ranked 92nd out of 109 defensive linemen) and his pass rushing grade is a 49.8. That’s atrocious.

    • Rob Staton

      By the way someone sent me a link to an image of the full grades last week. If you have that again, send it over.

      • CaptainJack

        He plays like he’s chronically exhausted.

      • Chris

        Here you go.

        • GerryG

          Thanks. Cant read the defense grades on my phone, too blury, anyone else have that problem?

    • James Cr.

      And I personally don’t think it is because he isn’t any good, it is because (like you said) he is being asked to do way too much that he has never done before. I would rather we went to a full on rotation, and just play every DE 50% or less, even if it is practice squad callups. It cant get worse right?

    • Huskyboy

      He’s been right there to sack the QB too! Sacking the QB is an art some guys have it most guys don’t. I can understand if a less experienced coach misinterpreted the difference but Carrol should know better. On the bright side they have managed Alton Robinson & Collier properly so if Darrell Taylor & Green can contribute we might have something brewing. Shaquem looked really good to. Moore was not good if he can’t win consistently against Miami no point in keeping him on the roster. Also I’d say the next 2 games are big for Mayowa he must consistently win or we should get rid of him too. We will save some $ if we get rid of both Mayowa & Moore, if you combine that with the minimum 900k we’re getting back for Irvin, it will make a difference. Don’t forget each year teams can save 1.2 million on 2 player contracts =$2.4 million. Schneider has not used it this year yet! I wonder if it can roll over into the following year? Lockett would be a great player to use it on we could extend him this year while his mind is occupied during this season vs next year when his mind is in contract mode.

    • cha

      If it helps, his snaps were down to 63% this week. Keep cycling down, Hawks.

      • GerryG

        oh my sarcastic comment below was prior to seeing his snap count this week

    • GerryG

      Well at least he isnt playing 90% of the DE snaps.

    • Jawbreaker

      I supposed it could be worse…

      Everson Griffen 49.2 according to PFF

      • Rob Staton

        That doesn’t make the Seahawks decision not to sign proper pass rushers any better.

        • Jawbreaker

          I’ll take “Things I never said for $1000, Alex” 🙂

          I found it interesting that Griffen, who many people including myself, were clamoring for in the offseason is performing so poorly even though he has a better supporting cast on the D-line than Mayowa.

          • Rob Staton

            A bad start is possible.

            Nobody is going to convince me Seattle wouldn’t be better off with EG.

  84. Scott

    There’s a Seahawks blog site that is basically turning into the same thing, at least for many of the commenters. People are quickly being shunned for not accepting every excuse for why things aren’t as bad as they look, and anytime anyone dares to critique the FO, Carroll, or certain fan fav’s, the aggressive apologists come out and smack them down.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s a shame for whichever site you’re referring to.

      Discussion is important. In everything.

  85. Rushless pass

    Timmy Jernigan released by jags

    • dcd2

      Bigger name, but he’s only played 54 snaps and recorded one tackle through 3 games.

      2 sacks and 10 tackles last year and missed 6 games.

      No stone unturned, but I’m not sure he’s the answer to what ails us.

  86. Huskyboy

    If we win the Miami game we can salvage Moore & Mayowa by cutting them & adding Clay Matthews who wants 5 million a year. Adding Mathews should cost $3.7 million. It will definitely make us better. will it make us good enough? Who knows but it seems this year our DE performance is destined to Collier, Green, & the rookies. The smart move is to invest in DT Cox & rolling the dice vs paying an above average DE. Cox solves lots of future issues at DT = no draft picks & Reed & Fords contracts expiring. If we are paying Cox 16 million how can Reed ask for the big $$ if he’s not outperforming Cox. If Reed outperforms Cox in 2021 we could franchise him in 2022 & do whatever.

    • dcd2

      Cut Moore and Mayowa to add Clay? Do we know that Matthews is even better than Mayowa? Seems like a hasty move that wouldn’t accomplish anything. Moore is a good 3rd WR and PR. I don’t think there’s any way you can say it will definitely make us better. I’d argue it makes us worse. We need to add bodies to form a rotation, as noted by the snap counts. Swapping one rusher for another while eating up more cap and taking away a contributing member of the offense doesn’t do that.

      Cox is great and I’d love to have him. He’s also going to cost a draft pick and a lot of money, neither of which we have a lot of. I’d be happy to add him, but based off of the nickel and dime approach to building a DL that Pete & John have shown this year, I put the odds of it happening as quite low.

      • Rob Staton

        “Do we know that Matthews is even better than Mayowa?”

        He couldn’t be much worse.

        • dcd2

          Why not just add him then and rotate the two? Why cut Mayowa to find out?

          • Rob Staton

            I never personally said to cut Mayowa.

            I’m just pointing out that Matthews couldn’t be any worse.

  87. GerryG

    As much as we critique the blundered offseason pass rush/DL (for good reason) issues, I gotta give the team credit for being willing to step out of their comfort zone with the gun singing aggressive offense. They certainly bucked the trend of seasons past, and if they had stuck the with 2018/19 offensive game plan, the team would be 0-3.

    On defense they are blitzing a ton, albeit with minimal success, but again they trying something out of the norm. Unfortunately it’s not even close to good enough, so they are going to have to find something else in a hurry.

    In the meantime, they are 3-0 and in first place. It’s not sustainable imo, but we keep saying each year (coach Carroll included) the first goal/step is to win the division. The best way to do that is keep winning; so at this point all that matters is they are in first place. If they can add a player or two, and have guys keep improving, maybe we can limit the scoring down to 22/game. It seems to me better secondary play is very obtainable, these guys have all shown they can play better than this. The young DL can improve a little, and the trade deadline has not passed yet. Screw draft picks, this offense can win it all, push your chips all in and go for it.

    • Rob Staton

      “I gotta give the team credit for being willing to step out of their comfort zone with the gun singing aggressive offense.”

      I don’t think they had any choice with this defense.

    • Jawbreaker

      I agree. Pete has been the HC for over a decade and his offense (in the RW era particularly) has emphasized the running game until this season. Credit should be given for making that adjustment particularly when our pass defense which includes our secondary has been struggling so badly.

      • Rob Staton

        “Credit should be given for making that adjustment particularly when our pass defense which includes our secondary has been struggling so badly.”

        People very keen to administer credit here.

        I’d say he had no choice and anything but trying to out-score opponents would simply be a route to a losing season.

        • John

          Why didn’t we just tank this season or at least not have traded for Jamal Adams. With the lack of adequate resources to address the pass rush and pass defense issues. It seems like another 2 years at least of losing in the divisional round or worse.

          • Rob Staton

            Tank the season? With Wilson in his prime?

            Here’s a better idea. Just fix the pass rush like you said you were going to.

            • John

              Trading 2 first round picks for Jamal Adams was not worth the price they were better off using the 1st round picks towards getting pass rushers.

  88. Robbie

    Earl finally getting a visit. Visiting with the Texans LOL.

  89. Frank

    Overall, it seemed like the dline got a little more push yesterday than it had, whether from the brow beating they’re taken from the media about being the worst d line in the league, an indictment of the Cowboys o line, or putting 8 men in the box every play and daring the cowboys and Prescott to play mistake free football, while airing it out. This style of play, airing it out and just trying to put as many points on the board as possible, without grinding teams down is exciting to watch, but not doing the defense any favors. Historically this style faired well the regular season and poorly in the post season ala Peyton Manning, Tom Brady’s undefeated season, most of Rodgers and Brees years, but once in a great while teams get lucky like the chiefs last year, or the one championship the saints and Packers got. It’s great for winning awards like mvp, but less potent in the playoffs, and especially the Super Bowl. I can’t really complain, as a fan you simply cannot find a more exciting team. Defenses across the league are way behind offense from dealing with the pandemic, just like we’ve seen time and time again everytime there been a hold out for a new cba. I’d expect defensive teams to play a lot of catch up in the second half of the season, and hopefully the Hawks do as well, and can go back to being a bit more balanced for when it counts.

    • Rob Staton

      “it seemed like the dline got a little more push yesterday than it had, whether from the brow beating they’re taken from the media about being the worst d line in the league, an indictment of the Cowboys o line, or putting 8 men in the box every play and daring the cowboys and Prescott to play mistake free football, while airing it out.”

      The Cowboys had two UDFA’s starting at left and right tackle and were without their top-level guard.

      Then, after the right tackle had a disastrous start, they moved Zach Martin from guard to right tackle, moved their center to guard and put the backup center in.

      It was an absolute mess.

      The Seahawks D-line didn’t make enough of that. A good D-line would’ve dominated. But we know by now that the Seahawks don’t have a good D-line.

      “It’s great for winning awards like mvp, but less potent in the playoffs, and especially the Super Bowl.”

      Exactly. And if the Seahawks want to be anything more than a MVP campaign bus for Russell Wilson, they need to find some solutions to fix the defense. You can’t give up 7000 passing yards in a season.

  90. Mark Dickinson

    Before the year I looked at was a very easy schedule for the hawks and when I ran throw the teams and I came up with a 12-4 record. The start of the year I had Cowboys beating the Seahawks but after 2 games I figured with the injuries Dallas suffered that this was a game that could be won. I figured it would come down to who had the ball last. Thank god I was mistake about having the ball at the end to win.
    This is going to be Russel Wilson’s year to shine and so far he has shown he ready for the challenge. He set record for 14TDs in the first 3 games of a season and he pegged his 33rd comeback win. Since RW was drafted he has continually won the close games. In 2012 he had us winning in Atlanta with 28 seconds left, as a rookie and we all know what happened. Today he is just so much better. This guy has the leadership quality that every team wants. He has the presence when he steps into the huddle that gives everyone confidence. The reason RW is cooking is I’m going to call it backyard football. In the off season he gather RB,WR, and TE to work out in his backyard and start to build a chemistry with them. He has always lead by example and it shows up on gameday. No matter what happens, I am positive he will go down as the Seahawks best QB.
    The only thing I’m going to say about D.K. Metcalf play is it will make this team better. There is no one on this team now going forward that is ever going to let up on a play and that’s the Offense and the defense. The guys that are catching RW passes are just balling out. Locket and D.K. Metcalf are having and All-Pro year with 556yds and 7TDs which should be 8. Jacob Hollister had 1yd and 1TD and Freddie Swain hade a grab to make 3 for the year. The OL is holding their own and Lewis looks like a win in the draft if he can stay healthy. We really need that when we play the Rams for 2 games. Thank god we got Hyde going forward.
    Boy, Ken Norton has had his hands full. They seem to be able to shut the run down but having to blitz 31 times in a game to get pressure is tough. That last possession the Cowboy’s had pushed Ken Norton to think outside the box and I like what he did. It looks like we found a position for Shaquem Griffin playing a spy or I like to think a chaser. He covered all the dump stuff and keep the QB from running. I like Alton Robinson and it was great to see him get a sack and a TFL during the game. I know he’s a rookie but the more time he plays the better I think he will get. They need help with the DL that is obvious and what they do about it I have no idea. What I do know is PC/JS are already looking for the answer.
    The Dolphin’s are the next game and I’m looking for a win. I just flat out think we have a better QB than they do. The Bills and the Rams look more scary now than when I pick us to win Bills and 1 against the Rams. I feel better against the Cardinals and 49ers which i had us splitting the 2 games each. IIts a long year and it seems even longer with the NFL setting a record for most injuries after 3 games.

  91. CaptainJack

    Looking at the snap count I was surmised to see LJ Collier on it, I didn’t remember seeing him all game. Looked at the stats and he didn’t make any impact there either. Wow…

    • Rob Staton

      Sometimes you don’t need three years to judge a player.

      I liked him at TCU. I understand why the Seahawks liked him.

      But he’s an average defensive end with no difference making qualities and no special traits who is not providing value for money on that R1 pick. He’s just a base end for early downs. They hoped he could be Michael Bennett but he isn’t.

  92. Ashish

    Based on transactions today atleast seahawks admits somethings is wrong with defense. Hope changes bring some positive results.

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