Interview: Tony Pauline talks to Seahawks Draft Blog

For the last few years the superb Tony Pauline has joined us to discuss the Seahawks and the draft. Today I spoke with Tony to run through some topics including a potential Frank Clark trade, a possible fall for Montez Sweat and Seattle’s desire to trade down…


  1. Trevor

    Really enjoyed the quick podcast some great insight as always. Great job once again Rob and thanks!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Trevor

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      I second that. To add some more praise for you Rob, I gotta say that your progression within your craft is really showing. I have always made your articles a top priority pretty much from the beginning of this website (even the old draftblog domain). So, saying you’ve grown, I hope, isn’t taken lightly. You were already my favorite read for the last several years. Over these last couple years you’ve managed to take it to a whole new level. Your analysis and furthermore, self-confidence in your analysis shows. You’re making bold predictions that are well thought out with sound reasoning. You are more often correct than not. Your attention to detail has grown with your experience. It’s not just your writing, your interviews & video/podcasts come off as professional and polished. Plus, I enjoy how you’re unafraid to enter into debates in the comments section and stand by your logic while thoroughly rebutting others — always with respect while still not mincing words or beating around the bush. I’ve said it before, you’re the best writer out there for the Seahawks and while I don’t want to lose this wonderful site we’ve got going, it’s about time the wider NFL audience caught wind of who you are. I hope this pet project of yours pays off in spades for you someday. You definitely deserve whatever successes and accolades that may come your way for all you’ve done for the Seahawks community. Ok, ok — I’ll go ahead and pull my nose out of your ass and continue looking forward to future articles, and of course the draft as well. -Kyle

      • Rob Staton

        Kyle, thank you. I’d buy you a beer given the chance for those kind words. Admittedly I’ve spent a lot of time (probably too much time) wondering this year how a blog fits into the modern world. Increasingly people get their analysis in 220 word chunks on Twitter, usually accompanied by a video. Sometimes it’s just a hot take. I’ve always thought being forced to write 1000 words is worthwhile because you often start off writing something and by the end the article goes in a completely different direction. You’re challenged to consider so many different things and you have to prepare and study otherwise what are you going to write about? Twitter is the written version of shoot before think. But I’ve wondered whether people still get what they want from this blog. I’m never going to be a ‘draft twitter’ type. So to read that you get a kick out of this place means a lot. Thank you. And Go Hawks.

        • ZB

          You kidding us Rob? This is the #1 place to go Seahawk talk and analysis. You are the best…..And football is the best sport in the world.

          Go Hawks….And go Seahawksdraftblog

          • michael e lust

            +1. The best.

          • Rob Staton

            Thanks man

            • Nick

              Easily the best in the biz. Great interview too!

              • Rob Staton

                Thanks Nick appreciate that.

            • Daniel Vandenbroek

              Your site is easily the best for Seahawks analysis. Your site is to Twitter what long-form podcasts are to commercials.

          • Dale Roberts

            My only problem with Rob is that he’s ruined sports radio for me. When one of the local DJ’s comments on the Seahawks’ draft plans I get disgusted with the pathetic, shallow analysis. Then I realize that before the Seahawks Draft Blog I would have been hanging on their words. Rob you have spoiled us.

            • Fudwamper

              I agree with the above. Plus I hate video. I like to read well thought out…..well thoughts! I don’t comment much but I read everyone’s comments and I don’t think I have missed an article in…dang i was going to put 3 years but i think it has been close to 8.

              • Fudwamper

                Damn I just got towards then end have you really been writing this blog for 11 years? Have I really been reading all your words for that long? Dang It feels like nothing thinking about you and Kip working together.

          • Benjamin Daviis

            I second that! Or fifth, for whoever is counting. I love to read up on this site everyday for the past 5 years now, because I know there is no other site or blog that even comes close to what you put out, pertaining to Seahawks football Rob. Thank you buddy. I. Glad you’re on our side

            • Rob Staton

              Thanks Benjamin 👍🏻

        • GerryG

          That so much Rob, I hate Twitter. Love the articles and the discussion here. Have noticed an uptick in posting, hopefully we can keep it respectful and intelligent, show he newcomers we can discuss football intelligently.

        • Jared Marshall

          Good journalism will only die if journalists quit doing what they do. Every ounce of disdain for the hot takes and short attention spans you have is rightly placed. This is craftsmanship here — take pride in that. You solicit thought and knowledge, not likes and know-nothing antagonists who are appropriately given few characters for their few things worth saying. The mouth breathers have always been there — there’s just a very visible arena for them now. Those of us who dislike ‘Mcjournalism’ are still here too. You’ve already done what you needed to do to adapt to modernity by being as enjoyable on podcasts as you are to read. Don’t lose heart; it takes a hell of a lot more effort to read what you put out and place a thoughtful comment than it does to click a heart-shaped button and leave a meaningless sentence — yet people flock here to do just that.

          • Rob Staton

            Thank you Jared appreciate that.

        • Simon McInnes

          Always prefer the written word – it gives time to consider and digest the content
          Embedded video on websites is, 95% of the time, just meaningless noise.

        • One Bad Mata'afa

          Seahawks fans would be losing a treasure should this blog drift away. I’m not one for hyperbole, I truly mean it and think most everyone here would agree. Although I tend to align with most of your takes, the beauty sometimes lies in the occasions when I dont, as I’m forced to contemplate and consider other angles. If the time and necessary commitment just become too much, or if your Seahawks spark ever fades, I think we’d all understand if you stepped back. But until then, this blog definitely has a place and it’s frequently the first stop in my morning perusal.

          • Rob Staton

            I have no plans to step back. But I want this place to remain relevant and of use. It’s good to know people still get something out of it.

            • Nolan

              Don’t ever leave rob yours is the first web site I check and the only one I check multiple times per day

              • Rob Staton

                That means a lot Nolan, thanks

      • Shady_Hawkster


      • brendon

        100000% agree! I refresh this page 56 times a day. I always look forward to the new articles and listen to every single podcast since the start of 3000 nfl mock draft a few years ago. Rob is the most trusted source for Seahawks specific draft talk.

        I really appreciate the civilized tenor here too!

        Thanks for all you do! Keep it up!

        • Rob Staton


        • AlaskaHawk

          That was a good interview Rob. Thanks for keeping things going!!! One week to draft!!!!

          • Rob Staton

            Thanks Alaska

  2. All I see is 12s

    I was just thinking, if John Clayton can get Pauline and surely the mighty Rob Staten can get Pauline for an epic interview. Thank you for all you do! I can’t wait to listen.

  3. millhouse-serbia

    Tony said (on 710espn) that Seahawks really like Jaylon Ferguson.

    • Rob Staton

      Jaylon Ferguson has a high pressure percentage too

      • Rob Staton

        Good question. I really like Walker. Really like him. Think he’s quite underrated.

        But Ferguson’s pressure percentage is top-level in this class and he’s had a lot more production.

        So happy with either. I think Walker is better but Ferguson would be worth a shot as a mid-rounder for sure.

        • Nate

          Do you think that David Moore makes progress off of last year/or better, or was that an anomaly?

          • Rob Staton

            I think it’s certainly possible but he has to find a way to be more consistent

  4. RWIII

    Irony: I finally convinced myself that I didn’t want to trade Frank Clark. Now Tony Pauline says the Seahawks say they have a real interest trading Frank Clark.

  5. Simo

    Hey Rob, I know you put a lot of faith in what Tony says, so there must be something to a possible Frank Clark trade huh?

    It seems hard to believe they would trade him for only a second rounder though, although the Colts R2 pick via the Jets is near the top of the round. What about your hypothetical trade with the Bills, only this time with the Jets? Hawks get Jets pick at #3 and maybe a middle/late rounder and Jets get FC and Hawks pick at 21. Lots of options then with a pick that high. Might be able to secure Williams, Allen, Gary, etc or trade back for a significant haul.

    It’s probably not realistic I suspect, but sure sounds better than only getting a R2 pick.

    • Rob Staton

      My own personal prediction is that Clark won’t be traded for the reasons I’ve previously discussed — the strength of this D-line class, the fact a buying team would have to pay Clark $65m guaranteed and +$20m a year on top of pick compensation when they can just tap into the strength of the draft and (IMO) the unlikely prospect of an appealing offer coming in.

      But clearly there are rumblings within the NFL circles. Tony and others (Mike Garofolo, Michael Lombardi) are all saying a trade is possible. It’s clear the Seahawks are open to offers. Whether they get one that works remains to be seen. I’m sceptical. And it has to be a good offer because otherwise how are they going to rush the passer? With Nate Orchard, Cassius Marsh, Jacob Martin, Rasheem Green and a rookie? That’d be a sure-fire way to take a step back in 2019.

      • schuemansky

        Don’t you think they could reinvest a part of the 17 mil freed up in maybe Ansah to substitute at least part of Clark’s production short term.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not that interested in Ansah. He’s a big name but why is he still a free agent? Easy answer. Injuries and questionable desire to play with his hair on fire.

          This is a young, hungry, newly motivated team. I don’t want old, rich veterans. I want hungry players in their peak or young players trying to make a point.

          • Greg Haugsven

            I cant even remember any interest whatsoever for Ansah or Suh for that matter.

  6. millhouse-serbia

    Sweat is completely off the board for 4 teams by Rapaport.

    • Trevor

      Sounds like Sweats heart condition is not as serious as Maurice Hurst but look how far he fell.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I remember people getting mad at the Raiders for even drafting him in the first place.

  7. Josh

    Awesome!!! Can’t wait to listen later tonight!

  8. Coach

    Hey all! Rob, you have peaked my interest in the 3 main positions that you seem to have talked about most: Edge, nickel, and wr. Now I’m researching, looking for the best case scenario for the Hawks in the draft to get 3 impact players who can contribute right away for these 3 positions. I recently came across some rankings from draft network and was wondering what the board thought:

    Nickel – they rank CGJ as their #1 safety!

    Chauncey Gardner-Johnson
    S, Florida

    I’m infatuated with Chauncey Gardner-Johnson. I love his demeanor and intensity, especially early in games as a tone-setter. He brings the thunder to contact but knows how to come to balance, settle, wrap, and drive. He plays the ball like an alpha and can fill any coverage role on the field. Dude’s a true combo safety.

    The inconsistencies on 2017 tape don’t so much worry me as they do excite me. CGJ is an ascending prospect who clearly took to coaching and stepped up into a void on the Florida defense. His ceiling is tremendous.

    Round Grade: Mid 1st

    WR – They really like Harmon and Whiteside – ranked as their #3 and 4 WR’s!

    Kelvin Harmon
    WR, NC State

    Harmon is really good, guys. Super smart releases, very intentional route running, aggressive technique at the catch point, physical with the ball in his hands. There isn’t a route he can’t run.

    He isn’t a Round 1 grade because his pedestrian testing limits his ceiling, but he is an NFL-caliber WR who can handle press coverage. In an NFL that loves to spread the ball around in the passing game, Harmon doesn’t need to be everything — he’s more than enough to build a passing attack..

    J Arcega-Whiteside
    WR, Stanford

    I’m still celebrating the successful Pro Day of Arcega-Whiteside — and by successful, I mean not slow. Arcega-Whiteside has always been a better separator than many have given him credit for, and with his elite physicality and contested catch technique, it’s clear he’s a true X-receiver, inside or outside the 20s.

    Arcega-Whiteside is never going to dominate on multi-break routes or deep crossers, but with leverage and sharp route-running, his situational play — red zone and third down — is unmatched. What a fun player.

    Edge – they have Burns #2 ahead of people like Gary and Josh Allen! And if he isn’t there, they think Chase Winovich (ranked #8) is someone who can contribute right away as a player who can impact the game by getting to the quarterback!

    Brian Burns
    EDGE, Florida State

    Burns just barely missed out on a Top-10 grade on my scale, but he remains a Top-5 player overall in this class and an absolute stud of a human being. A phenom around the edge, Burns’ ability to finish his rushes is woefully underappreciated. Burns can turn a corner like the best of them, but his body control, balance, and length coming in for the sack make him a high-impact player.

    Burns’ fit at the next level isn’t so much about 3-4/4-3, as he can rush with his hand down or standing up, but the wider alignments he plays in, the bigger impact he’ll make in Year 1.

    Round Grade: Mid 1st

    Chase Winovich
    EDGE, Michigan

    Chase! What a fun player to watch, man. Winovich receives due credit for a hot motor and aggressive play style, but as we’ve said at TDN for a while, this dude’s a legit pass rusher with the athleticism and technique to start in the NFL.

    Winovich’s fit is the trickiest aspect of his game, as he likely needs to stand up on the EDGE, but lacks great feel for dropping into space and affecting passing lanes. As such, you need to get him into a highly attacking role early, and potentially work on his ability to play with his hand in the dirt. That said, this is the guy you want as your EDGE2 on long-and-late downs.

    Round Grade: Late 2

    I’m anxious to hear your thoughts on these possibilities:

    I’d be thrilled with this start:
    Trade back to the end of round 1 and:
    1. Burns DE FSU
    2. CGJ nickel
    3. Harmon or Whiteside WR

    If Burns isn’t there, then trade back again and:
    1. CGJ nickel
    2. Harmon or Whiteside WR
    3. Chase Winovich DE
    4. Wesco TE
    5. Gaines DT UW
    6. Thomas CB Baylor
    7. Ingold FB Wis

    Let me know if you see better fits at these positions. I want to know who to root for next week!

    Thanks and Go Hawks!!

    • Dale Roberts

      There are two receivers that Tom Brady is going to rip the NFL with because the Pats will draft one of them. If they got both you might as well hand the trophy to the Pats right after the draft. They are Andy Isabella and J Arcega-Whiteside. Whiteside could be a hedge against losing Gronk and Isabella is Edleman with 4.4 speed.

      • ZB

        Nope and nope.

      • Volume12

        Mecole Hardman

        • Coach

          I just came across Hardman also. What are your thoughts on him? Looks intriguing!

          • Volume12

            Will be a punt & kick return extraordinaire, burner, pretty solid route runner, can flip the field from anywhere, explosive. Dont think his hands are as good as others and he’s a developmental pick but comes with so much upside.

            One of my favorite mid round receivers in this draft. I like him more than ‘Hollywood’ Brown and Parris Campbell, but that’s just me.

            Think NE will like him and would be a perfect fit for KC and that offense.

        • DCD2

          If we wait on WR, I like Hardman too.

          If we wait longer, I think we could look at Dillon Mitchell, David Sills.

  9. schuemansky

    Don’t know if this was already brought up here, but I just read on draftwire that Gary Jennings had a staring contest at the combine that went on for about five minutes. Are PCJS the only ones who do this?
    I guess we have to put him on the “probable Seahawk” list.

    • Coach

      I like Gary Jennings as well!

      Go Hawks!!

    • Dale Roberts

      There are those who believe Jennings could be an number one receiver. If the Hawks believe he’ll last into the third round I think they’d take him with their second pick.

      • Coleslaw

        Jennings definitely has that potential. I compared his #s with DeAndre Hopkins.

        Gary Jennings, 6’1″ 214 lbs. Arms: 32 1/2

        40 yd: 4.42
        Bench: 20
        Vert: 37
        Broad: 127
        20 yd shuttle: 4.15

        DeAndre Hopkins, 6’1″ 214 lbs. Arms: 33 3/8

        40 yd: 4.57
        Bench: 15
        Vert: 36
        Broad: 115
        20 yd shuttle: 4.50

        They’re different players, and the #s show why, but it’s cool to know that Jennings far exceeds Hopkins is almost every category.

        • Coleslaw

          Jennings actually stacks up pretty well to Sammy Watkins. Jennings has him matched or beat across the board.

          The only thing Watkins has on him is the 3 cone. 7.32 for Gary and 6.95 for Watkins.

  10. ZB

    Rob I really liked the way you hit Tony with question after question as soon as he was done answering. We got to hear a bunch of stuff in short period of time. Props man. Keep it coming.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks ZB — the annual chat with Tony is one of my favourite things to do.

  11. icb12

    I don’t know that you could accomplish any more draft talk in 11 minutes 18 seconds than that.
    Efficient and to the point.

    Enjoyed it. Appreciate it. It was very interesting and informative.

    • Aaron


      Rob is a master at being concise and informative. Props to ya man!

  12. Eburgz

    Loved the podcast. You and tony are my favorite guys to follow for the draft. Awesome stuff rob. Seems it may have been cut a little short while talking about Montez Sweat or maybe that was just the end. Getting Sweat at the end of the 1st would be sweet. Also, I’d much rather sign Frank to a Lawrence type contract than trade him for a second; I don’t think he will be traded unless he is asking for Mack money or someone offers a top 10 pick.

    Seamode, any chance you studied Metcalf and Emmanuel Hall in your WR analysis? Would be awesome if they could be added to the document you set up.

  13. Jb9

    Ok now my draft wish is to end up with Sweat and Simmons…screw picking an early WR!

    • Jb9

      Also you’re pretty good at interviewing as well. Nice work.

      • Rob Staton


  14. Dale Roberts

    Rob, I’ve become increasing impressed with your prose. Where did you learn to write? Are you more interested in writing or speaking sports? I’m also curious if you have a proof reader. It seems like I can’t type two sentences without finding a misteak after I post.

    • Rob Staton

      Just from writing this blog for nearly 11 years. I proof read all my posts. I’ve been a radio host, journalist and soccer commentator for the BBC for 10 years and recently started a new job working in TV for the BBC too. I started this blog to practise writing in case I ended up taking that route and have just carried on since. One day I’d like to do a job that combined both broadcasting and writing.

      • Ashish

        I’m surprised why NFL community has not noticed the work you are doing for years and not called you for interviews on drafts. I’m following the blog for 4 years some of draft prospects you mention in Dec/Jan which was not mention anywhere gone first/second rounds.
        Rob are you getting calls from NFL/CBS/ESPN networks? I would be surprise if you are not working somewhere in Seattle in next 5 years. You will not miss London.

        • Dale Roberts


        • Rob Staton

          Thanks buddy. No calls from any of those but I’m always open to talking draft 👍🏻

      • Dale Roberts

        Rob have you ever done golf commentary? Do you play? What was your reaction to Tiger’s Masters win?

        • Rob Staton

          Not golf, no

  15. Bankhawk

    Rob-I just want to double down on MyChestIsBeastMode above rẻ your growth and the development of the blog over the years.
    The whole Wilson/contract episode could have been unbearably tedious for me as a fan, but with you as a pilot to steer the blog between the Scylla and Charybdis shoals of head-in-the-sand vs the-sky-is-falling poles of thought, it was a pleasure to remain engaged.
    Love how you draw from/attract quality people like Pauline and your Seahawkers collaborator Branden Schulze! So glad you’ve stuck with us over the long haul-you are half the fun of being a 12! Keep up the good work.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you 👍🏻

  16. charlietheunicorn

    Colts, this make sense because they have cap room. The GM however is not normally that bold, they like to build slowly and methodically.
    The Chiefs do not make sense, they will be hard up on the cap in 1-2 years with top end deals they have to make. Hell, they traded away 2 guys or let them go who were just as good a Clark on the DL.

    The Jets do not make sense from cap and ammunition (draft capital) they can commit to a deal.
    Unless they are tossing in a 1st or 2nd next year, then maybe…… but only a 3rd pick for 21st pick and some other things swapped around… would it make ANY sense at all… and the Jets ain’t trading #3 for Clark… imo.

    So, I guess it is the Colts or nobody. I really do not see Clark being moved and I could see him being re-signed/extended before training camp.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Agreed the Colts make the most sense. I’m 100% for resigning Clark, but if Indy offered picks 34,90 and Tyquan Lewis it would be very tempting.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’m wondering about the Houston Texans. They like great defensive ends. They have JJ Watt on one side.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Never mind, I see they franchise tagged Clowney.

  17. Coleslaw

    If the Hawks are serious about trading Clark they must like our options to replace him.

    I bet we go DE first, we’ll pick our guy wherever we end up and people will call it a reach or someone could fall.

    It makes sense if you think you can replace him, especially if we double dip in the mid rounds too. We’ll save a ton of money, that can go a long way if you have DL set with cheap players. That’ll help get Bobby and Reed back and help in future years as well.

    • Dale Roberts

      The idea that Clarke might not play on the tag (which I find hard to believe) would seem to emphasize the need for a DE. That’s why I have them taking Collier early in the second round.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I still feel if Clark is traded an early second round pick could be Winovich.

        • Dale Roberts

          Rob has addressed this before and though I like Winovich he doesn’t seem to fit Seattle’s style. He’s not overly explosive or flexible and is limited in space. He’s have to be a DE rather than a linebacker and I think they want the guy opposite Clarke to be a little bigger.

    • Coleslaw

      If we do trade him, I hope we go after 3 guys to replace him. 2 DEs/Edge in the draft and Ndamukong Suh.

      Trade Clark but add D’Andre Walker, Charles Omenihu and Ndamukong Suh. Also you can extend Wagner and Reed.

      Reed and Suh could feast like Suh and Donald did last year. Walker, Omenihu, Martin, Green, Marsh off the edge. Wagner, Wright, Kendricks at LB and we can stop anybody on the goal line or match up with the Rams bunch packages.

      2. Juan Thornhill NCB
      2. Charles Omenihu DE
      3. D’Andre Walker DE
      3. Rodney Anderson RB
      4. Gary Jennings WR
      4. Kaden Smith TE
      5. Greg Gaines DT
      5. Jamal.Peters CB
      6. Alec Ingold FB

      Add Ndamukong Suh in free agency and sign Preston Williams and a blocking TE in UDFA and you’re set

      • Coleslaw

        You could also easily make the case for a guy like Renell Wren instead of Anderson, but our RBs dont usually seem to last very long, and Anderson in the 3rd could be a home run pick, if Carson fades away like Rawls did, we would have Penny and Anderson both under contract for the next 3 years and Rodney for 4. That could be one of the best duos in the NFL.

      • Coleslaw

        I also think it would be a nice move to add a guy like Darnell Savage instead of Anderson to play NCB so then Thornhill and BMac can be your 2 safeties. This secondary needs an infusion of young talent too, adding a NCB and legit safety while also replacing Clark with Omenihu, Walker and Suh and the defense is a legit top unit. Only suspect spots would be outside corner.

      • John_s

        Suh would count against the comp pics

        • Coleslaw

          Not after early may.

          • HappyGuy

            When is the date when signing free agents no longer counts towards comp picks? I’ve looked, but have not found the date.

            • Coleslaw

              I’m not exactly sure but I know last year it was I believe the first Tuesday of may. Idk if it’s the Tuesday or just sometime in the first week of may, but it should be right around there.

              • DCD2

                From what I’ve read, it’s the 2nd Tuesday after the draft.

  18. charlietheunicorn

    Rob, are you going to have some type of live chat or podcast during the draft?

    If not, who would you recommend for a live cast / analysis?

    • Rob Staton

      Yes, Brandan and I have discussed this and we will finalise something

      • JohnH

        Awesome! You two are the best voices in the Seahawks podcast world.

        • Rob Staton

          Thank you John

        • Rob Staton

          By the way I’ve just posted a new podcast with Brandan in today’s new article.

  19. Tecmo Bowl

    Truly great stuff Rob! You got 2+minutes more than John Clayton BTW. Did it surprise you how Tony viewed the potential Clark trade? He made it sound more like an inevitability than possibility.

    It was interesting that Tony named Jaylon Ferguson and Zach Allen. Really coming back around to Allen myself. Would love it if we got him early 2nd.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Tecmo 👍🏻

  20. Kenny Sloth

    Listened 3x today

    Cant wait til next weekend

  21. Coleslaw

    I’ve said it before I’ll say it again. Dont be surprised if Jaylon Ferguson is our first pick. Hes the kind of guy they would take in round 1 imo. Hes got the size, speed, grit, motor, hands, agility, get off, timing. He dominated at a small school, exactly what you want from a small school guy. He fits the bill and I bet PC thinks he could get his hands on him and make something out of him. Ferguson, Clark, Green, Reed and Martin could be a really good DL in a couple years.

    • ZB

      I finally got around to watching film on Ferguson yesterday and yes I am a believer.

  22. millhouse-serbia

    I have finished horisontal board with Bruglers rankings and seahawks potential targets.

    Dark green – top target
    Light green – very possible target
    Just bold – possible target

    I need your help for late round OL.

    And if you have some prepositions what to change.

    • David Ashton

      That’s cool Milhouse but not so easy on the eyes. Any chance of a slightly higher def version?

      • millhouse-serbia

        I made it to be printable on A4 format. If someone wants it in excel file i can send him by email.

        • Hawktalker#1

          Very nice work, but in the current format it is nearly unreadable.

          • DCD2

            Click on the image and it enlarges to fit the screen (my cursor turns into a magnifying glass). Should have no problems after that.

    • Pickering


    • schuemansky

      Thanks millhouse! Great work!Will be nice to see how and in which order the names fly off the board come draft day.
      Also think that Bruglars rankings seem quite accurate.

  23. H

    “Sawn-off defensive tackle” is a phrase I will be using moving forward 🤣🤣🤣

  24. EranUngar

    I know the old saying about smoke and fire but at this time of year there is so much smoke in the air that doesn’t actually have fire under it.

    If we take every smoke cloud seriously we’ll be booking tickets to NY to see RW with the Giants playing Clark with the Jets.

    Yes is Schnieder’s job to answer the phone and entertain any and all trade offers. He always did it and always will. However, JS has never traded a top player just entering his prime and I do not see him doing that unless it is for a kings ransom. With the amount of DL talent in this draft class nobody is going to pay a kings ransom for the right to pay Clark 20M a year. It just makes zero sense.

    We have spent too much time already with RW’s possible departure to spend more of it about Clark’s trade. As much as I respect Tony Pauline, he did also mention the possibility of the Seahawks taking a CB with their top pick. Yes, everything could happen, the hawks could trade clark for an early 2nd round pick and use it to get a CB. But, i would not waste the last few days before the draft on it…

    • Rob Staton

      Eran, we didn’t spend too much time on the Wilson situation. I get it, you thought it was a storm in a teacup and went to great lengths to tell us all after he signed his deal.

      But the issues with Wilson were all real and so is the trade talk with Clark. Tony, Mike Garafolo, Michael Lombardi. Are they all just having a laugh? No, of course not. I don’t think a trade will happen but we’re not going to pretend this isn’t a storyline with relevance. No way.

      • EranUngar

        Rob, you have made your opinion clear about the Clark trade and it is similar to mine. I guess it is a big enough topic to be mentioned and reported about but please, let’s just concentrate on what we believe is likely to happen.

        With all due respect to Tony, Mike and Michael, they are not having a laugh but if they think it is actually going to happen, they are DEAD WRONG. (I can add the list of of people that had a lot to say about RW’s departure but that issue is finally behind us).

        The great strength of this site is the knowledge and understanding of how the Seahawks do stuff. We knew how much TEF effected the OL picks. We never discuss sub 32 inch arm CBs or picking CBs early because it is not likely to happen.

        If you honestly believe that there is no way Clark gets traded, just say it and move on to more pressing matters. (pretty please…)

        I do not mean to criticize or “prove myself right”. I am just eager for more relevant draft talk….

        • Rob Staton

          Tony, Mike and Michael haven’t said it’s going to happen. They have reported, honestly, that there is truth to Clark trade talks occurring. They’ve reported that the Seahawks are open to a deal and teams are interested. That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen but come on man. Why are you doing this? After the Wilson thing your immediate response was to tell us you were right all along and imply it was a fuss over nothing which simply was not true. Now anyone who even reports about a possible Clark trade is ‘wrong’ too? It’s highly possible there are intense trade talks and nothing comes of it. It’s never as clear as being able to report definitively a trade will or won’t happen before it occurs. All they can do is relay what is actually happening. Which is that a trade is possible.

          On this blog we talk about the issues that matter to the Seahawks. Always will do. I’m not going to bury my head in the sand or simply shut down any Frank Clark trade talk just because I don’t think it’ll happen. I think you should respect that.

          • EranUngar

            OK…I am sorry for being an old asshole.

            I will not say another word about it. I kept my mouth shut about RW for months and i’ll keep my mouth shut now.

            one the draft is behind us and we are back to the off season wast lands I will offer a formal apology if he is traded or have a talk about following off season rumors.

            Sorry…carry on the great work..

            • Rob Staton

              No need to apologise Eran. I just think it’s unnecessary to say we shouldn’t be talking about these subjects. The Wilson deal and Frank’s future are integral to the off season, along with the future of the other two members of the ‘big four’. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about this because it is so important. We’ve also talked a lot about the draft too. And we’ll continue to discuss the main issues involving the Seahawks minus the cynicism, excitable hot takes and offensive game plan obsession experienced everywhere else.

              • mishima

                “…offensive game plan obsession…”

                I didn’t know there were so many coaches lurking on the interwebs. It’s nauseating.

        • Georgia Hawk

          How is it nor relevant draft talk? Several sources with good track records say there is something brewing and its a real possibility. IF it happens, admittedly a big if, it would drastically change the draft for the Hawks, from the top down. To me it is much more relevant than debating which fringe CB prospect could be a 3rd day “sleeper.”

          • Nate

            LOL, true.

  25. millhouse-sebia

    Tod McSay and Mel Kiper gave as Cody Ford in their last mock draft.

    0% for that.

    • ZB

      Yep. Pretty much what I thought. I do like Ford though.

  26. Jared Marshall

    Hey Rob, I’ve been perplexed this entire draft season by the total lack of enthusiasm for the offensive tackles. In no unclear terms I just heard the two people’s opinions I value the most say it isn’t very good. Is there a reason why? I understand that there isn’t anyone who looks like a surefire Joe Thomas or something, but when looking at so many of these tackles I see starters. I haven’t felt that way about a tackle class since maybe forever. I feel like there are a lot of high floors in a league starved for competent play at the position. Is there something I’m missing?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s a very poor offensive tackle class personally. Andre Dillard is a good pass-protector but has technical issues he needs to fix and he has to adjust to a pro-offense. He basically took a pass-pro stance every snap at Wazzu. Jawaan Taylor is fine. Bit soft for me. Pure right tackle. I think he’s top heavy and certainly not a left tackle. Kaleb McGary is a beast but he’s a right tackle who gives up some pressures. Then you’re looking at major projects like Tytus Howard and Chuma Edoga. And that’s really it. Jonah Williams is a center for me. Greg Little a guard. Cody Ford could play tackle but I think he’ll be a BAMF at guard. Dalton Risner for me is fairly average and might end up at guard. I’d be more inclined to see where Isaiah Prince goes than some of the bigger name tackles.

      I would assess the group as such. It’s not a bad O-line class but a lot of the tackles have to kick inside. So it’s a far better G/C draft than tackle class.

      • Jared Marshall

        That’s fair enough; if Williams, Little, and Ford kick inside then it will be a bad tackle class. Conversely, if two or more do not, then I think it would be a good one — assuming they succeed that is. My guess is there was some sort of an experience-based tell that is signaling this stance from the both of you. I wondered what it was. Usually when a narrative about a guy needing to move inside gets going, I can take a look and see why. This time around I just can’t. It has me wondering if I’ve had some kind of blind spot for a long time, and maybe in this draft there just happened to be multiple guys going high who are in that blind spot.

  27. TomLPDX

    Thanks for the interview Rob. All good stuff and very much appreciated from this old Hawks fan.

    A bit off topic…Do the Seahawks pick up Ifedi’s 5th year option? I’ve seen slow and steady growth and with DJ next to him he seemed to play better last year. Is it enough to warrant picking up his fifth year?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s unlikely simply because the cost is so steep.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Rob, good info. Who do you think the likely candidates are to take his spot if he does not return?

        • Rob Staton

          It’s too early to say. That’s a next year problem. They might keep him.

          • Frank

            Still hope they find a way to keep Clark around, although not desperately given the financial implications. Just hate seeing a budding super star shipped before he hits his prime years( do think his numbers are inflated by the fact no one else was getting sacks besides Reed) and that might have priced him out of our market. Given a trade doesn’t happen, if the jets fail to move down from 3 to have the ammunition for him on draft day, would Jacksonville be an attractive trade partner? Our 21st for their 38-69-144. They need TE, Wr, OL, Safety so maybe a Metcalf, Hockenson could be attractive bait to them. It a big jump down for the hawks, but gives a shot at 2 top 70 picks. Could be a Tillery and Nelson facilitated cost control on our Dline, and make signing Clark and Reed more of a possibility.

            • Rob Staton

              Not sure the Jags can afford to pay Frank. They have some big deals looming.

              • Frank

                I meant if a Clark trade never came to fruition, our 21-for their 38-69-144 picks. Funny when I got into this hobby 10-12 years ago I only ever looked at the first round, but never have any idea where the hawks will pick hahaha.

  28. Tecmo Bowl

    Been rifling through- Theres a ton meaningful data to be analized. While looking at athletic %’s there are some glaring anomalies. Case in point:

    Player A – 7.1% (58th highest Edge)
    6’3″ 298 33.75 10.00 81 5.07 2.95 1.74 4.62 7.66 26 30 9.25

    Player B- 81.7% (8th highest DT)
    6’2.75″ 305. 33.38 10.25 78.875 5.04 2.88. 1.73. 4.38 7.70 28 35 9.58

    For a 74.6% differential I would expect a vast discrepancy in testing.
    These are 2 different players on tape, yet on paper are not too dissimilar.
    Player A is Byron Cowart-one of Tony’s sleepers
    Player B is Trysten Hill- one of mine and the blogs favorites.

    Guess my point is its easy to glaze over athletic %’s.

  29. Volume12

    Chase Winovich. That is all.

    • Rob Staton

      Not for Seattle

      • Volume12

        What was he doing in Seattle 3 days ago? Sight seeing?

        • Rob Staton

          Doesn’t mean they’re going to draft him does it.

          • Volume12

            Absolutely not.

            • Rob Staton

              And I like Winovich. Like his attitude, his demeanour. But we know they love traits and he’s not a traits guy. He tested surprisingly well at the combine and I’ll watch his career with interest. Just like him. But I can’t see him in Seattle.

              • Volume12

                Not a traits guys, but for me checks a ton of other boxes.

              • Volume12

                If Frank Clark is traded, a Winovich/Sweat/Walker jumps to the top of their priority list, but if he stays I’m not even convinced they spend a draft pick on the position. Just a guy I think could be a ‘sneaky’ pick.

                • Rob Staton

                  Where does Winovich play though? He’s not really an early down DE and his frame is too similar to Jacob Martin. Would think they want someone who can play across from Frank or instead of Frank. And Frank always had the size/length to hold down a side.

                  • Volume12

                    He plays wherever they want him to play. Would be no different than say a D’Andre Walker.

                    In all likelihood they do want someone to play across from Frank that has more size.

                    He’s a LEO w/o Frank. With Frank, use him the same way they’ve used/will use Cassius Marsh/Jacob Martin and others. Stand him up and rush him too.

                    • Rob Staton

                      ‘They play wherever they want him to play’ isn’t an answer to the question I asked. The point is there’s no obvious fit for him. And they have Jacob Martin to fill that role. What they don’t have is someone they can trust to play across from Frank. They took a punt on Dion Jordan and it hasn’t worked. They need someone who can play the Bennett role not someone to take snaps off Martin.

                  • Volume12

                    I agree. I’ve thought a 5-tech was huge need for awhile.

                    If they get a deal for Frank, IMO he could slide right in. If they’re intent on making sure Frank is part of their core moving forward, I doubt a LEO is even anything more than a late round or UDFA flyer.

    • millhouse-serbia

      He has great 10y split, but short arms and wing span, amd strange character. Big no from me.

      • Volume12

        What’s strange about his character? Short arms to play a SAM/OTTO role?

        High motor, over acheiver, gritty, versatile, sounds like a guy would attract PC.

        • millhouse-serbia

          Short arm for LEO. He will be 2nd or 3rd round pick. You think Seahawks would spend such a high pick on SAM?

          • Volume12

            His arms are the same length as Martin yeah?

            See what I posted above. If Frank Clark is dealt, yes.

          • Volume12

            There’s not some rigid rulebook that says Seattle can’t draft a prospect if every single little threshold isn’t met every single time.

            • D-OZ

              I like him better than Marsh. IMO

            • DC

              They haven’t broken their ‘no quarterback under 5’3″ rule’ yet.

              Our FO has tendencies & historical trends but we don’t know where the ‘deal breaker’ line is or what would be considered ‘mitigating circumstances’ to make a player draft-able by Seattle. What we do know from what they say is that they will leave no stone unturned. Good thing we don’t all see things the same way, it would make for a very boring blog-o-world.

              • Volume12


                Exactly. Well said BTW.

                That’s a big part of what makes this process so fun is differing opinions.

  30. George


    Just thinking out loud here, but based off Pauline’s report that the Jets are interested in Clark—hear me out. I understand Seattle needs picks, but what about packaging Frank, #21, and a mid round pick to move up to #3 for Bosa/Williams. Seattle gets a premier DL on a rookie contract, while the Jets get their edge and OL (at #21). Simply thinking outside the box here, and it would probably cost a little more, but if Seattle thinks it may be difficult to trade down maybe this is something they consider? I understand it’s unlikely, just wanted your thoughts. One week baby

    • George Cooper

      Mid round pick next year*

    • Rob Staton

      I’m open to getting an elite defensive lineman but I just don’t think there’s any chance at all that the Jets would consider such a dramatic drop in R1 just to get Frank Clark and a mid rounder. And if they give up a mid round pick they’ll only pick three times which would be a major problem.

      • Trevor

        I think the only way the Jets would be an option is if they trade back from #3 and acquire a bunch of additional draft capital.

        I agree with you Rob I think Clark plays this year on the tag for the Hawks.

        The only wrench in the that scenario is that Clark seems like he is a really emotional guy. If he feels like they have slighted him in negotiations or not been up front with him it could get ugly behind the scenes and I hope we don’t end up with another Earl Thomas situation.

        • jujus

          what kind of haul do we think the Jets could get from their trade down… and then pass along to us for clark

  31. Volume12

    Seems bad.

    • mishima

      Not a good look for Gruden/Mayock. Raiders gonna Raider.

      So grateful for Pete and John.

      • Volume12

        My optimism is telling me they’re trying to plug leaks. But my cynicism is telling me that the ‘Raiders are gonna Raider.’

    • cha

      “I can do it all by myself!” said not a whole lot of successful people.

      After trading two star players for draft picks, they’d better get them right.

      • TomLPDX

        No pressure on Mayock! I’m still wondering why Mike wanted to take that job…

  32. millhouse-serbia

    What do you think, can Ferrell fill Clark’s role? He isnt fast for LEO, but he is great character, highly productive player, who played mostly as RDE.

  33. Volume12

    Who rolls the dice on Montez Sweat and his flagged heart condition?

    • Trevor

      I am no doctor but if he is there at the end of Rd 1 somehow it sure would be tempting.

      • Volume12

        Same. Although would Garrett Scott make them shy away?

        Since we’re on a similar subject, if Jeffrey Simmons is there, you pull the trigger?

        • DC

          What would Trent Baalke do?

          • Volume12

            Take him #2. TBF he is a top 10 talent. On field, skill set wise that is.

        • Trevor

          I would be more hesitant with Sweat than with Simmons to be honest. I think Simmons is a top 5 talent and ACL’s are not career ending anymore. He definitely should not be rushed back though and take the full red shirt year.

          The way I look at Simmons is you are trading this years pick for a top 5 pick next year basically.

          • DC

            Playing the long game it’s a real consideration. Personally, the sustained lift off towards another championship starts in 2020 in my estimation. So adding Simmons with the belief he will be 100% by then makes some tempting sense.

            Seattle’s point of view may differ. If they end up going DT would they take a healthy Tillery, Jones, Hill, etc. over a wounded Simmons in the range where they will select?

            • Trevor

              I like those 3 DT enough but they are not even in the same league at Simmons potential wise IMO. So you get one year or one of those guys who is a rotational DT at best year #1 and pass up on a guy I think it a perennial pro-bowler and game changer? I would take a shot on Simmons even more so if you think Reed is going to be difficult to extend.

              The only guy who mocks have available at the end of Rd #1 I would take over an injured Simmons is Dexter Lawerence who I think is another potential game changer,

              I really like Trysten Hill’s potential and upside but he has not even produced at the CFZb level for whatever reasons. He could be an absolute steal but it is no sure thing. He has flashes of absolute dominance and he is a great athlete but there has been no consistency. Simmons dominated the SEC looking like a man amongst boy at times facing a double team on almost every snap.

              • Greg Haugsven

                Bengals or Raiders at the end of the round.

  34. Frank

    Huge no for Ferrell would be my opinion, and someone in the first for Sweat still.

  35. DC

    I don’t disagree. I’d prefer Lawrence or Simmons on a redshirt year also (fully recovered in 2020).

    BWagz behind Reed/Lawrence might rack up 200 tackles.

    • DC

      Ooops, that was for Trevor above. ⬆️

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