Is Jimmy G to Seattle now more likely?

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  1. AlaskaHawk

    You are going to have a real problem with this season. You want the Seahawks to perform well, to grow, to win games. Maybe even six games.

    The Seahawks want to suck for Luck, or whoever their quarterback is. That means 3 wins or less. Anymore wins and they won’t be getting that shiny new quarterback they want. Instead you will get whoever is left over.

    You are just going on and on about an ugly season and tarnishing Pete’s legacy – which hasn’t even been relevant since 2013. They cannot win a bunch of games – because that really will tarnish his legacy by screwing their quarterback pick next year and the team will continue to limp along year after year caught in the middle rounds of the draft.

    Of course a moderately successful seasion does set Pete up to repeat his famous third round starting quarterback pick again.

    Do they need another option like Jimmy G? Absolutely not. And if they do, please don’t pay a bunch of money. Give him 5 million for one year plus bonuses if he starts and scores touchdowns.

    So to repeat, no more than three wins this year. Get used to it!

    • Rob Staton

      You are going to have a real problem with this season. You want the Seahawks to perform well, to grow, to win games. Maybe even six games.

      I want them to show signs of development. Nothing more, nothing less.

      And I have stated that many times.

      The Seahawks want to suck for Luck, or whoever their quarterback is

      So you’ve misinterpreted my stance on the season, and now you are a mind reader for Pete and John too…

      They are not tanking, Btw. Not intentionally anyway.

      You are just going on and on

      Feel free to not read or visit the site if you feel this way

      So to repeat, no more than three wins this year. Get used to it!

      There you go everyone. The oracle has spoken.

    • Starhawk29

      But what makes you think that the first QB off the board will be the best? History shows that this is rarely the case, far more things than draft position matter for a QB’s growth. For reference, in 2017 the first QB was Trubisky, the best was Mahomes. In 2018, the first QB was Mayfield, the best was Josh Allen. In 2020, Burrow is the best, but Tua went before Herbert who is definitely better as of this point in time. In 2016 Goff and Wentz were the first guys picked, but the best QB from that class was Dak Prescott. Point is, being the first to pick a QB does not increase your chance of picking the best QB. There are currently 4 QB prospects identified as 1st round picks heading into 2022, one will be available for us. The key is making sure it’s the right one.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Yes I agree with you that first pick hasn’t always worked out, though you have to wonder how often the first quarterback taken was influenced by the poor coaching. How many quarterbacks will Chicago and the NY Jets ruin? It’s an open question. Lets factor poor coaching into the mix. Whereas Mahomes ended up with a good coach and team. And now it looks like the Bengals may have turned a corner with their coaching, team and quarterback.

        Also I’m not meaning to say the Seahawks will only win 3. Just that it would make the pick a lot easier for them.
        I’m mostly saying that alot of fans are going to be conflicted over this season.

      • Rob Staton

        And IMO — the right one won’t be among the two college QB’s the media are obsessed with

        • Joe

          May they both have incredible seasons and remain out of our reach in the draft, amen.

    • Spectator

      When Nil for Will!

      Win twice for Bryce!

      Dont be Proud, lose for Stroud!

      Sike! Lets get Van Dyke!

      • Palatypus

        Beavis for Levis.

  2. Robbie

    I don’t know, Pete said we might have TWO #1 QB’s.

    • James Cr.

      That was awesome! I don’t even think they have two legit backups.

    • Rob Staton


    • DT

      1+1 = number 2

      • Palatypus

        “If you have two starting quarterbacks you have none.” – John Madden

        Although he might have been wrong about Joe Montana/Steve Young.

    • Sea Mode

      LOL. I wish I could honestly say “I can’t believe he said that”, and that makes me sad.

  3. cha

    Seahawks are in an interesting spot here from a roster & cap perspective.

    The optimum scenario purely from those perspectives is to pick up Jimmy and cut Geno loose before Week 1. That saves you $3m on the cap since Geno’s salary becomes guaranteed Week 1 as a vested veteran. Also the $3.5m you have in reserve for Geno’s playtime incentives.

    That leaves Lock as the Week 1 starter, unless you have confidence Jimmy can pick up the offense to a satisfactory degree in 10 days or less. I think most would accept that scenario as an alternative to Geno starting. But would the Seahawks?

    Then the next question is how long do you want Jimmy for? It’d be really nice to work something out to have him for 2022 and 2023 to provide options and let Draft Pick earn the job and provide some guidance and roster protection.

    Then the next question is how do you structure Jimmy’s contract for those years so it’s not terribly prohibitive to the cap? And can we be sure that Pete won’t talk himself into thinking Jimmy is the answer and pass on a potentially golden opportunity to draft the next franchise QB?

    It’s an interesting discussion to be sure.

    • mtpgod

      If Geno has another shit game against Dallas, and Jimmy G gets waived a few days later, you’d have to wonder if the “cut Smith, sign Jimmy G,” would be an option. I for one would be much more comfortable with Lock/Jimmy G at qb in regards to having our offense run effectively for the best outcome re: player development. I want all of these rookies to improve, but lackluster qb play from Geno would prevent it in a lot of games imo.

      • Mr Drucker in hooterville

        I’d be fine with a Drew Locke and Jimmy G Scenario as long as Jimmy was on a no more than 1 year obligation contract. Add a R1 draftpick to the mix and pick the best two.

    • Palatypus

      If Geno and Drew each started eight games, how many incentives do you think they would miss?

      • cha

        I don’t think we ever got detail on what Geno’s incentives are.

        We do know the NFL rejected the first Geno contract the Seahawks sent in this year. That would signal to me that they likely tried to get too creative with the incentives.

  4. cha

    Either the Seahawks social media team is completely tone deaf or somebody’s got a snarky sense of humor that I can get behind.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I see a starring role in a football comedy in Pete’s future.

    • Rob Staton

      I kind of respect it

      But Pete also looks a bit like a crazy old man character from King of the Hill here, let loose on a football field

      • cha

        We’re gonna compete I tell ya hwat.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Talkin’ bout dang ol’…like some kinda magic…go all the way

      • Tomas

        Inspired KOTH reference. 👍

    • Sea Mode

      Looks like we’ve got ourselves 3 “ones” now…

    • Hawkdawg

      Somebody is trying to compensate for his narrow urethra again…

  5. TJ

    I pretty much agree with Rob here, Jimmy G could function as the point guard Carroll wants and help all of the new talent properly develop. Unfortunately I think the chances of Jimmy G choosing Seattle over all the other interested teams is pretty low.

    • Roy Batty

      I cannot see Jimmy wanting to play in Seattle, either.

      Lots of travel. Not a city for great nightlife. (At one point the guy dated a porn star). Crap weather in a roofless stadium. Defensive head coach. Two rookie tackles.

      And the NFC West pass rushers.

      If he is cut by the Niners, he will cash in somewhere East of the Rockies.

      • Peter

        Some I agree with. East of the rockies. But Santa Clara in the fall/winter sucks as bad as Seattle with the weather. Great nightlife? What the? There is so much to do in Seattle if that’s a priority.

      • Erik

        Based on your evaluation the only cities Jimmy G would consider are Miami and New York. You see how this makes no sense right?

  6. Blitzy the Clown

    Hey, as long as they don’t sign JG to an expensive multi-year deal…

  7. Peter

    My concern with Jimmy G is the rest of the team. This team is not the niners. His stat line isn’t great and we are not a world beating team in any other phase of football.

    20/12. Or he gets even closer to 2/1 does that elevate the team? Or does that put us firmly at 7 wins again? Sorry but seven wins vs. the five I currently see Seattle getting isn’t enough to bring him in for a year.

    On his end why wouldn’t he go for most money available? Realistically I know his teammates seem to love him even when the niners float stories about his “odd,” demeanor but is he really worth 25 odd million?

    Pc/js and the former qb chose this. I say just roll with it and since no one’s getting fired get that top five pick and come out swinging in 2023.

    • Starhawk29

      I’m less worried about the rest of the team and more worried that he won’t be bringing Shanahan with him. I think this is the biggest thing some people miss with Jimmy: he has arguably the best play caller in the league calling his plays. Rob talked about how Baker Mayfield had everything in Cleveland and still couldn’t succeed, but Jimmy has equally as much if not more. The 9ers roster is loaded, he has great receivers and an unstoppable run game. And he had 20 TDs. That’s not just mediocre anymore, IMO in this era that is flat out bad. We know what a good QB looks like in Shanahan’s offense, Matt Ryan won an MVP and almost got a SB win. Jimmy isn’t even a good QB in my mind, just someone who has everything given to him on a silver platter.

  8. Mick

    I don’t like Jimmy but he’s surely way better than Geno and he might indeed function quite well in Pete’s system. I would have to live with it if it happens. I hope Browns are more attractive for him.

  9. cha

    Simms thinks Jimmy isn’t more talented than Lock or Geno and wouldn’t provide a massive upgrade given Jimmy has played with some really great coaching and talent.

    • Blitzy the Clown


      Only one of them has taken his team to a Super Bowl and two NFC Championships. Granted, he wasn’t elite enough to elevate his team to the ultimate victory. But he wasn’t some ball and chain that the rest of his team somehow had to overcome.

      These two things can be simultaneously true:

      Jimmy Garoppolo is better than either Geno Smith or Drew Lock; and

      Jimmy Garoppolo is not a viable long term answer to Seattle’s QB question

  10. Jabroni-DC

    Rob you sound like you’re on the verge of panic in that video! Haha.

    We’re not rebuilding as much as we are starting from scratch. It’s going to take several years & at least 2 more great drafts (assuming that 2022’s class proves out) to really know if we’ve got a contending trajectory.

    You worry about pressure being put on Pete Carrol? That’s not a bad thing in my eyes. Actually you’ve been calling for accountability from him & forthright questions from the media for years. Pete’s problem is that he can’t tell the truth, too much of a politician. I have to believe that they traded Russ with an eye on the 2023 draft for his replacement. They need to play the long game on this. That probably means a lot of heat & empty seats in 2022. As long as it’s part of a larger vision to return to contention then so be it.

    My preference is to grab our QB without burning extra picks so that we have a huge draft haul. I’ve accepted that we are one of the most barren rosters in the NFL & will live on hope for the future through this season.

    • Rob Staton

      Rob you sound like you’re on the verge of panic in that video! Haha.

      I thought I sounded pretty calm 🙃

      We’re not rebuilding as much as we are starting from scratch. It’s going to take several years & at least 2 more great drafts

      You can turn things around very quickly. Several teams have gone from picking in the top-five to the Super Bowl in recent years. It doesn’t ‘need’ to be a years-long process, although admittedly it can be if you f-the quarterback situation up.

      You worry about pressure being put on Pete Carrol?

      I’m not worried about it. I offered a view on how it might shape Seattle’s thinking.

      I do fear for Carroll’s legacy. That’s not exactly the same as ‘worrying’ though. Frankly, I couldn’t give a toss personally. Many will do, though. Including Carroll.

  11. Frank

    I don’t see the benefit to Jimmy G long term, other than as a litmus test on how good of offensive coordinator we have, which is kind of huge. Certainly he’s a big improvement from Geno, and short term at least Lock, but he’s not enough to make this team a Super Bowl contender so we’d be right exactly back where we were with Wilson. Is Pete ego so fragile he’d sell out his chance to hit with Lock or a draft pick merely to try to win a one year peeing contest with Wilson? Sometimes this administration used foresight, drafting ahead of contracts getting a chance to hit on a pick and save themselves from massive contracts transitioning to 3-4 type players a year or even two ahead of making the switch, getting a trial run QB with immense talent and possible reasons for why he hasn’t developed as expected yet. Then again, same guy’s waited until the last second to sign DK costing themselves millions, moved on from Wagner without even attempting a renegotiation with Cody fricken Barton as a replacement, haven’t cut Jackson, Myers, Barton, and have highlighted the need for better pass rush for years and have so far not created it yet, even after trading the farm for a blitz specialist safety, who can’t catch a cold. I think it’s all about finding out if Lock can be the guy this year, and think the Geno BS is just manufacturing a win for Lock a few weeks into the season to build his confidence. They’d really like to have the public behind Lock, but it’s been a battle this year with so many plus journeymen available this year. Hopefully someone else grabs Jimmy G soon, so it’s not as much of a fiasco as the Mayfield stuff was. Just say no to QB purgatory, at least Lock is going to blow up and be a star, or burn in flames and get a great pick.

    • Hawkster

      I like the idea f JG as a litmus for the OC et al. We know that with a good roster on offense and a good OC that he can produce. If Walker is good, or Penny is healthy, and the new tackles shine, and believe that DK and Lockett are premier, then while still not the 9ers (e.g. no Deebo or serious WR3 or scary slot, and Fant is no Kittle) but it at least kinda sorta asks the question: can the coaching staff plan and call a decent game?

  12. Robert Las Vegas

    It might make some sense if Jimmy G sign with the Seahawks he knows the division he can stay o n west coast he has a chance to play face it limited options at this point. My first choice for future would be Sean Payton let’s face it he can pick and choose his next- coaching gig .Rob I am going to throw a name out and I am pretty positive some people might not like it. Here goes how about Jim Harbaugh offense guy and he wins. Pretty big name he took Colin Kaepernick to the super bowl.he might want to get back in NFL. I wonder if Jim Harbaugh is completely on board with the new college transfer porthole?

  13. Mark T

    I wonder if Pete is thinking that a hiding by DEN is possible and this would have a psychological impact on Drew Lock if he started that game. I can’t think of too many other reasons why you persist with Geno when he clearly has no long term value. Maybe Lock doesn’t either but at least there is some room for doubt on that unlike with Geno.

    • Peter

      Alternately is there any future with a guy who might be fearful of plying his old team?

      Or positively. What if he acquits himself well even in a loss or better yet wins? What would that do for him?

      • Mark T

        I agree – just trying to make sense of this Geno’s our guy nonsense

  14. cha


    Rashaad Penny positive for COVID won’t play tomorrow

    PC says it’s important Geno starts tomorrow. Shrugs off concern that Lock hasn’t played with the starting OL very much.

    Burns and Eskridge will play.

    • Peter

      Nothing to see here folks.

      Also. Over/under games Penny plays? I’ll set it at 9.5 and take the under.

      • Big Mike

        Under for me too.
        How about Eskridge? O/U of 7.5. Again I’ll take the under.

        • Peter

          Definite under for eskridge.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      It’s just a positive covid test and not an injury. But I tell ya it’s hard not to be all once bitten, twice shy about anything that sidelines Penny.

      Looking forward to Eskridge playing and not injuring himself. And I’m interested to see what Seahawks Artie Burns is all about.

      • mtpgod

        Artie Burns is gonna be this year’s DJ Reed, he’s gonna be a solid cb1 if he can stay healthy. He’s similar to Jason Varett imo, elite if healthy.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m going to suggest this is quite liberal use of the word ‘elite’

          • mtpgod

            Dang it, thought I could sneak that through.
            I’ll say this: when healthy last year, he was graded very high be PFF, which isn’t a great metric, but still, he performed very well when healthy in past 2 years. If he’s our cb1/LCB, I won’t be worried about that like I would, say, our linebackers or qb situation.

    • 805Hawk

      On the bright side…Penny can’t pull a hamstring if he has Covid. Or maybe he can. I wouldn’t put it past him.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        I’m not so sure. COVID can come with symptoms like coughing and sneezing. Penny seems like EXACTLY the type of guy who would pull a muscle sneezing.

  15. no frickin clue

    I’m pretty surprised that a special teams unit coached by Larry Izzo (who had a pretty good pedigree on special teams, at least as a player) showed as badly as it did in the Bears game.

    • TomLPDX

      I’ll bet we see a marked improvement on special teams tomorrow.

    • Sea Mode

      I was thinking about that the other day too. Special teams has at times been our lone strength when the offense and defense put up stinkers. Wonder what happened. Just too much player turnover, maybe?

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        That is my thought exactly. Special teams is where fringe players try to make the roster so you see a lot of guys who maybe don’t have a ton of experience with it or at least they don’t make a cohesive unit. I don’t honestly remember if this has been the case in previous years, but they were awful last week.

  16. Ashish

    I was not big fan of Jimmy G and not want him on team. But you look at Geno and everyone looks better. Don’t forget we need decent QB so offense get chance to develop.

  17. seaspunj

    1983 Draft —> 2023 Draft watch this be the NFL Draft pundits market this

    Rob – 40 years (a generation) will this 2023 draft be where a team finds their franchise QBs?

    I am curious to see thoughts on all the QBs this year

    we have 5 being mentioned on ESPN mock

    Van Dyke

    Rob would you personally rank those 1 to 5 ?

  18. Happy Hawk

    Our current QB room is perfect for 2022. Don’t mess with it!

    • mtpgod

      If you mean perfect as in our 2023 draft outlook, I’d agree wholeheartedly.

  19. Elmer

    Rashaad Penny out vs Dallas with COVID. Is Elmer the only one who is effing tired of the endless things that happen to Penny?

    • Romeo A57

      If I were a conspiracy nut, I would believe that a Covid diagnosis was being used to hide more injuries. No one is too worried if an NFL player gets Covid. A new hamstring or foot issue with Penny would raise eyebrows and get eye rolls.

      I am sure that it’s just a mild case of Covid. 100% absolutely sure 💯. 👌

      • Big Boi

        Glad I’m not the only one. I thought Lock’s COVID diagnosis was a little convenient after literally his worst practice. I mean, these guys literally lie all the time about the severity of injuries….

        I can see it now:
        Pete to Shane: “Oh man, Lock looked awful. We can’t play him Saturday against the Bears. He’s gonna get eaten alive.”
        Shane to Pete: “I don’t know what to do. We want Geno to win the job but we promised Drew the start.”
        Lock in the next room clears his throat.
        Shane and Pete’s eyes meet, heads slowly nod.

    • no frickin clue

      Very tiresome. In the same vein, I’m tired of Dee Eskridge’s never-ending series of tight hammies.

      • Big Mike

        And Creed Humphrey was there to be taken at that spot. 🙁

  20. Romeo A57

    If a were a conspiracy nut, i wouldn’t be sure that Dee Eskridge is an actual player and not a myth like Bigfoot?

  21. Trevor

    Rob nice call on Daemon Pierce. The Texans got a stud RB in that kid.

  22. WildBill

    Davis Mills throws a really nice ball

  23. All I see is 12s

    Really interesting interview with Yogi Roth on move the sticks podcast. He talks a lot about Pete Carroll and discusses a little bit about the current rebuild in Seattle. Worth the time.

    • Rob Staton

      The guy who wrote Pete’s book?

      I’m sure that will be incredibly favourable…

      • All I see is 12s

        Fair enough, but I thought it interesting that as close as he is to Pete and the Seahawks, he also referred to it as a “rebuild.” There we’re other little nuggets in there.
        Much of the talk however, centered around mental health and development of these athletes as they enter the age of NIL and paidperformance. I thought it interesting.

  24. OG

    Why not swing for Mims…

  25. Robert Las Vegas

    I was wondering what you thought on technology in the world of sports I was watching two guys run on the field with a chain and stick. I was thinking is this really the best we can do. College football is starting up that’s a good thing

    • Big Mike

      I believe they’ll have chips in the balls and sensors on the field within the next 10 or so years. I believe MLB will be using automated balls and strikes within 5 which is desperately needed.

      • Big Boi

        I think USFL was experimenting with that, some sort of sensor in the ball, but the kickers kept missing chipshot field goals and made the USFL go back to regular balls. Baseball is the one sport that could literally be done entirely with cameras but the human element is part of the game and so they never will.

        I like the human element of the game in terms of refs. It would feel so robotic, just having cameras do a lot of their work. I do wonder how today’s technology would have changed the outcomes of not only games but Super Bowls in the 20th century. I’m guessing there would be a lot of current celebrated champions that would not have been had the technology been there (*cough cough* the immaculate reception).

        • HOUSE

          That’s interesting. I wonder if they work towards a “kicking” ball. If balls are returned (kicks/punts), they don’t effect downs. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  26. Robert Las Vegas

    One more quick thought Damian Pierce looked really good last night for the Texans just saying.if he stays healthy he is going to have a good year

  27. samprassultanofswat

    I think there is a good chance the Hawks go after Jimmy G. Geno smith is NOT going to take you to the promise land. Is Drew Lock? Probably not. But let’s see what he can do. Let’s give Drew Lock a shot.

    I don’t think Carroll is willing to take his lumps this year. He is not willing to take it on the chin. I think Pete Carroll could care less about the 2023 draft. One reason the Hawks are in this situation is because they made terrible trade for Jamal Adams.

    Correct if I am wrong. Geno Smith has NO touchdown passes so far in the preseason. I realize he ran for one TD. But NO TD passes. Drew Luck on the other hand has two TD passes no picks in one half of a preseason game.

    Enough said.


    • Simo

      “I don’t think Carroll is willing to take his lumps this year.” Personally I don’t think it matters who their QB is this year, certainly not whether Geno, Lock, or JG are under center. Pete’s team is going to take plenty of lumps this year regardless! Not enough talent across the board!

  28. samprassultanofswat

    BTW: I don’t know if John Schneider is on the hot. If he is that would be sad. I think bad decisions have to be on the plate of Pete Carroll. It would be really sad if the Hawks lost John Schneider

    • Peter

      I don’t get this separation between the two. If the bad decisions are on Pete then wouldn’t it stand to reason the good decisions as well?

      And if that’s the case what even is John’ role with the organization.

      I tend to think those two have been working in tandem this whole time. 2022 good draft…both of them plus new coaches. Complete whiff of 2017 draft…again both of them.

      Bad trade for Adam’s? Probably Pete. Bad contract for Adam’s? Probably John.

      • Hawkcrazy

        It is just not clear the separation between John and Pete. Upper management may know but we as fans really can only speculate. Personally I think if Pete demanded the Adams trade then Pete would have also demanded that resign him.

      • samprassultanofswat

        “Bad trade for Adam’s? Probably Pete. Bad contract for Adam’s? Probably John”.

        Peter: Once the trade for Adams was made. Seattle really had NO CHOICE but to extrend Jamal Adams.

        Remember Pete Carroll came before John Schneider. Pete Carroll is the one who suppoirted John Schneider to be GM.

        When I said the bad decision have to be on the plate of Pete Carroll. I was speculating. I could be wrong. However some speculation is better than others. John Schneider probably has some guilt in these bad decisions. But when push comes to shove. I am placing the majority of the blame on Carroll.

        I do believe that John Schneider has a tremendous eye for talent. Before this 2022 draft. Schneider/Carroll were taking potential over production. Pete Carroll always had this idea(in his mind) that he could take potential/talent and mold it into superstars. Well in 2022 John Schneider and Pete Carrol went back to the basics. And the results are pretty clear. The Hawks had their best drafts in 10+ years. The 2022 team is a result of bad drafts and bad trades over the past decade.

        Now here we are right before the 2022 season and we are having the great QB debate. If the Hawks do go out and grab Jimmy G. what they are telling me is that they have very little concern about 2023. Jimmy G. can’t just go in and hit the ground running. Yes he has experience. But he has to learn the playbook. Learn the receivers strength’s/weaknesses. Get his timing down with the receivers. An NFL QB has to know what every player on every play is going to do. That doesn’t happen over night. Yes experience will help. Unless Jimmy G. has a legitimate photographic memory it’s going to take time. And if it takes time for Jimmy G to get into the swings of things what is the purpose of signing. to go from a 5-6 win year vs. 8-9 win season. Go from a pick probably in the 3-8 range. To probably a first round pick in the 12-21 range next year.

        Everyone talks about Drew Lock making a bad decision. Well Jimmy G is no saint when it comes to decision making. And he is not all the accurate outside the numbers and deep down the field. BTW: Why was San Francisco so desperate that they felt compelled to move up in the draft to take another QB.?

        The only thing that signing Jimmy G will accomplish is deal a severe blow to Seahawks chances of taking a top QB next year.

  29. cha

    If you have 15 minutes, you need to watch this. *chefs kiss*

    Let’s hope and pray that the competition at RT is completely over. It’s borderline malpractice that it got this far.

    • Hawkcrazy

      Thanks Cha really enjoyed that and learned something. Love that we got 2 starting tackles this draft.

    • TomLPDX

      Thanks Curtis, good stuff.

    • swedenhawk

      Thanks for sharing, Curtis. The video on Cam Jurgens is also a fun watch.

    • Cambs

      That’s a really nice get cha.

      I made the mistake of also watching the same channel’s review of Cam Jurgens, who Rob was on and was available when they picked in round 2. Oh well.

  30. 509 Chris

    Rob, you’ve talked a lot about the fans reaction if the team just falls flat on their face in the first month of season. I don’t disagree with you, but I wonder if if the narrative could have been changed had Pete just come out and owned that this is a rebuild? Basically saying everything we’re talking about on the site here. This year is about development. We had a great draft, let’s get these young guys some experience. After a couple years we’ll be competitive. Would the fanbase be more patient if Pete would speak truly?

    • Rob Staton


      And for too long we’ve been treated like mugs. Case in point, that ridiculous press conference a year ago when they blamed the Wilson trade talk on the media and told all the local reporters it was a non-story, making them look really stupid in the process

  31. Thomas

    The only thing that really makes me think the Hawks will pass on Jimmy G is that they haven’t re-signed KJ Wright when they clearly need him. They are very thin at linebacker. Wright is still serviceable and would sign cheap.

    But if they think Jimmy G can take them to the Superbowl (with the right pieces) in 3 years, then they’d sign him.

    I still think they were always planning to switch to Lock midseason. I think it’s a psychological thing. Hugh Millen brought that up the other day. He wondered if they might be doing that. He said it was a bad approach. We’ll just see.

  32. cha

    Mariners all in.

    Jeff Passan
    THREAD: There’s a lot to digest on Julio Rodríguez’s extension with Seattle, per ESPN sources. The deal could be for 8, 13, 16 or 18 years. It guarantees Rodriguez $210 million. If it maxes out, it will be the largest ever: $470 million. The details are important. Here they are.
    11:12 AM · Aug 26, 2022

    • Big Mike

      They HAD to do this unless they wanted to lose him like ARod. Good for the Ms for stepping up!
      HOF written all over him.
      Best Seattle sports news in a while (unless you’re a Wilson hater).

      • bmseattle

        I agree.
        He’s a generational talent.
        Very exciting news for Mariners fans.

  33. Rob Staton

    The trolls are back

    Moderation mode activated

    Some Seahawks fans are really bad at dealing with any kind of criticism of the team

    • Blitzy the Clown

      That’s too bad, though some are hilarious in spite of themselves.

      I caught one maniacal screed the other night (my night, your morning) before you could moderate it that I laughed so loud I scared my dog because the poster completely lost his shyte. Almost like reading the written version of Tourette.


      I guess it was funny in the moment. In retrospect, not so much.

      • Rob Staton

        I’ve had to delete loads this week

        • 12th chuck

          thanks for keeping this site the way it is

  34. cha

    Former NFL executive Mike Lombardi said Thursday on his podcast “The GM Shuffle” that the Seahawks are highly interested in Garoppolo.

    “I keep asking teams all the time, why don’t they just cut Jimmy G now? And the answer that I got back from multiple teams is ‘they don’t want him to go to Seattle’,” Lombardi said. “I said, ‘Well how interested is Seattle in Jimmy G?’ And (one source) said ‘Oh, they’re very interested in him.’ So for all the talk about Geno, for all the talk about Drew Lock, I think Seattle knows they’re going to get Jimmy G. And I think San Francisco knows that he could go there. So they’re trying everything in their power to prevent that, and they have no takers.

    “So what I think will happen is the Friday before the opening weekend, I think they’ll cut Jimmy G. I think that’s when they’ll cut him, and then he’ll have to go do his contract and go up to Seattle and go there. But there is no interest in allowing Seattle to have even a week of preparation with Jimmy G to come in as their starting quarterback. But I do believe, reliably reported to me, that Seattle is the team that wants him.”

    • Big Mike

      Hawks play SF week 2 iirc. Juicy.

    • Rob Staton


      • Blitzy the Clown

        Seattle is the team that wants him.

        But certainly they won’t be the only team that wants him. Are they gonna have to sign him to a longer, more expensive deal than he’s worth?

        I don’t mind him in Seattle at all. Not this year or even next. I just don’t want them to overpay for him.

        One year deal for this season that eats up the rest of this year’s cap? Fine with me. But don’t go dipping deep into cap for 2023 or beyond please.

    • Sea Mode

      bUt, hOW ArE wE GOinG tO DEaL wiTh haVInG 3 “ones”…?

      • Peter

        A three headed “sene-cat,” formation

  35. no frickin clue

    Here’s my projected stat lines for our Dynamic Duo at QB tonight:

    Smith: 5-9-60-0-0
    Lock: 10-20-105-1-1

    And I think we lose the game in a squeaker, 30-13.

    On the bright side, Freddie Swain catches punts and does nothing with them other than run out of bounds for minimal yardage, which would be a plus over last week. 😉

  36. Peter

    Geno smith: 12/18 113 yds

    Lock: 9/14. 1td/1int

    • Peter

      Reply: no flicking clue

      • no frickin clue

        Those numbers would be…pretty good? High completion percentage, and at least in the case of Smith, quite good yards per attempt.

        I’m more pessimistic, but would be happy if that’s how things turned out. I just think that Pete’s hammerlock control will dictate trying to win on the ground, and not really having an answer when defenses stack the box on early downs and force us into 3rd and 7, 3rd and 8.

        • Peter

          See below. Good grief…

  37. Peter

    Not the worst numbers…but that would put his preseason numbers something very close to:

    32 completions. 51 attempts. 62.7% rate. 330 yards (?) Give or take a few. Zero passing tds in about six quarters of play. Would be very hard to convince me we can win many games like that.

    Agree on if there are any answers when defenses stack the box.

  38. Mike

    I think prez might be paying his fashion coach too much 😂😂😂

    • Big Boi

      Still better than when he wore a Houston Astros cap to the first day of training camp. I mean c’mon man, at least TRY to read the room a little bit.

  39. cha

    What I’d like to see tonight

    Is this team ready to play football Pt 3?

    Pete Carroll’s patented ‘start slow and close like a freight train’ experiment has been escaping the lab and causing all kinds of damage in recent years by digging increasingly larger holes. It seems like it gets worse and worse.

    The team had one of the worst defenses in the NFL last year. They booted the coordinator and brought it some new players and fresh coaching minds. But the last two games has seen an epidemic of poor tackling. Pete said ‘they made it a point of emphasis’ this week in practice.

    Can they show that they did? Or are we getting another dreaded rerun of the poor start that puts the team behind the eight ball immediately?

    Some crisp tackling and players on their assignments would be a godsend.

    As well, nobody has stepped up and grabbed the third wide receiver job. Goodwin and Eskridge will no doubt get some looks tonight. But Swain, Fuller, Melton and Young did not do themselves any favors with their mental errors last week and the week before.

    Is somebody going to put their stamp on the job and make a case tonight?

    Related to being ready…

    What does the first team look like?

    Pete Carroll announced that the development phase of camp is over, and that they are going to focus on getting the starters ready. The top unit probably will not get a ton of time tonight, but will they look like a top unit? Or has all the cascading changes and QB battle stuff hindered this team from truly getting ready for the season? Can we see a crisp drive? Or dare I say two?

    The Geno and Drew Show

    Geno gets the start and will play with the ones, however long that lasts.

    Can we see him put together a good drive? It’s been suggested that Geno has a leg up on Drew Lock because he’s had years and years sitting on the bench studiously observing how NFL offenses are run by top QBs. That has not even come close to matching what he has done on the field.

    Nobody – from fans, sportswriters, talking heads and analysts thinks Geno Smith should be the guy to lead this team. Can he do anything tonight to address those concerns? Anything at all?

    I’d be thrilled if Geno’s headclock were better. Try something tonight. When he snaps the ball, start your own headclock. Thousand one, thousand two, thousand three, thousand four. If you regularly get to four and Geno hasn’t thrown the ball, scrambled out of the pocket or taken off running, he’s not processing the game properly.

    Drew Lock. Conversely is there anything he can do to make headway on the starting job? Probably not for Week One. However, chances are he will play at some point this season. Can he play in a manner that washes the bad taste of that game-altering sack against Pittsburgh?


    What does Arte Burns look like? Would Pete deny Tariq Woolen a starting spot, simply because of the comfort factor of using a veteran?

    Abraham Lucas has been progressively taking first team snaps at RT. Is there anything he needs to do to lock that job down?

    Does Kyle Fuller still have a job after a decent showing by Dakoda Shepley last week?

    Marquise Blair is increasingly looking like a failed draft pick / failed experiment to move him from safety to nickel corner. Is there a place for him on this roster with players like Josh Jones and Michael Jackson looking increasingly solid?

    Freddie Swain had a solid rookie year and a very respectable second year. But he has been injured and hasn’t taken advantage of the opportunity to take the next step so far. Does Pete Carroll’s trust in him as a punt returner add to his job security? Or can he step up and take a wide receiver spot?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Who’s in the backfield, just Dallas and Homer?

    • 12th chuck

      Blair was having an ok year last year before he was injured. Maybe when the best in the nation gets injured (we all know he will) maybe they slide him back to his normal position. I don’t know why I have rose colored glasses when it comes to Blair, but not so much anywhere else

    • mtpgod

      My bookie (I know) is a huge Bears fan and says Artie Burns is the shit.

  40. Blitzy the Clown

    I like this OL line up. I hope this is how they go to start the season.

    • Peter

      Can’t watch til later. Lucas at RT?

      • Blitzy the Clown


        • Peter

          Awesome thanks

  41. TomLPDX

    Geno is being smart targeting Tyler.

    • Ben

      Better than Dareke, ouch! Good to see him out there with the 1s but not a great start…

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Dareke Young and Freddie Swain both dropped their first targets. And Geno hit them in their hands.

  42. mtpgod

    It must be a good sign that we’ve heard absolutely nothing about C Blythe. Bc in year’s past, we heard about how bad Pocic/Fuller were.

    • KD

      Center is one of those positions that I severely worry about, perhaps irrationally as much as I do.

      • bmseattle

        At least we have Eskridge…

        • KD

          Don’t even start…. 😐

          • mtpgod

            Favorite alt-rock band? Must be Creed.

  43. Blitzy the Clown

    Nice tackle by Mike Jackson

  44. mtpgod

    Wow, not only is Myles Adams making this team, he’s earning his way onto the field opening day. I like it.

  45. Blitzy the Clown

    Myles Adams 👀

  46. Blitzy the Clown


  47. AlaskaHawk

    Seahawks showing signs of life with Lock driving the team.

  48. Zane

    I like what I’m seeing out of the new defensive coaching. More aggressive, more press, forcing more errors.

    • Rob Staton

      Definitely more aggressive

  49. pdway

    good lucking throw there by Lock….that glimmer of hope still flickers……

  50. mtpgod

    Dublanko following up an other-worldly terrible performance with some plays tonight.

  51. KD

    Looks like last week’s performance gave a lot of these players the kick in the ass that they needed. Hell of a lot to work on, but between last week and today is night and day.

  52. Peter

    Glancing at the box score:

    4 rushing attempts
    11 passing

    I know there is a qb competition but I’d feel better knowing Seattle can run as well.

    • pdway

      pre-season got markedly more boring for me when Walker got hurt — was going to be fun seeing him run the ball. now it’s homer and dallas, kind of the geno smiths of the RB world (maybe a little unfair – they’re actually both kind of serviceable, not neither is gonna surprise us w something).

      • Ace

        Can we slow down the Homer hate please?

        He’s been showing up every game. Making plays when we need them. Yeah, not RB1. But can be a great RB2 for us.

  53. Ace

    Good play by Woolen. Bad call.

    Commentator on K5 wasn’t afraid to call it out too. “Quick Question, do referees need to take eye tests when they take the job?”

    Laughed out loud at that one. What a crew, love em.

    • mtpgod

      Must be nice, I have to listen to Cowboy homers on NFL Network. I actually like listening to Michael Irvin, but not on this format.

      • KD

        Nate Newton calling them out.

        • Rob Staton

          Newton hammered Dallas’ O-line!

      • Rob Staton

        I’m on Cowboys too. Although I’m going to bed now. Busy week. Will watch the rest in the morning.

        They don’t mention any of the Seahawks players which is irritating. I want to know who is making a play.

  54. Blitzy the Clown

    Nice catch Dareke!

  55. Blitzy the Clown

    STHU Michael Irvin

    • KD

      He is insufferable

      • Big Mike


  56. Blitzy the Clown

    Nice play call, nice execution on 4th and 1.

  57. Hawks4life

    What’s more painful, watching this Seahawks team or listening to Michael Bennett as a commentator

  58. OP_Chillin

    The receiver depth is not good.

  59. TomLPDX

    You guys are missing Mike and Mike. They’re fun!

  60. Blitzy the Clown

    The digitized “go cowboys” Dallas have on their local broadcast is pretty bad.

    But the carnival barker PA guy at Sofi stadium is way, way worse.

  61. mtpgod

    So yea, Drew Lock just looks like a better qb than Geno.

  62. Big Mike

    So I am out of town and have not watched the game at all and just sat down at a bar and see that we are ahead 13 to 3! How the hell has that happened?

    • Big Mike

      Well it didn’t happen by doing those kinds of things. That should seal the deal for Geno if it hasn’t already been sealed

  63. TomLPDX

    Drew just sealed his fate. Bad int.

    • Big Mike

      No Drew, you’re supposed to thought you guys in the blue jerseys.

    • KD

      Seahawks have the worst QBs in the NFL.

      Fact Check: True

      • Rob Staton


        • Elmer

          I’m sorry. Lock looks better than Geno. Then he looks worse. Inexcusable INT. We can see why the coaches still have Geno as #1. Maybe Lock can adapt and win the job somewhere during the regular season…IF they don’t have an entirely new QB on the roster by then.

          • Mike

            Coaches hate the dumb mistakes, that’s why geno is gonna start and it’s why teddy bridgewater started in Denver last year.

          • KD

            A cat turd looks better than a dog turd. State of Seahawls QBs right now

            • Mike

              I agree with you, geno is way better than drew though in terms of winning games I don’t think there is any question about that

  64. Blitzy the Clown

    I mean he just threw it right at the defender. Gonna be a long season.

  65. mtpgod

    He’s one of those qbs who’s gonna have 3 td/3 int games. Lots of ups, just as many downs like the Bronco fans said. We used to have a qb who threw no ints but he ran around and got sacked a lot.

  66. JC3

    Trade for any QB other than Jimmy G.

  67. Mike

    Drew lock doing his best jimmy g impression

    • Mike

      In all seriousness drew lock plays like a little kid in madden just pushing random buttons and throwing it lol

  68. KD

    So sad to see Jeff Goldbulm be just a commercial actor. He’s a good actor. I wish he could find a legit film role for his talents. But he’s getting paid, so meh 😐

    • mtpgod

      You think? Seems like a lot of big actors do commercials now, that Big Bang Theory girl (Kelly Cuoco?) is/was huge and she’s always doing commercials with her dad.

      • KD

        One of my favorites is Steve Buscemi, and I can’t remember anything he has done since Boardwalk Empire, where he was brilliant. He’s very talented beyond acting, like being a volunteer firefighter and a good juggler. Good guy. I hope that he made enough money in his life to not have to shill.

  69. OP_Chillin

    Man Lock is just slinging it out there. Better WRs and he could probably have as many/more TDs than he does INTs

    • UkAlex6674

      Interesting take and there may be something in that.

  70. CaptainJack

    Neither Drew or geno are starting level players

    Jimmy g here we come

  71. AlaskaHawk

    Clearly pass interference, I guess the refs were ready to take a break.

    A better effort than last week on both sides of the ball. We shall see if the Seahawks are tiring out or going to get a second wind.

  72. Gross MaToast

    Do the Seahawks have a Top 50 NFL QB on their roster?

    Regardless, I’d prefer they stick with what they have, take their lumps in this year of atonement, and keep building through the draft. It may not be that bad.

    • KD

      I agree. Focus on getting the OL coordinated. Get the running game moving. Get the defense disciplined.

  73. AlaskaHawk

    Nice to see them working on the running game!

    • seaspunj

      looking forward to see the development in the O Line

  74. Thomas

    Have to listen to the Dallas radio network, but Danny White the former QB is really impressed with Lock. Two of his picks were the receiver’s fault according to White and Swain missed a good pass.

    Anyway, for what it’s worth the former Dallas qb has been impressed.

    • John

      I don’t see why anyone would be impressed, even if two of the ints weren’t on lock he’s thrown a couple of horrible passes that should have been picked.

  75. KD

    I’ve seen enough. Back to Stardew Valley.

    • KD

      If any of you are on PSN, just look up MrKimTheBuilder btw. Happy to friend, chat and play with Seahawk fans anywhere, any time

  76. AlaskaHawk

    There has been some pretty big gains that were called back by holding penalties. At least two runs and a pass that were called back.

  77. Thomas

    Well, just repeating White, he’s been impressed with Lock. He’s been kinder to him than Will Grier and White is a Cowboys guy. He blames the receivers. Again, a former QB and a cowboys guy. He likes Lock.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I think Lock will be solidly in the bottom third of starting quarterbacks. And that’s okay with me. At least he is exciting.

  78. Hawk Brewered

    Really liked Mike Jackson tonight. Great tackling, seemed solid in zone, but the man ‘n the mirror coverage really stood out.
    (I’ll see myself out..)

    …also Myles Adams looked great

  79. Jabroni-DC

    Joel Dublanko???
    12 3 0.5 0 1 1

    • Mick

      I’d cut him for the missed tackle at last TD, it’s unacceptable. Don’t tell me KJ Wright would have ever done such a thing btw, even now old as he is.

  80. cha

    Pete just named Geno the starter for Week One.

    • Mick

      That just shows how bad Lock is, can’t even get in front of Geno Smith.

      • SeaTown

        Pete Carroll is delusional.

        • CaptainJack

          Lock threw three bad picks. Threw the ball way too hard at fuller in that situation.
          I don’t think pete is the delusional one here.

    • Ashish

      Pete announced we will pick #1 in 2023 draft.

      • CaptainJack

        I don’t disagree but we’d earn that pick with either qb, also the wr depth is so so bad

    • Henry Taylor

      No choice after that game from Lock.

  81. Old but Slow

    Big cuts by Tuesday and then setting the practice squad. There doesn’t seem to be much mystery here as few players have stood out enough to go from “could be good” to “not gonna happen”.

    It would not be surprising to see changes in the offensive line, maybe cut some guys and sign some waiver pickups. We are about 6-7 deep and probably need 8-9 up front. Eiland, Shepley, and Ryan will go, and Forsyth maybe to the PS, and then keep one of Fuller and Haynes. Starting 5 looks promising.

    Will the 7th round WRs make the team or go on the PS? How about Cade Johnson? Did they play D J Dallas so much against the Cowboys to see if he has trade value?

    On defense I am most concerned about the linebacking. It seems we might be weak on outside contain, dealing with sweeps and screens. We need another KJ.

    On the line, I guess we’ll have another season of Collier because of his contract, but I hope not. I’m done with him. On the other hand, welcome Mr Adams.

    Defensive backs? My friend Greg and I know everything there is to know about the Seahawks and football in general, but, unfortunately, that is his area. Sorry.

    • Gaux Hawks

      OBS, thoughts on bringing back DeShawn Shead?

  82. Thomas

    I don’t think Pete ever intended to start Lock against Denver. I do think he intends to switch him in at some point. I’ll say again that we’ll see Lock in the Detroit game (unless we start with 3 wins).

  83. Denver Hawker

    Geno it is then- until we’re 2-8 and a change is needed and we determine that neither QB should be on the roster next year. Nonetheless, Vegas loses and we manage to win 5.5 games and secure a top 10 pick. Are we/fans truly upset about this outcome- who among us believed it’d be any different?

    For a little sugar on the wound, it’s not all peachy in Denver either. Jeudy is struggling to be a football player and the offense can’t seem to figure it out. May luck out and find ourselves with 2 top-15 picks.

  84. Hawk Brewered

    I think Fuller likely rosters due to C experience and Shepley’s high snap. But I would keep Curhan, Haynes and Forsyth above him, and cut Jackson (unlikely). They’ll take lumps, but agreed on starting 5 overall.
    WR is interesting at WR5: Hart, Young? Johnson was invisible today, if he played. TD fumble last week Hurt.
    Hadn’t had that thought about Dallas, but he and Homer both played for keeps, even if their numbers got scaled back a bit due to flags.
    LB depth is also my big Q, but Dublanko stepped up for this week at least in a weird race..
    Adams forced himself a spot on the line.
    I’m actually surprisingly enthusiastic about the future of these CBs, considering where the Hawks were after DJ Reed walked. Again, lumps, but Bryant, Woolen, and Jackson all show great depth potential behind presumptive starters Jones and Burns (we’ll see)

  85. Peter

    5.5 wins?

    Under. The seahawks looked like hot garbage. Our starters, qb, oline, a little Lockett played tonight and Dallas played backups and it was still close.

    I’ve looked over the schedule a dozen times and honestly am not seeing the team we are better than. I guess Atlanta?

    Re: denver….meh….we have our own house to get in order. Maybe we get that top 15 pick from them? I guess that’s something for having to watch a season maybe worse than when Mora was that coach. Except that time the real “Allen,” had the sense to sh-t can that coach for some new blood. Instead we get the top 15 pick so what? Pete can keep telling us about the time we were really good when Netflix was still sending out DVD’s.

  86. Mike

    The Seahawks games should be on Comedy Central this year

  87. Mick

    “”You know, if it never happened [becoming a starter], I would have been satisfied with my career,” he [Geno] said. ”

    This is the winning mentality of our starting QB, people.

    • Rob Staton

      “I would’ve been satisfied being a really crap, nondescript QB”

      Always compete

  88. steele

    What an unfortunately typical Drew Lock performance. Godly pass plays coupled with horrific INTs and ill-advised heaves. Many of us really wanted to believe that a change of venue would finally get Lock to dlean up and play up to his potential, but no. Still a mess.

    Geno is just Geno.And there really is no choice but to name him the starter.

    Bringing in Jittery G would open up a can of worms, guys. In this low expectation/extended training camp season, the goal is to get to a high draft pick for the QB of the future or a trade for a legit one. In addition to costing $, Jittery will do what he always does: play well enough to win up some games (possibly enough to ruin the tank season plan), lull everyone into thinking he is more than he is. Then he will crack when it counts—panicking, crumbling, heaving set shot pick 6s, frisbee pick 6s, and unprecedented other kinds of pick 6s. That is Jittery G.

    Do the Seahawks really want that?

  89. Benny Bee

    Rob curious to get your take on my next statement….
    Seems to me that their are more affordable if not more viable and certainly available now options at quarterback than Jimmy G..
    Your thoughts on Sam Ehlinger whom after reworking his throwing motion has put up amazing numbers this pre season for the Colts. The Colts have a bevy of quarterbacks and seem to be likely trading partner.
    Also I like Taylor Heinicke of the Washington Commanders. The commanders are also currently loaded at the QB spot and finally I like Gardner Minshew as well. In my humble opinion I

    • Rob Staton

      But the point isn’t just to add a QB

      I’ve been saying this week that I don’t think Pete is in a position to basically endure a terrible season and I think he will go after a QB who can do what he needs. Convert third downs better than Geno

      The players you mention haven’t been a QB in the league, or haven’t been to Super Bowls

  90. Benny Bee

    In my humble opinion any of the three above mentioned QB’s would be a better choice than what the Seahawks will put on the field this season. All three are fairly young and I would guess could be had for a mid round draft choice. Rob, why hasn’t Pete made a run at any of the talented back up QB’s?

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