It’s difficult to work out what the Seahawks are doing

It’s hard to muster any real emotion about Seattle’s start to free agency.

Looking at most of the mega-deals being completed across the league, there’s not a lot to be jealous about. There isn’t really one particular move elsewhere that warrants any kind of envy.

Yes it would’ve been nice to sign a J.C. Jackson or Carlton Davis, for example. Yet those two players have signed for contenders intending to win a Super Bowl. The Seahawks can’t compete with that when they’ve just traded away their best bargaining chip in terms of 2022 ambition.

Perhaps the closest thing to a sigh I’ve had so far is Austin Corbett signing with the Panthers. It’s still hard to get too worked up about a guard with a 68.8 PFF grade going somewhere else.

Joseph Noteboom and Brian Allen stayed with the Rams. I’m not sure the Seahawks had much of a chance. Crossing the NFC West divide and going from Super Bowl champs to likely fourth placed also-rans isn’t attractive, whatever the offer financially.

Free agency is often an over-hyped disappointment. Bryan Bulaga was just cut after playing 11 games for the Chargers. It cost them $19m.

When you sign your own at least you know, to an extent, what you’re getting.

That said, what they have been able to do (which isn’t much) has provoked some chin-rubbing over the last 24 hours.

What exactly is the approach? I’m struggling to work it out.

Re-signing Quandre Diggs, Will Dissly, Al Woods and Sidney Jones suggests Pete Carroll was serious when he said he thought the team was in a good place after the Arizona win. They weren’t the typical moves of a rebuilding team, especially given how much the four players cost.

Yet at the same time, the Seahawks haven’t upgraded in any way.

So far they’ve simply lost D.J. Reed — their best cornerback. Reed was also a good age (25) and while three-years for $33m sounds a lot, it’s arguably a better investment than Dissly’s three-years for $24m.

Now they have a hole at cornerback, just as they did a year ago. While it’s possible they address the position during the draft — that simply means another one of the various other holes won’t be addressed. They don’t need to add to their list of priorities right now.

The offensive line is in flux with no solution yet at left tackle, center or right tackle. You can’t address those vital needs and get a pass rusher and a cornerback and a linebacker in the draft so something has to give.

The running game is so important to Seattle and we’ve seen how inept the offense is without it. Yet Rashaad Penny remains unsigned and what happens if he moves on?

Then there’s the quarterback position. I figured there was a plan when they dealt Wilson and it’s too early to say there isn’t. They might, after all, have their sights firmly fixed on one of these rookies.

If not — they’ve either been rejected by or weren’t really interested in Deshaun Watson (depending on which report you read). Kirk Cousins is off the table. They’ve not added a hedge like Pittsburgh did with Mitchell Trubisky.

Maybe Drew Lock is their hedge? I’m not sure anyone’s buying that though. He has, sadly, the misfortune of being considered a step down from even Trubisky.

Amid all of this — the Seahawks have committed over $30m a year to the safety position and stocked up at tight end (where they notoriously spend a lot for very little return).

One of my biggest complaints about this team is their penchant to invest in non-vital positions. There’s at least a small part of me that’s already worrying it’s happening again.

However — if you asked me what I want to see happen, I’m not sure I could give you an answer.

The list of available free agents contains a lot of ageing players.

I guess if they made some bold moves on the O-line such as signing Terron Armstead and J.C. Tretter it’d be somewhat exciting. Yet Armstead has major durability concerns and will be expensive. Tretter was just cut by the Browns so they can press on with Nick Harris.

Eric Fisher is younger than Duane Brown but would it excite you to sign him to what would likely be an expensive deal?

I fear we’re going to be subjected to another year of Ethan Pocic.

I’d like to see them throw a pick Dallas’ way to take a chance on La’el Collins but even then, Collins’ career has hardly been plain-sailing. I wouldn’t want to give up anything before round five for a player who might be cut.

I want the Seahawks to spend #9 on a pass-rusher and that opinion won’t change between now and the draft. They’ll need a hedge of some kind but that likely means adding one of the available players approaching their mid-30’s.

Seattle needs a Jermaine Johnson or Kayvon Thibodeaux. They’ve said they want a game-wrecker. Post-Wilson trade I don’t want to spend a fortune on Chandler Jones, only to use #9 on one of the overrated offensive linemen or Sauce Gardner.

I found out yesterday Johnson ran a 1.55 10-yard split at the combine. Thibodeaux (1.59) and Amare Barno (1.54) were the only other two players to do so. Anything in the 1.5’s is elite.

Cliff Avril famously ran a 1.50 split. Johnson and Thibodeaux aren’t quite in that range but they’re not far off.

Granted, there is part of me that wonders if either will even be there at #9. The only thing worse than spending big on someone like Chandler Jones at age 32 will be not spending big and then missing out in the draft too.

A big reason for being at peace with the Wilson trade was the opportunity to create the kind of pass rush that has shown in recent years to be just as vital as a franchise quarterback. Not having either would be a crushing blow.

And no — pumping draft resources into the secondary and hoping Benson Mayowa can chip in with more sacks is not a viable alternative.

I’d be interested in Akiem Hicks or Calais Campbell for the right price but Al Woods’ return makes that less likely. I’m not sure why Stephon Gilmore would want to come here other than for an over-inflated contract.

According to PFF, Dante Jackson allowed just 120 receiving yards on 140 snaps of man coverage last season in Carolina. He’s 26. Is he going to be as expensive as Reed though, with more question marks in terms of fit?

At quarterback they could still add Marcus Mariota but Tyrod Taylor is joining the Giants. Admittedly I’m pretty fearful of what is to come at the position. I can live with being bad in 2022 to set yourself up for the 2023 draft. I can’t live with a horrible investment in someone this year — either via trade or using the draft.

The more I study the quarterbacks in this class the more convinced I am that Jack Coan is a better option in rounds 3-4 than any of the bigger names in rounds 1-2.

The complete lack of a steer so far is the anxiety-creating problem. It’s hard to get a handle on what they’re doing. They’ve made moves that go against ‘major rebuild mode’ and yet have so many glaring roster holes, including now at quarterback, that it’s impossible to imagine how anyone could see this as anything but a major rebuild.

When they’ve missed out on players in the past, that’s when they’ve started making trades and getting a bit desperate. I hope that doesn’t start happening now. This is a draft class where the more stock you have the better.

So I’ll settle for this, I think. I want to leave the draft without a glaring weakness this time. No more Ziggy Ansah and last-minute Jadeveon Clowney in 2019. No more desperation Jamal Adams trade in 2020. No more ‘figure it out when the season starts’ at center and cornerback like 2021.

Whatever the plan is, just make sure you have an actual functioning roster by the end of the draft.

On top of that, drafting some of these gold players would be nice:

Click to enlarge the image above.

And finally — if you missed my interview with Leo Chenal, you can check it out here:

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  1. Ralphy

    Maybe it will just be me, but when OJ Howard signs for half of what Dissly did, I will be nauseous.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Maybe the plan is to ask Dissly to put on another 50 lbs and take over for Brown as LT. WHAT A SAVINGS!!!

      • Ralphy

        Hahaha yes because they always have a plan.

  2. Matthew

    Nice to have some levity to what seems like a lot of over reaction to the Hawks moves. I’m confused by what people have expected. Seems some want moves that only make sense if RW was still on the roster.

  3. Pugs1

    Maybe the offense is meant to feature the TE position more than with Russ. Let’s just say it wasn’t his strong suit.

    • Ralphy

      I definitely think that you are correct. Between getting Everett last year, and then acquiring Fant this year, it looks like that is a goal of Waldron. Even if that’s the case though, 8 mill a year for Dissly is very hard to understand.

      • Pugs1

        It seems like they overpaid but a few TE’s got nice checks yesterday. IMO free agency this year is about treading water. Let’s face it they are not a desirable location right now. It’s time to focus on building through the draft keep some vets who can lead and want to be here.

    • Peter

      Pete’s been bringing in TE’s since the beginning. Maybe Waldron uses them more but it’s still the same amount with Fant and Dissly and Parkinson as last year.

      • HawksGal

        We keep bringing in Tight Ends, year after year, pay way to much and don’t use them near enough. Far too much money on Dissly, disappointed with this.

        • Peter

          Hope he can bring back some of his pre injury form. Otherwise would have preferred a cheap 5th rounder to run block.

  4. Brett in AZ

    This is a well-timed post Rob, given that they just announced PC/JS will be in front of the media tomorrow at the ‘official’ start of FA.

    I am sure several of your questions will be answered there, as far as direction. No guarantees we’ll like all the answers though.

    I’m expecting/hoping we’ll see something of a change from Pete. It’s true he said he thought we were close. But that was before the changes with Russ & Bobby. His earlier comments about ‘arrogance’ are hopefully a tell. As is his somewhat unexpected revamp of the coaching staff… especially on defense.

    Over the years, we’ve learned some trends with these guys. They don’t like to leap into the first wave of FA. They bargain shop FA in the later rounds.They like to ‘go for it’. If they don’t see what they like in the draft they’ll trade back and attack with a shotgun instead of a rifle. Pete and John both liek to be bullies (which they are clearly not now). They like to do trades, and their trades/FA moves tend to be kept very quiet prior to consummation.

    I can’t see this being a one year rebuild though. Will take more like 2-3. As you’ve mentioned previously, they’ve done it before. Hopefully after tomorrow we’ll be better positioned to decide if they’re ready to do it again.

    • Paul

      One possible strategy: This year, do what we always do in free agency, hit on the draft, use the 2022 season to evaluate what they have, and go all in next year when the salary cap money is huge.

      “Do what we always do” means to stress signing our own players, look for value in the second wave, and never pay more than our assessment of the market

      • Paul

        That being said, I would like to know the process for valuing Dissly.

  5. cha

    I fear we’re going to be subjected to another year of Ethan Pocic.

    I think they’re looking at Lewis to take center over with Shepley behind him, with Haynes at LG.

    We might be longing for the days of Ethan Pocic before all is said and done.

    • bmseattle

      Why do I suspect that they *will* move Lewis to center, where he will struggle for the next two seasons.
      Then they will finally move him back to RG, where he will be good again, just in time for free agency.

      • Peter

        Correction: then he can go on to make 40 million dollars (adjusted for cap growth) that Mark glowinski has made when Lewis moves off of them as a free agent.

        • Big Mike

          Ouch, but likely

          • Peter

            If I were a Steve Hutchinson approved RG and got moved from there to play LG and god forbid center when free agency came I’d sign a one year prove it deal and then cash in….with other teams not here.

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t see it

      • cha

        I hope I’m wrong.

      • Nebz

        You can’t see it because you make sense.

    • WallaSean

      Getting younger on the o-line makes sense, you can walk away from both Lewis and Haynes next year if you don’t see what you want. Also explains not signing Pocic as a draft hedge as well as the Haynes tender.

  6. Ishmael

    It’s all a bit flat, but at least we aren’t the ones spending $84 million on Christian Kirk. Still, it’s hard to shake the feeling this is going to be more of the same, and suddenly a massive amount of cap space has been eaten up by filling out the roster with okayish players.

    One of the things I’ve had a hard time with over the last few years is working out whether the front office is just no good, or if they’re doing a decent job getting guys into the building and it’s the coaching that’s letting everyone down.

    • TimDB11

      Because of Kirk deal and then D Adams. Seahawks will be paying Metcalf 4 years 110 million. Ouchy mama.

      • Sea Mode

        I’m thinking 4/$100m even. But the sooner the better IMO if they do decide they want to keep him.

        Maybe they are waiting until FA dies down to see if any team who missed out on WR comes at them with an offer. (hello, Philly…)

        • TomLPDX

          Sorry man, DK just isn’t worth that much. I’m starting to hate the Seahawks.

        • Roy Batty

          People also need to consider DK’s mindset.

          Is he even interested in signing with Seattle? Would he let it be known that he will not sign a franchise tag after this year? This is a crap team, at this point. Unless they let him in on the plan, what’s his motivation for staying in Seattle?

          I guess we will see in the coming weeks. They have to either get a deal done or make a trade before the draft. Anything afterwards is a disaster. The price for a new contract would be enormous and the value of draft picks is pushed off until next year.

  7. Big Mike

    Remember you heard it here first folks: QB is going to be Lock starting and yes, Geno backing him up. That’s why the homage to him yesterday.

    • Peter

      Drew lock is Josh Allen?

      Let’s discuss.

      • bmseattle

        Lock: 6’4″ 228lbs
        3 cone/7.03
        20 yard shuttle/4.12
        Hand/ 9″
        Arm/ 32 1/2″

        Allen: 6’5″ 237lbs
        3 cone/6.9
        20 yard shuttle/4.4
        Hand/ 10 1/8″
        Arm/ 33 1/4″

        those are combine numbers.
        Pretty similar athletes, really.
        Allen slightly bigger, more athletic, but not by much.

        The scouting report at said of Allen that he can look like both Elway and Cutler on any given play.
        Seems like he has progressed closer to Elway, while the Lock/Cutler comparison is pretty apt.

    • Matthew

      Much preferred to Watson, Cousins, Trubisky, and pretty much anybody else they could scrap from the barrel. Hopefully they don’t press and make any uncontested errors now.

    • Brett in AZ

      I actually hope they do play Lock. Or, more constructively, I hope they grab/trade/draft a handful of young guys and throw them into a cage-match competition. It would be excellent to see us get back to a true competitive culture where guys have to crawl over dead bodies to start.

      If these guys don’t pan out, so be it! Realistically it’ll take a few years to get a core compiled and seasoned anyway. Why wait until everything else is set and hope we strike lightning? Just keep shooting bullets at QB until you hit one… and start right now.

      Would much prefer this approach to someone journeyman re-tread. If a guy fails, we draft higher next year and we know for sure what we’ve got.

    • Whit21

      Just seeing this team with Geno last season.. There should be no way you pay him to back up drew locke or whoever they tab as a starter… not worth the 7 mil per season..

    • Henry Taylor

      Wasn’t that video put out by Geno and not the Seahawks? So nothing to do with the team hyping him up?

      And as I said on the last thread, I’m fine with Lock in 2022. The top of draft options arent good enough without someone falling, I’d maybe be ok with Corral in Rd2 but otherwise wait till next year and build the roster.

    • Hughz

      If we can’t land Cousins or Watson, I really don’t see a point in adding another QB. Would just be a waste of money.

  8. Trevor

    Really hope the Hawks target Jermaine Johnson and Abraham Lucas with the first 2 picks, even if they they need to move up a little in Rd 2 for Lucas. Get two high quality building blocks at premium positions.

    Then target a Centre like Strange and LB like Chanel or Tindale.

    #9 Johnson
    #41 Lucas
    #42 Chenel or Tindale
    #72 Cam Jurgens

    A draft like this would give me hope.

    • Zxvo3


    • Peter

      Please something like this or very close to this.

    • TomLPDX

      There you go being logical and realistic. That let’s Pete and John off the hook.

  9. jed

    I think this post fits right in with the last few years – it just doesn’t seem like there is a plan.

    I’d like to hear some answers tomorrow about what the team is doing. Unfortunately, I don’t trust the Seattle press to ask the right questions and there is no way Pete & John will give honest answers.

    I think we’ll just have to see what the rest of the FA and draft moves are to see if there is a plan they could execute or if it’s just another season of bad front office work.

  10. Mike

    There’s a long way to go, but it seems like they are being mindful of comp picks this year. Duane brown, Brandon shell, rasheem green, penny, Everett, pocic will all get deals either here our else where. I’m okay with this approach this off-season.

    • Brett in AZ

      This would be a good approach if you’re really trying to rebuild. 2022 would be a good year to gather a solid core with this particular draft pool. 2023 would seem a better FA/gamble year once $40m in dead cap comes off the books and you have $120m-plus to spend.

      It remains to be seen if they will really commit to this path though.

      • Mike

        Yeah no question it remains to be seen, I think they are probably looking at it as drew lock, Shelby Harris and Noah Fant are part of there free agency class.

    • mtpgod

      I hope so, because it’s demoralizing to see the 49ers and Rams each getting 5 comp picks this draft, including 2 3rds for the 49ers, and we get a big zero. The gap between us and the rest of the top of the NFC West is only gonna get wider. I mean, each team got 2 more comp picks than we had in the entire draft last year, pathetic.

      • SeattleLifer

        And the teams who draft we’ll/have loaded rosters are the ones who make good in the comps. The Hawks have to sign practically nobody to get a few comps because we don’t have enough talent to begin with to even lose in free agency but loaded teams can make some solid free agent signings and still reap comp rewards because so many coveted players will be leaving their team.

        To me for the above reasons it makes little sense for us to be avoiding free agency to try to pull some comp picks and frankly unless it’s a top tier round 3 pick how good are comp picks really anyways? Back of round 4, 5, 6? You have to get really fortunate to find a player of any real significance to your roster besides a special teams guy. Look no further than Seahawks past comp pick players.

        Don’t let DJ Reed types go in free agency and go get a solid o-liner and d-liner in free agency – we have way too many holes/poor talent players on this roster to be getting cute with comp picks.

        • Mike

          I hear you, I think they want to get young. I think Curran, haynes, forsythe, Shepley are all going to be competing for jobs on the online.

          In order for them to have high level free agents they have to play the guys they drafted instead of going with second tier free agents.

  11. J.P.

    The Safeties are being paid a lot. Expect them to dumpster dive for more corners like they seem to do often. I mean, it’s not the surest strategy, but they found value there in Reed and Jones in recent years. Take an edge rusher and linebacker in the draft. There’s your 2022 defense.

    That leaves money to fill out the O-Line and to sign a RB, probably Penny.

  12. Cortez Kennedy

    If it doesn’t seem like there isn’t a plan that is because…there is no plan. Hasn’t been one for a few years now. Just a cycle of never-ending Pete-isms carrying the franchise into permanent sub-mediocrity.

    Life with Russ is the same as life without Russ. Until the games start, that part is going to suck.

    • cha

      Jacob @GGC360 1h
      Replying to
      Hope you guys ask them some tough questions and don’t relent without answers. The fanbase and community deserve some serious explanations about the events of this week and some of the accusations players have made towards the org.

      Bob Condotta
      What would be a suggestion of a tough question?

      Brandon @bsbrown1987
      What their plans are. Duh, Bob!

      • Peter

        Don’t recall seeing the handle “bsbrown1987,” here much. Must be a lurker.

        • Sea Mode

          Wish he would have taken the opportunity to actually formulate a decent question for Bob to ask instead of just being snarky about it. Plus, it’s not like you can just ask them point blank, “so what are your plans now?”.

          Maybe Rob could send out a tweet or two with a few suggestions for questions that need to be asked. I think several of the media either follow Rob directly or it would reach them indirectly before tomorrow.

          I’ll start by saying I would like to know clearly who now has the final say on roster moves, Pete or John. (and yes, we know they work together on everything, but where does the buck stop when all is said and done?)

          • Brett in AZ

            Me too. Snarky replies often waste a good opportunity. Here are some more Q’s that the brain trust should field:

            Now with RW & BW gone, do you still think we have the core to compete for a Super Bowl. If yes, why?

            If no, what is the first priority in rebuilding/resetting the roster? Is it OL? DL? LB? Back end? QB?

            What’s the second priority? Third?

            How do you see the evolving salary cap growth impacting your FA strategy, if at all?

            The team seems more finesse than bully when compared to years past. Do you agree? What will you do to correct?

            We used to say ‘iron sharpens iron’, and everything was a competition. Lately, it seems like so many positions were ‘set’ that there was precious little opportunity for young guys to unseat old guys. Is that going to change back to a competition free-for-all? At what positions, exactly?

            Are we planning on emphasizing our ‘taxi’ squad (ie, practice squad) to fill holes? AT which positions, exactly? Can you sell us on some of the talent you see there.. we know so little about these guys.

            Is everyone on the roster bought in? Are you (Pete & John) still keeping a keen eye out for players who are not fully bought in?

            • Sea Mode

              Great ones. Adding on to a couple of yours:

              Why have you moved away from giving young players significant playing time early on? It led to the development of your young, championship core players. Will you go back to the way you did it before?

              The vast majority of teams across the league, teams who have made a meaningful run in the playoffs, have made use of void years in contracts to boost their roster. Do you think this is becoming a necessity for the Seahawks to keep up with the competition? Will you ever reconsider and adapt your approach to cap management?

          • Sea Mode

            I would also like to ask a follow-up on Pete’s remark that they have been ‘arrogant’ about their approach to defense. What concrete steps will they take to fix this? What does this mean for Pete in particular moving forward?

            How do the Seahawks plan to attract top free agents without the pull of Russell Wilson?

          • Hawk Finn

            I took Bobs reply as snarky. And frankly I don’t see why someone should have to hold a professional journalist’s hand, either.

            • Brett in AZ

              Maybe. But still, a better reply would have been to formulate a good question to challenge Pete’s commitment to his own philosophy and then give him a chance to answer. Word it in such a way as to make Bob eager to ask it (without burning a bridge) because it’s a good reporter question and the fanbase is rightfully aflutter right now with the recent large moves.

              • Jabroni-DC

                Maybe ask Pete if there is a parallel between his exit from USC & what seems to be happening in Seattle. Running the ship onto the rocks & bailing before right before impact.

                • CD

                  I’d like to see him stumble trying to answer why Russell, after loving the City and wanting to leave his mark, left, wanted out. Why did Clowney not want to come back? These are bad signs.

                  Why could he not convince either to stay?

  13. LetLockCook

    Does feel like a program with no devoid of direction and logic.

  14. WallaSean

    I think they are about finished, Penny and maybe Green if they can get them. They will bank a couple of comp picks and save a chunk of cap space to see what shakes loose, like they always do. They will like 8 or 10 of the DL prospects and trade back a couple of times before reaching for a head scratcher like Haskell Garrett or Drake Jackson, then OL, LB and RB.

    • Sea Mode

      Don’t! It just feels too likely and I want to think there is at least some chance they could use well the best draft stock they’ve had in a good while. 😢

      • WallaSean

        All of the picks after are highlighted in GOLD?

        • Peter

          Premier pass rush.

          If that’s not an option…. fine trade down and get as money of Rob’s highlighted horizontal board picks as possible.

  15. Sea Mode

    That’s fine.

    Doug Kyed

    #Seahawks DT Al Woods’ two-year, $9M contract comes with a $3.5M signing bonus and $4.73M in total guarantees. His $1.23M 2022 base salary is fully guaranteed. He has $30k in per game roster bonuses each year of the deal.

  16. mtpgod

    Pre-draft, this is going to look like a complete trainwreck. We all know this isn’t the team that ever makes a splash in free agency. Hopefully they nail the draft and a plan starts to develop, I have a feeling we might have our qb for 2022 already on the roster (Lock), and we’ll be loaded with assets for the 2023 qb draft. 2022 though, it’s gonna be rough, but we were about due to shake off 40-50 percent of the fair-weather fan base that we amassed during the LOB days.

    • Jabroni-DC

      I was once a fanatic Seahawks fan & they shook me off last year after 38 years of loyalty. Getting really tired of the folks who believe accountability only applies to other people.

  17. Dominic

    Let’s say KT and JJ are off the board at 9 Rob. What’s your third choice? Would you be disappointed in Stingley, or a trade down that gets you Mafe and an extra pick? What’s the return for the 9 this year? looking forward to your next mock. I’m not too bothered by what’s happened given the FA options. And I really don’t care who our QB is this year, Pete’s going to try to win every game but a QB that limits that ceiling would set us up for a higher pick next year to parlay into the QB that will make or break the rebuild.

    • Rob Staton

      Let’s say KT and JJ are off the board at 9 Rob. What’s your third choice?

      David Ojabo or Travon Walker.

      And if all four are gone, swear a lot.

      • Peter

        A drop down for Wyatt? I wouldn’t cry.

        • Rob Staton

          Arm length would be an issue for Seattle. And by re-signing Woods and adding Harris, it makes it less likely I think.

          Honestly I would be prepared to trade up from #9 for the right price to get a great DE.

          • Peter

            Practically I see that with woods and harris. Just a sense that he has more to go than his time at Georgia.

            Sell the third to move up? Still keep those early ish seconds. It’s worth it to me.

            • Mike

              I’d be a fan of a trade up for KT if he drops past 4. Him and Darrell Taylor would be fun to watch even if we don’t have a QB.

          • Brett in AZ

            So would I.

  18. Denver Hawker

    6-7 wins at best? Good for another top 10 pick next year. That’s what a rebuild is supposed to be anyway.

    I also hope they are preserving cap space for 2023 to splurge and have pieces to build on. There really isn’t anything to build on right now.

  19. ElPasoHawk

    I’m up for trading next years 1st from Denver and maybe our own 3rd next year for Baker if he’s available. Can’t imagine they could get anymore than that.

    • Rob Staton

      There is no way anyone should be spending a first and a third on Baker Mayfield

      • ElPasoHawk

        I like Baker and think last year had more to do with his Labrum but did read an article from Profootball Network saying Cleveland may even give up draft capital to get rid of him. Shocking to me as I remember the difficult 90s and struggling to even find a mediocre QB. What do you think would be a fair trade for him?

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not a big Mayfield fan. I would take him but it’d have to be very cheap. He’ll cost $18m and then would need an extension. To me, that’s day three rental value.

          • ElPasoHawk

            Man if we got him for a day three I would at least stop fearing the worst (Dan McGwire, Kelly Stouffer, Stan Gelbaugh) and actually look forward to next season.

            • Brett in AZ

              Heh. With those comps, you must be as old as I am.

              • ElPasoHawk

                Pretty old, at least that’s what my son says.

    • JC

      I would guess Baker’s value is more like a 2nd rounder perhaps that could bump to a 1st if he plays 70%+ snaps and the acquiring team makes the playoffs… rental value with a bonus if it appears to work out with him and they’d then choose to give him a new contract. Like Wentz’s trades have been.

  20. Forrest

    We have only signed our own players. Are we trying to get comp picks? That used to be a thing in Seattle when we were building.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think so. They’ll have to sign some outside guys eventually.

      • Nicholas

        Would Myles Jack be a worthy pickup?

        • Rob Staton

          No — draft a LB

    • WallaSean

      I suspect they could be, seems like draft hedges with Woods and Jones, they kept a lot of the rfa erfa ‘s as well. No veteran signings on the o-line, no cap casualty candidates besides Wagner. I think it adds up. It shouldn’t stop them from picking up someone they like. If they sign a couple of the street free agents, it could be a tell.

  21. JimQ

    It now seems the team need at CB has elevated a bit, so maybe one of their 4-th round picks may now be considered a good spot to pick this guy?

    CB-Zyon McCollum, Sam Houston (FCS) He had a pretty good combine. Rob rates him at the top of Rd-4.
    6’-021”/199, 30-3/4”-Arms, 73-3/4”-Wingspan, seems to be a ball hawk but are his shorter arms that big of a big problem with his “slot CB type extreme quickness”? I suspect a tall CB getting there very quickly can mostly cancel out a little bit of arm length deficiency.

    4.33/40, #7 @ Combine (by 0.10-sec.) – They need to have lots of speed at CB to counter all these fast WR’s.
    39.5”-VERT, 10(tied for) @ Combine (by 4”)
    132”-Broad, 7(tied for) @ Combine (by 2.5”)
    ****3.94-Short Shuttle, #1 @ Combine
    ****6.48-3-Cone, #1 @ Combine
    NOTE: He reportedly had 13-INT. & 46-PD’s during his college career, although that was in the FCS.

  22. no frickin clue

    I wonder if there was a plan contingent on inking a couple of top free agents from other places, and then discovering, to their chagrin, that those top free agents don’t want to come here now.

    Basically agree, if there’s an over-arching theme that underlies these specific moves, I’m not seeing it.

  23. Rob Staton

    Morgan Moses to Baltimore — 3yrs $15m

    • Jabroni-DC

      $15M total?!?!
      That seems like the bargain of the off season so far. Damn…

  24. Jabroni-DC

    Kevin King reclamation project at CB? Bring the Dawg home on a minimal deal & hope for a feel good story.

    • Peter

      I’d like that and I’m not even a husky. Pretty young. Freaky athlete coming out.

    • UkAlex6674

      Yes please for that..

  25. Mike

    No idea if Tariq woolen can play but this athletic profile is incredible

  26. Roy Batty

    Don’t expect much from the next presser with Pete and John.

    They’ll shower the re-signed players with platitudes.

    They’ll extol the hard play they put in to finish last year.

    They’ll talk about the young talent already under contract.

    Other than that, it won’t get deep into any plans, other than the usual on competing and “making progress”.

    I really want someone to pin them down on the Bobby release and why he supposedly wasn’t informed ahead of time. No excuses. No BS. Just hold their feet to the fire until a real answer is given.

    Unfortunately, unless Heaps or Fann is asking questions, the other Seattle media will just throw softballs and skulk away like good little minions after the event is over.

    • Sten

      Both Pete and John are good enough at the media game to just say they have a plan and it’s against that plan to give it away, whenever asked a tough question. And we’re relying on Corbin Smith and his one article about JS’s failure to ask the tough questions. I really hope there’s more to this offseason or else we’ll be a really bad team next year and then they’ll both be gone

  27. Nano

    It sure seems like there’s a lot of hubris when dealing with the center and cornerback positions. Drew Nowak, anyone?

    Also: why wouldn’t they just franchise DJ Reed? I don’t get it. Even if they’re eyeing someone in the draft. And even if it’s an overpayment, it’s only for a year. And you need three or four solid corners in today’s NFL.

    I just don’t get it.

    But I do have the sinking suspicion that Pete still thinks this team is closer to competing than it actually is.

    All the recent changes had given me hope. I’m feeling less hope. We’ll see.

    • Peter

      To go this long without a decent center is criminal. I’m a little over Pete’s purported “db whispering.” Feels like we’ve just been throwing out guys for a long time without getting turnovers and when we think they are good it’s often because the guy they are filling in for is just worse then them.

  28. BobbyK

    It’s easy to figure out what the Seahawks are trying to do.

    They’re putting lipstick on a pig and trying to get us to think they’re presenting us with a beautiful woman.

    Then when they go 7-10 they’ll make excuses (because that’s what losers do) about how close they were in a couple of games and they really should have been 10-7 and made the play-offs (conveniently forgetting that they’d get destroyed early in said play-offs if they made it).

    • Denver Hawker

      It’s totally new territory for these guys and a lot of the fan base.

      I hope we lose this year- a lot. I want a high pick, I want a real rebuild. This FO won’t come out and say it because we’re always competing. Don’t get me wrong either, I want to see hunger, development, progress, but without Wilson, everyone’s expectations should be much lower. And that’s okay.

      Build in the next 2 drafts, let 2023 season feel like 2012. That’s what I want.

    • Nano

      Seven wins sounds like the ceiling for this team. No matter how well they do in this draft. And that’s with a weak schedule.

      And, honestly, three or four wins might be more desirable, long term. For several reasons, not just draft position.

      • Peter

        I see what you’re getting at here…

        Truly though. Unless a ton of us are wrong about lock it feels like a good old fashioned bottoming out is what’s around the corner for this team. As a fan i’m not looking forward to it. As a realist who doesn’t think a coach should be around for 16 seasons when their contract is up unless they have multiple rings I think it might be a good if painful wake up call.

        • BobbyK

          I hate the thought of rooting against my favorite team, but I’m resigning myself to that fate if this crap off-season continues.

          It’s like a marriage that starts off wonderful. Then it starts to suck. The kids grow up in a toxic environment. Parents sometimes stay together “for the kids” but in staying together they are actually doing more harm to the kids (Seahawks fans) than good.

          Such is life for this mediocre franchise, that was once a model for the rest of the NFL but is now a laughing stock. The Bengals are ascending so a team like the Seahawks needs to take its place and without a QB they’re in prime position to take over, especially with a joke of an “owner” like Jody Allen is proving to be.

          • Peter

            None of this is wrong..

            As a fan of course I want to be wrong. I’ve got zero problem with lock being way better than he has been and Seattle contending.

            Really though until this thing is sold it feels a little futile rooting for a directionless team.

    • Big Mike

      “Lipstick on a pig”, boy if that ain’t the truth.
      I see 5 or 6 wins myself. The sad thing is I don’t think she’ll fire them. I think her long term stratgey (and I use that term very loosely) is to ride it out until their contracts expire. She’s not willing to give away PAUL’S money imo. Hopefully she sells during that time or at the end of it. If she doesn’t, we have the distinct possibility of becoming the 90s Hawks, the Jaguars, etc. imo.

  29. Romeo A57

    Brother Rob,

    I have been a Seahawks fan for decades, but I am a recent convert/disciple to your excellent Blog. I have begun spreading the core tenants of “The Rebuild” to other Seahawks fans.

    I believe that our biggest hope to field a competitive team in near future begins tomorrow. Local reporters need to ask hard questions about the past, present and future actions by PCJS. The media and fans need to hold the Seahawks Front Office accountable for their poor Roster Management and Philosophy. Hopefully this would eventually lead to the Vulcans holding them accountable.

    I no longer trust that PCJS can lead us to the Promised Land.

    • Peter

      Way to spread the gospel!

      Hope the reporters actually have some questions and not a bunch of spftballs about “how do you feel at this point in the off-season.”

      • Rob Staton

        A few questions to ask:

        Why did you say you had no intention of trading Russell Wilson?

        You said this whole story was a media creation. That clearly wasn’t the case, was it?

        Do you regret not doing things differently and if so what would you have done differently?

        What do you say to fans who right now are struggling to see the vision and direction of this team?

        Why are you the right men to take this team forward?

        Given the expanding salary situation in the receiver market are you willing to trade DK Metcalf?

        Many consider this to be the worst QB draft class in years. Do you agree?

        • cha

          Please snapshot this list and tweet it out Rob.

          • Sea Mode


        • Peter

          All of those…or even just one would be illuminating.

        • Romeo A57

          1. “We believed that Russ wanted to finish his career in Seattle. You should ask him why he is no longer here”
          2. “I am just here so I don’t get fined”
          3. “I should have handed the ball to Marshawn…”
          4. “ Playoffs! You kidding me! I just hope that we can win a game”
          5. “ The Vulcans owe us a lot of money whether we are here or not”
          6. “We do not intend to trade DK” or whatever thing they said about Russ
          7. “We firmly believe that this is the strongest QB Class since the 2021 Draft”

    • Rob Staton

      Definitely some big questions need to be asked.

      It should be a press conference members of the media are relishing.

      • Big Mike

        The only thing they’re relishing is the tasty pair of boots Petey is wearing for them to lick and the competition to see who gets to sit in his lap first.

        • Peter

          John clayton sitting in “uncle Pete’s,” lap as he spins yarns about days past.

  30. Gross MaToast

    Jake Heaps on Pete convincing Sean Desai to join the staff:

    ‘The second assurance? Personnel.

    “It’s one thing to be on a coaching staff; it’s another thing to be a part of a group that has pieces to work with. I believe they have that already now, good pieces, but they need to add more impact and that is very clear,” Heaps said. “And what I was told is that Pete Carroll sold a very strong and compelling argument that that was going to be the case, that they would be aggressive in their approach from a defensive schematic perspective and ALSO WORK VERY HARD TO GET THE PIECES THAT THEY NEED IN THE OFFSEASON TO UPGRADE THIS ROSTER.”

    So, that was a lie – either someone lied to Heaps or someone lied to Desai (could be both, actually), because it looks like Pete’s waiting for those April 1 scraps again. Nothing has been “upgraded” since this was announced. The only thing they’ve done thus far is shed a CB and it was a idi-goddam-otic move.

    I’m guessing the difference between what they offered Reed and what he signed for in NY was not a large amount of money, maybe ~$2m/yr? Nothing, by todays money.

    Remember they traded for Noah Fant, presumably to play TE, and then turned around and paid his freaking backup $24m – which was, by my estimation, about $18m more than I would’ve offered for the same number of years from the same guy. He’s not awful, but he ain’t $24m good. If you can’t get a backup TE for $2m/yr, maybe you’re in the wrong line of work.

    You know who the backup TE for the Rams is? Kendall Blanton. Kendall makes $875,000/yr. Kendall has a Super Bowl ring.

    It makes no sense to lose a premium position player for a relative pittance and give large money to JAGS. We’ve seen this for years (HI! Benson Mayowa, Ziggy Ansah, Bruce Irvin and Greg Olsen and now Will Dissly). It sucks. It’s pathetic.

    I see no evidence that either Pete or JS is “working very hard to get the pieces that they need to upgrade the roster.” I don’t even see any pieces they can realistically get.

    I see no change in philosophy or direction, except that the guy that pulled their ass out of the fire more often than not is in Denver.

    It’s my own fault for volunteering to be Charlie Brown while Lucy Pete placed the football again. I’m a damned idiot.

    But…maybe tomorrow’s the day…

    • pdway

      spot on

    • Submanjoe

      Hear, hear

    • SpennyDunks

      This made me depressed. For the first time in years I had optimism all to have it ripped away in the matter of days.

    • Peter


      They paid Will Dissly to be the best Will Dissly he could be for around $750,00 a year and that’s about what I’d pay someone else to be Will Dissly. I know Cha has broken it down better but anywhere near 4 million plus incentives a year, for 250 odd yards and a td?

      Run blocking sans a running back, that about checks out.

      No oline. No problem.

      Real talk if niche run blocking is in vogue how about a fullback?

    • Big Mike

      Awesome post Gross. Guessing Desai is one and done. Who wouldn’t be if they were him? The only I hope I have that Carroll fulfills that supposed promise is that they actually draft good defensive players with 3 of their first 4 picks and give the guy something to work with.

      So what’s worse, Dissly for 4 or 5 per year or having 30 million tied up if the Safety position this coming season?

      • Peter

        I’m grumpy about the dissly signing only because I can’t be grumpy about paying Jamal Adams as much as Marcus Williams to miss as many games last year as Williams has in his whole career.

  31. Erick

    One thing that i dont saw nobody talk was it that would be difficult to bring somebody in with PCJS and no QB.
    I think to agree terms now, we need to overpaid unless nobody want to come here

    • Big Mike

      Doesn’t excuse grossly overpaying Dissly and putting 30 mil into the Safety position. If you’re going to grossly overpay, do it in the trenches where you know, football games are won and lost. You overpay a good C, he’ll come to Seattle for example.

  32. Old but Slow

    My faith in the front office and their player evaluation is at a low ebb. I am hoping that the next few days will make me feel better, but I have my doubts.

    The draft frightens me. So much that is good is sitting there as Rob has so ably shown us, but I have had hopes before. My recurring nightmare is them taking a QB at #9 (I WILL break furniture) or WR.

    And they must resist their insistence in waiting until the end of free agency and then paying too much for retreads.

    • Peter

      My friend. I’m real close to the furniture situation with you if a qb goes at nine.

      I’m bumming as well right now but please just dial it in on draft day. The combo of this team sort of sucking everywhere and this draft depth means they could legitimately come away with starters at multiple positions.

  33. Mick

    Saints sign Marcus Maye, three years, 28.5 mil, coming off injury just like Quandre. He’s played with Adams in his Pro Bowl seasons. Why is he not a better option than Diggs?

    • Scot04

      To me it just further shows we’re going to need to overpay to keep or get platers we want.

  34. Scot04

    Was thinking Tyrell Crosby RT & Isaiah Oliver CB on prove it deals to compete. Crosby & Oliver both looked pretty good before their injuries.
    Both young & fit Seahawks previous Draft profiles.
    Dreaming on JC Tretter for C, 3yrs 33M
    Somehow convince Brown to stay for LT 2yrs 20M
    Rashaad Penny 3yrs 18M
    Move on from Gabe Jackson, with intention of Haynes at LG & Lewis at RG.
    Akim Hicks 2yrs 16M
    If this happened over the next 2 days I’d feel a little more positive.

    • Big Mike

      I would too. What do you put the chances at? 2%?
      Pocic is the Center folks, again.

  35. Peter

    Just watched a ton of Lock highlights and I have to say:

    I do not think Seattle is drafting a qb.

    Watching him just reinforces my thoughts all season that this qb draft is being over projected. He can run a bit. Has plus zip on his shots. Maybe too much? Fairly mobile. Even on highlight reels half the time he’ll move around in a pocket waiting for recievers. But half the time he just rifles it.

    I see why his picks are high. Has zero problem throwing it into two, three, and four man coverage.

    If Seattle fixes the run game I can see him throwing downfield a ton. Still does the russel thing of waiting for a big play. Will check down a bit more.

    Intangible thought I’m going to hate to have to watch. From his time at mizzou to present day dude needs to hire a choreagrapher or stop doing little dances. Cause they all suck.

    • TomLPDX

      Hey Peter, did he throw over the middle at times, unlike Russ? I haven’t watched him at all but hope he can go through progressions and take advantage of the middle of the field when needed.

      • Peter

        Oddly he did throw a bit more over the middle. But at a cost where it seems like an obvious scripted shot regardless of coverage. Meanning it’s snap, step back, and rifle it at a reciever when it works it’s nice to see but if jerry jeudy is triple covered you have to think there’s several recievers much more open if he would take a second to scan the field.

  36. Hojo

    It seems logical to me that 2022 is a lost year, 2023 will build momentum and in 2024 you want to be competitive again. With that lens, you want players who can play a key role in that journey and you want to get back to your core philosophy.

    I think the moves so far make more sense with a 3 year horizon in mind. You keep vets who can help mentor younger players (Diggs, Woods, Harris), you invest in the run game (Dissly), you draft CBs in the mid to late rds and coach them up (don’t spend on Diggs, give Tre a chance to start, sign a cheap option in Sidney), you draft explosive defensive players and build a OL to run the ball, you probably pass on Duane Brown since he is a declining asset based on age and going into 2022 you roll with Lock / Mariotta or Lock / Kaepernick with an eye toward a top 5 pick in the 2023 draft. You look at younger players in FA who could play a role over the next 3-4 years, but don’t overspend. Create cap space for the next two off seasons.

    It’s time to build through the draft.

    We should be fine to roll into next year with an incomplete roster. We don’t want to go 7-10 every year, we want to be 4-13 so we can be 13-4 in three years.

    • Hojo

      Correction: don’t spend on Reed.

  37. God of Thunder

    Want to share a reaction with you fellow fans — er, fans of the Seahawks AND fans of this fine site.

    Like many of you, I read about the Seahawks here and there, higher and yon, on the internet. Today I went to a popular SB Nation site that shall go unnamed but which rhymes with “Field Dulls” for some Seahawk news and illumination.

    It was a hot mess of overreaction and hysterical impatience. We are barely into free agency, but for too many posters there, the die has been cast and we are doomed. What a relief to come here for some measured and thoughtful reading.

    Yes, we overpaid for Dissly, and yes, we’ll perhaps miss the 5’9” but pretty effective Reed, and yes, it will be important to hear PC’s plan — or as much of it as he can reasonably be expected to divulge given that he’d be prudent to keep some of his cards close to his chest — but it’s early days.

    • UkAlex6674

      Good post. It is early days. There may well be some targets they are waiting to become available and pick up in the cheaper FA waves.They may have a trade or two in the pipeline.

      However what is causing concern on here is PC/JS are showing already the same tendencies they have done previously – piss away FA money, not attempting to adequately fill any holes on the team before the draft which them puts them in a bind when the draft comes around.

      Like someone said on here it’s a movie we have all seen before.

    • McZ

      I think the news is not the signings and the details thereof. It’s the message being sent. This is not a franchise in rebuild.

      They are continuing the approach taken since 2017. Somehow I wonder, if there is some stupid moneyball approach at the root of the malaise. A data model AI hypergalactic thingy trying to outsmart the market. I am seriously concerned over Seahawks scouting.

  38. UkAlex6674

    I think I read somewhere that Diggs and Adams go waaaaaay back playing together. It maybe the FO are looikg to somehow utilise that by keeping them and playing them together as they know each others game so well.

    • Rob Staton

      That would be easy to accept if the last two years of playing together produced any kind of results in terms of their partnership

      • UkAlex6674

        Agreed. Here’s hoping the new D coaches will be able to get something from them.

  39. Mac

    I can’t wait for this next season of PeteBall and the epic return of the run-run-pass-punt playbook.

    We have every play from ‘run into a brick wall’ to the “pass punt option”.

    In all seriousness, I just want the draft to start. It’s one of my favorite times of the whole nfl season. I like getting my wings and trying to predict the next pick without using twitter. Cheers everyone.

  40. Sea Mode

    No pls no.

    Evan Massey

    Should the #Saints end up trading for Deshaun Watson, keep an eye on the #Seahawks and Jameis Winston, per source. Could be a potential fit for Winston.

    • Rob Staton

      This guy is fake news. Making stuff up. Ignore.

      • Sea Mode


  41. Trevor

    Rob the Jets need to get Zach Wilson some weapons. If you were GM and they called offering #10 this year and a 2nd next year plus a mid round pick, would you make that deal?

    If so is there a legit LT who could come and start Day #1 that might be there at #10?

    I have to admit without the QB situation sorted out the idea of paying DK $25 mil + per season is not that appealing to me.

    If they did a deal like this they could go Jermaine Johnson at #9 and then LT at #10 and solidify two premium positions which I think are a far bigger need and harder to fill than WR.

  42. bk matty

    DJ Reed is a tough loss, he was a very competent starting CB1, he ranked 8th in PFF for pass defense and 4th in run defense. THe contract the Jets gave him looks high right now but he could easily out play it if he continues to develop it. Regardless it is the kind of money you should spend when building. You are investing in a key position and locking a young player in who doesnt get hurt.

    I would have been totally fine investing that $ into Reed instead of an Al Woods-Dissley combo. That is for sure.

    • Ulsterman

      The thing is they have so much cap next season they could easily have signed him, regardless of Woods and Dissly contracts.
      I can’t understand it, good young player at a key position allowed to leave. Just creating more holes in the roster. Baffling.
      As it stands they badly need at least one tackle, cornerback, center, pass rusher, linebacker, running back and of course quarterback.

      • bk matty

        unfortunately the staff and ownership are dumpster fires. This is a 6-11 franchise at best for the foreseeable future. Ill hold out some hope they can thru the grace of the gods pull off a magical draft and all will be forgiven but I just cant see that happening the way they have acted the last 4/5 years.

  43. Confused

    It sounds like Baker Mayfield may be on his way out of Cleveland whether they get Watson or not. There were rumors of the Seahawks being interested in him coming out of Oklahoma. I wonder if Seattle might pursue him?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t recall any rumours about Seattle pursuing him.

      I remember the Seahawks being interested in trading Wilson for the #1 pick. But the feeling was they would’ve taken Josh Allen in that spot, not Mayfield.

  44. Gary

    What does it say that Rob Staton and his merry band of followers could almost certainly pull off a better draft than PCJS and their paid staff? 🙁

    • Big Mike

      Says to me she chose the wrong people in the power struggle

  45. GoHawks5151

    Great thoughts as usual. However like in the article I’m not sure what path is best. It all seemed so clear when we had Russ. Pass rush. While still a priority it is much cloudier. I think I would like to see two needs to come off the board. Perhaps Center with JC trailer or Bozeman. And take a shot on the younger end of the corner market. Kevin King, Donte Jackson, Isaiah Oliver. Don’t know what’s going with Penny. I do think that QB could use a Mariota or Taylor but I don’t think this is the time that backup types sign in FA.

    I still think they go pass rush and LB in the draft. I’m praying they take a OT. I think they may go RB higher than we expected

  46. Big Mike

    To all of you………… prepared for the draft to be a letdown too. They are far more interested in feeding their egos by trying to prove they’re the smartest people in the NFL than they are in building a team properly. That’s especially true on draft day.

    The only question is who will this year’s TJ Watt, Jonathon Taylor, Nick Chubb, Creed Humphrey, et. al, be?

  47. bv eburg

    If I were the GM every draft pick this year would be on defense except one on a bell cow running back.

    So on offense you have a good quality receiver group, bell cow running back, a o-line (assuming they resign own free agents) that ran block pretty well down the stretch. Just ask Lock to be a game manager this year and see how he does.

    On defense with every pick but one you draft a BAMF who fly to the ball and let the competition begin.Youth and speed on defense and live with the learning curve this year will bring.

    And next year with all the draft picks and cap dollars you address the O-line with nothing but studs because you have the capitol.

    Lastly, I’m torn on DK and could be convinced either way on trading him was in the two 1st round pick range.

    • BA

      Even with an elite defense, the ceiling is still 7-8 wins. We saw that with the Broncos last year. Not to mention the o-line will forever be a liability under Pete.

      • Rob Staton

        An ‘elite’ defense provides a higher ceiling than 8 wins only

        • BA

          Not if you’re routinely struggling to score 10-13 points a game. And frankly the last few years have shown that even an average defense is hardly a given with this staff.

          • bv eburg

            Not saying they would be Super Bowl contenders this upcoming year. But it would lay the framework heading into the following year.

            So after the season you ask, did the defense with all that youth have a hole to fill to make it elite?

            And on offense with all the draft capitol and cap room next year how do we get it close to elite with what we saw this year?

  48. Sea Mode

    Bringing in Desai people

    Adam Schefter

    Former Bears’ cornerback Artie Burns is going to the Seahawks on a one-year $2 million deal, per his agents @DrewJRosenhaus and @NFLrecord.

    • Sea Mode

      Found this from when the Bears signed him. Seems fitting for the defensive transition we want to make:

      Burns’ strength was man-to-man coverage coming out of Miami and not necessarily zone, and with the Steelers he played a great deal of zone.

      He also is going to see plenty of zone and even split coverage with the Bears, who played only about a quarter man coverage last year according to Pro Football Focus.

    • swedenhawk

      aha! called it.

    • GoHawksDani

      I don’t mind it. Good measurements and didn’t played that bad, just didn’t play much. He might be a camp body or a new Justin Coleman

  49. Joshua Smith

    I feel like signing Kaep would be more of a draw to bring in FA’s than… not. doing. anything…

    • Rob Staton

      Let’s forget about Kaepernick

  50. Joshua Smith

    💯 fair….
    Not even on the cheap? Bring him in to compete and as a “hedge”?

    • Rob Staton

      Nope — and I can’t believe we’re even talking about him, frankly.

      • Joshua Smith

        Lol. Well I’m talking about it cuz we currently have Drew Locke as our QB…

  51. GoHawksDani

    It doesn’t really matter what I hope for…PCJS will shatter my dreams anyway…but

    We really need (in no particular order):
    LT, C, CB1, RB1, QB, EDGE, RT

    We somewhat need:
    LG (slide Lewis to RG), LB (not sure how many 3 LB sets we ran), DT, RB2 (not trusting Carson, Dallas doesn’t seem to be good)

    Possible FAs under 30:
    JC Tretter (C), Darious Williams (CB), Trent Brown (LT/RT), Bradley Bozeman (OG/C), Bilal Nichols (DT), Donte Jackson (CB), Jarran Reed (DT), Myles Jack (LB), Kyzir White (LB), Jameis Winston (QB), Marcus Mariota (QB), Leonard Fournette (RB), Rasoul Douglas (CB), Leighton Vander Esch (LB), Steven Nelson (CB), Melvin Gordon (RB), Anthony Walker (LB), Solomon Thomas (DT), Anthony Averett (CB), Rashaad Penny (RB), PJ Williams (CB), Eli Apple (CB), Kevin King (CB)

    So… I don’t see anyone ‘must have’
    I can see some LBs that might be good for competition or as a third LB.
    Don’t see many OL, although couple OKish Cs are available.
    No clear answer at CB, but we could bring in some guys and let them compete.

    LT – We could bring back Brown or try to get Trent Brown. I don’t see either of them as long term solution.
    C – Depending on how the draft looks like, we could draft one or bring in Tretter or Bozeman
    CB1 – I wouldn’t draft one. Gilmore is older, and no clear option for a really good and younger CB. I’d try to bring in 2-3 maybe and let the competition begin between Brown, Johns and the two FA.
    RB1 – Possibility in R3, but there are decent options in FA too. For the right price, I might try to bring Penny back, but I’m OK with Gordon or Fournette too. Neither is long term solution for me, but for a couple of seasons any of them could be good.
    QB – I wouldn’t get any FA. Mariota won’t get us into SB, so why bother? I wouldn’t draft one early either. If they do (in R2), I’m OK with that, but rather get a QB in the following 1-2 years.
    EDGE – Definitely a draft solution
    RT – Maybe Brown, but not sure. I’d probably try to get at least a project guy from the draft
    LB – With Brooks and Barton playing decently, I wouldn’t push much resources into this. Both young and while Chenal or Tindall seems cool, I’d rather get someone in FA, hopefully cheap. I don’t think we ran that much 3LB sets and Barton seems OK in MLB.
    DT – I wouldn’t be opposed bringing Jarran Reed back, or getting Bilal Nichols, but with Woods on the roster, we still have Ford, and if I know well Harris can play inside, so not sure how much resources they willing to push there. A DT with passrush capabilities is a field tilting thing to me (Cool, you have outside rush? A QB can step up in the pocket…but if you have outside rush and a guy who can rush from the inside, there is no place to hide for a QB).

    What would I do?
    Try to get Trent Brown. Huge guy. Not sure if he fits the scheme, but he had 78,7 pff score. He can play left or right. Young. Only allowed 1 sack (D.Brown allowed 8 and has 71,5 score).

    Draft an EDGE. There are no viable young alternatives in FA. This is pretty straightforward.

    If Abraham Lucas is there late R1, trade up and get him.

    JC Tretter could be good. He’s also 78,7 only allowed 1 sack. Bozeman is 73,3 only allowed 3 sacks. Both could be good, I’d really like to get one of them.

    With QB, I’d stay put with Lock. Maybe draft someone in R3-4

    As for CB…DJ Reed allowed 35 rec and had 2 INTs with 68 targets and 78,6 pff score. I’d bring in Rasoul Douglas (63 target, 32 allowed, 5 ints, 74.8 grade…have some questions about his speed, but a bigger CB), PJ Williams (32 targets, 25 allowed, 3 INTs, also a bit slower, but not small CB, can also play safety and he seems to be around the ball, might be a sleeper), and Donte Jackson (64 target, 42 allowed, 2 ints, 61,3 grade. Smaller, but really quick CB). Let these 3 CBs plus Brown, Jones and Amadi compete for the 3 CB spots

    I’d get either Penny, Gordon or Fournette and draft White or Pierce in R3 if they’re available.

    LB – I’d try to get Vander Esch. That dude was really good as a rookie. He had some issues, but the ceiling is pretty high with him. If he’s not available, I’d only get someone really cheap. I’d trust Barton and Brooks this year to be MIKE and WILL

    DT – I’d like them to bring back Jarran Reed. With good outside rush he was pretty good.

    So, my starters would look like this:
    OTs – Trent Brown (FA), Abram Lucas (rookie, trade #40 and #41 to get into #22-26 range)
    OC – JC Tretter (FA)
    LG – Haynes
    RG – Lewis

    QB – Lock
    RBs – White/Pierce (rookie), Penny (re-signed), Carson
    WRs – Lockett, DK, Swain/Eskridge
    TEs – Fant, Dissly, Parkinson

    DTs – Reed (FA), Ford, Woods
    DEs – Johnson (rookie), Taylor, Dunlap, Robinson

    LBs – Barton, Brooks, Vander Esch (FA)

    CBs – Douglas (FA), Brown, Jackson (FA)
    S – Diggs, Adams, Neal

    Apart from the secondary, I’d feel really good about this defense.
    Apart from QB I’d feel pretty good about this offense

    Next year we could move up and get our QB, and cut/trade Adams and target S and CB in the draft and FA.

    None of this matters, FO probably happy with the OL, they’ll probably overpay couple of mediocre guys in FA, get Mariota for a bunch of cash and draft Willis in #9…but if they have some common sense, I feel this could be a good strategy

    • Sea Mode

      Yeah, I don’t think Trent Brown is a scheme fit. And the bridges burned with Reed probably make that all but impossible.

      Good thought exercise, though!

  52. AL

    It goes without saying the Seahawks are devoid of talent. They have holes across the entire roster and this is something that can’t be fixed in one offseason. I would have to think Pete and John see the situation for what it is.

    In that light a few things start to make a little more sense. They were never going to be a destination for any of the top free agents. The free agents they did sign, Dissly, Diggs, Wood and Jones are at least contributors. Maybe they spent a little to much, but they didn’t break the bank.

    Whats important now, is what they do moving forward. They are going to, for the most part have to rebuild this team through the draft. If they focus on drafting pass rush, LT, RT, C and building the trenches then that will give me hope they are on the right path. They have to lay the foundation for this team and build from there. There are good options available. This is not the year to waste draft capital on a QB.

    Then fill in the rest of the roster with FA’s and possibly a savvy trade here or there. They are not going to be good this year and probably not next year. But I can live with that as long as they are making the right moves.

  53. Burner

    Former Chargers’ linebacker Uchenna Nwosu has agreed to a two-year, $20 million deal, including $10.5 million guaranteed with the Seattle Seahawks, his agents
    tell ESPN.

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