Jarrad Davis won’t work out at the combine

This is disappointing. Having been touted as a potential mid-4.5 runner, it’ll be a shame not to see Davis compete against the likes of Haason Reddick and Zach Cunningham.

It likely helps him in terms of running a faster time, though. Florida, like most big schools, has a fast track. In 2010 Joe Haden ran a 4.62 at the combine but managed a 4.43 at the Gators pro-day.

Atlanta’s Deion Jones secured a second round grade after running a 4.38 at LSU’s pro-day a year ago. His time at the combine? 4.59.

With Jones putting on a show in the Super Bowl, many teams will be looking for their own version. Fast linebackers that fly to the ball are going to be en vogue in this draft.

It’s interesting that Rapoport refers to Davis as a ‘top-2 LB prospect’. It’s certainly possible. His intensity, closing speed, versatility and extremely good character will make him an attractive pick. Davis is a leader on the field, reportedly treats every practise with extreme importance and will be a coaches dream.

It wouldn’t be a shock if a team like Washington at #17 picks him to play MIKE, or Miami at #22.

Florida’s pro-day is on March 28th.

Meanwhile, take a look at this tweet from Mike Mayock if you’re still not convinced Garett Bolles could go in the top-10:


  1. Sea Mode

    New S Marcus Maye highlights up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMcXMKAgPWw

    I guess it is hard to imagine where he could play in Seattle, not sure if he is fast enough to back up Earl at FS, but in whatever highlights of Jarrad Davis you turn on, Maye is right there with him. And vice versa.

    Those two guys just fly to the ball and energize the defense. So much fun to watch.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Marcus Maye is really really good.

      What is your take on the tiers among this loaded safety class?

      Im thinking

      Hooker – Evans – Pepper
      Adams – Baker – Maye – Obi
      Luani – Thompson – Conner – Williams
      Johnson – Harvey-Clemons – Smithson – Jackson – Stewart
      Sanders – Ford – Nacua – Miles – Thomas

      • Kenny Sloth

        A lot of people would switch Adams and Pepper but not me

    • Kenny Sloth

      What do you think of Tre’Davious White to the Hawks in the first?

      Really high upside

      • Greg Haugsven

        Adams is a beast. I would put him right there with Hooker.

      • Sea Mode

        I have thought about this, upgrade slot CB and kick Lane to compete outside. I’m just imagining us vs. Pats in the Super Bowl next year, and how are we going to have an answer for Edelman and Amendola? I guess we did manage it this season though.

        White is a superb player. I was also surprised to read in Jeremiah’s top 50 that scouts have questions about his long speed. In the kick returns I have seen, he looks like a legit 4.3s guy. Guess the combine will tell.

  2. Ty the Guy

    A little surprised Davis is touted as a Top 2 LB. But from what you hear/read about him, he could be a “Ray Lewis-type.” Emphasis on the COULD. For my money, I’d take Cunningham and Reddick over him.

    BUT THAT VIDEO OF BOLLES!!! He will go top 15, possibly top 10. And if he somehow gets past that, Denver will scoop him up at #20. Every year this happens Rob. You get me hooked on a dude early on in the process and then he goes shooting up the boards. I am starting to think that other teams are reading this blog religiously…

    Pete says we need OL help, LB depth, and DB depth. I am a firm believer in the way we coach our DBs. Could we use some fresh talent? Of course. Same goes for LB. I like what we have, but we could improve. But seriously guys, can anyone honestly tell me that the OL was not the worst position group we had last year? I understand that continuity and experience are things gained through trial and error. I understand that we have limitations in the form of cap space. But we need to find a solution for our tackle spots. Fant and Gilliam have done the best they can do. I want them as Seahawks, but at least one needs to be the backup.

    So with that said I will continue to push for a small trade up in the first round to get Bolles. I know there are other OT prospects, but this guy checks off all the boxes. Athletic, gritty, nasty, and a West Coast guy to boot. At least half the teams picking before us could be looking for a OT. So to get him I know a trade up would be necessary. Just have to hope he falls to where we can snag him.

    Is he a guaranteed Hall of Famer? No one is. But other than Marshawn coming out of retirement, I believe he would help us the most in this current championship window.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Robs version of Dante’s the Seven rings of Hell.

      This guy is pretty good.

      Now that I’ve watched tape and checked his SPARQ he is really , really good

      The Seahawks would love to get this guy

      He is a definite first rounder, I’m mocking him to the Seahawks

      Oh no, he’s in the top 10 or 20 and the Seahawks will never get him.

      Darn it, I guess they will just have to trade down again since they can’t find a good first round pick.

      • AlaskaHawk

        and the pit at the bottom: Jimmy who?? Has anyone heard of this guy they traded down for?

      • peter

        pretty much…!

    • D-OZ

      OL was last on PC’s list. First was getting the back end straightened out. Next was through the draft at the LB position.(fresh blood) Players That could compete with Wag’s and KJ. Know that sounds like a starter to me.They know they have to fill a weak link. Someone who can stay on the field. That would be a cover LB who can get to the QB. He also said their not going to break the bank on the OL. There are options in the second and third day. TRUST THE BRASS!!!

      • Ty the Guy

        Our 1st and 3rd for the #18 pick. Maybe add another late round pick if you have to. And ONLY if Bolles drops that far.

        That is my one and only trade option. Like I said earlier, trading for Fournette would be sexy, but impossible.

        Signing a vet OT may end up being the only option we have to improve the line for 2017. But moving forward, Russ needs his blindside protected more consistantly. An improved OL will help the offense stay on the field, which, if you watched the Super Bowl, immensely helps the defense.

        I see all this talent in the Top 100. This draft seems to be loaded with defense. But with that logic, won’t there be quality guys that last into the late rounds? IMO, our needs are as follows:


  3. RWIII

    Rob: Just for the record. I DO believe that Bolles could go in the top ten. Left Tackle is a premium position and those guys are hard to find.

  4. Nathan

    Obi, king , Cunningham, Douglas all left out of Jeremiah’s top 50 and bleacher big board plus riddick is listed at 41&47 also… to early but still some hope

    • RWIII

      I think when Jermiah’s update his top 50: His list will be totally different.

      • Nathan

        Yeah the new ones out

      • Rob Staton

        Jeremiah’s list that Nathan referred to came out today.

  5. RWIII

    BTW: If the Hawks wants Obi Melifonwu they will have to take him with their first round. Rob had the Hawks trading down with Cleveland and he was still available. This guy is just too good to last that long. Especially when he can play mutliple positions.

    • Rob Staton

      There’s at least a decent chance he lasts into the top of round two. Might go in R1 but far from a lock.

      • RWIII

        Rob: It depends on just how bad they want him. There might be a chance that he last early into the 2nd round. But if they really want him. They had better not trade down.

        I know one thing. The more I read about Obi Melifonwu the more I want him.

    • Kenny Sloth

      There are several more polished safeties with first round potential.

      Could push him out of the first frame. But the same thing was said about Byron Jones coming out

    • Attyla the Hawk

      I can see him being a wild card.

      On the one hand, his measurables are impressive. And testing still pending.

      But there is going to be questions on Obi. He’s not exactly a ball hawk. He does have some picks, but he doesn’t have many passes defensed. If he’s got this length and tests well, there will be questions about that because he should have more.

      And when I watch his tape, I don’t see a guy who plays up to his size. If you’re hoping to get Chancellor 2.0, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. He’s not an intimidator back there, and his tackling is not even that great.

      Good news is, Seattle coaches that up with the best of them. But at this point in his development, his tackling is a lot like Jimmy Graham’s blocking. He’s a willing tackler, but often times looks just plain bad.

      In a normal draft, I could see him being a fringe first round guy. But the issues here will be twofold: One, how do teams see him? Safety or CB? Two: This is an incredibly good class in both those positions. A team isn’t going to just fawn over his paper quality because there are so many good alternatives out there.

      If a team wants to spend a #1 pick in this draft, then basically they have to secure a playmaker. Because this draft is several players deep at both position groups in guys that go get the ball. In that respect, Obi doesn’t compare favorably.

      It’s not to say that some team won’t just think they can fix him and take him ahead of otherwise more productive alternatives. In this class there are a lot of different flavors of high upside/high production players. For some teams, Obi is probably an R3 kind of guy. And it’ll kind of depend on where the run on DBs takes place.

      I could just as easily envision a scenario where some teams maybe try to get greedy and see if he doesn’t slip into the 50-75 overall range. Something not unlike when Landon Collins who was considered a 15-25 overall guy slipping into day 2. Collins was a much better prospect, a huge hitter and didn’t have great competition for his position. And still dropped.

      To me, he’s not a sure fire 1st round guy. Not even a sure fire top 45 guy. This class is going to have a lot of great paper talent competing with him.

      • Sea Mode

        Well said, Attyla.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Good points Attyla, it captures my thoughts too that I would like more of a ball hawking secondary. I want the opposing QB to have some fear in their belly when they throw that ball up. Hard tackling is also a must. The thing is, you can teach tackling. You can’t teach ball catching ability if someone has poor hands. It just won’t happen. At best you get a face guarding cornerback who splits the receivers hands and knocks the ball away. And that’s fine – but not as a first round pick, or even top of second round. They can do better.

      • HawkTalker #1


  6. 503Hawk

    FYI: The Browns have claimed Tyvis Powell off of waivers. I was hoping he would add some depth this year.
    I don’t think we will have the turnover this year that we had last year, but there are a lot of holes that need to be filled.

  7. Trevor

    Rob I think Bolles is every bit as good as the recent OT prospects that have been top 5 picks. Given the lack of OL prospects I don’t think he makes it past the Jags at #4. Do you think he could go this high?

  8. Jason

    When are comp picks announced?

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Annual league meeting: Mar 26-29

  9. Trevor

    I have watched 6 Utah games to watch Bolles and one guy jumped off the screen to me along with Bolles. Guard Isaac Asiata I have not heard much about him Rob. Any idea how he will test with regards to TEF? What are your thoughts on him.

    Based on what I saw he is one of my favorite Guard prospects in the draft and if we take a guy to come on compete I would be on board with him in rd #3 for sure.

    Would love to know if anyone else has more info on him and thoughts.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know what he’ll be in TEF but I liked watching Asiata.

      • Trevor

        Definitely would help them become a Bully again. He and Bolles beat up the Huskies and they had a bunch of NFL talent DL.

        • D-OZ

          Asiata is moving up at a pretty good clip.

    • Volume12

      Stud. Older prospect because he served his 2 year mission. Reminds me a lot of Gabe Jackson. His cousin is former USC HB Matt Asiata. Comes from a strong family, is already married, high character. A leader.

      Plays with a ton of passion and a big time mean streak. He’s a pit bull man. Tenacious, tons of effort. Moves well, not the best at the 2nd level, but he makes up for it by being so adept at pulling. Sometimes his shoulders get too far over his feet and he’ll lose balance. But, this a guy who you don’t want his hands on you. Its over. Phenomenal hand strength.

      Love some of his motto’s. ‘Swag fades fast when adversity hits and it’s hard*cough* Atlanta *cough*. Who’s got your back during the grind?’

      Look at these dudes! Holy ish! He’s the one in the middle.


      • Trevor

        Yeah he is a tough SOB just what we need on this OL. Seems like a great depth guy to start as he cam play both G spots and C.

        I know Pete said they are keeping Ifedi at RG but I would love to see them move him to RT and let Glow move back to RG then let Asiata and Rees battle it out for the LG spot.

        • AlaskaHawk

          As far as I’m concerned this offensive line is a work in progress plus they need quality backups. So keep picking those tough pit bulls that can play. Especially if they are still available in mid rounds.

  10. Schuemansky

    Trading up for Bolles?
    Our first and second could get us to 16, our first and the 3 thirds to 18.
    Would it be enough and more so would it be worth it with losing out on all the defensive talent one could get?
    Looking at the OL talent available I think this is the year that PCJS will spend some serious money on OL FAs.
    They just have to IMO.

    • BobbyK

      With existing holes and less depth that our Super Bowl teams had, I don’t think we can afford to trade a 1&2 to move up to 16. That’s like saying you would trade Budda Baker and Dorian Johnson for Bolles. Or you would trade Jarrad Davis and Kevin King for Bolles. Or Obi-Wan-Cunningham and Tyus Bowser for Bolles. I don’t see how we’re in position to really do that.

      Our top 8-9 guys on defense are phenomenal. In my opinion, if we judge only the top 8-9 guys – I’d say our defense is the best in the NFL. But if you’re only as strong as your weakest link, that’s where our defensive holes are. We are middling on defense after those 8-9 guys. Atlanta, New England, Houston, etc. there are many teams whose 10th-12th defensive contributors are so much better than ours.

      I’m hoping we sign a veteran to play right tackle. I mentioned Reiff last night, Kalil in the past. It doesn’t matter. Simply a solid NFL veteran to play effectively at RT. They don’t grow on trees, I know, but with such a young line already – that’s the direction I’d like to see them take so that opens up our first two picks to go to defense, and perhaps three of our four picks in the first three rounds to go on defense.

      Offensive players take longer to develop than defensive players. That’s pretty standard thinking in the NFL. We just drafted 4 players in the first 3 rounds for the offense last year. It’s time to build that depth up on the defense. Having 8-9 great players isn’t enough. The DL guys especially rotate so much that it’s not like those 9 guys are on the field for 100% of the snaps. You have to have defensive depth and our depth is sadly lacking.

      I may be beating a dead horse, but every time I see Marsh on the field on a 3rd and long… I think of us playing 10 on 11 football. I know he only plays about 30-some percent of the time, but that’s too much because a lot of those times are when teams are converting 3rd and 8 in part because he’s not doing anything to help. It’d be better to only rush three and add a guy into coverage, but our depth DBs aren’t much better so there it is again… bad depth that needs/must be replenished.

      • STTBM

        I agree that it doesnt seem Seattle can afford to trade a first and second rounder to move up to 16–besides which, Bolles could be LONG gone by 16. This Draft is too good at LB and DB–two position of HUGE need for the Hawks–for trading up to make much sense. Its just too costly this year…

        That said, I shudder and retch at the thought of Gilliam and Fant at tackle, and Ifedi at G when he should be learning T. I too want at least a solid vet T, even if its costs 5-7 million. They were willing to pay that much to keep Sweezy, an undersized G who was still wildly inconsistent even in run blocking–why not pay that for a solid NFL tackle if the opportunity presents itself?

        Not so sure about Marsh. He made definite strides this year, and was very close to making a bunch of huge plays. He seems just a touch slow, but as he learns better pass rush technique (hand use, etc), his quickness may improve. Also, Marsh made some huge plays, and that play where he was called for facemasking the Rams QB would have, and should have, wont he game for us. That was a crap call! And Marsh is a heck of a Special Teams player, as Rob has pointed out.

        Not saying we should count on him to be the man, but I think he’s going to make some improvement this offseason, and that could make him a valuable rotation player at least.

        • BobbyK

          With over $30 million available, it just seems like the right time to get a veteran tackle because, no matter what, this line is still going to be extremely young next year. It’s needs a good, talented veteran.

          I think it’s fairly certain to say that Fant, Hunt, Ifedi, and Rees are going to make the team again next year. It’s also fair to say they will probably carry 8 OL guys on the 53 man roster. That means that half of our 8 are going to be guys in only their second NFL season. That’s still extremely young and part of the reason I’d like to get a guy who has been in the league for at least 5 years (Reiff, Kalil, etc.).

          • STTBM

            Im ok with them bringing in either of those guys you mention, as long as the price isnt insane (8 million plus). Then again, if they think those guys are worth it, Im ok with paying big…just think Seattle wont pay top price unless the guy is awesome–no more Cary Williams fiascos…

            Really hope Seattle brings in a solid T at least–not wanting to see them cross their fingers and hope with the young guys. Let the young guys practice and work till they beat out the vet…if they cant do that they shouldnt be starting anyhow.

            • Nathan

              I’d be happy with vollmer and Kalil if we could get them in under 10-12m both upgrades on Webb and sowell! how much did they spend on them last year anyone know?

              • Ty the Guy

                Andrew Whitworth

      • Steele

        “But if you’re only as strong as your weakest link, that’s where our defensive holes are. We are middling on defense after those 8-9 guys. Atlanta, New England, Houston, etc. there are many teams whose 10th-12th defensive contributors are so much better than ours.”

        I fully agree with this. Add to it a reminder that the veterans on D are going to be another year older, slower, and injured.

  11. Ukhawk

    A quick thoughts, want feedback.

    Is Mayock putting Bolles top 10? I doubt it.

    Is it just me or watching Melifonw’ last DBD video, not sure I see a R1 guy. Missed tackles, trouble with traffic, big guy but not big hits, trouble redirecting in coverage…I actually thiknBudda covers, rushes and hits better. I get the measurables but what about technique, smarts & instinct?

    Davis is good but I think Riddeck & Cunningham are special in that they have more tools. Davis feels old school, the latter more modern day.

    • Trevor

      I think if Bolles tests well at combine he is a lock for top 10 pick given the lack of OT prospects this draft.

    • BobbyK

      But if he’s a mini-Ray Lewis old school in terms of quickness in space and quick to diagnose the play… I’m fine with that.

      This isn’t fun to think about, but what if Wagner or Wright were to get hurt? Those two guys are studs, but the depth is really terrible. Coyle and KPL are not even average NFL players. They are gigantically weak links as starters and that’s what they’d be depending on the injury to Wagner and/or Wright. I remember one game especially this past year where Morgan was out and Coyle was being targeted and it was easy pickings for the offense for a little while. Just terrible stuff with our depth.

      I spoke with a former student of mine who coaches for the Gators and he speaks absolutely with rave reviews about Davis and who he is on and off the field and his NFL potential. He was also candid with me about some other guys that I won’t elaborate on because it is not appropriate. He loves Alex Anzalone, too. Not in the first few rounds, but loves him nonetheless. Could be a “depth” type of guy Carroll talked about at his post-season news conference.

      • Ukhawk

        Really interesting BK. Never get this watching tape.

    • Rob Staton

      Mayock might put Bolles in the top-10. Even if he doesn’t, a great athlete at OT and arguably the best LT in college football has a shot to go that early.

      Melifonwu’s tape isn’t perfect for sure — but there are some plays where the traits really stand out too. Important to focus on the potential because he’s unlikely to play the same role he had at UConn (and a bad UConn team at that).

      • HI Hawk

        Hey Rob,
        Have you done any tape study on Eddie Jackson? I can only find highlights, which of course only tells part of the story. I feel strongly, from watching his team and role on the Alabama defense that he’s the first FS candidate that could truly fill in for Earl if called upon. His experience at CB also helps find ways to get him on the field defensively in sub packages. He can return punts very well and was a core special teamer early in his Alabama career.

        • Rob Staton

          He’s a good athlete for sure. Never quite took the step forward to become the R1 type he threatened to be. Had the injury recently so might drop a bit. Someone to keep an eye on later in the draft for sure.

      • Ukhawk

        Don’t get me wrong, I really like Bolles but was just being the Devils advocate. Bolles arguably isn’t as far along technically as some recent top 10 LTs in previous drafts, he doesn’t have the long pedigree in D1, and he’s a bit older as previously discussed. Still think he gets classed as a good run blocking tackle, and slips to the 20s given the defensive talent.

    • Ukhawk

      Great insight. Thx guys.

    • D-OZ

      Davis is very good!!! I think he will slip a little. Will Pete take him or Obi after a trade down?

  12. Vista

    Since when is it a good idea to hire Sarkisian as an OC?

    • Sea Mode

      Since it’s a good idea to hire Shanahan as HC…

    • New Guy

      Apparently two or three times a year.


    • icb12


  13. Sea Mode

    Daniel Jeremiah’s updated top 50 board.

    That’s a LOT of good players around in the 2nd round, especially CB’s. And King and Douglas aren’t even on the list… neither is Cunningham or Melifonwu.

    Some good talent is going to fall to us.

    • BobbyK

      And why we can’t be throwing a second round pick around to move up in the first. And a huge reason it was nice not to have to worry about the NFL taking it away from us, too.

      Rob, I always appreciate this blog… but it’s especially nice on days you feel extremely crappy and type from home (or in bed on the smart phone). You’re not one of the lucky ones where the baby comes home and sleeps through the night from day one, are you?

      • Trevor

        I tend to agree if anything I would prefer trading back to get an extra Day #2 pick as there is a ton of talent in the Top 100. We thought last years draft was deep but this years is even deeper particularly on Defense.

        Really hope we address OL in free agency and defense in the draft.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I prefer getting a first round pick and locking them into a 5 year contract. It makes more sense from both a talent standpoint and also a monetary standpoint.

          Seahawks have only have one first round pick in last 3-4 years , and it certainly shows!!! Not to mention a couple of totally wasted drafts.

  14. Trevor

    I was watching more of Demarcus Walker today as he seems to have basically fallen out of all 1st round Mocks. I really want to see how he performs as combine as he seems to be getting killed by all the analysts for lacking explosion.

    All I know is that no DL prospect I watched dominated the game and made more plays in CFB than he did this year. Every game I watched he made big plays and was equally adept vs the run and as a pass rusher. He has the best technique and hand usage of any prospect I have seen in a long time. I believe he is the closest thing to a Michael Bennett in this draft.

    The negatives are his frame seems to be maxed out and I am not sure of his arm length. If he has 33″+ arms that would be huge for him.

    I know we have bigger needs so he is likely not a Rd #1 option but if we were to trade back into Rd #2 and get an extra pick then I really hope he is someone they look at.

  15. Trevor

    Walter Football Mocked Obi to us at 26 here is what they said.

    Sources say the Seahawks love Melifonwu, and it is understandable as he is a great fit for their defense and what they look for in a safety. Perhaps they will take him in case Earl Thomas moves toward retirement or they decide to get younger and cheaper by moving on from Kam Chancellor.

    Sources have said that Melifonwu is a bit of a love/hate prospect. Some teams have him graded in the mid-rounds, but say that they know other teams that have him high in the early rounds. The reason for the discrepancy is that Melifonwu is viewed as a size/speed freak who some teams don’t feel plays up to that skill set. The 6-foot-4, 219-pounder has ideal size with length to help defend receivers. He is expected to be a workout warrior, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he is a combine star. Melifonwu had an excellent week at the Senior Bowl to start a buzz about him.

    In 2016, Melifonwu totaled 118 tackles with three passes broken up and four interceptions. With his skill set, he could have a steady rise in the leadup to the 2017 NFL Draft.

    • AlaskaHawk

      But how are his hands? Ideally the safety would also be a ball hawk. He seems like more of a thumper, and that is a great quality also. Just would like to see more passes broken up and more interceptions. And why are first rounders a project? Has college football slipped that much, or do reviewers just need to say something?

      • STTBM

        Made some nice picks on that video Rob posted. His hands arent in question, its his tackling and overall speed. Hard to say for sure since he played at UConn, but to me he looks faster than Kam–not Earl fast, but pretty fast for a guy that big. His hitting isnt ferocious though, thats the thing that stood out for me.

        • DLep


          See page 2, his int score is in the 99th percentile so I think he is fine there. Overall score (solo tackle pct, int pct, pass deflection pct combined) is in the 96th percentile. He is in with good company. We also now know post senior bowl he hits the 33 in arm threshold. And all signs point to a monster combine.

          • DLep

            Sorry, hes actually 32 and 5/8 arm length from the sr bowl. Ive read that sr bowl measurements have run short vs combine so there is a chance he hits that at the combine.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        Hands seem sure.

        But it’s his instincts for the ball that I see lacking. I see him hesitant to make plays on the ball when opportunities arise and instead simply play the man.

        I see him as very much a Shead mirror. He’s a guy who can cover, but just doesn’t have that recognition to diagnose opportunities to play the ball. He’s a guy who will allow catches, but will reduce YAC.

        You see how Shead is a pretty sure tackler who often times tries to strip the ball free late in the completion process? That’s Obi’s game too.

        I can’t tell if it’s a confidence thing, or a trust thing or maybe that’s just how he was required to play thing. The bottom line to me is that he doesn’t play the ball aggressively regularly. At the next level, he’s going to face throwers that are more accurate and with better timing. His windows to play the ball are going to be a lot tighter. I see a guy who is fully capable of being an impact ball hawk but I see that there is a sluggish mental acuity necessary to anticipate or recognize when those opportunities are coming.

        It’s not to say he can’t hone that with development. Learn how to recognize the opportunities. He’s got the ability physically. Just that I really doubt he’ll be that in year one. That’s not a sin. But it’s also something that you expect from a guy in the 90-150 overall range.

        I thought for us, Obi had a great Sr. Bowl week. In particular I liked how he looked in press, and I liked how effortless and fluid he was at redirecting WRs to either inside help or to pin them on the sideline. Those are functions that Seattle requires and Obi can do those things.

        If he’s somewhat similar to Shead in year one, I think he’s worth taking higher. Although if I’m given the choice of King or Obi, I’d bang the table for King all day. To me he has a better track record of doing the same thing, and I think his ability to attack the ball is demonstrably better.

        I’d be absolutely thrilled to walk away from this draft with both King and Obi. But this draft is just so good in the secondary that if we have to go a different way, I’m not going to be crestfallen.

    • C-Dog


      • AlaskaHawk

        He sounds good.

        • C-Dog

          Has a lot of the makings of the classic high round PC/JS pick, IMO.

    • D-OZ

      Well ask yourself this, how many interceptions did Kam have last year or the year before. granted we are talking the NFL, butt the talent is there. Add 10 10# with the best secondary coaches in the NFL (besides NE ugh,pains me to say that) and I think you have a special player.
      Loosing Powell ads to the need at the safety position.IMO

  16. Ehurd1021

    Rob… sorry if I’m beating a dead horse but what are your thoughts on Caleb Brantley (DT 6’2″ 295) out of Florida? One thing that I notice when watching him is his versatility; stays on the field in Floridas base and in nickel situations.

    Highlights – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4YfrWsWB4E

    And also Tanzel Smart (DT 6’1″ 305) out of Tulane. Great size and athleticism for a huge man.

    Highlights = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcB8ulLHrPs

    • Rob Staton

      There are times where Brantley looks great. He made a couple of really good plays against LSU. But he has a tendency to drift in and out of games and disappear for stretches.

  17. Vista

    Tyvis Powell was picked up by the Browns.

  18. Ed

    I have been on the no OL in the first few rounds for awhile, glad to see it swaying that way, I just hope it ends that way too. While OL is needed, I don’t think a 1st rd OT would make the Hawks that much better. Philosophy and experience makes it better, but with difference makers on D, that can make you much better quickly.

    1st CB or LB that can move to DE on passing downs
    2nd LB that can move to DE on passing downs or CB
    3rd DT or S
    3rd RB
    4th S or DT

  19. Steve

    Rob, you may be on to something here! On Walterfootball.com, Charlie Campbell’s 2017 NFL mock draft writeup says that his sources (everyone has sources these days) tell him that the Seahawks LOVE Obi Melifonwu. He’s no Tony Pauline, who said last year that Ifedi was a Seahawks-type offensive lineman. I know that we’ve talked about him on the blog quite a bit, but isn’t it nice to have some validation for why we discuss these things. Keep up the good work!

    • peter

      I honestly think the “source,” is this site.

      • Sea Mode


        I read a Seahawks draft needs analysis yesterday that sounded A LOT like the narrative Rob has been proposing. That could just be because he is basing it off of PC’s admitted team needs, but still, it sounded eerily similar in a lot of the minutia…

  20. Aaron

    Looks more and more likely that the Hawks will focus on defense for this draft. Bolles won’t make it past Denver at 20, and Ramczyk won’t either. Cam Robinson might, unless he is overvalued as an OT since he was at Bama. Robinson is a textbook late first/early second round player with physical tools but lack of consistency. I wouldn’t mind if we took him if we only got journeymen o linemen yet again in FA (please don’t!). Other than Robinson and some miracle that Bolles or Ramczyk fall to 26, the Hawks need to go defense. Any chance the Hawks make a really bold move and part with a defensive core player? Just wondering if the Hawks should entertain a bit of the Patriots philosophy of not being too attached to any one player, especially on defense, when they’ve passed or will soon pass their prime. A trade involving Kam perhaps?

    • Ty the Guy

      Cam Robinson looks like a mix of James Carpenter and Germain Ifedi to me. I am not high on drafting OL in the first round unless they can play LT. Robinson (and Ifedi for that matter) look like guards or possibly RT.

      As far as trading a veteran defensive player, I say no way Jose. Who would you trade? Earl and Kam are still the best combo in the lg. Sherm may be aging but is still a top CB. Bobby and KJ are top 3 at their positions. Bennet and Avril are still very productive. No I think we are solid and stuck with what we got. But I may be interested in trading Jimmy Graham or Jermaine Kearse.

      • 503Hawk

        I don’t see trading any core guys right now. Most of us feel the window is still open for the next year or two. However, in three years or so, I see a big overhaul, especially on the defensive side. A lot of talented players who are getting up there in years.

    • Rob Staton

      Kam is too important — he’s the heart of the team.

      • Aaron

        It would be difficult to see any of the defensive core leave in a trade. They are all so good at what they do. Off the field nobody is as important as Kam. On the field nobody is as irreplaceable as Earl. I’m just concerned that since the defense is Pete’s baby he’ll hold onto guys well past their prime. That’s a large part of why the Holmgren era ended so badly, and how many teams fall from dominance to irrelevance.

  21. BobbyK

    You know how Earl Thomas looks like he gets shot out of a cannon sometimes?

    Watch Reed 2 minutes and 35 seconds into this video. He reads the play and then is shot out of a cannon as he attacks the QB. Sure, he misses the tackle, but look at that burst. That’s quickness. Some people say he’s not twitchy, but I’m not sure there are more LBs in football who can attack like that. So many other guys gradually work up to speed, but Davis just goes… boom!!! No problem at all with him at #26.


    • Rob Staton

      That’s without doubt Davis’ best quality. Just absolutely flies to the ball. Incredible.

  22. Ukhawk

    Here’s another Mayock tweet of interest:

    31 Dec
    Mike Mayock‏ @MikeMayock
    So many good players..2 of my favorite players from tape-they
    play diff positions but both ALWAYS around ball -budda baker and Reuben foster

    • Kenny Sloth

      Ben Boulware from Clemson fits this as well

    • AlaskaHawk

      Foster will probably be top 20, he played really well in the BCS title game.

      • Misfit74

        I thin Foster will go top 10, easily.

        Boulware was a good football player but I think he’s a limited athlete. I don’t see him on Seattle’s radar at all.

        Cunningham, Reddick, and Davis: yes.

        I’m also intrigued by R. McMillan and later Reeves-Maybin.

  23. Matt

    Hey Rob – A little off topic here, but I’m curious to get your thoughts about the Patriots and the Patriot Way. In comparison, do you think the Seahawks have an ego problem? Do you think Seahawks leadership let’s too much slide?

    I honestly can’t shake this nagging feeling that the Seahawks are their own worst enemy and that the egos work great when you are the underdog or the absolute top dog. The problem is that the Seahawks are neither of those things and can’t help but watch the Patriots and think no one player feels bigger than the team (sans Brady).

    I’m going to get shredded for this (but so be it), but I think the Seahawks could learn a valuable lesson from the Patriots. Yes, Carroll is much different than Belichick, but it feels like Pete is the dad who tells his kid “ok, just one more scoop of ice cream or one more show, etc.” I think he just lets it go a little too far.

    I understand that the ultra-competitive nature can go awry sometimes, but I just think there is something to be said about how business like the Patriots are and the consistency in which they play. And if there’s one thing the Seahawks are definitely not, it’s consistent.

    Again, just my opinion. Feel free to absolutely destroy me on this. I just couldn’t help but think this throughout the game on Sunday and was curious if there were thoughts.

    • BobbyK

      I think the Seahawks are sitting pretty good with Pete Carroll. If any team in the NFL compares their coach to Belichik – all will hate their own coach. There are 31 coaches in the NFL who aren’t as good as Belichik. If we compare Carroll to the other 30 remaining coaches, I would say that I can’t think of another coach I’d rather have. I respect John Harbaugh an awful lot. He’s probably my #2. If Pete had the talent level Harbaugh has – he wouldn’t be in the playoffs either. As it is, we’re lucky with Pete and I’m thrilled he’s our guy.

      I think not running the ball with Lynch definitely hurt this team in more ways than one. We’ve seen so many players complain about how stupid it was in their own ways… most recently with Lynch on the Super Bowl tweet and Sherman this season going off on Bevell. There’s a fracture regardless of what anyone says. You can tell. It’d be hard not to.

      There are many ways to skin a cat figuratively speaking. Pete knows what’s up. One area Belichik excels is the adjustments he makes. Belichik makes them during the game because he doesn’t want to wait until halftime and Carroll sticks to the same defensive plan when Steven Terrell can’t do hardly anything that Earl Thomas can.

      I’m pretty sold and confident in Pete and his philosophy. It’s like having the second best wife/girlfriend on the planet and being mad about not having the best, as opposed to being thankful for what you’ve got. Or Packer fans being mad that they have Rodgers instead of Brady. Or Broncos fans being mad they don’t have JJ Watt (the healthy version) and instead have Von Miller. Things could always be better, but they could be worse, too. Tim Ruskell could come back and hire Tom Flores as his coach. That could drive us back into the ground again. I happen to think Flores would be in the Hall of Fame if he’d stayed the Raiders former coach. Adding the Seahawks coaching disaster to his coaching legacy has hurt him, imo.

      • Matt

        The Seahawks are definitely sitting in a great position. I’m more commenting on losing opportunities because of the looseness of the culture, and players seemingly taking advantage of Pete’s “be yourself” culture.

        Football eras are short and 2 of the last 4 seasons have felt utterly dysfunctional despite making the playoffs. The last 2 years just haven’t felt right, despite having supreme talent.

    • Ed

      Agreed. Posted a few articles back, he just needs to have a little. He is the nice and positive guy, but I don’t think he holds his guys accountable enough and when that happens they can get out of control. Which is what happened this year. You can be nice and still set a line that the players know not to cross.

    • Ishmael

      I hate the Patriot Way. It’s everything I dislike about sports, especially at the professional level, so feel free to take my opinion on this stuff with a grain of salt.

      The Hawks method of drafting big egos, big personalities, has created one of the funnest and most successful teams I’ve had the pleasure of watching. I want to support guys who are having fun, who speak their mind, and won’t just churn out mindless platitudes. Maybe their way of doing it gets more wins, but playing in a buttery soft division helps as well.

      Without actually being in the locker room, it’s incredibly hard to point fingers and say Pete needs to do this, Pete needs to do that. We’re on a pretty incredible run of success, won a Super Bowl, probably should have won another, gone to the divisional round for what… five seasons in a row now?

      Maybe it’s just where I’m at as a fan at the moment, but winning isn’t everything. Half the fun is in the journey and the hope and the agony of losing. You don’t want to be a basket case like the Browns, but just look at the Pats fans… All they do is complain that no one likes them. They’re the chippiest bunch you’ll ever find, all those Super Bowls haven’t made them happier. Smugger, sure, but not happier.

      We’ve got a team of legendary, iconic, players who are going to be remembered for generations to come. Beast, Kam, Sherman, you’ll be telling your grandkids you saw them play. And Lynch aside, they’re all still around and have us in a pretty good position to have a run at the Super Bowl next year, and the year after that, and probably the year after that too.

      • Smitty1547

        Cant hate on those 5 SB wins, if we only get one with all of are talent because of egos being in the way, what a waste, and 20 years from now that’s what i would remember, is they lost there hunger and discipline and wasted away a lot of talent. Give me the patriots way any day and trust me i love my hawks, but they were no fun to watch this year like watching one of the housewife shows.

        • Matt

          This captures the thoughts in my head better than I tried to put it. If the Seahawks only get that 1 super bowl, I will have enjoyed the run but will definitely look back at this era as a little bit of a missed opportunity because the team put celebrity ahead of winning. That’s just my interpretation, but I do think there are several guys who clearly believe/act as if they are more important than the team. You just can’t have that in a true team sport.

        • Del tre

          4 of the 5 wins are marked by them cheating and the 5th Brady was clearly on PEDs becuase no one gets more athletic at 39 but yeah they do have 5 superbowls and do get to be at the top of that list, doesn’t mean its the way i want to win our superbowls

      • Rik

        Well said!

      • Matt

        I definitely won’t argue that the Seahawks are far more interesting, but at the end of the day, I’d hate to squander seasons because the team can’t get out of it’s own way. Whether thats gross inconsistency, internal dysfunction…there are only so many opportunities to win and the Seahawks are not getting any younger.

      • Sea Mode

        Here’s the thing: either way is good, WHEN YOU WIN. It’s when you lose that people start questioning. Did anyone question the Seahawks Way after they drubbed the Broncos? Nope.

        If the Falcons hadn’t crumbled, heck, if Edelman hadn’t made the miracle catch, if Brady hadn’t converted on 4th down, if Matthews hadn’t gotten that stupid holding penalty and they kicked a FG, if Beasley would have picked of that last throw in the end zone… really any one of those and the narrative would be totally different I think.

        Same thing if the Hawks had scored and won in SB 49, or if Avril and Lane hadn’t been hurt, allowing for the comeback in the first place. Then it would be: why PC’s loose philosophy is so much better than Belichick’s up tight one, blah, blah, blah…

        What I’m trying to say is, your philosophy can only get you consistently in a position to have a shot at winning, then it all comes down to a few key plays and–why not, they even admit it–a bit of luck to actually win it.

        • Matt

          This is a very legitimate counterpoint but I would say you are pointing out a weird game for the Patriots and I’m saying it has been a very weird 2 years for the Seahawks. Their inconsistency week to week ranges from best team in the NFL to near-total dysfunction. That’s really my main point. The volatility is like nothing I’ve ever seen with a team so talented.

          • Sea Mode

            Ok, I see what you are saying. It certainly must be frustrating for them above all, not just fans (duh), because they know they can be so much better.

            My only thoughts now are:

            – PC is going to be who he is and his personality is going to come out in team management, for good or for bad. Hopefully he learns to manage and minimize the bad.

            – PC/JS want to do it “better than it’s ever been done before”. Even if you win SBs, make money, have a historically great QB/coach, etc., is it really better than ever if you don’t have fun doing it? And is it really nice to know that the only core player who the organization believes in is Brady and that everyone else is expendable? Or do you want to be part of a true brotherhood?

            Every single guy who has come through Seattle has spoken out about how different the culture is on our team and how much they love being here. Guys want to come play for the Hawks. You put out and they “take care of their own” as much as possible under the cap. The Pats sound great and all right after winning a SB, but do they really love being there? I have my doubts. Sounds more like they are just ok with it because it gets them wins.

            – I don’t think we can be so quick throw all our losses and inconsistency on off-field issues. There are legitimate weaknesses on the field, due to inexperience/incompetence (OL) and injury (QB/RB/secondary/DL) that seriously affected our whole game plan at times this season.

            I think that is the cause of the miscontent and not the other way around. Guys work so hard and compete to win and when it doesn’t come together they get frustrated. I agree though that it is PC’s responsibility to draw the line when this frustration is manifested in ways that are unacceptable and hurt the team.

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly. However, I also think the Seahawks benefit sometimes from not having their players essentially live a miserable existence every day of the year. The Pats can get away with it because of BB and TB. I think if Carroll tried that hard-ass act it’d go down in flames.

      But there were signs of things being a bit out of control in 2016. That has to be rectified.

      • Matt

        Thanks Rob. And I don’t mean to imply PC trying to be a hard ass like BB. I’m really implying making tough choices to say “you are not bigger than the team, time to hit the road.”

        I definitely don’t want PC to become BB, but I do think Pete is going to have to be willing to make an unpopular move (i.e. cutting players). I really do think there are multiple guys who would have been dumped, if BB was the coach.

        Thanks for the response. Was just curious if I was alone in thinking a shake up wouldn’t be a bad thing.

    • Nathan

      I think it’s a league wide problem.

      Think of Antonio Brown pouting on the sidelines in the AFCC game because he wasn’t getting the ball.

      Davonte Freemans contract getting mentioned in superbowl week.

      • Matt

        Totally fair point.

      • AlaskaHawk

        You all remember the Harbaugh experience in San Francisco? We all got this part of us that thinks that a hard driving coach will win superbowls. That if he works players our harder, makes them better, forges them into a team, yells at them until they perform, that they will be great and win.

        Unfortunately it is often like that in real life. But who really wants to work under those conditions?

        So yes Harbaugh is successful. He almost won the superbowl, came close a second time. Seahawks were just a little bit better.

        Can’t we say that Pete Carroll’s way works too? Always compete! Hard practices, heck Seahawks have been fined twice for hits in practice. Optimistic outlook. No failure there from a head coach, he has been as successful as any team NOT named New England.

  24. Blauen

    Hello all,

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Rob, you’re a stud. You’re a first rounder in the every man draft. To the topic on hand, I don’t really think they should draft Obi in Rd1 unless they see him starting. Could he realistically take time away from Earl or Kam at safety? There are other holes that could be filled with a first round pick.

    • Sea Mode

      Hey, Blauen, nice to have you!

      I’ve thought about this quite a bit as well, and I think to draft well, one has to see past just what a player is already at the college level.

      We know the Hawks love unique, stud athletes and trust their ability to coach them up, especially when it comes to players in the secondary. That alone I think could put him firmly in play for our first pick (hopefully after trading down to add draft capital in such a deep draft this year).

      While I doubt he would take Kam off the field, he would be able to learn behind him and fill in for him when injured, which seems to be more and more as he gets older. In the meantime, as a chess piece, he could cover big WRs and TEs, as part of a solution to the mismatch nightmare that they create for defenses. That alone has huge value if they truly believe he can play the part. It seems they were looking for someone like that when they brought back Browner last off-season, and signed Tyvis Powell.

      So I guess it’s not “one hole, one nail”, so to speak, but that by playing that versatile role and eliminating some mismatches, he could make the whole defense around him better by allowing them to focus on their own job and not over-adjust.

      Now, if they think he will last until their Rd. 2 pick and can hold it until then, all the better. The good thing is, that is Schneider’s specialty, knowing where players will fall.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I would like to see any first round safety playing at cornerback when they are trained or to fill an injured players spot. A little cross training and chance to show their stuff. I think Budda Baker or Obi would be able to fill those roles. I’m assuming Budda will be a little quicker and Obi is quick enough but with longer arms.

  25. HawkFan907

    Solomon Thomas just ran a 4.09(!!!!) 20 yd shuttle…. this kid is unbelievable. IMO he should be a top-5 lock.

    • Ishmael

      Seriously? Holy shit that is rapid, where did he do that?

      The more I see of him the more impressed I am. I think you’re right that he’ll go top five, top 10 at worst.

      • Ishmael

        Although I will say that he’s another kid who needs to work on his tackling technique. For such an important part of the game, it’s incredibly poorly coached at all levels.

      • HawkFan907


        • Ishmael

          And see Jabrill Peppers on that timeline? He’s an animal. 3.9 short shuttle, out there running routes, walking around with a weight plate strapped to his chest while he works out. I don’t see any way he drops out of the first round, some coach is going to take a chance on the potential.

      • HawkFan907

        For reference Joey Bosa ran a 4.21…

        • Ishmael

          That is seriously moving. Would have been the second quickest at last years combine. Some DE who weighed 240 did it in 4 seconds flat. Then there’s three or four guys in the 4:20s and it’s all downhill from there.

  26. Ed

    A few more defensive names to keep an eye on.

    Jordan Willis (DE)
    Derrick Rivers (LEO)
    Josh Harvey-Clemons (S)

    Late round tackle with size and experience.

    Jylan Ware (OT)

  27. Ed

    You got total ownership and name dropped Rob. Maybe you will get your dream some day sooner than you think. I will still email CBS constantly, want you on 1090.

    58) Seahawks – Thank Goodness for DJ Hayden, right? At least Seattle can’t claim to be home to the worst Offensive Line AND Cornerbacks in the league. We in the PNW believe we’ve unlocked the atrociously bad formula used by Tom Cable & Pete Carroll to select their offensive line talent. It’s brilliant work by Rob Staton, truly, and draft enthusiasts should follow him for Draft Twitter @robstaton. His piece on Trench Explosion Formula (TEF) is enlightening & goes well beyond the lay person’s idea of one-on-one drills being determining factors for line assessment. You can digest it here. https://seahawksdraftblog.com/introducing-the-trench-explosion-formula-tef . Now, for 2017, who knows what Cable will come up with based on the NFL Combine & private workout sessions between here & April, but one thing is certain. This is where Seahawks like to draft OL (see Justin Britt). I believe they got stuck with Ifedi who graded out a little lower on their TEF than would be ideal for Cable’s ZBS, but his mentals & edge made up the difference for them. Would Jason Spriggs, with an ideal TEF score of > 3.0, have been the better choice? Well, he’s a bench player forced into action at OG with the Packers this season as a rookie, so what does that tell you? Meh. For shits & giggles, let’s just say that TEF Combine hero is ETHAN POCIC.

  28. C-Dog

    For those of us who think Seattle might/should spend a little in FA for interior pass rush, really interesting read today on NfL.com rating the top 10 interior pass rusher in terms of production last season. Some definite household names, and some not quite so household. Personally, I’d keep on eye out for maybe Baltimore’s Lawrence Guy if he hits the market, and I could actually see them possibly exploring Dominque Easley if he’s out there as well. Both these guys rated higher than Almost Super Bowl MVP Grady Jarrett who many of us have been wishing Seattle would have drafted, and Easley was ranked just behind Donald, Atkins, and Mike Daniels.

    There full link is here. It’s an interesting read. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000784423/article/aaron-donald-leads-top10-interior-pass-rushers

    Here’s what was said about Easley and Guy. Remember, it isn’t always about sacks.

    4) Dominique Easley, Los Angeles Rams (4.10 average distance to the quarterback)
    Jettisoned by the Patriots prior to the season’s start, the 29th overall selection in the 2014 NFL Draft became a big factor as an interior disruptor for the already loaded Los Angeles Rams defensive line. Dominique Easley was a terror up front for the Florida Gators in college before multiple ACL injuries cast questions on his NFL Draft projection. Easley never developed into a consistent force in New England and wore out his welcome after two seasons. He found new life with the Rams, registering 3.5 sacks as a sub-package rusher. Easley’s 4.10 pressure score was in the 97th percentile among interior pass rushers this year. After playing on a one-year deal with the Rams in 2016, Easley will be free to test the market this offseason. With a bit more momentum after a strong showing in Los Angeles, Easley could garner more attention this offseason. However, it would be best for his career if he remained a part of a heavy rotation like he was in LA.

    8) Lawrence Guy, Baltimore Ravens (4.24 average distance to the quarterback)
    Much like Tom Johnson before him, it’s unlikely most readers know recognize the name Lawrence Guy. A five-year veteran, Guy had stints with the Colts and Chargers before coming to Baltimore. He has 5.5 of his 6.5 career sacks since signing with the Ravens. Despite only registering a single sack, Guy brought consistent pressure with a 4.24 average yards to the quarterback on pass rush attempts. He only played 47 percent of the defensive snaps, so he’s a rotational player, but his value to the team appears clear.

    • Ukhawk

      Cool article. My other quick thoughts:
      – Calais Campbell in the list and he’s available! Also not undersized like most of the list & stout vs the run.
      – Fletcher Cox on the list. Oh what might have been if PCJS had not moved down for Irvin?!
      – Where is Kawaan Short?

      • C-Dog

        Campbell probably remains the dream scenario, but I think this kinda shows there might be other guys on the market who could make an impact.

        As for Kawaan Short the analytics in the article dig deeper than sack numbers, focusing more on disruption (disruption = production) tracking the distance between the pass rusher and QB at the time of the sack or throw. This good suggest that while Short’s sack production is great, his consistent ability to disrupt isn’t as good as the players who made this list.

        • C-Dog

          *could suggest* not good suggest.

      • Smitty1547

        Easley got to play against the Hawks twice….inflation

    • ImUrHuckleBerri

      Whoops didn’t see you had posted this. Why I am hoping Easley gets to FA and Seattle signs him. He is young and still has a lot of room to grow.

      • C-Dog

        I’m definitely in the boat that if Easley’s out on the market, Seattle should look into bringing him in. I think he could be a really good candidate to fill that Clinton McDonald spot.

        Lawrence Guy seems like he could almost be the classic PC/JS reclamation free agent DL signing. Kind of a self made player, too, which could fit in well with this locker room of defenders who weren’t drafted particularly high.

    • Sea Mode

      Well, let’s hope Quinton Jefferson makes the list next year!

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, no doubt! I’m actually holding onto some relatively high hopes for Jefferson. Kind of the forgotten man, but I thought he was poised to do some things as a rookie coming out of training camp. With him, I just think the key is staying healthy probably more than anything else.

    • BobbyK

      That just goes to show the value of having a deep stable of pass rushers. As mentioned, Suh isn’t on there because he played all the time and was obviously tired. But a guy like Easley was on there because he maximized his chances. If he’d been on the field as much as Suh – he’s probably rank among the worst in the NFL. When they say you can never have too many pass rushers… they were right.

      • C-Dog

        BobbyK. Right on the nose, man. Rotation matters big time. Probably why Kawaan Short isn’t on the list, either. Lawrence Guy and Easley were productive in rotation. IMO, it would really behoove the Seahawks to add a player or two like these. NE and Atlanta both showcased DLines rich with players they drafted and veteran players that they brought in.

        FYI, just listening to the John Clayton show with Dave Wyman on, and Wyman just said that the guy he is most interested in on the roster is Quinton Jefferson.

  29. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Zach Cunningham, LB, Vanderbilt

    My eye keeps wandering to his scouting report and what he brings to the table. If I recall correctly, a 3 down possible LB who can play any position. Tough at point of attack, but has tremendous range and athleticism. “Cunningham recorded 295 career tackles (39.5 for losses), seven forced fumbles and six sacks during three seasons with the Commodores. ” Very productive.

    Since we are talking about LBs, a dark horse Seahawks pick in the 2017 draft (not 1st) would be TJ Watt. There is a bunch to like about his play and his ability. He also fills some of the the needs for more pass rush out of the LB group.

    • Ishmael

      We talked about him a bit on the last post, wouldn’t mind going over it again though. This is what I thought watching his tape yesterday.

      Looks like he’d need to be kept clean in a big way. The length is great, love the closing speed, really love it, but he looks rail thin.

      On the tackling, I like that he gets himself in good positions. Tracks the hips and wraps, doesn’t just launch himself like an idiot. Don’t like that he never bodies the guy, have to get your shoulder in there sometimes. Doesn’t look like he loves the physical side of the game, can’t imagine him really battling it out in the trenches, and I don’t really see the Hawks loving him for that reason.

      The TFLs and sacks I’ve seen from him are mainly from coming through the line totally clean. He’s got fantastic speed which helps, but I just don’t see it happening at the next level.

      Plenty of people love him, so if there’s stuff I’m missing I’d love for one of you guys to point it out. I can see him being a really good fit for a team like Miami who need a playmaking linebacker and have the DL to keep him clean, but I don’t really see it for the Hawks.

      • BobbyK

        I see Watt as being perfect for Leo. However, we already have Clark. I think he’s going to be a good pro.

  30. ImUrHuckleBerri

    One more thing that makes me hope if Easley isn’t resigned by the Rams that Seattle goes after him and can get him at a decent rate.


    • ImUrHuckleBerri

      Didn’t see that C-dog had posted the same thing above.

  31. Sea Mode

    Wow, Tyus Bowser is really raw. Has all the physical tools, but doesn’t know how to use his long arms and hands at all to get off blocks or really have any pass rush moves at all from DE. Once the blocker initiates contact, it’s pretty much over.

    Big project, though I would like to think that moving him off the LOS to SAM that he would immediately get to show off his athleticism a lot more. I’m wary though because I’m not sure I see a lot of instict either in the limited tape I watched. What do you all think?

    • C-Dog

      Personally, I think that with the idea of Bowser, it’s probably a comp to Bruce Irvin. Irvin was raw as raw could be at SAM LB, but transitioned and took to the coaching. I think with those top picks, Seattle is often drawn to physical traits more than plug and play completeness (Irvin, Michael, Clark, P-Rich, etc).

  32. Sea Mode

    Jarrad Davis is a stud. Alpha dog. Guy you want to go into battle with.

    “Heart and soul” of Florida defense: http://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/florida-football/floridas-heart-soul-jarrad-davis-epitomizes-teams-determination-find-way/

    We can’t forget that’s the kind of men the Seahawks are after, especially on defense (see: Reed, Jarran). A couple of guys will test a bit better, be a bit longer, a tad bigger, a nudge faster maybe (hi, Cunningham), but the grit, leadership and football instinct I just sense it with Davis and with Reddick.

    If Reddick is not there at 26, trade down w/Browns our R1+R3 Comp. for their R2+R3 and make it happen!
    R2-33: LB Jarrad Davis
    R2-58: DB Obi Melifonwu
    R3-65: CB Rasul Douglas/Kevin King
    R3-90: OG Isaac Asiata
    R5-185: DT Stevie Tu’ikolovatu
    R6-211: RB Taquan “Smoke” Mizzell
    R7-247: WR Keevan Lucas
    UDFA: CB Jeremy Cutrer

    • C-Dog

      That’s a really nice looking draft. I really like Asiata and Stevie Tu’ikolovatu.

    • Schuemansky

      Really like Keevan Lucas alias “ADB II” and Cutrer, a real ballhawk and good tackler as well.

    • BobbyK

      That is a good looking draft but I doubt those first three guys are there with those first three picks.

      • Sea Mode

        It’s certainly no sure thing by any means, but I would invite you to look at all the talent on Daniel Jeremiah’s top 50 list and remember as well that we talk up guys a lot (and rightfully so) that we know Seattle likes and fit our schemes and needs. Sometimes other teams feel the same and they do go as early as we thought (Sheldon Rankins), and other times they don’t and go much later (Connor McGovern). We hit some and we miss some, that’s the nature of scouting.

        So say Foster, Reddick, and Cunningham are already gone in R1. Unless a team has a dire need at LB, are they going to take (perhaps) the 4th best LB, with an injury history. Perhaps they don’t even consider him 4th best and like Watt or Tim Williams better. I think it’s very possible he is still available at the 1st pick of R2.

        Same with Melifonwu. Seattle loves pure athleticism in the secondary and is willing to coach them up. Other teams not so much. There are some really good names on the board in R2 for a team to take a shot on a project like Melifonwu.

        Douglas/King with the 1st pick of Rd3 I probably doubt the least of all three. Take out half the teams who already have a big corner or want speed over size/length. Combine will be important, but just look at the sheer quantity of CBs this year: Lattimore, Jones, White, Tabor, Wilson, Conley, Humphrey, Jackson, Moreau, Lewis. That’s 10 going off Jeremiah’s list as some kind of reference. Last year, there were 5 CBs taken in R1 and 5 CBs in R2. This year is considered even deeper, so teams might think they can wait a bit longer and don’t have to reach. One of Douglas or King is very likely to be there I think.

        Anyway, these are just my opinions and a lot will change over the next couple months, but I think we just have to stop forcing all the guys we like way too high out of our reach. Once again, some will be, but others won’t be.

        • Sea Mode

          And if you honestly think each of these guys is a near lock to go earlier, I respect your opinion and will always be open to re-evaluating mine. I learn so much from our awesome discussions here on SDB!

    • Trevor

      That would be a pretty amazing 1st 3 rounds. Almost a dream scenario but don’t think they will all be available.

  33. JT

    Antonio Garcia – I was initially a big fan after watching his 2016 film, thinking he was a top 30-50 prospect in this draft, and the #3 OT after Bolles & Ramczyk. At the senior bowl he measured in at 293 lbs with 32 7/8″ arms, which took him off my radar as a potential Seahawks target. But it may have been premature to dismiss him.

    I’ve seen some data suggesting the Senior Bowl arm length measurements are typically the shortest among the 3 official events (Senior Bowl, Shrine, Combine). Combine arm length measurements are often at least half an inch greater than the same measured at the Senior Bowl. If Garcia measures in around 33.5″ arms at the combine, that at least gets him above the Seahawks minimum for OL’s of 33″. Would sub 34″ be enough for a Hawks’ LT? I dunno.

    Additionally, I’ve been reading more and more that Garcia has a mean streak to him, and that he can be nasty finishing plays. I went back and re-watched him against Clemson (national champs) and Ohio (Tarell Basham, DE). While he lacks the strength to be a people-mover when run-blocking like Bolles and Ramczyk, I can see what some scouts are talking about with him finishing plays. When he gets defenders off balance with his fantastic hand and feet, he often puts them on the ground. The Hawks should like the grit he shows finishing plays, despite lacking in the strength department.

    Garcia is probably the most natural pass-protecting LT in this draft. The term “left tackle feet” applies to him, as he’s just so smooth and athletic on film. I want to see him measure in at 300 lbs and 33.5″ arms at the combine, along with strong athletic testing on the field. Assuming he does, he’s an option for a Seahawks team starved for Offensive Tackle talent, as early as 26th overall.

  34. JT

    From Tony Pauline today –

    “Toledo running back Kareem Hunt could surprise at the combine.

    I’m told the he recently ran the forty in hand times of 4.39s and clocked 4.46s laser timed. Both are faster than anyone would expect.”

    There’s some more steam for the hype train. If he can add a 4.45 40-time to his other physical gifts and skills as a runner, receiver and blocker – Round 3 floor, and the 2nd round isn’t out of the question.

    • All I see is 12s

      Soooo impressive when browser ran hunt down at the senior bowl.

    • Sea Mode

      Quite possible, although he also came in 15lbs lighter than expected, so we’ll have see if that is boosting his speed numbers and if he will be able to maintain that at his ideal playing weight.

      • JT

        It’s tough to put much “weight” in his listed playing weight when he came in so low at the senior bowl. I bet he played closer to 213-215 lbs, which I think he said is his desired range for the combine.

        • Sea Mode

          Oh, ok. Seems you are right. Found this:


          “Hunt also made headlines when measurements were taken during the week. He played in 2015 at Toledo at 233 pounds, mostly because he battled injuries for most of the season. During a relatively healthy senior season, Hunt played at 215 pounds.

          When he weighed in at the Senior Bowl, he checked in at 208.

          “I was kind of shocked,” said Hunt. “I haven’t been that weight since my high school days. Everyone kept asking about my weight.”

          Hunt said the reason for the weight loss stemmed from the diet his nutritionist put him on at the IMG Academy in Brandenton, Fla., where Hunt is training.

          Another factor, Hunt said, was that he had not eaten much or drank much water prior to his weigh-in. At the combine, he expects to weigh between 212 and 215 pounds.

          Saffron said Hunt’s weight, while a bit of surprised for teams, did not hurt his stock. Instead, it might have helped.

          “If anything, it’s a testament to how hard he’s been working,” said Saffron. “Teams now know he can play at that weight, so I think it helped him showing that range. Some teams might prefer him lighter, some a little heavier. Now they know he can be either.

          “The feedback I got (from teams) was that (his weight) was good.”

          • JT

            Great find.

            At 5’10 1/2″ and 215 lbs, he’s right in the Hawks wheelhouse size wise. Such a “clean” prospect too. No character concerns, no drops or fumbles, good in pass pro. Unfortunately I think he’ll rise to the top 75 picks of this draft.
            I just read that he was PFF’s #1 graded RB this season, and was their 2nd team All-American RB after Dalvin Cook.

  35. C-Dog

    Simulated Mock Hot Take. Trade down for Melifonwu DRAFTED AS A CORNERBACK, with more focus on the offense with later picks.

    I think Walter Football folks might be onto something here with Seattle being interested. Melifonwu ticks so many physical trait boxes for Seattle, it practically screams as obvious as Rey being Luke’s daughter. Lets see; length and freak athleticism, check. Started out as a corner moved to safety, shows versatility, check. Physical down field tackler, check. Considering Brandon Browner was a college safety who they transitioned to corner, and Deshawn Shead’s been used as a safety and corner, while they might consider using him in some SAM capacity, it’s not completely outside the realm of possible options to see them ultimately converting him to the cornerback spot opposite Sherman.

    Think that’s crazy? Consider how they took a former college basketball player/one year backup tight end, and had him start most of the season at left tackle. This team is all about physical traits and coaching them up.

    33: R2P33

    58: R2P26

    90: R3P26

    105: R3P41

    146: R5P1

    184: R5P39

    211: R6P26

    229: R7P8

    Assuming they use FA to bring in help for OT, and interior pass rush, they shore up things there, and use this draft to get younger and more athletic at DB and LB. 11 INTS in 2016 does not cut it for Pete Carroll. It’s probably more frustrating than anything else. But they don’t want just plug and play, they want special athletes even if they are a bit on the raw side. It’s not “what they can’t do,” it’s “what they can do.”

    After Melifonwu, they take the sliding Zach Cunningham to play coverage SAM, and backup KJ and Wags. R3 brings them FL St’s White who they like for his length and ability to player outside and slot DB, possibly to upgrade Jeremy Lane. Then they kinda surprise a bit taking WR Chad Hansen to add depth at WR with Tyler Lockett recovering, and possibly upgrading Jermaine Kearse.

    In R5 they draft former Husky Darrell Daniels (former WR who converted to TE) to replace Luke Willson who left in FA, and the draft SPARQy Elijah Hoods to add depth at RB.

    R6 they draft swing tackle candidate Levon Myers, and R7 they take another athletic LB Jimmy Gilbert to groom in the Bruce Irvin rush SAM mold.

    • Sea Mode

      Nice thoughts. I do kind of like Jimmy Gilbert as a project. Needs to bulk up bigtime, but man is that kid LONG!

      Marquez White on the other hand, I’m not liking at all. Posted on him the other day. All I saw was completion after completion on him and penalties in the two games I watched.

  36. LeoSharp

    I’m finding player like George Dawson 6’2 223lbs S/LB really intriguing.
    Seems athletic good in coverage and can make plays behind the LOS, he even took some snaps at DE and is roughly the same size as Malcolm Smith who actually played more snaps than Bruce Irvin at linebacker.


  37. DLep

    Rob, you talked about Marquis Haynes a bit early in the season but not much since. Was curious if you cooled on him or whether its more a function of you waiting on the combine and the fact he didn’t play in the Senior Bowl (and that is one of the more recent topics to discuss). I only thought I would bring him up because of so much recent discussion about outside backers and lbs (Reddick, Davis, Bowser, etc). Haynes seems like a strong candidate as well potentially.

    • Rob Staton

      Haynes didn’t declare for the draft and will return for his senior year at Ole Miss

      • DLep

        Welp, that explains it! Thanks Rob.

  38. icb12

    Can’t focus on the tasks at hand so I did a couple fanspeak simulated drafts for kicks.

    Yes, yes, I know– not accurate. But entertaining.

    Fanspeak Board BR Board
    1. Garret Bolles OT Garret Bolles OT
    2. Fabian Moreau CB Fabian Moreau CB
    3. Carroll Phillips EDGE Obi Melifonwu S
    3. Marcus Maye S Kareem Hunt RB
    5. Jehu Chesson WR Alex Anzalone LB
    6. Treyvon Hester DL Tanoh Kpassagnon DL
    7. Freddie Stevenson FB Freddie Stevenson FB

    • icb12

      That came out all jumbled and not at all how I typed. Oh well.

      • lil'stink

        Moreau looks interesting. I have a hunch he could rise after the combine if he passes his medical checks. Bolles and Moreau with our first 2 picks would be a minor coup.

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