Jarvis Jones (DE/LB, Georgia) vs Buffalo


  1. Mtjhoyas


    Do you think he can play WIL? Long shot, but yikes, would be crazy if he was in the fold on defense.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he’s almost exclusively an end at this point.

      • Rory

        You think? I thought last year he was a projected WIL? Seems like he could fit.

        I was the guy convinced Bruce Irvin would be a perfect fit at WIL, so maybe I’m a little to optimistic about who can play WIL.

        • Brendan Scolari

          What’s the sense in taking a stellar pass rusher and putting him at a position where he wont rush the majority of the time though? It might be possible those guys could play Will, but they’re certainly much better as ends.

          • Rory

            Von Miller?

            We can only have so many ends, and we need a WIL.

            • Brendan Scolari

              Von Miller is a Sam, and has a different skillset from Jarvis Jones IMO.

          • Mtjhoyas

            I’d say upgrading the pass rush every where is a good thing. Leroy had a stellar rookie year and sack totals.

            The more pressure you can apply from various positions, the tougher it is on an O-line.

  2. Mtjhoyas

    Rob, could CJ Moseley play WIL? I love his style of play and he is big, fast, and smart.

    I know we have invested heavily on the D, but I have to admit I am fairly addicted to watching stellar defenses. Not to mention, it plays perfectly into a ball control style of offense.

    • Rob Staton

      Absolutely Mosely could play the WIL. No doubts in my mind.

      • Mtjhoyas

        Mosely seems like a great pick in the 20s. The bad injury last year might scare some teams, and being strictly a LBer could drop his value into that range. I think it’s an intriguing scenario that the Hawks could definitely explore.

        • Rob Staton

          Mosley vs Michigan tape now on the blog…

  3. Colin

    Stud. Kid is a beast.

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