Jenkins and Blackman opt not to declare?

January 9th, 2011 | Written by Rob Staton

I will post a list of underclassmen who have chosen to declare over the next couple of days. The deadline falls on January 15th.

Two big name prospects appear to be leaning towards staying in college. There’s a lot of speculation coming out of Oklahoma State that receiver Justin Blackmon won’t turn pro. Today Florida cornerback Janoris Jenkins wrote a tweet which suggested he won’t be declaring.

Both prospects I would rank third at their position. Blackmon has natural fluidity at wide out, great control and playmaking qualities. I’d grade only A.J. Green and Julio Jones above him. Jenkins is my third ranked corner behind Patrick Peterson and Jimmy Smith. Top receivers Green, Jones and Alshon Jeffery had their worst games statistically against Jenkins. He’s proven reliable against coverage despite a lack of true size – but he struggled with open-field tackling particularly against Terrance Toliver (WR, LSU).

The receiver position will be further hit if Juron Criner (WR, Arizona) opts to join Nick Foles in staying with the Wildcats.

5 Responses to “Jenkins and Blackman opt not to declare?”

  1. T-Town says:

    Wow I was fully expecting them both to declare so thats a surprise. I suppose they must believe they could both be Top 10 next year instead of just mid to late 1st rounders this year (and I believe they will be if they stay as productive as this year.)

    Good stuff. Dilutes the CB talent a bit though.

    • Rob says:

      It seems like the draft committee are handing out grades in R2-3 and it’s putting off a lot of guys. Locker had that grade last year, but probably would’ve gone fourth overall to Washington. JJ Watt got a R2/3 grade but declared anyway after getting other advice. Jenkins and Blackmon got R2/3 grades although both would’ve been first rounders. I’m starting to wonder who didn’t.

  2. Misfit74 says:

    What is the source for Justin Blackmon ‘not declaring’? I’d like to learn more. Thanks!

    • Rob says:

      Confirmation was probably a bad choice of words on my behalf. Reporters in Oklahoma have been tweeting that he’s already decided to stay and we’re just waiting for the announcement.

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