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Last year one of the draft’s highlights was John Gruden grilling a number of different prospects with tape. Earl Thomas got the treatment, so did Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy. This year Gruden’s focusing on the quarterbacks and it’s more conversational.

Here are the first three parts of the series (see below) starring Cam Newton, Jake Locker and Andy Dalton. For some reason Gruden turns into Rob Riggle’s character from the film ‘Step Brothers’ during the Jake Locker segment.

***EDIT*** Now includes Gruden’s meeting with Ryan Mallett.

Also don’t forget to check out part 1 and part 2 of Kip Earlywine’s piece on this year’s quarterback class.


  1. Dan

    “POW! POW! POW!”

    “i’m sorry, what are you saying,… are you saying pow? is that pow?”


    Classic step brothers reference.

  2. Dave

    I love this videos. I wish they were longer. My favourite was the Colt McCoy one last year

  3. Matt

    I personally think the Dalton video is bordering embarrassing. How does anyone come away impressed with this clown?

    • Kip

      I have to admit, I’m just now getting to look at Dalton and I’m intrigued. At first glance, he just looked like a classic college QB- not enough size or technique to cut it in the pros. But while he definitely doesn’t have an arm like Mallett or Locker, I’ve seen him make some pretty good throws.

      I look forward to taking a longer look at him later. The 1st round talk is ridiculous, but I will say that Dalton to me right now looks like the perfect type of guy to draft in the late rounds.

      • Matt

        I’m fine with a late round flier (5th round or later), but to me he’s a lesser Colt McCoy. I’ve just been so underwhelmed by everything he does and he just has an odd character from every interview I’ve seen. I just have a hard time believing a guy like Lawyer Milloy taking this kid seriously.

        Late round flier, sure. But this guy is extremely limited. I think Doug Farrar nails Dalton’s evaluation as a QB with a limited palette. I just think at best (as in full potential) you are looking at a guy who would literally be the 30th best QB in the NFL. I’d rather take a chance on a higher upside guy in the later rounds. Dalton strikes me as a safe bet to become a backup but nothing more than a limited game manager.

  4. Kip


    Gruden to Dalton: “You know, in the NFL, Ed Reed would take that (pass) and dunk it over the goal post.”

    • Rob

      Gruden meeting with Ryan Mallett now included.

  5. Brian

    A cynical part of me thinks that part of the reason that Gruden does these is to answer the perception that he isn’t willing to develop young QB’s. (IE, he was fired after he wouldn’t agree to the Bucs’ rebuild with Josh Freeman and wanted to stick with veterans.)

  6. Nat

    If Mallett is there at 25 we need to take him…simple as that. His hard count gave me goosebumps…does Dalton even have a hard count?!

    When can we start calling Dalton “Opie”?

    • Matt

      Hahah. Seriously, Don Banks has us passing Mallett and Locker for Dalton because he’s more “pro ready.” That whiteboard session really makes that seem logical. My favorite play is a play that a 4 year old could break down, meanwhile Mallett just dominates on the board without a hitch addressing protection and hot reads.

      I still just can’t see how a GM would draft Dalton in round 2 (let alone 1). I mean I just can’t see his personality matching up in the NFL. Perfectly nice kid, but good lord. I just don’t see charisma or that “hard, warrior” mentality.

      *And yes, Mallett’s hard count gave me goose bumps as well. I actually think he’s an extremely likeable kid. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him becoming Philip Rivers who was another “statue with attitude problems.”

      • Rob

        The Dalton love in isn’t unexpected – we see it every year. Pundits generally tend to over rated ‘winners’ who come accross well. Sometimes teams buy into it to and that’s when mistakes happen. To say Dalton is ‘pro-ready’ is laughable. We had it with Colt McCoy last year and his ‘win record’ – he was another so called WCO prospect (I love how any physically inept QB is now a WCO QB). Dan LeFevour was a potential R2 guy because he had ‘great stats’. It’s all nonsense really and that’ll be proven true on April 28th.

      • Nat

        Philip Rivers is exactly who I’ve compared Mallett to. But, of course, who wants a guy like Philip Rivers in a WCO? He’s not a good scheme fit, so we should look elsewhere.

        • Matt

          Oh I know right!? Let’s get Dalton and pray to Gd he wakes up one day with physical ability. After all, it’s so much more realistic for that to happen than for a 22 year old like Mallett to mature a little bit, right?

  7. Bill

    Wasn’t David Green with the Hawks a big “winner” in college also? That worked out well.

    • Matt

      When your main traits are “winner” and “moxie,” it’s pretty much code word for “garbage physical talent.” Or when they want to go super stealth, they call you a “WCO QB.”

      I will say this again and again, when has anyone used the word “winner” to describe Andrew Luck? They are usually too busy talking about how good he is physically and mentally.

      The classic “winners” I remember over the years have been Ken Dorsey, Jason White, Matt Leinart, Colt McCoy, Jared Zabransky, John David Booty, etc. The list is literally littered with HOF caliber QBs and the current crop of elite NFL QBs. Oh wait… It’s too bad John Elway wasn’t a winner in college. I think that obviously hurt him in the NFL.

  8. Matt

    Umm Brock Huard thinks Andy Dalton is going to get drafted in the teens and hopes the Hawks are “lucky” enough to land him at 25. Is the world ending? Is there a full moon tonight? How in GD’s name is this kid continuing to get love?

  9. Ace

    I like how mallets video is 4:20 long

  10. Derek

    Are these the full videos or just clips? It is funny how Newton barely discussed any actuall football and really controlled the interview compared to Mallet who was quick to talk X’s and O’s and responded to Gruden with “Sir”.

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