John Moffitt stop spoiling my 2014 mock

The newest Seahawk. This isn't a great photo for him.

I’ve had a 2014 “way too early” mock sitting there for two days. Just waiting for me to hit the ‘publish’ button.

And for two days straight, John Moffitt has stopped that happening.

After all, we have to discuss the issues of the day…

24 hours after he was dealt to Cleveland, he’s now going to Denver.


According to reports, Cleveland voided their trade with Seattle due to concerns over his medical.

The Seahawks didn’t waste any time finding another trade partner, with the Broncos jumping in to make a deal.

What it all means is Brian Sanford, we hardly knew ye. He remains a Brown. Now the Seahawks get Sealver Siliga — an equally obscure, relatively unknown defensive lineman.

Siliga is a tackle formerly of the Niners. He’s 6-2 and 325lbs with one career tackle.

Basically, these two trades were about moving on Moffitt rather than acquiring a player who is expected to come in and be a difference maker.

And had another trade partner not been forthcoming, you can bet they would’ve simply cut him outright.


  1. James

    Rob, no surprise PCJS are trying to acquire healthy bodies at DL. Howard and McDaniel are hurt and I am pretty worried about Jesse Williams. I took a quick look at the Broncos game again and Jesse was really hurting and could not (should not) play. I’m an Alabama alum and have watched Jesse for several years and he is not right at all. He was dominant for Alabama in holding the line, stunning double teams, and shutting down the run. On play after play against the Broncos, it was clear that Jesse could put no weight on his knee and was actually hopping on one foot while being blocked several times. Not good. He is a knee procedure and IR waiting to happen, I’m afraid.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for the insight James. That’s a shame about Jesse but also makes it clear why he went in the 5th round. I think we should expect him to land on IR.

      And that would leave them short inside. It’s still a really big problem area for Seattle and here’s why. It seems to me they’ve continued to look for role players at DT rather than simply a clear-cut starter who can be relied upon to play a high snap count. Part of that is down to the options available. Unfortunately even after a fall, with the #25 pick they would’ve had to jump up 13 slots to get anywhere near to Star Lotulelei or Sheldon Richardson. But it’s a problem area inside, against the run and the pass. A serious concern.

      I hope Jordan Hill can solve the problems and you’d hope so as a third rounder. Yet he hasn’t been able to distance himself from the rest of the group. Not yet anyway.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I haven’t seen the San Diego game since I watched it live, but I thought Hill played better against the run vs. Denver than he did in Week 1. I’m not saying it was night and day different, but I thought it was an improvement nonetheless. That’s as much as can be reasonably expected – some improvement week to week.

        Also, even though his play has come against 2nds and 3rds, Brooks looks like an encouraging prospect. If he makes the team (and given the state of our interior DL, that’s a distinct possibility), my hope would be for him to contribute in rotation, particularly later in games where his quickness and mobility should prove effective against a tiring OL.

        Having said all this, however, I concede that the interior DL remains this team’s biggest concern.

  2. The Ancient Mariner

    FWIW, I know Ute fans thought pretty highly of Siliga.

  3. Spencer

    I have watched Sealver at football since high school, old buddy of mine. He plays like Branch, only shorter. And probably faster. Good dude, definitely the type of character they would want in the locker room. Probably one of the humblest people I know too. Has always been happy to be paid to play football.

    • Rob Staton

      Good to know Spencer, thanks for the info.

  4. Mark

    I’m curious what medical issues Moffitt had that could have voided the trade…

    With injuries seeming all too common for linemen, I’m starting to think the human body is just not meant to repeatedly experience the kind of vertical force that the NFL demands while maintaining a 6-3 325 lb figure.

    • Miles

      According to reports Moffitt has had knee surgery before and has also dealt with elbow injuries. I’m guessing one of those jumped out at Browns’ coaches.

      The Broncos will probably notice these injury bug-a-boos too. But with the depth the Broncos have on their O-line, they don’t need Moffitt to come in and start right away. They can stash him behind their top five guys and let him develop/heal up for a year, so that 2013 acts as a redshirt season for the 26-year old guard. Cleveland could not afford to do this; they probably expected Moffitt to come in and compete for starting guard immediately.

      I think it was a good move by the Hawks but a great move for the Broncos.

  5. Cysco

    John Clayton seems to think that the the failed physical was more about Cleveland’s “buyer’s remorse” than Moffitt actually having any real problem. He suggests that CLE vetoed the trade assuming that SEA would just waive Moffitt, thus allowing them to pick him up for free. CLE gambled and lost.

    • Rob Staton

      Just sounds a bit far fetched for the sake of Brian Sanford IMO.

  6. James

    The D line is majorly hurting. Now reports that Jordan Hill will be out 3-6 weeks for a partially torn biceps. Bummer….he was well on his way to earning the starting 3 tech. Can they afford to carry him for 6 weeks on the 53 man roster? And Jesse Williams is clearly injured and was hopping around on one leg while being blocked by Denver. Who else can we trade for a DT?

    • Miles

      Pete Carroll said reports of Jordan Hill being out 3-6 weeks are “inaccurate” according to Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times. It sounds like he’ll be ready for the season opener…

  7. christian

    Can anyone say maxwell?

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