Julius Thomas rumours, Darnell Dockett & live combine day two

I’ll update the blog as we go along. Today the offensive linemen and tight ends will do the bench press. The quarterbacks, running backs and receivers will be measured and interviewed by the media.

This is the big early headline:

That’s some considerable weight gain by DGB. Is it good weight? He looked slim at Missouri and had room to add bulk. But 12lbs is quite a lot. It’ll be interesting to see how he tests on Saturday. Meanwhile Jameis Winston is just under 6-4 and 231lbs, Marcus Mariota is just under 6-4 and 222lbs.

The other thing to start with today — speculation linking Seattle with Julius Thomas, courtesy of Matt Bowen:

“The Seahawks are looking to upgrade the tight end position, and league sources say Julius Thomas could be in play once he hits the free-agent market. Thomas would give quarterback Russell Wilson a true matchup weapon to target inside the numbers and in the red zone. Think of “50-50″ balls that Thomas can go up and get at the point of attack.”

“League sources” doesn’t mean a deal will happen. Reports recently suggested Thomas turned down a multi-year contract with the Broncos worth $8m a year. That was in 2014. Since then, he’s had another injury plagued season (but still scored 12 touchdowns in 13 starts). His stock might not be quite as high today, but it won’t be far off.

Would the Seahawks pay $8m a year? They would if they genuinely see Thomas as the kind of dynamic threat they’re missing on offense. They paid Zach Miller a lot more than $8m in 2013. Seattle needs a mismatch at the second level and a red zone option. Thomas provides both — when he’s healthy.

Whether it’s at receiver or tight end, they need an impact player on offense. The draft might not produce that immediate production. And the veteran receiver options are dwindling with Larry Fitzgerald signing a new contract in Arizona — and the Buccs stating at the combine they’ll keep hold of Vincent Jackson.

Seattle can afford Thomas. If they want him, they can get him. And while they’ll likely face competition from teams like Oakland — he’ll know he has a chance to win a Championship with the Seahawks.

And if you weren’t aware, Seattle reportedly tried to trade Percy Harvin for Thomas during the 2014 season.

Adding a unique edge to the story, Thomas’ father Greg played football at University of the Pacific in 1983. Coaching him at the time? Pete Carroll, who was the offensive (!!!) coordinator. Greg Thomas suffered a career-ending leg injury during his time at Pacific. After a quick scan on Thomas Senior’s Twitter account, you’ll find these:

But before you get too carried away (if you want to see Thomas in Seattle), there’s also this:

The running back measurements are coming in:

Todd Gurley — 6-0 and 5/8, 222lbs
Melvin Gordon — 6-0 and 5/8, 215lbs
Jay Ajayi — 5-11 and 6/-8, 221lbs
T.J. Yeldon — 6-1 and 2/8, 226lbs
Tevin Coleman — 5-10, 206lbs

John Schneider is up at the podium for his press conference:

He says “not really” in response to a question on whether he’d be shocked if Marshawn Lynch retired. There’s still no clarity on whether he’ll return. Schneider complimented the group of running backs in the draft.

Schneider also admitted Seattle could get 11 draft picks after all. He claims he previously said 10 because he didn’t want to be disappointed if the Seahawks missed out on an extra compensatory pick.

It’s been revealed receiver Breshad Perriman won’t workout at the combine due to injury:

The receiver measurements are coming in. Some early details:

— Devin Funchess has a 82 and 5/8 inch wingspan.

— Amari Cooper and Justin Hardy have ten inch hands. Todd Gurley also has ten inch hands.

Dorial Green-Beckham has been speaking to the media too. For a full set of quotes click here.

Green-Beckham is 6-5 and 237lbs with 32 and a half inch arms and nine inch hands. That’s big but he doesn’t necessarily have the length or hand size you’d expect. Devin Funchess is 6-4 and 232lbs, with 33 and a half inch arms and nine and 3/4 inch hands.

Jaelen Strong is only 6-2 — something I suspected watching tape. He didn’t look 6-3. Here are the measurements for some of the receivers:

Dorial Green Beckham — 6-5, 237lbs, 32 1/2 inch arms, 9 inch hands
Devin Funchess — 6-4, 232lbs, 33 and a half inch arms, 9 and 3/4 inch hands
Jaelen Strong — 6-2, 217lbs, 32 and a half inch arms, 9 inch hands
Amari Cooper — 6-1, 211lbs, 31 and a half inch arms, 10 inch hands
Tre McBride — 6-0, 210lbs, 32 and 1/8 inch arms, 9 inch hands
Nelson Agholor — 6-0, 198lbs, 32 and 1/4 inch arms, 9 and 1/4 inch hands
Sammie Coates — 6-1, 212lbs, 33 and 3/8 inch arms, 9 and 3/8 inch hands
Phillip Dorsett — 5-10, 185lbs, 30 and 1/4 inch arms, 9 and 3/8 inch hands
Tyler Lockett — 5-10, 182lbs, 30 inch arms, 8 and 3/8 inch hands
Vince Mayle — 6-2, 224lbs, 31 and 3/4 inch arms, 9 inch hands
DeVante Parker — 6-3, 209lbs, 33 and 1/4 inch arms, 9 and 1/4 inch hands
Breshad Perriman — 6-2, 212lbs, 32 inch arms, 9 and 1/4 inch hands
Devin Smith — 6-0, 196lbs, 31 inch arms, 9 inch hands
Kevin White — 6-3, 215lbs, 32 and 5/8 inch arms, 9 and 1/4 inch hands

For a full list of today’s QB, RB and WR measurements, click here.

Todd Gurley (10 inches) and Melvin Gordon (9 and 3/4 inches) have bigger hands than most of the top-tier receivers.

Alabama quarterback Blake Sims confirmed he has met with the Seahawks. Running backs T.J. Yeldon and Josh Robinson also said they have had meetings with Seattle. Tight end Maxx Williams confirmed he met with the team yesterday. Auburn QB/CB Nick Marshall also had a meeting.

Todd Gurley says he won’t workout at the combine or the Georgia pro day on March 18th. This is the right move. Too many prospects rush back to get a workout in before the draft. Focus on recovery.

One note we missed earlier — John Schneider has all but admitted Byron Maxwell is going to be moving on:

One thing to remember on this — Seattle has significant finances pumped into its secondary. Overall there’s quite an imbalanced swing towards the finances on defense vs offense. That will change when Russell Wilson gets paid, but Bobby Wagner (and probably Bruce Irvin) stand to get significant pay increases too. Maxwell is a good player, but he’s not irreplaceable. A salary worth around $8m might be too much for Seattle and just right for other teams trying to build a defense from scratch. C’est la vie sometimes.

Meanwhile Jason La Canfora wrote a post today suggesting the Seahawks could allow Russell Wilson to play out his rookie contract, essentially saving several million against the 2015 cap:

At a time when everyone is assuming that, voila, this Wilson deal will just automatically get done this offseason, let be among the minority, if not the only one, to state that it’s possible that Wilson actually plays out his rookie contract. It’s plausible. Might even be probable.

Schneider joined La Canfora and Pete Prisco after his press conference today and was asked about this. He refused to comment on specifics, but did mention aggressive acquisition of other players as part of his answer. If there’s a guy they want in free agency — and if paying Wilson next year helps — you know they’ll do what is best for the team.

The projected franchise tag for quarterbacks in 2015 is $18.38m. That will increase in a years time, but could still be lower than $20m. The Seahawks have that option in a years time. It might be a little harsh on a player who deserves a long-term deal — but if it helps improve the roster enough to win another Championship, could it happen?

The one concern I’d have is this — the price of a franchise quarterback is only going to increase. Especially when Andrew Luck gets paid. Waiting to do a deal with Wilson only makes it more expensive as you delay the inevitable. An expensive contract today might be a bargain in three years time.

Ian Rapoport had this to add:

And I’d recommend this piece by Davis Hsu at Field Gulls on Wilson’s contract:

La Canfora also has this to say about the Marshawn Lynch situation: “From what I hear, this Lynch deal is getting close to being resolved.”

And just when you think things couldn’t get any more interesting today:

The quote ends: “ill be in az next year 1way or another rather its 1 game or 8. #thinkaboutit!”

It doesn’t mean Seattle but tell me it doesn’t half feel like they’d be interested. The Seahawks are crying out for a guy like Dockett working the interior pass rush and might need that veteran presence if Kevin Williams moves on. Dockett is 34 this year and tore his ACL last August, missing the entire 2014 season. There’s still a decent chance he ends up back with the Cardinals. But a year in Seattle makes sense if he’s released.

He peaked in the 2007-2010 portion of his career, collecting 25 sacks in four years. He had 4.5 sacks in 2013. His competitive edge, ability to play the run and pass and pocket-collapsing skills would still be intriguing.

The bench press reps are starting to come in for the tight ends and offensive linemen. Here’s a selection:

Maxx Williams — 17 reps
Jeff Heuerman — 26 reps
Jesse James — 26 reps
Tyler Kroft — 17 reps
Clive Walford — 20 reps

Brandon Scherff — 23 reps
La’el Collins — 21 reps
T.J. Clemmings — 22 reps
D.J. Humphries — 26 reps
Cedric Ogbuehi — 26 reps
Cameron Erving — 30 reps
Rob Haverstein — 16 reps
Rob Crisp — 26 reps
Jake Fisher — 25 reps
Ereck Flowers — 37 reps
Ty Sambrailo — 23 reps
Corey Robinson — 28 reps
Terry Poole — 25 reps
Donovan Smith — 26 reps
Tyrus Thompson — 29 reps
Darryl Williams — 27 reps

Melvin Gordon combine press conference highlights:


  1. Drew

    If we were to sign Thomas for $8MM a year, how would that impact our ability to sign some of the DL free agents that we’ve previously discussed on here? I think it would be a great addition and we could use the draft pick that would be used on a TE on a WR.

    I’m surprised to see Gurley on measure in at 222 lbs. I thought he was closer to 230. But that’s closer to the size PCJS look for in the backs. I wonder what his actual playing weight was last year, I’m sure he’s been working hard at his rehab and wonder if he’s lost some pounds to try to accelerate the recovery.

    As much as I’d like to have Lynch back, for some reason I don’t think it’s going to happen.

    • MJ

      RE: Gurley – Keep in mind, he is a guy with a big lower body who is recovering from a torn ACL. Not a shock he has come in a lot lighter due to not being able to do power lifting. Should be easy to gain back once he is a full go on heavy lifting. Also, I’ve read that he has great work ethic…would not be surprised at all by your suggestion of losing weight to speed up recovery. Good point.

      I’d be concerned if he came in heavier.

    • Rob Staton

      If they sign Thomas for $8m there isn’t much left for anything else in FA unless it’s seriously short term.

      • Volume 12

        Drew, keep in mind that with shoes on Todd Gurley is actually 6’1 and not the typical Seahawks back size.

  2. lil'stink

    No, no, no to Julius Thomas at over $8 million a year. I would rather spend the money on a LEO type or DT. As pedestrian as our receivers are we were one yard and one horrible playcall from putting up 31 points in the Super Bowl. I doubt Thomas is the player PCJS are looking for…

    • bigDhawk

      Completely agree. If we can afford to give Julius Thomas that much why can’t we give it to Maxwell instead? There are LOTS of tall receiving targets in this draft at both the TE and WO positions, but not many Byron Maxwells.

      • SunPathPaul

        I agree with both of you. We shouldn’t spend big money again on a FA WR/TE!?

        I’d rather keep MAXI, and not fear that half our secondary is vulnerable…just draft a BIG TE!

        • Grant G

          I actually disagree with both of you! I think in general the receiving targets in this year’s draft are smaller than last year’s, and most of the top TEs are an inch or two shorter than Thomas (save Jesse James, who is enormous). To me the value in the FA market in terms of targets is going to be at TE, whether it’s Thomas, Cameron, or someone like Charles Clay. This is already shaping up to be a DEEP draft at D Line, with some real quality at CB as well. I think the team could sign one of the coveted TEs, find value FAs at D line or CB, and get real value in the first 4 rounds as the draft falls to them.

          • lil'stink

            I just think that if you are going to spend that much money on a TE for this offense they need to be at least a decent blocker. Miller’s blocking was horribly missed at times, and I think he is a better red zone help than he gets credit for. If we got Thomas chances are we would cut Miller. That leaves us with 3 TE’s on the roster, none of which are known for being good (or even average) blockers.

            I doubt we keep Maxwell regardless of if we sign a guy like Thomas. And even though TB is committed to VJax right now, I think they could still be open for the right trade.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s about value. Thomas has 24 touchdowns in the last two seasons, is a genuine dynamo in the red zone and winning 1v1. He is one of the best TE’s in the game. The problem is health and that’s the deciding factor here. As good as Maxwell is — is he an $8m cornerback?

        • Greg Haugsven

          Yeah but hes not going to score 12 touchdowns with us…FA pass catchers almost never work out…the amount of money you would have to pay him, no thanks…i agree with the no on JT peeps. Develop your own then sign them if they work out…dont pay big dough for other peoples free agents.

          • Rob Staton

            Isn’t he?

            • Greg haugsven

              What does that mean?

              • Rob Staton

                I’m asking why can’t he be a 12-TD guy for Seattle?

                • Greg haugsven

                  Because Peyton threw for 90 touchdowns or so …the opportunities are plentiful. We’ve thrown for 46 the last two years. The odds are against him…it would be definitely nice to have a big bodied target though…just not sure its worth the financial comittment. Then again its not up to you or I, so well see.

                  • Rob Staton

                    Thomas accounted for more than a quarter of Manning’s overall production last season despite all the talent they have to throw to.

                    Seattle might score a few more touchdowns with a red zone threat like JT.

                  • arias

                    I’d have to agree that there were definitely times where a JT type would have been a gimme in the red zone this year. Think of it this way, the opportunities are plentiful in Seattle too because there is no red zone target. There’d be no competition from other targets for those TDs.

        • JeffC

          I think if health is not a concern I’d rather pursue Jordan Cameron since he’ll come cheaper.

        • bigDhawk

          Value relative to the league is the foundational concept upon which mainstream draftnicks like Kiper operate, and it’s been well documented that is not how the Seahawks operate. It is less important whether Maxwell is an $8mil CB to the rest of the league, and more important that he is arguably an $8mil CB to us, in our system, as the fourth pillar of the LOB.

          I do not agree that just because we are the Seahawks we can plug someone in at LCB and easily replace Maxwell. It took a lot of work and seasoning for Maxwell to become the player he is, which is a CB that sent BB to the Pats to catalyze the play that stole the SB from us. That is not easily replaced. I’ll go so far as to say that if we have to roll with Simon or a rookie like Collins opposite Sherm than the LOB won’t be the LOB in 2015. That unit operates at a level far above the sum of its individual parts, and losing one part for a whole season will nullify the Legion in LOB. We don’t have another Maxwell waiting in the wings. I’d take Maxwell back all day before signing JT.

          • Rob Staton

            The Seahawks replaced Trufant with Sherman, Browner with Thurmond, Thurmond with Maxwell. I think they’ll feel very comfortable replacing Maxwell without needing to spend $8m per, which is why JS speaks like he’s set to move on.

            The LOB will be just fine.

            • bobbyk

              Trufant was replaced by Thurmond. Then he broke his fibula and was replaced by Sherm. It’s weird because for all the “compete” talk that year, their 3rd string was the best player and it went backwards (Tru was worst at that point in comparision to Sherm/WTIII but he started).

    • Jake

      I agree with you, since I think Luke Willson does a lot of what JT does as a receiver and blocks a whole hell of a lot better. He’s obviously not as good as JT as a receiver, specifically in jump ball situations, but I’m not sure that one skill is worth $8M. Especially since I think there are quite a few, cheaper options who can win jump balls two or three times a game, while Luke does the rest of the TE jobs.

      • Drew

        Is 12 touchdowns a year worth $8M?

        • Jake

          Of course it is in an apples to apples world… But, those 12 TDs came in a Broncos passing attack that more than doubled the total team passing TDs output than the Seahawks in 2014. So, cut that number in half (at least) and no 6 TDs is not worth 8M. Especially not when we can get 3 TDs from Luke Willson and another 2 TDs from Cooper Helfet (for a total of 5) for less than 1M.

    • Rob Staton

      They made a trade offer for him, that suggests he was the player they were looking for.

      They need to upgrade the WR/TE group, however close they were to winning the Super Bowl.

      • Volume 12

        I don’t get it. Everyone wants this dynamic playmaker at WR or TE, and there’s a guy in TE Julius Thomas who is the description of that.

        Would it be more beneficial to grab one in the draft? Absolutely, but WR is one of the hardest positions to learn off the bat. Take an athletic freak at receiver, bring him along slowly, add another mid round guy, a blocking TE, and sign what this teams has been missing.

        Actually TE Julius Thomas is a decent run-blocker. He’s a fantastic athlete, former basketball player, and is an amazing ‘jump ball’ specialist.

        • Rob Staton

          Thomas’ injury history worries me, but you can’t ignore 24 touchdowns in two seasons.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Yeah for a half year…try him out then decide on the big money…free agency you just have to pony up and hope.

        • Jake

          That is exactly my hope with this whole story. I just don’t see how Julius Thomas is worth that kind of money in this offense. I think the hope was that Cameron or Thomas could be gotten for a half-year loan, since neither were under contract for 2015. It’s the MLB and NBA model of mid-season trades. I don’t think Seattle was looking to pay 8M a year for Thomas when they showed interest in 2014.

          • Greg haugsven

            That’s right…you can also get him here for a half year and see if he fits in then he might even take a home town discount even know he would have been here for short time…kind of like Bennett and avril

          • Rob Staton

            They paid Zach Miller a lot more than $8m.

            • Greg haugsven

              5 years 34 million was the contract…6.8 apy…then the last two years got negotiated down to 2 years 6 million, and who knows if hell be here next year.

              • Rob Staton

                I’m referring to 2013 when Miller was paid as highly as any TE in the league.

                • Robert

                  The amount they paid Miller is irrelevant when we remember the context. We were a crap team when we inked Miller. We had to overpay to attract quality FA’s. Now we are a desirable destination. Our days of over paying have been replaced with shrewd CAP management.

                  • Rob Staton

                    The point still stands though. People asking why they would pay that kind of money for a TE — they’ve shown they’re willing to do it for the right guy.

            • BCHawk

              But that was a salary cap thing and was for only one year of a long term deal. They could have cut him after two years and paid an average of $8.5m.
              Still point is valid that they could be willing to pay $8m a year. Percy’s contract is another data point that backs that up.
              Doubt it will happen but it is possible.

              • Greg haugsven

                He was paid 6.8 million.that year just had a big cap hit due to his contract structure…I’d love a good tight end just not sure the value is there or the cap space. If they hold off on Wilson’s deal and cut some guys maybe. Well see soon, all this waiting for the draft and free agency is killing me.

    • Robert

      JT for 8 million or Suh for 8 million + cuts (IE Mebane, McDaniels)???

  3. lil'stink

    Interesting to see all the WR measurements. Agholor at 198 is heavier than I thought he was. If he can do well in the speed and agility drills at that weight he would be a solid 2nd round pick for us. Tre McBride is also only 6’0, which is 1-2″ shorter than everything I have read about him. I wonder if this drops his stock a little bit.

    Justin Hardy looks kind of freaky with his arms and hands for only being 5’10”. I’ve been liking Tyler Lockett’s highlight reels lately, but those arms and hands are dainty. I still kind of like him if he drops, but I know the last thing we need is another guy with a limited catch radius.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I fully expect Agholor to do well enough in his catching field drills that he won’t be there at the end of R2.

      • Volume 12

        Told ya guys that Agholor wasn’t that skinny. Kid’s the real deal.

    • Volume 12

      E. Carolina WR Justin Hardy is one of, if not the most ‘Seahawks’ WR in this draft, in terms of being over-looked and having that survivor mentality that OC Darrell Bevell says they look for in receivers.

      • John_s

        What do you think of Deandre Smelter. He seems like a nice, raw prospect with only 2 years of football experience. He’s got long arms (32 5/8) and huge hands (11). This guy as long as he fully recovers from his ACL could turn out to be a steal.

        I would love to see Seattle use on of their 5th’s to draft him and redshirt him to allow him to be ready to go in ’16

        • Volume 12

          I like WR DeAndre Smelter. Had the biggest hands of any receiver at the combine.

          I think he’ll be a steal as well. I could definitely see Seattle using a red-shirt type selection on him.

          He’s a fantastic run-blocker, and he makes guys miss in the open field, using this unique ability of his to take/understand the approaching defenders angles. He’d be a nice red-line, throw it up and box off the DBs type guy.

          IMO Seattle will take just a flat-out athlete at the WR position, and a solid/productive, under the radar WR. Kind of like what they did last year with P-Rich and Norwood. Not saying they’ll take clones of those 2, but something along those lines,

          • SunPathPaul

            Take him w a comp pick, 5 or 6 and IR him for 2015!!!

  4. AlaskaHawk

    Boldin and Welker set the FA market at 6 million per year. Golden Tate is paid about the same. I don’t see any reason to go above that number for a receiver unless they are named Megatron.

  5. Jake

    I like Ty Mongomery even more now… His arms are a little shorter than ideal, but his height and weight checked out bigger than I would have guessed and he has those huge mitts, over 10 inch hands. I think he would be an excellent addition as a 4th/5th WR and return specialist.

    • Jake

      I forgot to add… My opinion on the outcome of this draft will weigh heavily on if Seattle comes away with a Big WR and a well-rounded TE. My dream draft consists of either Devin Funchess or Maxx Williams in the first and Mongomery somewhere along the way.

      The way this draft sets up is that there are some very unique skill sets in the top 3 rounds offensively. It’s like one or two of each type, but not a ton of depth throughout. Usually there are guys who are off the radar for whatever reason, but they match up well with a top prospect. There just isn’t a lot of that so far that I’ve seen from the measurements.

      If Williams is not in the Hawks plans, Hauerman is interesting as a mid-round guy and I think Walford might be available in round 2.

      Big WR:
      I guess they could see what they have in the Arena League guy McNeil and SB dreamboat Matthews if they skip on Funchess. Jaelen Strong is big and strong too, so I wouldn’t jump off a building if he was more to their liking, or even a late round flier like Cam Worthy.

      Last thought: Sammy Coates is too much… His measurements close the loop on just how perfect a specimen he is. The guy was built to take over the NFL – how much can concentration be coached though?

      • Drew

        We won’t have results on a draft class until several years later. Look at 2012. Immediately everyone thought it was terrible, but ended up winning us a superbowl.

        It’s very possible that the large WR targets are not available when we pick. DGB or Funchess would be great additions but they could easily go before 31. Same with Williams.

        As for Coates…physical specimen yes, football specimen no. High upsdie and very inconsistent. I wouldn’t pick him before the end of the 2nd. I’m sure some of his issues can be corrected, but they won’t be fixed over night. Good examples are Kelvin Benjamin, heck even Jermaine Kearse.

        • Jake

          Of course we won’t know, I’m not saying I’ll be right… just the guys I (a fan and draft nut) am in love with. I once pounded the table (literally) for Chad Jackson (Florida WR back in ’06 or so), he busted/injured out of the league in like two years. I double-downed on Chad’s a few years later… I was disappointed that we drafted Earl Thomas (I know, I already know…) because I was hoping for Chad Jones (LSU S) in the 2nd round. I also wanted Kaepernick or Mallett in 2011, Osweiler or Wilson in 2012 (Unbelievable difference as it turns out for two guys I thought similarly of…). My favorite draft pick of all time though is easily Shaun Alexander. True story, the three running backs I have had the most confidence coming into the NFL are in this order: Shaun Alexander, Marshawn Lynch, and Trent Richardson.

          I’m off DGB because I just don’t think he’s on the Seahawks draft board, but yeah he’s pretty
          special indeed. I know Irvin came with similar baggage but I think Pete’s unusual familiarity with Irvin made the difference there. I don’t know if his son has some insight on DGB or another assistant/personnel guy but outside of a unique understanding of his issues I don’t think he is a remote possibility (if available).

          • Volume 12

            Jake, I too am a big fan of Stanford WR Ty Montgomery, huge hands is something NFL teams like. Put this guy on an offense like Seattle’s, and he could quickly become one of the more dynamic receivers in the league. Add in those return skills too.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I love me some Jeff Heuermen. That dudes a blocking machine that is a very good pass catcher. They just never throw the ball at The Ohio State so his stats look suspect.

        • Jake

          He could be a steal… Just tough to know without the opportunities to put in on tape.

          • Greg haugsven

            Your right…maybe with there fourth round pick?

  6. Drew

    Oh and by the way…John Schneider said in an interview today that Jeremy Lane is going to have knee surgery. He hurt his knee on his interception return right before he broke his arm/wrist. We need some serious help at CB this year.

    I’d love to bring back Walter Thurmound on a 1 year vet minimum deal. Hopefully Burley canmake some strides with a full offseason with us.

    • lil'stink

      The news about Lane is a bummer, this has to bump CB priority up a bit. I don’t know about Thurmond, though, I think someone who is more reliable injury-wise might be a better move.

    • Rob Staton

      Lane immediately pointed to his knee on the sideline after he landed. Makes you wonder if the pain was so intense in the knee he didn’t even realize at first he’d broken the arm. Terrible blow for him.

      • SunPathPaul

        We all focus mostly on the last play of the game, but this nice INT quickly became a nightmare!
        We lost Lane, and then the game!

        • Bryan C

          I still think the Cliff Avril concussion cost us the game. Brady’s numbers before and after the Avril concussion are night and day apart. Lane’s injury also hurt, as did the entire LOB being hobbled. This game really showed why depth is important and how hard it is to repeat.

          That being said, I expect PC/JS to fix the depth issue and bring out an improved team that can win it all again this season. If this team adds DGB, Julius Thomas, Suh, any of those kind of guys and stays hungry, the sky is the limit.

  7. CHawk Talker Eric

    Gotta wonder if not being able to play motivated DGB to go off in the weight room. 12lbs of muscle in a year isn’t hard for an athlete of his size.

    DGB just got a lot more interesting to me.

    Also, nice hand size for Gurley.

    • Drew

      One underrated ability of Gurley is being able to catch the ball. He was a great outlet and also did well in the screen game at Georgia.

    • Greg Haugsven

      If its actually muscle and not that Jameis Winston stuff

  8. Cysco

    Man I want me some Todd Gurley. Lynch or not.

  9. Ben

    One of my draft crushes just got a boost in my eyes.

    Deandre Smelter, WR, Georgia Tech
    6-2 226, 32 5/8″ arms, 11″ hands.

    • Rob Staton

      Still recovering from a torn ACL though.

      • Jake

        True, but despite Waller’s ridiculous size (6’6″), he wasn’t half the receiver Smelter was for GT. If he can be had for a mid-round pick, his skills are sorely lacking from the current roster of Seahawks receivers and would be worth the recovery time.

        • Rob Staton

          I think mid-round is a bit early considering he might not play in 2015.

          • Ben

            I’d take him starting in the fifth round personally, he’s just a natural athlete, with great hands, great size, and great athleticism. He does lack a lot of polish though.

          • SunPathPaul

            For a 7th rounder he would be great. Those picks rarely make the team. Only Sweezy on the roster was a 7th rounder.

            Put him on IR for 2015 to have some fresh blood for 2016 at WR…he gets plenty of time to heal, we have a possible ace in the hole.

        • Spireite Seahawk


          I dont know much about Waller but the mismatch potential seems huge. Do you not rate him at all or do you think Smelter is just superior?

          It’s hard not to be very intrigued with the stats and the very limited tape I’ve seen.

          • Jake

            Waller is easily bullied by much smaller DBs. That turned me off completely. His size is a complete waste. Smelter is going to play in the NFL, he is as competitive as they come with the ball in the air.

    • Ben

      I also wonder if this pushes Devin Funchess more toward the Wide Receiver spectrum. He just put in measurements pretty close to Mike Evans and Kelvin Benjamin today.

      • Rob Staton

        Funchess might be hurting himself there. He lacks the suddenness to play receiver and has the skill set of a really good big target/move TE. I know why he wants to be seen as a WR ($$$$$) but teams might see him as a TE and the lack of size as a knock. We’ll see.

        • Jake

          I took it very much as a positive actually. I think he’s much more a receiver than TE and his size reduction could help change the attitude that he’s a poor blocker since he’s no longer considered a TE. If he puts up good numbers in the speed/agility tests, he might have a shot at the 1st round now.

          • Rob Staton

            His short yardage burst, break off routes and initial separation will make life very difficult for him at receiver. I think it’s almost a pipe dream if he expects to stay there at the next level.

            • Jake

              Let’s see how he shows up athletically at the reduced weight. He’s excellent with his hands so he creates separation when necessary.

  10. Matt


    The link above is to a Denver site about Denver and Julius Thomas. The article paints him as a guy looking strictly for money, and someone who doesn’t put it all on the field. Whether it’s just sour grapes from Denver fans or not, definitely something to consider. The hawks need someone who will fit into the locker room culture. But they also need a sizeable upgrade in the passing game, and it looks like the WR market won’t be strong in FA, but more so in the draft. Which means a TE like Thomas or Jordan Cameron would easily provide the best short term boost.

    • Volume 12

      Who has more of a bead on what kind of teammate JT is? Some butt-hurt Denver reporter, or a HC who coached and is good friends with said players father?

      • Matt

        Do you seriously believe Julius Thomas’ father would give Pete anything less than a glowing review of his son? Not saying that the report is 100% accurate, just something that should be considered when throwing money at the guy. I for one would rather see us go after Jordan Cameron who should come cheaper, which in turn will give us more money to offer Marshawn.

        • Volume 12

          Of course he’d have only good things to say about his son, but if PC is still friends with JTs dad, then I’d assume PC knows Thomas pretty well.

          I’d rather have TE Jordan Cameron too, but if it ends up being Julius Thomas, you’ll hear no complaints from me,

  11. Volume 12

    I find it interesting that Indiana HB Tevin Coleman is right in Seattle’s wheelhouse in terms of size they like for the position. This kid is so perfect for Seattle’s scheme, he’d concede to the fact that this is RWs offense going forward.

    If Gurley and Gordon are gone, I’d have no problem with that if Seattle ends up with this guy.

  12. Volume 12

    TJ Yeldon is a freak of nature at that size. WOW! Great back for a RBBC. Also like Miss ST HB Josh Robinson.

    Rob, what were Ty Montgomery’s measurements?

    I’m I the only one that is expecting Seattle to draft a QB later on or take one as a priority UDFA?

    • mrpeapants

      wouldn’t be surprised if they took sims late. similar to rw in scrambling and arm strength in my book.

      • SunPathPaul

        Seattle has scheduled a meeting with Sims.

        • Spireite Seahawk

          The potential issue with Sims is his relatively small hand size, I know they love that RW has big hands.

          Hundley intrigues me.

          I do think they take a QB and it might be higher than some think. Cheap back up, chance to earn future draft picks and I’m not sure they think Daniels is the long term answer (talk of WR conversion etc).

          With potentially 11 picks I think we see a few swings for the fence.

    • matt509

      I like Yeldon. I’m guessing they favor him over Ajayi. I like both prospects. I wonder how Rashad Greene measured. He’s a guy I have really high on my radar.

      Amari Cooper is also bigger than I thought.

    • Rob Staton

      Montgomery is 6-0, 221lbs, 31 inch arms and 10 1/8 inch hands.

      • Volume 12

        Unique size. If he turns out an impressive combine, like I think he will, with his high character and everyone says he’s an amazing/accountable teammate, IMO he could be special,

        As a former baseball player I think he’ll be a dynamic returner as well. Being a former baseball players is such an advantage for these return specialists.

  13. Bernardo De Biase

    This rush on Marshawn is very intriguing. Maybe the Seahawks are really into the RB class this draft.

    Good measurements for Cooper and Coates. I bet Cooper goes to Oakland.

    Not so good for Parker and White. Hope one of them fall to late-tens/early twenties and Seahawks move up.

    • redzone086

      No way white makes it pass 15 just no way.

      • hawkfaninMT

        It’s the drat… I thought Lee was Top 15- last year, and he ended up in the 2nd

  14. Misfit74

    Great storylines to watch. JT would be awesome, but not at the cost of also improving significantly at WR. They should get it all done, including the Wilson deal. Rookie TEs rarely make huge impacts, so a valuable, experienced tight end is very important. How much of what they think of this year’s class of TEs factors in I’d like to know, however.

    JT and DGB and I’m peeing my pants for a month straight.


    • manthony

      I can get behind that!

  15. CC

    I’d be okay with JT, but I believe that someone is going to overpay him – more than $8m.

    I’m not getting too excited yet about the WR and such until we see what these guys run. We will need a playmaker – not sure who it will be, but PRich is almost certainly out for at least part of the year, so we need someone to take over.

    Going into next year with only Kearse and Baldwin is fine, but it isn’t enough.

  16. Volume 12

    Very interesting tweet there from Darnell Dockett. How old is he, 32? He’d such an exciting acquisition. Very ‘Seahawky’ personality.

    What do you guys think of Miami DL Anthony Chickillo- 6’4, 280 lbs? Talk about a high-effort/high motor player that finishes plays and goes all out. He’s versatile, colorful character, good bloodlines, and had a very impressive East-West Shrine game.

    He’d be a nice 5-tech who could slide inside to play some 3-tech and would definelty be an upgrade over D-lineman Landon Cohen and Demarcus Dobbs.

    • Rob Staton

      Dockett is 34 in May.

    • hawkfaninMT

      Doesn’t Dockett run around with some Hawks in the offseason? I feel like I remember being annoyed that Irvin was jet skiing with Dockett somewhere. Yep I still do not like Dockett for the Hass cheapshots back in the day. Sue me

  17. Rob Staton

    I’ve added notes on Darnell Dockett hinting he could be heading to a NFC West rival + an article by Davis Hsu on Russell Wilson’s contract.

    • matt509

      He would bring so much passion to this team. It’ll resemble Steve Smith leaving Carolina. I would love to have him in Seattle.

      • Ukhawk

        Para instead please. Hoping JT talk is a smokescreen for getting Williams on day 2.

        • Ukhawk

          Paea instead please.

          • matt509

            I remember watching a youtube video of him repping 225 49 times. I think he was a SR at OSU.

  18. Volume 12

    Rob, have tour heard or seen anything about what WRs have met with Seattle, if any yet?

    • Rob Staton

      No confirmed meetings with any WR’s yet.

  19. Volume 12

    Wow, the majority of O-lineman this year all have very similar bench press numbers. 24-28 reps.

    Wisconsin OL Rob Havenstein had an awful 16 reps.

    Syracuse, Miami, and Mizzou O-lineman Sean Hickey, Ereck Flowers, and Mitch Morse had over 35 reps. Is this Mitch Morse cat maybe who JS was interested in when he attended the campus earlier in the year that we discussed?

    My personal favorites to replace OG James Carpenter went as follows. Oklahoma’s Darryl Williams-27 reps, SD St’s Terry Poole-25 reps, Utah’s Jeremiah Poutasi-26 reps, and Colorado St’s Ty Sambrailo-23 reps.

    Is 24-28 reps about average for most offensive lineman Rob?

    • Rob Staton

      Bitonio — 22 reps, Britt — 23 reps, Taylor Lewan — 29 reps.

  20. matt509

    What about a Revis type of contract for Wilson. Something he had in Tampa Bay. Instead of giving him 20 million a year, give 16 million guaranteed.

    • matt509

      Or heavily incentive based. I don’t believe that counts toward the salary cap.

      • Rob Staton

        I think when he does get paid, it’s just going to be a really good deal that is more orthodox than we think.

        • SunPathPaul

          I have a feeling the contract will be set up in such a way as to give him a huge number guaranteed, but over enough years that the cap hit will be moderate. I believe the main point is that they TOTALLY believe and trust RW. Thus, they are doing this contract to ‘get him paid money guaranteed’, but in a team friendly way…why? Because they trust that he will restructure it to continually benefit RW and the team…over and over as the years go on, the trust each other to adjust…

          That’s what might be new… Imagine instead of 5 years $110 million, $50 million guaranteed…

          It’s more like 8 years $140 million, $70 million guaranteed! Huge numbers! LOTS of guaranteed dough to reward RW for a SB win and SB presence…

          That’s only $17.5 million a year…quite affordable! But the numbers end up huge due to the 8 year commitment. They ‘trust each other’ for the long haul, and they will restructure whenever they need too.

          But that basic kind of strategy, long term contract, big time guarantee, would be new- unique- useful- and hopefully help us win the next two!!!

          Go Hawks!

          • matt509

            My problem with giving Wilson 8 years is that ET and Sherman only got 4 years. They haven’t really invested long term in any player other than Harvin. The best way to help from not getting into cap trouble is to not invest long term. It allows you to manage the team yearly and to not make drastic moves like cutting players because you still have 2-3 years left on a contract.

        • redzone086

          I think he gets a pay raise next year but not this major 20 million a year thing. I think that it’s fully guaranteed with boosters and more like it builds from 11 million after next year. That’s my take.

  21. Rob Staton

    Bench press reps added.

    • Volume 12

      Rob, don’t know if you say this above, but is 23-28 reps about average for offensive lineman?

      • Rob Staton

        I’m not sure but he’s a comparison: Bitonio — 22 reps, Britt — 23 reps, Taylor Lewan — 29 reps.

        Nick Marshall also met with the Seahawks BTW.

        • Volume 12

          In all honesty, I was almost expecting Nick Marshall to met with them.

          Seems like the perfect project at the CB position for PC and our new DC KR to coach up.

          Worst case, you get an excellent fit at QB for Seattle’s style of offense, which is similar to Auburn’s.

  22. matt509

    I think Ereck Flowers becomes the first OL off the board. He’s big and strong. T.J. Clemmings probably being the 2nd

    • Turp

      I liked his tape vs Eli Harold too. Only got beaten by a speed rush in that game.

      • matt509

        I’ve watched two games and haven’t seen Flowers getting beat. He’s huge and won’t let you go when he gets his hands on you. He’s a like a sponge and will soak you right up.

        • Matt

          I agree that Flowers will most likely be the first Olineman drafted. Couple the 37 reps with 34.5″ arms and ideal size and unless he times poorly, which would be a surprise, he’s going top 10.

  23. Ehurd1021

    I love the fact that DD made that comment about playing for a rival.

    I think DD is perfect in his size and in his mentality to play in this system and with guys in this defense. He could prolong his carer another 2-3 with solid production. A tough guy who knows the division and I know it tired of losing.

    The issue with JT is that he was not known for his ability to run block while in Denver, it was actually on full display in the Super Bowl against the Seahawks. And since that game he has taken a beating with the press in Denver.
    Considering the fact that the Seahawks tried to deal for him I guess PCJS don’t think its as a concern — how do you give JT 8 mill a year to come play in a run oriented offense when you could keep Maxie or go after a vet DT and two LEO rushers on short term deals.

    The injury to Lane I think pushes the need for corner up the board even further then it already was — no way a coach like PC goes into a season with Sherm, a injured Lane, Simon, Burley and practice/special team guys at corner. I think they take two corners early (first four rounds) and bring a vet in. I would love to see Walt come back on a short term deal, I think he would jump at the opportunity as well.

    • Rob Staton

      I think you potentially give him $8m because he’s a touchdown machine in the red zone and knows how to beat a guy 1v1 — plus he’s a great mismatch on the second level. Everything Seattle has lacked on offense. They didn’t need Miller’s run blocking skills to excel last year (#5 overall defense, #1 running game) and really it should be about finding more weapons to help Wilson. They need proven quality at WR/TE IMO.

      As for Maxwell — he’s just going to cost too much for what he is… essentially a pretty good corner. They’re already paying three of the four starting DB’s premium money. Eventually you need to pump resources elsewhere. And the Seahawks have the best DB coaches in the league, they should be able to replace Maxwell.

      • Ehurd1021

        I don’t doubt his talent or his ability to cause mismatches at his position. I just don’t think he is worth $8m a year when there are more glaring needs at vital positions IMO.

        The Seahawks didn’t lose the Super Bowl last season because they didn’t have a dynamic WR or TE. They lost the Super Bowl because they couldn’t get any inside pressure on Brady to get him off the spot or cover smaller WR’s. I would say the exact same thing if the Seahawks had lost to Green Bay.

        Once they finally started getting back to their identity of a physical ground and pound running game (that is who this team is) elevated the entire play of the team. I think the pressure to get the ball into your newly signed $8M TE hands does more harm than good, sound like a disaster IMO.

        • Rob Staton

          The Seahawks having a total dearth of talent at WR/TE was at least as much to blame for the defeat as a lack of interior push. Passing the ball in the red zone has been a problematic area for Seattle throughout the Wilson era — he’s never had that go-to target for those situations. The final play was yet another great example of that. Plus Jordan Hill and Brandon Mebane (the two best interior rushers) were both injured and are contracted to return in 2015. Zach Miller has always been a better blocker than pass catcher for Seattle. They absolutely must find at least one dynamic option at WR or TE either in the draft or FA.

          • Ehurd1021

            I don’t agree that the lack of talent at the WR/TE position is the reason for the loss.
            When splash plays presented themselves to the Seahawks WR they made more then they didn’t in the Super Bowl and really all season. I only recall three 50/50 balls that the Seahawks had a chance at and ended up not making the play in the SB, I personally give credit for good corner play more than anything on those plays.

            I really don’t think the talent at the WR position has plagued the Seahawks in a negative seeing how Wilson has been to the SB two out of his three seasons. Yea the numbers don’t look as great as pass oriented offenses but thats not the brand of football this team plays with.

            • Rob Staton

              I didn’t say it was the reason for the loss. There is no one thing to blame for the loss, it’s a collection of aspects. A lack of talent at WR/TE being one of them IMO.

              They’ve succeeded in spite of the talent at WR/TE. They could be even better with it. And the identity doesn’t stop you having a great WR/TE. It’s why they traded for Harvin, why they enquired about Thomas last season, why they spoke to Brandon Marshall, why they signed Sidney Rice etc. This has been a long search for a top TE/WR and the search continues.

              • sdcoug

                I would also add, it’s not just having a Red Zone threat (not to diminish its importance). Someone reliable to simply move the chains more consistently could put this team over the top. Two or three more extended drives each game could simply be huge for this team. How many 3-and-outs did we see, especially in the playoffs? And it’s not only about additional points. Sometimes it’s not having to punt the ball from the 26 yard line. Flipping the field is equally huge for our D and plays to their strengths.

                • Rob Staton

                  Seattle had three three-and-outs before the final, scoreless drive in the Super Bowl. Which adds to your point. Someone who can move the chains is vital.

                  • sdcoug

                    Exactly. Not to mention the opening frame against GB. You just can’t give good/great QBs the ball multiple times on their own 45 yd line. Sometimes you escape, but eventually you’ll pay big no matter how good your D is. Picking up at least one First is so critical in my humble opinion.

                    On an aside Rob, I know people say it here often…but thanks for this site and all your work and insight. I don’t comment often, but it is truly a daily must for me and is slowly chipping away at my SB nightmares

                    • Rob Staton

                      Thanks man

                • Ehurd1021

                  I will keep saying it, its not about not wanting more talent. Its about the residual effect that takes place once you sign that talent to huge deals in FA or to even to get in the door with a FA who would see a HUGE drop in production if they come play for the Seahawks. Unless the Seahawks plan on changing their system to fit a JT or any other high production, high cost WR/TE then IMO its sticking a square peg in a round hole.

                  And with JT its not about me thinking that he doesn’t offer something unique in his talent or in the passing game. Its about me not seeing how he fits THIS scheme.

                  • Robert

                    I feel the same way. I think we will get good contributions this year from Norwood and Matthews. Both guys can help us improve at moving he chains and converting red zone opportunities. I think we are past the phase of building our team. Now we are trying to ink our core players and fill in a few spots with affordable FA’s. But the foundation of our team and current/future success is drafting quality prospects and developing them.

              • Ehurd1021

                Not trying to put words in your mouth its just something you keep hearing a lot. But when people think that the WR core got handled or didn’t make their plays to me it doesn’t make sense. For the system they play in and what they are asked to do I think they maximize their opportunities.

                Like I just posted below its not about not thinking or wanting Wilson to have more talent around him. It just doesn’t make sense from understanding what kind of identity the Seahawks play with, which is based on running the ball with power and taking calculated deep shots. I really think the only way the Seahawks find the type of talent they are looking for and a lot of fans want is in the draft or through a trade.

          • Turp

            I really don’t get people being anti-JT. Do you realize we have no real threat in the redzone besides Lynch? JT doesn’t have to score 12 TD’s for us next year…just his presence down there alone will open things up for the rest of the offense. He doesn’t have to block to be worth the money!!

            • Ehurd1021

              Its not about being anti JT its about being anti giving a guy $8M a year who more than likely gets targeted 3-4 times a game unless you change the identity of the offense which is based on a power running game. I don’t see how that happens considering the fact the running game the Seahawks employ ties into the defense and special teams and Pete Carroll being a defensive minded head coach.

              • Matt

                Ehurd-“being anti giving a guy $8M a year who more than likely gets targeted 3-4 times a game unless you change the identity of the offense which is based on a power running game.”

                Completely agree! Plus why would a big ticket WR/TE want to come to a place where they’ll only get 3-4 targets? How many players would rather follow the $ than championships? We need to hit big on at least 1 playmaker in this draft.

                • Rob Staton


                  1. Just because Seattle wants to run the ball a lot doesn’t mean you don’t invest in WR/TE. If anything you need to be better at those positions to maximize the impact when you do throw. And that is why the Seahawks have gone after Marshall, Harvin, Rice, Miller and others, and why they drafted Tate and Richardson early.

                  2. Why would a guy take $8m (a good salary) to play for a team that doesn’t throw as much as others? Simple. They have a chance to win a Championship in 2015.

                  • Robert

                    If we are going to spend 8 million on a single FA, I would rather pay Mr. Suh, which would require cutting probably Mebane and McDaniels to make up the difference. Our defense would be legendary!!!

                    • Rob Staton

                      I think they’d have to lose McDaniel (and Miller), but I’m led to believe they can keep Mebane in 2015. Would make life tough down the road though however they do it wish Suh on the books.

                  • Bryan C

                    I agree with you on both points, but to expand on #1 an impact WR or TE makes running the ball easier not harder. If this team can run the ball as its primary identity and then mix in play action to great effect, the 2nd Lombardi trophy takes care of itself. It all comes down to efficiency and a redzone threat at WR or TE makes the team that much more successful.

          • SunPathPaul

            I agree that the passing game needs reinforcements…

            I see we need 1 “BIG & capable” at each WR and TE from this draft…then a second speedy WR/KR/PR

            • Rob Staton

              I think they need at least one quality addition. Could be a pick, could be a signing. I’d preferably add a proven element to the WR/TE group to ensure some degree of impact and look to spend another day 1/2 pick on a separate target. If they somehow find a way to acquire Suh, I would be happy to go big on WR/TE early in the draft. Given it’s unlikely — I’ll consider adding a Thomas, Cameron, Marshall, V-Jax at the right price. And the right price for me is probably going to be $6-8m.

              The thing about Thomas is — he can be your bigger target (needed) for the red zone. The strength of the draft in R2-3 (sweetspot) will be guys like Agholor and McBride who would add depth. Getting a Thomas means you don’t have to make a big move for size and force things.

              • SunPathPaul

                That makes sense Rob. Didn’t think of it that way, get one proven FA to make immediate impact!

                I feel one of the bigger issue with out rookie WR was simply RW not trusting them. He is such a ball control specialist that he seems scared to risk it. I’ve seen P.Rich wide open multiple times and RW lacks the faith to throw it to him…

                Do u believe Rob that RW would more easily trust and relax w a proven FA WR/TE?

                • Rob Staton

                  I think it’d make RW’s life so much easier.

        • redzone086

          Detroit has had one of the best d lines along with buffalo and neither of those teams have really pressed for the super bowl appearances one would suspect following your argument. Matter of fact Brady inperticular has beaten buffalo continuously. I don’t disagree that d tackle isn’t a need but that oline and defensive backs will be higher needs. I believe a slot and a starting cb are higher than d tackle and that adding one more difficult to guard wr/te to move the chains on 3rd and 7 would help everyone. Defense gets more rest. Offense gets to set up and wear down the opposing defense and keep the other offense off the field. Now I’m not saying they need one position over the other beck my content is oline and oline depth IS a huge priority in the longest of hauls.

    • Volume 12

      I think they take one in the 1st 4 rounds, and another in the 6th or 7th round, If there’s one position on this team that Seattle coaches up brilliantly it’s the DBs.

      • Ehurd1021


        But you have to have the talent on the roster and it has to be healthy first to coach it up. Right now the CB position is both banged up and hurting when it comes to talent — at least when you compare the position to the past few years in terms of depth and talent.

      • j

        Eric Rowe as a depth guy.

        • peter

          Rowe as lanes replacement

          • manthony

            We still have AJ Jefferson who looked as good as any corner we had before he got injured. He should be back in time by training camp, throw sherman in there, and with a little refinement simon can be REALLY, hope burley can hold the nickel, then we’ll get lane back somewhere along the way. I dont think we’re all that thin at cb, we got pc, rocky and kr coaching these guys up, im nott really concerned about our cbs. I still remeber running josh wilson and kelly jennings out there when tru would be hurt and high powered passing attacks would feast on us, so…smile

            • manthony

              Im high on Simon still i think he can ball out with a little fine tuning, that part of my comment was suppose to be *REALLY GOOD

            • Robert

              I believe Jefferson’s current status is Unsigned Free Agent. I cannot find him on our roster….

  24. Scott

    Are the team meetings with prospects published? Will we get to know who the Seahawks interviewed, or is that kept quiet?

    • Rob Staton

      The prospects are asked who they’ve met with by the media and they usually share that information freely.

  25. Ehurd1021

    I kept thinking all last season that the Seahawks didn’t have to give Wilson and long term deal this season. It helps the Seahawks with their CAP and it also helps give the front office leverage in the future with guys who want to renegotiate with time left on their deals.

    Kind of hard for that player to go in and think you ‘deserve’ a new deal when the franchise QB played out his deal.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the only way this happens is with Wilson’s blessing so they can sign one or more high profile FA’s (like a Suh, perhaps). Otherwise they’re paying Wilson this off-season IMO.

      • Ehurd1021

        I absolutely agree.

        Now way you take a chance on Wilson hitting the market. Only way something like this gets done it with his blessing but I really don’t put it past Wilson or this front office.

        • Jeff M.

          I agree that they pay him this year unless they have some handshake deal to use the money to get him another ring, but there wouldn’t really be any risk of him hitting the market. They have him locked up for the next three years at something like 1m/19m/23m on the last year of his deal plus two franchise tags (with basically no financial downside on the team’s end to using the tag, since he’s going to end up with 20m+ cap hits on a long-term deal anyhow), so the earliest he could actually leave the team is 2018.

      • Turp

        I agree, it has to be done with Wilson’s consent. It is fascinating. I’d still prefer Sheard+Paea over Suh…both are younger, and assuming the cost is the same….we could pump more draft picks into the offense.

        • Rob Staton

          If the cost is the same, the impact of Suh far outweighs the impact of Sheard + Paea IMO. Suh is a genuine superstar.

          • Turp

            I guess I’m overvaluing age

          • Misfit74

            No doubt about.

            It sounds like Detroit is committed to paying Suh enough to keep him, but you never know.

            • Turp

              Paea and Sheard can be my backup plan if Suh stays in det

  26. Cysco

    Disappointing bench press results for Maxx Williams. I was hoping for a good deal more than 17

    • Rob Staton

      It doesn’t really concern me. Drive blocking off the line not his thing. He’s a pass catcher.

      • Matt

        Me either. Plus the Max has flat out said he needs to get stronger and will. He’s only 20, so there’s going to be natural growth there. Looking forward to seeing him, Walford, James, and Koyack run!

        • OZ

          I like Koyack a lot. Very underrated.

  27. Dawgma

    Oh God, please don’t waste $8 million on Thomas. Just not worth that much in our system. Please no.

    • matt509

      That’s false

    • Rob Staton

      I keep seeing these references to our ‘system’. If receiver and tight end wasn’t important for this offense, why did Seattle trade for Harvin? Or give Rice/Miller huge money in 2011? Or speak to Brandon Marshall in 2010? Or look to trade for Thomas/Cameron in 2014? Or spend their second round pick on Paul Richardson in 2014 and Golden Tate in 2010?

      Just because you pass less doesn’t mean you can just get by at these positions. If anything the pressure is on to max out the targets. When you do throw, you need to make it count. And that means having superior talent.

      • GeoffU

        A legitimate threat at WR makes the run game that much better. Can you imagine Lynch running against 7 man boxes instead of 8?

        And our system isn’t about running the football, it’s about balance and explosive plays. Explosive pass plays are extremely important to this offense. Cable said it well I think: ““You run to win, but you throw to score. You can’t be a championship team in this league unless you can throw the football and throw it well.” That is our system, it’s just the rest of the league is heavily favored towards unbalanced offenses, pass offenses. Seattle wants to do both and extremely well.

  28. CharlieTheUnicorn

    TE Julius Thomas is a big NO. HE has some injury and work ethic concerns. The value would not be right for 8 million a year. I would rather keep Miller and/or draft a TE such as Boyle in the 2015 draft. You would save around 5 million in cash, which could be better spent on other players in FA.

    I could see J. Thomas going to an offense that throws the ball more…. such as Raiders, Chargers, Eagles or Chiefs. He might stay in Bronco land, but I doubt it would happen at a big price.

    • Rob Staton

      24 touchdowns in two years for Julius Thomas…

      I’m not invested in Thomas as a free agent. But I don’t see any reason to write it off as a bad move as we discuss the possibility of it happening. I certainly hope we’re not relying on players like Nick Boyle (with the greatest respect to Nick Boyle) to give this offense a much needed shot in the arm in 2015. At some point they need to add genuine quality for the sake of their quarterback.

      • DC

        The Front Office often states that they bring in players based on competing against “our” roster. So which position groups are the most wide open? Certainly TE is either at or near the top in terms of outright weakness so yes, they will look long and hard at an upgrade there. Going forward, we’ve got Willson & a gimped Miller with 1 year left. I would put Defensive Tackle slightly behind that based on Mebane with 1 year left and injured, Hill injured, McDaniel with 1 year left and generally meh & a group of hopefuls with many injuries.

        According to spotrac.com we currently have $22,419,811 projected in cap space for 2015.
        If Lynch retires/gets traded/cut that’s $7,500,000.
        Cutting Miller saves $3,000,000.
        Cutting McDaniel saves $3,000,000.
        Cutting Mebane(NO! Keep him) another $5,5000,000.
        That’s another $19,000,000 potentially for a total of $39-40 million in cap space.

        That’s enough to have agreements in place with Wilson & Wagner, bring the house down with Suh, add a FA TE(Thomas/Cameron/Clay) and add low price vets looking for that elusive ring. Draft Tevin Coleman at RB to compete as Lynch’s heir and 10 more draft picks to boot.

        I can’t get over envisioning Mebane, Suh, Hill & ??? working the interior. They would wreak havoc! Every other player on the defense gets better when you add Suh. Oh, & for Cripes sake stay healthy!

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          DC, this is what I’m talking about…. go way outside the box.

          I agree DC, TE is one of the weaker positions on the team and needs to be addressed in the off season.

          As for JT, he had Payton “Fing” Manning throwing the ball, in a pass happy offense. I think you can get more bang for the buck with a drafted RB and WR, than with JT at TE for 8 million bucks.

          • DC

            Brady & Manning have raised WRs & TEs to heights that they otherwise may have never reached. They move on to lower statistical production elsewhere. I understand you there (Deion Branch! Doh!). While I can’t say a price, if healthy, Julius Thomas would provide something that we do not currently have on this roster and provide instant returns as a proven veteran. I meant to mention Marshall at WR along with those TEs above as a possibility. Honestly I don’t know what any incoming offensive weapon would command in pay nor do I predict the best fit. Only that our FO has repeatedly pursued, values and pays well for a seasoned red zone target. A signing there does not stop us from drafting a RB, WR/s & another TE.

            While the offensive target may be a bit murky, the defensive target is crystal clear. It’s Suh, all day long. Until proven otherwise.

            • GeoffU

              Actually, Deion Branch was almost exactly the same in Seattle as New England in catches, yards, and td’s per game. His problem was staying healthy. And also, I think he got paid mostly on his post-season performance.

  29. red

    I am starting to think we do not go WR in RD 1, anybody else catch John Schnieder hint about trading down from 31 at the presser today? I think RD 3 is the sweet spot for WR for us this year at #95 or trade up to early 3. I like Hardy from ECU and Diggs from Maryland. Diggs measurables are better then previously thought 10 hands 31 arms. Diggs not very durable but he has that speed in space. I am thinking Harold, Preston Smith, Eddie Goldman, DJ Humphreys as targets at 31.

    • Matt

      Yeah that was great! Trade down early, up in rounds 2-4. Not in every round, but once or twice in those rounds. That’s what I’d like to see. Schneider could be be blowing smoke too, and is planning to trade up. Doubtful, but you never know.

  30. Tim

    Yes! the Underwear Olympics begin!

    Things of interest for me:

    Glad to see both Dorsett & Lockette measure as expected – now on to the 40 to learn more.

    Funchess is a physical freak – will his god given traits offset his inconsistent play?

    The OL group looks to be filled with boom or bust prospects – measurables for some of our targets are all over the board. We can find value in the mid to later rounds here.

    Not that excited by this TE group this year – outside of Maxx I see why we are considering FA to upgrade.

  31. drewjov11

    I think you almost have to make a play for Gurley. He’s a special talent if he heals up, and Marshawn will be gone in a couple of years anyway. If he comes back strong you can let lynch go after next season and save that cap space. Power, speed, returns. He’s a game breaker. If you have to move up a bit, do it. Go corner and offensive line after that and try and sign SUH. Ok, fantasy over now.

  32. Ho Lee Chit

    With the loss of Lane to a knee injury and the likely departure of Maxwell we are down two CB’s. I see the team bringing Walter Thurmond back to play the slot corner. This is a job he handles well. WT seems to be healthy at the moment and he should not be too expensive. That leaves us with only the RCB spot to fill opposite Sherman. I see an early pick to ensure we get a guy that can start. Fortunately, the DB position seems to have a lot of talent coming out. Josh Shaw from USC is a guy I would watch. Pete should know all about him. With his character issues his value will be down.

    • Matt

      I’d love to see WT3 back on the cheap too! How injured is Lane…ACL?

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Blown ACL and Broken Arm… both suffered on the same play in the SB…. OUCH

    • j

      Issue is he is one more marijuana test away from a year long suspension. Can’t count on him at all.

      I like Eric Rowe from Utah. Team captain, versatile, has good size and length, adequate speed. The fourth seems like a good spot for him – depends on his workout though.

      I wonder where Ifo Ekepre-Olomu’s draft stock is after suffering the injury and having a down 2014? He has his flaws, but as a slot corner I’d be interested.

  33. j

    Length of Xavier Cooper – like his athleticism but want to see how long his arms are. Looked a little short to me.

    Speed of Vince Mayle.

    These are two guys that could blow up the combine.

    • Volume 12

      If the DE-LEO’S don’t have 32 inch arms you can cross them off and if the DTs don’t have 33 inch arms, cross them off too.

  34. UKhawk

    Would be interesting to do a post & debate if JSPC changes their personnel strategy given the teams current roster, it’s evolution, success and the changing market.

    Do they need 11 picks? Will they go for depth or impact players? How will they manage the cap – spend now or keep up payments on the mortgage to try to win forever? What players would they rather draft vs get in FA? The league is setup to force teams to revert to the mean, how do they best stop this?? Will the money spent on offense vs defense change??

    Would love to get into this long term plan they are always referring to.

    • Volume 12

      Replenish the depth, add 2-3 instant impact players, and take a couple projects.

  35. Volume 12

    Find it very interesting that Seattle met with Alabama HB TJ Yeldon. Does that mean they’ll take him? Nope. But, he’s so outside their wheelhouse in terms of size they usually target at the position, that they must feel he’s a special/unique talent.

    I may be in the minority, but I think he’d be perfect as the main guy or ‘the hammer’ in a RBBC that the Hawks will inevitably go with.

    • Jake

      He’s a nice back, he’s got great agility in the “phonebooth”, deenders rarely get a clean hit on him. He’s not much of a home-run threat, but he’s always falling forward and he’s a lot more shifty than he gets credit for due to his size. He is something we don’t have, skill-set wise, and if we go with a three-headed monster RBBC post “Shawn he is a good fit.

      • Volume 12

        I disagree that he’s not a home run threat.

  36. drewjov11

    What’s the likihood that a guy like Randall Cobb could interest the Hawks? Probably won’t get more than Julius Thomas’ asking price, annually. No worries about character. Excellent receiver. I would have to at least make that phone call.

    • Rob Staton

      Estimates are he’ll get +$9m APY.

  37. drewjov11

    I don’t know if I would pay that. He may need to go to Oakland or somewhere like that. He’s ussd to winning… How much is that worth to him?

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