Justin Gilbert (CB, Oklahoma State) vs Oklahoma


  1. Brian

    He looks very good, but I can’t see this team using a first round pick on a corner.

    • Hawkspur

      Agreed, although if Browner and Thurmond both leave then he may become an option. He looks like he’d be right at home in the LOB.

      Rob, I was listening to the Tony Pauline podcast and he brought up Virginia DL Brent Urban as a possible late 1st rounder. He describes him as a suberb athlete with great size and strength who has made steady improvement and can play as an end or tackle. Sounds like a potential Seahawks pick to me. Have you seen him play at all?

      • Jeff M.

        Another DL who I think could work into that range and be an option for the Seahawks is Aaron Donald (DT from Pitt who just won the Nagurski award). It looks like most sites are projecting him in the 2nd, mainly because he’s undersized for the 3-tech at 6’0″ 285lb, but he’s a serious force as a pass rusher and against the run (26.5 TFLs and 10 sacks this year). Has incredibly quick get-off, great at shooting gaps, and really good use of hands in getting off blocks (of course, as far as I can tell there’s no full-game tape posted for him, just highlights…). Doesn’t really fit our preferred mold of tall 3-techs, but I can’t help thinking while watching him that we could find a way to get a lot out of him on the football field, and it does fit the Seahawks model of grabbing undervalued assets based on atypical positional measurements and focusing on what they CAN do.

      • Rob Staton

        I’ve just watched one tape on Urban vs Pitt. Definitely a Seahawks type prospect. Big, lean interior defensive lineman in the Tony McDaniel style. Appears athletic. I’m not quite sure I see him going in the first round but in the mid round range he’s definitely one to monitor.

  2. House

    Gilbert has very fluid hips and good reaction to the ball. His instincts look pretty good from what I’ve seen as well. My only concern is that those tendencies typically lead from a player relying too much on athleticism and not technique. It is easily correctable with proper coaching (which we have), but if Maxwell and Lane continue to play well and Simon gets healthly, we wouldn’t need a CB in the 1st rd.

  3. CC

    I hadn’t watch much OSU football and during one game, Gilbert just popped off the screen for me. I had to look him up and find out if he was a Seahawk type of guy. I think he is – but don’t know if he’d fall to us. Too many other teams are using the Hawk model. I really liked his footwork and he has some speed as well. Thanks for the article Rob!

  4. SeaMeat

    I am happy you brough Gilbert up, he is 6’0 and 200 lbs with a lean frame and has amazing speed. I am really up on this guy after watching him in a few games, and returned a 100 yard kick off for a TD against Kansas. The things I noticed is he is an average tackler and needs to put on some more muscle to the lean frame, and I question his ability in run support-things that he needs to do well on this team. I also think he probably gets a round 1-2 grade from draft pundits and the Hawks wouldn’t pick him up that early imo. Like the prospect though!

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