Justin Hunter (WR, Tennessee) vs Cincinnati


  1. Michael (CLT)

    Hard to believe I am saying this… Seattle’s biggest needs are at WR, OLB, DE. Amazing. Let’s find the next Rice.

  2. peter

    I for one am stoked that college season has finally arrived. I’m looking forward to content Rob, now that i have half a clue what you guys are writing about this year.

    Michael (CLT)- I’d agree with the above, but would add TE as well. I’m not confident in Miller with his injury woes, and Winslow’s age. But I agree about WR, in whatever way you decree a game changing WR, from speed, to height/toughness, to TD’s, to productivity Seattle desperately needs one. And we need Jarvis Jones, to put up a few less sacks, and perhaps have a bit of a hard time at the combine so we can get Rob’s early entry last year for best defensive player in the draft.

    • Mtjhoyas

      Assuming RW or Flynn takes off this year…

      I say we get super aggressive with getting upper echelon weapons. Target a #1 WR and find a really athletic TE. It would be awesome to see Keenan Allen or Hunter paired up with Sidney Rice (who is still really young).

      I have my hopes that we target ASJ in 2014 when he comes out. Pipe dream…but would be awesome.

  3. South_Seahawk

    The eye on talent from now on has to always go-along with the phrase, “Do right by Russell Wilson”.

    Meaning, find players that fit with his skill-set.

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