Kansas City Chiefs to trade for Frank Clark?

Firstly, Brandan Schulze and I recorded two podcasts this week. The first reviews a couple of mock drafts and discusses options for the Seahawks. Check it out…

Peter King published a mock draft today. He had the Kansas City Chiefs trading #29 and #63 for Frank Clark. That’s a first and second round pick. Quite the haul.

We’ll gloss over the fact King then has Seattle drafting two similar players (Byron Murphy and Johnathan Abram) and focus on the projected trade. This would open up the draft for the Seahawks.

Firstly, they could potentially use #21 depending on who was available. Albert Breer has the Seahawks taking Rashan Gary in his mock draft (also published today). Gary is exactly the type of player the Seahawks like. He’s a superb athlete with massive potential, he’s a prototype for the defensive linemen they covet and he’s a former #1 national recruit. He’d be a top-10 pick if it wasn’t for this…

If you gain picks #29 and #63, you can afford to take Gary at #21. You’d have six picks instead of four. If they wanted they could trade down from #29 or #63 to gain further picks. They’d have an excellent chance to fill their key needs.

Here’s a potential scenario…

#21 — Rashan Gary (DE)
#29 (or after trading down) — N’Keal Harry, Parris Campbell or Terry McLaurin (WR)
#63 — Jaylon Ferguson, Chase Winovich, Oshane Ximines or a top defensive back

Those are just some of the possible names for the purpose of an example. The defensive back targets could be some of the outside cornerbacks they’ve looked at recently (Sean Bunting, Justin Layne etc) or a nickel/safety hybrid. Tony Pauline has also linked the Seahawks with second round interest in Ben Banogu. He could be another option at #63.

This scenario would soften the blow of losing a player as influential as Clark.

We’ll see if a deal like this is likely. It’d be a huge cost for the Chiefs — especially given they’d then have to pay Clark $65m in guarantees. However — they could front-load the deal with Patrick Mahomes still on his rookie contract. They’re not going to get a player anywhere near as good as Clark at #29 and they own two second round picks — so they would still be able to spend #61 on another need.

Ian Rapoport says a trade could happen ‘early in the week’. Connor Hughes from the Athletic says the Jets were interested in Clark but the Seahawks wanted pick #3. Hughes later added on Twitter: “When you see what the return haul for Clark is, you’ll understand why the Jets don’t have enough.” This implies the Seahawks will get an attractive deal if a trade is completed.

Mike Garofolo also said he’s surprised a trade hasn’t been completed yet.

Increasingly it looks like Clark will be traded. There’s just too much smoke coming from the premier NFL reporters.

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  1. Kyle

    Rob do you ever sleep? I’m astounded!

    Yesterday’s post was your finest in a decade of top notch work. Thank you for making this site your labor of love

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Kyle that means a lot

  2. Troy

    Wow, if the number 3 pick is considered not enough compensation for Clark I am really excited to see what a good deal would include!

    If we get a first, second, and anything else I think you have to accept that deal on the spot.

    • MarkinSeattle

      The #3 pick is worth 2,200 draft points. To put it in perspective, the #14 pick is worth 1,100 points. So the suggested KC offer is much less than the Jets top pick. I took that comment to mean that they wouldn’t entertain trading the #3 pick and they didn’t have enough outside of that pick to put together a good enough deal.

      The KC deal is worth 932 points on the draft value chart by comparison. An offer of the #3 pick straight up would likely be accepted on the spot.

    • GoHawksDani

      If it was said the #3 pick might not be enough that is just JS pouring bs into NFL ears to make the trade compensation higher. Anything more than a 10-15th pick or a late 1st and 2nd or third would be absolute steal, especially in this draft. If JS manages to get a medium 1st and 2nd or a top 10 pick I’d be absolutely shocked and in ave for Schneider, that would be pure magic

  3. SamL

    I still don’t see Gary falling out of top 15 though I’d be happy with Clelin Ferrell. I was against trading Frank however if this is the haul you can get I don’t know how you don’t jump on it.

  4. all i see

    Sooo, this is really bittersweet. I like FC the player, a lot. Explosive edge setting, pass rusher who has bought totally into being a Seahawk. No matter what we get back… sad day.
    On a personal note, my daughter and I went to a Hawks practice in 2017. It was a week or so after Frank had knocked out Ifedi.

    Graciously Frank stayed after to sign autographs. Quickly he became surrounded my memorabilia sharks and knuckleheads asking/taunting him about the Ifedi fight. Frank patiently ignored much of this. He then noticed my 11 year old stuck behind the horde and said, C’mere sweetie, and had her come up and get her hat signed and then he left. He will always have a soft spot with me.

    Also , of important note, when Lynch left we switched over from skittles to sour patch kids at our game day parties in Clak’s honor…

    • Saxon

      Thanks for sharing this, man. The Hawks FO took a lot of heat drafting Clark. That was just prior to the me-too movement. Not sure Allen would have allowed PCJS to draft him post me-too – which would have been a shame. He has been a model citizen and Seahawk. Goes to show that a bit of nuance is required when it comes to some of these situations.

      I agree with you. I’ll really miss Frank and it sucks that we can’t afford him. The $20 million he would command can be used to sign 3-4 good players. We need the depth. He will be really, really hard to replace though.

      • Eli

        We can easily afford Frank. Its unfortunate that we have to, but he’s worth it and we can and should do it. I took a look at the contracts handed out to Dee Ford, Flowers, and Lawrence and made a comment on them, happy to post it again, but basically the contracts they got really aren’t that crazy or crippling. Would be happy to post that comment again if I can find it.

        Think about the players on our team this year who will be making money in that $4m-$5m range – Jaron Brown, Ed Dickson, Keke Mingo. They’ll cost us approximately $13.1m this season. They’re not exactly what I’d call good, but they’re useful. I guess the question is would you rather have those three players + a rookie, or Frank Clark + 3 rookies? Cause those are the kind of players you usually get in that price range.

        That’s really the best way I can try to frame the concept of marginal value/value over replacement, hopefully it makes sense. The general idea being that the better a player is the harder and less efficient it is to try and replace his value with multiple less good players.

        • Saxon

          It’s an interesting debate, for sure. I mentioned 3-4 players might be acquired for one F.Clark but that money could, of course, be deployed in several ways.

          But, by far, the biggest issue is the guaranteed money and what it would do to the cap if Clark either got injured or his production dramatically decreased. It’s crippling to have to move on from these big contracts should something go awry. On the other hand, all the players you mention could be easily moved on from without much cap damage. Those contracts give a club more flexibility in building the roster. Significantly, such contracts enable the team to bargain shop when other clubs are forced to cut high priced vets, like Suh last year.

          It’s not really quality vs quantity to me but flexibility vs constriction.

  5. Hughz

    Why would the chiefs be willing to trade for him if they weren’t willing to pay Ford?

    • RealRhino2

      Maybe they see the bigger and stouter Clark as a better fit as they transition to a 4-3 defense instead of the 3-4? Maybe they think they can fill the WDE position with somebody else but think Clark is a great fit for the SDE role? Not to mention Clark is a little over 2 years younger.

    • BobbyK

      He’s better with more upside.

    • Coleslaw

      Because hes more Justin Houston in his prime than Dee Ford.

      • Robeetle12

        Ford, the guy that lined up offsides in the championship game assuring defeat, and the same Ford that had been previously always injured, those are the reasons.

  6. jujus

    I understand the arguement against Simmons from a team building perspective. But do we really believe that we are a Superbowl contendor this year?

    Personally I still see us Building towards a stronger D, and regardless of what we draft I dont think the rookie year will be the year they make the Biggest impact.

    I think we will be approximately the same place a year from now so why dont you hedge your bets to peak next year?

  7. lil’stink

    I think every Seahawk fan would be thrilled if we got that return for Frank Clark. Unfortunately, Peter King seems to be as unreliable as they come. He also doesn’t check off any boxes for me as a journalist/writer. And he just kind of seems like an all around pretentious schmuck.

    The content found here, by an amateur blogger with no salary, is vastly superior than the “professional”, paid ramblings of Peter King.

    End rant

    • Chris

      Uhm, Rob is a BBC journalist, definitely not an amateur…

      • Lil’stink

        True. Sorry. Credit due where it belongs. But I was thinking more along the lines of how this is a labor of love for him as opposed to a money making venture

    • Kenny Sloth

      Peter King is one of the most well-connected and informed evaluators this side of the draft cards.

      His character is one that is pretty typical of draft media tho. Don’t mistake his confidence for lack of preperation or qualifications

  8. Bulldog

    Like I said I’m confident Clark will be traded! Why because I knew the demand for Clark by other teams was greater than the need for Clark from the Seahawks. Clark is currently a better DE than every DE in this draft except Bosa. When there are several teams that have immediate needs for DE the draft won’t help them. Seattle has a few DE’s that could be better or equal to Clark in production, Seahawks understand adding one more DE from the draft will almost guarantee Clark’s production will be replaced.

    • RealRhino2

      What DEs on our roster do you see providing this production?

      • Hawktalker#1

        There are none.

  9. millhouse-serbia

    Rob ,did you change your opinion on Winovich as potential Seahawk or?

    • Rob Staton

      No. Just using pressure percentages.

  10. charlietheunicorn

    So, in the above mentioned scenario….

    Would everyone get excited if the Seahawks walked out of the draft with both Gary (#21) and Sweat (#29)?

    • Coleslaw


    • GoHawksDani

      If they stay healthy, then hell yea! But I’m a bit afraid hording too many guys with injury concerns.

  11. Ukhawk

    Keep Clark and lock up the 2 most important positions IN DE and QB in the NFL long term. Anything else is a gamble and a distant second IMO

    Really hoping they trade back to take Trysten Hill and D’Andre Walker and leave receiver and DBs til later as usual.

    • MaxC14

      We signed Russell Wilson to a 5 year deal last week

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        I think that’s what he’s saying: if the Hawks lock up Clark, they will have locked up the two most important positions.

  12. JC3

    My dream scenarios:

    1. Trade Russell Wilson, trade Frank Clark, trade Penny.
    2. Replace them with Dillard, Gardner Minshew & James Williams.
    3. Win the Super Bowl this year.
    4. Place a Washington state decal and a mustache on the trophy.

    Go Cougs!

    • AlaskaHawk

      Have you been saving this up since you missed April Fools Day?? You are making me chuckle.

    • ZB

      This must be a joke…..right?

    • BobbyK

      I don’t care what would happen or who was traded if your #3 would come true. I’d trade Clark for a 7th round pick in 2021 if it meant #3 would come true.

    • dylanlep

      4/20 was a couple of days ago …

  13. RWIII

    I don’t like the idea of trading Frank Clark. But I don’t like to see Frank Clark leave in free agency and then the Hawks only receiving a 3rd round comp pick. Plus I don’t like the see the Hawks paying 20-22mil per season for someone else besides Russell Wilson.

  14. BobbyK

    We already need a DL with Frank Clark. Trading him means they’d need at least two high picks on the DL and one definitely would need to be an interior player. If they could end up with four picks in the first three rounds, they could get a DE (Gary?), DT, DB, and a Ohio State WR. They could maybe double-dip at DT with a fourth round pick, but I don’t know if they’d take four defensive players with their first five picks. You never know.

    I’d be thrilled if they ended up with two first-round picks and could get Gary and a Ohio State WR. That’d be pretty great to start the draft.

    • HawkfaninMT

      It would also free up the money to spend on a FA DL player or two. they Corey Luiget in last wee along with Allen Bailey. One or both of them would help to fill some of the space vacated by Stephens without much (if any) of a downgrade.

      I feel like if they are able to replace Clark with a combo of Gary and Wincovich or Ferguson along with saving the 17M (+whatever his guarantees would be on the future of his deal) would be a great way to move forward. I dont think teams fall off cliffs because they pay elite players like RW elite money. Its when they start paying above average players elite money, and that’s what I think a long term FC deal would look like.

      • BobbyK

        Just as a point of speculation, if Clark was traded and Gary was drafted at 21 to take his place – that’d be about a $17 million savings on Clark, but then you’d have to add what Gary would make. For comparison, Billy Price was the 21st overall pick last year and he signed a 4-year contract worth almost $12 million. So from the 17M tag to what Gary would make over the years, that’d save the Hawks about $14 million (in ’19). But it’ll be more because you know Clark is going to get a bigger deal from someone (in the $20M area).

        • HawkfaninMT

          Yep, for sure… I realize all the numbers I through out were speculatory. Just pointing out the the opinion that I feel like overpaying for Clark would be a bigger detriment to the team’s future, than letting him walk (for fair compensation of course).

      • Jeff M.

        Right, if we got 29 and 63 for Frank we could probably bring in two highly drafted rookies PLUS two veteran FAs in his place (many of the biggest-name FAs remaining are DL/Edge–there are guys out there who will ultimately end up on reasonably-priced one-or-two year deals). None will individually match his production but collectively they certainly could.

  15. kevin mullen

    Really don’t want Clark traded but if the #3 overall pick can be had, you gotta pull the trigger. That said, trading Clark really won’t send a good message to the rest of the team that look to him as a leader, they may think twice on resigning with Seattle if the FO is just gonna doing this to Clark. I don’t think we’re at the Patriots level to do this to players.

    • Volume12

      The Jets won’t give it up.

      Frank and Chris Jones potentially together is terrifying.

    • BobbyK

      It really hurts the Jets that they didn’t have their own 2nd round pick (one of the first picks of the 2nd round) in terms of what they could offer for Clark. Would have loved to have gotten Bosa or Allen at #3 though because one of them would have to be there after Murray went to AZ.

    • Bigten

      I’ve always hate this sentiment, and think it’s vastly overhyped. They aren’t doing anything to Clark, nor did they do anything to earl. If Clark wants more than the Hawks can pay, that’s on Clark, not the Hawks. The Hawks are managing a TEAM, not a single player. And the players get that.

    • GoHawksDani

      No way #3 would give up for Clark. Why would you take a really good DE for potentially 80-85m/4 years when you can get Quinnen Williams or Bosa for potentially 5 years and much cheaper? I think Clark is elite and there are only 4-5 guys in this draft that can be this good with this much upside in their early career (Williams, Bosa, Oliver, Gary, Sweat). Rest of the guys are a bit of a gamble. But it would be stupid to give a top5 pick for Clark. A top10 pick maybe, but unlikely. I think the most we can get for him is something like:
      A pick between 15-20 and a pick between 45-60 So a mid first and mid second. Probably top DL will go in the top10-15 picks so if someone wants a proven dude with high potential and good pressure and potential to set the edge well then they might pull the trigger. If more than 1 team would be interested one might sweaten the deal with a second round also

  16. RWIII

    It would be a longshot for the Jets to trade the #pick for Frank Clark. But its no secret the Jets want to trade down. So the Jets could trade down. Acquire extra picks and then they play “Let’s make a deal”.

    • BobbyK


  17. Rob Staton

    20 minute press conference today with Carroll & Schneider.

    Nobody asked… ‘How likely is it Frank Clark will be traded?’

    • Bmseattle

      The local media is so worried about staying on the “good side” of the team. It’s frustrating, for sure.

      • Rob Staton

        Just feels like the obvious question to ask.

        Someone asked about ‘progress on a new deal’ but nobody asked about the likelihood of a trade.


        • charlietheunicorn

          I didn’t hear the interview, but they have already been asked variations of this question.
          JS has never spilled the beans on any potential trade until after it went down.
          Both the HC/GM have never said anything but glowing things about Clark the last 4 seasons.

          I think the likelihood of a trade are 10%…..

          • Rob Staton

            I’ve done 1000’s of interviews though and even when you know you’ll get nothing, you still ask.

            And you can read a lot from a refusal to answer a question.

            I’ve long thought Clark won’t be traded. But even I think it’s significantly more likely than 10% right now. Too much smoke.

            • Hughz

              They asked about Clark several times and JS shut it down quickly. It’s pretty obvious he wasn’t going to respond so why poke the bear.

              • Rob Staton

                Because poking bears is what journalists are meant to do

        • Michael Matherne

          It is the obvious question to ask, but I think it’s equally obvious that the answer would not be anything interesting.

    • Bigten

      Were they maybe asked not to?

      • Rob Staton

        Nah, because they asked other stuff about Clark

  18. CaptainJack

    I’m hoping Clark stays.

    I feel like he hasn’t reached full potential yet. And I want him on our team when he’s at full potential.

  19. Awsi Dooger

    Rashan Gary supposedly scored only a 9 on Wonderlic. Those numbers were leaked today on some draft sites. Quinnen Williams also was low at 11. I’m not sure how much weight the Seahawks place on that test, especially for edge rushers.

    These were the numbers I saw, first at quarterback:

    1. Ryan Finley 43
    2. Gardner Minshew 42
    3. Daniel Jones 37
    4. Easton Stick 32
    5. Clayton Thorson 32
    6. Will Grier 30
    7. Brett Rypien 28
    8. Jarrett Stidham 27
    9. Drew Lock 26
    10. Tyree Jackson 25
    11. Dwayne Haskins 25
    12. Kyler Murray 20

    Other positions:

    Dre’Mont Jones = 20/50.
    Joey Bosa = 23/50
    Chase Winovich = 31/50.
    Rashan Gary = 9/50.
    Quinnen Williams = 11/50.
    Josh Allen = 15/50.
    Montez Sweat= 19/50.
    D’Cota Dixon= 13/50.
    Bryce Love = 22/50
    Damien Harris = 25/50

    Riley Ridley with a 9

    Kahale Warring with a 15

    Darrell Henderson with a 12

    Elgton Jenkins 19

    Greg Little/Jawaan Taylor 20

    Jonah Williams- 39

    Dru Samia- 38

    Bradbury- 35

    Lindstrom- 29

    Oliver- 20

    Wilkins- 19

    Lawrence- 17

    Simmons- 14

    Polite- 17

    Knox- 38

    Fant- 25

    Hockenson- 22

    Whiteside- 29

    Butler- 27


    Hollywood- 21

    Aj Brown- 18

    Metcalf- 17

    Burns- 22

    Ferrell- 21

    I’m not claiming those are official but they have been out there for hours on multiple sites and nobody has jumped in to insist something is wrong.

    • charlietheunicorn

      I’ve always thought this measurement was massively over-rated.

      Especially when you are considering a DT type of player. That is mostly a… see guy, block guy/over power guy in front of you position. Hell, RB is mostly an instinct kind of position, more than needing to be smart. See the hole, set-up blocks, run to the hole and daylight…..

    • Volume12

      Love Easton Stick on late day 3 of possibly as an UDFA.

    • Rob Staton

      Rashan Gary has severe dyslexia and that’s why he scored 9 in the wonderlic.

      Teams know this.

      So people can stop overreacting to this now.

      • Volume12

        Could you imagine taking a 12 minute, used to be anyways, 50 multiple question test with dyslexia?

        • Nick

          With your future on the line, too!

          • H

            Kinda preposterous that he’s even asked to take it.

            • Saxon

              Jaime Lannister had severe dyslexia but his father Tywin had the maesters work with him night and day until he could read, so perhaps we can stop making excuses for guys like Gary, Rob.

              • Rob Staton

                Jaime also has one hand so can’t rush the passer effectively.

                • OaklandHawk

                  Tell Griffin that!

                  • Rob Staton


                • drewdawg11

                  The Wonderlic test is not the end all, be all. However, for a down, DL, it’s almost irrelevant.

              • GoHawksDani

                Comment of the day! 😀

      • Trevor

        My oldest daughter has dyslexia and I am an Ortiz Gillingham certified tutor. I currently volunteer tutor a young guy who is 15 and an incredible hockey player and I assure you he is a smart kid and knows the game inside out but if he had to take a timed test that required both quick reading and comprehension that he would fail miserably. I am shocked they even made him take the test or did not make an adaptation so he could listen to the questions and give the answer orally.

        Anyways long winded way to say that if he has Dyslexia a score of 9 on the wonderlic means nothing when it comes to playing DL in the NFL.

        • Rob Staton


    • Volume12

      These are always interesting, but I don’t think it changes opinion too much. Frank Gore scored a 6 (dyslexia), Kap scored a 38, Marino was below average at 15, Blaine Gabbertt a 42 for example.

      • Michael Matherne

        Back in my days in the military I was put up against another guy for a meritorious promotion. They looked at just about everything we had ever done in our careers and we were nearly identical in every aspect. After comparing our physical fitness scores, weapons/hand to hand combat training, job proficiency and conduct scores, it was still dead even. I eventually got the promotion because I had scored higher on the ASVAB test (the test you take at the recruiter’s office before you join to determine which jobs you’re eligible for). I think this may be the way teams use the Wonderlic. It may come into play, but only if you’ve exhausted EVERY other method of evaluation and just need some kind of tie breaker.

  20. Madmark

    I would be very surprised to see them trade Clark. I just don’t believe anyone is going to pay the draft picks that Seattle wants. We have a year to work this out and I believe they will get something done and right now I believe that Wager is the more important extension going on right now.

    • Rob Staton

      I didn’t believe anyone would pay high picks and $65m guaranteed either.

      Yet here we are… with the most respected NFL journalists in the biz talking about it like it’s a borderline formality.

      • Madmark

        I never believed that Seattle wouldn’t pay Russel for what he has done here and how he goes about his business and plays the game. Clark it could happen but I’m not going to get excited unless it happens. I think they will try up to July 15 to get a deal done and if not he will play on the tag. I still think Bobby is a more important signing for Seattle.

        • Rob Staton

          There’s no smoke without fire. I’ve consistently said I don’t think Clark will be traded but sometimes you have to accept when a situation is heading a certain way.

          • Madmark

            It appears there was more fire than I thought there was.

        • Bob Johnston

          If the Hawks need to make a trade for cap issues, I’d pay Clark and trade Bobby. The Hawks have had abysmal luck with guys on their third contract (injuries and/or attitude issues), why not play the percentages and keep the younger stud?

  21. charlietheunicorn

    I always forget hoe young Clark is….. ~25

    Are there any players entering the draft (on DL) that are 20/21 that could be enticing to Seattle?

  22. MJL

    Rob..how would you assess Frank C. in run defense?? I was a little shocked yesterday when I was doing some research on him to see he only was credited with 38 tackles all season (13 sacks). Is that a scheme thing or is he really that one dimensional?? (with his one dimension being very, very valuable)

    • H

      Run defence on the edge isn’t all about tackles, it’s more about setting the edge and forcing the play back inside for Bobby and others to gobble them up.

      He’s no Michael Bennett in that area, but to my eye, Frank is a good run defender.

      • MJL

        Yeah..it’s probably a scheme thing..because I just looked up C Avril’s career stats and he never really piled up the tackles either. It’s interesting though..because when I look at some other DE’s that I consider comp to FC (C Campbell and C Jones)..they average almost twice the tackles FC does.

        • Michael Matherne

          Keep in mind that the ‘Hawks tend to play fewer snaps (on offense and defense) than other teams. If C Jones is Chandler Jones, then it should be noted that Chandler Jones took 316 more defensive snaps than did Frank Clark in 2018

          • MJL

            Good point..probably a mix of scheme and fewer opportunities. Makes his 13 sacks look even more impressive given the fewer opportunities….maybe offset a bit by being fresher towards the end of games.

    • Michael Matherne

      I think Clark is an exceptional run defender

      • BobbyK

        And I don’t think he’s exceptional. I think he’s decent is all. Love his pass rushing potential (already good but with his age can still improve and, remember, he had two bum wrists for awhile last year too). He could be a force. Worst case scenario is him being exceptionally good as a pass rusher.

        • GerryG

          I really like Frank Clark the player, buuuut I’m a little cautious about the two bum wrists on Twitter claim, seems like a pretty obvious agent-pushed ploy in a contract year.

  23. Sea Mode

    Aaron Wilson

    WR Malik Taylor, Ferris State, has gotten a lot of interest in the draft process despite having a hamstring injury most of the year. Interest from Jets, Browns, Jaguars, Dolphins, Rams, Broncos, Colts, Chargers, Seahawks, 49ers, Cardinals, Packers and Texans #NFLDraft

    2:40 PM – 22 Apr 2019

  24. Nick

    Ok, applying Rob’s hypothetical trade—here’s a brief mock draft I’ve put together.

    #21 — Rashan Gary (DE) Strong, tough, reliable. That’s what they want to replace Frank Clark.
    #29 — Chauncey Gardner-Johnson (S/NB) A playmaker—he will provide identity to the D and be a versatile weapon for Pete Carroll.
    #63 — Yodney Cajuste (OT) I think they will want to have more competition than just Jamarco Jones for RT. Long arms (34″) and heavy set (312 lbs). He is a Solari guy.
    #84 — Ben Banogu (DE) Seattle clearly likes his potential a lot. They don’t pick him at 63 and gamble a little, simply because of the DE depth available even if he goes. If he’s not there, someone like Anthony Nelson or Maxx Crosby could be the play.
    124 — Darius Slayton (WR) The dude averaged at least 19 yards per catch each year of his career. They provide Russ with another deep shot weapon.
    #159 — Drew Lewis (LB) We gotta get faster on D. We also gotta push Calitro for that back up job.

    I like this mock draft because it taps into the various strengths of this class. We get a physical specimen with huge upside at DE to replace Frank. We tap into the strong first grouping of safeties. We get another DE/OLB with huge upside in the third round. What do others think?

    • GoHawksDani

      I like Gary and CGJ. I’m not sure about the rest. I’d rather pick Crosby than Banogu. And I’d rather pick an OG than an OT. Iupati, Fluker, Simmons…3 guys only for the two OG spots. Fluker had some injury concerns. It’s probably the most important part of our line because of the many inside runs. Not sure how well Iupati will be, so I wouldn’t mind a bit more competition and depth there. But TE might be even more important.
      So make it: Gary, CGJ, Wesco, Crosby/Nelson, Slayton, Lewis and I’m sold 😀

  25. Trevor

    If the Hawks plan to trade Clark it would have to be before the draft correct? The other team would have to work out an extension with Clark and I don’t think that is something that can be done while you are on the clock.

    I was almost certain the Hawks would not trade Clark but now think it is 50/50.

    • Rob Staton


  26. Coleslaw

    My guess is Clark goes to the Jets Thursday night. They seem extremely interested. Seahawks wanted #3 and they didnt cut off negotiations, I think after they trade down we could really get a pick in the late teens.

    Jets probably wont care where they trade down to, only about the other picks they get to fill out their board and make up for it. Seahawks get a pick in the teens, Jets get Frank Clark and a haul of picks.

    Jets trade #3 for #10-19, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 2020 1st
    Jets trade #10-19 to Seattle for Frank Clark

    They want Frank.

    • Rob Staton

      I believe the Jets have all been but ruled out by reporters close to the team. The Bills are also out.

      It seems like the Chiefs are in the front seat.

    • BobbyK

      Rumblings are the Jets do want to trade down into the teens – but it’s so they can draft an OL. Giving Darnold a cheap body guard seems to make more long-term sense for them, as opposed to a guy ready to command a hefty chunk of the salary cap.

  27. Uncle Bob

    As I see it Frank only has three options in his control. He can sign the tag and play this year hoping for something better next. Or, he can sign whatever longer deal JS has on the table (or close if there’s some wiggle room). Or, sit out part or all of the season. He’s relatively limited, holding out for the season undermines him. If he and his agent are being intractable then the odds of a trade will go up if JS thinks it’s not worth the effort to try to work something out. I’d hate to see him go, but the alternatives have some appeal if you’re open minded. Caveat: we’ve watched JS blow two similar situations the past couple years (with the exception they probably would like to keep Frank while they knew they weren’t likely to keep Sherm and ET). He has shown a tendency to overvalue what he has and decline market offers that would have been better than what he ended up with. Keep in mind, he only has a high of 31 trade partners, and not all want, or can, play at any given point in time. That said, if Frank gets traded away it doesn’t have to be the end of the world as some lament. Think back to just one year ago when Graham was lost to FA. The whine for awhile was “How are we ever going to replace the 10 touchdowns he contributed.” (fortunately for those whiners, hind sight has forgotten them for the most part_) Turns out they were replaced and exceeded by spreading the “wealth” in true team fashion. For those who still doubt, just a partial nugget, J. Marten had rookie year stats very similar to rookie year Frank Clark. No, he won’t be 100% a replacement this season, but he is a good possibility to progress nicely. Give him a little help and suddenly those 13 sacks, or whatever floats your boat, will be picked up (and maybe exceeded) by teamwork. I don’t expect a high first round pick as trade fodder, but low first, high second could be real depending on motivation of other teams. Rob has shown some tantalizing secondary options in this draft, and with the loss of faith that many fans and some reporters have in Quill Griffin, a two player package from the Hawks to whomever might make a “blockbuster” (for now anyway:) trade. Don’t bet the mortgage money though.

    Rob, I’m late on commenting on your bit of soul searching the other day about the current day relevance of a blog versus the seeming more “popular” twitter, or similar, venue. Admittedly I’m an old guy, but I far prefer what you do here on the blog. The “1000 word” approach leaves room for nuance and potentially better understanding. Twitter, and the like, tend to favor points at opposite ends of the Bell Curve that most situations could easily be plotted on. If you don’t agree with point A then you’re presumed to be entirely at Point b, those being the extremes of the plot. All the nuance, the fat part of the curve that’s influenced by the vast spectrum of “what ifs” that impinge on most every experience are lost/ignored. There are a few who are skilled at making salient points on venues like Twitter, but they are a decided minority. Not everyone pays attention to the multiple points of nuance you carefully plant in each posting, but for those of us who appreciate, and prefer, the variables all I can say is “Keep it up”, we love it. And if I don’t get to reply after this week, enjoy your annual break coming soon…………you’ve earned it.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you Bob. I’ve been emboldened and encouraged by the responses to that comment I posted, off the cuff, a few days ago. I just want this place to be useful. It’s reassuring that people still get something out of it.

    • Dale Roberts

      Well said Uncle Bob.

  28. Brett

    Rob – I haven’t posted many comments, but have been reading you for several years. Yours is quite simply the best commentary and analysis around. The longer format gives better insight and depth for good writers and analysts with a keen eye. You are both of those, for sure. Keep doing this as long as the passion is there. It really is irreplaceable content. I’m fairly sure other reporters and even NFL types read your stuff. Gawd knows we don’t need more ‘Twitter Takes’. Bleh!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you Brett, appreciate that buddy 👍🏻

  29. charlietheunicorn

    The trade: In 1997, the Seahawks traded with Tampa Bay to go from No. 12 to No. 6, where they took future Hall of Famer Walter Jones.
    It took only a third-round pick to move up six spots and land one of the best left tackles in NFL history. What’s more, the future of the Seahawks was up in the air at the time, with Paul Allen having agreed to buy the team and keep it in Seattle on the condition that the public approve an initiative in June to help fund a new stadium. Then-owner Ken Behring wanted to trade both of the team’s first-round picks because he didn’t want to pay the hefty signing bonuses, so when Allen stepped up to foot the bill even though he had no assurance that he would eventually buy the team from Behring, it sent a strong message to voters about the type of owner he would be. — Brady Henderson

    (Thanks to Paul Allen for changing the franchise…. and one trade can change everything.)

    • Saxon

      God, I miss Walt. Used to love when Hass would razz him and the big fella would quietly laugh. Best offensive lineman ever…

  30. Rob Staton

    I don’t think it’s likely but imagine turning 21 & 29 into Rashan Gary & Jeffery Simmons. That could be the draft version of the Bennet & Avril heist.

    • charlietheunicorn

      How about Gary and Sweat? Both could be available from day #1.

      Though the 2020 season, Gary and Simmons would be nasty.

      • Rob Staton

        Simmons is far better IMO. The injury is the issue.

        • Juju

          Simmons is basically a 50% chnace of being Aaron Donald.

    • Aaron

      That would be an epic haul in round one, something the Hawks haven’t had since well, the last time they had two first rounders and got Earl and Okung in 2010. The anticipation of news about this trade is making me real excited for the draft. Irregardless of a trade I think the Hawks are going to be very aggressive targeting d line (DT, DE, EDGE, LEO) this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if they pick 3-4 guys for the d line. They have other needs but the depth into the middle rounds is so solid for d line that you need to tap into it.

      Do you really think a trade is going to happen Rob? Seems likely, but we’ve been here before with Earl and Sherm.

      • GerryG

        The Sherm situation was different though, people keep bringing that one up as a huge mistake. In hindsight it didn’t work out right, but they were only going to trade him for a monster haul because they still had two years of him under contract and he was a top 5 player at his position. He blew his Achilles and all was lost. If he had remained healthy they still had another offseason to trade him.

        • Dale Roberts

          We’re also talking about players of different ages. Clark is just coming into his prime whereas both Sherman and Thomas are beginning the downhill decent. Not that they can’t still be great players but they are at different points in their career than Clark.

      • Rob Staton

        I’ve consistently said I don’t think a team will be prepared to pay a haul then pay Clark $65m. However, there’s a lot of smoke now. Hard to ignore.

    • GoHawksDani

      Or Gary one of the best DEs of the class and Hill a guy with similar potential than the best rushing DTs of this class. I feel with Garys injury concern and Simmons injury it would be too risky for this FO (and for me :D)

  31. Rob4q

    Which is the better offer for Clark?

    12, 30, 118 for Clark, 21

    29, 63 for Clark

    • Aaron

      As much as I’d love getting a pick in the top 15, I’d rather that if Frank got traded that he’d go to the AFC. So I’d rather the Chiefs trade for him and we keep the 21st pick so we’d have 21, 29, 63, 84, 124, and 159. That gives PCJS a much easier path to netting 8+ picks from this draft while also keeping Frank out of conference.

  32. KD

    Just when I thought the drama was over, the trade talks heat up again. To be fair though, as Schneider said, it would be extraordinarily difficult to keep Wagner, Reed and Clark together given the constraints. If this is going to happen, then let it happen. It will be exciting to see the kind of haul we can get in return.

  33. JC

    Does anyone believe Jody Allen has a role in the Seahawks seeming intent on dealing Frank Clark? Not that she’s ordering it, but she wouldn’t approve a new deal given the allegations against Clark. We don’t really have any idea on how hands on she is as owner, especially in this scenario, however far in the past it is.

    • CaptainJack

      I don’t think that has anything to do with anything.

      The seahawks, if they trade Clark, are trading him because they can’t afford to keep him past next year and they only have four draft picks.

      Clark’s college incidents have absolutely zero to do with the trade talks

  34. Dale Roberts

    Rob could you do a short piece on possible UFDA’s please. Pete and John have said they will be very active in the post draft market so I’m curious who they might be targeting. Thanks.

    I know the draft blog is somewhat a labor of love but I truly hope people notice and you land the gig you desire. Then you can be like John Clayton, a national celeb that still does his Seattle thing.

  35. Josh

    I thought it looked like the Chiefs were clearing large contracts off their books to get ready to sign all their offensive firepower. Got rid of Houston, Berry, and Ford. JS said the defensive line talent is good until the third round this year in the press conference today. So they should be able to find a good edge prospect in the draft. If anyone would pull the trigger on a large contract for Clark, it would have to be the Colts I’d think. Colts have quite a bit draft capital and cap room. They’ve been quiet this off season too. Fun scenario to discuss Rob, thanks for all the hard work, I look forward each day seeing what you have written! Thanks!

  36. CaptainJack

    Chiefs fans on arrowhead pride want Clark… just for one of their seconds.

    Sorry, not going to happen. Keep dreaming Chiefs fans.

  37. CaptainJack

    Clark is in his prime and likely still getting better.

    I don’t see why he should command less in a trade than Khalil Mack did.

    • Kenny Sloth

      He’s definitely never even remotely looked like a player of Khalil Mack’s caliber for a single second in his life but ok.

      It’s a very obvious tier that seperates them. No slight against Clark, Mack is a future hall of famer.

      We’ll be lucky to swap 21 for a high first and get a second. Be lucky to get a late first straight up for him.

      We shopped Earl hard and didn’t get an offer we liked so I am absolutely not holding my breath and definitely not trawling through fan blogs for opinions

      • Trevor


  38. millhouse-serbia

    “20 minute press conference today with Carroll & Schneider.

    Nobody asked… ‘How likely is it Frank Clark will be traded?’”

    Rob, on 3:55min, somebody asked “is there any clarity on rumors about Clark”. And answer from John was same as always “always in every deal, conversation etc”.

    • Rob Staton

      That question doesn’t even make sense.

      And it’s not the same as simply asking how likely a trade is.

  39. millhouse-serbia

    Rob, you mentioned Garybat 21 ans Simmons at 29 if theybtrade Clark. But none of them play Clark’s LEO role.

    Gary is 5tech and Simmons is DT.

    Do you think they would go with Orchard and Marsh and later round pick (I cant see they go DL with 3 first picks)?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Gary isn’t a pure 5tech.

      Clark was heavy like Gary coming out. We slimmed him down to the 255 range and he played LEO thereafter.

      • millhouse-serbia

        SO, you think he would be capable to play LEO in our scheme (after slimming down)?

        There Is a lot analysts who think his best position is inside.

        • MarkinSeattle

          Gary ran a 4.58 40 at 277 lbs. That seems plenty fast enough to play the edge.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I’m saying Rashan Gary could play strong safety and probably be a starter for most teams, Mill!

          • millhouse-serbia

            No need for that type of answer…but ok… thanks for answering…

            • Kenny Sloth

              No disrespect, it’s just kind of over-simplifying to say he’s a 5 tech.

              He’s the kind of guy you can deploy all across the line and expect some kind of production. You want him rushing from different angles and working a game with his DL room.

              You want to use his athleticism not bury him in double teams and gap control

  40. GoHawksDani

    The only reasons to trade Clark would be:
    1, Big compensation (top10 pick, or a mid 1st and 2nd)
    2, They wanna part ways with him (think he reached peak, or doesn’t seem eye to eye with him, or he wants ridic contract)
    3, Think they can compensate for the loss (with pick(s) and maybe Green and/or Martin making big steps) and they need CAP room for now or for the future

    1, unlikely. They might get late 1st and late 2nd but that’s the most
    2, I can’t see this scenario
    3, This seem to be the most likely.

    I feel they don’t want to give him 20 or more mils APY with big GTD, but they think Green and/or Martin can fill the void to some extent, and with this deep class they might think if they draft 2-3 DL they’ll not only be able to plug the hole but also create depth and better rotation. And they might pick up a vet also this year, AND with all this Schneider might think they’ll have the opportunity next year to push for the SB run (especially with a ton of draft pick), and they might wanna create some CAP relief so they can pick up 1-2 bigger name guys in FA who can help them make that leap

    If they’d have these picks, I think it could go like this:
    #21 – Rashan Gary (DE) or Montez Sweat (EDGE) – Need to replace Clark’s production on the outside.

    Trade #29 for early second and third to a team that wants to pick up Grier before NE (lets say a pick between 38 and 48 and a pick between 69-78)

    #38-48 – Tillery (DT) or Hill (DT) or Simmons (DT) – We need a high upside player to put next to Reed. Simmons is the best but injured, Hill might be good but character question marks, Tillery is with the least upside but still solid option.

    #63 – Amani Hooker (nCB) or Marvell Tell (nCB) – Need to replace coleman. These converts could do that.

    #69-78 – Gary Jennings (WR) – Top tier WRs will be gone by then, but hopefully Doug will stay at least one more year, so we need a WR who can compete for the 3rd spot and maybe develop into more.

    #84 – Drew Sample (TE) or Trevon Wesco (TE) or Foster Moreau (TE) – Good blocking TEs with potential catching upside.

    #124 – Armon Watts (DT) or Greg Gaines (DT) – We could still use depth at DT. Inside runs were issues last year so gimme some big boys.

    #159 – Michael Jackson (CB), Derrek Thomas (CB) or Stephen Denmark (CB) – Competiton and depth at outside corner. Jackson might be long gone before this but other two has potential too.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Good post

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Dig it!

  41. EP

    I would love Gary but isn’t the fact that he is dropping because of an apparent injury concern a little bit worrying, irrespective of where he gets picked? Although I’m guessing it’s not concerning enough or else he would be dropped entirely from the early rounds.

    • Sea Mode

      Rapoport published some details a few min. ago:

      Ian Rapoport

      #Michigan DT Rashan Gary, one of the draft’s top defensive players, has a shoulder that was flagged, sources say. It’s a labral tear from college, and most believe he can play this season, then possibly have surgery afterward. It will likely have to be managed or harnessed, tho

      3:49 AM – 23 Apr 2019

      So looks like you would be looking at surgery next off-season in the best of scenarios.

      • charlietheunicorn

        Think about it this way….. he was very productive WITH that injury.
        Imagine what he would be like once he is 100%. Low first round pick would be cheap for a top guy.

    • Rob Staton

      Depends how serious the injury is.

  42. Trevor

    My proposed KC trade Mock. The focus will be to build a roster that can compete to be a legit SB contender in 2020.

    Hawks trade Clark to KC for #29 and #63
    Hawks trade #29 to Cincy for #42 and #72 (Cincy target Grier as their future QB and move into Rd1 ahead of NE

    #21 Rashan Gary (DL/ Mich) Gary and JS runs to the podium to get a top 10 talent to add on the DL.

    #42 Darnell Savage (DB / Maryland) Pete gets his ultra athletic big nickel. Juan Thornhill would be an equally good selection here.

    #63 Trysten Hill (DT / UCF) The Hawks add another incredible athlete to the DL.

    #72 Chuma Edoga (OT/USC) I thought he was the best looking OT at the Senior Bowl and think a coach like Pete could help him overcome his confidence and mental issues. Hawks get a 1st round in Rd3

    #84 Gary Jennings (WR/ W Vir) under rated WR who tick all the boxes for a Hawks WR.

    #124 Trevon Wesco (TE/FB W Vir) utility knife blocker who also has some potential as a receiver.

    #159 Kaden Elliss ( LB/Idaho) really athletic LB prospect who will excel on special teams and has starter potential in a year or two.

    Free Agency Signings ( once they don’t count against comp). Sign both guys to 2 yr deals wirh the ability to cut or get out of contract after year #1 if things don’t work out or for injury with Anzah.

    Ziggy Anzah
    Danny Shelton

    Extensions using the savings by trading Clark. Lock these guys up as the leaders and core of your defense.

    Bobby Wagner
    Jarran Reed

    • Sea Mode

      Nice thoughts. I like a lot of this.

      The only thing I personally would prefer to tweak would be skipping out on DB in R2 and getting Terry McLaurin.

      I think there are going to be plenty of really good NCBs still on the board in R3-R4, and would trust PC to coach up one of them without needing to spend a high pick. My choice right now would be David Long, Michigan for nickel and Marvell Tell, USC for outside CB convert.

      • Trevor

        I have to admit I really wanted to put Mclaurin there as well. He is my favourite WR in the class. Putting him there and then taking Tell at #84 is an option I would be all for as well.

      • Volume12

        They wouldn’t take Savage to be a corner.

    • SamL

      This is a good mock I just highly doubt that Gary will fall out of the top 15, he just has to much potential. If we trade Clark and make a trade back like you’ve proposed I could see something like this…
      21. Clelin Ferrell
      42. Terry Mclaurin
      63. Zach Allen
      72. Jace Sternberger
      84. Marvell Tell

    • H

      Would love this mock, and i disagree with Sea Mode. I’d much rather get Savage. I like Mclaurin a lot but I absolutely love Savage, he’d bring the intensity back to our secondary. Imo the difference between him and someone like Tell is far greater than the difference between Jennings and Mclaurin.

      Plus Mclaurin could be available later on given his lack production, although im be running to the podium for Trystan Hill at that spot in this scenario.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Wesco has NE Patriots written all over him. Just saying.

      • lil’stink

        He’s my #1 draft crush right now. Love his tape. Looks like a more agile Will Dissly. I think he’ll be a pro-bowler if he goes to NE 🙁

        • charlietheunicorn

          What I love about him is that he can play a true FB in the offense. Yes we have a new OC, but I always thought the offense looked better or ran better when you had a true FB playing behind or beside RW (under the old OC). Hell, we know he can block right out of the gate and can be a mismatch type of weapon when passing out of running sets (or RPOs).

          • lil’stink

            I think he’s underrated as a pass catcher because he wasn’t really utilized that much, and it’s so easy to focus on his blocking and physicality. But he really looks like he has soft hands and is a beast to bring down. Seems to have very nimble feet to boot.

            You know PC has to love him.

  43. Trevor

    Finding a couple of UDFA gems like Poona would be huge for the Hawks this year. They don’t have any late round picks this year and if that does not change I am anxious to see who they target after the draft.

    • Logan Lynch

      UDFA will be a huge focus this year, as John and Pete mentioned. JS also echoed that having less draft picks could actually make SEA a preferred destination this year along with the fact that Pete has never shied away from playing UDFA if they prove themselves.

      • Sea Mode

        Great point.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I think they will bring in a couple guards – or focus on poaching one off someone’s practice squad next fall. I’m notvconvonced they have two season long starters for guard positions.

    • cha

      If I’m not being too demanding Rob, I’d like to see if you have ID’d any guys like you did with Poona last year. Maybe a misfit toy in the standard measurements of NFL draft prospects but has an intriguing trait like Poona’s long arms and low center of gravity that translated to great play in college and might be a good pro fit for the Hawks.

  44. millhouse-serbia

    Ian Rapaport:
    “#Michigan DT Rashan Gary, one of the draft’s top defensive players, has a shoulder that was flagged, sources say. It’s a labral tear from college, and most believe he can play this season, then possibly have surgery afterward. It will likely have to be managed or harnessed, tho”.

    So, thats one of the reasons he was top 30 visit.

    • Logan Lynch

      Not the same injury, but MIchael Bennett was signed from TB with a torn rotator cuff. SEA may not be scared off by this injury if they think they can manage it like they did with Black Santa. Just give Gary some of those extra small shouler pads!

  45. Trevor

    If JS trades Clark would he go way out on a limb and draft two guys with injury concerns but that are top 5-10 physical talents? Talk about risk vs reward.

    #21 Gary
    #29 Simmons

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure he would but fans would be excited and if they both worked out… it’d be like getting Bennett and Avril all over again.

      • Sea Mode


        Saw Rob mention this idea above as well, with of course the disclaimer that it doesn’t seem likely given our history.

        Still, I would be stoked. They found a top 10 talent in Clark in R2, went for it again in R2 with McDowell, I would love to see them go for it again. We just don’t have any other way at drafting these caliber of players as long as RW is here and healthy.

        • Trevor

          It would be scary and filled with Risk but the idea of having a Bennett and Avril like combo in their early 20s to build around is a pretty appealing scenario.

          You have to wonder how many times the Hawks would have to draft talent like that for the DL let alone two in the same draft.

          I know a lot of fans would probably be upset but I think I would be willing to take a shot.

  46. Georgia Hawk

    really interesting article over on SBNation today about college WRs success translating to NFL.


    TL;DR – The guys Rob and others have been big on (McLaurin, Jennings, Etc) project very well to the NFL. Metcalf?…lets just say he’d be a perfect pick for the Raiders as a DHB reincarnation.

    All that to say if the above scenario plays outs and we can land a top DE AND McLaurin I’d be absolutely thrilled.

  47. Tecmo Bowl

    Some great stuff put out by Kiper this morning. Don’t remember him ever diving this deep. Top 300 and extensive positional rankings. He’s got 10 long snappers listed! Haha. This is an insider article BTW.


    The best way to get ESPN insider and + is to subscribe to ESPN the magazine. Considerably cheaper that way. Just sayin.

  48. Volume12

    If they trade Clark, do some of y’all really care what body type or alignment Seattle drafts to replace him? When did this become a thing? Let the coaches coach and figure that out.

  49. Volume12

    Still think McGary is a wildcard and in play for Seattle somewhere on day 2.

    • CaptainJack

      McGary is so similar to Ifedi.

      Just a beast physically.

      But you wonder about penalties and whiffs. He lacks elite quickness like Ifedi did. Every so often on tape he dominates his guy so badly it’s beuatiful to watch. Next play he’ll get beaten like a drum. Inconsistent.

      He’s going to take a few years to settle in.

      • Volume12

        Which is why you get a guy for Solari to sink his teeth into early. There’s gonna be a pick or two this year that shocks some people, but will be with an eye to toward the future. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. It’s ok to draft (spend a couple picks) a year in advance.

        • HawkfaninMT

          Normally I agree, but given the volume of picks the Hawks currently have next year don’t you think it makes sense to have less of an eye towards drafting guys that will impact the team in two years vs this year? I am kinda playing devil’s advocate a but here, because I would love it if they could get Simmons, but I feel like he has a ceiling that is higher than almost anyone in the draft.

          • Volume12

            They won’t pick 4 times. Their heads would explode. This is a volume drafting team.

            He does. He’s the best DT in this class behind Quinnen Williams. But that would be the type of
            pick I’m talking about. Not that it would shock anyone.

        • Logan Lynch

          And arguably that’s what you should do, always have a couple picks that look to build the future. Win Forever baby.

  50. CaptainJack

    Mack had only two more sacks the past three years than Clark.

    Clark is younger and still likely improving, plus Clark is great against the run.

    It’s baffling me how Clark is viewed on this blog as a chump while Mack is viewed as a demigod.

    Someone please help me figure it out. Who is to say Clark won’t be more productive than Mack next year?

    • CaptainJack

      It’s bugging me that Clark is being talked about as just some guy who can be replaced with a rookie.

      Clark is special. He’s athletically special and he’s special on the field, and he’s young and still getting better.

      • lil’stink

        I don’t think that’s the vibe on this site. Other places, like reddit, perhaps. But I think most of us realize our pass rush will likely take a step back next year if we trade Clark. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if 2019 Clark is far, far better than any 2019 rookie pass rusher.

      • Trevor

        Not sure what you are reading but everyone from Rob on down seems to realize that Frank is a special athlete and I think almost everyone would prefer he be extended.

        I personally to not think he can be replaced with a rookie at least this year but I think if you draft say a Rashan Gary and use some of the savings on a Clark contract to sign Anzah and Shelton then the DL will see little drop off and might even improve.

        Basically Clark = Rashan Gary, Ziggy Anzah and Danny Shelton + Then you have the $ to extend Reed and Wagner.

        I recognize how good Frank is but I can look at other scenarios as well.

    • cha

      If we’re talking counting stats, Mack has almost double the number of tackles and forced fumbles the last 3 years as Clark.

      He needs to be accounted for on every single play. His debut game as a Bear was insane. He nearly won the game by himself, which is an astounding thing to say about a DE.

    • Georgia Hawk

      Who is saying Clark is a chump? I don’t recall that coming across here, nor anybody saying a rookie would be able to step in and replace him.

      I think the general idea is the price he is asking for after the Lawrence deal is too rich with all the other considerations in the next year. He is not a true game wrecker like Mack or Donald, but asking for that type of money. Those guy are in a world of their own in terms of affecting the entire game. Clark may have more sacks over the years but I don’t think anybody can argue he affects the game the same way Mack does.

      • HawkfaninMT

        Exactly this…

        Clark is probably a top 8-10 DE in the league. But he wants to be paid as THE top DE in the in league. I feel like these types of contracts is where teams get into trouble. Paying the Top DE, DE money makes sense. Overpaying because he is above average becomes detrimental, unless you have an exorbitant amount of cap space and can afford those prices.

        5 Year 95M, 66 gtd puts him around the 5th highest paid DE and would be welcomed by most on this blog I think. Which tells me that nobody is claiming he is a chump. He is likely looking to beat out Lawrence’s deal of 5/105M/65 gtd which would make him the top paid DE in the league. I am just hoping he accepts a deal that would pay him appropriately, or the Hawks have the ability to move on for the largest draft haul available.

        • Eli

          Lawrence only got $48m guaranteed. Trey Flowers got $50m. Even Aaron Donald only got $50m guaranteed at signing. We don’t need to give Clark $66m.

    • JohnH

      Anything is possible. Clark could be better than Mack. JReed could be better than Aaron Donald. It’s possible. But it’s not terribly likely.

    • Stephen Pitell

      Mack dominates while dealing with double teams. THAT is a huge factor in why Mack is so elite. Clark doesn’t get sacks while being double teamed.

    • Aaron

      For those fans of Dragon Ball, Clark is a Super Saiyan 3, Mack is a Super Saiyan god. Clark is elite but Mack is a game wrecker.

  51. CaptainJack

    Why are we ignoring Austin Bryant? He should be right there in the discussion with Christian Miller and Deandre Walker for day 2 pass rusher.

    • RWIII

      Jack: Don’t worry I am sure that John Schneider/Pete Carroll knows who Austin Bryant is.

      Not having a 2nd round pick this year is really tough. There is so much 2nd round talent. It kills me the Hawks don’t have a 2nd round pick. Maybe that is why Pete Carroll is talking about priortizing undrafted free agents. They have to.

  52. charlietheunicorn

    OBJ doesn’t hold back in rant against Giants (on twitter)

    pre draft spicy

    • mishima

      To be fair, his rant was in response to comments made by NYG FO regarding ‘culture.’

      Giants vs. Steelers for least professional front office.

  53. Jake

    I just don’t see why people hype Rashan Gary. The tape is not that good. He can’t seem to bend the edge with any type of consistency. Other then his combine number I just don’t see him translating to a player even close to the caliber of Clark.
    Also who else would rather have Clark then reed. Clark is a game changer who is 25 that is just hitting his prime. Not sure if Reed will be able to ever hit a he production he had last year. He had 3 sacks combined in his first 2 year.

  54. Greg Haugsven

    Im not one for doing a lot of mock drafts but I decided to do one last night getting 29 and 63 from the Chiefs (Frank Clark) and trading back from 29 to the Bengals for 42 and 72. Here is what I got.

    21…Rashaan Gary
    42…Juan Thornhill
    63…Chase Winovich
    72…Terry McLaurin
    84…Trysten Hill
    124…Trevon Wesco
    159…Derrick Thomas

    This is not impossible.

    • ZB

      To me this is impossible. But hey….that’s just me.

  55. Volume12

    As the years go on it becomes harder and harder to predict and mock draft. Which makes it fun, but also a little frustrating.

    IMO that’s gonna be this year’s hook to try and get more and more people outside of the draft bubble to tune in to the draft itself this year. Complete mayhem or as my pops used to say, God rest his soul, PURE PANDEMONIUM!!

  56. jujus


    Sources: The #Seahawks and #Chiefs are deep in talks on a trade to send star Frank Clark to KC. The compensation would include a 1st rounder, a 2020 2nd rounder and a swap of mid-rounders. To complete it, the franchise tagged player and Chiefs must hammer out a deal.

    its done

    • cha

      Rapsheet Just followed up with a “done deal” tweet

    • AlaskaHawk


  57. RWIII

    Just heard this on Clayton. Less than 30 seconds ago. It appears that Frank Clark is headed to Kansas City.

  58. schuemansky

    Trade done.
    We can look forward to two years of fun drafts.
    And with 12 picks next year we actually trade for a 2019 pick if it’s worth it.

  59. Georgia Hawk

    ESPN reporting Hawks agreed to trade Clark to Chiefs. At least the waiting is done!

  60. John Roberts

    Clayton saying via Rapoport that Clark trade is done. Hawks get 21 and 29 next year. Third round switched.

  61. BobbyK

    We finally have a second round pick next year. A couple.

    • Trevor

      We are going to have a ton of draft capital next year!

      • charlietheunicorn

        Seattle currently has (or is expected to have) 12 picks in 2020.

  62. JohnH


    Looks like we get this year’s 29, next year’s 2nd rounder, and swap 3rds this year.

    • John Roberts

      Apparently I don’t hear do well.

  63. millhouse-serbia

    I.am said and shocked. 🙁

    • Trevor

      I am as well. I really liked Clark as a player and was hoping he would be the corner stone of the defense for a long time.

      When you have the highest paid player in the history of the NFL this is the result. There is only so much $ to go around and they have to figure out where best to spend it.

      Really Really. Really hope they can extend Bobby and Reed now this off season.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I am sad also. I think his trade was assured by his wanting too much money from the Seahawks. We can all argue about worth and value, but anything above 20 million would be expensive. Anything below 15 million would be cheap. I’ll be curious to see his final deal with KC.

      • DCD2

        Per Rapsheet, it’s similar to the Lawrence deal 5/$105 ($65 Guarnateed)

  64. SeaTown

    Great deal!!

  65. Logan Lynch

    Can’t say SEA didn’t learn their lesson from Sherm, Earl, etc. Now they have some flexibility to stick at 21 if their guy is there and trade back from 29 or vice versa. Get extra picks this year. Also the savings from not paying Clark likely means extensions for Wagner and Reed. Now they just need to hit on a few DL or hope one of the young guys from last year really makes a Sophomore jump.

  66. DCD2

    If we weren’t willing to pay him then this is much better than getting a 3rd round comp pick next year. That said, I’m sad to see Frank go. He did everything we asked of him. At least we traded him to the AFC!

    Get ready for a D-Line heavy draft (if you weren’t already)!

    • DCD2

      You would think this has to make a Jeffery Simmons pick more likely now.

  67. Bigten

    Hopefully it’s for the 49ers second next year that they got for Ford

    • Shadow

      According to NFLN, it is the Dee Ford pick. Hopefully they’re right.

      • JohnH

        Condotta is reporting it will be for whichever of the 2nds is worse.

        • Shadow

          That figures. Oh well, it’s still a second.

  68. EP

    This years draft just got a lot more exciting. And… we are totally stocked for next year. Let’s get some quality new blood in over the next two years and do something special!!!

  69. King_Rajesh

    We did it boys! Schneider finally took a page from Belicheck’s book and shipped out a defensive player instead of letting them walk (or worse, paying them)!

    Should have done it for Sherman, Earl, and Chancellor in 2016, but at least he knows now!

    Loading up big for 2020/2021, which should be the years we really push for another title. Rams will have to pay Goff, Eagles will either pay Wentz or be starting over, Bears will have to look at paying Trubisky, Chiefs will have to pony up all of the cash for Mahomes, Texans will have to pay Watson… All the teams that are cheating with cheap QBs will run out of time soon (and lets hope Brady the GOAT retires soon!)

    It’s looking like we’re making all the right moves once again – it looks like Schneider and Carroll know they’re not good enough to compete for the title in 2019, but with a solid draft this year and a big draft in 2020, they could be right back there in 1-2 years.

  70. Trevor

    After the draft I bet every vet free agent pass rusher will be at VMAC for a visit.

    I know a lot of people here on the blog are not fans but If Ziggy Anzah checks out medically in May then he has to be a priority target IMO even if it is on an incentive laden 1-2 yr deal that protects the team from injury. If he is healthy he can almost replace Franks productivity for a year or two.

    • JohnH

      Ansah or Suh on a cheap-ish one year deal would be my guess.

  71. ZB

    Mixed feelings about this trade. In Pete and John we trust.

    • Eli

      Same. Can’t fault the team for taking an offer they can’t refuse, but also hurts to see a entering his prime defender, who has stepped up as a team leader, traded away. Bittersweet

      • JohnH

        It’s a relief to me honestly. Clark as a player was valuable, but not top tier. Clark as a person always made me nervous. I’m glad he’s someone else’s problem now.

        • Eburgz

          That’s a brutal take. Clark is a real one. Glad we got proper compensation for him.

    • GoHawksDani

      Same. The return is solid…feels like a Nash equilibrium situation. I would be happier with a second round this year. I’m worried about the hole now. I can’t really see a game ready athlete like Frank will fall to the end of round one. My hope is that PCJS saw how much better Green and Martin got and they think those guys can replace most of Clark’s production. We still only have 2 first, and a third in the top100 picks. If by some miracle there would be multiple trade partners I could even see them trading both 1st round picks to second round picks. Draft will be much more interesting that’s for sure

  72. Logan Lynch

    Wait, what’s that sound??

    Oh, it’s just Rob frantically typing a new article addressing the Frank deal and it’s possible ramifications!

    • SoCal12

      Lol I can hear his keys clacking from the States!

    • ZB


      • Josh


    • GoHawksDani


  73. RWIII

    CHiefs trade this years 29th pick and next years 2nd round pick for Frank Clark. WOW!!!

    John Schneider with two first round picks. This is like a Rich Kid in the candy store . Boy is John Schneider going to have fun on draft day.

  74. ZB

    Ohhhhhhh snap. We done got 2 first round picks now. Remember the last time we had 2 firsts? The beginning of something great.

  75. HawkfaninMT

    Will be interested to see how quickly a Reed and/or Wagner extension happens now… Also will love watching the FA parade coming through. I am personally hoping for a combo of two of Ansah/Suh/Liuget/Wilkerson to go along with whomever is drafted

    • HawkfaninMT

      Didnt mean to hit submit…

      I also wouldn’t be surprised if a FA DE is signed prior to the draft to allow for some flexibility

  76. millhouse-serbia

    Reed:”I just lost my bestfriend in a trade 🤦🏾‍♂️🚪🚶🏾‍♂️ this is going to take some adjusting fugggggghhhhhhh”

    • SoCal12

      I like the return we got, but this is my worry with the trade. Frank was a real leader in the locker room, and that’s gonna be tough to replace. I’m hoping someone like J-Reed will step up in his place.

  77. j hawk

    I predict that 2 of the first 4 picks are edge rush. I was going to say 2 of the first 3 but cut myself some slack.

  78. charlietheunicorn

    Name to watch now….

    Nick Perry. He would not count towards comp picks, since he was cut by Green Bay.
    He also visited the VMAC earlier this offseason. They need some help on DE now, so 1 guy from draft and 1 guy from FA… to fill it out.

    The other rumor floated this morning is that the Seahawks will grab a WR at #29.

    • DCD2

      Good point. If nothing else, adding him would relieve some pressure of ‘needing’ to go DE right away.

  79. mishima

    5 years, $105.5 million, $63.5 million guaranteed.


    • charlietheunicorn

      Good for him. That is some legit money. Now, Chiefs.. go smash the Patriots.

  80. Josh

    This is the trade that sets them up for the next couple years to get a ring before Pete retires! So exciting!!!

  81. drewdawg11

    I will miss Frank. He was coming into his own. Still, $21.1 million per was too much to pay. Now, how much do you want to wager that John will use both picks to trade down?

  82. RWIII

    With the trade of Frank Clark the NFL draft just got tons more interesting for the Seahawks. I may have to D.V.R. the draft on two channels. No doubt Schneider will trade one of the Seahawks first round picks.

    Keep an eye on N’Keal Harry, Darnell Savage, Juan Thornhill. As far as defensive lineman. I think players like Rashan Gary, Montez Sweat and Jeffrey Simmons are now in play. Not saying that the Hawks will take any of these players but keep an eye on them.

    I will listening to Jake Heap today. He was talking about Darnell Savage. He said that Savage can play both safety positions and also nickel corner. As much as I want pass rushers. The Hawks have considers guys like Savage, Thornhill. Remember before the trade the Hawks three biggest needs are Wide Receiver, Pass Rush, DB. Let’s see what happens.

  83. RWIII

    According to Tony Pauline. He thinks the Seahawks got excellent compensation for Frank Clark.

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