Ken Norton Jr, Mike Solari returning to the Seahawks

Mike Garafolo also reports Norton Jr has an out in his recently signed contract with the 49ers to move to Seattle. The report is backed up by Alex Rozier who claims it’s a three-year contract.

The length of the deal suggests Pete Carroll isn’t thinking of quitting any time soon.

It became apparent Seattle was moving on from Kris Richard when they tried to lure Gus Bradley from the Chargers. Did they expect to land Bradley? Have they been seeking an alternative since?

Expect to see a lot of statistics highlighting how bad Norton Jr’s Oakland defense was. Some key points need to be highlighted here:

— Jack Del Rio pretty much ran Oakland’s defense. Pete Carroll might do the same in Seattle and he’s going to be better at it.

— Oakland had Khalil Mack but they didn’t have Bobby Wagner and Earl Thomas.

— Norton Jr is a great motivator and commanded great respect from Seattle’s alpha dog defense before he left for Oakland.

Bucky Brooks made this observation on the hire:

I’m not sure it’s quite as negative as this. Brooks implies Carroll wants a yes man. That’s one way of looking at it. The Brian Schottenheimer hire also plays to this dynamic. Rex Ryan highlighted Schottenheimer’s loyalty to the Head Coach during an interview on Brock and Salk this morning. Ryan told this story during the piece:

“One day, we were playing the Detroit Lions and I told these guys, ‘Look, we are going to run the ball 40 times tomorrow,’ because I thought in my heart that was the best way to beat them. We’re just going to pound them. So, sure enough, we’re doing it, they got (Ndamukong) Suh, they got all these other guys, and we’re running the ball. Well, all of the sudden, they’re putting eight, nine guys down there and we can’t run it. Yet, Brian is so loyal to the head coach, that by God, we’re getting beat 20 to nothing and we keep running it. I finally went over and said, ‘Guys,’ I’m looking at Schotty, I said, ‘Schotty, we’re down 20,’ and he said, ‘Yeah but Rex, we’ve got to get those 40 carries.’ I go alright, forget it. I call the offense over and Brian said, ‘I think we can throw it on them,’ and I said, ‘Well, you guys want to win the game, I know I told you we were going to run it 40 times. Would you rather win the game or run it 40 times?’ I said alright, let’s just light them up. And that’s exactly what Brian did, he flipped the switch, we went no-huddle, ended up forcing overtime and winning.”

That’s pretty striking evidence that Schottenheimer will do pretty much whatever Carroll asks.

However, I’m not ready to assume Carroll is an overlord demanding everyone ‘respect his authoritah’. It could be that he wants to be more hands on. It’s possible he simply believes his message has been lost over the last two or three years — or that he’s relinquished too much control.

He wants to run the ball as a point of emphasis, so he appears set to name an offensive coordinator committed to doing so. He possibly wants more control of the defense. In the past maybe it was Bradley, Richard or Dan Quinn leading the way on game day, with Carroll acting as the motivational source? Perhaps the roles are flipping, with Carroll now in charge and Norton Jr doing what he does best?

One other thing to consider:

The two coordinator hires are not flashy. They aren’t new or bold or different. The Seahawks haven’t gone after big names to do things differently. This really is Pete Carroll going back to his roots. This is an attempt to play the way he wants to. We’ll see if Norton Jr and Schottenheimer help make that happen.


Here’s your Tom Cable replacement. Solari was Seattle’s O-line coach between 2008-09, spent four years as San Francisco’s O-line coach between 2010-14 and most recently spent two years coaching the Giants’ O-line.

In 2009 I wrote a piece for Bleacher Report looking at Solari’s version of the zone blocking scheme. Here are some notes:

Offensive line coach Mike Solari has predominantly favoured a slightly different variation. It could be described as a “power ZBS” in that the guards are usually bigger and do most of the heavy work load.

Unlike Knapp’s ZBS, they are the primary movers with the center more likely to progress to the second level and attack linebackers due to directional drive blocking.

The advantage of Solari’s system is that if a defense goes run blitz, the linebackers can be driven out of the play creating huge gaps.

It’s possible the Seahawks could combine the two. Looking at the current roster, the potential is certainly there to be flexible.

Guards Mike Wahle and Rob Sims are athletic enough to fill Knapp’s ZBS. Wahle in particular has good technique and should be able to execute well as a starting left guard. Neither are the big power types that would usually be used in Solari’s scheme.

Mansfield Wrotto, however, stands at 320lbs—the perfect kind of weight to fit the power ZBS. He’s also a good athlete, so he could excel in this system. The downside is he’s still a little raw even approaching his third year in the league. The mental side of the Solari version is less demanding which could help Wrotto get on the field.

The center position is a point of contention. Chris Spencer has the freaky athleticism and solid strength which would make a good fit at guard in either system. His issue has always been execution and technique, which would be a problem at center in either scenario.

Recently drafted Max Unger is a little more predictable. He is an obvious guard in Knapp’s ZBS background and a center in Solari’s. I have to believe the Seahawks won’t be willing to flex between the two at center, but they may have to in certain circumstances.

Expect the power ZBS in 2017.

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  1. vrtkolman

    Well if this is true then past performances certainly don’t matter to Pete. His defenses in Oakland were awful.

    • GoHawks5151

      True. But he was a great coach here who will know the ins and outs of Pete’s system. In Oakland he was asked to recreate Seattle’s defense. Many have tried and failed at this (Gus Bradley’s Jags, Rob Ryan’s Saints). That may have not been his strength. Its one thing to be great at driving the car and another to know how build one.

      • Sea Mode

        Agree 100%. Some players and coaches who excel in our system and culture have flopped elsewhere.

        Not like Norton would be a sure hit at DC for us, but at least Pete knows what he’s getting.

      • vrtkolman

        Good point.

    • C-Dog

      It’s always going to be Pete’s defense. His stamp. He is the lead singer, lead guitarist, he writes all the music, and he gets to choose who plays bass, who plays rhythm, and who bangs the drums. The DC comes in and steps in line.

      That said, this might mean a further emphasis on building the front seven.

      • vrtkolman

        Very true, and of course Norton knows the defense inside and out.

    • pran

      on the flip side.. we dont have to call for heads of coordinators if things does not get better!

  2. AlaskaSouth

    Yeah, this is the ultimate retread move. Clearly it’s Pete’s show until the end. Hopefully they can catch lightning in a bottle twice with roster turnover (ala 2012).

    • VancouverHawk

      It would be a 3rd time. He did it at SC.

  3. FuzzyLOgic

    Really? Norton? Ugh….what is going on? I just watched some interviews with B. Schotts and he didn’t strike me as a very cerebral coach. Pete might be losing his own spot if this doesn’t work out. One thing I’ve noticed about both Schotts and Norton though is they are all about competition. My gut feeling though is Pete is writing his own name on the wall and may be out by 2020.

    Go Hawks):

  4. vrtkolman

    Mike Solari is coming back as OL coach. He’s had some major successful stints with KC and SF.

    • vrtkolman

      I’m kind of excited about this one. You can ignore his tenure in NY. Bobby Hart and Ereck Flowers are clubhouse cancers and were essentially un-coachable, and McAdoo was an incompetent.

      • Eli

        Solari is a power/man Oline guru, was a one time Oline coach for the Hawks when they had a decent line post Hutch’ I believe. Excellent pick up. VRT, did you see this on NFL Network? Twitter?

        • vrtkolman

          Mike Garafolo tweeted it, Sea Mode has the source below.

        • vrtkolman

          If I recall, didn’t he switch Seattle’s scheme to more zone blocking? Might annoy some of the people here, but there is nothing wrong with zone blocking. I think Cable just wasn’t coaching it very well.

    • BobbyK

      This is an awesome hire!

      • SeaTown

        Why is this awesome? Since 2008 Solari’s units have finished top ten in Rushing and Pass Blocking a whopping 2 times? A bit underwhelming if you ask me.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I bet you hated Tom Cable too

    • Sea Mode

      Here’s the source:

      Mike Garafolo‏

      One more assistant coach about to return to Seattle: Mike Solari will once again be the team’s OL coach, replacing Tom Cable, source says. Solari is the latest Ben McAdoo NYG assistant to find work elsewhere.

      2:57 PM – 15 Jan 2018

    • Brandon Adams

      Also had better horses there.

      • vrtkolman

        Our horses aren’t bad. Pro bowl LT, and a lot of high draft picks. It’s possible that they were just not coached well over the past few years.

    • C-Dog

      I love this move. Go Hawks

      • RealRhino2

        I feel good about the Solari hire, if true. Three days ago he was wholeheartedly endorsed by Mike Holmgren, and that’s good enough for me.

        • C-Dog

          +1. Trust the Walrus when it comes to offense.

  5. Sea Mode

    Whoa, a 44″ vert at the Dream Bowl!

    Fort Lewis S Daniel Walker
    6022, 217, 32 1/8 arm, 77 3/8 wing

    4.00 SS, 6.85 3C, 44 vert, 10’11” broad, 15 bench

    The only (huge) downside: 4.86 40yd. Ouch. Hope he slipped or something… the rest is absolutely elite.

    • Greg Haugsven

      No doubt on slipping, there are glaciers that move faster than 4.86

      • drewdawg11

        Earl could slip and run a 4.45. That’s not an acceptable time if he were carrying luggage.

  6. Ed

    I know a lot of fans aren’t too enthused about the two hires. But guys, at this moment, is it not better than for sure keeping Cable, Richard and Bevell? Let’s wait until next year is over to decide if they were better or worse off. I would be ok if they got a high school coach (kidding), just because it was at least a different path. Not exciting hires, but I’m just happy they made a change. Will wait until next year to cry for their heads. If they Hawks do have another bad year, I really think PC may just retire and the Hawks would then have JS running the entire show and looking for an entirely new coaching staff.

    • Sean-O

      Schottenheimer, Solari & Norton > Bevel, Cable & Richard? I’m not sure.What I am sure about is PC wants things done his way & from the sounds of it, he’s picked an OC & DC who’ll follow orders.,

    • Mark Souza

      Ed, I’m willing to wait and see. The one thing bothering me is the lack of an up-and-comer heir apparent to eventually take over. Because if one thing is sure, aging defenses slow down, and aging coaches eventually retire (or are retired). We need someone in the wings for that.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m not a big fan of an heir apparent. I think when it’s time to move on — it’s time for a fresh start. Complete new staff. Don’t fancy a repeat of Jim Mora who was on Holmgren’s staff.

        • Matt B.

          Agreed, align your coaching with Pete’s, give him a few more years and when he decides to hang em up, find a new coach who can fully install his philosophy. I was underwhelmed at first by these names however as they’ve sunk in and it’s become clear what Pete is doing, I’m growing more excited. It’d be fun to have a hotshot QB Coach/OC come in and install a whole new offense and change everything up but could you really imagine Pete completely giving up the reins like that? I think what we saw this last season was mixed messages from some of the coaching staff as Pete allowed them to be a bit more independent and perhaps some of the inconsistency that we saw came from a push-pull of philosophies between Bevell/Cable/Pete and Richard/Pete. Align your philosophies, focus on a common message, and be the best at it. It’s how we won the first SB I believe. Should be an interesting offseason to watch.

          • :Nem Beselek

            I’ll bet that they just hired the next Head Coach too. If Shottenheimer does well as the OC, it just primes the move for installing him as the next HC when Coach Carroll finally steps down in three or four years.

            If I’m wrong and Shottenheimer doesn’t do well as the OC, and perhaps even more importantly doesn’t click with DangeRuss, then all bets are off. But if does well as the OC here, and I have a kind of a premonition that he will. Then this all sets up Shottenheimer for a seamless transition in a few years.

  7. BobbyK

    We all know this is Pete’s defense (Mr. Happy’s defense for those of you from the old TNT blog) and the reason I am excited for Norton is because of this:

    Norton is one of the rare people who can get in the face of anyone and make them back down. When you have strong personalities like ET and Sherman, I believe this is needed. So much more to coaching than X’s and O’s (but they are extremely important, too).

    I’m blah on Norton the strategic DC, but I am all in on Norton the drill sergeant. Think discipline and penalties as well.

    And before some say he sucked in Oakland, lets not forget the Raiders did not have much for mid-ranging talent. They either had super studs like Mack or some bad, bad players. Players have a funny way of making some coaches look smart and this Seahawks defense has talent. Still.

    • C-Dog


    • Sea Mode

      Great point about the penalties. Let’s sure hope so!

    • GoHawks5151

      No matter who has come and gone in Seattle the principles are very much the same from DC to DC. Sure some run more prevent or blitz more but the scheme is the same. An innovator or strategist is not really what’s needed per say though im sure Norton will get a chance to put a stamp on it. Like was said sometimes holding someone accountable is all that’s needed sometimes. Instilling discipline is all that’s needed. You see teams like the 2015 Falcons add a new voice like Dan Quinn and totally flip their record from losers to winners. Much of that is not X’s and O’s. Its basic. Its cultural. It is the un-quantifiable stuff. This unique group of vets is head strong and maybe they need someone to make them feel young and on their toes again. Even successful people need a reality check.

    • peter

      excellent about the penalties.

    • Sean-O

      Excellent post BobbyK! I’m sure PC’s hope is that there is no way all the bitching & moaning on the sidelines the last couple of years from the D will continue with Norton back in tow.

  8. C-Dog

    Let’s be real. It’s Pete’s defense. Always has. Always will.

    Doesn’t matter if it is Bradley, Quinn, Richard, Norton Jr, the principals will stay the same. It’s a 43 under front with 34 personnel. While each DC provides their own little wrinkles to it, it’s Pete’s defense.

    I think what might to worth speculating a bit is something 710 brought up late last week. Richard is fiercely loyal to the LOB, has been with those guys since all were drafted, and if the team is moving away from them with an emphasis now on the front seven, it could be a move that Richard might have a really difficult time with. This could be the reason the team has told him to look for work elsewhere.

    It is interesting to think about Norton being the guy if we think about this defense really becoming Bobby Wagner’s defense now.

    But let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that this defense will be anything other than Pete Carroll’s.

    • Sea Mode

      Good insight on the players-coaches link. Hadn’t thought of it in that light.

      And yes, PC gonna PC every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

  9. Sea Mode

    I won’t claim to have in depth idea of how it works, but I will say this: “Power ZBS” sure has a nice ring to it!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Air. Coryell is typically a PwrBS

  10. H

    “It could be described as a “power ZBS” in that the guards are usually bigger and do most of the heavy work load”

    What do you think this could mean for the ol configuration next year? Pocic doesnt fit this at all, neither does Odi. Could Ifedi be moving back to guard after all?

    • SoCal12

      Yeah I was think this means Ifedi moves to Guard as well. Maybe we pick up a FA Guard like DJ Fluker or Justin Pugh (both of whom just worked under Solari) and put Fant in as RT? Pocic can be the flex backup while spending the season learning and bulking up.

      It’ll be interesting what our O-line looks like next season for sure.

      • white-salmon-hawk

        Was just about to post this same sentiment. Solari will have insight into both FA guards.

      • Ty the Guy

        The way things sit right now, the OL should go like this:

        Brown – Poscic – Britt – Ifedi – Fant

        Odi deserves a shot at LG, RG, or RT.

        A low-risk, low-cost, high-reward FA lineman would be perfect for competition. Not sure if bringing in another “big-name” like Joekel is the right move this offseason. Let the guys grow and gel in the new system.

        BTW, I love the sound of POWER Zone blocking. Our line was pushed back far too often this last season.

        • Mark Souza

          I hear you, Ty. Too often it was a race between their D-linemen and our running backs to see who would get the hand-off point first.

  11. Nick

    Rob, would love to see a post on how Schotty used Chubb and Michel when he coached them. Could give us some hints as to who would better suit the Hawks.

    • Trevor

      That would be interesting.

    • Rob Staton

      I spent some time watching the 2015 tape. It was quite similarly to the stuff they’ve been doing recently to be fair. Pre-injury Chubb was an absolute monster.

      • Nick

        Absolutely was! I think Seattle loves him (as you’ve pointed out many times). His one-cut style and vision would be ideal for a power zbs. The dude will be a great running back in the NFL.

        • peter

          it’s true. he will be a good/great back in the NFL. it seemed after the Championship game it was like by saying Chubb was good it was saying Michel sucked and vice versa….which is untrue I think you can like both for different reasons.

      • Mark Souza

        But not really anymore. Comparing what he could do in the Alabama game and what Sony Michel could do with the same line and against the same defense really opened my eyes. One of those back vaulted up my list, the other I scratched a line through.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think there’s any reason to scratch a line through Chubb’s name. One thing to remember — the Seahawks aren’t going to be starting a true freshman at quarterback.

          It was always going to be tough for Chubb in that game. I wrote about that the night before. But sometimes in New Orleans Mark Ingram was the main force and sometimes it was Alvin Kamara. You can’t judge either player based on the days they were the secondary back in terms of production.

        • peter

          that’s like saying Damien Harris sucks because he couldn’t get going….its not even really accurate. or the younger Ridley bother is some sort of force,when all season long he had about a dozen catches total.

          or big Payne is a backfield terror when on the best line in college he managed one TFL all season.

          this is one fans final opinion. I think it’s possible to think both backs are great. for different reasons. and sort of bluntly to this whole situation, if there really is “a better back,” between the two and that back is for some fans, clearly Michel then why on earth over four years together did Chubb get 160 carries (or the equivalent to one full season of Michel’s carries,) more than Sony Michel? maybe they just do different things better….?

          • peter

            btw not trying to be a crank. just reread my post and it was more snarky than needed. I’ve said for some time that I think Michel or jones would be better for how seattle is constructed as is. moving forward however I’m not really sure what back would be the best especially if they go for stringer guard play.

  12. Trevor

    I think Richards is moving on because he was tight with Kam, Earl and Sherm. He likely wanted his guys back and I think this is another sign big changes are in order. This is Wags defense now.

    If they draft Edmunds at 18 he would be even better than Irvin in that role. Norton would have the best LB Group in the NFL to build the D around.

    • Hawk Eye

      I think Richards is moving on because it is not his choice. That is Pete’s choice. Not sure if Norton calls a better game, but I think he is more of an alpha dog and Richard seems quieter and not as carismatic.
      I don’t think coaches say they will leave if their guys don’t come back, players change all the time.
      Kam coming back depends on health.
      I don’t see them getting rid of Sherman this year and Thomas leaving is less than 50%.
      2019? Maybe all 3 are gone

    • peter

      I’d absolutely go Edmunds at 18….if….seattle had more draft picks. Though I kind of feel like Seattle might be able to get him later in the first. We think he’s a riser but many sites have him sitting in the 2nd round.

      • Sea Mode

        Hasaan Reddick says hello…

        And Edmunds is better and can rush the passer too. He’s also the youngest player in the draft pretty much while Reddick was one of the oldest. He arrow is only pointed sharply upwards. Honestly, I will be slightly shocked if Edmunds actually lasts to our pick at 18 and I don’t sprint, but teleport to the podium.

        The Clemson boys returning doesn’t help our chances much either.

        He is exactly what we need: young, hungry, speedy defense who can play the Bruce Irvin Role, back up for KJ, and replace some of Avril’s pass rushing snaps. Really couldn’t ask for a more perfect fit. If he’s there, he’s one of the few special enough to forget about trading down.

      • Rob Staton

        Edmunds will go in the top-15, without a shadow of a doubt IMO. If not top-10.

        • peter

          .Full disclosure: Edmunds is the exact player/reason why I want Earl traded….so there’s that. With the likelihood that Seattle is going to do the trade down that they do, I completely think he’s out of range.

          However though I think Earl won’t net a first, I think a high second for earl makes it more likely that Seattle can get Edmunds or Roquan Smith with their first pick. Different players but more important players in some regards than a running back. The LB corps is so perilous the way it’s constructed and Seattle has no players that are even close to backing either Wright or Wagner up.

          • Ty the Guy

            Respectfully disagree peter.

            While Earl’s discussion with Jason Garrett definitely concerns me, he is still the key piece that makes our defensive scheme work the way it does. Those who think we can plug in another safety and get similar results are, IMO, very mistaken.

            I get what Earl was thinking. He grew up a Cowboys fan, his family is in east Texas, and I think that he knows that’s where his heart is. You can’t blame him. He has given his all for the Hawks. The situation reminds me of Ken Griffey Jr. The M’s granted the best player of the history of the team (IMO just like ET) because he wanted to go home.

            That being said, a trade for a 2nd for ET? No thanks. That would be settling. If the Boys want to pony up a 1st and change, then I’d be willing to consider. But that won’t happen. Earl will be staying put until he finishes out his contract.

            • Rob Staton

              If the Seahawks trade Earl, I doubt they continue with the same exact defensive scheme.

              After all, they were Philly not taking Brandon Graham at #13 away from never having Earl Thomas. And they would’ve just had to cope without an all-pro FS.

              • Ty the Guy

                I can see your point Rob. We have been spoiled by ET’s elite play. The entire defense have uniquely benefitted from a player unlike any other in the league.

                peter, getting something in return for a player who looks to, inevitably, be gone is ideal. Cut your losses, right? But I feel Earl has at least 2 more good years in him. I think his skill set is so “unicorny” that anything other than a king’s raom for a trade would be a tragedy.

                Sorry, I have been getting frustrated by the trade Earl talks.Maybe it is time to look at it and going into the draft we all believe that these players we are trying to evaluate will be the next great “insert the blank.” I just don’t want us to get into the grass is greener dilema.

            • peter

              fair. but seattle needs a reboot and I don’t think earl gets a third contract so he may leave resulting in a third at best 2020. I think earl is extremely important but I think that the Jax game showed how important the need to update the lbs moving forward. I say a high second because IF he were traded don’t see anyone paying a first for a rental. thus I don’t see him ultimately traded.

  13. Trevor

    With Wilkins going back to Clemson that D is going to be scary next year.

    Why would Wilkins and Ferrell go back I wonder. They were locks for RD #1 and in today’s NfLthw way rookie contracts are structured you would think they would want to come out and get to that second contract ASAP.

    I hope Daboh and Clemson are getting these guys big insurance plans in case of injury.

    • peter

      cause Dabo is a he’ll of a coach with a strong culture. got Beasley to come back for a year as well. future hawks coach I hope.

  14. Sea Mode

    Holy cow, Calais called it! That’s crazy! I hadn’t seen this.

    • RWIII

      Amazing. Calais Campbell called the score. I am happy for Campbell a real good guy.

      • drewdawg11

        Wish we had signed him instead of where we spent our money last offseason.

  15. Trevor

    Given that we have 7 Day # 3 picks I would love to hear from the Blog on day 3 guys to check out and study who might be fits for the Hawks.

    • sdcoug

      Mata’afa. Would love to see the hawks take a go at his speed and quickness

    • peter

      Trevor few players I like that can be had late:

      CB: Holton Hill, Texas. 6’3″ 200lb. Was suspended for unspecified team reasons for final three games. Young, 20 years old. Had 2 ints/ 6 PD’s/51 tackles before suspension.

      CB: Davontae Harris, Illinois State, 6’0″ 195. Looks very long to me and plays very fluid. Level of competition is suspect but he missed his Senior year in HS due to football injury. Apparently, scouts from every team have talked to him or his coach.

      • Trevor

        Thanks Peter. Hill is definitely an interesting guy and fits the Hawks CB profile. I will have to check out Harris.

    • Rob Staton

      This will come — it’s just a bit early to project day three types. Post-combine that’s easier to do.

  16. Seahawcrates

    For those hoping the firings signalled a move to innovation and a new way of things, you need to read Pete’s book. He innovates around the edges but he isn’t going to change his philosophical approach to football based on a 9-7 season.
    He believes what he believes and has a remarkable record of success to back him up. I don’t see these hires as yes men. Pete seems pretty comfortable in his skin and I don’t see any evidence of those let go having too often challenged Pete. I think he’s looking at how to more effectively get back to the core. Norton has been part of that. Schottehiemer has shown a propensity to do in offense what Pete sees as central, run the ball, and has been at his wits end for two years to fix.
    I’m not concerned about the Ryan anecdote above. I think it says more about Ryan than his coordinator. When I listened to the interview Ryan didn’t appear to have anticipated the likely questions and didn’t answer particularly thoughtfully or interestingly. Not sure insight is one of Ryan’s gifts.

    • peter

      I’m inclined to go this direction with the hires. Some say “yes,” men but I don’t see why PC would suddenly need to be validated.

      His philosophy has always been sound (from USC to now) run, where the opponent down, look for big plays. CB’s don’t run around covering number one receivers because anyone who plays sports and understands grade school geometry knows that if you play half the game going backward in a reactive stance, maybe make it easier by just playing your area.

  17. C-Dog

    So with Solari coming in from the Giants, I suppose we can ratchet up the Justin Pugh, or DJ Fluker to Seattle speculation talk. I pick Pugh.

  18. Ishmael

    The Giants O-line has been awful these last couple of years, and they might even have been worse at running the ball than the Hawks.

    I’m obviously not in a position to know, but this is a collection of hires that makes me uneasy.

    • Greg Haugsven

      It defiantly doesn’t get you excited.

    • 80SLargent

      If/when you have a chance, have a look at Football Outsiders data on run/pass blocking for this season. Where the Giants were might surprise you; where the Seahawks were most likely won’t surprise you.

    • RWIII

      Israel I see you are uneasy about the new hires. Who did you prefer the Hawks hire?

  19. Kenny Sloth

    Lol replace the names in robs old piece for current seahawks players.

    Germain Ifedi stands 320 lbs he’s also a good athlete but currently raw going into his third year

    Justin Britt has freaky athleticism at the center position

    Recently drafted Ethan Pocic is an obvious guard in this scheme

    Thats pretty funny

    • Dale

      The article stated two things about Solari’s power ZBS that make me think Ifedi could return to right guard. First is the quote, “the guards are usually bigger and do most of the heavy workload”. They then talked about Mansfield Wrotto at 320 lbs being a great fit and that there was less mental work required in this system. It seems like Ifedi was born to be a guard in the power ZBS. Pocic’s weakness is in fact his weakness which doesn’t bode well for him as a power guard. However, the implication was that the tackle spot requires more of a technician and that says Pocic. Fant, at 322 lbs, might work well next to Brown at left guard. It wouldn’t be bad to spend a couple of years working next to Brown then slide to left tackle when Brown retires. Fant could also be a good right tackle with Pocic returning to the swing role. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them acquire another candidate for left guard.

  20. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    qb coach “Jim Zorn” Holmgren Idea?

  21. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    So far I’m happy with the moves. Not Media/Fan inspiring, but solid. Interesting to see what they do next with player personnel. Go Hawks!

  22. Greg Haugsven

    I wonder if the Solari hiring opens up a door for DJ Fluker or Justin Pugh to join the Hawks?

    • Greg Haugsven

      Sorry C-Dog, you were faster than me.

    • Trevor

      You would have to think they are options if Solari liked them.

  23. Hawk Eye

    wonder if Ken Norton and Mike Tyson will make this a knockout defense again?

    • Greg Haugsven

      Good humor Haw Eye.

    • 80SLargent

      It certainly makes “Competition Wednesday” a lot more interesting.

    • soule

      You’ll get an earful.

    • Rob Staton


    • Rugby Lock

      He’ll nibble sweet nothings on your ear??

  24. Patrick Toler

    Two thoughts:
    1 – I think Pete is probably best paired with a front seven coach, like Quinn. Not sure about the hire, but I like that aspect (and trust the Hawks decision making).

    2 – I wonder if they think they see a market inefficiency with coaches who have been in bad situations. Schottenheimer under Rex, then Fischer, then most recently with a messy Colts club. Norton brought into run the Carroll defense, but not having control and stuck under the Mark Davis umbrella. Solari caught up in the McAdoo mess.

    • Gohawks5151

      Norton more of a front 7 guy technically. He will be solid against the run. I liked the how long Clint Hurtt last year. Lost Cliff early, didn’t have time with Sheldon, Reed and Naz and Bennett hurt. I think it will be an improved unit if healthy. And obviously LBs are his specialty. 2 coaches still in the race were “dull” hires. Norv was hired after being fired for the millionth time to no Fanfare in Minnesota. Also after the hype of Chip Kelly, Doug Peterson was considered a pretty lame hire. It’s only unspectacular if it doesn’t work

      • Dale

        Good observation.

    • Sea Mode

      Spot on. They do the same every year in FA and to an extent in the draft as well.

  25. Greg Haugsven

    With the recent news of Avril wanting to play and Kams interesting situation I wonder if everyone will be back next year on defense minus Jeremy Lane?

    • Hawk Eye

      I think Kam and Avril want to play, but we have t wait and see if the can. I doubt we know for sure until training camp. They may release Avril for the cap space, but if they believe he can play, they might keep him also.
      going to be an interesting summer to see who stays and who leaves and what new rookies and FA’s come in.

      • DC

        If Avril is healthy it would be folly to release him. Good luck replacing that production with $7.5M He’s a bargain.

        • Greg Haugsven

          If they dont move on from someone there cap space will be grim. Releasing Lane and Ryan can get you about $9 million . I agree about Avril but his $7,5 savings is the easiest one to do and you might have Dion Jordan there to fill the shoes. For sure some very interesting decisions.

        • Hawk Eye

          his cap hit is $8 mil, they would only have $500K cap hit if they release or trade him

          as a comp
          Bennett has cap hits of $7.3 Mil in 2018 and $8.7 Mil in 2019
          Bennett still a better player, and Avril is worth the $8 mil if he is healthy

        • Rob Staton

          Agreed he’d be a bargain — but the Seahawks appear resigned to needed change and to get younger. Which is understandable. They need to start looking ahead, not at ‘one last rally with the guys’.

      • GerryG

        Agreed Hawk Eye, Avril and Kam wanting to keep playing is merely that. They need to heal and then be cleared to play. Then Seattle has to consider is it worth keeping players with a neck injury?

        • 80SLargent

          Peyton Manning says hello.

          • Mark Souza

            Peyton Manning didn’t ram his head into a wall of 300 pounders every play, so not a great comparison.

            • 80SLargent

              Whatever man, those 300 pounders you talk about were coming for his head every single play. Peyton had FOUR surgeries, and all it takes is one hit for anybody, no matter where they play. It’s not like he was a kicker.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Kam will retire. Hopefully he’s still with the team in some form.

      Cliff… I think he’ll retire. We’ll see. I think the noise seems to be that Seattle will move on.

      They need to churn now. Time for some change. Time to find the next group.

      • peter

        “one last rally,” I like this line from you Rob. That’s what I’m afraid of with PC at this time that final rally which turns a great coach into a guy you can’t wait to get out of town fast enough….see: Holmgren.

        I think a lot of fans are mentally in this frame when it comes to players or the future of the team. I get the hopefulness and the desire to think this way when a team isn’t/wasn’t that far away from being great.

        I don’t think they will do any of this but I think ultimately Seattle should:

        1. Do an injury settlement with Kam rather than hope he plays only to see if/when he gets another injury causing Seattle to go to a fallback plan. Better to assume he doesn’t play and move forward.

        2. Hope/ask Avril to retire. I love Avril. but talk of playing seems ridiculous when you begin experiencing nerve/spinal injuries. Dude has been amazing for us and the fact that he was even available to us is amazing.

        3. Michael Bennett trade him for a 3rd. This is a contract issue. Bennett has been amazing for Seattle but his reality is that father time seems to be creeping around the corner for him. Seattle needs picks/ youth and money where ever they can find it.

        4. Jimmy Graham, he’s gone. too much money at this time for a really odd set of skills. Awesome red zone production. Not great production anywhere else. It’s a weird situation to have a player be in. I like Graham more than this player but it’s getting into TJ Duckett territory…stats from Duckett in 2008 w/seattle: 62 carries/ 172 yards….but 8 TD’s.

        5. Not sure about S.Richardson. Seems right back to a position Rob broke down quite well a bit back. Paying a ton of money to the defense when Seattle really needs more than anything to tighten about sloppy defensive plays but actually needs help all over the offense. Sure every team including Seattle needs more pass rush, needs a ferocious front 7, but in my mind, seattle is closer to that with or w/o Richardson than they are to an effective offense.

        • peter

          *not “tighten about sloppy defensive plays,” but “tighten up sloppy defensive plays,”*

  26. RWIII

    Sounds like Avril is going to play next year. Either in Seattle or somewhere else

  27. drewdawg11

    We fired people and replaced each guy who was basically overseeing underperforming to awful units in their previous stops. Fascinating…

    • John_s

      Condotta said it best:

      “The moves today solidify the Seattle coaching staff as Carroll enters final 2 years of his contract. They are all coaches he knows, feels comfortable with and have experience in the way he wants things done. It either works, or Carroll knows he could be done in Seattle.”

      • RWIII

        Pete Carroll will coach in Seattle as long as he wants to.

      • peter

        That last part of the tweet is what I enjoy most about twitter: “either it works, or carrol could be done…..” nailed it.

        In other news, you can apply that same structure to end the tweet to LITERALLY everything on earth. well I made a boat out of some dirty old tires and a wheel barrow, either she floats or I sink.

        That’s a pretty hot take from Condotta about a 66 year old coach and whether he keeps coaching.

    • Dale

      I perceive this as a return to Pete’s roots and that’s power football. Bevell and Richard didn’t have a problem with the technical side of the game but apparently didn’t exude and imbue their squads with that nasty, ‘we will break you’ mentality. Shottzy will happily commit to the run, Norton concentrates on a punishing front seven, and Solari brings a power ZBS scheme. Pete and John have frequently expressed their desire to have the Seahawks be perceived as bullies and this is a step toward that direction.

      • peter

        I’m inclined to think this is a return of being “the bully.”

  28. RWIII

    As far as the Solari hire is concerned: Under Solari San Francisco had a darn good running attack. That’s all I need to know. I read that Solari likes big guards. It will be interesting to see who will play gyard for the Seahawks in 2018. I think Duane Brown and George Fant will man the offensive tackles. With Britt at center.

    I like the Ken Norton hiring. Norton has the mentally of a Marine sergeant.

    In regards to Brian Schottenheimer. In addition to being an OC he has also been a QB coach. It will be good for Russell Wilson to get another voice. I think Schottenheimer is going to be good hire. Schottenheimer is EXACTLY what Pete Carroll is looking for. Don’t know if the fans will like the hiring of Schottenheimer.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Ifedi would be a big guard.

      • John_s

        Here’s a vid of Solari and what he looks for.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Seems like he wants power at LG and more quickness at RG.

          • peter

            not sure how that works with Ifedi switching him to LG. heard on the radio from Ross Tucker and Schlereth that it’s a lot harder than people think to switch sides because of muscle memory.

            I’d like to see Ifedi at RG and Fant try out at RT. not sure about LG with so little draft capital. I’m not opposed to switching ifedi to LG next to Brown it might make him stay focused to not be on an island. I’ve long wondered what he would do if he did a little less and the team did just a bit more power blocking he certainly looks the part.

            • C-Dog

              I actually think putting Ifedi next to Brown might be a big plus for him. He’s idolized Brown for years. Brown could help settle him down and uncork his potential. Not saying this is what they do, but interesting to consider.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Which is how SEA started their rise under PC – Carp at LG, Sweezy at RG. PC returning to what has already worked, rather than search for something new but unproven.

    • Gohawks5151

      Would love this. My ideal is Brown-Pocic/draft pick-Britt-Ifedi-Fant.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Im with you but I would want Ifedi at LG between Brown and Britt. Thats not knowing who a draft pick may or may not be.

    • Del tre

      Can’t imagine switching positions again will benefit ifedi in any way. But who knows new coaches could mean a big jump in development, seahawks coaches might have been too close to the elephant this year, needed some guys who were far away to tell them what went wrong

      • Mark Souza

        I said the same thing about Britt and thought his third position switch in three years was a signal he was getting cut coming out of preseason. I’ll wait and see. I’m also hoping the “compete” mantra is true and the winners of those competitions put the top 5 linemen on the field.

        • peter

          Britt a good comp. ifedi hasn’t really shown enough on the right side to say he would definitely be better there.

  29. Gohawks5151

    Listening to Rex Ryan talking about Schotty is interesting. So many have said how vanilla and mindlessly ground and pound he will be. Even Rex told the story about him running it 40 times, thought that seems more like a first time OC trying to impress his head coach. However, Rex goes on to say how he will be great for the offense and Russell. How he expects him to run the zone read, RPOs and more designed QB runs. Though Pete will drive the bus you will still see his personality. Very interesting to see what will happen.

    • C-Dog


  30. Ehurd1021

    Once again, I like both hires. Pete is going BACK to the basics that helped him construct one of the best rosters in football. Mike Solari is one of the best offensive line coaches in football and he’s a teacher of fundamentals. With Pete wanting to re-establish the run game this hire is PERFECT.

    The Ken Norton Jr hire will be the most overlooked hire this off-season but it will have a monumental impact on this defense and team that is trying to re-establish its toughness and nastiness. Everyone knows we’re rebuilding and transitioning on defense; meaning we’re going to have youth and young guys. That requires coaches who have that mentality who can help build that atmosphere around the entire organization.

    Enter Ken Norton Jr… who is one of the most respected men in the NFL by players and who helped build the first era of the Seattle defense. Pete wants alpha dogs on his defense. Pete wants men who are tough, physical, and nasty. And when you have a locker-room with those kinds of men – with those kinds of personalities – it takes MEN to lead them who they respect. There’s not a player in that Seattle locker-room who doesn’t love Kenny. Norton has played the game at a high-level and he’s a champion with passion who is also a great motivator. Let’s not forget, Norton was one of the MAIN reasons Marshawn came back from retiring and felt comfortable about joining the Raiders. Norton was one of the main reasons Bruce went to the Raiders as well.

    THIS is Pete’s team. I’m not understanding what people mean when they claim Pete wants “yes-men” but what I see is a coach who has a certain philosophy and belief in how the game of football is supposed to be played – physical running game, hard-nosed defense – who is putting assistant coaches in place who can execute that vision. People seem to forget that the SAME style of play that brought Seattle to back-to-back Superbowls is being implemented right now in the playoffs and it has the Jags and Vikings one game away – with Case Keenum and Blake Bortles as their QB’s – from the Superbowl lol.

    Trust in PC/JS.

    • C-Dog

      I think Pete wants to get back to Pete.

      1. All those pressers this year feeling like a broken record with him saying that they need to get back to the run, and then game time rolls around, and they throw three times and go three and out by either giving up a sack, getting a false start, or holding. Just not staying on schedule game in and game out because they cannot establish the run. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to throw. He just wants balance like he had at USC, and here during the heights of it all.

      2. There were stretches this season and last where tackling was stink ass, and players got out of their lanes. Jacksonville, Rams in Seattle, Tennessee,etc.. That will likely not happen with Norton Jr inserted back into the defensive staff. Linebackers and DLiners will be gap sound.

      This all equates to a very simple PC philosophy; be balanced on offense, protect the ball, be sound on defense, and take the ball away. 2017 had gotten too far away from this. They weren’t consistent enough. He just wants to get back to it, whether is Schotty giving RW an ear full when he freelances too much, or Norton Jr laying into Naz Jones if he isn’t playing with good pad level.

      • Ehurd1021

        I agree completely. He needs men around him to push his vision but I don’t see that as being an ego thing which people are trying to push. I like all three hires that were made because they all make sense. I wonder who the DB coach will be and what defensive staff changes Norton will make.

    • GerryG

      Good points 1021

      This thing doesn’t need to be torn down and completely reconstructed. Needs some new voices, and a really good draft, and an amazing off season by the youngsters

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Excellent post Ehurd1021 !

      That made me feel good,

      Go Hawks!

    • Gohawks5151

      They want to be the bully again. They need men to teach the young kids how and remind the vets got it’s done!

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        3 of the 4 teams left in the playoffs have a simple formula.
        Strong punishing rushing attack and strong defense to win close games.
        This looks mighty familiar….. 2013 Seahawks.

  31. Grant G

    Man, I miss the Mansfield Wrotto era…

  32. Dale

    My pick for OL in 2018:

    Brown, LT – 315
    Will Hernandez(rookie) LG – 330
    Britt C – 315
    Ifedi RG – 325
    Fant RT – 320
    Pocic Swing – 315

    What will they do for a blocking tight end?

    • Ed

      I would be good with Pocic at LG and not drafting OL too early. Need almost immediate help at RB, WR, DE, LB. Spent high pick on Pocic last year, give him a shot. As for blocking TE, I think NV is a pretty good all around TE. Is a pretty good blocker and had some pretty good receiving games. That’s what Hawks need as a TE, a good blocker and decent receiver.

      Real excited about next season. Hope the player changes happen as well. MB, RS and ET for picks. Let all FA go (maybe keep BM if good deal). Don’t spend too much in FA. Maybe a good deal on a DE/WR/OL.

      • Dale

        I’d also like to see the return of a FB like Marcel Reece who could run block, pick up the blitz, run, and catch. I think the FB or H-back role fits a power running scheme better than a receiving tight end.

      • Greg Haugsven

        If it’s in house I think I would prefer Ifedi at LG and Pocic at RG. Watch the Solari video that John S put up a few posts ago. Likes power at LG and more quickness at RG.

    • peter

      Jordan Thomas Mississippi State. 6.’5″ 280lb TE. very little production although apparently a very good runner.

      • Sea Mode

        People talking about him at Shrine game. Certainly would be unique at that size. Couldn’t find much film of him though. Hawks have scouted Miss St. There are a few interesting players there.

        • peter

          It’s tough sledding with some of these Shrine guys and game tape. Thomas per example only had 9 catches last year. I’m sure you’ve seen this move on Youtube where someone takes a draft break down clip and then takes out all the non -productive plays for a player…garbage….it’s like watching really boring highlight clips.

          Trying to remain optimistic there are a lot of guys at the Shrine game that I’d like to see in Seattle with a fair shake to play. Even Thomas, if they want to run the ball then get an old school TE like him.

          Although when I first saw notes on him I got chills about him being a classic Cable Convert.

  33. drewdawg11

    At this point, can we just start using the swing lineman to be an extra tight end? Lord knows we could use the extra blocker, assuming of course he actually blocks.

    • Dale

      I think you will see that this year. The bully mentality takes a big hit when your offense can’t convert third and two. Conversely, if a team stacks the box and you still get four yards or convert a third down by running it sucks the will out of the opposition.

  34. Greg Haugsven

    With all the talk of trading Earl Thomas I thought I would put up some numbers on what an Earl Thomas extension could look like. There has been some rumors out there that he wants to be the highest paid safety in the league which currently is Eric Berry at $13 million a year. This is what a contract could look like.

    Currently he is scheduled to make $8.5 million this year and has $1.9 million left in signing bonus cap money making his cap hit this year $10.4 million. We would roll this into a new deal which would be 3 years $40 million making him the new safety APY leader at $13.33 million a year. This is how the contract structure could look. The deal would include $15 million guaranteed with a signing bonus of $10 million.

    Year___ Base___ SB Proration___ Roster Bonus___ Cap Hit

    2018__ $6 mill___ $3.4 mill_____$0______________ $9.4
    2019__ $7.5 mill_ $2.5 mill____ $1 mill__________ $11 mill
    2020__ $10 mill__ $2.5 mill____ $1 mill__________ $12 mill
    2021__ $12 mill__ $2.5 mill____ $1 mill__________ $15.5 mill

    The $1 million roster bonuses would be activeroster game bonuses of $62,500 per game years 19-21.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Sorry, the SB Proration would be $4.4 for 2018 making his cap hit the same it is this year at $10.4

      • Greg Haugsven

        Lets try these numbers again as I forgot how to add. $16 million guaranteed.

        Year_____Base_____SB Proration_____Roster Bonus_____Cap hit

        2018____$6 mill______$4.4 mill________$0_____________$10.4 mill
        2019____$7.5 mill____$2.5 mill________$1 mill_________$11 mill
        2020____$10 mill_____$2.5 mill________$1 mill_________$13.5 mill
        2021____$12 mill_____$2.5 mill________$1 mill_________$15.5 mill

    • C-Dog

      Davis Hsu’s mole said the issue between the team and player is not annual amount, it’s years. The team doesn’t have a problem making him the highest paid safety, their issue is that they don’t want another Kam or Bennett scenario being stuck on a bunch of years with an older player who might be physically breaking down. The inference is that Earl wants the years.

      • Greg Haugsven

        If you only guarantee the first year then you are OK. With Kam they only guaranteed the first year but also had a $12 million injury guarantee. Cant have that again. If Earl wants more than one year guaranteed then there is a problem.

        • Greg Haugsven

          You could make the contract 10 years if you wanted but the guaranteed money could probably be the issue. You cant give a guy more than one guaranteed year on a third contract. That would have trouble written all over it. this scenario would pay him $16 million in year one which is a ton.

          • Patrick Toler

            Yep, I’m a big proponent of extending Earl, but you really need to be able to get out of it in a couple of years without it crippling you.

      • GerryG

        The coolective bargaining agreement is up after 2020 I think. Saw a piece earlier the Hawks have practically nothing past 2020 on the books. They want to make sure they are not screwed by a less than favorable new agreement. I could see the cap lowering at some point…ratings are down, quality of play is down, things do not grow endlessly. I’m guessing few guys besides Wilson, Clark and the rookies will be getting contracts past 2020

  35. drewdawg11

    It’s not my money, but realistically, there is a cap and it’s an issue. I seriously don’t want to trade him… but we have very little else to offer for picks and that money would help out to shore up several places. I’m terrified of big money third contracts. They almost never end up paying off for the team.

    • GerryG

      The key question is do you have an option to replace him? You’re not drafting one this year (probably). You’re not signing one. Not sure Macdougal is the guy for 16 games @ FS. So if you think Thompson can start effectively you can trade him. Otherwise you just created a huge hole on your roster.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I would think McDougal could. Earl only played 14 games this year. Wouldn’t be the same player obviously but it’s about value. McDougald would be half the price or even less and draft picks and cap space in return.

        • drewdawg11

          Here is what Seattle fans need to realize… Nobody else has Earl Thomas and they aren’t crumbling. Eric berry, Landon Collins… there aren’t a ton of elite safeties anyway. Sometimes, people rely on overall talent and scheme to get the job done. He’s going to cost a lot and his third deal is where you’re going to see decline. Period. No way that you don’t in the next 4 years.

          • peter

            It’s almost the bad side of the LOB moving forward. Fans (myself) included wanted this crazy good secondary with big physical lock down corners, and the best safeties in the league.

            It just reads as completely ridiculous even as I type this, to want or expect to have on the that all at one time.

            here’s the thing for me with the Earl trade/no trade.

            What is the crappiest amount you feel okay with parting with him? Is that amount so crummy that it’s better to let him walk next year and get a 2020 3rd round comp pick?

            I say this because I just don’t see a team giving Seattle any kind of amazing first round pick or even more for a one year rental that’s not cheap at that.

            I see a mid 2nd and a 5th. Sort of like the Brown trade before Jeremy Lane somehow screwed that up as well. Is it worth a mid 2nd? Maybe. I’m not convinced.

            • Mark Souza

              I’m with you, Peter. No one gives us a 1st for Earl. And I can’t see a third contract. So it’s do you get enough in a trade to move on, or do you keep him here for his last year and let him walk in 2019?

        • GerryG

          Im not a scout, so I cant say if McDougal could. But if the team thinks he can, and you can get Rd1 for ET (Ive been saying the whole time I dont think you can, but Im usually wrong) then it makes sense to make the move.

          If you have no plan to replace ET that is effective you have to keep him.

    • Gohawks5151

      Earl is so valuable. He is the single reason why none of the Seahawk copy cat D’s have replicated our success.Tayshon Gipson, Ricardo Allen, Adrian Colbert, Karl Joseph. Some like Jacksonville are great but aren’t at the historic level because they don’t have that deep middle play maker. It’s how we burned them deep. It’s how Pittsburgh rallied. I understand wanting to get draft capital. But really he is the key to our success. It’s easy to say that McDougald will just step in and replace Earl but it could be another Marshawn and Rawls situation. It’s not a reason not to try and think of the future but to me there are no great options this off-season. If we are looking.for a quick turnaround he more by staying.

      • peter

        When I make just for fun mocks and post them part of the reason why I never have big trades is that I don’t see what Seattle gains from trading Earl. Or even Bennett/Sherman. Based on what I see a team giving us. Earl is expensive and on his final year. A first round pick is quite the amount to spend on an expensive rental. Bennett maybe nets a 3rd. But then Seattle has even less pass rush. Who knows with Sherman and the injury. a 4th? Just doesn’t seem likely.

        I think it’s more realistic for Seattle to move down and get an extra third rounder and take their medicine with a thin draft so that in 2019 they get a few comp picks and start to really have some cap space.

        • Gohawks5151

          I agree. I do feel like if you get Edmunds at SAM/LEO it would change us so much for the better. It would suck to trade back and miss an impact guy. Realistically small trade back and pay someone drops… Not a great addition to be in

          • peter

            I hate trade backs BTW. I’m not convinced that the trade backs have been good for the draft for Seattle.

            Extra picks are nice but Seattle isn’t getting good players with the late round picks they like so much. It’s been about 4-5 years since any player picked late has made any kind of impact with the team.

            Buuuttt….they have so little picks this year it just seems obvious that they aren’t staying at 18 this year.

      • Rob Staton

        Again though, I don’t think the Seahawks want to trade Earl. I suspect they have little intention of doing so. But if he’s walking in a year for peanuts, it makes sense to see what you can get now. So one way or another — it’s an extension or trade this off-season. It all comes down to their ability to get a deal done.

  36. Volume12

    Meh. I’ve yet to see all the ‘look at these DVOA rankings’ for Norton. #32 in defense last year.

    I like Norton. Not sure how good he’ll he as a play caller, but we’ll see. We’ll never know, but why did the reigning DPOY in Khalil Mack regress so much the year Norton was fired?

    It’s really starting to feel like USC all over again. Which says to me, and I could be way off here, that Pete don’t have a lot of time left. Needs guys he knows instead of trying to cultivate new relationships that may take more than a year or two. And leading into the next part, if he’s got more time, why didn’t Pete roll the dice which we know he loves to do?

    I was excited for some of these NFL hirings just a week ago. Now it’s becoming clearer and clearer that the NFL has a bit of an originality problem.

    As for Solari? Will be shocked if he doesn’t make a couple moves along the O-line. Why wouldn’t he? ‘We fired Tom Cable, but we’re going to stick you with all of his guys.’

    • Volume12

      That’s a lot of pressure on a 67 year old HC or however old Pete is to be in charge of so much on both sides of the ball. So I guess in those regards, he is taking a roll of the dice somewhat.

      • Ed

        With all the coaching changes, I am at least very hopeful. If the Hawks continue to struggle this year, I really think PC will be gone. I really hope the changes will juice the players and the Hawks will have a young hungry D again.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I think the Solari move is the key move of the offseason. The make or break move if you will.
      Long ago, Seattle wanted to retain him, but he decided to go to the 49ers and work with their OL.
      If you recall, between 2010-2014, they were actually a top OL in the NFL. Once he left, as well as the HC, the team went down hard.

      On the radio, Danny/Dave/Moore brought up that Norton might not be the best guy to put together a defense from scratch with substandard talent, but an established defense with established players (stars) he would excel. Bruce Irvin was pissed when he heard Horton was gone…. Just going to throw this out there but.. I’m wondering if Irvin might return to Seattle?? The guy without a good position fit is exactly what this defense needs 😛

      • Del tre

        For the right price thats a nice idea but, this team needs to get younger anything more than 1 to 2 years wouldnt be worth it.

    • C-Dog

      There seems to exist a belief in the Raiders locker room that Norton Jr was never given a chance to have free reigns on the defense, and had he had that opportunity, things could have been different. Sounds like he had players in his corner that didn’t take well how Del Rio handled that whole situation. Del Rio also has had a long track record of butting heads with his coordinators and coaches. This goes back to Jacksonville. So, I am willing to give Norton Jr some benefit of doubt.

      As for Pete, I totally get what you are saying. He could be looking at the short term. I also think that if they get back to his basic philosophy and make a solid turnaround that could rejuvenate him another 5 years. Word has it that he basically has a pass to coach here from Paul Allen for as long as he wants to coach. I also think with a 3 year deal given to Norton Jr, that might signal Pete isn’t necessarily thinking of calling it quits after 2019.

    • Rob Staton

      Yep — would fully expect a couple of moves on the OL.

  37. Volume12

    Love stuff like this. Always interesting.

    At the Shrine game practice today, coaches got on Indiana TE Ian Thomas about his blocking. ‘Do you like this!? Do you want to play TE!? Because we know you can catch and run like hell, if you can do this, you’ll be the greatest TE to play in this (Shrine) game!’

    • Sea Mode

      Haha, love these tidbits as well.

      Has anyone taken a look into Notre Dame TE Durham Smythe? Kind of sounds to me like he could be another case like Vannett. Good blocker, under used in passing game but has flashed the skills. Unheralded in draft media.

    • Trevor

      That is awesome!

  38. millhouse-serbia

    Rob, where do you see our OL players in Solari’s scheme? How they fit in it?

    Can Pocic play gard, is Ifedi T or G ect?

    • Rob Staton

      It remains to be seen. Could imagine Ifedi back inside, could imagine substantial change along the interior too. Will be interesting to see what happens.

      • GerryG

        From a “get the best 5 on the field” perspective as the roster stands, it makes a ton of sense for IFedi at RG and Fant RT.

        • peter

          I could see that. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a guard drafted. That interior was pretty bad. I know when it comes to the line fans always give me the “give so and so a chance,” and Pocic is that player from last season. Color me skeptical when the team has to give everyone a chance. I think Carpenter had he not been injured early in his career might have been the last Olinemen that Seattle didn’t need to give a chance to.

          And with all my saltiness I like Pocic. He’s just not strong at the point of attack..

  39. Steele

    Both hires are within the family tree, and ensure continuity and some degree of stability. Pete’s comfort zone is not threatened, for better or worse.

    I expect the defense to improve. Norton was a big part of the attitude that has been missing. The question is how much of the D’s glory years were Quinn’s work vs. Norton’s.

    Given no radical coaching changes, I don’t expect radical personnel moves. Again, for better or worse. We’ll see.

    • Steele

      As for Norton in Oakland. My belief is that Del Rio ran that D, and Norton didn’t have full control. Should the Oakland D have been much better than the rather soft mess it was? Yes. Now, no excuses.

    • schuemansky

      Wouldn’t be too sure about the last part.
      The choice of Schottenheimer, the clear indications from PC that the offseason focus will be on getting back to runing the ball effectively leads me to think that some FA move will be done to bolster firstly OL and secondly RB with first class competition.
      Not having enough cap space to resign the one-year deal success stories (McDougald, Coleman, Maxwell, Jordan) and going for maybe Norwell and Hyde there will be cuts /trades coming on the defensive side of the ball.
      Trading ET would give us cap space and high draft picks hopefully, trading RS only cap space.
      I see them letting go at least one of and trying to resign Sheldon Richardson. And hopefully get Edmunds with their first pick.

      • Gohawks5151

        Jordan, Coleman and Max are not going to cost that much. Mcdougald possibly will. I feel like Norwell is getting paid elsewhere. It will be telling if Hyde is offered early by SF. If they dont it’s 5 years of Saquan (uggh..). Totally agree on Edmunds.

        • Sea Mode

          Nope, SF picks at #9. Way out of range for Saquon now unless they want to trade up with the extra picks they got last year.

  40. Trevor

    With Solari coming in I think odds are 50% or better DJ Fluker is signed in Free Agency. He is the prototype LG in Solari’s scheme. When the Giants inserted him at LG last year their run game really improved. Also he should be relatively inexpensive.

    2018 OL

    Brown LT/ Backup Fant
    Fluker LG / Backup Rees
    Britt C / Backup Hunt or Rookie
    Pocic RG / Backup Roos
    Ifedi RT/ Backup Fant

    That is a massive OL and should be exactly the type of players Solari has stated he wants.

    • Drew

      I’d love to see Roos crack the lineup.

    • Rob Staton

      Let’s wait and see. They pulled Fluker off the street and he was part of a bad O-line in NYG. Plus Seattle showed no interest it seems when he was released and it’s still Pete and John calling the shots.

      • Trevor

        That is true Rob but when Fluker was in the lineup the Giants averaged 58 yds more in Rushing per game. Fluker was miscast as an OT in SD.

        Solari would know him and if he is worth a contract I guess is what I am saying.

        • 80SLargent

          As I was reading this, one thing stood out:
          “Fluker was miscast as an OT in SD.”
          I think the same can be said about Ifedi.
          I’m having visions of Fluker at LG and Ifedi at RG.

  41. Logan Lynch

    Haven’t read all the comments yet, but wanted to chime in. Whether it works or not, kudos to “Big Balls” Pete for going all in on recommitting to his philosophy. I’ve read Win Forever (wish I could find my copy to read it again) and the clear thing I remember is how he beat himself up for not following his philosophy and ideals during his first NFL stints. After some soul searching, he developed his core tenets and brought them to USC with great success. He then brought them to SEA again with great success. The last two years must be eating him up knowing he deviated from his beliefs. Maybe he gave the coordinators too much freedom and they didn’t follow through on his vision as has been rumored on the world wide web. Doesn’t matter. Either way, Pete is taking back control and doing it his way. I respect that conviction and self confidence.

    • peter

      Agreed. People wanted exciting offensive creative genius but blake bortles and case keenum say hello.

      Two teams that absolutely prove that a ridiculous defense, a solid to great run game, and making few mistakes is the surest path to get to the big dance. Do either of these teams beat the Patriots? I have no idea. But you have to buy a ticket to ride the ride.

      I’m glad Pete did what he did. Being the league leader in penalties and not being overwhelmingly talented anywhere to overcome thing like that was brutal to watch last year.

      On the note of Cable. He had a ton of draft capital and players and I think he has worked some interesting fixes along the way, but Seattle including the Brown trade has spent a ton of picks on the Oline. And I’ve read everything Rob has written about the situation, I get there are no easy fixes. But here’s the thing for me when you are using the same players like Ifedi year to year and they are getting worse that’s not a good sign.

      As per Bevell. I’m not really sure what happened there. I felt like with about the same level of talent he was regressing or taking even longer than he normally did to react to defenses. It felt like he was surprised that AZ, the Rams, and this year Jacksonville, were coming full speed ahead at Wilson and it was as if each game he was stunned that there was no running game to counter punch that. I get there’s more to it than that, but that’s how it felt to me.

      • C-Dog

        There seems to be a growing narrative via Hsu that Bevell couldn’t control RW’s impulses to freelance, Cable couldn’t control Ifedi’s hotheadeness that lead to penalties, and Richard couldn’t control the alpha personalities on the defense. Carroll gave these coaches certain autonomy and they fell short. Now he wants bad cops who will ensure his vision moving forward.

        • Logan Lynch

          The RW’s freelancing has been tied to his lack of trust in Bevell’s playcalling. Whether true or not, we’ll never know. Bevell did seem to rely on players winning individual battles rather than scheming guys open. Not sure if that is even relevant, just an observation.

          • GerryG

            Said it before, but the whole two offensive coaches (one run game and one pass game) seems so flawed to me. I think a single voice is needed. I cant believe it ever worked, but maybe a lot that had to do with Marshawn and RW making things work when there was nothing there.

            • Logan Lynch

              It really was counterintuitive to strategies that are generally successful. Also makes me wonder about GB’s new structure. I live in Wisconsin, so not sure if you guys are familiar, but they basically created 3 silos in operations. The new GM, Gutekunst, oversees talent acquisition and roster construction. Russ Ball oversees all contractual/money matters. McCarthy is still the head coach and oversees the on-field action. Each of those 3 report directly to Mark Murphy, the President. Obviously, they will still work together and will probably function much the same way that other teams do. I just find it odd that they openly admit to using the silo method when that has proven to be unsuccessful many times over in other situations.

  42. Sea Mode

    Trevor, you asked above for some day 3 guys to check out. Well, I haven’t finished going through all the names on my spreadsheet yet, but I’ll at least throw out one name I like so far at the positions I’ve started watching. Most of them I’ve already posted about here and there. Others are still to come!


    RB Larry Rose III, New Mexico St. (5-11, 195)

    WR Marcell Ateman, OK St. (6-4, 220)

    FB/RB/OW Jaylen Samuels, NC St. (5-11, 223)

    TE (move) Tyler Conklin, Central Michigan (6-4, 240)

    TE (Y) Christopher Herndon IV, Miami (6-4, 252)

    OL Colby Gossett, App. St. (6-6, 311)


    S Kyle Queiro, Northwestern (6-3, 220)

    CB Jamal Peters, Miss. St. (6-2, 218) *Junior, not sure if he has declared or not.

    DT Jaylen Dalton, North Carlolina (6-6, 295) *Junior, not sure if he has declared or not.

    ILB Andre Smith, North Carolina (6-0, 240)

    • peter

      Good list.

      Thoughts on Darren Carrington. I live near Eugene so I’ve heard his name forever. I feel like he’s a day three pick but could give the team better “kearse-like,” value but with shorter learning curve.

    • peter

      Also I just realized that I’m super excited for the late round picks this year. It’s true I talk junk about Seattle’s late round picks but honestly, there is no place for new players to crack the lineup. Until this year.

      I think there is a great chance to do a 2011-12 style churn and when that happens 5th round and later players get a real shake to make some noise.

      • Trevor

        I am with you. I hope they use all these picks to really lock down a dominant special teams unit next year with a Punter, Kicker and some elite athletes who can excel on special teams and have developmental upside.

        Daniel Carlson (K Auburn)
        Shaqueem Griffen (LB-UCF)
        Michael Dickson (P-Tex)

        These 3 guys should be must have for JS on Day #3 IMO.

        • peter

          Trevor, that would actually be a great plan. Hope to get contributors everywhere but really focus on having a shutdown special teams. I’d go for that.

    • Trevor

      Thanks Sea Mode this is awesome and give me some homework for the weekend. I appreciate it!

    • teejmo

      According to this list, neither Peters nor Dalton declared:

  43. Trevor

    I think the consensus is almost unanimous that the Hawks will try to trade back from 18 given that they have no 2nd or 3rd rounder. While I agree it is likely I have identified 10 players if available I hope they would take at 18 instead of trying to trade back.

    This team has not had a true 1st round talent drafted in Rd #1 since Bruce Irvin. Clark was physically but given his off field stuff he was untouchable for many and would have never been available for the Hawks in Rd #2 if not. We really could use some elite talent on the roster.

    Most of these guys will be gone at 18 but if not I hope JS runs to the podium! IMO all ten guys are true blue chip prospects with Pro Bowl upside. Arden Key is really dependant on getting off field stuff checked out but he is a top 5 talent if so.

    1)Shaquan Barkley – Most complete and dynamic RB since Marshall Faulk and he is bigger with more power. Also durable with no injury issues. Best player in the draft hands down.

    2Quenton Nelson- Best LG prospect I have seen since I have started following draft. Dream pick for Hawks

    3)Termaine Edmunds- Pete wants to get younger and faster. Look no further than Edmunds. Will be a huge riser and likely top 10 pick but he would be perfect for the Bruce Irvin role. Youngest player in draft.

    4)Via Vea – Monster to plug into the Mebane role and solidify run defense for next 10 years. Booby Wagner would likely run to the podium for JS with this pick.

    5)Marcus Davenport – Robs comp to Demarcus Ware is legit when it comes to upside this guy has it in spades. The thought of Clark, Jordan and Davenport coming off the Edge next year would be pretty awesome.

    6)Bradely Chubb- Another top 10 pick and the best DE in the class.

    7)Roquan Smith – Probably too much like Bobby but can you imagine both those guys with KJ. Wow

    8)Courtland Sutton- The big #1 WR this team has never hand and a replacement for Graham as a big red zone target

    9) Billy Price – Dominant G / C for the next 10 yrs. Would also bring an Edge to the OL.

    10) Arden Key – If he checks out off the field I predict he will be a 10 sack + rookie. His upside is off the charts. But would the Hawks take a chance after the Malik Mcdowell disaster. Also if he checks out off the field he will be long gone at 18.

    If all these guys are gone at 18 then I definitely hope JS trades back. If not lets add some real talent to the roster.

    • Trevor

      I would include Derwin James as well but I know he is not a favourite here on the blog. I personally think he is a top 10 talent and will have a Chancellor type impact wherever he goes.

      • Sea Mode

        I would say then by all means stick to your guns and include him on this list until someone really convinces you to see otherwise. Listening to others’ opinions helps, but Groupthink can kill the scouting process.

        My big question mark right now is Price at 18 if he is there. Do you sink your teeth in and solidify the OL for the next 3 years and then go for the RB (Hyde) in FA? The problem is, I’m really saying that backwards, because FA is before the draft. So if you go out and sign Hyde, for example, then Price is taken before pick 18, then what? Better have a backup plan in place.

        • Patrick Toler

          One of the most consistent strategies they’ve shown is to try and patch as many holes as possible in FA to allow themselves maximum flexibility in the draft. As much as I want them to make a big push for Norwell, I think it’s more likely they sign several lower price FAs and pick best player available (as graded against their roster).

    • Forty20

      Barkley, Nelson and Chubb are the stuff of fairy tales for the Hawks at #18. Edmunds, Vea and Davenport are hugely intriguing prospects on defence that are possibly in that range that I would love to see in Seattle. If you subscribe to the theory that you build your team front to back and from inside to out, Vea is probably the highest value pick of the three given his freakish size and athleticism for an interior linesman but I would very happily settle for Edmunds or Davenport.

      A big part of our early draft strategy will probably depend on what Solari thinks he can get out of the in-house o-line talent. If he is confident he can squeeze respectable performance out of Brown/Britt/Pocic/Ifedi/Fant/Roos/Odhiambo and maybe a minor free agency splash then we can look to try and put the teeth back into our pass-rush. If not I think Billy Price is a worthy pick at #18 provided he is there.

      • H

        Why settle when you can just Settle.
        Tim Settle!!!


  44. vrtkolman

    My thoughts are next season hinges on Solari improving the O line. If it improves, the offense AND defense will both follow with big improvements. The defense will be off the field longer, and my take is that rushing the passer is a lot more effective when you are playing ahead rather than from behind. How often was Seattle ahead on the scoreboard through the first 3 quarters this year?

    If the defense regresses, running the ball will keep Jimmy G and McVay off the field.

    • Gohawks5151

      Haha that’s a funny way of saying it. Screw Goff! Haha. True about pass rush

      • vrtkolman


  45. drewdawg11

    Vita Vea will not last until the 18th pick. The fact that all of the Clemson DL are returning to school, guys will not get pushed down the board as much now. He will wow people in his workouts and he will rise.

    • vrtkolman

      I agree. It’s a pipe dream that guys like Edmunds, Vea, Nelson, or Price will last to 18. We’ll be looking at high ceiling developmental guys like Davenport or guys coming off down years like Derwin James. I love both of those guys at 18 though.

      • vrtkolman

        I think James is a better prospect than Keanu Neal, who went around 18 I recall.

        • Rob Staton

          Neal >>>>>> James


    • Rob Staton

      Vea will go top-12 for sure. Edmunds too IMO.

    • Gohawks5151

      True. Hopefully there is a run on QB’s after Darnold, Rosen and Allen. Maybe on RBs too if we want a D guy and stay at 18.

  46. Sea Mode

    Wow, guys! How have we not been talking about this 3-Tech? He’s got great length too. 7 passes defended this season!

    Miami DT RJ McIntosh
    6-4, 293

    2017 Junior Highlights (#80, usually at left DT):

    2017 stats: 52 tackles (25 solo), 12.5 TFL, 2.5 sacks, 7 PD, 4 hurries, 1 forced fumble

    His little brother Deon is a 5-10, 193 rFr RB at Notre Dame, and their younger brother Kenny is a four-star 2019 running back prospect with offers from Alabama, Notre Dame, Miami and Ohio State. (you guessed it, Daddy was a State champion RB in his day…)

    His 2017 tape vs. Notre Dame is on YT as well. Needless to say, he had better luck when attacking the right side of the ND OL… Did have one nice swim move on Nelson though (Nelson recovered incredibly to push him past the play) and another spin release off Nelson to make a tackle. Got pushed around a bit as well though, as is understandable.

    He was named Miami’s defensive MVP for 2017. PFF’s highest graded player on the Miami team and made their first team all ACC. Turns 22 in June.

    • GoHawks5151

      Big fan of his. I compared him in another post to Naz. He could be had in the same range too i think. Chad Thomas is another to keep an eye on from their D line. Jaquan Johnson looks like a Mcdougald clone to me.

  47. Sea Mode

    For those who stoop so low as to scout punters… jk 😉 This from Pauline at the Shrine Game practices:

    “Joe Davidson/P/Bowling Green: A short history lesson — in 2012 a punter named Bryan Anger of Cal came to Shrine practice and blew everyone away with his ability to kick the ball into space. He was eventually selected in the third round of the draft that year by the Jacksonville Jaguars, then went on to sign a five-year, $17 million contract with the Tampa Bay Bucs in December of 2016. Fast forward some six years later and enter Davidson. The BGSU punter does not have the same leg strength of Anger, but I’ve never seen such an incredible directional punter. Davidson not only gets hangtime on his punts but consistently places the ball inside the 10-yard line or out to the coffin corner.”

  48. FuzzyLOgic

    My biggest gripe with Cable was that he didn’t seem be able to get our O-line to keep penalties to a reasonable level. Anybody know if Solari has had a good track record keeping penalties down. I just can’t stand those 3rd and longs anymore.

    • cha

      It’s a challenge with RW as your QB. When he stays in the pocket the “legal holding” is fine. When he breaks the pocket and starts scrambling around, the DL disengages the OL and goes after RW and the “legal holding” becomes visible to the refs as “illegal holding”.

      It will be interesting to see how Schott and Solari address this.

  49. Sea Mode

    Alright, folks, put this guy on your shortlist right away!

    S Tracy Walker, Louisiana-Lafayette
    6-1, 195, 33 5/8 arm, 81 1/8 wing, 8 3/4 hand

    That wingspan is absolutely unreal!!! We know arm length measurments often come out different according to method, but wingspan should just be wingspan. To put it into perspective, the longest DB wingspans in last year’s draft were 6-3 Brian Allen with 79 and 6-4 Obi Melifonwu with 78 5/8. This guy is over 81!

    A couple quotes from those present at Shrine Game practices:

    “Safety Tracy Walker has been impressive so far here at the #ShrineGame. Dude has Metroid-like length & athleticism”

    “Tracy Walker of Louisiana made an immediate impact in the secondary taking over as the leader of the group. He’s a tall, rangy guy with solid ball skills.”

    “I mentioned Tracy Walker earlier and he a beautiful INT undercutting a quick out route. Ran the route for the WR”

    “I like paying attention to who the best communicators are on Day 1, and I thought Jason Cabinda and Tracy Walker stood out in this area yesterday. Leaders.”

    Watch him change direction and break fast on this WR:

  50. Sea Mode

    Here are all the DBs at the Shrine game that meet Seahawks length criteria for CB:

    S Tre Flowers, Oklahoma State: 6-3 1/4, 193, 34 arm, 80 wing, 8.125 hand

    S Tracy Walker, Louisiana-Lafayette: 6-1, 195, 33.625 arm, 81.125 wing, 8.75 hand

    S Afolabi Laguda, Colorado: 6-0 5/8, 205, 33.375 arm, 79 wing, 9.75 hand

    S Jordan Martin, Syracuse: 6-1 5/8, 208, 33.25 arm, 79.25 wing, 8.75 hand

    CB Brandon Facyson, Virginia Tech: 6-1 1/2, 195, 32.875 arm, 79 wing, 9.75 hand

    S Secdrick Cooper, Louisiana Tech: 6-0 3/8, 208, 32.875 arm, 77.375 wing, 8.625 hand

    CB Josh Kalu, Nebraska: 6-0 1/8, 198, 32.75 arm, 78 wing, 10.125 hand (wow!)

    I will add this guy too because some on here have mentioned him before and for the slot this is still good:

    CB Davontae Harris, Illinois State: 5-11 1/4, 203, 32 arm, 75.25 wing, 8.5 hand

    Now we have homework… 🙂

    • East Side Stevie

      Good hunting Sea Mode!

    • AlaskaHawk

      That’s an interesting list. When is the Shrine game?

      • Sea Mode

        Saturday, January 20, 2018. Time: 3:07 p.m. EST Kickoff.

    • Volume12

      Devontae Harris has gotten a lot of buzz these past 2 days at the Shrine practices as has my guy, Miami DE Chad Thomas- 6’5, 275 lbs. 34″ arms.

  51. Trevor

    Rob have you done your list of legit RD#1 blue chip prospects yet or do you wait till after Combine. Seems I heard JS say the Hawks normally have 15 rated as 1st rounders in an average year.

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t but will think about doing it this week.

    • Kenny Sloth

      There usually aren’t 32 blue chips in a class, at least not according to draft position.

      In a given draft class you’re looking at between 18 and 26 legit prospects.
      Straight 5* pros.

      This makes picks after 18 a lot less valuable.

      Now I haven’t looked at the number of impactful picks from each class in a while so these are rough estimates.

  52. Colonel KurtZ

    Back to the subject at hand…. Coaches changes are PC rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

    I watched a team get old in the space of one season, at the same time, they made big money bets at one last shot….. Now we are the old weak sister in the division and pay back is gonna be a BITCH.

    We coulda been 6-10 easily if the season starts out a different way, like losses at LAR and here to SF….

    As a franchise, we are short on talent after drafting so low for so long, while the rest of the division has been stock piling talent, waiting for a good QB and new coaching staff to guide them. SF and LAR are now stocked for runs…. and SF gets a fourth place schedule and a higher draft pick

    So we got a second place schedule, so no cupcakes…

    If the locker room goes on this coach after a rough start…..

    I’m telling you, 5-11 is not out of the picture, and much more likely than 10-6.

    • Logan Lynch

      I see your glass half empty and raise you a glass half full. What if Blair Walsh could accurately kick FGs and we had beaten WAS, AZ, and possibly ATL? An old team that was wrecked by injuries still somehow managed 12-4.

      The NFL is weird. LAR and SF could both come out and completely implode next year. The Rams have been ridiculously lucky when it comes to injuries for 2 straight seasons. What if that reverts back to normal? Could Arizona get Cousins and all of a sudden they’re relevant again?

      We still have a talented roster. Younger players need to step it up. The NFL is all about parity, so a 5-11 season is nearly as likely as an 11-5 one. As long as we have RW though, I’d lean more towards the latter.

      • cha

        The Rams could regress very easily next year because of two areas:

        * injury, you’re spot on Logan they have been very fortunate not missing top players to injury.

        * Goff & McVay. Can they keep evolving or will league DC’s start figuring them out? Goff had the C making the protection calls, a simpler playbook and McVay in his ear changing the play based on what he saw of the defensive alignment. He made good strides in 2018 but he simply has to keep progressing in order to sustain success in the NFL.

        • Sea Mode

          I was about to post your second point myself, though certainly not as well-articulated as you did.

          It might take a while for the league to figure out how to pick apart a good defense (see: Seahawks 2012-2016), but coaches catch onto the “hot” offenses mighty quickly (see: Chip Kelly in Philly, 2016 Raiders, etc.).

    • Rob Staton

      Pete and Russell are too good to go 5-11. That won’t happen.

      • peter

        I mean they literally proved your point that season going 9-7 win huge injuries to huge players and russel doing all the work by himself.

        like Logan said what is it? 4 timely fieldgoals and the mighty rams are the wildcard and seattle the division winner

  53. PowerPeanut

    When a new season starts, what do you expect from your team? A ring? Playoffs? Winning record? For me personally, I just want to only be beaten by teams that actually play better, you know? No losses from penalties or a missed field-goal, or injury ridden roster. If LA comes to Clink again and outplay us, with both teams having healthy starters, then sure.

    • Sea Mode

      Fair. Make the opposing team beat you instead of beating yourself for them.

  54. swisshawk

    For anyone not really optimistic about the hirings (myself included), go check out the newest article of hawkblogger. After reading it, I was way less pessimistic and even wanted next season to start tomorrow. Go check it out! (even when you are a fan of the new guys ;))

  55. Hawk Eye

    maybe Greg H wants to dig into this with me, but I was looking at salary cap numbers for the main competition in NFC next year and not many top teams with a lot of salary cap space.
    In the AFC, Pittsburg is $2 mil over in 2018 and Bell is a FA. They will have problems.
    Jacksonville is getting tight to the cap and they still will have guys to sign to new contracts. They might have one more year before they have to start cutting guys.
    AZ does not have room to sign Cousins and improve the roster.
    Rams have about $45 Mil, but Donald wants to get paid and they have Wadkins, Joyner and Johnson, who will all want big $$. I think they will cut Quinn. He makes big money, but low cap hit to get out and he has not player well last 2 years. And Whitworth has to play like a 37 year old soon right?
    49rs have crazy money available, over $100 Mil, but Jimmy G will take $25 Mil per year to sign.

    • Sea Mode

      I think Jimmy G might be in a position to ask for closer to $30m. I mean, if Cousins is, why not him too after walking into the building and winning every game he started in SF? And knowing they are sitting on $100m plus cap space is not going to play in the team’s favor in that negotiation either.

      • H

        They’d tag him if it came to that, 30m a year for multiple years is way too big an investment for the sample size imo

        • peter

          similar to a one Matt flynn.

  56. AlaskaHawk

    Just checked out the SBNation draft from Dan Kadar. At #18 he has both Marcus Davenport DE and Vita Vea DT available. Need a safety Ronnie Harrison is available. Whether they are available or not, there will be some really excellent starters at #18.

    This years inevitable move into the second round is going to hurt more than normal. The only good thing about it is that there will be plenty of running backs not named Barkley to choose from.

  57. Volume12

    Again, Miami DE Chad Thomas.

    Raiders scout- ‘if Al Davis were still alive this is the prototype guy who would’ve been on his ho get list. He loved these guys.’ Scout cited his size and vitals.

    Might be the top prospect there.

    Here is getting under 37″ arm OT Jarryd Jones-Smith.

    • Volume12

      Can’t wait to see if NC St’s Kentavius Street’s combine #’s match his Jr pro day ones. He’s another D-lineman getting a lot of buzz in the Shrine practices.

      6’2, 285 lbs., 33 1/2″ arms, almost an 80″ wingspan, 10″ hands

      4.58-4.62 40 (electronic not hand), 40″ vert, 9’11” broad and bench pressed 475 lbs. That’s on some legendary sh**t if even close to true.

  58. East Side Stevie

    Heres some 2018 FA Names to keep an eye on:

    Trey Burton Age:26
    Austin Sefarian Jenkins Age:25

    O Line:
    G Justin Pugh Age 28
    T JuWuan James Age:26
    G Jack Mewhort Age:27
    T Cameron Fleming Age:25

    Carlos Hyde Age:27
    Isiah Crowell Age:25 (not a fan but provides youth)

    OLB Trent Murphy Age:27 (Coming off ACL, could be cheap)
    ILB Avery Wiliamson Age:26
    OLB Kony Ealy Age:26
    OLB Dee Ford Age:27

    Trent,Kony,and Dee can all provide some snaps at DE as well.

    D Line:
    DT DaQuon Jones Age:26
    DT Dominuqe Easley Age:26
    DE Alex Okafor Age:27

    • East Side Stevie

      Feel free to throw some more names at me. Preferably under the age of 28.

      • cha

        Star Lotulelei is 28. Might be an interesting option.

    • Volume12

      Would love Trey Burton. Seam buster. Great blocker, versatile, and a ST’s stud. Just a unique TE.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        I don’t understand how some of you know so much about other teams players who are not wildly well known? Does playing Madden help because I have not played that game in over 10 years. Or do you just look up lists of preferred targets and do some research or is it a combination of things? I only know details about the Hawks and Huskies so I am worthless this time of year as a poster besides my enthusiasm!

        Doesn’t anyone else want Dante Pettis? As a Huskies fan he is so desirable as a player and as some of you say, He just screams (screeches) as a Seahawk!

        Go Team!

  59. GoHawks5151

    S Kenny Vaccaro Age: 26
    WR Jordan Matthews Age: 25
    DT Justin Ellis Age 27

  60. 12th chuck

    Thanks to Rob for this site, and to everyone else that does homework and post it on here for everyone else, much appreciated!

  61. Alex H

    Like the Solari hire. Optimistic about the Norton hire. Skeptical of the Schotty hire.

    For the OL, unless we were getting Bill Callahan (that guy is THE OL guru in the NFL), Solari is as good as an option as anyone in the NFL. If he can recapture that 97-05 KC O-Line run game, the Seahawks should be back at the top of the league in rushing.

    Optimistic for Norton because he knows the scheme and seems like a better leader than Richard. Gotta say Richard was really disappointing. The defense just regressed year after year under him.

    Skeptical about Schotty, but I’ll keep an open mind with him. It’s not like there was any other great option on the market.

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