Kenneth Arthur, Jacson Bevens and Rob Staton talk draft

Today I spent an hour talking about the Draft and the Super Bowl with Kenneth Arthur and Jacson Bevens from Field Gulls. Check it out!


  1. Danny Kelly

    Sweet!! Thanks for doing this Rob- really excellent of you

    • Rob Staton

      Enjoyed it… any time.

      • Nolan

        Haven’t herd it yet but I’m stoked

  2. Tomahawk

    Yes, for sure. Can’t wait for the next one. Really appreciate all you do.

  3. Zach

    Tom Hardy is that you? Lol. Nice to put a face/voice to a name, good stuff Rob. I was thinking about what you said concerning Short not not even being there for us and if it’s the case that we would have to get like the 10th D-lineman I’m sure JS/PC have already taken that into consideration going into free agency. Which leads me to believe that are going to try really hard to land a deal with Starks knowing that Melton probably won’t be available. If we can’t get Starks/Melton it seems to me that our only alternative is to move up in the first with like Flynn/ and or a 3rd rounder to land Richardson/Floyd.

  4. Chris

    That was awesome. Thanks a lot Rob, and your cohorts there.

    We get some of this draft talk from the radio personalities, but it’s not the same as having some real Seahawk “egghead” types talking about the draft and the team hardcore for a straight hour. Hopefully ya’ll can do that a few more times before the draft. It was one of (if not the) best hours of pure Seahawk chat I’ve been fortunate enough to listen to. Thanks a lot.

    • Zach

      I agree, that was great. You guys should do that way more often, like every couple weeks up to the draft and one after the draft. Just make sure you tell them to do it at a reasonable hour for you, lol.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Chris, it was nice of the guys to arrange it.

      • Turp

        Perhaps have another one after the NFL Combine, and another after the first week of FA? Great stuff as usual Rob!

  5. Michael

    Am I the only one that stopped listening at the half hour mark? Don’t get me wrong, it was an awesome half hour, but right around the 30 minute mark the audio got so bad that I could only make out 1 of every 10 words. I assume part of this is a georgraphy problem as Kenneth and Jacson were crystal clear.

    It was very enjoyable while it lasted, great job Rob! Please pass on our thanks to Kenneth and Jacson as well!

    • JW

      same for me

    • Chris

      Audio was crystal clear for me. The video started to skip a bit, but I didn’t have any probs with the audio.

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah the whole ’round the world’ aspect had an impact. From what I remember the audio does improve later on.

  6. Lubbock Air Corps

    Special thanks to you, Kenneth, and Jacson for making this happen. At one point in talk you posed a question, I am paraphrasing, “but what would you do if you were faced with taking the 9th or 10th best defensive lineman or something else?” At first blush I would rather have a higher rated player at a different position, but then I thought it would be better viewed in the context of previous and arguably future drafts as well. For example, how does the 10th best defensive lineman in 2013 grade out compared to those in 2012, 2011, or 2010, likewise the other positions you are considering. If the 10th best guy on average would have ranked much higher in previous drafts I would be fine selecting him. At that point it would not necessarily be a reach or an overreaction to run on a position.

    • pqlqi

      part of that answer to the question is where do we expect the 10 rated DT on JS’s draft board to be drafted? 3rd or 4th round is likely….

  7. cade

    Hey Rob,

    I really agree with the statement about the Niners having a blueprint on how to beat the Falcons after we played them. Quite literally they knew how the Falcons would play the Read Option, where they would be vulnerable in the passing game etc. Im surprised the game was as close as it was with the Falcons having another chance to win at the end of the game.

    Very nice podcast on the draft.

  8. Kip Earlywine

    That was fun. I thought Kenneth Arthur is a natural for this kind of thing. Humorous, but also an outside the box thinker who brings a new insight every 10 minutes or so. Good conversationalist.

  9. A. Simmons

    I enjoyed the talk. Not sure if you’ve done public speaking prior to this Rob, but you don’t hem or haw or hesitate. Makes you an easy listen. If the NFL was ever looking for an analyst to speak about American football in England, you seem like you would be up for the job.

  10. AlaskaHawk

    Just finished this – it’s an enjoyable listen.

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