Kentucky guard Logan Stenberg is really good

Logan Stenberg is a monster in the run game

Every now and again a player jumps off the screen. Kentucky guard Logan Stenberg is one of those players.

I watched two games today and will seek to watch more. However, he’s a pancake machine who dominates and controls with extreme strength and power.

It was incredible to watch at times. I’ve not seen a guard manhandle blockers like Stenberg in a long time. He connects, locks-on and drives defender’s off the ball. He’s a punishing finisher and will hammer opponents to the turf, judo-toss them to the ground or plough them off the LOS.

On a 4th and 1 quarterback sneak against Tennessee he smashed the defensive lineman three yards beyond the line to make. Time and time again you see ‘wow’ physical moments.

He’s particularly useful in the running game. Defender’s are often simply trying to cling on. I think it surprises them early in games and it gets in their heads. They’re driven off the ball by his strength and there’s barely any time for a counter. At the next level of course he’s going to come up against twitchy interior pass-rushers who might be able to dodge his initial contact and then we’ll see if he can recover. At this level though, he locks on consistently and wins time and time again with the most impressive showing of power you could imagine from a guard.

The fact he finishes blocks is just the pièce de résistance. If you like physical, aggressive run-blocking then this is the guy for you. He hammers people.

He also makes subtle moves too. On one snap he handled a counter when the defender shifted to the left and tried to avoid contact. Stenberg simply turned him using the defender’s own momentum to open up a B-gap running lane. He’s also adept at the turns and twists and good hand-placement needed to achieve easy wins where he doesn’t have to flat-out dominate with power.

I’ve seen some people mention a lack of mobility and athletic limitations but there was nothing glaring. There was evidence of him pulling to the right side of the line, locating the man he needed to block and finishing. He looked very comfortable. He showed a willingness to reach up to the second level too.

He ran a 5.25 (!!!) short shuttle and jumped a 22.5-inch vertical (!!!) at SPARQ which, if repeated, would make him one of the worst testers at the combine in recent memory. Determining his ceiling will have some impact on his stock.

As a pure, nasty blocker though he’s an incredibly attractive proposition. According to PFF, Kentucky had the seventh highest run-blocking O-line grade in the whole of college football in 2019.

The Seahawks have increasingly sought size at both guard spots. This year they started Mike Iupati (6-5, 331lbs) and D.J. Fluker (6-5, 342lbs). They also drafted Phil Haynes (6-4, 322lbs) in the fourth round.

Stenberg is listed at 6-6 and 327lbs. While they’ve clearly over the years valued explosive traits on the O-line (and that was re-emphasised by the drafting of the highly explosive Haynes) it’s also worth noting the athletic limitations of Iupati and Fluker. Iupati ran a 5.26 forty, a 4.93 short shuttle and jumped a 27.5 inch vertical. Fluker ran a 5.31 forty, a 5.00 short shuttle and jumped a 27.5 inch vertical.

This has been a key shift from the Seahawks. They’re willing to embrace size and power, it seems, and have switched to a bigger and more powerful O-line.

Given the desire to run the ball and be physical up front, it won’t be a surprise at all if they really like Stenberg. He’s exactly what you’d expect them to target to play left guard.

It’s also going to a position they have to look at. They did draft Haynes a year ago and it could be that they either re-sign Iupati or add another veteran and have a competition that may also include Ethan Pocic and Jamarco Jones. However, Stenberg stands out so much — especially considering the way Seattle wants to play.

If you type his name into a Twitter search you’ll see that the Kentucky fans have an issue with holding penalties. This didn’t show up in the two games I watched but it’s interesting to see the fans focusing on it. Teams will be wary of this. It’s fine to be powerful and smash opponents at the LOS but if he has technical issues that could become even greater against next-level athletes, he’ll be a liability if he’s giving up 10 free yards all the time. That’s something to consider.

In October Jim Nagy suggested he could be a third round pick. Nagy also touted Michigan’s Ben Brederson in a similar range — another player we’ve recently talked up as a possible Seahawks target. They’re currently projected to have two late second round picks plus a third round comp pick.

In South Carolina’s Bryan Edwards (who we talked about a few days ago) and Stenberg (or Brederson) — it goes to show the appealing options the Seahawks could have with their day two picks.

Meanwhile there were a few notable headlines in terms of the 2020 draft today…

— Stanford cornerback Paulson Adebo is not turning pro. It’s incredible how he was still being projected in the first round of some mock drafts. He struggled in 2019 and has likely made the right call to return.

— Oklahoma center Creed Humphrey is also not turning pro. I waited on studying him with the uncertainty over his decision, so can’t offer much on him as a prospect. The top center for me is Michigan’s Cesar Ruiz.

— Running back Najee Harris is returning to Alabama. He had a terrific 2019 season and this is a little bit surprising. Nick Saban does a good job recruiting his underclassmen and this is a coup.

Lance Zierlein has tweeted that he’s hearing a high-level prospect might reverse their decision to declare for the draft. This could be another Alabama prospect (see above re:Nick Saban).

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  1. cha

    Hawks Friday practice report

    Out – nobody
    Doubtful – Iupati
    Questionalbe – Brown, Fant, Ziggy, Jefferson, Blair

    • cha

      No Clowney, Brown or Turner.

      Brown and Fant gametime decisions.

      • cha

        To clarify – Clowney Brown & turner good to go.

  2. cha

    “Nobody steals from Creed Humphrey and gets away with it. The last man to do it disappeared. His name? Creed Humphrey.”

    • drewdawg11

      Creed Bratton…

  3. CHawk Talker Eric

    I’m not very familiar with Humphrey but I wonder how much his decision to return was influenced by the presence of Biadasz and Ruiz in the class. Both are potential (probable?) first round centers — at least one of them likely will go in R1. Maybe he didn’t want to risk dropping a round when he could be the best center in 2021.

    There are 4-5 OGs in this class I’d be very happy to see on SEA’s roster next year.

    R2-R3 guys:


  4. Paul Cook

    It would be great to pick up a couple of potential future starting OLmen in, say, rounds 2-5. Thanks for the head’s up on some of these.

  5. Greg Haugsven

    Not to steer away from Stenberg but has anyone watched much tape on Darrel Taylor, Edge from Tennessee? 6’4″ 260. Dude has all the traits to be a great Leo.

    • Trevor

      I like him a lot. Really under rated. Did he declare? I thought he was going back to school.

    • Trevor

      Just saw he was going to Senior Bowl so I guess that answers that question. Anxious to see how he performs. Could be a big riser with a good week there and combine.

    • Volume12

      Yes. Was on my summer watchlist. When he turns it on he can take over games. Thing is, that’s too few and far between for me. Maddeningly inconsistent. There’s no doubt he has all the traits and tools though.

  6. Denver Hawker

    Rob- thanks for featuring potential mid round O-Line. It’s clearly an area they need to invest in potential future starters.

    How would you all rank draft priority at this point? I think a broad consensus is to address D-Line needs via free agency and early pick on a WR or TE weapon.

    I’d like a development/hedge at outside CB, another RB, and LB.

    • Rob Staton

      It depends on what holes remain after FA.

    • Coleslaw

      After addressing DE in FA I would rank them:
      1. WR/TE.
      2. DT.
      3. OG/C.
      4. LB.

      3 and 4 are almost interchangeable to me, but they all depend on which FAs we re-sign.

      If we keep Reed, Fant, Ifedi and Britt, then LB jumps up to easy 3 or possibly 2 if we keep QJeff.

    • Coleslaw

      Ranking them aside, there isn’t a position we couldn’t target. Everything is a possibility. Safety is probably the least likely to be drafted. Literally every other position could use something.

      • Mark Souza

        If there’s a good safety, go get him. What do we have behind McDougald and Diggs?

  7. JimQ

    I have in my notes, a PFF assessment from 2/3 weeks ago about Georgia OG-Ben Cleveland, 6-6 335, regarding his performance this year; 435 snaps, 2-penalties, 7 pressures and no sacks. I’m aware that Georgia has a GREAT OL & that may have helped his #’s somewhat but I wonder if anyone has studied or noticed him, perhaps while watching other Georgia OL’ers? He has some solid size if nothing else. Cleveland seems to be currently ranked similarly to OG-John Simpson from Clemson in the round 4/5 area. Might he and/or Simpson be mid/to/late round options for OG, especially if Stenberg is gone when the Seahawks pick?

  8. charlietheunicorn

    Sources: Eagles quarterback Josh McCown played with torn hamstring against Seahawks


    I give him big props. He showed what a true leader and leave it all on the field type of guy he is…. he played with heart despite his injury. I guess he knew this was his last time playing in the NFL, so why not.. let it all hang out!

  9. Volume12

    Thought u would like what ya see in Sternberg which is why I asked. Pure, unadulterated violence is his game.

    You get around to watching Simpson yet?

    • Rob Staton

      Watched two games. He’s very busy, not always in a good way. Looks athletic.

  10. JJ

    Anyone watched Joe Gaziano from Northwestern? Good stats and limited video I have watched looks like he has good bend off the edge and a decent burst for his size.

  11. Volume12

    I’m not usually high on these types, but there’s something that keeps bringing me bsaxk around to Utah EDGE Bradlee Anae.

    Has some of excellent UOH. His plan of attack, the way he sets up OT’s, is also through the roof. That’ll get ya far at the next level. Maybe a little bit of an overachiever. Plays with his hair on fire. Gritty.

    • Rob Staton

      Didn’t see much burst.

      • Jujus

        Almost no speed off the snap. Looks strong but doesnt have the speed needed or the size for LEo

        • Rob Staton

          Agreed. When I watched him I just thought, ‘this isn’t what they need’.

  12. CHawk Talker Eric

    Ok this is getting weird. I was looking at Anae last night thinking this kid might have a little Frank Clark to his game. Maybe not quite as explosive an athlete but probably a little more sophisticated as a pass rusher at this point and similar in that he’s at his best just getting after the QB.

    Here’s a nice scouting report about him:

    Overall: Anae has a lot of the tools wanted to be a high caliber rusher in the NFL. His weaknesses start to show in run defense. Because of this, it will likely limit his ability to see the field for all three downs early on in his career. However, due to his most effective trait, rushing the passer, it will give him a pass for this in the right schemes. He will not be very helpful in space and shouldn’t be used as a stand-up rusher who drops into coverage. Instead, playing Anae to his strengths, with his hand in the dirt bending the edge is where he will find the most success at the next level. He has a high motor and a deep array of pass rush moves to get after opposing teams quarterbacks.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Meant as a reply to V12

    • Volume12

      His athleticism or apparent lack thereof is the one thing holding me back from fully jumping on board.

      Maybe it’s just me but I think onk he can rush effectively standing up too.

      • Trevor

        I like Anae but I want to Hawks to draft an athletic freak and speed rusher if the go that route. I want a Bruce Irvin type not an LJ Collier. Speed and explosiveness are an absolute must IMO if the go DL early.

        • Coleslaw

          Agreed, unless its a DT they’re drafting early.

        • Volume12

          Me liking him doesn’t necessarily equate to me thinking he’ll be a Seahawk target or a fit for them.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Same. He just caught my eye because he can get to the QB despite not being the most athletic player. He has a fairly sophisticated technique. Not sure he’s a great fit for SEA though.

  13. Trevor

    Would love to see tow upsets today with Vikings beating SF and Titans knocking off the Ravens. That being said a Vikings win alone would suit me just fine.

    • Coleslaw

      Man, I want SF. I wanna knock them out. They’re talking so much trash right now, I actually hope we play them.

      • astro.domine

        That’s a no from me dawg. Much rather draw the less talented Vikings at home.

  14. Steve Nelsen

    Has anyone taken a good look at Oregon OL Calvin Throckmorton? He has good size, seemed adept at both pass and run blocking and started at multiple positions on the line.

  15. Greg Haugsven

    Was looking at the trade chart today and trading down could look a little different this year as right now we are scheduled to pick about 28th (obviously depending on how these games go). In the past the have traded down from 18-22 or so and have gone back about 8-10 spots and have received that teams late 3rd as compensation. This year it would look different as we would most likely go into the second round with the first trade. Here is what a couple could look like.

    Go from 28 to say 35 (Detroits second rounder) and you would most likely get there early 4th rounder
    Points would be 209 to 206

    You could also make a larger trade back to say 41 (Cleveland) and you could get there early-ish 3rd rounder (pick 74)
    Points would be 209 to 210

    Just some trade thoughts.

    • HawkfaninMT

      Is that true? It always seems to me that we are at the 22-25 range as a starting point. I need to get more optimistic!

      To your point, of course if we have a later pick the compensation will be lower. But the allure of having the 5th year option is still a nice bargaining chip, in addition to whomever may fall, whom the Hawks may be targeting, and how everyone grades out.

    • cha

      A 4th is a reasonable expectation to get into the late first round.

      But it really depends on who’s still on the board and how badly teams want them.

      Last year, the Rams at #31 snagged a 3rd round pick for moving back to #45 from Atlanta to get Caleb McGary.

      I could easily see a QB hungry team looking to move into the low first round to get the 5th year option on a Herbert or Eason type. At that point a 3rd round pick definitely is in play.

  16. CHawk Talker Eric

    Would love to see SF lose today. Any day is a good day for SF to lose a game. Also think SEA have a better chance in the NFCCG at home vs MIN than on the road vs SF.

    But part of me would rather SEA have the opportunity to beat SF next week.

    • John_s

      I keep saying to people that Seattle has beaten Minny in weird ways and Minny is due to beat Seattle.

      I would love to see Seattle host the championship game,
      However with Seattle being Road Warriors and 2 epic Niner games, it would be fitting for there to be a rubber match.

  17. Coleslaw

    I haven’t started my offseason deep dive yet, but when I do, the first thing I’ll be looking for is people Linebackers who can tackle and DTs who can help in the running game. We need to get better on D, not just the pass rush.

  18. Dale Roberts

    Every time Rob does a write-up on a new prospect I’m like, “Okay we gotta have this guy. I don’t care what it takes. This guy is magic”. I’m thinkin’ Rob could make more money as a public relations consultant. His evaluations make you salivate for the player’s potential with just enough cautionary wisdom to make it all very plausible. Of course Rob’s track record of identifying pro prospects before they hit the mainstream and then having a high percentage succeed in the NFL doesn’t hurt either. Rob I love your blog but you’re wasting your talent on us.

    • Rob Staton

      Appreciate it, Dale.

  19. Dale Roberts

    Rob, maybe I missed it but have you done an evaluation on Mekhi Becton yet?

    • Rob Staton

      I watched a couple of games this week. I have to say I don’t really know what all the fuss is about. I noticed a few twitter vids talking about his power in tossing opponents off the line. And I saw those plays too. But does anyone really expect that at the next level?? Who does that in the NFL? I thought he looked like he needed a ton of technical work. Let’s see how he tests. Maybe if he has the upside on that enormous frame it will be enough for teams to say — OK, let’s work with this potential. But he has to prove he has the upside.

      But my first thought was he’s a tad overrated.

  20. Aaron

    Here we go y’all…Go Vikings!!!

  21. Volume12

    In case ya’ll haven’t noticed, I’ve been digging into the interior O-lineman currently.

    Crushing hard on this dude right now. Whooo.

    ULL OL Robert Hunt (6’5, 330 lbs.) Explosive, the mobility, positional versatility (can play RG or RT), mauls people in the run game, jolts dudes with his hands and if he gets those mitts on ya it’s over.

    Listening to his IV’s I love the drip/swag he has and how he carries himself.

    He’s #50 the RT. Also keep your eyes on the RG #75 Kevin Dotson who is pretty damn awesome himself.

    Louisiana-Lafayette vs App St. (2019):

    • Volume12

      Could also play LG

    • Volume12

      Louisiana-Lafayette vs Georgia So. (2019):

  22. Paul Cook

    Having a tough time seeing the 49ers losing this game, but you never know.

  23. Aaron


  24. JimQ

    OLB/DE?-John Daka, James Madison(FCS), 6-3/228? has 16.5-sacks and 26.5-TFL’s in 2019, #1 in FCS.

    A guy I’ve had my eye out for, due to his superb stats, alibi in the FCS, finally made TV today in the FCS championship game. I was never sure of his size playing DE, however during the broadcast the graphic said 6-3/228 I believe – and that’s pretty small for a DE. With his kind of stats, he might be a good late round option to consider as a rush LB. It will be interesting to track his pro-day #’s, his 40 time will likely be in the high 4.4’s by my judgement. I’m not sure if he has any post season game invites yet.

  25. Hawks4life

    Vikings pass rush isn’t something to take lightly.

  26. cha

    How about a trade with the Vikings this offseason?

    Diggs and Griffen. Gets about $28m off the Vikings books and in one move solidifies 2 important position groups.

    What will it take? One of our 2nds? Our 3rd round comp pick + a 2021 pick?

    • John_s

      Griffen is a free agent at the end of the year

      • cha

        Oh you’re right. I didn’t see he had incentives to void his contract.

      • Paul Cook

        I have such a hard time justifying paying big dollars for a WR when we already have 2 top shelf WR’s and a first round pick to spend on another in a draft loaded with WR talent.

  27. Aaron

    Vikings are doing pretty well against the 49ers through two quarters. It’s a close game, which is exactly what Zimmer wants.

    • Rob Staton

      I just can’t see Minnesota pulling it off. 49ers pass rush is playing incredibly well. Shanahan’s scheme just schemes players open constantly. The San Fran receiver’s are making every difficult catch.

      Only chance for Minnesota is Jimmy G throwing more of those lousy picks but… can’t see it. Jimmy G is just good enough to not restrict a contending roster. Whether he’s good enough to win games when he needs to be the difference, that’s still the question mark.

  28. Coleslaw

    Vikings are winning this game.

    • Rob Staton

      No, they’re really not.

      49ers are probably going to the SB. Defense playing absolutely lights out.

      • Coleslaw

        Inb4 49ersdraftblog

      • Kenny Sloth

        Somebody needs to stop them. They can’t win another super bowl.

  29. Hawks4life

    9ers are just better. Vikings need a miracle to win this game. They dont even look focused.

    • Rob Staton

      They’ve had the belief beaten out of them.

      • Hawks4life

        Couldn’t agree more. They need a spark, anything to get them momentum. Seems like they’re fighting to get a first down.

  30. Sam L

    I hope the seahawks go and get Chris Jones this offseason. Watching the eagles and 49ers having a dominant force on the inside and out is deadly.

    • Rob Staton

      Jones will be tagged.

  31. Paul Cook

    Chris Collinsworth got it right. It’s going to be real hard for the Vikes on 5 days rest to overcome this deficit with The 49ers having 2 weeks rest.

  32. Trevor

    This game is a prime example of why being able to impose your will in the run game. SF is not even trying to throw the ball and have just beaten the life out of the Vikings and imposed thier will in the 2nd half

  33. Trevor

    The way Shanahan schemes the SF run game is a thing of beauty.

  34. Paul Cook

    It’s looking like it’s down to “do you believe in miracles” for the Vikings now. Looks like we’re going to be playing for the rematch game. I fear the Packers doing with their run game in the second half to us what the 49ers are now doing to the Vikings.

    • Volume12

      Why did the NFL schedule both AFC games last Saturday and both NFC games last Sunday, but not do the same this week? Why give one a team an extra day of rest over the other team when you don’t have too?

      • Rob Staton

        Because they couldn’t operate a piss up in a brewery.

        Bad refs, 17 game schedule, messing with the combine etc.

        • Volume12

          Lol. Facts.

          Wait. What did they do to the combine now?

      • Paul Cook

        I hadn’t thought much about it, but that 5 days rest thing was somewhat significant. The bye teams already have a big advantage (rest, home field), but even more?

  35. AlaskaHawk

    I’m not looking forward to playing the 49ers again. The defensive line has improved since last week, and their running game looks brutal.

    • Hawks4life

      We have to make it out of GB with a win first. Would love to see a 3rd matchup this year though!

  36. CHawk Talker Eric

    SF just has IT this year. Style, swagger, sass. They’re having fun, truly enjoying the ride. They’ll be tough to beat.

    It’s likely to be a SF-BAL Super Bowl. What a match up!

    • Rob Staton

      Kansas City are the ones who could potentially beat Baltimore I think to prevent that — but it’d be my guess too.

      The Niners are really good this year. They have the ingredients. Great defense, they can run the ball and while Jimmy G makes mistakes he’s just good enough to not be an issue.

      • Paul Cook

        It’s hard for me to not be wary of Mahomes. I’m just so high on him. All personal affection aside, he might be the one QB I’d swap RW for now.

  37. Tony

    I believe we are the tougher matchup for the niners left, outside of ravens. This could be that year that the stars line up for the niners. Everything has gone there way. If pack win tomorrow, they will no doubt destroy them. Atleast our games remain somewhat close. RW can catch fire and seahawks games always are weird in the up and down narrative. Right now I bet they are praying for a pack win, no way the want a rubber match against a division rival.

  38. Aaron

    The key to staying close with the 49ers is running the ball and shortening the game. Vikings got destroyed up front today in the running game. 49ers made them totally one dimensional. I’d say running the ball is also key to the Hawks having a shot against Green Bay tomorrow.

    • Tony

      Running the ball is so key in playoffs. .But this year it is by far the biggest factor. Most of the playoff teams left are highlighted on offense by the run.

      • Volume12

        $221 mil invested in those 2 QBs

  39. Volume12

    Call me an optimist, glass half full, donning a pair of rose colored shades, but I’d still take Seattle over the 9ers in the NFCCG. Probably the Packers too. I just think Jimmy G is a little too mediocre at the moment and I kinda get the feeling he’s gonna poop the bed in one of these with this being his go around in the tourney.

    • Volume12

      * 1st go around

    • Trevor

      Shanahan was smart to completely take the ball out of his hands in the 2nd half.

      If a team gets ahead or stops the SF run game and forces Jimmy G to beat them SF are in trouble. They have the best team but worst QB left of all playoff teams IMO.

      • Volume12

        Agreed. Their defense, particularly that D-line, is good enough to supplement Jimmy G. My gut just tells me:

        A) Gotta have great QB play to win titles in the current NFL. The days of Dilfer and Brad Johnson getting rings are over IMO. Sure, Peyton in ’15 and Foles in ’17 got a ring. They were also playing much better than Jimmy G is right now

        B) He’s gonna have a game where he the moment gets too big or there’s too much pressure on him and he’ll make a momentum shifting TO or 2.

  40. Volume12

    Bill Cowher makes the HOF. Will always have fond memories of him as the coach who looked like he was eating a stick of deodorant on the sidelines.

    • Paul Cook

      LOL Holmgren deserves in too.

  41. Paul Cook

    Hey Rob, you’ve got me absolutely hooked on getting RW premium targets, and really have drawn my attention all year long to the upcoming WR draft class. At present, from my unscientific perusal of all things draft, the WR’s seem to be clustered sort of like this…




    –A few more here

    Was just wondering how you cluster them now? And who you think is, say, a top 50 talent?

  42. CHawk Talker Eric

    Hello TEN

    • Volume12

      They got momentum and got hot at the right time. Was time for a wildcard team to make some noise

  43. Paul Cook

    Game is kind of/sort of going the way it needs to for Titans so far.

  44. Paul Cook

    Great play-action TD play for the Titans.

    Upset alert has just kicked in.

  45. CHawk Talker Eric

    Good on CBS and the NFL for playing Rush songs at the commercial breaks in honor of Neil Peart

    • Volume12

      My favorite band of all time.

      • Paul Cook

        Really? I mean…Rush did their thing well…but…some much more talented bands overall.

        But music is a personal thing,

        • Volume12

          Yup. Im a hip-hop/R&B guy, but for rock bands they were just imcredible musicians.

          ‘It ain’t easy being cheesy’- Family Guy

          • Paul Cook


      • CHawk Talker Eric

        One of mine too. Maybe it’s from growing up in Seattle during a time when Canadian rock was pretty prevalent, especially for a US city, but the soundtrack of my youth has as many of their songs on it as any other artist I can think of. And Peart was not just great to listen to, he was visually spectacular to watch. Perhaps more so than any other rock drummer.

        Anyway it’s a nice little homage by the NFL and CBS.

    • clbradley17

      Didn’t know Neil Peart died until you just mentioned him. Googled him, and saw that he passed away 4 days ago. Have loved Rush since I was a teenager, and they first came out with “Working Man” in the mid-70s.

      • DC

        Tons of great songs, love Rush. I was just listening to Chronicles 2 days ago when I heard about Peart. One of the best drummers of all time.

    • TJ

      Agreed! My 2 passions in life over the past 35+ years have been music and football, with Rush & Peart being at the top. I was very sad to hear of his passing. Good to see the tribute on CBS and glad that others in this community feel the same!

  46. Aaron

    Ravens look rusty in the early going. Titans came to play.

    • clbradley17

      Funny how just after they stopped the Ravens on 4th down and the announcer was saying how well things were going for them, Tannehill was starting to throw the 2nd TD pass.

      And I believe Rob is 100% correct about SF playing D great and headed to the SB. They got back 3 very good D players this week. J. Tartt, safety they lost in the earlier game against us, Dee Ford – who helped them to at least twice the sack rate when he was playing opposite Bosa, and LB Kwan Alexander, who was hurt most of the year and just came off IR.

      JS has done a great job getting Clowney, Diggs and the maneuvering he did in the draft. But it’s too bad we were tied up early in FA – low on cap space considering re-signing Clark, RW and Wagner. Z. Smith was/is the perfect example of help we needed and still need on the DL and rushing the passer. Has 13.5 sacks, and heard a couple days ago he had 93 pressures (93!) and also plays the run great like Clowney and has mid-30s in run stops this year as well.

  47. Paul Cook

    The Ravens biggest weakness is playing from behind. This could really be an interesting game.

  48. John_s

    Lamar Jackson’s passes look terrible, ducks

    • Paul Cook

      He’s aiming the ball now. Not good. But it’s still early. They are not going to go gently into that good night.

      • John_s

        Agreed they’re not going anywhere. Tennessee needs to keep the pressure on

  49. CHawk Talker Eric

    ET3 having a nice game

    • clbradley17

      Was surprised to hear that his 2 sacks this year are the first of his career, none with the Seahawks. But to be fair, he was always playing deep safety, and we had players like Bennett, Avril, Clemons or Irwin to rush the passer.

      Henry did stiff-arm him twice on a 22 yard run play though. Remember when Henry was drafted in 2016 after his junior year, they said he wouldn’t be successful because he ran too upright and Alabama used him too much (almost 400 rushing attempts in 2015).

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Yeah that surprised me too. I’d have thought he had at least one INT with SEA.

        Henry…he’s like a jacked up Eric Dickerson 2.0

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Sack not INT 🙄

  50. CHawk Talker Eric

    Derrick Henry runs like the MF Predator. Just evolutionarily superior.

    • Paul Cook

      I’m just going to say it. It’s uncanny, but almost every time I see a mock draft, they have the Seahawks first pick as a total snooze pick. LOL Has anybody else noticed this?

      • clbradley17

        Would much rather have one of the elite WRs that fall or one of the big centers just after us – Ruiz from Michigan or Biadasz from Wisconsin. I’m hoping we fulfill our D needs in FA and our first 3 picks are on offense. One of the best WRs, a TE like Bryant from UW who can separate and block, and either one of the centers above, Nick Harris from UW or another OL to possibly replace Ifedi, Britt or in anticipation of Brown’s aging and injuries. If we do choose an edge with one of our 1st 3 picks, hopefully it’s either Greenard or Zuniga from Florida.

    • John_s

      In this scenario, i want 1) Kenneth Murray or 2) Ruiz

      • Paul Cook

        According to this mock, we passed on…

        –WR Reagor
        –WR Ruggs
        –WR Higgens
        –LB Kenneth Murray
        –OLman Isaiah Wilson

  51. Paul Cook

    If you’re down 10 or more points, who do you want as your QB, Lamar or Mahomes? Is there really any question about this?

  52. Tony

    Agree Ravens are looking rusty so far this first half. Having many of the best players sit out week 17 and the BYE week means they have 3 weeks between games. Yes, you take away the rest of injury but at the same time, you took away the momentum and flow of the offense. Not sure the Ravens can recover from this because it could force them to throw the ball more than desired and not focus on the running game which is their bread and butter.

  53. Tony

    Also, Mark Ingram just does not look fully healthy. Not helping the Ravens either.

  54. CHawk Talker Eric

    That catch by Hollywood…whoa

  55. Aaron

    Similar situation to the other game today at half, except Titans have a lead. Titans are gonna have to ride Henry, maybe even over 35 touches to win this. First possession out of the half is critical.

  56. CHawk Talker Eric

    Damn Adoree that’s nasty stuff

  57. Volume12

    Gonna learn a lot about Lamar Jackson here in the 2nd half.

    • Volume12

      And he breaks off a 30 yd run as Im typing that.

  58. Paul Cook

    You can play Lamar Jackson well, and he can still make you look Three-Stooges-stupid with his improv.

  59. Aaron

    Titans making Ravens earn most every play. HowIPever, the time of posession advantage for the Ravens could bite the Titans before this is over.

  60. Volume12

    Harold Landry is a future star.

    • Volume12

      Has made 2 of the biggest plays in this game. Could even argue he’s made the 2 biggest plays defensively for Tennessee

  61. Volume12

    Wildcat pop pass!

    • Volume12

      Whooo. That was sexy. Got me all hot

  62. CHawk Talker Eric

    Derrick Henry just doing it all. The upset is on.

  63. Aaron

    Did Lamar just say “F$@& this!” on the sideline after that trick TD?

  64. Volume12

    And we’re learning that Lamar does not respond to adversity at all.

    • Aaron

      He’s so much like Cam.

      • Volume12

        I’ll just say this.

        Not the 1st time we’ve seen Greg Roman’s gimmick offense fall apart.

    • j hawk

      I noticed at the 3:35 left in the 3rd that Lamar ran out of bounds and the clock kept going for another 30 sec. This with the home team waaaay behind.

  65. CHawk Talker Eric

    These Titans remind me a lot of the SBXLll champion NYG we’ve talked about recently. Strong DL, good running game, competent QB, peaked late and into the playoffs.

  66. John_s

    Man, i was hoping that Simmons lasted until Seattle’s pick. He’s going to be a stud

    Also, live by the analytics, die by the analytics

  67. Paul Cook

    I’ve been biting my lip all year on this with the hype and all, but I never trusted Lamar Jackson enough as a passer to be anywhere near the elite league level as a QB. I’d take Mahomes over him every day of the week on twice on Sundays.

  68. Volume12

    Look at these building blocks Tennessee has. My goodness.

    Offense: Taylor Lewan, Derrick Henry, AJ Brown, Jonnu Smith
    Defense: Jeffrey Simmons, Adoree Jackson, Harold Landry, Kevin Byard, Jayon Brown (not even in this game), Jurrell Casey

    • Volume12

      Rashaan Evans. Not sure how I can forget that dude. Was the MVP of that BE game.

  69. Lil’stink

    Ben Baldwin in shambles

  70. DC

    Go TENN!!

  71. Aaron

    The fanatic analytics and running isn’t as important as passing Seahawks Twitter must be dead inside right now. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Titans got a formula that got them there and they’re riding it, or in this case him.

    • John_s

      What they’re going to tell you is that it wasn’t the running game that has won games for Tennessee it’s Tannehill even though he throws 100 yards

  72. Ashish

    Earl Thomas numbers may be good but whenever I saw him playing he is not good or awful. He makes occasionally good pay here and there but not same player anymore. Man, JS/PC are simply awesome on what they do. Earl was my favorite player in hawks ahead of Wilson.

    • John_s

      Guy has been overrated the past 4 years. Last year before injury he was really good but overrated still

    • Aaron

      The thing about Earl now is he gives up on plays becuase he doesn’t want to get injured. He’s a HOF safety but his last dominant season was probably 2016.

      • Ashish

        Yes, I agree he gave up on running play he don’t want to chase Henry he might pull his hammy. He has different role on defense now, he has two sacks for season one today, go figure.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        He’s still one of the best free safeties in football. If his salary wasn’t a concern I’d still want him to play for SEA.

        • John_s

          Compared to Tedric or Lano, yes.

          Earl freelances too much and makes too many business decisions for me to pick him over Diggs

    • Lil’stink

      If you’re talking about the Tannehill touchdown watch it again. Earl’s job was to watch Henry. If he goes after Tannehill it’s an easy pitch to Henry for the score. People acting like Earl got burned but it was just a good play design

      • Ashish

        Watch Henry 67 yards run, but I’m referring to overall game

  73. Chawk Talker Eric

    I think this morning I would have bet MIN had a better chance of winning in SF than TEN had of winning in BAL.

    But tonight’s game gives me hope for tomorrow

    • neil

      We don.t have Derrick Henry

      • cha

        No we don’t. We have RW.

  74. CHawk Talker Eric

    Getting a little ugly for BAL

  75. Paul Cook

    Bottom line, you want a QB who can throw the ball more than anything else.

    • clbradley17

      Helps the Titans a Lot when you have a very good and healthy OL and one of the best RBs in the league who runs over defenses and gets stronger as the game goes on. I’d feel a ton better about beating GB if our OL and RBs weren’t decimated by injuries.

  76. DC

    V, you a fan of Baylor’s WR Denzel Mims?

    Just on last name alone I’ve got a good feeling about him (S. Diggs was another). He’s got one heck of a catch radius. Metcalf & Mims (M&Ms) on the outside with Lockett in the slot would be pretty cool. Could create some serious miss matches with two big boyz.

    • Volume12

      I do. Athletic freak at that size.

      • Volume12

        * I am lol

  77. Kenny Sloth

    Could be Titans-Texans in the AFCCG if Watson stays hot.

  78. Paul Cook

    PC is creaming in his jeans watching Henry.

    • Aaron

      Here’s to hoping Beast Mode and Turbo provide a little of Henry’s game at Lambeau tomorrow.

      • Paul Cook


    • Volume12

      Lol. And he has more passing TD’s in these playoffs than Tom Brady

  79. Paul Cook

    It’s looking like KC is going to make it back to the SB for the first time in a long, long while.

    • Hawks4life

      No faith in Tennessee. I mean they beat NE and BAL who were both better for the majority of the year…

      • Paul Cook

        I’m going with Ma-ho-me until proven otherwise.

        • Hawks4life

          I respect that but if we think about it Tannehill has showed more if not the same in the playoffs. Who ever plays the titans will have to stop Henry first.

          • Paul Cook

            Tannehill is not Mahomes. Mahomes is the best QB in the game now. Tannehill has done a remarkable job rehabbing his career in Tennessee. Really impressive.

          • Volume12

            Tannehill has thrown for 72 and 88 yds. If they fall behind against a Mahomes Henry is taken out of the equation and then what?

            • Hawks4life

              I know mahomes is one of if not the best QB in the NFL depending on who you ask I’m not saying he isn’t. I dont think he’ll lose you a game and from what Tannehill has done this year I’m not counting on him losing you one either. I think Tennessee is hot and Henry is on fire as well as The QB complementing it all. Should be a good game with who they matchup with. They already best the 2 AFC SB choices for most people so I wont count them out.

              • Paul Cook

                Anything can happen. Tennessee is hot. Mahomes is like a younger Aaron Rodgers (can make every conceivable throw) with even more elusiveness. He’s so much fun to watch.

                I’m going to go with the best Coach/QB combination, however, who had the bye week, have a killer home field atmosphere, and a team who many have been sleeping on. The AFC road to the SB must now go through KC.

              • Volume12

                I’m not disagreeing w/ ya. Tennessee is 100% capable of beating KC, but I highly, highly doubt it’s gonna be on the arm of Ryan Tannehill.

  80. Volume12

    Lamar is lethal between the #’s over the MOF. Force him to make plays outside those #’s to the outside and he can really struggle.

    • Paul Cook

      He’s such a stud of an athlete.

    • Volume12

      Titans didn’t exactly write the blueprint here. Jump out in front of B’more early if you can.

      And TBF. He needs a weapon on the outside with some size. Not 35 year old former 1st round picks at TE.

  81. Paul Cook


  82. Paul Cook

    They absolutely b*tch-slapped the Ravens. They anaconda-ed them.

    • mishima


      • Paul Cook


        • mishima

          My 12 year-old nephew read your Pete “creaming his jeans” and “bitch slap” comments and thinks you’re a clown.

          No worries, but offensive language limits the site and Rob’s audience without adding to the discussion. *Cheers*

          • Rob Staton

            Yes, let’s remember to keep it clean guys.

            • Paul Cook

              Sorry. Will do.

  83. Aaron

    Congrats Titans, you ended The Evil Empire and The MVP. Hats off to Vrabel and Co. I’m so glad to see a Wild Card make it this far, hopefully we’ll do the same tomorrow.

    • Volume12

      Media on Monday: Is Vrabel the next HOF coach?

  84. Hawks4life

    Earl didnt want anything to do with Henry. Everytime he came up against him he backed down, i dont blame him lol

  85. John_s

    @CableThanos 😂

    “ today is the day analytics died”

  86. Volume12

    If Tennessee sticks with Tannehill, and I like him, t’s gonna be like Jacksonville all over again.

    Having a dominant run game with a good not great defense while getting nothing out of your QB is not a formula for success and just like with Jacksonville is not something you can continue to duplicate/repeat.

    • neil

      Tannehill does not throw a lot because he doesn’t have too. Actually his stats for completions. tds and picks are quite good.

    • Aaron

      They are one win away from a Super Bowl. I do agree that Tannehill is mediocre at best, not a long term solution at QB.

      • Paul Cook

        If I had to bet, obviously would bet on a KC and SF final. But this is already a bit of a weird year already, so someone might surprise farther than anyone thought. Maybe us. As Hemmingway once said…isn’t it pretty to think so.

  87. Paul Cook

    It’s time for PC’s and RW’s magic. We’ve got a puncher’s chance in this game. GB is probably going to win, but I wouldn’t be stunned if we pull it off.

  88. charlietheunicorn


    The Ravens? TF happened to them?

  89. 12th chuck

    rested their some of their starters week 17 and had a bye week is my guess, and got mowed over by Henry

  90. Denver Hawker

    Not complete, but I think the Titans keys to success were:

    1. Running the ball
    2. Preventing the big plays
    3. Win turnover differential
    4. Play physical
    5. Converted in Red Zone

    Cut and paste for keys for the Seahawks rest of the playoffs.

    • Eburgz

      1. Physicality on both sides of the ball

      Titans smashed the ravens with the run game and their defense was flying around smacking guys, making plays and making ravens O fight for every single inch.

  91. Kenny Sloth

    Let’s Go!!!

  92. John_s

    Daniel Jeremiah identified Ross Blacklock as one of his favorite players to watch on film. And oooohhhh weeee i see why. This guy is quick, fast and explosive for a 3 tech

    • Trevor

      He had been a favourite here on the blog and I think will be a steal for someone. He does have some injury issues in his background however that need to be checked out. Would love to see him with our 3rd round pick.

      He is quick, powerful and gets lots of penetration, My only concern in what I have seen from him is that he can be undisciplined in his gap integrity which we know is so important to Pete. Can’t wait to see him at the combine.

  93. Trevor

    The Titans gamble on an injured Jeffery Simmons certainly looks like it is going to pay off. That is a grown man.

  94. Pran

    Poor John Harbaugh… analytics didn’t help him convert 4 and 1s. Doing that on own 40 changed the game big time

  95. Adog

    Hawks 27 pack 17 Russ leads a come back in the 2nd half. The Seahawks confuse the packers by putting lockett in the backfield and Metcalf in the slot.

  96. cha

    that’s a relief.

    ig: josinaanderson

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @JosinaAnderson
    #Seahawks LT Duane Brown (knee) told me “right now, I’d say that I’m going to play.” Brown who missed the last 3Gs after minor knee surgery told me he’ll still triple chk it pregame w/some sprints but added, “I’ve played enough football to know how I feel & right now I feel good”

    • Aaron

      Having Brown back, and hopefully pretty functional, would be huge for sure. It would allow us to get Fant in at TE and also more options to protect Russ against the Smiths.

  97. Paul Cook

    Duane Brown back would make a big difference. Please, please, pretty please…

  98. cha

    Matt Schneidman

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @mattschneidman
    Oh boy. #Packers RT Bryan Bulaga and OL Alex Light have both been added to the injury report and are questionable for today’s game with illnesses. The bug keeps going around the locker room.

    10:52 AM – 12 Jan 2020

    • Aaron


  99. Volume12

    Packers are riddled with the flu. Let’s see how much of an impact it has on today’s game. Could be something worth monitoring.

    Bryan Bulaga and 1 other of their O-lineman are now questionable.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Glad SEA went through all that already

  100. Volume12


    Eddie George was 6’3, 240 and too tall, ran too upright, helped lead Tennessee to their only SB.

    Derrick Henry is 6’3, like 238 or something and was too tall, ran too upright, and could be leading Tennessee to their 1st SB since Eddie George and co.

    • Volume12

      Oh. Another favorite of mine.

      ‘They both had too many carries in college. Not enough tread on the tires.’

      Yes! Why wouldn’t you ride that type of back? You get that going and it’s literally a runaway train. Momentum, everyone gets outta the way/wants no part of it, and those guys will take you places

      • Coleslaw

        Its exactly what we need.

        Sucks Henry is 100% getting tagged.. would love to have him in Seattle.

        • HawkfaninMT

          Is he? Titans have a Tannehill problem that may require that tag

        • Volume12

          But, Seattle has a lethal rushing attack in Carson & Penny. Just in a different form. They hot hurt. It happens.

          • Coleslaw

            Carson will be a FA next year and neither of them are close to Henry. How much longer are we gonna keep Carson if he cant finish a season? The dude is yet to finish a season going back to high school…

            Penny is still unproven and is not a BAMF.

            • Volume12

              Oh god. We see this every year in the playoffs. Someone gets hot, someone breaks out and now Seattle needs exactly that or needs to be/do what team x is/did.

              There’s nobody in the NFL or College that is close to Henry. He’s a unique physical and athletic specimen. They had their chance to draft him. Oops.

              You keep him as long as he keeps producing and giving you 1,000 yd seasons.

              • Coleslaw

                I’ve been saying this for a while lol.. Carson and Penny are nice but they are not “special”

                Maybe we dont need Derrick Henry but we definitely need a RB who will be available in the playoffs. Someone who strikes fear into tacklers.

                Carson is hard to tackle, but nobody is scared of him.

                Penny is the opposite of a BAMF.

                And again, Carson is a FA next year and will likely cost too much. We need to do something. You can act like these aren’t real reasons to upgrade if that’s your prerogative, but it’s wrong, sorry.

                • Volume12

                  But he’s not special, never healthy, not like he’s coming off back to back 1,000 yard seasons, why would he cost too much?

                  I’m not against Seattle adding a RB in the draft somewhere on day 3, but I’m wrong for thinking that Seattle doesn’t need to upgrade from the #4 rushing attack in the NFL? With all due respect my man, seems not only fickle, but a bit spoiled.

                  • Coleslaw

                    I know they are effective but we are missing the BAMF running back. IMO that is more important than a 1,000 yard rusher, especially with Penny as the change of pace getting the chunk yards.

                    I just want to get tougher, and IMO it starts with the running game. I want my RB to be the baddest MF on the field. Just the style I prefer 10x over what we have now.

                    The injuries and contract questions are just icing on the cake to me.

                    Gotta lot of respect for you man, sorry for being brash but that’s just me lol

                  • Volume12

                    Same. It’s all good. No worries. I don’t take anything personal on here. Arguing can also be a healthy discussion.

                    I get where your coming from and your not wrong for wanting that style outta your backs. I guess that’s where we disagree though. IMO Carson is a BAMF.

                • Eburgz

                  Anyone like that in this draft class? Someone that strikes fear into tacklers that we can pair with Carson.

                  A.J. Dillon?

                  • Hawks4life

                    People have been beating the drum all season long stating carson is a BAMF I’m not sure where things turned. Is it because Henry has been going off? Either way our run game has been the least of our problems this year, that is up until now.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Oh yeah, I’d take AJ Dillon anywhere after round 2. He’s a real Robert Turbin

                  • Eburgz

                    I agree Carson is a BAMF. Hope he comes back healthy and we resign him to a 3 year extension or so.

                    Things turned when he broke his hip, and only 1 year left on his deal. I sure wouldn’t bet against him but no guarantee he comes back as the same player. Hawks under Pete have shown a tendency to stockpile running backs and this is a good class and we have lots of picks. I think drafting a really physical back in this draft would be a good move and won’t be surprised if it happens.

                  • CHawk Talker Eric

                    I dunno Kenny. I think Dillon is more of an early Day 3 talent. At least in this draft. There are a handful of other arguably better RBs and they all can’t go in the first 2-3 rounds, especially when there are so many great WRs and OLs to push them down the board.

  101. Kenny Sloth

    Crown the Chiefs, eh

    • Kenny Sloth


  102. Denver Hawker

    Those trades the Texans made this year continuing to not look as bad as initially thought.

    • Pickering

      FWIW Jacob Martin has more sacks this year than Clowney. On a Jacob Martin note, in this year’s draft which LBs have similar characteristics?

  103. AlaskaHawk

    I hope there is no one upset per day rule in effect!!! Houston is going crazy!

  104. Aaron

    Whoa…Texans came to play.

    • Aaron

      Holy moly…didn’t see this out of the Texans!

  105. CHawk Talker Eric

    Nightmare start for KCC

  106. CHawk Talker Eric

    Could this go any worse for KC?

  107. Hawks4life

    Andy Reids team choking in the playoffs. I think I’ve seen this a couple times lol.

  108. Coleslaw

    The boos have started

  109. Volume12

    Someone gonna make a play for Mahomes or does he gotta start catching passes himself? They are pressed.

  110. Kenny Sloth

    Did I mention crown the Chiefs

  111. Lil’stink

    Not gonna lie, I enjoyed watching Tyreek get blasted like that.

    • Kenny Sloth


  112. Paul Cook

    Did I just see what I saw that first quarter?

    1) Blown coverage by KC wide open long TD pass
    2) Dropped catch right in the TE’s hands on 3rd down, blown first down
    3) Blocked punt for a TD
    4) Another dropped catch on 3rd down, blown first down
    5) Muffed punt catch, other team takes over inside the ten and scores
    6) Dropped catch on 2nd down that negates a first down and good yardage

    A complete muff-fest.

    The NFL where anything can happen.

  113. Trevor

    Pete Carrol and Andy Reid are like polar opposites. One is an offensive master mind who designs the best passing schemes in the NFL. Pete is a defensive guru who can develop secondary players like no one else.

    Andy Reid never gets his team up and ready for the big games. Pete always seems to have his team ready and playing hard.

    A large portion of Hawks fans are clamouring for a coach who is offensive pass first mastermind. I will take Pete all day long.

  114. Trevor

    Can Mahomes put them on his back and comeback? I would not count him out yet.

    • Volume12


  115. Volume12

    That is some kind of play by Sorensen on that fake punt.

    • icb12


      Why would you fake it from your own 30 with a 3 possession lead??
      So dumb

    • Trevor

      It was but why fake a punt up 17 when the Chiefs are starting to get momentum? I guess if they pull it off Obrien is a genius but I don’t get that call.

      • Pran

        O’Brien is rattled after seeing how fast KC scored. Goes for fake too early which should have helped close game later

  116. charlietheunicorn

    Bad Coaching Decision

    You have a big lead, around your 30, and you friggin go fake point with 4-5 yards to get a 1st down. No way you should do that, make Chiefs earn the score, not hand them points.

    • charlietheunicorn

      and now the tidal wave begins… congrats Texans, now say BYE BYE

  117. icb12


    This is bonkers.

    • Hawks4life

      I know right! NFL football is wild at times

    • Volume12

      Right? Went outside for a smoke and KC has 21 all of a sudden. The f**k happened?

      Got us a game.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Ok actually crown them this time

        • charlietheunicorn

          *hands out crowns*

          Frank Clark needs an extra large one 😉

          • Kenny Sloth

            I dont want any part of Mahomes

  118. Pran

    O’Brien playing to get fired.. there is no way you blow 4 score lead so lightening quick..

  119. Aaron

    Wow…what a total flustercluck by O’Brien in the second quarter. Incredible.

  120. Trevor

    Did Hawks / Packers release who is invactive yet?

    • Coleslaw

      Itll be out by 2:10

      • Trevor


  121. Paul Cook

    That first half will go down as one of the strangest in playoff history. And mostly not for the right reasons. But entertaining nonetheless.

  122. charlietheunicorn

    In other news, the Browns are about to drop another load on the NFL….
    hiring Viks OC Stephanski

  123. Paul Cook

    With Mahomes, it’s not always these big-armed throws that make him what he is. It’s also these crafty little short ones that show what a deft touch he has. Guy can make every throw.

    • Trevor

      He is incredible. Not sure the NFL has seen a talent like him. Can do it all really and seems to have a great attitude as well.

      • Paul Cook

        I can’t find a weakness in the guy. I also mean the more intangible things too like leadership, attitude, team player, etc… He took it real well sitting down his first year. And in his second year, after almost every series you’d see Andy Reid sitting down beside him going over what just went on. You could see him just really taking it all in.

        He’s just so much fun to watch.

  124. Hawks4life

    Brown is active tonight good news for us

    • Hawks4life

      Wow Frank Clark is relentless, wish we had someone like that on the Seahawks…

      • Paul Cook

        That one sack where he was down twice trying for the sack, and then he finally gets it the third time. That was pretty special. Hard not to miss that.

  125. Kenny Sloth

    Seahawks inactives v Pack

    John Ursua
    Mike Iupati
    Marquise Blair
    LJ Collier
    Ziggy Ansah
    Kyle Fuller
    Chad Wheeler

    • Trevor

      Glad to see Brown and Fant Active.

    • HawkfaninMT

      Blair is an interesting inactive

    • Volume12

      Ziggy and Collier both inactives?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Chad Wheeler?!?!!

      Wait. No I mean, Marquise Blair?!?!!

      That means Diggs looks good.

      Not at all surprised about Ansah. Could’ve predicted that last Sunday night. But Collier too?

      • Greg Haugsven

        I wonder if we could possibly see a time share at Left Tackle? Both guys not being 100%. If Brown does start and not come out I wonder if Fant would still be the 6th OLineman or they would keep him back just in case Brown cant finish. Will be interesting to watch that. I also see that the Packers had a late illness enter the locker room so it could affect some of there players.

  126. Trevor

    Frank Clark is earning his contract tonight. Huge performance when they needed it most.

  127. CHawk Talker Eric

    Is is too much to ask SEA play their first quarter like Houston, and the rest of the game like the Chiefs?

  128. CHawk Talker Eric

    This game isn’t over

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Eh, maybe it is

    • Paul Cook

      It probably is. Houston can stop KC.

    • Volume12

      I think it is now.

      I’m certaunly biased because KC is my AFC team. However, can we please get Mahomes vs RW in a SB?

  129. Paul Cook

    Houston getting Mahomed. No shame in that.

  130. Aaron

    Down 17 and Texans have to take a TO to figure out if they should punt or go for it???…yeah it’s time for O’Brien to be called into question.

  131. Volume12

    We got a 50 burger in the playoffs!

  132. Volume12

    I am fired up for this Hawks game.

    Let’s f***ing go!!!!

    • Paul Cook

      I am too. Totally hyped. I’ll be breaking my 5:00pm drinking rule reserved for moments like these.

      Let’s do the improbable, unlikely, unfeasible…let’s win it!

    • Hawks4life


    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Alright Pigs, beat those Gougers!

      GO HAWKS!

    • Rokas

      Watching at the bar in Cancun. Me and about 25 Packers fans.

      • Volume12

        Lucky you. Give em hell Rokas! Start a fistfight if ya have to.

  133. CHawk Talker Eric

    Consensus picks are for SEA

    • Volume12


  134. Aaron

    After being up 24-0 the Texans were outgained 51-7….HOLY CRAP!!! That is a total crapping of the bed. O’Brien should be let go.

  135. Paul Cook

    KC outscores Houston 51-7 in the last three quarters. Wow. After KC’s peering into the abyss during the first quarter, they are probably going to be hard to bring down now until the SB.

    Game time now.

    • Justin Mullikin

      It will be interesting to see the AFC Championship Matchup, I feel that would be an interesting game.

  136. Hawks4life

    I dont like listening to Aikman but I’d rather have him over Booger or Davis lol

    • Justin Mullikin

      I agree completely. I thought last years ESPN crew was bad, all they did was drop Witten and it got worse.

  137. CHawk Talker Eric

    Wilson is statistically due for a win at Lambeau

  138. CHawk Talker Eric

    Did the refs just miss a blatant hold?

  139. Volume12

    We just not gonna call that hold on Poona?

    • cha

      When you turn a guy as big as Poona that much, that’s got to be holding.

  140. Volume12

    Whoooo! Clowney!

  141. CHawk Talker Eric

    Send in the CLOWNEY!

  142. CHawk Talker Eric


  143. Volume12

    Bad communication there between Flowers and Ugo

  144. Aaron


  145. Paul Cook

    If we can’t get off the field on 3rd down enough, it’s going to be a long night. 0 for 2 so far.

  146. Brazilian Hawk

    Miscommunication between Flowers and Amadi 🙁

    GB crushed our defense this drive.

  147. pran

    not a good look for D. Flowers is not good. Pete is great but not being able to field a strong secondary with homegrown talent is stings.

  148. CHawk Talker Eric

    This is a problem for Hollister.

  149. Hawks4life

    If we go down 0-14 this will be hard. That’s a fumble

    • Pran


      • Hawks4life

        Didnt GB recover. Otherwise why challenge

        • Hawks4life

          Good riddance, I couldn’t tell

          • Pran

            Malik Turner saved the day

  150. Aaron


  151. CHawk Talker Eric

    All I can say is we better be doing our best KC imitation

    • Volume12

      Bold strategy Cotton

  152. Volume12

    Is there a team that fumbles more than the Seahawks? Holy sh**

    AlL AbOuT ThE BaLl

  153. CHawk Talker Eric

    This is a huge break

  154. Aaron


  155. Hawks4life

    Risky throw by Russell. Let’s calm down boys lots of game left

  156. Volume12

    Never thought I’d see the day that Marshawn Lynch would miss a huge cutback lane.

  157. pran

    3 and out pls….

  158. CHawk Talker Eric

    That fumble really cost SEA. Even though they retained possession, the stoppage in play made the offense seem out of sync for the rest of the series

    • Trevor

      Awful start. Really need a big stop and ideally 3 and out here to try and flip the feild and get some momentum back. Don’t want to get behind the Packers in GB with that pass rush.

    • Pran

      Not sure if Hollister made it back in to game. that will be a huge problem…he is the only pass catching TE

  159. Aaron

    Aww…the typical Seahawks slow start

  160. Rob Staton

    Could be a long night.

    • Trevor

      ONly the 2nd drive but this is a critical one for this defense.

      • Trevor

        Huge 3 and out. Hawks getting penetration which is huge.

      • Rob Staton

        It was. At least they made a stop.

        Although watching Cody Barton being blocked by Aaron Rodgers 😬

    • CaptainJack

      Sure it COULD be.

      But the game isn’t won or lost in the first quarter.

  161. CHawk Talker Eric

    QJeff just buried Rogers!

  162. Volume12

    There we go. Gotta knock Rodgers around.

    • Volume12

      Yes sir!

      • Trevor

        Clowney looks fast and explosive to start this game which is huge.

  163. Hawks4life

    What a stand by the D. Honestly didnt expect that at all.

  164. CHawk Talker Eric

    Good pressure by SEA so far

  165. Volume12

    What a punt. Booted that thing.

  166. CaptainJack

    Barton has a long way to go. Need to lock him in a weight room over the off season.

  167. CHawk Talker Eric

    There we go let’s feed the Beast!

  168. Volume12

    Lynch has never been a good short yardage back.

  169. CHawk Talker Eric

    Russ should’ve kept it

    • Volume12

      What?!? Come on. Gotta love them taking the ball outta their best players hands and running it up the gut 3 straight times.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I know what was I thinking 🤷🏻‍♂️

  170. CaptainJack

    Lynch isn’t going to win us this game.

  171. neil

    Lynch run s too straight up for short yardage, where is Turbin?

  172. CHawk Talker Eric

    Nice tackle by McDougald

  173. CHawk Talker Eric

    I really hope they draft someone who is a PR threat cuz they don’t have one on the roster now.

  174. Aaron

    Defense for the most part is holding up

  175. Paul Cook

    Two three and outs…promising.

  176. Volume12

    Throwing downfield means good things happen

  177. CHawk Talker Eric

    Beautiful to Lockett

  178. CHawk Talker Eric

    Great protection nice start by the OL tonight. They just need to perform as well in the run game

  179. CHawk Talker Eric

    Did I hear correctly that Joey Hunt is playing with a broken finger?

    • Volume12

      You did. They snapped it back into place on the sidelines.

    • icb12

      Dislocated. Not broken.

      Just put it back in, add some tape. Good to go.
      No biggy.

  180. Pran

    No TE, No RB and shaky defense…dont know how we are going to pull this one out.

  181. CHawk Talker Eric

    Well at least we’re on the board

  182. Aaron

    Lynch not reading the right holes

  183. Trevor

    Hawks seem to have weathered that early storm. Nice to see Myers kicking well.

  184. Hawks4life

    Points on the board baby! Good kick let’s keep the pressure on Rodgers now

  185. John_s

    Look like this game is too big for Hollister

  186. Rob Staton

    Tight end defo a need.

    • Paul Cook

      Tis twoo…

      • Ashish

        Willson should get some ball

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Hope they can work a reasonable deal with TB for Howard. He’s better than any prospect they could hope to draft in 2020.

    • Aaron

      Tight end, speed rusher, another quick WR, and probably another OL.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Another RB too. Prosise most likely is gone.

  187. Pran

    Lynch def is not ready and in sync..

  188. Rob Staton

    The defense after the rough first drive are trying their best. The offense just looks discombobulated. Suppose this is the impact of losing their RB’s. But even then, we need a safety net for RW. Someone who can make plays on 3rd and 7. They’ve got to find a TE who can be dynamic and consistent.

    • Aaron


  189. Paul Cook

    End of first quarter. Could have been worse. Only thing I can think of to say.

  190. CHawk Talker Eric

    Seahawks secondary is lost between themselves. Blown assignments galore so far.

  191. pran

    tackling woes continues…

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Bloody frustrating to watch

  192. Hawks4life

    Yikes idk what’s changed but we’ve turned into one of the worst tackling teams in the NFL this year. Nobody wraps up the all just lower the shoulder and hope for him the best. Adam’s putting on a clinic.

  193. pran

    thats BS call

    • Volume12

      It was. A WR and DB hand fighting a little. Nothing new. Why do they feel the need to throw flags?

  194. CHawk Talker Eric

    That contact seemed pretty light to me.

  195. CHawk Talker Eric

    Crap. Clowney hurt himself.

  196. Aaron

    Clowney hurt and a TD 🥺🥺🥺…hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again.

    • Hawks4life

      Okay so GB is up 2 score but hasn’t looked particularly spectacular. We need a score right here to stay in it. Let’s not get negative we know how this team operates

  197. Volume12

    The ball broke the plane?

  198. Denver Hawker

    Short- but can’t overturn. Not sure how the ref made that call.

  199. Aaron

    I’m out

  200. Paul Cook

    We’ve got to answer.

  201. Kelly

    Need to make some adjustments quick on Defense. Getting completely chewed up between the 20s.

  202. Volume12

    Credit to GB and Matt Lafleur. He’s taking advantage of Seatle having no team speed on defense.

    Remember when they liked athletes?

  203. Matthew

    Take comfort in the fact that either of these teams are going to get blown out by SF.

  204. Tony

    I love when refs effect the game in a huge way. Really makes it fun to watch. I just think prior to every game, man I hope the refs just go crazy.

  205. Matthew

    Way too many runs for nothing. Horrendous game planning by this staff.

  206. Adog

    Schottenhiemer needs to throw his play book in the trash cause that is where trash belongs. No huddle now…send DK over the middle. Throw some reciever screens…get Homer in the game…start drinking and dunking.

    • Hawks4life

      With a pass rush like GB I agree. We need to try something different, but we all know that’s a pipe dream. They’ll stick to the same plan until half way into the 4th and expect Russ to deliver. Its frustrating but I’ve come to expect it.

  207. Volume12

    Galaxy brain stuff. Block 3 with 2.

    • Volume12

      Honestly. Russ has gotta just dump that to the back there. Maybe Homer shoulda been in that play?

  208. Pran

    That skycam view of long developing play is telling… Only two players in play and Russ waiting all day for one of them to come open before running for 3 yards tells

  209. Paul Cook

    Bummer. We needed to answer there. Now we’re fighting early for our life.

  210. Rob Staton

    Well, I’ve got some off-season articles ready to roll.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      A friend indeed

    • Pran

      This offense is we have only NoE and DK and two lack of creativity, not scheming other players.. Maddening.

      Waiting for your Articles. I am not impressed with this coaching staff besides Pete and Schotty.

      • Rob Staton

        Don’t be impressed then.

        Center, RBx3, Left guard, TE injured. Gordon suspended. What do people expect? Miracles?

        Green Bay can flood coverage because we can’t run. Simple.

        • Pran

          Yes.. I am not impressed. Coaches are expected to make use of resources available as best as can. Every game they make it like we have no business winning..

  211. neil

    RW not reading the def. Should have seen three defenders for two o linemen, should have kept lynch in to block instead of releasing into the flat.

    • Rob Staton

      Problem is, as expected, they’re flooding coverage. Even with time nobody is open. We can’t run and that is the ball game. They’ll flood coverage all day and contain.

      • neil

        Still could have kept Lynch in to block

  212. Volume12

    How is Shaq, a corner back, the best open field tackler on this team?

  213. Matthew

    I will get flamed for this…you will never win a super bowl with a defensive head coach that has a terrible defense. This defense is atrocious.

    • Matthew

      *You probably can’t win a SB with a terrible defense anyways – but you have a HoF QB and you handcuff him. The only chance SEA has is putting the ball in RWs hands. You can’t wait to be down 18 to do that.

    • 12th chuck

      I agree. Injuries aside, they are playing terrible.

  214. Paul Cook

    We just can’t seem to put up points early. Frustrates me.

    • Matthew

      100% on the coaching staff

      • Rob Staton

        100% on injuries, a crap D-line and bad tackling.

        • Matthew

          He said put up points. Piss poor game planning AND execution. Crap DL and tackling doesn’t affect the offense.

          • Paul Cook

            I’ve been watching this team forever. It’s as if we play with no sense of urgency on offense early. I’m just a little tired of that. No, not just this game, but a pattern.

        • HawkfaninMT

          Injuries for sure, and coaching has to take some responsibility here. The first chunk of plus are scripted generally.

          But losing top 3 RBs on a run first team along with a top 10 C and starting LG that specializes in run blocking is just a ton to overcome

  215. CHawk Talker Eric

    This is the worst tackling team Pete Carroll has had. Ever. At any level.

    I don’t know if that’s true, but if sure feels like it is.

    • 12th chuck

      I really hope its an emphasis this off season, which will happen in 30 min.

  216. Simo

    I sure hope this team figures out how to start games better next year, its just so hard to constantly play from behind. I know you can’t lose the game in the first half, but you sure can dig a very deep hole that is frequently impossible to dig out of.

    • Paul Cook

      That’s my frustration. We don’t play with any urgency on offense early.

      • Volume12

        They don’t play with any on all 3 levels.

  217. CHawk Talker Eric

    Has Adams been in tight coverage yet tonight?

    • Volume12

      Gotta stay in single high baby to let Adams get 1 on 1

  218. Kelly

    Guess we won’t bother covering Adams today.

  219. CHawk Talker Eric

    Oh come on that’s not a penalty

  220. Volume12

    What helmet opening?!?

    • Volume12

      Do they just add new rules as the games go on at this point?

      • Paul Cook

        It’s almost like they said “something had to be wrong about that.”

  221. Hawks4life

    Definitely didnt grab the opening but cant blame them for making that call

    • Simo

      That’s a total homer call, don’t ever see a Hawks player getting that call in this game.

  222. Paul Cook

    Bad call on Clowney. Penalty for tackling.

    • downtownjewelrybryan

      grabbed his neck, not the helmet. they just call anything that looks violent.

  223. Pran

    BS referees.. As if they need help to win this game.
    This was that worst ref team which gifted a win for packs against Lions

  224. Matthew

    Can’t win with this defense. Embarrassing. Pete needs to figure it out.

    • Pran

      There is nothing one can do… Just hang in there and see if GB makes mistakes.

  225. charlietheunicorn

    The OL, right side specifically, is getting wooped

  226. CHawk Talker Eric

    Nice goal line stand here Hope they finish it out and force a FG

    Great hit by Diggs

    • CHawk Talker Eric


  227. Pran

    Clowney is our new Bennett

  228. Volume12

    Clowney has made some Mike Bennett bone headed mistakes tonight.

    • charlietheunicorn

      I think he has aggravated his injury as well

    • Pran

      He makes one at least every game.. 9th on the season

  229. Matthew

    Wholly unprepared. Maybe one day PC will understand the importance of not wasting 30 mins of football. Maddening.

  230. Kelly

    No team speed or physicality on defense. They are holding damn well from 3 yards on in. But the other 97 yards of the field this defense just does not have the speed or physicality to deny anything.

  231. Trevor

    Sucks but this team is just not good enough to compete with these elite teams. Bad defense and too many injuries on offense.

    Not sure what it is with Lambeau but Russ and the Hawks look awful here.

  232. CHawk Talker Eric

    Kenny Clark has turned into a right proper DT

  233. Kelly

    Love Fluker and Ifedi just standing there watching Russell run for his life. Block someone ffs.

  234. Matthew

    We have a HoF QB and have made life as hard as possible on him while playing a brand of football that is geared towards having an elite defense and bad QB play. I’m getting tired of watching this.

    Also, clearly one second left on the clock…no breaks at all today

    • Volume12

      Russ got blasted on that last play. Was hard to watch

    • Hawks4life

      I know it probably wouldn’t have mattered but we did have 1 second left on the clock…

  235. Volume12

    Pete Carroll to Matt Lafleur during the midfield handshake postgame: ‘Dad?’

    • Matthew

      I love Pete…but he can’t keep coaching the team he wish he had and he has got to start coaching the team he actually has.

      • Volume12

        I know people were dunking on Earl yesterday, but good lord did he cover a lot of the holes and hiccups in this defense.

        You could leave Sherm on an island. Had a tone setter in Bam Bam.

        Oh how I miss those days. 😥

        • Trevor

          I miss the days of the Hawks being the best tackling team in the NFL. This group is awful. Have to think it make Pete want to throw up . They have to get back to basics this off season.

          I know Bobby is a pro bowler and all pro again but he does not look like the same guy to me at all this year. People will point to the # of tackles but he is making them after 4-5 yard gains not 1-2 yard gains like previous years.

          • Volume12

            Bobby’s undersized. Have to keep him clean and they don’t have that up front. Plus, teams are exploiting this defensive scheme and have figured out that if you get BWagz going sideways instead of downhill you can negate what makes him so good.

            • Trevor

              I think you nailed it!

      • Kelly

        To be fair he has tried to adjust to the team he has. Hence why we play so much Tampa 2 vs our Cover 3 Single High look. I honestly don’t know where to look at this defense. Griffin and Flowers look awful. McDougald has looked okay. The D-Line is trash. They need a major infusion of physicality and pocket push from a pass rushing DT, A freaky edge to pair with Clowney, and some bigger, faster, stronger dudes in the secondary. Both CB positions and McDougald look suspect to me.

  236. Paul Cook

    Oh well. I’m not going to get too negative here. It’s been a good season given the injuries and our weak defensive front. We’ve got off season work to do.

    Having said that, I do want to attempt to put and end to these poor offensive starts next year. It’s time we addressed this issue.

  237. CHawk Talker Eric

    Congratulations to Jimmy Johnson!

    • Volume12

      Head and Shoulders above the rest!

      See what I did there? 😉

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        *rim shot

  238. Paul Cook

    “It’s not how you start a game, it’s how you finish.”

    How about it’s how you start a game and finish a game.

  239. Trevor

    Even with Dissly coming back TE is a huge need for the Hawks IMO. Really hope they use some of their draft capital to trade for OJ Howard if he is available at all. If not go the free agent route and draft one next year when the TE class looks loaded.

  240. Matthew

    Packers D not fooled by anything. They’ve seen all of this and are prepared. What’s that like?

  241. CHawk Talker Eric

    That’s my mofo!

  242. Michael Hasslinger

    Fun year. Onto 2020.

    Russell looked terrible today.

  243. Paul Cook

    DK can high-point. K

  244. CHawk Talker Eric

    DK has come a long way with his catching. Great high point at a tough angle.

  245. CHawk Talker Eric

    Enough with running Lynch into the teeth of GB’s defense

  246. Paul Cook

    You gotta go for it.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      It’s still early but I agree

    • Pran

      That’s one good shot Lynch to push Hollister back…took out Savage in the process

      • Volume12

        Lol. How does Hollister keep coming up inches short.

        • Paul Cook

          Just said that to my partner. LOL

        • Matthew

          Worst 3rd down play design I’ve ever seen. That was awful.

  247. CHawk Talker Eric

    Great play

  248. CHawk Talker Eric


  249. Hawks4life

    Lockett scored but I’ll take a Lynch TD over that haha!

  250. CHawk Talker Eric

    Plenty of time here. Just need the defense to step up. A turnover would help.

  251. Kelly

    I think that finger dislocation is affecting Hunt a lot. He is repeatedly getting blown backwards off the snap now.

  252. Paul Cook

    Okay. What defender is going to make a big play? *crickets*

    • Trevor

      Need a Diggs or Mcdouglad pick here.

  253. Trevor

    When Russ eventually retires and heads to the HOF I will remember him for two things more than anything.

    #1 He is one tough SOB. His durability is off the charts, (Knock on wood)
    #2 He never gives up no matter what the situation or how bad things look. It is amazing really.

  254. AlaskaHawk

    If the defense could only make three stops and get off the field. This is going to be a long game.

  255. Trevor

    That pass the Graham really hurts. A three and out could have turned the momentum.

    • John_s

      I am for getting more speed at LB to play with Wagner. I’m not sold on Barton and KJ is instinctive but slow

  256. CHawk Talker Eric

    Jimmy never held onto passes after getting hit hard when he was a Seahawk

  257. Hawks4life

    Never seen a worse team at stopping 3rd downs. Been like this the entire Carroll era unfortunately. C’mon boys let’s get a stop.

    • Hawks4life

      Flowers is getting absolutely toasted tonight. Even if the offense makes a comeback it looks like the D wont play a role in helping.

  258. CHawk Talker Eric


  259. Matthew

    I love Pete but maybe we should look into a defensive minded head coach?

  260. Paul Cook

    Flowers, amongst others, is getting toasted tonight. CB is back higher on the draft board for me.

  261. Trevor

    Wow this defense is awful. I can’t believe this is a Pete Carrol coached defense. Flowers against Adams is a mismatch. I like Tre but he just cant cover Adams 1 vs 1.

  262. John_s

    Man Tre Flowers is getting abused

  263. DC

    Again, slow start is the dagger that did them in

  264. Rokas

    We need some serious competition for Flowers, the cushion he gives is off the radar.

    • Volume12

      He might not be good.

  265. Kelly

    No one on this defense has any change of direction ability.

    • John_s

      That’s because they’re supposed to be able to jam and redirect the receiver off the line but neither can

  266. Paul Cook

    I repeat…What defender is going to make a big play? *crickets*

    • Kelly

      Clowney, Diggs, or Wagner are the only three I would have any faith in making a play.

  267. Volume12

    How is the motion causing this D so many problems?

    • Trevor

      Rams were the first to exploit it now all teams do.

  268. Trevor

    SF are going to destroy this Packers team next week.

  269. Coleslaw

    I hate to say it but this is on the coaches. Why are we covering Adam’s 1v1? As big a blunder as the Dallas game.

    Doesn’t matter whos on defense, our coaches are setting them up to fail

    • Volume12

      Why is Griffin not shadowing him?

  270. Trevor

    Man Russ is getting pounded. I hate seeing him take all these shots.

  271. Pran

    With out pressure Pete’s defense is toast …. time they fixed DL big time. Secondary is serviceable if Flowers can be upgraded.

    • DC

      With a consistent pass rush Flowers is serviceable.

    • Volume12

      Do you think if a told a lapsed or casual fan that Seattle’s HC has a defensive pedigree they’d beleive me?

  272. Trevor

    I think the Hawks have to run Homer not Marshawn for the balance of the game unless it is the red zone.

  273. Paul Cook

    Hollister gets….nine. LOL

    • Pran

      He need to put on some strength

  274. Hawks4life

    This game is on Wilson’s back. If anyone can make an impossible comeback its him. I know the D needs to make a play but Russ needs to be a magician.

  275. Volume12

    The heart and resolve of RW. God damn!

    • Trevor

      Amazing real. His heart and toughness are off the charts.

    • Pran

      They should have done this from get go…and with that missed FG who knows what could have happened

    • Volume12

      A corner mugs a receiver? No flag.

      Any contact whatsoever between a defender who is supposed to have as much right to the ball as a receiver? Flags galore

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Wilson is a Michael Jordan level competitor.

  276. Paul Cook

    RW is an effing stud.

  277. CHawk Talker Eric

    This is how they have play. Put it ALL on Wilson

  278. Paul Cook

    Why didn’t our offense play like this in the first half? It’s always the same.

    • Hawks4life

      It’s crazy we dont play more uptempo when we know what Russ can do when it’s in his hands. Please D get a stop

    • Kelly

      Couldn’t tell you. I actually muttered to myself during the drive. “Where was this shit the first half.”

  279. CHawk Talker Eric

    Props to the OL for giving Wilson good protection.

  280. Trevor

    Man if this defense could just get one big turnover or a couple of 3 and outs the Hawks could make a game of this.

    • Greg Haugsven

      This reminds me of the second half of the last 49ers game. We found out how to score but couldnt stop them. We need the defense to do something.

    • Volume12

      That GB defense is blown up. A TO would be momentum shifting.

  281. CHawk Talker Eric

    Offense is starting to move the ball well. Defense needs to make a stop maybe generate a turnover

  282. DC

    They’re taking too is going to run for 100 yards. How big is that missed FG.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Hugs for two reasons. Took away 3 points and gave them a short field.

  283. Kelly

    Get a three and out. LET’S GO DAMMIT!

  284. Walter Rucker

    I think Packer D getting tired

    • Greg Haugsven

      We need to get the offense tired.

      • Walter Rucker

        I woulda thought Adams woulda cramped up by now

  285. Paul Cook

    Without the heroics of RW, this game would be a runaway now.

    • Volume12

      Gotta have balance down 2 scores. Thems the rules at rhe VMAC

  286. Canadian Hawk

    I can’t get over how good #3 is.

    Any team he’s on you can never count out.

    Bloody Amazing.

  287. charlietheunicorn

    Do you believe?


  288. CHawk Talker Eric


  289. Kelly

    This Dline. Always guys on the ground. Never able to contain the edge.

  290. Greg Haugsven

    Its odd we have 190 passing yards and 99 rushing yards. They have 191 passing yards and 93 rushing yards and zero turnovers in the game yet we are down 11 points.

  291. Paul Cook

    This was my nightmare scenario…we get behind early (again), and then the Aaron’s just milk our D to death.

  292. Volume12

    My god. This defense wasn’t fooled by the pre-snap motion.

    • CHawk Talker Eric


  293. Paul Cook

    So you’re saying we have a chance…

  294. CHawk Talker Eric

    Wagz! So close

  295. Greg Haugsven

    At least they finally doubled Adams. Even if Wagz doesnt knock that down it would have been incomplete. We need at least 3 here.

    • Kelly

      Too bad we are lacking 3 from Myers missing earlier =(.

  296. CHawk Talker Eric

    Lockett hangs tough!

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      That’s a penalty on King for helmet to helmet that the refs missed

    • DC

      Blantant wrong/missed call against Hawks. Hit on defenseless receiver

  297. Paul Cook

    Where’s the PF penalty? Pretty damn obvious to me. Oh well.

    • Hawks4life

      We haven’t got those calls all year, terrible consistency in officiating

  298. Volume12

    King lead with his helmet there or did my eyes deceive me?

    • Trevor

      That was pretty blatant. I think he knocked himself out.

  299. Volume12

    Russ! Hit your RB there.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Nice comeback to DK though

    • Volume12

      What is going on?!? He had DK wide a** open

      There we go Russ!

  300. Trevor

    Metcalf and Locket are an incredible 1-2 punch. If they can add another WR threat and TE this off season this pass offense could be scary next year.

  301. Paul Cook

    Hard to believe that nobody’s been open on these long scrambles.

  302. CHawk Talker Eric

    Wilson is just a surgeon on the move

  303. Trevor

    Hollister is one tough SOB.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      He’d be a great TE3 behind Howard and Dissly.

      • Trevor

        That would be the dream scenario next season IMO.

  304. Paul Cook

    Just think if we had 2nd half RW in the first half of games?

  305. neil

    Looks to me the Packer players are faking injury to get time outs.

    • Simo

      Another one! Seems to be a pretty good way to get your gassed defense a blow every other play!

  306. Volume12

    Lol. What a play. Russ is unbelievable

    • Paul Cook


  307. CHawk Talker Eric

    Nifty play by Homer!

  308. CHawk Talker Eric

    Oh! Preston Smith got rocked on that play

    • Kenny Sloth

      Ifedi would’ve been such a good guard.

  309. Volume12


  310. CHawk Talker Eric

    Say what you want but Lynch smells the goal line

  311. CHawk Talker Eric

    Never even saw him

  312. Volume12

    That was bad. Good way to get your QB killed. Pete should be pissed AF.

    • Trevor

      Russ has taken way too many shots today. Any other QB would be out of the game IMO. If he finds a way to win this it will be the most heroic performance I have seen from a QB in a long time.

  313. neil

    It seems to me if you have an excessive number of injury’s in a short time span their should be a yardage penalty.

  314. Pran

    Russ is a warrior.

    Jason Myers SOG. How could you miss a’s your only job.

  315. Volume12

    McDougald coming up big on the 2nd half here.

  316. CHawk Talker Eric

    McDougald having another strong game

  317. CHawk Talker Eric


  318. Pran

    Need a TO

  319. Trevor

    3 and 10 and they can”t get a stop. Wow

  320. Volume12

    Need to get off the field on the $ downs.

    • Trevor

      Just killed them all year.

  321. Kelly

    Come on guys fuck. 3rd and 10. That’s inexusable.

  322. Trevor

    This defense just can’t get a stop. Really sucks with how this offense has battled back this 2nd Half.

  323. CHawk Talker Eric

    Cmon guys let’s get off the field!

  324. CHawk Talker Eric

    YESSSSS! Queem!

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Both Griffins were there!

  325. Volume12

    The Griffin bros! I love it

  326. Trevor

    What what a time for Griffin to get his first sack. Wow

  327. Paul Cook

    OMG! Two defenders made two big plays two times in a row.

  328. CHawk Talker Eric

    You starting to believe?

  329. Volume12

    That rule has to go.

  330. Trevor

    Well say what you like about this team they always keep things entertaining.

  331. Hawks4life

    Wilson time?!?! Let’s go baby!!!!

  332. Kenny Sloth


  333. Volume12

    You mean to tell me that an undersized EDGE with blazing speed can be effective in this league? Well I never. *hands on hips*

  334. Aaron

    I’m back becuase we got a shot…we got exactly what we want.

    • Kelly

      Why lol? If you bailed on them at the beginning and quit on them why you back now?

      • Kenny Sloth

        Hey now

  335. AlaskaHawk

    Time to put those yellow an green weasels away!!!

    • AlaskaHawk

      Hollister plays way weaker than his 248 pound weight would indicate.

  336. Trevor

    A 4:30 second touchdown drive would be pretty sweet right now.

    • Kelly

      That would be awesome to see that extra minute they ran off bite them in the end.

  337. icb12

    Pretty much par for the course.

    In it at the end. 1 score game, 4 minutes and change, Russ at the controls.

    • icb12


  338. CHawk Talker Eric

    Hahaha did you see the Griffen bros high fiveing it in the background while a dejected Aaron Rodgers walks off the field?

    I’ll tweet and post it. It’s beautiful

  339. DC

    Dekalf time

  340. Hawks4life

    …. Turner might have sealed our season.

  341. Paul Cook

    That dropped pass…killer…

  342. Volume12

    That drop by Turner was critical.

  343. Pran

    Turner can’t drop that.
    There goes our hope on ventilator

  344. Aaron


    • DC


  345. Volume12

    4 people all say the same thing at the exact same time.

  346. CHawk Talker Eric

    Make a stop or generate a TO. It’s on the defense

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Clowney was face masked and still made the play

  347. Trevor

    Ifedi is the healthiest OL man and then gives up a sack like that on such a key play.

  348. Paul Cook

    Clowney MUST be resigned.

  349. neil

    Too bad, Turner screwed the pooch. It looks like 9 losses in a row in GB. I won’t be watching the Super Bowl this year. I really don’t want to watch the Packers or 49ers win. I will be at the OTB playing the horses.

  350. Pran

    Effing defense… Ken Norton…what a useless DC

  351. Hawks4life

    Were all sitting here posting relentlessly as Rob is typing up his next thread. Let’s hope Seattle has one last chance to alter it a bit. After that Adam’s catch it’s over. Damn what a year

  352. CHawk Talker Eric

    Oh FFS

  353. Trevor

    Well 3 and 8 this is the ball game if they cant stop them. How do you not double Adams there. WTF is Lano Hill doing on the feild.

  354. Volume12

    Good stuff putting a rookie on Adams

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      1 on 1 too. Safety help from Hill was late.

      • Volume12

        All he has to do is keep him on that inside shoulder, but that’s a big ask in a hige moment for a rookie who has played limited snaps

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Plus it’s Davante Adams. Can’t expect a rookie to lock down a #1 WR.

    • Walter Rucker

      And freaking Hill over the top

    • AlaskaHawk

      Seahawks don’t bump anyone at the line anymore, but he played close enough that he didn’t give enough cushion to keep up with Adams.

    • mishima

      Hill is so late to read + react.

  355. mishima

    Hill hasn’t even earned his name change.

    • Pran

      Hill and Tedric what a waste of draft capital and headache..

  356. Kelly


  357. Aaron

    Seriously…Hill!!! What the frick???

    • Aaron

      Hill again……………..are you 🤬 kidding me. Norton can piss off.

  358. CHawk Talker Eric

    One more chance to stop them on 3rd down and give Russell and themselves a shot at glory. They either do it and deserve it or they don’t.

    • Trevor

      Praying for a stop but the odds are against it unfortunately. If they can somehow get a stop I think Russ drives for the win.

  359. Trevor

    At least 5 times this game the Hawks have had the Packers in 3rd and long then not gotten the stop. Usually the play is to Adams. Might want to cover him this time,

    What do you think? Do we get the stop or is this ball game?

    • Kelly

      We get the stop.

    • Hawks4life

      Game. As I said earlier were absolutely terrible at stopping a team on 3rd down.

    • Volume12

      Looks a little short

      • Pran

        It’s short.. it will be a QB sneak

      • Trevor

        It was but they are not going to over rule that. Why not play King instead of Hill when it is 3rd and long.

  360. DC

    So many uncontested catches

  361. Pran

    Again Hill….

  362. Trevor

    Fitting end for Graham to get a 1st down catch. Unreal that Lano Hill is out there,

  363. Kelly


    • Trevor

      Unreal why not play King on 3rd and long situations.

  364. Matthew

    All on the coaches. Punt on 4th and 9. Not having Griffin shadow Adams. Atrocious.

  365. Pran

    One more BS call…

  366. Pran

    Pete.. Refs suck but your defense and DC sucks even more. It shouldn’t have come to that call.

  367. Paul Cook

    Of all people…Jimmy Graham. We had two chances to stop them on third down. They deserved it.

    Bottom line…once again we start slow. Our achilles heel.

    • neil

      Schottenheimer said they prefer RW to run in the second half…..???

  368. John_s

    Effin Lano Hill. He’s effin garbage. You can’t hesitate on that play

    • Volume12

      That was terrible. Why was he in anyways?

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Where was Diggs?

        • charlietheunicorn

          3 safety look at the time

      • John_s

        Looked like they were in dime

  369. CaptainJack

    Jimmy Graham wins them the game

    Fitting end

  370. DC

    Still baffles me that Hill is on the field. Don’t waste a freaking entire half Carrol and win this one easy! Just like against the Panthers a couple years ago.

  371. CHawk Talker Eric

    And the ref calls it for GB 🙄 But it really doesn’t matter. SEA couldn’t make the stop when it counted.

    The worst thing about this loss is they could have won. GB didn’t beat them as much as they left opportunities on the field.

    But hey I’m not even mad it was a raucously fun season and they gave me plenty of entertainment.

    So looking forward to the draft season.

  372. Adog

    There is a fundamental flaw with Pete Carrol. How do you punt it away and trust that defense? You gotta let your Hall of Fame qb play. This reminds me McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers in their many years of futility. Somehow big balls Pete turned into punt it Pete.

    • Hawks4life


    • Kelly

      It was 4th and 11 and Wilson had just taken an atrocious sack that had a major lack of awareness.

  373. Hawks4life

    We dont have DBs shadow anyone been like that forever. Regardless players didn’t show up either did the coaches. It is what it is. I will say that’s a bad spot. The NFL really needs to fix this BS the cameras dont like but the officials do.

  374. Nate

    Why is Hill playing so far off Ghraham? Jimmy is so slow, no need to give him a cushion especially when you’ve got a blitz called.

  375. Trevor

    If your defense can’t get a stop with two chances of 3rd and long then you don’t deserve to win. Sucks but this defense was awful and you cant win in the playoffs like that.

    Niners get a walk to the Super Bowl as they are going to crush this soft Packers team.

  376. Paul Cook

    It’s the story of the Hawks. 3 points in the first half, 20 points in the second half.

    We’ve GOT to address this problem. It’s been going on for years now.

  377. Aaron

    We did better this season than last year. However, we’re at a crossroads as to whether or not we can take that next leap. We have the cap and draft picks available to elevate again to the upper echelon of the NFL. Get healthy boys and get ready for another go at it in September…well except for you Ken Norton. Lano Hill in on those key 3rd Downs…seriously!?!?…Piss off!!!

  378. Volume12

    Russ watches from the sidelines helpless. Shoulda trusted him to make 1 more play Pete. You and your defense sure weren’t gonna.

    • Coleslaw

      Pete was too worried about the check coming into his account tomorrow.

    • Nate

      Yeah.. I was kind of shocked when they punted. Gotta trust your best player to make 9 yards there.

  379. AlaskaHawk

    AT least the Seahawks showed some fight and weren’t completely embarrassed.

  380. Trevor

    I pray someone asks Pete why Hill was playing that last series. In obvious passing downs why not have King out there in coverage instead of a third safety in Hill. Makes no sense as Hill has always struggled in coverage.

    • Pran

      Hawks could have run 3 times and punted in similar situation. Gutsy calls by packs to pass instead of putting it on their D

  381. SoCal12

    We deserved to lose, but man refereeing in the NFL really needs a kick in the gonads. How is it this bad? I really dont understand.

  382. Denver Hawker

    Where’s our pick?

    • Kingdome1976

      You mean Collier? lol

      • Kelly

        LOL! I think he means what position we are picking in. But I like your style lol.

      • Denver Hawker

        Might as well include Blair in there too.

        • Kelly

          Blair should have been in there instead of Hill. I liked what I saw from Blair when he played. But apparently there’s extra stuff behind the scenes we aren’t privy to that are keeping him off the field.

    • charlietheunicorn

      No worse than 27th pick. No better than 23rd.

      • Denver Hawker

        I’m supposing:

        24. Vikings
        25. Seahawks
        26. Texans
        27. Ravens

    • Pran

      Only if they can make it count.. DK is the only rook to contribute in such a big way in years. Also we have not drafted pro bowl talent in years…except a punter.

  383. Pran

    If Packs had to huff and puff against a worst defense and banged up offense…9ers will bulldoze.
    May be packs are better than Hawks a bit at least..

  384. Ishmael

    Not a disgrace, just couldn’t stop those third downs. So many holes in the roster, pretty amazing we made it this far honestly.

    Wish we’d gone for it on fourth and whatever with 3 minutes left, have to give the guys a shot. Carroll picks the weirdest times to get conservative.

    • Paul Cook

      Absolutely. I said at the beginning of the game that getting off the field on 3rd down is the key, and that means defenders stepping up and making a play. Didn’t happen enough.

      BUT…and I will not let this go…I’m so effing sick of our slow starts. This has to be addressed. it’s a philosophical, psychological, schematic, coaching, whatever else flaw that has existed with this team throughout the PC era. They never address it.

  385. mishima

    Fun, but frustrating season; feeling a mixture of disappointment and relief.

    Thanks 12s.

  386. Trevor

    Sucks because that was not a good Packers team.

  387. Volume12

    Pete in May: (regarding the pass rush) we got some things coming up. You’ll like it.

    Thanks coach, I hate it.

    • Sam


      • Kingdome1976

        I guess they thought Ziggy was going to be better. Really? Jacob Martin would have been better.

        • Kelly

          Yeah i thought the same watching Jacob Martin against the Bills. At least he has some speed off the edge. Bet he would have had 7 sacks at least this year.

  388. Kingdome1976

    I haven’t read the comments so please forgive me but what the F%$# is up with refs calls? I almost feel like I did in the 2005 SB loss.

    Not only the bad calls and missed calls but also the Jimmy Graham short of the first call. I mean W%F.

    Sorry I really don’t mean to complain and be a poor sport/whiner but my goodness.

    Go Hawks

    • Kelly

      To be fair we got away with a fumble on like our own 30 on the first play from scrimmage. Only thing I question is the personnel. Should have had Blair in the game instead of Delano Hill. You go with your slow defenders instead of putting athleticism on the field.

      • Kingdome1976

        Really? How many bad ref decisions were made against us? You are really bringing up the would-be fumble?

        • Kelly

          I do think Jimmy was short there. But to have your least athletic safety manning up on Jimmy Graham with the game on the line was pure stupidity. This defense lacks athleticism and it shows. Was Graham short? Yes I think he was. But how often do those get overturned? Hardly ever. Only other call I thought they missed was the hit on Lockett.
          This team couldn’t get out of it’s own way tonight. Defense gave up 3rd and 9+ way too much tonight. Turner dropping a would be 14 yard gain for a first down was killer. Like Delano Hill I am not sure why he was in the game at a crucial point like that.

          • Kingdome1976

            “Only other call I thought they missed was the hit on Lockett”


          • dcd2

            Blair was inactive.

  389. Neil

    Schotenheimer said they prefer to run RW in the second half of games …???

  390. Kingdome1976

    I was sooo pissed when Pete decided to punt it at the end. I don’t care if it’s 4th and forever. You give Russ a chance to win the game….period.

    • Volume12

      He trusted his defense over RW. Also running for 2 yards down 18 in the 1st half how many f***ing times?

  391. Radman

    I’d really like to see them get some legit talent on the inside of the interior line. They just seem so beat up, old, weak, and/or expensive there.

    Very tired of seeing their game plan explode because of interior pass rush. It’s not like LT, where you need high draft capital to fix it, either. There are several quality guards and centers taken past pick 25 often. It just shouldn’t be that big of an issue to solve for a well run organization.

  392. CHawk Talker Eric

    Also I’ll miss the next chapter in the SEA-SF rivalry. Would’ve been epic to meet in this year’s NFCCG

  393. John_s

    I don’t get on the last drive why they slowed the tempo down. It gave the Packers the ability to get their players lined up

  394. Hawks4life

    Just watched the GB coach in the locker room speech and my god how uninspiring. Not saying hes bad but none of the players looked intrigued or happy lol

  395. Volume12

    Guys. Never forget. Ken Norton, jr covering Davante Adams with Ugo and Hill in the biggest moment/down/play of thr year.

    • Kelly

      I put that more on Hill looking like he runs a 5.5 40 time there.

    • John_s

      GB was smart to put Adams in the slot in the biggest play of the game. The lack of a slot defender this year and sticking with the 3 LBs hurt us.

      Hopefully Ugo is the guy to man that spot, but I would like more competition there

  396. Simo

    It’s a tough loss for sure, but pretty much how the entire season went. Start slow and dig a hole, turn Russ loose late and catch up. Worked a lot of the time this year, but difficult on the road in the playoffs.

    Still a good season really! Not sure any of us felt the Hawks were serious SB contenders this year, probably figured a second round playoff exit was the best we could expect.

    Here’s looking forward to next year!

  397. Kingdome1976

    Every year my brother and I put together a list of 20 players we want the Hawks to draft right before draft night. In the last 6 years we have draft a total of 2 players on our list.

    The 2 players:

    Tyler Lockett
    Malik Mcdowell

    We feel bad about the Mcdowell pick to be fair.

    I have followed the blog for 10 years but it seems no matter how much we want certain players
    other teams get them. So frustrating.

    Some of the names on our list that we could have had:

    Davante Adams
    Allen Robinson
    Kenny Clark (We have a note calling him the crab crouch man)…don’t ask
    Henry Hunter
    Michael Thomas
    …..and so on.

    We will not be making a list this year. Collier was not on our list. Neither was Penny.

  398. Kelly

    Sucks to lose but I am very proud of how this team played this year. With all the injuries and everything this year this team never gave up at all. We need a freak of an Edge Rusher, A Pocket Collapsing DT, possibly another CB. But overall this team needs to get BIGGER, FASTER, STRONGER, MORE PHYSICAL, and NASTIER on defense.
    Can’t wait to see what this draft brings this year. They have an opportunity to really improve this team and I hope we hit on some major talent this year.

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