Kentucky’s Joshua Paschal is one to watch

Josh Paschal is a heck of a player

This is a good draft class.

It’s been described as the opposite for a long time because it simply doesn’t have legit top-10 prospects at the top of the board.

Yet the depth of talent available is attractive and value will be available going into day three. You can build a foundation from this class.

Kentucky defensive lineman Joshua Paschal is the latest example as to why.

I would describe him as a violent, aggressive run defending specialist who could develop into a league-leader in that regard. He is not a twitchy, dynamic EDGE using speed to attack offensive tackles and threaten quarterbacks with bend or balance. If you want someone to play the run on early downs, dominate their 1v1 match-ups, set the edge, fly to the ball and then provide some interior pass rush on third down — Paschal ticks those boxes.

He’s a running backs’ nightmare. So often on tape before they’ve even had a chance to read their blocks he’s in the backfield making a tackle. It’s highly impressive.

You need warrior type players. People who complement your athletic freaks. Paschal is that type. I can’t vouch for him solving Seattle’s pass-rush issues. Yet I want him on the team as an extra. A bonus. To elevate the physical toughness of this team, make them harder to play against and pair with the athleticism of Darrell Taylor.

He’s incredibly explosive, perhaps the most explosive defensive linemen I’ve watched so far. There’s so much power in his frame — backed up by a 39-inch vertical jump at SPARQ and an overall score of 120.24, complemented by a 4.30 short shuttle.

Those kinds of numbers put him in a rare category.

He is just so powerful and there are no concerns about him shifting inside.

His Georgia tape is excellent at times. He was physically imposing, knocking around Georgia’s line in a way few managed last season. He dumped Justin Shaffer on his backside on one snap. You see this quite a lot. He’s simply far more explosive than most opponents. Bigger offensive linemen bounce off him. Against Florida he was violently abusing the tight end trying to contain him and seal an edge. He is constantly in attack mode.

Paschal has a really underrated feature in his profile. He’s so explosive that he can engage and hold position extremely well. It means he can focus on keeping his eyes on the ball-carrier, reading the play and two-gapping with ease. He can read any stretch runs or misdirection, let things develop then just throw off a block to attack the area he needs to get to.

He’s also quick to knife through gaps against Georgia and break into the interior. He does this against everyone though. That 4.30 short shuttle time shows up in the subtle way he dodges blocks from the interior and just ends up in the backfield time and time again. For a player who plays like a bull on the loose — he’s got the burst and agility off the snap of a leopard.

If you give him a shot at the ball-carrier he chases them down, stalks them, like the T1000.

There is some stiffness and he’s not a bendy pass rusher. His hips are tight and there’s not a great deal of flexibility changing direction. Running in a straight line — he’s excellent. I’m not sure his three-cone will be that impressive though. That will provide a challenge working the edge but you’re not drafting him to be Darrell Taylor.

His frame is a curious one. He’s 6-3 and 278lbs. I’d like to know his arm length but the sense I get is it’s not going to be good news. He’s more of a compact ball of power and quickness. He’s a run-defense / TFL specialist who can make plays from the interior on passing downs rather than someone who notches 8-10 sacks consistently as a defensive end.

His college production backs that up. He only had 5.5 sacks in 2021 and that was a career high. He did have 15.5 TFL’s though. He had only one sack in 2020 with 6.5 TFL’s. In 2019 he had 9.5 TFL’s and 3.5 sacks.

Still, those TFL numbers are worth noting. Since 2019, he had by far the most TFL’s or tackles for no gain in college football (per PFF):

Josh Paschal — 37
Yasir Abdullah — 29
Kayvon Thibodeaux — 27

There’s no real evidence of speed rush or natural EDGE production. Even L.J. Collier could rush the edge effectively at TCU. Paschal’s more of a powerful destroyer — which means you’ll need to be creative to move him around the line and accept that as a pure EDGE he’s going to have limitations.

He’s maybe a little bit undersized to play five-technique but he could be a natural inside/out rusher. Kentucky moved him across the line and he’s had success in space and working through the interior. There are snaps where he drives interior lineman backwards and there are snaps where he plays the run brilliantly at defensive end or slightly off the line operating in space.

His first-step quickness really flashes. He regularly crosses the face of a tackle from end to attack the B-gap and just flies into the backfield. He can catch slower, bigger linemen off guard. He also shows evidence of an effective swim move from the interior and I’ve seen a good push-pull operating from the edge.

Paschal fights off blocks as an edge setter vs the run and is a real warrior to disengage and fight to the ball-carrier. There are no concerns about him as a run-defender and he’ll handle those duties at defensive end with aplomb.

His motor is relentless and his tackling impressive. He sets a physical tone and has the potential to become a ‘heart and soul’ type on a defense if he can develop into a starter.

If I was going to use him it’d probably be as a bulldozing chess piece. I think he needs to operate in an attacking front where he’s moved around the line to seek out opportunities. He can probably play power end on early downs then on third down he can kick inside and provide dynamic interior rushing.

He could be what Seattle hoped Collier was going to be.

Paschal was diagnosed with malignant melanoma on his foot in 2018 but has since undergone treatment and been cleared. So he’s also faced a degree of adversity and battled to make a success of his time at Kentucky. He was recently named the ‘Jason Witten Collegiate Man of the Year’ for 2021.

I’ve put him in round two on my horizontal board, with the idea he might be available later and provide value.

The Seahawks need to go and land another dynamic EDGE in free agency for me — plus a defensive tackle who can legitimately create pressure. However, someone who can do what Collier was supposed to would also be a benefit to this defense.

Put Chandler Jones, Calais Campbell and Josh Paschal on this D-line and you might have the most aggressive, bullying line in the NFC. I wish Seattle had more picks because clearly there are other really attractive trench players in this class that would also add even more. As I said, you can build a foundation in this draft.

Paschal is a player to watch at the combine. Length will be important — we know Seattle doesn’t draft D-liners with sub-33 inch arms. If he passes that threshold, he could be the kind of powerful inside/out rusher they lack.

A final quick thought for today. It’s been revealed that around 150 players, many of them top prospects, are threatening to skip the combine due to the NFL’s rules on creating a strict ‘bubble’ at the event.

The Super Bowl has just been played out with thousands huddled together for a week — including players, media, fans and people just looking for a good time. They literally had an enormous concert on the field at half-time.

If you won’t let players have a trainer with them to do their best at the combine, then the league is a total and utter disgrace.

The NFL wants the combine to be a primetime event. It needs to start listening to the players and drop this ridiculous notion of a bubble immediately.

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  1. cha

    This is a great read on the guy Rob, thank you.

    Just from that it feels he would slip down the board because he doesn’t have that sexy pass rush profile but would be great value to maybe nab with one of their fourth round picks.

    Maybe I’m dreaming.

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly so. Not participating at the Senior Bowl didn’t help his stock.

      • bmseattle

        The more young, explosive, high effort guys on the defensive line, the better.
        Paschal sounds like a guy who could really take a leap in his pass rush with a little coaching.

        Damn… yet another guy to dream about.
        Imagine having pick #10 and trading down to obtain an extra couple of day 2 picks. It would be perfect.

  2. Henry Taylor

    Loving these player write ups at the moment. Paschal does look extremely explosive when closing on the ball carrier, definitely the kind of player I can see them liking.

    Do you think with all this depth, particularly on the DL, the Seahawks should look to trade down to the back half of round 2 if they can pick up an additional top 100 pick (unless there is someone they really like still there of course)?

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure. I get the sense the options at #41 will be really good.

  3. Sea Mode

    Thanks for another great player profile!

    Unrelated, but just saw this cool stat:

    Field Yates

    Two crazy stats Cincinnati CB Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner, who stands at 6-3, 200 pounds:

    ▪️He didn’t allow more than 13 yards to any receiver in a game this past season

    ▪️He didn’t allow a TD catch in his *entire* college career

    • TomLPDX

      Pretty amazing stats if you ask me!

  4. Sea Mode

    Sigh… Wonder why Pete (+John?) changed their ways so drastically.

    Timo Riske

    Most snaps from young players (drafted since 2019) in 2021:



    • MychestisBeastmode

      Huh, ya it’s really only Taylor, Brooks, and Damien Lewis getting snaps from the youngsters group.

    • Mick

      We also only had 4 rookies last year and two of them got injured, and it’s hard to take snaps from Duane and give them to Stone.

      • Big Mike

        The other factor is that Carroll has stocked the roster with (mediocre) vets at the expense of draft capital in a desperate attempt to win another title all the while forgetting how he win the first (and should’ve won the 2nd).

        • Peter

          Have to go with cheap journeymen if you’re going to draft four safeties that never play(ed): blair, tyson, thompson, some other guy. A few busts, collier, mcdowell, 3/4ths of pennys career, a reach; brooks, an injury prospect; taylor.

    • RIP Sonics

      The decision to play Tedric Thompson and Delano Hill over Marquis Blair after taking him in the 2nd round was a sign of changing tides. Terrible… Hopefully that was more related to KNJ than Pete because the offense was giving snaps to young guys during the same time frame.

  5. Sea Mode

    Hmmm… Brady been quietly paying attention to what you’ve been writing or has he just happened to suddenly see the light? (I don’t actually know if his views have been similar to yours as I don’t read his stuff regularly. Maybe someone else can chime in.)

    • cha

      Not sure what’s behind the paywall, but Brady wisely rejected all the ridiculous ‘offers’ the other team beat reporters made for Wilson a couple weeks ago. So he’s got some sense.

  6. Blitzy the Clown

    Paschal’s decision to skip Senior Bowl gives me hope he could be available early Day 3.

    Not sure what source(s) this site uses, but they have his arm length at 32.875″

    If accurate, should be close enough. Especially considering his tape.

    Really liking this draft class. Not just athletes, but warrior-athletes.

    • Rob Staton

      The Seahawks have never drafted a DL with sub-33 inch arms to my knowledge (if I’m wrong someone shout up, there’s always a chance a later round guy doesn’t have the ideal profile but early picks are different)

      • Henry Taylor

        Alton Robinson had 32 3/8″ arms.

        • MyChestisBeastMode

          Must be why they always “forget” about him in the d-line rotation.

        • Rob Staton

          Probably why they never play him…

          • Rob Staton

            Ah… MyChest beat me to it

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Sorry, I could’ve been clearer. I meant that if his arms have been measured at 32 7/8″, then maybe he measures 33″ or more at the Combine, given the Combine’s history of longerarm measurements.

        I just watched his 2021 highlights. He stacks and sheds OLs as well as any DL I’ve seen. He plays with tremendous awareness. He does have that raging bull vibe like Winfrey, but unlike Winfrey who is mostly wild, Paschal’s is a controlled, intelligent rage.

        True warriors.

        Can you imagine both of them on the same DL?

  7. uptop

    This is the modern nfl, but in this division run defense is big with how multiple the niners rams and cards are in the run game

    Makes me think of a Michael Brockers almost

  8. cha


    (If Ben Allbright is clowning you, you gotta wonder how far from the pack have you strayed..)

  9. BobbyK

    I’m not saying there was anything good about trading for Herpes but if I’m trying to find any kind of silver lining it would be the fact that we own the Jets’ early 4th round pick this year. Seems like there will be better available picks in the early 4th this year than there would have been in the later 3rd last year. At least we have 4 picks in the first 4 rounds this year and 5 in the first 5 rounds.

    That said, I know how terrible it was so please don’t think I think it was a good trade. It’s only the worst deal the team has made since I became a fan in ’83. But in looking at guys available in the early 100s – seems like some good players will be there.

    • Rob Staton

      It is good to have that extra fourth

      • Trevor

        Imagine how many 3,4,5th hound picks we could have if we still had the 10th pick to trade back.

        • Big Mike

          The peacock #giftthatkeepsongiving

        • BobbyK

          I know. And I was trying so hard to be optimistic. 🙁

  10. Sea Mode

    For all our valid complaints about DK, are we maybe trying a little too hard? This is pretty impressive company and probably means he’s consistently drawing coverage away from Lockett and others and winning a lot when he does get a 1v1:

    • MyChestisBeastMode

      Ya, he’s going to garner somewhere between 22 – to – <30 million per year on his next contract (heavily influenced by what happens with Davante Adam's contract).

      He's Megatron-lite with a little less size but more speed. What he's got cannot be taught, and any deficiency he has can be coached up or ironed out with more focused reps — which he seems eager to continue doing to be the best at his craft relative to other NFL-elites constant focus on getting better. Plus, the young man is openly talking about his psychological care, which to me indicates he's taking it as seriously as all the aspects that one must manage to be an elite athlete.

      • Big Mike

        All true but the other side of the coin is that I’ve seen little improvement in hands (still drops too many easy catches imo) and in contested catches (he should win those nearly every time I believe).

        This is not to say he’s not very good, he is. However, for that kind of money I want to see growth in those 2 areas this coming season as well as no more diva crap.

      • Sea Mode

        More speed? Are you sure about that…?

        • Peter

          Megatron looks like he’s jogging and barely looks like he takes more than 12 strides in that clip. Unreal.

        • MychestisBeastmode

          Megatron 4.35
          DK 4.33

      • Simo

        I suspect Rodgers qb play clearly helps make Davante Adams the stud he is, but I also don’t think DK is as good overall as Adams. Sure, he’s fast in a straight line, but like Big Mike says he drops to many easy passes and doesn’t dominate on contested jump balls like he should. In addition to the drops, he also doesn’t have the fluid change of direction other top WR’s have.

        He’s still gonna be paid very well, by the Hawks or someone else!

        • Peter

          He’s not the best technician by a lot. And I’d love to see him call fitzgerald and work on his technical dedecits over dreams of the olympics but he still is one of the better wr’s to have a start to his career in the modern game.

        • Starhawk29

          I don’t think this is a particularly fair comparison to make though. Adams is an eight year veteran with a very different body type and skill set. A bit like Kupp, Adams is very much a master route runner, and has a fluidity DK never will. Yet DK has other traits (Height, Weight, Speed) that Adams can only dream of. Adams also wasn’t as productive as quickly, with two years under 500 yards to start his career and didn’t break 1000 till his 5th season (to be fair, he had 997 yards in his 3rd year).

          Historically, WRs take a few years to produce, and while some notable exceptions have emerged recently, we forget how hard it is to become an elite WR in the NFL. DK is on the cusp of this. I am also very frustrated by his antics, and I do wonder if the talent will ever be fully manifested on the field. Yet we have to acknowledge that the pace he is on could make him a defining player of this generation.

          • Simo

            I only make this comparison because the thread started out by suggesting DK will be expecting between $22-30m/yr, depending on what Adams gets.

            So, I wonder if Dk is as good a WR as Adams? I wasn’t comparing their rookie years, or their year 2-3, only right now regardless of how many years each has been in the league. In 4-5 years’, time, DK may very well be the superior receiver, but not currently IMO.

            -They both have top 5 QB’s throwing them the ball, and DK has the best deep ball thrower (Russ), which plays perfectly to his strength. Rodger’s talent plays perfectly to Adams strengths as well, so this seems to be a push.
            -I feel Adams has better hands, has better fluidity, is a better route runner overall, and competes for contested balls as well or better than DK.
            -It definitely appears Davante Adams is more mature than DK as well. He doesn’t lose his cool, make dumb penalties, or act like a diva.

            DK is unquestionably talented, I’m just not sure he’s worth that kind of money. And I would prefer Adams over him currently!

            • Starhawk29

              For what it’s worth, I don’t think any receiver is worth that money. My point is more that DK is a player that likely hasn’t hit his peak, Adam’s is a finished article. I agree Adams has better hands and attitude today, but when you’re giving out a multi year contract, it’s about future too. I agree that today Adams is better, there isn’t a doubt. But in 5 years when DK is on the last year of his deal, I think he will be better than Adams.

  11. Sea Mode

    Have I got some magic beans for you…

    Around The NFL

    Lovie Smith believes Texans can make Bengals-like leap in 2022: “Why not us?”

    • TomLPDX

      Heck, why not! It’s the off-season.

    • cha

      And the Seahawks defense is going to be “more aggressive” and the Seahawks offense is going to “play with greater tempo”

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      That is why I believe that if Seattle can get ibto the top 15 with a trade, it likely will have to be DK. If he also brings a player of neec or a 2nd decent pick, I would consider it.

  12. Rob Staton

    Hopefully the combine is back on:

    Just do whatever the players want

    • JJ

      NFL should also pay the players to attend and participate in the events.

      • Rob Staton

        I agree. Been saying that for a long time.

      • Jordan

        Agree 100%. Sponsored TV event featuring people you will be employing in a matter of months. It’s silly that they don’t already.

  13. Mike

    Anyone got suggestions for nfl draft podcasts to listen to , I’ve tried the daniel Jerimiah one but don’t like it mush.

    • Henry Taylor

      The Ringer one with Danny Kelly is pretty entertaining.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      Robs stuff is the best

  14. Romeo A57

    I am curious as to how important the Scouting Combine is in 2022?

    A lot of information and tape of the players is readily available on the internet. Isn’t each player involved in a pro day where teams can get a closer look?

    Is the combine main focus just to have live content to put on the NFL Network or is there value in measuring and testing the players at the same time using the same standard testing equipment?

    • Rob Staton

      The combine is absolutely vital

      Because everyone tests in the same environment

      • Peter

        Agreed. A pressurized testing event is vital. Pro days have shown irregular testing (40 time) plus the environments while a good time for the pkayers feel a little loose to me.

        Additional value from watching players at the combine comes for me in how pkayers respond to the energy of it. Not just how high they jump but how players respond in drulls with different coaches and instructions.

        Plus I wouldn’t trust prodays just simply on basic measurements. Height, weight, and arm length. Many colleges still employ old tomey north american wrestling tropes and round a players height up and add a few pounds to listed weight.

  15. Peter

    Rob. Obviously you kill it with your coverage but I think I’m finally over you “not trying hard enough,” (i kid) to be an American draft expert. I’m sure you have a nice comfortable life covering real football for the BBC. And you can play the role of “bloke from england.” Heck I’m not even sure anymore that what I read online isn’t just some sort of AI generated nonsense.

    But jumping cripes on a crutch. CBS’s ryan hill posted a round one mock today with unless i had a stroke and didn’t see his name Jordan Davis not in round one but….Fallale somehow being drafted in the bottom of round one. As you write: FFS. Raiman drafted in the teens. And three QB’s taken in round one.

    I get needing to make content. But at least try a little to make it look like youre not drawing names out of a hat.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      It’s the age of misinformation. I hope every team in the NFL buys the hype and let’s OUR guys drop to us.

      Really though, just heard a short clip on 950am (at 7:15am) about the draft and priority re-signs and it just sounded so poorly thought out compared to what Rob produces in his well reasoned arguments for or against various prospects and roster building in general. .

      • Peter

        Same on hype. Please draft Falalle in the first so in a total shake up the hawks might have a chance to get real weird and draft Davis, Mafe in the third, and heck Travis Jones in the fourth.

        Realistically not going to happen.

        I’ll try to find that clip from 950. But if i don’t any priority resigns that stood out from you either good ideas or more likely bad ideas? Any draft thoughts they had that stood out like sore thumbs?

      • Big Mike

        So what chance is there that Carroll drafts “our guys”?

    • Rob Staton

      Faalele in round one???????

      How is that person allowed to write for CBS???

      • Peter

        “His physical tools are undeniable and once he puts it altogether he could be special.”

        I kid you not.

        Just from following this blog I’ve learned so much on what to look for at different positions. For me, i’m not sure I saw a prospect hurt themselves more by attending the Senior Bowl than him.

        *edit* raiman I mispoke he was picked later. But still. First round talent? Not what I saw.

        • Steve Mays

          Pascal did not play in UK last game “bowl against Iowa” hurt is foot vs Louisville.
          He’s 4 star recruit out Maryland.

  16. cha

    Not anything we didn’t know but it still stinks.

    So odd to me how the NFL is about making money hand over fist and gladly allows alternate jerseys and combos but nope we draw the line here.

    John Boyle
    #Seahawks president
    was asked about throwback uniforms, and said, “We’re getting closer.” Said it won’t happen in 2022, but said progress is being made.
    3:16 PM · Feb 21, 2022·

    • Scot04

      So it’s similar to their Quality of Quantity approach in Free-agency.
      Won’t happen, but progress being made.

    • Jordan

      I like the idea for throwbacks, for sure. But I do think you have to have a light touch with alternates, as you can go overboard and end up with the mess the NBA has made of their uniforms.

      -‘Who’s that wearing the rainbow polka dots that says Poop City on the chest”?
      -“I think that might be the Celtics”

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness, it sounds like Seattle has initiated at the earliest possible opportunity — with the introduction of the second helmet. And now it’s only next year because, per Chuck Arnold, Nike need time to design the jersey’s and the other merchandise.

  17. Gross MaToast

    Interesting, out of the box thinking from a writer at a site called The Big Lead. I’m not linking it.

    Potential QBs for the Colts, after jettisoning Wentz, is the subject . After dismissing a trade for Rogers as too expensive, the article goes here:

    “But Wilson and the Seahawks? A different matter entirely. There may not be the same level of bidding war for Wilson if Rodgers hits the trade market at the same time. And what will work in the Colts’ favor is that Seattle GM John Schneider cares more for established talent than draft picks, as is evidenced by the way he’s used draft picks to acquire talent over the years. The Colts have a lot of good players on defense and if Wilson is on the table the only untouchable should be Darius Leonard, whom the Seahawks wouldn’t be super interested in anyway because they have Bobby Wagner. Sending out a few future firsts and young defensive talent might be enough to get Seattle, in need of a major overhaul on both sides of the ball but especially on defense, interested.”

    This is exactly the kind of overwhelming haul for letting go a premier player that would make the Seahawks Super Bowl material – a defensive guy from the Colts – not the good one because the Seahawks currently have a $20m aging player at that position – some future, likely late, 1st round picks, and an opening at QB that the writer chose to leave unfilled, because reasons. Maybe the Seahawks could turn around and get Wentz??? He’ll be on the street. Remember that time he was an MVP candidate? He was; you can look it up. Seems like a win/win. The Seahawks would also be free, in this scenario, to sign or trade for other quarterbacks who are not Wentz. I’m sure it could work itself out. The Colts would be nuts not to make this deal.

    Anyway, I’m all in.

    I’m not addressing the thought process behind this article because I’m trying to be a golden ray of sunshine in a cruel world and this guy’s a damned idiot who’s challenging that goal.

  18. Scot04

    So Hurtt wants a 3-4 OLB who can wreck games as a priority.

    • Rob Staton

      Not surprising.

      I genuinely think they’re going to go big on Chandler Jones.

      • cha

        That one act would ease a lot of concerns about the team’s missteps the last 3 years and would be the beginning of some real optimism.

        • bmseattle

          If they sign a big name/priced pass rusher and also get a top end Offensive lineman in FA, I will feel a lot more optimistic about the team and their plan.
          It would be so great to head in to the draft with only a couple of true needs.

        • Scot04

          I agree it would ease alot of concerns.
          It definitely would make me feel much more optimistic that change was actually happening.
          I believe it would need to happen very early in Free-agency for us to get it done.

        • Big Mike

          Agree with all of you. Cutting Wagner would go a long way for me too. However, if he can be more “hidden” in a 3-4 AND he was willing to take a SIGNIFICANT pay cut, I could live with keeping him.

          • bmseattle

            I suppose, theoretically, there is a price where it would “make sense” to keep Wagner.
            However, I’m of the mind that *anything* over a few million dollars, and we are spending money that is better spent elsewhere.

            And I can’t see Wagner accepting anything under 12 or 13, at best.

  19. cha

    Corbin K. Smith
    No details on potential years/compensation and a deal isn’t imminent, but I’m told #Seahawks have opened negotiations with Pro Bowl safety Quandre Diggs with hopes of re-signing him.
    10:58 AM · Feb 22, 2022·

    • HawkFan907

      Good. He has shown that he can be a difference maker on defense. I would love to go into next season having one less hole to fill on that side of the ball.

      • James Cr.

        Couldn’t disagree more. I think it would be a huge mistake to re-sign him. I would guess he would want around $14-15 million per year? Love Diggs the player, but that is wayyy too much $$ tied up in safeties when the DL needs a lot of work. Another consequence of the JA trade – the gift that keeps on giving.

      • bmseattle

        The injury sure does make the negotiation interesting.
        Diggs seems like a prideful guy (and justifiably so), and it’s difficult to imagine him asking for anything less than top of the line safety numbers.

        The Adams situation throws another interesting monkey wrench into it, as well.

        Not only has Diggs outplayed him, but Adams was coming off of an injury last off season, too, and he still got a record breaking deal. It’s difficult for JS to look Diggs in the eyes and say “yes, but this is different”.

        So if we low ball him (from his perspective), I could see him looking elsewhere out of principle.

        • Mick

          Before the injury, my call was “trade Adams for a first and pay Diggs with part of his money”. Now things changed. We pay too much for safeties and somehow end up starting their backups. Anything more than 8-9 mil a year is just too much. Another argument is that we have great secondary coaches now and it could be worth letting them develop young players.

        • Mick

          For example I’d love to see what Leon O’Neal can do for us:

        • Big Mike

          Anyone think it’s possible that “opening negotiations” with Diggs is an indicator of cutting Wagner thus opening up cap space?

          • cha

            I doubt it. You need to see where he is first.

            We can joke all we want about the Seahawks ‘being in on everything’ but they’re duty-bound to explore bringing back a very good player. Whether that means a big 2022 cap hit that puts Wagner’s future in question is just part of the puzzle.

          • Rob Staton

            I suspect it’s an indicator of nothing other than Seattle having an opening conversation with a player they’d clearly like to retain (and might franchise)

      • bmseattle

        I like Diggs quite a bit, but I think we may be overrating his impact somewhat.
        He did have 5 interceptions, but 2 were against Garoppolo, 2 vs Stafford, and 1 against Trevor Lawrence.
        He had only 7 total passes defended… so only 2, other than the interceptions.
        He had only 1 tackle for loss (last game of the year)
        He had zero FFs or recoveries.

        I think he is a good player and and excellent leader.

        However I think he *should* be replaceable, and it would be smart to replace him with a younger, cheaper player.

        I think a lot of the clamor to resign him is a lack of confidence in us finding a suitable replacement at FS.

        • pdway

          those stats don’t totally match the eye test though – he was usually the fastest guy to the ball on the defense – and a thumping hitter for his size.

          plus 5 picks is 5 picks, makes sense he gets them against Garappolo and Stafford when he plays them both twice a year.

          i’m glad they’re making a run at him – as you note, he seems like one of the true leaders on the team. and maybe another year where Jamal underperforms his salary, ends his Seahawks tenure under the new defensive leadership?

  20. RIP Sonics

    Love Paschal!
    Curious to see how he tests. The defense was so different for Kentucky if he left the field for a even a few snaps. Dude seems to have a multitude of ways to win in the running and passing downs. He also just seems like a BAMF. I also just like that Kentucky team, they play tough and find ways to win. He had a huge part in it. Really liked Quandre Mosley CB (6-2 185 Senior) and Moses Douglas S (6-2 204lbs Sophomore). They just look Seahawky.

    Another favorite Corner/Safety in this draft is Theo Jackson CB (6-2 203 Senior) from Tennessee. The other corner on Tennessee Alontae Taylor seems to be getting some love but this guy impressed me. Blows up screen plays, great awareness, keeps body clean and eyes in backfield on run plays, plays with confidence, aggressive for the ball in coverage, and returns kicks. I would be stoked to take a chance late or pull him in as a UDFA.

    Curious what you think of Tre Williams DE (#55) from Arkansas. He consistently gets pressure and has a good frame (6-5 255). He doesn’t seem to be on the radar at all but he declared for the 2022 draft. He played one year at Arkansas after transferring from Missouri. Just beats tackles like a drum and has good bend to finish. Not much evidence of inside moves but he was so dominant getting the edge I’m not sure he needed to counter much. Seems to have some explosion and works hard to chase down plays. I just wonder how he tests.. could be a guy that dominates college as an older player and struggles to match up at the next level.

    Love this time of year just to read your stuff. Appreciate you!

  21. cha

    Cowherd discusses a proposed PFF trade of RW to Philly.

    No revelations but just an interesting thought process.

    • Happy Hawk

      4 firsts and Darius Slay. Wow! Still don’t think you can pull that trigger with no starting QB options that make sense unless you trade 2 of those firsts for A Rodgers.

    • Big Mike

      I saw this too. “Trading Russell Wilson would just be waving the white flag in that division”.

      • Peter

        You hear Joy? “What’s the point of first round picks if you have a first ballot HOF qb in his prime?” Clearly she’s not reading sehawks twitter.

    • Rob Staton

      Colin, here, is telling you what the Wilson camp think.

      They don’t think Carroll is going to be prepared to trade Wilson for any cost.

      Which is why they’re staying quiet for now.

      But if the Seahawks have a crap free agency, that will change.

      • cha

        I like the pressure. The implied ‘threat’ that Pete without Russ is headed for a third firing and that doesn’t look great on the HOF resume.

  22. V

    @GoMocsFB OL Cole Strange stole the show at @SeniorBowl. He’s a legit Day 2 pick after failing to land on the #NFLDraft radar prior to 2021. An incredible ascension for Strange.

    Strange met w/ all 32 teams in Mobile. I’m told the #Ravens & #Seahawks spent a ton of time w/ him.

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