Khaseem Greene – the next quirky Seahawks first round pick?

This could be Seattle's guy

The more I watch of Rutgers linebacker Khaseem Greene, the more convinced I am he’s going to be a first or early second round pick. Possibly to Seattle at #25.

Credit to Derek Stephens for being the first to make this projection, but after some initial scepticism I’ve become increasingly confident Greene will be a higher pick than most people expect.

So what’s so special about him?

There’s a reason he’s been named Big East defensive player of the year for the last two seasons. In 2011 and 2012 combined, Green recorded 276 tackles, 26 tackles for a loss, a couple of interceptions and 9.5 sacks. Oh yeah, he also had nine forced fumbles and thirteen quarterback hurries. Not bad for a player who began his college career as a safety.

Pete Carroll wants his linebackers to make plays. The structure of the defense appears to be to create pressure up front allowing the back seven to improvise. The linebackers have to be instinctive, athletic and opportunistic. Greene ticks all of those boxes and could actually be the ideal WILL in this scheme. He’s stocky but mobile, can cover at the second level but more than anything he appears to constantly be a step ahead of the offense.

Apart from the impressive numbers, I’m sure the Seahawks will also pay close attention to the respect he earned from his peers. This front office seems to like guys who do things better than anybody else. As ESPN’s Matt Fortuna notes:

“Greene is the first Scarlet Knights player to become an AP All-American since wide receiver Kenny Britt attained the honor in 2008, and Greene is the first Rutgers linebacker ever to make the team. Greene was named an first-team All-American on Monday, and he has also earned All-America status earlier from the Walter Camp Foundation (first team) and (third team), in addition to being named the Big East’s defensive player of the year for the second year in a row.

“No other Big East player earned AP All-America honors.”

Going from safety to linebacker is a tough enough assignment at the best of times. Making a rapid transition and becoming the best defensive player in the Big East in back-to-back seasons is even more impressive. It also shows he’s a quick learner so there’s no reason why he won’t have an early impact at the next level. He’s almost the anti-Aaron Curry (remember him?). Greene is controlled, calculated and opportunistic. Curry was reckless, sloppy and didn’t make the most of his supreme athletic skills.

It’s very difficult to judge character and leadership without sitting down and speaking to a player, his team mates and coaches. When you’re relying on other people’s opinions and interview clips, it’s a long way from an exact science. However, I don’t think I’ve been quite this impressed with a defensive prospect’s mental make-up before. Not just this year, but ever.

Take a look at this interview with Emory Hunt. It’s nearly five minutes in length, yet Hunt only has to ask four questions. Four questions. That’s how good the answers were. The detail — particularly when discussing the pro’s and con’s of his game — is thorough, honest and to the point. Nobody playing in yesterday’s Super Bowl got there because they knew how to conduct a detailed interview at the Senior Bowl, but teams are going to fall in love with this guy when they meet him.

I suspect the Seahawks will see a little of that Russell Wilson attitude within Khareem Greene…

Still not convinced? Take a look at this two part feature on the player…

If you’re not impressed after watching those videos, I don’t believe you.

I’ve gone back and watched three Rutgers games again over the weekend — Virginia Tech, Connecticut and Syracuse from 2012. This time I really studied Greene, particularly trying to note his instinct to see how he acted when simply asked to read and react. The first thing that stands out is his ability to guess the snap count and time his blitzes to perfection. When he brings the heat, he often shows flawless timing. While the Seahawks will undoubtedly look to defensive line improvement to ramp up their pass rush, Greene could add a new dimension if they want to be a little more creative in base.

As Greene himself notes, he can do a better job with his hands when taking on blockers. At the same time he has enough pure speed to challenge the edge on certain calls, a knack for identifying and sniffing out screens before sifting through traffic to make the tackle and a dynamic ability to make plays in the backfield versus the run. Against Syracuse he had two identical forced fumbles — ripping out the football as the ball carrier dropped to the turf — and a big interception/return. Rutgers won the game by eight points — so those three turnovers were crucial. In the 13-10 defeat to Virginia Tech he scored Rutgers only touchdown (on a forced fumble recovery) in a squalid affair — and without that score, there was no chance of the game getting as far as overtime. The Scarlet Knights offense was horrendous that night.

With eleven turnovers in two seasons, you know that’s going to appeal to Pete Carroll.

People are going to talk about his height (6-1) and while he’s a long way off Alec Ogletree in terms of upside, size really doesn’t matter here. He’s got a thick 230-235lbs frame — he’s not small — but maintains some of that safety speed. He’s physical, fast and finds ways to have an impact. Someone is going to draft Arthur Brown to play either the weakside or the MIKE, so there’s no reason why teams will be put off by Greene’s size. Brown is also listed at 6-1 but looks small on tape in comparison. Even if he was 6-3 like Ogletree, he’s still going to get absorbed by bigger lineman when attacking the interior. In fact Ogletree’s lean, tall frame often creates a big target for blockers and has proven to be detrimental when trying to attack inside. Green’s stouter frame could actually be an advantage, especially if he improves his hand use and lateral agility.

As you’d expect from a converted defensive back he’s pretty good when asked to cover. He’s most adept at monitoring the underneath layer and keeping an eye on developing screens or running backs breaking out of the backfield. At the same time he’s shown a decent ability to cover tight ends or slot receivers at the second level — although there are times when he tries too hard to read the quarterbacks eyes and gets caught in no man’s land. I’ve not seen any evidence of him biting badly on play action and even when he’s caught out of position he generally flashes good enough change of direction speed to recover. His two interceptions in 2012 were not easy grabs, so he also has some ball skills.

Greene’s range against the run is solid. He goes sideline to sideline well enough for it to be a positive, even if Arthur Brown has the edge here. One area he’s better at though is his ability to make up quick ground. If he’s moving to the right but notices a slow developing play, he’s comfortable changing direction and breaking to the ball carrier, catching target or quarterback to impact the play. I think this skill more than any other will probably interest Pete Carroll when he sits down to watch the tape. I think it’s all about instinct and execution with Seattle’s linebackers.

Like most college players these days there are times when he goes for the big hit and misses the tackle. I’d be more concerned about that if it wasn’t coachable and if most of the time he wasn’t solid in this area. He’s a good ankle tackler, he can be pretty violent at times when he executes and he puts his body on the line in pursuit.

I’m not sure if a player like this would push the Seahawks to change their scheme on third downs. Last year they seemed to use a lot of nickel, taking the WILL off the field for an extra defensive back. Greene’s blitz timing, cover skills (particularly underneath) and ability to shadow/chase tight ends and running backs would make him an asset for any third down call. If something is obviously broken it should be changed — and Seattle’s play against third and long in 2012 was pretty frustrating throughout the year.

Drafting Khaseem Greene won’t be a flashy, exciting pick in the eyes of most Seahawks fans. If this happens in April, most people are going to chalk this down to another quirky move by John Schneider. In reality, Greene has pretty much been the most consistent, impacting linebacker in college football the last two years. Leroy Hill’s latest arrest might be strike three in terms of his career in Seattle. If the Seahawks can improve their front four in free agency, then adding a guy like Greene to play the WILL could be another move towards building an elite unit (and I cannot refer to it as elite until the pass rush is improved).

A lot of people have asked whether he’ll be available in round two. I don’t think he will be. Not any more. Khaseem Greene could be a first round pick whether he lands in Seattle or not. But it’s probably wishful thinking to hope he’ll last all the way to #55. He’s the real deal. Of course, improving the defensive line has to be the biggest priority. But you could be looking at the eighth, ninth or tenth defensive lineman at #25… or the ideal WILL linebacker for this scheme. You can’t force the situation too much.

Below you’ll find game tape vs Syracuse, Connecticut and Virginia Tech:


  1. Galen

    If we have filled our need for a pass rush through free agency and Ogltree, Brown and Greene are all still on the board, which one do you think the Seahawks will choose?

    • Rob Staton

      I just cannot see Ogletree lasting that long. All three make sense. Honestly? However much I like Ogletree I think they might take Greene.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Yeah, Ogletree’s character concerns are concerning. I’m just terrified of this defense becoming the Steelers’.

  2. Bishop

    Watching the skills challenge yesterday, Greene’s personality seems to fit Seattle’s mold. He seems like a guy who likes having fun and definitely a locker room guy. Tack that on to his performance in college, he just fits what PC/JS look for in their players. The position is of need, maybe not as much as others, but if it’s BPA and Greene is there they need to pull the trigger.

    I know that DT is of much need, but I’m kind of sold on the Jaye Howard/Dan Quinn combination this coming year. If they can get a guy like Jordan Hill in the 3rd or 4th and also have a chance at getting Montori Hughes in the 5th or 6th, this team is in great shape. Michael Buchanan is a DE I’m also taking a liking to who may be there in the 3rd or 4th round range.

  3. Dan N.

    I just don’t see the athleticism that you are describing Rob, I know Ogletree will be gone (miracle if not) but Authur Brown or Floyd at DT, somebody with dramatically more upside than people on our roster. I could be completely wrong here but I just don’t see Greene as being much of an upgrade over Malcolm Smith. Smith flashed some real potential I thought and maybe practicing with the ones could really grab a hold of that spot.

    • Rob Staton

      I think we need to be careful to overplay the athleticism we should expect. Ogletree is a freak of nature. Greene is certainly more athletic than most WILL’s you see coming into the league. I’d say he’s comparable in that regard to a Lavonte David. And there’s a reason why he’s been so productive at Rutgers. Not many players put up his stats. He’s had an incredible last two seasons.

      • Nate Dogg

        David was a late second round pick, and Seattle passed on him for Wagner. What seperates the two that makes you think Greene will be regarded so much higher?

        • Rob Staton

          The success of guys like Wagner and David will help players like Greene. Plus, I think Greene’s going to have teams falling in love with the guy during meetings.

  4. Zach

    Greene & Brown are both first round worthy LBs. Would Greene’s broken leg in 2011 be of concern? After watching both LBs I still have to say I’m more impressed with Brown but as a package on/off the field I would put Greene a step ahead at this point. You can just tell that Greene is the kind of player that JS/PC like though, a leader on/off the field. I love how he rips at the ball whenever he gets the chance, we really need a guy like that.

    I too think Jaye Howard will step it up and also Jason Jones to me is a must keep at least for another year or two. I still believe we will upgrade our D-line in the FA market which will be a huge factor in what we do in the draft. Getting Starks to sign for the next 3-4 years would do wonders for our whole front line so I expect/hope to him a Seahawk next year.

    • Ben

      the injury thing I don’t see as a problem, he came back and had a better year ofter the injury, so I don’t see a problem there

  5. MJ

    Great read Rob. I have a really weird stance on Greene.

    I absolutely love Greene as a player/person. That said, I think I’d really dislike him as a R1 pick. It really has nothing to do with him or his player, but rather because he is strictly a 4-3 WIL, nothing else. The odd thing is, I would love him as a R2 option. Yes, that’s a really weird stance, but the last few years (for me) have been really disappointing in R1. That’s not necessarily a reflection of the player’s play, but rather my perceived value of them.

    This will be a fun draft season. I sincerely hope we don’t pass on Zach Ertz if available. I think he is a huge difference maker, and I really worry about us becoming complacent with surrounding RW with the necessary talent.

    • Rob Staton

      I can relate to that, MJ. It’s kind of how I feel too.

    • Zach

      I really don’t think Ertz will be there though. Alot of people are really starting to see his worth. It’s interesting to go on other teams boards and see how they value prospects. It always starts with need but seems to end up BPA.

      • MJ

        I agree that Ertz is being slightly undervalued at this point, but, this is a loaded TE class and I could see teams passing strictly because they have a ton of options later. I think that’s a mistake, in regards to Ertz, but like WR, TE is seen as a bit of a luxury.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      I’m not worried if we don’t take Ertz. This pool of TEs is probably a good 5-6 deep. I’d be comfortable if they targeted a guy in day 2 or 3.

      Ertz is a headliner. But with the depth of the DL in this draft, I think I’d still rather get the 7th best DL in this draft, and get the 3rd/4th TE in this draft to go with him.

      I’m also ok if they don’t go TE at all. I would expect them to upgrade the receiving options. But that can be done at WR too.

      • SunPathPaul

        We need another TE. Miller is good, but hurt his foot. McCoy drops balls. If miller went down, we would be dead! We at least need one more TE AND WR!! IMO

        • JW

          Jared Cook, Martellus Bennet, Dustin Keller, Fred Davis, Delanie Walker- all really nice young TE’s that may very well be on the FA market. I’d love Bennet or Cook on this team to pair up with Miller in 2 TE sets.

          I realize they’re already spending money on Miller, but that shouldn’t matter right now.

      • MJ

        My only concern with the supposed depth at DT is that quite a few of these guys are just big bodied space eaters (Hankins, Jenkins, etc). We don’t need that. The premium pass rushing DTs will be drafted early or will be randomly found later in the draft (recent history has shown this). This is why it would be tough to pick the #6 DT, compared to the #1 TE, and arguably the #1 pass catcher (when you think about effectiveness).

        If we didn’t have a young QB, I’d be inclined to go with your thought process. That said, we have a young stud QB and we would potentially be passing on a player that would make his life significantly easier. I hate to see us get complacent in regards to building around him, just to reach for a big need in R1.

        • peter

          Not trying to be a wise ass here but are there any pass rushing DT’s after Floyd and Richardson? it seems to me this whole class are space eaters who are great on the run and stout at the line. I understand Lotulelei is supposed to be super athletic, but it seems that his strength is run stopping and not his pass rush.

          • Rob Staton

            Kawann Short is a good pass rusher… but apart from that there’s no other great interior pass rushers set for R1. Sly Williams is more of a one for me, Hankins is just a big lump who takes up space, Lotulelei as you say is better vs the run than the pass.

            • peter

              Short…duh…I’ll watch some more of Sly william’s tape. Thanks Rob.

    • williambryan

      I’m kind of done with the “value” of picks. If Russell Wilson is a third rounder, then nothing makes sense anymore. If you like Greene in the 2nd round then why not like him in the first round. Unless you mean valeu in terms of contracts? But at some point that can’t be that concerning either. There is a salary cap and staff on the hawks that make sure it’s not an issue. I have relinquished any of my rights to doubt this front office and whoever gets picked in the first round, I’ll be happy about it.

      • A. Simmons

        I feel that picking a player at the right time is part of being a quality GM.

        • peter

          how do you know when the right time is? How can a GM realistically be expected to control whether a player gets hurt during training camp or is going to perform at all. Sure that comes down to your draft evaluation, but as an example Sherman in the Fifth seems brilliant, but at the time Sherman in the First would have sent Hawks fans jumping off the Aurora bridge, but had anyone in the league known that Sherm the worm was going to be a trash talking shut down corner, any GM would have taken him in the first… Schneider a Genius or because he saw that or everyone else in the league an idiot?

          I mean when Ruskell drafted Lojack most Seahawks fans thought, “awesome big school performer, from a national championship pedigree, good value, looks good, perfect place and time for this pick….” except that he sort was middling at best….

  6. Kenny Sloth

    Yeah, I would definitely take Greene over Brown. Brown versus Oregon was some pretty poor tape. He really showed a lack of instinct and vision. He did Not show up when his team needed him.

    • Dan

      I really don’t like his problems with leaving home. Rob wrote an article a few weeks back about how he transfered to K-State to be closer to family. He would certainly have problems coming all the way to Seattle. He’s the type of guy I see skipping OTA’s and only showing up for mandatory minicamp.

    • Recon_Hawk

      I didn’t feel Browns tape against Oregon was that bad at all its just Oregon spread offense is probably the most difficult for a player to dominate since Oregon shows so many different looks and attack so many different defensive players on the field. Players are forced to play discipline football and, IMO, Brown was the best on the field at doing that for KSU.

      • Kenny Sloth

        It shows a lack of preperation. I was not impressed. He doesn’t impress instinctually in most of his other tape.

  7. Zach

    The more I watch Greene the more I like him.He is the defensive version of Russell Wilson in the way he preps and just does everything that will make him better.He makes a ton of plays and I can see that being a huge plus for this defense.He can cover the middle of the field which became a problem especially against the Falcons.He creates turnovers and thats a huge plus

    • Ben

      you mention the turnovers and I completely agree, he seems to be on the path to Tillman-esque fumble forcing ability.

    • Ben

      One more note for the issue, he grabbed two picks in the syracuse game, AGAINST RYAN NASSIB, who many think may go in the first round. The instincts that he shows getting to the quarterbacks and covering WRs and TEs are really good and i love his tackling, he always wraps up, even when delivering a big hit, he doesn’t rely on momentum to bring the other player down.

  8. SunPathPaul

    Rob, you know how much I want an offensive weapon taken in R1, and having watched these videos, I would be totally happy w Greene on our team! He does seem like the defensive Russell Wilson, and that itself will go a long way!!!

    I would love someone to cover that inside under area that seems to kick our butt!

  9. Sam Jaffe

    I agree that Greene is going in R1, but that has more to do with the rest of the linebacking corps than his merits. The problem for Seattle is if they don’t take a Will at #25, there isn’t much to choose from with any of their other picks. I like Gooden from Mizzou and a couple of others, but none are capable starters on opening day. Only Ogletree, Brown and Greene are. Thus Seattle’s hand might be forced.

    I see Greene as a competent NFL player with a long career ahead of him. But that’s not who you ideally want in R1. You want someone who has a Pro Bowl ceiling and a long-time starter floor. I don’t see Greene having that ceiling.

    The other problem is the one you alluded to: Seattle plays a lot of nickel. That means Greene will come out on 45% of defensive plays. Wouldn’t you rather spend a first round pick on someone who will be a constant feature on the field.

    You’ve talked a great deal about Seattle solving its 3T problem in free agency. Why not solve the WLB problem in free agency? There must be some serviceable veteran out there that would be worth an investment?

    BTW, what do you think of Titus Young in a Seahawks uniform? Carroll likes players that have burned his team, and Young did that last year. He would fit well in the WR corps and he’s got enough athleticism to make a contribution. He seems like a clown as a teammate, which of course is a reason not to invest a penny. But Carroll was willing to pursue Brandon Marshall after his ridiculous antics during Broncos practices and, for gosh sake, he gave LenDale White two (two!) chances. I have a feeling the Seahawks will put in a waiver offer for him tonight. What do you think, Rob?

    • Dan

      I can’t exactly recall how the nickel scheme is played on our defense, but I’ll just assume KJ is in as one of the 2 linebackers. I would wager Greene might be better suited to that package.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Why would he come out for nickle? He’s got better speed than K.J. and has fantastic coverage, which is a question mark with Brown ”Jr.” He probably Would come out for half of the season, but I think he’d find his way there, like Wagner did.

    • Ben

      I agree with most of your statement, but then there’s this guy that smashes the starter thing right in the face, Bruce Irvin. Irvin has potential, I’ll give him that, but otherwise he’s just a pass rusher that comes out on about 25-40% of the defensive plays.
      And for Greene it’s not just the play, though he seem to play very well, it’s the leadership. He commands a respect in the huddle something akin to Russell Wilson or Ray Lewis if you want a defensive example, that is one of the things that Carroll loves. That’s the main reason that I would love to see him in blue and green.
      As for Titus Young, I could definitely see that. Russell would straighten him out if any QB will.

      • SunPathPaul

        That would be the whole thing…can he be a teammate, or is he a Diva waste project?

      • cade

        I dont really see Wilson as the guy who straightens other guys out. I see him as someone who leads by example, invites guys to follow suit … and the guys who have their heads on straight and want to be part of that join with him.

        Wilsons leadership approach isnt Peyton Manings. Im happy about that also because Manning reallly grates on me. Wilson is magnetic in that he just makes guys around him want to be better. He doesnt demand of it like Manning etc.

        If Young could be a team first guy I would love him in Seattle. Hes in such denial about his character issues I doubt he is capable of turning things around. Hes like Owens but as a young man. Ignorant of his behavior. Misunderstood. Doesnt take responsiblity for his actions. Immature.

        He could just need someone to validate him. Who knows. Sad deal for that kid.

  10. Danny Kelly

    Not sure if you saw this, but Pauline said, regarding where Greene will go: “round 2; his instincts are rightly being questioned… ONLY team possibly taking a stab at him in 1 is Seattle”.

    For what that’s worth, but Pauline seems to have someone in the know within the Seahawks’ FO —

    • Rob Staton

      Interesting tweet from Tony. It certainly seems like he’s heard something there. I think Seattle’s approach could be… “If A and B aren’t there… we take C… and C=Khaseem Greene.”

      • Kenny Sloth

        Sheldon Richardson and Zach Ertz, maybe?

        • Ben

          Ertz is good, but I like the leadership that Greene would bring to the defense, you can’t just let that go.

  11. Ray graham

    I think too many people are blinded by “measurables” and the bottom line is really, can the guy play! Greene is a football player just like RW was. The intangibles that make a player great are so often revealed in the interview phase of scouting and this is where JS seems to really shine. Whoever the hawks get in R-1 I’m confident will be a player, picked for his ability to play the game. JS/PC have proven they are great at finding players that are unique to Seahawks style. All those late round gems are not just luck!!

  12. Kenny Sloth

    Wow.. I’m thinking Khaseem Greene needs to be the Seahawks first pick. I’d definitely have a touch decision between him and Ogletree. I think Greene could potentially be a generational, Ray Lewis talent/leader.

    • Ben

      between him and Ogletree I don’t see a choice, I’ll take the leader every time. imagine a Ray Lewis type leader on this defense.

      • cade

        I would love to see us find a way to move up in the second and pick him up.

        Bobby Wagner is really celebral yet he plays with decent intensity and is a fantastic player. He makes the calls but doesnt really lead the LB core.

        KJ Wright seems to be more laid back in personality and is also a very good LB.

        Before watching those videos I didnt feel like picking up a WILL LB in the early rounds would be a good aproach to tilt the field in our favor. After watching the videos Im completely sold.

        Greene is humble yet intense, is a vocal leader yet doesnt appear to be such an alpha male as to imbalance Bobby’s role. He has a fire to him and the way it is presented seems to be a binding force for a group.

        Even if he ends up being a somewhat above average WILL he will fill the bigger need which is help give this defensive front seven an identity.

        That need is worthy of a top rounds pick.

  13. Ben

    Dear Lord, when i first saw you mock him to the seahawks all I thought was “well at least it’s not a WR”. but damn, he fits the seahawks mold prefectly. He is Russell Wilson in the body of a linbacker. with the height issues and everything. the one thing (outside of a pass rush) that this defense needs is a leader. and this guy is that is spades, from this video he rivals Ray Lewis. I would love to have him.
    That said, I still have reservations about Linebackers in the first round. After Curry left I had a bitter taste in my mouth and still do. i still love the idea of Greene though.

    • Michael

      I thought Red Bryant was a great leader? That is the one thing everyone points too when apologizing for Red’s complete lack of pass rushing ability…

      • Ben

        The thing about bryant is that he isn’t very good at much other than stuffing the run, and Imagine getting the other leader of the team the year after drafting wilson.

  14. Brett Favre

    If we can fill our pass rush need in free agency, and khaseem Greene and zach Ertz are both available, who do you think they would take?

    • Rob Staton

      Tough call… I’d hope for Ertz but could imagine Greene.

  15. Kenny Sloth

    If we sign Starks or Melton, we could take Greene first, then I’d be ok with them going Jordan Reed second. He has nice length, speed, agility, and hands. His blocking is a big concern, but he’d probably be blocking on the move in a joker role. Flex him outside and toss the fade. Russell would perfect that connection. In the third, then I would like to go D Line again.. I’m not sure who would be left, but Walter Stewart looks like decent depth for the Leo. He has the same Spinal Stenosis disease as Jarvis Jones and is probably a reach here, but he’s a player I rate highly. He’s 6-5 and 259 lbs. Real quick, and long. Take a look at him if you haven’t, yet. He plays so he looks shorter than he is. I think he might be better than Irvin. Simply because his game is much more well rounded and he gives up little in terms of speed.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Anything after that would be a guess, but I would like to see them take Ryan Aplin from Arkansas State really late. He could be a great back up. And his play is reminiscent of Russell Wilson’s, something Carroll said they’d be looking for. Might even let them trade Flynn. We could probably get a better deal for him at the start of next season. Trade him to some team that didn’t answer their questions at QB this offseason. Could even get a second for him.

      • Ben

        trade Flynn to swap 2nd round picks with the Jags and we get Sylvester Williams and Green within ten picks of each other. that would be awesome inn my opinion, then trade up in the third too to get reed (we have enough draft picks). Devin Taylor in the fourth to solidify the line, then Marcus Davis in the fifth to give another big receiver to Wilson, after that Ryan Aplin, then go crazy with the picks. Just take whoevery you think is going to be good.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not convinced Jacksonville would want to drop 22 spots in round two just to get Flynn. That’s quite a drop. I still think Blaine Gabbert starts for that team in 2013 because if he struggles again the new regime can say it was another guys pick. Jacksonville’s biggest priority right now has to be rebuilding that defense. And I think they might eye up Khaseem Greene themselves at the top of round two.

          • JW

            makes sense. hard to see them bailing on Gabbert just yet. If the hawks throw in a 3rd or 4th with Flynn it might be easier to swap 2nd round picks with someone at the top of round 2.

            I get the feeling teams at the top in search of a QB or needing volume picks to rebuild the trenches might decide to trade down. This could be an opportunity for a team like Seattle-with fewer needs and more picks- to make a big move up the draft in order to get a cherry on top rather than needing to build a foundation.

            • JW

              for example, if I’m Raiders, Eagles, Jax, Jets or Panthers GM I’m looking for multiple picks rather than trying to find a single gem in this draft.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Also, Miguel Maysonet looks like a good player for the fifth maybe.

  16. Zach

    Anybody think we take a nickle corner in the first two rounds?

    • Kenny Sloth

      If someone irresistible is sitting there, then I suppose they would. I’ll admit though, I haven’t watched many corners. But you’ve inspired me to and I’ll get back to you.

      • Michael

        I wouldn’t have a problem with taking Trufant if he was there at #55.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Corner is a third round and later need. It really just depends on how the board falls

  17. Wes

    He seems like a fantastic second round pick, but in the first? I don’t know. I know WLB is a big need, but you can get a quality LB after round 1. Just look at 2nd rounders Bobby Wagner, Lavonte David, Zach Brown and Mychal Kendricks last year.

    I realize that Wagner and David would probably be 1st rounders in a re-draft (good job hawks), but I just think that unless a LB offers amazing pass rush, you probably shouldn’t pick one in the first round because you can find them later.

    I just think that you are likely not going to be maximizing your value with a WLB in round 1, unless the playmaking potential is off the charts (like Ogletree I guess). I think there is far more value in taking the best WR or TE at that spot if available.

    Hey Rob, you may not be familiar with him at all, but a guy I have been interested in for a couple years is 49ers LB Larry Grant, who I recall raising hell against the Hawks in 2011 late in the year replacing Patrick Willis. He had 10+ tackles and a sack in that game. He was a free agent last year but resigned with the 49ers for a 1 year deal. He will be a free agent again, and seems like he could be an awesome veteran value. He is about to be 28 years old I think. He barely saw the field last year because the 49ers never take their starters out. I’m sure he would love a chance to actually play. I know he was backing up Willis, but I believe he came into the league as a WLB. He could be a nice free agent option to replace LeRoy Hill.

    • Snoop Dogg

      Thank you for the insight Wes! I think value is a bigger thing than most people realize.

      Speaking of which, remember when the Raiders took Sebastian Janikowski in the 1st? Do you think that was good value for the production they have received?

      • Michael

        Taking a kicker or punter anywhere in the first two days is unbelievably stupid. Your goal should be to use those guys as little as possible, and by wasting a 1st rounder on one (or both… Raiders) you create a self fulfilling prophecy by not getting enough players to keep your offense on the field, then turning around and saying, “Good thing we have a great kicker/punter for all this kicking/punting we’re doing!”

        That being said, I hope the Seahawks draft Dustin Hopkins this year. I just hope it happens in the 7th round.

  18. Ben

    Just got to talking with my dad, he thinks that trading down would be the best way to get this guy, trade to KC or JAX our first round pick take their second and third or something like that. I think that trading Matt Flynn with a second could get us to move up to that spot with JAX, that would get us Greene and Sylvester Williams, which could be AWESOME. then pick up Devin Taylor in the third or fourth round, and viola, impenetrable defense, Leader, Line and Length of the field.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Williams will probably be gone by then. I’d hope for Kawaan Short in the second. And Devin Taylor is not fast enough. Late round projection Walter Stewart from Cincinnati looks a lot like Chris Clemons on tape.

      • Ben

        I could see either one, the main thing about taylor is that he could be a great value pick in the late rounds.

      • Ben

        Also, Stewart has a spine defect that could put his career in jeopardy.

  19. Colin

    It’s just a hunch, but I think Seattle REALLY wants a DT in the 1st round. You can’t tell me there aren’t a couple of guys out of this group that, if available at 25, the Hawks wouldn’t pick in a heartbeat. I believe it’s just too important to this scheme to treat as a “nice to upgrade, but not necessary”.

    Lots of good possibilities for the 1st round.

    • Michael

      I think we all pretty much agree that there are, “a couple of guys out of this group that, if available at 25, the Hawks wouldn’t pick in a heartbeat”.

      The problem is that there is a decent chance none of them make it all the way to #25 overall…

      • JW

        if that happens, it stands to reason someone we expect to be gone will be around, right? How likely is it that all the previous 24 teams select DL,DT, and LB with no QB/OT/OG and WR selections? If they do that, Hawks will be in a great position to add a steal of a pick at a non pressing but still valuable position (WR, O Line). If, say, Cooper or, even say Warmack, dropped to 24, or Cord. Patterson, who would complain? Not me. I can’t really mock a scenario where the Hawks don’t get a quality prospect at 24. It’s what’s around in the second round that has me more concerned. This draft is not especially top heavy but it is deep. I think it’s very likely that there will be a lot of trading down that forces an unexpected drop of some players, or a run on QBs that brings a gem to the Hawks lap.

        • Michael

          I sure hope that happens, and it looks pretty likely. I think 3 QB’s go in the top 24, let’s say that 3 OT’s and 2 OG’s are taken as well. Now instead of worrying about what 24 picks are gonna be, we only have to worry about 16. Now lets say at least one CB and Safety is taken, and there are a couple prospects drafted that aren’t even a fit for us schematically. Throw in a surprise reach or two and you might be looking at the only having 10 players selected ahead of #25 that were on the ‘Hawks board to begin with!

          Long story short, I think the FO is gonna have a choice between a few guys that they really like.

          • JW

            agree absolutely. If it’s not a pick in the pressing need category, to me that just means they got a heck of a buy on another position that makes the roster potentially much better. With enough cap space to address a few of these needs in FA, I get even more sure of this sense of confidence that the team will come out of this draft much improved in terms of prospects no matter how the previous picks fall.

  20. Brian

    He seems to read the QB’s eyes too much. I’m not sure what he is doing at 0:54 in the Syracuse game, for example.

    I will be a bit sad if he is the pick at #25, but Schneider doesn’t seem to be bothered taking guys early if they are a schematic fit.

  21. Zach

    I’ve just been on other teams forums that need a QB and the majority of people are pretty convinced that their team will not pick a QB in the first round. What if there are no QBs or just one taken in the first? Would that make it more likely that those teams would want to trade up to #25 from the second round to get their QB before the other teams get a chance? If so what would it cost them to move from the early second to #25?

    • Michael

      First, there is zero chance that a QB is not selected in the top 24. I would honestly bet my next paycheck on that one. Since the year 2000 there has been an average of 2.5 QB’s selected in the top 24 pick of the draft. 10 of those 13 years a QB was taken #1 overall. With the number of QB needy teams right now, I will be surprised if there are not at least 3 taken in the top 24.

      However, I do agree that #25 could be a spot that teams will be looking to trade up to, in order to fill their need at QB. I think Smith and Barkley will be long gone, but teams targeting Wilson, Glennon or Nassib could look to make a move to 25. I think a team near the top of round 2 could send that and a 4th+6th to us, while teams outside of the top 10 would have to include a 3rd rounder with the 2nd rounder for the privilege.

  22. Cameron

    I like Greene a lot. I think Hawks might be in position to trade back with a QB hungry team and take him in the early 2nd, mabye picking up another 3rd or so in the process.

  23. Stuart

    Rob, I remember how much you and Kip liked Lavonte David last year and he had a phenominal rookie season. How does Greene compare to David last year at this same time.

    I agree with Wes’s thinking. Also if Greene went to us in R-1 or R-2 he has got to be an everydown player. If PC even thinks that the nickle stays then dont waste the pick on a WLB that early unless his name is Alec Ogletree.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he compares very favourably to David. And I think the nickel aspect is the crux of the matter here. If you draft Greene, you have to be more prepared to stay in base on third down. You don’t draft a LB who covers well then take him off on a ‘coverage’ down. So that could dictate whether they go in this direction or not.

      • Recon_Hawk

        Forcing the issue of playing more Base D because we drafted a coverage LBer sounds like a bad strategy. Even the best coverage linebacker can’t compete with a slot corner.

        Now, I could see this team playing more base D in short yardage passing downs if we drafted a Greene (to protect against the surprise run), but if we draft Greene it should be because he plays excellent in those first two downs, and he has the chance to replace KJ in nickel defense. As a bonus, he’s also a great backup coverage LBer if Wright or Wagner go down with injury and the team doesn’t want to overwhelm their replacement with too much.

  24. Stuart

    oopps, forgot question mark. How does Greene compare to David last year at this same time?

  25. Stuart

    Our friends at Fieldgulls have a nice video thats well worth watching about rounds 1-3 for the Hawks.

  26. Troy

    sign Henry Milton, get the BPA @ 25(Greene would make a lot of sense) then package Flynn, our 2nd & a 7th to swap with the Jags for their 2nd & grab Kawaan Short.

  27. Michael

    In trying to project what other teams will do, I can’t get away from this idea I’ve been having about the Rams and their extra pick from the RG3 trade.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them follow in the footsteps of the 49ers and go Tackle/Guard in the first round. I think one of Joeckel, Fischer, Johnson will be there at #16, and there’s at least a chance that one of the guards (Warmack or Cooper) slips to #22 at which point the value could be too good to pass up.

    How would I feel about this? On the one hand, none of those players are 3-Tech DT’s or OLB’s so… Yay! On the other, I don’t really want the Rams to have a ‘Nineresque O-line. I guess when it comes down to it, I just want whoever they select to be a big ‘ol bust.

  28. Kip Earlywine

    I watch Khaseem Greene and I just think “future Seahawk.” But I don’t think it would be in the first round.

    Last year, Seattle needed (ideally) two new linebackers and one new pass rusher. This year, they need one new linebacker and multiple pass rushers. Even last year, when linebacker was the area that needed more bodies added, Seattle still took pass rusher in round 1 and waited until round two to take a linebacker. Then they waited until round 5 to add the second one.

    Why? Because 4-3 linebackers have become incredibly undervalued in recent years. In the 2012 free agency, even the top 4-3 linebackers had to wait weeks before being signed. In the last 3 drafts, only one 4-3 WILL linebacker was taken in the 1st round (Witherspoon in 2010). Only 3 WILL linebackers have gone in the first two rounds during that same time frame.

    I think Seattle will probably look at LB in round two again this year. If Greene is there, they will probably take him. But if he’s not, I doubt the Seahawks would cry over it. I think Greene will last, not just because his position is devalued, but because he’s very close to maxed out at 230 pounds. Lavonte David was a far more impressive prospect that was mocked in the first round more than Greene currently is. He was taken at the very end of the 2nd round, largely because like Greene, David is a maxed out 230 pounds.

    I’m lukewarm on Greene personally, I’d probably grade him in the 4th round. But that said, he’s basically this year’s Bobby Wagner (who I also thought had 4th round tape in college): he’s got speed, he’s got stuff to work on, he’s produced, and he just has that “Pete Carroll” vibe to him at LB. Some people thought Seattle reached on Wagner in the mid 2nd. If Seattle takes Greene in round 2 this year, I expect you’ll hear the same thing. But like Wagner, I fully expect Greene to be turning heads as a rookie.

    • Bobby Cink

      Mr. Earlywine with some great analysis! Your point about WILL LBs being devalued is great. However, it could be the case that the success of Lavonte David might inspire GMs to take Greene and others like him earlier.

      • Zach

        The same could apply to QBs, with so many rookie starters I believe that teams will go QB in the first. I am hoping KC takes a QB and everyone else scrambles to one too. If three or four QBs get taken in the first 10 picks the Hawks will definitely have someone good fall to them.

        • JW

          I dont think that’s unrealistic at all, Zach. Missing on a QB isn’t like it used to be. If they stink, you move on and you’re not out 60 Million. Maybe many will trade out, but I can absolutely see bad teams deciding they want the next young QB and don’t want to risk missing him in round 2.

    • dave crockett

      Interesting take.

      And btw, where you been?

    • Recon_Hawk

      Good thoughts, Kip.

      Small correction, Greene weighed-in at 236 at the Senior Bowl. Looking back at David, he weighed in at 225 at the SB then 233 at the combine. At some point, a player hits an acceptable weight and quits being a concern. I’m not sure 236 as a WLB is a problem anymore in today’s league.

  29. A. Simmons

    Seems like a Pete Carroll kind of guy. Pete wants speed with coverage and playmaking ability at the WLB. He doesn’t have to be the best block shedder. He does need to have a great nose for the ball. I could see them taking Greene.

    Still prefer a 1st round DT or WR though. I don’t see how 1st round DT or WR talent shouldn’t be available at 25. If a guard prospect like Warmack is going off the board before 25, a DT or WR has to fall for that to happen. We know we’ll see a QB or two off the board before 25. We’ll see some OTs off the board before 25. Something has to give. That means LBs will fall fartther, especially WLBs. They don’t have the positional value to warrant a first round pick.

    I could see us maybe trading up in the 2nd round to get Green if we don’t have to spend too much. Or perhaps trading down in the first if our guys aren’t there to pick up extra picks and grab Greene early 2nd or later in the 1st. We’ll see how Schneider plays the game this year.

  30. Marcus

    Here’s a good visual breakdown of how the Seahawks, and the the rest of the NFL, have spent their money.,seattle-seahawks

  31. Michael Kelly

    I agree that this looks like a Seahawk type player. If they draft him and he is as good as you say he is then the Hawks may have the best young LB corps in the NFL. Really enjoyed this write up.

  32. Cysco

    For what it’s worth, the Lions just cut loose Titus Young.

    I hate to say it, but it might be worth a look. Dude’s got talent. Our FO has shown a willingness to bring in players with some “history”. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, they’ve also shown no issues at all kicking that player to curb.

    • Rob Staton

      Head case.

    • SeaMeat

      I think the FO would have been open to kicking the tires if he did not intentionally line up incorrectly in the GreenBay game. Being a headcase and immature is one thing, but intentionally screwing up the team during a game is something few teams will bother wanting to waste time on. I suspect he will get signed by a very needy team, but that won’t be the Hawks.

      • MEat

        interesting enough Rams was the team. Wish he was not in the division but I don’t trust he will be stable.

  33. Cam

    Great analysis here, but I think you missed the REAL reason he would be high on the Hawks radar…..DID YOU SEE THOSE DREADS?! Would love to see Greene as our Will though

  34. dave crockett

    Great stuff as always Rob, with one minor quibble:

    “But you could be looking at the eighth, ninth or tenth defensive lineman at #25… or the ideal WILL linebacker for this scheme. You can’t force the situation too much.”

    I *completely* agree with the last sentence about fighting the board. But my quibble is with this business about taking the 8th rated guy at one position vs. the top-rated guy at another. At first blush, I was like, “Am I reading that right?” I think that phrasing actually *undermines* your point about not fighting the board.

    The 8th rated defensive lineman could easily be more valuable than the top-rated WILL for Seattle. Despite Greene’s assets, PC/JS may simply refuse to pay 1st rd $ to a WILL. It could be that a star WILL is a waste in the scheme, or the LB class is really deep, or any number of things. On the other hand, they may think that only 8 DTs can make the rotation in year 1.

    The point is that positional value should be captured by overall prospect rating. If Greene is the guy that grades out then by all means pick him, but it shouldn’t be BECAUSE he’s the top-rated WILL.

    • Rob Staton

      I guess you can read it two ways. My point was more a case of taking a player purely to fill a need. It wasn’t that the 8th/9th/10th defensive lineman wouldn’t be good enough just because others were taken first.

      • cade

        Arguably the top rated DL players will always be selected before we pick if/as we continue to be a winning program. Fortunately, DL is a position where the highest rated prospects are not always the most successful prospects.

        I think PC/JS will evaluate if their is a DL player available that Tilts the field for them. If they evaluate a different player/position would make a bigger impact on this team than what is available they will go for the other player.

        So if the best DL prospects are always picked by the time we pick.. how do we build DL through the draft unless we are willing to still go after best DL available? Im not arguing that we should.. but more that its a delemma

  35. Bob

    Which ahead of Seattle could be targeting a LB specifically a WIL? New York and Seattle are probably looking to fill a lot of the same positions this draft. They need to upgrade their interior D Line and LB core is woeful.

    I think you are correct, Seattle would probably make that pick in the first and they might even pick Greene over Ogletree. I would like to know where Zack Brown ranked on Seattle’s board last draft considering they like Malcolm Smith quite a bit and they seem like matching skill set players. (Obviously, Brown is probably more talented)

  36. Bishop

    Rob, I just stumbled over to walterfootball and he is doing his live draft at the moment. He has Seattle taking Bennie Logan at #25 with Kawann Short, Keenan Allen, Sam Montgomery, and Khaseem Greene still on the board.

    Can you please explain to me why anybody would be upset with the pick of Logan? I don’t like the pick myself, there’s far too many better players still available in that mock.

    • Rob Staton

      Logan is a completely unspectacular player not worthy of a first round grade. He doesn’t impact games as a pass rusher, he’s not a fantastic run defender. He’s just a guy. And I will be stunned if the Seahawks go in that direction.

      • Bishop

        Thanks, that’s all anybody needs to know

    • cade

      Walter eats wood chips

      • cade

        And paint, he gets confused

    • Steeeve

      Walter Football should be banned like B******* R***** is on here.

      • Michael


  37. Recon_Hawk

    I really like Greene. I have awhile, but i wouldn’t draft him in the first round, but its not that I think the position is undervalued or that I dont rate Greene in that range. I’ve been a big Greene fan for awhile not and I think no matter the position, if he fits your team and is a great football player, positional value isn’t as important.

    I wouldn’t draft Greene for a couple of reasons. 1. We have much bigger needs at DT and DE. 2. I actually think Smith has the talent to handle the Will spot.

    If anyone wants to see Smiths potential as a starting OLB, go back and watch the Bears game. He was excellent. He was filling the gap, taking on fullbacks and making TFLs. His speed is also already better than any linebacker in this class besides, maybe, Gooden from Missouri.

    I’m expecting a mid-round OLB to challenge Smith, though. One guy I’m become a big fan in that 4th round is Sio Moore from Uconn. Big guy that moves well and does well attacking downhill.

    • Rob Staton

      I suppose the obvious response would be, which DE or DT are you taking instead? I’m not saying my mock will prove to be accurate, but a lot of defensive lineman could be off the board by #25:

      And in that case, if you’re looking at value + secondary needs, then why not draft Greene?

      • Recon_Hawk

        Good point. That would be tough in that scenario. I suppose I could suggest a couple names like Williams from UNC or two guys that Pat Kirwin has suggested to us, Williams from from Alabama and Okafor from Texas, or even Montgomery from LSU (not seeing it, but who knows how the team feels).

        Really, it’s not so much how I see how these players grade out. It’s more that I’m taking the assumption there’s a few guys out there that we as fans don’t rate as high as the team does, but that they feel are good fits and don’t mind “reaching” for them. I know that goes against the whole point of your blog, but this team hasn’t shied away from drafting their first need over secondary need w/value.

        A question I’ve been asking myself as well, is what happens if they get to the second round and there’s even fewer DTs to choose from? If the value is even worse in the late second, do they really want to wait till the 3rd round DT to fill our #1 need? I think if they really want a DT, and they don’t grade out as late first round, I think they take the same approach they had last year with the MLB position in the 2nd rd. Trade back to the range where you have a couple DTs/DEs graded at the apporpriate spot and make sure you solve your most important need.

        • Recon_Hawk

          An off-topic thought on your mock, rob. It’d be hard to pass on Hopkins in that scenario. I’ve been going back through a lot of WR game tape and, even though I had him as my #3 receiver in this draft in the past, I’ve had to bump him up into the top 2, maybe even #1. He’s an excellent, complete receiver and it would not surprise me to see him jump into the top-15. Teams need playmakers and he’s one of the best at that. I think also think if there’s one position that makes a push up the board, it’s going to be receiver, which hopefully leads to DTs/DEs dropping.

          • Rob Staton

            Undoubtedly he is an exciting player. If he was marginally bigger, he’d be a top-15 pick. It’s the only thing he lacks.

  38. Kenny Sloth

    I would want to move up to the top of the second to get a better chance at some top flight talent. Greene and Short or Sylvester Williams would make me real happy at the top of this draft. That’s where all the talent is. If we had two early seconds in addition to our first, we could even add Ertz, too. Wow.

    Hey, a fan can dream.

    • cade

      Just curious but do people ever think the talent is anywhere but the first 1-3 rounds? Then the draft plays out and in retrospect it seemed like a deep draft.

      Literal question. I havent followed the draft many years.

      • Colin

        It’s harder to find impact players in the later rounds, so I don’t think anyone really spends enough time to say “This guy could surprise”.

        That and there is no guarantee that in every draft, every round after the 3rd has a stud at X position in it.

        • cade

          I guess my question laced with a point was that Every year people think the draft isnt deep in the later rounds…

          • Bobby Cink

            So much of it has to do with guys getting the right fit.

            • JW

              exactly. right system, right coaches, right opportunities, and of course avoiding injury

  39. Colin

    Rob, if Dion Jordan, the DE from Oregon were to fall to #25, would you take him as a potential LEO replacement?

    • Rob Staton

      I’m sceptical over Jordan. Something about him puts me off.

  40. drewdawg11

    Deion Jordan would be an interesting guy to look at. The issue with Greene, for me, is that he’s really short. He may not be as tall as his listed height, and I can see TE’s like Vernon Davis, etc. simply taking him up top for big gains. He played a lot of Inside backer in those clips, so I would love to see more of how he covers backs and TE’s, as well as rushes around end. But also, OLB can be set aside for a couple of rounds while Smith is on the roster, I think. I’m actually coming around to Ertz in the first round. If we cana ddress D-line in FA, that frees us up to take mismatch-type players, regardless of position. I’m not sure Pete wants to go into next season with an injured Clemons and an undersized Irvin as his only options.

  41. peter


    Just checked out some tape on Sly Williams. Thanks for the heads up. I had a question about jonathan Jenkins….I know he and Hankins get lumped together for being space eaters, but I re-watched the highlights of the Sec Championship.

    Every time he lined up in a position out side of the “0”, say the 3-or even the 5 tech he just punishes his man, unless there is holding on the play, until Alabama decides to cut out the nonsense after an awesome effort sack on McCarron, and just straight up double him for the rest of the game. I know you have considered more traditional 3 techs, but not unlike moving Red to end, maybe Jenkins best position isn’t as a 34 nose tackle?

    • Rob Staton

      The problem is Jenkins has very little burst and while he undoubtedly can over power and he’s an excellent athlete for 350-odd pounds, he’s still as big as he looks and he isn’t could to collapse many pockets and live in the backfield. He’s a high upside nose tackle who can rush a little. I wouldn’t want to rely on him as an interior rusher though. If he plays at 350-360lbs… he’d be 50-60lbs heavier than an orthodox three-technique.

  42. Troy

    Go out & sign HENRY MELTON that helps to solidify the DL. Then package Flynn, our 2nd & a 7th to swap with the Jags or KC for their 2nd. In the 1st. Also Im a bit partial to sitting tight @ #25 & taking the BPA, guys always slide & fall it happens every draft. Unless of course we get an sweetheart of an offer to trade back a few spots & gain additional value. That being said heres my list assuming we’re able to make that type of trade & move to the top of the 2nd RD.

    1st RD/#25- DT Sheldon Richardson, OT D.J. Fluker, DT Sharrif Floyd, DE Ezekiel Ansah, LB Alec Ogletree, WR Keenan Allen, DE Sam Montgomery, DB Matt Elam, LB Jarvis Jones, DE Barkevious Mingo, TE Zach Ertz, OT Eric Fisher,


    *2nd RD/#33~58- LB Khaseem Greene, DB Kenny Vaccaro, DT Kawann Short, WR Cordarrelle Patterson, DE/ LB Alex Okafor, DB Xavier Rhodes, DB David Amerson, DT Jesse Williams, DB Eric Reid, DE Datone Jones, DB Desmond Trufant, WR Terrance Williams, TE Tyler Eifert, OL Barrett Jones, LB Arthur Brown, DB Phillip Thomas, DT Sylvester Williams, DE Margus Hunt, WR DeAndre Hopkins (*Trade Flynn+7th & swap 2nd RDs)

    3rd RD/#89- WR Da’Rick Rogers, TE Jordan Reed, WR Justin Hunter, OT Lane Johnson, DB Bacarri Rambo, RB Montee Ball, DB Eric Reid, WR Markus Wheaton

    4th RD/#122- TE Travis Kelce, DT Jordan Hill, DE Corey Lemonier, WR Kenny Stills, DB Robert Alford, LB Jelani Jenkins, DT Bennie Logan, LB Trevardo Williams, RB Marcus Lattimore, OT Dallas Thomas, LB Gerald Hodges, OT Menelik Watson, DB Tony Jefferson, DE William Gholston,

    5th RD(2PICKS)/#133/#153- WR Aaron Mellette, DB/PR/KR Tyrann Mathieu, DT Montori Hughes, DB Tharold Simon, DT Akeem Spence, DE Michael Buchanan, TE Gavin Escobar, DB Zeke Motta, OT Ricky Wagner, QB Zac Dysert, TE Dion Sims, DB Jonathan Cyprien

    6th RD/#186- QB/WR Denard Robinson, WR Marquess Wilson, RB Stefphon Jefferson, QB Matt Scott, RB Le’Veon Bell, TE Vance McDonald, DT Kwame Geathers, DE Stansly Maponga

    7th RD(4PICKS)/#198/#217- QB Nick Florence, WR Marcus Davis, WR Devin Street, RB Miguel Maysonet, QB Colin Klein, DE Wes Horton, WR Jordan Matthews, QB Jordan Rodgers, DB Cooper Taylor, DB Aaron Hester, TE Mychal Rivera, DB Rashard Hall, DE Quanterus Smith, DT T.J. Barnes, DE Devin Taylor, TE Joseph Fauria, WR Tyrone Goard, K Dustin Hopkins

    *Seattle will have 12 picks after being awarded two compensatory picks because of FA who left last season. The Hawks gain two additional 7th round draft choices. One for Charlie Whitehurst & the other for Atari Bigby. Just FYI these 2 compensatory picks cannot be traded.

    • cade

      I like it

  43. Hay stacker

    Rob, with the jets wanting a better option at qb and us needing a “mobile” qb that can run the option what about if we traded Flynn to the jets and 2nd round picks for tebow? Now I’m not a big fan of tebow and don’t believe he’s a great qb but him and Wilson both can scramble and evade sacks with their legs. The only reason I’m even saying this is we would be rid of Flynn and his salary while moving up in the 2nd round. We would also get a “qb/h-back” that can run the option and pass the ball decently. This is only in case we can’t trade Flynn to someone else

    • Rob Staton

      I think teams have seen the hysteria surrounding Tebow and have decided it’s not for them. I honestly struggle to think of the team who gives Tebow his next home. All the fuss that goes with him, I’m not sure you actively trade for that. As a backup in Seattle I wouldn’t be totally against the idea — even though I think he’s almost hopeless as a passer. But he could possibly manage 2-3 games in relief, run the option etc. I just can’t see the team actively pursuing Tebow-mania. I’m not sure anybody will.

      • cade

        Yeah I agree. Infact we could probably win some games with Tebow if Wilson were to get injured. Our team is built for it. Defense, Run first offense, Read Option etc. But yeah.. all that ugly media. I think Tebow and Robinson might make for a pretty cool 2 power back set with Wilson at QB for a changeup. Run some interesting looks off it. Especially considering u have 3 QB’s of varying abilities to throw the ball in the back field and they are all good runners.

        • JW

          I don’t know how effective it would be, but it would be fun to watch. Throw Vick in the mix and run a crazy triple zone read option 🙂

      • Hay stacker

        I completely agree with you on no one taking a chance with the tebow mania and I wonder also what team might actually go for him. We’ve all had 3 years to see that he REALLY isn’t a starter and might not be a really good backup. I guess I was wondering if it would be worth trying to trade for him just to move up in the second.

        • JW

          I wonder how much the media/tebow mania stuff would factor into it. This team brought T.O. in, after all. The locker room seems strong. The GM has had positive comments about Tebow. The media out here is different than in other cities, it’s a long ways away from everything….and some of the Tebow stuff has died down. And Pete Carroll has never shied from the spotlight.

          I don’t think much of Tebow as a QB, but it would be pretty fun.

          • SunPathPaul

            I so so so hope Tebow gets cut from the jets, then does NOT find another team. I just want him done and gone…he can go be a cultural Christian icon, but please leave my football arena free of this distraction! He gets more press than the guys actually playing and winning!! Go AWAY!!!!!

            Nice guy, but not an NFL starting QB…Period.

  44. Ralphy

    Wasn’t Bobby Wagner also a two time conference player of the year?

    I’m also wondering if you noticed how slow Irvin was off the snap in the Atlanta game? It was brutal so your review on Greene has me excited!

    • Rob Staton

      He was over thinking too much. Irvin’s at his best with his ears pin backed.

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