Kiper and McShay on Newton’s stock

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  1. akki

    I certainly liked what I saw from Newton last week, it was hard for anyone to come out feeling otherwise.

    I have a tendency to compare prospects to past players to get guidance on what their NFL careers might look like. Newton’s a tough comp, but maybe the closest guys are Vick, Young, and Tebow. Vick’s fulfilling his top potential now, but it’s taken forever to get there. 5 years into his career there was a good chunk of Falcons fans who wanted him benched in favor of Schaub. Young is in his 5th year, and he’s certainly improved, but still could stand to get much better. Tebow’s really only playing this year to indulge the massive number of fans who’ve bought his jersey, and we don’t know what true progress he’s made.

    Some team will take a chance in the top 20 picks based on QB need and Newton’s potential, but it’ll have to be a very stable team with a lot of patience, possibly more than I would have. It’s hard to find teams like that drafting among the top 5-10 picks.

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