Kirk Cousins game tape vs Notre Dame


  1. James

    Cousin’s throws look nothing like the throws of Osweiler, Tannehill, or even Weeden. He may be a great leader, but his arm strength is far behind these other prospects. I keep remembering how Alabama destroyed Mich St in the Cap One Bowl in Cousin’s Jr year. I don’t know about this one. I would go with Russel Wilson before Cousins.

  2. williambryan

    his arm strength seems fine to me, he just seems to recognize that every pass doesnt have to be a rocketball. Some guys can make “all the throws” (I think when people use this term they mean the deep ball, deep ins and outs, and to the opposite hash) But I think cousins can make all those throws but also all the underneath throws, and the intermediate and deep throws that require different degrees of touch.

  3. Michael (CLT)

    Guy reminds me so much of Hasselbeck. Love his throw across the numbers at 6:20. Not sure it is fair to bash his work from the mid 3rd quarter on, as MSU was clearly in desperation mode, and ND bringing heat every play. WR separation is debatable. He is not elite, but he has the tools to be good.

    Personally, I really think this kid is special. Has enough arm, intelligent, has decent feet, leader, loves the game.

    I would love to see his two games against Wisconsin. This kid played in some very big games. Sometimes he sucked. Sometimes, like against Georgia (at least late), he was awesome.

    Hasselbeck had that late game magic. That is what I loved most about him. I see that magic in this kid.

    Or, ya know, we could draft Doug Flutie!!!

    If you are not willing to give up draft picks to get a franchise QB, you must be willing to burn an early draft pick on a reach. I’d say use the 2nd rounder on this guy. And I’d recommend the Doug Flutie fans suggest the same.

    Otherwise, you are just playing craps with the most import position in football, if not all of sport. Not wise when your roster is beginning to mature now.

  4. AlaskaHawk

    He looks okay, a lot of his passes are high. Made some bad decisions about throwing into traffic – but has the confidence to throw into traffic. I guess he looks like an 7 on a scale of 10 (Luck) college QB to me.

  5. Colin

    Cousins has a comfort zone of about 13 yards downfield. After that, his effectiveness plummets. Not worth anything higher than a 4th round pick.

  6. JROCK419

    Wow, he really struggled vs Notre Dame, but he did show some good throws. Seems like he really only has a few good receivers. He basically took what the ND defense gave him, but it wasn’t much. A lot of throws to the running backs.

    The video that really defines Kirk to me is the Wisconsin game. Of course having a hail mary touch down throw to win the game will always make you look better. The interception at the end of the game vs ND was not his fault, as the receiver stopped on his route.

  7. Michael (CLT)

    I would really like this site to do an analysis of Matt Hasselbeck while at Boston College. I suspect many of you would not be impressed.

  8. Stuart

    If the Hawks view “Cousins” as their guy, the QBOTF, it would make more sense to snag him in the 2nd vs. hope he still there with our 3rd. But if PC/JC are not completely sold then if he was still there in the 3rd it’s a possibility. Personally if he was available in the 3rd for us, I would pick him. This may sound weak but I like the look of this kid.

  9. Jim Q.

    I see it as:
    Rd-1….QB-Ryan Tannehill, if not available, then….
    Rd-3….QB-Kirk Cousins, if not available, then….
    Rd-6—-QB-Chandler Harnish, if not available, then….
    Rd-7—-QB-Darron Thomas, if not available, punt.
    My preference would be QB-Chandler Harnish (even – in the 4th round).

  10. Christon

    Yeah, I see Tannehill superior to Cousins in everyway – and he has so much more upside than Cousins has. I know this wasn’t a great game for him but I wouldn’t take him until the 4th. Cousins just doesn’t have the arm strength to get the ball down field in tight windows, he isn’t very fast and can’t escape pressure very well – which leads me to beleive that he won’t be a Petehawk QB.

  11. Jarhead

    Lots of QB’s are intelligent, good leaders and love the game of football. It’s the actual talent portion that seperates elite from average. Average Man doesn’t warrant more than a 4th round throw away. And quite frankly with the success of KJ Wright and Dick Sherman I would even be hesitant to offer that. You could pass over a player that will contribute on sundays, as opposed to keeping the all-important clipboard from just laying on the ground unattended. He is not overly athletic, has no arm strength, and couldn’t muster a bowl win in 3 years as a starter in the same system. He truly IS Matt Hasselbeck but without the coaching and grooming in GB. I did not ever like Hasselbeck and do not want any part of Hasselbeck, part deux.

  12. Ben2

    2nd for Osweiler if there if not LB or whatever and Cousins maybe third. 2nd tier QB seem to go 1rd above their “grade” due to the positional value

  13. Alex

    I would draft Cousins in the 3rd or 4th round (depending on how much the scout/team likes him). I see a player with enough to work with. If he has 3 years, I think he can be an above average-good starter. With the ransom that QBs carry today, you can trade him for picks (multiple 1st rounds) if he’s not going to be your starter. At worst, he’s backup, which is your insurance policy if your starter goes down.

  14. Rob

    R3-4 is a fair range for Cousins and I think the Seahawks would hope he’s there at the top of the fourth. It depends how much a positive off season has had on his stock.

  15. Eli

    Gotta admit I like Cousins and think he is a gamer. Just wonder if this is ‘Hass part deaux’???

  16. Eli

    Rob-the Hawks talked to ths kid at the combine did’nt they? Any indications they have serious interest in him? What’s your take on him playing the role of a ‘pointguard QB?’

  17. Michael (CLT)

    When do the Seahawks stop the hope and rather “get” their QB? I want JS to be decisive about his QB selection. I want him to eat the whole damn apple, not just take little bites every year. At some point, you have to “get your guy”. Otherwise, you’re just wasting everyone’s time.

  18. Ed

    If Manning signs with Denver, Tebow. Good play action, has good deep ball, has better pocket presence then Tjack and is very mobile

  19. Rob

    Eli – I believe Carroll travelled to some event Cousins was at in California, tutoring young kids. He’s definitely the kind of personality and character Pete is looking for at QB. I can see him being very high on the intangible factor Cousins brings to the table. I also think they’ll know that he’s limited in certain aspects of his game and won’t necessarily be the type of player who has an immediate impact on the league. That limits the range you’re willing to take him. So I’m led to believe that the Seahawks like him, it’s just what range they’d be willing to go. I think they’d love to get him in R4 if possible, but I doubt they’ll over-draft above their value just because they have a lot of respect for the guy.

  20. Stuart

    I second that!

  21. cliff

    I know you were saying if a mystery team signs Peyton that a trade for a QB would be a possibility. So far Denver seems to be the favorite and while i could see Tebow coming here.. i could also see Jacksonville trading for him making Gabbert available. While i hate rosterbating, what do you think it’d take to land Gabbert since he had a poor rookie year.

  22. Doug

    I’m starting to think they take Tannahil with their first pick… Just a gut feeling…

  23. Michael (CLT)

    Tebow would seal this administrations fate. I don’t see it.

  24. Michael (CLT)

    Ditto for Gabbert.

    In fact, Gabbert should make everyone quite leery of this administrations ability to evaluate the QB position. He was their top choice last year, allegedly. Add the Beck decision with TJack and Whitehurst, along with no real plan for the future beyond some 2013 pipe dream, and there is cause for real concern.

  25. Steve in Spain

    Seattle’s hopes for Manning appear dead in the water, not because of a lack of interest – I think Seattle was prepared to make an extremely competitive offer. What’s killing Seattle is the “package deal” issue. Manning says he wants to make a decision by Tuesday, and there could only be one reason for that – he wants to be able to run his new team’s free agency. I suspect the Seahawks FO was prepared to make a lot of concessions to Peyton, even with their offensive scheming, but I suspect they told Tom Condon flat out that they would not be conceding roster control to Peyton. Thus, no visit.

    The Broncos on the other hand has the cap space and the roster flexibility to put the whole Indy gang back together: Wayne, Garcon, Clark, you name it. That’s why Peyton made Denver the first stop and why he’s leaning in their direction.

    And I’m standing by what I said a week ago: I think the mystery deal was and always has been for Tebow, contingent on the Broncos getting Peyton. It makes too much sense: Tebow can be the resourceful game-manager type that tilts the room, handing the ball off on a run-heavy offense and using his mobility. Also, he won’t cost too much; I think the Broncos will be happy to be rid of him. What better way to get rid of someone than to send them to NFL Siberia?

    So, people get ready, Tebowmania may be hitting the NW. Oh, and to tie this in to the post on Cousins, I’m doubting we end up drafting any of these other QBs. I mean, maybe, but it would just be a late-round flier.

  26. Rob

    Cliff – Good question. Jacksonville would really be selling low in that situation, writing a guy off after one season. It would really depend on what they spent on Tebow. For example, if they spent a second rounder on Tebow, they could ask for a second rounder in return. I think that would be a pretty bonehead move for Jacksonville to make. Let’s not forget, they traded up for Gabbert.

    Doug – Look to next year my man…

    Michael (CLT) – I’d be hesitant to write Gabbert off too soon. The Jags were a shambolic mess on offense last year and there’s no way BG should’ve been starting. Not a good situation for him.

  27. Rob

    Steve – If you believe there’s a potential trade in place with an unnamed team )as we’ve discussed on this blog), then I hope you’ll believe me when I say Seattle were never major players in the race for Manning.

  28. Stuart

    Kevin Kolb. Even if Arizona does not sign Manning, with the $7 million dollar roster bonus Kolb is due in a few weeks could ensure he is gone. Skelton seemed to outplay him anyway. So if/when Kolb is available, do we even want him? I remember the hype and would be excited but the reality is he’s a good back up and may not even beat out TJ.

    Then there is Moore with Miami,if Manning signs there. Just this morning on the NFL Network they re-played the Miami-Patirot game from the 1st game of the season. Like him or not, Chad Henne played fantastic. He showed a strong arm and was very mobile in the pocket. He has some big plays off of scrambles when the play broke down. Henne looked great that game. He is a free agent. Thoughs?

  29. Ed

    Would rather have Tebow. Young, mobile, willing to learn.

  30. Christon


    I think you are right on with your assesment in that Hawks will get another stop-gap guy with starting experience to compete with T-Jax such as Chad Henne or Alex Smith (assuming negotiations break down in SF).

    I just don’t see the Hawks spending a high pick on a developmental QB. They want to win right now. This is the year that they need to have a winning record, make the playoffs and hopefully do some damage in the post season. I think they are going to draft players who help them win THIS YEAR. They already have a developmental QB in Josh Portis on the roster, so I just don’t think a QB will be selected all. Even in the late rounds.

    This is how I see the first 4 round playing-out for the Seahawks – while picking up former starting QB in FA to compete with T-Jax.
    1) Courtney Upshaw DE
    2) Mychal Kendricks MLB
    3) Bruce Irving OLB/DE (Dedicated Blitzer)
    4) Lamichael James RB

    This would really increase the speed on the defensive side of the ball which is their top priority and James could go in the Kendall Hunter range this year.

  31. Michael (CLT)

    Ugh. Three linebackers in the first three picks. Ugh.

  32. Stuart

    Chad Henne, started as a true freshman at Michigan. 2nd round draft pick, 4th qb drafted overall that year. Just 26 years old, 6′ 3″ with above average arm and appears mobile from brief footage on him. From just the 1 game I saw him play, I like it. (of course he threw for over 400 yards). What are your thoughts on Henne Rob and Kip?

    Seahawks QB 2012:
    -6-7 flyer or UDFA

  33. Ray Smith

    That was a brutal, yet impressive game for Kirk Cousins! He stood in there and took a beating and basically has only one receiver, Cunningham. They had NO running game (about 29 yards) so it was blitz, blitz, blitz and cover Cunningham by ND. I admire him even more because he took some major hits, his team was struggling, but he kept his head and kept slinging the ball.

  34. Nolan Thomas


    Tod mcshays latest mock presented a scenario were not only are the top three pass rushers off the board but so was Trent richardson. Mcshays mocked luke kilichley(spelling is awful sorry) is that what you would think would happen given that scenario?

    Ps I’m addicted to this site thank you so much for you time and effort

  35. Rob

    Hi Nolan thanks for the kind words. I don’t expect Kuelchy to be the ‘next up’ in that situation – I think they’d refer to the next best pass rusher. They may even look at outside linebackers – but Kuelchy isn’t going to improve the team’s pass rush which is the key concern. Don’t rule out Zach Brown just yet.

  36. peter


    What do think if anything about Russel wilson? If the plan is 2013 then part of mewonders what the point of bringing in Osweiler or even cousins this year would be…

    Maybe someone llike Wilson late in the draft in keeping with the spirit of “you never know….” and just spend our other picks on Defense and RB.

  37. Jarhead

    But seriously Rob, first thing you know I called the Tebow trade to Jax months ago, so if it happens I get a cool point. Hahaha Secondly Gabbert may have struggled in regard to jax being a really incomplete football team, but it’s his COWARDICE. He is gutless, shies away from rushers, ducks his head, and I saw him throw a pass in the san diego game with his eyes closed. You don’t think that is a huge red flag that makes th guy untouchable? You can not coach courage. You can’t scheme for it. It’s just something that’s there, am I right?

  38. Steve in Spain

    Rob, I really appreciate all your fantastic work on this site, but, yes I do believe one rumor and disbelieve the other. I disbelieved the concept that the Seahawks had no interest in Peyton because it contradicted what I, as an outsider, knew or thought I knew about the situation. I found it patently implausible that the Seahawks would not make at least an effort to get one of the greatest QBs of all time, given our draft position and the state of our roster at that position currently. And now it appears manifestly contradicted by known fact – all reports point that the Seahawks have been actively trying to arrange a visit and making a big money bid even if they were prepared to be outbid rather than overpay. And it’s a stretch to write off the Seahawks intervention as pure pantomime – there’s no way the Seahawks were gonna price out the Cardinals without getting into a bidding war, and that’s the exact opposite of the Hawks approach. Anyway, if what has been reported over the weekend won’t convince you your sources were wrong on this point then surely I won’t convince you.

    The other rumor I was skeptical about til I hit on the notion of Tebow and then the lights went on. And everything continues to point in that direction, so it seems…

    Anyway, I love the rumors even if I only believe half of them. 🙂

  39. Rob

    Peter – It sounds like a very plausible idea. Whether it’s Wilson, Harnish, Davis, Coleman – I think that’s what we should look at unless a Cousins or Osweiler drops. And it does seem like DE, LB and RB will get the early looks.

    Jarhead – You are right. However, I do think we need to see more from Blaine before we write him off completely. The guy had no off-season prep due to the lockout, he was thrust into the starting role early in the season although Jack Del Rio clearly didn’t want to do that. He then struggled (unsurprisingly) in a rank bad team with no receivers, a bad offensive line and only Mo-Jo Drew providing any kind of help. I’m loathe to write the guy off too soon, but he might have to get out of Jacksonville.

  40. Doug

    I personally think Gabby would be a great pick-up, to spend a year behind TJack, and with that giant weight off his shoulders, he could regain his composure. I think he has excellent tools to be an NFL QB

  41. mjkleko

    I cannot think of a bigger waste on an incredibly value resource in the form of a 2nd, 3rd or maybe even 4th rounder on Cousins. A guy who throws fluttery passes, often too high, played primarily out of the shotgun and is not shy of throwing into pressure is not what the doctor ordered and I see very little possibility that JS/PC hold him in high regard.

    You want to make the Hass comparison? I’m cool with that, but let’s not half-ass it. He must be a 6-7 round pick and train exhaustively as a backup for several seasons. And most importantly, do this on someone else’s team.

    I thought Carroll was going to have a tough time transitioning back into the pros. Honestly, I saw him as pushing the eject button on the USC mess and taking the best offer that came his way. But I’ve genuinely come to respect his ability to adapt his defense into numerous configurations if something isn’t working right or the personal doesn’t fit perfectly. It’s really pretty interesting and a hell of a lot more informative that watching those vanilla 4-3 packages of the last decade.

    Given Carroll’s defensive acumen, there is not a chance that he isn’t awake 23 hours a day salivating at the chance to finish putting together the foundation of his elite defense come late April. Our venerable host’s here at the Draft Blog have hammered home the ingredients that would make this front-seven just straight nasty, and lo-n-behold this draft is ripe with the fruits that will strike terror into the hearts of Kolb, Smith and Bradford*.

    For this reason I hold no doubt that the Seahawks will first make a very strong play for Mario Williams, contract size be damned. I put our current odds at 17.5%, fairly good in a 32 team league. Second, the first 3 picks will not be a QB, OL, DB, TE, WR unless somebody straight up plummets. And when it comes to that 1st rounder I’d wager half my bank account that the ‘Hawks end up with one of the big three DE’s. Because someone will make a head scratching reach in the top-10 (I’m leaning towards a O-Tackle or Janoris rather than a Tannehill/QB).

    I expect more of the same late. There will probably be a Mel Kiper criticized pick mid-rounds, a result of JS/PC valuing a player different then the all-powerful-collectivized-football-draft-guru-consciousness. A project D-Line and O-Line, maybe a small school LB or DB. Also, I feel this team still isn’t satisfied at flanker and could look to inject some youth, maybe as nothing more than a future practice-squad allstar.

    *Anyone else get the feeling that Bradford will just perpetually suck against the ‘Hawks for his whole career? He could become very good, but have one of those 1-7 w-l, 63.4QB rating against kind of thing. I’m personally counting on it.

  42. MeatWad

    @mjkleko- I would love to see Williams in a Hawks uniform, and sacking Bradford and Smith Mulitple times in a game. 🙂 Yes… I can see it now…

    BTW- Texans release Linert. So maybe he will be in a Hawks Jersey this year!?

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