Kirk Cousins tape vs Michigan, Wisconsin & Gruden


  1. Madmark

    Quarterback is the most important and demanding job. I got Flynn for 3 years, TJ for 1 year, and Portis i m not sure. I have a process and i am always going to have 4 QBs in camp to competes. I see TJ is my improved version of Charlie and i see him being gone next year and believe me I’ll be drafting another QB in 2013 to come in to compete.
    If Kirk slides in to pick 75 i’ll take him.

  2. Colin

    Rob, after watching these films of Cousins, we can pretty safely assume that Michigan State was a conservative passing offense. What I can’t figure out is if Cousins is being held back by his coordinator, or is the Michigan State offense held back by Cousins? 95% of the time he is one the best inside of 15 yards and one of the worst past 15, but then you see some really nice passes down the seam in that Wisconsin game, and now I don’t know what to think. The guy is enigma.

  3. williambryan

    Rob, I know a while ago you mentioned Keyshawn Martin as a sleeper to lookout for later in the draft for the seahawks. He has started to remind me of Darrell Jackson.

  4. Justin

    There is a lot to like about him. My only thing is that he does not look of defenders and passes to his #1 option even when blanket with receivers. This could be due to coaching/scheme at MSU or just a deficiency in his game.
    This year’s QB class is deep and would love to have one of the mid rounders on our roster.


    I agree, Justin. He seems to hit (or attempt to hit) his first option every time he throws. I don’t think I saw him look one way and throw the other a single time. I like to see a QB that can go through his progressions and I really didn’t see that. Gruden was pretty hard on him during his show last night. IMO, Gruden wasn’t nearly as complimentary as he was with the previous five guys. Cousins didn’t come off great either. I would definitely take Wilson before Cousins, although I’m not sure either one will ever start a game in the NFL. At least Wilson will be a very solid back up, for sure.


    I have to say, though, that Cousins does seem to fit the “point guard” role of quarterback. I just don’t know how high his ceiling is. Also, re-watching the videos, he does go to his outlet a couple of times that I overlooked before.

  7. david

    Rob- after all the pre draft workouts and what not, do you still hold A. Davis in the same light you once did? or have you kind of cooled down on him? and if you were to rank Darron Thomas (Oregon QB) where would you put him based on potential and current skill? and do you see the Hawks maybe taking a look at him? i know there are alot of questions here but i figured id get them answered faster here, have a good one Rob and cant wait for your answers.


  8. Rob

    williambryan – I think Martin is inconsistent, but also explosive. He’s a playmaker though and if he goes in the second half of the draft, someone is getting a lot of potential to work with. I like the guy. Jackson isn’t a bad comparison.

    David – I remain a big fan of Austin Davis. I know full well whoever gets the guy will get the hardest working guy in this draft class. He gets it. You want a leader who tilts the field in that dressing room, Austin does it. He doesn’t have elite measurables, he isn’t Cam Newton. But he has achieved so much in college, with much less at his disposal than some of these bigger name QB’s. And he deserves his chance in the NFL. He will get a chance.

  9. Michael (CLT)

    My appreciation of Cousin’s play has become irrational. I’m still all-in for a 2nd round choice on him. I’d be a terrible GM.

  10. Chris

    Definitely like the guy as a person. You can tell he is truly an extremely competitive guy and not like some of these other guys that just act the part and say the right things just to say them.

  11. Smeghead

    my opinion has slid a bit on Cousins and wouldn’t want to touch him until at least the third rd if not the fourth although I would still prefer Wilson over him anyway…

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