La’el Collins all-22 tape vs Alabama

It’s interesting how much you learn watching all-22 vs TV tape.

I came into this video a big fan of LSU’s La’el Collins, but there are certain issues you pick up here. He lets D-linemen get into his frame far too easily and is often jolted backwards on contact. He’s pretty good at recovering and holding position. But against bigger, faster and more physical pass rushers — this is going to be an issue. Where’s the punch or counter-punch? Why isn’t he the aggressor? His kick-slide isn’t fluid, it’s actually a little sluggish. Alabama don’t have great edge/speed rushers and they don’t really trouble him here. But you can really imagine this being an issue in the NFL. He’s quite upright in his stance and doesn’t often play with good leverage. He also lunges quite a bit.

It’s really hard to imagine he has a future at tackle playing this way. I’ve long felt he’d be better at guard — but this kind of emphasizes the point. He’s a guard, plain and simple.

The one positive that shows up here is the drive blocking in the run game. He’ll move people off the spot to create running lanes. It’s pretty subtle at times but look at the space on his side. He creates some big lanes that LSU didn’t capitalize on. There’s also a few blocks where he just whiffs. Look at 4:46. I mean, this is just bad. He misses the guy and then hooks him round the waist. A blatant hold.

He’s a brawler though. He gets in there and knows how to scrap and battle. I think you can work on him as a pure run blocking guard. And I think he shows enough willingness to get to the next level.

I will add that this was a top-level opponent and LSU were devoid of skill position/QB talent last season. They lost all the big guns from 2013 and tried to run the ball most downs. Alabama could attack the line with seven or eight in the box. I’m sure if we go and get all-22 tape against weaker opponents we’ll see a better game. But it’s a perspective moment that makes you think and re-consider a few things. Daniel Jeremiah has Collins down at #32 on his big board. I was thinking top-20 before I watched the video below. Now? I’m not so sure. But I’m also not so sure he’s the answer to potentially replace James Carpenter even if he makes it to the end of round one. I’m not going to set that opinion in stone on one mind-changing video. But I’ll go back and do more work. Right now I’m thinking I overrated Collins and that maybe Jeremiah is right. We’ll see. More homework needed.


  1. John_s

    Rob have you seen Shaq Mason from Ga Tech? He’s shorter than what you prefer for a linemen but I think he could be a good guard/center. He seems to move really well and can get to the second level. Playing at Ga Tech he’s a really good run blocker.

    • Volume 12

      I asked the same thing a couple of weeks ago.

      Funny that you bring him up John, because he is very intriguing isn’t he? A 6’1 O-lineman!? But damn, he’s so athletic, moves like a big FB, and always gets good leverage.

      • John_s

        I totally agree!

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t John, sorry.

  2. Madmark

    Collins looked gassed and out of shape after doing the OL strength completion I saw on ESPN the other day. What I see with OL coming out in the draft is they usually need a year in the weight room and to learn the ZBS that Cable runs.
    I’m more concerned about getting a player at the DT spot. This next year would be Kevin Williams 13(UFA), Tony McDaniels 10(1YR), and Brandon Mebane 9(1 YR). We are talking 3 decades all together there. I’m not sure where a Christian Covington DT Rice will go in the draft but when he was ask what was his best quality was? He replied Quickness. He was having a good year before he got injuried and he’s a junior who decided to enter the draft since he’ll be graduating in May. To me he looks like that tech 3 that we been looking for. My dream would be to add 2 DL for the future and I like a Carl Davis and a Christian Covington. This of course means nothing if Todd Gurley is there in the 1st round because you don’t let a guy like that get away even if he is injured. I think Davis is a middle 3rd rounder but I haven’t seen a placement for Covington since He’s coming out early. Do you have an opinion of when he might go in the draft.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Covington could go anywhere in the middle rounds based on the one tape I’ve seen. I need to see more.

  3. Ukhawk

    Let’s talk super bowl ?!

    • Rob Staton

      Go for it.

  4. Ukhawk

    Got day prior jitters & feeling some bad mojo coming on…. Super bowl ’49er’ can’t be a good coincidence…..playing in Arizona stadium can’t be anything but a bad sign… Coming off our worst offensive display in years ain’t great… our secondary is banged up, were on 2nd/3rd string DTs, can’t stop TEs and we’re facing the best, pedestrian WRs facing 2nd best secondary in nfl including an ex LOBer…….needing some positive vibes brothers. Show me the light

    • Ed

      We are too fast on D. Outside of the SD game, KJ has shut down TE. Blount is a plodder and will not be able to run against us. We have trouble against one cutters like Murray. Edleman will get cracked and get happy feet.

      If they stack the box against Lynch, Kearse can and will make a play. In all honesty, Revis is living on his reputation (like Peterson). Smith destroyed him in the opening round.

      Last year, last away game in NJ (where the Superbowl was). This year, last away game in AZ (where the Superbowl is).

      24-14 Hawks

      • Volume 12

        Let New England play man coverage on Seattle. If they turn their back to RW, he’s going to pick them apart with his feet. New England’s big weakness defensively is the same as ours, right up the gut.

        New England has not faced a defense like this. They struggled to beat an awful, awful Ny Jets team, because of their physicality and defensive schemes.

        RW has always been pretty effective inside domes.

        We know how successful Seattle is playing in prime-time games, and New England has won 3 Super Bowls with last second FGs. And lost 2 when they had a lead.

        Seattle wants this type of opponent. They want the best, they want the toughest game to be with everything on the line. Not to say the Pats don’t, but they employed a strategy against Indy that was to deflate the ball because QB Andrew Luck prefers the football to be hard/stiff.

        I wonder if not having a veteran team defensively for New England, if these guys will trust their eyes and try to make plays?

        Gronk isn’t a 100% either and right now I’d venture to say he’d be lucky to run a 4.8 going away from somebody.

        I’m expecting Bam Bam aka The Lion of the Legion to set the tone early. These tiny, little WRs that the Pats got have to be concerned with attempting to catch passes across the middle.

        When we see our team come running out of that tunnel, we’ll all get jacked up, but imagine how these guys are going to be? Flying around the field! PC said ‘we want to play with speed, really really fast.’

        • Ukhawk

          Thx Volume12. Totally agree, to be the best I wouldn’t want to play anyone but the best (and neither would they). My greatest hope is we establish early lead and put the Pats under loads of pressure.

      • Ukhawk

        Thx for the thoughts Ed. Just re-watched ravens v pats and think these guys are not only living on reputation but agree we are younger/faster/stronger and def can hang with these guys.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I see different signs.

      Last year SEA defeated NYG in MetLife Stadium late in the season before they returned to win SB LXIII.

      This year SEA defeated ARI in UofP Stadium late in the season before they return to play in SB LXIX.

      Last year Vegas had DEN -2.5.

      This year Vegas has NE -1.5

      Maxwell is 100%. Ditto Lane. I’d say the same for Kam but who knows what to read into the “injury” report from yesterday. Sounds like he fell down, got up and walked off.

      Sherm and ET3? I think the competitive drive each of them has will make any lingering injury issues irrelevant.

      Our LB core is better, stronger, faster and deeper than it was last year.

      Here’s my prognostication UK:

      This game will be like pretty much every other Seahawk victory this season, each in itself a microcosm of the entire season – a slow start jockeying for field position, 2 defenses having their way for the most part. But as the game wears on, SEA will gut it out, better than NE. Why? Because they already have, time and again this season. Theirs is a courage and a determination forged in the crucible of pain and pressure and adversity. Two weeks ago they snatched glorious victory from the clutches of agonizing defeat, not merely for a few minutes at the end, but for the ENTIRE game. What they did is the metaphorical equivalent of crashing down the gates of Hell and laughing at the Devil all the while. NE, for all its talent on the field and the sidelines, simply has not been made to prove itself in that way. And this game is not a good place for their baptismal.

      A paraphrase of one my favorite movie quotes sums up the identity of this year’s Seattle Seahawks:

      They are Ripper… Tearer… Slasher… Gouger. They are the Teeth in the Darkness, the Talons in the Night. Theirs is Strength… and Lust… and Power! THEY ARE SEAHAWKS!

      • Ukhawk

        Shout out CT Eric. Quotes of the week…”Theirs is a courage and a determination forged in the crucible of pain and pressure and adversity…” & “They are Ripper… Tearer… Slasher… Gouger. They are the Teeth in the Darkness, the Talons in the Night. Theirs is Strength… and Lust… and Power!..” …now I am officially jacked….

    • Rob Staton

      There are 30 other teams who would love those nerves right now. Enjoy the ride — and Go Hawks!

      • Ukhawk

        Thx Volume12. Totally agree, to be the best I wouldn’t want to play anyone but the best (and neither would they). My greatest hope is we establish early lead and put the Pats under loads of pressure.

      • Ukhawk

        Thx rob for the reply that is short but sweet – now time for a re-pete

  5. kevin mullen

    It looks that PC/TC look for OLinemen with a major emphasis on run blocking: James Carpenter, Justin Britt, Alvin Baily, JR Sweezy, etc. Okung I would say is their most balance linemen but is a better run blocker than pass blocker. I think we need to ask the question of whether this lineman can run block that can finish his guy (first and foremost), then we have the conversation on whether this guy warrants a first day or second day selection.

    Collins looks somewhat slow and plays up high, I can him get beat pretty easy by quicker DLinemen. I think we look elsewhere. If he drops to 2nd to 3rd round then maybe he’s in the conversation.

  6. Hay stacker509

    — Sources: Falcons to Name Dan Quinn New HC on Tuesday —
    Sat Jan 31, 2015 –from

    NBC Sports reports multiple sources say the Atlanta Falcons currently plan to name Seahawks DC Dan Quinn their new head coach on Tuesday.

    • Volume 12

      And then he’ll draft Florida DL Dante Fowler.

      • Rob Staton

        Watch out for Eli Howard in Atlanta. Speed, length, power, grit = Seahawks.

    • Rob Staton

      Shame. Next man up.

  7. Volume 12

    Rob, where do you think Alabama WR Amari Cooper ends up being drafted? I should say range wise. Is he a lock for the top 10? Top 15-20, or is there any way he lasts until the end of round 1? I know it’s next to impossible, but the reason I ask is because, he seems somewhat like a Seahawk WR. Not a phenomenal athlete, but he’s gritty, great character and work ethic, and such a solid route runner.

    I ask mainly due to the fact that Lane Kiffin is obviously Alabama’s OC and we all know there’s a connection between him and PC. Your thoughts, or is this scenario pointless?

    • Rob Staton

      Cooper is an interesting one. I think he’s the most naturally gifted receiver to enter the league since A.J. Green. I don’t mean physically, I mean in terms of feel for the position and general technique. As a freshman he just looked so natural running routes and catching the ball. He’s a natural born receiver.

      He’s not the biggest but I think he’s faster than people realize. Good character. Few drops but also a few huge plays to even it out. Massive production. Great body control. Not particularly sudden but still knows how to get open.

      I think he will go in the top-15 but given he doesn’t have the size of a Julio or the suddenness of an OBJ he could last a little longer than expected. If I were the Vikings I’d pair him with Bridgewater. Worst case scenario for him might be Cleveland at #12 or San Fran at #15.

      • Volume 12


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