Lance Zierlein publishes 2019 scouting reports

Every year publishes quite detailed draft profiles for most of the prospects. For the last few years Lance Zierlein has authored these profiles. He does a terrific job and they’re well worth checking out (click here).

I wanted to post some snippets here on some of the players we’ve discussed so far…

D.K. Metcalf (WR, Ole Miss)

Full profile

Lance says: “While he has the talent to become a full-field threat, Metcalf is still an unpolished gem who was the second-best receiver on his college team. Until his skill-set is more developed, he could begin his career as a hit-or-miss long-ball threat.”

Lance also notes he had too many drops, especially focus drops when working back to the ball. This is something that concerned me watching Metcalf. He is an incredible athlete. He’s basically the prototype for a big receiver. He creates separation downfield which is no mean feat for his size. But his overall game is sloppy at times and he doesn’t make the most of his size. Plus there’s the health concern, even though he was given the all clear from his neck injury to work out at the combine.

I can imagine Pete Carroll being fascinated by his potential though.

Terry McLaurin (WR, Ohio State)

Full profile

Quote from an AFC national scout at the Senior Bowl: “There are some routes here that make me feel like I am looking at a different guy than the one I saw during the year. He looks a lot more refined right now in practice.”

Few players did more to boost their stock in Mobile than McLaurin. He will have a superb combine and test through the roof. He has great character, he blocks and he has special teams value. The Ohio State offense is not attractive. It’s lots of passes into the flat, screens and short stuff — mixed in with a few deep shots. The Buckeye’s also have a wealth of dynamic receivers. It’s not a surprise McLaurin needed the Senior Bowl to show what he can do.

Kyler Murray (QB, Oklahoma)

Full profile

Lance says: “Murray is an electric talent with a live arm, good mental makeup and the skill-set to produce at a high level in the right offense.”

He also has a great quote on Murray, suggesting he’s a “complex burgundy with notes of Baker Mayfield, Johnny Manziel and Russell Wilson in his play.” In the player comparison he chose Wilson for Murray.

Will Grier (QB, West Virginia)

Full profile

Lance says: “Highly organized and known as galvanizing locker room guy… Plays with attacking, downfield mindset.”

He also notes: “He is a confident leader who would much rather press for the big throw than play it safe underneath. His lack of plus arm talent and release quickness might not match his gunslinger mentality against an NFL secondary.”

And there’s this quote from a NFC national scout: “You really like his character makeup and his confidence and the way he throws the deep ball. What you won’t like is that so many of his throws are tied directly to scheme and pre-snap reads. His week at Senior Bowl outside of what he’s used to is going to be big for him.”

T.J. Hockenson (TE, Iowa)

Full profile

Quote from a pro-personnel director for a NFC team: “Freaky athlete. I thought he would go back, but I’m glad he didn’t. I think he will beat Alabama (Irv Smith, Jr.) off the board first.”

Lance compares Hockenson to Travis Kelce. He’s a top-15 lock.

Chris Lindstrom (G, Boston College)

Full profile

Lance says: “Lindstrom is one of the most athletic interior lineman in the 2019 draft with a rare ability to match movement quickness with anyone across from him. His quickness can place him in position to make blocks on both the first and second levels and he has an impressive ability to cover lateral space and protect his gaps as a pass blocker.”

He also compares Lindstrom to Joel Bitonio — a former blog favourite. We’ll see if Lindstrom matches Bitonio’s fine combine from 2014. Was that really five years ago?!

Renell Wren (DT, Arizona State)

Full profile

Lance says: “Enticing prospect offering size, strength and athleticism to entice NFL general managers who covet elite traits over college production. Wren’s play was uneven while aligned on the nose in 2018, but he should benefit from a move to defensive tackle in an odd or even front as a pro. The cheat code in unlocking his ability and production might rest in a team’s ability to correct his hands and feet while improving recognition. With all things considered, “boom or bust” might be an appropriate tag for him.”

It’s highly appropriate. There are snaps where Wren dumps a center on his backside and looks like the Incredible Hulk. There are other plays where he’s too busy, lacks the necessary footwork to simply hold position and do his job and he’ll often become unbalanced and an easy target to block. The athletic potential is enormous but he needs work to harness it.

Gerald Willis (DT, Miami)

Full profile

Quote from an AFC personnel director: “He’s going to have to get that pad level corrected or he’s going to have a hard time staying on the field. He’s either in the backfield or getting knocked around. No in-between with him.”

Willis will test very well in the short shuttle and has excellent agility and short-area quickness. He might be limited to a pass-rushing specialist role at the next level.

Dre’Mont Jones (DT, Ohio State)

Full profile

Lance says: “Jones is an extremely athletic one-gapping three-technique with the ability to play a disruptive brand of football on all three downs. His potential has never been in doubt, but in 2018 the production finally matched the talent. His body type and playing style will open him up to more feast-or-famine snaps than some of the other defensive tackles in this draft, but in the right scheme, he can become part of a swarm unit that plays on the other side of the ball.”

He’s compared to Nick Fairley. This was a really positive write-up by Lance who credited Jones’ hand-use and athleticism. Jones is actually pretty underrated by a lot of draft pontificators.

L.J. Collier (DE, TCU)

Full profile

Lance says: “Hands are equally violent and sudden… Consistent to contain when run play flows his direction… Strikes with quick extension and lock-out to keep his frame clean.”

Collier has quickly developed into one of my favourite players in the draft. He’s not the biggest or the most athletic but he’s a terror working the edge. He has long arms and knows how to use them, has enough quickness to win outside and the power to bull rush. He had a great Senior Bowl and looked the part.

Brian Burns (EDGE, Florida State)

Full profile

Lance says: “Long, thin pass-rush specialist who possesses elite get-off and stride length to simply outrun overmatched tackles around the rush arc and into the backfield. Burns’ edge speed and varied rush approach should translate to the league, but his skinny frame and lack of play strength are absolutely concerns moving forward.”

He also notes his “spindly limbs“, a frame that might not be able to carry extra weight, a lack of functional play strength and suggests he will have issues converting speed to power. Burns was an excellent speed rusher in college but there aren’t many 6-5, 227lbs pass rushers in the NFL.

Mack Wilson (LB, Alabama)

Full profile

Quote from an AFC director of college scouting: “He’s big, can run, can cover. He’s got the talent, but I thought he was hot or cold this year. He didn’t improve on last year to me.”

I also felt this watching Wilson. He’s a player you want to like more. I came away thinking — he’s a decent prospect but why don’t I love what I’m seeing?

Christian Miller (EDGE, Alabama)

Full profile

Lance says: “Long, lean rush backer with above-average athletic traits that could serve him well as a pass rusher. Teams could be a little gun-shy with Miller considering the talent he played alongside and his solo season of production. What will be hard to ignore are his long arms, ability to attack the edge with speed and footwork to manufacture dangerous inside counters.”

I really like Miller. If you want a guy who can provide some value later on as a specialist rusher, this is the type of player I’m looking at. He’ll test well at the combine if he’s healthy (he was injured in the Playoff semi-final). He has the length and a frame that would make a great fit at SAM/LEO.

Marvell Tell (S, USC)

Full profile

Lance says: “Built like a tall cornerback with thin legs and arms… Able to pedal, open and sprint to top speed quickly… Tall, long and athletic… Glides around the field with desired fluidity.”

I just wonder — could he be another corner convert for Seattle?

Johnathan Abram (S, Mississippi State)

Lance says: “Very tough and very competitive… Intimidating striker… Alpha demeanor on the field… Fiery attitude rubs off on his teammates… Good communication skills on the backend.”

He also compares him to Keanu Neal. Personally I think Neal was a fair bit better than Abram entering the league. However, this is a very positive review for the player most likely to be the first safety drafted in 2019. He’s not expected to have a great combine though which could hurt him a little.

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  1. Hoberk Unce

    Terry McLaurin (WR, Ohio State) . . . The Ohio State offense is not attractive. It’s lots of passes into the flat, screens and short stuff — mixed in with a few deep shots.

    Sounds like a Seahawk already.

    • McZ

      On Andy Isabella…
      “Isabella could step into a high-volume slot role as a menace on option routes with the ability to add verticality from the slot. While the step up in competition will be pronounced, he has the traits to transition nicely into the NFL.”

      Dang, dang, here’s the fit. A player menacing the gap between LB and S, which we didn’t have since Kearse left.

      • Rob Staton

        The offense is never going to feature that type though. If they did, Baldwin would be a production machine at that position. Instead they have he and Lockett in different roles.

        I’m not crazy about Isabella anyway (his Senior Bowl practise week was alarming IMO even if he had a nice game) but I just don’t see a fit in Seattle.

        • McZ

          I’m not interested in debating, if we would use such a weapon. We clearly have a problem, when our run game falls flat. When we talk about a superbowl run, we have to fix that, because we need 12 wins, and more fallback plans vs very good defenses.

          Maybe this is due to the TEs being the players they are. Dissly was quite okay as a slot target. So, bottom line, I can see a role for Isabella (whose comparison is Julian Edelman), equally for McLaurin. Both kids are ballers. They are R4-5 players due to Zierleins list, which I completely agree to, and R2 is massive overpay in either way.

          In fact, I would completely trade out of R2. The talent cliffs are around #25, then around #150. A late round kicker, maybe Khalen Saunders in R6, and we habe pretty much nailed it.

          Btw, Zierlein doesn’t even rate Tanner Muse, S, Clemson. I think, he is an intriguing late round/UDFA target. What’s your opinion about him?

          • Rob Staton

            You might not be interested in debating whether we would use such a weapon. But it’s integral in working out who they will/won’t draft.

            I don’t think we have a problem when the running game falls flat. The win against Carolina showed they can easily adjust and throw to win. Just because they lost their last game against Dallas playing poorly and without an effective running game doesn’t mean they have a big problem to solve. It means they played like crap against Dallas and the Cowboys deserved to win.

            Andy Isabella is not the solution. He takes forever to get a release, his hands are tiny and it showed in the Senior Bowl practises. Drop after drop. They haven’t drafted anyone like Isabella previously. They wouldn’t sign Edelman if he was a free agent. And Russell Wilson isn’t Tom Brady, standing tall in the pocket and throwing the kind of passes to make an Edelman an effective weapon. We’ve watched Wilson for seven seasons now. We know what he can and can’t do. Throwing quickly over the middle to tiny receivers is never going to work for him. He needs shifty outside receivers who can get deep and win quickly to create separation on a short/intermediate level. If they ever draft a taller, bigger wide receiver it will still likely be someone who runs a 4.4 (eg Kris Durham — 6-6, 216lbs, 4.46 runner). They need that separation because Wilson is a conservative QB playing in a conservative scheme that values explosive plays — not a slow death 4-8 yard pass scheme with 40 or 50 throws.

            I haven’t studied Muse.

            • Eburgz

              I think your selling Isabella way short.

              “The following statistics are not made up: 14 catches for 705 yards and nine touchdowns (On Deep Balls in 2018). Isabella’s not just your run-of-the-mill slot receiver who dinks and dunks through zone coverage. He’s a true threat down the field and leads the nation’s receivers with a ridiculous 50.4 yards per reception on passes targeted at least 20 yards downfield. His ability to get open down the field is almost second to none and the skill he possesses to separate from defenders has led to 16.4 yards after the catch per reception.”

              I think he’s a fine fit. He’s a lot like our 2 best receivers Lockett and Baldwin. Smaller guy who creates lots of separation and can burn you going deep. He also has special teams value as a returner. Tyler has small hands, didn’t stop him from having a perfect passer rating when targeted. Didn’t stop Isabella from catching 102 balls and 13 touchdowns last season.

              You state the senior bowl as reason to dislike but he was literally named the north’s most outstanding player. the most outstanding player on the allstar team roster. I saw a bad drop day 1, not “drop after drop”. Maybe trying too hard on a couple of his routes early in the week with too many unnecessary steps and head fakes but the practices weren’t all bad and the game was really good. McLaurin had a drop in the game that should have been a touchdown, I still think he is a great fit though.

              • Rob Staton

                As I said he had a productive game and that’s where he got his praise. I watched the work outs and I was not impressed at all. I don’t see a fit in seattle. It’s one thing to have long speed and it’s another to be sudden, to get into a release quickly and create separation. Seattle doesn’t draft tiny receivers who have long speed and not suddenness and can’t compete for the ball in the air.

                I don’t get everything right but I will frankly be stunned if he’s drafted by seattle.

            • McZ

              I don’t want to debate it, because it’s a coaching and gameplan problem, not a draft problem. The Hawks are struggling vs halfway competent defenses. Any talk about a SB run is pointles, if they continue to fall short iof ideas how to crack tough nuts.

              Russell Wilson is currently transitioning to a more pocket centric scheme. He has to, in order to stay relevant with his quickness declining. Also, having only deep ball targets requires you to stay longer in the pocket. Which in nowadays NFL will inevitably lead to higher pressure and sack numbers. Of course, it also drives down pass attempts, which you then can label “conservative”.

              I don’t want to reopen the debate, if RW is still the best solution to our QB problem. I think, he is the best QB we ever had the pleasure to watch in a Seahawks dress, and I would love to have him end his career in Seattle in HoF fashion. For this, they have to develop more attack vectors.

              Your opinion about Isabella stands, I get that. The chance he’ll get drafted is tiny. It’s a bit harsh to value players because of one day at the Senior Bowl, but that’s the name of the game. To me, he is like Ben Burr-Kirven, hell of a motor, low floor, high ceiling… a risky pick. If he is there late R4, go get him.

              I could equally live with picking McLaurin, whose floor is higher, but IMO also has a lower ceiling. The thing is, I can see so many teams jumping on McLaurin, that he will walk late R2. This is to steep an asking price.

              That said, we should also have an eye on the WVU receivers.

              • Rob Staton

                1. It’s not coaching or gameplan and neither is it a problem. The Seahawks have a 5-10 quarterback. You can’t expect short passes over the middle to a tiny slot receiver. If they were able to win that way Baldwin would do it. They can’t. We’ve seen years of Wilson as evidence of this by now.

                2. Wilson is the best QB for us. Just because he can’t throw to a tiny slot receiver. I can live without that forever given his many many many talents elsewhere. They just had the second best season of offense in franchise history. Don’t focus on one small thing they don’t do.

                3. McLaurin is five times the prospect Isabella is IMO. So much quicker in his release. He tore the Senior Bowl DB’s to shreds. So did Deebo Samuel. Isabella did not. Again, he’s a long speed runner. Not a short area suddenness type who gets quickly into his release. That is a massive problem at his size because he won’t be able to win contested catches.

                4. I’m not just judging Isabella on his display at Mobile. But it’s a huge part of the process especially for a small school type. And there were bad things that showed up. He took forever to get a release and his tiny hands kept dropping the ball. You can’t just ignore that. It’s why the Senior Bowl happens. To me he’s someone a team like the Pats might look at on day three. Seahawks? We know better by now. They’ve never drafted anyone like this or utilised anyone like this.

    • McZ

      And, btw, N’keal Harry… no grade by Zierlein. Seems, someone read Robs rubbing.

      • McZ

        Umm, seems that the ratings are still not complete. So I may be wrong here.

  2. Coleslaw

    Havent read the piece yet, but Kam Chancellor gets guaranteed money tomorrow if hes still on the roster, what are we doing?!

    Also Jonathan Stewart will again be a free agent, after spending a year basically not playing. He could be a guy we go for if we cant keep Mike Davis, maybe a little cheaper, little more of a goal line style instead of Davis’ all around style. Stewart is a good pass protector though and Penny will likely play the do it all role more often this year. Stewart could be a really nice goal line and short yardage back on those long, clock killing drives when Penny and Carson get tired, and could compliment either of them well as a 2nd back in case of injury to one of them. I like to think we’ll have at least 3 RBs that we feel comfortable starting on the roster, whether its Davis, a FA or a draft pick, I expect that 100%

    • charlietheunicorn

      I believe they would take a much larger cap hit if they cut him right now, but if they do it after tomorrow, they could designate him a post-June cut and spread the cap hit out until next year (2020). This would give them more flexibility in the long run.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Why do you think Jon Stewart would be cheaper than Mike Davis????????????

      Really really strange thing to say.

      2 year ago he signed a 2 year 2.8M contract and the option wasnt picked up.

      “Coach Carroll… I just really think we need to age our RB corps by 10 years for a potential minor saving and a lot of lot of baggage while also getting rid of a very serviceable talent that has done everything we’ve asked of him”

      • Coleslaw

        Because I expect Davis to get like $4M a year from someone like Tampa Bay. You’re right he would be great to bring back, I dont see it happening. I did say “if we cant keep Davis”.

        • Rob Staton

          I’d let the draft play out personally. Some good mid/late round options this year rather than early picks. If Rodney Anderson lasts I’d be all over that.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Stewart has retired. It’d be a hard pass from me if he hasn’t.

      Kam’s Deadline tomorrow I read is a red herring based on injury guarantees.

      • Saxon

        I hated the idea of resigning Chancellor due to his age, injury issues, and style of play. I really hope that the Seahawks front office shifts its personnel philosophy in two ways: 1) Dont mortgage the future by trading picks for rentals 2) Don’t pay big $$ on third contracts to aging vets. The Lynch and Chancellor contracts really hurt our cap flexibility.

        • Rob Staton

          I think you’ve already received your wish. The Duane Brown trade will likely be the last of its ilk. And they’re not giving Earl Thomas a third contract. I think the key there is to be selective with third contracts. Wagner and Wilson, for example, deserve them. Others they can part with.

  3. all i see is 12s

    Rob, Thank you once again for the great write-up. I cant even begin to tell you how much I appreciate this blog. You are 2nd to none on the Seahawks draft beat. Frankly, if I only read your site, it would probably keep me more than sufficiently up to speed.

    Quick story. My work recently moved me from Seattle to Denver. Its killing me-I had a lovely view of the Sound and Century Link from my desk… Anyway. Listening to the local radio here is quite a sad affair. As you all know, they have a passionate fan base here- not by 12 standards, but as passionate as one can be who doesn’t get to cheer for the Seahawks. These local radio personalities realize their complete and total lack of choices at QB for the future. Foles, Flacco, Bridgewater, Tannehill or role the dice on a very iffy rooky class. Even Murray, might not WANT to even play for Denver- what kind of poetic justice would that be if Murray pulled the maneuver that Elway originated and spited the embattled GM? Tese people are legitimately sad… they cant seem to get excited about any of these guys. Locke seems to be the greatest hope at the moment. Still, luke warm. Between the lack of QB and this group of Italian coaches… (sorry, but it is kind of funny that almost there who coaching staff is Italian sans the one Polack) these people seem a bit lost without much real hope.

    All this to say, despite only having four picks this year (yes I know we’ll get more), we are very fortunate to be in this position to even be considering drafting a luxury backup/future starter/trade bait QB. With Wilson firmly in hand for at least the next three seasons, it keeps us among the rich in the league, and we don’t have to feel the way these poor Denver fans feel here.

  4. Coach

    I saw the Falcons released K Matt Bryant. I’d love to see the Hawks sign him to a 3 year deal and get a kicker who is one of the best in the league again!


    Go Hawks!!

    • teejmo

      … You do realize that he’s even older than Janikowski, right?

      • BobbyK

        Have you seen some of the picture on the internet about Ken Stabler and what he looked like near the end of his career (an old man) and how he was so much older looking than Tom Brady today?

        Janikowski is like Stabler and Matt Bryant is actually in shape. The guy is so big he gets hurt kicking.

  5. charlietheunicorn

    The underwear Olympics official list, courtesy of

  6. Kenny Sloth

    Will Grier’s not got a plus arm?

    Since when? Sounds like a platitude to me.

    Dude has a cannon. An accurate one too. Let’s not mince words with the “lack of elite this that and the other”

    Dude identifies the open play and lets it fly w accuracy. Rarely ever see the guy underthrow and he’s never throwing his entire body into it like Justin Herbert’s Goff-like arm.

    He’s not Trevor Lawrence (that kid has me absolutely drooling), but he can throw from different angles and hit every NFL throw (outside of magic Patrick’s side-arm no-look).

    • C-Dog

      My thoughts, as well. Thought it was kinda funny that was brought up as a big issue. He looks like he’s got enough arm, and I think most offensive minded coaches would take plus accuracy over plus arm strength any day of the week, especially if the quarterback can throw with timing and anticipation, move the safeties, etc. Brees and Brady and Manning were never touted for their arm strengths. I think Grier is interesting, especially if he doesn’t need to be the guy right away.

      I’m not in love with this QB class but if Rob is right and Seattle is set to draft one and won’t be in on Murray, Haskins, or Lock sweepstakes, I’d much rather roll the dice on Grier than Jones, Finley or Stidham. Dude is not lacking in confidence or moxie and that can go a long way with the right coaching.

    • McZ

      If he was on a SEC program, the same pundits would wet their pants over his arm.

      As it stands, he was the defining player in what was a centennial WVU team. His leadership is underappreciated, instead, he’s getting fire for one fumble vs Oklahoma, the game he kept his team in contest with two absolute bombs, and two determined drives to the 1yd line.

      If I look at the draft board, I struggle to find a single QB out of Murray and occasionally Haskins, that showed a better on-field presence.

      He needs to learn, a lot. But he has the work ethics, where Paxton Lynch and lots of other guys have not. I would wish him more than a fix-the-Wilson-contract-soap role. Hope, he lands with the Chargers.

  7. Bob

    Murray is not Russell. He may be faster and niftier but he’s no Wilson. Russell is built to take hits, lots of hits. Murray is 2 inches shorter and doesn’t have the long arms like RW.

    Also, Murray would not be a fan favorite like RW. He’s not a nice person, he’s arrogant and really a jerk. Russell is beloved by the fans and Seattle community and his team mates.

    Not to worry. Murray will be drafted early like Simmons and will never be in the Hawk conversation.

    • Rob Staton

      Please don’t call people jerks.

      You don’t know Murray well enough to assert that.

    • Ishmael

      Lot of reaching in there. Least of all that Wilson is beloved by fans and teammates.

      • BobbyK

        Except Richard Sherman. He doesn’t seem to care for Wilson much.

        I saw that interview with Murray and had some definite red flags come to mind, but I never once thought he was a “jerk.” If anything, I felt bad for him – but it did have me wondering if it’s someone I’d want as the face of my franchise if I were an NFL GM. I’ve always had a separate set of rules for the QB position and don’t care if a CB, TE, long snapper or whoever isn’t a great interview, but there’s something about the most important position in all of professional sports that has me a bit worried about him in the spotlight of the NFL like that. If my job was on the line, I’d have a problem putting all my eggs into one basket like that.

  8. millhouse-serbia

    Guys from thedraftnetwork are just joke. They have Deionte Thompson as 3rd or 4th best player on their big boards and on top 10 player rankings by position he is 2nd best safety behind Adderley.

    I would live to ask them how is that possible?

    They have done big boards at first half of january and positional rankings at start of february, so they change their opinion because of what? Oh right, they saw DJ’s, Lance’s etc mocks and bigboards.

    Copy/paste guys.

    The thing i appreciate the most at you Rob, is that you have your opinion and you stick with it till the end.

    • Rob Staton

      Plus I don’t call myself the chief operating officer of Seahawks Draft Blog.

      Or ‘director of communications’

      Or ‘Lead National scout’

      • Sea Mode

        But darn it, if by putting up a facade like that they managed to get access to CFB all-22, then kudos to them for doing whatever it takes. That would be my dream for you, Rob, way over going to the Senior Bowl/Combine. Imagine the jump in quality the blog would be able to make.

        I asked Jim Nagy and he said it’s basically impossible:

        Jim Nagy

        Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult. It was a four month process to get added to the college video contract by the league office. Access is essentially restricted to the 32 NFL clubs.

        1:29 PM – 1 Feb 2019

        But still, there are a few individuals who somehow manage to get access. Calling all SDB members: does anybody “know anybody” who in turn might know someone, etc., who could help Rob out?

        • Kenny Sloth


    • Volume12

      It’s possible because it’s their opinion? The whole draft process itself is extremely fluid.

      • Rob Staton

        Anything is possible when your Chief Operating officer, Chief strategy officer, Chief administrative officer and Chief brand officer are all singing from the same hymn sheet.

    • RealRhino2

      This is pretty much a trash take and not really fair. I don’t know why you feel the need to throw shade at those guys unless it’s to suck up to Rob for some reason. Just strange.

      First, there are something like five different guys providing analysis, so different writers will have different opinions. The guys that have Thompson as their number two safety prospect don’t have him as high up on their big boards. Second, lots of people will rank players one way initially and then change as they finally get To watching more tape or getting other information. The positional rankings are more recent than those early cracks at a big board. DJ, Mayock, et al. also move guys around.

      One of their guys, Joe Marino, finished first in the huddle reports yearly draft analyst contest as the most accurate mock drafter a couple of years ago. His average score would put him number three among be hundred or so guys that participate in the contest over the past handful of years. Higher than Mayock, Zierlein. Another one of their guys would be ranked about 15th out of 100.

      Everybody gets it wrong on guys every year, nobody’s perfect. There’s no reason to trash people who actually put in the work and do their best to offer analysis.

      • Rob Staton

        You know what could also be called a trash take, Rhino? You hammering Millhouse because he doesn’t rate a different website.

        As far as I’m concerned he’s more than welcome to discuss and critique what others are saying. Especially when, as a group, they’ve given each other titles like “Chief operating officer”.

        • dragonhawk

          first time poster. rob love this website but when some one has differing views to yourself why do you feel the need to hammer them . i’m sure you have a job title with the BBC

          • Rob Staton

            I do work for the BBC. Not sure what that has to do with anything.

            I don’t ‘hammer’ anyone on here. I’m forthright and honest. I also work very hard to keep us on point. Not that I get everything right. Far from it. But we get a lot right, more than most Seahawks sites I’d say, and own what I/we don’t get right.

            This is mostly because we don’t travel down rabbit holes and do pay attention to what PCJS have done in the past, the shape of the current team and what they reveal in press conferences.

            The best and most amiable Seahawks conversation on the internet happens here for a reason and it’s not a coincidence or slice of luck. I’m not going to change now. We’ve had 10 years of a good run. The moment I felt like I had to change, I’d stop doing this blog.

        • RealRhino2

          I agree in part. I was a bit harsh. My dander was up, as the old folks might say.

          But there is a VAST difference between saying you think their analysis is poor so you don’t rate them highly and saying that they don’t even do their own work and just crib off their “betters”.

          That’s not fair play in my opinion, particularly since it’s easily seen to be false with even a little more than a cursory glance at their work.

          • Rob Staton

            Fair enough. That’s not unfair of you to call that out.

            I personally haven’t spent much time on that site.

  9. RWIII

    There are a lot of good players in this draft. There probably isn’t the much of a difference between the 21st pick and let’s say the 40th pick. John Schneider needs to trade down a couple of times. It’s amazing how John Schneider finds good players in the middle rounds. It’s incredible. Schneider needs to come away with at least 7 picks in this draft.

    Also I would not be surprised if their 1st pick was a player on the offensive side of the football(playmaker or Wil
    Grier) Then after an offensive player go heavy defensive defense. I

  10. RWIII

    Food for thought. We know that Pete Carroll & Co. produces cornerbacks the way Budweiser produces beer. With that being said. Let’s say John Schneider and co. finds a cornerback or two in the next couple of drafts. I could see a possibility of the Hawks moving Tre Flowers back to Free Safety.

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t see it.

      Flowers is the prototype for them based on size

    • Sea Mode


      Sorry, but why would they even consider this? Whence the obsession with converting our guys away from positions they are successful in? Flowers back to S? Britt back to G/T? Why??

      What’s next? Fant back to TE? I just don’t get it, even as “food for thought”.

      Pete’s CB factory just means they keep churning through raw prospects to see if any of them turn out, but very few actually stick. When you finally find one that does, you don’t just turn around and convert him to S, you try to get him beyond “serviceable starter” up to Pro Bowl level… at CB!

      • Kemoarps

        I think the hypothetical presented here was more a scenar where: over the next couple of years they take their annual later round corner project and actually hit on a couple of them rendering Flowers as the 3rd or 4th best CB on the team (personally I don’t see this as likely as I really like Flowers as a prospect, but I digress). Could he then potentially transition back to his original safety position and be the FS this team needs?
        Again, I don’t see it being a likely situation to play out, but the hypothetical is certainly there.

      • GoHawksDani

        Actually, Fant as a TE would be cool. Thin him out just a little bit and make him stronger (like Carson, just bigger). If the turf-monster cannot catch him no one could!

        But jokes aside. I hope they’ll work out him a bit as a TE. He’ll be an inline blocker at least 90% of the time. But running a route sometimes could really surprise defences.

        Flowers would be a bad/mediocre FS. He cannot track the ball and he’s not that fast. Doesn’t have a good feel for the game. He’s more like a press corner. If Hawks draft 2.3 CB and they’ll be better than Flowers, they’ll sit Flowers or trade him

    • Volume12

      Moving the guy who played safety in college back to the position that wasn’t a fit a for him at the next level?

  11. McZ

    On Kyler Murray…
    “Teams drafting him need to have the right coordinator and must be committed to framing their offense specifically to Murray’s strengths and weaknesses, which could require additional roster re-configuration. ”

    “He’s a special athlete, but it takes more than that. We just don’t know with him because he’s had one year in the Big 12 with a great system. I like him, but I wouldn’t be ready to risk my job for him yet.”

    Which translates into: he will get drafted by a team having nothing to loose plus an environment, that is still reconfiguring. Teams that spring to mind: Giants, Dolphins, Jaguars. Giants would be a really interesting spot.

    Btw, I had a weird dream about the Pats trading up to #5, drafting Dwayne Haskins.

    • cha

      I will be supremely disappointed if the team that drafts Murray tries to fit him into a stodgy box-oriented offense. Would be a waste of his talent.

      A great model is the way Andy Reid tailored his offense in transitioning from Alex Smith to Mahomes.

    • SoCal12

      Oakland would be really interesting since Gruden is basically building his team from scratch. I don’t know if him and Greg Olsen are progressive enough to take advantage of Murray’s skills, but I wouldn’t put it past him to try, especially with a new hometown they have to excite on the horizon.

      Seeing Wilson-lite behind another Tom Cable line might give me ‘Nam flashbacks though…

  12. Georgia Hawk

    One of the biggest things I thought should be high on the list for the Hawks to address this off season was Edge contain.

    I hadn’t really looked at him before, but I’m now firmly on the L.J.Collier or bust train!!


  13. McZ

    Had a look at the big board, with a lot of players still not even rated (Isaiah Prince, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, Parris Campbell, Hunter Renfrow, Ben Burr-Kirven, N’keal Harry,…), so any pick can still slide.

    The only 2nd round targets I’m interested in:
    #35 Mack Wilson, LB
    #41 Taylor Rapp, S
    #57 Rock Ya-sin, CB

    3rd-5th round targets:
    #69 Trayvon Mullen, CB
    #82 Zach Allen, DE
    #86 Chase Winovich, DE
    #87 Yodny Cajuste, T
    #90 Te’von Coney, LB
    #96 Will Grier, QB
    #97 Michael Deiter, G
    #102 Germaine Pratt, LB/FS
    #103 Andy Isabella, WR
    #104 Renell Wren, DL
    #109 Jalen Jelks, DE
    #114 Marvell Tell, S
    #121 Terry McLaurin, WR
    #133 Myles Gaskin, RB
    #134 Drew Sample, TE
    #144 Jonathan Ledbetter, DL
    #151 Terry Godwin, WR
    #159 Justin Hollins, DE

    Plus a lot of blog darlings behind them!
    Bottom line: we can afford to trade down to late 2nd, even early 3rd, and accumulate 3rd-5th round picks in the process. In fact, I’m not sure it is even desirable to pick in 2nd round.

    • Georgia Hawk

      I don’t understand why so many people want Rapp on the Hawks so badly (not saying you specifically, but several people have mocked him to us high in the draft). I don’t see the fit. He is a SS/LOS type player, which we have a good one in McD and an adequate backup on a rookie contract in Hill. Even with the musical chairs possibilities between the 2 Safety spots, I don’t see the fit for Rapp. I just don’t think his value at that spot is good for the Hawks, knowing other needs and players available.

      • Aaron

        A lot of fans project him as a FS and of course a decent portion of the fanbase think that T2 needed to be replaced yesterday so there’s that. I would love to see a player or two added for depth or competition, but we aren’t exactly looking for a starting FS or SS or even CB for that matter (maybe Nickel if Coleman leaves in FA). I’m more concerned about DE and LB than the secondary.

      • McZ

        I can see, that Rapp as a Washington State native, half Asian and Husky prospect he fills a feel good aspect. He brings a lot of football IQ to the table, and fills that backfield general role, we hitherto had with ET.

        If I could get Germaine Pratt early R4, I cannot see the value here. In fact, I could get Pratt, Isabella and Tell instead of picking at #41.

  14. GoHawksDani

    Couple of players I find intriguing:

    Germaine Pratt:
    Good cover LB. He could be the successor of KJ/Kendricks in a couple of years while learning WILL LB completely (turned LB from S). If we could get him in round 4th, I’d be super pumped, but he might go earlier

    Isaiah Johnson:
    Everything screams Hawks CB. Long, rangy, knows the kick step. Needs some polishment and better technique, but WR convert, so decent ball skills too. Also would be awesome in the 4th round, but he might go earlier.

    Deebo Samuel:
    He’s my WR draft crush. Well built player. Not supersonic speed, but quick and can move well. He might be available in the 2nd round.

    Chase Winovich:
    He might be among the bests of the rest (of the DL). He’s not a top10-15 talent, but he’s “all about football”. A safe bet in the 3rd round maybe? Not a really high ceiling, but we burnt ourselves with those guys (Harvin, McDowell, etc) before (and you won’t find a safe and high ceiling guy in the later rounds)

    Daniel Wise:
    More or less the same. Nothing Aaron Donald-like, but he can be worked with and maybe able to step into the rotation day 1. Potentially 4th round guy

    These 2 guys the exact opposite of Wren. While they’re safer bets but less interesting prospects, Wren has a high upside but also a question mark. Wren will probably be drafted earlier than them.

    Another DL guy: Oshane Ximines:
    He’s also a value-pick at 3rd/4th in my opinion. There’s a talent dropoff between clear first round guys (Busa, Williams, Allen, Gary, etc) and early second guys (Sweat, Jones, Burns, Walker). And that dropoff is huuuge compared to 2nd round and 3rd/4th round guys (in my opinion).

    So currently I think I’d rather take O# than D# in the second round…unless someone drops.

    If we’d trade back a couple of times and end up something like:
    2nd (mid second around 44-45th pick), 3rd, 3rd, 4th, 4th, 5th, 5h

    I’d try to target these players (in this order):
    2nd round: Deebo, McLaurin, Mack Wilson, Grier
    3rd round: Isaiah Johnson, Parris Campbell, Germaine Pratt, Winovich, Ximines, Deiter, Wise, Renfrow, Rock Ya-Sin, Wren, Walker, Ryan Finley, Andy Isabella,
    4th: Okereke, Daylon Mack, Ledbetter, Terrill Hanks
    5th: Banogu, Fulgham, Drew Sample, Saunders, Wesco, Ingold

  15. clbradley17

    At the end of the recent Locked on NFL Draft top 10 at each defensive position podcast, one of the hosts talked about 6’2″ 200 lb. safety Malik Gant of Marshall, and had almost nothing negative to say about him. Could be a day 3 option if he doesn’t run an extremely fast 40 – last year the safety from Southern Miss. Tarvarius Moore ran in the 4.3s at his pro day and was drafted in the 3rd by the 49ers.

    He said he had been looking at tape of Gant and he’s a great tackler, comes up against the run and is good in coverage, only detraction was that he too often goes for the big hit instead of the interception, although he had 2 int. in 2018. He had 100 tackles in 2017 as a soph., and had 95 this past year before declaring for the draft as a RS junior. Looks very fast and a hard hitter on the tape I’ve seen, want to see how he runs, etc. at the combine or his pro day.

    • Wall Up

      I didn’t notice your post about Malik before posting mine. I’m sure he won’t go unnoticed in this draft. All the more reason for trading down in order to get more picks. I seriously doubt he will be an UDFA.

  16. millhouse-serbia

    I watched some Grier’s interviews and only thing i dont like about him is his hair style.

  17. RWIII

    Tre FLowers: Free safety? Why not. Let’s say the Hawks find a cornerback they like in the 5th round. Now they have three cornerbacks Griffin, Flowers, (Hypothetical player). Plus they resign Justin Coleman. Let’s say they draft another cornerback they like in the 5th (2020). Now they have 5 cornerbacks. Why not move Flowers to FS? With Flowers at FS you have the best of both worlds. You have a FS that can play cover cornerback. To me it makes more sense to draft cornerbacks in the 5th. Instead of selecting a Free Safety in the first/second. Pete Carrol have proven time and time again that they can find cornerbacks in the later rounds.

    The transition from cornerback to safety is one that is becoming increasingly popular across NFL defenses. . We are dealing in hypotheticals here. Is it likely to happen. Probably not. But you cannot say it will never happen. Pete Carroll/John Schneider have a history of thinking outside the box.

    • Rob Staton

      Why is this even a talking point though?

      We’ve just seen Tre Flowers have an excellent rookie season at corner. It’ll be the last thing on their minds to switch him to safety. He has the prototype frame for a Seahawks corner. And he played well there. There’s absolutely no reason to consider him switching back to safety.

      I don’t get this at all.

    • WALL UP

      It may be best to have improvements be made to the safety positions, if it is warranted, with other safety prospects, instead. There are a few in the draft that might be intriguing to JS & PC in late Rds, or as UDFAs. On such example is Malik Gant. He even wears #29.

      “Gant is a Washington D.C. native who attended the same high school as former Marshall and NFL quarterback Byron Leftwich (now the offensive coordinator for the Buccaneers). He redshirted the 2015 season as a walk-on and then played in all 12 games as a reserve the following year (six tackles). Coaches gave him a scholarship before the 2017 season, and he repaid them with a second-team All-Conference USA performance (100 tackles, 6.5 for loss, five pass breakups in 12 games with 10 starts). Gant was named Marshall’s team MVP after the 2018 season and also received first-team all-conference honors after making 95 tackles, nine for loss, intercepting two passes and breaking up eight others.” – Lance Zierlein

      There times when he does miss a gaps, and subsequent tackle, as in th 2:00 minute mark. But the talent is there. Even #29 had to be reigned in by Pete initially, during his rookie season. No he’s not Earl, there will perhaps never be another #29. But, this kid has a lot to work with. He even started by wearing 29.

    • Sanders

      Flowers was strong safety in college not a FS. I don’t think he has the skill set to be a good single high safety in our defensive scheme. I doubt he would be an upgrade over Tedric Thompson.

      If Coach Carrol wants an Earl Thomas type of athlete at FS, then Shaquill Griffin would be the corner to covert to FS. Griffin has elite initial quickness and 4.3 speed, so he would make a lot more sense to covert than Flowers. Also, Flowers had a better year at CB than Griffin did this past year.

      That said, it’s more likely to convert a college CB to FS. I could see Coach Carol drafting Mississippi State CB Jamal Peters and converting him to FS. Jamal Peters is said to be an elite athlete and he can be had in the middle rounds of the draft.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t really understand all this talk about converting players to safety. They’ve never done it.

        And in Hill & McDougald the two starters appear to be on the roster already.

      • GoHawksDani

        Yeah, but Griffin’s worst issue is that he has no reads and can be beaten easily by some misdirection and good route running. He was beaten deep a couple of times…despite his speed. I’d rather take a 4,4-4,5 FS with amazing instincts than a 4,3 who lacks that

  18. charlietheunicorn

    People need to relax on Murray. His game is more similar to Mahomes than RWs, but his height is why they constantly get compared. As you can see, if he is able to become 7/8ths of what the previous 2 QBs mentioned have become in the NFL…. he will be way better than 75% of the starters right now.

    He needs to be in the right system and needs a play caller that is not afraid to innovate and be creative with him. He will never be a drop back passer, per sai. The Rams or eagles seem like nice fits (play caller wise)…. he also needs a strong team around him, allowing him to maximize his gifts. This is what should definitely be mirrored from the time RW was drafted.

    If Murray puts in the time, to build up his body, he can have increased durability and that should not be a problem. And as long as he can slide and not take big hits, he should be good as well.

    • Rob Staton

      Mahomes is definitely a better comp for Murray.

  19. charlietheunicorn

    Rob (and the gang),

    There is some recent internet heat to the DE Sweat going top 15 now?

    Do you think that is too rich or does his measurables boost his stock from possible late 1st up to the top 15 ?? A knock your socks off combine solidify him as a top 15 pick??

    • Rob Staton

      It’s hard to say. He has to answer questions about his departure at Michigan State and we need to see how he tests at the combine. I think his stock could still go either way.

  20. WALL UP

    Those that did well during the Senior bowl naturally will benefit from it, with increased buzz. Missing out on those is inevitable for a team having limited picks at their disposal. But there is talent available in late Rds, and UDFAs. It’s another Malik, Mr. Carney.

    “He started all 12 games in 2017, again leading the Heels with 5.5 sacks among his 57 stops, 12 for loss. Carney was suspended for four games his senior year because he sold team-issued shoes for spending money, but he excelled when he was in the lineup, posting 60 tackles, 12.5 for loss, 6.5 sacks, and five forced fumbles. The 0.81 sacks per game and five forced fumbles would have been among the nation’s leaders, but he did not play in the minimum 75 percent of UNC’s games to qualify.”- Lance Zierlein

    Watching him play reminded me a bit of Avril, as he’s always going after the ball, to strip it. He was successful (5) times in (8) games played. The 0.81 ratio for SPG was also an indicator of the potential that can be had as a late Rd/UDFA. He’s one I’ll be keeping an eye on as well.

    • WALL UP

      Here’s the other Malik that I was referring to, Malik Gant #29. It was somehow lost on a previous post. Apologies, if it does reappear.

      “Gant is a Washington D.C. native who attended the same high school as former Marshall and NFL quarterback Byron Leftwich (now the offensive coordinator for the Buccaneers). He redshirted the 2015 season as a walk-on and then played in all 12 games as a reserve the following year (six tackles). Coaches gave him a scholarship before the 2017 season, and he repaid them with a second-team All-Conference USA performance (100 tackles, 6.5 for loss, five pass breakups in 12 games with 10 starts). Gant was named Marshall’s team MVP after the 2018 season and also received first-team all-conference honors after making 95 tackles, nine for loss, intercepting two passes and breaking up eight others.”- Lance Zierlein

      You probably notice the similarities as well, with another #29. No, he is not Earl, nor will there ever be another ET. But, there is a lot to work with here. Even Earl had to be reigned in by Pete during his 1st yr of tuteluge. In the 2:00 min mark of the following, shows #29 over shooting a gap and missing out an a tackle. Like Earl, the effort was there, and there is a lot to work with.

      Averaging almost 100 tackles each of the (2) seasons in which played in all (12) games shows how he is always around the ball. This is another Malik I hope JS & PC invites to the VMAC this spring.

      • BobbyK

        Malik talk scares me. I don’t know Watt types of flashbacks I have but they’re not good.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Might we worth a shot. If we hit on him, we will up our percentage to 50% on our Malik picks. 🙂

      • WALL UP

        The 3rd could be S Malik Gant #29, rJr out of Marshall. Both in the same neighborhood 7th/UDFA area. Check him out.

        • clbradley17

          Found this on S Malik Gant at Rotoworld:
          “This past season was his strongest yet for the Thundering Herd, as he logged 95 tackles (9.0 for loss), two interceptions and eight passes defensed in 13 games. He is an aggressive safety prospect who has shown out well in run-support during his time at Marshall. Gant will look to add bulk upcoming — he’s listed at 200 points on the school website, but the Herald Dispatch’s Grant Traylor believes that weight to be closer to 190 pounds — and will need to test well if he is to lock down a Day 3 slot.”

          New highlights video of Gant’s 2018 season:

          If he has the size/speed/arm length combination, could be another late round S to CB convert like Tre Flowers, has the run support they look for in a CB. Flies around the field and is a great tackler – bet he runs sub-4.5 at the combine, where he’ll be testing in 3 weeks. Here’s the complete combine invite list of all 338 players at

          • Wall Up

            I’ve been watching all of his games, in addition to the ones you posted. I didn’t realize that you had posted film on him earlier. I guess he’s earned the love shown.

            You sometime wonder why JS & PC make decisions to move on from certain talented core players, then you realize that they have thoughts of a replacement in the draft. Green for Bennett, Flowers for Sherman, are examples. Could Gant for ET, or dare I say Murray for Wilson be a transition of parts?

            It’s highly unlikely that the latter does occur. JS does plan ahead for eventual changes, whether we are ready for them or not. I think Gant may be one that will work in Pete’s scheme. If they had a 6th Rd pick, I’d use it for Mr. Gant’s services. I sure JS has his eye on #29.

            • clbradley17

              Kyler Murray has to show he’s committed to football by skipping A’s baseball, then he should go near the top of the draft. But as Rob has mentioned, even if he or anyone else slips some, we have so many needs and so few picks that we have to trade down to acquire several more. Believe that’s why he’s had QB Will Grier as an option if we pick a QB on day 2, he has shown he is adept at a variety of throws – mainly the deep ball, and has slipped after having a poor Senior Bowl along with most all of the other QBs there.

              Gant looks to be very fast and a great tackler, but as it says in the article you posted, no one is even close to ET, he is a generational talent and unfortunately because of the $ situation he won’t be back. And it seems Marshall frequently had Gant in more of a SS Kam Chancellor or even Deone Bucannon hybrid S/LB role, where he is used a lot to come up and stop the run or cover TEs. If he runs close to 4.4 at the combine and shows he can backpedal/turn and cover WRs there as well as he does TEs in these highlight clips, he could move up to early-mid day 3 or better. The draft podcast I listened to said he watched a lot of his tape and with his speed and tackling he could move right into a S rotation, possibly an option for us at backup or nickle/dime CB convert if he has near the measurables Flowers does. Says he’s 6’2″ 200 according to Marshall on his ESPN page, but he may accurately measure under 6′ 180 at the combine – we’ll see in 3 weeks.

              • WALL UP

                There is only one ET, without a doubt. But, I still think Malik could fit Pete’s scheme as single high FS. There were times when Earl flopped with Kam as Earl threw his body around. Malik could do so also with Bradley, or compete with Tedric to do so.

                At 6 – 0 200lbs, he could play nickel and cover TEs for now, if they lose Coleman, which probably will be the case. But his true position is at FS.

  21. Sea Mode

    Woo hoo! We got Jachai Polite in McShay’s Mock Draft 2.0! Dexter Lawrence was also available.

    (Also need to look into this Joejuan Williams. 6-3, 208, long press CB with ball skills. Received a Top 2 round grade from the NFL Advisory Committee per Rapoport. So probably well out of Seahawks range, but looks impressive nonetheless:

    Here’s the Seahawks pick:

    Well, the Seahawks, I think they need more pass rushers. Jachai Polite really came out of nowhere this year. He’s always been talented, but he finally put it all together as an edge rusher: he’s got speed, quickness, explosiveness.

    And from the article (Reddit *cough cough*):

    The Seahawks have a decent linebacker stable, but they could use an edge rusher. Polite recorded 11 sacks for the Gators last season, showing speed and slipperiness coming around the corner.

    Full mock and tidbits compiled from the YT video:

    1. Cardinals – DE Nick Bosa, Ohio St.
    2. 49ers – LB Josh Allen, Kentucky
    3. Jets – DE Rashan Gary, Michigan
    4. Raiders – DT Quinnen Williams, Alabama
    5. Buccaneers – OT Jonah Williams, Alabama
    6. Giants – QB Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State
    7. Jaguars – DT Jeffery Simmons, Mississippi State
    8. Lions – CB Greedy Williams, LSU
    9. Bills – OT Jawaan Taylor, Florida
    10. Broncos – CB Deandre Baker, Georgia
    11. Bengals – OT Cody Ford, Oklahoma
    12. Packers – LB Devin White, LSU
    13. Dolphins – QB Kyler Murray, Oklahoma
    14. Falcons – DT Ed Oliver, Houston
    15. Redskins – WR Marquise Brown, Oklahoma
    16. Panthers – DE Clelin Ferrell, Clemson
    17. Browns – DT Christian Wilkins, Clemson
    18. Vikings – DE Montez Sweat, Miss. St.
    19. Titans – TE TJ Hockenson, Iowa
    20. Steelers – LB Devin Bush, Michigan
    21. Seahawks – DE Jachai Polite, Florida
    22. Ravens – WR D.K. Metcalf, Ole Miss
    23. Texans – WR Joejuan Williams, Vanderbilt
    24. Raiders – WR A.J. Brown, Ole Miss
    25. Eagles – DT Dexter Lawrence, Clemson
    26. Colts – CB Trayvon Mullen, Clemson
    27. Raiders – RB Josh Jacobs, Alabama
    28. Chargers – DT Jerry Tillery, Notre Dame
    29. Chiefs – CB Byron Murphy, Washington
    30. Packers – DE Oshane Ximines, Old Dominion
    31. Rams – TE Irv Smith Jr., Alabama
    32. Patriots – DT Gerald Willis III, Miami

    – 21 defensive players (draft record)
    – Only 2nd draft since 2001 with no QBs in top 5 (2013)
    – 15 picks from SEC, no other conf. with more than 5
    – As many players from Old Dominion as entire Pac-12 (1)

    • Rob Staton

      FAO anyone who wants to read all the McShay/Kiper paywall stuff — I get access to it for free using the ESPN app on my phone. For some reason the articles appear in full there without any need to be a subscriber. Not sure why that is. But I’ve been able to read the full McShay and Kiper mocks, plus the big boards etc.

      • Sea Mode

        Nice. I use the same method for The Athletic to get free trial access to Feldman’s Freaks list and other every year.

        Also am becoming more interested in some of Brugler’s stuff.

        Jim Nagy

        @dpbrugler is good at what he does.

        8:59 AM – 5 Feb 2019

        • Volume12

          Feldman has his freak list behind a ‘paywall’ now?

      • millhouse-serbia

        At least I tried. 🙂

    • McZ

      The second half of the list shows such serious signs of overpay. Which basically is a good indication we will trade down to day two.

      Where I disagree is the QB situation. No QB-needy team can afford to let the first prospect fall to #6. I think, Giants and Broncos will inevitably trade up. AZ can ask a lot of bang, while loosing not too much from a talent perspective.

  22. Hocks

    Rob, besides QB, who’s one player you would be surprised starting falling but would be realistic to fall to our range? And are they good enough to not pass up on at #21? Is it T.J. Hockenson?Andre Dillard? Maybe even Dexter Lawrence?

    Every year it seems there’s at least 1 blue chip player who falls to that range.

    • Rob Staton

      It won’t be Hockenson. He’s a top-15 lock.

      Dillard maybe. Lawrence, I doubt but not going to rule it out. Polite could be there at #21. Montez Sweat. Some of the receivers. That’s what I’d suggest.

      There isn’t going to be a player at #21 who stops them moving down though. They can’t pick four times in this draft. They will move down and acquire picks for sure.

      • Simo

        Hopefully a blue chip player, or 2-3 of them, will drop to 21 causing multiple teams trying to move up to our spot. That’s a best case scenario given the inevitable trade down, with several teams competing for the chance to move up for Polite, Sweat, or another.

        • Rob Staton

          I think there could be a scramble for pass rushers, offensive linemen and receivers. All are needs for the Ravens at #22. Lucky for us the Ravens have a few clear needs.

  23. Sea Mode

    More names to rummage through if you’re looking to fill time as we wait for the Combine…

    Jim Nagy

    #seniorbowl “All-Nasty/Dog” Team (practice intensity):

    @OU_Football G Dru Samia*
    @BCFootball G Chris Lindstrom
    @KStateFB C/G/T Dalton Risner
    @PackFootball C Garrett Bradbury
    @TCUFootball DE L.J. Collier
    @FootballUGA DE Jon Ledbetter
    * denotes captain

    2:08 PM – 8 Feb 2019

    Jim Nagy

    #seniorbowl “Practice Standouts That Twitter Isn’t Talking About” Team:

    @ODUFootball WR T. Fulgham
    @UKFootball CB/FS M. Edwards
    @wyo_football DE C. Granderson
    @USUFootball TE D. Raymond
    @AggieFootball DE K. Keke
    @ClemsonFB CB M. Fields
    @WVUfootball TE/FB T. Wesco

    2:21 PM – 6 Feb 2019

  24. Sea Mode

    Yaaassss… I really like this guy. At the moment, he might be my favorite in the draft after McLaurin and maybe Wesco.

    Michael Dogbe

    Highlight Tape Coming soon🤫

    9:55 AM – 7 Feb 2019


    An article highlighting his attitude:

  25. clbradley17

    In case it gets overlooked above, here’s the complete combine invite list of all 338 players at

    • Sea Mode

      Freak athlete Dogbe a snub atm. Fly under the radar, my friend… all the way to Seattle!

      • clbradley17

        Dogbe played great all year for Temple and again in the Shrine game. “Michael Dogbe had a dominant Shrine Game week and showed off the interior rush moves that have teams excited about the 6’3″, 286-pounder. He has experience as an inside rusher but also did plenty of work as a 5-technique when Temple went to a three-man defensive line. During practices, one area scout praised Dogbe’s motor and ability to beat big blockers with a bull rush. His versatility as a defensive lineman and polished tools as a pass-rusher make him a solid selection—one who’s able to get onto an NFL field early.”

        Also snubbed was WR Penny Hart, who played great at Senior Bowl week, and RB Devine Ozigbo, who had a great Shrine game week, almost 1100 yards for Nebraska with a 7 yard avg. and 4.52 yards after contact per carry, good enough for 12th nationally.

  26. MJL

    Another “under the radar” guy the Hawks should consider for UDFA is Taiwan Deal (rb Wisconsin). Great size, burst and production for the Badgers..just couldn’t stay on the field (injury issues). I thought he actually outplayed J. Taylor at times this year.

  27. AndrewP

    Carl Granderson, DE, Wyoming, charged with sexual assault. You can probably remove his name from the draft board.

  28. millhouse-serbia


    Here is my email:

    Can you send your email on that adress, i want to tell you something.

  29. Volume12

    This N.Y Jets coaching staff sounds incredible.

    Blake Williams (Greg Williams son): was not well liked with the Rams. Yelled at a prospect during an IV at the combine last year and pissed off the rest of the staff. Would do other little things like sit in seats on the team bus reserved for senior members of the staff. Repeatedly.

    Greg Williams: a real toughie and adversary of Joe Vitt.

    Joe Vitt: the same guy who was involved with Blake’s dad during the Saints Bountygate back in ’12 and testified against. Who also happens to be Adam Gase’s father in law.

    Offensive coordinator: a grown man named Jim Bob.

    Adam Gase: and this god damn lunatic.

    • Rob Staton

      Poor Jets fans

    • Coleslaw

      I’m actually expecting them to get good again soon. They’re gonna sign Bell, watch them draft a top WR for Darnold, they already had a nice group, good OL. I think they’re going to become a real tough team again, defense, run the clock, let Darnold take you where he can. They’re pretty well set up in all aspects

      • Rob Staton

        Not if the coaches detest each other.

      • Volume12

        Set up to fail. Gase might be good for Darnold, but instead of hiring someone new and fresh in Temple’s Matt Rhule they decided to go with retreads.

      • Volume12


  30. Volume12

    Not saying this is a good or bad thing, just found it to be surprising. I saw today that ‘Bama RB Damien Harris never received more than 20 carries in a single game while there.

  31. Zeke

    What is your opinion on Antoine Wesley???

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t studied him, apologies.

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