Landry Jones: further tape, analysis to come

TMB Draft has done a good job grouping positive/negative tape from several games into packages such as below. I wanted to take a further look at Landry Jones (QB, Oklahoma). A lot of people are particularly high on Jones, but I’m still not completely convinced. He’s got the physical tools but plays completely within himself allowing a productive scheme to do the talking. Sam Bradford dominated in this scheme but still shone through it, whilst Jones has coasted along riding it’s coat tails.

That’s not to say Jones can’t have a big year in 2011 and solidify a solid first round grade. However, at the moment that’s in the balance and he’s not yet worthy of being put on the same plateau as Andrew Luck and Matt Barkley. He needs to be consistent, more accurate, take more chances and still limit the turnovers. It’s worth noting that the first game in the tape below is a blow out win against Florida State where Jones put on a clinic in easily his best performance of the year. I’ll put a bit more meat on these bones on Wednesday.


  1. FWBrodie

    Has that over the second level, under the third level, mid-range throw down. Good arm strength, lot of zip but very catchable, good arm angle and relatively quick release. Doesn’t show the deep ball much, but definitely has the arm for it. He did badly overthrow three guys against OKSt though. Short stuff seems inconsistent and lacking touch sometimes, although the quick throws to the outside are fine. Makes quick decisions, but also locks onto receivers very often. Good pocket presence. Willing to stand in and deliver. Also seems to be decently mobile, at least enough to rollout comfortably and evade pressure. Physical upside, developing accuracy, room for improvement making progressions and improvising based on the above video.

  2. ba_edwards24

    “Tough, intelligent signal caller that does a great job commanding and controlling the offense. Always on the same page as his receivers, displays great timing and competitive. Lacks great physical skills and a pocket passer that does not possess classic size or arm strength.” This is Tony Pauline of SI regarding Jones. He goes on to give him a 4th round grade. I disagree FWIW.

    • Rob

      I’ll have more on Jones either tonight or Wednesday. I think Pauline’s review is OTT because he’s worth more than a fourth rounder, but what it does do is open up a channel where by we can discuss Jones as anything but a sure fire first rounder which he is not IMO. There are things to like from a physical stand point but in terms of consistency, mechanics and being able to rely on the guy as someone who can thrive outside of system designed for mass production – we need to temper expectations. There are only two sure fire first round eligible QB’s – Luck and Barkley.

      • ba_edwards24

        Don’t you think that, while he may not seem like what we’re used to in a first round QB, he is much better than some QBs who have consistently gone in or around round 1? I think he’s as good of a prospect as Locker, not as good as Gabbert, certainly better than the other 3 QBs who went in or around rd 1 last year. Obviously the lockout created a need for QBs but still. He’s as good of a prospect as Flacco was. The value QBs is being inflated, so while I agree he doesn’t seem like a lock to be a franchise guy, I do think he’s a lock to be a first rounder.

        • Rob

          I think he’s better than Christian Ponder if that’s what you mean, but I understand why other guys such as Flacco/Locker went where they did. Locker was taken at #8 because of pure physical potential – his ability to move around and make plays with his legs, the arm strength to make every throw, the not awful mechanics. There’s a lot to work with, even if it’s mostly potential rather than proven ability. Flacco was raw but has one of the best arms in the NFL and is fairly accurate. Ponder was a complete brain freeze on behalf of Minnesota as was Cincy taking Dalton where they did.

          Jones has physical potential throwing the ball, but he has neither the all round athletic/physical package of Locker as a possible extreme playmaker or the elite arm strength of Flacco. He has good arm strength, but not a cannon. He’s not particularly mobile in the pocket. Can he cope without the short stuff that dominates his system? Pauline’s review is the extreme negative. I’m just not working from the extreme positive that he could be better than Luck/Barkley which I’ve seen suggested but for me is simply not true. Jones is at the head of a long line of QB’s eligible for next year that includes Cousins, Davis, Brantley, Lindley etc etc. With a great year, sure he’s a round one. Based on last year’s tape, I’m looking at R2-3 and the same areas as Kirk Cousins. But that’s why we play the game and of course he has the potential to make the necessary improvements.

  3. Jay

    Rob, in your honest opinion, how would you rank this draft class’ QB’s individually compared to the ones that have come before? Let’s just say from 09 to present. So like ranking Stafford, Sanchez, Bradford, etc, with one another. How good is Luck or Landry compared to Stafford or Bradford?

    • Rob

      Luck and Barkley are right up there with Bradford. Jones is in a tier that at this stage is worthy of a R2-3 grade.

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