Letroy Guion visits the Seahawks, what does it mean?

Per Rob Demovsky, the meeting was set up immediately after a case of marijuana possession against Guion was settled. According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel he paid a $5000 fine:

Seth Katz, Guion’s agent, said Guion won’t be prosecuted, and thus will not face probation or have a criminal record from his Feb. 3 arrest in Starke, Fla.

“The case was settled. Case closed,” Katz said. “Letroy’s relieved at this point. He’s relieved it’s behind him and he can focus on getting back to football.”

Guion was pulled over for a failure to maintain a single lane, at which point police found 357 grams of marijuana, a registered gun and $190,028.81 in cash. Guion has maintained the cash came from football paychecks.

Katz said Guion reached a plea deal Tuesday in which he paid a $5,000 fine, and as a first-time offender the charges were dismissed.

His record will be cleared as a consequence but he could still receive punishment from the league.

The Seahawks recently signed Ahtyba Rubin to a one-year contract carrying a $2.5m cap hit. According to Pete Carroll, talks continue with Kevin Williams. They’ve also been linked with the likes of Chris Canty — who re-signed with the Baltimore Ravens.

This could just be a review of the draft. Will they focus on receiver, the offensive line and cornerback in rounds 2-5? They’ve had more success adding veteran defensive lineman in free agency and the defensive tackle options in the middle rounds might not provide sufficient value.

It could also be a big hint that Brandon Mebane is going to have to lower his salary or face the axe. Mebane was arguably having a career year in 2014 before a hamstring injury ended his season.

Mebane’s cap hit is $5.7m in 2015 and he turned 30 in January. It’s the final year of his contract. In comparison, 28-year-old Terrance Knighton signed a deal in Washington with a $4.45m cap hit. With the Seahawks tight against the cap and needing to extend the contracts of Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner and J.R. Sweezy, Mebane’s salary is a little too rich.

Ultimately he can do a Zach Miller and add an extra year to the deal and spread out the hit. It gives him an opportunity to still earn a sizable amount in 2015 and potentially 2016 while staying with the Seahawks. He could, of course, stand his ground and force the team to make a decision. However, he’s not in the best bargaining position as he recovers from a serious hamstring problem.

Only two players predate the Carroll/Schneider era on Seattle’s roster — Mebane and Jon Ryan. This regime also gave Mebane his second contract in 2011. He’s been a consistent feature. At the right price I’m sure this wouldn’t be a talking point. At $5.7m it’s a talking point. Simply put, you can find good run stoppers at a cost-effective price.

Remember when the media thought Seattle’s run defense would collapse after Mebane went on I.R.? After a tough outing in Kansas City, Bobby Wagner returned and the rest is history. Seattle never played tougher or stouter. They coped with a combination of Kevin Williams and Tony McDaniel. As good as Mebane is, he’s not irreplaceable. You’d rather not lose him — but you’d rather not lose Chris Clemons a year ago. Sometimes it’s just a case of needs must.

Guion is 28 in June and 6-4, 315lbs. He was a fifth round pick by the Vikings in 2008. He started for the Packers last year after B.J. Raji tore a bicep in training camp. He excelled — recording 3.5 sacks and playing well against the run. Mike McCarthy certainly had a lot of praise for him after the regular season:

“I think Letroy has been everything we thought he was going to be. I’ve always had a lot of respect for Letroy in Minnesota. I think he’s come over to us, and I think he’s taken his game up a notch. He’s an excellent fit in the locker room, teammates love him, he’s an excellent teammate, and he’s a damn good football player.”

There’s no guarantee he signs in Seattle. The Packers remain interested and he could take further visits. However, the Seahawks might be able to get Rubin and Guion for the price of Mebane. They’ll save $5m against the cap if they part ways with Mebane and Rubin cost $2.5m in 2015. Two healthy, younger players or one Mebane?

It might not come to that of course. They could get both, restructure Mebane and have extremely good depth up front. They could consider cutting Tony McDaniel to save $3m. There are lots of options on the table.

Yet it’s Mebane’s contract that appears to be under the greatest threat. It’s also perhaps a further indication that receiver, guard and center will be the draft priorities.


  1. Mishima


  2. 'bout that action

    If we sign this guy our D-Line is getting fairly deep (lots of bodies, talent remains to be seen). This looks bad for keeping Mebane without a restructure.
    Avril, Cliff DE
    Bennett, Michael DE
    Dobbs, Demarcus DE
    King, David DE
    Marsh, Cassius DE
    Pericak, Will DE
    Scruggs, Greg DE
    Irvin, Bruce DE (passing downs)
    Cohen, Landon DT
    Hill, Jordan DT
    Mebane, Brandon DT
    Smith, D’Anthony DT
    Rubin, Ahtyba DT
    Williams, Jesse DT
    Greg Scruggs DT

    Did I miss any?

    • Steele1324

      Don’t forget Justin Renfrow, Ryan Robinson, Julius Warmsley and Jimmy Staten on reserves.

      • Greg Haugsven

        So what your saying is, we have DL coming out of our ass…lol

        • John_s

          We have bodies doesn’t necessarily mean we have depth.

          Outside of Avril, Bennett, Irvin, Hill the others are replaceable. I like Marsh hopefully he can make the 2nd year jump like hill.

          I haven’t seen Rubin much but Holmgren loves him.

          Seattle made due with Mebane hurt. Hopefully this will cause Mebane to restructure if not Guion is not a bad replacement at a fraction of the cost

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            I wouldn’t sleep on them bringing in another guy, even if they sign Guion. Veteran pass rusher DE and DTs are still on the hot list for Seattle.

  3. CHawk Talker Eric

    Another talented guy with some shady doings in his recent past. Am I sensing a theme in your posts?

    He was pretty stout for GB last season. You have to wonder what’s up with Mebane after Rubin’s signing and Guion’s visit.

    • arias

      Haha. Yeah I think the theme is “panning for gold in the sewage” since the leftovers in the draft and FA will always have warts of some sort. Character flaw leftovers seem to always offer the highest upside.

  4. Turp

    Means he will be asked to take a paycut.

  5. CC

    Another guy caught with weed and his cashed “paychecks”… but he paid a fine and his case is closed. He still could get hit with a suspension from Roger though.

    Again, the weed guys don’t bother me too much, though I think they have the potential to hurt the team with their suspensions. But, besides that, I’m okay with bringing this guy in – and if we can get a cheap deal done for depth, I’m okay with that.

    Certainly seems to me that these moves are to put pressure on Mebane to take a pay cut. He’s making what – $5.5m? That seems a bit high based on the other signings. I’m guessing the FO is asking him to get down to high 3 or 4m.Red Bryant was just cut by the Jags and he was scheduled to make 4.5 this year – so you can see the market isn’t great for veteran DT.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      As fans of the Seahawks, we should not have a problem if the team brings in a guy to kick the tires on em. The justice system has ran it’s course, in the case and a verdict/decision was rendered. It is simply Seattle doing its due diligence.

      As for the 2 for 1 analogy used by Rob. That is a good way to look at it. You can have 2 guys who are younger and potentially better combined, than one player. Take emotional attachment out of it, the team has to take a look long and hard at these guys.

    • lil'stink

      It’s not just the weed. It’s that it was a lot of weed, the handgun, and $190,000 in cash. It would be nice to see the team stay away from guys who exhibit that level of brainlessness.

      • CD

        Not sure if less than 1 pound is ‘a lot of weed’, its probably not even worth $1,000, but $190k, are you kidding me? Shady stuff, and I agree, brainlessness.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Curious why the police didn’t impound the weed, the money and the car. He got off light! I guess this is the new justice system in America. Buy your way out or pay the witness off.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            They did impound the money. He’s in a civil suit to get it back.

          • arias

            What makes you think they didn’t confiscate the weed? I can’t imagine police just handing it back to him.

        • lil'stink

          Well, I guess ‘a lot’ is all relative. Not sure if “one-eigth” is still a current unit of measurement for this commodity, but he was caught with around 100-eigths worth of marijuana. That seems like a lot to me. Certainly enough to indicate that it might be a decent idea to wait more than 2 months post arrest to sign him.

          • Derek

            A lot is relative, it’s a lot for one person, but that’s not enough to say that cash was drug money.

            Doesn’t bother me, and maybe he’ll be on a discount since he’ll probably have a 4 game suspension.

    • Steele1324

      It’s dicey to accomodate weed guys who are closer to lifelongers than kicking it. Once again, no issues with his talent on the field. The rest is tough.

  6. CC

    Back to some of the pro days – this guy who started at TCU as a safety, moved to OLB last year seemed to have tested well. Anyone looked at Jonathan Anderson? 26 reps bench 4.57 40 – 6’1 -227lb

    Seems a bit Seahawky with those numbers.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      From what I can find on him, he is a priority UDRFA guy… perhaps 7th round max.

      • CC


      • David M2

        Maybe the same at this guy. These are some pretty awesome numbers. Can’t wait to see what his arm length is. Gotta think it’s going to be 32″ or better though

        De’Vante Bausby, 6-foot-2, 179-pound defensive back, posted an unofficial, wind-aided time of 4.22 seconds in the 40-yard dash on Thursday morning during an NFL Pro Day at Pittsburg State.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          When the SPARQ ratings come out, if he is on it, they list wingspan…. handy for figuring out the pesky arm length

          • David M2

            Seattle was on hand for his workout

            • CC

              Thanks for the heads up!

  7. Sam Jaffe

    I’d like to hear your opinion Rob about the possibility of the Seahawks drafting a QB high. Backup QB is an important spot and one of Hundley, Petty or Grayson should still be there at the end of Round 2, if not round three. Everyone is assuming that TJack gets re-signed, but he hasn’t yet, which means something. Even if he is re-signed, this will surely be his last year with the club. Wouldn’t it make sense for the Seahawks to draft in Rd. 2 or 3 for a solid, high-upside QB who can fill in for a game or two if needed and also be available for trade bait in later years? Right now the worst-case injury would be to Wilson–it would be catastrophic. Having a talented backup would be worth an awful lot to this team. I personally don’t like Petty (way too erratic), but Hundley and Grayson might be worth that 2nd or 3rd round pick.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Nick Marshall, CB/QB/ATH, Auburn; He is the guy that screams Seahawks to me. He ran a diverse offense(s) and does some of the same elusive things RW can do. He played at a high level against some of the best in NCAA FB. Grab him in the 5th and don’t look back.

    • Rob Staton

      I think that would be a waste of resources personally. Spending a second or third round pick on a player you hope never sees the field is not a wise investment IMO. It sounds like they’re optimistic on bringing back T-Jack which seems like the right move. It’s going to be difficult to develop any backup QB and many teams have found that out. Essentially you’d be bringing in a young QB, not giving him any first team reps, hoping he picks up the game plan in sporadic pre-season action and that he can do the job if ever called on. For me you’re better off just adding a solid veteran backup and rolling with the punches.

      • CC

        If they really have decided that BJ Daniels isn’t going to be a back up QB there are UDFA QBs that we could pick up, maybe Blake Sims – as a back up. No need to use a draft choice.

    • Spireite Seahawk

      I’ve said for a while that I think they take a QB, can’t see it being that high though.

      Cody Fajardo might be interesting one in the 7th. Reading the below reminded me of someone…


      Dangerous with his legs. Effective zone-scheme runner and scrambler. Good pre-snap recognition of blitz and finds hot read. Shows some pocket awareness and will slide to create space. Uses his eyes to move safety. Will take shots over the top against press-man, single-high safety coverage. Accurate, confident thrower on the move. Adequate accuracy to boundary and utilizes back-shoulder throws when necessary. Looked to slide to finish runs rather than allow contact in 2014 after playing hurt in 2013. Two-time team captain. One of only two players in FBS history (Colin Kaepernick) to throw for 9,000 yards and rush for 3,000 yards during career. Wants to be better as a passer. Attended Manning Passing Academy three years in a row.

  8. AlaskaHawk

    I would like to see an article about current salarys and the cap. The Seahawks want to sign Wagner and Wilson but they are also signing lots of free agents. At this point how can they even afford Mebane or Wagner and Wilson? Anyone got a current salary schedule?

    • Steele1324

      This is a job for Davis Hsu.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I’ve heard they have around 10 M left in cap space this season… according to J Clayton.

      • arias

        Is that after you take out the 5 mil for draft and injury replacements or before?

        • EranUngar

          I understand the need for injury replacements budget. I don’t understand the need for draft cap space. They only count the top 51 players. Our 52nd player on the list right now has a cap hit of 510K. Our top pick at 63 will have a cap hit of 634K. As i understand it, signing our draft picks should only have 250K addition to the top 51 cap.

          Am i wrong?

    • John_s

      Go to Spotrac they are great at listing the salaries, cap hits, dead money if cut

      The thing about Wilson and Wagner is that any extensions are not going to start this year so they will be playing at their current salaries. The only thing that would be added to this year is going to be their signing bonus money.

      What we have seen in the past with Earl, Sherm, Kam, Avril and KJ is that the team signs them a year early to 4 year contracts. Signing bonus money is allowed to be spread over 5 years so the team has used the last year of the players original contract as one of the 5 years you can prorate the sign in bonus

      • The Big Buddha

        The signing bonus will count towards the cap. If either of them get a big signing bonus they will offset it with a small first-year salary, but it will still be a big jump in cap hit for this year. Lets say Wilson gets a $30mil signing bonus, that is at least $6mil towards the cap this year plus base salary.

    • James Prince

      Go to http://www.overthecap.com. They have more information about the salary cap then you could even imagine. At this point in time the Seahawks have about $12M in cap space and a good plan going forward.

  9. Steele1324

    If this signals that the Hawks find the DTs in the middle rounds to be insufficient value, then they should find the potential LEOs even more underwhelming. I think this draft is relatively weak past rd.1-2, possibly rd.3.

    And yet they need both DT and LEO. There are no more FA pass rushers worth exploring this late. Anthony Spencer, not exactly a surefire option, left town without signing.

    • arias

      That’s been a concern that’s been troubling me too. Lack of FA pass rush depth guys might mean they have to take one earlier in the draft. But they probably won’t and will instead roll the dice on some later round guys even though the depth drops off.

  10. MoondustV

    My biggest worry will still be LEO. I didn’t expect that there’ll be a big drop from Rd2 to Rd4 in LEO position. This may mean that SEA cannot draft a suitable guy to backup Bennett and Avril.

    • Trevor

      Shaq Riddick out of West Virgina should be available with one of our 4th round picks and would be an outstanding edge rush prospect for us. I think he has as much potential in a year or two as some of the 1st round guys.

      • CC

        Riddick has been one of my Seahawky type guys before, and his pro day cemented it for me.

    • Nate

      Davis Tull is my gem who could be pass rusher

      • CC

        I hadn’t heard about Tull until his pro day – looks like seahawky for sure!

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          The only thing that might be an issue with Seattle is that he is almost 24 years old. I’m not sure how they feel about taking a guy who is “old”. The end of his rookie deal he will be 27 or 28 years old.. pretty much done in the NFL…. LOL

          • EranUngar

            Charlie, are you talking about Irvin? He was indeed an older athletic pass rusher we picked in the first round…

            • rowdy

              Norwood was 25

          • David M2

            Tull looks like LB material at the next level. His arms are pretty short, but he has very explosive numbers. 42.5 vert that’s sick.

    • K.af

      A guy that few of the mock drafts have listed, but is very SPARKy is Obum Gwacham from Oregon State. He’s a former WR, and has only played DE for one year.

      I didn’t see Oregon State play this year, but he supposedly has incredible measurable for his size. He’s 6:4+, about 250lbs, and runs a 4.7 40yd. dash. He reportedly has a great first step. And, the way you pronounce his first name is “Oh Boom”, I think with a name like that he should fit right in.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Great find K.af! But talk about a project. This kid needs a year in the weight room and on the practice field before he can play LEO.

        But…he’s one of the most complete athletes in the draft. A former track & field standout. He’s EXTREMELY long 6’5′ with 34.375″ arms.

        And then there’s this:
        “Exceptional personal and football character with a desire to learn his new position. Is relentless and dogged in pursuit of the play and will come from across the field to capture a loose running back. Has immediate value on kickoff coverage.”

        “This guy is going to blow some people away with his explosion numbers and teams will love him in interviews because he’s a genuinely good guy. As a player, he still needs a lot of time to develop and you better set aside time for that and have a plan for him.”

  11. Clayton

    Lots of interest in free agent big D linemen could also be a sign that the Seahawks do not like the position group talent in the draft.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      The more positions you can knock out in FA (DT) or via trade(TE), the more you can concentrate on what you think you are deficient in…. for example OL, WR, LB, CB, LEO… maximizing your return on draft pick investment. This will reduce the need to reach for picks, such as a TE in the 3rd that really isn’t worth a mid 4th round pick.

      The draft is setting up pretty nice for Seattle, their greatest needs are both strong this year OL and WR. Glad they have 11 bullets to fire at the NFL draft board, to find some future probowlers. 😉

      • CC

        Charlie – how many OL and WRs do you see Seattle taking?

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          My guess, in the draft 3 OL and 1 or 2 WR….. a C, G and T / or some combo guys that can fill more than 1 spot.

          1 early (2nd or 3 rd round), 1 mid (4th or 5th round) and 1 late (6th or 7th Round)
          C/G Ali Marpet, OT Laurence Gibsen and OG Mark Glowinski to be more precise.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            WR picks…. Darren Waller (3rd round) is the guy I want Seattle to draft, the guy I would love them to draft is Phillip Dorsett (2nd or 3rd round) and the guy that they very well might draft (3rd or 4th round) Kenny Bell.

            Sadly, they can only get 1 guy in the 2nd and 3rd rounds…. so I think they will go WR with 1 pick and OL with the other. There is a slight chance they might do some pick wheeling and dealing to try to get another 2nd (not likely) or another 3rd round pick (much more likely).

            • CC


              That is what I am thinking too – 3 OL and 2 WR – a G, C and OT and a WR/KR type and a taller guy.

              If Agholor isn’t there at 63 – doubtful – I could see taking that top OL there. Lockette is my fall back for that 2nd round WR.

              I really like Kenny Bell in the 4th – and think that he can be the returner guy to take Walters place. The other taller WR guy that I know they went and looked at was Tyrell Williams from Western Oregon – 6’3 4.45 – and could see him being used with one of the comp picks I know he might be rated as a UDFA candidate, but the Seahawks do their own thing.

              I’ve liked Waller for months, but I fear he’ll go earlier than he was slated.

              Those 6th round picks are going to be fun to see what they do.

              • Steele1324

                If forced to choose one WR, I might have to choose Kenny Bell. He just brings a lot of winning elements and less tangible things, on top of very clear playmaking and great measurables. Little things that contribute to big plays.

                He has great footwork, super quickness that leaves defenders flatfooted, excellent hands, and the best WR blocker in this draft. A guy like him would open nice lanes for Lynch.

                He may not dominate other WRs in any one aspect, but the total package= major baller that any team would want.

                • Steele1324

                  Two great film analyses of Kenny Bell



                  He just does so many small things well. And he is a kick returner.

                  • CharlieTheUnicorn

                    Doesn’t he seem like a Golden Tate kind of player…. tough, willing to block… do the non glamorous things good football players do. Also making plays, when he is called upon, in the passing attack.

                  • Hawksince77


                    Just watched the first youtube with the break down of Bell’s game, and came away impressed (and a better understanding of the position)

                    One of the things the guy mentioned was to look at Bell’s agility drills at the combine, so I did, and found something interesting.

                    Bell had a 4.15 shuttle, and a 6.66 3-cone.

                    To compare, I took a quick look at the usual suspects at the position, and found that Cooper had the best time at 3.98, followed by Lockett at 4.07, Dorsett at 4.11, and then Kevin White at 4.14. Conley and Waller had higher scores (4.30, 4.25 respectively).

                    However, Bell had the best 3-cone at 6.66 than any of them. Kevin White 6.92. Dorsett 6.70. Cooper 6.71. Conley 7.06. Waller 7.07. Lockett 6.89.

                    Is that significant? What does the 3-cone times mean compared to the 40, the shuttle, the vertical? (Bell had a nice 41.5″)

                  • Steele1324

                    HawkSince77, I compared Bell’s combine results with not only some of the other draftees, but to Baldwin, Kearse, and Edelman (just for fun).

                    Bell’s 3-cone of 6.66—one of the best this offseason—is identical to Baldwin’s 6.65, Edelman 6.62! That test means his short area quickness is great.

                    Bell’s 37 inch vertical is 41.5! This is also a standout number for this year, bested only by Chris Conley at 45!!! Doug-37 inches, Kearse 34 inches, Edelman 36 inches. His shuttle and broad jump scores also good.

                    So you have these great measurables, and a guy who is just a smart, tough, complete football player. I think he’s underrated. Having Nick Marshall throwing off-target passes didn’t help him, either.

                    I would hate to see Afro Thunder go to any team except the Hawks.

                  • Steele1324

                    Bell reminds me of Kenny Stills and, for those of you old enough, John Taylor of the 49ers glory era.

                  • Hawksince77


                    Kenny Bell seems destined to be one of JS’s great mid-round picks, because he won’t draft him any sooner than he has to.

                    You gotta love a guy who knows how to play the game so well, so early in his career. I suspect he is high on Seattle’s draft board.

              • Rik

                I love Tyrell Williams. His tape is amazing, with the caveat that the level of competition is not the greatest. Of course, that’s what people were saying about Antonio Brown and the Mid American Conference. Turned out he was pretty good. Based on tape and measurables, there’s no way that Williams is UDFA. He’s going to get drafted, but how high? I’d grab him with a comp pick in found 4. He’s that good.

      • RealRhino2

        That’s what I see, too, Charlie. Use FA/trade to shore up areas where draft is weak, and also contingency in case you need to lose Mebane.

        I wonder, though. Our need is at WR/OL, but that (IMO) is where the draft is strongest. To me that almost means that 2nd or 3rd pick will be DE or CB, instead, areas where the draft is pretty weak. Maybe they don’t think that way, but let’s say you want to come out with a CB, OG, WR, and DE. The interior OL and WR that you can get in the 4th are probably 95% of what you can get in the late 2nd, while the DE and CB you can get in the 4th are probably projects or guys who can’t play, compared to what you might get in the late 2nd.

        • Steele1324

          RR, you might be on the right track with the top couple of picks, wouldn’t surprise me if there is a pass rusher up there (especially since they have done nothing in FA), but if they would risk losing out on Sambrailo, Grasu, the bigger name WRs like Dorsett, Lockett.

          I agree that for DE, the early rounds are much better, but there are sleepers. On CB, however, I think they can find some guys later, all the way into UDFA, who can play.

          • RealRhino2

            I’m sure there are guys that can play at those later rounds, but you are really dealing the projects usually at that point. If we are okay with that at CB, then you’re probably right. If I’m trying to add a DE or CB that can play soon, though, it’s probably gotta be in the first two picks.

            Of DE that CBS Sports has ranked after the 3rd round, only Henry Anderson, Riddick and Clark look useful. And Clark may be a terrible person, and Riddick’s is a project. But look at WR. If we “miss out” on Lockett and Dorsett, CBS has: McBride, Lippett, Justin Hardy, Conley, Kenny Bell, Weller, Montgomery, Mario Alford, Chris Harper. A lot of decent or better choices.

  12. EranUngar

    357 grams is almost a shoe box of weed. He is either planning on a gram a day for a year in advance in which case he fails his next NFL check or he plans to share this wealth with friends or team mates and enlarge the 190K stack. I wish him all the best playing for whatever team he wants as long as it’s not ours.

    IMO it seems that we manage very well stuffing the run with whatever big body we have. It’s an advantage of one gapping 4-3 with an outstanding MLB and SS in support. Investing big contract or high draft picks on run stuffing seems like a wast. A LEO, a pass rushing DT sounds more like a need.

    I hope the picks in rounds 2-4 will be used to bring in 2 OL, 2 WR and a pass rusher. rounds 5-7 should be used for DBs, LB and whatever value they find.

    • Jeff M.

      I really can’t fathom it either, but some NFL players do seem to maintain a lifestyle where it’s “normal” to carry most of a pound of weed (just for private consumption and as you say sharing with friends/entourage) and six figures in cash…

      I’m guessing just based on the fact that the prosecutors were willing to drop the charges that there really wasn’t any evidence for him dealing (normally if you have that much weed and that much cash it’s a cinch that you’re getting charged with intent to distribute), but it sure seems like he’s a guy who would take *full* advantage of our state laws if he moved to Seattle…

    • lil'stink

      I completely agree. The pics of the stash from Guion’s arrest show 2 very large ziplock bags full of weed. It’s not some small amount for personal consumption, which would be more understandable. It’s hard to just explain away those 2 large bags of weed.

      People were jumping all over Thurmond and Browner for how they let the team down with their drug suspensions. But it’s obvious something is going on with Guion.

      • Goonerluke

        Green Bay is going to keep him, he’s the team drug dealer.

  13. Misfit74

    Seems clear trend with the team signing CBs and defensive depth at DL that thus year’s plan is about balancing 9ut the team. Thus draft will be a ton of offense. OL, WR mostly are what I expect us to draft heavily – A departure from previous drafts with this regime. I’m very excited to see how it plays out.

    I could see us adding guys like DGB, Coates, Perriman. and/or Smelter plus a burner that can return punts & kicks like Lockett. I see a few linemen drafted to help and /or start in the interior.

    I’m sure we will draft more defenders, too, but this should be an offense-based draft.

  14. Steele1324

    CJ Wilson visited and signed back with the Raiders. Spencer visited and did not sign. I have to wonder if they are now so up against the cap that they can’t attract anyone, without cutting someone. And Wilson and Wagner haven’t been dealt with yet. We need a cap update.

    • Coug1990

      It is a devious plan by the Seahawks to drive up the prices of these players to use up valuable cap space on the teams they eventually sign with, especially if it is their previous team.

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