Lincoln Kennedy on the NFL in London & Seattle’s chances of repeating


  1. James

    Also former university of Washington tackle

  2. Michael (CLT)

    Funny story about Lincoln.

    My junior year at Arizona, we played Washington in Tucson. Washington were the defending national champions (1991), and were undefeated going into the game (1992). Teddy Bruschi and the soon to be named Dessert Swarm shut down the Dawgs. We stormed the field… As I ran (quite intoxicated I might add) I turned to see the mass of humanity following me onto the field.

    Then WHAM! I, from a full run, came to a full stop, on my ass, and looked up at the hulking Kennedy. He looked down, disbelieving, shook his head, and walk off. I have never seen a man that hulking.

    Awesome game. Kennedy seems a good dude. Man, I am getting old.

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