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  1. NMD

    Does anyone know if the Seahawks have a war room cam this year and if there is a link?

  2. Zane

    Hey Rob, do you do draft grades?

  3. Zane

    Lane Johnson benefits the Seahawks in that Cardinals will now have to reach for an OL if they want one at #7

  4. Dan

    Your final mock is looking pretty good so far Rob. Fisher, Joeckel, Floyd*, Johnson, Ansah.

    But Mingo!? That’s a surprise

  5. Alex

    early part of this draft is dominated by pass protectors and pass rushers. Cooper at #7 is great news for us.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Really? I’m terrified of Cooper. Insane athleticism. Imagine if they get Christine Michael in the second. They’ll be a nightmare when pulling.

      • Alex

        It’s all relative. A guard is a position of lesser value. I would rather the Cardinals take a Cooper/Warmack over a Sheldon Richardson or Dee Millner.

      • Colin

        Will Seattle be kicking themselves if Sheldon or Sharrif keep falling???

        Hahaha, Rob. Nice comment on the video about being “terrified”. Good stuff.

        • Alex

          Yeah, it’s starting to look like a trade up for a DT is becoming realistic if the Seahawks had retained their 1st round pick. But then again, that run on the OL is completely unexpected.

          • Troy

            If The Hawks trade next years RD1 pick to come back into this years draft and take Richardson or Floyd, that picks probably going to be a late pick anyways. Would be nice, Stranger things have happened.

  6. Alex

    Tavon Austin at #8? Compared to a Randall Cobb on Not sure if that is worth trading up. Generally, I only like complete WRs in the top 10 (a Fitz, Green, Megatron, Andre Johnson, Julio Jones).

  7. Troy

    Hey does anyone envision the NFL cutting the draft time in each RD down?

  8. Troy

    Oakland should have traded back again if they really wanted DJ Hayden.

  9. Ed

    I second that Colin. Would we look to trade next years 1st if at least 1 gets to 25?

  10. Troy

    If youre the Jets do you take Sheldon Richardson or Sharrif Floyd?

  11. Ed

    Neither. Both those guys would be wasted in a 3-4. They are 3 tech in a 4-3 system. Jets got Coples, Wilkerson last two drafts. Wow. They will continue to stink

    • Troy

      Huh, look @ that they took one of them. I”ll be damned. Richardson, who would have thought. Haha

  12. Morgan

    Why did the Jets do that? They did review the games at the end of the year, right?

  13. Troy

    If The Hawks trade next years RD1 pick to come back into this years draft and take Floyd and reunite hime with coach Dan Quinn, that pick/picks they trade away from next years draft will more than likely end up being a late pick anyways, since were SB bound Would be nice, Stranger things have happened. What are your guys’ thoughts?

  14. Troy

    Now that the Bills drafted EJ Manuel with their 1st pick and signed Kolb can we expect T-Jax to be cut?

  15. Ed

    They will have to trade up with Pit, because the cowboys will take him at 18

    • Troy

      I would be stoked to get Floyd in this years draft and give our super late pick in next years draft away as compensation.

    • Troy

      Guess not, youre batting average is low ED. 0-2 so far

  16. Colin

    Wow. EJ Manuel at 16. Buffalo will never get better.

  17. Alex

    I was hearing guard or safety for Cowboy earlier in this process, but those are gone. Wonder if a Shariff Floyd would fit into Monte Kiffin’s system.

  18. Alex

    ^nm, didn’t notice they traded down with the SF 49ers.

  19. Ed

    Wow, what’s up with Floyd. Time to think about jumping back in Schneider

    • Troy

      I hope Dan Quinn is selling PC&JS BIG TIME on Sharrif Floyd!! Trade back in

    • Leonard

      I’m guessing it was the shorter arms that hurt him.

  20. Ed

    Hope Chicago doesn’t take him. Trade with Cincy next year 1st, this year 5th and next year 4th

    • Troy

      they have Melton

  21. Ed

    Floyd to Min is my bet. Wow

  22. Alex

    Pugh and Young are unexpected. That’s a lot of tackles in the 1st round.

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